February 20 ~ FQ Project of the Day

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Fabric Boxes
Fabric Box by Kris, green ink

Kris used a pattern from the book Zakka Sewing for this fabric box. She writes, “I was able to get two boxes out of two fat quarters, with scraps left over.” If you’re inspired by this box you’ll love Kristin’s Toy Gathering Bucket tutorial later today!

Other fabric boxes we love. For related tutorials try here, here, here and here.

Share your fabric box link in the comments below, or point us all to related tutorials and inspiration.

Have some fun with Fat Quarters! We’re giving away fat quarter packs all month long. Comment anytime this week to win one of 8 fat quarter packs (6 fat quarters per pack). This week’s FQ giveaway pack prints are predominantly… Pink!

Add pictures of your fat quarter projects to our Sew,Mama,Sew! photo pool. Share your stash photos in our Fabric Stash & Storage pool.

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160 Responses to February 20 ~ FQ Project of the Day

  1. Cheryl S says:

    So glad I found your site–finding some fun gift ideas using wonderful fabrics.

  2. Kara says:

    Love this!! I especially love the color and what a fabulous gift idea. I really want to check out the toy box.

  3. Hannah says:

    Ok, my sewing machine is coming out of the closet, I need some of these around the house!

  4. Julieanne says:

    Very cool! I would love to make these for Easter!

  5. Ally says:

    I need a bunch of these to stash my knitting in!

  6. Jessica T says:

    That is such a cute idea! I need to make some of those for my daughter’s room to gather up all those little treasures she collects.

  7. Emma Ansell says:

    Very Cool! With a 3 year old running about my house is always in complete disarray with all her toys and nowhere to put them…a solution at last!! Think I will definitely give this a go!

  8. kathy h. says:

    another cute idea,

  9. Sally Mae says:

    thanks for the great links on making these fabric baskets! I’ve been eyeing these baskets for awhile now:)

  10. Megan says:

    I can’t wait to make some of these. I might use medium interfacing to stabilize them.

  11. Cherie says:

    Love this one! Definitely something I would use around the house!

  12. Katherine says:

    This is giving me motivation to do a project I’ve been planning but haven’t started–a little bag with sand-filled anchor to hang off the side of your sewing table. It’s a handy place for tiny scraps and threads that you cut off as you sew. I picked out the fabrics, which is the funnest part; now I need to make it!

  13. Heather says:

    how cool is that!??

  14. georgia says:

    I NEED some of these! I don’t know why I just don’t think this stuff up myself. . . lol

  15. Karen says:

    Love the little basket. I used a leg from an old pair of jeans on the bottom of the one I made. Have to recycle as much as possiable now a days. Thanks for the idea. Thanks.

  16. Serena says:

    What a great project! Love the fabric combination of the one shown!

  17. meaghan says:

    I love this site! So many inspirational ideas 🙂

  18. Danielle D says:

    These could be great for storing yarn, toys, socks, etc in! Great idea.

  19. Jen says:

    That is the cutest thing! I need like 20 of them

  20. Sandy says:

    I love them all, but especially the red one with the colorful dots inside!
    I’ve already made the one at the Pink Penguin tutorial, they’re very useful too!

  21. julia says:

    I loooove fabric boxes! I really should just put aside some of my “have to” sewing and try some new stuff!–like this!

  22. Betsy M says:

    Oh I love this months ideas!

  23. Delphine says:

    I love fat quarters and all the things you can do with them. These little boxes are on my ‘to do list’. At the moment I’m making bags.

  24. HeatherT says:

    This is so cute and fun and practical. I’d definitely like to try one of these. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Maranda says:

    So cute:)

  26. Valerie says:

    I love this pattern!

  27. Julie says:

    Love the fabric boxes!

  28. Kim says:

    SO CUTE!!!

  29. Julia in MI says:

    These are awesome. Thanks for the idea and know-how.

  30. sm00bs says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the links to the tutorials. My husband (much to my surprise!) recently asked me to make him some fabric baskets for his desk at work, so this is perfect!

  31. Ramona says:

    I love the fabric boxes. I need all the help I can get with organization and the colors are to die for.

  32. Leslie Renee says:

    Way Cute!! Love it love it.

  33. Grace says:

    Love this idea. I am always looking for cute storage. and I have plenty fat quarters that need a purpose.

  34. Kate M. says:

    I love the patchwork on the Pink Penguin tutorial. I should really try one of these– I stink at boxing corners and need the practice.

  35. Theresa says:

    I’m in love with fat quarter month! I want to make lots and lots of toy buckets, for MY toys!!

  36. amy says:

    too cute!!!!

  37. Andrea Shef says:

    Wow! Those are great – I really need to make those!

  38. mojoandco says:

    Great storage idea! And so pretty too.

  39. wendy says:

    those are awesome!!!

  40. Beth says:

    These buckets are so cute! I can’t wait to try one of the tutorials that you provided… Thanks!

  41. Erin says:

    I can’t wait to make some of these boxes and buckets as catch-alls around the house! So cute!

  42. Beth Prince says:

    I cannot think of a better use for fabric then a box for MORE fabric! Yay!

  43. Jennifer says:

    I love it! I want to make one.

  44. tjesa says:

    Love the fabric baskets… and the tutorial… especially the one by Pink Penquin. thanks.

  45. HeatherC says:

    These buckets are so cute — love them!

  46. Kristen says:

    i love all of these ideas and am having a hard time focusing on just one. I really have enjoyed Fat quarter month, and will hate to see it leave. I am new to sewing and need to increase my stash, fat quarters seem the way to go for me.

  47. BCQuilter says:

    On another quilting community I belong to, one of the quilters, posted about fabric baskets she made, and the tutorial she found online. Needless to say, many of us, jumped at making these baskets. They are similar to the buckets posted here. Here is the link if you want to check them out for your self.. http://ayumills.blogspot.com/2008/05/tutorial-fabric-basket.html


  48. mb says:

    These are super cute. I love this blog for sewing ideas but this month’s project of the day series is just amazing, a true embarrassment of riches. Thank you so much – every entry is a little gem. Not only are the projects selected great ideas but the additional inspiration and tutorial links are very generous.

  49. Gretchen says:

    What a great use for a fat quarter! I’ll definately have to try!

  50. Karen says:

    I love the idea of fabric boxes!

  51. angela Biggley says:

    I love fat quarters. they are great for quilts and I love to use them when I do some sewing for my little girl

  52. Karen says:

    I’ve been trying to find something that my 3 year old daughter can put doll clothes in. This just might do the trick. Thanks!

  53. Shanna says:

    So cute! This is another great idea! Thanks.

  54. Shannon says:

    I love those!!!

  55. Libby says:

    I am really enjoying these ideas for fat quarters. The fabric boxes are lovely.

  56. Barbara says:

    Love the fabric boxes

  57. Helena says:

    These are awesome. We need to make some to store all our homeschool supplies, they would make our class/playroom cheery.

  58. Lena says:

    Oooh, I’m inspired to make this one of my first projects on my new sewing machine!

  59. Maple says:

    What cute boxes! I never thought of making fabric boxes…I think I’ll try one soon, now I see the possibilities!

  60. Courtney says:

    Love it! Fabric boxes will look great in my daughters room!

  61. Jan says:

    So cute

  62. Lisa C says:

    Love the fabric & projects! Need the organization in my house!

  63. Shellyfish says:

    This is my kind of project! And frankly, given the state of my daughter’s room, there is gathering to be done!

  64. jodie says:

    I love these!

  65. Tara says:

    I adore these patterns shared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing other people’s work. Thanks 🙂

  66. Aimee says:

    Thank you, thank you! I’ve been wondering what to make for my Mom’s birthday, and I think this is it! It’s perfect!

  67. Bethany says:

    Oooo . . . . I want to make a toy gathering basket. My goodness, I spend alot of time gathering toys!

  68. Mary says:

    Seriously, you read my mind. I am hoping to make on of these this weekend to hold our puppy’s toys.

  69. Kara B says:

    Super cute! I feel inspired…need something to put my daughter’s hair clips in!

  70. Charity says:

    This is a great idea!

  71. Dominika says:

    I am just about sewing some fabric boxes for my toddler’s room. This one looks wonderful.

  72. tara boos says:

    Zakka fabric art is so cool! Would love to see a book of it.

  73. Christen says:

    I’ve had fun making fabric boxes- this one looks nice and sturdy!

  74. Rachel says:

    Love this! Does it come with instructions on how to teach my kids how to pick up? 🙂

  75. Leah says:

    What a beautiful basket! I am curious—are those appliques in the basket? It just looks so happy and fun!

  76. Stacy says:

    I love these fabric boxes. I think I need to make some!

  77. Sarah Lee says:

    love the practicality of this!

  78. Traci White says:

    Love this project! Love Fat Quarter Month!

  79. Ruthanna says:

    too many ideas! STOP the madness! Thanks for giving me more ideas than I can handle.

  80. Alycia says:

    Very cool basket – love the colors too!

  81. Lauren Lehman says:

    I can’t wait to make one of these!

  82. Danielle says:

    I need more organization in my life…

  83. Stacey says:

    Cute box and pretty fabric!

  84. D. says:

    Perfect! I’ve been thinking about sewing up a few fabric boxes lately, and now I have a few more tutorials to check out. Thanks!

  85. Lola Jo says:

    Sweet! What a great way to display your favorite stash fabrics throughout the house!

  86. Ellen Ban says:

    Perfect for organizing the stash/supplies in the sewing room!

  87. Ms. Fine says:

    Ooh they have the Japanese book at my library. I’m not usually into fabric baskets, but that one looks exceptional. I’m envisioning much fun in my daughter’s room with fabric basket organization

  88. KZ says:

    So very cute! I must make some!

  89. Martha says:

    I think I’d put fabric scraps in these buckets too.

  90. Emily S says:

    Great fabric choices!

  91. daniela says:

    i was just this week looking for a tutorial, thank you for reading my mind!

  92. kate says:

    LOVE. I love the idea of fabric buckets, maybe this will actually inspire me to try them! Thanks!

  93. Heidi says:

    This is my favorite fat quarter project so far! I need organization & these could be perfect.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  94. CodeCrafter says:

    What a cute little bucket!

  95. Karen Peterson says:

    Cute boxes and fabric!
    Love them!

  96. Lisa B says:

    So cute. Can’t wait to try and make one.

  97. alisha says:

    I made the Bagsket which was featured in the 2007 Handmade Holidays (http://sewmamasew.com/?p=223) as a toy bucket for my niece, but apparently I didn’t take any photos. I don’t know why, but I find the handles very satisfying.

  98. Heather says:

    such a great idea. i’ve seen buckets about, but didn’t realize they would be so fast to work up. thanks for the tutorial!

  99. Tanya says:

    I love fabric boxes, thanks for posting additional tutorials. I used Amanda’s fabric cube tutorial at crazy mom quilts — easy and very addicting!

  100. Virginia says:

    So cute!! In my house, this would be a definite need! Thanks so much for posting!

  101. Grace says:

    Thank goodness the weekend is almost here. I am going to fabric boxify my life. Look out stash!

  102. Elizabeth says:

    Just what I need to keep my stuff and my kids stuff organized without going plastic.

  103. Kelli says:

    I love that polka-dot fabric and the commenter who said she’d like one in each color to hold scraps…another new idea just got added to my way-too-long ideas I’d like to try list! Thanks!

  104. Tammy :) says:

    So cute!

  105. Kaye says:

    The boxes are cute. I have been organizing my craft and sewing area. I need to make some of these boxes to brighten up the room.

  106. Alice S says:

    These are so very handy and pretty. I’ve made a few of the linen and patchwork baskets and love them.

  107. Sabra says:

    How cute. I will definitely try this one for gifts.

  108. Lori says:

    That looks like such a great size…and so cute too!

  109. Christy says:

    What a cool idea – this would be great for storing some of my stamping supplies as well as beauty supplies. Thanks so much for the links!

  110. Mary Ann M says:

    These are perfect. I can think of so many ways to use them!

  111. Jen says:

    I like the idea of a fabric box/bucket. I also have a pattern for knitting/crocheting some as well. Great ideas!

  112. Sarah says:

    This box looks great for toys, I can’t wait to make some.

  113. MegVS says:

    Oh, I have this book. I am going to have to try this.

  114. Tammy says:

    Those are adorable!

  115. Stacy says:

    Oh, I love that!

  116. Heather B says:

    Very cute – the little ones would definitely like a few of these.

  117. Annie says:

    That would be great to hold my business brochures! Very chic.

  118. Suzy says:

    Love this! I will be making some of these in the near future.

  119. Sheryl says:

    I love this! I could use a few baskets to help organize my sewing area an I know my kids would love these, too!

  120. Katie says:

    I can think of so many uses for something this handy.

  121. Kandie says:

    Now how appropriate is that: a fabric basket to store your fabric. I like it!

  122. Nice Basket!

  123. Michele says:

    Very practical and perfect for every room in the house!

  124. Celeste says:

    Gorgeous–and so practical too! I’ve been wanting to make fabric buckets for our family room toy storage.

  125. Shawna says:

    These are so neat! I saw someone use them for scrap fabric and have thought about making some for that!

  126. Mandy Court says:

    Another great Idea to add to my collection of things to create. I just love Fat quarter month!

  127. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the tutorials. These fabric boxes are going on my to do list.

  128. Love the basket and will deffinetly sew a few for my craft/office room which I’m desperately trying to organize.


  129. Anya T. says:

    I’ve made some of the baskets using the tutorial from Pink Penguin. Thanks for all the other tutorials as well.

  130. Marilyn says:

    Very pretty! Love the choice of colors!!

  131. miss v says:

    super cute! i love it!

  132. Such a cute little basket!

  133. Megan says:

    I should make a dozen or so of these for around the house. Thank you for the inspiration.

  134. CHARLIE says:

    Adding this to my list of projects! Thanks.

  135. Regina Zimmer says:

    i absolutely love this idea, I needed to make a few of these for my Daughters hair clips and bows. and some for my boys cars and crayons. Thank you so much I am going to be sad when February is over. lol

  136. Karen H says:

    That is a cute little bucket.

  137. Elizabeth says:

    I love these things! Can you wash them, I wonder? I hate wicker-type baskets because they collect so much dust and you can dust them very effectively. This seems like a good solution.

  138. Ashley says:

    Very cute! I think I’ll have to give it a try — I’m always in need of a little extra storage!

  139. maryanne says:

    Thanks – this is a project I really want to make! I store a lot of stuff in cardboard boxes right now – this would look so much nicer!

  140. Jessica says:

    I really need to make some of these to help organize my sewing studio!

  141. lesley says:

    these are fantastic. i’ve got the longest sewing to-do list right now!! i’ll just have to add this on.

  142. shannon says:

    What a great little box – I love her fabric choices!!

  143. adrienne says:

    These boxes will become addictive, I can already tell. They are perfect for gift bags/boxes, too. I also like the catch all quilted box from http://www.ohfransson.com and Anna Maria Horner’s fabric box from her book Seams to Me. =]

  144. Kay says:

    Love the red fabric used!

  145. Jessica says:

    Ah yes, I could use more storage in my life!

  146. Katherine says:

    I am making my cousin and nephew felt food for their birthdays – a fabric bag is perfect for storing! thanks!

  147. Clara says:

    What a great use of colors. I really should have a cute place to stash my knitting.

  148. Jane says:

    I’ll be waiting for that tutorial. I am really enjoying all the ideas being posted for using FQ’S. Thank you.

  149. Angela C. says:

    Cute. I like that box.

  150. Kathy says:

    Oh I love the fabric baskets/buckets. I made one from a Handmade Holidays tutorial last year and it came out so cute. I passed the link on to a friend who ended up making about 30 of them for Holiday gifts. Another great stashbusting project!

  151. Malea says:

    I’m so intrigued at its ability to stand up on its own. Great idea for small storage!

  152. Toby says:

    cute, cute!

  153. Pam says:

    Love the bucket and can see one coordinating with my bathroom to hold my makeup.

  154. KT says:

    I love fat quarters. They are a great way to test out fabric to see if you love it before making a more expensive purchase.

  155. Valerie says:

    LOVE this, especially those happy colours 🙂

  156. JaneR says:

    I have wanted to make these so that one fabric box is red for red stringy scraps, blue for small blue scraps, green…..yellow….etc etc. How cute would that be?!!! Thanks

  157. Kara says:

    What a cute little box. I love the colors she chose!

  158. April M says:

    Oooo, these are really cute.

  159. Aubrey says:

    I love this basket! I really need to make a few for my desk at work!

  160. Sarah says:

    very cool and very practical!

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