From Beth: maevedragon followed up her slipcovered sofa project with slipcovered wing back chairs, and she takes us through the process in her upcoming tutorial. Thanks for taking on such a big teaching task, maevedragon!

From maevedragon: I’m known as maevedragon; okay, actually, I’m not known at all but if you check for my name on most crafting communities I’ll be lurking around somewhere. My newly ressurected crafting blog is, where I hope my mother-in-law will soon join me in documenting our projects and keeping a record of those things that inspire us. I’ve only recently come to sewing as a main hobby, as I have time to fill after being unceremoniously (and hopefully temporarily) kicked from the knitting/crochet world by bad wrists. My partner in crime is my great-aunt’s 1958 Singer Slant-O-Matic 403 Special sewing machine that sews wonderfully (when I remember to change her sewing needle).

I also blog at, which mostly consists of cute ferret pictures for our family and friends.