Save Handmade and Free Fabric Friday

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Over the past few weeks I’ve received many emails regarding the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, a new law designed to ensure the safety of children’s products.   Although the act is a well-intended  move to protect our kids from the dangers of lead and phthalates, the costs of complying with the law are sure to be prohibitive to many sole proprietors, as expensive third-party testing will be required.   Industry experts are anticipating that hundreds of small businesses will be forced to shut down.

As a entrepreneur, I know what it is like to build a small business from scratch.  My heart goes out to the creative, hard-working men and women whose livelihood will be theatened by this law.  As a mother and a lover of handmade, I’m sad and angry at the thought of losing access to the many products our family chooses–small lot organic clothing; mei tais, pouch slings, and woven baby wraps; cloth diapers and natural toys.

Today as I examine the bounty of hand-crafted loot under our tree, I am inspired to act.  I hope you will do a little research of your own and sign a petition, write a letter, or make a call.  Below are just a few helpful resources where you can learn more.

Save Handmade Toys From the CPSIA

TBW  (The Baby Wearer) Statement Opposing the Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvement Act

National Bankruptcy Day

Mothering–Toy Safety Legislation: Good Intentions Lead to Catastrophic Results for the Natural Toy Industry

Cool Mom Picks–Help Us Save Handmade (many more great resources and a Save Handmade button for your blog!

Marimekko Sling photo courtesy of Bronwen, bronwenhandcrafted.
Super Bunny photo courtesy of Anne, murdockdesign.


Now, on to the fabric.  Can I please direct your attention to this loveliness?

new prints by Tina Givens

This week we’ll give away one yard of fabric of your choice to 4 people.   Did you recently give or get something fabulous and handmade?  Tell us about it for your chance to win.

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486 Responses to Save Handmade and Free Fabric Friday

  1. I enjoyed this. Like your blog design too.

  2. Ooohh, After reading you site,Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site! 🙂

  3. Ccc Cleaner says:

    When you’re a real estate agent, you are your own brand. It’s your own reputation, your own name, on the line. And it’s sad that some people don’t seem to care.

  4. Handbags says:

    My weekend plans are pretty much working, haha

  5. Jill Cooper says:

    This is just my sort of my music, thank you! I’ll be back!

  6. Thanks for writing about the handmade act issue. For Christmas my Mom gave me some quilt blocks she had made using the book Collabrative Quilting by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. I am going to combine them with blocks I’ve made to complete a new quilt top.

  7. TftCarrie says:

    I urge everyone to give your congressman a call. It has so much more power than a generic letter or e-mail. Find your congressman’s phone number by just googling it!

  8. susan says:

    This year for Christmas I made all five of my nephews satin, double-sided, monogrammed super-hero capes. They were a huge hit (if I do say so myself)!

  9. Cattie-Bree says:

    Hey, those fabrics are lovely! I don’t know if they’ve been given away yet, but I thought I’d try my hand at entering!

    I gave hand-sewn sock monsters to a few friends this year for Christmas – they can be found here:

    They loved them! I even put one up for adoption at a white elephant party, and in addition to the guy who received it loving it, I had three other girls at the party say they wanted one, too! I was glad they were such a big hit, as I was a little worried that everyone else would do really nice storebought stuff. But the gift I received was a random Mr. Potato Head sitting on a toilet bank (lol!) so I think my monsters were appropriate! 🙂

  10. Victoria says:

    My family informed everyone that we we’re doing a homemade Christmas this year. I’ve mad emor equilts in the past three months then I have in along time… I didn’t expect others to give us homemade, all though that would be nice.

    I was Incredibly surprised, by a friend of mine, who presented my daughter with a handmade book, including pictures over the past few years of her daughter and mine. It was so beautiful, and unexpected, as she hadn’t made anything in years since her kids were born. I was incredibly touched. I’m the one always giving home made. I forgot how nice it was to receive something homemade! priceless.

  11. Doris says:

    I did an almost entirely handmade Christmas this year, and I received a lovely apron, I will treasure!


  12. Tammy says:

    Thanks for the Save Handmade links!

  13. Jen says:

    We made almost all of our gifts this year! We made stuffed toys for the kids, tag blankies for the really tiny kids, wristlets for the adults, and a knitted Clapotis for my mom (that is running a bit late). It was so rewarding to make so much of what we gave. Of course, it was also a bit stressful–like when our dog chewed through the cord to the foot pedal on my sewing machine the week before Christmas! But a little electrical tape fixed it right up. Whew! Next year we’re planning to make our giftwrap, too!

  14. Libby says:

    In the past my side of the family usually received something handmade along with their other gifts. A lot of the time this was due to particular requests from my grown up children and elder parents. This year I concentrated on his side of the family and knitted lacy wraps and cashmere scarves, knitted wash cloths to go with cookbooks, and handmade quilts for all three grandchildren from both sides of the family. My only priority was to be completely done with everything by Nov 30. Mission accomplished and a stress-free holiday to enjoy.

  15. emily says:

    thanks for the complete post. just wanted to let you know i used the same links for a post my blog and my website (of which features handmade cloth diapers).

    save handmade!

  16. Jennifer says:

    This year I did all handmade gifts too, and I enjoyed giving them much more than your typical store-bought present. My sister, mom, brother and stepfather all received handmade scarves, created from upcycled mens suits I’d spent the better part of a year thrifting. They are lined with fleece and look both sophisticated and stylish. Other relatives received rice filled aromatherapy warm heat wraps with an eye pillow in either lavender or peppermint. My son received a number of freezer paper stenciled shirts and my nephew received a handmade zipper pouch with iron on transfers of his two doggies, filled with art supplies. My sister also did handmade this year and made the most beautiful cup and saucer scented soy candles with cups and saucers she had thrifted.

  17. Lauranie says:

    I also chose to do handmade gifts for Christmas, and thankfully they were loved and appreciated. I totally understand the need to keep our children safe, and try to keep that in mind with everything I make. I believe that most of us who create and make are very critical of our works and always try to make things that are safe and practical as well as beautiful. I will be contacting whomever I can in Louisiana to keep Handmade gifts available.

  18. CathyT says:

    I made a gratutity wrap, 2 scarves, 2 stuffies, and a toy tool belt. It was rewarding to make gifts for my immediate family and have them so well received. I in turn, got homemade gift certificates for help around the house, handmade stationary, and a stuffy from my kids and husband!

  19. Bess says:

    I just signed some petitions and sent letters to my local Rep and Senators. I hope that action will be taken soon to amend these laws.

  20. This Christmas I made holiday appliqued hand towels. Everybody loved them!

  21. Trish says:

    I love handmade items and chose the majority of my gifts from craftfairs or entrepreneur’s businesses. Lots of pottery, jewelry, old quilts at antique malls, ornaments, bibs, etc. My favorite piece came from my sister-in-law (we have had a rocky relationship and it’s on the mend). The pendant is a combination of different glasses (flowers, black, white, red). She is very left brained and she has found a balance by creating items in her kiln. It was been healing. You have a great site. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I made homemade giant tinkertoys this year for my nephews from PCV pipes and joints. T stitched fabric bags to hold it all in. It was a big hit.

  23. All my sewing girlfriends got sets of beautiful mini pincushions this year. Treasures!

  24. Margaret says:

    I made a scarf for my husband that took me the better part of a year, which he appreciates greatly, thank goodness. And I made two little hats for my sister (couldn’t decide which she’d like more) and she was very happy with those. I received an adorable knitted eggplant from a dear friend — we have a long-running joke about eggplants between the two of us — and that was a lot of fun.

  25. Tina says:

    A few friends and I got together to exchange hand-made ornaments. It was lots of fun to see everyone’s different personalities show through their handy work.

  26. Birdie says:

    I contacted my reps here. I’m an extra small e-tailer; selling softies and like you I’m all for safety yet I’m all for freedom as well. I certainly hope enough folks speak out. I would have loved to have had a hand made Christmas this year, but neither mine nor my husband’s family would have ‘appreciated it” as I do. I made my kids, who want every toy I make, each their own softie for Christmas and they were a huge hit!
    There really is something very special about handmade things. My dearest aunt died suddenly & unexpectedly this summer and my most prized possession she ever gave me is the fleece blanket she made us for Christmas a few years ago,when tied fleece blankets became popular. Now I look at each cut & knot knowing her hand created each one. It makes it suddenly priceless.

  27. Julie Kendall says:

    I’ve been making my children’s Christmas gifts since they were born. I have made everything from matching gown/robe sets for my daughter and her dolls to puppets and GI Joe sleeping bags for my sons enjoyment. Even though they are now adults, I still try to make most of their gifts. I must admit, it has been much easier to make items for my daughter. However, this Christmas I am particularly proud of an item I made for my son. Being a graphic design major, he is required to take many drawing and painting classes. I found an easel in a local thrift store that I thought he would really love. And since it can be broken down into small, lightweight pieces, I knew it was the perfect gift. However, it needed a case. So I went back to that same thrift store and bought a large fleece jacket (it was even 50% off!). After some careful cutting and piecing, I came up with a great lightweight case with 2 outside pockets for paint/brushes, an across the body strap with a length-adjustment buckle salvaged from an old purse and a drawstring closure made from a shoe string taken from a snow boot that had lost it’s mate! I was even able to line the case with some fabric that I had picked up from a thrift store this past summer. All in all, the case AND easel cost me less than $10.00 but the pride that I gained from knowing everything was thrifted and refashioned was priceless!

  28. min says:

    I received the cutest little fabric covered clips. The fabric is like a slipcover and we can change it with my daughter’s outfits. I suppose my younger baby could choke on them, but gee…I think I’ll keep them in my daughter’s hair and not in his mouth. Sure am glad I got these handmade gifts — even if they didn’t come included with a statement of choking potential. !!! 🙂

  29. Samantha says:

    I made a wonderfully fluffy tutu for my 3 year old. It was too cute! I used an online tutorial that I think was featured here at some point and I bookmarked it. It was a tied tutu, so no sewing. I finished it faster than my husband put together the play kitchen we got for her. 🙂

  30. Gabrien Chaney says:

    I gave handmade shopping bags using Irene’s tutorial from this site. They were a great success. I also received handmade potholders and bath salts.

  31. The act you mention reminds me a lot of the organic food movement, and some of the best farmers are small businesses that can’t afford certification of their food, either. It’s hard for the little guy in our country.

    Thankfully, handmade items are becoming more and more popular. My husband found me a beautiful apron on etsy. It’s made by a young woman in Texas, and I couldn’t be happier. Her stitching is enviable.

  32. Liz says:

    Thank you so very much for helping to spread the word about this! Wow, you have some responsive readers there, mama.

    Liz from Cool Mom Picks

  33. JenniMac says:

    Oh I hope I win that pretty fabric. Oh the things I could sew. I made my first handmade gifts for Christmas this year. I made and distributed 8 plastic bag dispensers. I nearly didn’t finish, sewing my last one at 2:51 pm on Christmas Eve. They were a big hit!! Now to figure out what to make for 2009. I’m going to get an early start next year. I may start tomorrow.

  34. Diane says:

    I made our little “grand dog” a monogrammed fleece scarf and leg warmers. Lucy looked like she was right out of a scene from the movie “Flashdance”….(of course, some of you may be too young to remember that, but it was quite a movie)

  35. Michele says:

    I made aprons for all of my sister-in-laws, my mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and my sister. Then we made a hand print & foot print covered tote for grandma!

  36. Elisa says:

    Three cheers for homemade gifts this year! I too, went all out. I’m absolutely proud and amazed at myself, you have not idea. 😉 I just started sewing a couple years ago. I made my mom a quilt. My first one ever and my first sewing experience, minus a sewn button or two.

    This year was quite different. For the kids, I put together a “Build Your Own Snowman Kit”. I made the hats to add to the kits. It was a challenge finding a pattern to use. I found one eventually, and I had to adjust the measurements quite a bit. After it was all said and done, they were fantastic! The kids loved them so much, they wore them around the house!!

    I also made some door draft stoppers. I found the pattern in a co-worker’s book. They turned out great!! I made 4 for myself, and 2 for my mom. She was blown away. Really. She told me she’s just amazed that I am able to put two pieces of fabric together. 😉

    Oh, and I made my mom a poncho blanket. Also from a pattern I came across in a book. It was made out of dark blue felt, with a lighter blue trim, and I put a red bird on one side. It was really cute! Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to snag a picture of it before giving it to my mom, but I think I’ll ask her to take one for me. 🙂

    For my pregnant sister-in-laws, I made burp cloths and nursing covers. I also made some for myself. They turned out great AND i didn’t have to pay big bucks to put them together. Which was a huge thing for me.

    So I’ve had quite the busy fall/winter. Now, it’s a little calmer but I still have projects in mind. Some more baby things, of course, and I already have something in mind for the kids’ Christmas gift for next year! Yah-hoo!

    Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

  37. Renee G says:

    The best present I received this year was handmade. My sister made me a scrapbook from a vacation that my son and I took with her family to Florida this year. It’s the best gift ever.

  38. Jennifer says:

    I gave black apple dolls, a Nintendo DS cosy, Spool bird mobile and a quilt for Christmas this year. Along with lampwork glass jewelry and recycled wine bottle trays that I also make. Would love to be entered in the drawing!

  39. Zeda says:

    I received a beautiful home made ornament in the shape of a lady’s head. My friend took a lot of time hollowing out extra large eggs to make the heads. She put a hole for the mouth so it looks like she is singing a carol. A pretty little red hat is on her head. She painted the face and if that was not enough, she made six of them. A gift like this comes straight from the heart.

  40. Missy says:

    I made four of the travel tissue holders, a tea wallet and a pear pincushion for stocking stuffers. The first two courtesy of this blog. I modified the tissue holders a bit to make them more tailored and they were extremely well received. =) Thank you!

  41. Cori says:

    This year at the holidays, my kids, my mom, and I decided to donate a decorated tree to our local Festival of Trees. We are homeschoolers, so have the opportunity to spend time on an extra project. We tried to use recycled or reused items and we hand-made or hand-decorated every ornament on our tree. Our theme was “C is for Christmas.” We designed an ornament for every letter of the alphabet and some extras for filling out the tree. Even the tree was reused — acquired at a summer garage sale. It was a lot of time and effort, but my kids enjoyed the entire process. In the end, our tree was bid on in the silent auction, with proceeds going to a local program designed to support independent living for those with special needs. It was a valuable way to teach my kids they can make a difference for someone else.

  42. missy says:

    This is my first post. I’m so excited! I had an almost completely homemade gift giveaway this year. My favorite gift made was a reusable yard sign. I have professional yard sellers in my family and it seems they have a yard sale at least once a month. I might make $50, they make $500! The sign is a recycled political sign with a removable cover. I made it with heavy upholstery fabric and chalkboard fabric. It slides easily over the metal posts of the old sign and the chalkboard fabric worked out great!

  43. Lala says:

    I crocheted simple scarves for some lucky few on our Christmas list… my daughter’s friends, teachers, and some family members… I was able to get each one done in an evening while watching television… not only were they appreciated… it was a nice/simple/economic gift to give… I plan on getting a bit fancier with the scarves next year… :o)

    Lala :o)

  44. Krista D. says:

    We made a footprint and handprint “quilt”. We took each of our three girls and traced their hands and feet onto card stock and glued those to patterned cardstock squares and rectangles. We tied those together with ribbon and gave it to my mother to hang on the wall.

  45. Vanna Snyder says:

    I made my family a family cookbook that has all different family recipes in one book.

  46. Michelle says:

    I knit two hats and fingerless gloves for my husband, brother and brother’s girlfriend. I wasn’t prepped enough to sew anything this year. However we (technically my husband) were lucky to receive a handmade quilt from my mom. I think sleeping under handmade quilts might top down comforters.

  47. Janet says:

    Our Christmas this year was mostly handmade. I had a ton of fun making handbags, quilts and softies for the people on our Christmas list. My son (7) started making his very first quilt this morning. All my sewing over the past few weeks has inspired him to try crafting his own fabric creations.

    Thank you so much for this blog. It’s a wonderful resource and I visit often in search of new ideas.

  48. alison says:

    This year was our first handmade Christmas. The best gift I was given this year is a photo album my daughter made for me with pictures of our family.
    We gave the boys beanbags, capes and stuffed turtles. My daughter received a guitar shaped bag, a scarf and a stuffed turtle. My husband received a scarf and a fleece pullover.
    My daughter made the boys pjs and they made her a bulletin board and a button picture frame. The boys made each other felt tractors to hang on their walls.
    I think this handmade Christmas was a success. My daughter asked if we could do it again next year – she was the sceptical one.

  49. Debbie says:

    This saddens me very much! Besides the twinkling lights and a few ornaments given to us; everything else on our tree is home made. My sweet daughters (6 and 7) make a few new ornanments each year and we add them to the tree. Even our angel (made with beautiful fabric; pipe cleaners and sparkle head and of course the base is a paper towel roll) are memories and have instilled in my little ones that something home-made is more valuable than something bought. It is the thought process; the trying to match a personality with a fabric!?!?; the time CREATING and not just spending. We don’t buy cards, my girls and I make them. I thank my mother for always sewing our halloween costumes (all 10 of them!) and from that act of giving has taught me to pass that value along to my girls. I have many friends that will ask for things sewn and I happily always offer…let me show you!

    My favorite gift to give to newlyweds (my bil and his wonderful wife just received these) is a tree skirt and 6 stockings. I WANT lots of nieces and nephews! This has been the 3rd time I have given this gift and it has always been so happily welcomed and unexpected.

  50. shaina says:

    I did a complete “homemade Christmas” for the kids. I made aprons, tutus, crayon rolls, diary covers, crowns, memory games, bowling bunnies, purses, jewelry, potholders, dishtowels, and more! It was so great.

  51. We just finished an entirely handmade holiday season of gifting. It was incredible and inspiring and I hope to get to uploading the pictures and blogging it today or tomorrow. But my 9 yo son summed it up best when he said, “It made me feel important and special…not just going to the store and buying something someone else had made.”

    I sewed a shirt for my daughter using a Built by Wendy pattern. It was the first time I’d given a sewn garment as a gift and it was really fun.

  52. Kate says:

    I am still working on my homemade gift (knitted handwarmers). Hopefully soon they will be in the mail!

  53. Ellen B says:

    I made a scarf, tea wallet, and bib and was pleased that the recipients seemed to like that I spent the time and thought to create a one of a kind gift…I’m going to do a lot more next year!!!

  54. gardenymph says:

    I gave some quilted coasters that I made, and I received a lovely handmade necklace from a dear friend.

  55. Beth says:

    Aprons. I gave aprons to everyone – mom, sister, nieces – the kids wore theirs all day on Christmas. And when they found out there were made by their Aunt the large round eyes said it all. Beth

  56. My mother gave me my first sewing machine for an early christmas gift, so in return I made her a super funky retro apron. I had so much fun sewing it and can’t wait to start my next project!!

  57. trixi says:

    Hi, I’m always giving handmade presents-I can’t help myself-I look at what they sell in the shops and just like my things better.So I always have a few presents ready and waiting in case I need something last minute.

  58. Judy says:

    I made bunches of tissue holders & gave them to my family & teammates. I also knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for my sister-in-law. Sorry to report that some of the handmade gifts started did not get finished in time…maybe they’ll just be finished early for next year!

  59. Christy says:

    It was my first Christmas sewing and I made a yoga bag for my sister and many little cute tissue holders as well as some purses to my brother-in-laws family in Mexico! I also got a sewing machine for christmas (I know it isn’t handmade, but boy was I excited!).

  60. Rose L says:

    I made my 2 y.o. son a big stuffed crab out of fleece – modeled it on the crab from a book that I gave him along with it. My mother in law received a set of handmade placemats, and all grandparents received a quilted wall-hanging of my son’s cute little handprint. Oh, my husband got one of those too. Tons of fun to make it all!

  61. lesley says:

    this year i gave handmade(purchased and selfmade) almost exclusively! i made gift sets of pincushions, print and give calendars with cute clothspins to hang them and tea towels embellished with pretty quilting fabrics! i’m so proud of myself. tomight i just finished two pairs of adorable pants for my daughters! yeah me!! lesley

  62. Bea Gibson says:

    I have the Teddy Bear with the link on my blog to help save homemade. It’s ashame that China is now going to decide how we live because of their unsafe manufacturing.

    In a 12 days of Christmas swap on HGTV sewing message board I made12 needle cases out of left over strings for my gifts and I sponsored someone and made 12 spun glass angel ornaments for her swap gifts. In return I recieved 12 great handmade items from 12 different ladies & my sponsored lady recieved 12 gifts.

  63. aida says:

    i sew my daughters clothing from mostly adult clothing from the thrift store, upcycling at its best! i made my husband a sling since he REQUESTED one so he can carry our 2 years old 🙂 love the blog and it never hurt to have more fabric! lol

  64. Jill says:

    I made fabric luggage tags from tracings of my kids hands for their grandparents. They loved them!

  65. Sherry says:

    This year was a first for me to make things for gifts for the family. I made headbands for my three girls and a notebook/pencil holder for my youngest girl. She was amazed that I made it myself! It really makes things special to give what your hands have crafted!

  66. Emily says:

    I made several patchwork kitchen towels (thanks for the instructions!) and a set of hotpads. They turned out beautiful and bright with Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden fabric. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  67. Amy Hachem says:

    we, as an extended family, decided to do a “handmade holiday” early this year and it turned out great! A great array of goodies including: ceramic mugs, custom notecards, upcycled Tyvek bags, jammies, pants, bibs, photo calendars, hats/scarves/gloves, beaded necklaces, table runners, quilts, tote bags, tea wallets, stuffed animals, kitty toys, baked goods, soaps, balsam pillows, cloth diapers, recycled wool longies, lavender sachets, fleece stockings, pillowcases and more!)

    Not only were we all giving handmade but we also really focused on making it a GREEN christmas as well and we didnt even talk about that beforehand! I guess its just a natural by-product of being aware of the source of our gifts — we didnt want the extra trash to bog down the energy that our handmade gifts imparted! So we did a lot of wrapping gifts in fabric and using shopping totes as “wrapping paper”. We only had one bag of trash at the end of the day… not bad considering the number of people here at the house!

  68. anja says:

    I knitted mittens for three of my four children and my husband. My fourth child is getting a hand knitted hat, and I’m also making mittens for myself!

  69. Amy says:

    Oh my, what gorgeous fabrics! This year I made “pocket quilts” for my three children and their cousins. They hang on the wall with an inexpensive curtain rod, look like a small wall hanging, but each square is a pocket for the children to keep their special treasures in.

  70. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I hope I win!

  71. pam says:

    80% of my christmas gifts were handmade. lovely fabric!

  72. Pam says:

    A “guy” apron for my 14 yr son and a pizza cookbook to go with it. Made him smile. 🙂

  73. monica says:

    i made as much as possible, i ended up about half hand made and half bought, the best things i mase were these “hotties” which were microwaveable heat packs filled with cracked corn, you can never have too many hotties!

  74. Lisa says:

    I did a few handmade jewelry bags for the girls, and some new stockings.

    I also wrote all my congress-persons about the new law. I hope they can modify it to allow for handmade!

  75. Kim says:

    I recently made a journal/sketchbook with a fabric cover over wool felt. It came out really nice and I’m still deciding who to give it to.
    I’m all about saving the handmade industry.

  76. Christina says:

    Wow what lovely fabrics, once again…
    Talking about “lovely”; in the beginning of december my work colleague surprised me with a gift…actually it was a belated birthday gift (my birthday is in september;).

    She’d knitted for the very first time: a lovely soft triangular scarf in gorgeous hues of chocolate brown and deep purple. She hadn’t been able to finish it in time for my birthday but she persevered until she was happy with it.
    It was a lovely unexpected gesture from her:) I love wearing hand-made items and what made me even happier was the fact that she told I had inspired her to craft as I’m always concocting some thing or another:)

    All my best,

  77. Christine Bolin says:

    We had a low key Christmas at my house. All adults. I made everyone scrubbies from tulle and made potholders (or hot pads). Everyone seemed to enjoy them.

  78. Nancy says:

    This year I made and gave quilts to my DH, Mom and 5 grandkids, Also made fabric baskets for my adult girls.

  79. Megan says:

    I gave aprons this year! Every can use a new stylish apron right???

    Love the new fabric you are displaying! 🙂

  80. Sara says:

    Save Handmade!

  81. aimee says:

    I made as many gifts as I could this year…felt food for the girl, aprons for nana and the girl, hand embroidered tea towel for my brother and of course Christmas pjs for the kids…it’s all a blur, but I’m ready to start building up my stash again!

  82. Shelley C says:

    I got hooked on making box bags so every female friend and family member got one stuffed with all sorts of miscellaneous goodies. I’m happy to say they were a big hit. I also made my blooming Domestic Goddess niece an apron. My quilting sister made me an awesome three leveled pin cushion which I LOVE LOVE LLOVE! Handmade is the best!

  83. Aimee says:

    I made stockings for my kids that turned out great. My mom made some for my husband and I a few years ago, and I just patterned the ones I made after hers. They even have jingle bells in the toes!

  84. Ingrid says:

    I recently made one of those “no sew” fleece blankets for my niece. It came out really cute and I heard she and my sister-in-law fought over it when it arrived for Christmas. I’m now working on a baby quilt that I’ve free form machine quilted for the first time. I can’t wait to send it to my friend for her first baby.

  85. Ganell says:

    I have been making handmade presents for years now. Since not everyone can apprieciate a handmade gift. I only make for family and friends who look forward to my gifts each year. They usually give me hints to what they would like. Then I buy for the other poor souls. This year I made fleece quilts for my little grandson’s. Two tote bags with matching wallets for my sisters, a pair of pillows and tote bag for my daugther. I wanted to finish an I SPY quilt for the boys, but I ran out of time, so I’ll finish it for next year.

  86. Doreen B says:

    I helped my daughter sew aprons for four of her gifts. I knitted fingerless mitts for each of my daughters and also a toque for my sister.
    I’d love to win some fabric.

  87. Sue says:

    I tried to make as many Christmas presents as I could this year. My older nieces, sisters and mother all received quilted pot holders (made of scraps sewn together) and purse tissue holders. My nephew recieved a bath puppet made from an old towel, and my other niece recieved a travel jewelrey holder. they were all thrilled – everyone seems to appreciate ‘handmade’ rather than bought.

  88. emily says:

    I made 7 birdie sling bags(an Amy Butler Pattern) for friends this Christmas, being a student I gave them away to all my friends before our last art history final (after our art ed final whew!). As I held up the bags each could tell which was meant for them, not one hesitated saying things such as “the GREEN one!” and “Oh my gosh, this one has my name in it!” I had stitched a tag into each bag and was so pleased to finally hand them out after staying up all night finishing the final bags. It was one of the best gift giving experiences that I have ever had, and I made sure to get pictures of them with their bags before we scattered for the break.

  89. Nikki says:

    Sadly I received nothing homemade/handmade but I did get 2 gifts that were recycled from a friend and much appreciated! I made some homemade gifts and the rest I purchased from other artisans – leaving me only to have to step into one big store.

  90. Kelli says:

    I too did a handmade holiday this year and made something for everyone in my family. I think my favorites were the (first-ever!) quilt I made for my brother and a wellness basket for my sister inspired by last year’s handmade holidays. I couldn’t wait for Christmas this year just so everyone could see what I’d been working on for them! What a great feeling and something I will definitely do again!

  91. Bethany says:

    For the first time, I made a couple of gifts to go under our Christmas tree. I made my baby boy a quilt/blanket (Quilted top with chenille bottom and satin binding). I also made the easy baby chew toy featured during craft month for my little boy. I am thinking about and working towards doing all handmade gifts this next year.

  92. Baba says:

    Just lovely fabrics

  93. anna says:

    I’m starting now for handmade christmas 2009! I had a few ideas for this year, but it was definitely way too late in the game to start the projects and have them done in time…

    I really adore the fabric with the polka dots and birds. I am in love with bird silhouette prints right now for some reason.

  94. Lauren says:

    I attempted to make all of my gifts handmade. I just started sewing so all I could get done before christmas were some pot holders and catnip cat toys. Next year I’m going to start early!

  95. Dena C says:

    I both gave and received lovely handmade gifts. I made a scrapbook album for my sister, a door hanger for my other sister, a recipe holder for my Mom and my Brother in Law made everyone beautiful earrings and bracelets! Everyone loved what they received!

  96. Louise says:

    I received the funniest handmade gift. In November I posted on my blog an email that I seen about how to make slippers from sanitary pads. It was hilarious and obviously struck a chord with my crazy friends. I posted pics of the 2 sets of slippers I received for Christmas on my blog here. They are very, very funny!

  97. Maura says:

    I made all of my gifts this year for my children, nieces, and nephews. Scarves, tag blankie, felt foods, and mini starter sewing kits! I just starting sewing three months ago and I’m so hooked. It’s so nice to sit down and create something. It was a hit. My nieces loved their sewing kits and I’m happy that I’m getting them interested in sewing/crafting early in life.

  98. Lisa says:

    I made quite a few items this year, but my favorites were the pink fine wale courdery dresses for my 3 year old daughter and her doll. I also loved the crocheted penguin I made for my son–it kind of looks like a ball and he loves it!

  99. katie says:

    Doll clothes. Store bought doll clothes are so terrible. So my little girl got matching dolly clothes, made by momma, given by santa.

  100. Cynthia says:

    I shortened my gift list considerably, made fabric (from my stash) gift bags
    that can be used over and over again. Only gave handmade (sewn, knit or crocheted) or thrift store treasures. Made stacks of crocheted little afghans for
    animal shelters.

  101. Alissa says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on relevant public policy issues. If as many people comment on the implementation of this law through the formal comment process as read this blog, it will be a very powerful message to lawmakers.
    Our holiday consisted of lots of different types of homemade or made-from-scratch things: I made bags, purses, and pot-holders for the extended family as well as homemade ice cream for colleagues, and my husband wrote me a poem. All in all, a pretty great Christmas.

  102. Rachel says:

    I recently etched a set of wine glasses for my seven best friends from vet school. On the front they say “Bottom Five” in different fun, retro fonts (that’s what we called ourselves as a joke, as in the bottom five percent– which was not true, but gave my mother heart palpitations anyway), had each person’s name etched diagonally down one side, and then on the back said “Celebrating men, food and mediocrity.” They loved them, and now we have something to toast with when we manage to get together 🙂

  103. Dawn says:

    This was a good year for me and handmade gifts. I gave 3 hats, 3 scarves, and a purse. I need to get started earlier next year to increase the amount of handmade gifts I can make!

  104. Holly says:

    Thank you for the information on this new act, and for the very helpful resources.

    Handmade in my family this year was not what it usually is, but there were a few made-with-love items under various trees. Baby received a lovely Peter Rabbit tied quilt from her great-aunt – so soft! It will be perfect for playtime on the floor. And of course the best handmade gift was the snowflake ornament, made from notched popsicle sticks by my three year old for her Daddy.

  105. Char says:

    I received a set of cards from my niece. She drew a picture that her school had printed professionally on the cards. They are darling!!

  106. Mary Beth says:

    Fabric please!

  107. Diane says:

    I recently made place mats for my daughter and son in law. I was able to quilt them on my sewing machine. Placemats are enjoyable to make. I would love to win some tina givens fabric! Thank You.

  108. Wendy says:

    I had a great time making some homemade gifts this year. They included gifts from the kitchen: jams, cookies, cupcakes. And a few from the sewing room: little stuffed kitties, a sweet skirt/t-shirt set…embelished of course, and a little case to hold reading and sunglasses. On the crafty side: a scrapbook page to hang on the wall for a few people on the list and calendars for the grandmas.

    I didn’t get anything homemade, but I did get some stuff to make more homemade. 🙂

  109. Amanda says:

    I did a total handmade holiday. My favorite was the mailbox play set I made for my kids. It’s so cute, and they’re loving it.

  110. Sara McClure says:

    I did my best to make sure that everything I gave for Christmas this year was original and homemade. I almsot succeeded, with the exception of clothes for my hubby (it’s hard to make clothes that a grown man would wear). My son looks so cute in his cape to pretend he is a “Wonderpet”!

  111. Marianne says:

    All knitwear Christmas including a huge lace weight shawl to begin the celebration of my sister’s 60th year!

  112. Tina says:

    My SIL did all handmade holiday, and she made us a beautiful felted bowl that she knit and then felted. And inside were some yummy homemade jellies! I also made several handmade items myself, and my favorite were the Light Saber Dueling Yoda pajamas for my boys. So cute!

    I actually sent emails to my senators and congressman a few weeks ago about this law. It was very disappointing. I got absolutely no response from the Senators, and the response from the Congressman, who is on the small business committee totally didn’t apply to what I was talking about at all. It was a response about the China thing, but related to testing of food products (in response to the dog food and other food-related problems coming out of China). I need to try again, but as I said, very disappointing, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. 🙁

  113. Emilee says:

    I made scarves and a bunny bowling set and a dress and three more dresses and way more than my internal stress-level indicator said I should. But it worked out just fine, and Merry Christmas!

  114. Jane says:

    I have always made handmade, everything from mittens, hats, scarves, or quilts, wall-hangings, place mats. table runners and this year I made Lavender Eye pillows. I used the pattern on Amy Butler’s site. They were well-received.
    It is too bad about this new law to protect the consumer… it seems to me that perhaps it is being driven by big business and their quest for the mighty dollar.
    Too bad for the small business owner.

  115. Nikki says:

    When my family found out I made my daughter’s teacher and apron, they all put in a request for one. Looks like my gift making isn’t over 🙂

  116. I made some homemade rice bags to heat in the microwave and wheat bags to put in the freezer. I added some orange blossom essence oil to one and cinnamon to the other one. It was a huge hit. I also made a make-up tote that my sister designed. She emailed all her makeup in a row so I could get dimensions and her design of what she wanted it to look like. She was thrilled. I also made a jeans quilt for my husband. I used different parts of the jeans to make it look like a sailboat floating in water. I used the faded knee parts to represent the clouds in the sky. It turned out great. I actually found a jeans vest that had an embroidered parrot that I placed on deck.
    Everything went over well. Lots of work but fun to see their reactions.

  117. Annmarie says:

    Thank you so much for talking about the legislation, it really will affect so many of my friends and talented small business owners.

    And on to the fabric ;), I did give handmade this year! Very simple this year: flax hot/cold packs, a book pillow, patchwork apron, ‘manly’ apron, matching pjs for my boys. I got some love hand dyed yarn (from Mosaic Moon if anyone is interested) and handmade lotion yumm…

  118. Christine says:

    I gave a few handmade gifts this year – some ornaments and an outfit for my mother and tie for my dad which both are not finished sadly, but will be soon now that the busy holiday season is coming to a close! 😀

  119. Jenn says:

    Almost everyone got something handmade from me. Boy, was it ever busy sewing and crafting. It was enjoyable too, especially seeing the face of appreciation. My husband especially like the padded document folders with photo transfer of our kids quilted within and my daughter loved everything that I made for her especially her little neckwarmer which apparantly is a part of her super hero costume now. It was nice to do it handmade, next year I’m going to start a bit early though and I think it’ll be that much more enjoyable. I hope I win some fabric – it would be a nice way to start the new year!

  120. Lorajean says:

    yay for handmade!

  121. Emily Thom says:

    I made Amy Bulter’s wide leg lounge pants for all the girls in my life (sisters, cousins, girlfriends, mothers, etc – 12 pair in total). I had collected thrifted sheets all year – thus making them “eco-friendly”. Now I just have to find a few more sheets and make myself a pair!

  122. Gayle215 says:

    I made custom calendars for four of my good friends as well as “green” grocery bags using fabulous fabrics & french seams!

  123. Alyssa says:

    It was handmade fabric bird ornaments for all the special ladies in my life… and pottery made by a friend for many of the other gifts I gave. handmade is the way to go!

  124. Christine says:

    I usually always make everything for Christmas giving away…but this year was physically different, so I didn’t get much done. BUT I did make a beautiful, lacy neckwarmer for my MIL, out of a soy blend yarn (she doesn’t like wool itch) and she loved it and it looked wonderful on her.

  125. Sarah says:

    I made my niece a tutu skirt and my nephew a superhero cape so they can play dress up. They were so much fun to make & I love watching them try them on!

  126. Merrilee says:

    I love SMS. Daughter #2 has left for college and her room is now my sewing room. For Christmas this year I made 8 pairs of pj’s, a wee apron for a 5 year old girl (she loved it. wanted to wear it to church), tote bags for my 3 girls, ( said they looked like they were from a store) apple butter and helped my youngest dd make patchwork towels for her sister. (from this site) It was so much fun and everyone loved their gifts. I loved seeing the looks on their faces when they opened their gifts.

  127. Leah says:

    For Christmas this year, I made Christmas coasters in two different fabrics (so they are reversible) and packaged them with homemade mulling spices to give to a few friends, coworkers and my daughter’s teachers. THe coasters were by no means perfect, but they are cute, and the spices smell AMAZING! It was so much fun to think of homemade gifts to give.

  128. Stephanie says:

    I was so proud of myself because this year, I made some gifts. I made tissue holders and ornaments for co-workers. I also made a couple of hats, one for a farmily friend, the other for my BIL. So, I plan to start early in the coming year, so that I can make more gifts next year.

  129. Jess says:

    I did make some very fun lap quilts this year and little hooded towels for the monkeys in the family. A friend made me a great tea wallet, which sent me into a tea wallet making frenzy. 🙂

  130. autumnesf says:

    I got a great pair of “wrist warmers” that someone made. Now I dont have to wear the gloves with the fingers cut off!

  131. Donette says:

    I made all my Christmas presents for the females in my life this year. My favorite has to be the log cabin quilted wall-hanging for my mother, and the little wristlet purses for my nieces.

  132. Margie says:

    I made purses & key fobs for christmas for my 6 sisters! I enjoy making gifts & seeing happy faces when they open it.

  133. Molly says:

    Awww … this fabric is just inspiring!! I didn’t do totally handmade this year but I made all my friends and sisters patchwork drink coasters and embroidered kitchen towels and my niece some felt matryoshka dolls. I got all my ideas and patterns off of craft blogs and I had a ball!

  134. happy girl says:

    This year I made a scarf for a friend and some dish towels – I am a knitter. My 80 year old mother made at least a dozen pairs of jammy pants for her grand/great-grand kids. She has been sewing for over 65 years and is still going strong. My gift from my husband this year was a new sewing machine. I can’t wait to get started!

  135. addie says:

    Almost all of my gifts this year were made by me or someone locally. I received a beautiful handmade scarf from my SIL, and I made lots of things for others. I love giving handmade!

  136. Kate says:

    Thanks for the info on the new legislation.
    This year, my mom made me an amazing bag. LOVE IT! And I made embroidered and knit ornaments for my kids. I’m thinking I need to start crafting now for next Christmas. I’m so slow!

  137. Angie Smith says:

    We don’t live close to any family, I made 6 explosion box albums for all the grandparents and great grandparents. I filled it with pics of our family throughout the yearThey really enjoyed them. Here’s a link if you aren’t familiar with them(these aren’t mine)

  138. ELENA says:

    Hi all!
    I hope you have had a merry, merry christmas.
    This time I’ve made a shoulder bag for my sister-in-law, now I’m waiting to a picture from them to post it on my blog. I made me a skirt and I made a beautiful quilt for my parents, they like it so much. Is very oriental mood, with Ukiyo-e and Sashiko too. I’m thinking about make me one for my bedroom.
    The new line of Tina is wonderful, as ever.

  139. shannon says:

    I received a handmade bag with a whole bunch of pockets. It was made by my mom who finds it very hard to sew due to health. So I was very surprized to receive this

  140. Denice says:

    I made “Wall-E” pillowcases for our living room pillows. The kids are thrilled, and it keeps the pillows a little cleaner because I can wash the pillowcases. It’s great for all of us. Even better, they’re using them for everything since receiving them for Christmas.

  141. Joanne says:

    I made my nieces some babushka softies using the very talented Jhoanna Monte Aranez’ pattern from an Australian magazine called “Handmade”. You can see them here on my blog : – they are bright and happy dolls.

  142. Viv says:

    Almost everythingI gave was handmade, and I was lucky enought to receive a lovely new handmade bag just for me 🙂

    I’ll be doing everything I can to support handmade goods.

  143. Tara Boos says:

    After making all my christmas gifts the last couple of months I am so ready to start some new projects for me, myself, and I!

  144. Jennifer says:

    I gave many hand made things to my family for my frinds and family. I made aprons, crayon cozys, tutues, and some pot holders.

  145. Michelle says:

    I made 7 aprons for all the women in my family and freezer paper stenciled shirts for all the men. Was a great christmas!

  146. I did not give as much handmaid as I would have liked this year, but I’ve gotten so much inspiration from many different places. I have great ideas for next year that I will be working on… well… starting now! I did do two handmaid gifts: I created a beautiful scrapbook for a friend that just had a baby, and I made my husband a fleece blanket. I love the reactions of people when they open something you’ve maid – they are so much more enthusiastic when they see your heart!!

  147. Sarah says:

    I made several of our gifts this year, for my mom and sister (who I babysit her 2 daughters) I made pillows with hand/foot print reindeers on them. I painted store bought sweatshirts for my grandma and dad. My girls (3 and 8) made scarves out of fleece for all the grandparents where they stitched “We *heart* Mamaw / Papaw”. I made tutus for my 2 neices and 1 cousin’s little girl. I also made an outfit for my neices with a twirly skirt and a store bought shirt that I decorated to match the skirts. And for my oldest neice I also made a little purse. My girls also drew pictures of them and my mom and we put them in frames for them to give to their mamaw, For my SIL I made an apron. I also have 2 more gifts to finish up, both are purses. Everyone really seemed to LOVE all their gifts.

    My favorite gift wasn’t handmade but it was made just for me, it’s a purse with a picture of my girls on the front, I LOVE it!!

  148. Christine says:

    I gave a lot of handmade gifts this year! I made my mom a brooch, my mother-in-law and sister each a necklace, and I made an apron for my niece.

  149. I did almost all handmade this year. 🙂 I made my parents crocheted scarves and scrapbooked photos to hang on the wall. It was a lot of fun to make and give! I would love some of that lovely fabric!


  150. erin says:

    I think may favorite hand made gifts I made this year were the apron for my SIL and the crib set for my nephew. I made all but on eperson something handmade this year!

  151. Page says:

    I made lots of homemade gifts. I made a polar bear patterned reversible apron for my nephew,10, who just returned from a Polar Bear expedition (lucky kid!). I also made him 3 ornaments for the tree in his room – a polar bear softie, a whale softie and a seal softie.
    I made his 2 little sisters reversible aprons and matching American Girl doll aprons. I made my daughter, 6& 8, aprons, a reversible poncho with argyle print and reversible argyle scarves. I made my husband a lined wool scarf. I made my mom and her husband fleece scarves with the GT team logo.
    I made my aunt a reversible scarf with her first name J monogram in her favorite color blue (the J. monogram was done in Amy Butler). I made lots of ornaments too – gingerbread men with a bite out of them and a matching octopus, jelly fish and angel fish ornament for my aunt who lives close to the ocean. I also sent her homemade toffee and bummer – nothing has gotten to her yet because they are snowed in BAD.
    My four year old son still got a gift but I did not get to his crayon roll in time. I also started a small scottie dog softie for my younger daughter. I am going to make a little argyle purse for her to carry him in. This will be a gift for good grades or extra helping out around the house, instead.
    I have several other projects on deck that will now be Mother’s Day and birthday gifts. Next year I plan to start earlier!

  152. Natalie says:

    I usually make loads of handmade gifts though this year I didn’t have as much time as I normally do. I did become an aunt recently though and couldn’t resist the temptation to make things for him. I ended up making a receiving blanket, a knitted hat, and the cute mushroom rattle listed on the Purl bee blog.

  153. indigorchid says:

    Of the gifts I’ve given this holiday season, half were handmade. Gifting has been very laid back this year, so my two handmade gifts were a pair of felted slippers, and a couple of skeins of self-spun wool yarn. Wool is the way to go!

  154. Victoria W. says:

    I am new at sewing and when I recently saw a Rag Quilt, I fell in love! So a quick trip to the store and I made a Lap Quilt for my MIL to keep her warm during chemo sessions, one for my daughter and one for a co-worker. Now I am working on Rag Quilt for my bed. Then I have to learn some new techniques.

  155. rebecca says:

    I made 4 bags for my nieces and daughter with there initial on them. I could find the right fabric for them so I hand dyed each one a different color.

  156. Mary says:

    My husband didn’t make anything for me, but he gave me a lot of tools to make making easier for me: a very fancy and durable self-healing cutting board and a great book called Back to Basics which has so much info about a hundred do-it-yourself topics. So, that was great!

    And to brag a bit, I made a putting green for my little boy. He saw an indoor putting green for sale in the local sporting goods store for a whopping $150. So I bought a couple of yards of felt and went to work. I added some lumps here and cut out some bits there to make it more realistic and it really is both challenging and fun. And it rolls up nicely to store!

  157. Jyl says:

    This year I made holiday table runners for my sister. They took forever, but she loved them.

  158. MelissaB says:

    I made a box bag for my SIL for Christmas and she was completely freaking out that I’d made it. To say she’s in love with it was an understatement. I can’t wait for her to see her college graduation gift in March. 🙂 My kids adored their mama made pj’s too!

  159. aSprinkling says:

    I don’t know about fabulous, but I made a Margaret Bag by “oh, fransson!” and I expect it to be a hit at the family gift swap tomorrow!

  160. kathy h. says:

    My eight year old nephew gave me a pendant with original artwork of our dog, Rocket. Such a thoughtful handmade gift from a nephew 2,000 miles away in Minnesota. My sister helped decopauge the artwork to the pendant. We make nearly all of our gifts and made lots of cookies and treats to give away as well in the recent Portland snowzilla time.

  161. Ricki says:

    Wow, how great to see so many handmade Christmases!

    I sewed my daughter (15) a scarf as part of her gift, and made my Mom a lap quilt. That was it for my handmade efforts. I already have started on next years gifts though and plan to do all home made! 🙂

  162. Delia Jones says:

    I was attempting a handmade holiday this year, but didn’t quite make it with three young ones under foot. I am thrilled to say that I did make more handcrafted items than last year. I knit a scarf, sewed a yo-yo garland or two, stitched up some wool felt cupcakes, mixed up a few batches of salt scrub and baked up a slew of goodies. Still working on some pjs and a few dresses, but if you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, you have a bit more time. 🙂 The only handcrafted item I got was a mix CD from my bachelor brother!

  163. Kathie says:

    One extra small item I made lots of were the coffee sleeves for my fellow workers!!! They did turn out pretty cute and all seemed to love them. Sometimes the small things can bring a smile to someone’s face. Also it amazes me how few people do give hand-made gifts. If they only knew how fun it is!!!! Kathie

  164. Bree says:

    My mother-in-law made a beautiful painting of my daughter. She’s got some fine art talent, that I’ll never have! 😉

  165. Maggie says:

    I made produce bags for everyone on my christmas list. Not only are they mesh draw string but fun and fancy fruit and veggie inspired cotton fabric on one side/mesh fabric on the other! They were a big hit!! -Maggie

  166. Abbi Cobb says:

    We did a lot of homemade stuff for Christmas. (Small stuff though, our rule is that it has to all fit in a stocking!) One of my favorite projects this year was finger puppets. They were fast to make and they looked really cute and my 2 littlest ones thought they were really fun. For my son my oldest daughter also wrote and typed out a story which I helped her illustrate and then I covererd it in fabric and made finger puppets to go with it. He has really liked that.

  167. Thank you so much for posting about this issue. I had no idea it was going on and I’m now very concerned about its ramifications. That said, I can share that I gave my daughter a gorgeous little dress for her favorite dolly which she promptly labeled a “Princess Dress.” You can a photo on my blog:

  168. Kari says:

    All of my gifts were handmade this year (with the exception of a few wedding pictures). I crocheted a shawl for my mom, mother-in-law, and stepmom, a hat for my sister, beret & coin purse for one of my bff’s, a scarf a with spiderweb applique on each end for my other bff, slippers for my sister-in-law, and sewed an ipod & laptop cozies for my brother in law. I received so much inspiration from your handmade holiday series! thanks!

  169. Tricia says:

    next year I am going to need to start in JUNE!!! I stressed a bit but did all home made and 3 grandma quilts, socks all around and toys for the kids…
    thanks so much for all the great help and support! We’ve sent off to congress for the save the handmade too!

  170. Holly Matsuo says:

    I made my two daughters (3.5 and 5.5 yrs. old) aprons based on the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing. Previously, they both had me tie dishcloths onto them with leftover wrapping ribbon over and over and over. Both of them wore the aprons all day on Christmas. The younger one, without any underwear or pants!

  171. I made almost all of my Christmas presents by hand this year, but my favorite is the apron I made for my 2-year-old daughter (and the matching one I made for her baby doll). She got a new kitchen from Santa, and she wore this apron all day while she “cooked” for us. She looked so cute, and so grown up!

  172. Margaret says:

    Most of the presents that I gave were hand made. I worked for weeks on it and I think that if I do a crafty Christmas next year I will start much earlier. I am slowing placing pictures and explanations of them on my blog: As a quick summary: Travel pouch for my brother with longitude/latitude of the destination embroidered on the front, a money pouch for my father in law, pencil case for my mother, a bag for the daughter of a cousin!

  173. Edith says:

    I didn’t quite get a full handmade holiday in, but I did make some lovely ornaments for lots of friends to lessen the financial load on our Christmas. It helped a lot and the best part was getting some handmade gifts back as well. My husband did the sweetest thing by going onto my blog and purchasing one of the prints I had my eye on for some time. It was a total surprise and I’m thankful for places like Etsy, they give him a chance to really surprise me.

  174. Devon says:

    Yes, this holiday was all about handmade items. I made my husband a scrapbook of our daughter’s 1st year, and a big snuggly blanket to watch ESPN with every night. I made my daughter a sock monkey and my mom a handbag. I just said today, I think this has been the best holiday in years because I wasn’t out shopping last minute for thoughtless gift, but instead thought for many days, some cases week on what to make and who would enjoy what.

  175. Breanne says:

    I just learned how to sew in September and I have totally been “bitten” by the sewing bug. I sewed a bunch of napkins and aprons for people this Christmas. I even made a angel costume for my son in our family nativity.

  176. mojoandco says:

    It was the first Christmas that I did handmade gifts … 5 on time, the 6th is an IOU. There was a fabric barn, two bags, felt magnets and a pincushion, and soon a crocheted sackboy will be born. What a great feeling it was to lovingly use what I already had instead of going forth with the masses and consuming!! Next year’s goal is entirely handmade. Thanks for some great ideas to help with a partially handmade Christmas.

  177. karen says:

    This year I made some gifts…as many as one can with 3 kiddies under four! I ended up making my first quilt, felt food, outfits…. I love anything homemade, and tried not to be so commericial this year. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!

  178. leah says:

    my sister-in-law crocheted my daughter a lovely hat with ear flaps and a ball on top for Christmas. she ordered the hand-drawn pattern on etsy, so it was DOUBLE homemade 😉 also, i gave her two hand-woven wool dryer balls from the Homespun Heart for Christmas, so now she no longer has to use toxic dryer sheets.

  179. Sweet Em says:

    I am actually still working on two homemade christmas gifts. Crafters Aprons using a pattern I bought from an online boutique. Unfortunately for me, and the ones I love, this late Christmas gift occurance is a habit for me. Earlier this month I finished the quilt I started for my mother-in-law ( and gave her, before I took it back to quilt it) LAST year. Ey yi yi.

  180. Kelly says:

    I made two afghans, a variety of felt food, a reversible tote bag (of which I will make more) and then inspired my girls to make things for each other. My oldest made the younger ones playdoh, My second one made a scarf and painted little jewelry boxes for the littler ones. The third one painted ornaments that her dad made for people, and the fourth one made the potholders on the loop loom that everyone played with as a kid. I will definitely be trying for most of my gifts to be handmade next year.

  181. Nada says:

    handmade gifts made this year: 2 tea cozies and a ton of hot water bottle covers (all made form felted sweaters), a knit wristlet, and 3 wee wonderfuls dolls made from various awesom fabrics from y’all!

  182. Deborah Ocasio says:

    This has been a tough year for my oldest daughter, She is 25 and lives in NY. This year I made her all hand made comfort items. From PJS with feet to hat and scarf so she would always be reminded that I am with her even though we are 100’s of miles away. My youngest has also was reminded about homemade . She was so touched by how I told her that I missed her home presents she and her sister used to make for me when they where little ( paper jewelery etc) that she got her friends involved and they also made their family members and friends home made gifts, ( I think we started something! lol)

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!!!

  183. Erin says:

    I gave my daughter a homemade quilt for her baby doll for Christmas! Although, she has been using it for herself instead of for the doll……

  184. Jennie says:

    We did a handmade Christmas this year — even my purchased gifts were from Etsy, although I got a Gocco, so I’m not sure that QUITE counts. Still! With nine families amongst my extended in-laws collection, we got some amazing stuff: homemade Kahlua, vanilla extract, and blueberry jam; a quilted snowman hanging; a painted wood rendering of our last name; a wreath; lots of cookies! Our contribution: Cookies (of course) and a blanket-stitched felt birdie ornament.

  185. emmylizzy says:

    I didn’t receive anything handmade for myself, but i did receive a lot of craft supplies!

  186. Stacey says:

    I LOVE HANDMADE/HOMEMADE gifts. This year I gave a quilt, a quilted overnight bag, a fleece blanket, and 2 lighted “presents” (made from glass blocks with Christmas lights inside of them). Also gave a sunhat and 3 flower pincushions. It means so much more to me to receive a handmade gift – it means that someone cared enough to take the time to design and make something especially for me…

  187. Amy S. says:

    I made a couple of beautiful picture pillows from Alicia Paulson’s book. I was so happy because I found the transfer paper at the dollar store!

  188. Amanda L. says:

    I recently made some Christmas presents with all self-designed patterns. I gave my parents a cake with lavender ribbon and rosettes. I also made tiny blue felt elephants, one with a hairbow and one with a bow tie, which they were very surprised with. My sister got a pink cake with a fabric flower and filling and my brother got blue poop [which he had requested]. Handmade rocks!

  189. mikawendy says:

    I recently made a bunch of oven mitts as gifts. It gave me a good chance to practice my free-motion quilting.

  190. Abby says:

    This year’s handmade goodies included bean bag sets, string backpacks, laptop bags, dolls and a patchwork skirt. It was a fun and busy year.

  191. Kris says:

    I used the book Zakka Sewing to make fabric boxes for my non-crafty friends. I love small projects!

  192. RachelJ says:

    Both of my kids gave me wonderful handmade items–not by them but they picked them out themselves. From my son, I got 3 soaps: cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. They make my room smell so good I might never use them. My daughter picked out a lovely necklace with a pendant of an embroidered flower.

  193. Sara Ward says:

    I made my daughter a puppet theatre for Christmas and my husband made the puppets. It was a real hit and I’m so proud to have made something.

  194. Sunny says:

    Oh geeze… crayon rolls, capes, coasters, bookmarks, notebook covers, pencil case, purse, Molly monkey, Black Apple doll, hats, mittens, skirts, pajama pants, kimono, headband, ornaments, diaper bag, and I think that is all. Wow. When it is all typed out, I am kind of shocked… Gotta love handmade! Now, I need to replenish my fabric 🙂 (fingers crossed)

  195. Scubagoose says:

    I made those cookie mixes in a jar and gave them to all my mommy friends. I am also finishing some great gifts for spread out relatives using great tutorials (like the crayon roll). I also made a quilt for a friend (now if only i could remember to ship it!). I am appalled at the consequences of this new bill. Honestly, it’s not the small handmade businesses in America that are using lead paint. I was wondering if there is a loophole though, since a great many of our raw materials are lead (and other toxins) free, shouldn’t that mean that the results would also be? There’s some fine print for Congress maybe. Good luck to all those crafty people just trying to make it work!

  196. Lisa says:

    I made several gifts this year… My Granddaughter received a 30’s print doll quilt from me for her American Girl doll. I also made several purses for my nieces and daughters…
    I received crazy quilted ornaments, oven door aprons and more from my internet quilting friends.
    I would love to win a yard of fabric… After Jan 1 I’m going to start working on Christmas 2009 gifts my goal is to make everyone something and not have to purchase any gifts


  197. Natalie says:

    I made my son and nephew a portable race track out of felt. I just wish I would have seen this project earlier so my son could have played with it when he was younger!

  198. BrookieJ says:

    For Christmas, my aunt made me the most adorable felt purse. LOVED it!

  199. Ashley Ann says:

    Almost every one of my gifts were hand made. I made all the ladies little pouches and stocked them with tissue holders and lip balm (purchased from etsy). The funniest gift I received was made by me. My little sister bought a purse from me that I told her was my favorite. Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped it! Silly girl!

  200. Lo says:

    i received two handmade sewn ornaments – so simple to make but i loved them and they now have a place of honour on our tree for years to come.

  201. alisha says:

    I took the homemade pledge this year and made all of my gifts. I had such a great time scouring craft site for ideas and picking out projects that are within my ability (and some that really stretched my ability) and projects that each person would love. I sewed several purses, several pairs of pj pants, an apron and a few other gifts. I also made a few non-sewing gifts, including a personal magnet set for my niece. It was the first gift my niece opened and when her mom asked if she wanted to open another gift, she said no because she was having so much fun with the magnets! I plan on posting a simple how-to on my blog in the next few days.

  202. stacy says:

    I posted about this on my blog and BurdaStyle last week…. thanks for the additional links!

  203. jesse says:

    i took the handmade pledge & everyone was pleased. screenprints, stuffed animals, tree skirts, and clothes were just some of the handmade gifts i gave this year! i also sold handmade laptop bags & prints for auction to support living water int’l – – thanks so much for your wonderful handmade gift lists. you enable so many people to give & appreciate handmade. & thank you for this post!

  204. Tanya says:

    Great fabrics! I always give handmade gifts, but rarely (meaning NEVER) receive any. This year I was so happy to receive some crocheted scarves from my sister. In fact — I am wearing mine right now! 🙂

  205. katie says:

    I gave wonderful cards and a crayon roll and tote bag that I great giveaway day here on sew, mama, sew. I still have presents to make and give between now and new years, hopefully a purse and some hats and scarves. My boys and I also went to the woods and picked greens and trimmed the holly trees and made centerpieces for family and friends. I am hoping to do much more homemade in the new year.

  206. Veronica says:

    We made photo albums this year of our new baby. Everyone loved them (I was concerned that folks would think the idea was narcissistic…). 🙂

  207. Ginny says:

    My daughter wanted short sleeve tops, I could only find plain ones. I ended up decorating them with iron ons. That is about as hand made as our Christmas got this year. I wanted to do more, but my daughter ended up getting sick the week I had planned to finish up my crafts 🙁

  208. Carrie says:

    For the most part, everthing I gave this year was handmade. It made me so much happier to make my gifts than it did to buy them. One of my favorites was a felt house filled with three felt bears and a felt Goldilocks that I made for my niece. Here’s a link:

  209. Becca says:

    Well, my handmade presents are a little bit late, but they are going to be (in the next few weeks): a knitted NY Giants hat for my DH, knitted cowl for my aunt, and a composition notebook calendar/planner for my other aunt.

  210. Melanie says:

    I hope they change this law. I really feel for all the conscientious home crafters trying to figure this out.

  211. meagan says:

    My sewing room was a flurry of activity all month…. check it out at

  212. jill says:

    Also, I was wondering : is there anything people who are not US citizens can do about the handmade thing? Most sites are saying “write your congressman”, but that doesn’t really work if you’re in Canada.

  213. jill says:

    I made my son a wool felt rocket ship to go with his Wee Wonderfuls spaceboy. It has velcro straps and a control panel with switches and buttons on the inside. The outside will (when I actually finish it) have rocket boosters that velcro on and off, too. He has been playing with it all day.

    I also made my boys canvas sword belts to go with the foam swords we got them — they have a velcro “buckle” and a loop for holding the sword. My older son uses his, but my 2 year old doesn’t like it. Oh well, he’ll grow into it.

  214. Jeanne says:

    I gave and received lots of home made gifts. I bought my home made gifts from etsy this year. LOVE THAT PLACE. 1st Daughter I got a beautiful hand made jewelry rack, 1st thing I have gotten from this seller and I was thrilled, 2nd Daughter I got a special ordered journal, I have gotten many things from this talented paper maker and have been thrilled with each thing I have gotten from her, 3rd Daughter moved into an apt. so I got her a special order recipe book for “family favorites” she thinks it is way too nice to use in the kitchen. I received an awesome hand made bag full of hand made goodies, my favorite goody is a wool felt Angel with hand stitched hearts and flowers. It is beautiful. I think it is a Christmas Ornament but I have it hanging in my sewing room so I can look at it year round. HOME MADE IS DEFINATELY THE WAY TO GO. 🙂

  215. Jane says:

    I have always given homemade Christmas gifts to family… mostly food items. This year, no exception… homemade biscotti and hot chocolate mix with homemade vanilla marshmallows… from the recipe you posted! Everyone raved! Also included small handmade felted ornaments.

  216. Anary says:

    Yes.cookies, pillow cases,scarfs, bags…etc…Phew : )

  217. Carol says:

    I received a gift of handmade bead bracelet, earrings and bracelet watch from my daughter for Christmas. It is beautiful. I also made beaded bracelets for my daughters!!!
    Long live homemade gifts!!!

  218. Harley says:

    The two most well-received gifts I gave this year were scarves that I crocheted for my mom and my mother-in-law. They weren’t anything special, but they both needed one, and they’ve worn them every day since 🙂

  219. Katiebelle says:

    I got a few great handmade items this year. My favorite was the softest washcloth that my friend Natalie made for me along with some handmade face soap! It smells like you could eat it! I made her a fabulous apron with some Alexander Henry fabric that she danced around in for half of the night! =)

  220. Amy Hunter says:

    I love hand made gifts. The last 3 or 4 years, mostly everything that I have given for Christmas, I have made. This year was my hot pads year, the cookies that I tried making for the neighbors, teachers and friends flopped, it was a huge disaster. So I decided that I was doing better at sewing, so they each got a set of hot pads. I also made an apron from old curtains, messenger bag from a thrifted wool tweed sport coat, stitched rockets on some t-shirts with my free motion pressure foot, made a matching dance outfit for my daughters doll, and did a freezer paper stencil on t-shirt. And I am still working on a crocheted scarf.

    That fabric is lovely, It would be great to win some. I hope you Christmas was great!

  221. Olga says:

    This year everyone got homemade gifts! I made a wood rack out of pvc for my brother and sister-in-law. My folks, and borther and sister-in-law got bottles of homemade kahlua. {I had to save some for myself, though!!!!} 🙂 My folks also got a quilt that I quilted. My nephews {twins} got a rocking horse that I cleaned up/refinished, after finding it a house I helped clean out, covered in muck and dust and who knows what else!! It was the year for homemade/recycled gifts, hopefully I can continue the trend. 🙂

  222. Andrea Methvin says:

    I sewed stockings for my parents, sister, and nephew. I also sewed purses and wristlets for many friends, and even made some ornaments for neighbors. All gifts were received very well, plus I had a lot of fun making them! I even sewed some colored pencil rolls for a Christmas bazaar! I’ll soon start on my spring stuff. I would love to win the Tina Givens fabric-I love EVERYTHING she does! Happy New Year!

  223. Becky T says:

    I made the Heather Bailey ring stacker for my 1 year old niece, and I made coasters for friends and family. It all took so much longer than I thought and now I know why holiday fabrics come out in August.

  224. erin says:

    i made patchwork teatowels for a few of the people on my list. actually saw the tutorial on this site:)

  225. Liz Cook says:

    Oh my goodness – how would you ever decide with everyone’s wonderful contributions. i would love some wonderful fabric. but all i did was make my first quilt – a baby quilt – it will go to my friend who had her first child. now i am going to move on to something a little harder. it is hard to make a quilt without inspiration and at the same time hard to let it go. i didn’t know that i would feel this way. i didn’t know i would be so attached when i was finished. does everyone feel this way?

  226. Kristin says:

    This year I incorporated several handmade gifts into the gift giving. I made a bunch of little tissue holders for teachers and a few relatives. I made “scoodies” for my mom and sister who live in much colder climates than I do. I am still in the process of making a couple of double-sided tote bags (based off of a Safeway bag template for my SIL and MIL with whom we’ll celebrate over New Year’s). Finally, not completely handmade, but I appliqued a store-bought hoodie for my DH with my take on his college logo. Next up, my daughter’s 5th birthday in January and I’ll be making her a stripwork skirt and matching bag. It’s all fun.

  227. Suzy says:

    I knit felted boots for my two boys. They came out so cute and they just love them.

  228. jill m says:

    Despite the time committment and the resulting chaos of nonexistent housekeeping, I always send handmade cards. I also “repurposed” boxes, tins, etc. for gift packaging. I truly intended to make most of my gifts once I discovered 30 days of handmade, but only completed a few teacher gifts. I’ll plan better next year!

  229. Leah says:

    This Christmas I made pj’s for my two little ones, coffee cozies for my kids teachers, headbands, wristlets, handbags and travel bags but what I enjoyed making the most this year was the toys I made for my daughters. Molly the Monkey and Katy the Kitty from MMMCrafts was the highlight of my Christmas handmade pledge. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season:)

  230. Nicole says:

    i made jammies for my three kids (finished late christmas eve), which i hope will be a yearly tradition. i gave my husband a handmade, handpainted belt (not made by me), which he is very impressed with–it really is gorgeous. my husband’s grandfather is receiving undershirts (as requested), made by me. one is silk jersey, one is a fluffy waffle knit. i absolutely love making gifts, for holidays and birthdays.

    thanks for the chance at the fabric! lovely, as always.

  231. Jessica Mathew says:

    tina’s fabrics are lovely, as usual. my favorite handmade gift i was given this year was a ceramic hand warming mug.

  232. Fuji Mama says:

    This year I crocheted a little sweater for my daughter and made jewelry for my female relatives. I received a wonderful hand sewn baby carrier cover and diaper case as a gift from a friend. Giving/receiving handmade is so much more fun and meaningful!

  233. Karen says:

    Thank you for posting about Save Handmade. I’ll be heartbroken if this isn’t “fixed.”

    For the holidays, I made six Pleated Beauty bags (Bend the Rules Sewing), eight Mister Blue Birds (Spool Sewing), and 21 pencil rolls (Pink Chalk Studios). I’m tuckered out! But I’m also ready for my next project, so I would love a yard of fabric… 🙂

  234. Vicki says:

    I just made a couple of adorable knotty dolls (from hand dyed velour) for my new baby girl and my friend’s 1 year old.

  235. Joy S says:

    I made a doll bed for my daughter! I saw it made on a TV crafty show – made by turning
    a “breakfast in bed” folding tray upside down. The legs make the head and foot boards.
    Glued some wooden balls to the underside for legs for the bed and then made a little
    foam mattress from foam seatcushions. I made a little quilt to go on top and some pillows.
    It is a little short but works okay for the American Girl type dolls.

    Plus, it turned out way cooler than I thought it would !

  236. Liz K says:

    I made an advent calendar out of old tea tins. I was convinced it would look ridiculous until it was all finished, but it turned out quite well.

  237. alison says:

    I’m still working on an Oliver & S top for a friend’s baby and some placemats. It’s new year’s gifts this year! ;0)

  238. anne says:

    We had yummy home made fudge, peanut chocolate, biscuits and mint slice, very very nice to eat special homemade christmas food over the festive season. Have an awesome New Year

  239. Danielle says:

    This year has been the best handmade year ever. I got the soap of the month club from my sister-in-love. Every months she’d send a package with perfectly made soap that she’d spent the labor of love on. I appreciate it every time I shower. I think everyone else does too.

  240. Katie Mitchell says:

    I made a tote for my mom for Christmas, and booties for my 7 month old. My two older children and I made salt dough magnets for the grandparents as well.

  241. Sarah says:

    I knitted the “Inca Hat” from Susan Anderson’s “Itty Bitty Hats” for my niece who lives in the Alps and made Amy Butler’s lounge pants from the vintage sheets at my parents’ lakehouse, for my mother. I thought maybe wearing something made from the (warm, sunny) place she loves, will help her make it through the gray, cold winter in Pennsylvania!

  242. cindy says:

    I made little Christmas treat bags for gift cards, which also worked well for the little ceramic ornaments my daughters painted for their grandparents. We also made our own wine bags, my husband even helped, after we got snowed in…. we were so inspired with the bags, that our first stop for after Christmas shopping today was the fabric store. I got sale fabric to make my own gift bags instead of using wrapping paper next year….

  243. Michelle says:

    I made a few things this Christmas and hope that next year I will make even more!

  244. Sara says:

    Oh, I gave my daughter her quilt for Christmas. She thought it was beautiful…

    Plus I knit some back scrubbers and the two people who got them loved them…

  245. Josiane says:

    I gave to my 7 and 5 years old nephews handmade gift certificates for fun activities to do together: knitting lessons (which they had asked for!), a day in my felting studio, and a baking day. I was so happy to see how thrilled they were with that gift! It was great!

  246. Nani says:

    Since money was tight this year (actually…non-existent) I went the homemade, heartfelt route & made some very special things this year. You can check out my blog to see pics.

    It took me waaaay too long (2 all-nighters) to finish them, but I am really proud of what I made. Everyone loved them, which made me feel great.

  247. Katie says:

    I had no idea about this new law threatening handmade products. Thank you for opening my eyes!
    Those fabrics are AMAZING! Seriously drooling!
    Several of the gifts we gave were homemade this year and I also got quite a few handmade gifts as well. I made a taggy for a baby cousin, a blanket for my father, wordles, pictures drawn by my kids & digitally scrapbooked calendars and books for several family members as well. I was given an adorably fabric covered photo album from mym (she sewed the cover) to use as a portfolio for my crafted projects and a GORGEOUS bag that she designed herself. Also my gma put together photo coasters for all of us 🙂
    It was so precious knowing the time and love and consideration that went into these gifts! 🙂

  248. Jenni says:

    I enjoyed sewing initial tea towels and canvas bags for my family and friends, in the hopes that it will eliminate plastic bags and paper towel use! They loved it, and it was fun to do- though I felt like a frenzied elf trying to get it all done…….maybe I should start on next Christmas, today!!!

  249. Jenni says:

    I enjoyed sewing initial tea towels and canvas bags for my family and friends, in the hopes that it will eliminate plastic bags and paper towel use! They loved it, and it was fun to do- though I felt like a frenzied elf trying to get it all done…….maybe I should start on next Christmas, today!!!

  250. Jenni says:

    I enjoyed sewing initial tea towels and canvas bags for my family and friends, in the hopes that it will eliminate plastic bags and paper towel use! They loved it, and it was fun to do- though I felt like a frenzied elf trying to get it all done…….maybe I should start on next Christmas, today!!!

  251. Nicole N. says:

    I gave a frame style purse to my sister and it was a huge hit! I was so excited when my family asked where I bought it!

  252. kelly jo says:

    I did!! I used the Taggie Monster tutorial from Craft Schmaft you guys had on here not that long ago and gave a fantastic little taggie monster to my niece! Pictures are on my blog

  253. Liz says:

    i made my cousin handmade christmas presents by request–a blanket-stitched felt chain a la anna maria horner, and some felt trees and elves of my own design. turned out very cute!

  254. susaninfrance says:

    I made most of my christmas presents, embellished tea towels and appliqueed t-shirts with peace signs, plus a few aprons & pencil rolls, nothing fancy, but nice! I’d love to win that fabric you featured, it is wonderful!!

  255. Yetta says:

    I didn’t think I was going to pull off another handmade holiday but I did. I made simple pants with christmas stencils for the kids, a t-shirt for the hubby, bath salts for the ladies and mulling sachets for the men. I love being able to add a little something to the Christmas magic.

    I am definitely going to check out those links and do something about this law. Thanks for drawing our attention to the issue.

  256. marti says:

    I made, gave, bought and sold handmade for gift giving this year. Very, very satisfying!

  257. Sandra says:

    I made little fabric pins this year and gave them out instead of cookies to all the drop-by friends. There’s so many people on diets that it seemed a shame to give out sweet treats that might go unappreciated–and you can wear the pins year around!

    I had no idea these laws were going into effect, though of course I should have known they were coming. Road paved with good intentions, and all of that.

  258. Morgan says:

    I just finished a quilt for my boyfriend’s nephew (& my new godson!). I gave it to him last weekend at his christening, and he immediately drooled, which I think is a sign that he liked it! Or that he has overactive salivary glands, but I’m more inclined to think it’s the former.
    & I LOVE that pomegranatey-looking print!!!

  259. Jen says:

    I made six pencil rolls for my nieces this Christmas. They loved them and so did their parents, impressed by the effort I put into them. I need to make more presents, I think. It was so much fun!

  260. Renee says:

    I haven’t received anything handmade, but I did just make my baby his first Christmas Stocking before the holiday. I now need to re-supply my stash!

  261. Annie says:

    One of our family tradition is new pajamas on Christmas Eve, sot his year I made us all pajamas. I also used some wool fleece to make a bean-nag nativity set for my one year-old daughter. I hope we can save homemade.

  262. I made a scissor and tool case for my husband’s haircutting needs from a tutorial found here at Sew Mama Sew. I used slices of a layercake from Moda’s Wonderland collection. The fabrics coming in March with the amazing scissors!

    Hooray for handmade!

  263. Somer says:

    I gave each of my three girls an Olive doll I made from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern. My youngest daughter has disablilities and she wouldn’t do well with doll hair, so this pattern was great for her. They all slept with their dolls last night.

  264. juliecache says:

    I wrote to both my congress people. one said that he heard me about the auto industry — what? I didn’t write about the auto industry! I wrote about saving handmade — geez! I did feel good that he was not the one i voted for.

  265. This year I gave handmade! I gave handknitted scarves and wraps to some women who are very important to me (grandmother, family friend, mother, mother-in-law)…and since I got money as a Christmas gift, I am giving handmade to me, too! I got some very lovely things for myself from that were handmade, or will help me make some new things for myself. Also, I am in the process of starting my own business selling some of the things I make…I have to admit I shake in my boots at the news I am hearing about the new law and the ramifications for small business owners. I have hopes that it will work out, though, if we make our voices heard. I think so many of us do our best to turn out a product that is carefully and lovingly made and hopefully that fact will be acknowledged.

  266. Kimberly says:

    It is sad that to protect our children from lead poisoning, we have to prohibit small handmade toys from being produced. There’s gotta be a better way…

  267. Amy says:

    I received some fabulous caramels from a friend- I’m going to go eat more right now!

  268. Dorte says:

    I made a bag for my niece Marie for christmas – a hobo bag in a fabric called “petit bon voyage”, lined with acrylic coated linen to make it kind of waterproof. It went down very well with 12-year old Marie! 🙂

  269. I did the hand made thing for the first time this Christmas. All presents were made by me. 🙂 I Gave away aprons, handbags, blankets, scarves, ornaments, feet warmers, heat packs, etc. It was very fun to do and I think I had more fun making everything then anyone had shopping for gifts. 🙂

  270. Mary Beth says:

    I am very concerned about this issue as well. I’ve already written to my senator and congressperson about it–something I have never done before! This Christmas my sons received a beautiful handmade wooden farm–something we would not be able to buy if this new law passes.

  271. rae says:

    ooh! that blue pushie with the star is SO cute!! did you use a pattern for him? care to share? 😉

    i made a needlefelted ewe and lamb for my daughter with raw wool that they washed in their kindergarten class. i made my son a waldorf *heavy baby* (weighted with millet) and my partner got in on the fun and made them a set of playstands! it felt amazing to give them such wonderful gifts…and made by our own hands!

  272. Amy says:

    I gave every woman in my fiance’s family hand knitted dishcloths. I received a fantastic quilted bag from one of my greatest friends! Simply gorgeous.

  273. allison says:

    I found a set of gorgeous linen napkins at an estate sale. Then, my mom sent me a bag of cotton scraps from her local Goodwill.
    My blue/brown-loving friend was having a birthday, so voila! I fused and appliqued blue and brown fabric circles onto the linen napkins and tied them up with a bow. I wish I had taken a pic of them, but just imagine spool-sized circles of blues and browns on natural linen napkins. *swoon!*

  274. Kim D. says:

    I got the CUTEST handmade gingerbread house pin cushion. Complete with tiny gingerbread man and woman pins. —Made from shrinky dinks. The details on the house are amazing, it is one of the best hand made gifts I’ve ever been given. –All hand done by a good friend which makes it even more special. (((thanks!)))

  275. Corry O says:

    Love the fabrics. I actually got a gift certificate to the Sew, Mama, Sew shop and can’t wait to use it!

  276. Rachel Kleinschmidt says:

    Thanks for bringing the handmade toy info to us,
    as for the fabric … so cute!! pick me!!

  277. Teresa says:

    I made aprons for my MIL to give for Christmas presents. Merry Christmas SMS!

  278. Katie says:

    I made a bunch of gifts this year — but I think my favorite was the dress I made my niece, it was made of Dora the Explorer fabric and she loved it!

  279. Valerie says:

    Boy have I been busy busy! For Christmas I made my mom and 3 sisters each a purse or tote as their gift. My sister in-law is having a baby in April and she lives in a different state, Christmas may be the last time I see her before the baby comes so I’ve also been busy making things for her baby to have ready by Christmas. This includes 5 burp cloths, 4 flannel receiving blankets with crochet edges, a messenger style diaper bag and an irresistible soft baby blanket. Whew, I’m so glad I’m done but now I’ve been inspired to make her a crib quilt in her chosen colors since she can’t seem to find any bedding she likes.

  280. Bridget says:

    Gorgeous fabrics!

    I totally did a handmade christmas, both my grandmothers, my baby cousin, and my partners mother all got quilts. They were a huge hit, people really appreciate the time that has gone into them

  281. Ruby says:

    I made cookies for my friends. I wish I thought of this years earlier. It would have saved me hours lost at the mall.

  282. Elle Doughty says:

    I am huge on handmade items and have recently started my own etsy shop ( BUT the most notable item that I received this Christmas was a handmade item from my husband. He handpainted 3 terra cotta flowerpots (in graduated sizes) with black chalkboard paint and gave me a new pack of assorted colored chalk to decorate them with. I am touched by the thoughfulness, fun and the fact that he “actually” made me something…it must be rubbing off 😉 Thanks, Elle

  283. wendy says:

    I made the best ever gift for my 3 year old – an apron! She put it on as soon as the package was opened, and hasn’t taken it off yet… she even wore it to our family gathering, and I expect she’ll be wearing it to church on Sunday 😀

    I love handmade gifts, both giving and receiving!

  284. Joanna says:

    Last year was an almost entirely handmade Christmas. This year kinda got away from me, but I still managed to eek out some made by me presents. We had a solstice party and I did a little ornament swap. everyone who came brought an ornament and received a handmade one from me. I also did the ornament swap over at swap-bot, so I have a couple dozen new ornaments for my tree!

  285. Lisa says:

    I made my grandma a memory bear using fabric from my grandfather’s jacket. It turned out wonderfully and she absolutely loved it.

  286. Gen says:

    The bird fabrics are my favorite! I gave some handknits this holiday season,

  287. Hazel says:

    This year I made potholders for everyone (actually, I’m still making the last batch!) and everyone enjoyed them. The warm feeling from giving and receiving homemade gifts is worth all of the work and planning involved.

  288. Robyn says:

    I gave a set of sewn dish towels to my grandma to hang on her pantry door… they matched her kitchen curtains!

  289. Little A says:

    I gave many women on my list J. Casa Handmade’s Quilted List Taker. The pattern is wonderful and the list taker is gorgeous! I thought they came out fabulous for sure!

    And I’ve already written my congressman about the testing law…I hope something changes.

  290. JenO says:

    I made cloth napkins made from lovely fabric. I also made pillowcases for two young boys, which the mom thought I bought. One had snowmobiles all over speeding through the snow. When I bought the fabric, someone said I was just like Sarah Palin. Ughhhh. That was NOT why I was buying it.

  291. Helena says:

    totally made handmade this year. money was tight and five kids age 11 down, i went to work. your site helped dircted me to some wonderful stuff. I made coasters, the kids got quilts, crayon rolls, the small fabric doll house, and some stuffed toys. i felt better knowing where the stuff comes from, and it was made with love.

  292. kelli says:

    I love handmade 🙂 I received a handmade apron from my mom and a “Scoodie” from my sister. I gave out handmade soaps and lip balms. The best, though, was the fleece hoodie and pants set for my four year old, on which I appliqued his favorite book character, the Pigeon from Mo Willems books.

  293. A~ says:

    This year I helped my daughter put together a quilt for her friend. I am usually the one at the sewing machine but this year she wanted to make something. We went together to buy the goods, and I guided her through the process of pinning and sewing. She decided on using blanket binding and she has learned to miter the corners Passing on the sewing bug has been a fun to experience and a time to bond with my 18 year old. 😉

  294. Christina says:

    I’m surprised, but I didn’t get anything handmade this year!! But I got lots of wonderful fabric and sewing books to make more handmade for myself and loved ones! My crochet hook case was well received and loved and quilts and aprons I made for younger sisters are already cherished. It was a great gift giving year.

  295. Debbie says:

    I made some small handbags, zippered pouches, potholders and mug mats. I also designed and made a pillow sham for my niece; I embroidered her name and finished the rest in patchwork and she love it! Handmade gifts are the best to give and receive.

  296. Ramona says:

    I made tote bags for a friend and my daughter. I also made an apron for my daughter. I’d like to make more handmade gifts next year so I’m going to start planning now. My 15 year old son made me a gorgeous hickory and maple cutting board. I was shocked he made it. I thought he had purchased it from a craft fair. Imagine my happy face when he said he made it. I will truly treasure it. Thanks for all your gifts year round. Happy Holidays!

  297. mara says:

    I made every gift except two this year: crayon tote bag, purse, pillows and more pillows, “bath poncho,” ipod cozy, and a banner/valance. I’ll be posting all these over the next few days on my blog:

    I received the most wonderful knit mitts from my sister and crocheted scarf from my mom, both of which I am wearing as I sit in my chilly office. By sheer coincidence, they coordinate, so I am quite fashionable as well as cozy.

  298. i am totally trying to save handmade!! i would be absolutely sick if the CPSIA passed as it is written right now. 🙁

    we had a lovely handmade holiday! daddy got in on the fun this year and built a little kitchen for the kids. i knit and sewed doll cloths and little stuffed toys and i made a beautiful waldorf doll for my 5 year old daughter. she loves her new doll, Lucy, and all is well with my mama heart!

  299. Katie says:

    My mom made me a gorgeous apron! She made quite a few this year and was super thrifty, using her books of fabric swatches. I thought it was such a great idea and my mom is a wonderful seamstress so I am loving my apron! I’m excited to think of things to give next year that are handmade and already have a couple spinning around in my head!

  300. sandyandcosmo says:

    I received two beautiful knitted scarves from my daughter-in-law . I will wear them all winter!

  301. Stephanie says:

    We made over half of our gifts this year, and it was fabulous. I loved making little crochet play food for the little ones in our family, as well as puppets and other fun play things. We focused on scrap projects and repurposing items. I loved each and every thing that we made, and had a ball making them with my daughter (which was the best gift of all!)

  302. Karen says:

    We enjoyed a Handmade Holiday within our family. My youngest daughter started cross stitching this year and made some one of a kind, personalized pieces for her friends. I made a lot of fabric coasters and crocheted dish cloths – not to mention sweet treats to go along with them. My older daughter has excellent drawing skills and drew pictures for her friends. A lot of what we did sparked a newfound creativity that will last well into the New Year as we continue to create original pieces for loved ones.

  303. Shellie says:

    I made my mom a couple of new pot holders from the Amy Butler book, which she loved. It was a very time-consuming pattern, but they turned out great.

  304. michelle says:

    For the first time ever, I made boxers, oven mitts, coasters, wristlets, water bottle carriers, and key fobs for my loved ones and it was so much fun doing it. I enjoyed it so much more than actually buying a gift for them. And what’s even greater was that they all loved it!

  305. Julia D says:

    Whem my dad was in high school or so he made a pair of white denim bell bottoms with sailboat blueprints printed on the fabric. Last year he put them in the “donate” pile…I rescued tham and made a wall hanging and throw pillow for him! Very cool!

  306. Heather W says:

    I made several of the Christmas gifts for family this year. My littlest got a baby quilt and I made two of the rockets that I found on this site awhile back for my nephews.

  307. Rossie H says:

    I had a 100% handmade holiday!
    I made a mantlepiece for my Grandma, grocery bags for my dad, and paperweights for my brothers.

  308. angie says:

    I recently recieved a set of tags that I then handed on to my brother because he loves gifts like that. We have been doing more and more handwork and I am happy as my older children are learning to do some of thier own imaginations.

  309. sandy says:

    This year I gave our Christmas Tree Napkins ….. tutorial at I’ll be making more in 2009 … they are easy, quick and perfectly handmade.

  310. I always make handmade gifts every year. I may have over done it this year but I know they will be appreciated for years to come!

  311. Betty says:

    I made my mother and sisters-in-law aprons, patchwork dishtowels and rice heat therapy bags. I also made some bean bags and rice bags for my nephew. I hope they like everything. I was very bad about finishing up before the shipping deadline. Oops!

  312. Amber says:

    I did try and do a lot more handmade gifts this year..a Birdie sling for my sister-in-law, dresses and aprons for the girls along with felt play food, and a wallet and belt for my sister.

    I love Tina Given’s new lines – so cute!

  313. LadySnow says:

    I received many homemade things. Not sewn, but I did get a scrapbook with baby picks of my three children, granola, applesauce, and strawberry rhubarb jam. Yummy. I know they mean well with this law…but this is ridiculous. If anything they just need to check where we get our supplies from/what we use…not have to test everything we make.

  314. Maria says:

    I made scarfs, mittens, a Christmas apron and candy. I love handmade gifts and wish I received more.

  315. jenne says:

    I gave my daughter a handmade “Molly Monkey” which was a blast to make. I gave my sister-in-law a wonderful square deal heather bailey pin cushion, also so fun to make! I received a beautiful hand-made recipe card holder based off Anna Marie Horner’s free pattern. It was all so much better than the store bought stuff.

  316. Malinda says:

    This is really really sad. I wish they would adjust the laws to keep handmade the easiest best way to go. I made all my gifts this year for my co-workers (still working on some actually – they are on vacay alright?).

    I love having the option of buying something handmade.

    This is the best fabric of the bunch:

    it reminds me of a georgia o’keefe painting.

  317. Andrea S. says:

    I made my MIL a small purse. I think she’ll be pleased with it!

  318. Nancy says:

    Everyone in my immediate family received at least one handmade gift this year. All the grandchildren got a new stocking cap embroidered with their names. The two little girls 2 & 3 years old opened new matching night gowns. The grown kids, got an embroidered throw or a new shower curtain made to match the pillows in their master bedroom. Big daddy otherwise known as Boppa received new christmas pillowcases.

  319. Julia in MI says:

    I gave my nieces dolls I made for them. They liked that the dolls looked like them. Same skin tones and hair color. It was fun to see them enjoy them.

  320. Dejah Leger says:

    I made everything by hand this year, and I had a wonderful time doing it. I followed one of your tutorials for a rice therapy heating pad, and included it in a handmade bag full of some button earrings and bookmarks that I made. But the real touching homemade holiday story I have to share is my husband’s: his grandmother is passing on, and in her memory he made batches of cookies and fruitcakes following her recipes. He said that she made these special cookies every Christmas and it just wouldn’t be the same without them!

  321. kristen says:

    I gave my girls Black Apple Dolls for Christmas. They love them!

  322. Lena Wood says:

    I spent a lovely afternoon making homemade journals as Solstice presents for all my friends…plus a little Christmas storybook to hold the Home Depot gift cards for my boyfriend…now he can get the new router he’s been wanting!!

  323. Laura says:

    I received a wonderful book about making my own skin care products from scratch, using essential oils and other natural ingredients. I also received the ingredients for making one of the “recipes.” I’m looking forward to making the face scrub!

  324. Alana Jo says:

    Handmade pressies are my faves!

  325. LisaB says:

    This year my partner and I made soap from scratch to give to his family. I made bath salts and bath bombs and created little packages for them. They were really delighted and impressed – kept asking us how soap is made. 😉

  326. Jeannine says:

    This year I gave my son’s teachers their gift cards in handmade bags – Stash and Dash bags to be specific. And my son got to pick out the fabric for them. Luckily it matched. 🙂

  327. Kristena says:

    I made my brother-in-law some fingerless gloves. He has a birth defect where he doesn’t have all his fingers so finding gloves for him is hard. When my sister told me he needed gloves for work I knew just what to get him. 🙂

  328. The Mommy says:

    I gave my son a crocheted hat. I have made several in the past, but this one had a brim and 2nd color in it..which he loved. He said that it’s his new favorite hat. He also said that his style is homeschooled-hippy-boy because of all the handmade that I give him, and he’s proud of it! Woot! What a wonderful Christmas compliment from a 16 year old!

  329. Amy says:

    My toddler and I decorated his first gingerbread house together this year. We invited two of his buddies to join us, so I made the three of them aprons out of left over fabric from my stash. All three aprons were reversible: the boys had black canvas backed with digital camo print, the girl had apple green paisley backed with Alexander Henry’s apples & pears print. Everyone took home their aprons ( as well as gingerbread and cand)y to start the holidays off right!

  330. Stockton says:

    I made a ‘movie night’ kit for my dad, complete with popcorn bags and homemade seasoning shakers! I also received some beautiful handmade quilted place mats, and hand carved wooden napkin rings …

  331. I made crayon rolls for each of my three sons this Christmas. It was the first handmade gift I’ve ever given and I was so pleased with it. I combined two tutorials I found online to make it exactly how I wanted it. Then I had my oldest son paint a canvas and each boy did a handprint on it to give to their grandparents. My parents loved it.
    I will definitely be doing more handmade gifts in the future.

  332. Melinda Johnson says:

    I knit my son a rainbow colored teddy bear and I made my partner a felted hot water bottle cozy 🙂 I love homemade gifts!

  333. Michelle says:

    I gave my daughter a handmade totebag style purse. It’s reversible and she loves it. For her son, I made him a blanket with coordinating ribbons around the edges for him to gnaw on. He is the perfect age for this blanket. I plan more handmade gifts in the future. I love the prints on these fabrics!

  334. Megan says:

    I got and gave many homemade items this year, a lot of them from my etsy shop or from etsy purchases. I sent my nephews handmade dragon shirts, my sister handmade potholders and coasters, my sister-in-law a big pack of etsy goodies, and I received a beautiful handmade necklace! Such a great handmade holiday

  335. Christmas wasn’t the only time that I gave away handmade gifts. I made 12 quilts this year. Of those, only one was kept by me (for my personal quilt). The rest were given to others. Most of them were baby quilts to ladies having children. Two were given to two babies who lost their father’s in a military helicopter accident that occurred in November of 2007. The two largest ones were a lap quilt for my aunt and a twin quilt for my sister in law. The last thing I made was a memory card game for my children out of fabric! I finished it yesterday. 🙂

    As for receiving gifts, I’ve received a bunch of homemade treats, including some fabulous fudge! A dear friend of mine gave me a set of bean bags and I anticipate lots of time playing with them, tossing them to my children. She doesn’t have a lot of money, but she took the time and effort to make something I and my children would both enjoy.

    As each year passes, more and more of the gifts I give are homemade. It’s not easy as I have two toddlers, my daughter who will be four in January and my son who will be two and a half in January. I do my best to make sure that I don’t take too much time away from them to make things. That’s why I love nap time! 🙂

  336. Joanna says:

    I made my hubby a photo puzzle cube for Christmas. He requested something homemade, nothing bought, as he can buy himself what he wants, so that’s what he got!!

  337. Beth says:

    I made my husband an apron and put a gift certificate in the pocket for cooking classes at a local studio-he LOVED it!!

  338. Kama says:

    Yesterday for Christmas I gave aprons that I had sewn over the past few months to all the women in my family. This was the first time I had used my sewing machine (that I got last year for Christmas) in order to make gifts for people. They loved them and I enjoyed making them!!

  339. Michelle says:

    Mittens, scarves and quilts. That was the theme this winter and I made them for my family. Anything to keep warm in the snow, and they loved it.

  340. linda says:

    I knitted hats, scarves and fingerless gloves for my three girls. I also sewed some cute little pouches for their purses with some lovely fabric (from Sew, Mama, Sew of course) that I had leftover from a baby gift. Hope to start on my next year’s projects soon.

  341. Mollye says:

    My daughter received an amazing handmade journal from Nicaragua. It was purchased directly from the artist and benefited an artisan women’s co-op.

  342. arah says:

    this year I made my youngest daughter, 6 weeks old, pj’s and a quilt. But for Christmas, I got a new camera strap from Etsy. I love it. It always means so much more to me when I get handmade gifts.

  343. Janelle says:

    Although I gave many handmade gifts this year to family and friends, my 13-year old daughter gave me a beautiful handmade butter dish that she bought at the local artisan/yarn shop. Not only did she walk there in a blizzard, purchase the gift with her own babysitting money, but she also knows the value and beauty of a handmade gift. I love it!

  344. Jessica says:

    I’ve been giving cookies to everyone, and I just bought some soap and earrings off Etsy for friends.

  345. Denise says:

    I made a tee-pee for my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter. It was a free pattern on the JoAnn’s website. She loves it!

  346. My gifts were handmade scented angel pouches for a few of my friends. They were hand made by an artisan who lives in my town. I also gave my grandson some cute handmade ornaments. The woman who makes them also makes Fimo beads for jewelry. She’s a wonderful artist who owns a handmade giftshop in town. Happy New Year!

  347. Trish says:

    I was hoping to move much closer to a handmade holiday this year than I actually did. But considering last year every gift I gave was store bought, I think I did ok. I bought several gifts on Etsy and made my niece an apron and my mom pillows for her sofa. So, slowly, I am moving more towards the life I imagine for myself and my family!!!

  348. Teresa says:

    My favorite gift this year came from my 10 y.o. daughter. She found a small felt bag and raided the fabric scraps to hand sew a womens face on it. It is a great momento of her creativity and how much she loves to make things for others.

  349. I made dolly blankets for my girls . . . they love them, and I loved making them 🙂

  350. holley says:

    I made little totes for all my nieces with funky outer and lining fabrics, and magnetic closures. Fun fun fun!!

    I found the fabric along with bunches of “tech” support at a local, independent fabric shop with the friendliest and most helpful employees ever, Sew To Speak, in Columbus, Ohio.


  351. Natalie says:

    I, too, handmade everything this Christmas. I baked 4 different types of cookies to give away to friends and neighbours. I made the boxes for the cookies from cereal boxes. The greeting cards were also handmade as well as all the decorations for the tree. It was a lot of work. I will definitely continue with handmade gifts next Christmas. It saves a bundle, and if you’re organized and start early, you can get a lot done and have fun along the way.

  352. Kristie says:

    I have been doing loads of handmade gifts for the last several years. This year my friends actually asked me to make things for them to give as well….so I’m guessing they have liked their gifts. I really enjoy it and to me it makes it feel more special than just running to a megamart and grabbing something. I think about who it is I am making it for the whole time I am either knitting or sewing etc. and as cheesey as it might sound I feel like it brings me closer to them during holiday time because I am forced to slow down and really think about each and every person and what they mean to me as I spend hours and hours working on something special for them.

  353. Liz says:

    I didn’t get anything handmade, but both my girls received quilts from their Aunt this Christmas. Their Aunt who only just learned how to sew less than a year ago. Their Aunt who has always made fun of me for my craftiness. She’s got the bug now, and she’s got it bad. Her quilts were absolutely beautiful.

  354. Anna says:

    My Emmaline aprons were a hit this year!

  355. Lindsey says:

    I did more handmade this year then ever before. All that info is distressing.

  356. Dayna says:

    We had many handmade elements this year. I made blankets and bibs and newborn caps for a new addition to our extended family. The rocket ship that was featured here was handmade for another wee one. My daughter received a kitchen re purposed from our old TV stand. There were homemade puppet theaters and a Waldorf doll that was made during many loving sessions in the craft studio!

    The best part was that I got some members of the family to check out Etsy and I even received some amazing etsy pieces!!!

  357. Barbara G says:

    Yummy prints! I’m till making gifts for Christmas. And I have a purse and hat & scarf for myself to finish.

  358. Angela says:

    My sister made me a darling quilled partridge ornament!

  359. Carla says:

    Wanted to also say, I just emailed both my senators with the CPSIA form letter. I hope it helps some.

  360. Nichole says:

    i did not give or receive any homemade gifts. i did realize that i really should have made some homemade things though!

  361. kristine hanson says:

    last year I surprised my mom with a quilt that I did all by myself, even learned how to use a long arm to quilt it… mom does not say much but when she opened it up she said “oh my” and that was enough for me, she loved it!

  362. Shanna says:

    Ever since I’ve started selling on Etsy, I’ve discovered many amazing artist who craft beautiful handmade items. This year I decided to give handmade and I also received a gorgeous handmade gift from a friend. It was a lovely sea urchin ring from an artist in Turkey.

  363. amy says:

    I made a composition cover for my MIL and a man’s travel bag for my FIL. My MIL told my hubby that my sewing is getting a lot better. I’m not sure if this makes me feel better or worse!

  364. Jessica says:

    i had a lot of fun making a ring stacker for my nephew. i used heather bailey’s pattern.

  365. Donna says:

    Handmade is so much fun to make & recieve,plus it is far less stressful and probabaly safer than hitting the stores during the holiday seasons!

  366. Heather B says:

    I tried my best to do handmade with the time I had – 6 pairs of pjs, 1 nightgown & 5 coffee cozies. I’m going to finally finish my son’s sweater, and then I have my daughter’s birthday to plan!

  367. Carla says:

    Alas, I have no one to make things for me. The only thing I made was a handbag for my daughter.

  368. Darci says:

    I made a ragged squares quilt for my sister in law for Christmas. I was so nervous because you never know if what you made is going to be like by the recipient. Luckily she seemed really excited with it and used it that day as it was really cold.

  369. Tricia says:

    It was my goal this year to make kitchen towels with matching hot pads for the girl members of my family, sadly my RA started acting up so all hand made things got put on the back burner. Hopefully my family will be getting these throughout the year for birthdays.

    I did buy my dd’s a sewing machine for Christmas. They have already made several things including doll clothes. I think we’re going to have a lot of hand made things around here soon!

  370. Collins says:

    Most of the presents I gave this year were handmade. I used your tutorial again for kleenex holders, and coin purses for the kids teachers. For family members I made a pencil roll, a frenchy bag, and for my mother a sashiko embroidered pillow.

  371. ELIZA says:

    So many of the Christmas gifts in my family this year were wonderfully handmade. I made heavy use of the book Zakka Sewing and gave a fabric basket, two cell phone cozies, “seasonal” pin cushions, baby bibs, children’s pouch purses, and numerous pencil pouches. I had a lot of fun using up small scraps and thinking about the multiple projects that a few yards of fabric were a part of. I received a knit scarf, knit house shoes, handmade salve!

  372. Regina says:

    Christmas was nearly all handmade this year -a family wall hanging of gingerbread men with names of all the family, matching table runners for siblings families, pillowcases, 2 quilts, journal covers, chap stick fobs, lunch bags – the sewing machine was going strong all year long getting ready to gift handmade. Felt really good!

  373. Monica Gee says:

    Usually I am the one giving away handmade things, but this year for Christmas several of my family members purchased handmade gifts for me too! It was so sweet! I got this cute little girl made out of buttons from my mother-in-law and some handmade jewelry too. 🙂

  374. Jodie says:

    Each gift I gave was handmade. Bags, biscotti, toys, dog cookies, people cookies…

  375. Jessica says:

    It felt so great to make handmade gifts this year. I can’t wait for next year. Everyone loved all the work that went into them.

  376. mel says:

    I’m a soaper, so I gave homemade soaps as Christmas gifts. The soaps contain lots of yummy oils that are so good for the skin, like olive, hemp seed and shea butter. I started to make my own soap because regular store bought soap left my skin so dry and itchy–even the “beauty bars.” As I restock my supplies, I make sure to buy only molds and scents that are labeled “phthalate free.”

  377. Krista says:

    I love the fabric with the little birdies!
    I gave each of my nieces flannel rag quilts that I made this fall. I wasn’t sure what their reactions would be, but they didn’t let go of the things all night!

  378. sherral says:

    I made a fabulous Emmeline Apron from Sew Liberated for two of my sister-in-laws. They loved them!

  379. Roxanne says:

    I made really fun aprons to give to a few friends for Christmas!

  380. Amy Gray says:

    Our gifts this year were all handmade and our whole family participated! My husband wove dishtowels for everyone; I made sets of fabric coasters and jam and our daughter painted glass objects. We had lots of fun making things and thinking of the people on our list as we made them. As I packed the boxes to mail off, my daughter said they were the best packages ever because they were full of love!

  381. Kim says:

    I helped my 7 year old daughter make dolls for her two little sisters for Christmas. They turned out really good, and my 7 year old is very proud! Future handmade entrepreneur on our hands…she got a whole treasure box full of material, needles, thread, buttons, etc…anything she might need to sew something special!

  382. Lynsay says:

    This year, we gave handmade photo tile coasters to the grandparents. They were simple, economical, and a big hit with the recipients.

  383. marie beck says:

    I did the most handmade ever (for me) this year 🙂 I made a t-shirt quilt for my parents, a t-shirt quilt for my inlaws, a scoodie for my Mom, an “adventure” journal for my dad, and another scoodie for a chinese christmas gift exchange. I know it’s nothing compared to what so many of you lovely crafters accomplish, but it was my first big handmade christmas and it came out to be a complete success 🙂 Yay me! And yay to all of you that accomplished yours as well!!!!

  384. Beatrix says:

    Am I really the first to comment?!
    We had a wonderful Christmas this year, with plenty of handmade gifts. For my Mother in Law I made a hostess apron, matching coasters and pillows for their downstairs entertaining area. She was very (!) excited. All of it is reversible. One side perfect for entertaining mixed croweds and the other for having her lady friends over.

  385. WendyLou says:

    My 10 year old daughter made her dad an iPod cozy for Christmas using wool felt. She measured the iPod carefully and designed her own pattern, even including the attachment that he often carries to and from work! She sewed on his initial in a coordinating color — she especially enjoyed learning how fun free-motion sewing can be! The final detail was the wooden button to keep the flap closed.

  386. Michelle Perry says:

    My mother in law received a handmade quilt from me. I found an old stash of photographs, transferred them to white fabric, and used that to quilt with. It took forever, but turned out lovely.

  387. Nicki says:

    We had a handmade Christmas this year. My favorite gift to make was wool felt blocks with an underwater theme for the baby. They were fun to handsew and were beautiful.

  388. cindie says:

    I love handmade… I knit scarves for two of my friends as Christmas gifts and have a late Christmas guft I am working on… a small quilt for my daughter. I am using Amy Butler fabrics for that one.
    I love this site…there are always so many wonderful ideas.

  389. Geri says:

    Wow… I love the baby carrier in this pic. Is there a pattern available?

  390. Stefanie Summerer says:

    I gave my son some lovely soft books from PB&J on etsy. She drew the pictures, had the fabric printed and then sewed up the books. They are lovely. I also gave handmade gingerbread man ornaments to all of our siblings.

  391. Natalie says:

    My only and best gift came from my mother. She made me 2 sterling silver bracelets with perfect red beads and a pair of earrings to match. She is a talented and generous woman.
    Save handmade! It galls me that we are on the verge of losing yet another opportunity for industry, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Thank you for sharing the issue and spreading the word… I hope we can save handmade.

  392. Michele says:

    I gave my cousin a quilt he admired. He was the first person in my family to express an interest in my quilts and everytime I see him, he raves about his “blankie!”

  393. Stephanie says:

    Christmas will be coming late to my little nephew. I wasn’t able to get his baby quilt done by Christmas, but he will have a rockin’ Presidents’ Day present for sure!! I did give friends some homemade White Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti in a vintage tin which made many smile.

  394. Rachel says:

    I got some thread snips and a walking foot for Christmas. I can’t wait to try both of them out!!

  395. Celeste says:

    I made almost all the gifts we gave out this year, but my favorites were the things I made for my own two toddlers: messenger bags, stuffed monkeys (a la Molly Monkey), and bean bags. Fun!

  396. cleo says:

    This year I decided to make 95% of all my gifts … well what an exhilirating and stressfull 2 months … but to be honest after seen that they were a sucsess after all … i would and WILL do it all over again … bring on the BIRTHDAYS!!!!! MWA and happy Christmas all

  397. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I made a reversible apron for both my mother (age 88) and my daughter (age 28) out of the same wonderful pattern, but different fabrics. They are two of the best cooks/bakers I know of and it was wonderful to give them something they use when they are being so creative.

  398. Whistlepea says:

    This year I made a lot of my gifts including all of these sweater stockings:

    I hope they reexamine the toy legislation in the US!

  399. Anita says:

    I helped my 8-year-old daughter make stuffed Christmas tree ornaments. She used fabric markers on muslin and I stuffed and sewed them for her. Her grandma and our neighbor loved them!

  400. danna osen says:

    I gave my two granddaughters matching quilts and shams for their beds. The almost 3 yo jumps up and down on the bed as she sings “I’m so happy..I have a new pillow” again and again. Who says children don’t appreciate the things we do??

  401. Lorrie says:

    Table setting gifts were part of my giving this year. I made cloth napkins for my 2 daughters and daughter-in-law. They loved them. I used quilting cottons, cut them 20 inches square and stitched 1 inch hems with mitered corners. Two of the girls received tablecloths made from table-weight gingham bought at the fabric store. For one girl I made a table runner from Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room fabric. For each I made a table mat to coordinate, with a removable cover for laundering. The girls all love to set a pretty table and really seemed to appreciate the gifts.

  402. Amy Ragland says:

    I am definitely going to do what I can to save handmade. This is awful! We didn’t do much in the way of handmade this year (my husband thinks it stresses me out). The closest I got was making handmade gift card holders. As we struggle to simplify things (and plans are already being made for next year), I am hoping we can do more “time” gifts and get back the true meaning.

  403. Stacy says:

    I think the most loved handmade gift given or received this year was a stuffed kitty that I ordered from Kym at for my daughter. My little ones love stuffed animals and dolls, but I do not have the patience to sew them, so I rely on others to do this for me. This is one reason why this new law would be detrimental to our gift giving! Thanks for posting about it on SMS!

  404. I have been making so many gifts this year for Christmas, including zipper pouches, totebags, notebook holders, crayon rolls, and passport covers! I also made and received ornaments for the Cake and Pie ornament swap. SO fun!

  405. brenda says:

    I made a wall hanging for my sister, a purse for my niece, jacket and pants for my daughter, dress and cape for my 2 grand daughters. Everyone liked the gifts.

  406. Crystal says:

    My mom recently bought herself the same sewing machine they bought me earlier this year. For Christmas, I made her a sewing machine cover with her name appliqued onto it. She was so excited to get it and so proud of the “sewing monster” that she created.

  407. Annie says:

    My mom’s 70-something year old husband spent hours and hours doing a counted cross-stitch picture of all kinds of little bird houses as a gift for my four year old daughter. So sweet.

  408. My whole store is made up of things handmade. My recent addition is the Seat Belt Strap Cover for older children and adults. I gave away 5 of them this Christmas. Thanks so much for making other people aware of this law that may close down my store and thousands of others.

    All the best and Happy Holiday’s.

  409. jenni says:

    I made my family the eye glass bookmarks that were featured here in November. Huge hit! Also all the ladies got a crocheted scarf or cowl. There were so many ideas for sharing online!

  410. Brenda says:

    wellllll i don’t know if fabulous will ever describe the things i make but i am generally delighted by all of them…lol. The website link goes to the slideshow of gifts i have made this year. The family that has seen their gifts so far seems most impressed by the soaps. i am guessing because the ones they received actually had money suspended in them. 😉

  411. anita says:

    Beautiful fabric! I made a quilt for my parents and one for my brother and his wife. I also made a pencil roll for colored pencils for one of my daughter’s friends. Oh and I made four aprons for each of the girls that were invited to a girls tea party. It was really fun but I should have started sewing earlier.

  412. Shannon says:

    Thank you for the list of links, its time to act and I will write a letter today. As for that Tina Givens fabric it is truly lovely. I hope to get my hands on some soon.

  413. Jennifer N says:

    My handmade was pretty simple this year. A few handmade ornaments (little birds from, a “Dark Knight” ornament for my obsessed brother and a couple of loaves of handmade bread for Christmas Eve and Christmas day). My husband received an awesome gift from his sister – a scrapbook of photos from his life. His mom always had them in storage and gave them (boxes of photos for all 8 siblings) to his sister before she passed away earlier this year. His sister then spent the year sorting and creating gorgeous scrapbooks for all the kids. I’ve been married for nearly 10 years and this is the first time I’ve seen baby pictures – and yes, my kids look like their dad. It was absolutely wonderful.

  414. Michelle says:

    I made some aprons for Christmas gifts this year, and I liked how they turned out! It’s so fun to give something you’ve made, even if it takes more time and thought, it’s special.

  415. dangermom says:

    I made a bunch of doll clothes–international costumes, one for each of our cousins–for my little girls, and a messenger bag for my sister. My sister knitted me neat socks, and I’ve always wanted hand-knitted socks! (She made truly *amazing* complex cable socks for our mom.)

  416. Lori says:

    I gave my sister-in-law my best-effort-so-far of a bag for Christmas, it was a hit!

  417. Valerie Boivin says:

    I made coasters (pattern from this site), scarves, dishcloths, aprons, cookbooks and ornaments this year. I wanted to find something for a man to make but didn’t find anything that the men in my family would enjoy. I really loved making most of our gifts and I plan to start in January for next Christmas! lol

  418. brittany says:

    i gave several people soulemama’s gratitude wrap! they are just so cute!

  419. andrea says:

    I just love those new fabrics

  420. Gina says:

    I had so much fun making dolls for my kiddos this year. It was the first year that I chose to do something handmade for them, and I think it’s the beginning of a tradition!

  421. Nicole says:

    cardboard earrings with nature scenes from my seven year old.

  422. Lizzie says:

    My son made me a beaded ring for Christmas. And my husband made each of the children wooden toys: shields, trains, and more. I’ve also post about this on my blog and, being a crafter of baby garments, I’m also saddened by this act. Thanks for this post. 🙂

  423. maryanne says:

    This fabric is beautiful! Here is the link to the baby doll bed I made my daughter for Christmas.

    I don’t know if it’s fabulous, but I was happy with how it turned out and she loves it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Kirsten W says:

    I made embroidered book covers for my brothers and sister to put over sketchbook, crocheted a scarf, and made a few sets of pot holders. I love to give handmade gifts!

  425. Tracy says:

    I made a around the world quilt for my nephew’s first Christmas. It is personalized with his name, and I whipped it out in 3 days, woohoo! I also make fabric purses for all of my nieces, they loved them.

  426. marta says:

    Happy holidays! Yes, I just got a sewing machine in time to make some handmade gifts this year…. I have made a few tote bags thanks to the wonderful tutorial I found on this site. I have gathered so many wonderful ideas for future gifs, so with a little more time I’ll be making much more next year. We are visiting our family tomorrow…. and I suspect that my aunt has knitted my daughter a sweater. I can’t wait to see it on her!!

  427. Trish says:

    This year was a big handmade year in our house. All 5 of my children received new PJs sewn by me. My 5 year old got a handmade doll with a quilted sleeping bag tutu and PJs to match her own. 3 of my children and my 3 nephews all received handmade felt dress-up crowns. My 3 nephews also got art tote bags (with pockets for crayons and markers). I also made handsewn felt play food. Then there were crochet-topped towels with matching crocheted dishcloths for several relatives. There were sewn Christmas napkins and cloth bread bags…whew, I think that’s most of it.

  428. Jo Garrett says:

    I gave sweet home made stuffed animals to my girls and my Gramps always loves homemade goodies. 🙂 So fun!

  429. Marguerite says:

    I gave my sister-in-law a little notebook I bound, covered in a cut-up bag from Tiffany’s — she loves Tiffany’s, and I can’t afford to get her something from there, but can sure make her something that reminds her of the store!

  430. Melinda says:

    First I wanted to say that I added the Cool Mom Picks “Save Handmade Button” to both of my blogs! And I’ve started a letter to my local representative! Woot! I received several homemade gifts this year. My children made cards and a bag of “Go Relax” snack mix. And my other kids (I’m a teacher) presented me with baked goods like gingerbread cookies, brownies, snickerdoodles, and M&M cookies. I also received a handful of hand painted salt dough ornaments, a few knitted ornaments and an onslaught of wonderful handmade cards. The cards are my most definitely my favorite. One Mom told me that her son spent an hour working on his card so that it would be “perfect.” I also gave a few handmade gifts this year… three quilts, a drawstring backpack(with a little help from a tute I found here! Thanks!”, a small messenger bag, and several containers of cookies… Yay for handmade!

  431. betsy says:

    I make as much handmade items as I can for our home. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  432. Annette says:

    this past July I visited my sister in Lima, Peru – hand made haven! While there, I shopped the local people, not the obivious commercial shops. I fell in love with the people, culture, country. The pottery is amazing, each peice painted by hand, and I was able to bring back several peices that I use every day.
    My sister, knowing my love of the country and it’s pottery, shipped me an amazing glazed bowl – I will have a picture posted on my blog (hopefully today). I have it on the kitchen table holding fruit. It is just amazing looking. I heart Peru! That is my fabulous, handmade story. =)

  433. Terri Moran says:

    I tried to make one handmade thing for every purchased present I gave people this year. I was delightfully surprised that the biggest and most sincere thank yous came for the handmade items. I made a fleece bathrobe, knitted mouse,magazine page wallet, a sweet baby doll from a Wee Wonderful pattern and a felt hedgehog to name a few. I bought the patterns for several of the gifts from crafting web sites and even bought handmade gifts for several of my purchased items. I had a great time preparing for Christmas and feel my efforts were more than rewarded.

  434. kim3timemom says:

    Yes!! I gave ( and have yet still to give…lol…need to finish them quickly) handmade gifts. I enjoy so much giving handmade. This year I made desk calendars, apple butter, post it note holders, tic tac toe boards, journals. Yet to make are monogram glass frames, a couple sewing projects for my college age dd. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  435. Lauren says:

    This christmas I gave handmade coasters, such fun!

  436. Rachel says:

    I did my best to make hand made presents for many people on my gift giving list this year. I made a few little birdies for a bunch of people, which I believe I found the pattern for here. Then I whipped up a rag quilt last minute for my sister. I had intended to make more handmade things, but time just gets away from you this time of year!! Right now I am working on knitting a hat for my son. My first attempt, and he is very excited!!

    Thanks for the chance to win some lovely fabric!

  437. Ann-Margret says:

    This Christmas I gave handmade crayons rolls to two special kids in my life. I paired them up with sketch pads that I designed custom (and colourable) covers for. Also, for my Sunday School girls, I had picked out some small gifts but couldn’t find suitable gift bags, so I sewed up little tote bags in fun prints and they loved them! 😀

  438. Kelly says:

    This year, I embroidered 11 ornaments for swaps, made pillows for my sister, embroidered napkins for a friend, and embroidered kitchen towels for my mother. I also promised my husband I’d make him a sweatshirt, but he got to pick out his own fabric (so we haven’t done that yet). And still in the works for a friend: napkins and embroidered pillowcases (we exchange presents in January, so I’m not too far behind schedule). It’s been much more enjoyable than having to shop for all of them.

  439. Shawna says:

    I made a lot of handmade gifts this year! For my girls, I made them each a tutu and a baby doll quilt. I made lots of handkerchiefs and cases to give out. I made two purses, two necklaces, and one apron. It was a busy year!

  440. Meredith says:

    This year, like most years, I made fabulous pj’s for all of my children. However, this year, we also have a 17 month old and it was SO fun coming up with things to make her from the scraps leftover from cutting out the pj’s. My mom always looks for crazy fabric for the kids, so we often end up getting halloween flannel, or pirate fabric, or rainbow birds. It’s a family tradition, *I* get crazy fabric from my mom, and my kids (all 6 of em) get crazy pj’s!
    The kids also got handmade ornaments this year (along with my nieces and nephews) I used either felt or sculpey clay depending on the age of the child. Lots of snowmen, pigs, bears, flowers and various glittery things are now adorning Christmas trees from New Jersey to California!

  441. Jody says:

    I made my first quilt for my mother this year…she loved it. I can’t wait to make the next one for my baby daughter! Happy Holidays!!

  442. Joy says:

    I made 25 Christmas Gifts this year. Some were fabulous (a leather kitty) and some were…not. But I had a blast!

  443. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I painted my husband a painting, which he loved. Designed and knit my best friend some mittens and knitted my mother a stuffed bunny. I also did a lot of baking! I tried to make everything handmade or purchased from a independent local store – and I succeeded!

  444. Christina says:

    Pillows are my year-old niece’s favorite toy, so for Christmas her mom (my sister-in-law) went and got a lot of felt, fleece and other textured fabrics to make her a new set of touchable, playable pillows. Little Hailey loved them and I was happy to lend her my sewing machine to make them!

  445. Southern Gal says:

    For all my son’s church teachers (and there were plenty of them!) he and I made chocolate dipped pretzel rods and decorated them with sprinkles. We also made pound cake cookies. He’s 6 and loved every minute of it. So did I.

    Sadly, I didn’t get anything homemade this year.

    Next year, I’m starting way ahead of time and will be sewing some things simply because I love to do that.

  446. LisaAlso says:

    I have already written my congresswoman about this tragic turn of events in the handmade industry! I hope all the writing-in works!

    I gave mostly handmade gifts this year. Sewn knitting totes, reusable produce bags, knitted socks, and hats and gloves refashioned from wool sweaters.

    I didn’t get any handmade gifts, so I am knitting myself some wool socks!!

    Thank you for another wonderful year of inspiration and fabulous fabrics!!

  447. Jessica B. says:

    While this was not specifically hand made, we decided on making photobooks, through snapfish, for the grandparents this year. They all loved them and told us they would cherish them always. We had fun picking out the photos and making it just the way we wanted it and they turned out great!

  448. DebbieKL says:

    My biggest handmade gift was a teepee I made for my son – 13 yrds of duck cloth and it came out awesome!

  449. Java Jane says:

    While I did not have a completely Handmade holiday, significant progress was made! Thank you for the inspiration. Instead of waiting until the fall, I am starting on new projects immediately.

    I probably had the most fun sewing Amy Butler fabrics, turning out the scrappy belt you pictured on November 1, luggage tags and a zippered pouch. The scrappy belt was sent to a college aged niece who loved it!

    Thanks also for the heads up on the Consumer Product Safety “Improvement” Act.

    Happy New Year!

  450. Rachael says:

    I made my mother-in-law a quilt for her office. She’s an addictions therapist, so I hope it provides some comfort to her clients.

  451. Terri says:

    What lovely fabric! I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas! This Christmas I made these little mice out of bright felt and a cat ball for my little guy. He loved them! He can bowl the mice over with the cat ball. He really doesn’t do this yet but he loves to hold them. The mice have these long tails that he can hold them from. Thanks for the chance to win! : )

  452. Hilary says:

    WHile most of the gifts I recieved this year were not handmade, I recieved a dream sewing machine and was given the gift of future homemade gifts which was absolutely amazing I can’t wait to really get started.

  453. Pat Remaly says:

    I made fleece blankets for my granddaughters and received many hugs and kisses. I have not felt well and almost did not make them. It was instant gratification and love in that moment. I also was happy that I knew how to sew and was able to make them myself. Thank you for the fabric giveway and want my name entered as the fabric is so chic. Happy New Year to all.

  454. Patti says:

    This is the first year that I decided to make handmade gifts. But because I’m me, I was only able to make a few…but it’s a start, right? I made my mother a duffle bag, using Amy Butler fabrics. I quilted the fabric and once that was done, it was smooth sailing. Sort of. I made my mother-in-law and her twin sister matching gardening aprons. I chose different fabrics for the pockets, as one needs a way to tell the girls apart! I had hoped to make the men in my life lap quilts, but I ran out of time. Next year will be different! I promise.

  455. Anya T. says:

    I gave Christmas ornaments made out of selvages for many of my quilting friends! Thanks for the chance to win!

  456. Katherine says:

    I made purses and totes for the ladies in my family. They had matching tissue cozies, and makeup cases. Some of the family received coffee cup cozies as well. For the children I made a small tote, crayon rolls, and tissue cozies. I also made several ornaments which I gave to my neighbors in a goodie bag full of peppermint marshmallows, brownies, and really cute recipe cards, and a measurement conversion chart I found and printed out. My list was very long, and was not completed…But everyone was happy with their goods!

  457. Kim Lynch says:

    My best friend gave me a beautiful sampler that she handmade and framed in a great shadowbox, complete with the words “Home Sweet Home 2008” on the matting. It is simply gorgeous and I know that every stitch was made with love and came straight from her heart. What a perfect gift!

  458. kangaroo says:

    thank you so much for those links; i’m drafting my letter currently.

    i would LOVE to win that fabric! i made and gave five zig-zag lap quilts, a dozen or so little bird ornaments, and an advent calendar. i had so much fun committing to a handmade holiday! the only money spent was on materials and a few things for the kiddos. thanks for your blog!

  459. dianne says:

    I gave my mom and sisters Christmas aprons this year. I loved making them and they were a hit!

  460. karen says:

    I’m a new, new seamstress, and I was beside myself with excitement this year at all the homemade gifts I gave! My favorite was a little patchwork pillow with a pocket for 2 teeny bunny plushies… made for my 6- month-old. SO sweet.

  461. Marilyn says:

    I gave many handmade presents this year. I felt good about it and the recipients enjoyed them. Recycle and reuse and hand sew. Happy New Year!

  462. I made many box pouch bags (Dragonknitfly) for all my family and friends as well as made my mother and mother-in-law stranded fair isle mittens. Family members are now all aware that I sew and have placed their orders for bags, pj’s, etc. I need to get started for next year!

  463. Pamela says:

    It’s been a year of loss for our family, so when my mom gave me a necklace that she created from wooden beads found at great-grandma’s house, I was especially touched.

  464. Beth says:

    I got a generic response from my congressman about this. *sigh*

    At least the fabric is lovely!

  465. Sarah says:

    I helped my daughter make fleece ponchos for her siblings.

  466. Missie says:

    I had WAY more “plans” for homemade this Christmas……………daily duties got the best of me and didn’t get most of them finished. I did get a bench done for my mother-in-law, though. I painted a piano-type bench I had gloss black and re-covered the cushion on it with a black gingham print and gave that to her. She’s re-doing her breakfast room curtains in black gingham and the bench will go just perfectly!

  467. Lisa G. says:

    Tried my hand at knitting and finished a scarf for my husband just in time for Christmas!
    Save handmade!

  468. Samantha says:

    This year, for Christmas, I gave a reading pillow, some bibs and a quilt.

  469. Lori says:

    I gave all homemade gifts this year. My son even wore a handmade sweater that I made him for Christmas Eve!

  470. Ayama says:

    I made my husband a shirt. My little girl a Children’s Wallet from JC Handmade, a cape and a few twirly skirts. For my friends’ children I made approximately 20 of JC Handmade’s Children’s Wallets. Oh my father in law is getting a shirt, my mother and sister in law are getting handmade tea towels.

  471. Shannon says:

    Love the new fabrics! Especially the pink polka dots with brown birds ~ I must get some:)

    Recently I made a couple of scarfs for my sister and nephew. I love knowing that they will be nice and cozy wearing them:) You can see them on my blog.

  472. Amanda Ryan says:

    All my gifts were handmade this year, and I so enjoyed making them. The favourite were tote bags, made up from orphan blocks and fabric from my stash – now I’m looking forward to the sales so that I can stock up again!

  473. Roxanne says:

    I made aprons this year… lovely, colorful, reversible aprons for friends and family. (and one or two for myself!)

  474. Roni Gerhardt says:

    I made two quilts this Christmas, one for my 20 year old daughter. I started that one 2 years ago and finished it up on Christmas Eve. My son’s quilt was made out of his “old” T shirts. Or at least I thought they were old. When he unwrapped the quilt, his mouth dropped, “mom, that is my softball shirt I am going to need for the spring season.”. Ooops!

  475. Pam says:

    I wanted Christmas to be special for my loved ones this year, so I decided to make gifts. For my husband, I made a scrapbook with pictures and memorabilia that I found–it was a special gift. For my daughter, I made a T-shirt quilt with her sorority T-shirts. I made Quillows for the little boys on my list using their favorite toy/collegiate team fabric. I crocheted my mother a scarf. I spent a lot of time on these gifts and loved seeing their faces when they opened their gifts from my heart.

  476. beccy says:

    I’m from the Uk, over here we have a similar law for lead testing in ceramic domesticware also costing thousands. It boggles the mind that we have amazing small business programs and loads of help is available to us, then they throw us laws, designed to help the consumer (and rightly so) but they never think about the effect on small businesses. Subsidies are in order, I think!

    Anyway, rant over! I made my first ever quilt this year and gave it to my mum for Christmas. It wasn’t as big as it was in my head, but it turned out great. I had to wait until she was out or in bed to sew the thing but I finally finished it (just in time, it took weeks!)and she loved it. I also made my aunt a fabric box and filled it with lovely hand-made things – handmade soap (another first!), sugar body scrub, crochet slippers, a headband and a crochet flannel. Didn’t receive anything handmade but I got lots of knitting stuff and gardening books 🙂

  477. Katherine says:

    My in-laws made me a really cool magnet board with a handmade frame that my father-in-law built himself and sanded and painted. It was a really touching moment for me because I have been talking to them a little bit about the buy handmade pledge movement and placing more emphasis on the act of giving something that has been made with love. I was so pleased that I was able to receive something handmade from them in return.

    Happy Holidays!

  478. Ulla V. says:

    This Chistmas I got the most WONDERFUL little fellow – actually it’s our dog Otto – made by my son. He has woven, sewed and felted before it was all done, and ready to be given away….

    Truely love at first sight :0)

  479. Heidi says:

    My 3 year old daughter made an angel and Santa decoration for the christmas tree. They really are the best decorations.

  480. Holly says:

    I love mixing drinks (non-alcoholic) so my extended family all pitched together and got me an array of exotic cordials and syrups and mixes so I could try even more varieties! Some from as far away as India and Singapor from their travels throughout the year. Although maybe it’s not technically handmade, it wasn’t a gift voucher or DVD or something, and the thought with which they planned it and put it all together in a basket (from a weaver!) really touched me.

  481. Love the fabrics!! All of them! 😀

    I made my mom a photo memory quilt. She cried! She loved it so much. You can see it on my blog:

    Have a lovely Friday, and I hope all of your Christmases were fabulous!

    Shealynn Benner

  482. toni says:

    I have made for holiday gifts this year, silk scarves created from blouses and skirts bought at the thrifts. I enjoy patching together different weaves, patterns and colors of these silks and matching each scarf to it’s new home.

  483. Great fabrics! How awful about the un(?)intended by-product of the legislation. I love all of the handmade items available for baby gifts.

    My best recently made gift was the set of Christmas stockings I made for my new nephew and his parents. I did each person’s name on them, and they were finished, blocked, and dried by Christmas Eve.

  484. Denise Banker says:

    I made a purse for my daughter in law and purse organiziers for four friends. They turned out great.

  485. Kay says:

    All my presents I gave away this Christmas were handmade. A first for me! I only discovered the pleasure of crafting/sewing this autumn after getting inspired by the huge amount of great blogs/websites.
    The most fabulous thing of those I gave away was my first presentable handbag I spent a lot of time on creating =)

  486. lizzie says:

    i totally did a handmade holiday this year… my in laws and the rest of hubby’s faimly looked at me weird with my recycled wrapping paper and scarves and plushies and other lil things i made… but it’s okay… i loved making everything for them!!
    i have actually sent a few emails to ppl in houston about this… and i have a few more heading to austin, tx… don’t you wish all of man kind was born with common sense?? lol

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