We have some very crafty kids around here at Sew,Mama,Sew! Their excitement rivals ours as we create handmade holidays together! We asked a few of our favorite kid craft curators to share some of their best ideas for kid-crafted holiday gifts. First up is Cassi from The Crafty Crow. We’ve been a fan of Cassi’s for a long time, and enjoy glimpses of her creative side on her Bella Dia blog. This year Cassi started a new venture, compiling and sharing the best of the web for kids’ crafts. The effort has been a huge success, of course, and Cassi is single-handedly spreading the joy of kid craft throughout Blogland!

From Cassi:
Hello there everyone, my name is Cassi and I’m thrilled to be able to share some great gift ideas that children can make for the holidays. I am a single homeschooling mom to three and I’ve been blogging about my personal crafting experience at Bella Dia for four years and pulling together all the best children’s crafts from the blog world on my newest blog, The Crafty Crow. My three children and I have decided to make all our gifts this year and it has already been a wonderful experience! We’ve had more time together as a family and working one-on-one while we make each other’s gifts. They have been more invested in the spirit of the season instead of all the pressure being on me to get everything just right. I have been more relaxed as well, not having to take so many deep calming breaths while handing over my credit card at the store! Learning new skills such as felting, bookmaking, and embroidery is wonderful on its own but invaluable when your children realize that they are able to create something with their hands that is treasured more than a store bought gift – that lesson is priceless. Don’t feel that children have to do everything completely on their own; they can take the lead making choices on colors, materials, and placement but be there with a steady hand as they learn to use new tools and skills. Most importantly, let them know that the real value in their gift comes from the time and thought that went into it and not the material goods.

I have chosen some child-crafted gift ideas from my blog The Crafty Crow to get you and your children started with your own handmade holiday. Please check in all through the month as I have many more wonderful ideas and tutorials to post to make this your best holiday ever.

Make It

spacer Painted Wooden Doll Family

A painted wood peg doll family— you can paint your own family or one for a doll house or super heroes– the possibilities are endless! You can add to it by creating different backdrops as well.
Photo by Colorfool.
spacer Journals

This tutorial is for a travel journal but by changing the cover you can customize it for the recipient. Flowers for a garden journal, clouds for a dream journal, food for recipes, etc.
Photo by Zen Crafting.
spacer Wool Felted Soap

Wool felted soap! The perfect gift for anyone! I suggest using a hard milled soap so not too much of it is washed away in the felting process.
Photo by The Little Travelers.
spacer Shrinky Dinks

There are so many possibilities with shrinky dinks! The simplest– use a whole piece of shrink paper, draw a pretty picture, cut around the edges, punch a hole at the top and bake it. Put some string, twine or ribbon through the hole and you will have a lovely sun catcher to brighten someone’s day.
Photo by Nini Makes.
spacer Walking Sticks

These walking sticks are one of my most popular posts. They are easy for all ages and fun to decorate with colored electrical tape or masking tape and feathers. Kids love them but they also make a nice and practical gift for grandparents! Instead of tape you can paint them and use them in the garden for decoration as well.
Photo by Full Circle.

I made a big list of gifts that can be made from toddler/preschool artwork. This is the age that usually gets left out of a handmade holiday so it’s nice to be able to include them and let them feel that they are contributing as well.

Win It

Grand Revival Sewing Pattern

Tanya Whelan, the amazing designer behind Grand Revival, was kind enough to contribute an Ava Bag pattern and a Flea Market Bag pattern to our festivities this month. You can see Tanya’s creativity on her Grand Revival blog. And you must check out her new fabric collection, Darla, which just arrived in the shop! It is sweet, feminine and lots of fun.

Tell us about a kid-friendly craft that you enjoy for your chance to win one of these great patterns.