We have more fun today, with ideas for kids coming soon too. These holiday snippets below were submitted for our Holidays at Home series. Enjoy!

elsie marley

Meg shows how to create one of her family holiday traditions… English toffee! She writes, “English toffee was the first Christmas candy my mom made each year. After we were done with all the Thanksgiving leftovers, she would make a huge batch and stick it all in the freezer. And I would spend the entire month of December sneaking pieces of it thinking no one would notice. I think probably half was gone by the time Christmas rolled around! So now I make English toffee every year for Christmas and though I still eat my fair share I try to give most of it away.”

Nancy’s Arts, Crafts & Favorites

Nancy shares her thoughts and tips about bead & sequin ornaments (she’s made about 20). She writes, “Make ornamental holiday balls to use either as gifts, tree ornaments, or to group together in bowls for light reflection. They look especially nice with candles placed close to the sequin and beaded balls, because the light played off the surfaces giving a soft, glowing effect.”

Make Grow Gather

Kelly has lots of resources on her site for gift giving. She writes, “One includes several projects I created for the San Francisco Chronicle. I tried to create simple but sophisticated projects that don’t require lots of expertise or special equipment to make. And I also recently posted a tutorial for an illuminated photo cube made from recycled cd cases. I’ll also have an upcoming post this week about ornaments and decorations I’m making from some flea market finds.”

Film in the Fridge
Ashley’s decorating for the holidays… She writes, “I love paper chains, and decided to upgrade them a bit by creating something similar out of my favorite fabric scraps. I’ve posted a tutorial for this project on my blog. I’ve used Velcro to fasten the rings, and this makes it easy to change the order of the rings, or to use it as a toy for children when it’s not in use as decoration! I also just finished a Christmas tree skirt inspired by the tutorial on Crazy Mom Quilts. I made this one a bit larger so it would be visible under the tree. We don’t yet have presents under the tree, so I love how the patchwork blocks give the illusion of brightly wrapped gifts!

Diamonds, Fur and Laundry

Jennifer writes, “This is a new family tradition we started last year! In the beginning of December an elf door appears by our front door in the middle of the night. During the month the elves will leave little treats for all the good boys and girls in the house. The kids also know that these elves are telling Santa if the kids are being Naughty or Nice. My kids are always trying to see if they can elves going in and out the door. Its a lot of fun to watch them…” Jennifer has two posts about the elves so far this year. She also has a 15 minute apron tutorial and a crayon & note book cozy tutorial to share for gift giving.

Delightful Days
Wendy’s been working on several Christmas surprises. She’d love for you to see the neat trick involved with this vintage apron; she’s recreated a pattern based on the original.

V and Co.

Vanessa shows some of her holiday decorating and has a tutorial for this year’s ornaments. She writes, “I always add one set of ornaments each year (it started when we were first married and didn’t have any money so i had to decorate the tree with only ribbon); each year I either buy or this year I made our ornaments inspired by the Pottery Barn frame ornament.”

kleio’s belly
Mara has a lovely post about her grandmother’s Christmas decorations. She writes, “I don’t go too crazy as far as Christmas decorations go but the ones I do put up fill me with nostalgia and admiration for the amazing talents of my grandmother. It’s quite a legacy.”

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