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From Beth: maevedragon followed up her slipcovered sofa project with slipcovered wing back chairs, and she takes us through the process in her upcoming tutorial. Thanks for taking on such a big teaching task, maevedragon!

From maevedragon: I’m known as maevedragon; okay, actually, I’m not known at all but if you check for my name on most crafting communities I’ll be lurking around somewhere. My newly ressurected crafting blog is, where I hope my mother-in-law will soon join me in documenting our projects and keeping a record of those things that inspire us. I’ve only recently come to sewing as a main hobby, as I have time to fill after being unceremoniously (and hopefully temporarily) kicked from the knitting/crochet world by bad wrists. My partner in crime is my great-aunt’s 1958 Singer Slant-O-Matic 403 Special sewing machine that sews wonderfully (when I remember to change her sewing needle).

I also blog at, which mostly consists of cute ferret pictures for our family and friends.

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4 Responses to Introduction ~ maevedragon

  1. Julio says:

    my mom recently acquired a 1958 slant-o-matic 403 special and in perfect conditon, i can’t believe my uncle almost threw it out when they were cleaning this old house that burnt down that thing works really good and it still comes with all the attachments do you know where we could get a instruction manual for that machine i tried singer but they no longer carry them

  2. Mikaiya says:

    Wow! Talk about a small world.

    Look forward to seeing your tutorials!

  3. Anjuli says:

    Oh man, I too have a classic sewing machine – my great-grandma’s 1960 Singer Slant-O-Matic in basically perfect condition! Yay for good old mechanical machines….

  4. jennie says:

    Do you have any tricks for using a quilting cotton for upholstery? I would like to print my own design at Spoonflower but they only have one weight of cotton. Can I somehow use it with some kind of treatment and/or sturdier fabric underneath? This is for barstools which get used every couple days for 20 minutes each time. Thanks!!

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