Amber from Kids Craft Weekly is one of our primary sources for kid craft ideas, all year long. Amber and her two children create their crafts together and share ideas based on a theme in an online newsletter. Check out the impressive archives, and sign up for newsletter updates! In addition to sharing some of her favorite kid craft ideas for the holidays with us, Amber has provided some wonderful prizes for fifteen winners today. See the details below, and comment today for your chance to win.

From Amber:
Hello to everyone at Sew,Mama,Sew! My name is Amber and I’m crazy about kid’s craft. I started the Kids Craft Weekly website and newsletter back in 2006 as an outlet for the insane number of craft ideas going around in my head at any given time. My free theme-based email newsletter now gets sent to more than 20,000 people from all corners of the globe. You can check out previous issues and subscribe to future ones at

I’m a big believer in *simple* kid’s craft. First and foremost I like craft ideas that have a fun process and that use everyday objects. If the finished product is really cool then that’s great too but I tend to discourage people from focusing too much on the outcome. That’s tricky with gifts of course (!) but I’m convinced that the key to a positive parent/child crafting experience is for everyone to be chilled out – particularly important at this time of year!

I hope that these craft ideas inspire you and that you and your little ones have a great time working on them!

Make It

spacer For parents – a miniature work of art

Child-painted canvases (2) are a great present for proud parents and doting grandparents. Consider purchasing a set of small canvases – one for each child perhaps.When doing this craft with very young kids it’s a good idea to think carefully about which colours you will give them to paint with, and whether you would like to prime the canvas with a different colour before you start.
spacer For relatives – a colourful framed picture

Using this technique (3), kids can transform their favourite artwork into something even more special – perfect to hang on the wall or stick to the fridge! We’ve used rectangular lids but I think these would look great with circular or square lids also.
spacer For grandparents – a beautiful hand-crafted bowl

These translucent paper maché bowls (4) are simple to make and beautiful to look at. Perfect for gifts, you can fill them up with something special or simply give them as is.
spacer For teachers – a colourful bouquet

Show your appreciation with a bouquet of child-made paper flowers (5) and perhaps a gift voucher for a local book shop or department store.
spacer For children – a teeny bucket of trinkets or treats

Children as young as three can help to make these adorable little buckets (6) and then fill them with whatever they fancy – a great gift for their friends!
spacer For someone special – a treasure made from clay

When children work with clay it encourages them to plan and create a permanent object. These custom-created clay treasures make meaningful gifts for the closest friends.When buying clay, make sure you get the kind that hardens with exposure to air rather than the kind that requires baking in a kiln. For those just starting out with clay, here are a couple of projects to try: Clay Beads & Pinch Pots (7).

Win It

Everyday Craft & Christmas Craft mini-books

Amber has graciously offered a bevy of fantastic prizes today. Her Everyday Craft book is a hardback mini-book full of great ideas to keep everyone busy and inspired; it’s “an indispensable guide for parents, grandparents, childcare workers, teachers and anyone else who wants to explore creativity with the children in their lives.” Find more information, sample pages and how to order via the Kids Craft Weekly website, and comment today to win one of five free copies!

Amber is also giving ten free copies of her Christmas Craft mini-book, “twenty pages of the ultimate in Christmas crafting for kids.” Christmas Craft is a PDF so once winners are selected the kids can get right to work! Comment today for your chance to win (that’s fifteen winners today!).

Don’t forget: There’s still time to enter to win our giveaway from the first kid craft ideas post via The Crafty Crow!