We asked Amy Butler a few questions in our ongoing exploration of the trend towards home dec weight fabric collections. Check out our current stock of home dec fabrics including new August Fields!

SMS: August Fields will be your third home dec group (is that right?) How is designing such a group different from designing a quilt-weight collection?
Amy: AF is my 4th home dec group in total, but my second with Rowan. The overall design inspirado is very much the same as the way I approach working with my quilting designs but scale becomes very important. I love to play with the depth you can create by layering various sizes of prints and imagining how they might look on furniture, pillows, and throws. The play on color and print becomes very exciting! I always scheme new ways to build collections that I’d love to put in my home right now! It’s deliciously selfish in an artsy kinda way.

SMS: Westminster calls the fabric “heavy cotton sateen.” How would you describe the weight and finish?
Amy: I think describing the weight as a heavy cotton sateen is pretty accurate. The weight and more importantly, the weave on AF is slightly heavier than my Nigella collection. I always like trying something different and I wanted to experiment with a bit heavier hand. AF to me is the perfect balance of the right amount of weight and body.

There’s a lovely finish to the fabric as well. The feel is gorgeous, smooth but not too silky. I think the combination of all of these elements makes the material very flexible and usable for a huge variety of projects. It’s perfect for slip covers, pillows, throws, and for accessory projects like bags. It’s actually quite nice for certain garments like skirts and jackets. I wanted to make sure the end use wouldn’t be limited in any way.

SMS: What do you think are the advantages to sewing with these wider and heavier fabrics?
Amy: I think as a sewists, we’re all super excited to make projects that touch every aspect of our lives. It’s great to find a breadth of material available when we go into our quilt shops. We’re making everything from quilts and clothing to accessories and home dec projects. The biggest advantage to the wider widths is it allows us to expand on our sewing needs. The fabric itself is so flexible and can be used for so many different things.

SMS: Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Amy: I will have loads of inspiration and idea images on my web site, featuring AF and several of my other upcoming patterns and fabrics. I’m working on finishing up some great free downloads too! Thanks to all of your readers for spending time with my interview!