Free Fabric Friday

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We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve received the new Amy Butler Quilting Solids.  These are beautiful, soft fabrics that coordinate with Midwest Modern and Daisy Chain (and Midwest Modern II, which will be out in the Spring.)  We have most of the colors in the shop, with  images from the manufacturer that fairly accurately represent the actual colors of the fabric.  If, however, you need help matching a solid to an Amy Butler print (or any print we carry), just email Rebecca and Lauren at  They’re happy to help you select a color that looks great with the fabric you are considering.  Check out these fabulous projects, plus more inspiration images on the Amy Butler Design site.

I’d like to thank all our Sewing for the Home contributors. It was a fabulous month! This week we’ll give away 4 packs of five Quilting Solids fat quarters. To put your name in the hat, simply comment in one of our Sewing for the Home posts.

  • Quilted Patchwork Hot Pads by Bean
  • Reversible Appliance Covers by Sarah
  • Patchwork Kitchen Towels by Beth
  • Easy Stool Covers by Beth
  • Easy Stool Slipcovers by Beth
  • Cushions via Autum
  • Curtains with a Lining by Beth
  • Cut Out Curtains by Rachel
  • Drafting a Slipcover (Part 1) by maevedragon
  • Draping a Slipcover (Part 2) by maevedragon
  • Sewing a Slipcover (Part 3) by maevedragon
  • Super Easy Upholstered Headboard by Beth N.
  • Hanging Bed Organizer by Amanda
  • Fabric Liner for Storage Baskets by Kristine
  • Fabric Bulletin Board by Amy
  • Fabric Art by Jen
  • Patchwork Kitchen Mat by Autum
  • Sewing for the Home-inspired tutorials
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    152 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

    1. So when is the next Free Fabric Friday, and exactly how does it work?

    2. Jodi B. says:

      You just gotta love Amy Butler. Thanks for the chance to wil!

    3. Jeanne says:

      Oh, those will look great with Amy’s prints or by themselves.

    4. Samantha says:

      Love the fabric! Love the colors and all of the projects it makes me want to try them all …

    5. Suzy :) says:

      Solids are always a welcome Stash Addition!

    6. alicia says:

      These are GREAT, I always have a hard time finding solids! Esp solids that match the fabric patterns I’m using! Yaaay Amy Butler!!!!

    7. I’m in love… Amy Butler is so awesome!!!

    8. Rane says:

      OOh, Lovely!!!
      So sweet are these colors!!

    9. simply says:

      beautiful fabrics…I would love to work with them :o)

      simply stork

    10. Victoria says:

      Love those colors! Your site has been so helpful for me!

    11. Jenny Benson says:

      I just got her book “little stitches for little ones” for my birthday! I cant WAIT to do ALL the projects in it!

    12. Judy Heinen says:

      The fabrics are so yummy and would fit into my stash just perfectly!

    13. These are so great! I’m so glad to see them! Thanks!

    14. Solidia says:

      What beautiful colors! Thanks for all the sewing for the home tutorials!!

    15. T. Gray says:

      I just finished my second quilting project. I have been eyeing Amy Butler for a long time now. I have just finished the kitchen mat. So Fun!!

    16. Ashlee says:

      The frabric colours are so beautiful!

    17. Rachel Piper says:

      Beautiful colors…you can always count on consistency with Amy Butler.

    18. Renee says:

      Love love love it! Solids to go with whatever you’re making! Perfect!

    19. Kara says:

      This fabric is so inspiring!

    20. Maria says:

      Lovely solids!!

    21. I love Amy Butler Fabric! I just made a pair of the Wide-Legged Lounge Pants from the In Stitches book!

    22. Great idea to make coordinating solids, those are lovely. Count me in!

    23. Donna says:

      Just started quilting and I ~*heart*~ these gorgeous sites that inspire. Amy’s eye for color is truly a gift. Please count me in on the give-away.

      Happy Sewing to all that pass this way!

    24. li says:

      wow, they are so great. i love them so much..

    25. Andrea says:

      My favorite idea is the fabric art. I have some fabric I’d love to do that with.

    26. Louise says:

      So delicate and light-just lovely colors!

    27. JenO says:

      I can’t remember if I already entered?!?!? If not…pick me!

    28. katie says:

      I just started sewing & I’m already hooked. Thanks for the inspiration your blog has brought!

    29. LorettaV says:

      I think I just drooled a bit on the keyboard. Very lovely.

    30. Stephanie says:

      I received my very first sewing machine last Christmas…I’m just NOW getting up the courage to try! This site has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to trying so much of what I see here. I do have to say…I am in love with all these fabrics! I almost don’t know where in the world to start!!!

      Have a blessed day,

    31. stacysews says:

      There’s so many beautiful Amy Butler fabrics lately that I just can’t keep up! 🙂

    32. Saa says:

      Is it too late to enter? This is exciting!

    33. Gabrien Chaney says:

      Amy Butler rocks!

    34. Jennifer says:

      Love all of your tutorials! Definitely have to try the bulletin board. Mine never turn out that cute!

    35. Lisa says:

      Thank you to the folks at Sew Mama Sew for the ‘sewing for the home’ tutorials…the patchwork mat is next on my list of projects. Thanks, Amy Butler, for the lucious, Summery solids – what an excellent addition.

    36. michelle says:

      Beautiful colors!

    37. Ann says:

      Soo pretty. Count me in.

    38. Carrie says:

      Comment IN one of the Sewing for Home posts or comment ON one of them? I enjoyed the patchwork towels idea. Thanks!

    39. Samantha says:

      Ooh they look lovely! Would be perfect for my project in the kitchen, matches the colour scheme perfectly!

    40. Esther says:

      I already commented directly on one of the posts- but since everyone else seems to be commenting here, I guess I will too? I really like the fabric-covered bulletin board idea

    41. elizabeth says:

      What pretty colors! And thanks for all the home sewing ideas… I have quite a list.

    42. danna osen says:

      Beautiful Amy Butler fabrics and wonderful ideas. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    43. Elizabeth says:

      I have the Daisy Chain prints so the solids would be a great addition.
      Love the colors!

    44. Judi0044 says:

      I’m just returning to sewing after a prolonged absence and discovered Amy Butler. Working on some purses with fabric I just purchased. Would love to see how the solids look.

    45. Jennifer Anderson says:

      I’d like to enter the contest for the Amy Butler solid fabrics! Thanks!

    46. Lindsay Russell says:

      So excited about the solids, I have sooo much Midwest Modern, and at times it gets “busy”, the solids are ideal for toning down some projects.

    47. Meilnda says:

      These are so pretty! They would make a great lap quilt for my daughter. And I commented on that wonderful kitchen mat tute! I’m going to make several of those in matching fabrics for my kitchen… for the first time, my homemade curtains will match/coordinate with my other accessories; mats, appliance covers(also on my todo list), table decor… =D

    48. betsy says:

      I would love to win that. you have a great site.

    49. Jan says:

      Fantastic colors.

    50. Trish James says:

      Such pretty colours, i’m thinking that I would like to make one of those hanging bed organisers, maybe one for each of the family! The more I read on this site the more I need to sew!

    51. Amy says:

      Love the fabric. So so pretty!

    52. Robin says:

      Ok, commenting here too, just in case I read the directions wrong. I love the cut out curtains tutorial and the patchwork kitchen mat. I am working on making a list this weekend of Christmas gifts, and I know I’ll be coming back here for some ideas!!

    53. The Mommy says:

      That fabric is just lovely, I’m inspired by the bright and cheerful colors. It’s not something I’d think of seeing this time of year, but it conjures up feelings of hope, joy and love. Very nice, thank you so much for sharing!

    54. Chelsey says:

      I’m in need of some great coloured solids for projects I have in mind!!!

    55. erin says:

      LOVE Amy Butler fabric!! One of these weeks I really hope I win!

    56. Christy says:

      Love her – Love her fabric – Love her Solids now too ,this makes me superhappy to have matching solids!!!!!!!

    57. Sharon says:

      The solids are the next purchase to coordinate with all my other Amy Butler fabric.

    58. jessica says:

      i love amy butler..thanks!

    59. Stephanie says:

      Those really are fabulous colors! You can’t get them around here anywhere! Thank God for online!

    60. water works says:

      I had so much fun making a hot pad from Bean’s tutorial. It’s nearly finished (need to tack down the binding) and will be awesome in my kitchen.

    61. valerie waters says:

      Love, love, love amy butler! need solid fabric to finish my 2nd quilt!!

    62. Emilee says:

      I love Amy Butler’s fabric. And i love that fabric bulletin board. So cute!

    63. Sage says:

      I LOVE these! I have a couple of projects in the works, and these would help!

    64. jacqui jones says:

      how pretty r those colours…i want them i want them

    65. Mandy says:

      Ohmygoodness! I need Amy Butler fabric in my life…I dream in Amy Butler patterns…I can’t wait to start making the hundred ideas that swim around my head when I hear “Amy Butler”…seriously.

    66. Michele says:

      Oh my, lately I’ve never been a solid girl before, but lately the solids have been calling my name.

    67. Stacey says:

      I could use the solids. Love the ideas. Working on a gathering sack this week.

    68. Amanda says:

      They’re love, and just what I need right now 😉

    69. Michelle Pothorin says:

      these colors are soo fresh. Fabulous!

    70. Denise Banker says:

      Free fabric Oh My! This would be so handy!! Hope I win!

    71. Valerie Kuan says:

      big fun of Amy Bulter!

    72. nausicaa says:

      This is wonderful! please include me! I think it is time for amy butler to include some solid color!

    73. Robin says:

      I really enjoyed the Curtains with a lining and Patchwork kicthen mat.

    74. Jamie says:

      Love the new fabric. I am such a fabriholic. I think my husband will kill me if i brought home any more fabric lol .. “I love to sew and I have the material witnesses to prove it”

    75. Trish says:

      I have gotten more sewing done since I’ve been reading blogs! It’s all I think about!
      Thank you for all of your inspirations.

    76. Autumn Barta says:

      I am thinking I should get into sewing?! This may be a good way!

    77. whitney says:

      Oh, these are just lovely!!

    78. Lynn T says:

      I love the new fabrics! They would certainly make a beautiful quilt!


    79. Susan Turnbull says:

      I have been a fan of Amy Butler for a long long time! I love Sew,Mama,Sew blog I have made quite a few of the projects and love to see everyones ideas! Susan

    80. hillary says:

      ooh! solids!

    81. Debbsie says:

      Love the Quilted Patchwork Hot Pads. Just can’t have enough of these to protect your table from hot pots. Can’t wait to get started with my scrap pieces. Thanks for the tutorials.

    82. Evelyne says:

      Friday is my favorite day in the week, and free fabric my favorite kind of fabric!
      Happy week end everyone!

    83. Baba says:

      I so need some new fabric. I am running out. These are so beautiful and I would love to win them.

    84. Cindy B says:

      Beautiful, Love the colors.

    85. tooticky says:

      Pretty colours!

    86. Susan Smith says:

      Love the colours Just so soft and gorgeous. Susan

    87. woolcat says:

      So pretty!

    88. Hannah says:

      I love these colors! Pick me, pick me!!!

    89. Stacy says:

      You are giving away what?! Oh my – count me in – I commented on the lovely kitchen rug tutorial!

    90. Maria Bong says:

      Amy Butler’s fabric has got to be my favorite. Out of all the Sewing for the Home projects I have to pick the Organizing basket liners. What a great tutorial!

    91. Christine says:

      I just love the inspiration pictures you show. i just went and downloaded the theas puzzle quilt pattern from her site. now if i could just win. that would be perfect. thank you!

    92. Bean Paulson says:

      Beautiful colors, can I still win too??

      Thanks again so much for giving me the opportunity to write a tutorial for your blog – it was a lot of fun, and I’ve met a lot of fabulous people! For any of those who entered my contest, please check back to see if you’re the winner, I still have not been contacted 🙂

    93. Hi! Pick me! pick me!

    94. Angela says:

      Oh, those are pretty colors!

    95. April says:

      The tutorials for the home are great!! I will be making some of them as Christmas gifts! The Amy Butler fabrics ar gorgeous and would be put to good use!

    96. Beagoodmom says:

      beautiful, as always.

    97. andrea says:

      Love the fabric! one of my favorite designers!

    98. Keri says:

      OOH! Pretty colors!

    99. Samantha says:

      Oh wow!! I love Amy’s solids- soft, but not baby pastel.

    100. Moonbeam says:

      Pick me! I’m in desperate need of free fabric!

    101. robyn says:

      Those were some great tutorials for the home. And, of course, I’d love to win some Amy Butler fabric. Have a great weekend!

    102. Mel Hallam says:

      I didn’t know a line of solids was coming out… so glad. Now I can get a little pink or green to go with something on my to do list.

    103. Janice says:

      These would be a great start to a first quilt!

    104. Carrie says:

      coordinating solids makes things so much easier! I love the colors in Amy’s stuff!

    105. I love them! They are so pretty!!

    106. laura says:

      I really like the pastel colors!!!!!

    107. barbara says:

      What beautiful fabric — i just found out i am going to be a grandma (1st time) what a beautiful baby quilt they would make (hint…hint…hint)


    108. Suzette says:

      So nice that Amy Butler now has a coordinating line of solids

    109. Sunny says:

      I heart FFF!

    110. Tracey says:

      Just so beautiful!

    111. Tara says:

      delicious!!! those fabrics are beautiful! solids never looked so good! thanks for the cutie little projects!

    112. carrie says:

      So excited that Amy has tried her hand at solids–with beautiful results! Thanks for carrying them!

    113. Amy S. says:

      I love the pretty colors! What is going to happen on SMS next month?

    114. Alison says:

      please? I neeeeeeeeed it. that is what my 3 year old would say

    115. Kristin says:

      Oooh ooh, pick me, pick me!

    116. Elle Doughty says:

      These are wonderful! The colors are dreamy and summery. Great tutorials through September, I’ve got so many projects to start…which to start with?!

      🙂 Thanks ~ Elle

    117. Dinah says:

      These colors are just beautiful and they’re what I’ve been waiting for to coordinate with all of my Amy Butler prints!!

    118. Debra says:

      Cool Giveaway!!!
      Love Amy Butler fabrics…

    119. Kathie says:

      Hi There, I would love some solids. It always seems you buy plenty of prints for your stash and when it comes time to put together fabrics for your next project something to go along with the prints is needed. Put my name in and I’ve got my fingers crossed. kathie

    120. Ali says:

      I have some chairs just waiting for quilted cushions!

    121. Sonja says:

      Pretty soft colors

    122. sandy says:

      Amy Butler ….. I wish I had 1/100th of her vision. Beautiful.

    123. alissa says:

      so pretty!

    124. Jill says:

      I have to say that the tutorial that most interested me is the fabric art…I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom and it’s the perfect idea to pull everything together. Thanks for the give-away!

    125. Amelia says:

      LOVE these solids! They would make excellent additions to my quilting stash!

    126. Jenny says:

      Such pretty pastel colors! So nice to have good coordinating pieces to go with her other beautiful fabric!

    127. Pick me! Pick me! If I’m really first, probably not a chance…#1 usually never gets picked. They are lovely though!

    128. Kelly J says:

      Sew many creative things to do, sew little time to do them 🙂

    129. Elise says:

      I love Amy Butler and I love your site. I think these solids will be great, I should have used them when I made a pincushion the other day!!

    130. Melissa says:

      I would love to win this!

    131. *karen says:

      First time commenting. I’m just going to hold my breath and dive in. I’m really loving solids right now.

    132. Dawn says:

      I just received some Fat Quarters of the new Daisy Chain patterns. The solids are next on my list!

    133. Elizabeth says:

      I loved the cut out curtain tutorial. I managed to take the plain curtains in my daughters room and cut out jungle animals and they really brought the whole jungle theme together. I love how you can take that idea and use it in a million different ways to suit your exact room. I can’t thank Rachel enough for the fantastic idea and tutorial.

    134. stephanie says:

      Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her solid fabrics! She always has the most gorgeous color palettes! And I’ve really enjoyed the projects this month – thanks again!

    135. Renee says:

      I can’t wait to try the patchwork Kitchen mat!!!

    136. upstatelisa says:

      she has solids? where have I been?! so pretty!!!!!

    137. brenda says:

      Very lovely fabrics. Can’t wait to use those in a quilt. Thanks

    138. jordyn says:

      Those are so beautiful, can’t wait to get my hands on some!

    139. carmell says:

      pretty colors. that would make a cut addition to a baby quilt

    140. Lisa says:

      That is a nice job done by Sarah for the Appliance Covers. She did well covering all the steps you would need to do. She also took nice photos that were clear!


    141. karen b says:

      So glad to have such great instructions on making a slipcover! Thanks.

    142. Gina says:

      Love all the fun ideas and great instructions for projects.

    143. tanja says:

      I think I have to do some tutorials, too. It’s so much fun to read all these wonderfull tutorials, so I feel guilty if I would not share some of my work with all these nice ladies around here. I made a scrunchie tutorial (, but it’s in German. Maybe the pictures work well even if you have no idea what I’m talking about?!

      Thank everyone so much for sharing!

    144. Joanna says:

      I just wanted to thank you for the charm pack I received from the last Free fabric Friday. I love it! Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with it! Please don’t put me in the running for this one…

    145. Johanna says:

      Happy Weekend! I love the new Amy Butler line 😀

    146. dana says:

      I’d love free fabric! Is this all I have to do to enter??

    147. Sarah says:

      I HEART AMY BUTLER!! Solids are just what I need for some aprons I’m planning on making-it’s going to be a handmade christmas this year!

    148. Donna Grogan says:

      Wow, what a wonderful give away. Who would love to get some of these soft beautiful colors. I know I would.

    149. Joey says:

      She’s my favorite! And the colors of her solids are Gorgeous!!!!

    150. Lorie says:

      Those are beautiful! Amy Butler can even make SOLIDS gorgeous!

    151. Cathy says:

      Love Amy’s new line, as much as all the others! Thanks too to all for the great tutorials! Very inspirational!

    152. Tammy says:

      Love the fabric! Love the colors and all of the projects it makes me want to try…

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