Free Fabric (and more!) Friday

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

News from the Shop:

It’s back!


Silhouette Polka Pink by Tina Givens

We have this insanely cute new print from Alexander Henry in three colors.  Perfect for Easter!


First Spring from Alexander Henry

New patterns from Oliver + S


Snippets by American Jane

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    We have a lot of fantastic prizes this week!  We’d like to thank Smith’s for contributing the sharpeners, and Interweave for donating the book.  (Pay attention now…) If you’d like a chance to win one of the 8 prizes, comment in an existing thread in the forum, or start one of your own.

    Give-Away #1:  Smith’s V-Slot 10 Second Knife and Scissors Sharpener

    From the manufacturer:  Simple and dependable, the V-Slot 10 Second Knife and Scissors Sharpener is quick, safe, and easy to use. It only takes three or four strokes to put a sharp edge on any straight edge blade. The “V” shaped sharpening slot incorprates two crossed carbide blades, which are pre-set at the correct sharpening angle. The scissors sharpener uses a patented “floating” ceramic rod that adjusts to fit the precise bevel of the blades. 

    Read more about this perfect little hand-held sharpener from Smith’s.

    Give-Away #2:  Smith’s Counter Safe Deluxe Knife and Scissors Sharpener

    From the manufacturer:  Smith’s Counter Safe Deluxe Knife and Scissors Sharpener is specifically designed to sharpen the finest cutlery, as well as right- or left-handed scissors. This unit has an exclusive flip down counter guard to protect tables and countertops from damage during sharpening. Plus, it is the first manual sharpener to offer coarse and fine sharpening slots for both knives and scissors.

    Read more about this amazing sharpener from Smith’s.

    Give-Away #3:  FABRiCATE:  17 Innovative Sewing Projects that Make Fabric the Star by Susan Wasinger ISBN: 978-1-59668-094-4

    From the publisher:  Create gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade fabrics and transform them into fun and functional projects with this guide to distinctive cloth-making techniques. From wearables to home decor, Fabricate teaches you to alter simple materials through texture, substance, embellishment, and adornment. The creative possibilities are endless! 

    This new book from Interweave is full of creative, artistic ideas.  If you’re ready to take your sewing beyond the basics and create some stand-out projects, this is the book for you.  Learn more and see excerpts from the book on the Interweave site.

    Give-Away #4: Wonderland by MoMo Charm Pack

    Five winners receive a pack of 40 5″ squares from the Wonderland fabric collection by MoMo.  There is one square for each of the different prints in the group.  A lovely addition to your crafty stash!

    You can see many of the Wonderland prints in the shop!

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    248 Responses to Free Fabric (and more!) Friday

    1. Cindy says:

      I love the First Spring prints.

    2. Elisa says:

      Is it too late to enter for the Wonderland charm pack?? I love fabric. 🙂

    3. Meaghen N. says:

      You have some great things! I love the prints of all of your products!

    4. Khristina says:

      ohhh I love the Moda charms…would love to win them…hugs Khris in Oz

    5. Gwendolyn Clark says:

      I love your giveaways!!!! That fabric would look great on the Whirlygiggles pattern.

    6. Veronica says:

      The fabric does look wonderful!!

    7. Cheryl says:

      Ooh, I need to get more of that Tina Givens! I made a doll quilt with it and now I need to make a full size version.

    8. cathie says:

      Just came across your site and it’s FANTASTIC! Looking forward to reading it regularly. Great site, thanks.

    9. Irene Allender says:

      I love the fabric! I can’t wait to get this to add to my collection! Yes, I am a fabric pack-rat!

    10. Amanda Shuler says:

      Completely in love w/ this fabric and all the fab fabric on your site!! It is so hard to find modern fabric where I live! So glad to have found this site!!

    11. tricia says:

      I commented in an existing forum and started my own. I would love to win!!!! Thank you!

    12. cleo says:

      I come here weekly in order to sigh, as I live in South Africa so any fabric that is of Japanese or American origin is worth its weight in gold!! So i visit in order to get my weekly fix of fabulousness!! I think that I may need to go into therapy in order to break free from this tiny obsession that I have. Should I ever get any of this – to be honest im not sure what I would do with it … I think that I would just sit and stare at it for a really loooooong time – and probably ruin it all by drooling all over it!! LOL

      have a awsome week!!

    13. m.a. says:

      i’m just now discovering your blog, & i’m really enjoying it. thanks!

    14. Diane says:

      Yay!! I would love anything, but especially the fabric.

    15. Carla says:

      Wow, you guys always inspire me to dust off the machine and get working!

    16. johanna says:

      wow, what wonderful prizes – the book looks great and the fabrics as always are awesome. Maybe I’ll be lucky this time round.

    17. Lafreshz23 says:

      This fabric charmpack would certainly make my day! I’m already thinking what to make of it (so now I have to keep my fingers crossed until ….

    18. nancy says:

      Yay! Giveaways! Love the blog!

    19. Andrea says:

      I adore the wonderland fabric… 🙂

    20. Aimee says:

      fabric, books, patterns, scissor sharpeners!…..oh my. Everything looks so fun. I just love it all!

    21. Julie says:

      I love your blog!

      Fabrics are lovely. I’d love to win 🙂

    22. Deb says:

      Would love to win any of the giveaways. Thanks!

    23. Holly Amos says:

      I really like the Wonderland by MoMo charm prints. I am working on a quilt for my granddaughter and those would be gorgeous!!!

    24. lisa says:

      your giveaways rock!

    25. Susan Meindl says:

      I’d Love the Fabricate book….it’s beautiful…

    26. Valerie says:

      so cute……

    27. Faith says:

      What beautiful fabrics, and that book looks like so much fun.

    28. Marissa says:

      I love the Wonderland by MoMo Charm Pack it is so adorable. The colors are amazing. I wish I could find some of that around here. In the boonies we can only dream about such wonders!!

    29. Laura Whitney says:

      Love the fabric and the book looks interesting too! Hope I win!

    30. Chris says:

      Another super give away and lots of neat fabrics too! I enjoy looking around this site!! So many ideas. Hope I win! teehee

    31. JoAnn says:

      Great give aways but alas I cannot add another forum to my list or else my family will be lost in all the laundry and housework! LOL I do enjoy the blog though…one of my favs on my RSS feed list. 🙂

    32. Sarah K says:

      What great giveaways! Your blog is so inspiring!

    33. jennifer says:

      this is a generous giveaway! i love the idea book!

    34. Wendy says:

      Would love to win any of the fabulous items!
      Sign me up!

    35. Michelle says:

      I want to make a sundress for my daughter out of that Tina Given’s fabric.

    36. Leah says:

      Wow the fabric is all gorgeous…. and I’ve heard amazing things about the book as well!

    37. JD says:

      Oh I love the polka dots!

    38. Leanne Vibe says:

      the material is so sweet. perfect for the baby quilt I’m going to make.

    39. sherry r says:

      Ohhh – American Jane! I have just purchased a bunch of her recess and wee play lines for a quilt for my son. i’ll bet they coordinate.
      thanks for the great giveaways.

    40. Sherry says:

      I love that fabric. you have so many cute ideas and wonderful posts.

    41. Becca B says:

      REALLY cute prints!!! I’m so excited about spring and sewing fun little stuff to help enjoy the summer!

    42. Jen says:

      Your fabric is beautiful! I am so glad that I have wandered onto your site!

    43. Devon says:

      I just love the new Henry Alexander prints, I would love to add these to my collection. i visit daily and love to find new things to make.

    44. Ollie says:

      Lovin’ the fabrics, hope I get some!

    45. Aimee says:

      That book looks fantastic!

    46. Jamie says:

      I have had my eye on Silhouette Polka Pink by Tina Givens for a while. I love that print!!

    47. Kelli says:

      I’m on my way to the forum, but had to stop and say Thanks first! There’s a reason you are the first blog I check and it’s not the giveaways…well, not directly. It’s because you try so hard to help each of us have a better day with your cheerful attitude, great fabrics, tutorials, giveaways, etc. I love it here!

    48. Lunachance says:

      The Fabricate book looks interesting and inspiring. It would be fun to flip through the pages ans see what jumps off the pages.


    49. ONA GARWOOD says:

      LOVE THESE PRINTS….they are awsome!!!!

    50. Christi says:

      The fabric is great, looked at the book today, and boy do my scissors need sharpened!

    51. Kristen says:

      I would love to win something form you, although I think that I have to participate in the forum, which I don’t have time to do right now, So I will definitely come back later. Thanks for all you do.

    52. Lili says:

      How beautifull is the new Daisies Dots Pink Snippets of American Jane !! Perfect for a spring little dress !!

    53. Kristin says:

      These giveaways are great. I always welcome goodies from talented people. Thanks.

    54. Millissa says:

      I’d love to win, but I think that I am too late!!

    55. Sherry says:

      Love that fabric! And a sharpener….. sounds awesomely practical!

    56. Heather Milton says:

      This is the first time I’ve done this, so hope it works! I would really really love the opportunity to win the pack o’ fabric! Already scheming up plans for them if I win. 😉 Thank you, Heather

    57. Jennifer says:

      I’d love to win! 🙂

    58. DianeM says:

      Just in case we are supposed to comment here I will…I joined the forums (which is awesome I might add) & posted there, but I’m confused as to where we were supposed to enter the give-away so i am leaving no stone unturned! Thanks!
      Smiles, DianeM 🙂

    59. Jackie Sue says:

      Ok I signed up for the forum – replied to one and started one! Great Discussion board! THANKS!!!! I forgot you had it! *HUGS* – Jackie Sue

    60. Lauren says:

      I’ll be making (at least one) Birthday Party Dress in honor of my daughter’s first birthday next month, can’t wait to get started!

    61. Aunt Spicy says:

      Wow what a great giveaway! That book looks amazing! But really, who would not be pleased with any of these gifts!

    62. Meghan says:

      I have been reading this blog for almost 8 months and for some reason, I have never entered Free Fabric Friday contests… silly me, what wonderful prizes I have been missing out on.

      All of the prizes look great!!

    63. Shelley C says:

      I don’t think the comment is meant for here for entry, but on the off chance this is considered the forum, I’ll throw in my hat for a chance at these super cool tools and fabric. I’m not registered on the forum but may have to make my way over there and figure the format out….I’m alittle intimidated by forums…I have a hard time keeping track of comments back and forth….

    64. JulieK says:

      As usual, the fabrics are so adorable!!!! We just had a blizzard move through my lovely little town but after seeing these fabrics, I’ve definitely got Spring Fever!!

    65. Carrie says:

      Ohhh… I love it all!

    66. Jessica says:

      This fabric is ADORABLE! I would love to win! I just found your site recently and I have been having so much fun catching up on your older posts and checking out projects and links! Thanks for the great site!

    67. Beth-Ann says:

      What great giveaways this week! For someone just starting out like me it is a great addition to the ‘stash’.

    68. read2sew says:

      Love the Metamorphosis Sky ~ Wonderland print.

    69. Pam says:

      Any of these prizes would be a great addition to my sewing room. Thanks for a chance to win.

    70. Beth says:

      I have been watching Wonderland for days now and would love to sew something with it!!

    71. leah says:

      looks awesome

    72. Elena says:

      Hi all!
      You have the best giveaways ever. I love to have a look to your website to check new collections added, forum and tutorials. Tina given’s is back, Great! I l like to much to have a litlle on my stock.
      Thanks fot the chance!

    73. Arynne says:

      Those fabrics are adorable!! And so springy!!

    74. Hanna says:

      I love the Silhouette Polka Pink by Tina Givens! Very very cute!

    75. Danielle says:

      Love the forum links and the giveaways! Such inspiration!

    76. J. Harmon says:

      Hooray, I am so excited about the new Oliver + S patterns!

    77. caroline says:

      So many fun giveaways this week! Would love any of them. 🙂

    78. megan says:

      oooh i am in love with oliver + s – let alone the fabrics. tgif!

    79. cherie says:

      I love the wonderland fabrics! (pick me, pick me!)

    80. Tina Mackey says:

      Are you kidding me? I had no idea that there were “sharpen your own scissors” sharpeners. That would be great!

    81. carolyn Weil says:

      love those birdies!

    82. Penny says:

      WOW! I would love the Moda charm pack.

    83. Jennifer H. says:

      I really love the new fabric, dreaming up ideas.

    84. Marnie says:

      Love the site, love the fabrics, love the book! What a great Friday!

    85. Cynthia Horst says:

      I love your blog, it really inspires me. Thanks for the giveaway fridays. Maybe I’ll win something sometime.

    86. Terri Moran says:

      Love the new prints.

    87. Mare says:

      The fabric is adorable. I have my fingers crossed! 😀

    88. tamara says:

      great contest!!

    89. Carrie P. says:

      Love those Easter looking fabrics. Too cute. Great giveaways.

    90. Lori Weinberg says:

      Great giveaways! I love the new fabrics! (especially the Tina Givens… wow!)

    91. Mary Beth says:

      WOW awesome give aways!

    92. annie says:

      wow….would love to win. Thanks SEW much!!! XX Annie

    93. Nancy says:

      I”m ready to start sewing beyond the basics and create .

    94. eesh says:

      Love the giveaways this week! I hope I’m one of the lucky winners!

    95. Kammy says:

      That Alexander Henry Easter print is ADORABLE! I can think of many cool projects!

    96. Shannon says:

      I LOVE the book! and Would always enjoy free fabric!

    97. Alex says:

      That easter fabric is to die for! So cute! I may just have to buy it! Thanks for the Great post!

    98. Edris says:

      Great fabrics! They are so springy and lovely.

    99. Denise says:

      Love the springy colors and prints!! Crossing my fingers XXX!

    100. Myra says:

      Oh those Moda fabrics are wonderful. I would love to win.

    101. Audrey says:

      So many neat things! I wouldn’t even know what to choose.:)

    102. sherri s. says:

      Thanks for the sweet giveaways…that polka/silhouette fabric is killing me with its adorableness!

    103. Cathy DeVinney says:

      I almost bought the Tina Givens fabric for a project, but went with another fabric. I would love to see it in real life! Cathy

    104. Maranda says:

      Great giveaway:)

    105. Laurie says:

      The fabrics are awesome! I’d like one of everything!
      Happy Sewing everyone!

    106. Mary says:

      Love the new MoMo…. the red’s are really my favorite shade of the color…..

    107. Andrea says:

      Wow what great giveaways! I think the charm pack is especially beautiful. Thanks for all the tips and tricks.

    108. Sarah says:

      Time to break out the machine and get started on those Easter dresses. If I could only decide on which fabric to use….

    109. Megan says:

      Oh such wonderful prizes!! I’d love any of them but especially the charm pack. 🙂

    110. Cara says:

      The momo fabric looks adorable!

    111. mary anne says:

      i don’t even know which one to covet. i love all the prizes. the fabrics are gorgeous and the patterns are to die for. i do hope i win!

    112. Addie says:

      Great giveaway!! Hoping to get a little sewing done tonight…

    113. Carole says:

      Thanks so much for your great contests and blog. Keeps me coming back. I love the fabric you carry.

    114. Lisa says:

      I think those Oliver + S patterns are to die for…and, I have a lovely little one year old who I know would look lovely in those outfits.

    115. Emma says:

      I love the book, I looked it up and it sounds like a lot of fun. I’m just learning to sew so that would be a treat for me!

    116. karen says:

      LOVE those fabrics, and that book!!

    117. Amy says:

      How beautiful! Thanks for another brilliant giveaway!

    118. KZ says:

      I love it all!!!

    119. christine says:

      Love to win some fabric for my stash!

    120. jen w says:

      how awesome, i’m heading to the forum!!!

    121. helena says:

      ll the highlighted items are nice love the pink polka dots.

    122. Patty C says:

      I’m beginning to feel creative! I hope I’m lucky!!

    123. glenna says:

      Great give-away! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

    124. Holly says:

      I am drooling over the charm pack since I have been hoping to make a Stacked Coins Quilt forever now….

    125. shelley says:

      Wonderland by MoMo Charm Pack…a must have for my sewing needs…I would love to win!

    126. Holly says:

      Here’s hoping someone out there loves me!

    127. heather says:

      I would love to win free fabric! I just love all your stuff.

    128. emily says:

      that book looks amazing!!!!

    129. Michelle C says:

      I love the Silhouette Polka Pink fabric. It sure would make a cute dress for my toddler!

    130. jocelyn says:

      Oh I Love the momo wonderland! As always….lovin’ fridays at sew mama sew!

    131. hannita says:

      Oh those new fabrics are all lovely. And who doesn’t love new books and gadgets?

    132. Jennifer says:

      I am so crazy for this Silhouette Polka Pink fabric! It is perfect for a skirt I am working on.

    133. Kelly Nelson says:

      Oh, I love that Oliver + S dress! Thanks for another giveaway!

    134. Liz says:


    135. Robyn says:

      I would love, love, love the Wonderland charm pack! I am finishing my FIRST quilt with a charm pack, and I would love to try to perfect the second one!

    136. oh my goodness that spring fabric is beautiful!!!!!!

    137. jessica m says:

      I have to say that Wonderland is probably my favorite fabric line in the last year. I really love the Good Folks line and I really love My Folklore, but for a great fabric for decor, clothes, crafts, everything, Wonderland really has it all. I’d love to get one of those charm packs.

      (Although some of my scissors are so dull they wouldn’t cut typing paper.

    138. dawn says:

      I just love the spring fabrics—I am dreaming of gaucho ruffle pants for my daughter out of the Snippets fabric.

    139. Jodie says:

      So cute and great giveaway prizes! I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some sewing in! I’m trying to figure out a way to pull my sewing machine outside so I can sew and enjoy the beautiful weather. : )

    140. Maple says:

      Oh how fun! To sew or sew more…that is the question.

    141. Sylvia Cook says:

      My daughter say the fabric and loved them. So many wonderful fabrics to consider. Thanks for your site, I love checking it out.

    142. Jess says:

      The charm pack is sooo, well, charming!

    143. Randi says:

      Those fabrics would make the cutest little quilt for a little one wouldn’t they?

    144. Pam says:

      Wow! What a great giveaway! I love everything being offered. Thanks for all you do.

    145. Caitlin says:

      Cute fabrics, and neat giveaway prizes!

    146. Judith says:

      Would love to have the book FABRiCATE. And thanksfor the tutorials, I learn so much everyday.

    147. Anne says:

      Wow what a giveaway – fingers crossed that I am lucky!

    148. Maryellen says:

      This is a great giveaway. Happy Spring!

    149. Andrea Methvin says:

      I am a big Tina Givens fan-so the sweet little bird fabric is just lovely. Hope to win. Thanks Sew Mama Sew-I love to check in everyday for fresh new ideas, suggestions, etc. Happy Weekend everyone!

    150. Amy says:

      What a fun giveaway! That book looks amazing! So does the Wonderland!

    151. Shannon says:

      I am so glad the silhouette by tina is back:) I am thinking of using this fabric in my guest room…maybe as a wall hanging, blanket…something I must find a place for it:)

    152. Victoria says:

      Ahhhh! Spring fabrics! I’d love to win anything! Thanks for the opportunities!

    153. Splomo says:

      The Momo Wonderland charm pack keeps calling to me from the SMS store. It’s been in my shopping card so many times, and always moves to the wish list because I also love the coordinating prints that SMS doesn’t carry right now. Like pepper, and metamorphosis, and the green (pistachio?) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dums. So evocative, wild, and invigorating.

    154. Julie says:

      I adore the fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

    155. Debra says:

      More awesome give-aways! You guys are the best!

    156. Jill says:

      Love the Snippets by American Jane, beautiful!

    157. Jill says:

      LOVE the fabric squares from MoMo! The only problem would be deciding what exactly to use them for, I have so many ideas!!!

    158. Amanda says:

      Is Alexander Henry single? I want to marry him. 🙂

    159. Anne in SC says:

      Love the new Snippets by American Jane.

    160. Francis Moore says:

      I would loe to win a charm pack.

    161. Laura says:

      Love, love, love MODA!!!

    162. Lauren says:

      The charm pack and the Fabricate book look fantastic!

    163. tanja says:

      Wuha! What a delicious fabric! And the sharpeners look like they came from the Future – great!

    164. joyce Davies says:

      Love these products, book, and cute fabric! Have a relaxing weekend!

    165. Anne says:

      I would love to win any of these prizes!

    166. JenniMac says:

      I love all your beautiful fabric! Thanks for all of the great ideas!! I always find something I want to try on your blog.

    167. Chris Davis says:

      I covet the wonderland prints but those sharpeners are a must-have! Thanks for the chance to win them.

    168. katey says:

      I love the Wonderland fabric. wonderful prizes!!!!! thanks for the chance!!!

    169. Janet says:

      oh my gosh, free, free, free. I am in free overload. It would be wonderful to win any of theses awesome treats. 😉

    170. Judy says:

      Marvelous giveaways! I would love to add the charm pack to my stash, my scissors need sharpening, and I’ve been eying those patterns at my favorite sewing shop in town.

    171. cat says:

      I have to agree with everyone else, the fabrics are just too cute!!

    172. kelly says:

      ah! loving the springtime colors!

    173. Julie says:

      As always, fantastic giveaways!

    174. Sher says:

      What lovely items. The cover of “Fabricate’ is wonderful so I think the whole book will be a winner. Also love the charm pack.

    175. Rebecca says:

      That bird fabric is adorable!!! Who am I kidding? I love it all!

    176. Jerrie says:

      Love those sharpeners, and that cute fabric

    177. goodness gracious great giveaways over here 😀 love your stuff!!!

    178. Andrea says:

      I’d love to win something! Especially those fabrics …

    179. Emily says:

      Wow, all the prizes in this giveaway are either very gorgeous or very useful!

    180. christine says:

      heading over there now but i will be back. it is time for me to order a oliver + s pattern. i have been seeing some really cute finished peices made from those patterns and it is time for me to jump on the bandwagon! thanks for another great giveaway offer.

    181. Millie says:

      what a fun giveaway! i love the charm pack-

    182. Kim B. says:

      Great giveaways!!!! Fingers crossed!

    183. Susan says:

      That MoMo charm pack is great! I would love to get my hands on that!!
      Thanks for all the great information and great give-aways.

    184. hilary says:

      I love the dots and birds fabric!

    185. carolyn says:

      I love the new space age looking tools. Gizmos are so much fun. And the fabric looks like Spring.
      We are waiting for a blizzard to hit this afternoon….geez.

    186. Sarah says:

      What a great give away this week! Your blog is so awesome. I cant wait to do some spring sewing

    187. Martha says:

      Ooh, so many wonderful things! It would be such a treat to win some free fabric. 🙂

    188. beverly says:

      Great stuff! Thanks for doing this giveaway. I love the new spring fabrics.

    189. Carrie says:

      Oh good gosh! What a wonderful giveaway! Please pick me!

    190. sANDY says:

      What fun things in the giveaway. You reminded me that I need to get my scissors sharpened!

    191. Monica says:

      Please enter me in the giveaway. I would love to win any of those fabulous prizes!

    192. em says:

      You guys have awesome ideas, features, and of course, fabric selections. LOVE the polka dot!

    193. Jen P says:

      I LOVE your site for all the awesome resources, tips, inspiration and awesome fabric!

    194. midge english says:

      I would love to have a chance at one of the wonderful prizes!!!!!!!!!!

    195. Christa says:

      I love the oliver + s patterns, they are adorable, as well as the MOMO Charm pack. I think a beautiful little bag out of the charm pack would be perfect.

    196. wow, those wonderland fabrics are beautiful! thanks for keeping us all up to date with the giveaways and contests! can’t wait to start being a part of it 🙂


    197. Heather says:

      the pintuck dress is just too darling. now I need a new foot:)–need/want. . . I love the wonderland, too. so many fun ideas and such great sharing on the forum.

    198. Jodi Connell says:

      All of this is so exciting! The fabrics are beautiful!

    199. Sara says:

      What an amazing amount of giveaways and new stuff in the shop. As always, Sew mama sew is awesome!

    200. Angela says:

      I love Wonderland and can’t wait to get my hands on some of it!!!

    201. shelly henry says:

      I love free friday giveaways, just what a girl needs after 6 inches of snow and the river is rising.

    202. Rose Wickler says:

      Oh my gosh! These are all such beautiful fabrics. I’m off the the websites to check out more!!

    203. INEZ FOREMAN says:

      Wow, is all I can say.

    204. Shannon says:

      How beautiful! I love the fabric! Lots of stuff!

    205. I absolutely love this blog, so much inspiration. Please enter me in the current giveaway and thanks for sharing…Kathy

    206. sommer says:

      pick me

    207. Camilla says:

      Would love giveaway number 4

    208. Sarah says:

      There are some great items this week for give-aways. I really like the Polka Pink Fabric by Tina Givens.

    209. Margaret says:

      Gosh I would love to win any of these items. Maybe today is my lucky day!

    210. Renee says:

      I hope I win! I LOVE FFF! You are awesome!

    211. kari says:

      what lovely giveaways! as always great fabrics & great ideas:)

    212. corina says:

      I love the Silhouette Polka Pink! I can see a lovely spring/summer top made from that fabric or maybe a dress from the Oliver + S patterns. I’ll try to get the Fabricate book from my local library for more ideas and sewing tips. As I’ve mentioned on previous comments, I am new to sewing and really appreciate sites like this to provide ideas, advice, and a great community. Enjoy the weekend!

    213. MegVS says:

      These all look great! Happy Friday!

    214. jm says:

      WOW! Off to the forum.

    215. whitney says:

      What great giveaways!! I love the polka pink fabric.

    216. tjesa says:

      Gotta love the Alexander Henry fabric… would make a great Easter dress for a little one!

    217. Cassi says:

      Wow so many giveaways! I wish you could win something like a “clean house.” Ahh, that would be so wonderful right about now.

    218. Kandie says:

      Ever since Jennifer’s purse tutorial hit the Fat Quarter Friday column, I’ve been making purses left and right. That polka-dot material with birds along the side would be ADORABLE as a purse! And one of a kind, as well!

    219. Anja says:

      Wow, this is great!
      You guys are amazing.

    220. catherine says:

      I love the A. Henry fabric! I am most definitely ready for spring whether or not mother nature agrees with me. The wonderland charm pack also makes me thing of spring – perhaps the two go well together?

    221. Kim says:

      Wow- what a fun giveaway. FABRiCATE looks like a great book to get my hands on… who dosen’t need a scissors sharpener, and Wonderland charm pack, I’m dreaming!

    222. Angi Wood says:

      I’m coveting the wonderland charm pack…

    223. brenda king says:

      Hopefully this will be my lucky day. I’ve never won.

    224. Mrs. H. says:

      Those new prints for Easter are precious!

    225. Marlana says:

      Spring brings out the beautiful colors and inspiration seems to follow.

    226. Angel S. says:

      Great giveaways! I’m off to the forums!

    227. Love the Wonderland prints!!! My brain is spinning with ideas.

    228. Margie says:

      Oh that fabric is so yummy!! Love the charm packs too.

    229. Becky says:

      I love looking at your site each morning to get inspiration for my day.

    230. Judy says:

      I love the Tina Givens fabric!! Great for the retro dress pattern I just bought!

    231. Keri says:

      Wow! How much fun are those polka dots?! Especially the yellow. LOVE the yellow!

    232. Diane says:

      What a great giveaway! Enter me in!
      Have a Blessed Day,

    233. miss v says:

      such a great post. thanks…. and i love the fabrics this week. i love the tina givens polka print. a must have, for sure!

    234. Tori says:

      Thanks for the forum links!

    235. April says:

      Oh my… what a wonderful giveway! Everything I see I love… and a knife and scissors sharpener… how useful!

    236. I would like to enter for the free fabric Friday!

    237. Lisa says:

      What great giveaways! A scissor sharpener that really works would be worth it’s weight in gold;)

    238. Katie says:

      I am finding this site to be oh so helpful in my sewing journey that I have just begun. I enjoy looking at all of the beautiful fabric and projects on here. Thanks!

    239. Meredith says:

      I *adore* that Tina Givens Print! *fans self*

    240. KaeleyAnne says:

      There are so many wonderful giveaways this week!

    241. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

      Love your blog gorgeous easter fabrics and love that book fabricate.! I hope to sew all weekend and go to a local craft quilt show.

    242. Elizabeth says:

      Oh my goodness! I’m the first??? The wonderland fabric is delicious and I always need a new pattern and idea book! I hope I can someday win a giveaway!!!

    243. Kandra Young says:

      I’m loving the fabric Silhouette Polka Pink – it makes me smile. 🙂

      I’m having a giveaway at my site – I’ll have to email Kristin – thanks for the reminder!

    244. Mel says:

      Yay! Firsties!! Love those sharpeners, and that cute fabric!

    245. Sara K says:

      I love all your fabrics! I visit your site daily, and have made many of the projects featured on the blog.

    246. Alice S says:

      I love the Wonderland fabric. Hope I win some!

    247. Sarah J says:

      There are some beautiful fabrics there – very ‘spring like’ I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

    248. kangaroo says:

      I’d love the Moda charm pack–perfect for the stacked coins quilt I’m working on! Thank you so much for yet another fabulous giveaway!

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