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  • Kimberly writes, “This is a darling dress (image left) I put together using a peasant shirt pattern and this wonderful fabric by Anna Marie Horner. I love it. The colors just inspired this entire outfit that I completed in a little more than an hour.”

  • Jena from Organized Everyday created a quilted bag with scraps and some ingenuity!

  • Julia made these dresses from vintage patterns; they’re her favorite creations of the summer!

  • Pauline shares, “This is one project that really makes me grin from ear to ear. It just started with just wanting to make a blouse for myself, then it develops into something more. Would like to share this with other sewing mums. I have several posts on my blog for this project: I’m making clothes for myself!, One for me, one for you, During nap time, Finally…
  • Mirre writes to us from Holland!… She says, “One thing that I’ve been very happy about was my personal Summer Sewing Challenge. My challenge was to sew one piece of clothing for my kids. every day, for a whole week. And I did! I must say that I was very pleased with the process and the outcome. I created a Flickr set if you’d like to see the clothes I made. I was most happy with the top I made for my daughter out of an Ikea pillowcase (even if she won’t wear it!). I’m thinking of doing another sewing week at the beginning of Fall and as some people have shown interest in participating, I hope it will be a bit of a sew-along!”
  • Ms. Cleaver shares her first tutorial for a three-panel apron (image left), and also tries her hand at major pattern alterations. Find the tutorial and learn more about her alteration adventures on Ms. Cleaver Chronicles.

  • Kym writes, “Since you’re asking, I would be happy to share a cute kitty softie called Charlie that I’ve designed and sewn. It’s my first soft toy pattern and I’m really pleased that it has worked out so well. I’ve made two now, and they seem destined to be chewed on. The first resides with my 8-month-old niece, and the second was snaffled by our large kitten (Ollie) before I’d finished sewing him. Ollie likes to grab Charlie between his paws, then alternates between savagely bunny-kicking him and licking him.” Learn more on Kym’s mojo & co blog.
  • Kylie writes, “My beautiful sewing sister and friend and I have just started our blog, it is a celebration of stitching and friendship and has a few creative projects we have just finished that have us beaming from ear to ear with sore sticky fingers to boot!! You can find us here:”
  • Sharon from Handmaiden created this beautiful Japanese fan quilt using Japanese cotton fabrics, Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and sashiko thread for hand quilting. The quilt is based on the Kaffe Fasset Victorian Fan pattern.
  • Tricia’s been busy! She writes, “I didn’t sew a lot while pregnant but have been going crazy now that I am no longer… I made this tutu (it has elastic and velcro on the waist band, and ended up even fitting my neighbors 7 year old). I made this blanket for a friend that’s going to have a baby soon and this burp cloth and light blanket… Some fake food for my niece and I am making my daughter a blanket.”
  • Kristen writes, “I just finished my first bag! I used several different tutorials to figure out all the things I wanted to include in it, many of them I found through Sew, Mama, Sew! It was a great learning project, and I am very happy with how it turned out.” See more images of the bag on Kristen’s Home*Works blog.
  • Rebecca from IchnoArt made this fun skirt with modifications to two tutorials she found on the web. She writes, “My daughter loves it and so do I! It was really easy and quick too.”
  • Ann-Margret from Piece of Mind made this newborn bib with a soft flannel for the front and a soft, solid cotton for the back. She writes that she “…hand-embroidered the “L” and used double-fold bias tape to finish the edges (on the machine).”
  • Mary from mary made me writes, “This pinwheel quilt was inspired by one of your “Sew Mama Sew! Quilt Month” postings. It’s the first quilt I’ve ever made! Machine pieced and hand quilted. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the quilting. I used my most favorite (and sometimes very last piece of) thrifted and vintage fabric scraps along with some favorite reproductions so I could always look at them somewhere in my house.My mom suggested the patchwork binding (independently of i heart linen’s fabulous example). I love it!…”

Mary also recently completed this “celebrate” wall hanging in honor of her good friend’s 50th birthday. She writes, “I asked her to give me a word that summed up how she felt about this momentous occasion and that she wanted to be reminded of often.”

  • Jessica recently started a new blog for all of her crafty endeavors. You can find her second tutorial for these scrappy belts (image left) on Juicy Bits (she adds that people have suggested they could also be used for great camera or guitar straps).

  • Tammy writes, “I just started sewing a few months ago after inheriting my grandmother’s machine. I have 19 month old twin boys, Anderson and Jake, whom LOVE the Very Hungry Caterpillar storybook. When I saw the fabric I knew I had to make them something with it. I made them a blanket/quilt (not sure the true definition of quilt) with a soft minky back. I only have one finished and up on my blog, but I’ll be working hard to finish the second. At 19 months old, they aren’t very good at sharing!” See more on Tammy’s Anderson and Jake’s Place blog.
  • Jana writes, “With the beginning of school rapidly approaching, I decided to do a tutorial for a binder/notebook cover. It was fun to make, and didn’t really take that long. I am working on several other pattern/tutorials, for other school related things, that should be finished soon!” She also just created some Pacifier Pockets which are “really easy and fun to make.”
  • Beth writes, “On my blog is a skylight curtain tutorial. I first made one about six years ago for our t.v. room so my husband didn’t have sunglare on the screen. But, it has worked great for the kid’s bedrooms. Up until now only one of their rooms had a skylight curtain. I’ll be happy when my little one sleeps in past 5.30 tomorrow (I’m hoping at least).”
  • Jessica and her (twin) sister have just started a blog to share their sewing and crafting adventures. She writes, “I have just finished a quilt using Ginger Blossom fabric. It turned out great and I’m totally hooked on making quilts with such fun fabrics!” Enjoy their blog at
  • Jessica has a new tutorial for turning jeans into maternity wear (image left).

  • Elizabeth shared one of her latest projects, a retirement gift for her office receptionist. Find details and pictures on her lizap blog.

  • Janalee made a queen-sized scrap quilt out of 2-inch squares. She adds, “The fabric ranged from 35 years old to present, all scraps from my mom’s dresses when she was pregnant with me, to my own girl’s dresses that I made and more. I can’t bear to throw small scraps out and have been saving them for this fateful summer’s project… This link tells of the creation. This is the finished product in all it’s glory.”
  • Tonya created a dress using Amy Butler’s Cabo Halter as inspiration. She adds, “For the fabric, I used a sheet from a set I bought at Target, on sale!” See more on Tonya’s PuddinPop blog.
  • Debbie just made this insulated fabric lunch bag (image left) and she loves it! Find more information on her In The Bag blog.

  • Sarah writes, “Last week I made an A-line skirt for myself using several new techniques. This was the first time I sewed on a zipper and was very pleased that it wasn’t as hard as I had made it out to be. I wish I had made a zippered skirt sooner! Here is my blog post about it, with pictures (the second link has close-up photos): About a Skirt, Sewing for Me.”
  • Monica writes, “I have been searching for a great Pleated Purse pattern for awhile, but decided on just making my own when I couldn’t find the perfect one. I made a tutorial based on my pattern and put it on my blog: I have had a lot of interest in this bag and am excited to share the pattern with anyone else who might be interested in making a pleated purse! It is a cutie!”
  • Maya writes, “I really wanted to sew something special for my nieces…something to help them remember their summer with us. It had to be easy and quick, because each day was packed with adventures. I made these vintage pillow case summer dresses in one evening after everyone was tucked in. The girls were thrilled and I knew the perfect location for the photo shoot! Just down the road is a huge meadow filled with Queen Ann’s lace. It was totally ethereal at sunset…the girls felt like fairies in their own field of flowers.” Maya shows how she made the dresses on her maya*made blog.
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21 Responses to Create & Celebrate

  1. raajia says:

    I love this blog! there are always so many creative ideas!

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !

  2. Jodi says:

    Hi! I’m really new to the idea of sewing (I crocheted for a while, but we live in a warm climate and I’m sick of making baby layettes). I would like to learn about three things 1) quilting 2) applique and 3) making little boy pants and shorts to match my appliqued shirts (which I don’t know how to do yet). Can you give me some suggestions on where to start my sewing education? I have 4 boys under 4 so classes outside the home are out of the question. Books and blogs would be good though. Thanks!

  3. wendy says:

    Awesome collection of tutorials here!!!
    Thanks everyone 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for including me in the post, I love going through all the projects and blogs. Thanks for a great and inspiring blog!

  5. Cara says:

    The to do list just got a good bit longer…

  6. Jessica says:

    Many thanks for including the quilt I made. I am always amazed at what other wonderful projects people are making. Congrats to everyone!

  7. Janellybelly says:

    Thanks ever so much for including us in this weeks ‘Create and Celebrate’. It has been a joy to visit all the links.
    Janelle 😉

  8. Zelia says:

    Oh yes, sew many great ideas:)

  9. Bree says:

    I love the bag, the apron and the pin wheel quilt, I think I may have to make that apron!

  10. Shannon says:

    Wow…there are so many to read over and try. I love the belt and definately have plenty of scraps to give this one a whirl.

  11. Kelli says:

    So many good ideas, so little time. Where should I start? Thanks!

  12. Christine Bolin says:

    Oh my. You guys continue to amaze me. The quilt that Jessica (and her twin sister) made is just beautiful!

  13. Erin says:

    Wow – this Create and Celebrate huge! – I will have many happy hours checking all the links; thanks everyone 🙂

  14. Michele says:

    I love these posts! There are always so many creative ideas!

  15. Huong says:

    What a great set of inspirational projects. I love the insulated lunch bag. I’m a college student myself and would love to carry one of those stylish lunch bags. Thanks for all the links. I now have them in my favorites and will read them constantly. Thanks sew mama sew!

  16. Amy says:

    this is my new favorite recurring blog post of all time! I love all the ideas and new crafty bloggers to meet! Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe I’ll send in one of my latest projects next time!

  17. Mary says:

    Those are definitely great things to celebrate!

  18. Mel says:

    Create and Celebrate is my favorite feature of any blog! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  19. Thanks for including my tutorial. I am always amazed at how much creativity is featured here. I’m off to read about bags, quilts and dresses!

  20. Sandra :) says:

    So many fun links to check out — time to surf!

  21. Baba says:

    What wonderful quilting and crafting ideas. I can’t wait to try making some of these. Love the lunch tote, the scrap belt and scrap purse. But I must say my favorite is the peasant dress. It’s absolutely adorable! You are right, the fabric is inspirational.

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