I hope your holiday crafting is coming along.  We had a full week of snow and ice here, which meant NO SCHOOL.  Although we had a lot of wonderful time together, it wasn’t exactly productive.  We made dozens of cookies though (and ate far too many.)  My 2005 MSL cookie edition has taken up a well-earned spot on the “Things to Save in a Fire” checklist.  We made the double chocolate cookies but substituted peppermint bark for the chocolate chunks. Yum!

Anyway, this is not a cookie blog.  On to the fabric.  We have some great new groups in the shop:

Darla by Tanya Whelan

Lush by Erin Michael

Granville from Alexander Henry

We’ll give away one yard of fabric to four people on Monday.  Rather than comment here, however, please head on over to the Forum where there are many sewists who need your help!  Please give them some advice on quilting feet; answer their questions about sewing books; help them with a pattern question, or just share in their joy of having finished a holiday gift. See you back here tomorrow with more Holidays at Home.