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  • Katy from sycamore stirrings writes, “Here is a no-brainer, easy sewing project with super cute results… Easy to make multiples and perfect for holiday gifts.”
  • Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio just completed her first free motion quilted quilt. She adds, “The blocks are fractured pinwheels. I shifted a regular pinwheel block a bit and I love the look of it. The quilt is made from a combination of a vintage sheet and quilting cotton and it was my first attempt at free motion quilting. I’m so thrilled with how it came out.”
  • Aimee writes, “I’ve done lots of embroidery the past few months and a little bit of sewing…. Here are a pair of long-alls for a friend. They are retro space fabric from Michael Miller. They are Children’s Corner pattern and came together like butter…until it was time for the button holes. Irregardless, I’m thrilled with how they turned out. My other favorite is this lion I embroidered for a baby bib. It is probably my most favorite thing I’ve embroidered in a long time. See more on Daisyeyes and Aimee’s Flickr stream.
  • Jodie shares that she recently completed a “…Purple quilt and matching throw pillow… for my sister’s birthday. This is using the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ pattern, all in purples, violets, and lavenders. I’ve also recently made a small black-and-white purse with a fun purple mosaic print for the lining. This is the first purse I’ve made (other than a not-so-great attempt without a pattern a few months ago). And last but not least: Bibs! My daughter is 2 1/2 and needed some new bibs. I’ve been making them from scrap fabrics and practicing my free-motion quilting skills in the process. She loves wearing “bibs that mama makes,” which makes it even more fun!”
  • Beth from Life is a Musical writes, “My kids refused to let me sew them costumes for Halloween. With all the extra time I have on my hands (by not sewing costumes) I’ve been making and swapping aprons. I think they are the new must have accessory of the season!” See some of Beth’s work on her blog!
  • Amy just recovered a child’s pushchair and adds, “It was quite simple and I’m delighted with the way it came out.” See the project at Seven Stitches.
  • Murali from miscellany of me writes, “Here is my latest creation…a dress that had different ideas, lol. I also made a little doll.”
  • Lily writes, “With Christmas present lists busily being compiled, it’s time to sew patchwork pillowcases – much loved by children, aunties, grandmothers, friends and teachers. With a plain background, a pillowcase can be made suit any theme with the right trim. We have all the traditional seasons covered, as well as fairies, pirates, nursery rhymes, spring, autumn, the beach, matching ones for sleepovers – the possibilities are endless! So, whilst sewing the first of this season’s batch, I created a little photo tutorial of how I stitch up my pillowcases using extra wide 100% cotton sheeting, patchwork scraps and leftover patchwork blocks. Hope you find it both enjoyable and useful!” Find the tutorial on Lily’s block-a-day blog.
  • Janice found a tutorial she really likes for fabric pumpkins, and she thought you might enjoy it too. Janice adds, “She also has a cute idea for accent pillows that is super quick and easy (listed under her tutorial section).” Thanks, Janice!
  • Cassie says she’s been “creating and celebrating like crazy.” She made this embroidered purse, and you can see her other creations at You Go Girl!
  • Kym writes, “I’ve been overcoming some previous clothing sewing failures, and have recently completed two tops with an unintentional Mother-Daughter flavour. The first I made for myself. When my 3-year-old then asked if there was enough fabric left to make one for her how could I refuse? I blogged about them here and here.”
  • Wendy from wen crafting just made little drawstring bags “…For the little children in my daughter’s class for Children’s Day here in Singapore.”
  • Sara from K Sera Sara writes, “Just thought I’d share a colored pencil case that I made recently… it was really fun to put together, and was not very hard at all. AND… It has inspired me to sketch/draw more often, now that I have a fun case to carry my pencils in!”
  • Steph is, “…Currently working on Farbenmix Patterns and will be translating them from German to English to have as tutorials on my site soon.” Learn more on A Pocket Full Of Buttons.
  • Whitney writes, “Nap time and bedtime of my 2 year old became mommy sewing time while waiting for baby number two to come along. I found tons of great tutorials online and got lots of ideas from all the wonderful crafty blogs out there. Here is what I did all summer. I went a little baby sewing crazy: Posts One, Two, Three & Four. If there is a tutorial for the item I made it will be linked in the post. If it is something I made up anyone that is interested can feel free to contact me for more info.”
  • Anna writes, “I came up with this basket style bag simply to take some home grown apples to my Mum’s. It only took an afternoon to make and I think it would be great in Christmas fabric filled with pine cones. I would like to share the FREE tutorial…” Anna also recently completed a quilt. She adds it, “…Took me less than 2 days to make, using a simple flatlock stitch on my overlocker. OK, it won’t in any prizes for design but when you want to whip up a quick throw for a last minute gift or make a batch of Christmas presents it’s ideal. And my dogs like it.”
  • Nancy from The Philosophy of Lists writes in: “I’ve been sewing skirts – for my daughter and for myself!” Very fun!
  • Lucy shares, “In May I organized a ‘mini-quilt swap’ where everyone had one partner. But as I was sorting out the pairs I realized that I didn’t want just one partner for myself so I asked if anyone wanted to do a ‘mini mini-quilt swap’ directly with me (as well as their official partner) – 23 of my wonderful bloggy friends said yes so I am building an incredible quilt wall at my house with beautiful pieces of work from around the world and at the same time sewing my fingers off making all the return quilts! It has been great fun and we have a flickr group for the main mini-quilt swap and I am putting regular updates of the quilt wall on my blog– pop over if you would like to see my fantastic wall!”
  • Maggie from Having it all… writes, “I have been creating lots of things, mostly stuff for kids, but also some bags and an apron. My most recent post is about some totes and crayon rolls I made using my own patterns that were based on things I have seen.”
  • Ashley writes, “I’m new to sewing (as of late December ’07) and blogging (as of June ’08) and have really been having a ton of fun creating things! Most recently I completed my first quilt, using a tutorial from a quilt is nice. You can see my version here. I’ve also done a little tutorial for a quick and easy market/tote bag, seen here. And these fun wall hangings using Etsuko Furuya fabrics… Instead of just covering a canvas with a piece of fabric, I first pieced together different pieces of these fabrics to create a patchwork piece that I then used to cover a canvas. These now hang in my office and provide a nice spot of color! Seen here.”
  • Terri from Terri’s Notebook writes, “I recently posted a tutorial on making a padded footstool… One footstool is painted and the other is stained, and I covered them with batting and home decorator weight fabric with a staple gun. It was a really fun project to do, so I was excited to share the steps and end result.”
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7 Responses to Create & Celebrate

  1. Jessica says:

    I recently began following your blog and have been finding TONS of inspiration from all the projects shared. I began sewing in middle school and really honed my skills in college as a theater major when I took a costume construction course. I’ve even started blogging about my own sewing projects on my own blog, My most recent projects were a cute hooded towel for a cousin who has a baby on the way and this past weekend I made myself a new jacket. I’d love if you would check out what I’ve been working on and I’ll keep checking back for further inspiration. I cant wait to see what creative projects I discover next.

  2. Rita says:

    Thanks for showing that wonky log cabin quilt. I was so inspired! I immediately went to my stash and cut strips and sewed 20 fourteen inch blocks over the weekend. I have a twin size top nearly done. And the great part, my DH decided that I should get a new sewing machine!

  3. Erin says:

    What a great compilation of projects! Fall always gets me in the sewing spirit. Thanks for including my fabric pumpkin tutorial!

  4. Jodie says:

    I am so thrilled to be a part of this! Thank you for compiling all of these blogs and projects – it is so inspiring to see what everyone is up to. 🙂

  5. Maggie says:

    The ornaments Katy made are adorable. Definitely a project worth doing.

  6. Bree says:

    I’ve been following the Create and Celebrate comments and just had to share my new blog. A space where I can document all my ideas and projects. My son needed some summer shorts so I whipped up a pair or five! And I’ve recently completed my very first Amy Butler project – the Birdie Sling – the pattern and instructions were fabulously easy to follow and the result was a really lush sling. Can’t wait to make another.

  7. Sara says:

    So many cute things people are making. I’m inspired! That baby Kimono is so cute. There is always someone at church that is pregnant…and that would make such a cute baby shower gift.

    I’ve never done any pieced pillowcases – but, I’m thinking that would be an awesome Christmas gift for a few of the couples that I know…

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