Free Fabric Friday

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We hope you’re enjoying Women’s Clothing Month.  We want to remind you that we have a photo pool for sharing images of the garments you make.  We can’t wait to see what you sew!

Also, have you visited the new SMS Forum?  It’s only a week old and we already have over 300 members and many great sewing conversations.  Hop on over to discuss patterns, sewing machines, zippers or our sew-along.  We also have a place to announce your swaps and contests.  We hope to see you there!

This week we’ll give away 1 yard of fabric to four people.  (Perhaps you’ll choose one of the amazing new Martha Negley prints above!)  Simply comment in any of these Women’s Clothing Month posts that you might have missed:

Have a great weekend.  Happy Mama’s Day!

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73 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Kelly Sales says:

    I have sewed off and on since I was 10. I could have used the Patterns Demystified 20 years ago. I love your site! Thank you for all the great info and support.

  2. CaRho says:

    The “Patterns Demystified” article was a big help as I’m trying to tackle sewing tops for myself. I previously bought a couple of patterns and was so confused by looking at it, that I gave up on it completely. I think I’m ready to try it again now that I have your article to use as a reference. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Shannon says:

    I have been out of highschool for 23 years, and had not sewn in as many. I was surfing the web around Christmas and came across your site, It inspired me to try sewing again…You have the most wonderful contributors of tutorials and patterns, I am finding it easy to relearn the art. Your whole blog is inspiring, I hope to one day share some of my own projects.

    Thank You Sew Much!

  4. Dawn says:

    I’m so thrilled that you are doing a Women’s Clothing Month. I’m fairly new to sewing. I’ve made a couple of skirts and can’t wait to get started on the smock tutorial. The video is a fantastic addition! Your blog is one of my favorite resources and the forum is a great idea!

  5. Susan in SC says:

    Beautiful fabrics and prints!

  6. MelissaB says:

    I found the post on taking your measurements extremely helpful – a must read for new seamstresses.

  7. danna osen says:

    the tips for measuring were very helpful and i love the forum…

  8. Toni says:

    We’ve watched the part 1 of the smock THREE times in our house. We like the music 🙂

  9. Tamara says:

    Tons of great info here! I’ll definitely be visiting often.

  10. amelia dofelmier says:

    I just love your site. I get alot of great ideas. Keep it up.

  11. Jenny says:

    Thank you SO much for the pattern advice. I’ve gotten several patterns to make things, then felt too overwhelmed to try them.

    Again, thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I was wondering if I was missing the pattern “gene” of sewing.

    Jenny in VA

  12. Christine says:

    What gorgeous fabric!!! Perfect for an apron.

  13. Suzanne says:

    beautiful fabrics!

  14. manon says:

    pick me,pick me, these fabrics look so great. I already love them.

  15. AnnaW says:

    Oh, I really love the new Rhapsody prints in the shop! I love them all, really. One of each, please! :uD

  16. jennifer says:

    beautiful fabrics and great info this week. thank you!

  17. Debbie says:

    I’ve been sewing for forty years, but I’ve learned _so_ much in the past couple of weeks reading these blogs.

  18. Leslie says:

    I just found this site about a month ago. I just love it. I have entered the Free Fabric Fridays contest every week. This is such a classy site.

  19. Kieny says:

    I just bought fabric to make my first dress ever (I’m 55), so all this advise comes at the right moment. Thanks.

  20. Laura Delich says:

    I really enjoyed the article about patterns. I watched my mother cut out patterns and sew as a child, but never really understood everything until reading this article. I have lots of ambitions to sew for my children and am glad that this website is available to help me through all the rough spots. Thanks so much for your input!

  21. LisaC says:

    I have printed off the smock pattern and need to get the fabric. My grandma used to wear these when she was baking because ordinary aprons just didn’t cover all the areas she got dirty when baking. 🙂 I wear two of her’s but I don’t want to wear them out…even though she would say I might as well since she doesn’t need them anymore. I love all the pockets.

  22. kara says:

    Love the photo pools!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Hope springs eternal.

  24. emily says:

    oohh, I love what you folks are doing with all this great informations! And I love the Martha Negley prints…

  25. Sally B says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  26. Jody says:

    I have already started a project folder on my computer for the smock. What a great tutorial! You know what I’m thinking… nice fabric.

  27. drizzle says:

    As always, I am really enjoying this month’s theme. Can’t wait to read about using a dress form.


  28. Alejandra says:


  29. Anary says:

    I have to out my act together and SEW…I am in a crunch now. I must make myself a garder (is that the name) for tomorrow super early morning..Yikes…
    You bet I will try the tips!!

  30. Andrea says:

    I wasn’t even aware that there was a Forum! I will definitely start using it now! And those new florals look awesome!

  31. Valerie says:

    happy to choose a yard…

  32. Alice Hutchings says:

    I’m excited about your smock tutorial! I was just saying that my Great Aunties had the right idea!

  33. Norma says:

    I learned how to sew when I was in 7th grade but never really embraced it except in a crafty sort of use. My loss. At 45 I’m going to WORK at making my own clothes and I just about died from happiness when you posted how to take measurements. You ladies are awesome!!! No one knows the heart of a woman like another one. Thanks so much!!!

  34. Rebecca says:

    I never win and it would sure be nice to win some new fabric!

  35. ellen says:

    Can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks!

  36. sarah says:

    Love the new fabrics in the shop. Hmmm. What to buy?

  37. Katherine says:

    I liked the post explaining how to read pattern, as a very curvy girl, I like the hints on accomodating larger bust sizes.

  38. Rebecca says:

    Those print are gorgeous! I look forward to next week’s entries.

  39. Arlette says:

    I especially love the pink and green mums. Just beautiful!

  40. Lori says:

    Yay! Happy Friday everyone!

  41. Margie says:

    Your prints are gorgeous. I can’t wait to make a smock. Happy Mother’s day to all mommies everywhere!! This is the best place.

  42. Mrs. Pear says:

    I loved the patterns demystified post. While I have been sewing for over 20 years, and am familiar with patterns, it was still refreshing to read and be reminded.

  43. Amy says:

    Patterns are always a challenge to decipher – thank goodness for pictures! Your pattern post was a great help.

  44. Blakely says:

    I really enjoyed the What Kind of Learner Are You? Tips for Working with Patterns. From this article I seem to be a Tactile-Kinesthetic Learner. Thanks for the information now I know what I need to work on while sewing.

  45. Char says:

    Love the smock tutorial!

  46. Vickie says:

    I began AND finished an apron last night — I am soo pumped. Sew, Mama, Sew! is helping me sooo much. There is such a wealth of information and I hope I can contribute to the forum soon. Thanks to all who make this site what it is! Keep sewing and sharing!

  47. meg says:

    I’m very excited about this month’s theme. I can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  48. Kim B. says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  49. Liz says:

    I’ve enjoyed this first week for sure!!

  50. I really enjoyed Patterns…Demystified! I only wish that it would of been out before I spent hours pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the heck a triangle, dot or shaded area has to do with my beautiful dress that I thought that I was making… haha!
    I love this set ladies, GREAT GREAT GREAT idea!!! I check the blog first thing EVERY morning to see if the new post is up!

  51. Tylar says:

    Just stopping by my go-to sewing blog, free fabric?! Amazing!

  52. Shelley says:

    I have an idea for you, if you haven’t already thought of it. You should do an “around the home” month. You could have patterns for: pillows, curtains, placemats, bathmats etc.etc. Decorating ideas with fabric. Do it do it do it!

  53. Leah says:

    Great blog again…. I loved the article about the type of learner and sewing. I’m trying to teach my kids to sew, and its been challenging as we try and figure out which way they learn best….

  54. Em says:

    Wow, this site has such great things – it’s hard to say what’s the best! I love the pattern reviews and all of the great sites that send in the tutorials too! I would love to win free fabric!

  55. Alejandra says:


  56. Amber says:

    This month is already amazing – Happy Mother’s Day to you all as well!

  57. your blog is teaching me so much! thanks!

  58. Elizabeth says:

    I love all the interesting fabric you sell. I can’t find any of it around here.

    And I’m just getting into women’s clothing month… I sure could use some help there. Your site is full of so much useful information.

  59. Eva says:

    I love your blog, it’s really useful, and full of ideas.

  60. Stacy says:

    I am grateful for the timing of Women’s Clothing month! I need as much help as I can get as I venture into sewing.

  61. Melisa says:

    I am new to this site, but I am so excited to be sewing again. So many fun projects, I’ve already picked out some things to make for next Christmas, I’m loving this!

  62. Jennifer says:

    I love all everything about SEW MAMA SEW!! The fabrics are Fabulous.

  63. Eliz says:

    The smock tutorial is great!! I think that will be my summer projects for my sisters and I.

  64. Chris Worthy says:

    Thank you for this series of lessons. I need lots of hand-holding with patterns and sewing clothes and I feel like you are supplying it!

  65. Stephanie says:

    Oh, those new Martha Negley prints look good enough to eat! This has been a great week of posts and perfectly timed since I had just decided to start sewing my own clothes. We’ll see how it goes…

  66. Kristin says:

    your links are mixed up 🙂 I clicked on vintage smock and got how to take measurements 🙂

  67. Karen aka Grammy Mac says:

    I’m loving the Women’s Clothing Month, and the fabrics are sooooooooo yummy!

  68. Cocoa says:

    Just thought you ought to know the link for the vintage smock pattern is wrong. It goes to the How to Take Measurement page.

  69. Stephanie says:

    Did someone say free fabric friday? Please pick me and make my day!

  70. Erica says:

    The new mums prints are so beautiful!

  71. addy says:

    I just started my own smock apron and have to say that I’m not sure I’ll look as fabulous in it as the picture on the blog. We shall see!:)

  72. Julie says:

    Am I the first?
    Pick me!!!!

    Thanks, Julie

  73. Christi says:

    I have enjoyed the smock tutorial videos! How awesome is the music? I can’t wait to cut one out myself, and for the other directions.

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