Kid Craft Ideas for the Holidays

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We have some very crafty kids around here at Sew,Mama,Sew! Their excitement rivals ours as we create handmade holidays together! We asked a few of our favorite kid craft curators to share some of their best ideas for kid-crafted holiday gifts. First up is Cassi from The Crafty Crow. We’ve been a fan of Cassi’s for a long time, and enjoy glimpses of her creative side on her Bella Dia blog. This year Cassi started a new venture, compiling and sharing the best of the web for kids’ crafts. The effort has been a huge success, of course, and Cassi is single-handedly spreading the joy of kid craft throughout Blogland!

From Cassi:
Hello there everyone, my name is Cassi and I’m thrilled to be able to share some great gift ideas that children can make for the holidays. I am a single homeschooling mom to three and I’ve been blogging about my personal crafting experience at Bella Dia for four years and pulling together all the best children’s crafts from the blog world on my newest blog, The Crafty Crow. My three children and I have decided to make all our gifts this year and it has already been a wonderful experience! We’ve had more time together as a family and working one-on-one while we make each other’s gifts. They have been more invested in the spirit of the season instead of all the pressure being on me to get everything just right. I have been more relaxed as well, not having to take so many deep calming breaths while handing over my credit card at the store! Learning new skills such as felting, bookmaking, and embroidery is wonderful on its own but invaluable when your children realize that they are able to create something with their hands that is treasured more than a store bought gift – that lesson is priceless. Don’t feel that children have to do everything completely on their own; they can take the lead making choices on colors, materials, and placement but be there with a steady hand as they learn to use new tools and skills. Most importantly, let them know that the real value in their gift comes from the time and thought that went into it and not the material goods.

I have chosen some child-crafted gift ideas from my blog The Crafty Crow to get you and your children started with your own handmade holiday. Please check in all through the month as I have many more wonderful ideas and tutorials to post to make this your best holiday ever.

Make It

spacer Painted Wooden Doll Family

A painted wood peg doll family— you can paint your own family or one for a doll house or super heroes– the possibilities are endless! You can add to it by creating different backdrops as well.
Photo by Colorfool.
spacer Journals

This tutorial is for a travel journal but by changing the cover you can customize it for the recipient. Flowers for a garden journal, clouds for a dream journal, food for recipes, etc.
Photo by Zen Crafting.
spacer Wool Felted Soap

Wool felted soap! The perfect gift for anyone! I suggest using a hard milled soap so not too much of it is washed away in the felting process.
Photo by The Little Travelers.
spacer Shrinky Dinks

There are so many possibilities with shrinky dinks! The simplest– use a whole piece of shrink paper, draw a pretty picture, cut around the edges, punch a hole at the top and bake it. Put some string, twine or ribbon through the hole and you will have a lovely sun catcher to brighten someone’s day.
Photo by Nini Makes.
spacer Walking Sticks

These walking sticks are one of my most popular posts. They are easy for all ages and fun to decorate with colored electrical tape or masking tape and feathers. Kids love them but they also make a nice and practical gift for grandparents! Instead of tape you can paint them and use them in the garden for decoration as well.
Photo by Full Circle.

I made a big list of gifts that can be made from toddler/preschool artwork. This is the age that usually gets left out of a handmade holiday so it’s nice to be able to include them and let them feel that they are contributing as well.

Win It

Grand Revival Sewing Pattern

Tanya Whelan, the amazing designer behind Grand Revival, was kind enough to contribute an Ava Bag pattern and a Flea Market Bag pattern to our festivities this month. You can see Tanya’s creativity on her Grand Revival blog. And you must check out her new fabric collection, Darla, which just arrived in the shop! It is sweet, feminine and lots of fun.

Tell us about a kid-friendly craft that you enjoy for your chance to win one of these great patterns.

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202 Responses to Kid Craft Ideas for the Holidays

  1. Awesome, that’s precisely what I was looking for! You just spared me alot of searching around

  2. amazing stuff thanx Such a usefule blogรขโ‚ฌยฆwow !!!!

  3. monica says:

    neato fun stuff, i like the journal idea.

  4. Henrietta says:

    I am giving my 8yo daughter a homemade bag of crochet supplies for Christmas so I can teach her to crochet! It will be so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sarah says:

    This year my son covered a small shoe box with yellow construction paper and then pictures of trains from an old calendar. He gave it to his friend for a birthday gift. his friend loved it and I was so impressed with my son’s ideas for fitting the trains on the box. He had such a good time.

  6. gardenymph says:

    We love the crafty crow here at our house!!
    We enjoy making paper snowflakes and paper chains. :~)

  7. Jenny says:

    I just tried out the jean pocket purses for two little girls I know. It would be a great kids craft. IT can also be made into minimal or no sewing. I will be posting them later today on

  8. Sara says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas! My daughter loves to draw and paint so I will be using her art this Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Sara

  9. Melissa says:

    There are some great ideas here – I can’t wait to try them. My son and i love making gingerbread men together.

  10. Lisa says:

    We haven’t delved too far into craft-making yet with our son but we need to; he’d enjoy it. He does like to help with Christmas baking…brownies, cookies, etc. And he’s an excellent bowl-licker.

  11. Laura F says:

    My thirteen year old just started knitting with me .It makes this long time knitter so happy!

    My other daughter is ten.I just taught her how to embroider.

    I love the patterns.

  12. bec says:

    enjoyed making star ornaments with my three year old daughter. though i forgot the apron and was scrubbing mod podge off her clothes for days.

  13. Jillian says:

    More fantastic Ideas! My Nephews are into making books, so I’m really excited to make the journals with them. Thank you!

  14. Jessica says:

    One craft that I loved as a kid and will be teaching my daughter today, actually, is to heat transfer a drawn picture to a t-shirt. We’re just going to use heat transfer crayons, draw a design on white computer paper, and use an iron to transfer the design to a cotton shirt. My husband wears a lot of white tees under his dress shirts and I thought this would be a practical way for him to carry her art with him when he travels.

  15. jennifer says:

    These are such glorious ideas. Thanks!

  16. Christina says:

    These are great ideas. We just finished making yard pom pom sheep ornaments. I got the idea from family fun magazine. They turned out really cute.

  17. Joanna says:

    My kids and I just finished making clove-studded orange pomanders last night. My 2 year old daughter made hers all by herself, much to my surprise!

  18. jen says:

    Love the walking sticks! We are potato stamping wrapping paper this year, my daughter loves anything to do with painting

  19. Haydee says:

    Great ideas, I’ve always wanted to do shrinky dinks at least now with the kids I have an excuse to try it!
    I like to do any crafts with toilet roll tubes, decorating them to make serviette rings, people, bracelets.

  20. jodie says:

    I want to make the doll family!!

  21. Lisa says:

    We love to make memory games out of old Kerr lids. And even more, playing the game.

  22. min says:

    I love love love the walking sticks. My kids would be very into that. I would think it best to bring the electrical tape to the trip to the beach, since we pick up a walking stick every time we go to the beach. NW beaches have sticks a plenty.

  23. Love the new blogs! I might try the felt gingerman with my son. He might not get it quite yet, but I’ll have fun!

  24. Angela says:

    Paper snowflakes!

  25. Heather says:

    I LOVE The Crafty Crow and have found so many wonderful ideas and links there. One of our favorite crafts is the gingerbread house. Usually as many of the decorations end up being eaten as end up on the house! Thanks for the wonderful work you do inspiring the rest of us!

  26. Water Works says:

    I loved teaching my young son to loom knit. Now I-cords abound and everything that sits still has a little cap.

  27. Michele says:

    The Painted Wooden Doll Family is awesome! I cannot wait to try that out! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Katie says:

    Love the painted wooden family! Like I said on the newer post the Christmas crafts from the crafty crow have been wonderful! Thank you again!

  29. Carol C. says:

    Just added it to my blog roll. Excellent ideas!


  30. Josiane says:

    Those are great ideas!
    Wet felting with kids is really a lot of fun: with only soap, water, and some wool, you can create an amazing variety of things! Also, it doesn’t take too much time to get something done, so they’re not losing interest before the end of the activity.

  31. Joan J says:

    I babysit my almost 3 yr old grandson two days a week, and he LOVES to sew on my sewing machine with me. We made ornaments using fabric stabilizer and decorative sewing machine stitches. (He got to select the stitches, key in the appropriate numbers, push start and stop and cut the thread; I did all the hand work near the needle. The ornaments came out beautifully and can be used as gift tags as well! You can view the finished work on my blog . Original instructions from

  32. Kelly says:

    Oooh, love the felt soap idea too!

  33. Marie says:

    We make ornament with coffee grounds and cinnamon. Just cut out any shape, cover in glue and sprinkle cinnamon or coffee grounds. Smells nice

  34. Robyn says:

    Each year we take a fresh cut off the bottom of our Christmas tree before we place it in the stand. Then starting when we were first married and until now with our kiddos we paint the tree circle with our names, the year & anything else that strikes our fancy. Some years it may be a paw print from a new puppy, or new baby’s handprint or use the kid’s thumbprints to make a choo-choo. Then we put all the tree slice rings painted in a basket by the fireplace.

  35. Shelly says:

    I love the wool felted soap! How creative.

  36. Debra says:

    Cool tutorials!!! I love the walking sticks.

  37. alison says:

    My kids love to craft. We have just discovered Sculpty clay. My 2 oldest kids spent yesterday evening and this afternoon creating works of art and can’t wait for me to get some more clay so they can continue their creating.

  38. marcia says:

    A project my kids and I enjoy is this: they paint a piece of water color paper in an abstract design, covering the wholw sheet. bthen cut it into many butterflies, hearts, or whatever shape they choose, folding them a bit to add demension. These are then attached with glue dots, tape or however in a pattern that pleases on another sheet of paper. It is then framed. It looks professional, beautiful and is from the heart! They have been well recieved by teachers, grandparents, friends…a great gift! Have fun!bb

  39. Abbington says:

    This Christmas, my children drew pictures for me, which I then traced onto teatowels, handkerchiefs, potholders etc, and embroidered in split stitch as a gift for proud grandmothers and aunties. Also, collecting lovely leaves in autumn and getting two sheets of contact (clear adhesive plastic) – leave the backing on one piece, and arrange the leaves in a pretty design, perhaps with a message on a piece of paper as well, then stick the second piece of contact over the top. The recipient then peels away the bottom piece of backing paper and can stick their leaf picture up on a window for the sun to shine through.

  40. Jess says:

    My kids and I like to make snow ice cream, and get creative with flavors, colors, and sprinkles.

  41. Michelle says:

    Very cool!

  42. Katie Mitchell says:

    I like to make the salt dough ornaments with my kids. They love making them into shapes and then getting to paint them after they have baked.

  43. Colleen says:

    We make cinnamon applesauce ornaments! It appeals to all the senses!

  44. Laura says:

    My favorite kid craft is the old crayon-shavings-in-wax-paper trick. Make one of these and cut it out into appropriate shapes. Great way to celebrate the season of light!

  45. Jess says:

    My son’s only 17 months, so his craftiness is relegated to tearing, smashing and stabbing. However, he does an awesome job at tearing pieces of paper out of magazines, and (with a little mommy/glue help) slamming them onto large pieces of paper that we cut into strips/shapes. Then we cover them with contact paper and make bookmarks or ornaments.

  46. bess says:

    LOVE the pets with the wooden doll family! i’m actually taking blank wooden people on our vacation for all the cousins to make for an activity – should be fun!

  47. Sarah says:

    Love the ornaments made from styrofoam balls wrapped with fabric scraps, just tear the fabric and start wrapping, securing with pins if needed. We made these last year with my mother who used to be a sewer but now has severe dementia. She loved having her hands on fabric again. We used them as gifts for her grandchildren for whom she always made handmade gifts.

  48. Jill says:

    We are going to make stained-glass designs by sticking ripped pieces of tissue paper onto a sheet of clear contact paper. Then I can cut the finished “window” into a holiday shape (maybe a menorah?) and hang in the window.

  49. lesley says:

    my girls are into beads and we made bead ornaments this year. another fun thing for little kids is a paper chain with 24 links. tear one off everyday as a countdown to christmas! (you certainly could do this for chanuka too!) tear off the last link and ….yea!!! lesley

  50. Lalli says:

    I like the shrinky dinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. tasha roe says:

    for my 7 month old i plan on making her the stacking rings from Heather Bailey’s pattern colletion. She also has a little tu-tu sitting here ready to be wrapped. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lovely purse pattern!!

  52. Michelle says:

    I love the felted soap idea, that looks fun to make and use! We do lots of crafting around here, along with baking. I’m looking forward to sitting down tomorrow and making some paper snowflakes for our windows, we had such fun with that last year.

  53. Melissa says:

    My 3 year-old made presents for her grandparents and aunts and uncles this year. I had her color on 5×7″ sheets of heavy paper with crayons, then had her paint over her drawings with watercolors. Then we cut each piece of paper into strips, wrote a little message on the back of each, and got them laminated. Bookmarks! Easy, cheap, fun, and such a cute keepsake!

  54. mary says:

    My boys (3 and 6) are going to leave their handprints on many gifts this year–literally! I’ve traced their hands and we are going to freezer paper stencil the images to a tea cozy for grandma, a shirt for papa, a heating pad cover for Aunt Annie…. They’re going to help me with the painting….

  55. Amy says:

    Last year my husband and I bought a Sculpey sample pack for each of our children, as well as a tool set and good quality metal extruder. They’ve kept busy all year making little figures, fairy tale characters, and food and dishes for my daughter’s dollhouse.

    Thanks so much for pulling together these great children’s crafting resources!

  56. Samantha says:

    I love the Crafty Crow blog. I’ve been getting so many good ideas there.
    One of our favorite kid ornament projects was to let the kids paint with watercolors all over watercolor paper. They were toddlers when they did this, but it would work for any age. Once it was dry, I took cookie cutters and traced shapes onto the paper which I cut out. Then I mounted the shapes onto felt and cut around them with pinking shears. Add a ribbon for hanging and you have a cute ornament using your child’s artwork.

  57. Carey says:

    We create felt hairclips for all the best friends, usually felt flowers that are sewn together and hot glued onto the clip.

  58. amy says:

    Last Christmas my oldest son sewed pillows for everyone. I’m teaching my 6 & 8 year old to crochet. They also love to do any sort of painting and anything that involves making a mess!!

  59. Vicki says:

    I loved making play-doh when I was a kid. My mom was a teacher, so we always did random crafty things. I remember my fingers changing color from food die. too much fun.

  60. jennifer tuttle says:

    Wow, great patterns! I love to make gingerbread flet ornaments out of the outline of the kid’s hands. the four fingers end up being 2 pairs of legs! We decorate the palm as the heads (hugging) and then add buttons and rick rack for the details of the body. Each year we get to see bigger gingerbread people as their hands grow. So much fun!

  61. Alisa says:

    My son made a tic-tac-toe game with felt. I helped him thread the needle, but otherwise he did the rest himself. I wish there was a photo somewhere I could link to, but it was from a library book, Simple crafts with felt (or something like that). Thanks for showcasing this blog for us!

  62. Amanda says:

    Leaf rubbing. The 3-year old loves it! Flatten a couple of leaves for a few days, then place parchment paper over the leaves and rub crayons over the parchment paper.

  63. Amy says:

    My four year old and I just finished making angel ornaments out of clay pots. He painted them and I did the hot glue. I used to do this with my students when I taught fourth grade. I used to sew with my students too. I had each student cut out a star pattern in fabric. To incorporate math, we calculated the area and the perimeter and then they sewed it into a star ornament.

  64. Genevieve says:

    I love the Crafty Crow. My only problem is that I want to do everything on there! We made a gingerbread house together and are going to be doing the popcorn stringing thing tonight. Our main holiday thing is baking. What we make changes but cranberry orange nutbread is always a must.

  65. Joy S says:

    Mara —
    I am horribly allergic to wool — hives, itchy throat, coughing.
    But there is something in the felting process which seems to negate that.

    I don’t know what it is but felted wool is okay for me. My favorite clogs are felted wool and I can
    wear them without socks! I got a sweater this year for my birthday which was just lovely.
    Wore it for thirty minutes and had trouble breathing. I was SURE it was acrylic as the whole family knows of the wool allergy. Nope. 30% wool was enough to give me trouble.

    Just my 2 cents worth!

  66. We had a great time with the old standby, potato prints. I cut out stars and other shapes, and my daughter made prints that we used for holiday cards and wrapping paper.

  67. Martha W says:

    My grandkids like to play with the little houses in our Christmas sets. They enjoy making up their own Christmas stories about visiting their imaginary friends and use their matchbox cars to go from one to the other house.

  68. Ellen B says:

    Great ideas…My favorite from my kid’s days was the thumbprint turned into a reindeer! Also they loved icing and decorating xmas cookies (and still do!!!)

  69. Liz says:

    i just like those old-fashioned cut-out snowflakes! my art teacher in elementary school taught us to fold the paper into a triangle so you end up with “rays”. i just love doing those with kids. where i work, we took those big blocks of shredded wheat and had the kids crumble them, mix them with green paint and glue, and shape them into doughnuts–stick on some red beads, and you have beautiful little wreaths for them to take home and put on the christmas tree!

  70. Sandy H. says:

    Tomorrow I will spend the day with my grandsons – ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 – making chains and cookies for their Christmas tree. Also next week we will be making a gingerbread house together. I look forward to chaos!

  71. becky says:

    We used to to handprint dish towels for Grammie every year. She loved them, and used them to death because she knew she’d get a new one.

  72. Danielle says:

    We love making our Christmas gifts extra special by wrapping them with fun newspaper and then decorating like crazy! Glue, fabric, felt, marker ribon – you name it!

  73. Robin says:

    Such cute ideas! I’ll have to store them away for when my little girl is a bit older. =)

  74. wondrgirl says:

    potato stamps! they are the best
    they make great design for wrapping paper, and are good for little hands

  75. Joy says:

    There isnt much you can do with a newborn for Christmas, right? Well, make a reindeer! This is just like the old turkey from a traced hand idea. The baby’s foot is the face, the hands are the antlers and the thumb is the eyes and noes! You will have captured the size forever and it’s small enough to put on the tree or on a card!

  76. Anary says:

    Great idea! I would like very much to warp my diary with a map!
    I have these bags in my head forever! I would love these patterns!

  77. Stacy says:

    My children are still very young, so we do a lot of those foamies craft kits. I found one this year that is a nativity scene that we plan on putting together this week. We also color and paint “pretty pictures” for Grandma!

  78. Courtney says:

    Icicles made from silver pipe cleaners are great.

  79. Well, we always enjoy making things together, especially baking. I like the craft were you use candy canes, rolly eyes, and pipe cleaners to make reinder ornaments for the tree.

  80. LisaAlso says:

    I still love the old fashioned crayon-shavings-between-wax-paper-melt. Loved it as a kid, love it as a parent!

  81. Donette says:

    My kids are making fun cookies to give as gifts this year. Like bacon and eggs, which takes two pretzel rods and melts whilte chocolate on top and add a yellow m&m, and it looks like breakfast!

  82. K says:

    I am hoping to make a thumb print mouse with my toddler and frame it for an ornament.

  83. Lori says:

    My 3 year old son has Autism do a goal for him was to draw a smiley face. Now that he has mastered that (and loves it) Those pics are going into all the family x-mas cards this year. So simple but very meaningful to our family

  84. Kelli says:

    My daughter and I love the Crafty Crow. We loved making gumdrop trees from the site.

  85. Viv says:

    I really like quilting with my kids. After all it’s only sewing strainght lines to put a top otgether ๐Ÿ™‚ Those bag patterns are stunning.

  86. Nani says:

    My girls LOVE to craft! My 3 year old likes to string beads, sew using a plastic needle & yarn, cut, color, paint…you name it! Her favorite thing to do right now is fingerpaint in the shower…and it’s easy clean up for me!

  87. Suzette says:

    Oh I had forgotten about felted soap. It is so much fun to make

  88. Tanya says:

    My daughter and I just finished several decoupage votives using torn tissue paper and various Christmas themed shapes created with paper punches. The candle light through the colored tissue paper really looks pretty. Happy Holidays!

  89. we love to make and play with homemade play dough. and my kids also love scribble cookies~ we peel and break crayons and melt them in a muffin tin… maybe i will have to dedicate a blog post to these activities!!


  90. My 4 year old son did “shrinky dinks” for the first time a few months ago…not only did it bring me back to my childhood, it started a wonderful mommy/son craft that we both enjoy doing together! Love your blog and your fantastic, stimulating ideas as well!

  91. My daughter is only 2, so any big crafts need to wait a bit longer (although she would love to get into them!!). Our favorite to do now is to color. For Christmas, I am going to take her drawings and turn them into fabrics and make my relatives little pouches with her art on them. I hope they love them!

  92. Emily says:

    Oh my – I am in love with the Crafty Crow! I cannot let my daughter see that site! It would crafting 24 hours a day around here! Lets see, how many advent days that can be crafty?….

  93. karissa says:

    My kids and I are decorating cookies for our friends!

  94. Lisa says:

    I’m planning to make a plaster-of-paris ornament using my son’s handprint. He’s 4 and I remember my mother doing that with me when I was about his age. She still has it, too…it’s been glued back together and looks a little rough, but still fun to look at.

  95. Limor says:

    I’ve been wanting to make some of those wooden peg dolls for the longest time. I think that I’m going to suggest that as a project for my moms group.

  96. lorchick says:

    I have a 17 month old so it’s hard to incorporate her into my crafting… but for wrapping paper this year I’m going to pick up some old newspapers and spread them all over our unfinished basement floor and let her go at it with homemade finger paint (so it won’t hurt if she eats some.)
    Then after she’s made hand and foot prints and smudges all over the place and the paper is dried, it will be a unique and eco-friendly wrapping paper!

  97. Valerie says:

    My daughter is only 2 so her crafting abilities only extend to crayola, lol. I will share with you a favorite Christmas craft from my childhood. My sisters and I would make white wreaths with a wire coat hanger and white garbage bags. We would cut strips in equal length from the white bags and then tie the strips around the rounded out coat hanger until it was nice and full. The best part was that they where water proof so we could hang them on the front door.

  98. nikko says:

    These are some great ideas! I can’t wait till my boys are out of school (ages 6 and 8) so we can do some more crafting together. They have recently done some simple embroidery and enjoyed it! Yay!

  99. Judy says:

    Peanut People! Use pipecleaners for the arms & legs, glue on google eyes and add felt accessories (scarves, hats etc.).

  100. My two year old twins stamped, painted, and colored a large roll of paper that we are using for chirstmas wrapping paper. They also, painted Christmas cards and decorated wood pieces of objects that we drilled holes into and gave family as Christmas ornaments. Thanks for all your great links and ideas.

  101. Emily says:

    My daughter has been making magazine beads for necklaces and bracelets. I’m surprised with how adorable and durable they are. We got the idea from a book, but this link shows the general idea…

  102. Liz says:

    I simply love Crafty Crow and always get all my kids’ crafting ideas from there. Such an awesome resource!!

  103. beautia says:

    I like making magnets using magazines and clear marble accents.

  104. Natasha says:

    We took plain white handkerchiefs and the kids each put their handprints on them with fabric paint, then each child signs their name. These will be wrapped for grandparents. We make them each year.

    Also, we take clear glass ornaments (large ones) and the kids put their handprints on them and put glitter inside, a pretty ribbon on top and add the date with a paint pen. We do this one every few years. They start out being able to fit both hands on and then eventually only one hand fits. I have a beautiful set of ornaments with the kids’ handprints on them!! (to be totally honest they bring tears to my eyes when I hold the smallest of the prints in my hands each year)

  105. Concha says:

    I love making ponpons with children! And they actually make great Xmas tree ornaments!

  106. SarahB says:

    I love those bag patterns! I’ve been wanting to make a new purse for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A few special kid-crafted holiday gifts that I’m hoping to do with my little ones (9 months, 2-3/4 years and 4-1/2 years) this year for the first time for grandparents– make ornaments out of bakeable dough with handprints and paint picture frames themselves. I’m also going to have my 4 year old make a special drawing for her preschool teachers, scan that image in, and print the design onto notepads as part of their holiday gift.

  107. Emily says:

    When I was a kid, I cross-stitched some hand towels for my grandparents (they were towels that had a small area that was made of cross-stitch material). My grandparents used them for about 20 years, and when they died recently, I got the towels. They are still usable, but a bit faded. I think it was the best-loved gift I ever gave them.

  108. My favorite is snowman cookies…just like sugar cookie dough, but you roll three balls and stick them together to make a snowman. Then decorate! Yummy.

  109. Ani Hudson says:

    The journals and felted soap are wonderful gift ideas! My dau is 14, these will be fun gifts for her teen friends. Thanks so much for these, Ani

  110. shaina says:

    Those are really fun ideas! I love the purse pattern.

  111. All8garden says:

    Our kids love making paper snowflakes. This year they hung them on the Christmas tree, but in previous years they’ve been hung in the windows, hung from the light fixtures, and taped to bedroom doors and such. It’s amazing the creativity and the designs that emerge from plain paper and scissors.

  112. Kari says:

    these are awesome ideas! Shrinky Dinks are so much fun:)

  113. Jeannine says:

    My son and I like making paper chains. Unfortunately, his attention span isn’t very large, so he moves on to something else after about 8 links!

  114. Kat says:

    I’d have to say that edible garlands are my fave children’s holiday craft. Popcorn, cranberries, even jelly beans. Of course, the real fun is in eating them… Decorating christmas cookies is also a sure-fire pleaser.

  115. Debbie says:

    I have made so many crafts with my nieces and nephews over the years that it is hard to pick a favorite. One of my fondest memories is helping my nephew put together a stuffed animal kit that he bought to make for his parents for Christmas. It was a lot of work and beyond his sewing skills, but he worked at it and was thrilled to give them a gift that he made. He is grown now, but his parents still cherish that gift.

  116. jill m says:

    Every year I have my kids draw theme-related pictures (snow, or santa, or trees). I then reduce them in size and put them on notecards to give as gifts to teachers, sunday school teachers, grandparents, neighbors, hair dresser, etc.

  117. Lindsey says:

    My kids will love doing those shrinky dinks. Great idea.

  118. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the introduction to the crafty crow! What a great site! My kids’ favorite gifts to make are cookies and those “mix in a jar” gifts.

  119. Terri says:

    We made ornaments. The children drew with markers onto some muslin. I cut it out and sewed it onto some pretty fabric. I sewed around the shape of the drawing and adding some ribbon for hanging. Then we stuffed it and sewed up the opening and voila a beautiful handmade ornament. My little guy (5) made the cutest Christmas tree that we are going to treasure for years to come. THANKS for the chance to win! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  120. Ramona says:

    MY kids are all in their late teens, early twenty now but they still love to make Christmas cookies every year and now my oldest likes to paint ceramic pieces for people. I have fond memories of paper chains, puppets, not to mention the elaborate puppet shows they did. It was so fun!/

  121. Scubagoose says:

    Since my little ones (3 and 1) live so far from their grandparents i like to have them finger paint or leave hand or footprints on old brown paper bags. Then i wrap up gifts and packages with their art! The grandparents and kids love it and it’s a good use for those old grocery bags.

  122. Lisa says:

    We made beaded elf ornaments that we found in a magazine (I don’t know which one). But the painted family – so much cuteness there. I love it.

  123. Fiona says:

    The journals look easy enough for an adult to do too!

  124. RachelJ says:

    Great ideas. Thanks.

  125. I put my kids to work each year making Christmas ornaments. It keeps them quiet for half an hour and I get to have a pretty looking tree.

  126. alisha says:

    Earlier this year when my niece visited, I bought white fabric with a black line design of leaves (it was from IKEA) and fabric markers. We colored in the leaves with the fabric markers, then I used the fabric to make a bag for my niece. We both had a lot of fun making it.

  127. HeidiMonkey says:

    My boyfriend’s son and I turn his drawings into real stuffed monsters and then he can give his art as gifts!

  128. Carrie says:

    My son had a great time picking out fabric for drawstring bags for his cousins. Then we are going to go to the dollar store to fill them up!

  129. Holly says:

    Not really a gift, but I’ve been enjoying making paper chains with my 4-year-old. It’s the first holiday craft he’s really been able to do on his own with minimal frustration. He’s also really into “A Christmas Carol” so we even made “Marley’s chains” out of duct tape!

  130. Keilah says:

    My daughter loves to cut and color anything. We just finished our Jesse Tree ornaments made of construction paper. Next year we will sew them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  131. Ellen says:

    I enjoy making the ornaments with cinnamon and applesauce with kids… they always turn out beautiful and they smell wonderful!

  132. toebi r says:

    my favorite is construction paper and water. my son will ‘paint’ the construction paper with water, and there is no messy paint everywhere.

  133. Becca says:

    I don’t have my own kids, but the crafts I make at Christmas time need to be the kind that I can manage with 20-or-so 6-8 year olds in my class at school! My favorite is painting 3 fingers white, pressing them on a glass-ball ornament. Once the paint is dry, the student decorates with Sharpie markers. And voila… 3 little snowmen made with their cute lil’ hands! I attach a poem and we wrap them up for parents!

  134. Jen B. says:

    I loved making balloon ornaments, the kind you make by wrapping gluey string around a balloon, letting it dry then popping the balloon. Sometimes there’s glitter involved. ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. Julia in MI says:

    My kids love to make paper chains to hang in their bedroom during this time of year. My daughter aslo enjoys making her own cards for friend’s birthdays or Christmas gift tags. I think your shrinky dinks idea would be perfect for the kids to make their own Christmas ornaments this year. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  136. Dawn says:

    Enjoyed reading all the kids craft ideas today! Here I like to cut accidentally felted sweaters into squares and the children can make a quilt with the squares. They are easy to get the plastic needles through and we just use embroidery floss so everything is chunky and easy to use. Also with pompoms and google eyes we do the little caterpillars on clothespins and also things generally deteriorate until we are making one pom pom sized creatures with huge eyes. They sit around the house as our mascots ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. ellen says:

    The painted wooden family is too cute.

  138. EmmyLizzy says:

    My favorite thing to do with my little cousin is make paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling.

  139. Kate says:

    We’re about to embark on a great cookie making adventure. We’ll be using the Cookie Monstor sugar cookie recipe, which we used when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see the gobs of sprinkles!!

  140. Loralynn says:

    Every year on Thanksgiving day we make wooden ornaments for the tree. We paint, we glitter, we glue…we don’t always get them completely done, but we have a great time doing them!

  141. Denise Banker says:

    I have taught my two boys to knit. They were each about 7 when they learned. They made beanie baby scarves for their friends.

  142. Kathleen says:

    Homemade playdough is a favorite around here! The girls have been helping me with some felt ornaments I’ve been making for co-workers. They have even sew together one or two themselves, picking bright buttons to compliments the big colorful stitches (thank goodness for blue needles).

    Not quite a craft, persae, but we bake a lot of bread around here. At the holidays, I embelish loave for neighbors and friends. The girls always enjoy helping make bread dough decorations and pretzels.

  143. MegVS says:

    I have been wanting to make playdough for my daughter!

  144. Libby says:

    I love making the sticky note covers with my niece. You take a sticky note pad and fold a decorated card stock around it. Cut the card stock to be the same height as the pad and long enough to fold around with a little flap left over to secure it with a brad.

  145. Lael says:

    We made sculpty clay figures for houseplants

  146. Hilary Kent says:

    What wonderful ideas.

  147. Mary Ann M says:

    My granddaughters are busy stringing jingle bells onto elastic wristbands so they can make music while they ‘dance’. Thanks for all your great ideas..

  148. gatorgirl4325 says:

    My kids are teenagers now, but we still enjoy making the glass ornaments with glitter inside them.
    Just a few drops of a dye ink and some glitter make some eyecatching ornaments for your tree.

  149. Tanya says:

    My girls love crats. They enjoy collage, threading pasta tubes like penne onto string to make necklaces.

    Last year my then almost 3 year old made Christmas decorations out of paper patty pans. She flattened them out, then did collage on them with assorted coloured paper, and we made pipecleaner hooks to hang them on the tree.
    Another good one for making bells is to cut and egg carton up, and use the little cups to make Christmas bells. Simply cover them in foil, and add string or pipecleaner hooks to hang them up.

  150. Selina says:

    Reindeer heads are fun to make. You trace the child’s foot for the reindeer head, then trace a hand on each side of the “head” for antlers. Add a pompom for a nose and draw some eyes and you have reindeer heads! Easy and fun!

  151. Bree says:

    we did fridge magnets with my son’s footprints and handprints. just get small canvases, put a footprint or handprint on with non toxic paint and attach magnet to the back!

  152. shawn says:

    I saw the wooden dolls painted like super heroes on Crafty Crow….sooo cute!

  153. Sarah says:

    I love making pinecone ornaments with my girls – we spray pinecones with spray glue, then roll them in fake snow and glitter and tie a bow on top. Easy and fun, and the results are so pretty!

  154. Anya T. says:

    Paper snowflakes are always fun with kids! Thanks for the chance to win.

  155. craftytammie says:

    wow, what fun ideas! You can never go wrong decorating cookies or cupcakes. We spent the morning doing just that, and also rubber stamped some holiday themed paper for wrapping. My kids (ages 4 and almost 3) had a blast today!

  156. HomeBizLiz says:

    We have some cute crafts from years ago with thumb prints made into little Christmas mice.
    Thanks for sharing the giveaway! I love the bags!

  157. Julia Fieger says:

    Anything using their handprints or footprints. They can make a wreath using a paper plate and cutting out the shape of their hands on green paper. Or there is the reindeer one….the foot is the reindeer head, hands for antlers and then use various art supplies to draw the eyes, nose, etc.

  158. Erin says:

    We love to use crayola model magic clay! I bought some white clay, rolled it out flat and pressed my kiddos hands into it. Then I cut it out into a circle, poked a hole in the top, used a toothpick to write their names and the dates. Once it was dry, we colored them using paint and permanent markers. Perfect ornaments!

  159. Lynn says:

    I enjoy making little dolls out of pipe cleaner, floss and acorn caps. We follow the directions in Salley Mavor’s book Wee Folk. I did this one year with my kids and the nieces and nephews. They all enjoyed it.

  160. dawn godek says:

    I like making cinnamin Christmas ornaments. They smell so nice.

  161. Michelle says:

    My kids are making each other gifts this year: on the list are stuffed animal sleeping bags (with Mom’s help,) homemade playdough kit (goodie bag with flour, salt, KoolAid packet, a generous shaking of glitter, the recipe, and a new .50 cookie cutter!) and coffee-can stilts.

  162. Anne says:

    Kids love making anything with pom poms – something about the soft bright colored ball that they love – make nice ornaments out of cardboard and pom poms.

  163. April says:

    my kids like making bird feeders the easy way. We spread peanut butter on pinecones and sprinkle them with birdseed. We hang them from the trees in the yard and watch both the birds and squirrels eat from them.

  164. Sonya says:

    working on orange/clove pomanders with the kids after school today…

  165. Beth G. says:

    Scratch art is one of my favorite ideas. It is something the kids can make for other kids. The children draw with brightly colored crayon all over some cardstock until it is covered. Then we take a mixture of black paint and dish soap and brush it over the paper. Then we let it dry and put a frame around it. The person who gets to create the art can use a toothpick or coin and scratch some art into it. It is always fun to see what bright colors are displayed by the scratchings!

  166. Julie A says:

    The felted wool soap is a neat idea!

  167. Baba says:

    I’ve been teaching my grand-daughter how to sew and knit so she is now making tote bags and kinting scarfs for family members for gifts. She is 12.

  168. Rosy says:

    Lots of fun ideas!

  169. Bethany says:

    Just today we made paper chains to hang on our tree and cute little reindeer made from candy canes and a few supplies. I have little kiddos, so something quick and easy suits them.

  170. Rebecca says:

    My girls are great helpers in the kitchen and we’ve baked many cookies together over the years. They also LOVE paper crafts and painting so we’ve also made some homemade Christmas ornaments this year and an advent paper chain.

  171. Julie says:

    I’ve made paper chains with my daughter so far. We’ll probably try some edible ornaments too.

  172. Amy says:

    All great ideas! I will have to keep several of these in mind for the future.

  173. Heidi says:

    I love the idea of personalized pillow cases – Have the kids draw a picture with fabric crayons on non shiny paper and then have an adult iron the picture onto a plain white pillow case. Just remember that the picture transfers in mirror image so no words.

  174. karen says:

    Love all the ideas….My kids always like sitting down around Christmas time and decorating Christmas cards for everyone. It keeps them busy for hours!

  175. B says:

    Can I complain? I just spent WAY too much time on The Crafty Crow blog checking it out and getting TOO many ideas. How am I suppose to fit them all in? What a great site!

  176. Jocelyn says:

    Those walking sticks are great! I also love the bags! We just made some wonderful cut out snowflakes from Martha Stewarts website but we also enjoy painting rocks.We made a adorable garland from ribbon inspired by

  177. Christina W. says:

    Just the other day my two year old and I made jingle bell bracelets. It was super easy, just string bells on elastic rope, tie and let the jingle fun begin. My son loves it. He runs around the house jingling.

  178. Jocelyn says:

    Those walking sticks are great!I also love the bags!

  179. Rachel says:

    Although my son is only 15 mos. old, he already enjoys helping me make Christmas cookies — he can sprinkle sprinkles and roll our family favorite — date balls — in coconut. He’s as good as most adults!

  180. B says:

    I’m not to the point where I need kid friendly crafts but I am going to be there soon, and I can’t wait to do some of these one! That painted doll family is so adorable! I’m going to have to bookmark Crafty Crow now so I have somewhere to go when my kids are wanting to dive in and be creative. Thanks for the future tip!

  181. Julie says:

    I love the peg people.

  182. mara says:

    Those wool felted soaps are so pretty but as someone who’s allergic to wool, I find them rather fearsome at the same time!

    When my niece was about 10 years old, I ran out of time before Christmas so instead of making her a purse to go with the skirt I had made her, I tossed everything into plastic bag and printed out a label that said “Fiona’s Let’s Make a Purse! Kit.” It included fabric, handles, an iron-on monogram letter, etc. It was actually better than if I had made the bag for her, as we worked on it together and she really loved designing her own little bag to match the skirt. You could do something a bit simpler for a younger child.

  183. Christine says:

    Ornaments that we have made in past Christmases were the Ojos de Dios….yarn or string wrapped around 2 branches that are inthe shape of a cross. Using different colors, the patterns that evolve are beautiful. I have taught this to young ones in the schools.

  184. Steph W says:

    Oh, I LOVE making puff-paint additions to t-shirts. Kids really get into the texture and styling.

  185. Meghan says:

    I always loved baking cookies with my Mom, and decorating saved oatmeal drums to put them in to deliver to family and neighbors.

  186. Southern Gal says:

    I forgot to mention what the craft was! We are making cinnamon and applesauce ornaments, funbead and glittery pipe cleaner ornaments in the shapes of wreaths and candy canes and painted ornaments from Michael’s.

  187. ChrisC. says:

    Those bag patterns are adorable. I don’t have kids yet, but lately I’ve been making little birdies, from the Spool sewing web page, then wiring them to branches to stand in a vase or sit on a shelf. Since all the sewing can be done by hand, and they’re so small, I could see doing it with older kids.

  188. Rae says:

    I crocheted a set of finger puppets that are a knight, princess, and horse.

  189. Betsy M says:

    My kids love to make bookmarks for all of their book loving relatives and friends. They clip out pictures from gardening cateloges or magazines or photos of themself with that person and then glue it all onto craft paper. I then “laminate” the hole thing with clear shelf liner. They turn out cute and the kids are so proud when they see them put to use!

  190. Shellie says:

    My favorite memory of a Christmas craft as a kid is definitely stringing the popcorn to decorate the tree. So much fun!

  191. kristine hanson says:

    I made my little guy a quilt/throw that one side is a panel that looks like a contstruction site that he can drive his cars on, the other side snuggly fleece

  192. I love the painted family!

  193. Bonnie says:

    My daughter is only 10 months, so to get her involved in the handmade gifts this year we are making handprint ornaments out of salt dough(with help from her hand of course) for all the grandparents! It will be something that she can look back on when she is older and understands more. We made them when I was in kindergarten and I remember loving to compare my hand size every year!
    Love the flea market bag!

  194. Claudia says:

    Today we are going to string popcorn and cranberries on thread for the birds to eat.

  195. Sarah says:

    A great kid craft is using old broken crayons, arranging them in muffin tins (with foil liners) and then melting them at a low temp in the oven (or toaster oven) to create new rainbow crayons! It’s also a great way to recycle!

  196. Hannah says:

    love the wooden dolls!!!

  197. Liz says:

    What fun ideas! I remember making scarves out of fleece for both sets of grandparents when I was a kid. It was always fun picking out the right colors and patterns on the material to match their personalities.

  198. Angie Nelson says:

    I just taught my daughter how to make paper snowflakes! How much fun!

  199. Kirsten says:

    We made painted wooden jewellery boxes with glued on “jewels” and matching photo frames for the Grandmas this year. 2 days and a whole lot of mess worth of fun!

  200. Monica Gee says:

    Edible crafts are always the best! I remember when I was kid that my mom would allow us to help with decorating Christmas cookies. Those are the best memories I have from Christmastime!

  201. N. says:

    I like the idea of making edible ornaments. I have instructions for gingerbread ornaments on my blog.

  202. Katy says:

    Wonderful ideas! The Crafty Crow has just been added to my blog roll. I love finding new crafts for my kids.

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