Vintage Smock Sew-Along: Written Instructions

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For those of you with dial-up internet access, here are Bethany’s written instructions for the Vintage Smock Pattern. You request, and we deliver!

Covered in Week/Video One:

  • Piece together the pattern.
  • You will need to trim some off the edges and match up the lines of the smock.
    Place Page One to the left, two to the right, three left below, four right below, etc.

  • Cut out your front panel of your smock with the long line on the left side of your pattern placed on the fold.
  • Be sure you follow the written instructions on the pattern regarding how to cut the notches.
  • Using the same pattern piece, cut the back panels for the smock. You will still double the fabric but you will not place on the fold, you’ll cut all the way around.
  • Using the pattern, pin it to the front panel again, still folded, but pin just at the top.
  • Using a fabric marker or pencil or chalk, mark the dart on the both sides of the front panel. Specifically mark the dots, then connect the dots. Using a straight edge, mark the dart fold line down the center.
  • Next cut out the apron strings and the pocket piece.

Covered in Week/Video Two(a):

  • Iron the apron strings, right sides facing folded in half the long way, so that they are 1 yard long and 21/2 inches wide.
  • Seam (1/2 inch seam allowance) down the pen side on the apron strings and close at one end.
  • Turn inside out and press again.
  • Take the front panel of your smock and press in the darts.
  • Pin the apron string into the dart on the right side of the fabric place at the open bottom portion of the dart, where you see the xxxx’s on your pattern
  • Now stitch in the darts.
  • Hem the top of your pocket. You can add rick rack trim at this time.
  • Now place the pocket on the back side of the front panel. The right side of the pocket faces the back side of the smock.
  • Stitch across the bottom (1/2 inch seam allowance).
  • Now fold the pocket over the seam toward the front of the sock and press in the seam. Baste up each side.
  • Mark lines down the front of the pocket just under each dart to turn one pocket into three.
  • Top stitch over these lines being sure to back tack at the top.

Covered in Week/Video Two(b):

  • Right sides facing, join the smock front to the back pieces at the shoulder. Seam together using a 5/8th seam allowance and a flat fell seam.
  • Do a 1/4 inch rolled hem on the bottom edge of both back panels.
  • Seam down the sides from the bottom of the arm hole to hem.

Covered in Week/Video Three:

  • Apply double-fold bias tape to each arm hole and also up the open center of the back of the smock and around the neck opening.
  • Use a small scrap of fabric to reinforce the top left corner of the right half of the smock back. I use glue stick to “baste it in place” and the zig-zag stitch around the scrap.
  • Make your button hole on the reinforced area
  • Sew button in place.

Enjoy your smock!

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6 Responses to Vintage Smock Sew-Along: Written Instructions

  1. Heather says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for the pattern (and the instructions). How might I go about sizing it up? I have a feeling that I’m going to need a rather larger size.

  2. Sandra :) says:

    Thank you SO much for posting the written instructions – we have issues with the wireless router right now so I’m back to using a very old desktop computer that runs win98 very slowly and cautiously – each page takes approximately a millenium to load and I can’t watch videos, so I was scratching my head a bit at what I was going to do. Now I have the instructions in front of me – so very handy – ThANK YOU!

  3. bethany says:

    It was my pleasure ladies.. The most important thing to me is that everyone can make one if they want to!

  4. Melanie says:

    Thank you for writing it out. It isn’t just dial-up people that have problems with the video. I can’t view it with a 64 bit Linux system and haven’t gotten around to digging out our old Windows laptop to view it.

  5. Elsie says:

    My goodness, such a fast response! Thank you so much, will print as soon as I press send. My work computer has fast internet so I tried watching the first video there. I quickly learned why that computer is so quiet – no sound card. I tried to read the lips of our wonderful hostess Ms. B. Betty but alas, not my skill.
    Thanks again!

  6. Mellissa says:

    Thanks so much for writing it all out!

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