February 27 ~ FQ Project of the Day

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

Journal, Notebook & Passport Covers
Front page: Twist Screenprinted Fabric Sketchbooks by Lucie, Summersville
This page: Bird Notebook Cover by Hyein, Christina’s

Lucie screenprints fabric for the hard backed sketchbooks and notebooks shown on our main page, and sells them in her Summersville Etsy shop. Hyein used a freezer paper stencil to create the bird on this journal and many others she sells in her Christina’s Etsy shop. Hyein also creates patchwork covers with linen and favorite prints. The same process can be used for journal, notebook and passport covers.

Other journal, notebook & passport covers we love. Although we don’t have a tutorial for Lucie and Hyein’s specific covers, you can find related tutorials here, here, here, here, here and here.

Share your journal, notebook & passport cover links in the comments below, or point us to related tutorials and inspiration.

Have some fun with Fat Quarters! We’re giving away fat quarter packs all month long. Comment anytime this week to win one of 8 fat quarter packs (6 fat quarters per pack). This week’s FQ giveaway pack prints are predominantly… Green!

Add pictures of your fat quarter projects to our Sew,Mama,Sew! photo pool. Share your stash photos in our Fabric Stash & Storage pool.

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129 Responses to February 27 ~ FQ Project of the Day

  1. Joyce Mosby says:

    I am excited to try the notebook covers. i’ve tried another pattern before but really need to “tweek” the pattern.


  2. marion joy says:

    these fat quarter projects are fantastic… i love them all… and have tried this journal cover and it is excellent.. so clear and easy to follow… thankyou so much for taking the trouble to share with us all…

  3. Ruchira says:

    Thank you so much for these! I accidentally stumbled to this page through a sea of links. I wanna get me some fat quarters and get cracking!

  4. Joan says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these journal ideas/tutorials. My teenage daughter is a writer and I can’t wait to make a handful for her! She collects journals, too! This is great…thank you.

  5. Michelle W says:

    I was looking at all the notebook tutorial links and then found one that went to a fabric basket that was too cute! I would love to make one with some fat quarters!

  6. Katie says:

    My long list of “Must make” items is growing faster than I can keep up w/ thanks to your daily projects! Thanks! (I think.)

  7. Carol says:

    How clever! These would make great gifts too. Love them!

  8. Kris says:

    I need to make one of these…soon!

  9. Ramona says:

    Thanks for continuing to share such cute ideas.

  10. Jessica T says:

    I’m really going to miss fat quarter month when it’s over.

  11. Emma says:

    Thanks for all the fun FQ projects. I’ve saved them all in my reader, and they’ll come in handy for lazy Sundays! happy sewing!

  12. Liliana says:

    That fabric is beautiful. Loved every sugestion during this month.

  13. Amorette says:

    i love the bloom website and the tutorial for the journal cover- i need to do more of these projects so i can gather some nice scraps!

  14. Kelli says:

    I will save this post for gift-giving ideas. Thanks!

  15. alisha says:

    I love the combination of screen printing and sewing. The bird notebook cover looks adorable.

  16. lisap says:

    Green is exactly what I’m working on right now; would love to qdd toit, courtesy of SMS’s generosity! Good luck to everyone.

  17. Beth G. says:

    I am doing a “Pay it forward” giveaway if anyone is interested.

  18. KZ says:

    what a cute idea, I love the cover of the journal!

  19. Rose in Arizona says:

    Yikes, what great tutorials. Adore the journals.

  20. danna osen says:

    the mobiles were great. have enjoyed this entire month on FQs.

  21. Grace says:

    really pretty!

  22. Kathy says:

    Thank you for all the FQ projects. Love the journal.

  23. Laura says:

    This has been a great month of beautiful projects. The real cure for the winter blues!

  24. Shellyfish says:

    I love making personalized notebooks & covers – more inspiration! Hourrah!

  25. Viv says:

    A great idea. I really need to try covering some notebooks with lovely fabric.

  26. I’m loving all the FQ projects! I’m a FQ addict… I keep buying them.. but never have enough fabric to make anything…. so this has really given me the opportunity to explore what I can do with them.

  27. Beth G. says:

    Very cool. Love all the ideas for using Fat Quarters. Just need to actually DO IT!

  28. Leslie says:

    just this very night i made myself a composition notebook cover from this tutorial….
    it was fun and easy and my notebook looks so so much better now

  29. Michelle S. says:

    What a beautiful notekbook cover!

  30. Judy says:

    I love it as a passport cover!

  31. Jennifer says:

    I’m so sad that there’s only 1 more day of the FQ project month! This has been the best month ever in my opinion on Sew Mama Sew – I’m sad to see it end!

  32. Brooke says:

    What a beautiful cover for that journal!

  33. Kaye says:

    Earlier today I pulled out my plain cheap planner and thought to myself that I really needed to make a cover for this. Lo and Behold, I get on the blog today and the Fat Quarter project is exactly what I needed. I love this place.

  34. Libby says:

    Beautiful notebook cover.

  35. Robyn O says:

    Oh, I love the design! I’m crazy for birds!

  36. indywriter says:

    What a dangerous project… I already can’t resist a journal, but you add a cute fabric cover and I’m a goner! Very cute! And a great gift idea!

  37. Coralee says:


  38. Amanda says:

    What a great way to use a FQ!

  39. JaneR says:

    Covering journals whether large, medium or purse size will certainly help use up my fat quarter stash. Love these ideas today! Thanks!!!

  40. amanda says:

    Ooh, lovely. I’m excited about this project!

  41. Finnysmama says:

    Fantastic idea! I’ve had a few in my day, but maybe its time to make my own!

  42. Lisa says:

    ughhh why was it I couldn’t find any of these back in Oct? I’ve bookmarked these…

  43. Cheryl says:

    That cover is adorable!

  44. Mary Ann M says:

    I never thought of covering my passport! hmmmm

  45. Meg says:

    I love using my scraps of fabric to make book and journal covers!

  46. Prizm says:

    I’m just loving these ideas for fat quarters! Thanks!

  47. Leigh says:

    As a sewing beginner, I LOVE these FQ projects, I’m having so much fun learning new things!

  48. Danielle says:

    There’s a great passport sleeve tutorial here:


  49. Harley says:

    That is so pretty! Love the birdie 🙂

  50. Chelsea says:

    That is lovely. Perfect for all the journals I have bought but never get around to actually writing in.

  51. tjesa says:

    Yet another awesome idea for fat quarters. Really like Summerville’s silk screened fabric.. wow!

  52. Dominika says:

    Lovely idea and the results. Thank you for the links to these tutorials.

  53. Katherine says:

    I love these! They will make great gifts!

  54. Ruth Tunick says:

    I love these journals – I’m going to try one this weekend. I’m thinking about a garden journal.

  55. CaRho says:

    I’ve been looking forward to coming to this website each day to see which project you’re featuring. There’s been so many great ideas for fat quarters this month. I just love it!

  56. Tammy says:

    What a great idea…I have a few fat quarters that I just wasn’t sure what to do with.

  57. Francis Moore says:

    I love the journal cover.

  58. missknitta says:

    Adorable book cover! Thanks so much for the idea!

  59. Meredith says:

    As a beginning sewer, this site is invaluable and the fat quarter projects are great! Not only are they simple for me to follow, but they get my brain juices flowing for what I can do on my own…free of just patterns. I think as a beginner the hardest thing to do is JUST SEW! The patterns are never exactly what I want and simple projects like today really give me the confidence to start designing on my own!

  60. Celeste says:

    I did a masculine version of this for my brother for Christmas and it was a hit!

  61. Christy says:

    I am just starting to fall in love with fat quarters and it has been so great all the projects you have been listing! Thanks.

  62. Liz says:

    Wow that journal cover with the screenprinting is beautiful! Have I mentioned how much I love fat quarter month? These projects are great.

  63. Helena says:

    Great idea. Love the idea of covering the journal.

  64. daniela says:

    i’m so inspired, wanting to have more time to be sewing away…

  65. Susan says:

    Great ideas, and who can have too many fat quarters? The journal coverse a great gift idea, and green just happens to be my favorite color!

  66. Emily S says:

    Does fat quarter month really have to end?

  67. Theresa says:

    I really love this idea. I can’t wait to try it out.

  68. I love these fat quarter tutes! I had so much fun with the swap. I think we should do another one soon!

  69. kate says:

    I just made a “slip-cover” for an uuuugly pocket-calendar yesterday! Here’s the link:

  70. amy says:

    I made one of these notebook covers at Christmas and then used the rest of the fat quarter to make a zippered pouch!

  71. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to make a new cover!

  72. Lola Jo says:

    Now I can combine two of my favorite things in the world: books and fabric! Brilliant!

  73. michele m says:

    thanks soo much. have been looking for and making fabric book covers for the kids bibles at church lately. thanks again

  74. Sinje says:

    Thanks for the inspiration – I need a wuick birthday present for a fellow student and this is just perfect!

  75. Kelli says:

    I really love that last turtorial…it looks easy and cute. I may have to whip one of these up for my next prayer journal!

  76. Tina says:

    LOVE that little freezer paper stenciled bird. I must do that.

  77. jessica m says:

    I am such a sucker for new, fresh, pretty, clean notebooks. I want to make some of these covers just so I can buy some 😉

  78. Debra Wilson says:

    I love the way the bird looks like it’s sitting on a wire!

  79. Betsy M says:

    Oh, that is pretty.

  80. Baba says:

    You have to love the bird in a garden theme! So cute.

  81. jodie says:

    Great project!

  82. alison says:

    Here’s another tutorial for a fabric covered notebook http://craftapple.wordpress.com/2006/09/17/patchwork-notebook-cover-tutorial/

  83. Bridget says:

    Very cute! I love the screenprinting

  84. Bethany says:

    These are so cute! I’ve been meaning to make some for all of my scrapbooks but have yet to get around to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  85. suzi says:

    I’ve been meaning to make a notebook cover.

  86. hi, love your site. i am inspired by this fat qtr project. maybe i will win some….

  87. Lisa C says:

    Thanks for all the links…love journal covers.

  88. Sabra says:

    Totally digging these fat quarter suggestions.

  89. Deb V says:

    I love the notebook covers. Another great fat quarter project.

  90. Christy says:

    So pretty! It would be great to have a set of matching notebooks!

  91. Kati says:

    I love these projects!

  92. Charissa says:

    These would make great birthday presents! So cute!

  93. Valerie says:

    Great idea, my daughter likes the bird.

  94. Ashley Ann says:

    That is so cute!

  95. DebbieKL says:

    Great new tutorial and new blogs to check out! Thanks!

  96. Frieda Zuerner says:

    I really love these book covers. They are so sweet and will be easy to do.

  97. Amy Hodge says:

    These would make such great gifts. The stencils and screen printing are really charming!

  98. Debra says:

    Love these. I actually posted a paperback book cover I made early this morning. I used material I received from the swap. What great timing! What is left I can use for a passport.

  99. Books books books… Uhh, I love books…!

  100. Heidi says:

    Very nice. These will come in handy for my sis. As always, Thanks!

  101. Stacy says:

    great for gifts! Thanks for the tutorial.

  102. Heather B says:

    I’ve been wanting to make passport covers for a while. Maybe seeing these covers will inspire me to finally do it!

  103. Alice S says:

    All are lovely. I especially like the linen and patchwork journal cover. Its funny that this is the topic for today’s post because I just finished making a Bible cover that was made in a similar way.

  104. Trina says:

    Must make one today!

  105. Danielle says:

    excellent ideas!

  106. Kathy R. says:

    Love the little bird on the cover above. Will have to check her shop.

  107. Amanda says:

    This is an adorable idea. I love all the links, too. Such inspiration!

  108. Ellen Ban says:

    My passport would “love” a cover…

  109. lesley says:

    these are adorable! what a great idea, i love journals and notebooks, and didn’t think to cover my own. another day, another project.

  110. Shawna says:

    I think these are so neat because you can make them so personal!

  111. Laura says:

    Green is my favorite color 🙂 While it wouldn’t flesh out my stash much, I would never say no to it.

  112. Anya T. says:

    I love notebook covers. Thanks.

  113. Kara says:

    THank you so much! I have been wanting to learn how to make these as it seems like they would make great gifts. I will definitely have to check out your links to tutorials.

  114. Laura says:

    I would love to win some FQs!

  115. Tammy :) says:

    Her birds are so cute!

  116. Kati says:

    This is a beautiful project!!! So whimsical yet simple. Love it!

  117. sarah says:

    That’s so cute! I love it! I wish all my books were the same size so i could always look at a cute cover like this!

  118. CHARLIE says:

    Super cute

  119. AndreaLea says:

    Cute! I’m be traveling a lot this year and could use a cute passport cover.

  120. Lisa says:

    Some great looking tutorials here! I’ve bookmarked a few to go check out better, thanks!

  121. amanda says:

    What a clever idea. I’ve taken some book-binding classes, and this is certainly an easier way to personalize notebooks. Thanks!

  122. Georgi P. says:

    What is that fabric in primary colours?! Must go look to see if I can find it…!

  123. Alissa says:

    Birdies are so adorable! Thanks for sharing. I need to cover an organizer binder I tote around with me. It’s a horrid looking constant companion.

  124. Toby says:

    what a neat idea and can really coridnate a lot!

  125. Mary says:

    That notebook cover is just too cute!

  126. Shannon says:

    Love them! Very pretty and thanks for sharing!

  127. Katie says:

    Cute. Maybe I should make my own journals since I write so many of them.

  128. Rebecca says:

    very cute!

  129. sherri says:

    I have just been loving these fat quarter projects…thanks so much for sharing them!

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