Hold on to your hats (or sewing tables…)! We’ll have more tutorials tomorrow and the big announcement on Wednesday. Check out our first, second, and third sets of entries. Who will win the big prizes?

Summer Halter Dress ~ Stacy

“Writing” on Quilts ~ Lisa

Wallet from Leather Skirt ~ Katie

Go Fish ~ Memoirs of a Mommy

Scrap Skirt ~ Katy

Piecing a Contrast Band ~ Paula

Square(ish) Bottomed Hobo Lunchbag ~ Emily

“Cozy Toter” Casserole Dish Carrier ~ Elisabeth

Apron Dress ~ Bridget

Pieced Quilt Labels ~ JaDee

Eyelet Brooch ~ Ambika

Tissue/Cellphone/Cardholder ~ Manon

Tool Tape Details on Stretch Fabric ~ Amy

Super Simple Camera Case ~ Ayumi

Ruffle Pants from a Pattern You Already Own ~ Jessi

Best Bibs ~ Trina

Roller Coasters ~ Juliette

Multi Stripe Baby Quilt ~ Molly

Sewing Mirror into a Make-up Bag ~ Ayala

Jeans into Bermuda Shorts ~ Dawn

Bath Towel for Baby or Toddler ~ Bec

Purse Notebook with Fabric Cover ~ Christina