Free Fabric Friday

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I love to take nature walks with my daughter this time of year.  We search for signs of Spring:  buds on the cherry tree; daffodils poking out of the earth; a single ladybug on the drainpipe (jumping the gun, to be quite honest.) 

There are many signs of Spring in the shop this week.  Fresh new fabrics indicate that we’ve turned a corner.

Fiona by Anna Griffin

Flower Power by Jennifer Paganelli

Neptune by Tula Pink

Wonderland by MoMo

April is Spring Sewing month here on the blog.  We’re working hard to plan a fun-filled, informative and inspirational series of posts.  In the meantime, we’d love to hear about what you have on your sewing agenda for the next month or two.  Tell us what kind of Spring sewing you’d like to do.  On Monday we’ll select four people to win one yard of fabric from the shop, and two more people to win one of the tech cozies that Rebecca made for her tutorial last month.  Have a great weekend!

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814 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. brittany says:

    I love the new spring fabrics! I want to sew some more cloth diapers and cloth wipes to help bulk up my diaper drawer a little.

  2. Cohen says:

    I’m so anxious for spring! I am loving the Wonderland and Fiona fabric collections – I’m thinking a beach tote…

  3. Lisa says:

    Love the fabric! Love Sew, Mama, Sew! I am working on a skirt for myself and a skirt for my daughter. I’m working up the courage to make a bag.

  4. JakeHilfter says:

    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

  5. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    I’m going to make the Whirlygiggles out of 30’s reproductions. It makes me feel like doing cartwheels again. But of course i’d never at my age.

  6. june says:

    I am going to make more and more spring totes and bags… 🙂

  7. LUZ says:


  8. Donna S says:

    Gorgeous fabrics you have there! After I finish the pillow cases for a little girl in the hspital, and the rag “I Spy” quilt for a friend’s new baby, then I’ll finish at least one of MY new bags! LOL Seems like I never make anything for myself, but I am determined to finish this awesome purse.
    hmm…that Fionna collection would make some very cherry pillowcases for some sick kids stuck in a hospital!

  9. ruth philps says:

    I haven’t done any serious sewing for years but am totally inspired by your gorgeous blog and love jennifers fabrics….I’m sure it wouldn’t take me long to add a drop of oil into my machine to get it humming again!!

  10. Debbsie says:

    I’m dressing up my kitchen a bit and making new oven mitts.

  11. Danielle says:

    I am new to the sewing biz but I am going to try to do some Easter and spring decorations. I want to try to do some bunny paper piecing and make some wall hangings. I also inheirted a bunch of butterfly blocks from my ex husbands great grandmother so I will be making some fun things with those. I think that I will spread them out into several wall hangings or table runners and give them to the other family members.

  12. Bridgette says:

    Wow! What neat fabric! =)

  13. Lisa Eichholtz says:

    Let’s see. Over the next few months, my goals are to make a couple of tops (using a really nice Project Runway pattern from Simplicity) and to finally finish my daughter’s “going away to school quilt” (said daughter went away to school in September 2007, so let’s just say this is a little late – luckily, she’s still away so it can still count!).

  14. Kate Etue says:

    I’ve cut out three dresses for my two year old daughter and I can’t wait to finish them!

  15. Dawn says:

    I would love to win some fabric. I am new to quilting and am slowly building a stash. Please pick me 😉


  16. Alice says:

    Goodness those fabrics seem infused with Spring! I’d love a chance to work some sunshine into my sewing with a lovely yard of one of your beauties. I might start with the buttercup bag pattern that just turned me on to your blog…

  17. Pam says:

    I am sewing for two swaps, one a handbag and another just a spring theme. My 20 year old daughter has requested some sun dresses so that is definitely Spring sewing, in addition I have an apron planned and a couple of purses for gifts.

  18. Miranda says:

    The Spring Fabrics are just beautiful. I just found this blog, and I know that I will be back. I can’t wait to start some spring projects. I really need to start on some nice bags to carry lttle things in.

  19. Morgan says:

    i JUST started sewing a few weeks ago and i have completed one skirt so far!
    i started on a top last night, and hope to finish this week.
    once i get more fabric i’d love to do another skirt…maybe a wrap.
    also, i’d love to start making clothing for friends and family.
    namely my mother who bought me my brand new Brother sewing machine! 🙂

  20. lesley says:

    I always have way more things on my list to make than I can do. I’m planning on making Heather Bailey’s purse and the camera case from your tutorial!

  21. Amy says:

    I would like to make one of those cozy’s for the 5 gallon paint buckets for putting your gardening tools in. I love the butterfly fabrics and such. I can’t wait for spring weather!

  22. corina says:

    Those are absolutely fabulous fabrics. I just bought my very first sewing machine about a month ago. I am excited about making lovely things for our new home and for friends who are expecting (my first project was a baby blanket — it turned out great!). Just yesterday I placed my first order on Sew Mama Sew…can’t wait till it arrives!

  23. carrie says:

    I have so many friends having babies, that I plan on making something from Amy Butler’s new book.

  24. Lauranie says:

    I love the Wonderland fabric!! I plan to finally try shirring!! I love the shirred sundresses, so that is what I will be doing!

  25. Heather A says:

    Mmm Spring. The freshness in the air gives me energy and makes me want to be more productive. I am trying not to be TOO ambitious, but I have plans to try my hand at curtain making, as well as a patchwork table runner. Wish me luck!

  26. Amy Vaughan says:

    These fabrics or so beautiful. This spring I am going to teach my oldest daughter, who just turned six, how to sew. She has been begging me to teach her, so my mother gave my dd her old sewing machine. She wants to sew one that she can “twirl around in and feel pretty”.
    By the way, I love your blog. It’s my morning read with a cup of coffee.

  27. My Spring sewing includes, but is certainly not limited to:
    my first quilt with Oh Fransonn,
    birthday presents for my best friend, including a fabric covered notebook, pencil roll and album,
    some sun dresses for my little princess, a lounge set for my son (pj’s)
    and a cat for my husband.
    I am sure there is so much more…..

  28. Rachel says:

    I have some spring shirts and skirts that I am dying to start but I have to finish my winter quilting yet!

  29. isabel f. says:

    hi!! as always , lovely fabrics you have :DDD
    and I always have many, many cushions in my head :DDD, they have to leave me out:)))
    hugs Isabel

  30. mel says:

    I am hoping to sew some more bags for presents and some dresses for my daughter.

  31. larici says:

    My spring plans include several family gifts. But I am still in the first phase, looking around for inspiration.

  32. Bronwyn says:

    Fabric or a tech cosie – would love either one! Thanks peoples!

  33. I am making tons of birdie slings and camera straps and oh a door stop.
    Loving the Spring weather and floral material

  34. Kate Dixon says:

    I am making 2 easter hats, sewing a few tunic style tops for my little girl and some lovely shorts for the little man in my life. Along with quilts, napkins, bags and anything else that catches my eye!

  35. min says:

    I think I’m going to attempt a roman shade. I’d really love to see a real one done via tutorial. There’s not much out there to look at. I’m just kindof winging it. Maybe I’ll wait for the April schedule to see what you’ve got up your sleeves. 🙂

  36. Tammi says:

    I/m going to make a bag, and some market bags, and get started on a new quilt.

  37. linda kl says:

    love the new fabric!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  38. Charlotte says:

    I am about to start working on several things… baby gifts for mommy-to- be friends, birthday gifts for girlfriends, and a jump on the holidays since I have decided to make all my gifts for this year.

  39. Leah says:

    I am new to sewing and am looking forward to trying my hand at sewing spring dresses and skirts for my 2-yr-old daughter. She won’t know if I make mistakes, so long as she can twirl around in her new skirt 😉

  40. Karen Cooper says:

    I really want to finish the quilt for my daughter. I would like to do some easter sewing too.

  41. Amanda says:

    Those fabrics are great. I especially love the Wonderland line. So cute! I’m hoping to finish up some pillowcase dresses for my girls this week and hopefully start our Easter dresses.

  42. Katy says:

    I want to make chalkboard mats or crayon rolls.

  43. Holly Matsuo says:

    I am working on a quilt, Studio Chic, using some of my favorite Amy Butler and Heather Ross fabrics. Since I couldn’t wait, I started and just finished some cloth napkins from Heather Ross’ new book, Weekend Sewing. On the waiting dock is Oliver + S “2 + 2” shirt in a pale rose print.

  44. All8 says:

    My BIL is getting married the end of May. The daily 650mgs of iron I’m taking is starting to take effect and I just might be able to sew the dresses for my girls to wear to the event. Yesterday, I cut out 2 dresses, 2 spring tops, and a pair of capri pants, for my 2 little girls. Today, sewed one of the tops and the pants. I’d really like to sew a cute shirt and skirt for myself to wear to the wedding too. I love the fabrics that you’ve highlighted. Fingers crossed.

  45. Amy Struckmeyer says:

    I’m planning to finish the apron that I gave my husband for christmas — it still needs topstitching. Also, I’ll be sewing a sun hat for myself (from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing), and burp cloths and tooth fairie pillows to sell. I’d like to start a patchwork table runner for my dining room table and I have an idea for a giraffe softie. Whew, now that I’ve written it all down, it sounds like a lot! I’d better get back to my sewing machine…

  46. Katherine says:

    I love the fiona and wonderland fabrics! I have a lot of baby gifts to sew. There’s nothing like making tiny little baby things in the springtime!

  47. Kat says:

    I’m addicted to tote bags right now. They make me think of summer and they’re so fun to make!

  48. Christen says:

    Those spring fabrics are quite inspiring! I would love to get to the stack of material I have for some baby blankets- especially since I’ll have a new baby to gift them to soon.

  49. Rebecca says:

    First, I would love to use up all those lovely fat quarters from the swap. Spring handbags sound good to me! Also, I’m making some Easter gifts, and have several baby showers to attend, so lots of baby quilts! Spring is in the air!

  50. brittany says:

    i am just on my way to pull out the sewing machine and work on a quilted picnic blanket (with rock pockets, of course!) because here in florida, picnic season has begun!

  51. Barb says:

    I’m making a whirlygig quilt with my friend for our other friend’s wedding present. Can’t wait to get started!

  52. Jan says:

    I have been teaching my daughter to sew. We’ve been working on baby quilts and other small projects. These fabrics are lovely!

  53. Jenna says:

    I am teaching my daughter to sew. We’ve been working on baby quilts and other small projects. I love these fabrics!

  54. Kate M. says:

    OOOooo, the Neptune line may be my new favorite. My spring wardrobe is lacking right now, so maybe my spring sewing will include my first article of clothing— a skirt!

  55. Joanna says:

    Next thing up is some fely food for some easter presents, new cushions for the chairs in our living room and clothed for my girl. Love that wonderland fabric!!

  56. Hayden says:

    To celebrate both the arrival of spring and my second daughter, I am planning a crib-sized quilt using Alexander Henry’s Floral Fantasma as the dominant fabric. It is going to be a challenge finding fabric to compliment the strong (& borderline psychedelic) pattern, but immersing myself in pinks and greens will be the perfect way to welcome back the sun!

  57. daniela says:

    i can’t wait to break out the pastel fabric that i’ve been collecting and sew some new doll clothes and maybe even a plush bunny. 🙂

  58. Erin says:

    I’m planning on making some skirts for me, some bandanna pants from Blue Yonder’s tutorial for one of my sons, and a picnic quilt for taking to the playground and our town’s outdoor concert series this summer.

  59. Aubree says:

    I love the fabrics! Especially the ones that are flowery and romantic! I plan on finally making a baby blanket for my 9 month old! and I’d love to make a new spring quilt for our bed (maybe something green and damask??) thanks!

  60. I reaaaaaallllly long for sewing this tunic blouse from ms ross georgeous book – this is totally spring for me!
    kindest regards from europe

  61. mary M SMith says:

    I just love this site. You have so many wonderful tutorial’s that help me on my journey with sewing. I would love some of these fat quarters for spring sewing projects for me and my daughter.

  62. Char says:

    I’m planning to complete a wall hanging quilt with batiks in jewel tones and an off-white background. I can’t recall the block’s name, but it’s something like Dutchman’s puzzle, with flying geese arranged in a pinwheel formation. And then I’m on to another wall hanging quilt in rich reds and purples, a little orange, too. It will have blocks with wavy seams, but I’m not sure yet how that one will end up–I’m planning to piece it improvisationally… (can you plan an improvisation?) PS I love that Neptune line!

  63. MaryP says:

    Definitely planning to make my first purse. I’ve made tons of quilts but never a purse!

  64. alison says:

    I have plans to make a few purses, a skirt or two, and hopefully finish the couch cushion covers I started a year ago!

  65. Chris says:

    New to your site, but love all the info and comments AND the beautiful fabric! I am getting ready to make 7 bridesmaid dresses for my son’s and his fiance’s wedding then I hope to make some small quilted things, ie table runner, lap quilt, wall hanging…you know how it goes more to do than time permits! :0) I would LOVE to win the fabric!

  66. glenna says:

    I am looking forward to sewing a light springy purse/diaper bag to throw all of my and my son’s stuff into…something floral or polka-dotty…something like that! 🙂

  67. Carol says:

    I will be sewing some birthday presents, maybe some mother’s day bags and maybe some cute clothing for my baby nieces.

  68. Catherine says:

    Well its definitely not spring where I live downunder in NZ but I’m loving all those spring fabrics anyway. At the moment I’m sort of doing a spring makeover in our house. Making new cushions and seat covers as we have a few visitors coming over the next few weeks so thats always a good excuse to revamp your interiors.

  69. Elena says:

    Hi everyone,
    Actually I’m working on two handbags. I’m thinking about to use bamboo handles in one of them, but I’m not sure. On the other hand on June I will take part on our local comercial fair with hanbags, wallets and brooches. Is my first time and I’m a little nervous cause I’ve a lot of work to make and I don’t have enough stuff.
    Three collections are lovely, but maybe my favourite one is Neptune by Tula pink, and scissors fabric by Momo, is really cute.

  70. Laura says:

    I’m planning to sew “gratitude wraps” (pattern from Soule Mama) for mother’s day gifts.

  71. Maria says:

    I’m now making summer clothes for my three kids.

  72. Jenny Kim says:

    diaper bags, dresses, dog bed, just too many to list!

  73. Kate says:

    Skirts, skirts and more skirts for my toddler. That’s the plan, at least. And maybe a nice set of linens.

  74. Christine says:

    I’m actually > finishing sewing some Christmas presents…LAST Christmas!! We didn’t get to see one part of our family this past Christmas…they were sick and then we were sick…so I’m finishing the little bits before we see them in a few weeks.

  75. Baba says:

    I am planning on making my grand-daughters some dresses.

  76. Laura says:

    I’m making tab curtains from white Italian gauze for our bedroom and I’m excited to be able to let in the spring sunshine with them! I’m also making a baby for my niece who will turning 7 in April!

  77. Heather Flowers says:

    I just LOVE your site… I accidently came upon it a few months ago and it has truly inspired me to sew more. I have made several Fat Quarter Handbags for friends and family and am currently working on some more for friends with upcoming birthdays. I also have plans to make some neat things for my nephews and niece in the next few weeks. Thanks for all your inspiration 🙂

  78. Jo says:

    Just finished a Mei-Tai for my baby boy – my first sewing project and it didn’t fall apart! Was then inspired to make some baby trousers and a top for him out of an old jumper and t-shirt. Am now thoroughly addicted to sewing and creative blogs and have just started a patchwork quilt, with a sunhat and a bag for my sister in the pipeline. Trying to live frugal this year so using all fabrics from old clothes/sheets etc – though I’m sure I could spend a fortune on beautiful fabrics if I let myself! Love this site and love the spring-inspired fabrics!

  79. Valerie says:

    Anything with flowers, fresh bright colors, etc. After I finish the quilt I’m working on I have this beautiful butterfly fabric I plan to make an apron with for my hubby’s grandmother.

  80. Katherine says:

    I cannot wait to make oodles of pretty spring dresses!

  81. Emily says:

    The next thing on my list for spring sewing is an adorable patchwork dress for my daughter, made from the cutest bundle of fat quarters – all cow-themed with some yummy pink thrown in!

  82. DeerDominique says:

    It’s exploding with green buds and daffodils here. My sewing room is almost remodeled! So soon there will be a frenzy of sewing….skirts for me, a dress and some skirts too for my wee daughter, …New curtains in 4 rooms…Can’t wait!

  83. abby says:

    A new baby coming home so lots of “baby” items in the works: Bibs, burp cloths, booties, and if I’m brave – a new diaper bag. Plus my daughter needs a summer wardrobe. This year will probably be lots of skirts and sundresses since she likes the twirly outfits.

  84. DianeM says:

    Good Morning : )
    My latest sewing project will be with Thangles! I read another’s blog post about these & had to buy some for myself & then of course I needed a jelly roll to go with them…so after much searching & sifting I decided on Swanky… the Thangles have arrived, just waiting for the Swanky to come…”postman, postman, don’t be slow, be like batman…go, man, go!” Then I will dust off my old Kenmore & start sewing half square triangles & quarter square triangles & see what comes of it. Smiles, DianeM

  85. Shellyfish says:

    My big Spring plans include making (well finishing, because I’ve already started it) a dress for my daughter, and some new pants for her, too. She just had a major growing spurt and all her pants have become clam diggers!
    I’m also trying to think of something special to make for my mum’s 60th birthday in April. Trying to find something really special, like her!

  86. I want to make matching Easter outfits for my boys, so I have to find and idea that will work for a 2 year old (still looks good in “baby” type styles) and a 4 year old, who looks too big for jumpers and rompers.

    I also want to make dresses for my nieces and monogrammed gingham longalls for my shop.

    I so want to make pretty tote bags to hang on hooks in our utility room to store all of our beach stuff, library stuff, diaper bag stuff.

    Oh, did I mention a diapies and wipies case for us to take to church with us and a cell phone holder that I can carry on my belt or wrap around my waist. Oh…and I still want a pretty retro apron for myself, window treatments for my house, and a new table cloth and outdoor cushions with Anna Marie Horner’s new oilcloth.

    I better get off the computer and get to sewing.

  87. Claudia S. says:

    I am going to need a new spring apron for working with my plants and some colourful bunting flags for my balcony plants containers.
    Those fabrics are beautiful!!!

  88. Bette M. says:

    Soooooooo loving that Neptune line!!!

    Since spring seems to be the time for babies around these parts, I’m working on finishing up some baby quilts. My best friend is having a baby girl next month, so I’ve got a few little outfits for her on the agenda too. Since I have all boys in my house, I’m particularly excited about sewing for a little girl!

    Lastly, as I do every spring, I’m going to make a new handbag for me….the Amy Butler Birdie Sling.

  89. Kristi C says:

    I am going to make my boys some new pajamas and myself a new apron. Oh and a bag too! I need it to put my knitting items into.
    Those fabrics are so lovely and inspiring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. dalia says:

    I want to finally finish a quilt (fingers crossed:).

  91. Asa says:

    I am EXCITED for warm weather sewing! I’ve already started on basic tees and shorts, but these pictures have me practically rubbing my hands together in gleeful anticipation of sweet, girly dresses, ruffly capris (recently fallen in love with the P. Pixie ruffle pants here!), twirly ruffly skirts!

  92. Amy says:

    I find all kinds of things I would love to sew and duplicate – a quilt for my daughters bed, a new handbag for myself :), cute fabric boxes for organization, etc, etc, etc….now if I actually get to any of them that is another story. Currently I am sewing a light weight robe for myself. 🙂

  93. ramona says:

    i just got my mom’s old sewing machine, and have been using old sheets to sew up some “simple” things for spring and summer for my 2 and a half year old daughter. i am also expecting so i am going to try to sew a nursing cover, and some things for the our new baby girl due in july. i love these fabrics!

  94. Amanda says:

    New spring/summer clothes for me and the babes!

  95. Erika says:

    I would love to make my daughter an Easter Dress for the first time! She and I just cant see to find any fabric locally we cant live without!

  96. Ann says:

    I am making bags to sell at our church fundraiser, new envelope pillow covers, and a new Easter dress for my 4 year old girl. I have found most of these patterns off your blog. Thank you for the ideas and motivation!

  97. Beverly says:

    I’m planning on making spring skirts for my daughter. One is w/ the Wizard of Oz material. She’s such a fan. Would love to win some new material to add to the skirt selection!
    Did I mention how much I love spring!

  98. Lavina says:

    Oh how I love Spring!

  99. Jennifer says:

    My spring projects are two: the first is to make a stacked coin quilt for my 7-day-old daughter. I had hoped to get it done before she arrived, but all I managed to do was purchase the fabric for the coins. I have since picked up the rest of the front fabric, backing and batting, so I’m set to begin! The second project is the Spool birds from their free pattern. I will be making 10 of them and mounting them on a branch to display above my daughter’s crib. I’m excited to start both of these baby projects this spring while I stay home with her during her first couple of months!

  100. Jackie Sue says:

    I’d like to get my daughters butterflies antennae sewn – hand embroidery. I need to buy some tools/notions. I would like to buy some red work and learn it. I also want to finish my MILs quilt – she made a quilted skirt, actually 2 but didnt finish and i want them to be blankets. I’s like to do some applique too, like sun bonnet sue or make something up or maybe flowers. i dont know!!!! sew much i’d like to do.. i’l be on some prego bed rest…

  101. Emma says:

    I’m working on getting an etsy shop up in the next few months. My first product? This laptop case! (I’d love some feedback!)

  102. Carrie says:

    I’m making some Easter clothes… ties for my three boys and husband (to match) and a dress for our little lady and a skirt for me…. we’ll be fancy and festive – hopefully classy as all get out…. but not too fancy that we won’t be able to play and have fun! 🙂 Oh, and I’m also making some blouses and play clothes for the little lady! 🙂

  103. Ashley Kate says:

    Making a new spring/summer dress and a new quilt for the bed!

  104. Bags bags bags!!!

  105. Shelby says:

    What sassy fabric! My crafting plans for this week are sock monkeys and pillowcase dresses.

  106. Kathleen G. says:

    I have got to sew some spring shirts and dresses for my girls! What I’m finding in the clothing stores just doesn’t excite any of us … not the way all the beautiful new Spring/Summer fabrics do!

  107. Uhh, a little flowery bag to bring a book, a little blanket and some tea to the park for those first rays of sun…

  108. Jeanne says:

    Well let’s see, I am working on an embroidery BOM with some quilty friends, I have a shirtings lap quilt going and I want to start on a couple of others, 1 is a denim/shirtings log cabin quilt and the other is a vintage linen 4 or 9 patch, I haven’t decided which. Anyone have any suggestions? My plan is to d 4/9 patches and sashing inbetween with white and then a solid color block next to the white sashing, so every block will have white sashing and every other block will be a 4 or 9 patch and every other block will be a vintage solid. Doesn’t that sound cute!!!!!!!! lots of spring projects, I just have to get busy on them.

  109. Stephanie says:

    After a long time sewing for others, I’d like to make some Easter dresses for my little girls and do some more sewing for them. Nothing is more fun than making things for my daughters!

  110. lynn whelan says:

    I’m still thinking small as I am finding my way back to sewing ever-so-slowly. There is a favorite top of mine that I would love to make a pattern from so I can make more.

  111. Mary Beth says:

    spring is here! Love the fabric!

  112. megan says:

    working on some spring/summer clothes to get the through the still grey weather here in virginia

  113. Julie says:

    Tops on the list for spring projects for me ar a scrappy and bright picnic blanket and a fresh wondeful mega tote to take to the farmer’s market. The springy fabrics you profiled are inspiring!!

  114. Loullabelle says:

    Such lovely fresh colours! I can see these making a beautiful quilt with a neutral back drop, something light and cool for what will hopefully be a long, hot summer ahead!

  115. Kristina says:

    Loving the new Spring Fabrics! On my sewing agenda is Spring bunting for my Grandmother, a purse for my sister and a new seersucker dress for myself. Can’t wait to get started!

  116. Jody says:

    I’m looking forward to sewing some summer dresses for my one year old daughter! I’d love to win some new fabric though!! Crossing my fingers!

  117. willow says:

    I am so excited to see new fabrics in the store, especially Tula Pink’s!

  118. Carol says:

    I am working on squaring-up some little triangles (already sewn into squares), that a lady from a retreat last year was throwing away, I couldn’t believe she was throwing away that Spring Meadow line from Moda away. Anyway, I snatched it up! The finished blocks will be 1 3/4″ and I an going to sew 4 together to make windmills, that will be 3″ finished if I did the math correctly. I will have 30 blocks!!! After I get the windmills sewn, I will decide if I need to add strips around the blocks or just how I will set the blocks. It has been a PIG on and off over this past year. I am looking forward to a finished project soon!

  119. Margaret says:

    Aprons…I love to make aprons in the spring!

  120. Kelly says:

    Those spring fabrics are great! I am just getting into sewing and quilting and would love to use those for my first project!

  121. Ange says:

    I’m making a little pinafore, top and trousers set for my friend’s newborn baby from Sandi Henderson fabric that I have been saving. I’m really enjoying it!

  122. Jenny says:

    I’m ready to sew up some baby bonnets, with little matching purses 🙂

  123. Lisa says:

    I love the orange and brown circles. I’m trying to think what project I want to use it for.

  124. Liz says:

    I am currently working on Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling bag, potholders with matching kitchen towels, and fabric-covered magnetized boards. All of these projects aside from the Birdie Sling have come from tutorials and posts that you have shared from your blog.

  125. Ariel says:

    on my agenda this next month: an extra long quilt for my extra tall hubby as well as a special birthday lap quilt for my momma 😉 I’ll be using Katie Jump Rope fabrics by Denyse Schmidt for the extra long quilt and Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden fabrics in turquoise and red for the lap quilt. Love those fabrics!

  126. Jessica says:

    I plan on making a bunch of totes to get ready for beach trips, birthdays and my own enjoyment. I really like to make matching goodies, it’s like automatic organization! Spring cleaning, without actually cleaning, haha.

  127. Alisa says:

    Mmm, spring, I love it! (It’s raining today.)

    I have just completed some spring wardrobe sewing for my girls and am looking forward to sewing a bathroom curtain, window topper and changing pads for my newly renovated bathroom. Also few bibs and receiving blankets for some new babies that keep popping up over here. My kids and I are planning to make some things from felt on their spring break. I think it will be alot of fun – they are getting to be the right ages for that kind of thing. Spring… what a beautiful time of year!

  128. stacy says:

    It definitely feels like spring looking at those fabrics!

  129. Mindy says:

    I love the wonderland series. I hope to sew some sun suits and dresses for the little ones and lots of aprons and bibs.

  130. CIndy says:

    I love those fabrics! Spring means new beginnings to me–more than New Years! I plan to make some little fabric boxes to organize some notions in my sewing space–some aprons, maybe a sweet little puff sleeve purple dress for my granddaughter.

  131. Carrie P. says:

    I am going to finish up a Robyn Pandolph pattern that has a bunny and other spring related applique on it. I will hang this for Easter.

  132. Natasha says:

    Wow I have to say those fabrics are beautiful and every way spring like. I am teaching myself to sew….This week I am going to be working on a zippered pouch. I do alot of cross stitch and I crochet I have a tendency to misplace my needles and scissors.
    I have seen these zippered pouches at fine craft stores for 45 dollars or more. So I wanted to try and make my own. It may not look as pretty as those expensive bags but it will be “mine”
    Take Care

  133. Pam says:

    Spring sewing…a new table runner and skirts for my girls, just for “starters.” Love your collection of fabrics!

  134. Tami says:

    Just last week I bought material ONLINE for the first time ever!! I was inspired by an adorable quilt that was featured on the Moda Bake Shop’s blog. I can’t wait to make my ‘Betty’s Baby Towtie quilt…except I’m using Snippets and some other fun bright spring colors. It’s all cut and ready to start this afternoon!!

    More gorgeous spring material for the stash is always welcome and would be greatly appreciated!!

  135. MoniQ in WI says:

    Some twirly skirts for my daughter, while she is still interested in wearing them!

  136. Sharon says:

    Those are beautiful fabrics! I really need to start making some more aprons. Mine are getting rather old and stained. I’m such a messy cook!

  137. Melissa says:

    I wanted to make Easter dresses for my girls, but my husband forbade it! He’s right, I have too many projects in the works already. I’m still working on the quilt I started 2 months ago, and I have several baby shower gifts in the works.

  138. Andrea says:

    I am redecorating my bedroom. It is the last room in our house to get attention. So, I’m going to be working on a duvet and throw pillows. I’m also using extra fabric to wrap around frames for artwork on the walls. Then there’s skirts for Easter and that quilt I promised my husband. . .

  139. Melissa says:

    I am trying to finish up old projects right now. But I did have to start a new one! I am making a quilt for my little girl’s bed. Her birthday is in June, but I am getting a head start on it. I am using the Back Porch Bouquet fabrics. It will be so cheery in her room when I’m done with it!

  140. Alex says:

    girls can never have enough purses so that’s something i’ll def be doing. I’m also working on making a lil bookpack for my son so he can carry his toys to church(but i’m having a hard time finding cute boy fabric). I love all the new spring fabric!!

  141. Martha Merriman says:

    YES! Spring is here! There are buds on all the trees and beautiful fabric in the stores. Pick a bunch!

  142. Pam says:

    I have two Easter dresses to sew for my daughters. I also have a purse I need to make. Love the new fabrics.

  143. Maggie says:

    I have so many projects on my mind! I am going to make some aprons for my girls, a lunchbag for me, some placemats using scraps and finish dolls that I started 1.5 years ago!

  144. Julia in MI says:

    I’d like to sew a dress for my daughter.

  145. Nadia says:

    I will be making some clothes for my baby girl coming in may… dresses.. pajamas! im a newbie sewer so im open to all beginner projects

  146. Annette W says:

    Wow you have a following! Look at all these posts!

    I am just getting started in sewing. For spring, I will make an apron from a dish towel for my 2 year old. I also want to make some fabric and felt toys. 🙂

  147. Dot says:

    Oh Spring and projects—think rebirth and growth—–flowers are here in NC despite cool weather. My Spring projects are completing a slipcover for a children’s rocker; diaper bag for my daughter’s best friend; funky purses for friends’ birthdays; quilt following Oh Fransson’s delightful Quilt Along; and anything else that comes to mind.
    Great new fabrics makes one want unlimited resources and times.

  148. Kelly says:

    I want to make some fun cotton skirts for me. I haven’t sewed anything for myself for a while.

  149. Kim says:

    I’ve got secret pocket eggs on the agenda, a couple of fabric Easter buckets, some new kitchen mats and recovering my dining room chairs. All to be done before Easter hopefully!

  150. Shaz says:

    Hats. Summer is on the way and after this cold winter we’ll be outside every possible minute. So we need super hats. 🙂

  151. Molly Bailey says:

    I would LOVE to make a quilt this spring with that beautiful Wonderland fabric!! I’m also planning on making a bright, happy purse.

  152. julia says:

    My spring sewing list includes ice pack cozies (it’s almost track season!!) and a tree wall quilt for a wedding gift! (and, of course finishing some quilts I’ve been working on foever)

  153. I think I will sew a doll with the help of this lovely tutorial:

  154. gillian says:

    I am going to be making a cute little dress with pockets and a new beach tote. Can’t wait for spring!

  155. Brooke says:

    We are thinking about moving so my head is swirling with all sorts of ideas for “staging” my current house and what I will do with my “new” house. Also enjoying sewing some super cute little dresses for my two little girls. Love some of the new fabrics! I’m going to go in for a closer look!

  156. Katie says:

    I love just making bright, festive table runners or placemats. There are so many great spring fabrics and that’s a super simple way to display them.

  157. Saskia says:

    Still working on pj’s for my daughter…

  158. Michelle says:

    I love the butterfly print. So does my daughter. I’m planning to make some capris for my daughter and possibly a quilt for her bed…possibly.

  159. Sarah C. says:

    On my spring to-do list are some simple dresses for my daughter Ava, who will be 1 in 2 weeks. Also, I’m making her a fabric ball from Anna Maria Horner’s book. Finally, I would like to make some peasant tops for myself…

  160. Alison says:

    I have two photo quilts I will be sewing and a block of the month club quilt waiting for some attention.

  161. Cassi says:

    Felt Owls and Cute, Simple Handbags

  162. larissa says:

    Oliver + S lazy days skirts, a tiered dress I’m making up as I go along, bunny softies, my first foray into quilt piecing, pillowcase nightgowns, Japanese pattern for little girls shirt and peasant dress, possibly skirts for myself. Oh, and some kleenex holders and bags as gifts. yay!

  163. Ramona says:

    I am making a new spring purse and of course baby gifts, these cute blankets with animal head and tail that can be rolled up to look like the animal. They are so sweet.

  164. JoAnn says:

    What beautiful prints! My spring sewing has begun with a couple of sweet dresses for my youngest daughter(7months) and in line behind that are dresses, shorts and hopefully a patchwork skirt for our 4yo and 2yo girls. In my head I am planning on sewing the little makeup bags from the fat quarters month as favors for my oldest daughters birthday and then there is the bag that I want to make my 10yo daughter. Now if I can just convince everyone that we can live on sandwiches and teach the kids how to do all the laundry I’ll be able to get it done in no time! LOL 🙂

  165. KZ says:

    How I love spring and those fabrics make the start of this season! So beautiful…

  166. Bridget says:

    I want to make myself some nice, soft pajama pants that don’t drag on the floor, like store bought ones do on me. And I’m hoping to make two animal pillows for my great-nieces and nephews for Christmas gifts.

  167. Tina Mackey says:

    I just love the Springland collection!

  168. JulieK says:

    For me…Spring always brings on the accessories bug! So, for the next couple of months, I’m going to randomly pick projects from my huge list of bookmarked tutorials and just see what happens! One thing I’m sure of…..their will be flowers EVERYWHERE!

  169. Elaine says:

    Great fabrics! I plan on making a skirt for my daughter and one for myself and I’d like to start on my spring/summer charm quilt.

  170. adrienne says:

    Lovely! My Spring sewing to do list includes light and airy sundresses, a 2 picnic blankets, placemats and napkin sets for our outdoor meals, new curtains for my friend’s son’s bedroom and a couple of handbags for some swaps. Holy moly! I better get started! =]

  171. Margaret says:

    My daughter is soon heading off to Uganda to work on a humanitarian project and my sewing these days is all about cotton drawstring pants and tunics that will be cool and comfortable for her. She has been told that shoulders and knees need to be covered at all times to respect the culture of the area, so that leaves out all her camisoles and shorts! I’m excited for her and terrified at the same time, but having something concrete to do like sewing grounds me!

  172. Stephanie says:

    I’m planning to make many new purses and finally get my etsy shop up and running. Wish me luck.

  173. Ann-Margret says:

    I would love to sew a fresh, new lap quilt to cheer me up after a very long and hard winter up here in Montreal!

  174. Jinger says:

    I am making some new baby quilts and this fabric is lovely!

  175. Patty C says:

    I am thinking about making Spring dresses for my neices and ties for my nephews. Lots of things for the baby too!

  176. read2sew says:

    I hope to make skirts for my girls in time for Easter.

  177. danna osen says:

    Spring and beautiful fabric!!! It doesn’t get much better…

  178. christine says:

    Ah spring – it will come right? i still look out and see snow and ice. These fabrics give me hope. I will be starting to sew my three kiddos spring clothing and maybe a few pieces for me. I may have to get something from the Fiona line for my dd’s doll named Fiona (her first doll was named that because that was the other name we were deciding between before she was born).
    Spring is hope.

  179. miss v says:

    aprons! and more aprons! also, i really want to try a few of the things from last month’s fat quarter tutorials… like the little bag and such.

  180. Christine Bolin says:

    I love the Flower Power fabric by Jennifer Paganelli. Right now, my mother and I are making housecoats (we live in Florida and cotton is the only way to go) for her. And maybe one for me, too.

  181. Nikki S says:

    Beautiful inspirations for spring- plan on airy dresses and new curtains for my little girl

    Nikki S

  182. Jen M says:

    Just a beginner here, but I’m teaching myself how to make ipod cozies and diaper/wipes cases. So much fun and so far they’re turning out great.

  183. mojoandco says:

    Well since it’s autumn here, with winter close on it’s heels, I’m keen on making myself a pair of slippers. I’m also about to embark on some felt food for Easter presents. If there’s any time left after those projects I’d love to tackle some clothing for my little family.

  184. Becky says:

    Wow 502 posts so far! I am working on Easter dresses for g-babies, each involving taffeta, embroidering table linens with daisies, then on to a light jacket for me. Yellow involed of course.

  185. Sara Hemmeke says:

    I hope to sew a spring jacket from a vintage coat dress pattern this spring. I love the new fabrics you have

  186. Jessica says:

    I want to make my baby girly some summer dresses!

  187. kimmer says:

    Working on a skirt for my 4 year old daughter right now (which will most likely lead to one for my 11 year old and one for my 9 year old!!!), as well as a small needlework sampler for my best friend. Also in the works is a storm at sea quilt for my daddy for Father’s Day… I’d love to make a quilt for myself this summer too. So many projects, so little time!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  188. Maya says:

    I want to sew a shopping bag that folds into its pocket so you acn store it in your bag easily. Enough with plastic bags in the supermarket. I tell myself this everytime I go there.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  189. Lauren says:

    I love the Neptune but the nearest place that carries it is an hour away. I have been making dresses for my preschool age girls. They are in the “princess” will only wear a dress stage. The more it twirls the better it is!

  190. Renee says:

    I want to make a doll quilt and some summer skirts for myself!
    Sping and Summer are my favorites!

  191. kestch says:

    Hi to you all
    My spring sewing will begin with spring cleaning my sewing machine, which was relegated to the back of the cupboard after overdosing on Christmas & birthday present sewing projects!
    Those spring colours look lovely!

  192. Maryanne says:

    Spring is a time to pull out my most pink and flowery fabrics to start and make my 3 year old daughter’s summer clothes – “Dresses only, please Mummy”!!!

  193. Fiona says:

    I’d love to do some sewing with the Fiona collection, maybe my first skirt!

  194. Angie says:

    I love spring sewing!! I want to make new pretty napkins and place mats and some twirly skirts for my best girl.

  195. Rebecca Woods says:

    Being in Australia and heading for Autumn/ Winter I am all about flannel quilts at the moment. But Easter is coming up and it doesnt matter that it is in Autumn it has to be springy colours.

  196. jo says:

    I am busy making a quilt for my two sons and a doll blanket for a little girls birthday.

  197. Christy says:

    These fabrics inspire love and inspiration!

  198. heather m. says:

    I want to actually start on the apron I so desperately need, and even have the fabric and pattern sitting right in front of me on my sewing table. It’s been there for almost 6 months, and I still have not even cut it out yet. My days seem to be over before they have even begun it seems.

  199. J. Harmon says:

    I’m really looking forward to sewing a few skirts and summer tops for my daughter.

  200. Darlamom says:

    I have so much to sew! Right now I’m making Easter Jon-Jons for my two boys and a matching dress for my 4-year-old. Then I’ve got a bunch of baby gifts to make; probably bootie, bib, and travel changing pads. I have 3 friends who are due pretty soon, and I myself am having another girlie in around 8 weeks myself. I’d love to make a few little matching dresses for my girls. I need to make a little quilt for my son’s 3rd birthday, Plus dd could use a few skirts, and I’m going to cut up some of my old jeans to make jeans for the kids. Fun fun!!!

  201. Celeste says:

    With a newborn, I’ve put sewing on the back burner for the last six weeks, but I’m itching to pick it back up again as Spring approaches. First up: a couple new skirts for my daughter.

  202. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful fabrics!!!

    My best friend will be having a baby girl this spring, so I am working on nursery accessories to match the blanket I made for her. I also have many family members with birthdays in the next 2 months, so many purses and aprons are in my near future.

  203. Susette says:

    Love the fabrics. I think I will be making hot pads, grocery or tote bags…I’m not sure which. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  204. Emma says:

    I have just learned how to sew and I am planning on making an apron for my grandmother. She loves them and has been talking about them alot lately. Hopefully, I will be able to do her proud on Mother’s Day.

  205. Suzanne says:

    I need to do some valances for my son’s room, and I’d love to venture out into some sort of cute bag too! maybe makeup, maybe shopping, maybe shoulder bag, or maybe all three!

  206. Christine says:

    I’ll be working on making aprons, coffee cozies, and some summery dresses for my daughter.

  207. Shelly says:

    Oh, those prints are so cute! I’m looking to make some bedroom rugs soon, as well as a couple of shirts from the ubiquitous Made by Wendy pattern. Of course, with a little one coming any day, I may not have enough time to accomplish this very soon…

  208. Lindsey says:

    I want to start on an easter dress for my girly.

  209. shannon says:

    My spring sewing plans are to finish two quilts, one for each of my sisters. I have had lots of fun choosing the fabrics and planning the design and now I just need to get sewing!

  210. A Bird says:

    On my to-do list is matching dresses for my nieces, and some cute summer skirts and outfits for my daughter. And there are several babies expected in our family this summer that I will be sewing bibs and blankets and softies for. Plus, I am trying to teach myself to applique with the help of hints here on talented people’s blogs. Some fabric towards one of these projects would be great!

  211. Michelle says:

    Ah! Whether you give me fabric or not, I WILL make those Neptune prints mine. I am thinking spring will be the time for purses. I am new to sewing so maybe I will even conquer a zipper or two.

  212. Stacey J says:

    Beautiful Fabrics! I have a few baby showers and little girl birthdays coming up this spring. I will be making blankets, aprons and summer dresses.

  213. Alicia says:

    I love the new Wonderland fabric! My springtime projects are a couple baby quilts!

  214. Nancy says:

    I would love to make a new shower curtain and window curtains for my bathroom. I absolutely love toile so that may be what I will be looking for.

  215. Amy Hunter says:

    I am hoping to make some skirts for me, I want to ditch pants/capri’s and wear skirts all spring and summer.

  216. Jacqui says:

    How about autumn sewing for us southern hemispherers? I’m about to start making some flanelette pyjamas from the Oliver + S pattern, and maybe some knit tops for me.

    I’m so in love with the Wonderland fabric from MoMo, it just stands out amongst the other fabrics up there 🙂

  217. Sharon says:

    I really want to sew myself a new sundress. I’d also like to make something for my niece’s birthday in early May.

  218. Jessica says:

    Gifts for my friends to let them know how much they mean to me, because they’ve really helped me get through some hard months here.

  219. JaneR says:

    My spring sewing includes new curtains for my dining room and kitchen. My spring sewing in the quilt category is to finish up 2 baby quilts and a quilt for auction. Oops…got to go sew…

  220. Margaret says:

    Oh goodness — several of those are just fantastic! I love the blue floral from Fiona, and the flowers and butterflies prints from Wonderland. Terrific. I really want to make an apron. Around here, spring is time to get in the garden (just had 5 cu yds of compost delivered today!) and start planning for what’s going to come out of the garden. We plan on vastly increasing our veggie output this year, and doing lots of canning of things … and I want to learn how to make yeast bread. Apron = necessity!

  221. Katie says:

    I would love to do a little smock top for my oldest daughter this spring! Maybe a top for myself as well! And some new cheerful curtains for my craft room. A couple of softies for my girls. Maybe a headband for me? Some new pillows for the nursery.

  222. Natasha says:

    My current sewing obsession and projects are totes, totes, aprons, and more, aprons. Love the new fabrics I was in my local quilt shop this afternoon lusting after all things retro and spring like.

  223. Martina Su says:

    I just took a sewing for beginner class and enjoyed it a lot. in the next month or two i am planning to sew knitting needle case, apron, cushion cover, pajama bottom for my husband, lunch bag and a simple top for myself

  224. Em says:

    I’d love to do a spring-cleaning on my unfinished projects, and get them all done. That way, I could start a new season with a new set of ideas and a clean slate. 😀

  225. Shannon says:

    I will be working on my Sweet quilt from the moda line of fabrics. It’s just the right color palette for spring sewing, and I’m sure there will be Easter dresses for 2 cute little granddaughters. Oh and maybe a new quilt for a new bedroom. I would love to win new fabric, who wouldn’t.

  226. claudia says:

    My spring sewing will be focused on garments for myself and my children. Easter dresses for each of my girls and a button-up shirt for my boy will be on the top of the list!

  227. Easter dresses for my three girls are on the schedule for the next month. I really want to try smocked bodices –hope I have time!

  228. katie says:

    oh silly me, it’s autumn here, but autumn picnics are just as good!

  229. katie says:

    I love spring too! The combination of the warmness of summer and the cool of the coming winter. A little while back I picked up a gorgeous picnic basket with the original liner. Unfortunately the liner was tartan eeeek! But will make a great pattern for a springtime project. Spring picnics with my three little springlets and hubby are the best!

  230. karissa says:

    I am making some skirts for my daughter and also a easter dress.

  231. momawake says:

    I’m still making doll quilts from the sew-along. Three in progress, then I’ll try to finish two larger wall hanging projects.

  232. Sora says:

    Blankets for my mother in Japan!

  233. emily says:

    my plans are for a set of bean bags for special little ones!

  234. Deb says:

    i want to make my girls twirl skirts

  235. Deanne says:

    Spring dresses! I’ve made two Miss Lily dresses with plans for three more. I also finished two Forget-Me-Knot dresses with plans for at least two more. Four little girls require lots of dresses in the spring and summer. I’m also wanting a pouch/bag to put our Flip video camera in, though that is not as fun as sewing sweet spring dresses.

  236. Sian says:

    Beautiful! This spring I plan to make some cute dresses for my daughter. She’s three weeks old and I’m getting the itch to start making things!

  237. kelly says:

    in the spirit of spring cleaning… i’m cleaning out my “still working on” box of sewing projects!

  238. ana says:

    Oh, those are lovely. In April I’ll be working on a tunic for my daughter hopefully followed by a dress for her as well.

  239. Suzy says:

    Some spring shirts.

  240. Victoria says:

    Sewing twirly skirts, and summer shirts,
    pretty capris, just past their knees.
    Sewing for pleasure
    Is how I measure
    A spring day spent doing as I please!

  241. Beth says:

    I am starting the spring with a well-culled stash, because I decided not to move stuff that was unlikely to be used in the near future. I’ll be regrouping for a baby quilt after the move next week.

  242. Leslie says:

    Spring project a-plenty! Curtains for my kids bedrooms, pillows, lavender sachets made from vintage handkerchiefs. The new fabric is lovely btw. Cheers, Leslie

  243. Debbie says:

    Projects: 1) finish graduation quilt for daughter (the top is sewn except for one more border; 2) make orange dress from Burda “Paola” pattern (fabric is purchased and pattern is downloaded); 3) make bibs and appliqued onesies for grandson due April 27.

  244. DebbieKL says:

    Yay spring! I like the Wonderland fabric best. I’m finishing up a quilt for my son this spring, along with making him some fun light summer pants. I also plan to make myself some new pot holders and kitchen towels. Along with 1000 other ideas!

  245. karen says:

    Lovely fabric!! I plan on making some matchy skirts for myself and my little girly this spring! Thanks for the chance to win!

  246. Heather says:

    For spring, I might make a pretty little (actually I like BIG) bag.
    Or maybe a pink and yellow light weight quilt. I haven’t had any projects going for awhile now, those new fabrics are great inspiration!

  247. Sara says:

    I love the Wonderland line. So fresh and relexing. Makes me want some lemonade!
    Making a green skirt for my daughter’s “where something green day” at school in honor of St. Patrick’s day. Now what kind of green and healthy snack to make…

  248. Southern Gal says:

    My daughter is getting married in my old wedding gown. I’m making alterations on it for her. Plus I’m sewing table toppers for the reception tables. I’m following Heather on how to make a quilt step-by-step, although I’m a few steps behind!

  249. Lauree Myler says:

    i have a niece on the way so i will be sewing up some baby stuff, but i also want to make a bunch of canvas market bags for people.
    thanks for a chance to win and for an amazing blog!

  250. Katie says:

    I am planning lots of spring skirts for my little girls and a couple cheery table runners for Mother’s Day gifts. Thanks for your great blog and ideas!

  251. Lisa says:

    I am working on the skirt from the Sew U book by Wendy something. LOVE the book, just forgot to purchase the zipper when I was getting the fabric 🙁 “Darn” I HAVE to go back to the fabric store!

  252. syeda says:

    Simply love the spring fabric prints. I have planned small, quick easy projects planned for spring. Like purse tissue holder, flip camera holder. thanks for the chance.

  253. Catherine says:

    My husband won a big award at work- I’d love to attend the ceremony wearing a new dress I’ve made- maybe trimmed with FFF fabrics! Fun stuff.

  254. Cheryl says:

    Lovely fabrics! I plan on making some wall quilts, skirts for spring & summer, and maybe some fabric baskets with some great spring and summer fabrics!

  255. Lydia says:

    I am planning a cute polka dot pillowcase dress for a friend’s little girl and a spring romper for my son, maybe in a cute gingham pattern!

  256. Deb says:

    I absolutely love them all!

  257. Laura says:

    I plan to make an Amy Butler purse!

  258. Mary Anna says:

    I have a half-finished purse on the dining table, an almost finished monogram appliqué onesie on my ironing board and a three-fourths finished tutu on my thigh. I hope to finish these projects this weekend and start on a prototype diaper for my sister. (She’s due in August and found out yesterday that she’s having a boy. I purchased Lila Tueller’s Bohemian Bag pattern and am looking forward to learning something new!)

    Oh, and I have to run 6 miles tomorrow morning in the wet cold and scoot home to meet our friends who are visiting from South Dakota. No wonder I have a gaggle of UFOs!

  259. Lorajean says:


  260. jenny says:

    Great fabrics! I am working on a quilt with lots of springy colors.

  261. Lori Krause says:

    I love all of the spring pinks they are so fresh and fun! My spring sewing will consist of some cute little bags and many of the neat fat quarter projects. I also have some cute tops patterns by Amy Butler and Prairie Girl designs I can’t wait to get started if only I had a bit more time to sew.

  262. Karen says:

    I’m working on two bed quilts, but I want to make some shirts for my grandsons. They love to wear matching shirts.

  263. Celia says:

    Yesterday I spotted the first green tips poking up from the soil beneath a tree. It made my day. This morning it was well below zero, and the ground was frozen solid again… Hang on little budding plants!
    For me I would love to sew a flow-y skirt. For my toddler, pretty simple dresses.

  264. Annie says:

    Some easy, breezy skirts for me and my daughters… and napkins, for Mother’s Day gifts.

  265. Mollye says:

    I’m vowing again to sew the bulk of my daughter’s spring wardrobe. I need to stay out of Target!

  266. Lois0607 says:

    I am making a few small purses to have on hand as gifts. I am also working on several quilts…one with my favorite fabric ‘Portugal’. I know it has been around for a while – but I love it and can’t wait to get stitching. Just waiting for my cold to settle down.

  267. Meg says:

    Those fabrics are GORGEOUS!!!
    Well spring for me always means LOTS and LOTS of flowy sundresses and skirts. Definately florals, bright & happy! It makes me really FEEL spring. Spring & summer are the seasons I love to sew for, can’t get too excited about winter, but that first time the sun peaks out, I’m going crazy at my sewing machine!!!

  268. Pretty spring fabrics. I am dying to make some flowery a-line cotton skirts and I have this wonderful quilt pattern from Don’t Look Now that calls for floral fabrics. So much to sew.

  269. anne says:

    I am getting ready to make the tunic from Weekend Sewing.

  270. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I need to first finish the jumper I promised my MIL, then it’s aprons for housewarming gifts, and a skirt and some tops for me!

  271. my spring sewing will be like spring cleaning… i want to finish all of the projects i have started but had to put down at somepoint… time to clean up the stash!

  272. Anne says:

    I would love to make this easter basket (for each of my kids)
    And I am planning on making a table runner, and try to make a quilt for each of my children and my nephew. whew! I love sewing, please pick me this time!!!

  273. Amy says:

    We’ve been teased by the weather lately; it was warm enough for a cookout last weekend, but we had snow today. It’s such fun to peruse the spring-y fabrics while I wait eagerly for the season to arrive for good. As for Spring sewing…I’ve promised my niece a ruffled skirt, I’ve cut (but not sewn) a jumper for my daughter, I’m participating in Oh, Fransson’s Mod Sampler quilt-along, and I’m itching to start a table runner.

  274. White Feather says:

    I’d love to win a yard of fabric! My plans are to make a gorgeous summer dress for my daughter (she’s 29.) We have the fabric and pattern, just gotta get started. I also plan to purchase fabric for a lap quilt for my grandson who is about to turn 13. He finally wore out/outgrew his one that I made when he was 3! He used it for naps in day care and I actually sewed some of it back together a year or two ago. He was still using it and it was falling apart. I think for the kind of love he’s shown my previous effort, he definitely deserves a new, more grown up quilt. Maybe he’ll take it college for his dorm room some day 🙂

  275. Lisa says:

    One of the first sewing project I want to get to for the spring is some doll clothes for my granddaughters American Girl doll.. I also plan on making all 3 granddaughters some spring time dresses, If I get done with this chemo quilt(it’s for a 2 yr old little girl)soon I might get them done for Easter…

  276. Shannon says:

    I should be getting my Heather Ross and Amy Butler fabrics very soon now, and then I will be starting on my very first quilt! I would also love to make a skirt, since I haven’t made one yet and it seems like a good project.

  277. Java Jane says:

    I want to sew a flowery skirt–spring into summer with it. Before I get there though, I need to make one of the quilted bathmats for which there was a tutorial on the ’07 Handmade Holiday list, a belated gift for my sister.

    Last weekend I made a pair of flannel pajama pants for my husband (yup–it’s still winter) and a fabric bucket from an Alexander Henry fabric I ordered from Sew Mama Sew.

    Now off to knit….


  278. Elizabeth says:

    I would really love to make a green and brown quilt for my bedroom.

  279. Amanda says:

    I just love new spring fabrics. They really brighten my mood!

  280. Kathy says:

    Skirts for me and some clothes for the twin’s first birthday in June! Bring on spring!

  281. annie says:

    i love spring sewing! on my agenda this spring are dresses and nightgowns for our daughter, skirts and nightgowns for me, new covers for the throw pillows in the living room, curtains for my sewing room and kitchen, and some kind of pretty fabric sewn organizational something or other for my sewing room. not half of this will get done, especially since i’m due with our second child in may, but one can hope!

  282. christine says:

    i am getting ready to start sewing spring dresses for my daughter! i love all the new fabrics coming out so i have plenty of options for her.

  283. Teri says:

    sundress and ruffles, lots and lots of ruffles. They make skirts twirl better:)

  284. Elaine Christian says:

    I have decided to tackle some red and green applique I have been to chicken to try. Also a pieced table quilt with wool appliques. Your fabrics are lovely! Elaine

  285. Sue says:

    My friend and I have recently started a quilting ministry. We are making block quilts and hand embroidering Jeremiah 31:3 “I have loved you with an everlasting love” on the quilt. We have made about 15 at this point.

  286. aubrey says:

    I’d like to sew a dress or two for my niece. And there are some birthdays coming up for my nephews, all of which necessitate some kind of cool project.

  287. Su says:

    Summer dresses here i come! There are some lovely voiles around that I am itching to get started with.

  288. sara says:

    some skirts and light tops to wear when the weather finally gets warmer!

  289. Linda says:

    Just got my order from SMS. I have 3 Emmeline aprons to make as gifts, and a quilt for a baby. I might make some more totes for groceries too.

  290. Sarah D says:

    My spring sewing plans include finishing two quilts (they’re currently just quilt tops, and have been for toooo long), and then making a new purse/wallet/checkbook cover (I’m not sure which combination). And then, working on a new quilt, that I started cutting pieces for at Christmas.

  291. Kaye says:

    For spring I plan to make about 80% of the great projects shown during fat quarter month. I am also making a few new purses. I am almost finished making a new quilt for my bed. I have not made many clothing items, but this year I think I will make some simple skirts with some great fabric. The list goes on and on. The next two months are busy birthday months so I will be working on some projects for gifts.

  292. Kelly says:

    Well, I’m just learning how to sew and would love to make myself some skirts and some bags as well as some stuff for my kids. A quilt is on my list too 🙂

  293. Lindsay says:

    Oh, I have lots on my agenda for this spring. Once I finish the quilt I’m working on, I’m going to make a yoga bag to carry my mat. Then, it’ll be time to make birthday gifts for all of my nieces. The older two are getting hollowed out books to store their secret stuff. And the younger two… well, I haven’t decided yet!

  294. Karen says:

    When Spring comes around I always want to make a picnic set, you know a blanket, napkins, maybe a basket liner. It always seems a lovely time for picnics! I’ve yet to do it, but one year I will, LOL. Right now though I’m waiting for Summer to end and the cooler weather to begin, Spring is a long way off yet!

  295. Sheryl R says:

    Oh, I love the Wonderland fabric! So beautiful! My spring sewing will include several plushies for my kids for their Easter baskets, a purse for myself from fat quarters and probably some fun clothes for the kids, too! I love sewing for summer for my kids!

  296. Dorrie says:

    Spring sewing. . .new pillowcases for the beds, fresh curtains for the kitchen, ALWAYS a quilt in pale blue, pink, yellow and green; sundresses for the girls and birthday banners for the latest arrivals! OOOh, and a new kitty quilt for Amber the cat.

  297. Terri H says:

    oh that fiona orange is adorable
    Thank you

  298. Terah says:

    I am so loving these fabrics! They say legwarmers to me! Or patchy apron tops, or spin skirts, or bags….ahhhh, the colors of spring! I’m ready for some bright colors, my stash is looking a little dull at the moment!

  299. Adrianne says:

    My spring project is a nursing coverup for my sister-in-law and matching burp cloths since she is having her first baby!

  300. Cindy says:

    I’ve been making dresses for my 3 and 5 yr olds. Now, I hope to make one for myself and make a bag for me…. Love the spring prints!

  301. Vanessa says:

    Not only are flowers budding, but I know many budding bellies! I will be sewing some baby gifts and starting a new quilt.

  302. Becky Warner says:

    On my sewing agenda for the next few months are 2 quilts I’m putting together for wedding presents and making my 5 year old granddaughter shirt/skirt outfits for the summer. I’m machine embroidery appliqueing the shirts so they match the skirts. She’s such a little fashionista!

  303. caroline says:

    Such happy prints on a rainy day! Would love to have a new stash of fabrics.

  304. Stacey says:


  305. Well of course we’re autumn/fall sewing down here in Australia! Table runners, cot quilts and perhaps, eventually, if I ever find the time, a queen size quilt for MY OWN BED!

  306. Sara says:

    My spring sewing includes a pretthy little springtime quilt – and finishing up some placemats

  307. Shelley C says:

    Lately, my thoughts are turning to new purses/totes to make for the upcoming months. I have daughters and DILs that are all hinting at a new bag for the summer….I’m thinking of complying…:)

  308. Betsy says:

    I think I’ll make some fun pillows for my patio furniture…and maybe a quilt or two!

  309. Jennifer says:

    I am hoping to start a new spring/summer quilt project with lots of bright colors 🙂 Hopefully with some bird motif fabric! 🙂

  310. Jessica says:

    I’m dying to make a cutsey, Springtime fabric purse. I’ve never made a purse before, so I’m thinking it could be a great Spring challenge! : )

  311. kelly jo says:

    Wow! Those are gorgeous!! I’m finishing up a quilted table runner and keep eyeing dress patterns for my daughter!

  312. Candace says:

    I’m planning to sew some clothes for my two little girls this spring. I’ve started on skirts already, but I also plan to make capris, dresses & t-shirts for them as well.

  313. Jo says:

    I’m planning to make a few simple skirts for my girls this spring and summer. If I could just get through my million other projects I’d have loads of time. 🙂

  314. indywriter says:

    I plan to sew some dresses for my girls to wear once weather warms up. I’ve got some patterns picked out, but I also plan to push myself to try and create some things without a store bought pattern (which kinda scares me). I also want to follow through with making something for me this spring. I always pick something out, but end up making for my girls instead.

    I also have plans to make some baby goodies for my SIL who’s expecting this summer. Also, I want to make some goodies to give away as shower gifts for her baby shower.

    Busy, busy, busy!

  315. Micaela says:

    It seems like Springtime means lots of babies on the way, so I will be sewing some coordinating crib blankets and receiving blankets for a couple of girlfriends. I also have a quilt in the works and another lined up after that!

  316. Lesli RIchards says:

    I am working on a reversable tablerunner and bunting to use for St. Patricks Day and then Easter. I’m also working on some little bags with wooden dollies in them for my neices! I would like to see some spring cleaning/organization projects….maybe cleaning aprons, fabric organizers, etc. Also, some beach projects!!!!

  317. Amy A says:

    I love to sew cute little capri pants for my daughter. I start looking ahead to summer and plan on sewing some amy butler tops for myself!

  318. Rochelle says:

    I’m sewing cushions for our outdoor furniture. Love that Paganelli fabric!

  319. Libby says:

    I am making napkins for an “afternoon tea” I’m giving for my daughter and granddaughter next week. Then pillows and curtains to give our home a spring face lift.

  320. Jan says:

    A girl cannot have enough tote bags.

  321. Steph W says:

    I’m working on an altered t-shirt project, into a shrug…and also a patchwork something or another. Maybe a skirt?

  322. Jocelyn says:

    I am working on a baby quilt for my niece. And I am thinking about a Selvage project 🙂

  323. Kris says:

    I just bought the new Heather Ross book a few weeks ago and I love it! I’m planning to work on a few of the projects this weekend, probably starting with the apron.

  324. coffeechris says:

    I am “sew-so” ready for spring — want to pack all the wools and darks away and get to sewing some airing bright spring loveliness – starting with a new bag, tote and skirts skirts skirts. Some library totes for special little ones and more gifts.

  325. Viv says:

    Well, down here in the southern hemisphere it’s just beginning Autumn, and feels like it too. I have four quilts that need quilting. I’m really looking forward to staying warm by sitting with them on my knee and doing some handstitching of bindings.

  326. Daria says:

    I am making a new quilt – blue and yellow and happy. 🙂

  327. Jen says:

    My spring sewing will be Christmas Stockings and dog coats. Am I a little behind? Nope! I prefer to say that I am rather early! Those fabrics are great!

  328. Flibby says:

    Oh my gosh. I adore spring fabrics so much. I was just inspired. I am now determined to sew for myself an entire 1950’s style dress out of spring fabric. I will call the dress, “Spring Fling.”

    I’m so excited. 😀

    Oh, and I love Free Fabric Friday.

  329. michele m says:

    Some curtains for my dining room, living room and a new comforter for my bed. Lets see if any or some get done–lol

  330. Emily S says:

    I’ve got a new baby coming near the end of July (my first!), and i’ve definitely got to get on the ball and make some good baby goodies 🙂

  331. Sherri says:

    I am going to finish a rag quilt for my son who is turning 19.

  332. Michelle says:

    I want to make my daughter some curtains for her room……it would be a good change and I love that we can pick any pattern of fabric we want!!! It would freshen it up SO much!

  333. JenR says:

    well, I should probably finish the 3 or more quilts I have started… and the spring/summer clothes for my daughter that I have already purchased fabric for… :o)

  334. Shelley D' says:

    I have 5 different skirt patterns, 3 dress patterns and a mound of fabric in front of me – why did they take that extra hour away from me last weeknd 🙁

  335. Kristin says:

    I plan on sewing some skirts for myself, and finish up some other projects that have been on the back burner so to speak! I’d also like to sew some travel accessories for our trip home to Iowa this June like maybe a neck travel pillow, cosmetics bag, etc. I’d like to sew some really cool luggage tags too!

  336. Georgi P. says:

    Momo looks like fun – thanks.

  337. Melanie says:

    I’d like to make some cute little summer clothes for my toddler. Pick me!

  338. Ariane says:

    My Spring sewing includes sewing a bag for my mother (of course for mother’s day), a sewing organizer for me, and a new picnic blanket for the days I can get away to the beach!!

  339. niney says:

    I plan on knitting my toddler a very pretty dress. I’m thinking that she will appreciate it when she’s older. Oh, and one of those little aprons for her to carry her crayons in. how fun!

  340. Denean says:

    Aprons for spring! I need to make one for an April wedding and then I’d like to make one for myself and for family members. This will be my first time to make aprons. The hard part is choosing just the right fabric, with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from!

  341. Elizabeth says:

    I am needing to sew some crib sheets before my baby gets here plus other random baby things.

  342. Joy says:

    My spring sewing will include teddy bears, lunch bags, pjs for my guest room and a spring purse for me.

  343. Megan says:

    My sewing to-do list is always long, but at the top right now: an Emmeline apron and an A-line skirt for myself and a “Book Sling” for someone who just won it as a giveaway on my blog.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Love those butterflies up there.

  344. Antonia says:

    I would love to sew an airy spring dress to shake off the last of winter.

  345. Rumpazel says:

    Sad as this is….my spring sewing projects (aside from some lounge pants and a purse or two) will mostly be small things toward Christmas. I decided I am doing an entirely handmade Christmas. Right now it is looking like coasters, aprons, scoodies, and whatnot. I would like to try a quilt, but I think that is later in the year (I’m a newbie to sewing so I’m still kinda pokey).

  346. Sue Cahill says:

    I am making auction and boutique items for my guild’s quilt show. It’s so funt to make happy, springy things to sell.

  347. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I’m getting ready to sew a few dresses for my granddaughter for her birthday in May.

  348. I have my birthday in spring so I like to sew a nice pretty party dress for myself.

  349. Crystal says:

    Quilts and dresses for the wee one. And whatever else strikes me at the moment. 🙂

  350. Alison says:


  351. Alison says:

    Oh! A high waited skirt from light cotton, perfect for working during the summer!

  352. qsogirl says:

    I’ve already made one spring blouse, and I’m going to start on Butterick 4790 (a vintage wrap dress pattern) soon…. I hope it turns out okay, because I splurged on the fabric! I’m also hoping to make a couple simple skirts… Skirts are perfect for spring and summer!

  353. Colleen says:

    Spring is almost here! The snowdrops have popped up out of the ground. To celebrate, I plan to make some short-sleeved shirts, using the modified collar from the women’s sewing month tutorial.

  354. Becca B says:

    These fabrics are wonderful! It’s cold here in Indiana and looking at these made me hope for flowers, soon! I’m planning on recovering a chair and some wonderful springy pillows would be perfect!

  355. jessica m says:

    lovely fabrics! on my list of already-begun and soon-to-begin projects: a shower curtain, my first quilt and lots and lots of curtains! and as always, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  356. Maggie says:

    MoMo is right up my MoJo!!

  357. Courtney says:

    Spring sewing for me will be dresses and skirts! So simple to make and I love getting compliments on them and being able to say, “I made this!” Awesome!

  358. margaret says:

    Baby crafts is on the agenda for spring because my next door neighbour is having a spring baby, isn’t that wonderful? I’m making a bib, change pad and booties. But I need something for myself so I’m also thinking of a tea cozy using fabric from the recent swap. Oh and a linen tunic as well and a floral apron and….


  359. Kendra says:

    I am going to try a first attempt at making a spring skirt! (Newbie to sewing)

  360. Mary says:

    Yay for Spring! My spring sewing will include some items for my future niece/nephew, especially after we find out the gender next week!

  361. Jaime says:

    I have some fabric for new couch pillows (just need the forms) and then recently ordered some new clothing patterns – haven’t sewn for myself in ages. 🙁 I miss it!

  362. Linda says:

    Seeing those great spring prints makes me want to pull out my sewing machine and sew all weekend!

  363. Christa says:

    I just LOVE all this beautiful spring fabric, I’m soooo ready to shed winter!

  364. Christina says:

    I really need to finish my baby’s quilt before he arrives!

  365. Jane says:

    I plan on making a picnic quilt for a gift. I love spring and I love those featured fabrics

  366. Harley says:

    For Spring, I really want to make my Easter dress this year. Or at least a couple of new floral skirts! 🙂

  367. Valerie says:

    Pretty pretty pretty!

    This Spring I really want to learn smocking, and make my princess and pretty little Spring/Summer dress 🙂

  368. Kim Bracknell says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I am planning to start sewing tote bags for my daughters’ basketball team. They will be presented to them at their end of season banquet (hopefully filled with goodies!). I also have some plans in the works for a fresh new look in my dining room.

  369. Mam says:

    I stumbled across a beautiful quilt pattern using spring prints. As my daughter’s birthday is in April I’m hoping to make it for her.

  370. Beth says:

    I hope to be sewing lots of stuff for a newly renovated sewing room!

  371. Andrea says:

    My spring sewing includes 2 matching Easter dresses for my girls and several skirts for my 3-year-old.

  372. lizap says:

    I’m thinking about a spring bedroom makeover, a new quilt or duvet, maybe some pillowcases and new drapes.

  373. Noelia says:

    I will TRY to sew courtines for my house!

  374. Autumn says:

    I like sewing quilts and easy tote bags. I’ll attempt anything, so long as I feel I understand the instructions! ;o) Thanks…….Autumn

  375. Joy L. says:

    This spring I’m hoping to sew a few dresses and skirts as well as a few cute bags!

  376. Ghi says:

    Love the wonderland prints…

  377. Chrystal says:

    I love the fabric it would make beautiful summer dresses for a little girl. My spring projects include stick horses for my kids, nieces, and nephews to have barrel races on Easter.

  378. Francis Moore says:

    I am trying to finish an applique quilt for my granddaughter for her June 4th birthday. I need to get the top finished so I can get it to the longarm quilter. Francis

  379. Megan says:

    I will be making lots of quilts this spring. Also some retro-style dresses.

  380. Nicki says:

    Since I am off work due to “close monitoring” during the last weeks of pregnancy, I have LOTS of items on my things to make list. I’d like to finish a few elastic waist skirts for spring until I fit into my old clothes, a crib set and mobile for the little guy, and have lots of dress up clothes to sew for the Montessori preschool I work for in the meantime!

  381. Jill says:

    I’m currently sewing my first quilt – and i feel more will be made this spring! I’ve caught the bug!

  382. Debra says:

    I am planning some really fun handbags. Probably themed. Love the Neptune and Flower power prints.

  383. lisap says:

    I’m making a Spring coat from some white & raspberry home dec that I will Scotch-guard and one of the new Project Runway patterns from Simplicity.

  384. Cari says:

    Is everyone you know having babies too? Wouldn’t these lovely colors look gorgeous on a baby quilt? Three on my “to do.”

  385. Kirsten Larsen says:

    I love this site and all of your fabrics! I am planning on making lots of aprons and grocery bags. The cafe I work at is having an employee art show, and I would love to have one of my funky aprons on display!

  386. Leslie Newton says:

    I always like to make purses, new skirts, and accessories. The daffodils have bloomed and the Bradford Pear trees are in full regalia in Tennessee!

  387. Meredith says:

    I simply adore spring, my sewing is suffering for the chicks and the garden. But it’s lovely even just LOOKING at the fabric and letting my mind wander to what I’m going to sew when it gets too hot to be outside LOL

  388. Kolleen says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I would like to make some napkins for Easter and something old-fashioned these days–a jumper! Remember those? That way I can wear a t-shirt with sleeves if Easter ends up with snow. With any luck, my jumper will become a sun-dress instead.

  389. Andi says:

    I love those spring fabrics! I see snow out my window, but I’m dreaming of flowers and gardens! I have four quilts on the go that are on my spring agenda, as well as some new tops, and Amy Butler gumdrop pillows have been in the works for awhile. There’s never enough time to sew! 🙂

  390. sarah f says:

    I’m dying to make some reversible pinafores for spring. I love the neptune and that butterfly wonderland fabric! I also have some applique tees for the little men in my life on the list! And maybe just maybe if i sew really fast, a lightweight jacket for my sweet girl!

  391. Finnysmama says:

    I’m just a budding new sewer… so perhaps after this set of cloth napkins I’ll work on some new curtains and some simple summer dresses for my 3 year old! Then if that gets done without too many hitches I’ll work on a dress (lofty ambitions perhaps) for myself!

  392. Paige says:

    I have so many projects lined up for myself: an Easter dress for one of my daughters, a QuietBook for a daughter, a scrappy white tablerunner for my mom, and several skirts for me and my girls.

  393. Bree says:

    love the Wonderland fabric. we’re about to head into autumn/winter here in Australia so I’m doing long pants for my little one. and maybe some applique tshirts. also some cushion covers!

  394. goldengirls says:

    The Wonderland line look great! Love to use that for projects. My goal in the next month is to make a duvet cover for my niece who is getting married on Good Friday. I am using Amy Butler’s August Fields and it requires 22 different material that is cut into different length strips. It’s a good thing I work under pressure. This is quite an undertaking, the largest project I have tackled to date. Wish me luck!

  395. Paige says:

    I’m planning to sew a spring coat for my almost-four-year-old girl, as well as a purse for myself and a skirt or two. I’d also like to tackle a couple quilts!

  396. jessica m says:

    I’ve been admiring that Wonderland fabric for some time now. I’m on a one woman mission to build my stash before I start my holiday crafting. I want to make a couple quilts and some dresses by fall.

  397. I am sooo in spring sewing mode. I just bought a pattern for a cute springy skirt and am going to make it with some vintage green flowered fabric. I also have several quilts in the works and cute purse patterns I’ve found on your blog.

  398. LSularin says:

    Hey SewMamaSew,
    First time blogger. Love your sight. I have been inspired to make spare bedroom into my sewing / craft room. I have mending projects started, first quilt started and just plain organizing everything to make it user friendly. I hop you day to win Free Fabric Friday, that would be great.

  399. wendyvh says:

    I have several friends with new babies on the way! I’ve never sewn anything for little ones . . . so it should be an adventure!

  400. Meg Peachey says:

    Spring sewing! My littlest daughter has requested a “necklace dress” =) (she means a halter dress!) I’m ready to sew for her and also make some purses and belts for the big girls. Mostly I’m just ready for Color! It’ll be a while before Spring comes to the Great White North, so we’ll jump start it indoors!

  401. mommymae says:

    refashion some clothes for me, a baby quilt, and some clothes for my kids

  402. Liz Odle says:

    I love Spring it is my favorite time of year. I have a baby girl this year so I’m planning on making her an easter dress and one for me to match. I’d love to have some new fabric for inspiration.

  403. jackie says:

    i really like these new fabrics! i am working on skirts and little boy ties. maybe some curtains too!

  404. Cathy says:

    I like to sew just about everything from clothing to home decor. I just want to sew!

  405. Deb says:

    Spring sewing for me means getting ready for Renaissance Faire season…….so I”m busy sewing chemises and italian dresses!

  406. onerobinroad says:

    Wonderful prints.
    I am looking to make a hip mama diaper messenger bag. I think it requires the perfect print…

  407. carolyn Weil says:

    pretty fabrics!

  408. Sinje says:

    This spring I am really looking foward to sewing some simple tops and skirts in cheerful, light fabrics and especially to putting away my old, heavy, BLACK wintercoat! The first couple of days in lighter clothes I always feel light as a feather 🙂

  409. Kirsten says:

    Spring dresses for my girls!

  410. Eva says:

    I love the spring, we have crocuses and early daffodils in our front garden. I’m having a hard time deciding what to start on now, I already made a spring skirt for my daughter. A matching t-shirt is on my list. I’ll make some shorts and t-shirts for her brothers as well. Your fabrics and blog are very inspiring.

  411. Rachel says:

    I need to quilt my first quilt, first priority. I want it to be a completed project, stat! Then I want to try making a purse. Sewing something that’s not flat sounds intimidating, so i guess we’ll see how this goes!

  412. suzi says:

    On my sewing agenda is a pair of baby shoes for the lil one, some gifts for easter baskets, and according to some little ones running around here I will be sewing some softies over the weekend/next week. 🙂

  413. Jen Ballot says:

    Wow, what beautiful fabrics! I’m in the mood to sew. I’m planning on making some house slippers in fun, spring fabrics, as well as some handbags and a few shift dresses for my daughter. Maybe I’ll make a few headbands, too, with extra fabric!

  414. Jackie says:

    I am working on the Servant Frock pattern from the Sugar City gals…

  415. Diane says:

    Inspired by the fat quarter projects, I want to make table runners and purses out of fun, summer prints and hope to get a jump on Christmas presents!

  416. Katie says:

    Easter dresses for three beautiful girls!

  417. Melissa says:

    Oh, those Tula Pinks will make lovely spring handbags!

  418. Melissa says:

    Hi, I’m new to sewing and this site. I love the spring fabrics. I’m learning and planning a knot dress for dd.

  419. Jill says:

    I really want to make some skirts for my girls this spring. Also, I need to finish a quilt for my son and start one for my baby. I am so loving the springy, cheery, lovely fabrics!

  420. Sarah says:

    lovely, inspiring prints! my best friend and I are kicking off our spring sewing tomorrow with a joint sewing day (while the hubbies babysit!). I have on my list spring jammies for my son using the Robots fabric and the Favorite Things Little Jammies pattern that I love. Also tunic tops for my daughters with a pattern from the latest issue of Ottobre, a shirt for my youngest son out of Heather Ross’s new Weekend Sewing book, and a dress for myself… High hopes!

  421. Louise says:

    I love your web site, thanks so much for all the tutorials and inspiration.

    My sewing projects I’m planning are Wool Felt Crowns (from the Juicy Bits Tutorial) for my nieces and my son, a sleeping bag (GroBag style) for my son (I can’t buy ones big enough for my big boy!), and the lovely Notebook Cover tutorial ( will make a nice gift for my mum I think.

  422. Bea Gibson says:

    I will be working on 2 little girls dresses for Easter and 3 childrens aprons and hats for June birthdays. I am going to make sets of placemats or table runners for swap gifts this year. The first table runner will be from the line you are showing, Neptune. It is for a Male quilter. He fell in love with the greys in this line and the mermaids!

  423. Rosemary P. says:

    I am desperate for a new spring dress for me! I’d love some new cotton jammies and some new napkins for the kitchen table!

  424. Jen V says:

    Spring is grand! We’ve had a bit of sun in Oregon thankfully. I seem to be surrounded by new babies: 4 in March alone and one more in April. I have a few more baby booties to crank out. Someone already noticed that my fabric choice has been calling Spring forth: brights, pastels, florals. All of the above fit that description! Thanks for the great giveaways.

  425. anna says:

    well, before I can do anything new, I am forcing myself to finish OLD projects! (this is my problem: I never finish projects.) so right now I have to focus on finishing those throw pillows for the living room… which shouldn’t be so hard, but for some reason I lack motivation. then it’s finally finishing those cloth napkins (which really shouldn’t be so hard!) then….

  426. Em says:

    There are a few little girls in my life with spring birthdays (niece, daughters of friends) and I am making 4 baby slings for their dolls. They have all seen me with my 9-month-old in a sling and now they will have their own for their babies (or in my niece’s case, for “Giraffey”).

    After that — a couple of skirts for me and some summer dresses for my daughter.

  427. Marcijo says:

    I just got a new diaper pattern in the mail and the old ones are looking pretty shabby so I can see diapers in my future. I would like to do some spring/summer dresses for my girls & maybe myself for some spring sewing.

  428. Elizabeth says:

    I am excited to make some spring-time jumpers for my 9-month-old daughter and possibly a matching skirt for me!

  429. debbie says:

    My spring sewing this year will be a vintage inspired quilt using vintage bed sheets for fabric, organizing tote bins for spring cleaning, and some chenille coasters and hot mats…..maybe a few new shopping totes if I can find the time.

  430. Andrea Methvin says:

    Wow! If I ever wanted to win free fabric-the Flower Power by Jennifer Paganelli is IT! Absolutely gorgeous! And the other fabric up for grabs isn’t too shabby either! My spring sewing includes a quilt for Mother’s Day for my Mom, and some springy new purses and aprons!

  431. Cayce says:

    Besides things for my etsy I have a few hip skirts for myself, a few sundresses for my daughter and some fun bags. those fabrics are beautiful! yay spring!

  432. Anne says:

    I am getting ready to sew some baby cloths – I am pregnant and those tiny clothes keep me happy and busy 🙂

  433. alisha says:

    My sister and my husband’s sister are both expecting babies soon, so I plan to make something for each of them. I think I’ve decided on an appliqued onesie and baby legs for each.

  434. Heidi says:

    On my list is dresses for my daughter’s new baby doll, this pocketbook:, and pretty fabric blinds for my apartment

  435. Anne says:

    I hope to sew a couple of aprons for friends and my very first skirt.

  436. Leanna says:

    Lots of baby stuff! They never stop coming these days. And maybe something special for my sister’s wedding.

  437. maryanne says:

    I’m planning to sew some maternity skirts and tops for myself, and a couple summer dresses for my daughter. Also some shorts for my son. We are really looking forward to warmer weather!

  438. Tammy Mattox says:

    I’m looking forward to making cute little dresses for my 5 year old and also some simple cotton, colorful skirts just for me!

  439. Lora says:

    What beautiful fabrics! I just love spring! I’d love to make some cute pillows in springy colors to lighten up my house. I also want to sew some baby quilts, quilted coasters and placemats, and some tote bags. Thanks for including me in the giveaway! Lora

  440. brenda king says:

    I’ll be making an Easter dress for myself and other new clothes that I haven’t decided on yet. Of course I’ll need a new purse to match.

  441. Kathinka says:

    My son was born in January, so with a baby around there won’t be much time for spring sewing… But the few he will give me I’m going to sew him one of the fabric mobiles from fq-month!

  442. stephanie says:

    I have a few dresses for my daughter on the drawing board! I’ve never sewn a dress, but hope to finish a few for her by spring time.

  443. woolcat says:

    I’m trying to finish some projects that have been hanging around since last summer. I tend to sew more in spring and summer and just knit in autumn and winter.

    I have a corduroy jacket to finish; a little cotton top for my daughter, a bag and a toy cat. But what I really want to do is to tweak a pattern for a top for me, and then make several versions of it with different sleeve lengths.

    AND I just finished my first ever quilt, but I got it quilted by someone with a longarm machine, so I want to try out machine quilting for myself and then make another, because quilts are addictive, and I want a whole pile of them!

  444. helena says:

    So love those prints.

  445. Kindy Lynn says:

    Spring and Fall are my fav. Seasons. Not to hot not to cold! Loving those fabrics. Oh the things I could do!!

  446. Jennifer says:

    Cant wait to start spring sewing and these fabrics are so inspirational. love your blog.

  447. tjesa says:

    Spring is just around the corner… could graduation be far behind? Not for me! I’m making a XL twin quilt for my son who will graduate and be off to college next year. I essentially make it a reversible quilt… simple blocks on one side, squares with novelty fabrics of things he’s liked over the years and his various activities (think sports, music, cars, food, etc) on the other side… sort of an ‘autobiographical’ quilt! I’m making it that way, so if one side gets dirty, he can turn it over!

  448. JenniMac says:

    I love love love Neptune by Tula Pink
    So pretty.

  449. Bethany says:

    My daughter’s Easter dress is number one on the agenda. After that I want to fill her closet with lots of fun dresses and skirts to romp around in this spring and summer. Loves those fabrics!

  450. Mary Ann M says:

    It’s maple syrup making time here in Ontario, Canada — that means it must be Spring !
    It’s time to freshen up my bedroom decor so I would use new fabrics to make pillow cases.
    MaryAnn M

  451. Serena says:

    I’m planning on some spring/summer dresses for my daughter, whose name is Fiona, and who would look quite good in any of the fabrics from the Fiona line! I was planning on using stash fabric, but I might have to compromise…

    I’m also doing to make a few tops and skirts for mymyself. I would really like something fresh and new after having a baby las August.

  452. Pamela says:

    I hope to work on a new colorful quilt and maybe some summer dresses and tops.

  453. Lynnette says:

    Nice spring fabric. I am new to sewing though I have a few projects on the list to try. Bandana shorts for my two-year-old to play in, a flannel rug for the kids and some clothes for me. Here’s to new adventures!

  454. Melissa says:

    I’m working on a quilt for my parents for Christmas, and then I’ve got a lovely purse pattern to use!

  455. Anja says:

    I’m sewing clothes – spring clothes is bright colors – for my girls. I love seeing them in homemade clothes. I don’t know why, but they look happier to me, more kid-ish in those cute fabric. Plus I need to make space on my shelves for new lovely fabric :o)

    And I’m planning to make few softies: chickens and rabbits, birds and flowers.

  456. Limor says:

    I have all sorts of fun spring sewing to do. My best friend is having a baby in June, and I have several projects planned for her. I’m going to make a little play mat from my stash box, and a couple of pairs of cloth shoes. I also plan on sewing a light weight jacket for me, and of course a whole slew of things for my daughter.

  457. amy says:

    I am sewing a baby quilt for my baby due in June. It’s been quite an experience as it is my first, but surely won’t be my last.

  458. Aunt LoLo says:

    I have so many things…there are two aprons for the shop, all cut out and ready to sew, and a load of fleece that needs to be made into blocks…and a pile of flannel that needs to be burp cloth and blanketed and and and…

  459. Mrs. Pear says:

    My sewing wish list includes new aprons, and a new table set (place mats and napkins)

  460. Julie says:

    I have some t-shirts that I’m going to applique for birthday presents and one for my daughter when she turns three in May. Probably a few more spring dresses for her too.

  461. Sylvia says:

    Hmm… least see now… there is an Easter dress for my dd and I need to find a pattern for shirts for my two boys, but haven’t got that yet. I’m also making placemats for birthday present and to get ready for summer fun at the beach I’m making beach jackets for my kids. I also have a quilt that I need to finish and I’d love to make myself some new placements for the patio for the summer. I’m never short of finding things to make… just short on time.

  462. Elizabeth says:

    I want to sew a skirt and blouse for myself this spring.

  463. daskleinekra says:

    oh spring we can smell… also in berlin. i will make a dress for my little daugther. she always say: “more flowers, i’ll see more flowers”! lg daskleineKra

  464. Jessica T says:

    I just finished making my first Waldorf doll, I am hoping to make another one for a friend of mine’s little boy’s second birthday. I also want to make a new apron and perhaps some curtains for the living room.

  465. Jodie says:

    I have so much in mind: valences, new couch pillows, baby blocks and rings, new pillowcases and sheets for my toddler, etc. I just don’t know where to start…

  466. Tammy :) says:

    My number 1 project is making a new swag/valence for the living room. I also hope to make some great pillowcase dresses for my neices. 🙂
    Yay for Spring!

  467. Lisa Clarke says:

    This month I expect there to be a lot of bag-making on my plate. I just got the new Sew What! Bags book and it’s filled me with inspiration 🙂

  468. Liz says:

    I have so much on my sewing to-do list. A new blouse (or 3) for me, ribbon dresses for my girls, skirts, sundresses, tote bags… the list goes on and on.

  469. stacie says:

    I will be attempting to make some cute dresses (the Knot dress and the Miss Molly) for my daughter.

    I am also going to try and get tote bags made for all of my kids preschool teachers. That would be 6, so I really should get going on that! Just can’t decide what pattern do make.. wanted the Birdie Sling, but think that would be way too time consuming for 6!

  470. Natalie says:

    Hmmm where to start with my spring sewing projects… I have some placemats I really would like to do with fabric that just came and I have two quilts that I have been meaning to quilt up and finish. Cross your fingers that other projects don’t perk themselves up and take over 😉

  471. Sarah J says:

    I love the butterfly fabric, a great selection of spring fabrics.

  472. Amanda says:

    I would like to make a birding bag to hold a bird guide and binoculars.

  473. Harriet says:

    I live in the cold climate of canada. The snow is still thick on the ground, no sign of spring yet. Some beautiful springy fabric would really help to cheer us up. I am planning to sew some fresh new totes for myself and my girls.

  474. Debra Lloyd says:

    No new projects for me until I finish up the two quilts that I started this winter. Of course, in Michigan spring doesn’t really arrive until the beginning of June, so I have plenty of time!

  475. Laura says:

    _Love_ the Tula Pink fabric! Gotta get my hands of some of that!

  476. Kattalyne says:

    I love the blue in the Fiona and the green and white in Flower power – they’d both make really cute aprons, which is on my to-do list.

  477. Alma-Momma says:

    Spring is in the air for sure! Those fabrics are beautiful.

  478. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! My next project is a pair of baby shoes.

  479. wendy says:

    Spring is kind of relative here in Austin, it just gets cold for a week, then back to warm, rinse and repeat. I am working on a patriotic quilt for a boy I know, sneek peeks on my blog!

  480. Megan says:

    Wrap dress! I’ve been dying to make one and my friend says they’re a must have wardrobe item.

  481. Ellen says:

    So jealous that you’re all spring-sewing – we’re heading into autumn-sewing on my side of the world! As a result, I’ll be trying my hand at cozy winter pj’s for my boys using the Oliver + S bedtime story pyjama pattern-my first attempt at making clothes!

  482. Amy says:

    I’m looking forward to making some sundresses/skirts for myself and a few girl friends. It should be a fun time of bonding!

  483. Elizabeth says:

    Spring Sewing…well I need to make some dresses for my daughter who just keeps growing. I have been on an apron kick recently (4 in the past week). She needs and apron too….also I have so many baby gifts to prepare it isn’t even funny.

  484. Emily says:

    I haven’t sewn in a while (got thoroughly obsessed with knitting) but lately I want to be sewing again. I want to make some flirty a-line skirts for spring.

  485. Jessi says:

    I love the colors in the Neptune and Wonderland collections!
    This spring I’m going to make myself a purse and a cute apron, since I just got a job helping making bread. Im going to try to repair a quilt that my Grandaddy’s grandmom made, but that’s going to be a lot of work!

  486. Sarah S says:

    I’ve got a few wall art projects for my little boy’s room (due on Earth Day). A maternity shirt, bunting for my (almost ) 3 year old’s party, an appliqued birthday shirt. Well, I could go on and on. It’s the nesting thing.

  487. Rina says:

    Skirts, skirts, and more skirts. I can’t WAIT for it to stop snowing here.

  488. Anna Maschke says:

    Clothing galore in on the docket for me…two dresses for myself, one for my daughter and I’ve been on a handbag kick, so probably a few more of those!

  489. Nova437 says:

    Two sets of baby stuff plus something for the older siblings. After that i only have a list a foot long. 🙂

  490. daniela says:

    wow spring is around the corner, butterflies too…

  491. Gina says:

    I will be making a few “farmer’s market totes” its almost that time for summer shopping!

  492. Elaina Sharp says:

    What great new fabrics! I would love to make a tiered ruffle apron and some other fun kitchen and home decor items! Pillows! 🙂

  493. Leslie says:

    I’m working on my daughters FIRST Easter dress

  494. Denise says:

    The beautiful fabrics help me think about spring even if the weather doesn’t.

  495. Amy S says:

    In line for my spring sewing, I have to finish my doll quilt, then I’m going to make some potholders, a baby quilt or two, and maybe get a head start on a 4th of July table runner for my grandmother’s birthday on 7-4.

  496. jill says:

    I’m making some spring themed napkins and placemats for our table, and some little wool felt birds to celebrate. Also recovering my chairs and making bags to hang and store odd things (like my latest hand sewing projects) ]in my kitchen.

  497. Leigh says:

    I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet- purses, skirts, dresses for my daughters– But I KNOW I will be doing some Spring sewing with the Wonderland line! I am in love!

  498. Monica Gee says:

    Right now all my sewing efforts are being aimed at baby-related things. I have a little one on the way and I can’t wait to snuggle him/her in some newly made blankets!

  499. Amanda says:

    Beautiful fabrics. I am planning on making cloth Easter baskets for my kids based on one of the fabric box tutorials from your Fat Quarter month. I’m just trying to find the perfect fabrics 😉

  500. During the spring, I like to sew quilts, skirts for my daughter, pajamas for my daughter, and work on Christmas gifts.

  501. Lisa says:

    This weekend my friend and I are going to tackle some spring sewing projects! I’m making purses and coordinating skirts for my girls, a backpack for my boy, and a smock apron for me! If I could squeeze in more I would! That Wonderland fabric is gorgeous!

  502. orata says:

    I am so excited to make some of the projects from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing, especially the Summer blouse, Trapeze Dress, and Obi Dress.

  503. Elizabeth says:

    I’m planning on some fun wrap skirts in bright florals for spring (for myself!!) and cute ruffle pants and dresses for my niece. All in light fabrics…it’s just too hot down south!

  504. Heather says:

    I am planning to make the Bo Peep skirt (Anna Maria Horner) for my niece, an improvisational baby quilt for my new nephew, and a springy skirt for myself. I’m so inspired by all the good fabric coming out!

  505. Melissa says:

    Those MoMo prints are fabulous. I will be happy this month if I finish even one quilt from my stack of things waiting to be started!

  506. Charity says:

    I am in LOVE with the wonderland fabric!

  507. April says:

    I especially love the Wonderland by MoMo, but all of it is such pretty fabric! My spring sewing includes Easter outfits for my kids, a spring dress jacket and wallet for me, and a few pairs of baby shoes for some friends that have infants…to name a few things that are on my list to do.

  508. I’m super excited to create some Spring bags with the bright and cheery Heather Bailey Pop Garden. I’ve got a few under my belt (it’s kinda already Spring here) and can’t wait to make more!

  509. Coleen says:

    We’re making the “Toy Buckets” from February’s Fat Quater Tutorial!! My 3 years requested one made with all bumble bee’s, because “They’re soooo great, Mom”

  510. Debra says:

    I have too many projects! Two baby quilts in process, a spring dress out of the Sweet by Moda fabrics for my dear daughter, and a book rack (out of fabric) for my son that I saw on Craft! I’m in love with SO many fabrics right now. How come they all have to be so fabulous? Once all that is done, I’d love to make a quilt from the Neptune fabrics–they are divine!

  511. Jeannine says:

    I have quilts occupying all available space in my crafting area. I’m doing the mod sampler quiltalong with Oh, Fransson, plus I have not one but two friends each having babies in the coming months (one boy, one girl) and want to make myself a new purse. I’ve got a lot to do before now and summertime!

  512. Emily says:

    I love spring because it means summer is closer!

  513. BabkaGal says:

    I’m working on two quilts to give as part of various wedding gifts! I’m using beautiful blue Amy Butler fabrics on one quilt, and a jelly roll of “Nouveau” fabric by Moda for the other quilt. They are airy, cheerful and (hopefully) will make excellent gifts!

  514. Amy S says:

    Well, I just altered our old queen size bed skirt to fit our new king bed, that was fast and easy, I made the Bohemian skirt from Favorite things with lots of bright spring colors and I would like to make it a few more times! It is so cute and comfortable!

  515. Nancy says:

    I’m just getting back into sewing after being inspired by so many awesome quilt/sewing blogs and am planning to finish two quilts that I started 8 years ago! Also, I ordered two moda charm packs and downloaded an amy butler quilt pattern. I just started a sewing blog yesterday (no post yet–this weekend I’ll post pics of the quilt I work on) and I hope to quilt along with so many others out there. I’m excited about all the fun possibilities!!!!

  516. Christina W. says:

    My Spring sewing…well it’s not very “spring-ey” but I’m planning to finish quilting my son’s spaceship quilt and tomorrow I’m starting a t-shirt quilt. I guess the t-shirt quilt would count as sort of spring cleaning…finally putting to good use those old t-shirts that have been sitting in a box under my bed!

  517. renee says:

    i absolutely cannot wait to get to spring sewing. I have a newborn and as she takes more regular naps and my son will be hitting the sandtable outside, i plan on sewing bloomers in every color and some cute little (and easy) sundresses. Some shorts for the older one are definately on my list too. And hopefully a spring quilt since mine are all wintery and fall.

  518. Annette says:

    My spring project is a much needed new purse. One that is fits the mood of the pretty season. I noticed that all the fabrics you’ve shown qualify for this position. Beautiful fabrics.

  519. kbonikowsky says:

    My agenda is a pettiskirt for my daughter, a few bags for friends, re-covering an armchair, and hopefully a new bed quilt!

  520. angela says:

    Spring is my favorite sewing season! I am very excited about it and am planning on making some lightweight, floral tops and dresses for my almost 4 year old daughter. I might make her another skirt or two, and probably some shorts. I may even get around to sewing a skirt or two for myself!

  521. Leah says:

    I have not seen the Wonderland line by MoMo before–that looks stunning! And so perfect for spring! On my docket–making a couple of skirts for me and dresses for my daughter (she loves to wear dresses, so I want to look as girly as she does!). Plus, I want to make some items that I will sell during the month of April with all proceeds going to support a local ministry, Pregnancy Support Services and their annual Walk for Life. Thanks for the spring-y inspiration!!

  522. Joy says:

    I want to make an apron for for my new BFF’s birthday!

  523. Alissa says:

    I am making an easter dress for my DD.

  524. Denise says:

    I plan on sewing curtains for my granddaughter’s daycare and also a spring purse by Amy Butler with her wonderful fabrics.

  525. Michelle says:

    Wonderland is my favorite! Beautiful palette.

  526. MB says:

    I will be making one of Amy Butler’s Madison bags – the fabric is orange, chartreuse and white, so bright and fresh. I also recently purchased some iron-on vinyl and am planning on using it on the outside fabric hoping to protect the bag against dirt and the elements. Can’t wait to experiment, I’ve never used it… I am also making some pillow covers – best way to freshen up the living room for the season for very little money.

  527. Emiko says:

    My spring plans for sewing will be to finish up some pj pants for my boyfriend, as well as some pillows to spruce up the living room and bedroom. I’d also like to take a stab at making my first bag with one of Amy Butler’s patterns. Spring is a great time to change over to a new bag!

  528. sandyandcosmo says:

    Wow, I love the new Fiona fabrics! My spring projects include a small quilt for my granddaughter, living room pillows, and a tablecloth and runner for the dining room. Welcome Spring!

  529. Emily says:

    Wrap skirts!! Just bought the Sew Everything Workshop book by Diana Rupp… she has a great wrap skirt pattern in there…

  530. Betty Ann says:

    I’m loving that orange circle print at the top.
    I’m sewing a peasant blouse this spring.

  531. Dawn says:

    I just need to get caught up on my BOMs! They are turning into BOYs…blocks of the year!!

  532. Jenny says:

    I just love spring! I’m currently working on a queen size duvet cover and some light-weight fleece pants for my daughter for gym class.

  533. sarahkeith says:

    oh, wow! some of those fabrics are just perfect.
    for spring, I’m looking forward to FINALLY making some curtains for the bathroom, and hopefully a few shirts for myself. And a skirt. And a dress. I better get busy!

  534. beccy says:

    I’m still finishing my winter sewing! I really need to re-cover my sofas though – the cats have done their thing and created tastefull tassels on the arms 🙂 I’ll also be making new curtains and things… does anyone else feel the need to update their rooms in spring?

  535. Surviving says:

    Provided I can figure out the tension on my sewing machine, I would like to sew a purse and an organizer to go with it.

  536. Amy H says:

    What amazing fabrics! I have lots of spring sewing planned. I have several bags and purses in the works and I have several items of clothing to make for my daughter. I have adorable cowgirl fabric to make a dress out of and I need to make a new summer nightgown for her. I’ll also be working on the sewing try-it with my daughters brownie troop. It should be a lot of fun!

  537. Mary A says:

    I’ll be sewing along with Oh, Fransson! and her Mod Quilt Along… it’ll be my first quilt, something new to try for spring! I may try to get some new placemats & napkins together for spring also… I’m totally coveting the Fiona prints by Anna Griffin!

  538. Jessie says:

    I LOVE the new spring fabrics! I’m working on baby wipes, bibs, and extra blankets for our new little one due in 12 weeks!! Since we are going the cloth diaper route I’m also going to be making some wet bags soon 🙂

  539. this spring i’d like to finish a quilt, probably make a few more bags, and eagerly wait for lotta jansdotter’s new book.

  540. Susie says:

    I’m going to be sewing some warm-weather maternity clothes and an Easter dress for my two-year old. I’ll also be making some more felt food sandwich sets for her friends’ birthdays.

  541. Aimee says:

    I have three girls and will be working on some spring dresses for them and maybe some skirts as well. Depends on how quickly it all goes.

  542. Maggie says:

    I have a bunch of curtains I need to finish and some little crayon and notepad holders to make for my boys.

  543. naomig says:

    I am making a goal of sewing all of my 2 daughters new clothes for summer. So, starting April 1, that is what I will be working on. I can’t wait to start!

  544. Karen says:

    ohhhhh I really like that Wonderland fabric!

    I am trying new bag patterns this spring. I just finished a pet carrier!!! I am also getting into baby accessories – burp cloths, changing pads, travel cases etc…

  545. molly says:

    I’m planning to do the quilt along over on Oh Fransson. Just haven’t had a chance to get to the fabric store yet!

  546. Liz R. says:

    I am going to try to get through all the projects I have bought fabric for! Which is … 2 skirts and a dress for my 5 yo, a bathrobe for the 8 yo, 3 quilts and 3 baby blankets. I will be busy for a while! Hopefully I can stay focused without deciding to plan other projects!

  547. Ashley says:

    Would love to win – who can turn down free fabric?! I haven’t been able to sew for a couple weeks, but when I return home I’ll be working on a few more quilts as well as a few additional garments from Heather Ross’s new book. Can’t wait!

  548. lindsey says:

    My spring sewing will be busy (for my standards at least!) I’m sewing a wrap dress for my bridal shower, hopefully it fits. I’m also sewing squares of a bold black and white patterned fabric to act sort of like a placemat to give my centerpieces at the reception more of an impact.

  549. Bre Ann says:

    With Spring coming around the corner I plan on starting a watermelon quilt for many picnics to come.

  550. Tracy says:

    This spring I want to make a gardening apron with sturdy pockets to hold some tools! Great fabrics all.

  551. beth says:

    Gorgeous fabrics!
    I’m starting my first ever quilt this Spring for my five year old son. So much fabric to choose from!

  552. amy says:

    I’m hoping to sew some cute dresses!

  553. Jan says:

    This spring, things for the home are in order.

  554. Jodie says:

    Spring sewing? I’d LOVE to finally get my daughter’s twin-sized quilt done. Once that’s complete, I’m hoping to dig in and start making quilts for the new baby I’m growin’ in my tummy. Yup, this one’s gonna need some quilts, too! I’d also like to make my best friend a purse for her May birthday.

  555. Jenny says:

    I am planning on sewing some spring skirts. I also have a shirt pattern that I want to try. Some of the other projects on the list are new hand bags and a patchwork quilt for my bed. It needs a spring makeover. I know they are pretty lofty ideas but I figure if I am high and fail I will at least accomplish some things. Know what I mean.

  556. Casey says:

    oooh! love springy fabrics 🙂 I’m hoping to sew up dresses for my girls. If I feel brave enough anyway, never done clothes except pjs in high school

  557. michelle says:

    I like to do sewing that’s easy but chic because I’m a beginner and still learning!

  558. Suzanne says:

    So glad you got Wonderland in. it’s got to be one of my favorite new lines!

  559. Keilah says:

    Get going on the bedspread quilts for the kids, even just cutting it out 🙂 I would love to make some skirts and shorts for the kids and I. Love the fabric, thanks for the giveaway.

  560. Katie says:

    I am a sewing newbie…I want to try some simple skirts for my daughter for the summer. The fabrics you show here are beautiful!

  561. Edith says:

    Skirts! I am all about skirts this spring.

  562. Heather says:

    I plan on making some little skirts for my girls (2 and 1 month). After 13 years of just boys in the house I am excited to sew up some girlie things!

  563. Right now, Oh Fransson’s quilt-along will extend into Spring, but after that I plan to make some baby sets for these new Spring babies.

  564. Martha says:

    My spring sewing includes a set of light sundresses for my girls.

  565. Elizabeth says:

    I’m still working on making stuff for baby! I’m finishing up a baby quilt, hoping to work on a few softies and maybe some cute clothes!

  566. Kathryn says:

    I’ll be sewing two baby quilts! What could be more fun?

  567. Rebecca says:

    I’m hoping to get going on some Portabellopixie sundresses for my brother-in-laws wedding in the Spring.

  568. Susanna says:

    I’ve got a mixer cover and tea cozy to make – not particularly “springy” but they fit in with the spirit of spring cleaning. Lots of my girl friends have spring birthdays, so i’m on the lookout for cute gifts (with cute fabric!) to make for them.

  569. Care says:

    I am so ready to make some cute little (tiny!!) spring dresses for my little girl — if only she would get here! Three weeks and counting down to my due date……..

  570. Veronica says:

    I’d like to make some springy and summery tops and skirts. I’d also like to sew some utilitarian things, too, like bags, pouches and curtains.

  571. Dawn-Marie says:

    I love those Neptune fabrics. My spring sewing includes quilts, quilts and more quilts!

  572. Julie says:

    Cute fabrics, especially like the Wonderland fabrics. I’m currently working on sewing for a Vendor Fair on the 21st, then I’ll work on my daughter’s birthday dress and present, then Easter outfits and then my son’s birthday. Busy, busy, busy!!! I will hopefully have some orders to work on as well!!

  573. MomOfThree says:

    Love the blue and white Fiona fabric and the floral Wonderland fabric! I always make my girls dresses to wear on Mother’s day. Plus I am going to make some PJs for my little boy. I also need to make a clothespin bag for the clothesline. (and who knows what projects I will add to my “to do” list by the time summer rolls around!)

  574. Shawna says:

    I am planning to sew sundresses for my daughters out of very neat vintage sheets given to me by my husband’s grandmother!

  575. Lori says:

    My sewing agenda includes finishing a bag for my sister’s birthday, two aprons for my other sister and her daughter, then three sets of coasters for my pay-it-forward prizes.

  576. kristin says:

    Spring makes me so happy! I am just learning to sew & quilt, so my spring sewing plan to make a doll quilt using your tutorial.

  577. April says:

    I would really just like to sew! I have a terrible time organizing my life so that I actually have dedicated time for sewing. If I could manage it, I’d like to sew a few cute things for my nieces and nephews that I will be seeing at Easter. And I have lots of ideas for my home as well. I would love new cafe curtains in my craft room and kitchen. Some valances for my living room would be nice too. I currently have just wooden window blinds in place. For my son I want to make an over the footboard pouch for his bed. Oh, and I want to “pimp” his wagon. I need saddle bags for the side of it for when we go to the park and a nice cover for the cushion I put in there.

  578. Erin says:

    Spring is in the air and I am ready to sew springy sundresses for my three girls. Maybe a skirt or two for me!!

  579. Toby says:

    I love the colors of spring…bright and soft at the same time. And those fabrics show that perfectly.
    This next week is spring break. With husband gone on business and kids visiting family, I hope to sew up a storm. Right now I’m stuck on making bags, bags, and more bags. And hopefully a new toy for my friend’s little guy.

  580. Lorrie says:

    Spring always inspires me to sew. I have a skirt I want to make, and a knit top. An apron for a birthday gift is on the list and maybe a passport holder for a trip I’m taking this summer. The “to do” list is always longer than the “done” list!


  581. Christy says:

    ohhh, so pretty! I love spring! For spring break, my project is to modify a sheer shower curtain with some Amy Butler lotus fabric & maybe make a small window shade. For the rest of the spring, I want to start a t-shirt quilt (or maybe I’ll start with a handbag, then the quilt).

  582. Alana says:

    I am looking forward to making a spring quilt and my first ever skirt for Spring! The nice weather just can’t come soon enough!

  583. Annema says:

    This spring I’ll probably be making a picnic blanket, a sun cap and some pants for my son and a few skirts and maybe a dress for myself. The flower design from Wonderland would make a great skirt!

  584. sandra says:

    LOVE the new SPRING fabrics wish to give them ALL a home!

  585. Anusha says:

    Planning on flowery patterned summer dresses and twirly skirts for my four year old! She just wants to Twirl all the time!

  586. Thea R says:

    Well, I’m actually feeling very inspired these days to sew. I am planning on making airy tunics and skirts for myself and spring/summer dresses for my daughter. I am trying to pull myself away from dark grey linen and towards the bright florals!

  587. Stacy says:

    I just bought some fabric to make some shorts for my little ones and a dress for myself.

  588. Ashley Ann says:

    I’m sewing bright, happy spring bags for my shop! I also need to make a super hero cape for my son’s third birthday. He was born on the first day of spring!

  589. LisaW says:

    So many happy spring fabrics! I can’t wait to get started on some fun projects for my house and my kids!

  590. Alice S says:

    I plan to make a cloth doll for my daughter’s birthday. There are also a few babies due later this summer in my circle of friends and family so I definitely want to make something for them.

  591. Amanda Iles says:

    I have made some spring napkins and I plan on making some placemats to go with them! See my blog for pictures of the yellow napkins with bird appliques. I would also like to make some curtains to go in my two-year-old’s “big boy room”!!

  592. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to start sewing some cute summer dresses for my girls!

  593. maranda says:

    Lovely Fabric:) Up next for me, summer dresses for my daughter.

  594. Ashlee says:

    I love the spring fabrics! I’m doing a wardrobe revamp. Right now I am working on a ton of up-cycle projects 🙂

  595. Marissa says:

    I love spring. This spring I am working on making a couple of shirts for myself because I’m in that awkward stage of being pregnant and out growing my regular clothes but not filling out the maternity ones yet. They look like tents on me right now.

  596. Jess says:

    Bags, lighter weight PJ Pants, spring dresses, and if I have time, skirt for me.

  597. I’m digging Tula Pinks stuff. But, all of it is pretty…it’s fabric; it’s all good!

  598. Miranda says:

    I am new to this site and am loving EVERY min I spend here. I love dreaming about what I could make and what I want to make. I don’t have a lot on my agenda as of yet, still finishing some other none sewing projects, but I really would like to make the Fat Quarter purse.

  599. Claudia says:

    It’s already spring in San Francisco! I’m finishing up a large pinwheel quilt which has been in the works for nearly 2 years and is a wedding present for friends. After that, I’ll start on a quilt for my son made with Bali Pops and hopefully squeeze in some charity quilts for the upcoming school auction.

  600. Vicki says:

    I’ll be making dresses for my baby girl, and skirts and tops for myself. Shorts for the boys. And quilts.

  601. Lee says:

    Spring sewing? Lightweight dresses! Skirts! Maybe some blouses. Can’t wait.

  602. Whistlepea says:

    I’ve been in a touch of a sewing rut but I hope to push myself to work on a scrap quilt I started five years ago!

  603. Jennifer says:

    my spring sewing includes some more quilts of valor (one being quilted and one being pieced currently, but lots more fabric for it!), some baby projects for my newest nephew, a quilt for my son and some good new spring skirts and dresses for me! maybe…a quilt for myself. tula pink’s new line might be good for a skirt or two for myself.

  604. Virginia Hendricks says:

    What cool fabrics!

  605. Laura says:

    I’m clinging to hope that spring is near! Its still about 26 degrees here in Chicago 🙁 But at least spring will be inside! I’m looking forward to sewing an apron for my mom and hope to have it done in time for mother’s day! (I’m just a beginner but have learned so much already from your blog–thank you 🙂

  606. Lisa says:

    Oh, inspiring and delicious new fabrics are available for beautiful spring sewing. My springtime projects include (1) a lap quilt for my niece [nine patch variation with a lovely vine print and yellow, pink, orange and green patches], (2) a blue and white english paper pieced hexagon & diamond quilt with a twist of orange and (3) a new springy tote. I enjoy having something portable to make while I also have a machine sewn project going. Have fun sewing this weekend! — Lisa

  607. Charity says:

    I’ve been having a blast making aprons! (See my blog for a recent project!) SMS has some really fun fabrics… would be a blast to sew with!

  608. lesley says:

    oooh, i’m dying for some of the new neptune collection…
    my spring sewing agenda is packed! baby gifts, dress[es] for my baby girl, finishing my son’s quilt, a couple of commissions, and stocking my soon-to-open shop with handmade goodies!! if there’s time leftover, i have bookmarked several projects in heather ross’ weekend sewing!!!

  609. lindsey says:

    I’m sewing a new knit dress for spring and working on a vacation dress with heather bailey fabric for my coworker!

  610. Amy says:

    I have many projects in mind. We are finishing our back hall and I was thinking of making a quilt to hang there. I want to sew more clothes for my children. I was considering a diaper bag and some more baby dresses….the list goes on!

  611. Megan says:

    I’m not sure if I would call this spring sewing or not, but I love making quilts any time of the year! Love those Neptune fabrics!

  612. elizabeth says:

    I can’t WAIT for flowers to start blooming around here! Which reminds me: for spring, I’d like to get back to my Bloom quilt and finish it!

  613. Katie says:

    I would love to make a fun Kimono shirt for my niece. And tons of my friends are expecting so I want to work on blankets, burp clothes, bibs, stuffed blocks, stuffies, mobiles…I could go on for days.

  614. Michelle C says:

    My spring sewing will consist of summer dresses for my little one. Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous fabrics.

  615. Tamara (AK) says:

    Maternity sewing is on my agenda! 🙂

  616. Lindsay says:

    I love those fabrics beautiful! I think I want to make a set of place mats and a table runner for my table. It is very hard to find anything I like in stores! I’ll most likely use my Amy Butler Pattern from her book In Stitches.

  617. I love the new spring fabrics! They are very inspiring! I am in the process of dreaming up some kind of notebook cover for my coupon notebook with handles to make it easier to carry into the grocery store. Also on the sewing agenda are pot holders and wedding gifts for the slew of weddings coming up in the summer! I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’d love to make these things with a few new fabrics like the ones you’re featuring!

    -Sarah from Create Studio

  618. Grenae Thompson says:

    My plans include finishing some projects. There are several cross-stitch pieces that need to be made into pillows, wall hangings, etc. Also, I just finished two “Ruby” dolls from a free pattern I found at One Red Robin. These were so much fun, I’d like to make more. It was fun to use some odd charm squares, layer cakes and fat quarters for different pieces. I love pretty fabric!

  619. Sarah says:

    That Wonderland fabric is just gorgeous. As for spring sewing, I’m hoping to make a seersucker shirtdress and a spring/summer shirt or two.

  620. Holly says:

    For me Spring Sewing is all about dressmaking–little frocks, long sleeve dresses, skirts in bright colors.

  621. Melissa says:

    Lovely fabrics! My sewing projects will start by opening my Christmas present — a NEW sewing machine. I’ve never had a NEW one. :o) Yay! And we’ve been travelling or had company till now so I’ve not been able to sit down and sew. But once I do, I’ll be making baby blankets, and loveys, and a sweet little outfit for my baby girl.

  622. Tracey says:

    love the wonderland collection! how cute!
    I just received my Green Fat quarters yesterday (thank you again, they are beautiful!) so my spring sewing will include some of the fat quarter projects from February. I think i’m going to start off with a collection of fabric buckets/baskets for our bathroom!

  623. Amber says:

    I am wanting to make a big picnic blanket – I’m already cutting out my squares.

  624. Jessica says:

    I am in the midst of sewing springy dresses and skirts for the ladies of the house. I also want to make some more head scarves for the lazy days of summer when I’d rather not wash the locks; it’s the one time of year that dirty/messy hair can actually look stylish!

  625. Leslie says:

    LOVE these prints! Very spring and would be fun to make with a lot of nice projects. 🙂

  626. Lisa says:

    Those fabrics are beautiful, I especially love the Wonderland. :)Lisa

  627. Ellen Ban says:

    I plan to make a few tops and a skirt and plan to practice free motion quilting now that I tried it last weekend and feel like it’s “doable”!! Great new prints, it’s hard to pick a favorite…

  628. bec says:

    i want to sew some curtains in a lovely mustard yellow to go with my blue walls. hopefully that would freshen things in my house a bit.

  629. Kay Ragland says:

    I love Circles Orange ~ Fiona. I am wanting to cover some window shades. And Circles Orange- fiona is perfect for that. It would be so cheerful and upbeat in my room. Love your blog, I read it all the time. You have some great tutorials and ideas. Spring is in the Air and also in your shop thanks for all the fun ideas.

  630. Danna says:

    Love the Neptune! I can see some really cute purses or headbands with that material.

  631. Heather B says:

    Easter dress, spring skirts & doll quilt – That’s before I see get any more inspiration!

  632. Susan Jonsson says:

    :Love the new Spring fabrics…..My wonderland print is going to be a beautiful new bag/tote,

  633. Kim B. says:

    Finally spring is on her way! I need to make some pillows for my sister. That’s my next sewing project. And oh to have a new springy apron would be divine!

  634. Shiela says:

    I plan to sew many skirts and sun dresses for my favorite 5 year old! And, a large blanket for the beach and picnic’s.

  635. Jordan says:

    Such fun fabrics! It’s difficult to choose a favorite. As far as spring sewing projects, I plan to make a lovely linen bag from “Bend the Rules Sewing” and a smock from “Seams to Me”. I just made a “Bend the Rules Sewing” smock for my niece’s birthday – it was a huge hit so I may have to try another.

  636. Alice says:

    My plans are for a tea wallet, a little vest made from tractor fabric, and Amy Karol’s beauty bag. I love the Neptune fabrics! Your fat quarter projects have me wondering about a first quilt……

  637. Shannon says:

    Love the pretty fabrics!! My spring sewing includes first time try at a purse for me, aprons for my sis & mom, and cute outfits for my 3 kids! I’ve got a lot to do:) I forgot, little table cloth and napkins for my girls to have tea partys with!

  638. Somer says:

    I love the new fabric. I have been longing for Spring and so I’m working on Easter dresses and baby blankets. I also got the Funked Out Apron pattern and want to give that a try.

  639. Anne says:

    My spring sewing will start with a new dress for my daughter, and then a purse for myself. After that, a fresh crisp new quilt.

  640. Denise says:

    Such gorgeous fabrics!

  641. allie says:

    I have tons on my plate! Mainly sewing a blanket for a baby that is (thankfully) past due! I’m out of town this weekend but have to get cracking on all my projects as soon as I return.

  642. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Going to start an Easter wall hanging, then a baby quilt for my great niece Jordyn and a bag for my mom. Loving all the new spring prints.

  643. Misty says:

    The fabrics are gorgeous! Me and the littles can’t wait for spring either. Next up on my agenda is some pretty sun dresses for me and my princess.

  644. Abby says:

    They are all so pretty, but Wonderland is my favorite! Yeah for spring!

  645. Melinda Johnson says:

    What beautiful fun spring fabrics! I am looking forward to making some halter tops and some cute knitting and spinning project bags 🙂 I may need to buy some of this fabric to make them with 😛

  646. Melanie says:

    I’m planning on making my 9 month old daughter’s first Easter dress! Nothing fancy but colorful. I love spring!

  647. Heather says:

    i have made a skirt and a pillowcase dress for my dd. i still want to make dd and ds some Easter outfits

  648. Carol says:

    My agenda is learning how to sew!

  649. Loralynn says:

    Purses, purses and more purses. I mean seriously, can a girl have too many???

  650. Tara says:

    Ah yes! Spring is upon us… I’m planning to make some new pincushions, finish quilting two lap size quilts and maybe get a few doll size quilts pieced.

    I love the new fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway…

  651. Kendall says:

    For Spring, I just want to get my sewing machine out of the closet and back in working order! I’m getting the creative bug!

  652. I love those spring fabrics! My spring sewing plans include making a spring dress for my daughter, and a couple of aprons, and possibly starting a quilt…

  653. Missy says:

    I’m going to try to sew fabric flowers to put in a bucket in my girls’ room. Pottery Barn Kids sells five for $40. I saw them in the store and they look like simple interfacing and fabric…pretty sure I could do it for less…a LOT less.

  654. Andrea says:

    Love the new fabrics — I find my tastes in fabrics changing as I keep browsing this site, so keep posting new stuff! My list of sewing includes bedskirt and valances for baby’s room — the quilt is already finished, hooray! — and lots of baby-related items to give as gifts for several friends. These fabrics will make gorgeous (and a bit unexpected!) bibs!

  655. Elizabeth H says:

    Love the new fabrics! I am planning to sew some Jon-Jons for my baby boy and some cute little ruffle pants for my daughter – in addition to as many spring dresses as I can! I just picked up some darling fat quarters and I intend to make little flower and bird appliques for some dresses for my daughter. Cannot WAIT to start! Children’s naptime – here we come!

  656. Catherine says:

    I’m getting ready to start a butter yellow sundress to wear post-partum this summer. I see lots of forgiving empire-waist dresses in my future!

    I’m also debating whether to make some shortalls for the new baby (boy). I haven’t really found a pattern out there that I’m satisfied with yet.

  657. Bunny says:

    My spring sewing includes a jean quilt with yellow, bee-and-ladybug flannel, and several spring-themed embroideries.

  658. Camelama says:

    Yay! Spring fabric!! My personal spring sewing projects are: skirts for spring and summer, curtains for the kitchen window, and a slip cover for my hideous char.

  659. sarah says:

    I love so many of your new fabrics. The “wonderland” and Fiona are especially great! I am cutting out the Sandi Henderson “clarie” dress pattern right now and planning out easter dresses for my 4 daughters! I also have a couple of skirts in mind for myself as well and some cashmere bunnies for the girls easter baskets as well

  660. Sara D. says:

    I have so many fun Spring projects planned! Many are inspired by the new book by Heather Ross, especially the smocked sundress for my little girl. I also plan to make a little reversible jacket out of spring fabrics as a gift for a dear one-year-old. Also on the list: quilts, a tutu, skirts for me and my little girl, table linens, curtains, on and on!

  661. Kelly K says:

    Spring has to be my favorite time to create. All the newly refreshed life really inspires me to get projects started with fresh colors. I love the Wonderland colors.

  662. April says:

    I love the new fabrics!! My plans for spring sewing included new handbags and a patchwork dress for my little one. I am so excited spring is close!!

  663. halfdime says:

    I’m using the Oliver and S free skirt pattern from her blog to make my daughter skirts for spring and summer, so far I have 3 completed and another 3 lined up…so far my completed skirts are a green and white stripe, a blue with cream dots, and a grey with white geese Japanese print, they are so adorable now over jeans or leggings! I have a cute orange flower print, green with horses (thanks for sending it so fast sew mama sew!), and turquoise dots washed and ready to be cut out tomorrow for the next 3. I’m also trying to find the perfect fabric for bedroom curtains.

  664. Clair Shearar says:

    I would love to make a picnic set, blanket, napkins, cutlery rolls, the lot!

  665. Lauren says:

    LOVE the Neptune fabric, especially the green and blue on the right. I can think of more than a few projects that would be perfect for!

  666. Kati says:

    As soon as I find out if I’m having a girl or boy, I’d love to make some stuff for the nursery and clothes for the baby! Love the news spring fabrics. 🙂

  667. Anna says:

    I am less of a seamstress and more of a crafter. My plans for spring are to do the finishing on some cross-stitched pieces I have. Neptune would be the perfect finishing fabric for a mermaid I am working on!

  668. krishnam says:

    Would love to start with some spring-girlie-dresses! those that you can upgrade or downgrade for any occasion in summer! nice fabrics you have!

  669. Sunny says:

    I am going to attempt my first quilt. Along with my first attempts at following a store bought pattern for some skirts. I have only ever used tutorials online up to this point. I am nervous…

  670. Mendi says:

    I love the new Neptune fabric… I am planning on making a few new throw pillows and possibly a lap quilt in fun spring colors. I think it might do the job nicely.

  671. Bonnie Kane says:

    Your spring fabrics are tempting. I have plans to make purses and more purses and those fabrics get my creative juices flowing.

  672. Suzanne says:

    I have so many spring sewing ideas, I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to do them. A runner for on the piano, finish my table topper, bibs for friends babies, clothes for the kids etc… I do a lot of “sewing in my head” these days with a baby who loves to be up all evening.

  673. Ms. Fine says:

    Well since my daughter’s birthday is the end of this month, I usually make some sort of party favor for the party–last year it was stuffed teapots 🙂 This year will be pillows the girls can decorate at the party. 🙂 ANd I’m in love with a bunch of spring fabrics that are slowly transforming into skirts and shirts for my daughter’s summer wardrobe. Nothing more pleasant than working with bright happy colors and prints while the wind blows at gale force outside.

  674. Peggy says:

    Beautiful and springy to be sure!

  675. shannon says:

    Oh so lovely!! I covet them all… Well, my husband and I just closed on our first house this week, and I already know where I’m setting up my sewing table. (The first time I’ll have had a designated space!) I know I have lots of sewing I want to do to spruce up our new home! From new window treatments to other little home dec projects, I know that’s what I’ll be spending my spring doing.

  676. Sarah says:

    This spring I am making Easter Baskets, Dresses and Hats for my 2 girls, and some little stuffed bunnies and eggs to go in their baskets. We also have alot of birthday’s in our family in spring, so making some spring skirts, and bags for presents. These spring fabrics are bueatiful.

  677. Janet says:

    I am working on a quilt as a wedding present. I also want to make a kicky purse for spring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  678. Rita C. says:

    My Spring sewing includes at least 2 dresses from the lovely Oliver&S patterns 🙂

  679. Rebecca says:

    I am enjoying Spring here in AZ! I have started sewing some fun laptop covers after I decided to make one for me. I am also enjoying applique, I would like to make some pretty frilly dishrags that you really dont want to mess up but can, and I have a quilt cut that needs to be sewn together. I usually just sew whatever I dream up, am inspired by, or I impusively have to do right that day.

  680. Karen B says:

    Time to make new spring pillow covers…and some babeeee stuff!

  681. Beth Gourbiere says:

    Love those fabrics, especially the Wonderland. They really want me to me a quilt out of them.

  682. Valerie says:

    I’d like to make a few more cloth napkins, and I have a tablecloth from Target that I want to add some applique to, you know, to make it more “anthropologie-ish”. 🙂

  683. Meghan says:

    I am loving the new fabrics. Too many to choose from.

  684. Shelley says:

    This month I plan to sew a new spring purse…I’m in desperate need of a new one. I also need to make some PJs for my boyfriend.

  685. valerie says:

    i plan on making spring ruffle dresses with matching clutches :o) for me…my bff and my adorable niece

  686. Kathryn says:

    I love those wonderland flowers. mmmm. I can’t wait for spring. I’m thinking of sewing a little picnic set and maybe some skirts 🙂

  687. MiCo says:

    I’m planning on making my first quilt this spring by working on it a little every night until it’s done!

  688. Eva says:

    currently, I’m sewing up little mushrooms in pastel colors to be sold for Easter. I think it’s really neat how one is affected by the seasons and what fabrics you end up picking!

  689. Kim says:

    Oh, I’d just love to finish a project…I don’t need to start anything new!

  690. Sherry says:

    Sewing and spring seem to go hand and hand. I am going to make EVERYTHING out of the Weekend Sewing book! I can’t wait to get my very own copy in my very own hands. And maybe even my very own yard of fabric?

  691. Marilyn says:

    I can’t wait to get started on some spring dresses for my granddaughter and some curtains for me.ughter

  692. Viva says:

    Spring flowers, fruits, and birds . . . I’m looking forward to including all of these happy harbingers on a picnic quilt.

  693. amanda says:

    On my spring sewing list: a top and a dress for my toddler, a baby kimono for my September baby, and a bag for me!

  694. Monica says:

    Well, I am trying to finish a quilt I started in early Feb. I have the top completed. I just have to start quilting it. I am displaced from my large cutting mat right now, so I have to call the quilt shop in town to see if I can borrow one to do my backing and basting to get the quilting going. I love the new fabrics. I am going fabric window shoppig myself today. I can’t wait!

  695. Damia says:

    Definitely some skirts and maybe some handbags to go along with ’em 🙂 Yaaaay spring!!

  696. kinzie says:

    My Spring sewing includes a twin quilt for my toddler who is moving into a big girl bed, as well as lots and lots of flowy skirts and dresses! Thanks for this giveaway!

  697. Courtney says:

    I need to get to work on an Easter dress for my almost 9 month old girl.

  698. Crissy says:

    I’d like to give my couch a new look with some new pillows…nothing too complicated, but it’ll make things look so much better!

  699. Coralee says:

    new spring purses are in order!

  700. Elizabeth Cox says:

    They are just gorgeous!!!!

  701. Collette says:

    For spring, I’d like to finish my Christmas sewing. Please don’t ask–if you do, I’ll simply blame it on the toddler. 😉

    I’d also like to make a quilt for the guest bed in his room but would that reward him for not letting me get my Christmas sewing done? Hmmm. 🙂

  702. Josiane says:

    Those new fabrics are lovely! I’ll be quite busy this spring, so I’d be happy to simply find a bit of time for sewing little things, maybe a small bag to carry my knitting projects.

  703. tonya lemos says:

    Love the new Spring fabrics! Totally looking forward to Spring Days

  704. jessi says:

    Spring has not yet hit my area but looking at those fabrics made me feel warm and springy – thanks! This spring will be my daughter’s first walking / running/ playing/ twirling spring so I have been planning to make her some fun skirts to run in the grass in. I am also pregnant and would like to whip up some sweet little baby outfits using some vintage patterns I was just given. I can’t wait!

  705. jodie says:

    I want to make a zippered pouch for a spring birthday!

  706. Sarah W. says:

    My mom asked for an apron so that’s my project for the next week for her birthday.

  707. Rachael says:

    I’d like to make all the cute stuff out of Heather Ross’ “Weekend Sewing” this spring!

  708. Amy says:

    I love your blog! What a great resource!

  709. Carrie in KC says:

    I’m hoping to do one or two simple projects this spring–maybe some coasters or a table runner. There are so many fun fabrics to choose from!

  710. Clara says:

    I’m so happy spring is here. All the flowers are so pretty.

  711. anita says:

    I’d love to make my daughter some simple tops, skirts, and shorts for spring and summer.

  712. Britt says:

    I am finally officially taking a quilting class which is going to be awesome and I can’t wait. I am calling it my spring learning opportunity

  713. Karissa says:

    I get excited about spring when I start sewing new clothes for the warmer weather! I have Heather Ross’ summer blouse planned, plus some Built By Wendy skirts in the queue!

  714. heather says:

    Wow these fabrics are amazing! I am planning on sewing an apron and maybe a new spring bag. I would love to win!

  715. Mandy says:

    I’m getting ready to go on our quilt guild spring retreat. I plan on finishing some UFO’s and working on a couple of community service baby quilts. 4 days of sewing fun, no kids, no cooking!, I can’t wait! I love the neptune fabric!

  716. Tiffany says:

    My spring sewing includes lots of birthday gifts! With four family birthdays in six weeks, I’ve got to start early!

  717. Stacey says:

    We don’t have much of a spring in Florida. It seems to go straight to summer. Spring sewing for me will be some new outfits for my quickly growing daughter. And perhaps the kids beach coverup that you all did a tutorial on a while back.

  718. Kristi M says:

    i have a whole list of easter bunnies to make for all the niece and nephews….. not to mention the jingly felt stuffed balls for the baby shower gifts for my 3 friends having babies…. one with triplets! yikes!

  719. Katie says:

    I want to do a little bit of home dec. Recover some pillows on our couch and add some lighter colours. I also plan on sewing maternity and sewing baby girl dresses. I have a lot planned for this spring!

  720. Del says:

    My spring sewing includes new pillows on the couch, and a few new skirts for me!

  721. Jennifer says:

    I have a bag, lots of baby gifts, and some belts on my queue. I’m so excited to get started!

  722. Amy says:

    These spring fabrics are so pretty! I just beginning to sew, but I plan on making (attempting to at least) a lovely bag for myself and some cute little tops for my little girl. Wish me luck!

  723. Bethany says:

    I really want to make some great spring tops. That neptune colorway is gorgeous!

  724. Ginger Summers says:

    I am so glad spring is near. My next projects are going to be a picnic quilt and a table cloth to cover my poor table that has paint on it that wont come off from past projects.

  725. Jiill says:

    Our first grandchild (a boy!) is due in a month so I’m busy making quilts, bibs, booties and all things baby. I love the tutorials. Jill

  726. Annika says:

    This spring I’d like to make some tops for my wardrobe and work on my little son’s wardrobe too. I want his clothing to be no more than 50% store-bought if I can manage it. I am also going to be working on his birthday present, a decidedly non-Spring-like set of Jedi robes.

  727. Wendy says:

    I especially like the Wonderland fabrics!

  728. Amy says:

    I’m starting a baby quilt for a friend who’s due in ~2 months.

  729. 2hippos says:

    I love the MoMo prints! And thanks for linking to my blog the other day 🙂

    As for spring sewing, I’m thinking about aprons, skirts, and baby quilts. I’d love to learn more about skirt and apron sewing, especially how to read, enlarge, and follow patterns (a definite weakness of mine).

  730. STL Mom says:

    I’d like to make my daughter some cute peasant blouses, and I’d like to make myself a new tote bag in a fun print.
    I also need some curtains, but that’s not as fun so I keep putting it off.

  731. J.J. says:

    Oooohh, delicious looking spring stuff in the shop!

    I have a whole Spring Sewing to-do list:
    For my 3.5 year old girl:
    Oliver & S’s new “birthay party” dress – in a few different fabrics
    An Easter dress out of some gorgeous pink prints
    tops/pants with lots of ruffles and fun for school/play

    For my 4.5 year old boy:
    Lots o’ pjs (he’s OUT of ones that fit!)
    A new tie to coordinate with his sister’s Easter dress
    6 different button up shirts (short sleeved, super fast 1-yard projects) for school to wear with shorts, etc.

    For ME:
    A dress for Easter (maybe…this never happens like I plan it)
    Several projects from Heather Ross’s new book “Weekend Sewing”

    AND – Mother’s Day gifts!!! I am making placemat/napkin combos for mom, grandmomma, sister – tutorial on my blog…

  732. Marlana says:

    Beautiful fabric sure can change a dreary weather day!

  733. Anne says:

    Beautiful fabric – spring to me is a new beginning just as fabric is!!

  734. Lorna says:

    I have had my eye on those Wonderland prints for awhile now! And I love that orange and black Fiona print. I have the perfect black and white print to pair with it.

    This spring, I have many (probably too many) projects in mind – a dishtowel tote bag, a Flea Market Bag, dresses for my 3-yr old. I just picked up Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross, so I would love to try some clothes for myself. Oh, and I need to figure out how to make button-holes on my machine!

  735. Esther says:

    I’m planning on sewing up some springy-totes and learning how to quilt!

  736. Joyce in NC says:

    I’d like to sew up some new handbags for Spring. I would also like some new spring tops.
    Joyce in NC

  737. nettie says:

    i’m hoping to get some quilts finished up, and then some baby blankets.

  738. Ellena says:

    I plan to make lightweight cotton tops and some skirts for the soon to come hot, humid weather.

  739. Amy says:

    I’ve been dying to make one of Pink Penguin’s fabric baskets. I’m thinking new Easter baskets all around!!!

  740. Jamie says:

    I am so loving the Wonderland fabrics! I am actually planning on starting my 2nd quilt as a shower gift for my sister!! Then off to get a head start on some Christmas gifts..

  741. Lisa Marie says:

    those are so pretty! i don’t really plan too much ahead of what i’m sewing, i’m kind of on a week by week schedule. so your guess is as good as mine. haha undoubtedly there will be baby shower gifts in the mix though! your website is awesome!

  742. On the list right now is to sew all my daughters’ Easter dresses. With six girls we have to plan way ahead so it all gets done by the time Easter comes!

  743. Stacey says:

    I am working on quilts, since I am new to it, love it, would like to make myself a new skirt but not sure. I also love doing bags, but I think I might have burned up my sewing machine just now, so I am not sure what the near future holds for me, hopefully not having to buy a new machine cuz I do not have the money for it :O(

  744. Shannon says:

    I’ve got a coffee quilt in mind for sitting on the front porch and drinking coffee in the mornings.

  745. Rita says:

    I’m making a prom dress for my neice, that’s it! (I have to keep telling myself that as other things creep into my thoughts).

  746. Kama says:

    On my agenda, I am planning to sew a girlie quilt (as I’ve already done 2 for my son). I also need to work on the present for my best friend’s birthday (that was last Tuesday). 🙂 I like to search blogs for ideas, so I’m sure that something else will come up in the spring!

  747. Jo Anna Mollman says:

    Those are some beautiful new fabrics. I am planning on making the Amy Butler Weekender Bag and also dresses for my daughter and myself, some blouses for Grandma. I think that’s it. Jo Anna

  748. Ariane says:

    The spring fabric is lovely. I plan to make a few spring skirts for my daughter. I also plan to make myself a beautiful spring bag. I can’t wait…

  749. Sarah says:

    I want to make some pretty shopping bags. I have made a bunch modeled after the icky plastic grocery bags, but have only kept one for myself.

  750. Jen says:

    My spring sewing will definitely include some skirts and dresses for my daughter and maybe even a shirt for me!

  751. Shannon H. says:

    I’d love to sew up a few spring/summer dresses for my daughters. I’m tired of the overly frilly ones my mother-in-law buys, so I’m thinking “keep it simple with a pretty Springy print!”

  752. Trina says:

    I am making dozens and dozens of bright yo-yo’s. I’m not sure what I am going to do with them so currently my project is just to collect them. As for springy projects, I am working on the bunting from the fat quarter tutorials. I’m doing it in a bright yellow and orange, and I will probably hang it around my living room, which doubles as my craft area since we are in an apartment.

    Last but not least, as soon as I figure out what “duck cloth” is and get some, I will be making some vintage inspired totes to give to the females in my family for mothers day, just in time for carrying all the stuff they need to the pool and such.

  753. Julia says:

    sundresses for my little girl!

  754. Michelle Price says:

    I’m working on some spring dresses for my daughter and my first quilts for my sons new bunkbeds. Lots of stuff to keep me busy!

  755. Chris says:

    Love the Neptune fabric. So cute! I’ve been sewing springy shirts and skirts in lovely bright colors. I’m so ready to get out of my much darker and heavier winter wardrobe!

  756. katherine says:

    this spring I plan on making 4 or 5 pail of funky capris for my 6 year old, and a sun hat for the baby! beautiful fabric!

  757. lifeasamama says:

    I am looking for a simple A-line skirt pattern that is going to be flattering to my waistline… and doesn’t want to ride up to my natural waist. Some of these fabrics would make beautiful skirts!

  758. Hannah says:

    on my agenda for spring sewing: Skirts and dresses for my one year old twin girls! I plan to make them a little big so they can wear them all summer and perhaps into the fall with some cute leggings.

  759. Tracy says:

    What pretty new stuff. I like to sew fun stuff for the house – new placemats, a runner for my kitchen island, maybe a pretty new wall hanging. I am trying so hard to finish my string quilts (one for each daughter), but I am getting really tired of looking at the same old fabric. My goal is to use up the big pile of scraps, and then move on to fresh stuff!

  760. Cassi says:

    The wonderland ones are so cute, as well as the others. These would look adorable for spring. I can just feel Easter coming!!

  761. Danielle says:

    I want to make some headbands, a wallet(with twelve slots for cards!), a bright purse, some baby blankets, some baby pants and a picnic quilt. phew… that would be fun!

  762. Amy says:

    I’m working on two quilts…one using up lots of scraps and another bright white and Moda Soiree lap quilt(a very happy and spring like fabric, in my opinion). I love the new Neptune fabirc…so pretty too.

  763. amanda says:

    Oh, my. That wonderland fabric is killing me! I’m thinking of doing a strippy quilt for my daughter — her first “big girl” quilt!

  764. Adria says:

    On my list right now is 3 quilts, teething rings, and some knitting

  765. Kristen says:

    Ooooh, just what I need to help me forget about this dreary rain. Beautiful!

  766. Anya T. says:

    I have lots of projects planned…a bright and cheery quilt, a couple of bags, and a quilt for a friend. Thanks for the chance to win lovely spring fabric!

  767. Rebecca says:

    I am working on a couple of little lap quilts right now, and a springy for me and a skirt for DD!

  768. Grand dad says:

    spring sewing is garden aprons!! easy and cheer-filled; hope to win one of those nice new fabrics in your shop to do some for the girls.

  769. Marissa says:

    Spring sewing means cotton dresses for my little girl and fun aprons for friends! Love the fabric!

  770. Sandra says:

    Those are seriously beautiful designs, especially Neptune and Wonderland.
    Your blog is a lot of fun and information; I’ve enjoyed visiting but think this is the first time I’ve commented. That’s not nice and won’t happen again …smile…

  771. carolyn says:

    Last Summer I decided to make a retro red and white 4 patch quilt with white sashings. So, I started to make blocks and put them away. I’d been collecting red and white fabrics for a couple of years, because I was having a hard time finding them. Then this February, I found a ton of new red and white fabrics…so of course I had to add those…..well, I finally started to put the quilt together..and surprise I had way too many 4 patches. The first queen size quilt is done, the twin is done and the second queen is almost done and i still have enough to make a couple of lap quilts.
    This Spring I want to make a colorful pastel quilt that has NO RED in it. I am so tired of red. I am dreaming in red and I have banned all of my red clothes. I need pastels….I need to work on a beautiful Spring pastel quilt and have the fabrics waiting for me so I can finish these red quilts. I need to put pastel fabrics on my design wall and dream about making a colorful quilt. I love my red and white quilts and everyone I know is getting one and I am donating one to the cancer society in town….but I am ready for color.

  772. Rachel says:

    Maybe some aprons, or springy quilts, or perhaps a simple skirt.

  773. k dody says:

    Ahhhhh. spring sewing. I am thinking about summer dresses and shorts for my little ones. Maybe even some new skirts for me!

  774. MegVS says:

    I have plans for lots of cute clothing for my girls! Lots of skirts and dresses!

  775. Deirdre says:

    I would love to win a yard of fabric! Projects for the next month: start Neptune disappearing 9 patch quilt (my first!), create 12 placemats and napkins for my mom’s and my good friend’s birthday, and dress some pillow forms that have been naked for too long!

  776. Sabra says:

    I plan to make a lot of cute jumpers and short sets for my Etsy shop. A few might find their way to my grandkids, too.

  777. Amy Hodge says:

    My spring sewing agenda has several quilts — Plain Spoken and Love Beads from The Modern Quilt Workshop and a baby quilt for a friend. I’m also taking several classes on paper piecing, piecing curves, and pattern drafting, so I’m hoping to get into making more fun clothes for myself! I’m in a funky and hip sort of mood these days with spring around the corner!

  778. Leigh-Ann says:

    I am planning to get sewing lessons from my mother for the last and final time. My first project is mother daughter aprons for me and my two little girls. My fabric is divine…pink and white polka dots with black and white gingham trim. Very cute. I’d love to win some more fabric for my next project.

  779. BethieB says:

    My spring sewing list includes mostly stuff for my new house – curtains, a patchwork bathroom rug and some potholders. But of course DD has to appear on every list about every subject, lol – she needs some skirts and some jeans lengthened. I’m still trying to finish up my fall list of quilts too, so maybe by the time spring gets over I’ll be caught up! BTW, the wonderland fabric line is beautiful, I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  780. Lisa says:

    Beautiful fabrics! On my to do list is many new purses for spring and summer, I carry the same one all winter, but come spring, I want new bright cheery bags to carry!

  781. Cami Paul says:

    I would love to make some placemats and a runner, maybe with some of the new fabrics showing up!

  782. Jamie says:

    I plan to get a clothesline up so I can dry some clothes outside this summer. To go along with this, I need to create a cute clothespin holder. So that is first on my Spring Sewing to do list. I love that butterfly fabric!

  783. Jenni says:

    I am going to sew a fabric liner into a knitted purse and then work on a quilt or two!

  784. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for spring!!

  785. Those are some great looking fabrics. I especially like the Fiona by Anna Giffin. They could make some beautiful curtains or sunderss.

  786. Chalece says:

    This is such a fun blog! I love all of the beautiful fabrics!
    I am always looking for fun, fairly easy ideas to sew! I would love to make my little girl a cute summer dress (sleeves scare me, it would be a good challenge for me!) and I would love to find something I could make to decorate my bedroom, which at the moment is quite boring. 🙂

  787. Deb V says:

    I am working on a lap quilt right now. Also I have been working on a table runner. I love fabric and I love to sew. Thanks for all of the great tutorials.

  788. Isobel says:

    Over the next couple of months, I’m planning on making a big floppy sunhat for when the sun finally makes an appearance, a couple of more colourful bags for walks in the park past the flowers and hopefully getting started on my first ever quilt!

  789. Dana V. says:

    I just bought myself a pretty new apron book, and I’m going to sew myself a new apron for spring!

  790. Erin says:

    This spring I will be using up some silk scraps by making kid’s clothes and doll clothes. I’ll also be sewing a duvet cover for my daughter’s new bed!

    That MoMo fabric is beautiful! So Spring-y!

    Looking forward to your April series!

  791. Amanda says:

    You know that fairy tale where the seamstress has to sew shadows on to people? I need to do *that* king of sewing, except with my sanity. The snow needs to stop NOW! Spring needs to bust on through!

  792. marie beck says:

    my plans are to finally get some stock to start up my etsy store 🙂 Plain and simple… well, I guess not all that simple but fun! I’m so excited but NERVOUS!!!! Winning a yard of your fabric would be some reeeeeal inspiration to get my butt in gear! ;0)

  793. Lauren V says:

    I would love to make some curtains. Curtains always brighten and freshen up a house!

  794. Jenny says:

    Top on my list for spring sewing- a few summer tops and dresses for my 18 mo old daughter. And if I can fit it in, maybe a bag for me.

  795. Paige says:

    I plan to make a couple of baby blankets, little girl’s kimonos and an apron! I would love to receive some lovely fabric for some of these projects!

  796. kristine hanson says:

    I am working on a purse for myself, a baby quilt for a friend, another quilt, this one for my family…I have a few plans for skirts for my daughter and niece and a super hero cape for my son.

  797. Annette says:

    I am planing on maing a baby quilt for my best friend, she is due next month with her first baby! And I would like to make a special something quilt to celebrate my very first grand daughters first birthday!


  798. Diane says:

    I just finished making a General’s coat for my son’s senior play. They’re doing the Wizard of Oz. Remember the Wicked Witch of the West’s soldiers? Ooo-eee-ooo. yeah those. Ugh! That was not fun! But now that that’s over, I’m gonna make some fun summer tops for moi! The first being the cute one in the new Heather Ross book. Just have to decide what fabric to use!!

  799. Aimee says:

    Wow, I’m the first to comment! So many projects I’d like to do this Spring…hmmm. Well, I would love to make an Easter dress for my little one, a surprise quilt for my friend, some make-up bags for some ladies I work with at church, and do a quilt along online. I enjoyed the doll quilt one and learned so much!

  800. Amy says:

    I will be making some spring skirts to wear to work. Also, I am putting together a lesson to teach 1st graders to hand sew a pillow for Mom for Mother’s day. I can’t wait to pick the backing fabric.

  801. Anna says:

    I’m working on some new spring purses

  802. Robin says:

    I start my Spring Break today and I am planning to make an appliqueed baby quilt. I am also
    wondering how to “bind” a cloth book for a baby. I have an idea for a patchwork book with
    appliqueed animals. Maybe to match the quilt!

  803. Jennifer Dubicki says:

    I’m really, really committed to making toys for birthday presents. There are 5 upcoming birthdays among our family/friends & I’m hoping to be able to sew things like felt food, the cool fabric dollhouse that’s been featured here, crayon rolls, etc. I’m already overwhelmed thinking about it, but I sure could use some pretty fabric for inspiration!!

  804. Kammy says:

    I love these fabrics. I’d like to make my four year old a peasant dress out of the MoMo floral. I think the blue floral by Anna Griffin would make something lovely for the kitchen!

  805. shamblissity says:

    I’m very new to sewing and super-excited to find your blog. I’m planning to make kimonos for my neices, lots of burp cloths and bibs for friends, a smock and tunic top for myself, and scrubs for my husband. My imaginations is running full-force out in front of me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  806. Ellen says:

    I LOVE spring! The Fiona fabrics are beautiful! I am finishing up a baby quilt this month (Monkey Wrench for a little boy . . . too cute if I do say so myself). For the spring, I mostly like to get ready for summer. I am finishing a picnic quilt and I want to make some seat-pillows to go along with it. Also, I’m making skirts . . . pants are getting to hot down here in Texas!

  807. Beatrix says:

    I will be making a couple of more summer dresses for my two girls and start on making reversible headbands for my store. I am also thinking about opening a second store on Etsy which will carry bags and accessories.

  808. A friend introduced me to ths blog about a month ago and I am in love. Thank you so much for all of the great tutorials and fun ideas. In the next month I plan to make a patchwork spring dress for my 3 year old daugter and possibly a matching one for our new baby, if it is a girl. I am due in 6 days and we are being suprised this time. I am so excited 🙂

  809. craftytammie says:

    I am loving those new fabrics – the butterfly print from wonderland especially! Spring sewing for me will be curtains for our dining room, and some skirts and dresses for me and my daughter. I also have a few friends expecting, so baby gifts are also on the agenda. I just need to find the time 🙂

  810. Mandy says:

    Ah Spring! I can taste your sweetness and it makes me want to whip up cute pajamas for my sweet little boy….or maybe a fun bag for me!

  811. Terri Moran says:

    My Amy Butler fat quarters just arrived, so my Spring sewing will begin today. I will be starting by making a knitting needle roll using five of the fabrics from the bundle.

  812. juliecache says:

    My spring sewing includes a crayon roll and a handbag. yummy looking new fab’s.

  813. Gen says:

    I love to sew light & airy spring skirts & capris for my daughter. I also would love to make a picnic quilt.

  814. sara says:

    Those springy fabrics are so lovely!

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