We loved putting together November’s Handmade Holidays.  We need to thank so many people:

  • First, our SMS board members–Meg, Autum, Bean, and Lara.  Thank you for helping us brainstorm and locate all the links, and for contributing your own fabulous tutorials.
  • Thank you to everyone who let us link to your tutorials, recipes and products.  Your creativity inspires us!
  • Thank you to all the publicists and designers who donated the amazing give-aways!  
  • A big thank you to all our visitors who stopped by to comment every day and who’ve made the commitment to giving handmade gifts this year.  Happy holidays!
  • Finally, I’d like to thank Beth who got up early every morning (we’re West coast) to put it all together and get each post out to you.  (I hope you still got some of your own crafting done, Beth!)

But wait…It’s not over yet.  Here are ten great reasons to stick around in December:

  1. Coupon codes to the Sew,Mama,Sew! shop.
  2. More prizes–fabric, patterns and more!
  3. Give-Away Day.  (The deadline to sign up is tomorrow!)
  4. Holidays at Home.
  5. Special posts from some of our favorite kids’ crafts experts.  They’ll be bringing you wonderful ideas for gifts that kids can make.
  6. Fabric announcements.  December is our biggest receiving month of the year.  Wait ’til you see!
  7. Highlights from the Handmade Holidays photo pool.
  8. Highlights from The Forum.
  9. Last minute ideas and inspiration.
  10. More pictures of Baby Poppy with her new teeth!  (OK, it’s completely gratuitous, but Grandma is reading.)

We look forward to seeing you here! 

PS–Did you see our special Cyber Monday post?  There is a coupon there…