Your stash interviews have been really interesting and informative. We love the pictures, the philosophy behind your stash, your strong opinions about ironing (!) and every glimpse into your creative spaces and materials. There were lots of beautiful, leaning towers of fabric and well-organized tubs. There were cheerful (expansive) working environments, cozy creative corners and hard-working kitchen tables.


Kim’s fabric storage cabinet via retro mama. She can’t choose a favorite fabric!

You have great ingenuity when it comes to where you stash your fabric! Kat has hers in a big tub under her dorm room bed. You have fabric on shelves, in a pink armoire (here are the open drawers), in library card catalogs, baskets, in bins and did you see this fabric buffet?


Sweet Jessie‘s fabric scrap storage system.

We loved the honest disarrays, posts in Portugese and sewing rooms with cushy chairs and a bathroom.


Darci from Stitches and Scissors started collecting a fabric stash four months ago
& just organized everything into tidy tubs and fabric boxes.

Laurie took the stash talk opportunity to share her new favorite fabrics: her own designs via Spoonflower. Lisa and Mary and many others were inspired to organize their stash. Elizabeth and Abby and many others dreamed of stashes like the bounty in Britex Fabrics in San Francisco and the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. String quilts and Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts are popular “stash busters,” though many of you have no desire to bust your collection any time soon! (Here are some good tutorials for both of those projects.)


String quilt blocks by Sandi from Piecemeal Quilts,
one of Sandi’s recent stash busting projects.

When do you say enough is enough? Answers ranged from “now” to “never.” Cheryl says, “I don’t!”


Don’t miss Kim’s great interview on True Up.
We love fabric in place of shirts in the armoire!

See more interviews in the comment links on the original post, and visit the Fabric Stash & Storage photo pool too.