From Beth: Michelle from greetingarts wowed us with her Whirlygiggles Quilt of the Day during February’s Quilting Month. Michelle’s quilting skills and crochet magic are just the beginning of her creativity over at greetingarts. Michelle reviews a sewing pattern for us next so enjoy her introduction and blog, then enjoy the review.

From Michelle: Hi, I’m Michelle, 37 year old mom of two amazing girls ages 6 and 3. I’ve been married for 11 years (!) to a very understanding man who puts up with craft supplies, skeins of yarn and stacks of fabric taking over almost every closet and filling all the bookshelves and nooks and crannies of our home in Southern California. Until about a year ago, all of my quilting and sewing was done by hand, which I still find very relaxing and convenient too. But the projects started piling up… The ideas, inspiration and things I wanted to accomplish. I realized that in the interest of finishing even a fraction of that to-do list before I turn 100, I’d better embrace the sewing machine my husband bought me years ago and start putting it to work for me. I still love hand sewing best, but my Singer and I are becoming fast friends.