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Handmade Halloween

We’re getting so close to Halloween… Don’t miss our Handmade Halloween Flickr group and check out Yetta’s “wolfie” costume (from LangLangCreations) which she shared in the forum.

FFF1024Wolf.jpg title=

Forum News

There are many helpful conversations taking place in the forum.  Check out these recent topics:

Denyse Schmidt Quilt

There’s still time to make a donation to the Obama Campaign and at the same time become eligible to win this historic quilt by Denyse Schmidt. 

DSYWCQuilt.jpg title=

Custom Aprons in the Shop

Rebecca, one of our SMS employees, is offering her gorgeous aprons in the shop.  Rebecca is an amazing sewist with impeccable skills and an eye for details.  Her Lula Dahl aprons are pretty and feminine, yet very practical.  The best part?  Each apron is made just for you, so you pick the fabric from any of the beautiful prints we offer!  Rebecca will choose a complimentary trim color and have your full or half apron off to you within two weeks.  A Lula Dahl apron would make a wonderful gift.

New Patterns

Have you seen the gorgeous new patterns from Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie?  They are wonderful, high-quality patterns and unique designs.  There are three patterns for children and a hip shoulder bag.  Of course, they’d all look great with Farmers Market fabric.

Free Fabric

We’re super busy gathering tons of inspiration for next month’s 2nd annual Handmade Holidays.  We have even more tutorials and more prizes than last year!  We’re also pulling together some wonderful holiday recipes.  Tell us about one of your favorite holiday foods to make and give or one of the best food gifts you’ve received.  On Monday we’ll randomly select 5 people from the comments to win one yard of free fabric from the SMS shop.  Have a great weekend! 

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554 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

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  2. Tom says:

    Oh I love this as a birthday cake idea! Might have to use it!

  3. Ann says:

    That is so cool! What a wedding cake! Very nice.

  4. Anastasia says:

    Oh I love this bakery, so many delicious treats!

  5. Wonderful, glad I stumbled your blog.,

  6. sarah says:

    My favorite food to make… hmmm so many things. I really enjoy making mushroom and squash stuffing. Pumpkin Pie from scratch, and anything with squash for the holidays. I just love the stuff. As far as best food gifts, I have to say spices from Penzey’s, and home made canned goods. My neighbor makes some killer jams and gives them to us for the holidays.

  7. Jessica says:

    I love to bake a large variety of holiday cookies and then make assorted bundles which get wrapped in festive holiday tissue paper and tied off with festive ribbon. The adorable bundles to look at and tasty too.

  8. vivi says:

    For sweets, hands down is chewy brownies. With pecans. OMG, every meal is a complete on with brownies.

    For non sweets: baked brie in a pastry crust. A perfect meal is baked brie, fruit and then repeat.

    Brownies afterwards. Yum.

  9. Cheryl says:

    This year I am making as many gifts as possible using tutorials I have found on this blog, thanks for all of the great ideas.

  10. monique says:

    Fabulous site. I discovered this site recently and love all the ideas….

  11. Terri says:

    Each year I make toffee. It’s easy to make but lately I’ve had trouble with the chocolate separating off the top. This year, as I’m trying to watch my own weight I’d like to try something new, that is unless I have a mutiny on my hands at home. I’m really interested in seeing what everyone else does!

  12. Kristen says:

    Last year we gave jars and jars of sugared pecans as Christmas gifts to friends and co-workers. They were embarrassingly easy to make, but people love to eat them — a perfect combination!

  13. Jen says:

    Coconut cranberry chewy cookies from Sunset a few years ago – they are devine and replaced sugar cookies for our family!


  14. Kelly says:

    mmm…I love to make Oreo truffles at Christmas! They’re so sinful you can really only make them once a year! They’re very easy – dump a package of Oreos and 1 block of cream cheese in a food processor. Then take the mixture and chill it and roll it into small balls. Then dip in dipping chocolate and chill when done. They are really that good.

  15. Olivia C. says:

    One of my favorite holiday recipes is for Tamale Dressing. It’s awesome! The best food gift I have received is a loaf of pumpkin bread. The great part was that it was left in the really nice loaf pan which was mine to keep as part of the gift.

  16. Kris says:

    I enjoy making peppermint bark and giving it in mason jars tied with lots of festive ribbons for the holidays. Everyone enjoys it and it’s easy to make!

  17. Sherri S. says:

    I love ALL holiday foods (unfortunately for my hips!)–I love to make fudge and caramels and spiced nuts (recipes from my Grandma) as gifts. Thanks for the giveaways!

  18. shelia fisher says:

    Its hard to beat a plateful of homemade Christmas cookies! I have a friend that shows up every Christmas eve with a lovely trayful :0 YUMMM

  19. Hallie says:

    My favorite food gift was fudge fom my across-the-fence neighbor a few years ago. How delicious!!

  20. I love the idea of a political quilt.

  21. Rebecca says:

    My favourite holiday food to make is hand made Easter Eggs using yummy milk & white chocolate and decorating them with coloured icing.

  22. Jen says:

    I make a mean Pumpkin spice cake with a cream cheese frosting…. oh yum.

    I could eat the entire thing by myself….. but I share.

  23. Callie says:

    I love making gingerbread cookies with my boys – a longtime tradition!

  24. Kathie says:

    Every Christmas morning I put the egg-sausage dish I make the day before into the oven to cook while we open gifts and then breakfast is ready to eat afterwards (or in the middle if the gifts take too long) Kathie

  25. Beth G. says:

    My favorite Holiday food is a Christmas cookie originally made by my great aunt Em. They’re a flaky cut out sugar cookie. Since I really HATE to make cut out cookies, I have to beg my mom to make them for me!!!


  26. anna says:

    Each year my family is itching to see how I am able to top the previous year’s jello mold. I go all out!

  27. Stacey C. says:

    Each year we get cookies packaged in a paint can from a contractor my dad does business with during the year. I love the presentation of the cookies in the can–so creative!!

  28. Susan C says:

    Oh to have new fabric! this is what dreams are made of!!!

  29. Rachel says:

    Homemade fudge is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

  30. Kelli says:

    I LOVE to make Holiday treats for and with my kids. They make great teacher/mail lady/neighbor gifts. Last year we made an amazing orange-cranberry bread. I always make tons of cookies and at least one batch of fudge too!

  31. Terri says:

    My favorite holiday food to give as a gift is chocolate mint fudge. I tried it as a new recipe and sent some along with my usual Christmas cookie packages to my brothers and their families a few years ago and everybody has asked for it every year since!!

  32. Brenda says:

    My best food gift is Mac and Cheese. I love to make it for friends around the holiday. I use my Grandmother’s recipe that is full of cheese, cream, butter, and old fashion goodness. My husband says he knew he was going to married me once he tasted my Mac and Cheese.

  33. Laura says:

    By far the best gift I got was a friend who hadn’t cooked with gluten free flours before who made me Christmas cookies, which I hadn’t had in YEARS. I had continued to make them for my family with regular flour, but couldn’t eat any. Getting to finally try some again was a really great experience, and incredibly thoughtful. If I win the fabric I am sharing with her!

  34. definitely apple butter.

  35. Teresa says:

    My favorite food to make is buckeyes and I love to give out cinnamon rolls to friends on Christmas eve so they don’t have to do anything on Christmas morning.

  36. Carrie S says:

    It’s not really food, but I make drink mixes (hot chocolate, Russian tea and chai tea) and decorate the jars I give them in and my friends love getting them (every year!:)

  37. MarathonMom says:

    I love, love, love to make/give any kind of cookies…especially oatmeal! As for what to receive…I always thought cocoa mixes neatly packaged in a mug were fun!

  38. Erin Phelps says:

    I love giving someone a loaf of homemade bread, EVERYONE loves homemade bread.

    Erin P

  39. Erica says:

    My mom always makes a cranberry cake and serves it with a butter cream sauce. She only makes it once a year so it is a special treat reserved just for Christmas Eve night. As a busy mom, I love to receive mixes in a jar or something that I don’t have to do much to have the item. I’ve received drink mixes, cookies in a jar, and dips in a jar that have all been very good.

  40. Kathy Lorden says:

    Each year I try a new recipe for gift-giving treats. A recent favorite was the chocolate snickerdoodle chai cookie: perfect combination of cookie and spice. Oh, yum. May have to repeat that one!

    I’m looking forward to the holiday tutorials here. Would love a completely handmade holiday this year.

  41. tracy Hanson says:

    Crunchy salty pretzels dipped in sweet chocolate and rolled in nuts! I love these handmade Christmas Goodies!!

  42. Stacy says:

    Well, my fellow friend/craft partner has this YUMMY sugar cookie recipe. The past two Halloweens she has made us yummy cookies. This year was candy corn cookies. Delicious. I look forward to next year’s batch!!!

  43. Lindsey says:

    During the holiday season I love to make things that my mom made when I was a child to send to work with my husband. Candy Cane cookies, peanut butter balls…..mmmmm!! And muddy buddies, my favorite!!

  44. kristen says:

    Every Christmas I make friends and family my now famous “thin mints” made from Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate. Everyone agrees that they are better than GS thin mints because there is no yucky aftertaste! Can’t wait to make them this year…

  45. My favorite food gift to give is chocolate velvet sauce! How about I give you some!? You can find a link to the recipe in my blog archives here:

    It is so easy to make and so rich and creamy on ice cream or to eat with a spoon! I hope you enjoy giving it away as much as I do!

  46. Jules says:

    For a number of years I loved making Brownies in a Jar for gifts…that is until Target started selling something just like it, then it didn’t seem like such a fun thing to make.

  47. shelli says:

    Thanks for the link. It was what finally inspired me to donate.

  48. Christi says:

    I love, love, love baking and giving goodies away for the holidays. 2 of my favorites that I ALWAYS include are chocolate fudge and festive mix: a combo of chex, popcorn, peanuts, chocolate candies all covered in ooey, gooey, goodness (carmelized) I have to make huge batches of this stuff every year because everyone wants to eat on it while making it for the gifts.

    Just to know that someone was thinking enough of me to make me something personal for a holiday makes the gift more enjoyable.

  49. Reagan says:

    OOOOhhhh, favorite to give…..toffee….it is to die for. Favorite family food is “greasy potatoes”…..sounds like southern deliciousness doesn’t t????

  50. Kim D. says:

    I love to make small, bite size cookies. Buttery and sugary. this year I’m also going to make some small cup cakes decorated like Christmas tree ornaments.


  51. Amy says:

    My favorite holiday treat to make and give is microwave fudge. It’s unbelievably easy and everyone raves about it. I also like to prepare in advance by making and freezing “slice & bake” cookie dough rolls. Real Simple once published a recipe for scrumptious chocolate spice slice & bake cookies, with pepper as the secret ingredient. Looks like I have a chocolate theme going here…
    I can’t wait to see the handmade holiday goodies!!

  52. Melissa says:

    My favorite food to give to new moms is a One Dish Mexican Casserole. It is really easy and moms always enjoy not having to cook dinner that night!

  53. Tanya says:

    My favorite food to give at the holidays would be cranberry orange bread. looking forward to the handmade holiday tutorials!

  54. josette says:

    We make our family love cinnamon rolls its a great gift also. they wrap up nicely like a tootsies roll your kids can help make the wrapping and baking (rolling the dough) If your short for time you can buy the pre-made crust and you’ll have gifts in 30 mins.

  55. Katie Mitchell says:

    I love to make sugar cookies with my girls. We decorate them together and then give them to our neighbors and friends as gifts.

  56. Samantha says:

    I can jellies and such every year for gifts, but last year I made some rockin’ peach butter. It’s easy- done in the crockpot- and super tasty. I used much less spices than the recipe called for, and for an extra special zing, I added some of my peaches left over from peach cordial making (soaked in brandy and sugar syrup). The butter was AWESOME!!! Here is the recipe:

  57. we make homemade irish cream for everyone on our list each year. we usually give it in pretty glass bottles with handmade labels and a small bag of coffee. this year i think i will make coffee cake or biscotti to go with it.

    i am so excited for the handmade holiday tutorials this year!!! 🙂

  58. nurse jenny says:

    I like to make cranberry sauce every year. It’s so simple- sugar, water and fresh cranberries.
    Last year I made a dark chocolate pecan pie that turned out really well.
    One of the best food presents I’ve ever received is a plate of Christmas cookies from my ex- landlord’s wife who is Swiss. She made different types of traditional Swiss cookies that are common to the region in Switzerland she is from. So much work went into them…they were almost too pretty to eat.

  59. Michelle says:

    I love to dip Oreos or pretzels in chocolate, then top with Christmas themed sprinkles or sugar decorations. Looks great, is easy to do in mass quantities, and the packaging variations are endless. So much fun, and you always get to eat the mess ups…

  60. Emilee says:

    I love making apple cider doughnuts. YUM! What deliciousness–and the smell when they are frying is beyond divine. Of course, they really have to be a once-a-year food, but they sure make me popular when I share them with my neighbors.

  61. Lucy says:

    People went WILD over these little chocolate mice I made last year. I made an entire army. I wrapped them up in pairs all cute-like, with personalized handmade tags. They’re not something to make last-minute, but they do go quick assembly-line style.

    They’re made of chocolate covered graham cookies for the base, maraschino cherries with stems dipped in melty chocolate for the body, almonds for ears, Hershey’s hugs for the face, and liquid red gel food coloring for the eyes!

    A picture:

  62. Samantha says:

    Everyone always comments on my spiced apple cider, so I love to give a gift of the spices I use in my cider with some pretty mugs. I’m intrigued by the marshmallow making idea. I might need to try that this year. Maybe adding some yummy cocoa mix with it.

  63. Erin says:

    My all-time favorite holiday food is a peppermint chocolate cupcake. Rich and moist dark chocolate cake with peppermint frosting (preferably pink)…. mmmm. I’m so glad it’s almost holiday time!

  64. Katie says:

    My favourite holiday food is swedish gingerbread cookies. So good!

  65. Julia in MI says:

    I love to give homemade caramel corn. Of course I always make extra or it would never get out of the house and to the recipients.

  66. Andrea S. says:

    A must in our house at Christmas are my Mom’s homemade Cinnamon Pickles – they are delicious!! The best part is that you make/can them in the summer and during the busy holiday season all you have to do is open the jar and serve in a pretty dish!! Can’t get an easier than that!
    I also was disappointed to see the biased political endorsement.

  67. Lisa says:

    I love chocolate submarines at Christmas. They have a peanut butter mixture inside and chocolate on the outside. Delicious. I’ve never received a food gift at Christmas.

  68. Tina C. says:

    At work, we’d make a cookie collection for the international students working for us (it’s a university). I’d make gingerbread, recipe from the molasses bottle, which was easy and yummy. lots of the students had never tasted gingerbread!

  69. Christina says:

    My favorite holiday food was a Christmas Morning bread we received from my dad’s sister. It was just the right about of “dry” with a sweet glaze on top and some of those fruit cake “fruits” inside. So yummy. I wish I had the recipie to share.

  70. Michell Adams says:

    My favorite Christmas treat is cherry pie with hot chocolate! I love this blog and was very shocked to see biased political endorsement. This is one blog that I actually keep on my bookmarks bar and would never had thought to mix sewing with politics. Please keep it neutral so as to not offend your readers!

  71. Deon says:

    Although I love cookie exchanges, I tried a new recipe last year that everyone loved – spiced pecans. Really simple — an egg white wash with cinnamon and other spices. You can sew a cute gift cone or bag to make this look even more special.

  72. Christine Bolin says:

    The best homemade present I get is Rice Crispie Treats. My neice makes them. After readiny about Amy G’s comment about monkey bread, I may ask for that, too. Greedy.

    The best present I used to make was to cut and section oranges and grapefruit for some friends of mine. I did a quart each and they loved it because it was so easy to eat for breakfast. And, one year I made a batch of homemade bisquits to use for Christmas morning.

  73. Lindsay says:

    I love to make mincemeat and cranberry salsa!

  74. Somer says:

    One year I gave my neighbors cookie dough that I had already rolled out and frozen. They said they liked it because they were able to have hot, fresh baked cookies when they needed them.

  75. Susan says:

    Thanks for a great inspirational blog! A favorite food to make and give is homemade caramel corn – sometimes with cashews. It is a coveted gift – often hidden from other family members in an attempt to have it all to oneself. I am always told “there’s not enough here”!

  76. Stacy says:

    I know it is traditional, but I like to make hot cocoa mix to gift. I also gift homemade salsa, apple butter with bread, applesauce, and granola. Everyone loves it! I can’t wait to see this year’s holiday sewing!

  77. amy says:

    My favorite holiday treat to make is my chocolate peppermint bark. I make white, dark and milk chocolates bark with crushed candy canes. It is a delicious refreshing treat to have after a big holiday meal plus I also give it as gifts in the cute martha stewart treat boxes.

  78. Michelle says:

    I made monkey bread one Christmas, and my mom just had to have the recipe. Now she makes it for everyone and she always tells me how much everyone loves it and who wanted the recipe. I love that.

  79. Sarah B from Surrey, UK says:

    1st go at commenting – but it is a topic close to my heart this time of year in the run up to Christmas…
    Every year I make my own sweet mincemeat for mince pies with my children (those that have been to the uk at Christmas know that these are a must eat!) We always deliberately make too much so that I can pass some on to neighbours and friends in old jam jars so that they can make their own pies. It is very boozy as I use a lot of rum and cider. The best mincemeat is over a year old, but this year I will have to make new as I have none left from 2007. Come December this boozy concoction is used to make a hundred weight of mince pies with my own pastry using my mum’s very butter heavy recipe, my kitchen turns in to a sort of factory! I supply these to friends, my husband’s office party, neighbours and children’s teachers as Christmas thank yous, presented in cellophane and wrapped with ribbon. I love doing it and my mince pies have become famous in these parts!!
    Last year I tried my hand at making traditional German Stollen cake – it was delicious and so easy to do – again this made a great gift wrapped in wax paper for some foodie friends!
    I’m hungry already!!

  80. Liz says:

    For two years now a friend and I have gotten together to make Peppermint Truffles from scratch (it’s a Martha recipe). I’ve given them to my husband’s co-workers, family, an friends. They’re always gotten a rave review, and who doesn’t love getting completely covered head to toe in melted chocolate and crushed candy canes?

  81. Krissy says:

    Oh man… there’s always something around the holidays. I LOVE it when my Mother In Law makes me her rolls… they’re heavenly! I found a new pumpkin cookie recipe last week that I experimented with and fell in loooove with, that I will DEFINITELY be using for gift giving this year. My mom’s sweet potato casserole and stuffing are totally not to miss every year. I’m SO freakin excited for the Holidays this year!

  82. Esther says:

    My favorite holiday food is pecan pie- pumpkin soup is a close second, though!

  83. Shelly says:

    Around the holidays we love to cook. It means pie time Pumpkin, Lemon, any type just as long as it is homemade. Yummie!!

  84. Ramona says:

    My favorite thing to make at the holidays is cookies with my kids who are now in their late teens. We still have a day where we bake lots of cookies and make a huge mess. Hopefully this tradition will continue for a long time.

  85. Allison says:

    Best holiday food gift: pfefferneuse, little gingerbready-coffee cookies. Best food gift I’ve received? Each year my grandma gives us little coconut-peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, she calls them “bon bons” and they taste like my childhood.

  86. Jane says:

    Aah ! Pork Pies hands down. They aren’t meat, they are little shortbread based tarts filled with a date filling and topped with Maple flavoured Frosting and a piece of Maraschino cherry.


    I love those patterns and the fabrics.

  87. Heather P says:

    My favorite food gift is cookies! You can never go wrong with cookies ^_^

  88. Hilary T says:

    Our family has a great sugar cookie recipe that I made last year and gave out as gifts. I have also made homemade jam and given it with mini loaves of bread. There definitely will be food gifts this year, but I have not yet decided on what it will be. There are some great ideas in the comments here!

  89. Char says:

    How fun! For once I’m ready to talk holiday goodies before Halloween!
    In my family, not one Christmas has gone by when someone has not made Peanut Butter Bonbons. Usually at least one of us makes a big batch and shares (or tries to before they’re gobbled up) with the others. (My family, my sister and her family and our parents all live within an hour’s drive of each other.) We also give them away to extended family, and a few of them have come to expect them in the mail sometime before Santa visits.

  90. Kathleen says:

    The best food gift we ever recieved was a tofurkey set one thanksgiving! Please don’t laugh or think ew, we’ve vegetarians and were so tired of getting turkeys (which we ended up donating to a local food bank anyway). It was nice that someone actually put some thought into it rather than just giving us a one-size-fits-all type gift.

    My favorite food gift to give, since it gets so many positive responses, is raspberry palmieres. Very simple, very show, very tasty!

  91. Heather V says:

    I love to make mini Corn and Bannana breads for the holidays to give to friends and family.

    Last year I went to one of the local craft stores and they had mini ceramic loaf pans for 1.00! I started making and giving them in the loaf pans instead of wrapping them in saran wrap. It made them so easy to package up and they looked way cuter!!!

    Another fun thing to make was the layered soup in a jar mixes! Everyone raved about them!

  92. renee says:

    i love receiving fudge and homemade cookies. I love to make and give pies, cookies and drink mixes (peppermint mocha, cider spices etc).

    I can’t wait to see this years holiday ideas!

  93. alison says:

    A few years back i took some home made spiced nuts and a sort of rocky road bar to a friends at Christmas. Now they get invited to party’s ahead of me!

  94. Sandy H. says:

    The crowd pleasers in our house are sausage stuffing for the turkey and pumpkin cheesecake.
    This time of the year is wonderful! I could live in a perpetual holiday high!

    Sandy in NJ

  95. Khristina says:

    My favourite is peanut brittle…hugs khris in oz

  96. Mama Urchin says:

    We started giving fudge last year and it was a huge hit! The best part is that it is made in the microwave.

  97. Sam says:

    Oh this one is easy!
    Pumpkin Scones with cranberry butter. Don’t let that “cranberry butter” part fool you. Yes, there are lots of yummy cranberries in it, but it’s the combo of butter and powdered sugar that really gets the gang drooling! Excellent for a breakfast treat, or set right on the table with the rest of the dinner goodies. They’re a crowd pleaser that can’t be missed!

  98. méri says:

    Christmas sweet? Here in Portugal: “rabanada” – bread, eggs, milk, sugar – i couldn’t find the word in English, sorry.

  99. Tara Boos says:

    My all time favorite holiday food to get and give is COOKIES!! any kind any size any type!! YUMMMMYYY!! every christmas we made cut out kind with the special frosting and all the cool deco. you can’t go wrong. oh yes, my mom’s recipe for cut outs has a little sour cream in it so they turn out soft not like bricks…..

  100. Serena says:

    I have to say that the pumpkin bread recipe my friend Mary shared with me is divine. It’s made with all whole-wheat flour, and the pumpkin has so much fiber, so, even though it has sugar galore in it, I don’t feel guilty eating it!

  101. christa says:

    My favorite food gift was a homemade jar of nectarine blackberry jam. It was soooo good.

  102. Tammi S. says:

    Making chex mix is my all time favorite gifts I make. I use alot of butter and sugar to make them sweet. Put them with salted pretzels and the recipe can’t go wrong!!

  103. Pat says:

    Every Christmas, I have to make Chocolate truffles and Scalloped Potatoes. I am looking forward to new recipes and projects. I love this blog. Thank you. 🙂 🙂

  104. Chelsey says:

    Old Fashioned Bread Pudding for breakfast with ice cream! My kids love baking with me and the recipe we have for bread pudding starts with ripping bread apart so they have tons of fun!

  105. momawake says:

    My favorite holiday food was my grandma’s egg noodles. She’s been gone for a while now, so I’m not able to enjoy them for a while now. But yum…

  106. Jenny H says:

    I have one sister that makes a mean fudge, and another sister that makes cream-filled coffee cakes. I like to make cinnamon rolls – my current favorite recipe is from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: (

  107. Megan Cooley says:

    Fried eel! It’s an Italian tradition to eat fish on Christmas Eve, and my Nana used to make yummy fried eel. It was salty and crunchy and gooooood. We don’t make it anymore, but we still only have seafood, like linguine with clams and baked stuffed shrimp.
    Thanks for a shot at the fabric.

  108. Alice says:

    We work around a wide array of food sensitivities in our house, so almond macaroons are our festive treat. This year we are also going to try gluten-free gingerbread.

  109. Sarah says:

    I love my sister in law’s recipe for almond raspberry jam cookies. They’re pretty for the holidays and the secret is–butter of course! Melt in your mouth. I make them every year and put them in tin cans for my kids’ teachers with a box of Mighty Leaf tea 🙂

  110. Alana says:

    I have a few of favorite holiday things to make. First, I love to eat Pumpkin Pie during the holidays. But I love to make peanut butter cookies. I also like making chocolate chips with walnuts. Yikes, this is all making me hungry!!

  111. Lisa says:

    Every year, I help my hubby make fudge for our family and friends – the real stuff, not a velveeta recipe 😉 My fav is a Bailey’s recipe he came up with.

  112. JenO says:

    Every year I make spiced pecans for the holidays. They are simply delish!

  113. Stacy says:

    I love kugel (a sort of Jewish noodle pudding). I only make it during the holidays because if I don’t have somewhere to take it my hubby and I eat way too much of it. Its very rich, but really tasty.

  114. kristen says:

    My favorite holiday food is definitely the italian feast my grandma makes – capelleti soup, homemade ravioli… MMMMhmmmm

  115. nicola says:

    every year for christmas, my grandmother made turtles, little chocolate caramel pecan candies. as we got older the tradition expanded to include every time we saw her (not often, we live far apart). as she has gotten older, she has stopped making them and started buying them from a candy maker in her small town, so now, every time we see the candy maker’s box, we all pounce. when she visited for easter, she brought that special box for each of us….only this time, there were healthy mixed nuts inside. poor grandma, we gave her such a (teasingly) hard time, she will only ever bring turtles again!

  116. Rachel says:

    I love getting a holiday plate of goodies from the girls piano teacher. They make about 10 varieties of goodies and it’s so fun to taste so many different treats.

  117. MelissaB says:

    Kicked Up Carmel Corn – that would be carmel corn with mini pretzels topped with melted milk & white chocolate. Yum-O!!!!

  118. DeerDominique says:

    More Holiday Tutorials! Jeez, I haven’t even gotten thru last years!
    I love to get any type of food for the holidays, especially if I didn’t have to make it 😉
    Jam is always really nice, makes me remember summer time usually.

  119. Annie says:

    We love to make large batches of cream cheese bread (the cream cheese is both in the dough– an overnight riser– and in the filling). Yum!

  120. stacysews says:

    I love the Red Riding Hood costume!

  121. kate says:

    You just can’t have a great holiday season without delicious homemade fudge! I could eat it all day…mmm!

  122. Gabrien says:

    My favorite thing to make to share is hot mulled wine. You heat wine, mulling spices, honey and apple cider and strain into warm mugs. Yummy and warm on a chilly night!

  123. LisaW says:

    I’m so excited about the upcoming holiday posts!!! One of my favorite holiday treats to make and give are tiny peppernut cookies–a tradition in my mother’s family.

  124. Rane says:

    My favorite thing to give is chocolate flowers that you make with melted chocolate
    that you take a blown balloon that you lean the balloon to one side and dip in the
    chocolate(wash the balloon well first and then blown up) do not dip all of one side only
    about 3/4 of the way up. Let cool and harden, then do this three more times so there is
    3 pettles and then dip the bottom. ( you have to hold it upside down until dry,) Then
    you will have a flower bud just opening. I use color wrap and put weding cookies in there.
    you know the round balls with almonds or wallnuts inside and power sugar on the outside.
    becareful not to get the powder sugar everywhere. Then I wrap with the color wrap and add
    a bow. You can add anything to these even chocolates or wraped candies. I also use these
    as smaller balloons and put puding or cake and Ice cream in and of course put in a bowl
    or plate. (don’t forget the whipcream, hot fudge or sprinkles!!) This has endless Ideas.
    The best holiday food I got was a popcorn tin Cramed full of cookies!!! They had added extra
    card board and added 8 different cookies, they gave it 8 days before christmas!! It was awsome
    and (I have a small army of kids) so they loved it! After christmas they were still talking about
    the cookies!!!!!! Best ever! and they were not comon cookie types so it was even better cookies
    I did not normally bake!

  125. Michelle F says:

    I can’t wait to see the new list for the ‘Handmade Holidays’!!

  126. Melanie O. says:

    I love to make and give cookies. I get the best reviews on my Chocolate Chip Peanut cookies and my Mexican Wedding Cake cookies.

  127. Carrie says:

    So looking forward to Handmade Holidays again!!!! Every year on Christmas Eve my family eats a huge Italian meal…anitpasta and shrimp coctail and then homemade spaghetti and tons of crusty garlic bread….yum! Other than opening gifts christmas morning it is the thing I look forward to most during the holidays!

  128. Libby says:

    My favorite holiday recipe is a pumpkin pie recipe that was handed down by my kids gramie. I never liked pumpkin pie till I tasted this version. I’ve been making it every holiday now for 23 years.

  129. Tammy says:

    Cookies, any kind of cookies as long as they are homemade and peanut butter balls too.

  130. Katie says:

    I love pumpkin bread this time of year………Yummy!

  131. Emily says:

    My mother makes this cranberry “salad” out of cranberry orange sauce, walnuts, celery, and some kind of red Jell-O. Sounds awful but it’s sooooo good. I also use mulling spices like they’re going out of style this time of year…we are planning to make batches to hand out as holiday gifts for our handmade holidays. The tastiest food gift I’ve received was when a coworker made lavender-chocolate fudge last year, and man, it was good. My waistline suffered but oy, it was worth it.

  132. heather t says:

    Oh, fave food gift – my mom used to make homemade apple butter and give that out as gifts. I have her recipe – I should USE it!

  133. rachael says:

    I love homemade sweet gifts. My friend once made homemade marshmallows and peppermint bark. Another friend gave the most delicious gingerbread cookies one year along with chocolate chip cookies that were to die for! My sister makes THE BEST snickerdoodles I have ever had. I’ve never been able to find any other snickerdoodles that come close. I think I look forward to Christmas just because of those cookies! 😉

  134. Heather says:

    Looking forward to this holiday season when I’d like to try my hand at marshmallows and corn tortillas not to eat together though… ~H

  135. heather t says:

    Please put a little more teaser info in your posts that go up on Bloglines. I decided to click through today, just to enter FFF, and saw all the cute projects! Tease us with projects! 🙂

  136. Liz says:

    without a doubt, the delicious homemade chocolate truffles that i made as a child (with my mother’s help, of course!) for gifts for our teachers and friends…and the dentist, our appointments with whom were often lost in the holiday shuffle. 😉

  137. amy says:

    I love to make peanut brittle. I’ve been making it since I was a kid, and now I make it with mine and we give it to everyone!

  138. Bree says:

    Duck confit in a jar – we make up the first stage of the duck confit and then pack it into a jar. We are then giving these as gifts along with a little handmade recipe book which tells the recipient how to finish the confit and suggested recipes to cook with it.

  139. Judy says:

    I love everything about Thanksgiving. This year I plan to make my favorite cookie for a swap. I got the recipe from Epicurious and tweaked it to my own taste. It is a 6 spice oatmeal cookie and I just replace the raisins with minced dried apples. Find the original recipe here
    The key is the cayenne, you can’t taste it, but it brings out the other flavors.

  140. Lorraine says:

    Krumkake. And sugar cookies, I think. But the main point is the baking with my girls.

  141. melissa says:

    wow…tough one…
    1. golden grand marnier cake from the cake bible. so good and celebratory!
    2. snickerdoodle cookies…holidays aren’t the same without ’em
    3. “snowman soup” – gift received from one of my students: hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy cane to stir. yum!

  142. Breanna says:

    My children and I love to make and give snicker doodle and peanutbutter cookies to friends and family.

  143. Karen says:

    Every year I make Banana Nut-Chocolate Chip Bread. I give a loaf to many friends. I always keep at least 2 loaves for our family as everyone loves it. We have it every year on Christmas morning along with fresh grapefruit for breakfast. I have been making this bread for over 20 years, and now my daughter also makes it for her family as well. Makes me hungry just thinking about making it.

  144. Lisa says:

    My favorite holiday food to give is caramel corn with peanuts. The salty sweet flavor is a favorite. I wrap a generous portion in tall, clear bags and tie with a red satin ribbon. Most of the bags are opened and eaten on the spot!

  145. Alexandra says:

    Marshmallows! Fun to make, give, and receive. The idea of curling up with a cup of hot cocoa with a homemade marshmallow makes me all warm inside.

  146. I love good ole fashioned pumpkin pie. My SIL makes really good pumpkin pie so she hands them out around the holidays.

    I love the new patterns. Very cute!

  147. Betsy Pratt says:

    The best food gift for the holidays I’ve ever received has to be some spiced hot cocoa mix. I don’t have any idea what was in it, but it was so delicious!!! (I’m a horrible cook, so I don’t make food for gifts.)

  148. Jody says:

    Hmm. One year I made my parents a series of frozen, heatable pre-made dinners–different kinds of tamales for Christmas: poblano and cheese, mushroom, black bean in banana leaves, picadillo-filled with swiss chard wrap, and one more which I forget. I was very popular for a long time! It was great fun to do, also.
    What I love to receive is: ANYTHING, except bad homemade candy. 🙂

  149. Gen says:

    My absolute favorite holiday food gifts are nuts & bolts, and carmel popcorn.

  150. Cricket says:

    One year I made homemade gumdrops. It was a three day process! Obviously this was before I had kids. Now I stick with chocolate chip meringues. Relatively quick and easy, and if I happen to eat a dozen or more then no harm done.

  151. Mel Hallam says:

    Well, when I was in grade school one of my friends mom used to always make divinity… I haven’t had it for years. Sounds like something I should experiment with this year.

  152. Jennifer Bin says:

    I’ve always just made brownies for everyone!

  153. Jenny says:

    My favorite holiday treat is hot apple cider made from a mulling spice mix that my mom put together…so delish and it always brings back fond memories too!

  154. My favorite food that I have received would be my grandma’s fudge. She would send some every year in the boxes with our Christmas Presents. Her peanut butter fudge was heavenly!

  155. Sarah says:

    I see it already in the list, but I have to say the one thing people go crazy for is Buckeyes. Of course, we have to explain to these New Englanders what a buckeye is, but they love them just as much!

  156. Beth says:

    A colleague’s wife bakes gingerbread in a canning jar and tops with a piece of festive fabric and a card. So cute, and so yummy!

  157. mikawendy says:

    One of the best food gifts that I ever got was a jar of chocolate fudge that a co-worker made–it was a huge Ball jar and the fudge was great as hot fudge on ice cream, etc. I think she had one of those Martha Stewart books on food gifts that you can make. If I ever get brave enough to try home canning, I’m totally making it.

  158. Jen B. says:

    It’s not Christmas without pears. My grandfather used to get them as a gift from work, he gave them to my parents and my parents send them to us. 🙂

  159. Kim says:

    I love to make sweet potato casserole and yummy pies. I love to receive soups, cookies, or brownies in a jar. They’re nice to have on hand in a pinch and its easy for your little ones to help in the kitchen.

  160. Adrienne says:

    One of the best holiday food gifts I made was quite simple. My children and I made hot chocolate mix and then packaged it as ‘shepherds’ complete with ‘sheep’.
    We poured our homemade mix into canning jars and topped them with the usual canning tops, and then squares of fabric set at a jaunty angle like a head coverning a shepherd might wear. We took twine and tied the headgear in place. Next we bagged up some large marshmallows in sandwich baggies and taped the baggies onto the shepherds so that it looked like they were carrying sheep. Hot glue(by mom) and a candy cane (wrapped)glued to the side of the shepherd completed the look.

  161. Carla says:

    The apron and little girls dress is so cute!!! About the only thing I make every year is fudge. Peanut butter, marshmallow and regular.

  162. Sharon says:

    I love to give (and get!) sweet treats. Last year I made victorian style fabric cones and filled with homemade shortbread or chocolate covered butter toffee (both are simple recipes with very few ingredients … the most prominent being butter and sugar 🙂 )

  163. shelle says:

    My favorite thing to make as a gift has to be fairy food, it is super easy to make tastes divine! I also love the dry hot cocoa mixes, with some biscotti for dipping. I am looking forward to your hand made holiday ideas!

  164. Toni says:

    My husband has Celiac Disease and my daughter has a gluten intolerance, so I always make them a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving. I think I enjoy eating it more than they do!

    Can’t wait for the homemade ideas for the Holidays – I’m in need of some!

  165. Ruby says:

    My mom makes me homemade gnocci in tomato sauce for holiday dinner with amaretti (italian almond cookies). Its simple, but absolutely perfect.

    Thanks to all of the suggestions, I’m really craving cookies right now.

  166. Terri says:

    I love to make turkey and cookies during the holidays. One of the best food gifts I’ve ever received with a jar of chocolate chip cookie mix that turned out to be the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had. One of my favorite holiday recipes is that cranberry pineapple salad from Jello and Dell.

  167. Andrea says:

    My favorite holiday food is “dressing” (also known as stuffing in other parts of the country). My mother’s grandmother (Mamo) used to make it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then Granny, and then Mama, and I have even made it myself for my in-laws when my husband and I (and kids) have spent the last few Thanksgivings with them. It is best when slightly soupy and very hot from the oven.

    I love your blog and all the featured creativity esp Handmade Holidays, but I agree with Monica above when I say I am disappointed to see you encouraging political donations.

  168. Heather W. says:

    Love candied yams! They are the best and they gross my husband out which means more for me!

  169. jodie says:

    My favorite – gallettes!

  170. Anna says:

    One year I made truffles (liquer flavor and plain).
    I used Vahlrona chocolate and the richest cream possible.
    They were so good that they almost didn’t make it into the gift boxes.

    Maybe it’s time to whip these up again…

  171. Katie says:

    Chocolate chip gingerbread cookies are the best!

  172. mary says:

    My favorite holiday food is my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie. The secret–she didn’t use pumpkin, she used banana squash which makes the pie a bit smoother and creamier than traditional pumpkin pie. Try it!

  173. Christina says:

    Apple crumb pie. Hands down.

  174. Stephanie says:

    I love, love, love pumpkin pie! Can’t live without it….Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother-in-law thought she would tweak my recipe last year and added all these crazy things. She said my recipe was too bland. It almost caused a family feud. I got over it. I love her more than pumpkin pie, but if she does it again this year I may choose the pumpkin pie.

  175. shannon says:

    My favorite holiday food is pie…pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie. Any type of pie is fine with me, I love them all.

  176. Carolyn says:

    I can’t wait for the Holiday posts! I loved it last year. So inspirational! My favorite holiday recipes are candies. I love making peppermint bark, English toffee, and fudge. It just tastes like Christmas to me.


  177. Cinnamon says:

    My favorite holiday foods to give are candied pecans for the children and bourbon balls for the adults. Those bourbon balls never last for more than a day.

  178. Sara says:

    Fudge! Every year my friend is gifted this amazing fudge from a coworker, and she passes it to me because she knows I love it so.

  179. Shannon H. says:

    I love to bake gingerbread cookies (or just cookies in general) as gifts. Mom always did it, and I’m carrying on the tradition.

  180. Tara says:

    My favorite holiday food to bake and share is Sweet Potato Crunch. My mother-in-law gave me the recipe and I made it for Thanksgiving dinner my senior year of college. I made everyone (all 17 guests) go around and tell what their favorite food from the night was and S.P.C. topped the charts!!! It’s my most favorite thing to make and let others enjoy 🙂

  181. Anne says:

    My cousin gifts us with the most delicious cashew and almond brittle every holiday season. Yum

  182. I’ve always made a cheeseball made out of meunster cheese and velveeta at christmas for my friends and family and deliver it with crackers. My grandma started this tradition years ago and it’s such a nice surprise after all the cookies and candies that get delivered!

  183. Lindsey says:

    my fave recipe to make during the holidays is a caramel apple pie. The smell of cinnamon and caramel makes everyone’s mouth water 🙂

  184. Christy says:

    I made truffles for everyone one year (before I had kids!). It was so hard not to eat them all myself.

  185. Lalli says:

    My all time favourite Holiday Food is Cookies. Fast and easy and absoultely YUM..,

  186. Rebecca says:

    I love to make sugar cookies with lots of Christmas shapes and decorating and help from my little girls. Always a fun tradition.

  187. SHannon says:

    My all-time favorite cookie to make for the holidays are anise cookies. My great-grandmother made the BEST ones ever!

  188. I love Christmas cookies, eating them and baking them. My favorite ones are chocolate thumb print cookies with mint icing. Yum!

  189. Kat says:

    I’m known for the pumpkin pie I make with a phyllo dough crust, and maybe this year I’ll be known as the one who sews everyone ridiculously amazing gifts! Thanks for all the hard work.

  190. Kate Kolstad says:

    macaroni and cheese – high-end, with gruyere, fontina, and extra sharp chedder. the holiday version includes butter on top of the breadcrumbs before it goes in the oven.

  191. Elizabeth says:

    I love to make Gingerbread cookies. They are not hard and the fun shapes are fantastic. I insist that you have royal icing in many, many colors to decorate them as well.

  192. Amanda says:

    Spiced nuts. A friend made some for us a few years ago and they quickly became a holiday staple.

  193. Rochelle says:

    Every year during the holidays I make a Hawaiian Wedding cake. One of the fastest, simplest and most delicious cakes you could ever make. It doesn’t sound like much of a holiday food but it is fabulously moist and yummy.

  194. Lauranie says:

    Starting in October, anything with apples. Baked, nuked, cut up and dipped in caramel you name it I love it! But for Christmas morning, it’s hot chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls!

  195. RachelHC says:

    A great food gift to give is biscotti. I have a great recipe for chocolate biscotti with lots of orange zest that is always popular. It really lasts, so recipients don’t have to rush to enjoy it while they are being overwhelmed with all the other Christmas treats. The best food gift I received was from a woman in my quilting class. She brought us all a Baliey’s-like homemade liqueur. Yum!

  196. Collins says:

    I love to give banana bread, this year I’ll also be giving bell pepper jelly.

  197. Rachel says:

    I’m the go-to person at work for cupcakes anytime someone has a birthday. I used to try to make the cake from scratch, but it never turned out as good as boxed cake mix. I always make homemade frosting though. My favorites are a homemade marshmallow frosting, Martha Stewart’s quick buttercream, and a homemade peanut butter frosting.

  198. Morgan says:

    I give mini loaves of pumpkin bread. I always make extra for myself!

  199. MJ says:

    Pumpkin pie is the staple of our holiday table, with homemade whipped cream. Every year no matter what else I make it’s still all about the pie.

  200. Michelle says:

    Last year, the kids and I made gourmet marshmallows – impale marshmallows on a lollipop stick, dip in melted caramel, chill, dip again in melted dark chocolate, and roll in nuts, sprinkles, or (their fave) mini M&Ms. Pop into a cello bag and tie with curlie ribbon – they went into teacher baskets, neighbor’s gifts, and to little friends. Very boutique-looking, but easy!

  201. Cara says:

    Hi girls! Can’t wait for the handmade holidays and lots of lovely tutorials!!
    Holiday foods for me are based around lots of lovely spice smells – cinnamon, ginger, allspice. Yummy! One of my favourite things to make is gingerbread. Not the little men although these are great but the soft sticky sponge type. Dreaming of it now may have to make a batch tommorow!

  202. Paige says:

    I love the cookies I make each year with my mom – Russian Tea Cakes, Casserole Cookies, etc.

  203. Camille says:

    I can’t wait to sit down and actually read all of these great suggestions. Once again I love this blog. My favorite holiday treat is those little homemade and individually wrapped caramels. They’re so soft and chewy and buttery and yummy!

  204. Pamela says:

    My favorite food to receive during the holidays or anytime of year would have to be anything with dark chocolate. On the giving end, this year I am planning on making scones, cranberry/orange and chocolate chip…told you I love chocolate…to give to family and friends. Nothing goes better with a hot drink than a scone.

  205. Georgi P. says:

    I really like to make my mom’s mincemeat at xmas for pies and tarts, but not many people like it. This recipe is really good though, nice and sweet and no weird candied fruit! Cheers.

  206. Mallory says:

    My favorite holiday foods to give and get are dinners in a jar. They are basically that….dinner in a jar! All you have to do is add water or milk or whatever. Usually it is a soup or a pasta with all the other ingredients, so all you have to do is boil the water and add all the contents in the jar. It’s super fast and easy. Great for the holidays since you always seem to be going, going, going!

  207. Sarah says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not terribly talented when it comes to cooking or baking, so I never give out holiday food from my kitchen! I do, however, enjoy receiving homemade cookies and chocolates. Yum!

  208. Elizabeth says:

    I love getting a tray full of assorted cookies and candies. It’s the best present but also a hard one to share with the family. I want it all for myself :o)

  209. I love to make (and to give) decorated sugar cookies…the fancier the better! Last year I made dipped pretzel sticks and dipped candy canes for everyone as well as jars of hot cocoa mix. It was so much fun to do!

    And to get…my best friend gives me a plate of her homemade cookies and candies every year, it messes with my good health habits, but it is so worth it!

  210. jackie bateman says:

    school lunch peanute butter bars are always a hit!

  211. andrea says:

    My favorite holiday recipe is for the candy cane cookies my Mom and I used to make .I think they were just sugar cookies food dyed red and green twisted together and a dash of peppermint flavoring !

  212. Emily says:

    For giving food-type gifts, I’ve done homemade Irish Cream – it was delicious! Had to be refrigerated though – since I used fresh cream. I’ve got a friend who gives out her homemade caramels each year – and they are delicious – my favorite! She often gives a jar of her salsa as well. I look forward to both each holiday season.

  213. Karla says:

    I love love love warm apple cider in the cold holiday season. Nothing is more heart and soul warming than a big steaming mug of cider. I like to make it in the crock pot when we’re having guests over, it’s quick and easy, plus the aroma makes the whole house smell great!

  214. Tammy :) says:

    My friend’s mom is an awesome cook. Every Christmas she fills the house with homemade candy, so it is great to be there around the holidays. She makes Martha Washington balls, chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, peppermint bark candy, and buckeye balls, just to name a few! My absolute favorite are Millionaires (very much like Turtles)! She was kind enough to give me the recipe and now I can make them for my family at Christmas. 🙂

  215. Rachel says:

    My favorite holiday food: fudge of course. Although, I’m also partial to almond roca. Yum.

  216. Jennifer says:

    Mmm…I had a friend who made the best homemade cream of mushroom soup….it wasn’t holiday-based, but it was amazing. My grandmother would make chocolate jumbos every Christmas, and my cousins and I would eat them until we were sick. Mmm. sick on cookies.

  217. Amy S. says:

    I love the new kids patterns! Going to check them out!

  218. Jessica says:

    Favorite food gifts……COFFEE! Or just unusual bags of tea. I also love the jars with new soup creations to make on cold nights. But coffee or chocolate has to top the list!

  219. Grace says:

    My favorite holiday food: my father’s secret recipe eggnog! We look forward to having several batches starting at Thanksgiving. Lots of egg yolks, and cream and more cream and a big deal for my father to do the measuring and mixing! Add then the whiskey and voila!! Can’t wait.

  220. Karissa says:

    Oooh, my favorite holiday food is a baked mashed sweet potato dish topped with walnuts and brown sugar, which caramelizes in the oven. Yum!

  221. EmmyLizzy says:

    Gingerbread and homemade marshmallows. Mmmmm…..

  222. Adrienne says:

    I plan to give fill mason jars with this very yummy (taste tested and approved by two very picky boys) to everyone on our Christmas list:

    It is sooooo good. Makes me want pancakes for dinner!

  223. Miranda says:

    I can’t wait for handmade holidays! The wolf costume is beyond cute!

  224. Jeni says:

    I love giving chocolate chip/peppermint bark cookies at Christmastime. (See for recipe) They are sooooo delicious!

  225. Lindsay Gearing says:

    All these comments are making me hungry!!! Hungry for fabric! :o)

  226. Megan L. says:

    My favorite fall treat is my mothers spiced pumpkin cookies with the wonderful frosting on top! But for Christmas theres nothing better than her Carmel Popcorn! Oh boy, this gets me excited for the Holidays!

  227. I love those Portobello pixie patterns, and her gorgeous fabric!

  228. Patti says:

    Wanda’s homemade holiday fudge. But she won’t share the recipe! Yummy!

  229. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait to see all the handmade goin’ ons next month…. Already working on my to-do list and a couple projects. I love making homemade hot cocoa mix and giving it as gifts. They can be really cute in jars or very simple… looking forward to Christmas music and snowed in evenings!

  230. Christena says:

    My favorite food gifts to give are herb-infused vinegars and oils. They are so easy to make, but add so much flavor to foods. Plus…you can recycle glass containers for these and they look pretty.

  231. Jessica says:

    I like to make chocolate chip cookies that are a little sparse on the chocolate chips, and then use mini M&M’s to spell out the recipient’s name – usually one letter per cookie. A little time-consuming but fun for children :-). This year I’m also thinking about giving away hot chocolate mix – cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon, a little bit of cayenne …

  232. Jennifer says:

    My favorite food gift ever was some simple maple sugar candy from upstate New York; I was newly married to an upstate-New-York guy, and his mother thought I would enjoy it. There is nothing quite like tasting true maple sugar candy for the very first time ever.

    My daughter and I make several food gifts for my husband’s co-workers at various times of the year. We always do turkey cookies before Thanksgiving, a huge cookie sampler tray before Christmas, some sort of Valentine’s-themed tray, and definitely something green and chocolate for Saint Patrick’s Day. Whenever we can, we send something up to brighten their work day!

  233. Jennie says:

    Last year, I made a lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and light-as-air buttercream. We went door to door, handing out slices to our neighbors. It was a nice refreshing change from all the (yummy) chocolatey items you’d typically receive at Christmas time.

  234. Leanna says:

    You cannot beat anything pumpkin for the holiday season. My mom makes an awesome pumpkin crunch cake. I’ve also gotten a new recipe for pumpkin toffee bars…an interesting and not too sweet treat!

  235. Amy says:

    I love getting shortbread, toffee and any kind of candy/chocolate/cookies. I eat pretty well throughout the year, but I really look forward to the sweets each holiday season.

  236. daniela says:

    i have been quilting a bit more than usual, this means fabric is needed…. and for free, this would come in handy…

  237. hannita says:

    Mmm… my father’s side of the family gets together and makes dozens of tamales. Somehow they always taste better when you know you’ve had a hand in making them.

  238. I love holidays craft ideas! I have to say my favorite holiday foods are my grandmothers potato rolls (I’ve made them before but hers are so much better), and the minty chocolates they always have in the stores. Yumm.

  239. Jerilyn says:

    Well, anything with sugar is my favorite! But if I had to choose one it would be sludge balls (chocolate covered peanut butter balls). I got the recipe from a previous boss and learned that the name came from someone who was actually working at a sewer treatment plant that thought they looked like sludge balls. Well, the name may not be appetizing but they are very yummy.

  240. Andrea Methvin says:

    Loved “handmade holidays” last year-can’t wait to see the new tutorials. Who wouldn’t want to win a free yard of fabric? My favorite holiday food item to give is Chocolate Crinkles cookies, and it is also my family’s favorite Christmas treat to eat. People also enjoy when I make and give Sugar and Spice Pecans. I found the recipe in family fun a few years ago-so simple but quite delicious.

  241. Jen says:

    Can’t wait to see this year’s Handmade Holiday items! My fave food gift is by far my Dad’s homemade caramels.

  242. Dawn says:

    My favorite holiday foods are a tie between my mom’s english sage and onion stuffing that goes great with the turkey and my mother-in-law’s homemade pecan pie! Savor and sweet. Both recipes only come out at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  243. Rebecca says:

    Definitely, hands down, peanut butter balls are my favorite holiday treat (like a spherical reeses, but better!). I’m looking forward to handmade holidays. Like many of us, I am going to go handmade for a lot of our holiday just to try to save some $$ this year. But I also think that handmade gifts are special because of the love that goes into each one.

  244. Leah says:

    oh wow…. lots of goodies this week

  245. angela says:

    It has become tradition for me to give out fudge and toffee that I make every Christmas. Mmmmm.

  246. Annette M says:

    I love to make my grandmother’s fudge with pecans in it and give it away in tins.
    The smell of fudge in the kitchen feels like the holidays to me.
    We pick pecans in the back yard and have a cracking party.

  247. Janelle Harvey says:

    I love making and giving homemade caramels, wrapped in unbleached waxed paper. They look and taste so old-fashioned and everyone seems to love them.

  248. Jolene Wehner says:

    Living across the ocean in Germany, I sometimes feel out of touch with the folks back home. Food gifts are the best way to transport me back to Lancaster County, PA. Some of my favorites include: Homemade Salsa from local tomatoes and Mom’s famous Bell Sugar Cookies made with the bell-shaped cookie cutter Dad made Mom when they first met.

  249. Melinda says:

    I love making pumpkin roll. It is one of my all time favorites.

  250. mmm…the holidays are the BEST for food!!! i love homemade cookies and spiked eggnog…yum!!! and toffee. and peppermint bark. mmm…and starbucks peppermint mocha. i’m drooling now…

  251. Sarah says:

    It wasn’t holiday related, but the best food gifts I received were when I gave birth to my youngest daughter. Our Sunday school class families take turns feeding families with new additions one night each week. So for about the first two months, I looked so forward to Tuesday nights. I never knew what new treats we would be feasting on, but it was a huge gift to have that evening of freedom (and conversation with other grown ups 🙂 ).

  252. Nicole Todd says:

    My husband and I made these pumpkin pancakes the first year we were married for Thanksgiving. We absolutely love them and they have become one of our best loved traditions for our young family. You can find the original recipe at:

    1 1/4 cups unbleached all purpose flour
    3 tablespoons sugar
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    1 1/4 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1 1/3 cups whole milk
    3/4 cup canned pure pumpkin
    4 large eggs, separated
    1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Vegetable oil
    Maple syrup

    Whisk first 5 ingredients in large bowl to blend. Whisk milk, pumpkin, egg yolks, melted butter and vanilla in medium bowl to blend well. Add pumpkin mixture to dry ingredients; whisk just until smooth (batter will be thick). Using electric mixer, beat egg whites in another medium bowl until stiff but not dry. Fold whites into batter in 2 additions. Brush large nonstick skillet with oil; heat over medium heat. Working in batches, pour batter by 1/3 cupfuls into skillet. Cook until bubbles form on surface of pancakes and bottoms are brown, about 1 1/2 minutes per side. Repeat with remaining batter, brushing skillet with oil between batches. Serve with syrup.

  253. Jenn M says:

    Every Christmas Eve, my family dedicates an entire day to making sushi rolls for our neighbors, friends, and family. At the end of the day, I’m so tired of eating sushi that I never want to taste another bite again. Luckily, by next Christmas, I’ve forgotten all of my negative feelings towards sushi and am ready for another round of all day rice and nori!

  254. My sister sends everyone in the family a baked goodies box for Christmas. We patiently wait each year to see whats in store for us. There is always something new. Getting excited for Handmade Holidays to start again.

  255. Kelly says:

    My mom makes these sausage and cheddar balls. Only around Christmas time. I love those things!

  256. Hannah says:

    I can’t wait for the Handmade Holidays! I just love it! Hmm I can’t really decide about what my favorite holiday food is. I suppose if I had to choose, it would be Pumpkin Pie. It’s not just the pumpkin pie, it’s the whole ritual. My husband and I always have a midnight snack really late on the evening of Thanksgiving. We get a piece of pie out of the fridge and stand in the kitchen with freezing bare feet and share it. It’s the time of year and the sharing with each other that makes it taste so darn good. Other than the fact that pumpkin pie is our favorite 😉

  257. wendy melto says:

    Candied Orange Peel says “holidays” to me. My grandmother use to make it at Christmas time for my dad and now I make it for him!

  258. mommymae says:

    my favorite food given as a gift would be my childhood cleaning lady, martha’s iced sugar cookies. she would bring us a shirt sized gift box filled with cookies!! the best were santa heads. his beard was full of icing!!

  259. Missie says:

    My mother did this and now I do it, too………..I make banana bread and make up batches of hot chocolate mix and give those for Christmas gifts. Mmmmm good! And Mom still makes some for me, too!!!!

  260. sandy says:

    My favorite dish to make and give away is Crustless Strawberry Pie …. and it’s good for you too (jello pudding and jello are used). Please enter me in free friday. Thanks.

  261. Cindy B says:

    my mom’s cookies. She makes about 15 different kinds loads up a plate full and off the go to every neighbor, friend and daughter!

  262. Holly says:

    One of my friends makes homemade old-fashioned hard cinnamon candy. I love that stuff!

  263. MegVS says:

    Oh, my mom’s Starlight Sugar Crisp cookies are a no fail. Light and yummy!

  264. samantha says:

    i made apple butter and canned it and will be giving it with homemade bread.yumm

  265. Carolyn J. says:

    favorite holiday food – home made sand tarts, they aren’t hard but take time to get rolled thin and decorated. the recipe has been passed down through the family…..makes me hungry just thinking about them……LOL

  266. Me? A Mom? says:

    Once a year around the holidays I make these Neopolitan cookies that are made by stacking three layers of dough into a loaf pan and freezing them together. The first layer has chocolate syrup added to make it brown, the middle layer is plain dough, and the third layer has red food coloring for a pink color and a touch of almond extract. You cut and bake them and then — this is my favorite part – dip one end in chocolate. They are so yummy.

  267. Karie says:

    My favorite food gift, is the chili sauce my mom and aunt make, its soooo good, its like a chili sauce you would top a roast with or something. They make it every fall and it really has to be the best stuff ever.

  268. Dawn says:

    I’m making pumpkin pie from scratch this year. In the past, I’ve always made the filling from a can!! Going for the real stuff this year!

  269. BethieB says:

    Where to even start? Those aprons are perfect, I would probably sell a body organ to get my hands on one! (let’s not talk about whose body the organ came out of though, hehehe). And the patterns and forum are incredible. I’m not super active on the forum but I do check it and read up on it all the time, and some of my best ideas aren’t actually mine, they came from the other sewers on the forum.

    As for the best food gifts…that’s one of our best traditions – food presents for no apparent reason, doesn’t even have to be a holiday. And nothing makes me happier than my mother in law’s Swedish Tea Rings…OMG, it’s better than anything G or X rated in my life!! lol. She does the whole thing from scratch and by hand and it takes her an entire day, since she makes quite a few at once. For one of these, I’d be willing to part with one of my own organs…it’s the best thing, ever, simple as that. :0)

  270. Jo Garrett says:

    Last year I made hot cocoa mix for gifts. YUM! Who wouldn’t want hot chocolate? 🙂 And I always made tins of goodies for family and friends.

  271. Becky says:

    I love it when my neighbor makes her holiday fudge. She makes about 5 different types and it must take her hours. I love how her fudge tastes. That is DEFINATELY my favorite holiday food dish.

  272. Rita says:

    my own Mexican roots bring me to tamales, but I’ve also picked up making yulekage from my best friend with Swedish roots. I love them both

  273. Moonbeam says:

    Monster cookies! They are wonderful – you use whole containers of everything, and it makes dozens of cookies. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them 🙂 Here’s hoping for some free fabric!

  274. I can’t wait for the Handmade Holidays! I’m really trying to make lots of things to give away this year! We just moved into a new house with a pecan tree, so I am going to try some spiced pecans to give away.

    Giveaways are so much fun!

  275. Gigi says:

    Favorite Christmas food to give? Cookies, Homemade quick breads,spiced nut mixes, spice mixes, cookies in a jar, love them all. Have been giving cookies every year (last year we made 150 dozen) and love to bake. This year, I’ll be sewing more things, so I’m looking forward to more Tutorials. My favorite food gifts have been fresh fruit from Harry & David, wonderful clothes cutout cookies, cranberry nut bread, and an amazing smoked ham. Ok, give me food and I’m happy. Love the aprons and fabric.

  276. Jeannine says:

    I’ve recently tried Alicia Paulson’s recipe for Sour Cream Apple Pie – and my husband and I both think it will be a staple at Thanksgivings from now on. It was really tasty.

  277. Erin Hibshman says:

    I am eagerly anticipating your Holiday Round-up – there are such creative people out there! For my hand-made swap last year with crafty friends, I made homemade vanilla-nut granola. Rolled oats, cashews, almonds, pecans, honey and vanilla beans made it SO indulgent and delicious. For the quick and easy deliciousness, I layered mini-pretzels with white chocolate wafers and an M&M – YUMMY!

  278. sommer says:

    pick me! I am looking for cool fabric to make pillows for my living room

  279. Tina says:

    Love, love that apron.

    I made a yummy hot chocolate mix one year as a gift. It was made with chopped Ghirradelli(sp?) chocolate. Yum!

    The last two years I’ve made crock pot 4-bean soup in a jar as teacher gifts. Not as yummy as hot chocolate but much more practical. You can put the soup into the crock pot in the morning, and come home from work to yummy, homemade soup. It’s great. And looks nice layered in the canning jar.

  280. brenda says:

    You have just beautiful material. Can’t wait. Go Obama.

  281. Tanya says:

    I always like making my Mom’s “Nuts and Bolts” recipe – kind of like Chex Mix but way more flavor and made with Shreddies and lots of nuts. Great for hostess gifts.

  282. Chelley says:

    Every year I make fudge and homemade Irish Cream. YUM!

  283. Steph Wehrman says:

    It may sound cliche but I love to make cut-out sugar cookies with thick frosting and sprinkles. I enjoy delivering them to friends and neighbors by pulling them on the sled with my son- if there is snow! Maybe we should start practicing the Christmas carols now to have a little music with our giving this year.

  284. Ursa says:

    Favorite would be pumpkin muffins with choclate chips in them. So good. Perfect as they are small too.

  285. Christine says:

    My favorite holiday food to make, eat, AND give are holly cookies. They’re very much like rice crispies treats but you tint the marshmallow mixture green, mix in cornflakes instead of rice crispies (to look like holly leaves), drop individual cookies onto wax paper and put three redhots on top for the berries. They’re SO beautiful and extremely tasty!

  286. Heather Bush says:

    I hate pumpkin pie. Hubby loves it. I make him a pumpkin pie every week from now until Christmas. He loves coming home on Monday nights and smelling warm pumpkin pie coming out of the oven. He snacks on it all week and then waits patiently all weekend for another one. He says that the smell reminds him of home, family and Christmas.

  287. sandyandcosmo says:

    My chocolate-peanut butter fudge is always a big hit, friends start asking for it right after Thanksgiving. The best part for me? I make it in the microwave and it always comes out perfect!

  288. NIcki Newman says:

    I LOVE new fabric!

  289. Shannon Beshara says:

    I love Christmas so much I practically need a 12 step program, but I think one of my favorite holiday treats has to be toasted pumpkin seeds. They bring me back to the good ol’ days of getting ready for trick or treating, and in Canada, that’s no small feat. It usually involves a costume that is big enough to fit over a parka or a snowsuit, and making sure you got a nice, strong pillow case for your loot! This year, I toasted the seeds of pumpkins I grew myself, and I thought I would burst into tears of joy!

  290. dawn godek says:

    My favorite to give (and eat just as many) is homemade peanut butter cups.

  291. Carolyn says:

    My favorite holiday goodies to make are sugar cookies. I love decorating them and I give plates of them away at Christmas. Ooh, just thinking about cookies makes me want to go start baking!

  292. Toby says:

    One of my favorite things to make and give as gifts are Oatmeal Cranberry Walnut Choclate Swirl Chip cookies. Now if only there was a shorter name for them.

  293. Meilnda says:

    I don’t know if this counts as a gift but… Every year for as long as I can remember my Nana would make her Chocolate Trifle. Nothing terribly fancy, almost like an “semi-homemade recipe.” Marble pound cake, chocolate syrup, crushed heath bars, cool whip and chocolate pudding mix… But it was my favorite and ever year she made it, just at Christmas and just for me(or so she’d say). When she passed away two years ago my Grampa gave me the recipe. Now I make it for my family… only at Christmas. My 8yo son helps and it’s become my 2yo daughter’s favorite Holiday treat. She ran around asking for a “fuffle” well into February. =D

  294. Merilee J says:

    Those new patterns are adorable! My grandmother used to make oyster casserole every Christmas…still think about that dish over the holidays!

  295. Karen Peterson says:

    I don’t have a fav cookie – I just bake about 35 different kinds of Christmas cookies! Yum – yum!

  296. Chrissy Cronin says:

    One of my favorite holiday gifts to make (and receive as well!) are homemade cookies, muffins, scones, etc in a jar – You layer all of the pre-measured dry ingredients in a jar, top the lid with some pretty fabric, and attach the recipe/gift card with ribbon so the recipient can finish the recipe with the necessary wet ingredients. Charming, cheap, and oh so yummy! 🙂

  297. Kristen L says:

    It is a tradition to make Starlight Mint Surprise cookies every year. They’re a cookie passed down from my Grandma. You take a chunk of dough, press a mint chip inside, and roll it into a ball. Then place a walnut on top. They are delicious and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

  298. Sherry says:

    Every year the kids and I make lots of Pfeffernuesse. They were my grandpa’s (pop pop horsie) favorite cookie. We put them in little bags and give them to as many people as we can on Christmas eve night at our church service. It’s fun to see my little ones running about with huge smiles on their faces GIVING something and not just getting!

  299. Jennifer N says:

    I love making and receiving butter almond toffee. So easy and so amazing!

  300. Betsy says:

    I am going to repeat my last years gifts of gingerbread men shaped fudge. That was a HUGE hit.

  301. Alissa says:

    Growing up my mother would always make chocolate truffles for everyone at Christmas time… nothing better than some more chocolate around the holidays!

  302. Lesley Stenning says:

    I love halloween finger cookies, made with shortbread and with red icing on the “fingernails”. Yum.
    I also love free fabric!!

  303. allison says:

    ack. great stuff.
    have a great weekend!

  304. Mary says:

    My favorite holiday food is definitely Gingerbread Cookies!!
    I love your blog, there’s so much information(!!), and can’t wait for Handmade Holidays 2!!!

  305. dana says:

    For my sister-in-law who’s a busy worker and has basically everything, I decided a homemade Christmas gift was best last year. I made cookie dough in a variety of flavors, rolled it up in small logs in wax paper (and then in plastic wrap), inserted a cute little instruction card with info on each log and stuck them in the freezer. She loved it! I actually do that at home too for our family. When I make a large batch of cookie dough, I freeze most of it for future use. Then we always have fresh baked cookies when we want them!

  306. rachael says:

    Pick one Holiday food favorite? That impossible, almost. If I must choose, it would be pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Oh, yes please! A friend of ours makes her own holiday candies and the chocolate peanut butter is our fav!

  307. Thea says:

    I love all things pumpkin. So, my favorite food gift even after all these years, is my mom’s pumpkin bread. I also like to receive homemade, jams, jellies or anything canned, cause it reminds me of my Grandma. I like to give my homemade pesto sauce – cause it is impossible to buy a pesto sauce that yummy in the store.

  308. tooticky says:

    My favourite holiday “food” to give away is a tasty selection of baking from family recipes. I usually send a tin to close friends and family.

    I love to recieve candy made by my best friend’s husband – he makes incredible Almond Roca.

    Yep – candy and sweets are my focus at the holidays!

  309. Sara R. says:

    I love to roast the pumpkin seeds when we carve pumpkins for Halloween. I just pull them out, rinse and dry them, then toss them with olive oil, kosher salt and some random dried herbs. Toast until light brown! Yummy, and such a signal of fall for my family.

  310. Robin says:

    My favorite food to make at the holidays is pecan pie. It is a nice ending to a wonderful meal.

  311. Darby says:

    Homemade APPLE BUTTER! Mmm! Just made 10 pints yesterday!

  312. nandini says:

    I love to make cakes in jars.. they look really cute.. and very giftable.. (if thats a word) 🙂

  313. Jackie says:

    I can’t wait for the 2nd Handmade Holidays. I hope I can get lucky and get some free fabric. Thanks for such a great website.

  314. froghair says:

    my mom always made her special coffee cake on xmas morning, but these days, I am favoring anything with butternut squash this time of year.

  315. Andrea says:

    So much great news! I can’t wait to see what you amazing bunch have planned for next month.

  316. Lorrie says:

    Wow, there are so many great food gifts out there. One of my favourites was a basket of snack goodies given by my sister. She had a can of homemade party mix, some chocolates and cookies, all beautifully presented in a lined wicker basket. I use the basket every year and think of her when I do.


  317. molly says:

    I always make chocolate and peanut butter bars. My 5th grade teacher taught us how and I have been making them ever since.

  318. monica says:

    cookies of course!

  319. jayne says:

    My most favorite food gift was at Christmas one year, a loaf of homemade bread on a beautiful Christmas plate. Things that someone took their time to make for you are the best gifts.

  320. Marieke says:

    What is really Dutch and my favorite holiday food are “pepernoten”. We eat them while celebrating “Sinterklaas” (kids having presents on the 5th of December) and they are a kind of little crunchy gingerbread cookies (spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves).

  321. Missy says:

    More tutorials than last year? Oh boy I can’t wait! My favorite holiday treat to make is pumpkin cheesecake brownies. SO delish!

  322. Lori says:

    My husband would so love the Obama quilt!

  323. Kim G. says:

    Pumpkin bread is my all-time favorite during the holidays and it’s low fat…….NOT!!!!

  324. Mindy says:

    I made several batches of jam this summer and will be delivering it with freshly baked bread to my friends and neighbors. I just discovered the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and it is wonderful. It will make all that baking go much faster this year.

  325. I love good ole’ sweet potato casserole with lots of crunchy brown sugar topping atop 🙂

  326. kristine hanson says:

    I love holiday cookies, one of my favs is the jam thumbprint ones….they make me choke up when I eat them though, reminds me of my grandma who made them every year, sure do miss her

  327. Melissa says:

    My good friend shipped me peanut butter bon-bons, from her family’s secret recipe one year around Thanksgiving. They were amazing and so mouthwatering. But, really rich so my husband and I decided to hold off and only have one each night to make them last. The NEXT morning I walked into the kitchen to find a mouse eating one through a gnawed hole at the side of the plastic container they were in! We had to throw them all out. And, my friend, can’t pass on the secret recipe. We also had to exterminate. I almost cried.

  328. Teresa says:

    Peppermint bark, hands down. Every year I head to Williams-Sonoma and buy a double pack of it. Ginger snaps, too. I love the spicy smell the fill my whole house with.

  329. Amy says:

    Some friends of ours gave us a jar of homemade salsa and a bag of chips. It was delicious and kind of like being gifted with a party 🙂

  330. Tracey says:

    My favorite food gift is a box of a variety of homemade treats. It’s not only fun to receive, but it’s fun to give too!

  331. Shellie says:

    My favorite holiday treat that someone brought was a loaf of homemade bread. It was a relief to receive after all the sweets we’d been eating.

  332. Jordan Durbin says:

    Hmmm. . . . wow! So many good food ideas! i love to make chocolate dipped candy canes at Christmas time and give them. Also, any kind of cookies and pie!

  333. Jennifer says:

    last year I made chocolate covered oreos for my office – everyone loved them…

  334. Sarah says:

    I love to make an assortment of cookies and give them to my friends on vintage plates that I find in thrift stores. It’s a fun, cheap gift.

  335. Karen H says:

    I almosty always pick up a new cookie magazine this time of year. I love baking cookies!

    And I’m very excited about the upcoming Handmade Holidays month!!!!

  336. Krystal says:

    Every Christmas my grandmother used to make cherry spritz cookies – almond flavored cookie wrapped around maraschino cherries with a powdered sugar glaze – delicious! They were always my favorite growing up; now I make them for my family.

    I can’t wait for this year’s Handmade Holidays to start! There was so much inspiration last year, I still have a list of projects from those posts to try. Thanks for keeping us all busy! 🙂

  337. Katie R says:

    I love food, especially holiday food. I love the smell of homemade applesauce or apple butter. My favorite gift ever was when I was about 13 and my dad got me a bread machine. I hadn’t asked for one and was totally surprised and still love it! My kitchen aid mixer from my husband runs a close second.

  338. Lorien Hardy says:

    My Dad and Father-in-Law are crazy for my homemade artisan bread. I got the recipe from the King Arthur Flour Website (It’s in the cooking classes section under “Breads from the Hearth: Baguettes and Ciabatta”. It makes wonderful bread and is very impressive. Dad and FIL ask for it every year in lieu of presents.

  339. Catherine says:

    My husband likes to make chocolate chimichangas. They are flour tortillas filled with melted Hershey Bars then deep fried and sprinkled with powder sugar. They are super sweet and I can only eat half of one but they are oh so good. And my sister in-law makes a pumpkin cream cheese pie. I am sucker for the sweets.

  340. Michele says:

    I loved the handmade holidays from last year! I cannot wait to see what great ideas there are for this holiday season.

    My husband makes a fried turkey every year for Christmas dinner…and it’s delicious! Another favorite food would be my mother’s homemade cinnamon rolls. She always makes a bunch to hand out to family and friends…its a wonderful tradition.

  341. Celia says:

    Coconut macaroons. Yum.

    Cheese balls and crackers, white chocolate dipped pretzels, and homemade tamales are all great as well!

  342. Cami Paul says:

    Cinnamon Rolls are a family favorite. I use an old family recipe and make some for the neighbors too! I’m just a little famous in these parts for the cinnamon rolls.

  343. Sunny says:

    My favorite food is chicken noodles with mashed potatoes!!! Mmmmm… I getting hungry!

  344. For the holidays, we have a lot of different food traditions. But I think my favorite is making an old family candy recipe that I love. We call them handrolls. They are a creamy center dipped in chocolate rolled in toasted coconut. They are delicious!

  345. carrie says:

    I make enormous batches of pesto with our bumper crops of basil in the summer, then freeze it. Makes a lovely gift and a blast of summer flavor in the middle of winter–and it’s especially satisfying and wonderful on a grilled cheese sandwich!

  346. Miranda says:

    It’s all about sourdough bread for us this year (if i can keep from killing another starter)!

  347. Anary says:

    Rugaleh…HUmmmm That is my favorit e “treat”.
    I cannot wait for this election to be over…I just had about enough of this kool aid..phew.
    Great new pattern!

  348. lauren says:

    I’m making spritz cookies and chocolate chip cookies for everybody this year. Cookies are really one of the cheapest gifts out there, aren’t they? Maybe I’ll consider a third kind as well.
    And it’s not so special, but I really look forward to getting one of those dark chocolate oranges in my stocking every year. You know, the kind you smack against the table to split apart?

  349. Katie says:

    The wolfie costume is too cute!

    My favorite food to give is fudge! Who doesn’t love fudge? This year I’m thinking about making some “In-A-Jar” mixes. Ya know, like Brownie-Mix-In-A-Jar, etc. They always seem to be greatly appreciated.

  350. Michelle says:

    Love sugar cookies…or when my grandma would make (and later just buy) the white chocolate covered pretzels… And fudge – good homemade fudge is hard to make!

  351. Carol says:

    I love the new Farmer’s Market fabric and Portabello’s patterns. I want them all!

  352. Julia says:

    Holday food to make and give? Hmmm…I think that have to be the cinnamon waffles after my grandmother’s receipt ;o) I’m sorry I can’t just give you some of them to taste…and food for dinner: my special red cabbage {side dish to Christmas goose…} – even my mother didn’t manage to make a better one if I dare say so…;o)
    Can’t wait for the Handmade Holidays…
    Cheers, Julia

  353. Joy says:

    When we were first married my husband and I would make rye beer bread loaves.
    We’d give the bread with jars of 15 bean soup mix we put together. It made for
    some really good gifts. The warm soup and thick bread makes a terrific after holiday
    remedy for all the cookies and candies!

  354. Sara says:

    One of the best holiday gifts that we gave – was the year we canned a bunch veggies, made a ton of jams and jellies. and tried our hand at pickles – and everyone in our family wanted us to send them more after they had received their Christmas box with one jar of each…

    Sure made us feel great!!!

  355. Glenda says:

    30 years ago I started a family tradition with my young daughter – we baked and decorated sugar cookies to share with friends and family. For the past two years her children have joined us and I have to say my 5 year old granddaughter is a pretty good cookie maker….however her younger brother is a better cookie eater! Nothing prepares me for the Christmas season like buying colored sugar and sprinkles, and of course holiday fabrics!

  356. Denise Powers says:

    Baked Squash! It should be a dessert instead of a side dish.

  357. Jodie says:

    The best food gift I have ever gotten was a plate of Banana Nut muffins from my neighbor as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift. She’s one of those wonderful cooks who uses whatever she has on hand to create delicious food and never looks at a recipe or cookbook. I spent the entire summer trying to duplicate those muffins and she kindly taste-tested for me but they never did turn out as good as hers did!

  358. Kelly says:

    I love miniature mincemeat pies, made by cutting a circle of pie crust dough, filling one side, folding and sealing the edges. I’m thinking it’s about time to make some.

  359. Yetta says:

    I love pretzel byproducts! Chocolate covered pretzels, candy covered pretzel lollipops (these last forever: make them all through Dec and give them away whenever. They have a shelf live of up to 3 weeks stored properly), peanut butter pretzel mounts. Yum!!!!!

  360. Leslie Newton says:

    I sometimes give a Christmassy plate of cookies. Homemade fudge is always a big hit. My favorite is a “Tennessee” basket…Sourdough Bread from Bay’s Southern Bakery (Sold at Cracker Barrell, but the bakery is only a few miles from my home), my homemade jam, Moon Pies, Tennessee Chow-Chow, Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce, and King Leo Peppermint sticks.

  361. Mary Beth says:

    Love that Obama quilt and would love to get some free fabric!

  362. Tanya says:

    More giveaways?! Hmmmm…!! My daughter has a food allergy so for the past few years I have stopped giving food gifts for the holidays. However, we still make tons of cookies at home — all NUT FREE. 🙂

  363. Jen says:

    I love homemade cranberry sauce with walnuts … easy to make and tastes so good.

  364. Beth says:

    I make a mean fudge. And people love it. THey think it’s much harder to make than it is so it’s this delicious treat that impresses without much work at all. And it always disappears quickly. Definitely my fave food gift to make people, and one I only do at the Holidays.

  365. Lily says:

    Every year I look forward to some english toffee given to me by a friend. It is divine. I like to give away homemade bread and apple cider.

  366. Alisa says:

    I usually make almond sticks (they are a dutch thing) and give them away – the ones I can keep hidden from my husband that is. 🙂 I’m looking forward to your handmade holidays in November again, so much fun!

  367. Tiffany says:

    another good recipe is taking a small pretzel putting a rolo on top and putting it in the oven for just a couple of minutes, then as it comes out put a walnut or another nut on top—you have a little turtle======people rave about them

  368. Tiffany says:

    i love making homemade goodies, from chocolates, to candies, to cookies. It has a greater meaning than just going to the store and buying something.

  369. Beagoodmom says:

    I like to give/get cookie mixes in mason jars. When my 5 year olds want to make cookies, by the time I scramble for ingredients, they have lost interest. The mixes make it easier and they still have the fun of adding the wet ingredients.

  370. Wendy says:

    My childhood favorite treat was the sugar cookies my Grandma and Aunts decorated and mailed to us for Christmas. So yummy!

  371. Amanda says:

    Hmm, holiday foods bring a warmth to my heart. Every Christmas morning, we do a breakfast casserole with egg, sausage and cheese. It’s easy and totally unhealthy, but so delicious.

  372. Christina says:

    I have already been testing holiday recipes, and my favorite thus far is squash dinner rolls! I made them with butternut squash, and they were heavenly!

  373. Ashley says:

    Each year around this time I pull out my favorite recipe for Squash rolls. They are a wonderful orangey color with the addition of butternut squash and they have a bit of sweetness from maple syrup. I always bring them to our Thanksgiving dinner and they always get rave reviews!

  374. Sarah says:

    My favorite holiday food is definitely green bean casserole and real cranberry sauce!

    PS — Portabellopixie sewing patterns make me pine for a little girl..stat!

  375. Alissa says:

    I loved homemade holidays last year! We make cheese balls for neighbors rolled in bacon bits and chives for a festive look. My neighbor brought me homemade bagels!!! Wow!

  376. Mollye says:

    I’m a foodie, I’ve never received a food gift that I didn’t love. My favorite was homemade bread still warm from the oven.

  377. Sarah says:

    Every year we make a big production making sugar cookies. I use a recipe my grandmother used that turns out perfect everytime.

  378. Amy says:

    my homemade candy bars went over really really well last year. Not sure I will be doing much baking this year with our 2nd baby due on New Years Day, but we shall see!

  379. Red Robin says:

    A favorite holiday food gift for us is homemade candied or smoked pecans. The candied pecan recipe is so easy and quick to make, as well as simple to package in a cute or an elegant way. I don’t know about the smoked pecan recipe. The owner of that recipe doesn’t share. 🙁 Just about any homemade food item has been appreciated over the years by my recipients. It’s like a unique touch of your heart and hand being gifted to someone.

  380. JenB says:

    I’m a sucker for pumpkin bread. I could eat it nonstop from now until after the new year.

  381. Kick says:

    Favorite holiday food – apple crumble to make, give and receive!

  382. Pamela says:

    Homemade bread is a favorite of mine to give and receive. Somehow always tastes better then store bought. Maybe it’s the love kneaded in. 🙂

  383. Dana V. says:

    When my husband & I were first married and totally broke, we made cookies for everyone for Christmas, in hand-folded, hand-stamped bags. Everyone raved about them, and are still asking when we’re going to “do the cookie thing” again, years later. With the economy the way it is, it may be another “Cookie Christmas” in these parts… luckily, I don’t think our families will mind!

  384. Kendall says:

    You can’t go wrong with a good pumpkin pie!

  385. Lil' d says:

    Ah, I love Christmas food – the dinner, the mince pies, the Christmas cake… I’m getting a little discouraged that Americans don’t want to try my Christmas cake, though. It might just be that they have heard about my poor cooking skills, but I blame the bad rap that fruit cake gets over here. I’ve tried to explain that it is MOIST (that’ll be the sherry) and tasty – with a delicious topping of marzipan and Royal icing, but it gets shunned…

  386. erica says:

    My grandmother always makes “nippy carrots” for the holidays. I’m not sure where the name came from, but they’re delicious. She serves steamed chopped carrots warm with a sauce made from 3 tbsp butter and about a quarter cup each dijon mustard and brown sugar. Those measurements may not be totally accurate, because she and I both eyeball it. I’ve long since moved out of state, but I make those carrots where ever I wind up. Trust me, it’s a good one.

  387. Tammy says:

    I love to make homemade candies around Christmas time. I don’t get too fancy, but it still takes time. 🙂 I pass them out to our neighbors.

  388. Jen says:

    I’ve always loved to bake cookies and give them away at the holidays, but last year while we were visiting my folks at Christmas, we found out that they always receive a homemade lasagna and a pie from one of my dad’s cousins, ready for the freezer, available whevever they’re ready to eat it. And they’re seriously good, homemade noodles, imported ricotta, the works… I’m not ready to start making lasagnas for everyone I know, but we are making pies with the apples we’ve picked this fall to give as gifts. It’s fun for me, and I think it will be a great gift.

  389. Courtney says:

    Oh! My mom makes the most prefectly rich, decadent pumpkin dessert. She calls it pumpkin crisp and it’s made with TONS of sugar and butter and a box cake mix and cream cheese and more sugar (and well, pumpkin) but it is so YUMMY!

  390. Tamara Schroeder says:

    My favorite Christmas treat to receive is Nuts and Bolts, and my mom’s delicious fruit cake. My favorite to make and give cookies, I make an assortment of cookies to give each year to everyone we know (gingerbread, shortbread, PB blossoms, sugar cookies, and whatever new recipes I see that I HAVE to try). 🙂

  391. alianora says:

    Favorite holiday food to make for me is pecan pie! What can I say? I’m a traditionalist! I also love making sweet potato casserole with marshmallows.

  392. Annika says:

    My favorite thing about holiday foods is the traditions we’re making. Since we moved to Southern California, we’ve made Mexican food on Christmas day every year. We have so much fun discovering new recipes (mostly authentic, with some fun vegetarian variations thrown in) and the food is perfectly suited to the climate. And really, you can’t beat a margarita on Christmas.

  393. Hannah says:

    So many great ideas…I can’t wait to see more! Thanks!

  394. Baba says:

    Those are adorable patters! I’ll have to get busy sewing for the babies again. And I love these retro style aprons. Would love to win the fabric. I am so short on fabrics right now. Ouch!

  395. quenna says:

    A favorite fall recipe our family enjoys is pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I has a lovely orange-y color and a moister crumb than regular ones. Yummy!

  396. Greta says:

    Thanks for all of the great links! I can’t wait to see everything that’s in store for the Handmade Holidays. I loved last year’s and refer back to the links often. So if this year is bigger and better, we’re in for a real treat! 🙂

    My favorite holiday food gift is caramel corn. So sticky, sweet, and delicious!

  397. Linda says:

    I am looking forward to Handmade Holidays. I love giving, and receiving, gifts of homemade jams.

  398. Ginger says:

    I follow in my mother’s footsteps and give small loaves of apricot or cranberry bread. The recipes are hers, and she still makes them, too!

  399. Katie says:

    I got a pumpkin/chocolate chip bread recipe from etsy that is soooo good – I’m planning on making a few and giving them as gifts this year.

  400. elizabeth says:

    I’ve always enjoyed making and frosting cut-out cookies with my family. When I was young, and now with my children. They’re even more fun to eat!
    I can’t wait to see all the gift ideas this year! I had lots of fun sewing last holiday season and I’m ready to start again!

  401. My family lived in Miami, Florida for part of my childhood. We LOVED Key Lime pie so every Thanksgiving we have to have homemade Key Lime Pie as well as the regular pumpkin pies that are served.

  402. Samantha says:

    We don’t really give food around the holidays, but my husband’s Christmas cookies are a family favorite, and we really enjoy cranberry bread as well.

  403. Harley says:

    Love that apron. And can’t wait for Handmade Holidays!! I make a certain Powdered Sugar cookie every year to give as gifts. My hubby especially looks forward to them 🙂

  404. Marsha says:

    After my son was born a colleague brought me an apple cake and a jar of black walnuts in honey. The apples, honey and walnuts were all products of her back yard and I thought it the most splendid thing that she shared them with me at a time when I was feeling all earth-motherish. She was the kind of woman I wanted to be when I grew up – growing things and making things and sharing without reservation.

    Her gift came to be eight years ago and she died not long after. In the time since, I’ve remembered her often and hope that I’ve made at least a little headway to being as much like her as I’d wanted to be.

  405. Yolanda says:

    Good morning. I love to make and give sweet potato pies and Better Than Sex Cakes. I have already started to get requests for them.

  406. Corkers says:

    Wow, time flies with Halloween just around the corner… I wish I’d left time to make such an adorable wolfie costume!!

  407. Anna says:

    hey i’d like to be eligible for free fabric friday. i love the blog.

  408. Laura says:

    My favorite food to make is my homemade cranberry sauce! It’s a perfect plend of cranberry and orange- not too sweet, not too citrusy but juuuuuuust right. And the best thing is- it’s good on EVERYTHING!

  409. Stacy says:

    I am a little confused about Free Fabric Fridays – do we comment on this blog post or in the forums?

    Anyways, my favorite holiday foods include sugar cream pie and cranberry salad – yum cannot wait!!

  410. bec says:

    my grandma in law makes the best sugar cookies. so i will make a lot for the neighbors. just because i like to eat the ones that break.

  411. Yolanda says:

    The new patterns are too cute.

  412. Celeste says:

    Gingersnaps–I only make them during Christmastime, and they’re just about my favorite kind of cookie, so it’s such a treat come December!

  413. Kristen D. says:

    I always like to make a huge vegetable tray for Thanksgiving. In the middle of it all, I place a turkey that I have shaped out of bread dough with a hole in his belly where the veggie dip goes.

    I LOVE it when people gift me PEANUT BRITTLE!!!

  414. Julie says:

    I love to bake cookies, but I dont usually have the time. So at Christmas time I like to go all out and make these super yummy lemon sugar cookies with rasberry filling, and of course chocolate chip walnut cookies all from scratch! I make tons of cookies, for my mom, my husbands family, and the office. I spend 2 days making cookies! And at the end i’ve got my fill of making cookies until the next year!

  415. Kate says:

    I had never had Green Bean Casserole until I met my very French-Canadian boyfriend. Now it is one of my favorite holiday dishes.!

  416. alison says:

    The best food I’ve made for the holidays and gave as a gift is “Tall House Squares”. It’s my mom’s recipe, but she doesn’t bake anymore. They are my SIL’s favorite (and she doesn’t bake) so she usually gets a batch for Christmas. She even requests them for birthdays!
    A great idea for kids to make for a gift is cookie mix in a jar. They love to measure and pour the ingredients in the jar and stick the label on. It’s easy to print the directions onto a card and tie with a ribbon around the jar. The jar looks so pretty and if you name the cookies after you child it’s even more special (i.e. Jane’s Favorite Chocolate Cookies).

  417. Carrie says:

    I absolutely LOVE making zucchini bread for the holidays to give as a gift. I love the smell it leaves in my house. The cinnamon really makes is smell like the holidays. It is a staple around here for the holidays!

  418. BeckyR says:

    Yummmm, I’m going straight for the desserts! My favorite holiday food is Peanut Butter Bon Bons. We only make them once a year because they are fairly labor intensive. The whole family loves these.

  419. Elise says:

    My favorite holiday food to make is not really a holiday food but I make it for my family during the holidays is called Chada (sp) it is an Assyrian recipe from my grandmother. It is dough with a rue filling, and baked. Not fattening at all. I could eat it all day long at every meal mmmmm.

    Last year I made about 12 loaves and had my husband bring it out to my family in Chicago when he picked up my daughter from school. I had made them ahead of time so I had put them in the freezer, well when he gave them to my mother to distripute (a couple of days later) he did not tell her to put them in the freezer. So she had them just sitting out which would have been fine if they had not been in plastic bags. Needless to say some of the recipients had to cut MOLD off of their Chada!!! They ate around it that is how much our family loves the stuff and I am the only one who makes it still.

  420. Lori says:

    My favorite holiday food to give and receive is fudge. That was a staple growing up…Christmas = fudge.

  421. Virginia says:

    My sister has some food allergies, but she’s single and doesn’t have much time or motivation to cook for herself. My daughters have similar allergies, so starting about a month before Christmas, anytime I make muffins, I make an extra pan that I pop in the freezer instead of baking. My sister gets several dozen frozen uncooked muffins that she can pop into a muffin tin and bake any time she wants a piping hot muffin. It’s one of her favorite gifts even though she knows to expect it now.

  422. amanda says:

    That has to be pumpkin cheesecake. When that thing comes around, I get sorely tempted to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

  423. Amanda says:

    My favorite holiday food is ‘wedding cake’ cookies. I’m still looking for the perfect recipe, because my family loves the store bought ones! If they are present at a family gathering, you must hide them from us women!! We love them!

  424. I am giddy with excitement for Handmade Holidays! Yay!

  425. Abbi says:

    There are so many yummy holiday foods, but one of my favorite’s for Christmas that is SO simple is Christmas Gorp (Our name for it). We love to snack on food during the holidays as we play games and watch movies, and this recipe is perfect for that setting. Here is a sample recipe ( for it…I especially love the white chocolate, but you can make any changes to omit things you don’t like or add things you love! Hope you have fun with it!

  426. Regina says:

    My favorite food gifts were homemade mustard and shortbread. One year I made the mustard, including hand stamped labels, and gave it to friends and co-workers with little bags of pretzels tied on. The next year it was all about shortbread. I made batches and batches – all different shapes, borrowing shortbread pans from friends and family. My kitchen smelled so very very good – and I made the butter industry very happy that year!!!

    This year is sewing, not food, although hubby has a hankering to make truffles to enclose in some of my handmade fabric baskets. Who am I to argue -especially when I get to sample!!!

  427. Lynsay says:

    I love to bake around the holidays – gives me a reason to give away most of the calories instead of eating them myself. 🙂 My favorite holiday food related activity is cookie exchanges – so much fun to get little samples of a wide variety of holiday treats.

  428. CFBINNC says:

    One of the best food gifts I’ve received is a mulling spice mix from one of our local bakeries; it’s great with cider, craberry juice and apple juice, and it provides that wonderful spicy “welcome home” smell throughout my house – no baking required!

  429. Rina says:

    My favorite holiday recipe is a weight watchers cranberry-apricot sauce recipe found here: It’s fabulous!

  430. Caitlin says:

    I think my favorite holiday food is baclava. My great grandma and grandmother used to make this each Christmas from scratch, and it was always such an amazing dessert. I love the flaky crust layers with the sweet fillings! It is definitely a dessert to be remembered.

  431. Meghan says:

    I think this would be a close tie between my mother’s ‘cracker quiche’ appetizer, which only gets made for holidays–or the year I made a ton of frozen cookie dough and had fresh baked cookies any time company came over. It was quite a special treat.

  432. jennielle9 says:

    For Thanksgiving my family has always had a particular breakfast of stuffing patties. Basically–we don’t like stuffing in the bird and eating it with a golden brown crust all the way around with a mimosa or hot coffee is also way better than heating it in a casserole dish for dinner.

    Nice blog!

  433. Jessica says:

    I love homemade holidays and can’t wait for all your fun ideas. I love to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin bread, but my husband doesn’t like pumpkin so I have to make them for other people so I don’t eat it all. I also love my moms bran muffins that she makes every year to eat on Christmas morning aren’t traditions a wonderful thing.

  434. Tara says:

    Last year’s holiday gift ideas with the tutorials were simply divine. I can’t wait to see what suggestions you have for this year!

    Thank you for everything you do to continue to inspire us all!

  435. Myrnie says:

    Hmm…favorite holiday food to receive would have to be the vermont maple syrup my parents’ friends brought over every year. They would just about buy out the entire production of this little farm, and deliver the jugs to lucky friends and family.

  436. Amanda Smira says:

    First time poster!! I love the site and the fabrics are amazing!~


    McCain/Palin !!WooHoo

  437. Rachel says:

    I have an aunt who can make cookies that taste just like Girl Scout Thin Mints….our cookies don’t come in until March, so getting some homemade love that tastes like the real thing is a great way to make it until delivery! Oh, oh, and also: cinnamon peach jam. Holy. Moly.

    The best to give, though? My vote is for pumpkin bread, as long as there is enough for me to keep one for myself. 😀

  438. Dana says:

    When it comes to holiday baking I’m all about the cookies! I mail cookies to distant relatives and friends, take plates into work and eat a fair few myself. I’m still searching for the perfect sugar cut-outs…any ideas?

  439. Amy says:

    I love to make the Cooks Illustrated Green Bean Casserole!

  440. Deborah says:

    I have a great recipe for pumpkin bread that I love to make and give. I make it in the small loaf pans and wrap with scraps of fabric and accent with ribbon for gifts.

  441. Sarah Cosper says:

    I love getting homemade canned foods as a gift. When I get peaches or strawberry jam it is like giving me a memory of summer!

  442. Nicole says:

    One friend always makes the most amazing foods for gifts at Christmas. One year, homemade ketchup, next it’s black pepper stirfry sauce, but always, there’s the best caramels in the world!

  443. Angie Nelson says:

    I love to make cranberry sauce from scratch. I made it for the first time last year and WOW! It was so much better than the canned stuff (which I wouldn’t touch) and it is so very easy to make.

  444. Sara says:

    Ever since our family discovered this recipe for Pecan Pie Bars, it has become a Thanksgiving staple! It’s far more portable than Pecan Pie and foolproof too! I hope you all have a chance to try one (or four!). : )

  445. Jennifer says:

    I think that one of my favorite holiday traditions is having a cookie exchange. Go and coming home with a platter of yummy treats. It is a great way to try out new things.


  446. georgia says:

    oh, by far the best Christmas food gift EVER was a huge box of Ruby Red Grapefruits straight from Texas! I don’t miss a whole lot about TX, but I definitely miss the grapefruits, so when my sister sent me these, I was thrilled:) YUM!

  447. Tricia says:

    Ohh, my favorite food to make for the holidays is a casserole that I make with apples, sweet potato, squash, raisins, walnuts and oatmeal that is so good, and sweet and warm…
    I still love when my mom makes stuffing too, always home made.

  448. Kara says:

    one of my favorite holiday eatings is a christmas morning tradition: french toast. for some reason, it is a lot more special by sharing this breakfast favorite with the family on such a special day.

  449. Janet Parde says:

    My favorite holiday food to give: hot chocolate mix.

  450. kirsten says:

    well, holidays are all about the sweets, right? my favorites are russian tea cakes (cookies – also called mexican wedding cakes) – so yummy, esp. with the walnuts. also you have to make cinnamon rolls! mmmm…

  451. Marsel says:

    Last Christmas I used my grandma’s recipe for Krusciki (a traditional Polish pastry) to surprise my family. Grandma used to make it every Christmas, but we haven’t had it since she passed away eleven years ago…it was a little wistful but very wonderful to close our eyes and taste Christmas at Grandma’s again!

  452. Vanessa says:

    My favorite holiday food to make is Sweet Potato Souffle! With the sugary pecan top and sweet filling it is better than dessert! I also love to give Oreo Truffles! They are some of the easiet to make and sinful to eat! Recipe:

  453. Sarah says:

    I like to make a white chocolate chex mix. It includes chex, peanuts, cheerios, pretzels, and MnMs with white chocolate melted on top. I change the color of the MnMs depending on the Holiday (ex. red and green for Christmas). I put it in cute packaging and hand it out as gifts to friends and coworkers or I serve it at parties. Everyone loves it! It’s so easy and not very expensive to make!

  454. Anitra says:

    Last year one of my good friends made a big batch of limoncello and gave it out in little hand-labeled bottles for Christmas. It’s a really delicious lemon liqueur that pretty much tastes good with everything. 🙂 I liked it so much that I’m doing my own liqueurs and cordials for people this year!

  455. Ashley says:

    I love to make a double chocolate kahlua bundt cake for holiday parties. It’s easy to make, smells great, and plus, I may … um … double the liquor when baking. So everyone gets a treat! Plus, you can throw some powdered sugar on the top and some fresh sprigs of holly in the center and voila, a beautiful and tasty dish to boot!

  456. Kristy says:

    Ooh, one of my favorites is Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake–I found it in Woman’s Day a few years ago and I make it every Thanksgiving. I can’t find the recipe online, so I’m glad I tore it out!

  457. Very simple buttery sugar cookies are my favorite food item to make and give. Just white sugar on top.

  458. Ashley Ann says:

    Fudge! I love it. My step grandmother also makes some good peppermint bark.

  459. Stefanie says:

    After hearing talk about cakes in a jar earlier this year on the blog-osphere I am hoping to make a whole slew of them this year as “handmade” gifts!

  460. Nada says:

    cheese straws! I only ever crave them during the holidays…

  461. Trina says:

    One of my favorite holiday treats to make and eat is biscotti – what I love is how I can make it weeks in advance, freeze it before the holiday rush, then finish it just by toasting and icing it the day I want it ready!

  462. Robyn says:

    I love to make sugared and spiced nuts. I usually mix almonds and walnuts, then cover the walnut cans with pretty paper and gift them to friends and family by leaving them on their doorsteps. The smell in the house while cooking the nuts is unbelievable!

  463. Shawn says:

    I like to make homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate and give as gifts. Delicious!

  464. tammie says:

    Every year my best friend hosts a cookie swap – and without fail, I count on my recipe for Cinnamon Crackles! It has all the requirements for a good holiday cookie – makes a large batch, travels well, and looks (& tastes) great! They smell delicious while baking too. I will post the recipe on my blog later today, for anyone who wants to give them a try!

  465. Maggie says:

    Every year it was a tradition that my mom made homemade chocolate candy to give out to teachers, neighbors, friends, etc. Now my mom has passed the torch (and all of her candy making supplies) to me and I have started this tradition in my home. It is such fun to have friends and family over to make candy and everyone loves homemade chocolates as a gift!

  466. angie says:

    Cookies are my favorite food gift to give. I like to put them in a pretty little basket with an adorable fabric lining and that’s exactly what I would do if I won a free yard of fabric!!! :0)

  467. nettie says:

    the best food gift I’ve received is homemade chocolate truffles from my sis in law. to die for. my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

  468. Katherine says:

    Oh my, so much going on at once! Good luck with all of the fun to come. I can’t wait to see the outcome 🙂

  469. dianne says:

    I work in a school and must admit that I am a sucker for those layered jars of homemade brownie mix that you dump in a bowl and add eggs to. Maybe it’s the ease, maybe it’s the way they look in the jar. Mostly, it’s just the idea that someone thought of me while they created it. Delicious! My favorite thing to make for the holidays is sugar cookies – we have a family gathering every year and compete to see who has the most beautiful cookie. I love holiday baking!

  470. Jessica Burggraaf says:

    I have always enjoyed baking loaves of Cranberry-Orange Bread as a housewarming gift during the holidays. For spontaneous visits, a Mason jar filled with a bread recipe’s dry ingredients & a sweet recipe tag attached is a convenient substitute while it still conveys your genuine appreciation for the host.

  471. Michelle Cowden says:

    Prior to moving to our current home, we lived in a quiet neighborhood with a sweet family next door. There were two middle school aged daughters in their home, and every Christmas (Halloween, Easter, etc.) the girls and their mother would spend many an afternoon in their kitchen baking cookies and sweets for all the neighborhood. Then they would find a creative way to package their goodies and deliver them to us all. That is one of my fondest memories of living in that neighborhood- and a very fond memory in general.

  472. Lauren says:

    I love making big holiday cakes…………this year for Thanksgiving I am making a pumpkin cheesecake with a chocolate ganache on top……….so good!

  473. debra says:

    I always make Martha Stewarts white chocolate candy cane bark to give as a small token along with a GC to my sons teacher. Not only is it yummy but it looks very festive when packaged in a glass jar with ribbon. I have received many complements on the bark and best of all it is super easy to make!

  474. Jennifer says:

    one of your favorite holiday foods to make and give…

    Oh, it’s gotta be the pies. Pecan pie is a particular favorite of mine. Wow, you guys are totally making me drool thinking about this subject of holiday foods (I’m 8 months pregnant so this kind of food is my weakness!)

  475. Jennifer Anderson says:

    My favorite holiday food to make and give away is Cocoa Bundt cake with chocolate glaze. The recipe comes from a Hershey’s cook book that my sister gave me several years ago. My cake has gained a reputation at my sons’ school so that the teachers anticipate it. I make it in mini-cakes and wrap it up pretty for each of my sons’ teachers.

  476. Angela N says:

    Layer-in-a-jar muffins are perfect for teacher gifts. The kids love making them!

  477. Monica Gee says:

    Sugar cookies have to be one of my favorite Christmas time treats! Growing up my mom and I would make the dough every year, use dozens of Christmas-themed cookie cutters, and spend hours decorating all of the treats with frosting made from water, powdered sugar, and food dye. What fun memories!

  478. Christine says:

    My favorite holiday food is lasagna. I make it every Christmas Eve, so it’s a family tradition. The first year that I had the family over I tried to plan ahead, and made my lasagna the week before and froze it. Then Christmas Eve came, and the lasagna WOULD NOT thaw! We didn’t eat till 10:00 at night! We still laugh about it every year, and remember what a good sport my grandmother was about waiting til 10 for dinner (she was 86 at the time, and it was her last Christmas with us) so that is why lasagna is my favorite holiday food.

  479. Crystal says:

    I love to make pumpkin rolls for the holidays. Oh so good with cream cheese in the middle and pecans.

  480. Kate says:

    Monkey Bread! Monkey Bread is one of my absolutely definitely favorite holiday foods!

  481. Valerie says:

    I looooooooooove making and giving homemade marshmallows! My neighbors have now gotten to the point that they definitely expect them and are disappointed if they think I might not make them.

  482. That red riding hood cape is just darling. A friend’s daughter is having a red riding hood birthday party (with capes for each party guest). Off to email her this link!

  483. melanie says:

    My favorite fall/holiday food is apple butter, made with maple syrup. I make tons of it for my family, and put some in small jars to give away as holiday gifts. The jars look so pretty, and people are always happy to receive an handmade gift + it’s delicious! Here’s the recipe:

    – 8 big apples, cut in small pieces, without the skin
    – 1/2 cup of butter
    – 1/2 cup of maple syrup

    Cook on the stove on medium heat for 40-45 minutes. Let it cool down, then put it in the blender.


  484. Cathy says:

    Can’t wait for the handmade holidays!!! Thanks for the other tutorials in the meantime.

  485. jacquie says:

    every year i make thousands of little peppernut cookies and package them up in lots of creative ways to give as gifts. it’s become a tradition at my husband’s office, or should I say, now it’s expected. He gets asked…when are they coming?

  486. Monica says:

    I have been given so many yummy holiday goodies that it’s hard to choose just one! My good friend’s apple caramel cake would probably top the list. I am curious about this post. Is SMS endorsing the democratic candidate? I understand the DS quilt is up for auction, but I truly come here for creative inspiration, not to be asked for political contributions. Disappointing.

  487. Anne says:

    My favorite holiday food to give is of course homemade cookies. Seem as if so few people make homemade cookies and they are always welcomed. I love to receive homemade bread as a treat but who makes homemade bread anymore!

  488. Sara says:

    My absolute favorite holiday food to make is a cranberry pear pie w/ leaf shapes cut out of the top piece of crust. Every year I say I am not going to make the ‘same old pie’ but I cannot help myself. I just love the taste and so do most people I give it to. Most people have not had this combination in a pie and watching their 1st bite is worth the mess I make in the kitchen.

    The best food gift I received? When I moved out on my own my mom gave me the greatest gift. I was hosting the family Christmas and my mom gave me my grandmother’s recipe box. The box contained cards written out by my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. My mom made sure to include all the recipes for the things she (my mom) bakes/cooks, too. It was and is, by far, the best food gift I have ever received. Do not think it can ever be topped.

  489. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I love making peanut brittle and chocolate fudge – but especially peanut brittle

  490. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for making me aware of the link to the boards. I have been wanting to start back with hand embroidery and this blog has helped me get back into it.

  491. Kelly G. says:

    The 2 days after Thanksgiving, my mom, my sister and I get together and make TONS of baked goods. Sugar cookies and peanut butter blossoms and fudge and more… Then we each package some up and give it to friends. The rest gets brought on platters to family gatherings throughout the Holiday season.

  492. Ellen says:

    Every year I like to make and give mini breads: banana, nut, apple cinnamon etc. They freeze well and fit in a variety of gift baskets. They are also good for hostess gifts.

  493. Joanna says:

    One of the treats I make to give friends at Christmas is called Ginger Crunch. My Mom made it all the time as I was growing up and it’s so yummy. It’s basically a bar cookie and the topping is condensed milk, butter and powdered ginger. It seems to go especially well with men for some reason! I’ll be making a big batch of it again this year:)

  494. Tricia says:

    For many, many years, my sister has sent boxes of baked goodies to our far-flung family for Christmas. We look forward to it every year, especially her biscotti. Sometimes she cleverly packages the dough so we can have fresh-baked stuff. One year, we forgot it might be coming and she forgot to warn us about it… and we returned from a week-long trip to find a box of rancid, unbaked biscotti dough at our doorstep. Oops!

  495. Valerie says:

    Hi love Sandi’s new patterns, they’re just so girly and precious! I’m looking forward to having daughters so I can dress them like that!

  496. aimee says:

    I love pumpkin…anything pumpkin and my cousin makes these peanut butter balls (buckeyes) that are just heavenly.

  497. Estelle says:

    I like making and giving shortbread for the holidays. I learned how to make it in my first apt when I had no mixer, just a wooden spoon, bowl and elbow grease. It is a big hit with my family, it is simple made from simple ingredients, tastes delicious, and can easily be modified with all sorts of add-ins. And it packs and stores well.

  498. Cheryl says:

    Enjoyed your handmade holidays last year and am looking forward to all the inspiration you will be sharing this year.
    Have always loved the FFF, but have never won. Love all the fabrics. They are so fresh and modern!

  499. diana mcdonough says:

    Really enjoy your site/shop!!! looking forward to all the holiday goodness coming up!!!

  500. Stacee says:

    So cute! Love the apron!!

  501. Renee says:

    My favorite Holiday food is Fudge. It is really the only time of year that I have it!

  502. meg says:

    Ooh, how I love Handmade Holiday time! My sister-in-law gave us miniature chocolate-pumpkin swirl cheesecakes one year; that was pretty popular. I’m pretty fond of giving out jars of hot cocoa mix and homemade marshmallows and/or s’mores. I think I’ve done that for the last two years, and a few people will probably receive them again this time around.

  503. Lizzie says:

    I love making pumpkin pies with fresh pumpkin. So yum!

  504. Erica Barnes says:

    One of my favorite holidy foods is apple cider – I buy the gallon jugs and heat them on the stove in a large pot, throwing in lots of spices. Oooh, it warms me to my core!

  505. Katie says:

    I love to make cheese wafers. They’re type of cookie, but they taste like Cheez-Its! They’re delicious. You can even add some chili pepper if you want a little kick! I can’t wait for the holidays!!

    I would love to win some free fabric! 🙂

  506. Sandy says:

    Every year my friend Colleen makes at least a dozen different types of cookies and then organizes a night at the local bar to deliver a cookie box to everyone. It’s the best food gift I’ve ever gotten, not only because Colleen is an amazing baker, but because I know the time and effort it takes to make that many cookies. Colleen is a GREAT friend!

  507. Jen says:

    Prime rib. We make one every year for Christmas Day dinner and it’s ooooo sooooo gooood!

    Jen 🙂

  508. Helen Gillis says:

    My favorite food to give at the holidays is cookies – years ago I found a recipe in the Boston Globe for “Kate’s Fantastic Ginger Snaps” and they are FANTASTIC!! I’ve made them many times – when my son was in the Army, stationed in Kuwait, I shipped them there and even after being frozen and enduring a long trip, he said they still tasted great!!

    Helen in Malden, MA

  509. One of my favorite holiday foods to make and give away as gifts is the Amish Friendship Bread. Not only do you give them a loaf of bread, but you give them a starter so that they can make their own loaves to begin passing out!

  510. Michelle Jadaa says:

    i have a bread machine so i get a small basket and make a bread cloth with a pocket for a heat pack to go at the bottom,fill with home made bread or rolls:)

  511. Momma Roar says:

    My favorite holiday food is EVERYTHING!!! The pies, the veggies, the cranberry salads! But to pick one favorite – it would be a pie recipe from Southern Living that I only make at the holidays. A chocolate chunk toasted coconut pecan pie – YUM!

  512. Jennie Broadbent says:

    I love to make my mom’s delicious cheeseball for all our holiday parties.

  513. Jessica Mathew says:

    i just love to give homemade caramel corn. i only make it around the holiday’s and it is always a hit. i love to receive anything homemade. i love that some folks make old favorites and others new (to me) things that are super fun and tasty! for new inspiration for holiday meals, i always look to food & wine, whatever i make from their selections turns out great!

  514. Rachael says:

    Last year I got a loaf of homemade banana bread in the mail from Boston. It made it to Indianapolis and still tasted great!

  515. kirsten says:

    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my gran’s plum pudding. Recipe passed down for generations, taste covetted. She makes one for everyone every year.

  516. Christy says:

    My favorite food thing to give is Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice! Basically they’re made from a Hershey Kiss, maraschino cherry dipped in chocolate, and almond slivers. Growing up Chocolate Covered Cherries were my Great-Grandpa’s favorite Christmas candy and these remind me so much of him, with an extra fun twist.

    Everyone also loves my Peanut Butter Balls. They’re so simple and the kids can help make the balls so they’re fun to make. Last year my middle son was 4 and couldn’t wait until time to crush the Graham Crackers! He’d be the first one to the bathroom to wash his hands to make sure he got to get the Graham Crackers out so no one else could do it lol.

  517. Michelle says:

    I love Sew, Mama, Sew! I am so glad I have finally found it. I am doing an all handmade Christmas this year so you guys are like my best friend right now. Thank you for all the advise and tutorials. They are a lifesaver!
    My favorite food for the holidays are sticky buns on Christmas morning. My mom would never let us see what Santa brought us until we had some breakfast. She didn’t want us getting sick on candy. 🙂 So she would serve us these sticky buns, fresh out the oven, and dripping with sticky, gooey, sugary syrup. Yummy!

  518. ChristineG says:

    I made some ‘pumpkin butter’ this year (like apple butter) and canned it and it was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted!! A quick google search will yield many recipes, which are all fairly similar, so you can pretty much use any one, I’d say. SO GOOD!! Fresh bread and cream cheese and pumpkin butter…you can’t imagine. You certainly don’t need to can it as I did. It will keep awhile in your fridge. 🙂

  519. Jess says:

    A sort of food related gift…my mom made (actually MADE) me a plate the first Christmas after I got married, I get it out every Christmas and think about that first Christmas when life was all new and shiny!

  520. Anna says:

    One year I gave out gingerbread cake backed in a mason jar. That got the most wows and people tended to save it rather than eat it, but it was tasty too.

  521. Matilda says:

    It’s not technically food, but when I was 18 I spent a year abroad and lived in a host family. During a holiday, the grandmother of the family gave me a small homesewn bag with toffee! I didn’t expect her to give me anything, so it was a nice surprise – especially that she’d sewn the gift bag for me. I still have the bag, though the toffee is long gone… 🙂

  522. Kimmie says:

    Hmm, my favorite food…probably have to say the antipasto platter that my husband’s family has for every gathering….lots of italian yummies. My favorite food gift, my mama’s popcorn balls she makes *just for me.”

    thanks for all the hard work all of you put in to this blog…I really appreciate all the tips you share.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  523. marie says:

    Ooohhh… I love to make chocolate chip banana bread. So comforting! And of course, the cookie trays of sugar, chocolate chip, and fudge!

  524. Karen says:

    The Lula Dahl apron is so pretty!

  525. Brenda says:

    I made apple butter yesterday, with apples from our trees and sweetened with maple syrup from our trees this spring and local honey from the Amish. I’m looking forward to sharing it with friends and family this holiday season!

  526. erinmalia says:

    more tutorials and prizes?! woo hoo! can’t wait.

  527. Andi says:

    I love making (and receiving) shortbread. I know it’s simple and traditional but it is my all time favourite and I only ever make it during the holidays. Just goes to show that things don’t always have to be new or unique to be appreciated! I also like making gingerbread boys and girls decorated with white icing and silver balls, stacked and wrapped in clear celophane with a bright red and green ribbon – I really am a traditional girl!

  528. Anne says:

    The new favorite holiday food is Kugelhopf. I made a couple of them last year to eat and give. They are very beautiful and delicious, but are best eaten right away.

  529. Whistlepea says:

    My friend once made sweet cereal mix for everyone for Christmas- it was delicious!

  530. Shelley Jo says:

    Lovely apron!

  531. Sandy says:

    LOVE that “wolfie” costume!

  532. frida says:

    Wow, I’m the first …. My favourite holiday foods are my mum’s ravioli (italian handmade pasta with cheese and spinach filling) and the butter cookies my and my daughter bake every Xmas.

  533. Jenni says:

    Chocolate covered pretzels!

  534. Monica says:

    My favorite thing to bake and give around the holidays would be homemade cinnamon rolls! Many don’t take the time or effort to make these anymore – so they are a treat! A close second would be sugared pecans – yummy!

  535. Hmmm… last year once I discovered how simple they were Pumpkin Rolls became my new favorite. I just follow the recipe on the back of the can , easy peasy and sooooo good. In the past I’ve also done mixes in a jar, and homemade cinnamon bread. Can’t wait to follow along w/ the tutorials this year. They MADE my Christmas season last year!

  536. Lynne in NC says:

    My favorite holiday food to give is the Russian Tea Mix that my grandmother always made for us. My brothers expect it from me!
    I find seasonal glass containers throughout the year and fill ’em up.
    Patiently awaiting this year’s Handmade Holidays…….
    Lynne in NC

  537. alisha says:

    I”m not sure why I consider this a holiday food, but I only make it at Christmas: buckeyes or peanut butter balls. They’re a lot of work — rolling out the balls and dipping them in chocolate — but they’re worth it and have always been well-received. This year I’m also considering homemade marshmallows to go along with a homemade coco mix. But I’d like to find a really spectacular coco mix.

  538. betsy says:

    I love to make guava pastries for the holidays. You fill phyllo pastry with guava paste and bake. OMG , what a treat!

  539. lori says:

    I can’t wait until Handmade Holidays! I have recently fell back in love with sewing and would love ideas for the holidays!! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  540. doro says:

    the best food gift i’ve received last year. it was a bag of roasted almonds…but there were not only roasted. each almond was covered by delicious chocolate which tasted of vanilla, cinnamon and coriander. fantastic…


  541. Cass H says:

    I just thought about taking up embroidery so that forum topic really helps. Thanks! 🙂

  542. chelle says:

    OOo absolutely adored Handmade Holidays last year!

  543. mamabeck says:

    I absolutely :heart: that apron…the colors are fab!!!

  544. Janellybelly says:

    One Christmas I received a Chocolate Christmas tree made from melted chocolate and slivered almands. It was constructed by making several crosses in decreasing size and placing them on top of each other (secured with more melted chocolate) – it was delicious.

  545. Shannon says:

    My favorite food gift I have ever received was just last Christmas – a scrumptious Lemon Curd – absolutely delicious!

  546. Cynthia Johnson says:


    I can’t wait for your new holiday season tutorials. I really enjoy the ones in the past. Ehh gads….Holiday food! Well, since living in France, I have developed a totally different attitude towards holiday food. Here it is much less about baked goods and much more about fresh items. The biggest treat around here is fresh oysters for Christmas. Try it!

    And I would LOVE to win your giveaway.

    Cheers, Cynthia

  547. Caitlyn says:

    Its a classic, but it is not the holidays without spiked eggnog. I cannot host a holiday party without it– even if its just a party of one in front of the fireplace… 🙂

  548. Kristin L says:

    Those Portobello Pixie Patterns are adorable!

  549. Amber says:

    Oh fun – I can’t wait for the holiday posts! My favorite holiday food to make has to be baking cookies – every year I have a cookie exchange party at my house and it’s fun to get together and then keep a little of everyone’s cookies.

  550. Anna says:

    I count chocolate as food, so I’d go with chocolates from my favourite chocolaterie in Malmö, Sweden; Cacaofoni.

  551. Stacey says:

    I crave new fabric.

  552. Amy G says:

    The best holiday food I ever received was Monkey bread. It’s made with a cans of cinnamon rolls. You pull them apart into small balls, and roll them in cinnamon and butter. Place them in a bundt cake pan and bake. You pull them apart to eat them. Oooey-Gooey goodness.

  553. KARI says:

    Marshmallows seemed to be really popular last year so I made some for co-workers and I’ve NEVER gotten so many complements. It’s easy and fast, people are super impressed and one batch will cover several people. You can even make different flavors. My husband was so blown away–he would have nominated me for a nobel prize or made like I rebuilt my own car engine or something. I’m going to make more this year for sure! I think I’ll make some chocolate covered graham crackers to go along with the marshmallows…

  554. Sherri says:

    Wow, am I really the first to comment! I love food gifts, especially ones that come with recipes. My favorite was just a couple of years ago–a neighbor brought the most delicious cinnamon rolls we’ve ever had. Then the next day she brought over the recipe!

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