One more round of holiday fun for Christmas Eve!… We hope your home is merry and bright.

Candied Fabrics

Candy writes, “I’ve been hard at work, trying to get a bunch of Going Green Totes done before the USPS mailing deadline of Saturday comes & goes. I bought the totes as blanks from Dharma Trading, then hand dyed them a single color, with some nice scrunchy texture. I then embellished them with a single piece of hand dyed fabric and a free motion quilted simple sketch of something nature-like.”

The Sometimes Crafter

Christina writes, “I needed a gift for my brother’s new girlfriend for Christmas, and wanting a smaller crochet hook case then the tutorials out there, I came up with this smaller version. It holds 7 hooks and is super quick to make up! Expand the hook pocket slightly and have it hold pairs of knitting needles instead. This could also be a great artist case, used to hold special pencils or pens.”

Mudmuffins and Woogiemonsters

Kristine has a stuffed Christmas tree tutorial. She writes, “I love Christmas trees, but I couldn’t buy one this year. So we’re starting a new tradition–stuffing instead of decorating the tree. After the holidays are over, we’re going to pull out all the stuffing in the tree so we can store it until next year. Maybe next year, I’ll add some ornaments! Enjoy!”

Genevieve Gail

Genevieve has a tutorial for one of her favorite winter crafts: Bird’s Nest Boxes.

Blue Bobbin

Marcia embroidered a moose pillow, using a child’s hands and feet for the design. She said her co-worker loved the gift!

Vacuum Queen

Min and Marcia think alike!– Min updated a family Christmas tradition and made moose pillows too… It’s a fun idea.


Suesue made these “Santa Sacks” for holiday gift giving. She adds, “I made gift bags with old bank bags embellished with vintage images and other notions, including jingle bells!”

Threads of Conversation

Dorie writes, “After all, Christmas is about the giving, not the buying, the shopping, and the getting! So, I’m giving of myself as much as I can this year! I started a batik Christmas table runner Saturday afternoon, and I actually finished binding it on Sunday evening!” Dorie has a free PDF pattern for the runner on her blog.

Make It Perfect

Toni has a tutorial for grandparent gifts. She writes, “I was stuck for ideas on what to get my Grandparents for Christmas this year. I wanted their present to be a little different and special…so I came up with these Family Photo Magnet Tiles! They were REALLY quick and easy to make and I was sooo happy with the finished result!”

Diamonds, Fur & Laundry

Jennifer shares a bit more about her holiday happenings on her blog. She writes, “I love to have the house look magical. I add elves, fairies, butterflies, peacocks, and saints of course to my trees to help with the magic. I also let the kids decorate the tree in the family room however they want. Then when we are done decorating we end with putting out the Nativities. That’s my kids’ favorite part of decorating… Seeing baby Jesus with Mary and all the wise men…”

Hermione J. Schwartz

Adrienne has two holiday traditions to share. She writes, “My favorite holiday tradition from back in the day, you know, the 80s is my granny-made, granny square stockings. Among other things, my great-grandma Kate was a phenomenal crochet. I don’t know when she made Christmas stockings for my cousins and me, but I can’t remember not having them. All my cousins have and still hang their stocking every year. There were nine of us great-grandchildren and my cousins collectively have twelve kids now, all of whom have stockings my grandmother (their great-grandmother) made for them. I barely remember opening presents from under the tree, but I clearly recall tearing through the overly stuffed stocking. We got coloring books, crayons, tiny toys, candy and of course a pack of Underoos! I still give underwear in stockings…it makes me giggle.” Adrienne writes more about her wonderful granny square stockings on her blog, and also shares her unique family holiday card tradition too.