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reese dixon

Tresa has lots of holiday spirit! She writes, “I’m kind of a Christmas fanatic, and every year I try to add a new Christmas tree to the festivities. This year’s theme was snowfall. We got a flocked tree with a combination of different sized white lights and I’ve festooned the whole thing with snowflakes of every shape and size. This is a quilled paper snowflake I made that is the real show-stopper of the tree. The tutorial is available on my blog here. And then I have to have matching paper and gift tags, so I’ve developed a tutorial for a sewn paper gift tag that fits with my snowflake theme… I have a few more tutorials slated from this tree, and then next week I start introducing our newly revamped Family Traditions tree with even more tutorials to come.”

Sara writes, “I can’t blog about this project because it’s a gift, but it was so fun I think other readers would like to see it. My little ones and I made a shirt for Grandma featuring her “little deeries”– reindeer made from the footprints of her grandkids! Vintage buttons made for perfect eyes and noses. The photo doesn’t show it, but I added a little red bow to the antlers of the red-nosed deer, the only girl in the group. If anyone else wants to try this, all they need is a t-shirt and some fabric paint– I used Tulip Soft in a chocolate brown color. Have lots of sudsy water and towels nearby to help clean up the little toes!”

Craft Schmaft

Claire has a pattern to share with you. She says, “I created a little softie for my baby boy, Oscar, earlier this year called the Tag Monster. Oscar is obsessed with labels. You know those little tags that come on the side of clothing and products? Yep, he can’t get enough of them. Forget the toy with it’s flashing lights, noisy rattle, shiny fabric and bright colours, he wants the tag. So I came up with the idea of a tag monster. Following a few requests I’ve made the idea into a pattern and posted it on my blog. It’s a great gift and, depending on how many tags you want to sew on, quite speedy to make. All you need is some ribbon, scraps of fabric, felt and stuffing a you’re away. I actually used ribbon that I’d saved from flowers, christening and baby shower gifts which made the little monster even more special. The original Tag Monster is here and the pattern is here.”

Momtastic Stitchery

Tabitha writes, “Gifts don’t always come in off the shelves or even hand made, sometimes they are straight out of the past say oh 1.4 million years or so!” Tabitha’s written a series of holiday posts this year; find them all here.

Craft ‘n Bitch

SerahRose says that, in part to help with holiday craft prep, “I hosted my first Craft ‘n Bitch tonight. As part of my new Theatre Hiatus (which I’ve renamed “sabbatical” in my head) I’m going to be having my girlfriends over twice a month to sit around and make stuff while we chit chat… I’m super proud of these super cool bean bags and have been looking for ways to share the idea with people. I hope you like them too!” The bean bags are for her child for Christmas.

puking pastilles

Georgia says, “These snow globes really turned out horribly. I can’t talk my kids out of giving them to their teachers, though! Moral of the story: don’t use Super Glue. I think if I could do it over, I’d use a hot glue gun. But I have no scientific basis for thinking this would work better than Super Glue. Click in for some other fun ideas for inexpensive, but very nice, gifts for kids.”

Lucy’s Tales from Home

Lucy writes, “So, how to make yourself a little Christmas-y wreath. I love to have some real greens in my house at Christmas. For the smell, the look and the feel of it. If my living room could be carpeted with snow and still be warm and cozy, well, that would be perfection. First you gather some sticks. If you are lucky enough to have a little property or know someone that does you can find all that you need free. (Or steal what you need from your neighbors…just kidding!)…”