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Sarah shares creative pursuits in her Sarah’s Weblog space, and she’ll share her Reversible Appliance Cover Tutorial with us here later today!

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a happy and energetic toddler boy. While he naps, she sews and designs all sorts of items. These days, she mostly sews items for toddlers that encourage imaginative play (i.e. tool belts, capes, tutus). While she has only been sewing regularly for eighteen months, she has always been interested in one craft or another for as long as she can remember. Her involvement in a medieval reenactment group, and the subsequent need to create medieval style garments, caused her to take up sewing. She has been hooked ever since!

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3 Responses to Introduction ~ Sarah

  1. hey there, i want to start sewing. any recommendations for a sewing machine? i would like to stay under $300 – is that possible for a good sewing machine?

  2. Sarah Doyle says:

    Wonderful appliance cover tutorial! Thanks a bunch – I’m starting to look for things to make for others for Christmas, and this looks like it would be a great item.

    Sarah J Doyle

  3. Lalli says:

    I love your Appliance cover tutorial. Love the fabrics too!! Thanks a lot for posting it. I have been thinking of making a sewing machine cover since long, but never got down to it. Now I have some inspiration. 🙂

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