From Beth: Terri has a lot of wonderful creative ideas which she shares on her Terri’s Notebook blog. She shared a bit of that sewing energy with us, recently, in her Lola Apron pattern review (coming up next!). Enjoy Terri’s intro below, visit her blog and then check out her apron (she says she wouldn’t change a thing on the instructions for the apron!).

From Terri: Hi, I am Terri of I live in Wisconsin and I have been married for 7 years. We have two cats who act like babies. I have a full time job in corporate America, so I never have enough time for creative endeavors. I am generally a shy, quiet person, but I can get lively in comfortable situations or around people I am close to. I learned how to sew and knit when I was a little girl from my Mom and her sisters and my paternal grandma. We have very domestic women in our family, even the ones with careers outside the home, with lots of cooking, baking, sewing and knitting going on. When my mom was teaching me to sew, we made a lot of clothing, like track outfits, costumes for dance recitals, and doll clothes. I also love to knit and crochet, but lately I have been quilting, experimenting with more challenging sewing projects, and making lots of things for our home. Aside from work, home and crafts, I love to ski, hike and be outside gardening or daydreaming.