Free Fabric Friday

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We hope you enjoyed Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus and our three board member introductions this week.  We’re thrilled to have Alissa, Jennifer and Amy working with us.  They’re all sewing prodigies, have oodles of great ideas, and are super nice to boot.  They’ve helped us plan a fantastic theme month.

Gorgeous new fabric in the shop…

Botanica by Patricia Bravo

Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner

Cute apron patterns…

Buzz in the forum…

Quilt Binding Tips
Which sewing feet do you need? What do you use all the time?
Fabric Paint Advice
How do you make a knot-less start when hand sewing?
…And check out these cute bags!

We’re giving away one yard of fabric to five people.  Either tell us about a sewing project you’re working on here, or post to a thread anywhere in the forum for your chance to win.

On Monday we kick off Fat Quarter Month!  We’ve lined up tutorials, interviews, a sew-along, a swap and give-aways, so check in with us everyday.  You won’t want to miss a thing!

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722 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

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  2. Gary Duskey says:

    o,So pretty,This is such an amazing series.Love all you website…I’m in such a happy place watching.

  3. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    I’m getting ready to make templates for my Whirlygiggles.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I finally broke down and cut my scraps (from making my girls skirts and dresses) into rectangles to make twin size quilts for their beds. They are my first shot at quilt making, so I may have to send out the tops for actual quilting.

  5. Laurie Adamshick says:

    Just made a fabric wallet and separate coin purse for my niece in Ohio. Used scraps from the tote bag I made her for Christmas. Who knew marching band fabric and polka dots could turn out so cute?!

  6. Erin says:

    Working on pillows for my living room in blue corduroy — and I’m trying to think of something to jazz them up a little.

  7. Ellie B says:

    I’m working on a roman shade and plan to do a purse organizer next.
    The fat quarter project is a great idea- small projects are immediate satisfaction!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I am currently working on a few pairs of pajama pants for some little ones that I know. They are so quick and easy that I can’t seem to stop!

  9. Kim says:

    I’m making lots and lots of flannel receiving blankets these days. Seems like everyone is having (or just had) babies!

  10. Vicki K says:

    Right now I am working on two small bags – one for a friend who needs a permanent lunch sack and for another friend who needs something to carry her needlefelting supplies around in.

  11. Jennifer MacLeod says:

    Just finishing up a baby quilt for a friend that I had SO much fun designing myself, I almost don’t want to give it away! 🙂 My secondary projects have been knitting ones for our own first baby due in June, but I’m excited to start something quilt-y for her!

    Great site — thank you! 🙂

  12. Aparna says:

    I’m currently working on a ‘practice’ diaper bag with some cheap fabric… I recently bought some Amy Butler fabric but am too frightened to take the scissors near it.
    Thank you so much for the super helpful tutes here that are mandatory for newbies like myself!

  13. Susan in Arkansas says:

    Oh, what pretty new fabrics! I just love bright colors and I’m always working on something new. I’m getting ready to make my mother a new wallet/purse and she likes brights, too. My mom is so easy to please, anything I make for her tickles her to pieces. Thanks for the great blog, it’s a lot of fun and interesting and informative.

  14. Becky G. says:

    Right now I’m working on cute sachet pillows – some with ribbon to hang them, some for drawers, etc. from newer fabrics and vintage chicken feed sacks. Thanks for the giveaway! Becky G.

  15. Erin DuBroc says:

    i’m tackling my baby’s bedding and a box-pleat valance next. and those booties you have pictured are definitely going in to the sewing to-do list!

  16. Meridith says:

    I have a one-month-old, so my sewing machine is collecting a bit of dust in between projects. But I’ve been prepping a few things while she sleeps: I work with mixed media paintings that incorporate a lot of stitching along with acrylics, fabrics, found items, etc. And I’ve been dying to make a baby quilt for my daughter’s nursery – she has plenty of receiving blankets, so I was thinking of a larger piece to use as a wall hanging until she starts using her toddler bed.

  17. Nishi says:

    I am just starting a tote bag , using my old jeans and some nice fat quaters I bought today. I use to sew a lot but then had a dry spell for some years and now there is a long list of projects I want to make.

  18. Dani says:

    Brand new to your site. Loving it so far! I loooove fat quarters. It can be hard to find really nice ones. I am contemplating making a purse and haven’t quite decided on a pattern yet but know fat quarters will rule!

  19. Summer says:

    Hi. Where can I find the FFF contest rules? Also, how do I enter the contest? I am looking for different fabrics to sew things for my daughter. I have been wanting to make a ball or blanket that has different textures that she can chew on. She loves chewing on her toys that have fabric more than her teething rings. I think it is so cute! LOL

  20. Nancy Minsky says:

    I am sewing scarves, long triangle shapes, with funky crocheted edge finishes!

  21. amy says:

    i am in between projects right now, but i am thinking of starting an apron later today.

  22. Carrie says:

    I’m working on Amy Butler baby booties for a friend who is pregnant.

  23. Sara says:

    I’m currently working on a lap quilt for my boyfriend’s birthday — I’m down to the binding! I’m also working on a table runner made with fat quarters for a Valentine’s day craft exchange.

  24. Ariane says:

    I just love the fabrics. I’m working on finishing a binding on a Jacob’s Ladder quilt. I just love to quilt and make bags. The different fabrics just add so much personality.

  25. Silvia says:

    Lovely fabrics! Now I’m working on a patchwork blanket for my newborn nephew!

  26. Deb G. says:

    Bought 2 vintage waffle weave pique dresses from my favorite thrift, in bright pinks…flowers and swirls. Taking the dresses apart and making a disappearing nine patch baby quilt for my granddaughter that is expected in April. Only two fabrics, so it should be very interesting to see how it turns out…I’m excited! It will be my third quilt (in my life) and the third in the past two months. I’m definitely hooked.

  27. Sarah says:

    I’m working on quilts! Lap-sized and larger. It’s been chilly, and my family could use some extra warmth…handmade style, of course!

  28. Jenni Warner says:

    am working on a quilt for my sadie. It’ll be for her big girl bed and it has a million kinds f fabric in it. I use fat quarters like crazy so wining would be awesome. Thanks!

  29. Leigh says:

    I’m working on refashioning a pair of corduroy jeans into a skirt, just need to decide on an accent fabric!

  30. Meaghen N. says:

    Such unique fabrics. I don’t know how I haven’t stumbled upon you before now. I love everything you have!

  31. gina snyder says:

    I’m working on a valentine apron Knot top and ruffle pants. The top is made with charm squares!

    Love it!

  32. Melissa says:

    i am working on Over the River and Through the Woods quilt and can’t wait to get started on my next project!

  33. Amy says:

    I am in the middle of cleaning out my sewing room, and came across a quilt I started about 10 years ago … so I’m working on that along with some dresses for my girls.

  34. Lisa Boyer says:

    LOOOOOVE the Anna Marie Horner fabrics! I’m in! Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. sherry r says:

    oh “sew many” projects. a wall hanging for my wonderful mother-in-law, a quilt for my baby boy, dresses for my daughters and a first birthday quilt for my friend’s baby girl who they waited 10 years for. What to start with? With the fabric that inspires me most! Fingers crossed that it could possibly be me. Thanks for the chance,

  36. Kay says:

    I am sewing doll clothes and simple children’s clothes as I am getting ready for my new role in emergency alternative care. I would love some new fabric

  37. Patrice says:

    Buenas dias! I am currently working on sewing 20 chef hats and aprons for my daughters Head Start class since February is healthy living month and I think every “chef” wether big or small deserves to own their own set of chef wear. And I am still working on my goal of sewing 2 reusable grocery bags a day to donate to the Agency for New Americans. :o)~ Great fun!!

  38. Kaye says:

    I have just cut out a Log Cabin quilt for my bed that I hope to soon be able to find time to sew together. I just finished a new quilt for my sons bed with a Star Wars theme. It was the first time that I did a pieced back. It turned out very cute. I also have several thread catcher scrap bags cut out that need sewn together. My sister in law just had her dining room chairs recovered and asked us to make placemats and a runner with the left over material. My sewing husband is taking over that project. He has them all cut out and will sew up this week. He is better at finishing projects than I am.

  39. ali says:

    Love the Botanica!

  40. Nickaela Fiore-Keyes says:

    I am new to sewing and I am unsure of the measurements in fat-quarters- are they scraps?

  41. Michele K says:

    Just finished a baby-doll blankie for my 5 year old. I loved piecing the quilt but seriously struggled with the binding. Lucky for me, my little one didn’t care at all…she simply loved that mommy made her something all her own.

  42. Julie says:

    I’m working on a Art Quilt. I live in Maine and took a gorgeous pictures of the lake all around, and now I am using one of my photos as a sketch. It is something new I am trying, but can’t wait til I complete it.

  43. Beth says:

    I am working on making crayon rolls and birthday gifts.

  44. Sharon Mausey says:

    Love your site. My daughter and I have the Marilyn apron pattern, and love it. Sharon

  45. jennifer pryor says:

    i’m about to start on my first pattern by amy butler, the cabo halter. i hope that, if i make it, spring will come! kinda like the field of dreams?? 🙂

  46. Diane says:

    love the new fabrics….working on blankets for Linus Project; baby quilt for (fingers crossed) new grandbaby soon….(p. s. love your site)

  47. Tina says:

    Working on 3 tote bags, and 2 baby outfits all by tuesday??? don’t know how that’s going to happen…. hopefully it will!

  48. Kathy says:

    I am working on two quilts,both Amy Butler Mid Mod Quilts. One I am making in the size the pattern called for the other I have increased the center of to be 16 12×12 blocks and increased the outer border to make into a queen size. This is such a fun quilt to put together. Fast and easy.

  49. Linda says:

    I’m working on a blanket to be donated to a Thailand orphanage.

  50. Danielle says:

    I am working on a quilt square and a green courdoroy purse!

  51. Alicia LeBlanc says:

    I am making heart pincushions .

  52. Cheryl says:

    Aren’t those pinks just wonderful!!!!

  53. Suzi Payne says:

    I’m working on quilted Valentine Post Cards! I can’t quit….way tooooo much fun!

  54. Rachel says:

    i’m working on a fat quarters square block quilt that’s about 3 years in the making. i need to finish up the border and find a quiltback that i like! i’d love to have the amh fabric for a new quilt, i think i’ll do nine patch this time.

  55. I just finished up a baby quilt. Now I need to make some booties. I am also working on a couple BOMs.

  56. kim says:

    I’m working on some quilted placemats for a friend. Sage green 2D zoo fabric for one set, so it should be cute.

  57. I just finished a little table topper from Simplicity charm squares. For February, I’m going to work on a dresden plate purse for my daughter plus putting together the BOM for our local quilt shop.

  58. Mary says:

    Just made two very full tutus….. am looking forward to getting my hands back into fabric. Just indulged in a fat quarter pack of “Nouveau” that I want to play with… Can anyone watch my 2 and 4 year olds!

  59. Gretchen says:

    I’m making booties out of Amy Butler fabric and a pattern from her LIttle Stitches book for my newest niece, Beatrix!

  60. Alycia says:

    Making backings for Quilts of Valor… to get ready to quilt them!

  61. nicole says:

    I’m making Rice-pillows. The kind you put in the microwave for a little bit to warm up and then snuggle with in bed or on the couch. I also made a “rice blanket” which is like a large rice pillow but with compartments so the rice won’t collect in the bottom. I used an old pillow case which I cut in half, seamed up the cut side, turned right side out, sewed two lines parallel to the sides and then filled those first three compartments with 1/4 cup rice each, sewed parallel to the bottom seam, forming three approximately square pouches, then filled the three compartments with 1/4 cup rice each again, sewed those three compartments shut again parallel to the bottom seam and continued until I reached the top. It works really well to warm up a surface that’s on an angle, like the stroller.
    I hope this explanation made sense.

  62. Corrie says:

    I love the fabric and really need to build up my stash! I am just beginning my sewing hobbie. It’s exciting!

  63. Sherry says:

    My husband just told me I can’t carry my credit card and license around loose in my coat pocket anymore. (what a wise man!) Next, up… Amy Karol’s “no cash wallet”!

  64. Ellen says:

    Working on a dress for the little girl, and re-covering the ottoman that has been damaged by recent illness!

  65. Celeste says:

    Well, I just finished my work-in-project (a baptismal gown for our daughter) and haven’t started something new yet.

  66. Mickie Meyers says:

    Hi, I am making to baby quilts for the new nephews that will be joining my family this summer. I am also making tote bag for the big brother’s and sisters so they are not left out.

  67. DeerDominique says:

    Working on reversible dinner napkins here, hopefully I’ll find some time today. Loving Anna Maria Horner’s new collection, beautious as usual!

  68. Alyssa says:

    I;m working on getting my machine fixed! Going to “Franks Sewing Center” this week!

  69. Virginia says:

    I am wokring on a cute little ROmper for me son out of Denim and green check. It has a lizard embroidered on it and I am using rickrac for lizard scale trim

  70. Margaret says:

    I’m surprising myself by loving the “Botanical” fabrics. I don’t currently have any sewing projects in the works — still desperately trying to catch up on my Christmas knitting — but I decided a couple of weeks ago that I really want to make myself an apron. Making a crust for a pot pie last night (and ending up covered in flour) confirmed the need. I haven’t settled on a specific pattern yet, but both Emmeline and the Flirty Skirty apron appeal to me.

  71. sandyandcosmo says:

    I’m making a new camera strap cover.

  72. Bethany says:

    Hey! My big project of the week (month) was working on my husband’s stole. He’s a pastor and needed it before services this morning. It was finished at 3 pm yesterday afternoon. I love finishing up those stoles with handstitching. It’s so relaxing after all the machine sewing and fancier embroidery.

  73. Shelly says:

    I’m getting ready to make some tote bags and purses for my SILs birthdays. I’m fairly new to sewing, so it should be a fun (and interesting) process.

  74. B says:

    Love those patterns, and would love some free fabric for the ever growing list I have of things to sew.

  75. Marci says:

    I’ve got an apron pattern that I’ve started collecting fabric and embellishments for. Also working to start a quilted wall hanging. 🙂

  76. Jenny says:

    I just love Anna Maria’s fabrics!

  77. Jessica says:

    Currently churning out wristlets based on my first pattern – I have two done already! They’re on my flickr, if you want a look –

  78. lena says:

    I am working on a baby kimono for my 8 month old…but right now it kind of looks like baby scrubs… not so impressive. I’ll finish it, though, and see where it takes me. 🙂

  79. Christen says:

    I am working on the applique for a shirt for the son’s 2nd birthday.

  80. Caroline says:

    I’m working on a cute apple outfit for my 5 year old daughter. Then, I’m planning to make “green bags” for my friends. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  81. Liz says:

    I am going to begin working on the Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag as soon as my pattern arrives in the mail within the next week. Still searching for the perfect fabrics…I can’t wait to get started!

  82. BCQuilter says:

    I’m working on finishing an apron, using gingham and applying Chicken Scratch Embroidery. The gingham is 1/16, and it is taking me quite awhile to do the Embroidery. But I am having a lot of fun, a new technique.


  83. Kristen L says:

    Oh gosh, I feel like I have so many projects everywhere! The one I’m really looking forward to finishing is a lap-size quilt I’m making for my bedroom. It is browns, greens, and blues and made from only fat quarters. I’m almost done cutting out all the pieces!

  84. Jenna says:

    I’m about to finish sewing fleece pants for my 2 year old. I just finished making cloth diaper soakers for her bedtime diapers, and mittens for her teeny tiny little hands!

  85. Amy Hunter says:

    My latest projects are some place mats, bibs, and messenger style bags. And my son wants a ninja/robot quilt for his bed, I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pull that one off.

  86. christine says:

    i am getting ready to head to my craft room and make one of the tufted pillows listed on 2/1’s fat quarter post. thank you!

  87. Amy says:

    Hi, I am working on a quilt for my sister’s wedding. The colors are teal, red, and white. I am a beginner so I chose a pattern with big shapes to applique. The block center is a 4 petal flower out of white with the red as a center and at the end of the petal. The flower is appliqued onto the teal backqround.

  88. cori w says:

    I am so excited I found this blog, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas and have been sewing up a storm! Next up is pj pants for my two year old, fun and easy!

  89. Allison says:

    I have to find more time for my sewing projects, but I have a baby quilt to make, a full size quilt for my 9yr old’s room, I saw a pattern for pantaloonies that I though would be adorable for my 2 year old this spring and maybe my 6 month old nephew. I should make more napkins and placemats for the house. I would like to do some throw pillows to refresh the couches. Oh so much to have fun with, now I just need to find the time.

  90. Collette says:

    I’m working on finishing up some Christmas gifts–pin-tucked placemats. Yes, Christmas past. Don’t ask. 😉

  91. Ronit says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt right now, with another soon to follow. Thanks for the giveaway.

  92. Katrin says:

    Fat Quater month is a great idea.
    I have kept a lot of FQ not knowing what to make of them.
    Can’t wait for all the inspiration!

  93. Valerie says:

    I am working on a turning twenty quilt for a friend and bags!

  94. Kate says:

    I’m working on a pillow for my mother-in-law, using some photo fabric and pics of the grandkids. Here’s hoping she likes it!

  95. Elaine says:

    I’m working on a scrap therapy quilt–Charming Buds. And trying to decide what to make for PIF gifts. Would love the Friday Fabric Giveaway.

  96. Typhany says:

    I am working on a reversible sewing machine cozy for my mom for Valentines Day. It is going to have the hand prints of all 12 of her grandchildren.

  97. Kelli says:

    In the last week, I’ve been working on a Valentine’s table runner (just have to finish binding it), a baby quilt for a shower yesterday (my 3rd quilt ever!), a pleated skirt for my daughter, and a cross stitch for my sister’s wedding anniversary in March. I am very busy crafting and creating lately, and I LOVE it!
    By the way…love the new Good Folks line!

  98. Meredith says:

    I’ve had this box hiding in my closet for the last four years of projects that are ALMOST done. This month, is the month that I will finish them all! If they no longer are my ‘thing’ or because I cut it out for my 3 yo who is now 7… Well, they are going to go in my etsy shop. This whole ‘oooooooh SHINY!!’ thing with fabric has got to stop LOL!! So this is the month of finishing projects!
    Yesterday I finished 3 Kilts!
    Today it’s patching jeans LOL and putting elastic in about 8 items. Can you believe it? Things that would have been done but for elastic? I’m so crazy!

  99. Grenae Thompson says:

    I love fat quarters, charm packs, etc. I am working on Valentine Pillows for the “grands.” Looking forward to your series of projects in Feb. Thanks for enterining me in the Friday drawing. Have a good week!

  100. Sylvie says:

    I am working on a doll quilt for my daughter and I have to think of block for a block swap I am following (has to be paper pieced and the theme is bird house)

  101. erica says:

    I’m gearing up to start on my first dress! Exciting but kind of scary at the same time…

  102. Kristin says:

    I LOVE that Botanica fabric. I could see it making a very pretty dress! I am working on a ton of projects right now. Quilt Squares for Project Imrpov, pants, pjs and undies for my boys, a dress for me, and lots of other things.

  103. Wendy says:

    I’m working on a quilt for donation. Our guild dontates quilts to wounded soldiers as well as patients in the Children’s Oncology Unit at a local hospital. We try to get fabric/batting on sale and have several fundraisers which help us purchase the supplies. I’ve really enjoyed putting together this soldiers quilt, just have to put on the borders. I’m also working on a BOM applique quilt which is great for take-along hand work.

  104. margaret m. says:

    cute apron patterns.

  105. Ginny says:

    I’m actually painting this weekend… but it IS sewing related 🙂

    We’re changing rooms around in our house and making the master bedroom into a craft and playroom for my son and I… we’re SOOOO excited!

  106. Sinje says:

    Currently I’m working on a dress for a little girl’s confimation and a couple of smaller gifts for friends.

  107. Jess says:

    I am making an apron for my mother-in-law’s birthday. Last night my 7 year-old said she wants to make a purse for her, too. I think I’ll help her use the sewing machine to make it.

  108. Holly says:

    right now I just can’t get enough of making little clasp purses! Gluing the frame on is a little fiddly but my favourite part for sure is picking the fabric. I just love it!


  109. mojoandco says:

    I’m currently between projects, but some sort of toy for a swap is currently top of the list. A hedgehog perhaps? It would certainly be a nice change from cats and dog related sewing.

  110. Peta-Jane says:

    I am hastily completing a simple modern baby quilt…pattern from Oh Fransson…and then busily collecting photos for an 80th birthday memory quilt !!

  111. craftytammie says:

    I am sewing a doll for a handmade toy swap, and of course I have about umpteen unfinished sewing projects as well!

  112. I just finished a baby blanket for a friend who’s having he fourth child, but first girl!

    I’m working on a wallhanging, but I’ll be starting a quilt on Tuesday for my husband’s best man and his fiancee. It’s our wedding gift to them.

    I’m hoping to finish this bag I started to make. :}

  113. Robyn says:

    working on a fat quarter purse… on my way to sew now! also need to get stitchin’ on some craft aprons for my boys’ teachers. sew much to do-no complaints though!

  114. Angela says:

    I’m working on a new cloth wallet/case to carry my cute new 2×2 calling cards. Oh, and I’m trying to get the nerve to start my 5 yr old daughter’s new dress for the father daughter dance at school this month! *swoon*

  115. Robyn says:

    i have all my fabrics layed out for a fat quarter purse. on may to sew now… also need to get stitchin’ on some craft aprons for my boys” teachers.

  116. I’m about to start making a top for my daughter – I just need my husband to stop taking time off work so that I can find a spare moment to start it…

  117. Hollie Fike says:

    working on a baby blanket for a friend of mine..

    love the fabrics btw…

  118. yarmila frisby says:

    Working on depleating my WIP pile.. only 27 left to finish or give away.

  119. Carla W says:

    I ‘d like to make my daughter a spring dress or a twirly skirt. I’ve only made her one other thing so wish me luck! So far, I have only used fabric from Wal-mart. I love all your beautiful fabric!

  120. Hilda says:

    I’m working on way too many sewing projects right now…. a few baby slings, aprons, blankets….

  121. Ruth says:

    I’m working on a jacket from a Vogue pattern. I have the fabric prewashed and ready to go!

  122. Liz B says:

    I just finished a multitude of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) for the UFO contest at It cleared out a huge amount of space, so that my sewing room is much neater! I started a lap quilt for myself and I would like to get it sandwiched, quilted, and bound this week. It is a good excuse to clean since I need to use the dining room floor; got to clean the dining room first!

  123. Shannon says:

    What projects aren’t I working on right now???? There are so many but not enough time to do them all in my day. I guess at the top of the pile is pillow covers for my 2 year old daughters new Ikea table and chair set and a new skirt, pants and shirt for her as well.

  124. Cynthia says:

    I’m trying to finish an Oliver + S blouse for my daughter. It’s been cut out since November!

  125. Rae says:

    I’m working on a twin-sized strip quilt for my 2-year-old so he’ll have something on the bed when he graduates from the crib!

  126. Sara R. says:

    Working on my advent calendar (that WAS for 2008)…a little late, but it’s okay!

  127. Sarah says:

    I have curtains for my living room in the works. The room needs a complete makeover but new curtains should be sufficient for the time being!

  128. joy newman says:

    I’m making a slipcover for my mom’s old hope chest that I inherited. And, I’m making a quiver for my son’s arrows that he got for Christmas. Love the new fabric and the apron patterns.

  129. Leslie says:

    I am working on Sandbucket print capris and a smocked halter for my girls as well as making jon jons for a friend who has 3 boys under 2!

  130. Pamela says:

    I am creating a lap quilt for my mom in the stitch & flip fashion with stars as the focal point in each block.

  131. Missy says:

    I’m whipping together more travel tissue holders for everyone with colds….

  132. shannon says:

    working mostly on playfood. Thinking about recycling a pair of my husbands pants into pants for the boy.

  133. Ghibe says:

    Working on copying a dress my grandmother made for me so I can make another for my daughter. =) I love the old-fashioned patterns!

  134. Sherri says:

    I am working on a Row Robin that our Mini Quilt Group is having. 12 gals, 12 rows, 12 months.

  135. Jen says:

    I’m working on about a billion projects at the moment. Knitting and sewing. Including dresses for my little girl and socks for an expected baby.

  136. Kim says:

    I’m working on a dress for my little girl- it’s my first follow a pattern project- so wish me luck! Thanks!

  137. Courtney says:

    I am working on a T-Shirt quilt for my best friend. I am still waiting on 2 more shirts to cut, and then onto the piecing! 🙂

  138. ~Heather says:

    I have to come up with/make something for a finicky five year old at her party next weekend – yikes! ~H

  139. Michelle says:

    I just finished sewing 17 ballet costumes in 3 weeks, so I’m feeling a little tired of my sewing machine. I could really use some beautiful new fabric to inspire me!

  140. Melanie says:

    I’m working on curtains for my baby’s nursery. It has applique on it, it will be very cute!

  141. megan says:

    a cape for my 3 year old cousin, a shirt for me, and an organizer for my fiance!

  142. mamie says:

    i am going to finish the binding on the wee flannel quilt. i swear i am.

  143. kristen says:

    I am using some fat quarters to make the oven mitts and kitchen patchwork towels from this site. That new fabric is so cute!

  144. Valerie says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt right now. And would LOVE to win those lovely fabrics! valerieann118atmsndotcom

  145. whitney says:

    I am starting a quilt for my almost 3 year old. It will be for his big boy bed he is getting for his birthday. I think I will just make up the pattern as I go along. We’ll see how it turns out!

  146. alison says:

    I’m working on Valentines for my daughter’s classmates. The boys found Valentines they wanted to give to their friends at Wal-Mart. But my daughter is older, she still wants to give out Valentines, but can only find little kids Valentines, so we are going to work together on making some.

  147. Kiki says:

    Looking forward for all of the fun February features!

    The project I’m working on right now is a set of cloth napkins with a bias trim as a gift for my mom for her birthday.

  148. Beth G. says:

    I’m working on finishing up 2 of 6 quilts that are going to be donated to a local home for troubled girls. Each girl gets to pick out her own quilt when she enters the program, which she will get to keep. For many of the girls, this is the first thing that they will have as their own.

  149. Jessica says:

    those are gorgeous! i’m working on a baby quilt for a shower present.

  150. Aveen says:

    I’m making a patchwork pincushion for a Craftster swap. I hope my partner doesn’t read this! And I’ll be using the scraps for a papier mache project.

  151. Diane says:

    I am currently trying to finish 2 table runners, one for Valentine’s and a winter one. I have vowed to finish these before starting anything new. Fat Quarter Month may be my incentive to get these finished this weekend! Looking forward to it…

  152. Ineke Platvoet says:

    Working on a quilt which could take about 2 years! – as I have planned lots of other things too.

  153. Amy says:

    I’m working on a pillow using dupioni silk. I just made two large covered the buttons and got the biggest kick out of it. My husband didn’t get it, so I called my mom.

  154. Jennifer H. says:

    Botanica prints are perfect for some new spring skirts and capri pants for me and my daughter.

  155. Maria says:

    A dress for my little girl!

  156. emily says:

    i’m working on a crazy nine patch lap quilt for someone in my church

  157. DebbieKL says:

    Oooh – Fat Quarter month sounds great! I’ve got a bunch to use up. I’ve been finishing up some Christmas presents (yikes!) and some baby sets. Then maybe on to my first quilt!

  158. Alissa says:

    I’m trying to finish up last year’s quilt block of the month quilt. The blocks are pieced, now I just need to put it all together.

  159. Alisa says:

    I’m working on a tote to be auctioned off at my kids school.

  160. Britney C. says:

    I am really into making bags right now! I am working on an over the shoulder bag for myself.

  161. Martha says:

    I have been sewing knit tops to wear to yoga. It’s a great way to learn how to get more out of my serger!

  162. Jody says:

    I am lining some great ethnic fabric bags that I have bought over the years but never use because they lack lining.

  163. jackie says:

    wedding presents. more specifically the dish towels from seams to me.

  164. Jenny L says:

    I just failed miserably at patchwork potholders. I did a set for a gift over the holidays and they turned out great, so apparently the mojo is gone…I’ll be moving on to a ‘pin the candle on the cupcake’ game for my daughters third b-day party out of scraps from my stash.

  165. Stacy says:

    Ooohh, I can’t wait to see what ideas you have for fat quarters! I have a small pile of them that I recently bought at a small fabric store just because I loved the print and do not know what to do with them. Maybe they will be put to use…. Right now I am making oodles of cloth wipes to use as tissues and some for my little ones to use in the potty (they work better and you do not have to explain how to use just the right amount of toilet paper! LOL!). I also have some summer sewing in mind that I hope to tackle next.

  166. I’m sewing pencil and paper pad wraps for my little sweeties. I’m making it up as I go. I’ve seen so many great rolls, but I wanted a pad of paper in there too. Also I have a little Japanese pattern cut out for a shirt. THAT was a challenge. but I think I deciphered it ok. Now to decipher the instructions…

  167. Jen Galan says:

    I am working on some Project Linus blankets, lots of fun!

  168. Ingrid says:

    I have so many projects going on I don’t know which to tell about. I am currently about 18 blocks into a crazy 9-patch quilt. Having only completed 2 baby quilts to this point I’m winging it a bit but so far so good. Ironically I had just started a quilt based on the block Elizabeth from Oh Fransson! featured. I completed the first block the other night and was so proud of it! I have been collecting fat quarters for the last 3 months with no plans or ideas on how to use them so this next month on Sew Mama Sew will be perfect for me!

  169. Diane says:

    I am in a binding frenzy and sewed the bindings on 4 quilts last night, now I will have plenty to do infront of the TV for the next week or so.

  170. SetCarre says:

    I’m working on a diaper case for a friend. I will do a little patchwork bib and a burp cloth with the same fabric.

  171. Christine Bolin says:

    I’m working on Valentines.

  172. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Just finished two Valentine table runners and last night I cut out a quilt for my dear husband – it is the first one ever just for him. I hope to complete by Valentine’s Day, but it will be a lot of work. Love the new fabrics.

  173. Beth says:

    I’m working on an easy quilt from this book/website
    The book is well written and humorous, too!

  174. Narelle says:

    making an apron for my neice….I’d love to enter!

  175. Jessi says:

    I am working on summer outfits for my lovely 16 month old daughter! The new fabrics are beautiful!

  176. Ramona says:

    I am very excited for fat quarter month. I love new ideas and you always have some. I have a few projects in the works right now, curtains for my laundry room, finish my apron, finish a baby blanket for a friend, and I’d like to make some cute cosmetic bags for my girls for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, I’ll get something done this weekend!

  177. Julie says:

    My mom and I are working on my girls Easter dresses. We want to get them done early!

  178. Dorrie says:

    Working on some wonky log cabin blocks with the remainder of scraps from my Daisy Chain fat quarter bundle…added some yummy blue silk and Kona’s black for texture and spark…

  179. Tammy says:

    Presently I am working on an apron and potholders (gifts) and some shirtsn for spring. . . all in various stages of completion!

  180. Tina says:

    Currently I’m making handmade baby booties. I use old wool sweaters, felt them, then cut out the bootie pieces. I hand sew them and embroider as I see fit. They’re turning out really cute. I wish I had a outlet to sell them through!

  181. meg says:

    I’ve been piecing quilt tops like crazy in an attempt to clear out room on the shelves for still more fabric. This is the kind of behavior that would only make sense to fellow makers….

  182. anja says:

    jammie bottoms for the family

  183. Brandy says:

    I am working on gifts for next christmas. I am also preparing the studio for use.

  184. Dawn says:

    I am currently working on finishing up a quilt, starting a new throw size quilt for my SIL and I really want to make a doll quilt. I’m hoping that there is no requirement to have a doll for my doll quilt though!

  185. aimee says:

    I have a stack full of washed, ironed, beautiful fabric waiting to be cut out and laid out for my little girl’s big girl quilt. Just can’t bring myself to cut it yet!

  186. Java Jane says:

    Thank you in advance for Fat Quarter month! Having been inspired my Handmade Holidays, I carried on with sewing projects into January, but lately have been distracted by local politics. (Ugh.) Perhaps your inspiration will help decrease my blood pressure.


  187. Amy says:

    Just bought a new Japanese sewing book – so I will be whipping up something this week end

  188. jill m says:

    I’m completely immersed in “up- cycling”. Sure would love some new fabrics to compliment my “old” fabrics!

  189. I am working on a Christmas quilt tihs week. I cannot wait until it is done to show it off a bit! Thanks.

  190. Jenny says:

    I’m in the midst of putting together a rainbow spectrum quilt. Almost done…hopefully this weekend!

  191. ELENA says:

    Hi all!
    Actually, I’m working on a skirt, and making two bed quilts. I love the brilliants colors on “Good Folks”.

  192. Muriel says:

    I’m working on slippers and on a back pack for my skiing vacation!

  193. Fiona says:

    About to start my first project, a journal cover!

  194. Lori says:

    I am in a medical office technology class and we had to buy stethascopes to take vitals. I am making bags for me and 2 of my friends in the class.

  195. Kristena says:

    I’m making a simple quilt, first sewing project so obviously first time quilting! 😀

  196. Ellie says:

    I am working on 3 satchels for 3 girlfriends for when we meet up for a girls weekend away. The task of sewing is keeping me grounded in the build up to actually getting away from it all (aka kids & husband)

  197. Erica-Jane says:

    I’m making a Margaret bag to be a knitting bag for my wool swap partner, and two pincushions for another swap. I’m looking foward to fat quarter month ; )

  198. Ana says:

    I am making Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Tote this weekend. It’ll be my second sewing project ever!

  199. Jen says:

    Jammies! Our family has had it with clothes just tossed together – so I purchased a TON of thermal knits, hemp fleece, and some velour (por moi, of course!) and am dutifully making three pairs of cold-weather jammies for each of us. Just think – in a few months I get to make warm weather jammies! Do the joys never cease? I think not.

  200. Wendy says:

    I’m currently working on a wonderful skirt for myself.

  201. Viv says:

    I’m working on quilts, three at the current time.

  202. There are a lot of great projects to do with a yard of fabric but with the addition of a new baby in the house, I would really like to make a “Hooter hider.” Conveniently they only take one yard of fabric!

  203. Andrea says:

    I have been making pillows of all sizes and shapes — working on two more tonight, in a couple different Amy Butler fabrics.

  204. LisaB72 says:

    Hi, I’m working on 3 linen blouses, 1 linen skirt, 2 denim skirts, 2 lavender coloured snow linen aprons. Sawtooth block for a quilt, 2 linen dresses for my daughter, some log cabin blocks, two hand embroidery blocks. I like the mixing bowl beauty apron pattern as well as the Maria Horner fabric – it just so bold and bright.


  205. Aimee says:

    I am working on a Candy Bar Road quilt, a new dress for my little girl (just ordered the pattern from Portebello pixie-thanks to you guys for the great reviews 🙂 , and trying to learn how to insert a zipper! Oh the fun of being a beginner!

  206. Lisa says:

    Love the drawing room fabric! I am currently workingon some projects for a swap I am involved in.

  207. allie says:

    I’m making my friend a baby minky blanket w/ a giraffe applique. My first “big” project for this Newbie sewer. As is such, I have no extra stashes of fabric and would love a (free!) jumpstart on some of the gorgeous ones you stock! Happy weekend!

  208. Bekhy says:

    Just finished a couple of tote bags for my husband, and a set of mail sacks for gifts. Now working on some card portfolios (similar concept to Soule Mama’s gratitude wrap but very different design) for gifts next year as well. Then it’s on to advent calendars :).

  209. Laurel says:

    Working on some oven mitts and potholders for our kitchen!

  210. BeccaC says:

    I have started my summer sewing; peasant tops and prairie skirts for me, my girl and my friends kids too

  211. qsogirl says:

    I am between official projects right now because I am learning how to use my new sewing machine and serger. Tomorrow I’m going to go buy my first spools of serger thread, and hopefully I will be able to start watching the instructional DVD (!!) that came with the serger 🙂

  212. Tera says:

    finishing up a grocery bag from a pattern from!

  213. Lisa W. says:

    I have a few things on the go. I am working on a wall hanging for my mom, a mini Valentine quilt wallhanging for a doll house swap, A mini quilt for another swap, A doll quilt for my little girl and some time I have got to make myself a quilt to snuggle up in when I am sitting in my sewing room. I have made everyone else one but myself. LOL!

  214. I’m working on a purse I found at I have to go out of town for any sturdy or clothing material because all we have here is quilting fabric! I love your fabric whatever it’s used for!

  215. Christine says:

    I’m sewing funky aprons from tea towels I find in the stores.

  216. Kim says:

    Skirts for Spring! It will be here before we know it!

  217. Jackie Davis says:

    Working on binding my High School Marching Band T-Quilt! Then on to more projects waiting 🙂

  218. Jenny Benson says:

    I’m working on a black and white music quilt for my sister-in-law who is an elementary school teacher!

  219. Kate says:

    I’m making a couple purses from a pattern I came up with! I’m excited about all the embroidery I’m hoping to add to them!

  220. JaneR says:

    I am working on a doll quilt (stacked coins) for an auction at my son’s school. I make 2 -one to keep and one to give.

  221. Libby says:

    I’m sewing an artcase portfolio for my granddaughter.

  222. Virginia Hendricks says:

    I’m currently in the process of getting ready for retreat so I’ve been cutting fabric for a lot of great quilts! And working on cleaning up my scrap pile a little bit!

  223. Feather says:

    I am working on a costume for my daughters class. Then I want to start working on a quilt. I can’t wait.

  224. Carolyn says:

    I’m working on making a set of burp cloths for my cousin’s first baby by adding some fantastic super-soft vintage flannel (gifted from my mom’s ancient stash) and matching trim to some fabric diapers – they look pretty cute so far! That and, of course, about 4 random handbags from collected fabric remnants (for, um, me)…

  225. Lindsey says:

    I just finished working out the plans for a baby quilt made from 6 fat quarters. I put plan into action today and I’m loving it. The top is done, just have to finish the rest. 6 fat quarters and 3/4 yard for sashing was all the top took.

  226. Bea Gibson says:

    Tomorrow I am making 4 crochet hook roll ups for Christmas gifts for 2009. I am in a challenge to make at least 4 small christmas gifts a month. The roll ups will cover January. On Sunday I am making 2 aprons & 2 bird tree ornaments for February. I have a container with lots of things already cut out to work on. I am also making pillow cases for Con Kerr Cancer each month.

  227. becky says:

    I am tackling my first queen sized quilt for my own bed. It is daunting but I shall prevail! And … I am so looking forward to fat quarter month. Smaller projects that will take fewer hours are all the rage around here 🙂

  228. mikawendy says:

    Right now, I’m cutting up a huge, 15-year-old stash of purple fabric for a raffle quilt. The event is going to benefit a skating club, and lots of the young girls like the color purple, so I hope it will be a popular item.

  229. Valerie says:

    Currently I’m working on my first large quilt. I’m following the pattern for McCalls Rhapsody in blue quilt but I’m modifying it to fit my king size bed. I’m glad I didn’t know before I started that I would cut over 100 pieces to make my 50 quilt blocks. Boy oh boy what a quilt. I love seeing everything come together. I’ve been on this project for about a month and have finally started putting the top together and can really see the beauty of my quilt. I can’t wait to finish it and see it on my bed.

  230. toebi r says:

    Those fabrics look sew fun! i am currently working on a apron for a valentine’s day swap, and making some more baby blankets to sale.

  231. Working on a diaper bag for my friend!

  232. Emily says:

    Working on a nine -patch quilt and a quilted tote bag for spring!

  233. New fabrics are always such an inspiration. Right now I’m working on two scrap quilts.

  234. Mandy Court says:

    I have a really fun project that I am so excited to get started on. I am making a blanket for an autistic little girl, that has all kinds of textures on it. Textures calm her. I am still in the designing stage, and my mind is just churning over the ideas. I know that I am going to do some flower and butter fly appliques. I know that I want to include some flannel rag quilt blocks. The rest of it is still up in the air, there are so many fun and fabulous fabrics and textures out there. I can’t wait to put it all together.

  235. Callie Baldwin says:

    I am working on a bag for my stepson. He totes his dinosaurs around in an old Strawberry Shortcake bag (leftover from his sisters) at his mother’s house. I felt bad for the little guy. So I am making him a small tote and embroidering his name on it.

  236. Francis Moore says:

    I am working on an applique quilt for my 4 year old granddaughter. Francis Moore

  237. Saskia says:

    PJs for my daughter – she grew 2″ overnight!

  238. Sharon says:

    About to start working on a purse for ME! 🙂

  239. Bailey says:

    I’m mid-way through a ten pack of bibs, a couple of baby dresses, ten burp cloths, baby sleeping gowns, and so much more. I’m starting to feel like I should open up a shop! These are all gifts for the new babies in my life. Beautiful new fabrics… It’s got me thinking of some new projects I need to start.

  240. Bethany Scott says:

    My father passed away about a year ago. I am making quilts for my sisters and my mother out of his clothing.

  241. I am working on a full size quilt for my daughter I hope to have it finished this weekend.

  242. Maria says:

    WOW so many comments….I always get here late, just in from work, but I’m working on spring quilts for my family especially my SIL she is jelouse that I made christmas quilts for my girls and she didn’t get one. Crossing fingers on this one, me me me. 🙂

  243. Stacey says:

    I am currently working on a vintage inspired apron, oven mitt, and pot holder set for a swap partner. 🙂

  244. Gerwerken says:

    I am making a mixed technique quilt for a friend’s baby. Each square is a different color family, and are accented with different techniques, such as embroidery, stenciling, needle felting, knit overlay, etc.

  245. Limor says:

    I’m currently working on a sleeveless top for summer. I’m using some Alexander Henry fabric, that I’ve been drooling over for months.

  246. Tracy M says:

    I am currently attempting to make my first purse. I’ve picked the material, and I know what style I want, but am having trouble finding a pattern to match my vision! 🙂

  247. daniela says:

    what lovely fabric, i do like the soft colored ones, it’s february and i feel bluesy…

  248. Kelly says:

    My current project is a cornice for my kitchen window.
    Gotta get some fabric in there!

  249. Melody says:

    making tote bags for knitting projects for friends :o) trying too anyway!

  250. Elizabeth says:

    I am working on a pillowcase dress for a friend’s daughter and a quilt top for my brother and sister-in-law.

  251. Shanna says:

    I’m working on a picnic blanket with rock pockets from the tutorial of house on hill road. I’m making it out of breast cancer awareness fabrics for a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s my first big sewing project! I love the new fabrics from Anna Maria Horner! She was the person who inspired me to start sewing!

  252. Katie Mitchell says:

    I’m working on some sundresses cause I’m tired of winter and looking forward to summer!

  253. Headbands! Its all about headbands for me!

  254. Victoria says:

    I, too, have nagging home dec projects to do: Slipcover for couch, throw pillows for coordinating chair, etc. But I’d much rather be sewing something cute for my kids for the spring/summer. These fabrics would be great inspiration!

  255. Angela says:

    I’m planning a brown dotted summer dress!

  256. JenO says:

    I’m taking a quilt class, so besides that, i’ve two other quilts I’m working on!

  257. Sara says:

    Soon I am going to make a fabric basket made partially from the bags my rice comes in to organize all those hats and gloves and scarves we seem to accumulate around here. Either that or continue working on crocheting a rug for the kids room. Love the botanical prints in the shop.

  258. Mary Beth says:

    Oh oh oooh! I want some new Anna Maria Horner!!

  259. Doreen B says:

    I am working on a graduation quilt for my niece. Just need to quilt it and put the binding on.
    Then on to the next project. I’d love to win a yard of beautiful fabric.

  260. All8 says:

    Helping DD finish up her very first scrappy, jean quilt. She’s 13 and this is her first project. Heaven help us both. (Cuz she’s 13.) I’m making a couple of felt pincushions and matching shrinky dink pins to go with them. Lengthening a dress for other DD, by adding a ruffle.

    Love the Botanica. Simply beautiful.

  261. Leah says:

    I am working on an apron for my best friend–I told her in December that I would randomly ‘surprise’ her with it, but she will be truly surprised when I actually finish it two months (or more) later! I am also working on a diaper clutch for a friend, and hopefully a dress for my daughter. I have lots of ideas…but not enough time:-)

  262. Wynn says:

    hope to win the fabric and make a bag for my dearest mum!

  263. Laura says:

    I just got my order from SMS today and I’m so thrilled! But my sewing machine is in the shop until next week. 🙁

  264. Jerilyn says:

    Working on coffee cozies for friends.

  265. Shaz says:

    I absolutely loved Amy’s apron from the post the other day, btw. I just finished a “Happy Stacker” toy (Heather Bailey) for my soon to arrive niece and now have 4 quilt tops I’m dying to finish. A One Block wonder quilt to start in the next couple of weeks and then Amy Butler Lounge pants. Eventually I will dive in to AB’s new baby book and start some of those cute kimono jammies. It’s amazing how fast the projects all back up! 🙂

  266. Molly says:

    I just finished sewing a new apron for myself and am thinking of making some for gifts for my family. Love the apron pattern!

  267. Kara says:

    I’m making lots of bibs for all the babies turning one in my life and many many flannel washclothes for the soft tush of my own little baby!

  268. Tina C. says:

    i am recovering a hassock i got at a thrift store by sewing a slipcover.

  269. Delaina says:

    I’m working on my baby girl’s (almost 2yrs old) 🙁 Easter dress! It’s gonna be adorable!!!

  270. Ana says:

    I am trying to make a hat for my son out of a felted sweater, see if this one is warmer than all the polyester stuff for sale out there.

  271. erin says:

    I just picked out the fabric for a coat for my daughter. I’ll also be making some hats.

  272. Tara T. says:

    The sewing project I am working on doesn’t exist. I just got power back (31 minutes ago) and so my sewing machine has been down!!! I did just finished my first quilt 🙂 What a joy!!!

  273. Elizabeth says:

    I am finishing a yoyo quilt by hand. Only 13 more rows to go!

  274. Sarah says:

    I just finished Sew Liberated’s Emmeline Apron. Next up Amy Butler’s Lounge Pants.

  275. Kerry says:

    Currently working on many projects…including a few purses, two quilts, placemats, mittens…the list goes on.

  276. Nikki says:

    I will be starting some new clothes for mom! ME ME ME hehehe…just finished up some nice blouses for my daughter 🙂 great blog…


  277. lorchick says:

    I’m working on finishing an apron for my SIL. and then I’d like to give quilting a try! And also I am going to start on a bubble dress for my DD.
    I’m always working on at least three things at a time. D:

  278. Georgia says:

    I’m doing a swap with a Flickr friend, so i’ve been making a couple of goodies for her. Also planning a very simple quilt using some of anna Maria’s garden party fabric and lots of white – just have to get around to cutting it out, it’s my least favourite part of the whole quilt process!

  279. Breanna says:

    I am working on a baby blanket and mending the feet on my sons favorite pair of footie pj’s

  280. Regina says:

    I just finished the binding and tying of my January quilt and am collecting patterns, scraps and ideas to start packing up for my first ever quilt retreat come April. I have an overabundance of strips from a previous project that I plan to use in this quilt: – especially since I have a no-buy until the retreat resolution going on here.

  281. Julia says:

    I am working on 2 quilts and a little list of small projects that I’d like to do 1 a day for a week! (one of the quilts I started 2 years ago!)

  282. amy says:

    I just joined a charm square swap, so I’ll be cutting a bunch of squares….Plus I’m working on a couple of totes. I have a tiered skirt cut out and ready to be sewn. I just have to get to it!

  283. Amber says:

    ooh – think I may need some new fat quarters in honor of Fat Quarter Month 🙂
    I just finished quilting two quilts – one for my son and one out of my Project Improv blocks – just need to do the binding.

  284. Stockton says:

    I am working on a small project, Amy Butler’s fabric necklace …

  285. Annette says:

    I am making curtains for 13 windows! I’ve finished three so far. They were my fisrt experience with curtains and turned out better than expected. I’m also making a new apron for myself using the emmeline pattern from sew liberated.

  286. Deb says:

    I’m working on a McKenna Ryan “Coffee” art wallhanging for a friend’s birthday; I joined the Siggy Quilt Block Swap and will start on that soon; I’m knitting an Irish Hiking scarf; and I’m participating in our local quilt shop’s BOM sewing the Anniversary Waltz quilt.

  287. Amy Rettberg says:

    I am making a rag quilt for my son. I’m also tackling the rather large mending pile that is taking over my sewing area. Then I will be free for more fun sewing.

    Amy in SC

  288. Julie Andrea says:

    I am adding on to an existing flannel rag quilt that I made a couple of years ago with Winnie the Pooh fabric. I’ve decided that I would like this cozy cover on my bed instead of it just being a lap throw / snuggle blankie. Thanks to the internet, I tracked down the three Pooh fabrics and now I am all set to start making my blankie larger to fit my queen size bed. 🙂

  289. Toni says:

    I’ve got to make curtains for the Boy’s room. And lots of other things that I should be doing instead of curtains.

  290. susaninfrance says:

    quilts for my 3 kids–which is taking me years…literally!

  291. mommymae says:

    i’m working on b-day gifts

  292. Emily S says:

    I’m dying to find out in three weeks whether i’m having a boy or a girl so i can start making baby things!

  293. Liz says:

    i am working on making curtains for my closets (instead of doors, you see). not an exciting project, particularly, but highly functional! will also be re-fitting old valances to my new windows, and making curtains for said windows…and making curtains for living room windows. are you sensing a theme? 🙂

  294. Bonnie says:

    I’m currently finishing a hand appliqued wall quilt for my Katie, who has been waiting at least four years for it. I am determined to finish it for her birthday in early March!

  295. Right now I am working on 2 quilt tops, a table topper, and a pillow! Do you think I need to do some finishing?

  296. Kristen says:

    I’m working on some soft cloth shoes for my 4 month old (when he gives me time to sew).

  297. Aimee says:

    I have soooo many projects going. But for the next couple of days that means handkerchiefs, quilt squares, and toys that I call rice buddies. We’ll see how much I can get done.

  298. Suzy says:

    I am working on my first real quilt.

  299. Gaby says:

    I am making a shopping bag, and am about to start a quilt, the first since doing textiles at high school.

  300. Katie says:

    I’m making crayon rolls for my kids for Valentine’s day 🙂 (read: belated Christmas gifts LOL)

  301. Kathleen says:

    I’m working on two rag quilts for my girl’s new bunk beds (Daddy’s making those)

  302. Crissy says:

    I’m about to start on making a laptop cozy!

  303. Betty says:

    I’m sewing a blue/yellow quilt for the Sunshine Group. Also I will start a mystery quilt on Feb. 1st. I love the new fabrics!

  304. naomig says:

    I’m currently making two flower girl dresses for my daughters, ages 3 and 4, for my sisters wedding. 14 yards of taffeta for two toddlers. Insane amounts of gathering. I’m pulling my hair out, but they look awesome!

  305. Keilah says:

    Finishing quilted coasters and moving on to a grocery cart/highchair baby cover.

  306. Mam says:

    I have two projects on the go – a baby quilt for a good friend’s grand-daughter and a Christmas wall hanging for my daughter.

  307. Lorrie says:

    I’m working on a boiled wool jacket – hope I get it finished before winter is over.


  308. Liz says:

    i just finished a no-sew project at . . .

  309. I’m still working on my BBCQ, Bento Box Christmas Quilt! I’ve finished the top, thankfully. I’m ready to put the sandwich together and quilt. I’m going to tie it by hand. I’m determined not to buy any more sewing supplies unless absolutely necessary. I have to find my embroidery floss!

  310. Karen says:

    I working on some cross stitch exchanges and stitching up something for our home for Valentine’s Day.

  311. HomeBizLiz says:

    I’m working on bags, some to sell and some to give as gifts. Did a major shopping trip today at the fabric store!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  312. I am finishing up a jumper with a ballet applique for my niece’s birthday. I’d love to do an apron like the one Badskirt was wearing. Loved that.

  313. Rina says:

    I’m making a new purse to take with me to Europe next week and I’m so excited!

  314. Ruby says:

    Fat quarter month! Excellent idea! I’m making some desperately needed jeans. The mock up turned out alright, but I’m hesitant to start the real thing…

  315. Lisa says:

    I’ve always loved painting/art and sewing/fabric, and I’ve just started merging the two into an art quilt project. It’s really, really fun! I bought a wand iron when I got the fusible web and it’s really cool – even my husband is interested in it! I’ll be posting the final project soon.

  316. Sara says:

    Just finished making aprons for my son’s preschool using Meg’s super easy, super cute Montessori Apron pattern (thanks Meg!) and now I’m finishing up a quilt for my cousin’s baby.

  317. Michele says:

    Cutting out the wee wonderful’s kit doll pattern…but then my sewing machine died. So it’s on hold for now.

  318. Beth PRince says:

    I am getting ready to start working on some spring clothes for my daughter, inspired by the favorite children’s patterns posted here on Sew Mama Sew! Thanks!

  319. Christina says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt for our first little one on the way!

  320. Kristi C says:

    Working on my first sewing project. A large purse to put all of my knitting into. Gorgeous fabrics.

  321. Tracey says:

    i am working on a baby blanket, burp cloths, bibs, booties, wooden letters, and a diaper bag for a good friend that is expecting 🙂

  322. I am currently trying desperately to finish some burp clothes for my daughter that will be born next week as well as a quilt for her, Eden.

  323. jill says:

    Presently I need to make a mini quilt for a swap, finish a set of coasters for myself, get the rest of my son’s doll quilt pieced and stitched, sew together the block of a twin sized quilt I’m working on . . . and I”m sure I’m forgetting something. I do rather like to multi-task, I’m afraid.

  324. Mia says:

    I am currently working on a school back-pack that I’ve appliqued birds and flowers onto, and a matching lunch bag. I hope I’ll have it ready for my daughter who is starting school on Monday!!

  325. amanda says:

    AHH!! I had no idea that Anna Maria Horner was coming out with a new line…and just in time, as I’m eyeballing fabrics for a quilt for my little girl. Right now I’m working on a series of doll quilts to hang on her wall when we move to a new apartment.

  326. Carissa says:

    I am working on a number of things… I just had a roommate transition and we are still decorating, which means new pillows for the couches and chairs, new curtains and new wall hangings. I am also really wanting to make the ‘fat quarter purse’ from We Wilsons. It is the perfect spring bag and just what I need to get me through the rest of a dreary winter 🙂

  327. karen says:

    I am making sweet coordinating aprons for my growing daughters.

  328. Elizabeth says:

    I am getting ready to machine quilt my daughter’s Full-siza bed quilt…I am a little scared!

  329. Kris says:

    I’m working on a Valentine’s table runner with vintage valentine fabric.

  330. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I’m making a jumper for my mother-in-law. But I screwed up cutting it out – so I need to go buy more fabric!

  331. Ginger says:

    I’m making an Amy Butler Birdie Sling!

  332. Mary says:

    I have five quilt tops that need to be finished, but I am going to a quilt-a-thon tomorrow and that will be another quilt! It should be a lot of fun–I’ve already cut all the fabric and I’m ready to get started!

  333. Chrissy says:

    I’m (finally!) working on those adorable twirl skirts from this summer! I am trying to use heavier fabrics for the winter (hopefullly without losing the ‘twirl’) – my daughters will look super-cute in them with a pair of leg warmers!

  334. yellow jaye says:

    I’m working on mending a million pairs of ripped knees in my sons’ pants! Then I can sew some new dinner napkins for me!

  335. Amy Gray says:

    I’m working on a quilt for my sister-in-law’s wedding. The pattern is called Kaleidoscope – there are 480-4″ squares with 12 pieces in each square making over 5700 pieces. Did I mention the wedding is in March? Did I also mention we just learned of the wedding at Thanksgiving?

  336. Faye says:

    Working on a stitched cotton bib with sleeves for my cousin’s daughter. Looks quilted, except there’s no batting between the two layers. Just wavy stitched lines.

  337. Katie says:

    I’m working on a stacked coins quilt. I’ve made quilts for other people before, but this is the first time I’m making one for me!

  338. Southern Gal says:

    A quilting square that will eventually become a pot holder.

  339. jacquie says:

    working on two heart baby red…one pink! (among a hundred other things!) can’t wait for february fat quarter month!

  340. nettie says:

    I am working on a quilt (it feels like I am always working on a quilt.). Love the new fabric from anna maria horner.

  341. Chelsea says:

    I’m making a new yoga top.

  342. Hannah says:

    I’m making a dress for my almost one year old daughter. The fabric is from a bed sheet I got from Goodwill.

  343. Bunny says:

    I’m working on a purse to give to my uncle’s wife as thanks. I really hope it works out!

    And gorgeous fabrics!

  344. Lisa says:

    I’m currently working on an apron for my mom and a dress for my daughter–not that exciting!

  345. carrie says:

    Just one?? Well, I am working on a crib quilt for my little girl… finally! I am also working on a bag for my brother’s girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. He’s so sweet. Hmmm… many more in the beginning thought processes too!

  346. Karen H says:

    I’m gathering ideas for an Easter dress.

  347. I’m currently working on a Summer Mystery Quilt that has been a lot of fun. I used kid print fabric (Dora) and it’s turning out really cute.

  348. Kristin Deinert says:

    I am working on several things right now: a lap quilt for my mom, one for me, as well as a few shirts for yours truly. My personal favorite right now is Simplicity 4589. I would LOVE some new Anna Maria Horner fabric!! 🙂

  349. Sara says:

    I’m working on a baby kimono pajama set from Amy Butler’s litle stitches for little ones.

  350. Bree says:

    I’m working on some cute summer hats!

  351. Melanie says:

    Love the fabric. I am working on several projects. Blankets, camera straps, etc…

  352. elizabeth says:

    I’m making a play quilt for my newborn son. It’s my first crack at machine sewing so i’m a bit nervous but excited at the same time.

  353. Amorette says:

    I am working on a baby quilt for a friend using her nursery colors- sage green, chocolate brown and cream. I found some great patterns on Amy Butler’s site!

  354. Joy says:

    I’m working on a king size quilt to replace a very old and damaged one on our bed! It may take me the rest of my life. 🙂

  355. Emily says:

    Working on turning my girls baby clothes into a blanket. Also brainstorming simple valentine’s day ideas. Putting together a hair tie/clip organizer for the girls bathroom. Learning to use my new embroidery machine. I think I should get off the computer now and get to work!

  356. Joyce in NC says:

    I am working on a handbag kit for my young sewers class. I have 6 young ladies that are all new sewers. I want a simple but well constructed handbag for them to make and take with them in one class session. I’d love to win the fabric.

  357. Jessy Roos says:

    Working on my WIP this weekend. A lap quilt for myself. I’ve been putting it off because of a whole lot of stitch ripping that needs to be done, but I should really stop making other things and get back to it!

  358. alisha says:

    I’m finishing up a purse and then plan to work on a mini-quilt and a nursing cover.

  359. Michelle says:

    I’m going to start making a cover for my stand mixer so it doesn’t collect dust and dog food germs as it sits on the floor of the pantry. 🙂 And I’d like to start making some cloth baby shoes for a friend.

  360. Sam E. says:

    Working on a long-overdue off-to-college quilt and some free form embroidery just for fun! Oh, and that birthday baby quilt…and that other baby quilt…sigh….

    Yay fat quarters! I’m excited.

  361. Lorien says:

    Aprons, always aprons! I’m working on resizing a very old pattern, and using reproduction feedsack material. I’m pretty sure that this is the year of aprons at my little house. I really like the Marilyn pattern you featured above… so cute!

  362. Angela C. says:

    I’m working on a reversible A-line top for my little girl.

    accoupons at gmail dot com

  363. Michelle says:

    Yay for fat quarter month!!! Currently I’m working on some baby gifts (mostly burp cloths and bibs and a tag blanket) for my sister. BUT I have all the materials for a new handbag for myself that I can’t wait to get started on!

  364. Megan Clark says:

    I’m thinking this would be great for baby girl bedding. Pick me!

  365. Lisa says:

    I’m making a Valentine’s Day shirt for my son. It’s black with lips all over it. He’s 4 and loves his holiday shirts.

  366. Jaime says:

    Just finished an apron and always working on tea wallets. Playing around with my fabric and trying to decide if I’m ready to start another quilt.

  367. Danielle says:

    I have several projects in the works… I am sewing a felt Jungle for my nephew, a barn for my son (both out of felt) and a disappearing 9 patch for my niece.

  368. Leslie Newton says:

    I am into quilting these days. I was part of a mystery quilt event last Friday and now I am adding the borders this weekend – My Super Sunday! (after church)

  369. Loralynn says:

    I am working on the mystery quilt from It’s a lot of fun!

  370. Natalie says:

    I could think of wonderful projects to start with a yard or 2 of Good Folks in my stash! I really do want to make myself a dress… a daring course in uncharted waters for me!

  371. jen w says:

    oh so many things, i need to make a sling for a giveaway winner, just finished up a baby blanket and need to make some nursing covers or i will covet the material and make something for me instead:)

  372. shelle says:

    I am busy sewing kids sized aprons and bibs to donate to our school’s auction.

  373. Elizabeth says:

    I am working on reusable shopping bags that were supposed to be my Mom’s Christmas gift. I will see her this weekend so I have tonight to get them finished.

  374. Jane says:

    While I tend to spend most of my time knitting, I love sewing, too. I found I can combine both of these interests by sewing little lined drawstring bags to hold my works in progress. They use only two fat quarters, one each for inside and out, and take only a short time to sew. I love finding bold and bright patterns to use.

  375. Alison says:

    I’m working on Valentine’s Creatures and a Sewing Machine cozy. Sure do love that fabric…

  376. Marissa says:

    I’m working on finishing up some mending and alterations for a customer and then I will be working on a cute bag for me.

  377. Kimberly says:

    I’m finishing a quilt for my baby nephew (he’s only six months old!) and working on a sweet corduroy dress for my daughter.

  378. Frogdancer says:

    I’m really looking forward to this next month of ideas from you. I’ve only been sewing a year but already I have stacks of Fat Quarters that need to be used up!

  379. brenda king says:

    Made a bag today and a pouch for my camera.

  380. Michelle says:

    Have just finished a shoulder bag for my neice who turns 16 on Tuesday, some brown and blue funky material so I hope she likes it 😀

  381. Torina says:

    I am working on a tote bag for a friend of a friend. It is a disappearing nine patch with applique on top. I am also making a variety of 12in squares from batiks which will eventually create a quilt for my bed.

  382. ashley says:

    i am getting to know my new sewing machine and am planning a weekend of valentine’s day crafting: felt fortune cookies, heart mobile for our playroom, felt shoes for baby gifts, a painting for my niece’s baptism! better get started! love the new fabrics!

  383. Pamela Oakes says:

    Just finished up a quilt and I’m hoping to start another this weekend. Loving the new fabric!

  384. hanamik says:

    I’m working on some tote bags for general/grocery use and other cute little projects such as pouches

  385. Stephanie says:

    I received my first modern sewing machine for Christmas this year (I say modern becaue I’ve been working on a 1952 model until now). I love using my new machine, it is so much easier to operate, and I love that I can actually pick it up and carry it! Right now I am working on throw pillows for my best friend (who is trying to impress his new girlfriend by snazzing up his bachelor pad!)

  386. Julia Reedy says:

    My mother is in a nursing home. None of the lap blankets, etc…. would stay around her shoulders, so she was always cold and trying to pull her blanket up. But then, she couldn’t use her hands because she was having to hold on to the blanket. So I came up with an idea. I bought a very soft fleece blanket, you know the ones they sell everywhere for $5.00 (at least that’s how much this one cost). It is royal blue and has a snow flake pattern. I cut it into a circle, then cut the radius and cut a small circle out of the center. I finished all around the edges with a simple clean finish hem and a zigzag stitch. It is so soft that it drapes around Mother’s shoulders and stays in place. It is thin enough for her to wear comfortably. She’s in a wheel chair all the time, and comfort is important!! I didn’t even put a closure of any type on it because she can’t use her hands very well. If she gets too hot she can just pull it over to the side. Lots of the staff and other residents’ family members have commented on her shawl. I may just have to make some more. It didn’t take long at all and is very inexpensive, so this would be a good service project.

  387. Shannon says:

    Oooh, beautiful – I am obsessed with Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line! Right now I’m getting ready to sew up a great bag for myself. I’m narrowing down the patterns and fabrics and hopefully going to get started next week. I’m getting desperate – the handle on my current purse completely broke off last week!

  388. Karen says:

    I’m very new to sewing and working on burp cloths for my sister who is expecting her first! 🙂

  389. Tricia says:

    I am working on some bedtime bags for my sons which I found on the Soulemama blog. Also, some stuffed frogs I found on the purl bee blog. Both are for Valentine’s day.

  390. Just finished my Oliver+S 2 + 2 blouse and pleated skirt and am now making a diaper bag with the Mail Sack pattern from Pink Chalk Studio. So much fun!

  391. Terriaw says:

    Oh how I love those new fabrics. I have not seen the new Botanica prints yet, but have been drooling over the Good Folks collection. I will be machine quilting two table runners this weekend – my first time machine quilting. I am also working on my own design for a laptop bag.

  392. Heidi says:

    At the request of a teacher at my daughter’s school, I have been making ruffly tiered skirts for a fundraising auction. They turned out so cute, but I thought that a cute top would complete the look. I bought some plain t-shirts and tried my hand at applique for the first time. I’m happy to report that I have completed two, and they turned out great!

  393. jessi says:

    I was so excited to get my last shipment of fabric from you so I can get started on the new pillows for my living room. Thanks!

  394. I’m working on the house shoes from Zakka Sewing. It’s a fabulous book with so many fun patterns.

  395. Lisa says:

    CURTAINS!!! for our guest room! i found the perfect fabric and am so excited to get started!

  396. Amanda says:

    I’m working on valentine’s pajamas for my son and daughter as well as a bag to hold my knitting supplies.

  397. Kat says:

    I’m working on quilt squares, my first ever, for a quilt swap I just started with my stitchy friends.

  398. Sara R. says:

    Working on a patchwork baby quilt for my sister’s baby due this spring.

  399. Helena says:

    Well I was busy yesterday. I worked on a tote bag, baby shoes. The day before a block of the month. Project in progress is a spider web quilt.

  400. colleen says:

    I’m working on a mini quilt for my adorable but annoying cat. I’m making it with very cozy fabrics, which I’m hoping will entice him to sleep on it instead of stealing my pillow. every. night.

  401. Anna says:

    I have finished some very nice laptop sleeves. These fabrics would be great for them.

  402. alison says:

    I can’t wait for Fat Quarter month!! I’m working on a couple of quilts right now. The tops are done and I’m about to start quilting. But I’m pulling out all my fat quarters, readying myself for the February fun! 🙂

  403. Baba says:

    I am working on sewing up so me tote bags for my Etsy shop. Can’t wait to show them.

  404. Mary says:

    I am working on sewing some birds for a mobile for my sister’s baby-to-be.

  405. I’ve just recently started making a baby sleeping bag for my friend who we just found out is pregnant. She is due in July so its going to be cold here so I am trying to make it as warm as possible.

  406. John says:

    I’m working on some really great collaborative quilting projects over on Flickr — virtual quilting bees! They’re a blast — a relatively small time commitment but a great way to meet people, try new things, and get a beautiful quilt out of the deal.

  407. Sara says:

    Working on my challenge quilt for my quilt guild!

  408. I just finished an apron based on a piece of embroidered vintage linen. Now I’m working on a cafe apron using some really cool Alexander Henry “Road Trip” fabric.

  409. Jane says:

    I’m finishing up a quilt top from a 10″ square fabric swap I was involved in last year. The fabric is all from the Moda Botanical line and man, is it bright! Looking forward to ‘fat quarter month’. Yet again… you entice us with gorgeous fabric.. thanks for your giveaways!

  410. Leigh says:

    I’m working on a patchwork rug, based on one of the patterns you’ve posted here on SMS!

  411. Grand dad says:

    making some big booties..foe me

  412. Mary Anne says:

    I am working on a quilt for my daughter using Amanda Jean’s aka. CrazyMomQuilts star quilt along pattern. I did one top when she did the quilt along, now I am doing another and changing the colors around a bit. Still using the same colors I used before, but doing different blocks with each color.

  413. Valerie says:

    I’m about to start in my first online quilting bee! (As soon as I receive the first month of fabric, that is.) I am very excited!

  414. beccy says:

    I’m in the middle of refashioning some old clothing, attempting to bring them up to date with the help of some lovely new fabric and buttons and my shiny new adjusto-mannequin!

  415. Jessica says:

    I’m in the process of doing a gift set for my sister (1st baby)- cute little baby booties with a cute appliqued onsie, matching mittens AND burp cloths. They are too darn cute! Have I used that word enough for ya?

  416. Jennifer says:

    I am letting that sewing mojo have its way with me! I am entered in the PR Stash contest, and I am finishing up the buttonholes on a safari-style shirtdress for DD. Next, pants and a shirt for my 3-yr-old grandson.

  417. Sarah says:

    love that Botanica fabric! In the works around here are a couple pairs of spring PJs for my boys– using David Walker’s Robots fabric and that awesome Little Jammies pattern by Favorite Things.

  418. brittany says:

    i am hoping to start tomorrow on a baby quilt that i have been putting off for way too long.

  419. Hannah says:

    I just finished making a wrist cuff out of a bit of (accidentally) felted scarf, some ribbon and some buttons in the shape of pencils and pencil sharpeners. It’s for a friend’s birthday present. What I should do next is alter some of the things that have been sitting next to the sewing machine for what seems like forever, but I expect I’ll be distracted by something shiny…

  420. I’m making my folks a quilt for their anniversary & trying to finish a jacket I’ve been working on for over five years.

  421. kris says:

    i’ve started working on my 2 year old’s (3/4t) spring/summer wardrobe! so far i’ve gotten a peasant dress mostly finished, an egyptian linen a line dress cut out, and plans for several knot dresses, some peasant shirts, shirred halter dress and tops, ruffle shorts, and embellished tanks and tees!

  422. Charlene says:

    I am working on a tablecloth inspired by one I saw on TV. It is for a round table. The tabletop is a main fabric with a piped edge and 5.5″ gathered drop of coordinating fabric. I am using Amy Butler Nigella fabric. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m about half-way there.

  423. kelly jo says:

    I’m currently working on making some sewn valentines, and finishing up my first attempt at a knit shirt (the collar is proving tougher than I thought!!)

  424. Anya T. says:

    I have several sewing projects going at once…my Dear Jane quilt, a selvage wallhanging, fabric birthday postcards for friends, a Project Linus quilt, charity pillowcases, a Pay It Forward project….other projects are waiting in the wings. Thanks for the chance to win fabric to start even more projects!

  425. Donna M. says:

    I love the new Anna Maria horner!

    I’ve got many little projects percolating –

    baby blanket for my daughter
    stringing up the stuffed birds i made using the spool pattern
    reversible headbands for my daughter who is growing out her bangs

    to name a few!

    – donna

  426. Andi says:

    I am currently working on a quilt incorporating a set of sampler blocks my grandmother made but never turned into a quilt, and have also been making a pile of felt “stuffies” for my classroom (I’m teaching my students about spending and saving and today they were able to spend classroom money to buy things in our store). There are always more projects on the go then time to make them!

  427. Kathy says:

    Great interviews this week with fabulous blog links. I am in a fabric-buying moratorium, but that doesn’t include the muslin I got for half-off today (shh, don’t tell), so I am finishing up some quilt tops and working on some embellished kitchen towels. Loving my sewing machine right now!

  428. Kelly Titmus says:

    I am finishing a ragged squares quilt and awaiting fabric to make a whirlygiggle quilt

  429. Lisa says:

    I am working on making fabric drink coasters for my husband and mother.

  430. Katie says:

    I just finished my first piece of clothing for myself! Its a wrap jacket made out of sweatshirt fleece. I’m going to be working on an apron for my cousin’s birthday and one for myself and also a doorstop from Lotta Jansdotter’s book and I need to shorten some curtains. Lots on my list. Can’t wait to get started on those aprons!

  431. Amy says:

    Working on some wallets!

  432. aimee says:

    I’m working on a skirt (made from an old pair of jeans and some baby quilts.. we have LOTS of friends who are having babies this spring/summer!!!

  433. Mollye says:

    I’m overwhelmed right now with non-sewing obigations, so to stave of frustration I’ve decided to better organize my sewing ideas and goals into a journal, and to dedicate 1 day per week for sewing (no matter what!)

  434. Amy H says:

    I’m working on a diaper bag for my sister-in-law and I’ve been teaching a couple little girls how to sew.

  435. Flibby says:

    I’m in the middle of a quilt for a dear friend of mine who is expecting. It’s going to be beautiful! I’m doing a log cabin, with a pieced backing.

  436. annie says:

    I’m working on rebinding an old quilt. It involves new fabric on the outer sashing, new binding and new quilting with crochet thread to match. You can see that quilt in my blog.
    Next is a comforter for my 8-year-old grand daughter who will get baptized in March.
    Have a nice day, and thanks for the chance for the fabric.

  437. malinda says:

    I’m in the planning stages of new pillows for my couch AND trying to figure out how to re-purpose my old futon mattress into a dog bed (most commercially available dog beds are too small for my big GSD).

    I am thoroughly in love with the Botanical patterns above.

  438. Emily says:

    I’m currently working on two quilts for my daughters using the Simplicity line by Moda. I’ve been perusing your site looking for pillow/sham ideas and can’t believe the creativity out there!

  439. Caroline says:

    I’m sewing a spring dress for my daughter…willing the warm weather to come!

  440. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for always having great stuff on your blog. Your link to the quilt binding discussion really helped me think about new ways to do the binding on the baby quilt I am working on.

  441. Trina says:

    Everything is so cute, I love those apron patterns. Speaking of, this weekend I am working on an apron, to use for work. One new craft I am going to give a whirl is felting, I will order the wool later this weekend.

  442. Andrea Methvin says:

    The Anna Maria Horner fabric is delicious! So are the apron patterns. Nothing to crazy right now-just whipping up 6 valentine drawstring bags for party favors for my daughter’s Val Party. When I’m done, I plan to sew up a new purse for myself.

  443. Liz says:

    I guess you could say I’m working on some baby boots for a few friends that have recently/are close to having new babies. Unfortunately I’ve only made it through one pair! Maybe some cute new fabric is what I need to get me going again!

  444. Sarah says:

    I’m working on four! A throw for my living room, a baby quilt, new taggie blankies, and a doll from Alicia’s book Stitched in Time. Must focus!

  445. Terri Moran says:

    Hot off my sewing machine is a fleece balaclava. It’s the funniest thing on my son. It looks like the chain mail headpiece a medieval knight would wear.

  446. Vicki says:

    I’m machine quilting my scrap quilt, and trying to decide what to do for binding it. I love how the stippling is turning out but my arms are sore already, 1/3 of the way through.

  447. Kelli C says:

    I can’t wait for fat quarter month. I’m currently working on a batik quilt for a friend and want to get it finished this weekend so I can do fun fat quarter projects in February.

  448. Elizabeth says:

    I just finished up a bath robe and my sewing machine jammed up, so once that’s fixed I’ll be finishing up two baby slings and starting on a baby quilt!

  449. alex says:

    I’m making throw pillows from my handwoven fabric. Very wabi sabi.

  450. bec says:

    i am catching up on my mending that i have ignored this past holiday season

  451. Tjlut says:

    I’m working on a quilt inspired by the one on “Oh Fransson!” – Olivia’s Hedgerow. I’m also anxiously awaiting a machine quilting class I’ve signed up for in February!

  452. edina says:

    Hey here’s something perfect for Fat Quarter Month that I recently came across…a tutorial for a bag made from a fat quarter:

  453. Beth says:

    Finishing up my daughter’s crib bedding!!

  454. Shannon says:

    I have never commented before but I figured what the heck. I have used your site for numerous tips and tutorials and have found it invaluable. It’s made me go from a novice sewer to a better novice sewer, but to the point where people actually ask me for help or to make them things. Thank you Sew Mama Sew!

  455. Rachel says:

    I’m working on a quilt for my family room and shirts for the summer!

  456. Natalie says:

    Attempting my 3rd sewing project ever…a red vinyl iPod case with compartments for headphones, USB cord, and the iPod itself. And yes, I got the tip to change the needle before I (or my project) self destruct. 🙂

  457. Sweet little back tie dress and darling pants from summer 08 Ottobre magazine just sitting on the cutting table. Hopefully will find the time over the weekend to sew her up.

  458. claudia says:

    I’m working on a year-long project! I’m challenging myself to change my wardrobe by sewing my own clothes–one new garment per week (I hope!). I’ll be posting in a new blog about this challenge and all I do and learn along the way!!!

  459. I’m working on a few tabletop ironing board covers for our Etsy shop over the weekend.

  460. Kate says:

    Working on machine quilting for the first time! Yikes! I’ll be starting this weekend.

  461. Rachel says:

    I’m about to make some keychains and some skirts out of old jeans.

  462. Sara D. says:

    Almost finished with a pair of pants for my 2-year-old daughter. Brown corduroy with yellow acorns!

  463. Erin says:

    A simple quilted playmat for the baby is in the works (among dozens of other projects). I’m also wanting to get started on some spring skirts and dresses for myself — so I’ll be all ready when spring arrives!

  464. Chandra says:

    I’m working on some apron dresses for my daughters (actually since before Christmas, but who’s counting). Hoping to finish them before they outgrow them!!

  465. Danielle says:

    I’ve been working on new bag designs with my extra scraps of fabric. I’m loving the applique options!

  466. Katie Lloyd says:

    I’m working on making AIO diapers in an effort to be more green/save some green! 🙂 …it’s still very much a work in progress!

  467. allison says:

    I’m currently making cowboy quilts for my two sons (ages 4 and 2), hurrying to get done before baby boy #3 comes in March!

  468. Patricia says:

    I’m working on pillowcases for ConKerr in addition to bibs for my granddaughter and a purse for my daughter.

  469. Anja says:

    I’m working on a kids costumes and I’m having so much fun!!!
    Great fabric.

  470. Helen says:

    I’m currently finishing off a pile of kids pants for my friend to sell at a market.

  471. Pam says:

    I just finsihed a travel bag and next week will be sewing a pastel pink, minky fabric robe for my niece. She is 2 1/2 years old. My mom has a robe out of minky and my niece calls it the “bumpy robe” . I am also making my daughter a new beach bag with a accessorized beach towel. I have a busy week coming up. 🙂 I really like both fabric choices today.

  472. Jessica says:

    I am just finishing up a new tote bag for myself. I rarely make anything for me… so this is a treat!

  473. Prudy Gravel says:

    Hi All: just completed a black and white purse w/black handle and black flower w/pearls in center. Love it!!! Also in process of completing a BIG bucket purse for spring. Enjoying your blog, keep up good work!

  474. Sunny says:

    I make each of my boys a new blanket each year for their birthday… getting started on Oliver’s 3rd Birthday blanket. 🙂 The quilt binding thread in the forum should really help me out. 🙂 Thanks

  475. Lisa Marie says:

    i’m going to start a pillow in zebra print for one of my sunday school kids. lovely fabrics!

  476. Jessica says:

    I’m working on Heather Bailey’s Happy Stacker. It’s such a fun project.

  477. Liliana says:

    This weekend I’ll be working on a cowl made out of several different fabrics.

  478. Megan says:

    I’m working on some roman shades with the pretty pears green fabric I saw on here! I’m excited to see them in my kitchen.

  479. Gen says:

    Im working on a lining for a handknit bag.

  480. nicole says:

    I am getting my design started for an small irish quilt for my best friend.

  481. Catherine Bell says:

    Lately I’ve been sewing lots of baby shower gifts for friends – swaddling blankets and so forth. But, as I’m expecting my first in May, I’m also looking to find some great little boy patterns. I need ot check out the forum!

  482. i’m working on a requested robe and matching boxers for a 13 year old birthday boy!

  483. Natalie says:

    Working on a few baby quilts for friends. I hope to get them done by the end of February.

  484. Amy says:

    Working on a quilt, from Anna Maria’s book Sew it Seams. I love Good Folks…my favorite collection ever!

  485. KARI says:

    I’m *trying* to match and complete a backing to my quilt top without buying new fabric. I just might give up and use white on white which would look great if I weren’t so paranoid about how dirty it will get. I love making quilt tops, but hate the sandwiching. =)

  486. Judy D. says:

    i’m working on a baby quilt for a friend’s first baby.

  487. Caitlyn says:

    I’m working on a simple modern baby quilt from OhFransson’s Pattern.

    I’m also in the middle of reupholstering chairs in AMH’s Drawing Room. I’m excited about Good Folks for throw pillows!

  488. Vicki-Lou says:

    What projects am I *not* working on? Besides the cleaning and organizing, I have 3 quilts started, with stashes building on about 3+ more, 2 crochet afghans in the works, hair scrunchies, and various other projects I’d like to start soon, like a purse and wallet. On top of that, my hubby wants be to get a full-time job 😛

  489. Ang says:

    I am (still!) working on a quilt using AB’s Daisy Chain line… soon I will be working on my 3.5yr old daughter’s spring wardrobe! Those Botanica prints are gorgeous.

  490. Amy says:

    I’m about to start work on my first real quilt. I’m using scraps and fabric I already have to see what I can really accomplish with my lack of a sewing space and a 3 year old home all day (one on the way too). Wish me luck!

  491. Mary says:

    I’m working on a blanket for my littlest guy. I started it a while ago but it’s stalled because I need to get a walking foot.

  492. monica says:

    aprons!? did someons say apron, everyone who sees ones that i have mad wants me to make them one! i need more fabric. i have come to the right place it seems.

  493. Amy says:

    right now I have been mostly knitting…easy to do with a new baby and all, but I do have curtains I have desperately trying to finish for my daughters bedroom, and not to mention the bedding I started last year and had to stop working on due to intense morning sickness.

  494. i am working on a reversible apron for ME! i started it a looonnnggg time ago but it was forgotten as i worked on projects for others. but i stumbled across it a couple days ago and decided that it needed to be completed and proudly worn!

  495. Andrea S. says:

    I will be working on two hooded towels for my darling daughters for Valentines Day! I love the Botanica Fabrics!!

  496. Erin says:

    I’m working on a doll quilt for my little girl – a small nine patch. It’s been a long time since I made a nine patch quilt – tedious!

  497. Kati says:

    Working on a baby gift for a friend. Going to sew a baby wipes case and probably embroider and sew a hooded baby towel…Yay!

  498. Keli says:

    Homestly, I am trying to get some motivation going to clean up and reorganize my sewing corner in my bedroom. I never fully did after the Christmas insanity. Also I am in the middle of doing a group project with some friends. We are making these adorable little houses for our girls for Valentine’s day.

  499. juliecache says:

    I am crazy quilting right now and am considering an easy project like cloth napkins for my next project.

  500. arah says:

    I just finished a lap quilt for my mom and now wanting to start a quilt for our bed. I am still trying to decide on the colors though.

  501. trashalou says:

    i am quite excited as I am working on my first quilt in 20 years. In fact I have two on the go at once!

  502. barbara says:

    My daughter is having a baby and i am in the process of sewing 50 little lavender sachets for favors.

  503. Bridget says:

    Now that I finally can set up the sewing machine I got for my birthday (last March!), I’m going to make some animal pillows (cats and elephants) from an old Simplicity pattern I have, for my great nephews and nieces for Christmas 2009. Their parents received pillows from the pattern when they were little, so I’m hoping when they see them, they will remember theirs! (I’m pretty sure none of them still have their pillows. They are a pretty irresponsible group …)

  504. Mary Ann M says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, –I’m in the midst of making sundresses for my wee granddaughters! Summer can’t some soon enough here in Ontario, Canada.

  505. Holly says:

    i am working on a smocked dress for my new niece. Okay, she is a grand niece, but I am only 40 so don’t get any ideas about an old woman sewing. It is for Easter and is a bishop dress with a smocked bonnet.

  506. aSprinkling says:

    My current project (which is actually sorta on hold) is a large twin size quilt for my little girl’s new Big Girl Bed!

  507. Caroline says:

    I discovered this site during Homemade for the Holidays. I’m currently making window valence’s for my son’s kindergarten teacher/classroom, a ballet bag for my daughter, and Oliver + S’s Lazy Days skirts.

  508. Wendy says:

    I am going to start my first quilt this month. I am so excited for the fat quarters though and can’t wait to see what project I can do!

  509. Marielle says:

    a small project that will never tell how much work went into it – those infamous quilted coasters from martha stewart done in american primer fabric housed in a hand crocheted box for which I now have to sew a lining.

  510. Yetta says:

    I am trying to finished an embroidered computer case for my sister. I found some really cool microfiber and I’ve never sewn or embroidered on it. I hope it turns out.

  511. shelley says:

    These fabrics are beautiful. Currently, I’m working on making a supply of baby blocks and changing pads (for readily available baby gifts). Next up is an apron and pillows for my sons room.

  512. Karissa says:

    I’m working on a blooming nine-patch made completely out of Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party. So pretty!

  513. Heather says:

    I am currently wrapping up a mini-quilt in a bag swap and getting ready to start my first weekender bag by Amy Butler (also for a swap).

  514. Kara says:

    Beautiful fabric! I’m currently working on a kid’s apron for the Homemade Toys Swap, and a Burda blazer.

  515. Jodie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new fabric. Right up my alley.

    I’m currently working on a new quilt for my daugther’s upcoming 3rd birthday. It’s magenta and bright green fabrics and I love how it’s coming together.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  516. This weekend I’m finishing up some baby onesies for a good friend due in April. I printed out photos of her two dogs, cut them out, and then traced their shapes on fabric. Some double-sided fusible interfacing & zig-zag stitching later I have adorable, completely unique gifts!

  517. Stephanie says:

    Beverage Coasters for the super bowl! They are double sided with the different teams so everybody wins!

  518. Jill J. says:

    I’m plugging away at my cathedral window quilt. All of the new, pretty fabrics are tempting me to start something new!

  519. Courtney says:

    I’m working on a Pink Fig Girly Skirt for my 7 month old.

  520. Kama says:

    I am *still* working on my first quilt…for my 4 month old son. I also have the fabric for my second one, but I haven’t started it yet!

  521. jessica m says:

    I’m so in love with the Good Folks line of fabric, it’s filled me with ideas for either small wall quilt or a quilt for my daughter. Right now I’m using the easy children’s Kimono pattern that was posted in here a while back to try my hand at clothing. I took a costuming class in college and built a dress, but that was 14 years ago (eek). I haven’t made a garment since. Luckily, this has no snaps, buttons or zips!

  522. Carla says:

    Love that Botanica fabric. I’m working on tote bags, clutches and a baby quilt and diaper bag. Plus I have a Valentine wall hanging almost done. Not enough hours in the day.

  523. Rhiannon says:

    Tonight I’m finishing up a BSJ and then I’m going to start knitting blocks for charity afghans.

  524. kangaroo says:

    right now i’m working on bunk bed quilts and finishing up a community quilt for a dear friend. thank you for yet another fabulous giveaway!

  525. min says:

    I just used your site to find a simple apron tutorial to use for our swim team’s concession this weekend. I managed to find coordinating Hawaiian prints for the pockets, which match our team shirts, and I sewed up 4 with my mom. So exciting to have such a great resource at the click of my mouse. 🙂

  526. I’m binding 6 table runners for my sister…she doesn’t do bindings…lol. Also must make a quickie quilt for my cousins wife…she has Altzheimers.


  527. Erin says:

    I’m about to get the fabric cut out for a little hippie sling purse for my little boy’s friend for her birthday party tomorrow. The fabric is brown with pink butterflies. And I’m going to make an adult size that will be a soft brown velvet like fabric lined with brown butterflies on white fabric. It’s for my friend’s late birthday present. Hopefully I can get them both made pretty quick!

    Love the fabric you’re giving away and super cute apron patterns!

  528. Liv says:

    Working on the endlessly eye crossing task of tracing patterns for my daughters’ spring and summer clothes.

  529. sarahkeith says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to make basket liners for some cute little wooden berry baskets I found in a trash pile the other day…I’m thinking linen with some sweet embroidery or patchwork. I’m hoping for some time at the sewing table this week!

  530. Karen says:

    I am working on my first dress for my daughter who is 2 1/2…the pattern is freaking me out!

  531. Rachael says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt right now, and about to start on a corduroy skirt for myself.

  532. Sommer says:

    I am going to be working on several day gowns for my baby. I’ve never made anything so small or of any heirloom quality but sure hope to do a bang up job!

    Sommer…great site by the way, I’ve gotten so many great tips and ideas:-)

  533. Swati says:

    I’m going to make myself a clutch this weekend!

  534. Katherine says:

    I am working on Finishing up some orders which included a bag, wallets, business, card holders, tissue cozy’s, and crayon rolls(while I can make them w/out getting into trouble) :^(

  535. Melissa says:

    I just started my first quilt yesterday! So exciting! I’m making it brown, cream, and light, icy aqua for my bedroom.

  536. Nancy says:

    I’m working on a gift for my grandson, a diaper bag for his mom, and some window treatments for a friend. I would love to win your fabrices. They’re fab…ulous.

  537. Casey says:

    I’m finishing up cutting fabric for little doll quilts for my girls

  538. Cathy says:

    I’ve just started the Desk Deli Lunch Tote.

  539. Virginia Hendricks says:

    I’m going to retreat next week and will be creating a few fabulous quilts, I hope. So I’ve been cutting fabric, trying to get ready for it.

  540. Jodie says:

    I’m working on some bags, some tag blankets, and re-covering an ottoman. *sigh* there’s always something. 🙂 I hope I win!

  541. Lisa says:

    I’m working on some simple bags for my mom to take to the grocery store. She has a few but I wanna give her some pretty ones.

  542. Mary Ann M says:

    The fabrics are lovely and I just love the apron patterns.

  543. Robyn says:

    I’m working on a quilt for the Lazy Gal house home and pantry quilt together!! But I may have to make an apron next!! I love that Maralyn one!!! So cute!!

  544. Somer says:

    I almost never sew for myself, but I have been in a skirt making frenzy. So far I have made myself three new skirts. I also am making four Olive dolls from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern.

  545. molly says:

    Making a baby quilt for a pregnant friend.

  546. janet says:

    I am working on a brick path quilt with Ohio Sky Midwest Modern fabrics. You can read about it in my blog.

  547. Katie says:

    A friend of mine just discovered her passion in life: baking! So I will make her an apron to celebrate and support her decision. I’m not yet sure which pattern to use…

  548. Annmarie says:

    i am in between projects, so i am finishing up some ufos. i have a skirt i need to finish and cut the binding for my son’s quilt.

  549. Vicky says:

    Working on a bag for a friend who’s going through a rough time.

  550. ikkinlala says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt (not for a specific baby, but so that I have one ready to go just in case).

  551. Autumnesf says:

    Working on another monk bag for my books!

  552. Jennifer says:

    i’m working on a baby quilt for my newest neice/nephew to be, a cat-in-the-hat quilt for my son (especially since i’ve had the fabric in my stash since 2003!) and a late winter skirt in brown with lime green polka dot corduroy.

    after seeing the new fabric in the “good folks” collection, you can be sure i’ll have a dress or two made from that for this spring!

  553. Becky T says:

    I’m working on an apron and chef’s hat for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I’ll print the apron fabric with a “meat” theme suitable for a barbeque.

  554. Betsy says:

    I’m finishing off my second ever patchwork quilt–this one is a modified stacked coin design.

  555. BethieB says:

    I’m making shopping bags to take to the store with me so I can leave the crummy plastic ones behind. I’m also trying to finish up all my winter projects before spring gets here, but so far I’m a half season behind, lol.

  556. Melissa says:

    I am working on a lovey quilt for my son in a fish theme, he has carried his original lovey all over and still tries to sleep underneath it at night, never mind the fact that any way he arranges it either his legs are uncovered or his hands or his body. If I had known when I made it that he would be so connected to it I would have at least made it a twin size instead of a crib quilt. So, note to all quilting moms, make all of them a twin size from the very beginning and it will save you in the end.

  557. Shawna says:

    Starting to quilt, my first ever, using up scraps that I have ALL OVER the place.

  558. Melissa says:

    Love the Good Folks colors! I’m playing with improv quilt blocks in greens and oranges for my little boy’s Big Boy Bed Quilt.

  559. Rose says:

    I am working on another lambkin… they never turn out for me as I have only been sewing for a few weeks. This is the third one I’ve tried, but you know what they say, ‘If at first you don’t succeed….’

  560. Beth says:

    I have multiple half-made quilts laying about, but I am making a protective case for my new laptop!

  561. Whistlepea says:

    I just finished (like seconds ago) an embroidered binder cover for my knitting patterns using the instructions from Stitched in Time.

  562. Amy S says:

    I am going to make the Bohemian Skirt from Favorite Things! I cant wait to start, lots of cute colors for the spring!

  563. Kay says:

    I am currently working on a messenger bag for my brother’s grilfriend. Hope she’s going to like it =)

  564. Kim says:

    Currently I’m working on a quilt for my son, bags to store some of his toys, some stationary with fabric accents, table decorations for my MOPS group…there’s probably something else but that’s all that’s coming to mind. The fabric would be great for the bags I’m making!

  565. Ms. Fine says:

    I am working on the 4 year (and counting quilt). My first year in law school, over CHristmas break, I cut all of the pieces for a twin sized quilt for my 2 year old who had just gotten a big girl bed. The summer of my second year of law school, I sewed all of the blocks together. The Christmas of my third year, I decided that I hated the orignal pattern and modified the blocks and sewed them all together. My time off after taking the bar, I took my daughte rto help me choose border fabric and backing and then sewed the borders on. Today, I ordered the thread that I want to use when I quilt it. That, is what I’m working on, and bells will ring. Cheers will erupt. And I will sleep peacefully when one day (hopefully soon) it is done!

  566. Bean Paulson says:

    Ooh, I love the new Anna Marie line!! Right now I’m working on different ways to re-use/upcycle old linen calendar towels into even more usefulness 🙂

  567. Tabitha says:

    I’m working on some cushion covers for my dining room table. Pretty boring project, but necessary–the wood is just too hard!

  568. danna osen says:

    Finishing up some quilts, only two more to cut and sewing bindings on…yeah

  569. Chassie says:

    I’m working on mary-jane type slippers to wear around the house and keep my toes warm.

  570. Samantha says:

    I’m finishing up the binding on some quilts and hopefully quilting another.

  571. Robyn says:

    I’m working on an art quilt inspired by a Georgia O’Keefe painting!

  572. Shawna says:

    I am currently working on curtains for my girls’ room and they are driving me crazy! I am using binding for the first time ever, and the project is scalloped. We (my mom and I) finally decided to come up with a new scallop so that the binding will go on easier.

  573. Emily says:

    I need to get started on a Valentines day outfit for my daughter. I just need to clear off the dining table and ban meals for a day or so!

  574. Susanna says:

    I’m working on lavender valentine sachets for my mom and sisters, and a cute pink baby quilt from the pinks in my stash. It was going to be “just ‘cuz” but then I met a friend’s little baby, who is ALWAYS in pink and I think needs a little handmade love.

  575. Christina W says:

    i am currently working on a quilt for my father. my father’s favorite saying whenever we headed off on a roadtrip as kids was “and they’re off! like a herd of turtles in a mudstorm”. so i have designed a quilt covered in turtles made from “drunkard’s path” blocks. i have only made a few sample blocks so far, but i have a block of time coming up with this project penciled in.

  576. Audrey says:

    I am currently working on an hourglass quilt. I am almost done with the top! I am also trying to finish up all of my wip/ufos. I really want to be able to join in on fat quarter month with a clear craft table!

  577. sarah f says:

    Working on peasant top, a hat, and three sundresses for a friends daughter (from M5613 in case you were wondering!). I have a ruffled skirt in the works and kimono PJs from Amy Butler’s book. I have a neverending list, but those are on the top. I’m excited for FQ month. Can’t wait to see what i can do with those handy little cuts!

  578. Nichole says:

    i am working on a couple quilts. the one i am most excited about is one using the flights of fancy line. i can’t wait to finish it!

  579. Carrie says:

    I’m working on a scrap Spiderweb quilt and looking forward to you Fat Quarter Month.

  580. Karen says:

    Just finished an in town bag, and planning on making another tote for my Mom, for her birthday, but I need some new fabric to do it with! 🙂

  581. LOVE these fabrics! Currently finishing up my first dollie for my baby niece. I’ve got plans brewing for another quilt, perhaps “oh fransson’s” mixtape quilting pattern…

  582. Tracey says:

    I am working with beading materials, curtains and baby gifts!

  583. ellen says:

    My son’s girlfriend is turning 21 in March and I am working on a quilt for her.

  584. Christy says:

    I’m making curtains for my new home. But it’s definitely time to use the Amy Butler purse pattern I bought a year ago!

  585. Christine says:

    I’m working on 2 baby quilts. They will be so cute if I ever finish them!

  586. Gabrien Chaney says:

    working on flannel and waffle knit pajamas. I’m learning how to put on ribbed cuffs.

  587. Sarah S says:

    I’m working on the Emmeline apron right now. Love the new fabric.

  588. Sara Hemmeke says:

    What cute prints! They give me many ideas. Currently I’m working on a girl’s jumper and an antique dresden plate quilt top rescue.

  589. sonya says:

    currently making pillows for the women of the family, from my grandmother’s hand embroidered tea towels!

  590. Monica says:

    I am working on booties for my friend’s twin boys!

  591. Heather says:

    I’m working on my first solo sewing project, a denim and cotton calico rag quilt.

  592. Gert says:

    I just started my very first babyquilt for my new (to be born) nephew. I hope he and his parents will love it as much as I love making it ^_^

  593. Right now i am sewing a dressy top for myself. It is the first one i have made from a new fabric… I love it so far!

  594. Ashley says:

    Lovely new fabrics… how fun! I’m working on a few projects – getting ready to quilt a queen sized quilt, I’m in the process of starting a new quilt using all my favorite fabrics, and I’m supposed to be hemming napkins for my wedding in March.

  595. Vanessa says:

    I am working on quilting a monochomatic wall quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. So far I am ahead of schedule – hurray!

  596. Sarah R. says:

    I am looking forward to “fat-quarter month”! I love making little projects that fat quarters are just perfect for.

  597. Kara says:

    I just finished up the Birdie Sling and some gumdrop pillows (SO FUN!) I’m moving soon, so my project is CLEAN – UP!

  598. Leslie says:

    I am about to start making a handbag – first attempt but can’t wait!

  599. Marlana says:

    I love the apron patterns! How adorable 😉

  600. Solveig says:

    I’m finishing a doll quilt a started on in June…

  601. Renee says:

    I am working on a baby quilt for my friends premie little baby boy.

  602. Michelle says:

    I have a mile-long project list @ the moment…I have pieces cut for 4 quilts, am almost done with another quilt, have plans for a couple more, and am wanting to make stuffed catapillars for birthday gifts for toddlers. But I’m definitely looking forward to FQ month, I have a bunch that I just need to get rid of.

  603. Rebecca says:

    Botanica is gorgeous!

    I am working on a top for myself (which is rare), a peasant style blouse in a brown and teal paisley print. I have just finished cutting out the pieces 🙂

  604. Lydia says:

    I just started sewing in the last few months so I don’t have many big projects completed. I did just finish a pincushion as well as a cute two-fabric draw string jewelry bag this week. I will probably make another one of the jewelry bags or start on the Purl Frog ( tutorial next. Thanks for the chance!

  605. Betsy M says:

    I hope to get some Baby booties finished this weekend. My little girl has gone through a growth spurt and we need shoes for on Sunday!

  606. Mary Anna says:

    I am working on a mother-daughter hostess apron set to donate to my son’s preschool for their silent auction. And, I see that my cat is now napping on the first burp cloth I made last night using a new pattern. I love how it turned out so I’ll be doing more of those – lots of friends just had or are going to have babies. Finally, I’m starting the pin cushion caddy from Anna Marie Horner’s “Seams to Me.” I picked up some great brown, blue and pink fabrics and can’t wait to get started. Happy sewing!

  607. Bridget says:

    I’m working on some donation quilts for the neo-natal unit at the hospital

  608. Lorene says:

    I’m working on a couple of backpacks for a friend’s children, based on some that Pottery Barn Kids had for sale last year.

  609. Grace says:

    A friend brought back 2 coordinating Liberty prints from a trip to London last year. They will soon be cut (ack! hard to do!) into pieces to make summer dresses for my soon-to-be 3-year old twins. I am using vintage patterns and should have a couple of cute dresses before the snow melts, I hope.

  610. Triana says:

    I’ve been dying to make the “valentine” pouch by pottery barn for my little boy, and I finally found a pattern that I can copy to make it! I’ll be working on that and bibs for my friend’s new baby!

  611. Darci says:

    I am working on a quilt for my mom. I am using the fabric line Recess by Sandy Klopp and it is turning out great, it has a HUGE border around it.

  612. I’m working on Drawstring Backpacks for the Youth Girl’s Camp at my church this summer. It’s been fun to take a pattern and make it my own!

  613. Marilyn says:

    I am working on a baby quilt. Love these spring colors!

  614. Jenni says:

    sewing a fabric barn for my girls birthday!

  615. Joanna says:

    I’m working on a knit top based on a cute sweater I saw in Anthropologie!

  616. Always working on camera strap slip covers! 🙂

  617. Liz says:

    I am currently working on a radiant star quilt.

  618. Chris says:

    I’m working on an adorable summer dress for my niece (and at the rate I’m going, it’s a good thing I started early!)

  619. erin says:

    I just finished turning an old Skinny Puppy shirt into a skirt and am going to continue on making old stuff into new.

  620. Jennifer says:

    I’m working on a seemingly never-ending pile of baby quilts!

  621. Mommyishome says:

    I am making a rocket stuffie for my son today, and I found a cute tutorial for a stuffed mouse that I promised I would make for both my son and daughter after that is done. I also have a quilt I need to start on, and I will be making a stuffed bird mobile to hang over the changing table for my baby due in May.

  622. Jennifer says:

    I’m working on my first quilt!

  623. Katherine says:

    I am working on an amigurumi owl family for my kids!

  624. Rebecca says:

    I’m trying to find the time finish up my daughter’s bed quilt and a wallhanging for myself. But now I want to start a new project with that Botanica fabric – I just love it!

  625. Debbie says:

    I am working on a Birdie Sling bag right now. I plan on making a skirt for myself and my granddaughter.

  626. Joy S says:

    I’m just starting a 6-gore skirt for my 12 year old daughter to wear to a Nancy Drew themed tea.
    I found a simply patterned fabric which reminds me of 1930’s/40’s. I can’t wait to see how it will
    turn out!

  627. Emiko says:

    I’m still working on a pair of pj bottoms for my boyfriend (super late Xmas present, haha) and I might be sewing something for a swap I recently joined – have to browse through some patterns to see what catches my eye.

    I just received my first order from the shop here and am so excited to start something with the new fabric I bought!

  628. Ellen Lamb says:

    My sister-in-law and i are both working on a 1930’s replica sampler quilt. We are doing 1 block a week, and we are on block #3. Mine is a scrap quilt and is being done all by hand (my first hand quilt). A little lop-sided, but A LOT OF FUN 🙂

  629. janice says:

    i’m working on a cute birthday shirt for my son’s party!

  630. I’m currently working on the Farbenmix Taja pattern.

  631. Jean says:

    I’m working on pillows for my kids’ rooms

  632. Laura says:

    I working on an Amy Butler Weekended bag using Amy Butler Fresh Start Tangerine for the exterior and a dark grey pinstripe suiting for piping, handles and interior.

  633. Amy says:

    I’m working on a Valentine’s Day runner.

  634. jenny says:

    I’m repairing a friend’s childhood blanket. It’s one of those tri-weave blankets, so lots of thread color changes on the machine and weaving threads by hand.

  635. Megan says:

    I love Good Folks! Sooo pretty.

    I need to get started on a skirt for my daughter. She loves pretty dresses right now. :0)

  636. Jennifer says:

    I have been working on new rse patterens and sewing up aprons.
    I love those apron patterens BTW sew cute might have to get me one.

  637. Michele says:

    I’m working on no less than 5 quilts at the moment. Wish I could focus and just finish one! So many beautiful new quilt ideas………

  638. karen says:

    I am working on finishing up a quilt for my sweet neighbour, it’s her birthday in two weeks….better finish it up shortly! Thanks for the chance to win!

  639. monica says:

    i am working on some embriodery

  640. mara says:

    honestly, sew mama sew is like fabric porn for me. (is that inappropriate? i apologize.) love these new prints!

    i’m working on a top secret project and a set of commissioned bags. hoping for a productive weekend.

  641. emily says:

    I am working on the amy butler bed bugs for my 1 year old – Henry! 🙂

  642. Devon says:

    I am working on a baby quilt for my friends little girl, and a skirt for my daughter. Can’t wait to hit the machine this weekend to make progress!

  643. Sarah S says:

    I’m working on baby booties and a secret project for my sister! I need more time in my life though!

  644. Debra says:

    I am working on a 3rd crazy quilt block of our garden for my children.

  645. I am sorting, organizing, purging and cutting fabric and scraps into strips. It has turned into a marathon!

  646. rebecca says:

    i am finishing a valentine outfit for my preschooler and i am loving the out come!!!

  647. heleen says:

    these last days I have been working on our school project about Vincent van Gogh. I hope tomorrow will make time for my new quilt!

  648. Deana says:

    Working on baby quilts for myself and a good friend of mine that is due the week later! Both boys and matching patterns – having a good time doing it! but only 7 weeks until D-Day – yikes!

  649. Ellen B says:

    I am working on a patchwork scarf and a music-themed quilt. I’m working on lots more in my head that I can’t wait to start! Really looking forward to Fat Quarter Month…

  650. Erynn says:

    I love that Botanica. I’ll find soon what my baby #5 is and if it’s a girl, I’m going to use that collection for projects for her.

  651. karissa says:

    I am going to get started on some pants for my son, I have some great fabric to use!

  652. Cyndi says:

    We all need aprons for winter baking!

  653. Nicole says:

    I’m working on a special mobile for above my son’s bed. We are transitioning him into his own bed now (we currently co-sleep) and I want to make something special for him. He loves birds, so I’m making him a mobile that I saw on the Spool Sewing website 🙂

  654. katey says:

    I m working on dollhouse for my niece and blazer jacket for my son.

  655. Sherri says:

    I’m working on organizing my scraps…and then I have 3 quilts to cut out!

  656. Cami Paul says:

    I’m working on a quilt for my son. He loves orange and wildlife, so I’m making blocks with orange centers and wildlife around them. I think I’ll call it make it pop because that’s what he said when he picked the fabrics…he wants the orange to pop!

  657. Daisy Lee says:

    I’m making outfits for my sockmonkey and myself, I’m also going to make an apron and some pillows to mach a quilt I’m making, and I’m going to start making toys for children in the hospital if the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act doesn’t pass. I can’t wait for FQ month to start!

  658. Jordan says:

    I’m inspired by my sister’s birthday and her love of cooking. I just finished a Daily Spice halter apron (pattern by Heather Bailey), and now I’m working on a Kidlet ( where she can store her reusable shopping bags and shopping list. With her birthday still over a week away, I think I’ll actually fulfil my new year’s resolution to finish projects before the very last minute. Yay!

  659. Kim says:

    I have four friends who are having babies this month, so I’m working on some simple bib/burp cloth sets. Found the tutorials here:

  660. Jessica says:

    I am starting to tackle my first quilting project! I am so excited 🙂 I’m making pillows for my couch, and then I am hoping to make a matching throw.

  661. Jeannine says:

    I am definitely in quilt mode. I have a quilted table runner for my mother in law ready to be quilted, a lap quilt ready to be quilted and a wallhanging for my mom in the very beginning stages.

  662. Anne says:

    I’m searching for the perfect fabric to make the crib set and change table from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book!

  663. Karie says:

    I just wanted to say how much I love this blog, you guys always have the coolest ideas! The project I am working on is a quick quilt, I guess it is suppose to take 6 hours or something like that I have been working on it since I got it for Christmas, so a little over a month… but it has been really fun to work on.

  664. jenny says:

    Today, I finished my second skirt ever plus a matching bag for my little girl. The skirt is a Little Hip Skirt from Favorite Things and the bag is from the blog lifewithnaturegirl. I’m so thrilled – yeah!!!

  665. denitza says:

    I’m working on a blue, red and beige quilt-the quilting part takes oh, so long! Can’t wait for next month!

  666. Kate says:

    I am currently working on yet another baby quilt for my very fertile group of friends!

  667. Shannon says:

    I am cutting fabric to make an apron for me!! I made some for everyone for Christmas except me, now it is my turn 🙂

  668. sandyandcosmo says:

    I’m finishing up a Christmas quilted wallhanging (there’s always next year!)

  669. Kate M. says:

    I just got my sewing machine, so I’m sewing a cozy to keep the dust off of her. I’m using fabric from Robert Kaufman’s You’ve Got the Notions collection (the brown safety pins and the teal straight pins). I’m surprised by how good it looks so far! Maybe even good enough to justify joining the forums to share it in a what I made post.

  670. Julia in MI says:

    I am making my kids some new pajamas. I hope to finish them this next week. Love the new fabric featured today.

  671. Christina says:

    I am working on some kids’ backpacks to sell at my son’s preschool!

  672. Beatrix says:

    I love fabric giveaways. Right now I am working on two fully lined spring jackets for my daughters. I am using really bright and colorful flowery fabrics and a bright orange flannel lining. They will look so cute.

  673. KT says:

    Just finished an apron that is tea length to protect my dresses when I cook. Going to put a small project together this weekend using scraps from decorating my living room. Next is a light jacket for spring and fall!!!!

  674. Jackie says:

    I’ve been making Lazy Days skirts from the free pattern from the Oliver and S blog for my daughter, secretly getting ready for spring!

  675. Jodieth says:

    I am working on finishing up a baby sling that I am making for my stepdaughters new baby.
    Then I will be working on a bath wrap for a friends niece.

  676. mary grace says:

    i’m working on some floor pillows… we’re having a big group of people over to our (very) small apartment for a super bowl party… and a lack of chairs means a lot of floor pillows 🙂 would love the extra fabric to replenish my stash after this weekend!

  677. Rita says:

    I’m hoping to finish a bag for ME this weekend, yeah!

  678. Laura says:

    I am currently working on some spring outfits for my daughter. I love the new Botanica fabrics!!

  679. Joyce says:

    Working on homemade burp cloths for my baby due February 22.

  680. Denise says:

    I am working on a quilt for my son’s kindergarten teacher. It will be an end of year, ‘THANK YOU for believing in my son’s abilities and not writing him off as others wanted to. WE CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH’, gift.

  681. Kelli says:

    Will be starting my next sewing project this weekend – my handmade valentines’ gift for my hubby. If it turns out the way I plan, it will not only be useful, but hilarious at the same time! (Sorry cannot share what it actually is, I don’t want to ruin the surprise!)

  682. Katie says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt for my cousin-in-law’s baby on the way.

  683. Aimee says:

    Working on some car organizers – cd holder, trash sack, etc – my car’s a mess!

  684. Jen V says:

    Right now I’m working on some handwarmers that I’m making from recycled sweater sleeves and left over fleece. They are lined with fleece, have a thumb openings and are open at the end for the rest of the fingers. I love re-using when possible!

  685. Annika says:

    I just finished up a round of sewing projects – a kitchen playmat for my son (looks like a stovetop), a headband for a tween friend, and a few beanbag frogs – and am planning some Valentines. I’m thinking of making little heart-shaped pockets (seen on the Crafty Crow) and a little something to go in them.

  686. Tammy :) says:

    I’m in process of starting my first full-sized quilt! I’m still in the planning phase, so some new fabric would be awesome! 🙂

  687. I am muddling through the booties from Amy Butler’s book for children’s items. It’s definitely a stretch for me, but it will happen!

  688. I’m working on my next Personalized Sweet Dreams Castle like this one in my shop at

  689. christine says:

    I can’t wait for all the fat quarter content. Right now, I am working on another yellow brick road pattern…using, you quessed it, fat quarters. I just love using them.

  690. Katie says:

    Well I just finished my quilt that I’ve been hand quilting since June. Now it’s bound and washed and beautiful. My next project is clothing! I have a shirt cut out that needs to get finished and some maternity tops and dresses to make. I’ll be busy and sure would like some free fabric!! 😉

  691. Liberty says:

    i’ve got 10 toddler sunsuits in the works I’m finishing up, wool and paper haiku valentine bookmarks to mail to my mom, sister, and girlfriends far away, an outfit for my 8 yo’s american girl doll, and 4 vintage and new fabric pillowcases on the cutting table. Sewmamsew inspires me every time I stop by!

  692. Shanna says:

    I’m working on a wrap shirt that’s a pattern from the 70’s. It’s really weird and I’m interested in seeing how it turns out.

  693. Alison N says:

    I’ll be making bibs from Bend The Rules Sewing. Two of my friends have baby boys and I need a project. I’m a new sewer still, so I get very excited about simple projects!!

  694. Lesley Stenning says:

    i’m working on a bunch of projects right now trying to get a small business up and running…but my first and foremost is a bag of my own design for my friend’s birthday next month. Oh, and the quilt for my son that’s been needing to be quilted for, oh, about 7 months 🙂

  695. Margie says:

    Oh that fabric is gorgeous!! I have to make Caitlin a few long sleeved peasant style tops this weekend. She’s a big Hannah Montana fan so the first one is out of that! I really want to make a purse for valentines day but I can’t decide on the style that I want but I better hurry or it will be over!!

  696. Mary says:

    I’m working on finishing up a doll quilt for my daughter – only the binding is left. I can’t wait for the fat quarter month to start!!

  697. Elise O says:

    I am wanting to make Amy Butler’s Weekender bag out of the Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner. I thought it was a great way to combine my two favorite textile desingers.

  698. Joy says:

    Almost finished a jacket/blazer! Would like to start on curtains for the basement.

  699. amanda says:

    Right now I’m working on making napkins for my up-coming wedding. It’s not the most thrilling project sewing wise, but it’s keeping me on my toes for the big event in June!

  700. Heather Fleming says:

    I’m wishing for spring and starting on some springy skirts for myself and daughter. Love these fabrics!

  701. water works says:

    I am presently working on small drawstring bags to hold Rosaries and prayer cards for several of our friends celebrating First Eucharist this spring. They love the personalized bags to hold their newly received treasures.

  702. Carol says:

    My next project is trying to make a knot dress for my daughter. I already bought some beautiful valentine’s fabric, lots of red hearts, and I will try to make a little embroidery apron to go with the dress (I hope I can buy an embroidery machine before finishing this project, I do not like to embroidery by hand).

  703. Lindsay says:

    Currently I am working on making patchwork pillows for my family, from my deceased mother’s clothes. I also have plans to make some lined curtains and a bedspread…eventually.

  704. Leah says:

    I’m am working on hand quilting a queen size quilt for my parents that I’ve had going for about a year and a half, AND I really want to finish cleaning out and cleaning up my sewing room this weekend. I’m excited about FQ month – I buy them cause they are pretty and then never do anything with them.

  705. Kristi S says:

    I really love this blog, so many great ideas. I have so many projects going on, but just finished some valentine hearts for my boys, working on some fruit patterns, started a skirt but the material is so difficult may have to rework in a different fabric and lastly need to finish the quilt I started for my goddaughters graduation last year.

  706. jodie says:

    I’m working on a doll quilt in VERY bright colors. I’m trying to combat the winter gray that continues to cover my world!

  707. Heather B says:

    I need to finish curtains for my son’s room this weekend! Then, I need to finish a pair of pants for my daughter – after that some home projects that keep getting pushed back!

  708. Stephanie says:

    I’m super-excited about a project I’m starting – I’m making headbands. It started by me wanting to use some leftover scraps instead of throwing them away (which makes an added bonus of having a headband that matches shirts I’m working on). Headbands look so simple, but it’s a little tricky getting them to work just right.

  709. Alice S says:

    I’m looking forward to Fat Quarter Month. I’m working on the Amy Butler High Street Messanger bag for my laptop I got at Christmas. Hopefully I can finish it soon to be able to make the cool things I’m sure you’ll have for us next month.

  710. Joanna says:

    I’m working on my valentines. Some for friends, some for my son’s class.

  711. Cindy Rutledge says:

    I am currently finishing up a valance, apron and two potholders for a friend. I also have a couple of quilts in progress and am looking forward to Fat Quarter Month!

  712. Anna Luna says:

    I am working on a baby blanket for my friend’s grandaughter. I’ve appliqued her name to the center and added some cute butterflies. Now I just need to get the courage to quilt the thing and it will be ready to go! And oh, I have so many other projects in the works right now. I need more fabric! Haha.


  713. Michelle Jadaa says:

    Well i have a knit dress sitting on my cutting table right now.I must say i’m seeing a lot of aprons both patterns and ready made and i’m liking it.To take pride at being in the kitchen and making it creative………mmmmi know what i’m making next:)

  714. Barb says:

    Yay! So excited for Fat Quarter Month – I have tons of FQ that need projects! Right now I’m working on an ipod pouch, 2 baby quilts, and I’m trying to get up enough energy to finish a queen size quilt for my sister’s wedding. I’m so much better at starting projects than finishing them…

  715. marie beck says:

    I’m currently working on ren festival costumes for me and hubbie and potentially a friend… I’m so nervous, this will be my biggest project to date

  716. Kara says:

    I am working on making a Valentine’s Day shirt for my daughter right now, and jammies for my son. I’m planning to start making car seat covers soon.

  717. Mary says:

    Those are great new fabrics! I’m currently working on making myself a diaper bag out of Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book…

  718. Toby says:

    I’m about to dive in to making aprons for me, hubby, and best friend who lives far away from me. 🙁

  719. Right now I’m making 9 patch blocks for a project that “Bumblebeans” is doing. I’m also trying to finish up some home sewing projects (pillow covers and chair covers) that are nagging at me.

  720. Leslie Spies says:

    My husband and I are in the process of becoming foster parents and I really wanted there to be something special in the room, so I am making a quilt. Did I mention it was the first quilt I’ve ever made?? Scary but fun…

  721. kerri says:

    at the request of my friends with young kids, i’m trying to come up with a pattern for an easy-on/off smock!

  722. angie says:

    working on a baby blanket for a friend this weekend. can’t wait to get it started!

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