Month: September 2008

Introduction ~ Amy

From Beth: Amy shares great tips and ideas with her upcoming Fabric Bulletin Board Tutorial. Be sure to share your version in the SMS photo pool! Don’t you want one in your sewing space?

From Amy: My day job is editing, and my passions are sewing, embroidering, crocheting, baking, and crafting. I’m a wife and the mother of a five-year-old girl, and we share our home with four cats and a dog. For the past year I’ve been documenting my creations and snippets of daily life on my blog, Butter and Sugar.

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Introduction ~ Kristine

From Beth: Kristine shows us how to fix up all of the old baskets we have around the house (and the great ones you can find while thrifting too!). Her Fabric Liner Tutorial is here, and Kristine’s intro is below (mint condition thrifted Bernina?– Oh my!). Click over to her blog and enjoy her creativity and family life.

From Kristine: Hello, my name is Kristine of limabeanhome. I live in Oregon with my husband and two young sons. My mother taught me how to sew in my early teenage years, but after a few botched skirts and badly sewn dresses, I abandoned it, due to frustration and lack of patience. However, around five years ago as a new mother, I began sewing again after finding a gorgeous old Bernina in mint condition at a thrift store. I discovered I still didn’t like making clothes, but realized there are so many other options and thus began my real love affair with sewing. I started out making and selling pillows, but have since moved on to reusable shopping bags, produce bags and other handbags. I try to make most of my sewing projects eco-friendly and sustainable either in the materials used, or in the purpose for which they are intended. I am thrilled to share this tutorial with the readers of Sew,Mama,Sew!

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FFF Winners

The winners of one yard of free fabric from Sew,Mama,Sew! are Kristen L, Angie H, Terri, Elizabeth and Annie.  Look for an email from us...

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Introduction ~ Amanda

From Beth: You won’t want to miss Amanda’s easy and fun Hanging Bed Organizer Tutorial. First read her introduction though and after you find inspiration from her tutorial be sure to check out Amanda’s absolutely creative Kiddio blog.

From Amanda: My name is Amanda, I live in Denver Colorado with my husband and three children (Josie, 5, Jasper, 3, and Adelaide, just shy of a year), and I always have too much on my plate. I’m quite enamored with the homemaker-life (updated a bit with modern appliances), and wish I had more time to spend attending to the sewing, embroidery, papercraft, gardening, and assorted other projects I love to work on. Instead I spend a lot of time doing other things I enjoy like cooking (even dinner can be fun!), writing (check out my creative ideas for kids at!), and being fun and crafty with my sweet little children. Once they’re older and less sweet I’ll have time for the rest!

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Introduction ~ maevedragon

From Beth: maevedragon followed up her slipcovered sofa project with slipcovered wing back chairs, and she takes us through the process in her upcoming tutorial. Thanks for taking on such a big teaching task, maevedragon!

From maevedragon: I’m known as maevedragon; okay, actually, I’m not known at all but if you check for my name on most crafting communities I’ll be lurking around somewhere. My newly ressurected crafting blog is, where I hope my mother-in-law will soon join me in documenting our projects and keeping a record of those things that inspire us. I’ve only recently come to sewing as a main hobby, as I have time to fill after being unceremoniously (and hopefully temporarily) kicked from the knitting/crochet world by bad wrists. My partner in crime is my great-aunt’s 1958 Singer Slant-O-Matic 403 Special sewing machine that sews wonderfully (when I remember to change her sewing needle).

I also blog at, which mostly consists of cute ferret pictures for our family and friends.

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Introduction ~ Rachel

From Beth: Rachel shows how to embellish curtains with her Cut Out Curtains Tutorial. Enjoy her tutorial, her intro below and her Design Fix blog.

Although Rachel’s mother taught her to sew (scrunchies!) at the age of 10, her love of design blossomed during her time as a Costume Design major in college. Since then her passion has moved from clothing to home decor. She tries to stay as creative as she can while keeping her house clean enough to entertain friends with her husband after her one year old son goes to bed. You can keep up with Rachel’s design expeditions at

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Introduction ~ Sarah

Sarah shares creative pursuits in her Sarah’s Weblog space, and she’ll share her Reversible Appliance Cover Tutorial with us here later today!

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a happy and energetic toddler boy. While he naps, she sews and designs all sorts of items. These days, she mostly sews items for toddlers that encourage imaginative play (i.e. tool belts, capes, tutus). While she has only been sewing regularly for eighteen months, she has always been interested in one craft or another for as long as she can remember. Her involvement in a medieval reenactment group, and the subsequent need to create medieval style garments, caused her to take up sewing. She has been hooked ever since!

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Introduction ~ Bean

From Beth: Don’t miss Bean’s upcoming Quilted Patchwork Hot Pad tutorial, kicking off our month of Sewing for the Home inspiration. You’ll also want to check out Bean’s Coyote Craft blog (where she’s giving away those great hot pads she made!).

From Bean: Howdy, I’m Bean from Coyote Craft and I live in a little yellow house in Northern Nevada with my husband and our (almost) 5yo daughter. I grew up in the crafty Midwest, and I’ve been making things for most of my life. I enjoy sewing, crochet, embroidery, collage, baking & stopping to smell the roses.

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FFF Winners

The winners of one yard of fabric are bethvanduzer, ambimom, sugarscrap and wondermommy.  Look for an email from us today.  Thank you all for your participation in the...

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