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We’re glad you’re here, checking in with the fun every day. We know lots of people read their favorite blogs via Google Reader, Bloglines or a similar service. Since our Handmade Holidays series began our posts aren’t showing up in Bloglines (though Google Reader and other services pick up the posts just fine). We let Bloglines know awhile back but now we’re hoping you will too!

If you have time could you drop Bloglines a note for us? Just tell them people are missing out on your favorite posts from the Sew,Mama,Sew! blog (!

Thank you for your help!

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13 Responses to Bloglines

  1. jessica says:

    email sent.
    and i must say you guys are really kicking booty this month. thanks for compiling this incredible resource.

  2. ah ha, glad it’s not been just me it’s not working for, will contact bloglines and see if they can fix it.

  3. ran says:

    I sent them an email. I have missed several days, and didn’t realize I had. Just popped over to check, and there was all this wonderfulness I had missed! Grrrrrrrrrr on Bloglines….I am ready to switch to Google reader.

  4. Letty says:

    Hi, I also noticed that Bloglines didn’t update the posts of this blog so I just send them a message!
    Another question (hope this is allowed!): could your recommend another feed reader beside Bloglines and Google Reader (Google Reader is MUCH to slow for me to use!) ?

  5. Leah says:

    I’ve contacted them too. Now I have some serious catching up to do on your blog!

  6. melissa p. says:

    i had noticed and have been coming the “old fashioned” way! i did send the email, though, and hope to see you back up soon!

  7. Leigh says:

    I’m letting Bloglines know – I’m missing out on a couple of my favorite blogs!

  8. Sarah L says:

    Yep another one here. I had a look around and couldn’t see anything written about it, so thought it was just me. Dropping them a note now!!

  9. Tammy says:

    I’m thinking of switching over to something else besides Bloglines! There have been a lot of snags with Bloglines lately – including not publishing your posts! grrrrr…

  10. Jess says:

    Thanks for letting me know I wasnt just going crazy!!!

  11. I quit using bloglines several weeks back because of this problem. I’ve emailed them twice with no response so Google reader it is!

  12. Jessi says:

    I had noticed this! This same thing happened to my own blog a while back and then one day it just started working again! Hopefully they get it fixed soon, but in the meantime I’ll just make sure to drop in here and check on all the great ideas! Thanks!

  13. Christine Bolin says:

    Just sent them an e-mail. Hope it helps.

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