New Products & Free Fabric Friday

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We have two beautiful new collections of home dec weight fabric in the shop.  Both of these groups from Westminster/Free Spirit are 54″ wide cotton sateen.  Really lovely and perfect for not only your home projects, but bags and apparel as well. 

Ginseng by Joel Dewberry

Drawing Room by Anna Maria Horner


It’s Friday!  We’ll give away one yard of fabric to four people on Monday.  Tell us about your Summer sewing projects.  What plans do you have?

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555 Responses to New Products & Free Fabric Friday

  1. cristy says:

    I grew up in a home that the family kept straightened every day and which was scrubbed on the weekends. It was reasonably decorated. What is more important, a clean home or a nicely decorated home?

  2. I plan on making pillows for my classroom reading area. Hopefully, this will encourage students to read more when they are in a more relaxed atmosphere. Also, I plan on making new curtains for my classroom to create a more inviting and at home atmosphere.

  3. ginger says:

    Im making walker totes for vets hospitals. I just started with this idea few weeks ago .Im making my frist one today. well show you all it on my blog wed. What a wonderful thing to do for this fabric you all rock! Thumb up for sew mama sew love this blog.

  4. Sharon says:

    Just love the fabrics you are featuring. I am in the process of making quilts for our cottage in Canada. We have several beds there and each sibling has their own animal or theme favorite so I am basing each quilt on what they like. I have 9 siblings, 3 children and several nieces and nephews so once I made one and they all saw it, they put their orders in. I am sure I will have plenty of work to keep me busy this summer.

  5. I’m new to this blog. I’ve just learned that a great friend is pregnant and my summer sewing plans include making her a small baby quilt. Which I’ve never before attempted.

  6. Sara R. says:

    I have 4 skirts planned and several decorative pillows…still thinking about getting something done for my 18 month old son.

  7. Rebecca says:

    I *love* the new Joel Dewberry fabric! The burnt orange is so pretty & would look perfect in my living room ;>)

  8. Amber says:

    Well, MY projects are actually diverse. I plan on making a quilt, I’m in the middle of making a dress and a shirt, I plan on making a Kimono (of a very beautiful silky fabric), I want to make a coinpurse or two, a messenger bag of some sort, and a skirt. Yeah, I’m ambitious.

  9. I just love Joel Dewberry. I alway have so many project in my head and on my table to be started or finished. I’m working on a cute bag right now and just finished a tote. I have a quilt loaded on my quilting machine that needs to be quilted for my first grandchild. Grandma just can’t put him down long enough to think about doing it. I bought some old picnic baskets and old table clothes I’m going to use the table clothes as lining for the baskets. That’s my next big project. But, they would be cute with Joel fabric.

  10. Michelle says:

    I have A LOT of sewing projects this summer! The most important one is a baby sling for my daughter. Also, considering that it’s 100 degrees here, I need to make a light-weight dress for her, because all of her clothes just make her hot and she has to lay around in her diaper.

  11. Christina Johnston says:

    I love love love all of these fabrics. I plan on making some lounge sets for my daughters, a few outfits for friends kids and an entire baby bedding set for my new baby niece.

  12. Gen says:

    I love how inspired I feel when I look at the new fabrics. I can’t wait to create & enjoy.

  13. Kara says:

    I just started sewing last year and I have been teaching myself. I have been making cute little book bags (reversible) and grocery bags. I have also made a few interesting purses. I usually see a picture online and then draw up my own pattern. I hope to eventually make a piece of clothing. I have fabric for a skirt and a couple shirts, but I am a little intimidated. I have been looking for new projects over the past two weeks. I am thinking I might start an apron. Looking at other people’s projects, they always seem so perfect. I am hoping that I get to be that good the more that I sew.

  14. Juddie Boyd says:

    Wow! Those fabrics are beautiful…..!

    In summer I plan to make lots of aprons and bags for my friends, some fresh new curtains for our little old house,and teach myself how to make patterns (so that I can whip up wide-legged pants and cute little tops of my own design). I’m 6’1″ and find it very hard to find clothes in my size! 🙂

  15. kat says:

    the new fabric is lovely! hmmm, this summer… new curtains, new bedspread (repainted our bedroom and now have drips and drops all over the old one), baby blanket & blocks & kimono tops & bibs, skirts for me, sundress… such a long list, so few weeks until it is officially summer!

  16. Carrie Arnal says:

    i am trying to use a lot of little scraps to make reversible headbands and a few onesies with the first letter initial of the babies on them. It doesn’t take much fabric and looks so cute. The new fabrics would make such fun headbands.

  17. Jenaveve says:

    My current projects (I say current instead of summer as it’s getting onto Winter in this part of the world) are all about home dec. Specifically cushion/pillow covers and fabric covered canvas. And I reckon any of those gorgeous fabrics would be just the thing!

  18. Janet says:

    Love Ginseng! I could see that becoming a cute apron. If I only could sew better!

  19. Carol says:

    My summer sewing project will be a girly wardrobe. And it will be my first project.
    I bought books and patterns and hopefully it will success.

  20. Zofia Monaghan says:

    Love the fabrics! I’m busy sewing some simple skirts and some market bags. Fun stuff.
    Thanks for the eye candy !

  21. How lovely these fabrics are! My own sewing projects consist mainly of more items for my Etsy Shop, including pillows, lampshades and sachets. I can’t wait to clear a time to start cutting some fabric!

  22. Lorrie says:

    What gorgeous fabrics. I love the birds on the Anna Maria Horner drawing room group. So much fun.
    My sewing projects – well, since you asked, I really want to start some Christmas gifts – a quilt, placemats, some napkins and bags. And I also want to make some summer clothes for myself – a couple of dresses, tops and skirts. I’m hoping that sewing summery things might encourage some sunshine and warmth here – it’s freezing cold and rainy today.


  23. Gina says:

    Love them!

  24. Becca Covert says:

    Wow, lots of great projects going on this Summer. Am I too late? Me, I am going to tackle a Christmas tree skirt for my mother in law as well as panels for an inherited beater table my grandfather made. Love to do some clothing for me – skirts, halters, etc.
    These prints are fantastic. Hard decision! But I think I like the bright prints more . . .

  25. Sarah says:

    I love those fabrics. As far as sewing plans for the summer, I am working on a lap quilt and hope to get a few projects made for some of my friend’s new babies coming near the end of the summer.

  26. Melissa Sanders says:

    I am still a beginner, but I am really into making handbags right now. I’m planning some fun beach tote bags for summer.

  27. Sheryl says:

    Well, I’m just learning how to sew so I am working on lots of things: patchwork projects like pin cushions, eye-glass cases and my first quilt. I am taking a class on making my first straight skirt with a slit up the back. I’ve made the “Flea Market Bag” by Grand Revival Designs and really appreciated your pattern review. I even made some modifications like adding an eyelet on the back pocket for my knitting pattern graph and row counter (on a binder ring). It is all very exciting–I love buying fabric as much as yarn!

  28. Dana C says:

    I love both of the new lines. I got my hands on some of the Drawing Room and made some great tote bags. I would really like some more 🙂

    The fact that they are both 54″ is great because I have a few slip covers to make and these fabrics will be just right.

  29. Christy Alex says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Ginseng collection.
    It’s just something about brown that does it to me everytime.

  30. Beth says:

    We need a new picnic quilt and I’m thinking “Ginseng” is just the thing!

  31. Mel says:

    I Just dragged out my sewing machine again thanks to the insperation of a friend of mine a project that needed to be done around the house. I’m hoping to make some things for my boys this summer and get them interested in sewing!!

  32. Stephanie says:

    I’m making at least one skirt, starting a quilt for my son’s bed, and lots of totes and purses for me as well as birthday gifts.

  33. Linda says:

    I love the drawing room fabric especially the yellow/orange fabric which is very summery. It would look fantastic on my wicker chairs in the garden. So my projects will be 4 cushions! After I have made ……….. a purse, three lounge cushions, 2 dresses and a jacket.

  34. I’m still learning to sew, but i’m going to attempt to make a skirt for the summerdays. I love them in different shapes and colors, so this time I will attempt to make one myself. Happy summer!

  35. Karen aka Grammy Mac says:

    I love the new fabrics, but am drawn more to Drawing Room. I love that you do this every Friday. Thanks

  36. Diane says:

    Wow, so many comments. I’d sure love to win some of that Joel Dewberry fab. I’m making curtains for my kitchen doors this summer.

  37. lisa says:

    I love them. I’m working on swimsuits and picked up my first jelly roll.

  38. tammie says:

    I’m looking at stash buster projects! That way I can buy some new fabrics.

  39. AndreaLea says:

    I love the Ginseng fabric!

    I’m working on repurposing some old clothes into new wearable items. 🙂

  40. kashoan says:

    These are fantastic colors! I absolutely love fabric. The possibilities are endless!

  41. Christina says:

    I’m going to be finishing up a quilt block exchange so that I can make a baby quilt for my boss who’s expecting!

  42. Tina M. says:

    I”m going to Quilt Camp this week. Projects: Charm Party tote bag, table runner made with charm squares, and UFO completion 🙂

    Lovely fabrics!

  43. amy says:

    I am planning on making zippered pouches and totes and experimenting with different bag styles. I am a fabricaholic

  44. Amanda says:

    Beautiful fabrics!

    Next on my summer sewing list is a tote bag. (Like I really need another one!) My friend just bought me the *cutest* buttons that are just screaming to be the focal point of a summer tote bag. I will also probably sew a few more skirts (my latest obsession- I love the book Sew Easy Skirts!). I also need a new pair of summer pajamas- I am just looking for the right pattern.

  45. Blakely says:

    My summer sewing is going to mostly consist of sewing drapes for my livingroom and bedroom. Also I would like to work on making some more Christmas presents. Who knows I may make other things just for fun, but those are my plans for now.

  46. AmyZ says:

    Summer plans: finishing my Midwest Modern Quilt, making a purse and lots of reversible toddler jumpers in amazing fabrics!!!

  47. Pauline says:

    I really like the spade ivory ginseng by Joel Dewberry. My son and DIL just redecorated in aqua and browns/beiges. A pillow or two of this fabric would be fabulous! I also like all of Anna Maria’s fabrics. I plan to finish my youngest granddaughter’s quilt, make some small quilts, and more totes this summer.

  48. I am “off” for the summer, meaning no more homeschooling (EVER, because ds is going into public high school), and no more babysitting, so I’m hoping to get some sewing in. I would love to make some market bags that we can use, instead of the plastic bags. I would also like to make a shirt for each of my guys…we’ll see how far I get on that.

    I would LOVE to win some free fabric. Fabric is a weakness of mine.


  49. stephanie calkins says:

    I am getting ready for the farmer’s market…plan to make some reusable shopping and produce bags. I think the Orchid Ivory would look fantastic!! I also am working on making summer clothes for my son. Loving the mew Joel Dewberry!!!!!

  50. Julia Molewyk says:

    Those new fabrics are beautiful! This summer, I would like to make myself a skirt and a sleeveless shirt. Maybe some curtains for the house, also.

  51. Heidi V says:

    Beautiful fabrics! It would be very fun to make a purse or skirt out of these fabrics. This summer I intend to finish a quilt I’ve been working on for my son as well as trying my hand at some embroidery.

  52. Teresa A. says:

    The projects that I have in mind will be new curtains to match a freshly painted craft room, pillow cases and a couple of pillows and quilts.

  53. Teresa A. says:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  54. Anna says:

    Well, I’m in the middle of a toadstool softie swap. Next I’m going to try my hand at making a bag. But my dearest desire is to sew my 12 month old daughter a dress. We’ll see. It’s summer and I have a hard time sitting still in the summer.

  55. Katrin says:

    It’s not really summer projects I’m planing to start in the next few weeks.
    I have to start working on the things I am going to sell at an Adventsmarkt (german for market just before christmas) in the (soon) coming november. I have to figure out the patterns and select the fabrics and so on…
    Anyway, have a nice summer everyone!

  56. Katherine says:

    Hmm. Too many plans. I just submitted a fat quarter of test patterns to spoonflower, I’m excited to see how they come out, that will probably influence what I sew this summer a lot. I designed some small teddy bear patterns on that swatch, along with a faux quilted house pattern, I’ll see how they sew up, and I have about three quilts I’m in the middle of. I’d also like to try sewing a quiet book of some sort for my daughter. Maybe with snaps and buttons and zippers, or perhaps with alphabet objects… Or a soft doll house book. So many options.

  57. Sonja says:

    These fabrics are great !! My summer projects will be some skirts for the girls and bags, bags, bags..

  58. Maggie says:

    I am going to attempt making nap mats for my 2 girls this summer and finish some rag dolls that I started for them around Christmas time. I also hope to make some summer dresses. Love reading about everyone’s projects!

  59. Jaime says:

    Bags bags and more bags!

  60. Liv says:

    Ohhhh! I really LOVE these new fabrics.
    I just finished a sewing course, where I made a skirt. It turned out really good. So this summer I will be sewing up a bunch of new skirt for myself. I will be starting in a new job in august so I really need a new wardrobe. I can picture a skirt in each of the these new fabrics.

  61. Leslie says:

    My summer plans are to learn how to sew, as past projects are more for me and not good enough to give as gifts yet. I hope that I will be able to learn enough to sew a blouse for my cousin’s upcoming wedding in July. Thank you for having this inspirational website.

  62. BethAnn Rivers says:

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE THE NEW GINSENG FABRIC LINE! I am going to make something..anything out of that fabric! Ive never made a bag yet and the heavy weight fabric would be perfect for that.

  63. karissa says:

    shirts and dresses for my 3yr old and maybe if I am brave a shirt for myself.

  64. kim says:

    Trying my hand at a quilt!

  65. Sarah says:

    I’m hoping to turn out a couple aprons, a few new summer skirts, some bedroom curtains, some reusable shopping bags, new throw pillows for the living room, a dress, and several other little odds and ends. But we’ll see how much of that I actually find the time for!

  66. Maria L says:

    My summer projects are almost done: few kimono-style dresses for the little girl, linen pants for the boy 🙂

  67. Kimmie says:

    Love the patterns…that first one in the Ginseng is my favorite. Good choices…very lovely!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  68. April says:

    Gorgeous fabrics!

    My big projects this summer are quilts, pillows & curtains for the kids new bedrooms! I’ll also be making myself a new camera bag & anything else I can find the time to create 🙂

  69. Martha B says:

    Love it. It would be a great sun dress for one of my 2 youngest girls. Who are both re-learning how to sew. They took classes as children and as young adult have decided they want to sew again. My summer sewing is working on my artisan project for the artisan program with the Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA) and working baby layettes for my 2 oldest girls. Both are married and trying start a family. I want to be prepared, because I know once they the rabbit dies, I will be working on christening gowns and nursery decor for them. So now I am working on layettes and using some of those garments for my artisan evaluation.

  70. Lynda says:

    Brand new and retro at the same time, congratulations on these new lines!

    I’ll be matching the design on some 1970’s fabric and adding blackout lining for some new bedroom curtains… well, new to me! There are a number of works in progress; blouses for me from Thai fabrics; shirts for him from vintage parrot and John Deere tractor printed fabric. Also, there’s a lot of remnants and off cuts to make cushions, appliques, fridge magnets… Spare pair of hands anywhere? No, thought not! Have a great summer, everyone.

  71. Elizabeth Booth says:

    I am bound and determined to finally make a quilt this summer. Just a simple one to see if I fall in love and feel the need to make more fancier ones.

  72. Joy says:

    I’m sewing more this summer than I have in my whole life!

    So far I’ve made some loose, comfy pants from bandannas for my 6 year old,
    I’ve made some headbands and my newest project is fabric bowls. Those have
    turned out to be incredibly simple but look difficult! I made a set of coasters for my
    MIL for Mother’s Day using the Flutterby charm pack of fabric. This week I made
    a couple of tote bags for our library books using pillowcases from our local thrift store!

    I’ve been feeling a little unproductive but I guess I”ve done more than I realized!
    I still am planning to make some skirts for me and my daughters and some comfy,
    cool summer pants for our hot Florida sun!


  73. Beth says:

    I love these fabrics … I can see some fabulous pj’s or tote bags … the possibilitiies are endless!

  74. Rebecca says:

    Mostly Project Linus blankets, but I may make a new shower curtain as well!

  75. Rafeesa says:

    Just love …love the fabric …i love making bags and the fabrics will be great for a bag.

  76. Anne says:

    Finishing up window seat cushions, two baby quilts (the new arrivals are coming soon! I have to get started on these fast) and some pillow shams.

  77. Michelle says:

    It’s winter here, not summer, but I have all sorts of things planned – project bags, crafting totes for my friends, and some more broochkeepers.

    I love the Drawing Room line – absolutely stunning!

  78. redruksha says:

    on my desk at the moment is a pile of projects, mostly comprising winter woollies for my small folk – a reversible wrap a-line dress for little lady, some straight leg fleecy pants with funky front pocket for little man, and a big old wintery bag for me.

  79. katy says:

    summer projects . . . finish the quilt for my new niece. Lots and Lots of gathered, elastic band skirts for my girls in bright, fun, and funky prints. Also some light weight, elastic band SIMPLE pants. this summer it’s all about using the kick-a** prints i’ve horded in my stash. 🙂

  80. Kim says:

    mmmm… I love the ginseng fabrics!

    I’d love to do a bedding set with it… but my summer will be consumed doing my little boy’s bedding set … yes I know it shouldnt take all summer… but lets just say Im not a fast sewer!

  81. This summer I would love to make my daughter a quilt and I would love to start on a christmas project that I have had in mind for years now that would recreate a Nativity set that my Mom had when I was growing up. It was perfect for little hands.

  82. Melody says:

    My summer sewing plans include kitchen curtains and table runner to match my chairs, a scrap quilt, a few messenger bags, and lots of totes, key fobs, wallets, and crayon caddys for gifts. Too many projects, not enough time!

  83. Meg says:

    I found a great vintage pattern for a girls reversable dress. I really hope to finish one this summer! The pattern says that it’s “Easy”. Don’t know why I haven’t started it yet. It shouldnt’ take long. Procrastination is the name of my game!

  84. Shelly says:

    OK I love the fabric, This summer I hope to sew several quilts, a couple of aprons, a new bag, curtains for my son’s room, skirt for my daughter and picnic quilt for the family. If the weather gets nice (it isn’t always nice here in Idaho we had snow about 3 weeks ago) I really hope to be lazy and read a good book on my deck, or surf the web.

  85. amberly says:

    Those fabrics are so amazing! I wish someone near me carried all those fabulous fabrics! My sewing plans for the summer are to make play clothes for my daughter and my two nieces!

  86. C O'Brien says:

    Making baby quilts!

  87. Tanya says:

    Both of these collections are beautiful…summer projects, well if I can sneak away from my children’s baseball and soccer games for long enough, I may try to finish a table runner that is almost done!

  88. Carrie says:

    First let me just say…love the Joel Dewberry! I have several projects for this summer…a cute little summer tote for myself, some sunsuits for my little girl, and some new curtains for my living room and bedroom. I also picked up a pattern the other day for a little peasant top for myself, inspired by womens sewing month. I have a long wish list of projects-most of them from your site-that will keep me busy well through the summer!!! Love you guys!!!

  89. Michelle says:

    Love this fabirc…it would make a great skirt for myself!
    I’ve been making summer dresses for my daughter and have baby gifts for my sister-in-lawand tote bags for myself on the to-do list.

  90. Nichole B says:

    A Wee Wonderful bunny with shoes, knit sweater, and a doll quilt for my 3 year olds birthday!

  91. Liz says:

    I haven’t entirely settled on specific projects yet, but I’m over the moon excited to be sewing with my Grandmother while she summers with us Northerners. She’s a retired seamstress/sewing maven and she’s agreed to help me improve my skill set, with a particular focus on garment construction and finishing tricks!

  92. Mel says:

    Those fabrics are wonderful! My projects this summer include lots of dresses and bloomers for little girls!

  93. Maura Sheehy says:

    I just started to sew again last summer after not having done it since middle school when I made some aprons and pillows and dollhouse doll clothes (which I recently found in the chest of drawers of my old dollhouse.) I began by making some pillows and cute aprons for my son and daughter. Now I’ve got a new baby and I want to start quilting, along with making dresses for my girls, and sewn toys for all three of them, along with all the other cool things I see all the time on your blog. I just finished my first ever quilt top last weekend and I love it, though I kept it doll-sized so I could actually get it done. Now I’ve got to learn how to actually quilt it!

    One day maybe I’ll get my blog to have a decent design and begin to get some of this on there. Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration and education.


  94. jenn says:

    i’m planning on sewing a 9 patch quilt for my best friend who is moving shortly. needs a going away present so i thought this would be a good idea!

  95. A couple of skirts are cut and ready… I just need to get to them.

  96. marin says:

    my sewing plans for summer include making new cushions for the patio furniture (which i hope to enjoy if the summer ever comes to oregon!!!) and. of couse, the on going quilting projects.

    i love all of these fabrics and can see using them in one of the upcoming quilts.


  97. Amy Polcyn says:

    Wow – I’m the 441 comment, how will you get through them? Is this normal? Or is it because these fabrics are fabulus?! Hope I win!
    Amy lou

  98. stephanie says:

    I’m sewing clothes for ME this summer! I’ve just finished a shirt and skirt in the last two days!

  99. Michele says:

    A few tops for me, a dress for my daughter, and a few items for the kitchen. Then I want to get an early start on Christmas gifts.

  100. Tina C. says:

    something from the Sew U knit book! maybe a skirt and shirt set!

  101. Lindsay says:

    I’m planning to sew a hand bag, potholders/placemats to tuck in with wedding gifts, and a couple new clothing items for starting grad school in the fall! Love the new fabric!

  102. CaRho says:

    Sewing projects this summer…Slipcovers for my sofa, a handbag for a swap, decorating some onesies for my nephew and a baby blanket for him too, and hopefully I’ll get around to making a couple of potholders for myself 🙂

  103. Rebecca says:

    I only started sewing three weeks ago (anything to distract myself from revision of looming exams!) Having ordered some fab books and borrowed a sewing machine I have suceeded in making mushrooms, keyrings and purses – getting a grip on the basics! I am slowly improving and so hope to be making totes and aprons and a table runner for my mum (she’s always wanted one!) by the end of the summer, so excited! Would love to get my hands on some of this lovely fabric! Becky

  104. Kelli says:

    I need to finish up a quilt for dh who is currently deployed to Iraq. I’m using Eleanor Burns Star Log Cabin pattern in reds, whites and blues. I’m also doing a doll quilt swap . I’m in the planning (browsing Flickr) stages.

  105. Kristin says:

    Sewing projects? I am planning a trip to Rwanda and have been working on about 20 small flat clutches to give away to the ladies that I meet. I am also working on a “travel” purse that will hold all my goodies safely and comfortably. I also hope to get a few comfy skirts sewn for easy wear on hot days.

  106. Amy says:

    Those are gorgeous! I would love to make some cute aprons or skirts with those!

  107. lazylol says:

    My summer project is lots of colourful PJ pants for myself and my family. I would also like to make some shorts for my summer holidays.

  108. Heather H says:

    Fun, fantastic fabrics! Love ’em! I’m sure after my daughter arrives I’ll be in need of some cute fabric to make bags and aprons, etc!

  109. kirsten says:

    I’m sewing a fancy dress for my husband’s graduation ball, and casual summer wear for vacation following.

  110. Summer sewing for me = tackling my pile of WIPs. I’ve got some placemats I would love to finish, as well as a red skirt.

  111. Sam VanDerPuy says:

    I have been waiting with baited breath for these 2 collections to debut! This summer, babies galore are coming, and they’re all girls!! So that’s what I’ll be up to, a couple baby quilts, and a fun apron my my niece who turns three this August.

  112. Alejandra says:


  113. Lori says:

    Oh how I love Joel Dewberry!
    The next project on my list is a shirred top for my daughter!

  114. Kristine says:

    Loving the new fabric! This summer I plan to hopefully get an etsy shop going with some of my stuff. Oooh, and I plan to make stuff for my new apartment. Curtains, pillows, etc…

  115. micki says:

    I am just desperately trying to keep up with my growing kids! Shorts that were cut and fit two weeks ago have split already because my 11 yo is growing too fast! I also have an emmeline apron I want to finish, if I ever get the chance to stop sewing children’s summer wardrobe…especially with five kids!

  116. Tammy Mattox says:

    I love this fabric. It would look so cute as a little wrap skirt for myself. Or, both my big girls have new dress patterns they want to try. Of course we could always make another tote back. The
    possibilities are endless.

  117. Kate G says:

    Summer sewing? Two chairs (currently stored in the garage) need upholstery and a new home, PLUS…I’ve discovered that my local recycling center has a pattern section with lots of cheap-priced vintage patterns. A sun dress (circa the swingin’ 70’s) could be in my future!

  118. Cami Paul says:

    My summer sewing includes a quilt for each of my kids (2). They have picked out their fabric and designed their own pattern! They are both boys with incredibly different ideas and interests, so this will be a really fun and collaborative project. I would like to make some new pillows for the living room because I just rearranged everything.

  119. Miss S says:

    I plan a long, simpel dress with smock over the bust and then just simpel, loose to my feet. It will be perfect for the evening dinners on beaches of Mexico where I will spend my holydays… Happy summer everyone.

  120. Patty/MODKID says:

    Both are lovely collections that I was lucky to see first hand at Market a few weeks ago! This summer I plan to make some clothes for my 2 girls and some to sell on my etsy store. I also intend to learn how to quilt… finally! Oh and I have to make new curtains for my master bedroom. 🙂

  121. NillaWafer says:

    My summer is going to filled entertaining my kids but if and when I get a chance to sew I will be working on my pink ribbon aprons. I sew these simple aprons using various pink ribbon themed fabric and then sell them to raise money for my participation in the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk.

  122. i have been sewing summer skirts for myself and my girls! and hand bags!! 🙂

  123. Caitlin W says:

    I really love the brown tones! I really shouldn’t be looking at fabric though, because it just makes me think of all the wonderful projects I could start, and I already have so many that I need to complete. I think the fabrics are gorgeous though!

  124. Laura Covington says:

    I’d like to take some time to make 3 (!) quilts for all the beds in my house. In general, I’d like to do some home sewing (pillows, curtains, etc.). I just get so distracted by the fun of sewing clothes for my 3 year old daughter, who is currently requesting a fancy dress. I’m tempted to put everything aside to start working on it!

  125. BethAnn Stenquist says:

    Sewing project planned for the summer. . .hmm where to start? My first attemts at sewing clothes, I’m going to make my DD some pj’s. I’ve got 2 quilts to finish. And then off to start baby quilts. And that is just what I want to try right now the list is ever changing

  126. Amy Rettberg says:

    First time posting! The ginseng fabric is beautiful! I’m sewing so summer dresses for my 4 girls and some cute outfits for my 2 boys. Maybe a bag for myself. I keep using the diaper bag as my purse and hate that.

    Amy in SC

  127. Beautiful colors and prints, I would love to get my hands on some of that! Currently, I’m putting together 500–3″ yoyo’s for a coverlet for a full size bed in my spare room. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through the sewing of them all together. The yoyo’s have been done for quite awhile. I love making them in the car and we make frequent (4 hour) trips to Salt Lake City for my doctor appointments.


  128. Catherine says:

    I have 3 quilts to complete and I’d like to find the perfect purse pattern, which will probably be a combination of the multiple purse patterns I already own. Then I’d like to create some new jackets for fall/winter. For once, I’d like to be creating ahead of the season, instead of during the season. Novel idea, LOL!

  129. Deanne says:

    Ooooo! Those Ginseng pattern are lovely!

  130. claudia says:

    I will be sewing summer clothes for my kiddos–tops, shorts, skirts.
    I will also be sewing a new bag to carry across my shoulder as I ride my bike around town!

  131. Bethany P. says:

    Awesome fabrics!
    I’m working on some bags and a skirt. And maybe some curtains.

  132. kima Morgan says:

    I am redecorating my kitchen this summer, from the curtains to potholders. I am also expecting a god-son in August, so I will be sewing up some things for him.

  133. Barbara G says:

    I’m into drafting my own patterns – handbags are my current favorites so handbags it will be ( along with some cute coin purses)

  134. Brandy says:

    Oh! I love that very first pattern. Would work great for a project I’m planing ^-^

    I’ve got quite a bit of sewing on my plate for the next couple of months.
    A bunch of outdoor seat cushions
    a new summery skirt for myeself
    a sweet little dress for my niece
    and a bunch of swingy shorts for my boys!

  135. Adrienne says:

    Orchid Ivory is gorgeous! I love the pops of color against the neutrals backgrounds. =]

  136. I found a batch of handbag handles for almost nothing recently, and plan to make bags for Christmas gifting during the summer, instead of waiting until Pearl Harbor Day to start my panicked sewing. The Joel Dewberry’s would be perfect, as several of the handles are tortoise-shell look… if I could talk myself into using that gorgousness up in a bag.

  137. Dorte says:

    Oh, the spade ivory one – the joel dewberry – how gorgeous!!! I is like it is both flowers and eyes and abstract at the same time!
    This summer, I have a plan of reducing my stash. bags are coming up, baby quilts and baby bedware – four more babies coming around me within the next six months, so as the stitching aunt, I plan to be ready for it!

  138. Liz R. says:

    I have LOTS planned- a bathrobe for 7 yo ds, a dress for 4 yo dd, 3 baby blankets, a bag that I’m almost finished with and maybe- just maybe- a built by Wendy shirt for me!

  139. Annemarie says:

    Wow, those are some really pretty fabrics.

    I am invited as matron of honor to a wedding end of the summer/beginning fall and decided to make my own gown. I started with my first muselin, but haven’t decided on a final fabric yet. Plus dear husband needs some shorts and I plan on quilting a wedding quilt for the couple to be wed.

    Lot’s of plans that will keep me busy over the next couple of weeks.

  140. Cindy Hansen says:

    I love those fabrics! They’d made a great bag.

  141. susan says:

    summer dresses for my eight month old daughter 🙂

  142. Pamela says:

    Trying to finish up aprons, headbands and summer jammies here. Also about to start a quilt with my oldest ds (his design). Should be fun. 🙂

  143. I’m trying to learn how to sew, I’m a newbie! So I’m taking suggestions on easy projects? I want to be able to make some clothes for my baby girl due in September!

  144. Molly says:

    I love, love, love these fabrics!! I am making some pillows and these fabrics would be fabulous . . . Mmmmm.

  145. Abi Buening says:

    My plans for the summer is to get started on a quilt for my daughter that will be graduating next May.

  146. Erica says:

    I”m sewing curtains – just plain gathered and lined and then I’m sewing some tanks for my girls. They have a number of other requests in, but that is where I plan to start.

  147. Christine says:

    I’ve crocheted 2 purses that need lining, and I’d like to make a couple of purses for Christmas presents (yes, it will be here sooner than you think). I’d also like to make some tissue paper holders, and some document duvets.

    That fabric is wonderful. I love retro looking material, and for some reason I love cowboy fabric. I’m not sure why, I haven’t ridden in years and years. Too many western movies when I was young.

  148. Looks fresh! I like JOEL’s new line.

  149. annie says:

    I plan on hemming some IKEA curtains (that seems to be a popular task on this page), making a few more totes for the grocery store, covering some pillows for the sofa, a few skirts and a few dresses. I also have my first quilt in the works. I am totally in love with the Joel Dewberry ginseng collection, but then who isn’t?

  150. Carolyn says:

    Summer sewing plans: quilting and finising my daughter’s scrap quilt; start and finish 2 baby quilts (using panels) before August, make myself a blouse with some neat Swiss Dot fabric.

  151. Janis says:

    I love both these lines! The colors are fabulous. I like the wider width fabrics too – hope to see more of those.

  152. Jennifer P says:

    So much to do so little time!!! Dresses for the girls, playsets for the girls, greedy greedy girls!!! Gotta love it!

  153. Carolyne says:

    It’s not summer here in Australia, so my *winter* sewing plans are to finally make myself a quilt. Bright to keep me cheerful, and warm.

  154. Stacey says:

    I love “Drawing Room”. I have too many plans for sewing and not enough time. I need to finish 3 quilts, make some kid clothes (Pj’s mostly), pencil rolls, and some tops for myself. There’s a zillion other things I’d like to do, but I think I’m being overly ambitious already.

  155. Jaime says:

    I love those colors together, very nice print.

  156. BethieB says:

    I’m still quilting, sigh. I love the process but I’m at the point now where I just don’t know what to do exactly…the binding is haunting me. So that is number one on the list. Next is adding some lace and ribbon to my good towels for my new bathroom, and I want to make a rag rug (not exactly sewing, I know, but still fabric-y and on my list, lol). And the other big thing I want to do is make some more skirts and a few tank tops. I appreciated last month’s theme so much, it’s inspired me to keep trying…after all, when I mess up too badly to fix it, the disaster just gets tossed into the basket of quilt scraps for future projects, lol.

  157. Somer says:

    I’m making bags galore. I also have a couple skirts and a pair of eyelet bermuda shorts to finish for my daughter. But what I really want to make is a great Latin-inspired embroidered top with a fun, flirty skirt. I found some great bandana print for the skirt. I love the new fabrics, too! Anna Marie Horner and Joel Dewberry just keep getting it right.

  158. Rose says:

    A simple summer skirt in a Heather Ross print to ease back into sewing.
    Love the new fabric.

  159. Matching outfits for my two little girls – ages 1 and 4. I also have a niece who is a few months older than my 1year old and is spoiled since she has two older brothers. So she gets matching outfits, too 🙂 *LOVE* sewing for my girls!!

  160. Stephanie says:

    I have yet to make any clothes for my daughter, so I plan on trying out some simple tops. I also need to get going on some apron orders. I have so many ideas floating around I just need to get going on them!

  161. Adrea Shef says:

    GREAT fabrics!! Those are GREAT! I love them! This summer I plan on working on some projectsfor Christmas presents. I don’t have time in the fall, so now is the time! I really want to make a lot of cute tote bags and notebook covers and things like that!

  162. Susan says:

    My first priority is to make curtain’s for my son’s room. I’ve bought fabric to make a few summer tops for myself, too. I can’t remember when I last made something for myself!

  163. Sherry says:

    That fabric is wonderful. I’m planning to make at least one bag and some baby gifts for my pregnant friends. Oh, and that lovely traveling sack on a stick (my 5 year old has been trying to get me to tie her blankets on sticks and I can never get them on right!)

  164. Laurie says:

    I am planning on teaching myself to sew this summer. I have final gotten up enough nerve to give it a try.

    I am new to your blog – it has really inspired me.

  165. Jen Burn says:

    It’s winter here in Australia but last summer I tried my hand at making little shift dresses for my daughter. Looking forward to making more in a few months’ time. In the mean time I’m making some warmer ones in fleece instead!

  166. Christa says:

    My summer sewing plans are, cute sun dresses for my girls & myself, shorts for my girls, new pillows for my couch, a new summer purse and whatever projects my 7 year old who has discovered the love of sewing wants to make.

  167. Karen says:

    We need new gowns, cotton slips and cool summer clothes. I’m hoping to farm some of that work out to my older teen daughters! 🙂

  168. helen says:

    oh the fabric collections are gorgeous!!! i’m going to be renovating my bedroom and studio, and i have plenty of ideas for the fun fabrics!

  169. Netta says:

    This summer I will encourage & assist my teenage daughters with their sewing projects (who are now better seamstresses than I am), Also, a few fun skirts are on the schedule for me, and the livingroom curtains are driving me crazy- so I’m going to remake & reshape them.

  170. Nicole says:

    I just purchased a little girl dress pattern from Oliver + S for my niece, so I’m scouting out fabrics–such a hard decision! Then, pajamas for my female relatives, an Amy Butler bag…so many projects!

  171. Jennifer says:

    I’m working on my UFOs – quilts, slings, projects for the kids. I also need to do a major craft/fabric organization project.

  172. Ms. V says:

    Very cool – love red and orange. This summer, I will learn to sew. I have several books, a new machine, and a lot of desire to create. I’m very excited about all the different things I will be able to make.

  173. Anary says:

    The halter…and the pleated tut will be my next try!

  174. Cat says:

    Oh I love the colors of the fabrics. Okay my summer projects – I already made an outdoor awning to go over our outdoor breakfast area. I am planning on making a summer picnic blanket , some flowery baskets for my shelves, some umbrella toothpicks for a party later this summer, and a few tote bags.


  175. Lynne in Hawaii says:

    Oh my, that Ginsing is wonderful! I could get lost in that!

  176. Debbie says:

    I love the new fabrics and I think the young ladies I will be teaching sewing to this summer would love them as well.

  177. Bridget says:

    For the first time I’ll be sewing completly on my own. My mother handed me down her machine and now since my husband is in Iraq I need something to keep busy so my plans are to sew my very first dress. This dress plans to be the homecoming dress for my husband. I can’t wait to show him and me off..LOL I have one pattern and some fabric so I would be thrilled to actually have more fabric so maybe I can actually make another dress or capri pants depending on the time frame when he comes home. Thank you for this offer and I’m crossing my fingers!

  178. Kieny says:

    I have plans to make several more doll quilts this summer and another quilted bag. I still have to do something with all the dress patterns I bought in December.

  179. carolyn says:

    I’m painting our bedroom and going to give the window seat a re-do.

  180. Steph says:

    Beautiful new fabrics! It’s winter here right now so I’m going to hibernate in my sewing room and try challenging myself with childrens clothes.

  181. Katie says:

    I love the blue and brown fabrics!
    I signed up for the mini wardrobe challenge on Stephanie’s Creative Reveries blog, so I’m hoping to at least make the Anna Tunic by Amy Butler, plus a few other little things 🙂

  182. Leslie Newton says:

    I am making lots of totes, purses, pillowcase dresses, and lots of skirts. I wear skirts to work almost everyday. I have recycled some sheets and curtains and I bought 10 yards of white eyelet fabric for $5 at Goodwill. I give away almost all that I do, but sometimes I sell a few things. I love this blog!

  183. Leslie Newton says:

    I am making lots of totes, purses, pillowcase dresses, and lots of skirts. I wear skirts to work almost everyday. I have recycled some sheets and curtains and I bought 10 yards of white eyelet fabric for $5 at Goodwill. I give away almost all that I due, but occasionally I sell a few things. I love this blog!

  184. Jenn says:

    I need to get my hands on those beautiful fabrics!
    My summer sewing projects will include a dress for myself, just not sure what style or pattern! I also need to sew up some pencil roll-ups and some “Best Band Ever” headbands for gifts for my daughter’s friends. Also some coasters to get Christmas gifts started!

  185. Amber Graham says:

    A new dress for the 3 year old, a baby quilt for my best friend’s third boy, jammie pants and shorts for my boys, a knitted shrug for the 3yo, and something new for me.

  186. Tara says:

    Diapers for baby, twirly dresses/skirts for DD, pjs for the kids, lounge pants for me, curtains for the office and sewing room, and a doll quilt for DD. I have more on my list, but that’s a start!

  187. Sarah says:

    I want to dig into my pile of vintage patterns and make my daughters some cute old-fashioned dresses and smocks!

  188. Tammy says:

    Love the new fabrics.
    I am wanting to sew up a few new skirts for my daughter and myself, a new purse, and then start on some Christmas gifts.

  189. marcia says:

    Hi, these delightful new fabrics are making me dream of making new pillows for the window seat in my dining room or perhaps the kick off I need to start the refreshening I need to do in my bedroom. So many ideas….or maybe I would be selfish and make a new bag for myself! Probably not, though. I think the dining room will win out! It is so fun to dream, though!

  190. mikawendy says:

    I love all the browns in the new Joel Dewberry line!

  191. Georgia says:

    It’s winter in this part of the world, but I’m part way through a baby quilt, and need to start on a quilt for my eldest daughter and new placemats as well. Ooh – some of those new fabrics would be just perfect for placemats…although perhaps too pretty to use!

  192. Kate says:

    I’m getting ready to sew a tote-able towel like I’ve seen on Anna Maria Horner’s website (

    I’m pretty excited about it!

  193. joey snow says:

    I will be making lots of bags for my first attempt at a craft booth/fair/farmers market sell!!! Very little sleep, just lots of sewing!

  194. Beth Walker says:

    My summer goals–I am ready to try making a jacket–and then more jackets, so I can overcome my fear of sewing clothes. And in between jackets, I hope to make a lot of bags made of fabric I’ve embroidered on. And maybe even, sometime, do some block prints onto fabric. I’ve always wanted to try that. (No way I’ll get all that finished,…)

    And such inspiring fabrics!

  195. Mel Hallam says:

    I too would love either of these print sets. I’m really liking the AMH on the chairs she did. My summer projects include making clothes for my kids from the Ottobre magazines I just got. I’m new to sewing clothes, and to sewing vs. just hemming. So I hope I can stick with it. I’d like to make a shirt or two for myself. If I can manage a space to cut a length of fabric, I’d like to attempt to make a fitted bed sheet or two in a fun boy print for my little guy…. I’m sure I could manage more, but then it would become a fall and winter list… =)

  196. emily says:

    I’m getting started on Christmas gifts, actually. 🙂

  197. Hjordi says:

    I plan to make a few cloth napkins, placemats, and tote bags!

  198. Jody says:

    the dewberries are beautiful!

  199. Anne says:

    I don’t know that there’s anything more exciting than new fabric designs! I love both of these new lines!!! Summer sewing projects are focused on fun, loose fitting shirts and cute little patchworked purses.

  200. Jess says:

    My summer sewing plans include a few dresses, decorative pillows, and perhaps a few baby clothing projects. So fun!

  201. Linda V says:

    Ooh, lovely fabric!

    My summer plans… hmmm… well, gosh, those curtains, we’ve been in our new house for almost 2 years and my girls’ rooms… yeah, it’s about time, I really need to do them. I’m not good with plans, but thanks for asking this question – it helped!

  202. Kimberly says:

    Love the fabric! I am planning on working with my11 yo daughter, teaching her how to use a machine. I think we will work on some mini quilts.

  203. ayumills says:

    Oh how I love these fabrics..!!! They are so yummy!

    My summer project is going to be a quilt pattern which Anna Maria Horner introduced recently on her blog. I love the pattern so much that I know I am going to give a try for my first quilt!!

  204. renee says:

    i have so many things i want to do…finish a quilt, finally learn how to do buttonholes and put the buttons on a jacket i made for my son a few months ago (!) and to finally make a few patterns (pants and shirt) for myself…you guys have gotten me over my fear!

    Loving all of those fabrics!!! Especially the first of each row. Yum!

  205. Libby says:

    Right now I’m fixing to sew my first shirt. Just a simple sleeveless on. Then start on child size quilts for my three grandchildren. I’ll be using a lot of inspiration I received during your “quilt month”. Thank you for all your inspirations and tutorials.

  206. Andrea says:

    I have had an idea in my head for a quilt for my son and I have found the perfect fabric for it in the ginseng collection. my projects for this summer include clothes for the kids, both summer and fall. clothes for me, duvet covers, quilts, crib bumper, and a new purse.

  207. Karen says:

    Super! Beautiful fabrics.
    Hmmm…. This summer I am going to make 30 chair organizers for my students chairs for the fall. I am also going to make an apron, a beach bag from recycled juice boxes, and a whole plethora of skirts!

  208. Yohandy says:

    Those are some absolutely awesome fabrics. I reall love the ginseng line.
    This summer I want to make new curtains, especially since we’re moving to a new house soon.

  209. Stacy A says:

    Summer sewing? Good question. In fact I have so many plans I could never get to them, so I better make a list and find out what I can do. Included are a few pillowcases, some mini quilts, and an apron or two.

  210. Jenn says:

    Looks like I’ll have to add these to my must have fabrics list!

  211. Amy says:

    I bought some of the pink fabric with bicycles on it and I’m going to make the little swing outfit from Oliver + S. I’ll probably also make lots of aprons bc they are so quick to sew up!

  212. Jordan Durbin says:

    New tops and dresses for me. Shorts for my little ones. Finishing up the quilt for my bed and a couple of baby gifts for friends. If I get that far, I’ll be very happy!

  213. Rosa says:

    I am planning on making quilts. I have quarters cut into the prospective patchwork pieces. I have started piecing together. My goal is to finish my first complete quilt. I have one that needs to be bound, which I started 2 years ago and never finished. Additionally, I plan to make baby diapers for baby #3 due in October. It is my goal to do my part with conserving the environment, and also save a bit of money by reusing cloth diapers. The last plan is to make a ton of decorative items for our rental home. I am feeling a bit out of sorts in this rental home, and I want to make it a bit more homey, and these items can be taken with us when we do buy a home. Lots to do.

  214. Amy says:

    OHHH, Sew little time in one day! The projects must wait again, I am sure I am not the only one that suffers this disease 🙂

  215. Marianne says:

    Making curtains for my upstairs remodel project. First I have to finish the curtain rods… 🙂

  216. Arlette says:

    I’m presently on a polka dot kick. I’m making bags, pincushions, angel dolls, pillows, all kinds of stuff from polka dot fabric.

  217. Kristin says:

    The Drawing Room is pretty. I plan on finishing some binding around a quilt and making some baby blankets and clothing this summer. I am really looking forward to the book by Anna Maria Horner too, but I have to wait until the fall for that 🙂

  218. Richelle F says:

    I am making a 4th of July pillow cover for myself and a couple friends. And I have some baby booties to make for a friend.

  219. Melissa says:

    I’m excited to machine quilt for the first time and I’m learning to sew a dress for my three year old.

  220. Kate says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  221. danna osen says:

    catching up on all kinds of projects lying around in various stages…

  222. Linda says:

    This summer I’ll be making gifts for some little ones. A dress for my neice turning 1, probably another one for a friend’s 2 year old daughter, and some baby shoes and bibs for a friend who is pregnant. I’m also hoping to learn how to make roman blinds for our new house.

  223. sulafaye says:

    Mmmm! Beautiful Dewberry! I’m going to finish a dress for a friend’s wedding next weekend, make at least one outfit for summer travels, make a suit (!), and, hardest of all, make the perfect pair of pants!

  224. Ellen says:

    Need to finish my Summer Dress… and get working on some knit projects from the new BBW book!

  225. I’m be making scrap quilt clothes for my daughters. Hopefully knitting some gifts for Christmas and if I’m lucky a purse for myself!

  226. Sara says:

    I have a baby blanket and a summer bag to finish up.

  227. Beth says:

    I was thinking about redecorating my sewing room in Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern, but now you have me second guessing my decision!

  228. Nicole Prevost says:

    Roman shades for my girls room, dresses.. tops, maybe a quilt?

  229. anja says:

    Like the new fabrics. Sewing some skirts and capris for my daughter this summer.

  230. Tracey says:

    Oh my! Lovely fabrics!!! I’m actually taking some time to do some of my OWN projects, like curtains for my home (that we moved in to 6 months ago!

  231. Jacquie says:

    I’m loving that Ginseng fabric, but I love the Drawing Room fabric too. Maybe a bag?

  232. Summer sewing projects?? I have clothes for nieces, light summer pants for my dd going to spend a year in the Phillipines, tops for me, baby presents for all the new babies coming….and…and..and….

    I LOVE that Dewberry Ginseng stuff!!

  233. shannon says:

    Ooh, I love that woodgrain fabric from the Joel Dewberry collection.

  234. sarah j says:

    i got a few different things going on for this summer… i’m about to start an awesome baby quilt (pattern over at purl bee “zig zag”) for my friend’s shower. i’ve got to make a little tote bag for my friend’s toddler who love the one i was carrying the other day. also, a shirt (pattern by built by wendy) and a simple summer dress from mccalls. i also am going to cover a few pillows to go with the couch my boyfriend brought with him when he moved into my place. and finally, a yoga mat bag – the one in lotta jansdottir’s book! … course, who knows what else will come up over the next few months…

  235. Lisa says:

    I am working on a quilt and some home furnishing projects at the moment. Wish we had summer here!

  236. Christie says:

    Well, where I live we are going into winter now, but we are about to holiday somewhere warm, so I want to make some simple summer dresses for my daughter, the kind that are easy to pop on over bathers. I also want to make some cushions to cosy up my kid’s playroom, now that we are spending more time indoors. Some dresses/shirts for me wouldn’t go astray either!

  237. Lisa says:

    I just left full-time to return to school and to take better care of my family and myself. Sewing figures prominently in the last objective! Sewing for myself and others, especially my grandson, daughters, mom, mother-in-law, and friends. I couldn’t wait until the last day of work (TODAY!!!) to start, so I have been collecting bits of fabric and attempting smallish projects here and there. An apron and a zipper pouch to date, and some embellished onesies with matching shorts for the grandbabe on tap this weekend! I am loving this, looking forward to becoming reacquainted with my sewing machine.

  238. Kym says:

    With winter now underway it’s time for home decoration in our new-to-us house. Some curtains are first on the list, then some big, soft floor cushions for curling up with good books when it’s cold and wet outside.

  239. Michelle says:

    I’ve really really *really* got to start making some clothes for my kiddos. Some of the patterns I bought like two years ago go up size 3. And, ahem, my youngest is now 3. So, it’s now or never! I resolve to at least make ONE wrap top by the time fall rolls around…

  240. Mimi says:

    bags, bags, and more bags!!!!

  241. Amy says:

    gorgeous! I just started sewing & would absolutely LOVE this fabric!

  242. Gina says:

    Summer projects…quilt for my daughter’s Sept birthday.
    Beautiful fabric!

  243. Alyssa says:

    a baby and a new house on the way… where do I begin???? with drawing room curtains, I hope…

  244. Kim says:

    Lovely fabric, especially the ginseng collection. I have loads of projects including bags, bags, baby things and bags to sew. I can’t wait till the last day of school!

  245. Susan says:

    I am working on a signature quilt for my son’s wedding in October.

  246. Amy says:

    I am working on projects for my first grade classroom. I am making math manipulatives, pillows for the classroom library, soft books for the beginning of the year. Additionally, I am making a double wedding ring quilt for my sister’s wedding next May.

  247. chantal says:

    Time to get out the sewing machine!! My plans are…to finish hemming the trash bag full of stuff that has been stashed in my closet for probably a year or more,make some cute curtains for my master bath,make some really cute throw pillow slipcovers,finsish the bluejean scrap quilt I started 3 years ago,finish Megans dress that I started last easter. Then give the dress to my niece becasue Megan will no longer fit it. and hopefully make my self a new church bag. And maybe start a few projects that I can finish next year!

  248. Andrea says:

    I have another baby due in the fall so I have lots of baby projects to complete, along with Christmas gifts! Blankets, bibs, aprons, bags, etc. Too much! I’m also planning to make a bunch of coffee cozies for friends.

  249. Gina says:

    This summer, I’m going to need to make a wardrobe for college. I’m expecting to make lots of jackets since the climate will be a little colder.
    I also have a bazillion sketches of different sundresses I want to try.

  250. Meegan Blue says:

    Lovely new fabrics! Oh, if only the weather here in Portland would cooperate I’d be a sewing machine (get it? Sewing MACHINE!). Some Cute Skirts for me and some for Zoe are on the list. I just need some sunshine!

  251. Beautiful fabrics – I have a couple of new purse patterns and also some table-runners that need to be done.

  252. Dana says:

    Love the fabrics! I have several dresses for my girls in the queue for the summer. Also a quilt to finish and a couple small quilts in mind.

  253. OMG the colors in the Ginseng collection are fantastic!!

    My summer sewing includes stocking up on aprons and coasters for my store (not to mention knitting hats & gloves for after the weather turns), and making the transition to sewing bags! For someone with a serious purse fetish, I’m surprised I’ve let myself get this far without knowing how to really make them myself 🙂

  254. Kari says:

    I’m sewing valances for the nursery, to be occupied this October. 🙂

  255. Great fabrics! so many projects to complete this summer… pants, nature bags and perhaps an amy butler laptop bag

  256. Linda says:

    I plan to continue the couch quilts I started last fall. The goal is to have a utilitarian (not fussy) quilt for the back of the couch for each holiday and/or season. Halloween and Christmas are finished. Valentine’s Day is pieced (very red & pink), and a red, white & blue project is in the initial stages. I’d like to add a spring/Easter quilt and a fall leaves one as well. I also have grand plans to start on the Christmas sewing, at the very least to make tote bags or simple drawstring bags to use as wrapping. The goal is another handmade Christmas.

  257. Amy says:

    The Spade Ivory – Ginseng is gorgeous!!!


  258. Lisa E. says:

    my summber (spring, winter) project is to finish my daughter’s quilt. it’s taking ages! i also have a ton of baby stuff i need to make b/c my in-law side of the family is expecting 3 new babies all within months of each other. my sewing machine will definitely be working up a sweat this summer

  259. Dj says:

    Aprons for me and other family members. Skirts for my daughter.

  260. Myra says:

    Working on vintage dresses for the girls, one for me, baby quilt & anything else I can…

  261. Erica says:

    This summer I’m really into quilting. It’s not something I’ve done much before, and I’m giving it a shot!

  262. Becky says:

    Beautiful new stuff for sure. Just lovely.

  263. Meg says:

    I have big sewing plans for the summer – my first dress, a cathedral quilt for my best friend to celebrate her first anniversary, new curtains for the bedroom, and fresh placemats and napkins for eating out on the porch!

  264. Andi says:

    I have some clothes I didn’t finish last summer that I hope to get to and three quilts on the go. I also just finished reading “Sew U” which inspired a whole bunch of new clothing projects… I will probably have more projects than I can possibly do but I like to be busy!

  265. Lil' d says:

    I’m hoping to finally get around to making myself – and my daughter – some summer tops. They keep getting put on the back burner, but I’m thinking that, with the help of your tutorials from last month, I might get to start them soon. Fingers crossed!

  266. Allison says:

    Love that material


  267. Lisa says:

    My sewing plans for the summer are finish quilting a quilt, sew some shorts for my daughter, and make some tops for me.


  268. Laurel says:

    So many plans, so little time for execution!
    -BurdaStyle Hikaru jacket
    -Amy Butler Sophia Bag
    -Sew U pants and top
    -Amy Butler Chelsea Bag
    -A 2nd weekender bag
    -misc little japanese bags from a japanese craft book.

  269. ariana says:

    Well…I have a LONG list of projects that are cut out and need to be completed and dreams of projects to come.

    I have home accent and maybe apparel on the brain.

    Cant’ wait!

  270. Kirsten says:

    I’m making some quilted window coverings for our bedroom windows to block out the early morning sunlight – that’s top priority. Beyond that, I’ll be continuing work on various half-finished quilt tops.

  271. Christy says:

    Summer sewing projects….Hmmmm….more clothes for the girl, she’s going into kindergarden in the fall, and is freakishly (j/k) tall and leggy! I am also making pants for myself (I am freakishly short and not leggy how unfair is that?!?

    I am hoping to have my etsy shop actually up and running and fully stocked…so when I come home from vacation: I must get to work! I have so many plans it becomes a problem of where to start, does anyone else suffer so? I love the ginseng by dewberry…it’s lovely!

  272. Brenna says:

    I’d love to make my girls some matching skirts…maybe even some throw pillows to brighten up the living room! I’m a beginner also…I’d like to try a few baby things too!

  273. Sequana says:

    This summer I’m making a big silk quilt using fabrics from wedding dresses. It’s for a charity. I’m going to give silk dyeing a whirl before I design a pattern.

    Those two fabric collections at the top of this page are a couple of my very, very faves.

  274. Amy says:

    that joel dewberry is so yummy!

  275. Rachel says:

    I need to finish a quilt for my oldest son and start one for my living room. I also have a few shirts and purses in mind for myself and my friends and family! I don’t know how much I will get done but I’m setting my goals high! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  276. Katie says:

    I love summer sewing! It’s so fresh and easy. I plan on doing a lot of things. I recently ordered 2 Amy Butler patterns (from Sew Mama Sew) so I’m excited to make those up. I found a fabulous vintage sheet that I’m going to make into a hand-stitched quilt. I have all the supplies for that, I just need to do it. And then there’s always a couple skirts and dresses on the back of my mind!

  277. Kayce says:

    LOVE that fabric by Anna Maria Horner!

    This summer I’m working on a few skirts and pillows for our couch and of course what ever pops into my head that sounds fun, quick and easy.

  278. Laure says:

    Love the Joel Dewberry….I have the summer off so I will be sewing up a storm – softies, bags, whatever new things I can find to try.

  279. Sarah S. says:

    Lots of comfy hammocks for my ferrets!

  280. Janet says:

    My first grandbaby is due in August so I’ve been busy making baby stuff. Quilts, bibs, burp pads, diaper bag, more quilts…. Plus I’ve got some things I want to make for myself and I’m thinking of making my nieces some lap quilts for Christmas. They would love the Anna Maria Horner fabrics!

  281. Jean says:

    I just love the Anna Maria Horner fabrics! I’m working on a dress for myself right now from a japanese sewing pattern book- and plan to make an emmeline apron, and maybe a couple of bags, including a backpack for ym daughter’s first year of preschool!

  282. Alison says:

    i loooooooove free fabric!!! please me! please???

  283. Erin S. says:

    I’ll be sewing lots of baby things (quilt, toys, nursery stuff) hopefully before my baby arrives next month. I’m sure he’ll win the race, though. Also some pjs for my 3yo, pillows for the patio and family room and maybe, just maybe, something nice and non-maternity for myself!

  284. erin says:

    I’m attempting to make summer clothes for my 2 year old daughter. She’s not the most willing model, so getting the fit right has been difficult. I’m also making some baby care products like bibs and burp pads for a couple of baby showers.

  285. Michele C says:

    Love the Joel Dewberry. The colors are so smooth together. The AMH is a no-brainer – just gorgeous.

  286. Nancy says:

    I am using the Breast Feeding Cover tutorial and making them for my daughter. She is thrilled. I am also working on Christmas quilts this summer. Also hope to find time to “steal” my 6 year old granddaughter and start her sewing….

  287. Amy says:

    I plan on sewing my 3 girls sun dresses…..boy is it hot here today~

    Please include me in your drawing.

  288. Lana says:

    Oh, I love the new prints! I’m a very beginning sewer, and have set a goal of making fifty basic tote bags before moving on to other projects.

    Back when I was an art student, and my ceramics professor made me throw 500 cylinders on the wheel before we could experiment with other shapes, I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Now I realize that repetition with slight variation taught me how to produce them accurately every time…and I’m trying to learn how to sew in just the same way.


  289. KellyF says:

    I love the Anna Maria Horner prints from Drawing Room! I look at them and a million ideas for projects come to mind…… dresses for my daughter and niece, a purse and/or tote, and maybe even a dress for Mommy! Oh, and wait, the guest room needs decorating, too. Oh, and I could…..

  290. Kristin says:

    oooh!…I resisted temptation buying either of those fabric lines! So I would love a yard! As fas as summer sewing plans, I have a list as long as my arm. Skirts, baby gift for my sister, several quilts, lots more I can’t remember right now!

  291. Jill says:

    I will attempt to make the back pack from Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing” for my 3 year old son. He has requested a back pack to carry from daycare to home. I’m a beginner sewer, I hope this project is one I’m able to do! Beautiful fabrics, thanks for such a beautiful give-away.

  292. I’m probably watching my 3 month old niece for the summer. Her mom and dad might come home to a new outfit everyday!

  293. Dawn says:

    Oh my goodness! I have so many plans!!! I have several quilts (throws, bed size, and doll quilts) that are just dying to be made. Also, I have several purse patterns that I would like to make also. Here’s to getting stuff done!!!

  294. Jenn says:

    before it gets too hot i would like to sew some summer outfits for my daughter. love the new joel dewberry line! and maybe some cool tanks for myself.

  295. Tina says:

    I hope to do a little sewing with my kids and their friends this summer. We’ll be making some quilts. And a friend’s daughter got a sewing machine for her birthday. So hopefully I’ll get to share a little knowlege with her. Thanks for the Friday fun!

  296. mary says:

    Wow, I see pretty lampshades in the feature!! Love the color combos, too.

  297. Jenny says:

    Well, it’s winter here and my plans are to make some heavy duty overalls for my daughter, some long skirts for work, and start on a memory quilt for my daughter now I have nearly two years worth of clothes. Your new fabrics are fabulous …

  298. Hopefully I will get around to sewing some tops and skirts for me! 🙂 I’m going to make a back pack from the Lotta patterns for my kindergartener, some pants for my little 2 year old, I really want to make the vintage apron too! Just need more time! One of these days I will make napkins and stop using paper. Oh, a bag for me. The kid’s stuff always trumps my stuff.

  299. Laurel says:

    Some skirts and tote bags! I love Ginseng!

  300. Joy Humphries says:

    I have a vintage double knit quilt top. This summer i plan on making bags and purses from it. Also my daughter just asked me to make her a black messenger bag. The prints are lovely!

  301. Tara says:

    I’m finishing my best friend’s wedding quilt (handquilting – done, now just to sew on the binding!) and sewing as many summer skirts and flannel PJ pants as possible (I’m dyeing my own flannel!)

  302. Alison says:

    I’m going to be an aunt in a few days time and will be busy making diaper bag, change mat etc for baby once we know whether it should be blue or pink!

  303. Carrie says:

    i’m actually going to try and sew a sundress–which should be interesting because i’ve never attempted clothes yet! i’ll also do a few bags, too!

  304. Megan says:

    Your new product preview got me in trouble last week – I bought the birdie sling pattern on the spot. Made my new bag yesterday.

    Love it.

  305. Aimee says:

    The biggest project(s) I have are to get started on Christmas gift sewing. I am doing a puppet theater for my kids, tons of embroidery and an apron for mom.

  306. Brooke says:

    Since I found your blog not to long ago, I have a lot of tutorials to catch up on. I am going to make the crayon roll ups for my nephews and neices that we are visiting in July. I am going to make a couple Mei Tai carriers for some pregnant friends. This pattern Then I might make some baby blankets from Bend the Rules Sewing.

  307. Cocoa says:

    I have plans to make aprons, a couple of quilts, some handbags, and more crayon rolls for my etsy shop. I also want to redo some curtains in the kids’ rooms.

  308. whitney says:

    I am so in love with all the browns and blues! Just a few years ago it was so hard to find that combo for my baby’s room, now with boy #2 it’s all there for me!

  309. Kristena says:

    This summer, I plan to get some practical sewing taken care of–cozies for the camera, the French press, the laptop, etc. I also plan to dress this no-longer-pregnant body of mine! A few soft toys for the babies will be my fun side projects.

    Thanks for the FFF’s. You folks are awesome!

  310. Tabitha says:

    I just love Free Fabric Friday! Gorgeous fabrics!

    I’m lining some thrifted picnic baskets with some vintage fabric and some Amy Butler prints. I’d also like to start on some summer clothing.

  311. Liz says:

    They are all beautiful fabrics, I could never choose. This is the summer of skirts for me.

  312. Sarah says:

    There are countless things I plan to sew this summer! My favorite upcoming projects, though, are cloth napkins and reusable shopping bags.

  313. Those prints are gorgeous!!!
    My summer sewing projects include several WIP’s…
    ..More primitive dolls for my “Poppy Shoppe”,
    3 swaps
    finishing the applique for my tie-on pocket. (kinda like a mini apron that holds stuff)
    a couple of reversible wrap skirts from a vintage pattern to wear on summer vacation next month.
    finishing the seats for my directors chairs for my vintage 50’s patio set.
    Start on Fall and halloween Yaaaay!!!! ;-D
    and start Christmas gift sewing…

  314. Amanda says:

    I plan on making some summer dresses for my beach vacation and repurposing some old t-shirts.

  315. Katherine says:

    I am going to finish a charm pack quilt, make a wristlet for a friend at work, and a table runner for my mil.

  316. mj says:

    I have more clothes planned to make than actual time to make them, and I’d love to get an etsy shop going!

  317. Kim D. says:

    my first project is so exciting for me….. I’m buying a new sewing machine. I’ve always used handmedown machines and I can’t wait to get exactly what I want!

    After that I will have lots of sewing for my kids and some new curtains to make.

  318. Moonbeam says:

    I’m planning on sewing the ruffly puff-sleeve shirt from, as well as some softies 🙂 I can’t wait to get enough space to do a quilt – that’s what’s really on my mind!

  319. Amy says:

    Wow! Lovely prints!
    This summer’s sewing shall include a new purse for me, a hooded sweatshirt for my baby boy, and I’d also like to make a quilt or two.

  320. Valerie says:

    Finish hand-quilting and binding a miniature quilt, make two doll quilts for swaps, finish binding three lap quilts, make lots of pillows and a quilted throw out of my new Drawing Room fabrics for my living room, burp cloths and bibs for friends….ack! I need more time than just the summer!

  321. Tara H. says:

    I plan to sew up some cloth napkins from the great tutorial on here. Also, I am making a tag blanket for my daughter.

  322. Celeste says:

    More skirts for my almost-two-years-old daughter–she is growing like a weed!

  323. coffeechris says:

    Love those two new collections, they would be perfect for the new bags I will be making this summer. One Amy Butler pattern and one of mine own. I am also doing some home dec sewing, need/want some new summer infusion.

  324. Ooooooo. LOVE the new fabrics from Dewberry and Horner!

    This summer, I’ll finish up a mini-wardrobe for Addie, my friend’s baby daughter. (I’d almost forgotten how to sew that small!) Then it’s back to mini-art-quilt experiments for my Etsy shop,

  325. Bree says:

    I’m planning to make totes, aprons, and work some sweater surgery magic this summer.

  326. michelle says:

    I want to make myself some shirts from Built By Wendy patterns and Burda Style (I already have everything except the fabric picked out). I also have plans for a shirt and some PJ pants. In addition, I want to make new lamp shades for our living room.

  327. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I’m probably biting off more than I can chew here but, an apron for a friend, a blue blue linen jumper, a skirt, a vintage dress pattern in yellow and green plaid, and hopes for at least two shirts!

  328. Annie says:

    I’m going on a trip in July and need to start sewing some long skirts so that I can fit in with the culture. I need lots of pretty fabric.

  329. Amybee says:

    I have a BUNCH of bag orders to get moving on. It’s so fun to have yummy fabrics to work with. The Drawing Room collection is amazing! I want….need some!

  330. Erica says:

    My summer sewing plans include new curtains and roman shades for our home and a couple of new skirts

  331. Sarah W. says:

    I am working on two sets of name alphabet pillows for some little ones’ birthdays coming up. Then I will start a table tent for my son so he can hide out with dad and play.

  332. Holly Elam says:

    I am planning on working on some UFO’s. I just finished a top called Cat’s Meow for my son. I have a project on the wall called strawberries and cream that I need to finish the borders on it and it will be ready for quilting.

    I love the blue/brown fabric above.

  333. Nikki says:

    Currently I am working (slowly) on Amy Butler’s Weekender Bag. I am having my first baby in July so other projects in the que include: curtains for the nursery with the fabulous hippo fabric I bought from Modern Basics, canvas boxes out of Moda’s Monkey N Round and a nice minky blanket with a Michael Miller Disco Dot backing, and a couple of summer skirts so I can finish this pregnancy looking cute..well as cute as 8-9 months pregnant can look!

  334. Chris says:

    let see…

    two little dresses for my 18 month old. One is from a tutorial I found here!
    things for my etsy shop
    two aprons from a new apron book – if I can figure out how to get the patterns blown up the required 400%, since my local copy center was of NO HELP! ack!
    and I’d love to find some patterns for my little 5 month old boy… boy patterns are hard to find…

  335. Becky says:

    These fabrics are beautiful! My summer sewing plans include the Amy Butler’s Birdie sling, napkins for our house and oven mitts – just to name a few! : )

  336. Paige says:

    I love the Drawing Room fabrics – amazing! I’m planning on making a couple skirts for myself, some jammies for the little one, and probably a few more tote bags just because they’re so fun to make!

  337. Laura Delich says:

    Well, we moved into our home last year, I got pregnant withing 5 months, and all the sewing projects were laid aside–now that our littlest sweet pea is five months and life is in a good routine, I plan to pick up where I left off. Lots of small projects like curtains and decor for the rooms in the house. Then I hope to get to some sewing of pj bottoms for the winter months–and I’d love to get to the nightgown projects for my two little girls!

  338. Andrea says:

    Those two lines are great. I just received a little Drawing Room and I am planning on trying my first dress for my 2 year old. EEK.

  339. Natalie P says:

    Beautiful fabric. I would love some new stuff to work with!

  340. I’m working on some light and breezy summer tops for my girls. A few swimsuits, some cover-ups and summer dresses. I also have a purse or two in mind. . .

    Love the new fabrics!

  341. Meg says:

    Two things I would love to do would be to make some halter shirts and dresses for my wee one as well as some cutie sun hats. There are so many great patterns and tutorials out there, I’ll have to keep my eye out and improve my sewing!

  342. janet says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but my projects come as I think of them. Right now I’m thinking about breezy summer shirts. As for my plans, as usual, learning more about sewing, learning and having fun!!

  343. Georgia says:

    I’m making two dresses for MYSELF! Both from vintage patterns and vintage fabric. I’m totally stoaked.

  344. Jessie says:

    We have been remodelling our kitchen for the past 3 months and I am currently 8.5 months pregnant, so my summer stitching plans revolve around place mats, napkins, and baby-related items: burp cloths, swaddling blankets, and finishing a quilt for my preschooler. I’m hoping I can stay motivated!

  345. Lauren says:

    Well, I am about to have a new baby, so I’m not sure how much sewing I will be able to do. However, I do live in California near the beach, and I would love to sew a new beach bag to take all my goodies in – something bright and colorful. I have been following Anna Maria Horner’s collection and blog, so maybe I could use something from her new Drawing Room line.

  346. Emily says:

    Love the Ginseng farbic. I can’t seem to get blue and brown off my brain whenever I look at fabric lately! My summer plans include some tops for myself (just bought the Simplicity 3835 and some FOE that I’ve seen on so many blogs), some smocks and dresses for my daughter (5 years old) and a quilt for my hubby for father’s day. Guess I have to get moving on that one, huh? :O I also am in search of the perfect tote bag – but haven’t found a pattern yet that is really what I want.

  347. Allison says:

    I just got my craigslist-purchased sewing machine working and I haven’t really sewed since I was a kid, so I’m planning to make a couple of bags, some doll clothes and bedding, and placemats etc from Bend the Rules Sewing. I really need to make some new couch throw pillows. And I would love to make a couple of skirts for my daughter.

  348. sarah says:

    My mom just retired and with her and last months posts I am going to attempt making dresses and shirts.

  349. jodi says:

    Tote bags, pillows, curtains out of some fabulous barkcloth. Hopefully more. The beginning of summer break is always filled with promise :-).

  350. Tammy says:

    Some more aprons for my Etsy shop…some skirts for myself, and hopefully some blouses too!

  351. Amy says:

    pillow cases, beanbags, totes, coasters, napkins and anything else rectangular and small. I’m still new at this.

  352. nettie says:

    quilting! I want to get rid of all my scraps (or at least make a dent in them.)

  353. Lisa says:

    I’m finishing up my quilted pillows, trying out a Simplicity pattern (supposed to be easy), making odds and ends like lunch bags, wallets, and a purse that I just bought from Lazy Girl Designs. Love the fabrics above.

  354. Frieda says:

    I love the ginseng. I think this would make a great bag. I am working on aprons right now and will soon return to my quilts.

  355. Sue Cahill says:

    I am trying to finish up a bunch of Project Linus quilts, I like to make 2 a month but haven’t been able to sew for a few months so I’m behind. Those fabrics are fabulous, here’s hoping you pick me. (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  356. Maribeth says:

    My summer sewing plans include a few skirts from the Cute Skirts pattern and an Indygo Junction gore pattern. A few totes for gifts and a mini-tote for myself. Wow-I’d better get going!

  357. Laurie says:

    I love these new fabrics. My projects for summer include a baby quilt for a new grandbaby, hooter hider for new grandbaby’s mom, aprons, and I am going to attempt some dresses for 2 year old granddaughter.

  358. stacysews says:

    I love the new Drawing Room fabrics! I’ve been thinking of making Amy Butler’s Swing Bag in these prints.

  359. Stacy Leigh says:

    Oooh cute!

    My summer sewing projects are going to be maternity and baby clothes… because we found out we are expecting our first child!

  360. Karie says:

    I want to just be able to sew, I have no real projects planned, but it will be nice to set up the sewing machine and have the kids outside and playing and sew up something fun… I am in love with the new Drawing Room fabrics…. they are beautiful

  361. kate says:

    Oh my, I LOVE that Anna Marie Horner “Branching Out”. It will be perfect for making new covers for my patio furniture. That’s my summer project….uh, better get started!

  362. Roxanne says:

    Lots of summer shirts for me and my daughter and hopefully a picnic blanket.

  363. debra says:

    Friends and I are going to do a sew along this summer to expand our comfort zone. I think we are going to make period princess dresses for our girls to use as halloween costumes.
    I am also making some clothes for myself, baby clothes quilts for the girls, and some cushions for our benches in the kitchen.
    Of course the list can go on and on and on!!!

  364. Leah says:

    I love Anna Marie Horners Fabric, it would make such a lovely handbag or summer dress for my little cousin… Thanks for Free Fabric Friday (I actually am starting to look forward to monday to see if I’ve won!)

  365. Lindsey says:

    awww man i LOVE the Ginseng line!

  366. nicole says:

    I plan on making tons of dresses, and starting the Denise Schmidt ‘SingleGirl’ quilt

  367. Jennifer G says:

    I have so many summer sewing plans! I want to get started on all my christmas gifts which include 2 quilts, some embroidered pieces, and some cute children’s items for nieces and nephews. I also want to make a sundress and pillow case lunch box for myself.

  368. Kimmer says:

    I have so much I want to make! A six-gored skirt for myself and clothes for the kids are at the top of the list.

  369. Lynn says:

    Oh my, you have ginseng in. My plans for summer are to decimate my UFO list so I can start new ones with this gorgeous fabric!

  370. Rebecca says:

    I have too many projects for this summer! My goal is to just finish one of them so my Steven will quit complaining that I never complete anything!

  371. Joanna says:

    I need to make myself a bunch of summer shirts before our vacation next month. Maybe a few pairs of flowy capri pants, too. Then it’s all about starting on the Christmas presents early!

  372. Erin says:

    I’m working on dolly quilts for my daughter and 3 neices. I’m new to sewing and little quilts are a fun entry point into this world.

  373. molly m says:

    I keep meaning to make a dress for my daughter. Maybe posting this here will actually get me to do it! 🙂

  374. Kathy R. says:

    Love the colors. We just moved to an old house that needs some work. I have started on a quilt for the new bed and have plans for Roman shades for the bedroom too. Lots of projects in my future: sewing, painting, and gardening!

  375. Jocelyn says:

    The ginseng collection is absolutely stunning!! As for my projects this summer, I’ll be making lots of gifts. I’m making a larege baby shower gift set complete with booties, onesies, bibs, burp clothes and a little toy dog. I’m also finishing a “High school musical” tote bag for my friend’s daughters birthday present tomorrow. My mom is moving in to a new house at the end of the month and she has bribed (I’m a sucker for chocolate!) me into doing the majority of her window decorations. It’s gonna be a busy summer!

  376. Jill says:

    beautiful fabric! I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    This summer I am planning to make a crib bedding set for my first baby (a boy!). I’m still searching for the perfect fabric – no baby blue here.

  377. jodie says:

    More skirts!!

  378. Bree says:

    Lots of bags and such!

  379. Alli says:

    How lovely!


  380. rita says:

    too too many projects. I keep adding ideas including making myself a dress for my sister’s August wedding and lots of baby stuff. a quilt…

  381. Concha says:

    I love them! Well, I’m choosing fabrics for my first quilt! I’m going to try Amy Butler’s Lotus Brick Path pattern.

  382. Julie says:

    Beautiful. Plan to do two small quilts for my boys, some home items for gifts, and maybe tackle my first item of clothing!

  383. Cara says:

    Love the Ginseng line — those are the colors of my newly painted bathroom, so may have to whip up a new window treatment out of them!

    For summer, I plan to make lots more sundresses and swing tops for my daughter, try my hand at skirts for Mommy, and sew tons for a good friend’s baby due in August.

  384. Alicia says:

    I plan to sew a birthday bunting to celebrate the summer birthdays in our family.

  385. Sarah says:

    Must… not… buy… new… fabrics…. So hard to resist!!

    Summer sewing:
    Pillows for couch.
    Window treatment for master bath.
    Summer quilt for master bed.
    Lots of purses and baby presents!!

    Love reading through everyone else’s plans…

  386. Jen says:

    Wow, the whole New Products page is calling my name… This summer, I’m making skirts and bags for me, and with any luck–or possibly divine intervention–a Roman shade for my bedroom.

  387. Kathleen says:

    Yeowch! Drawing Room is hot!!!

  388. Julia says:

    Is it too much to dream that, one day, Joel Dewberry will decorate my life? I love, love, love his fabric.

  389. Tracey S says:

    beautiful fabrics!!! my plans are new purses to match every outfit (yeah right) but im gonna try, new curtains, new table covers, swaps due out, etc.

  390. Ursa says:

    Jeez, it is embarassing to publicly admit how long my to-do list is. There are some tote bags to be made as gifts, a backpack, learn to sew clothes as I have a huge stash of fabric for them. Yesterday I just received my dress form and I am over the moon. Mind that I never sewed any clothes yet. 🙂 It should be fun.

  391. Jessica says:

    Too many sewing projects to count, but at the top of the list are finishing up a quilt top for my boyfriend and making a chicken-themed quilt for my mom … and maybe some skirts for me …

  392. Polly says:

    I love the Orchid Ivory Ginseng! That would look fabulous on the wicker rocker cushions I’m planning to make for my sun porch. Other summer sewing plans…a new bag or 2, some clothing(summer shirts) and lots of quilts needing finishing.

  393. Caitlin says:

    I plan on making some knit summer dresses for myself as well as a shirt or two. I also want to make a couple of dresses for my sister. And it’s not too early for me to start thinking about Christmas presents like cute napkins as gifts. There are lots more things I’d like to sew, but when I start thinking about them I get kind of fuzzy-headed trying to sort them all out!

  394. Jane says:

    These are beautiful new fabrics! I’ve got some wardrobe refashioning projects and some travel accessories to make for gifts lines up. Not much else with outside work to do!

  395. Jessica Bills says:

    OH MY GOSH! I love these fabrics. The colors are beautiful! I am wanting to make throw pillows for my living room and that Ginseng line is perfect for it!

  396. R B says:

    I love those fabrics! I’m finishing three quilts that are promised to family members. All of them are to the point of adding borders. I’ll have to send a couple of them to a longarm quilter. I’m also making fabric notebooks, pillows, and a totebag with my girls.

  397. Colleen says:

    I like the ginseng line, too – timeless, yet fun. I have some applique projects that I’m working on, and then I want to make some summer skirts! I also have some great organic canvas that I’m hoping to use to make a pair of pants for my dear bf. I might need a tutorial for that one…

  398. Mikaiya says:

    I’m starting a vest for my boyfriend, and I hope to make myself a couple easy tops for work! It’s so hot here in DC already, I could use some lightweight options under my suits.

  399. jessi says:

    I love Drawing Room – i think I need a summer bag made from it!

  400. kate l. says:

    oh joel dewberry, how do i love thee!

    i’ve got doll clothes, a wedding quilt for my cousin, and some holiday decorations on top of my to-do list!

  401. Mel says:

    Oh, they’re all so beautiful… especially the brown/blue patterns. My summer sewing list? It’s growing by the minute. Checkbook cover/wallet, handbag, quilt, smocked dresses for my girls, little decorative pieces for around the house… Now to find the time to get started on one of those…

  402. mary says:

    I really want to try a top and skirt from the Alabama Stitch Book. I’m itching to do some reverse applique! I also need to make myself some summer slippers from Denyse Schmidt’s book…. But sewing for me always seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list!

  403. Chassie says:

    Love the fabrics!! My summer projects are attempting some simple summer shirts for me, car seat cover for my baby boy, dresses for my girls, baby shoes for my friends, classic button-up shirt for my husbands gma & silk ties for my better half. I’ll be busy!!

  404. Bean says:

    Gorgeous prints, I can’t wait to snatch up some of Anna Maria’s new line!!

  405. Heather B says:

    My summer sewing plans include making the barcelona skirt for myself, sundresses for my daughter and shorts for my boys. Everytime I look on the web, my list gets longer!

  406. Jennifer says:

    Mercy…summer sewing. Mostly I’ll do tote bags, a few with zippers, to use for gifts. My husband’s quilt I made him when we first started dating is in severe need of repair…and looking at these new fabrics, I think I need to make myself some new skirts.

  407. Liz says:

    Oh, gorgeous. Love the ginseng line. In theory, I’m working on a quilt. In practice, I’m probably reorganizing my space a thousand times and neglecting sewing for my garden. So much more productive in the winter…

  408. Karen says:

    I started a tote bag last night and then realized that I packed away all of my interfacing (moving soon)- so rather than unpack it, I will go an get more today….
    And then I have 3 unfinished quilts. One just needs binding and a label, one is in the quilting phase and the other, a king size is being pieced.

  409. Karly says:

    Today was the last day of school. As a teacher all those project pile up waiting for summer. I have a stack of vintage sheets that I want to get creative with!

  410. Jill B says:

    My plans are too big for my hands, I’m afraid, but I’m aiming high with a baby quilt and a couple of skirts and dresses, plus finishing aprons for my goddaughters. The Drawing Room Fabric would look great as a bag I want to make.

  411. Maryalice says:

    I am working on two little boy quilts, a duvet cover and an Amy Butler bag… fun!

  412. Nikki says:

    I’ve got lots to sew – I’m making pillows for the front porch, curtains for the kitchen, lots of baby items (everyone is expecting!) and a cape for my little guy who LOVES batman. That’s just the beginning. I love all the fabrics posted today; usually i can pick a favorite but i love them all! I’m also making my dad some handkerchiefs for father’s day.

  413. Michelle Jadaa says:

    well right now i’m making jeans,hubby just bought me a serger(my first)so i’m going to play with that.
    I also want to make a kind of roll caddy to hold my pergamano/parchment craft tools.(1 yard of fabric would be perfect:))
    I planto make a knee length trench coat in some kind of evening fabric ,maybe a satin ……oh and i need a ton of extra large bibs for my home daycare.

  414. BeckyR says:

    This summer I plan to finish a couple quilts that I have in progress and a couple of totes.

  415. collins says:

    Lots of fun plans, skirts, curtains, and baby clothes for a new niece or nephew due next week!

  416. Beverly says:

    So pretty! I’m planning to make a cover for my laptop and lots of totebags for holiday gifts.

  417. ToilingAnt says:

    I’m planning on sewing a couple new retro-style dresses, aprons for myself and a few for friends, as well as some skirts and blouses to jazz up my summer wardrobe. I should really get cutting on all that!

  418. daniela says:

    anna horner is just so creative in the motives she creates.
    i’m working on a king size quilt for my daughter. it’s going well and i like to keep piecing together for hours…
    there will be some maternity dresses coming up in about a month or so…

  419. Elaine says:

    I am LOVING all the new fabrics. It’s so hard not to reach out a grab a LOT of them!

    I am making a new quilt right now and am really excited about the color choices.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you dish out to us!

  420. Lisa says:

    I actually haven’t been able to sew for month or two. Too much going on, but things should settle in the next few weeks. But I’d like to make a shirt and a sundress from some material I got about a month ago. I have 2-3 aprons to make. And I’d like to make some stuff for a nursery for our baby coming this fall! Probably some curtains, a valance, and a pillow or two. Maybe a co-ordinating quilt (ohmigoodness I can’t believe I’m saying that) to hang in the room. All fun stuff!

  421. Molly says:

    I just found this website and love it! I made a quilt just recently and have been collecting flour sack material anywhere I can find it. I plan to make some children’s clothes as well as a dress for myself! Apron have also been the thing around here. We have collected fabric from everywhere and just set up shop on etsy. LoveMa!

  422. Kim B says:

    I’m planning some new pillows. I’ve decided to start changing around the decorative touches in our house seasonally and new pillows in bright summery fabric is in order!

  423. kristen says:

    I have some lovely floral I need to pleat and smock up for two angel wing bishops. I also want to make a cute little skort for my three year old.

  424. Meredith says:

    I’m sewing some cloth diapers to hand to a lady that helps with teen pregnancies (from 12-18) in inner city, this will be my second batch sending to her. So COOL to get 14 yo’s cloth diapering! I’ve also got about 6 more curtains to sew, a BUNCH of market bags, plus various other projects, like slings to sell, a quilt I’m working on with my boys (homeschool) and probably some potholders and napkins to match my new kitchen that I’m remodeling.

  425. Kate says:

    I am planning on completing my first quilt for a friend’s first baby! We’ll see how it goes. Thankfully there is always Etsy as a backup plan.

  426. Michelle says:

    I really like these new fabrics – the patterns and the colors are perfect. I have plans to make some bags and I’d love to make a tablecloth and some children’s dresses. I’m a beginner sewer, but I really like it and I’ve had fun learning to make some new things.

  427. LauraJ says:

    I plan to sew sew sew whatever the wind tells me to sew. Quilts, clothing, quilts, bags. And most importantly all while having fun in the sun!

  428. Raven says:

    I really want to make a winter coat. I need a new one but they are impressively expensive to buy. The thing is that I only just learnt to sew a few weeks ago, so it’s quite an ambitious project. I’ve made a few things like pajamas with fancy collars and pockets and such; and fancy, reversible hats, so my skills are almost there.

    I’ll make a shorter, summer/fall jacket first out of some more affordable material, then I’ll dive in and try my hand at coat making. With any luck I’ll be finished by the end of September (I’m a slow sewer).

    Your Friday posts are great, by the way.

  429. Melinda says:

    I plan on making a lot of clothing adjustments! I went through my closet last weekend and pulled out a bunch of things that I want to refashion into something else. Long sleeve shirts in to short sleeve shirts, pants into shorts, etc. I also have a bunch of pants and jeans that I’m going to salvage the fabric from for small stuffed toys, fabric lunch sacks, sandwich wrappers, and other misc. fun stuff.

    Too many projects, never enough time!

  430. Carrie says:

    Need to start working on Baby 2’s quilt and curtains for the kitchen and girls’ room. The summer goes by way too fast.

  431. TheresaB says:

    I’ve been busily jotting down ideas for these very same lines in my idea notebook. . .tops on the priority list our new pillows for the sofa, a few new skirts and a market bag or two!

  432. Wendy says:

    I’ll be mostly quilting this summer. I’ve got a scrappy string quilt top I just finished and would like to get quilted. I’m in the doll quilt swap, and will do some mini quilt swapping as well. Also working on a Quilt of Valor or two. I’d love to make a thing or two for the kids, but honestly, summer is only a few months, so not sure I’ll get around to that.

  433. Helen says:

    Beautiful – I love the tossed flowers print. Sewing projects for this summer include a couple of camisole tops in Liberty Tana Lawn for me and for my sister, and two dresses for my little girl probably from the Girly Style Japanese craft book I’ve just ordered, although I’m very tempted by the Oliver + S bubble dress.

  434. Angela says:

    I’m making all three skirts from Amy Butler’s Barcelona Skirts pattern, and recovering my husband’s office chair.

  435. Cindy says:

    LOVE the fabric. It’s all so romantic.

    Projects for the summer include skirts for my girls and maybe one or two for me (Nancy, you can do it!!!), a new hand-bag for me, curtains for the new house and maybe my first bed-sized quilt. We’ll see. Obviously if we move into that new house, I may be a little distracted.

  436. Jennifer says:

    After finishing 6 baby quilts this spring I’m excited to tackle some of my other projects: pajama pants, a music bag for my sister…

  437. Johanna says:

    Uh…really nice fabrics! Especially the Nouveau Bouquet Gold (Drawing Room) and the Orchid Ivory (Ginseng)… there’s my obsession with red again.

    I’ve got loads of sewing plans for the summer, because I’m about to finish my master’s thesis. On my list are dresses and tops for myself and a shorts for my boyfriend…so far. I guess it’ll be growing.

  438. Megan VS says:

    I love the Joel Dewberry. Yummy.

    Lets see…I have so many things I want to do I get all flustered. ;0) However, right now I have the Sophia Carry All, a Built By Wendy dress, and a couple of bags for birthday presents that I would like to get done!

  439. Kelly Jo says:

    Love love love the Joel Dewberry fabrics! I’m all about blues and browns lately! This summer I hope to finish lining a knit tote, make a blue and brown wallet and try some more skirts!

  440. Amy says:

    I plan on making lots of fun summer clothes for myself and my 3 year old daughter. -Amy

  441. Debbie says:

    Ohhhh wow, love the fabric.
    I will be making curtians for the kitchen and front room.
    Summer clothes for myself.
    I also want to attempt making a quilt this summer.

  442. Dayna says:

    I am working on a clothespin bag so I can use it during the clothespin challenge I am participating in….and I want to make some wide leg lounge pants…and some apron shirts for my weeone.

  443. Anna says:

    Ginseng–so perfect for our bedroom. I see pillows for the chair. Maybe a new pad for the bench…Lovely!

  444. Bethany says:

    Love that first fabric – it looks like owls, some wide awake & some sleepy!

    As for my summer projects, with a new baby in the family, I am creating change mats, bibs & all things baby related. Right now working on a fabric mobil… Next/summer plan I can’t wait to get stuck into a change/diaper bag too. Have a great idea of making a large basic messenger style bag in a plain simple linen & then making a variety of flaps in various fabrics to suit whatever mood/look needed, that can be attached with velcro. Been a bit of a bag addict this will make the switch over much easier & quicker too. Might even try one flap with a wipe clean fabric so the removable flap could double as a change mat & save on valuable space/be mutli-purpose! Very excited about it all & can’t wait to start 🙂 so off I go to crack on…

  445. méri says:

    The fabrics are pretty, specially the secong row!
    Projects? Always a lot of them, but giving priorities I’ll have to make some homecloths for my daughter new house.

  446. Lori says:

    I am sewing for my baby girl, due in September. I am working on bedding right now, but plan to do a nursing cover up, diaper bag, etc. Busy, busy!

  447. Liz says:

    I definitely want to try to make that girls’ halter top you posted the tutorial for the other day; I’m also itching to get some things made for Christmas presents. With a toddler and a baby on the way, I need to stay ahead!

  448. dawnkristal says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the ginseng.. Part of my sewing plan this summer is to start doing a block a week of my own design.. In brown, green, and blue! Also want to get my Etsy shop up and running with quilted home goods (potholders, placemats, etc.) and try out batiking!
    Great blog.

  449. Joan says:

    Hi! I found your blog about a month ago and have been so inspired by the sewing hints, the fabrics and the sheer enthusiasm for sewing! My husband is an Arctic scientist (climate change) and left yesterday for The North. He’ll return July 22 only because my sister is being married on the 26th and then he’ll leave again until September! So sad. But I have lots of free time to sew and quilt. I love to make quilts for charity ( NICU at our local Children’s Hospital and for chemo patients) so maybe I’ll get more done for them. I also am working on beautiful pink quilts for the twins next door who will graduate from university soon. That will be a big surprise for them. I love surprising someone with a quilt! It’s the best feeling! I think I’ll treat myself and make a bag from a pattern by Grand Revival –my first purchase on Etsy from catylou. Have a great summer–I’ll be reading what you’re getting up to!!

  450. Whistlepea says:

    I just finished a tiered skirt and next I want to start Simplicity 4072. After that, I plan on deconstructing old projects for skirts and such and using fabric leftovers for projects.

  451. Rhiannon says:

    Baby sewing, baby sewing and more baby sewing. Toys, blankies, burp cloths . . . You name it I’m gonna make it for the little boys in my life.

  452. Katie says:

    Both sets are nice. I love the bright colors in Anna Maria Horners set. Did you see her new free quilt pattern? I need to finish, mend, and hem quite a few things. I need to organize my craft room. and I am hoping to start a real quilt. (as opposed to a fake one? 🙂 )

  453. Nada says:

    i’ve been eyeing the sketchbook print from drawing room to make into a simple anthro-style duvet cover for next winter. I’ve also got a stash of flea market fancy and japanese prints to turn into a tablerunner/learn-to-quilt project…

  454. Water Works says:

    I love the Drawing Room prints by Anna Maria! My summer sewing includes a collection of seasonal table runners for my sister’s new home. I can’t wait for her to open a whole box of home-made love!

  455. Bonnie says:

    I’m so glad to find your site from a friend’s recommendation!! I LOVE the Joel Dewberry Ginseng collection – just yesterday I bought fabric to make a sampler quilt/wall hanging for my quilting campers to get inspired by in that same color palette – browns and peachy/oranges – I love it! I started a sewing school last fall and I’ve been busy making up samples for the summer camps I’m offering this summer. Now I just need some campers! I’ve got a 10-year-old and an almost 8-year-old and we’ve got craft, home dec and clothing projects coming out of our ears for this summer – today is the last day of home school for the year so now we can get started in earnest – hooray!

  456. Kris says:

    I love the Anna Maria Horner fabric. I want to upholster a chair like she had at market! It’s lovely!

  457. amy says:

    These new prints are gorgeous!

    My summer sewing plans are varied and wide this year…curtains for my dining room, sundresses for my little girl, shorts for my boys, and too many doll, softie, accessory ideas to even know where to begin!

  458. Mrs. H. says:

    I just cut out the pattern for a new cotton sundress for myself, and I’m hoping to get some cute summer outfits made for my two girls as well. Love those fabrics!

  459. wendy says:

    Oh, those are gorgeous fabrics!
    This summer I’m planning to make lots and lots of clothes… for me, for the toddler, for the teenagers, for the husband. And lots of stuff for the house.
    Ambitious much??? 😀

  460. Terriaw says:

    So far, I am planning to make a valance for my sewing room from Amy Butler’s Belle fabrics, a valance for our kitchen from Heather Bailey’s Freshcut fabric, and a matching tablecloth. I really love the new Drawing Room collection, so I’m looking for the right project for that too! So many wonderful fabrics coming out, so little time.

  461. Kate says:

    Coming out of lurking to say I love the site, and free fabric Friday is as a good at time as any!

    Summer plans… I’m trying to finish a queen size Fence Rail quilt for my son’s bedroom, then I have a few aprons, placemats and quilts to make as gifts and donations. I want to try making a dress for my niece, too, but we’ll see.

  462. Meghan says:

    The fabric is simply stunning!

    Today I made some wonderful coasters, am going to start a large bag with many pockets and I this summer I am going to get into gear making clothing. I finally got a serger and now I’ll have a new wardrobe to go along with it 😉

  463. Tish says:

    Love the fabrics! I am taking on the mission of decorating our newly constructed home (after already living in it 2 years without paint and various other details!) I could totally see the Ginseng prints in my livingroom as beautifully quilted pillows and a table runner for the coffe table, and some framed quilted squares to hang on the walls!!! Beautifull!!!

  464. Anna says:

    Awesome fabrics!
    hmm summer projects! Baby gifts, coasters, T-shirt appliques, bags, getting through my already purchased fabric so I can justify purchasing more! LOL

  465. Andrea says:

    I’ve been really into throw pillows lately. Our apartment is quite small with few chairs. So, a cozy rug and some throw pillows are making this space a much more comfortable home.

  466. veronica says:

    I have a baby arriving in two weeks, and I still have to sew two sets of curtains, a crib skirt, and a cushion cover for the nursery. YIkes!

  467. Jeannine says:

    I really love the Ginseng line. My summer sewing usually consists of bags and other things to hold stuff, however… I bought a Very Hungry Caterpillar kit that I think I would like to tackle.

  468. Natalie says:

    The only plan I should keep in mind is finishing hand quilting a gift for my mother in law… it’s a very big quilt, and a very emotional project. I can’t imagine how it will feel to finish it.
    Anna Maria Horner’s new fabric is delicious… it would make it summer all year long!

  469. apple cyder says:

    My plans are an oliver and s playsuit for my boy. And a big boy twin sized quilt for him too. Love drawing room!

  470. Cheryl Smith says:

    Love the Ginseng collection! Summer sewing projects = OH MY! I haven’t sewn in quite some time but recently (might have something to do with the BLOGS that I’m reading!), the bug has attacked. I have loads of Amy Butler fabrics and bag patterns, a checkbook cover to make from felt with embellishments, notebook covers, key fobs and many thrift store purchase redesigns to help my daughter with. THANK YOU for all of the wonderfully informative information that you provide to your readers! Happy Summer!

  471. Carol says:

    Gotta finish knitting a summer sweater, sew window panels for the cottage by the lake, and then I get to play. Maybe a quilt with my 5-year-old’s artwork embroidered on.

  472. Carly F. says:

    Oh, so many sewing plans for the summer. I plan to make a cotton nightgown for my little girly, a doll quilt out of yo-yos, plenty of summer apron-style shirts for my girly, etc. So sad I have missed out on all the previous fabric giveaways, but glad I am here now!

  473. Blayne says:

    Beautiful fabrics – we have a lot of browns and botanicals in my house – these would make nice pillows and things!

    My summer sewing plans are pants for my son and a shirtwaist dress for me (eek!) also I need to finish th applique on a quilt top that has been languishing for far far too long.

  474. Rachel says:

    Love the fabric by Anna Maria Horner. I’ll be doing some sewing for Christmas gifts!

  475. Holly Witherington says:

    I’ve had a small stash of fabric that my grandmother had given me sitting around for ages (actually a couple of years). These are all vintage fabrics that she has had since they were new. Some of these really remind me of the Joel Dewberry prints that were selected to show off the new collection. When I found this amazing site a few months back it finally gave me the inspiration to get going. I’ve made a couple of totes and purses so far and through you I discovered the Amy Butler lines and patterns. I attempted one and though not perfect I’ve really surprised and pleased my grandmother, allowing her to reminisce about what she originally used the fabrics for. There is one particular piece of plad that I used in a bag and every time she sees it she talks about how she used that to make my grandfather one of his favorite shirts. I plan to make her a similar bag this summer using the remainder of that fabric. I may just have to order that Bloom Chocolate or perhaps the Orchid Ivory to go with it.

  476. AJ says:

    Love the Joel Dewberry.

  477. Kim says:

    Summer sewing projects? I have a bedspread I’m making from IKEA fabric for my daughter’s bedroom. I also need to make several sets of curtains for my home. And I’d love to piece a quilt.

  478. Coralee says:

    this summer I have diapers to make, I am 8 weeks pregnant and am planning to cloth diaper. I found a great kit on Wazoodle and I’ll be making a couple dozen to start.

  479. Sandy says:

    These fabrics are lovely. I’ve been inspired by the Women’s Clothing Month posts and would like to try sewing clothing.

  480. Rita says:

    I just L*O*V*E the new collections, it´s impossible to pick a favourite!

  481. Tricia says:

    This summer I have to make every project count, as I’ve got to fit them in around other bigger obligations. So: tunic-style long-sleeve tops for my boy, who hates shorts and short sleeves (freak). An ambitious girly-girl dress from the April Burda for my girl, and a fall wrap skirt and wrap top for myself… way at the end of summer.

  482. scmtngirl says:

    Looking through my indispensable moleskine notebook: 1) curtains for laundry room shelving, 2) finish dress made from 50’s pattern bought on eBay, 3) make pillows out of some random textiles my parents brought back from South America in the 70’s, 4) make a slipcover for my sofa, 5) re-design and re-do the half-assed cushion cover I made for the stool that the cats use to get to their food and water, and lastly 6) make one of those sandwich wrap thingamajigs out of oilcloth for my hubby’s lunchbox… we’ll see if I finish it all by summer’s end!

  483. Key says:

    My sewing area is all set up and I hope to make lots of things this summer. On the list are a dress, some curtains, and home accents (a new duvet cover, curtains, etc). Hopefully a few pieces to wear to work will also get created. I feel a need for new wardrobe pieces with the weather warming up.

    The new fabrics are beautiful!

  484. Tricia says:

    I just got my first sewing machine and I’m going to be taking classes this summer to learn how to use it! I have already made two skirts for my daughters and I plan on making a few for me as well.

  485. Mag says:

    I love the Joel Dewberry he is so classic. The blue and brown – yummy! BUT The red Drawing Room is definitely my favorite. A summer dress in that would be great.

    Sewing projects, how much time do you have 🙂 ? Baby Showers multiplied by 4 = burp clothes, changing pads, bibs, and diaper bags. Friends – lounge pants multiplied by X, X= an amount greater than 10. Bags, bags and bags. Oh and lets not forget the new curtains for the kitchen, foyer and master bedroom.

    Your site kicks-booty, you inspire me daily.

  486. Elena says:

    Great patterns! My summer project is a new tote to take to the beach at the end of summer and maybe some textile art to spiff up my walls.

  487. britt says:

    I just started a quilt-along with a blogger I read, so my plan for the summer is to actually stay “on schedule” with that

  488. Beth says:

    I plan on making a new quilt for the guest bedroom in grays and yellows.

  489. Margie says:

    Wow your new fabrics are gorgeous! I love the new Joel Dewberry. I plan on making my 6 yr old summer clothes. She wants some new shorts & shirred summer tops. I’ll be making a few peasant style too & some dresses.I’m working on purses as my mom’s friends want a few. I’ve got the 3rd one done but still have 2 more to go.
    I really want o try to make a few summer tops for me. I have the smock pattern cut out waiting for me to make. I’ll really need a smock for 2 before the garden vegetables are ready.
    Dh keeps saying make your smock next as he really wants me to make a few.

  490. Nancy says:

    I think I want to make another bag, I have already made 2, but they were just so much fun that I want to make another one. Only problem is that I don’t have a sewing machine! Maybe I can find someone who will let me borrow theirs.

  491. Jeannine says:

    Oh my. Modern Bud Flax (Ginseng) is just plain beautiful. I can see myself making a bag out of it.

  492. Camille says:

    I love free fabric Fridays. Beautiful prints. I’m currently working on my first stippling project. It’s a HUGE denim quilt that I made for my sister and it’s backed with one big piece of cotton. The size of the quilt and weight of the denim, batting, and cotton make it tough to maneuver with my small machine, but I’m really enjoying the results.

  493. Rosangela E. says:

    The new fabrics are great!
    I’m planning to sew one or two very colorful bags this summer.

  494. Samantha says:

    I have a few quilts in progress that I’d like to complete. I’m also participating in Doll Quilt Swap 4, so obviously I’ll be making a doll quilt for that. I’ve also got a few ideas for some patchwork pillows…

  495. Maggie says:

    Let’s see, I’m making my first flying geese quilt inspired by the one shown for quilting month. I’m also planning to make a gathering apron for my sister-in-law, crochet hook cases for my mom and mil, plus softies for the kids. Lots of fun fun fun projects. Oh and I’m learning to embroider, and so are the kids!

  496. Meredith says:

    I have a TON planned, now let’s hope that I can mark them off of my list…

    summer smocks and bloomers for the baby
    curtains for the living room
    curtains for the breakfast nook
    curtains for the nursery
    finishing baby’s Christmas stocking
    finishing Christmas Tree skirt
    finishing a sampler of our family
    “spruce up” the kids bath shower curtain

    I’m getting tired and excited just looking at this list! Wish me luck!

    Happy Sewing!

  497. Nancy says:

    I love the Joel Dewberry fabric! My summer sewing plans are: my second quilt, some little zip purses from Bend The Rules Sewing, an apron or two and MAYBE my first ever skirt.

  498. Kendall says:

    I’ve got about 6 baby showers to attend in the next month, so I’ll be sewing like crazy for all of those! Hopefully, i’ll get to make some clothes for my own kids, as well.

  499. Amy says:

    Love those new fabrics!

    I’m working on making a stash of cloth tie-diapers and wraps for a friend’s baby boy, in addition to a quilt for the little man. That and a couple of aprons, and little puppets for the kids to play with and give to their friends. it’s a busy summer!

  500. Heather says:

    I always have a list of projects to do. This summer I would really like to finish the quilt I’ve had in progress since last summer, sew more dresses for my girls, and a new bag for myself.

  501. Margaret says:

    My plans include clothes for myself and starting a couple new quilts. Maybe teaching my 10 yo to use the sewing mcchine. And my 14 yo wants to redo her room so that will involve some home dec sewing. She loves the Joel Dewberry Ginseng.

  502. Holly says:

    I’m currently finishing new slipcovers for the couch/daybed in our homeschool room. Somewhere cozy and fun to read!

    I’m also working on a couple of sundresses for DD and a few tops for myself!

    The fabrics on this site make me drool…

  503. carmen says:

    I plan to make a beach bag and a knapsack for myself. I will be lucky if I have time to do more. Love the lines

  504. LeAnne says:

    Love the new fabrics. This summer I will be trying some tops for me, quilts, and some baby accessories.

  505. Jeannie says:

    This summer I want to make curtains, throw pillows, a duvet cover, and covered cork coasters, as well as try my hand at other wonderful tutorials out there! And maybe even a baby quilt!

  506. Deborah Tepen says:

    I plan on making aprons and totes to donate for our church picnic craft stand.

  507. Sarah Lemmon says:

    I love these fabrics. It’s very Amy Butleresque. Why is brown and blue together such an appealing pallete?

  508. Karyn says:

    They’re all gorgeous, but Nouveau Bouquet Gold is especially stunning!

    I’ve been doing so many special orders and so much sewing for my shop, that I’m planning to do a few things for myself this summer. Imagine that! 🙂 Specifically, I’d like to try to make some simple skirts.

  509. Karen B says:

    oooo – either collection would make beaitiful pillows and wall art in my LR…
    thanks for the chance.

  510. Linda F. says:

    wow! Those browns (gensing) are beautiful! I can see them in my houses!

  511. Sara says:

    my summer sewing plans … where do i start??!!?? my to-do list is about 9 miles long! i need to make some new curtains and pillows for my living room, finish some baby gifts for friends (a couple of blankets and a smocked dress), start on my yearly christmas ornament, finish a quilt top for my living room wall, finish two wall hangings for family, continue with a christmas quilt i started, and make some re-useable grocery bags for the environment! gotta get to work!!

  512. alison says:

    Love those fabrics! Summer sewing projects include: finishing a doll quilt, capes for some upcoming birthdays and for my boys, skirts, a few tops, a dress, sofa cushion covers, beanbags, pillows, napkins, dress for my niece, pj pants for my boys and continuing to teach my daughter to sew (next project is a skirt). I always have a big running list and keep adding more projects as I go! Now just to find more time!

  513. Katrine says:

    I just finished sewing an apron for myself. I hope to get curtains made for my children’s rooms. With my children home from school, that will take my entire summer, I’m sure!

  514. Amy Hodge says:

    I have way more plans than I can realistically manage: 1) finish stacked coins quilt (top is not done yet, and will need to quilt it!) 2) make hop, skip, & jump quilt from Denyse Schmidt 3) make quilted cases for my husbands camera lenses (once he figures out what he wants) 4) i have my eye on a cute little chemise for me 5) a handle grip for my weekender bag, whose straps did not turn out quite sturdy enough 6) start on Christmas gifts!!!!

    And I absolutely LOVE these new fabrics!! I wish I could touch them–that’s my favorite part!

  515. Joanna says:

    Well the kids and I are taking off out of state to UT for 6 weeks for the Summer, but I will be taking along some hand applique, and will be going on a shop hop, and visiting as many quilt shows as I can while away! Lucky for me it’s quilting season in UT!!!

  516. Jessica says:

    Lots! Baby quilt for gifts and to stock my etsy store, maternity clothes for myself, and maybe a new tote bag or two. I LOVE the new Dewberry fabrics!

  517. Sue says:

    Summer plans:
    Actually sew something that fits and looks good. Have had some serious sewing and style mis-steps on my latest projects. I hope this summer that I can remedy this.

  518. Camille says:

    Sea Life on White by Alix is my favorite – I’m dreaming about options…

  519. homejewel says:

    Next project is an apron. My 13-yr old and I are making the same pattern. Then we’d like to sew more skirts. And there’s always the unfinished projects that would love to be done.

  520. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful new fabrics! Currently I’ve started making some small handbags. It is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never found the right pattern. This week I just decided to jump in and improvise a pattern. I’ve made two so far…learned some things to improve them next time around and had a great time doing it!

  521. AmyDe says:

    So pretty! Here’s to Free Fabric Fridays!


  522. Jeni says:

    I really love these colors! I’ve just picked up sewing for real after dabbling for a few years. I’ve got some napkins and a few baby projects (a small quilt and a few bibs) coming down the pike.

  523. Marilyn says:

    I am making dolls for my grandaughter and I hope to work on some bedroom drapes.

  524. kelly says:

    Too many to count, right? It’s probably good for me to make a list like this, so here goes: I’d like to finish up the memory quilt I’ve been working on. Also, I’ve been needing a new purse, so I thought I should make myself one. There are several new babies coming in the fall, so… if I’m feeling ambitious, they’ll get quilts. If not, they’ll get fabric blocks. That’s enough indoor time, right?

    Love that Drawing Room fabric ! Love it.

  525. LisaW says:

    I have more planned than I have time to tackle! Among them, a handbag set for a friend’s birthday present, a couple of skirts for me, and fun pillowcases for my sons and their cousins.

  526. Dana says:

    Today’s to-do list includes at the very least cutting out the first of the new summer skirts. Though I’m the worlds slowest seamstress, with any luck, I’ll have it done by the end of the weekend.

  527. Jill Tanner says:

    I plan to make a door puppet theatre for the kiddos and hopefully a dress for me!

  528. alissa says:

    I only dare list one sewing project at a time… I’m going to work on the amy butler birdie sling. Thank you thank you for your earlier posts about interfacing etc.

  529. Alissa says:

    Oh that’s a tough call! My work is freelance so I never know when I’ll have loads of free time, but there will be more baby quilts, more purses, more patchwork pillows and there are two computer cases being requested by friends! All certain to be influenced by the sunny (and HOT) summer here in LA. These wonderful fabrics will surely be involved!

  530. Christy says:

    Oh wow, this summer, I have at least three quilts and several tote bags. I’d love to make some sheers for the french doors in my office so I can hide the clutter!

  531. Helen Gillis says:

    I’m making the envelope pillow covers from Sew Everything (a great book!!) for some pillows I have on a bench/chair on my front porch. I also want to make the A-line skirt from Sew What Skirts – some of your new fabrics would be great for this!!


    Helen in Malden, Massachusetts

  532. Barbara says:

    Oh, my! I have too many projects to enumerate! Yesterday I discovered the fabric district in LA and come home with a few more to add to the list; a slinky jersey for a dress, and cute cotton for pajama pants. I’ll add that to the list of t-shirts, toys, and a cat bed! There’s more, but I won’t bore you.

  533. Triana says:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on some of that Joel Dewberry fabric, that is insanely gorgeous!!!

  534. Tasha Early says:

    right now I’m working on tons and tons of dresses for my etsy shop. 🙂

  535. TheGreenCat says:

    I’m working on a Rocky Road to Kansas quilt which I’m piecing from various scraps (including some old bed sheets!). I’ve got several skirts I want to make (I have the fabric, just need to draft the patterns and get them going), and I have a queen-sized quilt from a mystery quilt weekend that I need to baste so that I can get to work hand-quilting that.

    I’m loving those Dewberry fabrics. I’d love to do a skirt out of that first one.

  536. Lori says:

    I love the Ginseng collection!!!!! Summer sewing projects….hmmmm….all new sheers, drapes/curtains, fabric blinds in the master bedroom – along with coordinating bedding and pillows, outfits for my new niece and nephew (twins!), and small easy bags to teach my daughter how to sew.

    The Ginseng collection has the perfect colors for the new master bedroom makeover! The color combinations are outrageously scrumptious!

  537. Terri says:

    This summer, I’m finishing up a quilt and some accessories for our church nursery, then I’m on to making a bag for myself and some things for my new granddaughter. I love the “Drawing Room” collection.

  538. Mellissa says:

    Those are great fabrics! I’m planning on sewing a lot of outfits for my children. I also want to get a couple of things sewn for myself.

  539. Julie says:

    I’ve lost a lot of weight, and to treat my self I’ve been making a bunch of shirts and summer dresses. That is in addition to all the purses and handbags, I’m always sewing up. Your new fabrics are just fab!


  540. Lisa says:

    Love these collections. I’d like to make some bags this summer and I really need to finish up a quilt for my daughter’s bed.

  541. Sarah S says:

    Too many to actually accomplish. I have my first two quilts in the works and another one planned. Many, many toddler dresses. Some outdoor pillows and floor pillows for a reading nook.

  542. Lisa says:

    i just love those fabrics! Dark brown is my absolute favorite color! I’m starting to think of projects I can use them for already.

  543. Miriam says:

    I am so in awe of the creativity of Joel Dewberry and Anna Maria Horner! Love, love these fabrics.

  544. Kate says:

    I love the new Joel Dewberry. I see faces in the one on the left! It would be great for a jumper for a little girl, or a skirt for me!

  545. Pam says:

    I love the new Joel Dewberry prints!

    This summer, I’ll be catching up on the sewing I didn’t get to during Women’s Clothing Month. I’ll also finish a dress today for my daughter who turns 4 on Sunday. And both of my machines will be getting a cleaning and tune-up!

  546. dulcet says:

    If all goes well, my girls should be getting new nightgowns, peasant tops, and hand-me-down denim shorts from their older brothers that I plan on attaching skirts to so they’ll be skorts. I’ve got a Simplicity wrap-dress pattern and fabric just sitting next to my sewing machine for me. A quilt for my brother who’s getting married in August. Doll dresses popped into my head this morning. But with my five kids home, and the three neices I’ll babysit almost every weekday, I don’t actually expect much to be accomplished. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men…. But how does that apply to women?

  547. Kaley says:

    love love love the fabric!
    summer project is a “lawn quilt” for baby.
    playing outside is so much fun when done in style 🙂

  548. Laura says:

    This summer I plan to make three quilts, and several outfits for my daughter. Better get busy!

  549. Grace says:

    I plan to sew some totes, clothes for myself and my family, basket liners and nursing wraps. We’ll see how much of that actually gets accomplished!!

  550. Regina says:

    My summer is filled with making some quilts and matching wall hangings as Christmas gifts, going green with fabric lunch totes for friends and family in time for back to school, and finishing up a quilt for ME ME ME!

  551. Jocelyn says:

    I love the Wildflowers Flax ~ Ginseng….this would be perfect for a 40’s style dress pattern I have been planing to make for fall 🙂

  552. Christy says:

    Love the new Fabric! Have fabric for a cute summer dress that I am gonna make tommorow. Planning to make a few things for gifts this summer. Fabric panels to hang on my wall have been itching to be made! looking forward to this summer!

  553. Janet Jones says:

    The “orchid ivory ginseng” is my favorite of the Joel Dewberry collection. I can’t pick a fav from the Anna Maria Horner, they all speak to me! Really, lovely collection. I can see all sorts of things around my house covered in the fabrics! And sateen! Ahhh!

  554. Wendy G. says:

    I’ve got lots planned — hemming a bunch of IKEA curtains, making a couple tote bags, and summer PJ pants for my two boys. I have lots of stash fabric to use for that. I’d love to make a bag out of that Joel Dewberry fabric for myself.

  555. katherine m says:

    I love these patterns! I need to snatch some up 🙂

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