Guest FQ Pack Designer ~ Alicia Paulson

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Fat Quarter Month was a great experience–we shared a lot of ideas and felt a new enthusiasm for the little piece of fabric once associated mainly with quilts.  We’ve had a wonderful response to our fat quarter packs in the shop too.  Although we’ve mostly been selling them by collection, we enjoy mixing and matching by print and color as well.  One day we said, “maybe we should invite other people to compile some cool packs of fabric.”  So we did.

Our first Guest Fat Quarter Pack Designer is Alicia Paulson.  Alicia is the author of the amazing book, Stitched in Time, which is a must-have for any sewist interested in creating meaningful keepsakes.  Her blog, Posie Gets Cozy, has held a top spot on our blogroll for years now.   She’s constantly inspiring and awing us with her cooking, sewing, crocheting and crafting.  Add to all that one of the most adorable dogs in blogland, Miss Clover Meadow, and you have the makings of a daily addiction.

Another one of Alicia’s many talents is her ability to capture the beauty of her hometown (and ours), Portland, throughout the year.  (A wonderful example is yesterday’s Spring walk through the neighborhood.)  We were thrilled when she decided to use the view from her window to draw inspiration for her fat quarter pack.   She calls this group “Oregon April.”  Whether you live in the Pacific Northwest or not, you have to admit it’s a lovely view. 

We have a limited number of Alicia’s packs for sale in the shop.  (UPDATE:  Sold out but restocked.)  We’ll give away a pack to one reader this week.  Tell us about the view from your window this time of year.  (You’ll also be eligible to win our Spring Sewing sponsor prizes of the week from Fiskars/Gingher, a Comfort Grip 45mm Rotary Cutter and a 12-in-1 Sewing Multi-Tool.)

UPDATE 2:  Sold out again and some of the prints are out of stock, so we won’t be putting together any more.  Some of the fabrics are still available though:

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1,069 Responses to Guest FQ Pack Designer ~ Alicia Paulson

  1. There’s obviously a lot to understand about this. I believe you designed some beneficial points in Characteristics also.

  2. golf ranges says:

    I play in the low 80s. If it’s any hotter than that, I won’t play. – (Quote by) Joe E. Lewis

  3. Romanella says:

    I am heading over to check out your Etsy site now!

  4. Renee says:

    I wish I could take a picture… we have about an acre and right now it’s overgrown weeks and trees. It’s still pretty to look at because the view from our liviving room is all trees and we have big open windows. It’s a peaceful view… just don’t look down. LOL!

  5. Renee says:

    I wish I could take a picture… we have about an acre and right now it’s overgrown weeks and trees. It’s still pretty to look at because the view from our liviving room is all trees and we have big open windows. It’s a peaceful view… just don’t look down. LOL!

  6. Sarah says:

    My current view is of a rather attractive one-year-old tromping enthusiastically around the garden, pulling bits off the pumpkin vines and sampling stones. Also, I’m sorry to say, a lot of lawn which needs mowing. Better get onto that!

  7. Cailin says:

    How fantastic are those fabrics?! What a great compilation of spring prints! Thanks for letting us preview!

  8. jenn says:

    I might be too late for the drawing… The view outside the window stretches from downtown San Diego to the Coronado Island Bridge. It’s usually a breath-taking view, but it’s cloudy and overcast right now. The colors are muted everywhere & it looks chilly, but I can see some boats on the water. The sun is struggling to break through… and I’m here daydreaming about gardening and crafting.

  9. Shannon says:

    The view from our window is pretty uplifting at the moment. Tulips & daffodils winking with lilies & irises starting to peak out. Truly inspiring.

  10. greta says:

    not sure if I’m too late for the drawing, but I love the inspiration for the colors. I live in southern California and sometimes it’s just a little TOO sunny down here for me. Fortunately, it’s rainy today (hooray!). I’m at work, which means I have no window, but if I were at home I’d be looking out at the grey sky, small drops on the window, with a giant overgrown shrub arching into view. I’d probably be tucked under the blanket that my mom knitted for me, with a steaming cup of tea, and hopefully a kitty on my lap. (The kitty may or may not agree with this scenario.) Thanks for letting me fantasize a bit – I’d much rather be at home looking out the window than stuck at my desk today!

  11. From my window I see the linden tree we trimmed last weekend – a rewarding sight; should have done it last year, really! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it sprout some green….

  12. Here in New Zealand its turning to autumn. My bedroom window looks out onto a wooden fence about 3 feet away. But right now it has splashes of red dots – as my tomato plant has finally achieved!

  13. Kristin says:

    The view from my window is green grass, the tulips are just showing their colors. Spring seems to have finally arrived! The birds are optimistic, singing away the passing storms. We are all ready for life to begin again!

  14. Gene Black says:

    Great prizes! The view out my window today has been sun on the soft fresh greenness of spring. Of course it was only 31 F whenI got up this morning but it got warm by midday. Spring in Alabama is changable. Yesterday morning we had some small snow flurries. Today was a total delight once the sun warmed the earth here.

  15. Minnie says:

    The view out my window is Frontier Park which butts up against the Bayfront Highway in Erie, PA. Right now the branches are attempting to sprout leaves…if it would quit snowing, it might actually happen, too!

    Beautiful fabric!

  16. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    Since my 2 windows are chest high, as I’m sitting here’ I see a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds.Out the one window behind me I also see the roofs of my two neighbors and several green trees. And to the window on my left I see the neighbor’s two story house across the alley and the apple tree in our backyard still bare of leaves but just starting to put out buds. Can’t wait for it to fill out with leaves so it blocks the view of the two story house.

  17. What a great collection! The view from my window is gray but getting greener every day. The tree branches don’t have any buds yet, and last year’s dead leaves hang down like sleeping moths. The snow’s finally gone, except for a few dirty patches; my neighbor’s bright red barn provides the only shot of color.

  18. Cat says:

    The view from my window today looks out over the nature reserve where I work. There are beautiful meadows and trees under a sunny blue sky and the blackthorn is starting to blossom!

  19. melissa says:

    beautiful fabric combination. Outside our window there is finally sunshine after a week of rain!

  20. Cheeri says:

    Out of my window I see a bright green orange tree, the yummy-smelling orange blossoms have just fallen off in the past few weeks. The green tree is centered in a yard filled with yellow grass. (I like to tell myself that I’m conserving water by not having a green lawn). The sun is shining down on everything like always, making the sidewalk too hot for bare feet. Come May, we’ll be into 100 degree days. You see, I live in the “Valley of the Sun”. Hello from Arizona!

  21. sandyandcosmo says:

    The view from my window? A row of sunny yellow daffodils, bent over from the weight of three inches of snow!

  22. Betsy says:

    I wish I had checked your site earlier this week. I would love to have bought the fat quarter pack!! Love the fabrics and the combinations. Our Spring comes and goes in Kansas City. Today with much longing ,the sun is shining and a pair of downy wood peckers are sharing the suet at the feeder. The Spring bulbs are blooming and the contrast with the purple violets is amazing.
    The fruit trees are in bloom and bringing hope of the end of winter

  23. lisa says:

    (oops, posted to quickly) so lovely. my view today is of pure white after this bizarre april snowstorm. i could really use some consoling here.

  24. lisa says:

    so lovely!!

  25. Donna Ferrara says:

    i’m looking out my daughter’s window, down to the small rose garden I planted 15 years ago, when we moved here. Last year my husband and I redid the walk–we ripped up crazy stone path and laid a rectangular slate walk around the perimiter of the garden. Glad to see after winter weather the stones haven’t sunk! Now I’m looking at the rose arbor whoose bottom rusted through this winter, laying the new dawn and aloha climbing roses right down on their sides (still attached to the rest of the arbor!) That wasn’t as hard as I thought to fix. We just banged in pipes and shoved the broken off legs of the arbor in…walking the roses up until the legs went down into the pipes…we got lucky that time!
    There’s not much growing yet, just little pieces of green …the best time in the garden–looking at the new growth and eternally plannng, plannng , planning!!!!

  26. MaryP says:

    Outside my window I see little bits of green poking out of the snow.

  27. Jean Cogdill says:

    Hmmm, well from the window I can look from here in the basement of our home, the weeds are flat to the ground… waiting patiently to be pulled so the seeds can fall and plant more weeds. New starts of perrenials are making their appearances… but slowly for we still get bouts of cold rains, snow, and hail when the mood is generated. The Sunshine is trying to spread it’s cheery goodness around us, so we at least feel some warmth from it. It’s really quite a temptation to go outside with out a jacket or coat….. ahhhh but if you do… the coolness hits you with gusto! The daffidils haven’t opened yet, mostly because they are on the Western side of the house and just don’t get quite enough sunshine yet…. but they will open, and their fresh yellow pureness…. will give us just that breath of Spring that we need to feel excited to be outside once again.

  28. Ally says:

    On a typical day, the view out my kitchen doors into my backyard is just the dirt and dust from my neighbors’ yard blowing over in the non-stop spring wind. But on many evenings when the sun is setting, the wind starts to settle down and the New Mexico sky turns into brilliant reds, oranges and purples, just long enough for me to stop, take a deep breath, and thank God for sharing his beauty with me.

  29. Jennifer Whitmore says:

    I’m an Irish woman living in Australia, where we are currently having the most beautiful Autumnal weather – Autumn in Sydney is fabulous. When I look out my window (usually while doing the washing up!) I can see my two boys playing together in their sand pit. Well, its usually the 2 1/2 yr old dumping sand all over the 9 month old’s head, but they both seem to enjoy it – and I just love watching them! Jenny

  30. Leah says:

    Autumn is starting to draw in here, so dead grass and limp looking gum trees for us.

  31. Lorna says:

    Love the blog! The view from my workroom window isn’t really very exciting as it is of next doors front door and kitchen window. But the good part is that they have lots of pots with flowers and grasses growing in them, so they cover up the boring bits lol Also, my cats tend to visit them a lot so there is at least one of them wondering about when I look out 🙂

  32. Christine says:

    Ahhhh spring in Michigan…the daffodils are blooming, the squill are beautifully blue….I wake up this morning to SIX INCHES OF SNOW!!! AARRRGGG!! It’s MIchigan spring….it will all disappear soon.

  33. Aimee says:

    The view from my window is one of a still snow-covered landscape, with five months of dog poop in the front yard. Yay! We have to wait until the thaw to ‘harvest’ it for the trash.

    Further out, the lake is breaking.

    To those who already have flowers a’blooming, I hail you!

  34. Marnie says:

    My room and its view outside: gray, cold, leafless trees with a burst of color here and there. Blustery. Sticks everywhere. That is good for the kindling pile. Soon the grass will green up and red buds will swell. I spotted a lone daffodil in bloom in a protected area near the garage. We need a few more 60 degree days to really see spring blossom.

    I have got to tell you again that sew mama sew delivers the speediest and friendliest service of all the fabric suppliers that I use. I live on the east coast and if I am battling insomnia on a Sunday night – and ordering fabric on line, the fabric is at my doorstep by Tuesday or Wednesday. Amazing. Thanks a million. I will send you a picture of my latest sis boom patchwork inspiration board.

  35. Nelle says:

    Are you still accepting descriptions of the view?

    I have the window in my office open for the first time since October. I sit high on the “M” butte, in my office at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. The ten thousand foot Highland Mountains, glimmer with fresh snow on them about 20 miles to the south. The foothills below them as a dusky blue green with forest. Between the mountains and me, the valley drops about 1,000 feet. Far down below, cars and trucks trundle like small toys on I-90.

    I haven’t seen a bud or a bloom. I’m about 6,000 feet up and snow is slowly disappearing in the valley, but there is plenty of white in the shadows; this is the first day I haven’t seen snow flying in the air for two weeks, but the air is warm and even without blossoms and buds, there is sunshine and relaxation and laughter as students in shirt sleeves pelt each other with snowballs. I can see, down below, students with baseball gloves on the baseball field, idly tossing a ball back and forth. The football team is barking through their spring practice.

    Behind me are piles of essays to grade. Before me, there is sky, sky, sky. In the US, pilots call this cloudless sky “severe clear.” In New Zealand, pilots call it “wall to wall blue.”

    It will be cold tonight again and the puddles will freeze. But tomorrow, it will still be April, the mountains will gleam and I will be here in my perch, with spring fever, Montana style.

  36. katie r says:

    KY is derby bluegrass green right now- its beautiful! Stark difference from the CO i grew up with which will be pretty brown until late may. The fabrics are beautiful!

  37. Kristin says:

    The view from my window…is paradise. I am beyond blessed to live in Hawaii, where my husband is stationed in the US Army. We look out over the beautiful blue waters of Kaneohe Bay, surrounded by the gorgeous, green Koolau Mountains. An inspiring sight to wake up to each day!
    Love those beuatiful fabrics! Aloha~~

  38. Cecily DeVille says:

    I visited Portland (from Austin) for the first time last week & was really struck by the beautiful muted blues and tans on the Columbia River Gorge. What a view!

  39. Jennifer says:

    I can see my clothesline full of little clothes blowing in the wind. That’s my favorite part of using a clothesline!

  40. kathy h. says:

    I totally get Alicia’s view. I’m just south of Portland and the Flowering Cherry trees are starting to ‘snow’ with all the petals. I’m a wicked girl sending a slideshow of all the Spring Bloomers to my sister in St. Paul – that’s Minnesota. They won’t get Spring for another month or longer. She gets homesick about now….
    My little Iris’s are done and the first tulips as well. We are awash in Daffodils and hyacinths and the later tall snowdrops.
    Back out to my garden. 74 degrees today.

  41. Kimberly says:

    I too live in Portland so I guess my view would be similar to Alicia’s. However right now my kiddos are outside having a picnic lunch so that is what I am currently seeing through my windows. 🙂

  42. kriswithmany says:

    Some leaves are budding, some have just unfolded. The wind has been blowing hard, but it’s bright and sunny. I hope to do some planting also.

  43. Laura F says:

    We have a cold front rolling into South Florida…in April!!! My view is grey clouds and swaying palm trees.

  44. sharon says:

    I love alicia’s blog, but here in western PA, it is supposed to snow tonight
    Most things are still brown and just starting to get a little bit green

  45. Bonnie says:

    It’s spring in Dallas, and the view from my kitchen window is amazing! Our huge walnut tree is newly covered in bright green leaves, and the kids are climbing the branches and swinging in the daddy-made swing that is hanging from it. Beautiful!

  46. Megan S. says:

    A beautiful pink-flowered tree in full bloom! Beautiful fabrics.

  47. angie says:

    The view from my window this week is a Hoosier mix…. warm spring sunshine one day, then fierce lightning and thunderstorms another, and today damp, chilly snow mixed with rain….

  48. jam says:

    Oh Goodness, the view from my kitchen window this Monday is snow, snow, snow. It looks like a Christmas instead of the Monday before Easter Sunday. We have about 2″ on the ground, on all the trees and on the patio. My husband cut down the dried prairie grasses yesterday and forced some of them into the bunch of evergreen branches I had on the patio; that makes a real pretty and interesting centerpiece because now they’re all covered with snow.
    Can’t wait for the sun to come out and melt all this white stuff/

  49. Bee says:

    I too need some Oregon Spring in my life!

    The view from my NC window is grey, cloudy, and dreary.
    It has been a beautiful spring until now, though, so I won’t complain TOO much…

  50. heather says:

    blue sky, with a river in the background. (ignoring all the less-than-scenic office buildings in the foreground.) sigh – the perfect day to play hooky.

  51. Tree Dellinger says:

    Out my window right now is a stormy sky, above a large college building built of gray limestone with a small lawn of emerald-green new grass. Some of the small trees have eagerly burst out with white blossoms, but the larger oaks are wisely waiting to leaf out later in April, when the weather isn’t too iffy. Oaks are just placidly calm in that way.

  52. The view out my window, especially as I snuggle on the couch with the cats, is tree branches mostly oak and a sky with blue high up and lots of white clouds. At least so it is today. I love watching the birds (robins and wrens) silloutted against the sky and the trees are begining to show green. Soon the old red-bud will be totally covered in pink blossems, but for now its just lots of pinky purple buds creeping out into the interminent sunshine.

  53. The view out my window, especially as I snuggle on the couch with the cats, is tree branches mostly oak and a sky with blue high up and lots of white clouds. At least so it is today. I love watching the birds (robins and wrens) silloutted against the sky and the trees are begining to show green. Soon the old red-bud will be totally covered in pink blossems, but for now its just lots of pinky purple buds creepy out into the interminent sunshine.

  54. Danielle says:

    I need some Oregon Spring in my life!

    Out my window is Kendall mountain, feet of snow on the ground, and a bright blue Colorado sunny sky. Busy dreaming up garden plans….

  55. vanessa says:

    The view from my window………………. Seagulls pacing up and down on the red roof of the next building, their legs stiff and straight, so they look like they’re doing the funny walk from Monty Python. Just below that roof, is the top of the wall enclosing our garden. Bare branches contrast with the stone, although I can see tiny green dots of buds on the Silver Birch Trees. The view stops with my window sill, so I can’t see all my garden, just the top section, I have to stand up and peer out if I want to see the rest………………….
    Vanessa xxx

  56. Norma says:

    Don’t know if I missed the deadline but what a beautiful line-up of fabrics. Sun, sun and more sun is my view. Hillsboro girl here so it is much appreciated!!!!!! Yay~

  57. LisaB says:

    The view out my window is finally bathed in sunlight! I get to look across my apt building courtyard to the heritage B&B next door. Since I’m nuts for heritage buildings, it’s a treat to see this fully restored beauty out my window each day!

  58. I love Alicia’s blog, and her walks around her neighborhood! So different from here in Austin, TX! The view out my window right now: a cool sun is popping in + out, shining on bluebonnets, wild foxglove, prairie grasses blowing in the wind, birds at the feeder — all against a backdrop of blue sky + white clouds. Love it!

    AND, LOVE the fabrics that Alicia picked out — so yummy!!! 🙂

  59. Cheryl Sedlar says:

    Thanks for the give-away! The colors are soft, yet perky. I wish this was the view out my window. There is an old abandoned house across the street from where I live. Every time I look out the front window, or walk out the front door I see it. I always think, “how sad. That house surely needs someone to love it.” I love old things. I try to imagine the story they would tell. I think this is also why I love fabric & quilting. Material always puts a smile on my face and OH!! the story I can tell thru fabric……!

  60. Teresa says:

    What a fantiasic combination of fabrics Alicia has chosen. She has a wonderful ‘eye’ for colour.

    The view from my window at this time of year (Spring in the UK) is bursting into life. First is the flower bed with a mixture of daffodils and wall-flowers surrounded by a wall made of old stones. Then comes the main garden wall also made of old stone with very old stone roof tiles to top it off. Then immediately beyond that is the country lane we live on and then our main garden which is on the other side of the road. It’s about 5 ft above the road level with an iron gate and steps leading up to it and the part that can be seen is full of various shrubs that are bushing out to fill the space, interpersed with daffodils, ivy and an acacia tree covered with new green leaves.

  61. mrstwigg says:

    The view out my front window features:
    white gleaming ice ground freckled with brown and gray sand.
    As my eyes move upwards, I see the brown fence is layered with more white snow. Behind it, is my neighbors red car. The sky is a light blue pastel, the color of newborn boy’s baby blankets.

  62. Carrie M. says:

    What a beautiful selection from Alicia! The view from my window in TN changes constantly this time of year. Yesterday it was sunny, the hyacinths were in full bloom and the cats were sitting in the window sills watching the birds play outside. Today it’s gray, wet, and snow is expected later!

  63. brooke Gates says:

    so it’s april 4th, that means in michigan we have a fresh coating of powdery snow. as i look out my window, i see the rake i used last week (when it was 65 degrees out) now covered with snow. i wish it wasn’t so, but that’s what you get when you live in the midwest. time to go out and unbury my garden tools.

  64. ToilingAnt says:

    Thanks to the ongoing re-stucco-ing (don’t know what else to call it!), the view from my window right now at work is through semi-transparent plastic. I can tell the sun is shining today, but beyond that, there’s not much to see in the parking lot. Wish I could see the green trees all bursting forth with life!

  65. Jennifer says:

    Oh, Alicia’s blog is one of my favorites and I was excited to see her picks! Today, my view from my window is of a blanket of snow clinging to the branches of my birch trees. Yes, April Showers turned out to be made of snow – button up your coat Easter bunny!

  66. Arrica says:

    The view from my window respects all seasons, favoring none. The nakedness of winter is slowly vanishing. The trees are patiently and properly awaiting their Spring wardrobe. The woodpecker has decided it is time to make her music, whilst the bluejay has fled. The neighborhood chickadees are busily preparing for play among the dots of green, red and yellow of the dark, damp bark. Although there appears to be a favored hang out, heavily ladened with the gathering of aves. Blanketing the ground lay a rich, moist layer of new, brilliantly hued green grass. The scent of a fresh Spring shower bids me a “good morning”.
    Princeton is a Four Seasons kind of place!

  67. __L__ says:

    The sun is shinning. Lots of trees are with flowers! I’m lucky to leave in country : in Normandy, France!
    Nearly, there’ll be cows in the field behind the house!!

  68. Jen says:

    This morning, I’m at work, so the view from my window is of a parking lot, unfortunately. But, I can still remember the view from my window yesterday when it was a really pretty spring day. Bright green grass… yellow daffodils… and a backyard that is now ready for the warm season ahead now that my husband and I have finished our spring yard work.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Debi George says:

    The view from my window here at work is of a gloomy, rainy parking lot. Not inspiring at all, save for the blossoming trees planted in islands among the asphalt. I suppose the cars do form a sort of patchwork, though…

  70. JudyJJ says:

    Seattle Metro: Big bright thing in the sky. Not sure what it is. Doesn’t seem to be threatening…

  71. Here in Switzerland spring finally appeared this weekend with 18-20° C. So the lawn is full of daysies, yellow heads of daffodils are everywhere and the apricottree is in full bloom. I wish you all a happy spring

  72. Leanne Vibe says:

    hi. i’m writing from Japan, where from my window, or actually my balcony I can see the small city where I’m living. There are cherry trees blooming along the hillsides, and electric green new leaves on all the trees. Unfortunately at this time of year, there is yellow sand from China that makes the air hazy, reducing visibility to only a few kilometers.
    I’m an active sewer and quilter and would love to play with these fat quarters!

  73. Hello! I am soo disappointed! I was away all week and missed the fat quarter sale!!! I

    The view out my window? Well the entire first floor of my house is practically all windows – 20 to be exact. So the view outside my windows is ever changing! My two young boys and their friends may be playing outside! A family of deer may be bedded down out back, munching on my plants! The rabbits that live under my deck may be scurrying about looking for a “bite” to eat! My favorite is watching my boys play out back, just the 2 of them – brothers enjoying each-others company, laughing! When I see this, I know al is right with the world!!

  74. m.a. says:

    loving your blog and all those fat quarters!

  75. Tammy R says:

    Spring in Richmond, Virginia — I can see the huge oak just started to come back to life, a redbud beginning to pop, the magnolia starting to bloom — and some scary chickweed on my grass — time to go deal with that!

  76. Anna says:

    I look at the remodeled garden of the appartment house on the other side of the street and can’t stop being annoyed by the tags the workers left on the newly planted bushes and trees. It just looks so stupid, these white plastic tags on the poor bushes. It remains to be seen if they will be removed – ever.

    Luckily, I can also see the fresh new bright green buds on the rose bushes on our side of the street – without any plastic tags 🙂

  77. upstatelisa says:

    the view… well… the snow is melted, the grass is still a bit brown and dry…there are broken sticks and the occasional limb, some dried leaves… but the snow is finally gone and usually the sky is blue! that is all I can ask for!

  78. Susan Holmberg says:

    View from my window here on Phillip Island, Australia – the weather is just starting to get cold and we’ve had a spot of rain this morning so everything is nice and wet. The wind is gently rustling the leaves of the gum trees and the gardener in mowing the lawn.

  79. Well I live in Edmonton in Canada so unfortunately the view from my window is a backyard filled with snow, so sad. I am waiting on spring…

  80. Rachael says:

    what a fantastic idea!
    i live in melbourne, australia, and we are just heading into autumn. the weather is a bit crazy still sunshine and rain alternating. (the garden thinks it’s still summer)

    this morning was the perfect way to wake up to a monday. the rain was pounding upon our tin roof and after cracking open the blinds the light poured in. all you could see outside was green, everyshade of leaf you could imagine, all different shapes, sizes and textures (the number of trees in the yard is why we bought the house) and all covered in silky drops of rain. this of course only bettered by the contrasting browns of the soaked tree trunks.

    you have inspired me to have a bit of a play and go searching for some fabrics to make myself a “greensborough rainy autumn” quilt.

  81. michelle says:

    grey sky. brown ground. black trees. white snow. but as they say…if you’re not happy with the weather in chicago, then stick around for a few minutes. hoping for tons of orange, green, and yellow tomorrow. wishful thinking, i’ve heard, but a girl can dream…

    i am just learning to sew…this giveaway would mean a lot to me if i won. thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  82. Char says:

    Today the view from my window was filled with a lacy outline of the cherry tree just outside the patio downstairs. The delicate branches are beginning to get feathery little sprouts of leaves on them! And the best part about the view today is that big flakes of snow were slowly drifting down and swirling around the branches. A very gentle breeze made each snowflake’s descent a slow and meandering ride…

  83. Holly says:

    Out my window I see piles of snow dusted with ash from the volcano that has been erupting the past few weeks, and a sky that is still blue and light even though it is almost 9:00. Hopefully that means that summer is on its way and the snow is on its way out.

  84. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I came over to this site to buy this fat quarter pack. It’s gorgeous!! I can’t believe I missed it and it’s sold out. 🙁 I am looking out my window to the snow coming down. We have a bit of an April snow shower here. Much to my daughters’ chagrin, I don’t think there will be enough for a snow day tomorrow. Crossing my fingers..

  85. Bonnie says:

    The view from my window this morning is beautiful, full of spring. This is coming from Texas. The birds have been full of themselves chirping away.
    Keep Stitchen’

  86. This morning I opened the blinds to discover a couple inches of snow!!! White covering everything. I think that Mother Nature forgot that it’s supposed to be Spring. By early afternoon, it was gone, with lots of dead grass and splotches of snow. Wild Turkeys wandering in the back field were some of the only color once the sun decided to hide for the rest of the day behind some clouds. Spring will come. Maybe .. I wonder if I click my heels together three times like Dorothy?

  87. Susan Gibbs says:

    The view out my window now is my favorite of the year: all of our angora nanny goats are in the paddock closest to the house because they are about to have their babies. We installed a webcam this year so that our customers can watch the babies being born so I don’t even have to go to the window anymore.

  88. Jenny says:

    These fabrics are so beautiful and fresh. I live in Australia and everything here is turning crimson and gold!

  89. Nikki says:

    the view from my window is my backyard, where the grass is becoming green quickly and there’s a beautiful pear tree in the neighbors backyard. Also, I see my two dogs, a large golden retriever and a medium sized beagle running up and down the fence with the lovely dog next door. Ahhh, spring!

  90. Trish B. says:

    I see sheep mamas grazing and little black and white spotted lambs jumping and running around!

  91. Laura says:

    The view right now is grass just beginning to turn green and little shoots of things starting to come up but tomorrow we’re supposed to have snow. UGH!

  92. Amy D. says:

    There’s nothing like spring in the south. You can see fiery red, hot pink and white azaleas, pink and white dogwoods and lavender wisteria all blooming outside along with lush grass coming up from spring rains.

  93. cici says:

    the bright green of new spring grass, the dry yellow of faded corn tilled into the brown earth. bits of white, pink, and purple on the hyacinths – and if you look real hard (as my kids did) you can almost make out the yellow of just beginning tulips. spring.

  94. Cayce says:

    The view from my window today was beautiful…horses in the pasture, trees starting to get buds, daffodils blooming and lovely mountain views. Ahhh, I love it here! *note to self: reread this in a few days when it’s supposed to snow*

  95. Danielle says:

    From my window in my office which is where I am most of the time as i work from home, I have the most beautiful mountain scene. I bought my house just for this reason. When the sun sets I get to see the most vibrant and amazing colors coing over the Rocky mountains from Twin Peaks all the way to Pikes Peak. Most sunsets will consist of oranges, pinks, and purples and they are the type of colors that you know if someone painted them you would say that couldnt be a real sunset. I look out every night and am just amazed at what God can create.

  96. Kristen says:

    Our view is filled with lots of tall pines who do their share of swaying in the Spring winds and rains. We had a beautiful weekend in the high 60’s, so we’re seeing a little more green all around us. (Not to mention our blooming bulbs!) The swings are back on the swing set, and watching my children playing outside again is the best view of all!

  97. Jenny says:

    I’m looking out over the Wellington harbour, there’s a ferry going out, the grey clouds are flying by and letting a little bit of blue sky peep out from time to time. Then I turn a bit and can see the bush and the houses dotted through it. I love looking out my window, it is so calming ….

  98. Maria Amelia says:

    Now it’s 10 pm here in Brazil and I’m in the kitchen. Through the window I see many stars in the sky and the moon. It was raining 4 hour ago and now the night is cool. It´s autumn. It’s 80ºF or 22ºC.

  99. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I see sunny skies and little birds, a tiny bit of snow, and green things inches their way up from the soil.

  100. Kim Kauffman says:

    Would love to get my hands on these….fingers are crossed!

  101. oherin says:

    I love anything with birds on it…. too bad I have real life birds. They freak me out.

  102. Pam says:

    Here in South Carolina we have had a lot of rain the last few weeks, which we are thankful for as we have been in a drought for several years. With the rain, our grass is lush and green, our apple, pear and plums trees are budding and my bird feeder gets a lot of attention by blue birds, wrens, finches, and even morning doves. Out my back window I see all this and when I am up early enough I can stand at my kitchen window coffee in hand and watch the sun rise. Beautiful!

  103. missweb says:

    A dancing little Jazz dancing in the sun. The soft light of spring peaking through the wooden beams of the patio. Yellow daffodils and pink tulips swaying in the crisp breeze.

  104. Sara says:

    Those are beautiful fabric…it’s so nice to use your hometown for inspiration…

  105. Nicola de Vries says:

    The view from my window is a beautiful but unfinished treehouse my husband is building for our three kids. It is “growing” underneath the pear trees that are waving around in our windy inner city backyard. Balls and bikes and toys scattered everywhere which today make it look loved not messy… It is a perfect sunny early autumn day in Sydney.

  106. Kelly says:

    Since I have been on bed rest for my pregnancy the past few weeks, I have been able to look out my windows a lot. What I love the most is the green grass and my daffodils that are blooming this time of year. Pretty soon my azalea bushes will be flowering in the back yard, as long as the freeze doesn’t kill them.

  107. Misty says:

    It’s still and quiet outside my window. The sun is setting and the light seeps through some of the green leaves. Brown leaves still cling to the leaves as they have somehow made it through this California winter without falling off. The light is soft through the screen and it’s a blissful Sunday afternoon.

  108. Valerie says:

    white it snowed in Iowa today i don’t mind i get to sit on the sofa with my family and watch movies all day

  109. Alana says:

    Looking past the blooming dogwood tree in front of my bedroom window, I can see our vibrant green grass that recently got mowed on our front lawn. There’s the street, which is just your average back road that today it seems most of our neighbors are riding their lawn mowers onto. If you stay long enough, you’re likely to see a big John Deere tractor with it’s classic shade of green rolling down the road. And that’s what I see looking out my little window!

  110. Kara says:

    The view from my NJ window looks into a charming forest budding with Spring—-just look past the grass seed struggling to grow and the paito littered with kid toys. Love your FQ choices, Alicia!

  111. Jenny S says:

    I hope that I am not too late to comment- I would love love love to have some new treats in my stash! And so lovely they are… 😉

    My view (when I turn away from the addicting blogs on my computer screen) looks out onto our soon to be sunroom deck (just a teeny one). For now, the deck is clustered with newly transplanted rasberry and boysenberry plants. I hope that they are hardy, because we are expecting snow tomorrow night! If only a few survive, though, I will consider it a job well attempted. I got a lot of work done today- many a chickweed has fallen to my blistered fingers.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. TammyR says:

    i love the fabrics!

  113. Carole says:

    The view from my front window today shows the pretty green grass my husband fertillized today. But, we have a saying in Michigan, if you don’t like the weather wait a day and it will change. Tomorrow we are expecting snow. So I guess I will have to stay in my sewing room instead of working in the garden. Thanks

  114. Janet says:

    I see a cascade of light lavender thrift under the tree in the front yard, HUGE red and yellow tulips in the front bed, and grass that desperately needs the first mowing of the season!!

  115. Julie says:

    From my desk, which is across the room from the window, all I see are trees!! If I walk up to the window I see our driveway, two houses, a pond and more trees. Today, my window is covered in rain water….it’s been storming all afternoon!!

  116. miriam says:

    I saw this post about a giveaway and just looking at the pic of the fabrics, I thought how lovely they looked set in the frame and how delicious they would be on the wall in my sewing room ! I’d have to use them though so the “imaginary” frame would end up being empty !

  117. kristinknits says:

    Those are so pretty!!! Love, love, love them …

  118. Kristin Pribyla says:

    I love to look out my window this time of year. Living in Mississippi, the spring season comes earlier than most places and I just try to take it all in. My backyard has a large pond and huge trees across from it. It is just so peaceful and serene. Everything is green and blooming…just magnificent.

  119. Angie says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Looking out my window – if I look up and out, I can see blue skies with just a few wispy white clouds, tree branches are bare just waiting to bud; if I look out and down, I can see snow on the ground with just a few patches of grass trying to break through. Spring weather seems to come later and later to my corner of Minnesota.

  120. Emily says:

    This time of year, the view from my window shows swaying trees, blue skies and fluffy clouds!

  121. Joan says:

    My window opens to the tree-lined park across the street from my house. A slender, undisturbed dirt trail winds through an otherwise overgrown, vivid forest abundant with nature’s glory. An old hollowed tree stands proudly in the center of the view, home to hungry woodpeckers and curious squirrels. There is a lake in the middle of the park, and during cloudless days beams of the sun’s otherworldly brilliance will collide with the calm water, making it sparkle like the night sky. The view is just as beautiful when covered in peaceful, quiet snow, when enshrouded in mysterious fog, or when drenched in calming rain. No matter the weather, the view always makes me feel at home, and content to take a few moments to gaze out and simply revel in its beauty.

  122. Deidra says:

    The view from my window is of my large tree in my front yard with the buds starting to bloom and of the spring green grass.
    The flowers are blooming yellow and red…

  123. annette says:

    darling. happy to have found your site via searching for fabric boxes.

  124. Shellyfish says:

    The view from my window is of the 300-year old birck well in our courtyard. It was the main well for the majority of the neighbourhood for a few hundred years. The well is filled now and a rosebush is planted and the buds are out – who knows how long the rosebush has been there. Our apartment building’s foundation is from the 1600s, and while the apt is in grave need of renovation and repair, I tend to only see the beauty of the history of our courtyard, the walls with their horse peg ties…it’s such an inspiration.

  125. Betsy says:

    My view is the spot where I’m slowly but surely making my own little garden. Right now I have a beautiful dogwood tree in bloom, a poplar tree that I snuck out of a park in my sweatshirt when it was less than a foot tall (it’s now about ten feet tall), and the daffodils I planted around New Year’s have started coming up. Better late than never, right?

  126. Alice says:

    From my window I see late crocuses and heather blooming. Spring is sleepy and slow to start this year, with unseasonal snows. My tree’s tips are becoming red with buds and there are baby catkins on another.

  127. I live and craft in a travel trailer in a trailer park, so right now the view from my window includes my neighbor’s 20-year old Winnebago, his old truck filled with stuff, and a patch of sunny blue sky! Also, my favorite part of my view is the plexiglass birdfeeders we have on several windows, and the birds that are constantly sitting in them and feasting, much to the chagrin of our cats, who stand just inches away and can’t get at them!

  128. Katie says:

    From my window I can see snow. The sky is blue and I can see downtown Denver as well as the mountains. It’s one of my favourite views!

  129. The view from my window is an explosion of vibrant colors. The sky is so blue and bright dotted by white fluffy clouds. The pink and white blossoms bring promise of live renewing itself again. The buds on trees are bulging…. just waiting for that right moment for a tiny emerald leaf to appear. The grass is dewy and shining like emeralds. A tiny puddle of water pools on my patio but so inviting for a crimson cardinal. He loves splashing about and I enjoy watching. I love the view from my window…..Have a super day….

  130. Mia Kay says:

    SUNSHINE! And blooming flowers blue skies.

  131. Jenn says:

    The view from my cute little bungalow…my cute little yard that I work so hard on! And I live in Austin, Texas so the weather is gorgeous this time of year with the sun out but not too hot yet!

  132. Jessica says:

    It’s bright and sunny today, a welcome change from the rain we’ve been having lately. I can see a few buds on the branches in the treetops and some blue sky beyond.

  133. Holly says:

    I’m at work, looking at a very quiet Sunday afternoon on a Main Street in New Hampshire. Still a few clumps of snow on the ground, but spring is coming!

  134. Not so much what I see but what I hear. The birds are back and singing up a storm. They are nestled in our giant fir tree I can see from our kitchen window. Finally spring!

  135. Raejean says:

    I am sitting at my desk with the most beautiful sun coming has been along time here in the pacific northwest that I have seen the sun. The water is a rich blue and the daffodils, hellabores, and trees are all coming alive with wonderful color. This fabric and Alicia is as inspiring as the day outside. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  136. Raejean says:

    I feel as though I have just traveled all over the world reading comments. I live in the beautiful pacific northwest..the sun is actually out today, the water is blue and the daffadils, hellabores and trees are just beginning to come alive. This fabric is as inspirational as the view from window. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  137. Mariana says:

    Spring is here! I live in Barcelona (Spain) and today the view from my window is quite special, because the sun is shining, it’s not raining anymore! The litlle green leafs of the trees are announcing the spring, and the birds are happy, they sing all day. This is the best season of the year, the light, the sky, the sea, everything is wonderful.

  138. aurora fox says:

    The view from my apartment window in Portland, Or is a bit industrial—the old brick apt. building is surrounded by mostly concrete and other buildings–but Ah! glorious spring! just up the street from one window–the one I look out the most—are stunning pink trees–those cherry trees all in spring bloom—it is a glorious explosion of welcome spring color…pink! and today is sunny and looks like ti will be warm…

  139. pamela says:

    no signs of spring here in michigan yet – and i heard it’s supposed to snow tonight. right now it is grey out my window. but i’m hopeful. my baby is due in 2 weeks and i am sure by that time spring will be here!

  140. Barbara Mars says:

    The view from my window, here in Tennessee is one of lots of blooming flowers! I have buttercups, iris’s, my tulips are just coming up, tiny little wild bluebells are everywhere and the yellowbells are just budding out. Our temps today are expected to be in the mid 70’s, with a frost warning early in the morning with a chance of SNOW tomorrow night! So, I expect all my blooming flowers to be droopy by Tuesday – but they are certainly gorgeous today!
    What a wonderful line of spring fabrics you have designed!

  141. Wendy D says:

    My view… Well it’s no doubt different from most, our little english cottage is staright on the pavement ( no privacy)and we have made away with blinds as the 200 year old cottage is too dark, instead we have frosted panes so my view is a patchwork of every changing colours and shapes that alter as the light moves. It keeps you guessing as to what is outside but the blurred colours and shapes remind me of an impressionist painting so I am never bored.

  142. Muriel says:

    The view from my window here in the Netherlands is that of the first ray of sun, kids taking of their jackets and making drawings with chalk on the pavement. The first rays of sun make everybody happy and longing for more.

  143. Stephanie says:

    The view from my window is absolutely gorgeous right now. I live across from a lake so its great to see it glistering from the sun while the trees have those little buds on them now. I love it and am eagerly anticipating summer!

  144. Amanda says:

    Last year’s sunflowers still stand in our postage-stamp yard. The single father across the street (named after his father, as he named his son) is smoking on the front steps. The sun is shining on the driveway. I should plant the peas soon.

  145. Amy says:

    The view from my window changed recently. It was dark cloudy skies that brought rain and snow as recently as Wednesday. Now I have clear pale blue skies with wispy white clouds. The plum tree is just starting to leaf out and there are a few blossoms. I see the dark freshly worked soil of the garden and the daffodils bobbing their heads in the breeze.

  146. Jody says:

    It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Ontario, Canada. I’m looking at a gorgeous tree that hasn’t quite begun to bud but will soon. The grass is just starting to turn green after a long, snowy winter. I would love some new fabric to kick off spring!

  147. Karen says:

    The view from the window next to my desk is a “thinking of spring” scene with bright green grass shoots starting to outnumber the brown parts of the lawn, my neighbor’s garden green hose snaking along her cement walkway, and her garden gnome in a patch of dirt/garden waiting with his watering can for something to nourish. That’s what I see here in southwestern Ohio early this morning.

  148. Dawn says:

    What a great pattern collection.

    It’s funny I just wrote about our garden on my blog. Right now with all the rain we’ve had in the Midwest everything from my window is in shades of green! I can’t complain!

  149. Lori Faeber says:

    We have a beautiful view of sunshine here in Washington. What an amazing day we had on Saturday. Heaven. Our view of Mount Rainier is just beautiful. I absolutely adore Alicia Paulson and read her blog every day (as well as yours). Thanks for this chance at such beautiful fabric.

    Lori Faeber

  150. Jalal says:

    Is it to late to answer?…..oh how I hope not. The view out my window this morning is absolutly devine!…………….There are no words to describe how watching beautiful things wake up in the spring make me feel. One of the happiest days of the year is when I look out and see the first shoots of my 50 + peony Bushes emerging from the ground. Today was that day. On the other hand I watch them emerge and impatiently await the amazing blooms to come …knowing full well how sad I will be on the day the last bloom of the year fades away. But that first bloom…..oh…. that is what gets me through the winter.

  151. JoAnn says:

    Who ever built this house we are renting was anti-window. I kid you not the only windows in the living room are in the back doors. Thankfully they are the full length of the door. From those windows I see the vast flat and empty yard that is sprinkled with kids toys and robins hunting for worms. I can also see in my minds eye the spot where our garden will go this year. 🙂

  152. Well, spring has finally come here to Eastern Pennsylvania. From my window, I can see lots of spring greens and a rushing stream not to mention crocus and daffodil… it is also breezy and brilliantly sunny this morning with lots of birds chirping… which is a welcome change after a few days of rain.

    PS I love Alicia choices… all those mossy greens, do make me think of Oregon or at least the Oregon that she shows us through the eyes of her blog.

  153. Evie says:

    Fat clouds scudding across the palest grey-blue sky. Fat blackbirds pulling fat worms from the ground. Fat creamy magnolia buds gently unfolding into bloom. All I need is fat quarters to complete the view.

  154. Martha says:

    I have a beautiful tree outside my window where I work. I mark the seasons by its colours — red in the fall, gray, black and white in winter, misty muted tipped green in the spring and a full dark green in the summer. I would love to win this fabric pack. Martha

  155. Elisabeth says:

    I am sitting at the computer looking at the sun rise over Boston. A few minutes ago it was pink, now getting yellow and orange. The trees are still bare so they are still sillouetted black against the sky. Now I can see the sun! Hopefully we’ll have some blossoms soon, it was a long winter here in NE!

  156. HildeC says:

    What a lovely mix of fabrics 🙂
    Outside my window, it’s windstill and slightly misty. Some patches of snow is still there, but in the cherry tree sits a dove, reminding me that spring is just around the corner 🙂

  157. Ayelet D says:

    Oh my, what a gorgeous FQ Pack! Great giveaway, thanks!!1
    My view from my window is GREEN GREEN GREEN. This time of year, and year round.

    We live in Haifa, Israel. From my porch you can see a lovely forest, and every evening you can spot boar hogs, jackals and weasles…
    I really love our view, and that’s why I find it so hard to leave our house, which is becoming way too croud for a party of four.

  158. Caroline says:

    There is a non-fruiting cherry tree right outside my window. Its pink flowers rather distract from the huge pine tree of some sort, the neighboors houses, and the greenish hill. lol, its rather beautiful. (and I always savor the last bits of green on the hill before summer).

  159. kima says:

    I live in Boston and it has not exactly been spring-like. My neighborhood is undergoing a revitalization and a lot of the empty, tree filled lots are being replaced with houses. It is a bit of a double edged sword, eventually it will increase the property value of my home, but I will miss the trees and the sounds of the birds in the morning. I am going to fill my deck with plants and flowers to try and make up for it.

  160. Aubrey says:

    I love this time of year – the dogwoods blook early, before anything else, so when I look out our back window I see mostly barren trees, with just a few hints of the white blossoms. It’s beautiful.

  161. Tally says:

    Hello from the outside of Hamburg/Germany. In these days I see and admire mostly squirrels and the birds, which start to nest. I see many blackbird and delight myself listening to their beautiful songs.
    The main colors are still a tired green and a muddish brown, but there are colorful plants waiting for me to be planted into their home pots and baskets.

  162. becky says:

    right now it’s dark and late…today snow in the early morning. then just cloudy and windy and whatever yucky else. hope tomorrow is brighter!

  163. Emily says:

    I live in Kula, Maui, Hawaii on the slopes of Haleakala and I feel blessed to look out my window and see cattle grazing (where the deer were prancing earlier), my neighbor’s plot of farm land full of pretty yellow flowers, the mountains that make up the rest of the island, the shore far below (we’re almost 3000 ft up the mountain), the island of Lanai, Molokai, and Kahoolawe… Come visit us-Maui needs tourists!

  164. melissa says:

    right now the crab apple tree has lost all its beautiful pink tufts and it’s full of green now. our grass was mowed for the first time today and the trees are filling out with leaves.

  165. Betty says:

    I really like these fabrics. I was enchanted with the title “Oregon April”.
    Please put me in the hat for the drawing.
    Outside my window today it was very windy, or “blustery” as my daughter always says! We live in the prairie and at this time of year you can not predict what you will see, one day it is in the 70’s, like today, and tomorrow we will have 40 degrees and possible snow…and so it will go for another two weeks or so and then spring will be busting out for sure!
    The fruit trees are blooming, just a little less than normal thanks to the natural culling of blooms from last weeks freezing ice and snow. The bulb plants that survived last weeks blizzard are limply holding their own…but the dazzle of the dandelion and the royal glow of the purple henbit are doing their best to encourage dreams of spring.

  166. Amy says:

    The view out my window here in Utah’s spring weather changes alot, like today it was snowing and raining, tommorrow may be sunny, who knows? All the plants in my backyard are starting to come alive and i get excited to smell the lilacs in our front yard.

  167. Yetta says:

    It’s been gorgeous this past week. Low 60s and blue sky everyday. Spring is definitely here.

  168. Dione says:

    Please enter me in the draw…

    Outside my window the sun is shining, but the garden is slowly in decline, a few brown flowers, and the greenery is turning brownery… 😉

    Yep, autumn is finally here in NZ!

  169. mary says:

    The view out my window is black right now, but when I went to respond to comment 4 or 5 hours ago (and was interrupted by little ones, and dinner, etc.) there was a 3/4 moon in a blue sky!

  170. Catherine says:

    Another Posie fan here. It’s nighttime out my window, cloudy grey-black, with a lovely windy sound. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. Lavina Dee says:

    My favorite view is into our backyard: Flowers blooming, trees budding and babies running and lauging.

  172. Donna says:

    The view from my window is red, white, and blue. It’s colored with moms and ads packing their cars with bags and memories, being sent to foreign lands to defend our rights. It’s sprinkled with children, so full with pride, whispy hair blowing in the California wind. Dusted with sadness, but baked with love, tears of goodbyes and hello agains. Cooled with the feeling of knowing that the mission is first, and strength is colored red with the fire of determination that we’ll all make it. My window is full of military families, doing the best they can do to survive these times. Military spouses holding steadfast and doing what they can to hold their families together. The view from my window is full of hope for tomorrow.

  173. Liz says:

    i DO live in oregon, and the view from my window this time of year is all too often rainy. however, there is the rare, beautiful, sunny day like today! my front window is rimmed in budding rhododendron, looking out on my newly planted tulips, and my neighbors’ beautiful daffodils!

  174. Nichole says:

    looking outside its sunny, but I see the tree brances (still bare) blowing in the wind. Today is a really cool April day.

  175. jacquie says:

    i look directly at the skyline of kansas city, missouri…my favorite view is just as the sun is setting and the buildings start to glow…beautiful.

  176. Beth P says:

    Lovely fabrics. And I’m a “Posie” fan, too. Thanks for the contest! Outside my window, I see white azalea buds about to pop open, tulips almost done, and phlox and more azaleas in the front garden abloom. The grass is weedy and the yard needs a spring clean-up but oh the flowers are lovely!

  177. Cynthia says:

    The view from my window is white. Snow. Lots of snow… and wind.

  178. Melissa says:

    The view today is lovely. Blue skies, my pear tree in bloom, a few rather pretty weeds. 🙂

  179. Lynn Osborne says:

    The view outside my window in Tampa, FL is green and sunshiney. Yes, it’s still spring but summer will be here soon! Thanks for the chance to win.

  180. Hilda says:

    The view from my window has been rather depressing of late–constant wind. Dirt, dust, and tumbleweeds keep flying by. Our peach tree blossomed and then was hit by a late spring snow, it’s trying to open the blossoms that survived under renewed threats of snow. March is done, and I’m ready for the wind to die down to the normally breezy 10-25 mph, instead of the 50-60 mph gusts.

  181. meaganbuch says:

    The treebuds are turning into leaves and the weeds are starting to fill the flowerbeds and yard here in Virginia!

  182. Ashley Ann says:

    The view here is snowy and blowy!

  183. Sherry says:

    Here in Minnesota spring and winter are still fighting (so says my 6 year old). I see brownish grass (a welcome change from snow) and trees that are not yet about to wake for summer. I see the earth on the edge of rebirth!

  184. Kimberly says:

    The ground is a lush green and three small white dogwood trees are full of flowers. A rose bush is loaded with leaves next to a full mosaic bird bath and the kids are playing in the sand box.

  185. The view from my window is our backyard which has a garden spot that needs a little tlc. Time to plant the garden.

  186. Jody Mellenthin says:

    We live in a special place, with apple orchards bordering us on three sides. This is a agricultural town which specializes in apples and grapes and astonishing views of the hudson valley and its river. Today, as always, there is a golden retriever galloping madly across my perennial beds, trying to outwit his Person, as he attempts to run with THREE tennis balls in his generously huge golden mouth!!!!! He is happy and cheerful and the best kind of companion on this spring day. I am blessed. I read your blog because you love fiber and because you have shared your sorrows and your joys and your complete love of your canine friends. When Audrey passed, I wept. I am grateful to you – thank you!

  187. Lisa says:

    It’s April so the view from my window probably is of rain… Then after the rain I can see the most breath taking view of green grass and the new baby green leaves on the oak trees… Of course here and there you’ll see a blue jay or a crow and there’s our mocking bird all looking for that worm to pop up thru the wet green grass…

  188. Leslie says:

    The calendar says Spring but the window view says windy, chilly, rain and flurries on the way. New fabric would should cheer this girl up!

  189. Carling says:

    When I sew I sit on my couch in a two step down basement suite. Sounds dark and depressing but its far from that. From the couch I can see blue sky, a palm tree oddly enough(we live in Vancouver BC Canada there aren’t lots of those here) and an over grown garden. If you stand up you can see the city and the ocean. Today it smells, feels and finally looks like spring.

  190. Anne says:

    I’m looking west out my backyard window at a rare sunny Seattle afternoon, blue flowering rosemary, white magnolia blossoms, and a hammered red bird feeder packed with sparrows. Just beyond my backyard, across the roofs of my neighbors, I can see the sparkling Puget Sound, a few brave sailboats with white sails open in the wind, and the Olympic mountains, tops still sprinkled with snow.

  191. Shelley C says:

    We still see plenty of snow everywhere! It is warming up however and the driveway is definately ‘mud season’ prodgeny. There are still a few die hard snowmobilers going by. But this won’t last, it has been drizzling all day so those trails will be impassable in many spots by tomorrow. A path to my clothes line is calling and will see me out there once the temps are at least 50*. I love hanging laundry!

  192. Brandy says:

    Out my window, I see lush green grass not yet touched by the mower. I see neighbors happy to get outside and work in their gardens. 🙂 Happy Spring!

  193. Susan says:

    A newly turned garden bed waiting for planting. Most of the trees are still bare, but the tiny leaves are just showing on the lilacs. All year round, huge Douglas firs tower over our yard, guarding the path to the forest which is at the back of our property.

  194. danna osen says:

    It”s a Carolina Blue sky today! GO CAROLINA..

  195. emily says:

    what a great mix of patterns and colors! out my window, let’s see…. bright sun, green hills, blue sky, leaves blowing. then there’s the laundry blowing on the line, the girls running in the grass, and the husband digging in the garden.

  196. georgia says:

    Awful rain/snow combo. Please let Spring come soon!

  197. Carol C says:

    My house is on a hill overlooking the river with small patch of woods in between. From my window I can still see the river as the trees are not fully leafed out yet. The woods are just turning green with patches of white dogwoods and lavender redbud blooms. In a few weeks I won’t be able to see the river anymore as the woods will be hiding it.

  198. Jan Ward says:

    We have a beautiful Spring right now in East Texas: azaleas, dogwoods, and green, green, green. tall pines, gorgeous oak trees and everything in between, sunny skies and today it was about 80!
    I am crazy about the fabrics and stitching things in my little town where online glimpses inspire me!

  199. corina says:

    Today has been a beautiful Spring day here in southeastern MI. Clear blue skies, birds singing, cool breeze, the warmth of the sun hits your skin…perfect day! We discovered some small purple and white flowers in our front yard. The hostas and irises are peeking through. To take advantage of this great weather, my husband and I spent the day preparing a small area for planting some herbs and flowers. Our puppy also enjoyed basking in the sun.

  200. My view out my window right now is dusk….a misty gray-green backdrop, dark, twisty, still-waiting-to-come-to-life trees, and a gray-bluish sky slowly fading to black.

  201. Bridget says:

    The view out my window in NZ is of summer turning to autumn, sort of cloudy but not wintery yet. Its a nice view, it makes me want to make quilts and knit stuff!

  202. Sherri says:

    If I look out my window at just the right time, I might see a coyote trotting through my yard.

  203. Nicole says:

    This time of year in Pennsylvania the tulips are poking their green heads up and out, I only wish they knew to duck when the rabbits and deer show up. The crocuses burst forth every morning and gently fall to sleep at dusk. The woods still look walkable, but they have a lush carpet of fresh green that will soon make it impossible to see three feet past the tree line. The robins are going a bit mad and territorial fighting with their reflections in clean windows, and the winter kids are finally out and giggling and tilting their faces to the sun in deep appreciation.

  204. shaz says:

    Finally, we’ve had some rain… Virtually no rain all year, three evacuations for bushfire threat, one only 2kms from here. So the view from my window is starting to get a tinge of green. The brown-orange sky has gone and the harshness of the dried out grass is starting to abade. I love Autumn. This year, I’ll love Winter more than ever.

  205. melissab. says:

    Here in Western CO there are some dripping icicles on my shed roof right now, with wet snow oozing off my car in the driveway. I guess it beats yesterday’s blowing dust filling the sky with pink eeriness. Thanks for the chance to win!

  206. Joy L. says:

    Oooh, these are so lovely!
    When I look out our back window I can see the beautiful peak of Mt. Hood surrounded by rolling hills full of evergreen trees! I live in the PNW and on clear days the view from our window is incredible. 🙂

  207. Sally Williams says:

    Its a beautiful sunny day. The trees are starting to turn green and my weeping cherry is blooming. The bad news is snow is expected on Monday. Crazy April weather. Love the fabric.

  208. Sherry says:

    It finally feels like spring here today in Kansas, but more cold weather is predicted next week. That fat quarter bundle would really make my spring! love this blog and website. thanks.

  209. Amanda says:

    I love the fabrics Alicia chose to put together. She has such great taste.

    Hmm, Let me see what I see outside of my sewing studio window. My Crabapple tree is in full bloom with it’s beautiful hot pink flowers. My wooden swing is swaying slighly into my huge pine trees. My flower beds are full of iris’s, day lillies, daisies, black eyed susans anxiously waiting to bloom. The phlox is in bloom, though, and it’s purple petals are lovely.

    Now that I see all of that is going on, I want to go outside!

  210. Belinda says:

    It’s a windy, overcast, cold day in upstate New York. But, the grass is turning green and the trees are budding!

  211. lynn whelan says:

    well, one of the reasons i am on my ‘puter as much as i am these days is that i sit at my kitchen table and have a wonderful view of the river. Often I even get to see a bald eagle or 2 land in the tall, dead pine tree in the neighbor’s lot!

  212. laurie dyer says:

    my view? Salt Lake city, Utah: drab, grey sky, not dark grey, just muted. Bare branches on the lilac bushes in my neighbor’s yard. the branches do have buds, though. A couple tulips working their way up. drizzly rain and wet snow. Yuck!


  213. Sherpa says:

    Right now I’m looking out the window at a budding tree, a couple of flowering trees and a psychotic squirrel.

  214. lisa c says:

    The view from my window is sunny and warm today in Kansas. There is a tree out front with wonderful white blossoms! I love spring not too hot yet and not too cold. I am a big fan of Alicia’s blog and will now be visiting here. My grandmother made quilts and I have always wanted to make one. I may be coming back to ask you questions as I am clueless about the whole process.

  215. Paula says:

    I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and the view from my living room’s window is the Tagus river and one of its bridges (we live in a 6th floor). Quite lovely, such as these fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  216. Julia in MI says:

    The view outside my window is sunny today. Lots of yellow and bare stems still. But that sunshine just makes everything alright. Love the FQ pack.

  217. jamie says:

    it is super windy with little signs of spring popping up…i’m so ready!

  218. Emily says:

    Most would think it was an ugly brown and yellow up here, but the absence of snow makes it inspiring and exciting! Out my window are some naked trees and grass just waiting to green up.

  219. Nelle Nix says:

    Right here with the laptop on the dining room table, I prefer looking at the row of pots with primroses — purple, pink, pinker and yellow — interspersed with pots of lavender, eucalyptus and soon to flourish (I hope) Martha Washington geraninum. It’s so much nicer to look outside rather than at the pile of papers awaiting filing on the actual table!

  220. Jan says:

    Here in Southern Ontario the view from my window is a windy mix of sun and clouds. The trees are beginning to be spotted with buds and the grass is a mix of brown and green. The sidewalks are lined with puddles, which are perfect for afternoon jumping.

  221. Katy says:

    My view looks out of the late-19C grounds of St Hilda’s College, founded exclusively for when women weren’t yet allowed to take a degree at the University of Oxford. The sense of the freedom that the first students must have felt — a chance to study what they liked in a place (and a room) of their own, comes back in the spring. Outside my window, the pale green buds on the great, storied oak spreads over the bench in the green of the lawn, which itself stretches to the winding curve of the banks of the Isis. The pink blossoms, the daffodils, the striped green of the cricket fields all shine in the (momentarily) sunny spring afternoon. Blue, pink, white, and the million shades of English green…

  222. Kelly says:

    The view from my window this time of the year would be very grey and foggy, but for the vibrant colours of the historic painted wooden rowhouses that line the street and brighten it up whatever the weather. They add no much colour to an otherwise dreary Newfoundland early spring.

  223. Kathi says:

    The view from my window this time of year involves birds migrating back home – robins! And children coming out of hibernation, running up and down the street. I love this time of year!!

  224. Baba says:

    From my window I see red chickens scratching in the golden weeds waiting for spring to turn them green again. The wind blowing new green grasses in the alfalfa field.

    What a great way to inspire fabric design!

  225. Renee says:

    My view today is absolutely lovely! It is a nice day and as I watch out the window my beautiful children are riding their bikes—what better view than that!

  226. Jennifer says:

    i have trouble believing the view from my window (even though i’ve lived in the mountains forever). it was 50 and sunny a week ago but now there is a foot of new snow. it’s a beautiful snow though – stuck to every branch of every tree and on top of the bird house. we put out extra seed for them this morning and have been watching them come and go.

  227. Liz T. says:

    I can see green grass, blossoming wild plum trees, budding irises and a forest filled with big blue oak and cedar trees 🙂 The oak trees, however, are still barren due to the fact that they don’t usually get their leaves until May. It’s a gorgeous day that is stirring up a spring fever within me. I want to go work outside in the garden! Yet, I have work to do inside. I think I’ll open my window and let some of that nice weather in!

    Beautiful fabrics!

  228. alison says:

    The view out my window has been sunny one day and rainy and cloudly the next. But my crocuses are starting to bloom so it’s nice to see some colour and know the green, sunny warmer part of spring is slowly coming.

  229. Michelle says:

    The view out my window is of a grey, rainy NH, but the snow is gone and spring is here!! Maybe there will even be some sunshine this week…

  230. beth says:

    we’re looking out at a sunny day today, beautiful red tulips and a magnolia tree in full bloom.

  231. Alicia got it right! What a great collection! Thanks for asking her to put this together.

  232. Kitti says:

    The golden sun is just singing goodbye to another day as the final rays turn orange tinged with pink and mauve. In my country garden, in England, the view from my window is of bright yellow daffodils, pretty primroses in tresses of lemon yellow and delicate pale blue forget-me-nots nestling amongst the fronds of Lads Love and Chives . Green finches and a red breasted robin are just checking the bird table for a last supper, whilst my striped tabby cat eyes the blackbird who is making her life unbearable.

  233. Laurie McIntosh says:

    The view from my window is bright and sunny today, the sky is so clear and blue. The pool in the back yard is still covered waiting for warmer weather. I am looking at my arched walkway covered with a wisteria vine that has not started to bloom yet. I can’t wait it is so beautiful when the grape colored blossoms are cascading down. I love when everything starts blossoming.

    I live in michigan so it will be a while yet. Your fat quarters are beautiful, they are very inspiring.

  234. Lisa says:

    Today I see an incredibly blue sky (finally after many very dreery days)! It’s a blustery day and most trees are still bare – but the cherry blossoms are out and other flowering fruit trees. Lots of daffodils too. And the grass is very green, thanks to those dreery days. Spring is a little late arriving in our suburb of Washington, D.C. – hopefully it will show up soon and not skip right to summer weather.

  235. Alisa says:

    What beautiful fabric. The color mix is stunning. Anything made from these would be so very
    pretty. This blog continues to be such an inspiration. Thanks!

  236. Darci says:

    I am actually looking at the view from front door….Love the air going through the house after a chilly CA winter ;>. I am seeing my wonderful 8 ft long planter of calalilies in full bloom, some fabulous tulips and bright crocus showing at the bottom.

  237. Emily says:

    My view out her ein upstate NY is currently grey, damp and dreary…although if I just wait a few hours I will probably see some sunshine and blue sky!

  238. Elena says:

    Hi all!
    I live in Barcelona. My view from my window is a beautiful gothic cathedral. Have you read “”Cathedral of the sea”? So is this one, Santa Maria del Mar. Is not a big apartment but my views are delightful, with the sun my balcony plenty of geraniums, ahhh.
    Did you notice that I love where I live?
    If you come to Barcelona you must visit this little church.
    Thanks for the chance to win a FQ!
    Elena 🙂

  239. Jen V says:

    I’ve been enjoying the view from my bedroom window. We look out over the tree tops of budding maples. The light varies, sometimes in 10 minute intervals, from dark gray to bright to dusky tones. The birds and squirrels are active & atwitter with the invigoration of Spring time and fresh fodder.

  240. Suzanne says:

    What does it look like out my window? Like winter or a Colorado Spring! Augh! I thought true Spring had arrived! The sky is a flat drab gray; the wind is howling by with occasional 40 mph gusts; the grasses are various shades of brown with the occasional green peaking out from under the patches of white snow from last weeks blizzard; and the trees with hints of pale green are bracing themselves from the 28 degree temperature. It is the perfect day for staying inside either wrapped in a quilt reading or quilting! To all of you who live where Spring has arrived ~~~ I envy you in your flip flops. To those of you where Spring is a wish , a dream, a future event ~~~ I know what you are feeling. Think of the prolonged “winter” as a great time for quilting! Happy thoughts and energies!

  241. nalani says:

    Illinois April would be a palette of browns grays, some white, and greens. One never knows what to expect looking out a window. It’s a roller coaster ride of neutrals, with some pops of color. If only there was a little more warmth. sigh.

  242. Beth says:

    One of the reasons we chose this house was for its views…rolling hills dotted with farms from our front windows, and tree-lined ridges from the back. I love that everything is starting to get green (slowly)!

  243. Chris says:

    Beautiful views of brown grasses from last summer and grey trees silhouetted in the sunlight on this sunny Wisconsin morning. There are hints of color on the tips of the trees.

  244. Kelli Doubledee says:

    The view from my window today is one of happiness and sadness. The white burch tree stands lonely without it’s leaves, but the birds have found home in a new bird house I bought last year. The voices of kids on a Saturday morning ring hopeful as I watch my neighbors flags flap in the wind. My mind wanders to this neighbor, whom I do not know well, but has left to go overseas to help fight for our freedom. He has always seemed so proud of his two flags (American and Firefighter). I think back to the making of the first flag and what an honor that must have been to sew. I hope Spring will bring comfort and peace to my neighbors and loved ones during these troubled times.

  245. Krista says:

    Love Alicia’s blog and her fabric pack is lovely. I’m looking out at my backyard in Minneapolis, in which the kids and the dog have worn away a lot of grass, especially under the swingset. But I know in the corner of the yard, the crocuses are just beginning to see the light of day. And I hope the kids and the dog don’t get to them!

  246. Dawn says:

    Oops! I forgot to mention the view from my window…
    um…snow and cold and gray!
    Spring IS coming!

  247. Alisa says:

    What a beautiful fq pack and what a neat idea! My view today… sunshine, finally. Plum trees in blossom and my 3 girls playing in the fresh air on the driveway. Love this time of year! I’m just a bit north of you in beautiful British Columbia.

  248. Julie Kendall says:

    My husband and I live in an upstairs loft apartment in Longmont, CO. The windows of my sewing room face west so I get a view of our great Rocky Mountains throughout all of winter. However, when Spring and Summer are here, the two HUGE trees towering over my windows tend to block out the mountains. But I then get to watch all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks live out their tiny cute little lives. Either way…I see life out my windows every day and I love it.

  249. Katie says:

    The view in Vacaville (near Sacramento) is bright and windy – one of those deceptive days when the sun lures you out and the wind sends you back in! Out my back window this morning I spied the first rose on a bush I planted last year and wan’t sure was going to survive in that location – guess I can stop worrying!

  250. Candy says:

    I’m so lucky – my view from the window in front of my monitor is of a jasmine vine, growing on the trellis over our patio, in full bloom, – not only does it LOOK delicious, it SMELLS divine!

  251. Leigh says:

    The view out of my window is still very very brown- dead leaves, bare trees. But there are a few buds and the robins are out, so I know Spring will come eventually! A giant wild turkey wandered through my backyard yesterday.

  252. jen says:

    The view from my kitchen opens to my backyard. The small part I am facing right now is a bench will all the special plants my husband collects, mostly succulent caudicforms. They arfe very odd plants with bulbous bottoms and very few leaves. At the top of the posts of the bench my husband has hung spent flower stalks from tree aloes (they look like raindeer antlers).

  253. Emily says:

    Still grey and cool here in Toronto- but I did see a robin the other day! Unfortunately the view out my window is construction workers finally getting to work on that old house….guess it’s time to hang some curtains :o)

  254. Rachel says:

    The sky here is a gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds. Only some of the trees have leaves. If you look around, you’ll find white dogwoods loaded with blooms. They are so pretty.

  255. Laura says:

    Wow! I really like the fabric combinations. So pretty. When if first look out my window is see cars driving by on the road, but between me and the cars I begin to notice spring. All the trees have the cutest baby leaves beginning to cover the whole tree. As I look between me and the trees I see the cutest little purple flowers popping up all over my flower bed by my patio. I just love the bright, fresh green color of spring!

  256. Jamie V says:

    This morning is full of cloudy skies, a few snowflakes and hint of sunshine! If I look close enough I can see tiny buds on the trees and three different kinds of birds – crows, red-breasted finches, and some I’m not sure of. An occasional Canada goose flies by. An even closer inspection shows a tiny bit of green. Crocus and iris will show their colors soon, I hope, though I think winter will be hanging around for several more weeks! Jamie V in MT

  257. Laura says:

    The neighbor’s yard, with a cheeky squirrel antagonizing the outside cats. Oaks and pines are unfurling new delicate leaves and the winds have knocked down old scratchy branches.

  258. Laura says:

    My window looks out right across the city to the hills beyond. It’s sunny today and the red roofs of the houses look bright and warm.

  259. Christine Bolin says:

    I see green grass outside my window. I live in Florida, and the azaleas are blooming. And the amarillis are blooming. All the aloe plants are outside in pots. I love those. Aloe is so good for treating a burn (while taking stuff out of the oven) and any kind of scratch or scrape. The Christmas cactus finally lost its blooms. And, the citrus trees are starting to bud. It’s so nice to live here. It may get hot, but we don’t have to shovel heat.

  260. Jennie says:

    I live in street full of terraced houses which were orginally built many many years ago (about 1845) to house the workers building the railway of this town. The houses directly behind us were built for the more affluent. The view from my window of my bedroom looks down across my small paved yard, over a wall onto the beautiful garden of the house behind. It has a round glass green house and a long well kept lawn which is gorgeous in the summer. I like to imagine lazing around reading a book laying on a blanket on the gorgeous green grass, or having picnics in the sunshine on the weather beaten picnic table there. While I do love my little yard with its just enough room for some plant pots and a washing line, after living in apartments, I do hope one day to own a garden just like the one opposite.

  261. Liz B says:

    The view from my kitchen window: the snow has finally melted off my gardens (just two 4’x20′ raised beds) and they look a shambles. They are covered in oak leaves, which don’t biodegrade well, so I can look forward to lots of raking. It also looks soggy and brown, so far from the rich smelling soil I know will eventually be mine to play with when the last frost has passed. Unfortunately, that is probably at least a month away. So I can only look at my sad, soggy garden and wait.

  262. Cypress1 says:

    I love everything about that FQ selection…and the bulletin board thingy is brilliant!
    As far as the Spring view goes, I feel like I’m a scout that been sent out ahead to see what’s down the line. I live down South in Tennessee. A few weeks ago my window offered a very similar view to what Alicia described. But today…oh, today is full of the most intense green of the year. Fresh, new, vibrant greens, lilac bushes covered in clouds of perfumey purple, tiny violets carpeting the grass as far as the eye can see…maybe sharing a little space with the occasional sunny yellow of a dandelion. Lipsticky tulips are up and almost all my trees are covered in bright white blooms…dogwoods, serviceberries, plums, and apples. My lovely watercolor pastel palette is gone and I’ll miss it (it is so brief), but this ramped-up, full-of-life spring coloring is what really gets me going! Welcome Spring!

  263. erin says:

    the view from my windows is numerous large puddles in the vicinity of my yard, and sunshine-yay! i love this fabric pack beyond words! wish me luck

  264. Rebecca says:

    The view from my window(kitchen) is a sunny one. We live outside Chicago, so I see only tight rows of garages with squirrels and birds dancing on top.

  265. Lena says:

    What fun designs!

    We are blessed here in the Northwest with lush green grass in our backyard, and daffodils and crocuses at their peak! The laurel bush in the front yard out is budding new leaves, and every day the cherry blossoms get a litter pinker and more fragrant…

  266. Sujomi says:

    The view out my window is obscured by noseprints from the dog and cats. If you look past them though, I can see my Rose of Sharon bushes starting to bud.

  267. Jessica White Stanley says:

    The view from my window changes hourly in Minnesota. Right now it is damp and gray. There is a little blue peeking through the clouds. My deck boxes are ready to be filled with herbs…I need to wait until the weather cooperates! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

  268. Katie says:

    Reporting here from Loveland CO. I look out my window and see….snow, snow, and more snow…blowing almost horizontally at the moment. I’m a little envious of the sprouting green and blossoming buds I’m hearing about in the other comments.

  269. Ang says:

    I see my front yard that is slowly greening up – two really early daffodils, tulips that may or may not bloom because they’re so old, and my rosebush that’s starting to grow leaves – it made it through another winter!

  270. Christa says:

    Spring has sprung outside my window. The sun is shining and the tulips are all halfway out of the ground. The vegetable garden is turned over and ready to be planted and the little tomato seedlings are ready in the house to be planted soon. It is so nice to get out there and live that beautiful picture outside my window.

  271. Julie says:

    The view out my window is sunny but very brown. 🙁 It’s freezing, too — we’re not feeling very springy yet!

  272. amanda says:

    Maybe THE BEST time of year to gaze out the window. My favorite windows to gaze through are in my dining room and kitchen — nothing better than looking at this awesome weather while I eat breakfast or from the dining room table while I craft and talk to my babbling baby. Georgia weather right now is incredible! (Minus the pollen — the only drawback to spring.) The backyard offers shade, sun, cool and warm. But the best part about the view from my window is that it makes me want to get away from the window itself and actually get OUT in the weather! Georgia summers are miserable, but I could live in this gorgeous Spring weather every day of my life.

  273. Holly C. says:

    My view is rainy and dreary right now. Too bad it wasn’t snowing. I love snow!

  274. autumnesf says:

    Sadly, we don’t have any spectacular views from our windows. In the back its all fence and in the front its all street. Sigh.

  275. KZ says:

    my view changes in my studio just by looking each direction (there are windows on every wall), but usually it is filled with a bubbling creek, birds flying and diving, cats sunbathing, and the trees moving. I love being able to look up and see nature around me.

  276. Margaret says:

    I live in Tacoma, WA, but the view must be pretty similar to that from the windows in Oregon. It includes plenty of daffodils, but also a layer of frost this morning! But when we got up there was a bar of brilliant yellow light stretching across the living room, so I think we’ll get to feel a little more northwest-spring-y!

  277. kayce says:

    Right now from my bedroom window I see my cherry blossom tree blossoming.

  278. Mary Ann/SoCal says:

    Its Spring in So cal. I have my first throw of roses and “Scentimental” an old time favorite is climbin outside m y kitchen window and giving the honeysuckle a run for it money. Although AMs are gloomy the sun breaks through about 11 and everything is bathed in that wonderous light.

  279. Stephanie says:

    I’m in northeast PA and you can just make out the green tips on the trees through the rain. I hope the sun decides to come out soon.

  280. Heather says:

    Ms. Paulson is amazing. I’ve adored her work for a couple of years. . . what pretty patterns!

  281. bec says:

    oh the view from my window right now is windy and rainy! and i am ready for sunshine!

  282. Katie says:

    Out my front windows, across the street is a garden, which is pretty amazing in the city. The woman who owns the garden has been living there for 40 years, or something like that and takes fierce pride in her garden and the street in general. It’s so refreshing to look across the street and see trees and grass and flowers, as opposed to someone’s apartment windows.

  283. Amy Vaughan says:

    I took the coolest photos from our window a couple of weeks ago. One Sunday it snowed heavy here in Georgia and my red barn bird feeder had a redbird feeding from it during the snow. Then the very next Sunday the tree was covered in white blossoms with a wren feeding at it. I framed the pictures side by side. Just a beautiful reminder of Georgia weather.

  284. Kate says:

    My home office backs to a steep ridge of open space in Colorado. Stones, pines, scrub oak. My eyes constant catch motion, which could be birds, squirrels or foxes. The deer have paths and cozy nap places criss-crossing the area, and I often look up to see three or four deer laying around under a tree, looking back at me. They are so unafraid.

    And no, I don’t live in the mountains, but only minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. Welcome to Colorado! The other side of the house looks out at Pikes Peak.

  285. missknitta says:

    From my desk window I can see the last of the camellias, the tail end of the daffodils, the middle of the pink jasmine, and the first of the roses. (Now you know why I moved my desk here!). 🙂

    The fabric is lovely!

  286. Shannon says:

    The view from my window in Boulder, CO is of the Flatiron Mountains, and at this time of year, they can either be snow covered crags or warm, sunny peaks. Currently, they are mysteriously shrouded in clouds as we get yet another snow storm (though it’s threatening to turn to rain).

  287. DianeG says:

    Love, love, love this pattern pack!!! The view from my window changed from rain to lovely sun and a breeze blowing through the trees today. More important to me is the sound I hear from my windows each morning, the spring birds singing their waking up songs!

  288. Emma says:

    This time of year in Miami Beach, it’s getting H-O-T! But the sunny beaches are always beautiful to look at. Lots of spring-breakers in miniskirts and bikini tops wandering the streets. ah…the uniqueness of South Beach.

    I love this fat quarter pack. oh, so pretty.

  289. Colleen says:

    Looking out my window, I see my recently built vegetable garden, shivering, from the delicate layer of snow blanketing it’s surface. When it’s this cold outside, I’m motivated to cook and sew for the upcoming Easter holiday, and say heck with the family business bookkeeeping that need to get done.

  290. Laura Hartness says:

    Daffodils! I see daffodils! There is hope for spring yet.

  291. So lovely. I can’t wait to play!

  292. Jane says:

    The views from my the windows in my workroom are always wonderful, but today is a perfect English April day. To the front through the dormer window the sun is shining onto the top of the Malvern Hills and high above the trees just coming into leaf I can see a procession of tiny walkers going along the path at the ridge – black against a blue sky and white clouds. Further to the right a group of hang-gliders are getting ready to fly so later the sky will be full of coloured sails.
    From my back window, through the branches of a very tall pine tree my view opens up across pink brown and red roof tops and many shades of green and brown trees and shrubs over the Severn Valley to the edge of the Cotswolds in a patchwork of misty blues and greens and greys. All the spring colours waiting to be captured in a quilt!

  293. Alison says:

    I’m in Glasgow Scotland and currently there is a rainy veiw (shock!) from my window, but the daffodils and hyacinths are out, the burning bush is on fire and my willow tree is a beautiful spring green. Spring is definitely in the air!

  294. Sarah C says:

    The view from my window right now is a lovely spring day – i’m going to go for a run now!

  295. fiona y says:

    My Mango tree’s the first thing i see when i look out the window, can;t wait for it to bear fruits this year. we had a killing harvest in 2008 🙂

  296. Cindie says:

    The view from my window this sunny Florida morning is spectacular. The sun is shining and there are some light clouds overhead. My grass is green and so healthy looking from the recent rains and my hydrangeas are in full bloom. They vary from that deep bluish purple to the light purple pink. My shrubs are blooming and there are white flowers popping up on them. The jasmine has that waxy green look and flowers are starting to sprout.
    As I sit in my old wicker chair I am reminded of the beauty of God’s world.

    I would love to win the pack… I am a big Alicia Paulsen fan…

  297. melissa mercille says:

    My neighbors’ and my backyards are homes to numerous trees that are just now starting to bud and bloom. The redbud we planted four years ago is now grown up enough to sprout beautiful purpley-pink flowers… it’s perched in the corner of our backyard and is truly gorgeous with the lush green grass that’s in the field behind it. Needless to say, the view from window is spectacular.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  298. monica says:

    I’m in Tuscany right now, spending time with my parents for Easter… the village is in the hills and the moment we’re hiding amongst the clouds. The sun is trying to burn through the clouds and the light is a lovely grey/yellow…

  299. Gloria Chupp says:

    The view from my Ohio window this morning is the rare glimpse of sunshine warming the little bits of green popping up. Little buds on the trees, daffodils & hyacinths just starting to bloom with the woods as a backdrop. No leaves on the trees, so I can see far into the woods and see many little critters scampering about. And a bright blue sky, making it a beautiful day & I am going outside to enjoy it!

  300. Kelly says:

    I love the view outside my window; it’s mostly treetops as our house sits on the top of a hill in a wooded area. This time of year the trees are still bare, but we’re starting to see little pops of color as spring arrives–hopefully soon, though we’re looking at more snow over this weekend!

  301. Dot says:

    This morning in NC the sky is an intense blue and cloudless; the grass as intense a green and the wheeping cherry tree outside my window in full bloom. The trees are full of cardinals, sparrows, chicadees and an occasional woodpecker so the view is full of song. Alice’s choices of fabrics closely mirror the colorful beauty that surrounds me here.

  302. Maria says:

    I believe it is sunny outside as I can hear the birds chattering.

    Alas, all I can see it the huge flattened cardboard box that is covering my window until the new one and a blind are fitted.

    Happy Saturday xxx

  303. mari says:

    the view from the northeast window:
    framed by lace curtains and marmelade cats we see: a sky marbled with with long, swollen dove-grey clouds and slate, steel and persian blues. dark bare fingered trees are reaching for the pale, diluted light; some tinted red, others chartruese with the promise of tiny buds. the lawn is ragged and tired, a matted straw bed hilited with green. And in the bare garden, giant, dark grape purple croci bravely nod closed balloon heads, while their tinier, dainty pale purple and yellow cousins stand ramrod straight, petals tightly wrapped: it’s too cold. nearby, some daffodils are still, with herculean effort, are pushing poking through the dirt: mounds of pebbles and dirt heaved to one side. Others are already tall sentrys, yellow petals sealed in slender points, watching, waiting for the perfect day for the frilly, bonneted, explosion…
    love the alicia paulson mix! – mari

  304. Darla says:

    This morning in Cincinnati, Ohio it is sunny, clear and actually a bit crisp. The birds are busy in my garden snagging dried twigs from herbs to use in their nests. A woodpecker is busy at the peanut feeder. There is a bit of frost on the herbs, but we are expecting close to 60 degrees. The view is actually quite nice.

  305. Marcia says:

    Spring takes her time reaching the shores of Lake Superior. After months of deep snow and below zero temps, we can finally see some bare ground. The hope this brings to us is amazing. Those of us that live up here truly enjoy the warm weather, flowers, the outdoors, for the months we have it.

  306. Kim McEuen says:

    Here in PA the view from my window is “windy”. I have a suet feeder hanging right oustide the window and we have 4 different varieties of woodpeckers that visit it all day. Right now they are hanging on extra tight while they snack cause the wind is blowing the feeder around.

  307. Alissa says:

    My daughter playing on her swing set, on the lovely green lawn that my husband has painstakingly encouraged from a tiny patch, to cover the whole backyard. Lovely!

  308. anne says:

    We are lucky to have great views all year round. At the moment I can still see the river but with spring arriving my view will get greener and soon that wiil be all I see

  309. Marsel says:

    My favorite view is from our kitchen window that overlooks our backyard. Everything is green; the blossoming trees are pink and white; the forsythia is in bloom. The birds are busy in our fallow garden, finding treats to eat and carrying away bits and pieces for their nests. Beyond the garden is our bluebird house, and this year’s brilliantly-colored residents are busy getting it ready to their liking.

    Spring is when creative inspiration strikes me the most intensely. I am constantly dreaming up new and wonderful projects. I never have enough time to create more than a few of my lofty ideas…but there is so much enjoyment even in the dreaming!

  310. Roni says:

    Wow! beautiful fq-combo! From my FL window I can see a pool ready for the little ones to enjoy and sky beginning to lighten up this morning!

  311. Karen Hudson says:

    From my mid-Missouri window the sun is just beginning to come up and a light frost is covering the clumps of grass that has not had a first mow this season. A few birds have began their morning song.

  312. Lisa says:

    This time of year, I see mostly bare trees, grass and the street. I can’t wait until all the leaves grow back everything is green again, it’s like living in a tree house.

  313. Karen W says:

    we had our first rain in 6 weeks yesterday but still the view is pretty dry, although the large tree in our back yard is still green and full of cockatoos. Canberra in autumn is usually a lovely place maybe next year it will look slightly more like portland (wish, wish, wish).

  314. tara boos says:

    my view is way up high on the mountain, on one side i can see down the coast, on the other i can see my two children up the eucalyptus, silky oak, macadamia, and jacaranda trees. all is very very green after our 6inches of rain in two days!

  315. Lora says:

    The view from my window is so nice right now. I can see the row houses on my street as usual, but the best part is the bright green grass in my front yard and little white daisies popping up everywhere in the grass. And the rogue daffodils that grew in the garden, even though we didn’t plant them!

  316. Maryanne says:

    What do I see? A Sydney Autumn morning. The weather is still warm but the light slightly less intense. The evergreen eucalypts are as ever evergreen! The occasional deciduous tree is turning ever so slightly red. The light sparkles on Sydney Harbour.

  317. Carla Melton says:

    When I look out my sewing room windows here in NSW Australia, I see gum trees. Lots and lots, in fact a National Park of gum trees and bush. The Blue Mountains National Park is bigger than Wales. And thats what I see outside my windows. And the mist has been rolling around all day…white out, broken by the sparkle of red and blue parrots swooping past every now and again.

  318. Sandy says:

    The West Vrginia hills are starting to come alive with SPRING! The view out my window are the mountains starting to shed the winter chill and new life rising in the trees and mountainside. Small buds are popping on the trees creating a beauty that only spring can give us. Flowers are rising out of the ground a sure sign that brighter sunnier days lay ahead for us. Looking at the mountains turn from a bleak dull gray to bursting with colors of spring is a view that I can never get enough of. Springtime inspires me to look for new crafting ideas, especially new fabrics to tranform into something that I can say “I made that”.

  319. Mary Beth says:

    My Nebraska view is straight north and the fields are still brown as we have not had a green-up yet. Snow is expected this weekend, and moisture of any kind is always a welcome gift!

  320. Suzanne says:

    Blue sky, dirt soccer pitch, and tall green African tree.

  321. min says:

    Well, that’s an awfully optimistic way of viewing our life right now in the Pacific NW, but oh well. The pack is lovely, even if the outside is not.

  322. Such lovely colours in this pack ! The view from my window ? Our tiny , wedge-shaped back yard with faded terracotta painted walls , 2 bicycles , loads of tiny yellow and purple pansies in pots and last year’s Christmas tree , also thriving in its pot . Later in the year, I won’t see much of this as the tomato vines grow a mile a minute .

  323. Sandra says:

    I loved looked at this collection on Alicia’s blog.
    Out my window is New Zealand summer trying to hold on as long as possible… today has been blue skies but in the shadows a crisp autumn air is trying to bite. In the garden we are getting ready to plant bulbs in preparation for spring!

  324. jo says:

    The view from my window is of blue sky, daffodills and washing drying on the line!

  325. amy says:

    my window looks out onto the neighbours garage, which isn’t very exciting at all. but my cat sofie thinks it’s very exciting, especially when moths bang against the glass or when it snows (which it did on april 1st! happy april fool’s day in the PNW!). she likes to try to catch things through the glass, and she sits at the window for hours every day, watching things that i can’t see. she reminds me to watch for the little things!

    the fabric bundle is SO beautiful. i love alicia paulson’s blog and book – she too reminds me to watch for the little things in life!

  326. Nancy says:

    I live in a bungalow on a hillside in southern california and a huge front window. My view is so beautiful. I see the hillside covered with california bungalows and spanish cottages, adorned with red and pink bougainvilleas, daylillies, roses, sunflowers, blossoming fruit trees, and lots of jasmine vines. In a month, the three huge jacaranda trees across the street will bloom and frame my window in beautiful purple blossoms. Both our cats and the dog sit by the window and birdwatch, or swat the windows in mock chase of butterflies. We are blessed here.

  327. Blaize says:

    My window: The cat leaps out onto the red shed roof, under the metal trellis that makes me feel like I live inside the Eiffel Tower. The light shifts, and calico turns into silhouette against a purpled mackerel sky. Unsettled weather.

  328. jennydee says:

    It is black out my window. There are no birds chirping or wind to speak of. I have been sewing. It is our Friday night sew at out shop and so we always try to eek every last minute of time out. So by the time I looked…just the ink blackness in night with a promise of hope in the morning! Please count me in the drawing…I love it!

  329. Angie says:

    Yesterday it was snowing, today it was raining, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.

  330. Jacqui says:

    The view from my window is of approaching autumn. The garden is looking tired, the leaves are just beginning to get that slightly yellow tinge that precedes full-blown autumn colours – well as much as we get here in Auckland 🙂 There is a dahlia looking startlingly pink at the back of the garden, a couple of late-blooming pale pink St. Swithins roses, and a beautiful red geranium climbing up through another white rose. It may be a tired garden, but it’s still doing its best.

  331. Melanie says:

    In Sydney, Australia it is currently Autumn and so the view outside my window is beginning to involve many more leaves on the ground as well as fallen flowers from my frangipani tree. Mine is a small backyard in the inner city so there is not a lot of fauna but yesterday I was so excited to see (and photograph) two beautiful rainbow lorikeets feasting on the nectar from the fiery red bottle brush tree.


  332. Beth Prince says:

    We had the most beautiful spring day today in the Low Country of South Carolina. Outside my window I saw the Spanish Moss hanging from the Live Oaks with bright blue skies and the horses grazing in the paddock. Gorgeous.

  333. Mel says:

    Forgot to tell you my view, I live in Australia, in a town south of Sydney. My view to the northwest is of green dairy fields backdropped by a dark escarpment that looks blue from the eucalypt trees & distance, it has patches of exposed orangey rock. To the east is a large landlocked salt water lake which is backdropped by the ocean. The weather today is dark & gloomy, it has been quite windy today and the temperatures are dropping foreshadowing the change to autumn.

  334. Michelle says:

    Overgrown grass that needs cutting! Its all I see! And I HATE it!

  335. Willow says:

    I’ve been reading Alicia’s blog for years. I was born and raised in Portland so I can really identify with her photos.

    My window view at Willow’s Cottage in Southern California is of my two terrace garden which includes my herb garden with mint, parsley and rosemary, tomato plants= so many shades of green! Creamy yellow and orange poppies. Purple and white osteospermum. Lavender. Iceberg roses and white allysum. Spring looks like a rainbow!

  336. shannon says:

    What a beautiful set of fabrics, I love the color combinations. The view from my window is of my town of Petaluma, CA. We live on a hill so we have a nice view out the window, blue skies, green leaves of my loquat tree, black birds sitting on telephone wires, yellow flowering weeds in all the yards from the recent rain. In the distance I can see the two bell towers of the church downtown and the red brick of nearby buildings. It’s a really lovely day here.

  337. Brittany says:

    There’s the front yard with the most atrociously bad smelling flowers in them. Beyond the fence is the street, where the neighbour parks his car. Mornings are nice – there’s the hustle and bustle of them shuttling the kids off to school. 🙂

  338. cmn says:

    The view from my window today… Airplane window, actually. Boise ID to Salt Lake City UT. 6:40 pm MT… dark lowering clouds, threatening grey skies, mountain tops far below us dusted with snow (or is that powdered sugar?), winter yellow landscapes in hues of dark butter, faded goldenrod and browns, spots of dark green from winter evergreens, and way over there… blue sky peeking back at us.

  339. Somer says:

    We’ve been having some unseasonably cold and windy days. So my view is grass trying to peek out from under the snow and swings swaying in the too cold wind. Makes me glad to be inside.

  340. louise reynen says:

    across the street sits an immaculate late 19th cent. home…lovely

  341. Amanda says:

    Lovely selection!

  342. Donna says:

    A rainy rainy day here in Ottawa, although it’s night now. Winds were up around 60 km an hour, too, so even though it was a bit miserable for a good part of the day, i could watch the tiny patch of snow that’s left in my yard get washed away . Take that, winter!

  343. Marissa says:

    Everything is green and blooming I love this time of year. There are flowers everywhere and birds and lots of green.

  344. Beth says:

    The view from my window is a tattered concrete corridor surrounded by brick walls on three sides. The west wall, however, does not extend forward all the way to my window, but opens up to look over a courtyard where a children’s playground sits between the connecting building and mine. I can’t see the children because I am several floors above but I can always hear them singing and laughing when they come out to play.

    In addition to the voices of children, the seasons play out in the brick corridor and along the brick wall where the connecting buildings open up. The sun has a beautiful way of illuminating this corridor and when the snow comes it swirls around my window and then pushes back against the farthest reach of this outdoor hallway only to rise back up into the sky and atop the building.

    I do not look directly onto a natural setting like trees that would keep time as the seasons change – but that is the part for my imagination to fill in. The corridor out my window gives all the supporting cast as the time passes and allows just enough missing detail for my mind to stay active creating the rest.

  345. ikkinlala says:

    We have a six-foot-tall pile of snow where it was pushed up while clearing the driveway, but the rest of the snow is starting to get patchy because the rain has washed it away. There’s no green grass yet, though, only the remains of last year’s. We have quite a few birds right now, and one robin likes to sit on the windowsill and tap on the window.

  346. Dawn says:

    Alicia’s blog was one of the first ones I discovered on the web…
    Love her inspiration that she shares with us!!!

  347. Kate Bessey says:

    today, driving my son home from school i couldn’t help but notice all the spring colors. this time of year you can almost hear the plants growing. the palo verde trees are the brightest shade of yellow and in full bloom, lantana are abundant and radiate beautiful hues of yellow, orange, pink and red. the view out my back window is equally breath taking. as i sit and type on my laptop i can look out a bay of windows to see my 3 chickens pecking in the green grass with the blossoming orange trees behind them. the geraniums are bright and red and always make me smile. i love this time of year.

  348. Peta-Jane says:

    Meanwhile….on the other side of the world … my eyes peer out of my window upon a garden that has welcomed Autumn. The iceberg roses are giving up their last flush of blooms…the leaves of the Japanese Maple are beginning to turn a delicious red colour….and drop leaves into the sandpit below. The grass is becoming more lush as it wakes each morning to a drink of dew….The pool is bereft of children laughing and splashing ..too cool now… the family of magpies are digging for worms….. All is good….. but would be even better with some of those gorgeous fat quarters !!

  349. Elizabeth says:

    I live in a West Coast apartment that is tiny but never mind because of the view, which overlooks a long sloping hill covered, right now, in green mossy slopes and in pink and white blossoming trees, and one palm tree. After several years in the prairies, with 7 months of white and a month of dirty slush, every glance out the window at this time of year is an intense pleasure. And when I get tired of the trees, I look up just a few inches and see the ocean in the distance–tankers and sailboats too.

  350. lesley says:

    usually i browse my morning reads from my living room couch, so i look out to my back patio. I can see the sky [no trees on this side] and today was a bluebird sunny day with a few pouffy white clouds. perfect spring weather, finally, as until now it has been decidedly grey and dreary.

  351. debbie says:

    I see wistaria vines, wrapped around pink jasmine and the lemon tree all blooming, full of bees and smelling like heaven.
    Love ALICIA so much!

  352. Barbara says:

    The view from my window is a lot of snow. We get snow for a day, sunshine the next day the melts it all, then the day after some more snow. We have had a very wet (from snow) spring which is wonderful we need the moisture in this drought we have been having.

    BTW, love the fabrics.

  353. Lisa Boyer says:

    I live in Kauai and it’s beautiful and sunny and in the mid-seventies. The Shaman birds are singing like crazy, the plumeria tree is gently bobbing in the tradewinds, and the smell of puakenikeni is drifting up from below my window. All my windows are open and I’m wearing a T-shirt, homemade skirt and bare feet. A few puffy clouds drify by. Gee…I’m glad you made me look out my window today!

  354. Ellen says:

    The view this time of year is beautiful in Atlanta. Dogwoods, Azaleas and fresh new green buds and leaves, tulips and daffodils are all breathtaking…

  355. Melissa says:

    The view from my window today was beautiful…it is a cool spring day in MN with a bright blue sky. Looking out my kitchen window we have a great backyard, but I see my garage, since we have an ally. The grass is still a winter brown color, but I can’t wait to see it green again. It has been a long winter.

  356. Rebecca Woods says:

    Unfortunately there is not a very pretty picture from my window at the moment. I live in South Australia and we are currently having a drought and everything is brown and dry and dead. The lawn is dying as we have water restrictions and I dont think it is that important to waste water on a green lawn. It is the end of summer too so it is extra dry. I am very jealous of the people that can look out their windows and see rain. Good thing I try to keep the inside of my house slightly colourful.

  357. Angela says:

    I love the view out my window these days! We’ve had some beautiful weather here in Arkansas. That means my girls can go out to PLAY!!! Everything has popped out green this last week. Hostas are peeking out along with the elephant ears. (This is all wonderful except for the layer of green pollen on our cars every morning… ugh, allergies) My favorite view out the window…Z rolling in the sand box and A “just a swingin'”.

  358. Amber says:

    My view is a wonderful night sky here in Texas after a beautiful day.

  359. kris says:

    Oh! I Love Alicia’s blog and visit weekly! She has such wonderful ideas and insights. I love the collection of yummy fabrics she put together. The view out my window today was thankfully a springish one. Leaves budding on the trees, dogwoods with their pink and white flowers. The fat robin birds keep flitting around gathering things for their nests. It’s almost time for babies! The wind has been slightly blowing the naked branches on my backyard trees and I’ll be so thankful when they are once again full of green leaves and swinging around like a girl flipping her long hair. Tomorrow promises to be a gorgeous 68 degrees which is a far cry from last Saturday’s snowstorm. Go figure. It’s just the way Missouri is. Always changing.

  360. Canela says:

    As I sit at the dining room table typing away, I see a burst of yellow outside my window; a forsythia bush leading the way for spring in south central PA.

  361. Sam E. says:

    Rainy, rainy, rainy. But it’s not snow! That’s something.

  362. Debbie says:

    The view from my window today included four deer–elegant, proud creatures. Perfect colorways.

  363. shelley says:

    I love all things polka-dotted…especially fabrics. Would love to win!

  364. I have a wall of floor to ceiling windows that face South. This is a good thing in a mother-in-law apartment in WA state! I have a smallish yard, which abruptly drops off into a fairly steep ravine. At any given time, there could be the feral kitty, a few chickens, squirrels, crows, jays, small birds, a horse, a sheep or one of the goats that lives on the property wandering through my yard. The ravine is filled with towering trees of different varieties, and one rather tenacious bush of some kind that’s the earliest leaving thing in my field of view. It’s fabulous, and I enjoy making offerings or leaving small treats for the kitty on a three-armed stump that’s right near the edge of my “yard”. It’s the reason I decided to live where I do, and I love how the changes of the seasons are so very apparent from my seat at the window.

  365. Brenda D says:

    looking out my window right now it’s pretty dark here in Ohio…but earlier today — to look out my window it was cloudy, rainy and very windy. It was so nice though to see my tulips, daffodils and magnolias are blooming this week!

  366. Limor says:

    Luckily we have loads of sun all year round, even when it’s freezing cold outside. This time of year the robins return and rummage for worms. It’s nice to see them amongst the sparrows, various finches, and woodpeckers.

  367. Carrie says:

    I saw some punk kids skateboarding out front flipping off cars as they drove by. Annoying.

  368. Becky Lane says:

    I live on the side of a hill in the Texas Hill Country, and as I sit at my computer blogging, I am seeing crisp, clear blue sky, the sunny golds, rusts and ambers of the native grasses waving in the breeze, the soft sage green of the shrubby cedars that are dotted about the hills, and I am delighted by the hawks that continually practice their circular ballet, directly above my computer screen.

  369. Lisa says:

    I live in Seoul and when I look out the window, I see the cherry blossom trees and the magnolias in bloom. An absolutely beautiful view in Korea!! Lisa

  370. Lori says:

    The view from my window here in Texas is darkened now, but just a bit ago I was watching a palm tree sway in the breeze while my dogs rolled and played in the needs-to-be-mowed grass.

  371. Judy says:

    Not so much sun today in sunny Huntington Beach, California. My yard is all purples right now….tons of sweet peas, a trellis with wisteria in full bllom and a pot with purple clematis & nemesia.

  372. Laura Leigh Vickers says:

    Out my window today were swirling dark clouds full of fat juicy rain drops. The rain started gently, but quickly became a torrent,and stopped as suddenly as if God decided to turn off a spigot. The sun peeked through the clouds. The palm trees glistened with their rain drop jewels. Birds flew about in the clear skies. Ah, but outside my window is coastal Florida; new rain clouds roll into view. They too share their gift of water. As they often do in Springtime.

  373. Wendy says:

    My favorite view from my window is my boys playing outside. I just love to sit and watch them make up all their games, often including our two dogs in the fun.

  374. Toby says:

    Mine is of my back yard. Full of weeds I’m fighting but with some grass pushing through and 3 pear trees that just lost their beautiful white blooms. The fun part is watching my almost 1 year old boston terrior find a piece of trash that has blown into the yard due to the great amout of wind we are having, and take it and run like mad all over our 1/3 acre backyard. Often the piece she finds is almost as big as her. That doesn’t faze her though. She just puts her head higher in the air and runs as fast as she can! It’s a sight!

  375. Tina Mackey says:

    I love every single one of those prints. Wouldn’t they make such a cute sun bonnet quilt for a little girl?

  376. cassi says:

    my fave view from the window is my single pot that i plant each year. i love to watch the sun shining on my flowers!

  377. Georgia says:

    Today my view is of rain – wonderful, wonderful rain! It might sound depressing, but it is a wonderful sight after a very long, hot and dry summer. It’s officially autumn, although it doesn’t fell like it, summer is stretching on and on

  378. Chancy says:

    I always read your blog while taking a break at work, so my view is of the street leading up to the train station. I really like it this time of year because you get to see all the people walking along in clothes that are suitable for the warmer weather, which always reminds me that spring is here and summer is just around the corner.

  379. Caroline says:

    Beautiful fabric collection! The view from my window is of the orchards, that will hopefully be blooming soon!

  380. Michelle says:

    It’s a beautiful autumn morning here in Australia. Outside my window I can see my virginia creeper turning scarlett red, my crabapple tree’s vivid yellow leaves dropping to the ground, and my lime green elm tree hanging on to it’s leaves for dear life! My husband is doing his autumn prune and will be raking leaves later. This is my favourite time of the year – everything is fresh and clean and readying itself for winter, and the new life in spring.

  381. lisa c says:

    my neighbors big house and my tree in the front yard that needs pruning…oh and a squirrel…with some sort of nut!!!!!

  382. khristal says:

    My view into the backyard is very peaceful. Trees in bloom with cherry blossums and green buds. Spring promises inspiration new fabrics to make cute clothing for my little fancy.

  383. angeljoy says:

    After all the rain we’ve had in Georgia, it doesn’t matter which window I’m looking through, all I see are a hundred shades of green! I love seeing the variations from the deep green of the pine needles to the lighter spring green in the trees flush with new growth.

  384. Mama Lusco says:

    I have beautiful daffodils and hyacinth blooming!

  385. Sarah says:

    What a great fat quart combination. I would love to win that, and her book looks great.

  386. Cheryl says:

    Outside my window there is a beautiful blue sky! Cactus are starting to bloom in beautiful colors of bright pink, yellow, pale pink and white. Hummingbirds are fluttering by, stopping to look for nectar in the beautifully colored flowers. The quail are running by in a row, with mom in the front of the line, little ones in a row behind, usually around eight or so, and dad standing watch off to the side. Nearby, a linx is wandering by, looking for his breakfast. A short while later, a couple of furry little bunnies hop out from their little den dug under the rosemary plant under my dining room window. They’re only a few days old, about 4″ in size.

    A beautiful time of the year in the Sonoran desert!

  387. Samantha says:

    Outside my window I can see my pink snapdragons flourishing and I’m wondering how to thin them. Need to look that up. I also see the startings of my new herb garden. I started cilantro from seed. Then today I bought stevia, rosemary, and basil to go in there too. And I bought tomatoes and strawberries to plant. I love spring! I enjoyed Alicia’s photos from her walk. There are some really pretty gardens in her neighborhood.

    I love that you’re having some guests put together fat quarter packs. Great idea!

  388. Susan Israel says:

    The view out of my window in the Blue Ridge mountains at this time of year is something I look foreward to all winter long. The grass is losing the brown winter color and starting to turn green. The daffodils are in bloom; the forsythia is a yellow riot of blooms. Tulips are beginning to show color. I am waiting for the trees to leaf out again. I love the springtime.

  389. Sharon says:

    Lots of birdfeeders….lots of little birdies to feed! Blossoming dogwood, cherry & plum trees…..looks like spring but still feels like winter!

  390. Karen says:

    It’s Spring here in southern Ontario and today it rained throughout the entire day. I got totally soaked when I went out for groceries, but the rest of the day I was able spend making some spring coloured beaded jewelery. The perfect combination – cold and grey outside – warm and bright inside.

  391. Constance W. Ward says:

    Daffodils, heads drooping under a heavy coating of spring snow; spunky little pansies show through in spots touched by the occasional ray of sun; trees still awaiting warmer days for their buds to show – these from my window seen.
    Alicia’s Oregon Spring fabric line is fantastic. She does have a way with color, design, detail. Thank you for spreading her talents.

  392. Karen says:

    Autumn is slowly coming Downunder, the days are getting shorter and the mornings a little cooler – thank goodness! Out my window I see the leaves on the Crepe Myrtles across the road are just starting to change colour – they are one of the few deciduous trees in the sub-tropics and they keep me linked with the change of seasons. Having grown up in the cooler south, I miss Nature’s seasonal changes so am glad to have these trees to see everyday.

  393. Jon says:

    Outside my window: tumble weeds, creosote, swaying pine trees, cedar fencing, power lines, pigeons, blowing sand and a big blue sky.

  394. Mod Girl says:

    Puddles drying after days of rain… lime green, baby Japanese maple leaves… dogwoods in bloom looking like white eyelet petticoats… tender shoots of new grass reaching for the sky… damp fern fronds starting to unfurl.

  395. Norine says:

    I just saw a guy on a unicycle roll by my window. I think he was a commuter too!

    I love this time of year in Colorado. Well, tomorrow we’re supposed to get a huge snowstorm, but today it was sunny and in the 60s.

    I recently found your website and I’m loving it!

  396. sarah says:

    well, lately it’s been raining buckets up here in Seattle (not to mention the SNOW in that rain on April Fools’ Day – not funny, Mother Nature), but it’s almost as if the skies knew we needed a little break on Friday, and today we broke out into sun. It’s about 6 o’clock right now and as we slide into evening, the light is kissing my neighbour’s white birches with gold, way up high (no catkins nor leaves to block the view) on those bare branches, and they’re shining against a beautiful blue sky mottled with those lovely white-and-grey clouds that I missed SO MUCH while I was in SoCal for the last two years.

    I confess, I don’t much mind the rain, not even the pouring-buckets-rain we’ve been getting, especially if there’s a sunny Friday as a reward.

  397. Nancey says:

    Uhhh, you don’t want to know about the bleakness I’m seeing here in Utah…makes for great sewing time, though.

  398. KathyB says:

    The view from my window here in Maine is gray and muddy. I didn’t really see the beauty in it (other than the fact that it isn’t snow!) until I took my preschool son outside- he adores mud and sticks and for him our entire backyard is filled with adventure.

  399. Rayna says:

    My view is much like Alicia’s since we live in the same place! My street is lined with the ubiquitous but lovely pink and white flowering plums and they are in full bloom right now. Thanks for the giveaway! I need some April inspiration!

  400. Meghan says:

    These are so beautiful! Right up my fiber alley! 🙂

  401. Krista says:

    Man, you have a lot of readers – congratulations on an amazing thing! This time of year in Vancouver, BC I look out my window to lush green grass (don’t get to jealous, it is 60% moss), 6″ of daffodil and tulip greens, many purple, white and yellow crocuses, the bare limbs of my apple and pear trees and my lovely weathered grey cedar garden shed. Thanks for this spectacular set Alicia!

  402. FT says:

    What do I see from my window?

    Usually a lovely garden. Today, two ginormous storage containers waiting to be filled on my neighbor’s driveway…

  403. Alissa says:

    I live in a little New England town. Today it has been raining cats and dogs! Right now outside I see lots of fog! Thick as pea soup. This past week, we have had some crocus and daffodil popping up! I love Alicia’s picks.

  404. Elizabeth says:

    how pretty I love the combinations I am always so afraid to mix designers,

  405. Mel says:

    Loevly, Love the concept of looking out your window for inspiration.

  406. Donnelly Webb says:

    Today, out my window I see trees blowing in the wind, which is typical for Southern Idaho. I see fat robins sitting on the fence posts. I see the grey and white pigeons that have decided to make our backyard their own. I see our miniature donkey pawing up fresh pasture grass shoots. I see our 15 year old + outside mutt sleeping in the sun with his best friend, our three-legged goat named Daisy. I see a little blue sky mixed with a lot of big thunder clouds. I see my hubby’s new plans for our backyard that include planter boxes made from recycled leaf-cutter bee boards filled with herbs, lilacs, lavender, sun-loving flowers and veggies.
    Have a great day!

  407. Hilary says:

    The view out my window right now is somewhat optomistic. Our year round view is of a concerte courtyard and other patios. But it is a beautiful view as the sun is shining and the foot of now that has been permanent fixture on our patio is now gone.

  408. Caroline says:

    From my window I can see a grey and cold day and some trees blowing in the wind. I live in Melbourne, Australia and we are edging closer to Autumn. I love the colours in this collection, they are very…hopeful. Which is something well needed in Victoria after the awful bushfires earlier this year. I have never lived anywhere where I have been so grateful for rain instead of worrying how I will get wet when I go outside!

  409. Stephanie says:

    I live in Minneapolis, where early April doesn’t look so much like spring as it looks like the absence of winter. If you are lucky. Outside the window of my little “treehouse” bedroom I can see the roofs of neighboring houses, blessedly free of snow, the bare branches of the trees and an elderly neighbour out for a stroll in his spring jacket. More importantly, I can hear the birds singing.

  410. Libby says:

    The view from my window this week is of two barn swallows trying to build a nest on my back porch for the third year in a row. The last two years we watched the babies grow up and fly away.

  411. Kristin says:

    Everything featured at this site is so pretty. I wish I had enough money to buy more…

  412. Denise says:

    I over look a hotel swimming pool and garden to the left and a 20 concrete apt. building to the right. I live in “downtown” Beijing and enjoy city living. If I could look the other direction in my apt. I would see a canal with willows trees starting to bud. I like that and often walk or run there to get out of the city.

  413. emily says:

    here in the burbs of chicago my view is of rain that washes away the salt on the streets, my garden thawing and spurting small patches of crabgrass, and the sky clearing ever so briefly to let the sun kiss the earth

  414. renee says:

    View today was rainy which i love (right now it’s dark). That’s when you know spring is here. When it stops snowing and starts raining. I’d love to do a special project with those fat quarters. I’m originally from Oregon, now living on the other side of the states. Yummy choices.

  415. Alicia’s blog is great and her fabric selection is outstanding. The view from my window includes lots of green grass, but not much else that is green! The trees are trying, but since it was blowing snow yesterday, methinks they are being cautious!

  416. Tracey says:

    we have had a long winter in Wisconsin, but the snow is gone now and from my window I can see the grass near the pine trees greening up a bit and there are lots of funny robins hopping around, trying to dodge the crows (who always crowd in to get all the seeds) We have even had a squirrel which is unusual for our neighborhood and it is driving the dog nuts!

    have a great day, thanks for the contest chance!

  417. Viv says:

    Blue skies, green trees, and the sound of traffic on the highway. A bit of crispness still in the air from the near frost this morning. It’s Autumn down here 🙂

  418. Lisa Gray says:

    I live on the Central Coast of California. Most days of the year I would report a dry, arid landscape. However, for 4-6 weeks in early Spring we enjoy lush green hills and wildflower covered valleys. You caught me at just the right time. The view from here? Spectacular.


  419. Tanya Barrett says:

    Outside my window? Well this week it’s been raining and raining and raining, but it’s a lot better than the snow I was soo tired of the snow. So when you look outside you can see onto teh front porch, cluttered of course with millions of things a large family tends to forget on the porch 🙂 Then just beyond that is the lawn, the grass is starting to come up, the tulips are creeping out of their winter slumber and starting to show thier leaves. Theres, birds and squirrels on the hunt for bulbs, and bugs. The Birds are also collecting the dead dry grass for their nests. Right now it’s after dinner, and the light is starting to dim, and the street is quiet, with everyone home resting after a long week at work.

  420. stacie says:

    Out my window I can see my pool (which we remodeled a few years ago) and we are starting to see all of our flowers come back:) We have it planted in a tropical forest way so it is always fun to see what comes back!

  421. Alecia Kleiner says:

    The stormy, grey skies of Seattle are out my window. I can feel the sun coming in from the other window….it may be time to go outside and check for a rainbow. 🙂 Great combinations in this pack. I love it.

  422. Staci Tomb says:

    The view from my window changes with the hours…I should know I have been sitting at this computer for hours! This morning was so bright and promising, then rain, then hail, now things are dry again and there is a slight tease of the sun behind A LOT of clouds. Such is Oregon weather! And I love every second.

  423. Carla says:

    the view from my window shows all of the leaves that came down after I cleaned up the yard and that are waiting for me to take away! ahhh

  424. Shannon says:

    Beautiful FQ pack! Outside my window is spring in Los Angeles, which looks remarkabley like winter, fall and summer in Los Angeles.

  425. Carla N-M says:

    The view out my window here in Alberta, Canada tends to be a bit brown at this time of year, however there is promise of green and warmth soon. For now, we (my little girl and I) gaze at the puddles – waiting for our next chance to go jump.

  426. Carla says:

    They are just beautiful!

  427. Amy says:

    I think that fate is at work because I just picked up her book at the library this morning…before this post was made!
    The view from my window was rainy and muddy today. I could see the swingset and my kitchen garden. My garden is starting to show very early signs of life though there isn’t much green yet. We just lost the last of the snow last week.

  428. sarah says:

    Right now, the view out my window is a mix of new and old, life and death, Spring and Winter. Daffodils are coming up and the Crocus are blooming, but there is a Winter storm on the horizon. The tumult of early April!

  429. Maryellen says:

    Wow. Gorgeous fabrics.
    We have rain here in the northeast today, and signs of spring are just out the window: crocuses, robins, and lots of mud. So pretty!

  430. Jennifer says:

    From my back window I can see speeding cars and all of the lovely blossoming trees that the drivers are probably unaware of in their hot pursuit to get home. I’m a Pacific Northwest Girl– as soon as I tell you what the weather is doing, it will radically change!

  431. Christine says:

    The view is dark. We are having a thunderstorm. Lots of puddles and lots of rain.

  432. Bee says:

    Today the view from my window was everything an early spring Friday should be. Wet, in all the best ways-saturating the hues, making edges fuzzy, each bursting bud a dab of color in the distance, formless and promising. The air whispers of more storms tonight and tomorrow, rain and rain until you almost begin to tire of staying indoors, until your fabric starts to show your craving for warmth and light, the golds of beaches and hay. Then the rain will stop and summer will begin. But for now the rain and the wet and the gray-green-pink of spring outside is a soft blanket to envelope, and I have a needle and thread and a smile.

  433. Bridget says:

    I don’t know if I am too late but it’s dark and rainy here in Massachusetts so not much to look at outside. But about an hour ago we had lightening! And that’s good because that means it’s finally getting warm!!

  434. Annette says:

    I have a big 100 year old pecan tree in the backyard. This time of year it is usually bare and looks dead. This year has had warmer weather and more early rain and it is already budding all over. The neighborhood stray cat chose our yard to have her five kittens and they all like to play around the trunk of the tree, climbing and swatting at each other. I love this time of year the most!

  435. Di says:

    From my window I look down on my garden where everything is getting ready for a winter sleep. Few flowers at present, as it’s autumn here. In the distance beyond is the beautiful 150 year old sandstone church where my DH is the minister.

  436. Christina says:

    Hmm… the view from my window. I am currently at work, in an office, at the airport. I see mostly airplanes and birds. Oh yeah and a half dead tree that I have been rooting for to blow down. It’s really windy here in Ohio today.

  437. Megan says:

    I’m reading this from work, where my window is tucked away beneath a Japanese maple tree. The leaves aren’t out yet, so I see moss-covered bark and blue sky peeking through the branches. At home, I get to look out at Bellingham Bay, which is often filled with sailboats, the San Juan Islands, and the mountains of British Columbia’s Coast Range. Beautiful!

  438. Chas says:

    Outside is alive with many shades of green. Bursts of color here and there, the white blooms of our strawberry patch against the dark green leaves. The pink blooms on our peach tree. And today a gorgeous blue sky with huge white clouds. It looks especially beautiful after many days of rain.

    Thank you so much for this chance to win.

    Chas 🙂

  439. Elaine says:

    I forgot to tell you the view from my window. My mini horses are surrounded by a soggy pasture in lush green grass and perky little wildflowers in yellows, Indian paintbrush and the first bluebonnets of the season. And lots of sunshine. In the mornings the landscape is draped in droplets of dew like a fresh rain…my window to the Texas world…

  440. Laura Jean says:

    The view from my window largely snow and ice – dirty snow, fresh snow, layers of ice on the ground, icy-edged flotillas of wet snow sliding from metal roofs. It is still winter here in Juneau, Alaska. I can see Mt. Jumbo, which is all snowy forest topped by snowy cliffs. The sky is bright white – it’s overcast with high clouds and that blinding light. Since the colors outside right now are so monochromatic, for me it’s currently all about sound. The sounds of the birds in my Norwegian beech are incredibly loud and if I close my eyes I can see daffodils and tiny spring iris. I know they’re under there… Last week I replaced my JoAnn Fab “Let it snow” sign with a large metal daisy on the side of my house. Wishful thinking. I can hear the flower scraping against the shingles as the wind blows it from side to side.

  441. Paula says:

    My view in VA is of crisp blue skies just clearing after the rain, and the sun is splashing golden light on the empty tree branches. Tiny little heads of herbs, peas, lettuce and onions are beginning to peek out of my kitchen garden. There’s a freshly plowed brown plot where the potatoes have yet to make an appearance. The azaleas and lilys of the valley are considering the show they’ll make in weeks to come, while the forsythia and red bud trees splash the treeline with bright yellow and purple to encourage the trees, moss and grass that are trying to revive their lush green color.

  442. Thea R says:

    Right now I’m looking out my window at sunshine! This time of year I can see the buds forming on the trees and bushes outside our front window. I find it so exciting and inspiring that spring is so close! It makes me want to shed off my winter layers, get outside and soak up the fresh air.

  443. Ariane says:

    The view from my window is Rain and more Rain. I can’t really complain though, because we usually still have snow on the ground this time of year. But my tulips and daffodils are out about 2 inches. It’s great. I’m excited to see them bloom early this year. I can’t wait to get out in the garden. I love spring.

  444. Right now the sun is shinning bright and the wind is blowing slowly. I can see the branches of the palm trees sway back and forth. My favorite part of this time of year is seeing my daughter play in the grass and get so excited over all the Creator has made.

  445. LindaSonia says:

    Michigan’s view this lovely day is not yet springy and colorful and full of budding things, but I am seeing greys, faint greens and brown. Loving Alicia’s fabric selections!! Fingers crossed! LindaSonia (

  446. Jan says:

    Don’t know which one I like best.

  447. Bobbi says:

    Pick me Please :o)

  448. The best thing about the view from my backyard right now is watching my two sons enjoying their trucks and just digging while Daddy loads up his truck for work tomorrow.

  449. Ruth Tunick says:

    From my window this Friday, I can see new grass growing through the misty rain. The willow tree has begun leafing out and the daffodils are heavy with rain. I would prefer sun, but the mist is beautiful in it’s own way.

  450. Kym says:

    From my Melbourne, Australia window I see dark clouds promising more much welcomed rain. There’s my poor dying tree which didn’t survive this years scorching summer days and drought. But more prominent is an abundance of green from the more resilient plants (and my poor previously crispy lawn), recovering thanks to rain from a couple weeks ago.

  451. Carrie says:

    The view from my window is of a budding apple tree, blue skies and a mossy lawn!

  452. Andi says:

    The view out of my window is still snow-covered – but it’s raining and I can see the tips of the garden fence beginning to appear!

  453. Courtney says:

    The view from my window is just a little green grass and then the road. I can’t wait to move!

  454. Alicia says:

    Williamsburg, Brooklyn – The view from my living room reveals a house about 7 feet away. The house doesn’t run parallel to mine, it’s situated at sort of an acute angle. There are dozens of birds that have taken up residence in the 150 year old clapboard siding, they are constantly flying in and out of the little holes that they have created in the siding. I hope that the owner of the house is able to rid themselves of the birds someday but in the meantime I love watching the comings and goings of the avian residents of the largest birdhouse ever.

  455. finnysmama says:

    We see our family milk cow eagerly awaiting some green grass (she will settle for hay, for now), fat red robins hopping on our lawn munching wriggly earthworms, and this particular evening in NH we see flashes of lightning and hear the lazy rumblings of thunder – the first thunder storm of the year!

  456. Regina says:

    My neighbors across the street have a lovely yard that fills up with little blue flowers (Scilla?) every spring – it is so refreshing and surprising to see them come up out of the brown grass and catch the morning sunshine each day.

  457. Mary Anna says:

    San Antonio is full of sunshine and blue skies these days. As I look out my sewing room windows (and I just rearranged this week so I can while I’m working!), I see the beautiful trees, plants and garden in my backyard. If I look to the side, I can see the playscape. (If I’m lucky, I can open the windows and hear my boys giggling as they play with my hubby outside.) Our windows are almost always open (and, it’s almost always a surprise to wake up to a very chilly bedroom!), and I love looking out at night and watching the deer nibble on the neighbor’s landscaping. (I don’t love that they’re eating the neighbor’s plants, but I do love that they stroll freely through our neighborhood.)

  458. Jenny says:

    From my window I get to look at the Blue Ridge Mountains bursting with spring redbuds and cherries. The sun is setting now and it is quite peaceful.

  459. Amanda Smith says:

    Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year! After being cooped up all winter, I love looking outside and seeing the green begin to peek through the brown grass and the buds on all of the trees and bushes. The daffodils and tulips are in bloom right now. They never fail to make me smile!

  460. Susie says:

    The tree in our backyard is just starting to put out its leaves, and the grass is slowly turning green again… underneath this morning’s snow, that is.

  461. amanda says:

    The window I’m looking out is not my own, but I’ll take it! — buttery late afternoon sun, golden light filtering through the leaves, light breeze and gentle shadows. A little cooler than it looks.

  462. avina says:

    Unfortunately, a huge construction just outside my window! Hopefully they will finish soon!

  463. becky says:

    The view from my window is very, very green. Thanks to some much needed, recent rains we are greening up nicely here in the south. Goldfinches and cardinals are feeding in the yard, and the garden veggies are up.

  464. Rebecca Hull says:

    Right now it is a beautiful spring evening…just got my husband and oldest son packed and out the door to a boyscout campout…I’m watching the other 4 kids as they play in the field out back (never mind that the grass is high and way toooo wet to mow)…One of the girls is picking the dandilions and blowing them….golly…more weeds and the rest are playing tag with the neighbor children…..Thanks for the giveaway…

  465. luthersmom says:

    I am still at work and the view from my 4th story window shows dark grey clouds heavy with rain and snow that are hiding the tops of the mountains. The mountain side that I can see is more than lightly dusted with snow but the valley floor has just had rain today… so far. So the grass is greening but most delightful are the very bright yellow green leaves popping out on the willows. My favorite harbinger of spring!

  466. Hannah says:

    I’m so excited about the view from my window this spring! In addition to two one year old twins that are in the yard as much as possible, we also just adopted an adorable little puppy. In addition to growing babies and puppies, we also have tulips along our picket fence in our front yard and all sorts of ideas bouncing around in my head for a vegetable garden on my front porch.

  467. The view out my window is a large prickly pear cactus, a few mesquite trees, and a couple of cardinals male and female trying to get a drink of water out of the dogs bucket, then onto the food bowl for a couple morsels of kibble. There are also quite a few quail roaming around. I live in Tucson AZ.

  468. Charlotte says:

    The view from my front window looks out onto a majestic crab apple tree in full bloom this time of the year. The blossoms are crisp white with a hint of dark pink in the center. I love to gaze out at that tree!

  469. Stacey says:

    This time of year TX is beautiful! There are tons of birds in the air and flowers are popping up everywhere. We have bluebonnets. They are beautiful!

  470. Heather says:

    Love the blog, it’s inspiring me to sew more! Here at the computer, the view out my window is of my purple lilac bush in the side yard. I have a white lilac bush in the backyard too. They’re getting some green on them, but they’re not quite ready to bloom. I love bringing the blooms inside, it makes the whole house smell wonderful!

  471. Stevi says:

    Normally a sunny view from my window in Southwest Florida—today its raining! So Oregonian!

  472. Brooke says:

    I just looked out the window in time to see the wind whip a couple my son’s cloth diapers off the drying line and onto the echium (also known as Pride of Madeira) that is in full bloom.

  473. erika says:

    From my window, I see green grass, sweet yellow daffodils, and a little boy making a cardboard box into a rocket ship:) We live in Southern California and it is very nice to see so much green right now.

    I love the fabrics. They are lovely.

  474. Lorajean says:

    a beautiful blooming plum tree and daphne bush. ahhh

  475. amanda says:

    Here in GA, we have beautiful seasons..but right now all I see is construction 🙁 I need some floral fabric to brighten the day a little! 😀

  476. Mary Beth says:

    The view from my window is green pasture, cows, a couple of donkeys, redbuds and daffodils galore with a few tulips here and there. I love Spring time!

  477. shabby girl says:

    The view out my window today is a wild one. Tree limbs, trying to hold on to tender new leaves, are whipping from side to side. The birds are braving the onslaught of wind, correcting their path time and again, looking for food. The saucer of water that I keep filled for them, is rippling like a tiny, white-capped body of water. Even through the window I hear the howling, and though it sounds like a cold, dark night, it’s probably 70* out there.

  478. Ann C says:

    Outside my window, I see two daffodil yellow helmets on PGE workers installing a new pole in the backyard. Its raining April gray showers on and off again.

  479. Season says:

    The fabrics are absolutely beautiful. The view from my window is of my back patio. It is sun shiney in Florida today. My black adirondack chairs are calling my name. I’m staring at my stainless steel charcoal grill thinking about what to cook on it tonight. Everything looks so inviting.

  480. carolyn Weil says:

    great collection!

  481. Edytheanne says:

    I’m here in misty Florida today. While the rest of the world welcomes spring, we are rolling into summer with rainy mornings and steamy afternoons. Every color and texture in my view is just a little softer and more diffused because of the moisture in the air. The trees and flowers all look like the pastels we used to use in sweet old fashioned baby quilts. Here and there a sparkled puddle will flash, then fade as the sun peeks in and out between the patches of cloudy sky.
    There is still time to rest before the blasting flash of heat and sun turns up the intensity on everything in sight. But…. it won’t last long.

  482. karen says:

    my view….a crappy wet rainy day…played indoors all day with lots of kiddies and close friends. We had a tea while th kiddies played and danced all afternoon…

  483. Molly B. says:

    Oh dear … the springtime view from my window in Western New York does not compare at all to view from an Oregon window. I’m looking at a very wet, rutted yard. We’ve been plowed out all winter which tears up the sod and deposits in in large piles and leaves angry strips of dirt and mud. I also have a dog so I have a whole winter’s worth of dog poop staring at me. I like to call it “dog poop soup.” I would LOVE to have a beautiful Oregon April instead of a WNY one ….. Not that I don’t love my area the other months of the year. I gotta admit though, April is a tough one!!

  484. That Geek Chic says:

    ummm , roses ( well no blooms yet, but all fresh brown leaves and only few have turned green )of all kinds reg, orange, white, yellow, pink

  485. kimberley Carlson says:

    Ummmm, right now I am noticing some dead bugs in between the screen and glass, left over from a long winter…. : )
    But looking past that… A lot of sweet birdies chirping away. True hope that spring just might find it’s way to Minnesota after all! : )

  486. katyoneal says:

    Through my kitchen window I see the peach tree. It just finished up blooming, and the new leaves are closely covering the branches- as if they were dipped in bright green sprinkles. There are a few old blooms still clinging, shriveled and a darker pink than the blooms were. Sometimes I see mourning doves perched on the lines, though there are none there now I can hear their sweet sad sound cooing somewhere outside.

  487. Junglewife says:

    From my window I can see mountains, tropical flowers, and a soccer field 🙂

  488. Veronica says:

    I like to watch the squirrels and stray cats walk through our back yard, looking for food. My husband likes to leave old bread and crackers outside for them a lot, so now the squirrels are conditioned to watch for him leaving food. A couple times a squirrel has come up really close to my husband after he has left food out. We’re trying to get the squirrels to eat out our hands, but they’re not quite that tame yet.

  489. tiffany says:

    My view is two big, brown closed doors. ; ) I’m sitting outside my boss’ office, BUT I do have lovely pink tulips on my desk which is a much prettier view than the doors!

  490. Marcella says:

    I’m usually *very* picky about my fabrics, but I love ALL of those! Great choices!

  491. Nancy Confer says:

    Spring in St. Louis from my window, light blue skys, warm clouds, greenest of green grass, interrupted by shouts of joy from the little ones running accross the lawn. Spring. I ove those FQ packs, but then again, I’m a fabric nut.

  492. susaninfrance says:

    sunny blue sky, but lots of wind!

  493. caroline says:

    If I had responded 5 minutes ago, it would’ve been sunshine and fluffy clouds… as it is, it’s looming gray and overcast, and potentially breaking with rain. *sigh* Oh the fickle weather here! But wait! There is a tiny spot of blue sky in the distance! Who knows….give it another 5 minutes and we’ll see then.

    I love the beautiful shades of color, and will never pass on fun spotted prints!

  494. Deb says:

    we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn here right now and in between a crazy stormy week of rain we have heat and sunshine. right now outside my window is unusually grey and breeezy – a welcome reprieve from all the humidity and heat!!

  495. Josiane says:

    What a delightful mix! The view from Alicia’s wondow must be lovely!
    From my window at this time of the year, I can see nature slowly coming back to life again. Actually, winter receded a bit early this year, so there’s no snow left, and already some tulip leaves showing up, along with a tint of green from the new grass coming out under the yellow layer left from last year. Maybe not the most gorgeous view, but sweet enough to make me think that life is good.

  496. Debra says:

    My view is mixed and there is hope. It is raining, but warm. The last vestiges of snow are hanging on in the shaded parts of the yard. But there is hope, yes hope…little inch high iris leaves are poking through the soil close to the windows. Yeah Spring.

    Love the fabric. I remember reading the story in Hallmark magazine last year. What an courageous couple!

  497. Kelly says:

    What a fun collection of fabrics! 🙂 The view from our window? Right now, gently moving water on the shore of the lake… but later on this weekend we’re expecting 6 inches of snow or more… Ugh! Please come quickly, Spring! 🙂

  498. Jessy Roos says:

    Living in Calgary, Alberta means the view from my window this time of year is obstucted by snow! Just this past weekend we received a solid 12 inches overnight. Oh well, I know spring is coming soon. The good news is that no matter what the weather is, I get to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains from my window, and that is always a good sight.

  499. Faye says:

    I live in California — in the San Francisco bay area. We have beautiful weather this time of year. When I look out my window, I can see a mass of yellow freesias in the planter beneath our Sycamore tree. I had planted a pack of mulit-colored freesia bulbs a few years ago, but they all came up yellow. Today there is one lone pink freesia — the first time in all these years we’ve been seeing that same sea of yellow!

  500. hope says:

    Beautiful fabrics!! Thanks for sharing. Let me share with you the view outside my window. I live near the equator, so it’s summer all year round here. There’s a big old tree which gives my room plenty of shade. I love the mornings and evenings when birds chirp outside my window on sunny days. 🙂

  501. Linda Cooper says:

    It is lovely outside my window!! It looks like a perfect December afternoon. We had a heavy snow fall a few days ago and the pine trees branches and bent with a heavy sticky snow. There are bunny footstep around my yard and there are a few early returning birds in my apple tree that are wondering what the snow is doing here.

    The new fabric grouping is wonderful. Beautiful choices!!

    Linda in Canada

  502. Michelle Price says:

    Beleive it or not-it is snowing in the Western US. Crazy I know! What I wish I could see iss bright sunshine and some blooming tulips!

  503. Joy says:

    Goodness, I can’t imagine being the winner with all these comments … what fun to read them all though ;o).
    The view from my window is very April showery … a welcome change for us in Australia after the drought. Sadly there are those battling floodwaters now – we live in a land of extremes!! Some rain is good though, it’s washing our little world clean again after so many months of heat and dust – nice to see new shoots on the plants too :o).
    Joy :o)

  504. Mrs. Pear says:

    The view from my kitchen window is spectacular! We look towards a regional park, and it is hilly, and for the first time since we moved here it is beautifully green! I don’t know how long that will last in Southern California, but for now it is beautiful!

  505. Andrea Wilson says:

    It is a beautiful spring day here in Burbank, California. The window next to my computer looks out into the backyard where the jasmine is in full bloom, the white petals from our locust tree are fluttering off its branches and there is a burst of fuchsia coming from the bogenvelia. Lovely. Hey, I should be sitting outside instead of in the house!

  506. Nichole says:

    I love this window view, and only wish mine was as colorful! Unfortunately, things in my neck of the wood are still looking winter-drab. Brown, yellow and gray-green prevail, but at least there is a bright blue sky! Spring will come, spring will come, I assure myself. Alicia’s pretty fabric choices would definitely hold me over until my view out the window is as lovely as hers.

  507. qsogirl says:

    The view out onto my balcony shows my terracotta pots just waiting to be filled with soil for planting peas and loose-leaf lettuce. I can see down toward the golf course, and the golfers have ventured out now that the worst of the cold is over. Beyond that, the trees are just starting to bud, but I can still see out to the pond because they’re not too leafy yet. It’s a very pretty view; I am blessed!

    The colors of this fat quarter pack remind me of spring twilight!

  508. Heather says:

    Spring in Southern California along the coast of the Pacific Ocean means my view is of the very choppy waves, the clouds rolling along quickly, and the huge bank of ice plant blooming florescent flowers of pink.

  509. oona baker says:

    The view out my window is our weeping cherry tree, that exploded into an amazing pink fluff ball over the past few weeks. I like to lay in bed and look at the pink against the blue sky (when it makes an appearance) And right now, my kitty is bumping his head against the window for me to let him in.


  510. mary anne says:

    the view from my window consists of blue skies, trees (various shades of green), and the tall palm trees, los angeles is famous for.

    i love this fabric pack and i hope i win it.

  511. Dyan says:

    This is my first actual spring so to speak because I recently moved from a Tropical climate to Canada in the middle of winter! Today, the view from my window is a rainy one but with the hope of pretty flowers-a-coming for spring. The trees are still bare except for the evergreens which are a lush and deep green. The grass is going from yellow to green and the sky is a quiet greay. I think it will be sunny tomorrow…I hope (smile.)

  512. Allison says:

    My view right now… my potted Meyer lemon tree that has HUNDREDS of little lemons poking out from the leaves. I’m so excited! It’s a beautiful Austin day but it will be better tomorrow because my sweet, sweet sister is coming from Santa Monica to visit me. Yippee!

  513. Nancy says:

    Everytime I look up from my desk, the weather is doing something different today; snow, hail, sun, rain…it’s been a strange weather day. I’ve seen everything but a tornado. Bright blue sky for the moment and I see snow on the peaks of the Siskiyou mountains. It’s all lovely.

  514. Beth G. says:

    There’s a beautiful view of snow capped mountains out my front window. I still am not used to seeing them after living here only a year and spending 6 years in sunny Arizona before moving here. They are a beautiful site though and my three year old tells me we should climb them.

  515. Saundra D. says:

    I’m loving Alicia’s fat quarter pack. It so reminds me of oklahoma where the saying “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute” is truly said. We have enjoyed balmy breezes and cotton ball snow flakes this past week with the trill of bird voices in the midst of all.

  516. Cherie says:

    Fantastic colors, and the bird is my new favorite. My view is of a parking lot (boo) but it’s a beautiful 70 degree day here.

  517. Amber says:

    The view outside my window reminds me a lot of these gorgeous fabrics. It is wet and the sky is a bright steel gray. Beautiful spring crocus and daffodils are starting to peek through the last bits of snow that are refusing to melt.

  518. midge says:

    Lush green lawn, all flowering trees doing their job, here in the central valley of Ca. And the lilacs are in full bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. Kimberly says:

    Out my window, I see the sun, newly emerged from behind the clouds we’ve been under for days. Leaves leftover from the fall still litter the backyard. Sun plus leaves equals raking!

  520. Valerie says:

    The view out of my sewing room window is of my pretty little pear tree with a birdfeeder hanging on the branch in perfect view out the window- I so enjoy watching the Cardinals in the Winter and the Robins in the spring!

    Beautiful fq pack- I have my fingeres crossed for this one! 🙂

  521. Lovely fat quarters! My view from the back window shows sleety, snowy residue on the concrete with flashy primrose coloured crocuses peeking through the slush. Just gorgeous! Those delightful fat quarters could be put to great use in making Japanese knotted purses; I’ve made a few for friends and they are a big hit! I blogged about them here:



  522. Sylvie says:

    It is very early spring here in Quebec city, so what I see right now is the pool in my backyard still filled with ice and wind blowing in the bare trees. Heavy rain is on the forecast, so the good news is that snow is going to melt a bit.

  523. barbara barnes says:

    ohmy…well the view is damp with georgia rain…lots of chartruse green from all of the new leaves on the “other” trees…polka-dotted with white dogwood flowers on one scraggly tree…(the tree itself is pathetic and i wouldn’t have known that it was a dogwood at all…except that the flowers are marvelous with their tiny pinched edges)…
    …some amazingly hearty johnny-jump-ups bursting from a mossy flowerpot…they somehow survived winter when nothing else did…and they are very showoffish and really rather gawdy…

    oh…and i love the fabrics that alicia picked…

  524. Amy says:

    Today has been a patchwork grey-blue sky with lots of green peeking up through the brown under our cedar tree outside of my window. On the edge there’s some pink buds and leaves about to pop!

  525. Jan Richards says:

    The view out of my window is a dogwood tree that is our bird feeder station during the winter
    and spring. We look out at Stellar Jays ,Junco and an assortment of finches too. Our grandkids
    love to watch the birds at the feeders. They live in Seattle and don’t see many birds in their
    neighborhood. I too love Alicia’s blog and her choices for fat quarter grouping is like everything
    she does….just very delicate and girly. Would love a chance to win a set. Thanks.

  526. dawn barnes says:

    Have just come out of a very dry summer in Canberra so the ‘lawn’ is dust, weeds, dog droppings and dog holes. If I ignore the ‘lawn’ I have 3 lovely trees along the back fence, lots of camellias just coming into bud, japanese windflowers, and bulbs shooting their lovely greenness (is there such a word), and the correas are in flower. Their red and yellow bell like flowers are amazing. And it rained last night!!! Must clean up the dog droppings!!

  527. Elizabeth says:

    Today is sunny, and though the snow is melting, the sky has that not-yet-quite-Spring look to it.

  528. julia says:

    oooohh! I love this pack–I saw it on her blog! I’m in Western WA so my view is likely vey similar to Ms. Paulson’s! trees, birds, buds, snow…(for real! just this morning-but it didn’t keep snowing or stick 🙂

  529. Kiki says:

    Neat! The first two blogs I check are SMS and Posie Gets Cozy, so I thought it was great to see the two of them teamed up today!

    The view from my window (or patio door, in this case) is of trees with red, swollen buds, blue skies with layers of fluffy white clouds, chipmunks scampering up the pine trees, cardinals and jays getting seed from the bird feeder, big fluffy tufts of uncut grass, and a dog who is cat-napping in the foreground while enjoying the spring breeze…

  530. Java Jane says:

    Believe it or not, it looks like autumn in Coastal Carolina as the live oak trees shed their leaves. These trees are semi-deciduous, meaning they stay green all year, but shed their leaves in the spring when the new growth appears.

    Layered on top of these waxy, ovate leaves is yellow pine pollen.

    Achoo! Welcome spring!

    Peace to all.

  531. Kathleen Loughran says:

    Four hours after the post and it is already sold out. WOW. I would so have bought them maybe two. So now I will have to hope to win!!!

  532. Jessica says:

    I live in Seattle. My view is drizzle, drizzle, drizzle!

  533. Marcijo says:

    The view out my window is still a mix of white & brown. Snow covering most of the ground and the parts showing through are muddy patches of a lawn to be planted later this year. In the distance, brown and gray of trees yet to get leaves. I’m envious of all of you to the south experiencing the beauty of Spring already.

  534. Jennifer Chick-Gray says:

    Well, right now it is snowing buckets! Isn’t this April? I guess it is typical weather in the Colorado Rockies. This fat quarter pack really has me itching for spring.

  535. Leigh says:

    Out of both my work and home windows, I have views of alleys. Still, I can see a big swath of sky – lovely clear blue and filled with clouds here at work and trees at home – all green and growing! Not to mention the various interesting people and animals…

  536. Rachel says:

    Oops, I forgot about the view from my window…I see trees beginning to bud, robins hunting for worms and a garden waiting to be planted.

  537. Rachel says:

    I love these fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!

  538. Cinnamon says:

    This time of year, there is a lovely view from my sewing room window. The neighbors flowering plum is all abloom, and the Stellar’s Jays are out in force. It’s quite lovely.

  539. AJ says:

    Ah, the view from my window is varied today. At the moment, I am feeling the warm rays of sunshine, but not ten minutes ago we were in the midst of a serious rain shower. Thus is the bipolar weather of the Pacific NW, I suppose.

  540. Kim Wiggin says:

    Today in Connecticut the view out my window is a contrast. If I look out from my chair I see gloominess and fog, lots of grey. Fortunately all I have to do is stand up and I can see a lawn with sweet new green grass poking through, and best of all a nice patch of crocus and daffodils — all purple and white and yellow. I definitely have Spring Fever!

  541. liko says:

    the view outside my window today consists of soothing blues and greens from the ocean, with windblown white-capped waves. the trees and lushness here in hawaii right now is a vibrant green, a result of the grey skies and rain above. yes, we have grey days here, too. i think i see the bright rays of sun trying to peek out as i type this.

  542. Vanessa says:

    Right now my view is of a parking lot on a grey, rainy day. There are two Canada geese that have decided it’s a nice place to set up shop and I see them waddle by every now and then. Perhaps not the the most inspiring view, but that hardly matters on a Friday afternoon! I’m excited anyway!

  543. Andrea Heinz says:

    my view is of our back yard, sunny and strewn with toys!

  544. stacy says:

    All the snow has melted from our blizzard – the sun is shining and the wind is blowing (howling) – but otherwise, it’s gorgeOus!

  545. Joanna says:

    My daffodils are heavy from the rain, but the pink cherry blossoms seems lit from within against the gray sky. The really is April in Oregon. My husband is beside me, staring longingly at his BBQ.

  546. Jackie H says:

    My favorite view is the sun streaming through the window in the afternoons when all 3 kiddies are down for a nap! 🙂

  547. well, the view out my window today is a prettty one. Yesterday, ehhh, not so much, but today…… the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, so it’s a beautiful, brilliant view; the perfect backdrop to the pint-sized redbud still in bloom. My 3 pink tulips are still hanging on, so I’ve a spash of pink to make me happy. Pink is a good color for that. : )

  548. charlotte says:

    The sill in here is lined with bottles of buttons, shells, trinkets. Just behind them through the grey day’s foggy glass are thin lilac wands newly budding in green, now bending and waving from the flight of small birds- briefly perching, considering. The wren is eyeballing her house. Her view from the branch at the window sees me, looking back. She thinks better of it all, takes off. I turn off the lights and sew in the dusky afternoon light. Hoping she returns.

  549. Laura says:

    If I stand up I can almost see over the walls of my cubicle and out the nearby window. So I go around the side to take a look. It’s crisp and windy, but there’s not a cloud in the sky this clear Spring day, the sky a deep cerulean. The view’s not the great, just the side of a neighboring building, but if I’m lucky maybe a plane will fly by.

  550. juliecache says:

    the view from my window — little crocuses and scilla. beginnings of lamb’s ear and strawberries. dandelions (how did that happen?). lots of sun today in iowa. hope i win! i’ll send love through my blog if i do!

  551. Rina says:

    Unfortunately, the view from my window is rainy and gray. But they tell me it’ll be sunny on Sunday!

  552. Lisa M says:

    Love her choice and her post through her neighborhood. Our view does not change much as the change in our seasons are not immediately or clearly visible here in Hawaii. But we are in a bit of a windy spell here and so the sea is filled with whitecaps at the moment.

    Lisa M.

  553. Anne says:

    Beautiful designs! My view includes blooming cherry trees, wet pavement, black dirt, and some columbine that needs to be planted.

  554. Carrie in KC says:

    I have a little sloping hill in my back yard, and beyond our back yard is a little tiny pond where Canadian geese nest every spring. I love watching the grass turn brighter shades of green and seeing buds pop out on the trees.
    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  555. Rachel says:

    What a fun idea– the best part about spring is how the changes in view make you feel fantastic and energized. From my window right now, I see forsythia bushes flaming to life, phlox creeping around the rocks in the garden, and horses in pastures that are suddenly green again. The view when I drive around my town is strawberries growing, which also makes me happy 🙂

  556. Becky W. says:

    Outside my large living room window here in northern Arkansas, I can see our crabapple tree leafing out, one of my blooming lilac bushes, my husbands favorite Japanese maple and *sigh* some of the damage from the ice storm we endured in January. Spring has finally settled in here with warm sunshine and a cool breeze.

  557. wendyvh says:

    My view:
    Yay! The grass is finally starting to get hints of green.

    At the moment there is a very cute groundhog munching on something underneath my forsythia bush (he better hope my boyfriend, who worries about groundhog damage, doesn’t see him!)

  558. Teddi says:

    The view out my window is out onto a busy city street in a “re-developing” neighbourhood near downtown. Every 15 minutes or so during the day, a bus stops in front of our house, but the longer we’re here, the more the noise becomes a calming soundtrack to our lives.

  559. Crystal says:

    Well, we have 5 windows in our house that face a freeway but out kiitchen window faces our front yard and at this time of year the Liquid Amber trees on the sidewalk have leaves that are such a striking shade of green. Almost an acid / lime green. The lawn is in its prime lush and soft, and out lavender pots on the front porch are in full bloom. I love Spring!!!!

  560. Emily S says:

    I live in Michigan, so you never can expect what you’ll see. The other day there was heavy snow. Yesterday was 65 and sunshine. And today the wind is gusting so hard it shakes the windowpanes!

  561. larissa says:

    the view from my window today: sun trying to break through a yellow-green fog of pollen. That’s the beauty of Georgia in the spring.

  562. Lisa says:

    Today, I’m sitting at the register in my store looking out on a gorgeous day. Today also begins our annual world famous Strawberry Festival in town and I’m enjoying the added foot traffic. Plenty people carrying full flats of strawberries; girls in sundresses, couples holding hands as they sip their frozen strawberry daiquiris! Its delightful!

  563. Asa says:

    SUCH pretty fabrics!

    I’m so envious of all the folks who see beautiful warm weather…. well, I just checked, it’s sunny out, but still kind of chilly – I’m on a third floor right now so all I can see is a bare-naked branch whipping around in a decent wind. (Come on, spring, I’m ready!) At home, the excitements of city life come with the price of a view of a neighboring building’s windowless brick support wall…. pooh.

  564. alison says:

    Love the fabrics! I’m looking out the window waiting for the trees to sprout their leaves again. For now, it’s still gray skies, streets and buildings. But once the leaves are back, the city softens and brightens.

  565. Tina C. says:

    outside my window is my garden and this is the first spring i’m living inside this house so i’m enjoying watching things sprout and trying to guess what they’ll grow into. also i’m finding spots to plant the seeds i’ve been hoarding until i got this garden of my own!

  566. Elizabeth says:

    a blue sky and beautiful dogwood trees!
    beautiful fabric! one day I’m going to win one of these!!

  567. Melissa says:

    For the first time in days the sky is bright blue and cloudless. The trees bright green against all that wonderful blue! Northwest Florida at it’s most beautiful.

  568. Samantha says:

    Today was as fickle as fickle can be! It poured, it cleared up and got sunny, it was overcast, it rained again, it was cold and blustery, it cleared up and was all blue skies and puffy clouds. And now it’s 75*. But the daffodils are happily blowing in the breeze……….

  569. Laura says:

    The view from my Chicago window is still pretty bleak. Winter’s trash and debris all over the streets, gray everywhere, nothing blooming yet. So that fat quarter pack sure would brighten things up!

  570. Julie says:

    Unfortunately we have a ton of snow on the ground….however, you can hear the drips of the snow melting, which is a nice sound….hopefully spring temps are just around the corner!

  571. Racehl says:

    Outside my window is an un-pretty student houseing block. But directly in front of the window is my mini garden complete with pretty flowers, lush green plants, and herbs. It makes the view *so* much better, and my house so much more welcoming.

  572. Jentri says:

    Oh dear, the view from my window is just awful! From my office-slash-craft room, I see the side of the neighbor’s apartment and then a slew of parked cars! There is one bush growing in the middle of the rocks in this desert community and it is about to be up-rooted due to the heavy windy and dreary skies! I’m going to stay inside and sew!

  573. Stacey says:

    I live in Alberta, Canada, and Winter just doesn’t want to quit. It’s grey and overcast ouside the window with tiny snowflakes swirling around. I love the colours of this fabric pack because it looks like spring and boy do I need to see some spring.

  574. tjesa says:

    Just this morning, I looked out my window to see my ‘red ridinghood’ tulips in bloom… I fear they will be covered in snow by tomorrow AM, if the weather people’s prediction is correct… ah, springtime in the Rockies!

  575. Anne says:

    I live in Texas so everything is green, blooming and beautiful at this time of the year. The weather is still beautiful – heat has yet to really arrive. Beautiful view.

  576. Nicole N. says:

    The trees are still bare and the sky is gray BUT I can see rabbits hopping around the yard and birds building their nests!

  577. jessie says:

    Today, it is rainy and gloomy, and I wish the sun would just come out already.

  578. Leah says:

    I LOVE these fabrics– and I LOVE spring in Virginia. Pouring rain this morning, sunny this afternoon and perfect temperatures. I love the green grass, flowering pear and dogwoods, dafodills and hyacinth blooming… it is my favorite! I am always so inspired by the fresh air!

  579. Francis C. Moore says:

    I can look out the window from where I am sewing and see a tree beginning to leaf out and my birdfeeder. Francis

  580. Leanna says:

    The pergola my husband built, along with Carl the Tree – our newly planted maple and a beat-up old picnic table…The sky just seems to be the most amazing shade of blue these days, can’t help but love that.

  581. Kate Craig says:

    the view from my window today is glorious. Hundreds of daffodils are blooming in an array of colors. Bright yellows, ones with orange centers, ones with pink centers, pale yellows, and there are even tiny little daffodils I had forgotten I had planted. The pink flowering crabapple tree is about to bloom and I just added a weeping crabapple tree which should bloom soon. All in all a very wonderful Spring view from my window.

  582. Well I’m sitting next to my window now with two big oak trees hovering overhead. The trees are at leas 100yrs old. Beautiful! Under the window is a fig tree that produces wonderful juicy figs. YUMMY! There is a rose garden next to the tree that I love. Roses are my favorite! Spring is my favorite time of year!

  583. Annalee says:

    Right now my window opens to a covered apartment walkway – blah. But we signed the papers for our new house THIS MORNING, so my view is about to change! Soon I’ll be looking out at the beautiful snow-dusted mountains.

  584. Donna says:

    I work in downtown Nashville, TN. From my desk I can see lots of state buildings through my two 4 x 10 windows. The one directly across the street is currently tearing out the old courtyard and replacing it with a new park. Since my building is the only one across the street and I have the only office on the front of our building, I am convinced the new park is just for my viewing pleasure! I’m anxiously awaiting it’s completion!

  585. Morgan says:

    The view was SO great today! It’s the first day it’s really been sunny and warm enough to go out without my big old winter jacket! Blue skies, trees just starting to bud, and kids playing outside!

  586. Kim B. says:

    We have redbud trees outside that are starting to bud. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love spring!

  587. catherine says:

    Cute!! I esp like the red fabric with the little birdies on the side.

    My view this time of year is completely boring – it’s a brick wall. Thankfully there are no windows right in front of me so I have some privacy. The nice thing is I can see above this building and up to the sunshine! And in the afternoon, said wall helps block too much sunlight from getting in the room. Perhaps I need a really nice quilt to cover the window so I can look at that instead!

  588. Sarah says:

    Love this combo! I wouldn’t expect anything less from Alicia. Pick me for the Posie Pack!!

  589. gardenymph says:

    This is an amazing idea!!!
    Right now I can see sunlight, blue sky, the fresh greens of Spring, the browns of the tree outside my window that hasn’t woken woken up yet, the white picket fence surrounding my neighbor’s garden, some yellow daffodils and red brick.

  590. Betty Los Angeles says:

    Wow, everyone has such great views. My view is of a radiator shop with graffiti on the wall, and being in between 2 major freeways, it’s truck racing to get on the on ramps. Oh the beauty of working in East Los Angeles. But at least I get to come home to the hills all in spring bloom.

  591. Susan A says:

    Out my window…..the big, gray, drizzly wonderfullness that we call Seattle. I’ve also heard it referred to as the “Seattle Rain Festival – September – May. The sun is breaking through the clouds sporadically, and each time it does I feel the urgency to get out there and both enjoy it and get something done in the garden while the clouds are still allowing us to bask.

  592. Nancy Cook says:

    Today the view is of rain but I also am looking out my front window to see chives, a head of lettuce and some rhubarb popping up. I can’t wait until summer when all my herbs come back and my vegetables will be growing. Oh, and flowers too. Let’s not forget the fruit trees and berries. I am especially excited for the strawberries and currants.
    Okay, if I look out my back window I am most excited to see my neighbor’s magnolia blossom buds. Oh, I can’t wait until it is in bloom
    I love Alicia and this fat quarter back is beautiful!

  593. Marissa D says:

    Beautiful fabrics!
    My view out my window is a bright blue sky, with summery green trees blowing around in the strong wind.

  594. Melissa says:

    Right now the pine branches are waving in the wind against a gray sky. So I need to colorful fabrics to brighten things up!

  595. Stephanie J says:

    Oh my!
    My view in College Station, Texas is glorious. It’s just an all around sunshine-y, blue-sky day.

    The only thing better than looking… is being outside. Hooray for Friday!

  596. Diana says:

    The view outside my window is a great little Japanese-style garden. Right now it is covered in snow! Ah, spring in Northern Michigan..

  597. carolyn says:

    Normally I’m at work. Today is a sick day. The sun has just returned here in Kansas, and I can see my tulips have buds, and my cat “Pippin” is playing with them. Oh darn he’s escaped again.

    I would love to have those fabrics. Pippin would love to play with them too!

  598. Colleen says:

    I’m blessed to be looking out the window at what we call “false spring” in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The azaleas sing purple while the daffodils keep time in sunny yellow. A normally Carolina blue sky is more muted in shades of gray, while the wind reminds us that winter may not be forgotten. The Easter green grass and pastel surprises are a promise of hope and new beginnings.

  599. Kristen Gray says:

    There aren’t any shadows in my back yard today. From inside it’s difficult to tell where the sun is in the sky.

    I see the the plot of ground we are preparing to be our garden backed by an old chain link fence with a small gate. The grassy hill rolls out of sight and comes up on the other side as a wall of naked trees with a carpet of last Autumn’s leaves.


    love you fabrics!

  600. shawn says:

    My April view from Bellingham, Washington is burgeoning cherry blossom buds, nervous daffodils, and a glorious snow-covered mountain. It is Oregon April encapsulated!

  601. Sara Macias says:

    Living in VA at this time of year is mix of life returning slowly. WE have beautiful blooming bushes and trees, but all the oaks and maples are barely budding. It’s a strange mix of winter & spring, but my favorite time of year here on the E coast.

  602. Kara says:

    What a beautiful combination of fabrics! I live in Southern California, and the view from my window most days of the year is of sunny clear skies and the mountain right behind my house.

  603. Karen says:

    My view (from work) is of the “hogback,” which is part of the Rocky Mt foothills here in Colorado. Today a storm is a-brewin’, so it’s been cloudy all day and we are told much snow will be here tomorrow morning. Ok, true story. A golden eagle just flew by.

  604. Roberta says:

    Alicia blog is a favorite spot in the blogosphere, and the fabrics are beautiful.
    Cheerful blue sky, behind gauze-like clouds, peers through the dancing budded branches of our old oak tree. I love this view.

  605. Pat says:

    Love, love the fabric selections. Here, the sky is dark with the sun playing pee-a-boo.My flowering Almond bush is budded and shows promise of a burst of pink blossoms. Daffadils are blooming and trees are loaded with buds. This is my favorite time of the year. The earth comes alive and seems to renew itself, and every year, I think it surely was not this pretty last year.

  606. regina says:

    Beautiful, beautiful collection! The colors are very different from what I see out of my window. I would love to win it.

  607. another amy says:

    The view out my front window is a big, gorgeous mountain, still a lot of snow at the top this time of year. But today I can hardly see it for all the cloud cover. Boo.

  608. Maryam says:

    First I must say that the fabric is gorgeous! I also only just learned about rotary cutters last night. They seem like they must be very handy to have.

    I live in Ohio and the weather here can change swiftly and unpredictably. The weeping willow is just getting fresh green buds marching up and down its slender branches and clusters of scattered spring flowers in purple, cream and white grow around the yard. Some days around this time of the year the sun is shining, and the wind is only a whisper promise of warmer days but sill has a bite of cold . Other days, like today, it’s gray and the wind is busy icily trying to blow some of the buds off the trees that and make my house feel like it’s winter again.

  609. Sherry says:

    Ohhh, that is so pretty. The view from my window right now – I see a green field and lovely trees. The trees all have pink blossoms right now.

  610. Modern Crush says:

    Today I am seeing little finches in the apple tree out my window… their song is so sweet!

  611. Ashley says:

    The view from window today has been one of drastic changes. The day started with thunder and down pours and then quietly changed to a sun filled sky. I love spring.

  612. laura says:

    I love this fabric combo. My view is of Pike’s Peak. Lucky girl. Clouded in at the moment. Patches of snow from two evenings ago still hanging out here and there in my yard. Little blades of green grass here and there. If I squint really hard I can see spring .

  613. Kaye says:

    The view from my window today is very gray and rainy, but it has been exceptionally lovely for the past few days so I guess I can live with this nastiness for now. I just wish that I didn’t have to walk outside in it after I leave work 😀

  614. Rachel says:

    out my window it is gray and rainy. The crocuses are finished, the daffodils are in the first stretch of blooming and the tulips are waiting for the starting gun. If I look out my back window there is nothing but mud. Hopefully that will change in a month when we can grade the lot and plant.(all the mud is from constructing a parking space 2 years ago)

  615. Dani says:

    Wow, these fabrics are just gorgeous!

  616. Jessica says:

    the trees are swaying a bit — they know spring is here. it’s blue skies out there with some gray clouds thrown in for good measure, just so we don’t get too carried away. i’m so glad it’s april!!!

  617. Shannon says:

    louisiana is all shades of green and bright blue skies.

  618. Karin says:

    It depends on which window I am peering through. I’ll give you the view from my craft studio window- a bird feeder hangs from a hand-wrought plant hook, just over the barely blooming loropetalum bush. Chickadees are darting in and out catching sunflower seeds in their beaks. Below, my five hens are giving themselves a dust bath in the garden and tussling with the oxalis, which is doing its best to hang on for dear life. Ants are trailing along the fence with hopes of getting inslde for a snack. I will cut them off at the pass. Yep, Spring is alive and well here in Georgia.

  619. Deborah says:

    I am so blessed to view the Santa Rosa Mountains through a stream of swaying palm trees out of my kitchen window each day. Most people don’t think of mountain views in the California desert but they are site to see. The mountain colors constantly change as the sun moves which gives me inspiration in my quilting and design projects.

  620. megan says:

    oh, the view from my window this time of year! isn’t this the worst time of year to ask for something like that? but if you look…really really hard…just hard enough…you can see spring in the daffodils pushing up through the dirt – in the lilac trees beginning to bud – in the cardinal that has been coming every day to explore the backyard – and of course, in the april showers that are gracing us in here in ontario today.

  621. brandie says:

    the view from my [maine] window is grey, grey, grey. the sun is not set to show it’s head until sunday the 12th. but when it does, we are ever so grateful!

  622. Kristen Mozuch says:

    The view from my window today is rosy
    Scarf on, chilly fingers
    But toes knowing it’s soon time for flip flops
    And gardening green spaces

  623. Emily says:

    Out my window I see nothing but blue skies, warm breezes, and a big old stash of cloth diapers drying on the line~ Waiting for their next little rump to arrive in a couple weeks! Gotta love AZ in April!

  624. kern says:

    We’ve had a bit of much needed rain here in Pearland, Texas. I looked out my patio door and my skeletal crepe myrtle was covered in leaves! Now I am dreaming of its snowy white blossoms.

  625. Sara R. says:

    The view today is sunny with fluffy white clouds. It’s gorgeous!

  626. Krystal A. says:

    After a morning of dark skies, thunder, and angry rain, the view out my window gives hope that spring is here! With the sun peeking through clouds the grass glows a little greener, the buds on the trees seem to have opened up a tiny bit more, and the view is fresh!

  627. Brenda says:

    I love her pack! Beautiful colors. Similar to the colors of my backyard wilderness – er, garden – with a lovely spring breeze and just the right amount of sun today! Brenda

  628. Lynne in NC says:

    Finally! the sun is here to stay for a while. We have had some much needed rain, but I am happy to see the sun. The trees are “greening”, our redbud is in full bloom and the dogwood trees are starting to bud, too.

    A very windy and beautiful day here in this part of NC.

  629. Ann says:

    I love this combination of fabrics! I live in New Zealand. It’s autumn. I can see a mixture of blue with dark grey ominous clouds and a neglected garden that needs to be weeded, mulched and put to bed for the winter.

  630. Jenn says:

    This is the best time of year in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix Area) and today is no exception! It’s sunny and warm…the only downside: the winds have picked up today, which doesn’t help the pollen count!

  631. miya says:

    FQ month here at Sew Mama Sew!, was a monumental and profound experience for me. It sounds hilarious and trite – but it’s true! Every time I hear the words ‘Fat Quarter’ or see ‘FQs’ on a blog, I celebrate with secret and silent delight! So much pure and simple goodness came from this one tiny little blog (and shop of course)!

  632. Sara says:

    My window overlooks my patio (with its collection of hopeful-but-yet-unused containers for planting) and the local park/walking path. Right now, there are remnants of snow competing with the greening grass.

  633. Amy says:

    Oooh, I love Alicia’s combo! I’ve been keeping a close watch out my kitchen window this week. We have a cherry tree that, when it blooms, is half pink and half white. The pink flowers just sprouted a couple of days ago, and the white buds are close behind. My cats have been sharing the window with me and chattering away at all the birds. Hooray for Spring!

  634. erin says:

    It is a gloomy day here in Ohio. I am looking out my window at trees, cars, and people who are as disappointed in today’s weather as I am.

  635. miss v says:

    a few times the baby deer from last year have come out and have been romping around like little puppies. i’ve never seen such a thing… they chase each other round…. play ‘chicken’ by charging each other and then darting off the side at the last minute. i love drinking my coffee on sunday morning and watching them from my back door window.

  636. Anne Phillips says:

    WOW! Beautiful choices. The view out my window today is alternating sunrays with dark blue-grey storm clouds rolling in over the mountains, and all of it reflecting off the bright green grass (unusual in Denver) from two recent spring snows.

  637. Erin says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Here in Southern California, I see the wisteria in bloom, birds at the feeders, and our seven citrus trees laden with oranges, lemons and grapefruit as well as blossom. The smell of orange blossom is intoxicating and the trees are covered with busy bees. LOVE this time of year.

  638. Dolores Tanner says:

    Central Oregon is still BROWN, but we have yellow & purple crocus peeping out and primrose from last year and at the base of plants are the starting of Spring. Mom’s beautiful Lentin Rose is blooming in white and purple, it is the harbinger of Spring for sure and love to see it popping out all bright and cheerful amid the dead/dried leaves of Fall. Blue sky with billowy white clouds blowing by, crisp, crisp, fresh air, straight from the snowpack!!!!!

  639. Kristine in WA says:

    This time of the year, I typically am seeing the first buds on the tree and breathing in the fresh, new, spring air. However, yesterday we were hit with another 3″ of snow after a long long winter and now all I see is the dampness surrounding everything. This FQ pack sure would bring in some brightness.

  640. April Z says:

    As I look out my window in Minnesota today I see a blue, sunny sky. Unfortunately, I also see bare trees and dead grass. I can’t wait until the tulips start popping up!

  641. Juliet says:

    From my window as I sit in front of the fire, I watch the eastern redbud trees freshly planted anticipating the first delicious purple buds to appear. I hope its soon.

  642. Andrea Methvin says:

    Love Alicia, her blog and her book! Her fabric choices in the Fat Q bundle are fab! The view from my window is a tender spring in the mountains. I live in beautiful Asheville, NC, just about 5 miles away from the Biltmore House. It is breathtaking some mornings when I look out at the lovely green mountains surrounding me, observe the pastels of the sweet spring flowers, and smell the warm southern air. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I realize I live in a place where people actually come to vacation! My family and I are truly blessed to be here! Ya’ll come and visit!

  643. marguerite o'molloy says:

    From my window today I see a perfect flower on a pink camellia blossoming, its dark bottle green ceramic pot is where my lost child rests outside our back door. I miscarried last month, and for a while the wooden blinds let only a crack of light spill in. Now from my window I see the colourfull circling of the season promissing abundance with bright yellow daffs towering over ‘squeeze me’ grape hyacinths, the wet earth and grass (It is Ireland. It is raining!) glistening with droplets like little tears remembered that seem now to chime, “All is well”.

  644. Shelley says:

    Yesterday the view from my window was a beautiful spring day – sunny, green, birds flying by. Today, its dark, rainy, and looks darn cold.

  645. Sarah says:

    gray, brown, dark gray, dirty snow, brown, gray, light brown, gray. the sky. the ground. everything in between. some lively spring colors would bring lots of joy! love the mix : )

  646. Crissy says:

    The trees finally have leaves in south-central Texas! The pink and red flowers on the crepe myrtles outside my window are also in full bloom. We’ve had lots of clear blue skies, which really makes the colors pop. I love spring!

  647. ellen says:

    Unfortunately it is a rainy day here on the East Coast… but with the rain and the promise of warmer weather will come the yellows of the daffodils, green grass and pink buds onthe cherry trees outside my front windows. A lot like the colors Alicia chose.

  648. Valerie says:

    My view out my window at work is this beautiful tree with dozens of fuchsia flowers all over it. And two weeks ago, I kid you not, a squirrel climbed the tree with a bagel in his mouth and stuffed it between the branches. (Proof: It disappeared 3 days later.

  649. Ryan says:

    Outside my work window I spy with my little eye a beautiful tree with white blossoms, sort of cherry blossomish…

  650. Beautiful–and what I’ve got outside my window right now is _not_ so beautiful: dark, rainy, clumps of dirty, melting snow. I know that what’s to come–a coastal Maine summer–will be splendid, but an Alicia FQ pack would get me through till then. 😉

  651. Amy says:

    It’s very rainy here today, but the daffodils are out in full force…everywhere except in my yard, that is. Weird. Thanks for the giveaway – those fabrics are beautiful!

  652. Jessica says:

    my view is a yard that needs raked and mowed, and a little garden that is starting to come alive. I’m excited about my snow peas–they are almost 4 inches tall already!

  653. The fabrics are fresh and beautiful. I want to make a handbag and carry it this spring!!! I hope I win.
    The view from my window? Are you sure you really want to know? Ok, here it is: The sky is grey but the grass is getting greener. There are tiny buds on the tree that shades the trampoline. The yard is absent of little children right now as they are in school. The sandbox is full oflittle trucks and shovels where they played out the day before yesterday. No flowers in bloom yet…I pray these April showers bring beautiful May flowers!!

    Kelly Jackson

  654. Tammy :) says:

    I love the view from my window! The trees are finally green!!! And i get to see my puppies when i peek out! 🙂

  655. Holly says:

    So pretty! My view here in Washington is drizzly and snowy, but I can see bits of green from our tulips and daffodils popping through the ground.

  656. Andrea says:

    New England is a wonderful place to be in the spring especially if you enjoy mud. It’s raining and the snow is melting and the ground is getting soft = great mud pies. A trip to the maple sugar house is fun to do too. Watch out for those deep ruts in the dirt road. Don’t go too slow or you’ll get suck. Greeting from the East Coast.

  657. beth says:

    Gorgeous fabric. I’m a big fan of Alicia.

    Here in the South of England, Spring has definitely sprung. There’s blossom everywhere and even though it’s misty,the sun is burning through and it’s actually WARM. Mmmm

  658. Hi…The fabrics Alicia designed are lovely…She is so very talented…The view from my window includes cherry blossom trees that have little pink buds on them, just about ready to bloom. It’s actually my favorite stage…I like it better than the blooms themselves…Take care, Katie

  659. Elizabeth says:

    This morning I watched a red-headed wood-pecker hopping around and finally scaling up a spruce tree. It was bobbing its head as if to say, “look at me.” But she was quickly trumped by a piliated woodpecker that flew into the yard. Wild hyacinths are just starting to bloom outside the kitchen window and so are the scilia that are naturalized on the lawn. The forsythia has only a couple of blooms. Then there are the raspberry canes that have planted themselves in the vinca bed and remind me that there is always something that needs to be done in our yard!

  660. Leah says:

    The view out my front window is green right now–since I live in North Carolina, spring is already here and things are growing and blooming! Our grass is filling out and will need to be mowed soon, to my husband’s chagrin, and the cute little tree we planted last year has sprouted new growth and is starting to develop leaves. Spring is an amazing season of hope and new life, brisk breezes and soft rains, blue skies and yellow pollen. I love it!

  661. It’s still snowing here today! 🙁 I’m ready for spring – eventually it will come. I do love living with beautiful mountain views 🙂

  662. juliejet says:

    I wish my view inspired fabrics like that…. I have a brick wall and a hedge to look at…oneday I’ll have a house with a pretty view, or atleast a flower or two out the window.

  663. Marijo B. says:

    An awesome combo for spring! I see pink and white flowers on trees out my window. Almost looks like winterwonderland with sprinkles of pink. 🙂

  664. JenniferM. says:

    The view from my window is full of sunshine and green. We’re in Texas and everything is just bursting into bloom. It’s the best time of year to live here.

  665. PaulaK says:

    Very sweet assortment – and a fun idea! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  666. Whitney D says:

    Sewing is some kind of addiction, isn’t it? I look on your blog for ideas, and am constantly admiring your FQ offerings. Four months ago I didn’t even know what a fat quarter was, and now I am scheming and dreaming about getting a stash!

  667. Sue Cahill says:

    As I sit on my couch and look out the picture window in the front of the house I can see the rocking chairs on the porch just waiting for it to be warm enough for us to sit on them. Then I see the strret, empty of walkers and runners at this hour but they went by early in the morning and will be back in the early evening, many walking dogs. Looking further out I see a weeping willow tree on the banks of the Niagara River. Today the river is covered with fog which is unusual. Most days this time of year I see flocks of Canadian Geese resting on their return flight north but the rain this morning must have drove to cover somewhere.
    If I were upstairs and looked out my bedroom window I can see Canada and on a clear day the mist from Niagara Falls.
    I love my view, the river is so calming.

    Sue Cahill, Niagara Falls NY (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  668. kelly jo says:

    The Cherry Blossoms are blooming now, so all along our street are these beautiful pink blossoms, with white Bradford Pear blossoms mixed in. It’s so inspiring and makes me excited for spring!!

  669. Rochelle says:

    I live about 45 min. outside Portland so my the colors of my view are so similar to this collection, including the grey today with pinks of the flowering currants. Patches of blue are peeking through the clouds and I’m looking forward to seeing the Cascade Range from my window when the clouds burn off for the sunny weekend! Love that “posy gets cozy” collection!

  670. DebbieKL says:

    Unfortunately todays view isn’t so create – cold and rainy. But I’m excited to see the buds on the trees and the rain will only help!

  671. Annette says:

    This time of year is always nice in sunny Los Angeles. I’m especially lucky, because I work at a spot with one of the best views of the city – The Getty Museum. While, my desk has no *real* windows, I do have a skylight and the world outside my cubicle’s walls looks nice and blue! The flowers at the Getty have been looking especially pink and the bumble bees are buzzing particularly louder than usual.

  672. Shannon says:

    From our windows, we can see the trees turning beautifully green and lush! The birds are out and about singing away and the kids are playing all day long outside with each other and their dogs. The flowers are starting to bloom too! I love spring!

  673. Juli Barksdale says:

    After months of drought in central Texas, we finally got some good rain the past few days. Everything has finally come alive! So much green with beautiful patches of brilliant blue from the bluebonnets.

  674. Christy says:

    My view consists of grass that is greening by the day, trees that are budding so the landscape slowly changes colors every day with the new buds popping out. Right now I see red, orange and green buds. In a way, it looks like fall but it is spring because you also see my crocuses blooming and the daffodils starting to emerge. ‘Tis heavenly to look at right now even though it’s raining. But as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. 🙂

  675. daniela says:

    this is a fun idea. the view of my window here in new england in the city is still a bit bleak. some greens, and glossy brown buts. and a light blue, gray sky… it’s raining…
    it will be brighter tomorrow, that’s at least my hope

  676. Michele says:

    Here in Tucson the view from my patio window (I am sitting at our dining table) is sunny and breezy – our lab is asleep on the patio and the rose bushes and flowers in the flower bed are swaying! It’s an almost perfect day outside!

    I adore reading the Posey blog…and think that these fat quarters are perfect for spring!

  677. K says:

    The view from my window is nice with blossoms from the trees blowing in the wind.

  678. The best view from my house is in the breakfast nook. Looks out over Lake Union in Seattle. Even though it’s cold outside the lake looks so beautiful and it’s telling me it’s ready for my to jump in this summer.

  679. Kelly Gratz says:

    Today is sunny and a lovely 50 degrees in Southern Wisconsin. Yesterday was miserable and rainy. Sunday they are forcasting snow. You never know what you’re gonna get in Wisconsin.

  680. Sara says:

    Well, right now I am on the 33rd floor and all I see outside my window is white fog–it’s a bit eerie!

  681. Jennifer says:

    I am looking out my back window of my house, onto my just barely started vegetable garden, the compost pile, the fence, and the squirrels playing tag or somesuch on the fence!

  682. tricia says:

    I love the Oregon April pack because its so different than what I see. I live in Fl and everything I see is green, ranging from the light and bright color of new leaves, to the deep green of the palm fronds…and lets not forget the deep blue sky.

  683. Kirsten says:

    budding dogwoods, greening grass, the garden turned over and waiting patiently to be planted

  684. Christy says:

    My view is a ton of toys and play things for the kiddos, our BBQ grill and picnic table, and fire pit. It’s messy but the things being scattered all over the yard means that spring has arrived 😀

  685. Pam says:

    The Dogwood trees are blooming, the Clematis vine is beginning to open it’s first blossom. Begonias, Marigolds and other annuals are cheering up the front porch with riots of pink, yellow and white. The lawn has shed it’s winter browns for a happy shade of green. The onion grass is green too. 😉 And the cars across the street are dusted with an abundance of yellow pollen. VBG. Such is life in my corner of the south. Happy spring everybody!

  686. Ramona says:

    Those fabrics are all absolutely grogeous. I have a great view out my window. Many views are of the lake I live on which right now has finally unfrozen. I see buds starting to appear and daffy heads sticking up. It is grey right now but I any minute the sun may push its head out. Spring in Michigan is always a mystery.

  687. Devon K says:

    I read your blog everyday when my daughter takes her nap. Today as I type and stare out the window in-front of me, it is SNOWING in April with clouds and birds in the cherry tree trying to stay warm. Spring hurry up and get here please!

  688. craftytammie says:

    ooh, I had the best view out my kitchen window this morning! We live on a lake, and we have a cove straight south of us. This morning, while doing dishes, I saw some geese swimming and splashing about! Usually they aren’t so visible, but one was really taking a bath! The fabrics are beautiful, please pick me!

  689. Leah says:

    oooh free fabric! sign me up.

  690. Joy says:

    Looking out my window here in Minnesota, I see very little color. The grass is just starting to green, the trees are bear, only the blue jays, cardinals, and robins provide much color. After several days of gloom and clouds the sun is finally shining. i think the weather man is predicting more rain or snow tomorrow. i am going to make a hot cup of tea and go sit on my front step and enjoy the sun; it’s protected there and will not feel as cold. In Minnesota we have to catch the sun when we can this time of year!

  691. Lauren (in PA) says:

    Such beautiful colors.

    My view is similar here in PA, but more blue,gray, with early greens and forsythia yellow!

    Rainy day today

  692. Lisa Van Dam says:

    The view out my window today is of the April showers that are supposed to bring the May flowers. It has been raining all morning and I keep thinking that at least it is good for the daffs and tulips that are poking their noses up through the soil. I can’t wait for them to bloom!
    I would love to have an opportunity to win such a lovely collection of fabric!

  693. Danielle says:

    Out of my window I see a big overgrown tree hanging down. I love it because it shades my house and keeps my electric bill down. It’s all blue skies and sunny here in SoCal. I miss the clouds of the NW where my family still is.

  694. the view of the backyard is covered with yellow pollen,. i feel like i am looking through the world with lemon sunglasses on!

  695. Rae C. says:

    Spring is just beginning here in New England. It is a wet and grey day — every shade of grey from the flat, soft grey of the sky to the dark grey-brown of the wet trees. But, there are little sprouts of crocus green, purple, and yellow to give us hope!

  696. Beth Gourbiere says:

    Beautiful! I would love to make a quilt with these fabrics.

  697. Vanessa Byers says:

    The view out my window is windy and cloudy today, but it may change at any moment. I have a tree in my front yard that is starting to bud with beautiful read leaves. I am so ready to see spring all around.

    I’m in love with the new FQ Packs!!

  698. My window at work at the Universiry of Maryland looks out over a little lake where the water is high from the recent rains and the geese are busy watching over their nests. Some of the trees have delicate pastel blossoms that easily blow away with the breeze.
    Alicia’s fabrics are lovely!

  699. Brynne says:

    I see my boys’ garden (aka treasure dig, aka mud pit) still waiting to be planted and surprisingly cool, clear sun. Note: I love fabric with little birds! Squee!

  700. m says:

    Living in central NC I get full lush green right now – tons of pine trees, beautiful rows of white blooming bradford pears up the streets which my mother adores on her visits.

  701. kate says:

    Well, at the moment it’s SNOWING. And that is making me bitter and cranky. ; ) So I’ll tell you what my favorite view USUALLY looks like in Spring: just outside my office is a large field. In the spring it turns a beautiful green and the killdeer come to nest there. I open my window in order to hear them, as well as the meadowlarks that sit on the posts and call. Behind the field, the forest begins, with tall pine trees that often attract bald eagles. But the best part is when the nearby pre-school takes the children outside; they are SO excited to be out in the fresh air. Their laughter is the best sound of all.

    I love Alecia’s picks; I lived in Oregon for 12 years and she’s right on about the colors of Oregon in April! Lovely, just like Miss Posie. 🙂

  702. Jennifer says:

    My office is right on the quad of a large University. On most days during the semester it is noisy, with kids outside my window and in the halls. But its Friday and they’re all asleep or drinking.

  703. tracy says:

    Gloomy. And my daughter is headed out tonight to her first Brownie overnight. It is too cold for that!!

  704. Angela S says:

    I don’t have a window in my underground office, but when I go outside, it’s almost spring. It’s trying so hard to be spring. There are little green things shooting up from garden beds, and teeny-tiny buds on the trees. They’re all so hopeful, hopeful, and it sure could snow again (they say it will tomorrow) but eventually the weather will turn.

  705. Marianne says:

    It looks bland, bland, bland outside…still small piles of snow, and they are dirty. I need some fat quarters to cheer me up, cause spring is taking its time!

  706. Stacy says:

    Right now, my view is of rain that keeps pouring down on us. My lawn is so soggy and has puddles all through it. I long to swing in the sunshine on the swing in our lawn, but if I sit in it now, I would just get a shower 🙂

  707. Kristena says:

    The view from my window in Texas (when I look past my dirty window panes that I still need to get to in my Spring Cleaning 🙁 ), is of a beautiful spotless blue sky. In the foreground there’s a huge green and budding tree and next to that my clothes line. I love watching out the window as my dogs play, watching the clothes flap in the wind.

  708. Becca B says:

    Oh my. I’m the 299 commenter. I wonder if anyone actually reads these. 🙂
    My dear friends bought me a bird feeder for my birthday years ago to help me get through the tough winter months. It helps to see SOMETHING alive outside. The birds brought hope of spring. Every morning, I look out the front window and see the bird feeder. My son just laughs and laughs at the birds hoping around fighting for a spot on the feeder. Although it’s still cold here, the colors of these fabrics also give me hope of spring!

  709. katie says:

    From my window, when I pull back the lace curtains, I see a bold blue sky and white puffy clouds floating above my beloved white pine tree. The tree shelters my first flowers of the year: early scilla, some chartreuse hellebores, and a viburnum which is already in bloom. Spring seems to be dragging its feet — at least for me — as it is too wet for me to get out and indulge my other love (besides sewing): playing in the garden.

    And OMG I love Alicia and her inspiring blog. The wonderful collection of fabrics would just tickle me boldly bue!

  710. adrienne says:

    Bright tropical green, deep brown soil, blue cloudless sky and two puppy noses leading up to 4 puppy dog eyes just pleading for me to come out to play. Anyone for a game of fetch? =]

  711. Katiebelle says:

    The view from my window is mostly green and grey. The trees are still leaf-less and grey but the green is coming in bright green from all of the rain we’ve had as of late. A few flowers are starting to pop, like little splashes in a puddle. I love spring.

  712. Deb V says:

    Well I live in Northwest Ohio and today out my window at work its mostly cloudy but there are a few peaks of blue sky through the clouds. I also see brown office buildings and grey, blue and green awnings. At home, my daffodils are starting to push up through the ground and we have a lot of robins in our trees.

  713. Susan says:

    The view from my window this year is not very inspiring – there is construction everywhere I look. This fat quarter collection, however- is *very* inspiring!!! Here’s hoping I win these lovelies!

  714. andrea says:

    My view is of a lovely tree in front of our living room window.It’s a grey day out today.

  715. sherri s. says:

    Oh, I’m such a fan of Alicia…the view out my window shows me my gigantic (no, really, it’s huge!) artichoke plant with 6 artichokes on it. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway!

  716. Emilie Ahern says:

    The rain falling on the trees on a blustery Delaware day.
    Little patches of blue sky peeking through the grey clouds.
    Birds returning to the trees as the storm subsides.

  717. CityGirl says:

    Grey sky, grey trees and grey pavement interspersed with hot little shots of hopeful springtime color: canary buttercups, lavender phlox, fuchsia redbud…buds…, rouge tulips and blindingly bright white dogwood blooms.

    What a fabulous pallet for a quilt! This has been a great exercise – I’m going to take a pic with my camera phone and dig into my stash tonight to match up colors.


  718. emedoodle says:

    The view from my window is charming in a way that only a relatively busy street in the still chilly – not sunny northern chicago can be. My desk is at the back of the house, which has a beautiful view of … the busiest street in our neighborhood. I see a beautiful little used car dealership, and a $5 haircut ‘salon’ (with signs in polish no other). Luckily the front of the house faces a beautiful little park where kids play baseball all afternoon!

  719. Aimee says:

    I live in Northern Idaho which is usually getting to be quite rainy and green by this time of year. However, my view today, as it has been for the last few days, is of snow. Every now and then the sun will shine for a minute or two, but then we’re back to the gray skies and more snow falling. (Big SIGH here) Believe me, those spring fabrics are very enticing right now!

  720. Southern Gal says:

    The view from my window…beautiful blooming Japanese cherry tree; wisteria creeping up some old pines; our state flower, yellow jessamine at the tops of all the trees at the edge of the yard and my little boy trying hard to fly a kite on this windy April day.

    Love the “Oregon April” fabrics.

  721. Rebecca says:

    Today is a bit overcast, yesterday was some wet snow but next week sounds promising with sunshine (just in time for the long weekend!).

  722. brenda king says:

    Very beautiful fabrics. I love Alicia’s blog.

  723. Rebecca says:

    Today is a bit overcast, yesterday was some wet snow but next week sounds promising with sunshine (just in time f

  724. Gumbo Lily says:

    Looking out my window, there is a 4 foot snowdrift across the middle of my back yard. There is a light dusting of snow falling right now as I wait for another 6 inches to fall tonight. The robins and meadowlarks are here so I know spring has come.

    I’m glad to be inside embroidering today.

    Jody (Gumbo Lily)

  725. Sharon M. says:

    The view outside my window is beautifully spring–blue sky with wispy white clouds, tiny green leaves on the bushes and trees and lovely white blossoms on my tree!

  726. Denise Dobek says:

    View out of my window today is very wet. We are having spring showers with possibility of thunder storms later. We are behind in rain, so we need these April showers. Good day to sew.

  727. Lori says:

    Tennessee is getting green. The bradford pear trees have already shed their white petals, and the dogwoods are just about at their peak. In a word: gorgeous!

  728. CHARLIE says:

    My view from my window is a sea scape of buildings by the chicago river. I’m looking down towards the river and see people walking an enjoying the sunny day. It’s cold out but atleast we have some sunshine. The sky is light blue with thin clouds. And I hear a train horn in the distance.

  729. knitteresq says:

    I’m at work usually when I read your blog (taking a little break). I’m so fortunate to have an amazing view of the Port of Miami. I have a view of all of the cruise ships, all of the beautiful homes and condos along the bay and miles and miles of ocean. In the middle of a hectic day at work (which, this morning was one of the worst in history–but that’s another story!), its so nice to be reminded to look outside–thanks!

  730. Jessica T says:

    The trees are all still bare but that makes it easier to see the birds who are returning after wintering down south. The grass is just starting to green up again. The sky is very blue and fairly cloudless. It’s very sunny which fools you into thinking it must be warmer than it is.

  731. knittingrunner says:

    The view out my window today is typical for April in Maine(you know April showers bring May flowers). Except for the pine trees, there is no green, just skeleton trees, melting, dirty snow mixed with brown grass, fog and rain. That’s out the back window, out the front window there’s more pine trees, brown grass, and dirty snow but there are bulbs starting to emerge. The little bits of yellow and green are so cheerful on a day like this.

  732. Krista says:

    I love Posie Gets Cozie!

    View from my window this time of year…. Soccer practice! We live behind a highschool and from first thing in the morning (7am) until about 5pm we get to watch soccer practice – and get the occassional soccer ball in the back yard!

  733. Julie says:

    The view from my window at this time of year is sadly quite depressing: yellow grass and grey sky in the city… The canadian winter is not quite ready to let the spring call the shots… But it won’t be long! And after seeing this gorgeous fat quarter pack, my mood is already better! Magnifique!

  734. kelly says:

    The view out the window today has sun shinning down on our at the moment quiet street, the flowers are starting to bloom, and every thing is green. Much improved over yesterday which was wet and gloomy.

  735. SkylarKD says:

    Sadly, the view from my window is snow!
    About 3 feet of it.
    There are little strips of grass near the sidewalk and driveway, but it will be at least a few weeks before I see any flowers – except on fabric!

  736. Danielle says:

    Here in Charlotte, we are enjoying a sunny day with a bit of a breeze. From my window I can see the last of the daffodils. Our trees have lost their white blooms and are full of small green leaves. My daughter’s play house is currently unoccupied and waiting for warmer weather.

  737. Becky says:

    I don’t really have a view to be proud of at the moment! I would like to have a view of lots of Spring flowers and lush grass… if that counts 🙂

  738. Tara says:

    The view from my big windows today is SNOW, Snow, maybe a few minutes of sun, and then more snow. However, right in front of these southern windows are flats of tomato and basil seedlings. I’d much rather look at them right now then at the snow.

  739. Monica Gee says:

    Well windows can be a little hard to come by! I live in a basement apartment, but do have a 1/2 window in front of my kitchen sink. The view is a wonderful lilac bush, just about to bloom. I can see its little green shoots starting to sprout and at its base are some brightly colored daffodils. Spring is coming soon!

  740. Tracy says:

    I’m in Minnesota and the sun is shinning down on ALOT of brown grass, trees and gardens. Cannot wait for May!

  741. Nancy Mc says:

    I live in Southern California and my window view is the amazing mountain range that we have. Right now there is just the tiniest cap of snow visible on Mt. Baldy. I love these mountains and consider them my touchstone. On a clear day you can stand on the sand at the Pacific Ocean and see the snow capped mountains, all at the same time. Awesome!!!

  742. Dana says:

    It’s a little dreary and wet out my windowpane, at our farm here in Lancaster, PA, but those fabulous fabrics would definately add a peek of sunshine to my day!!

  743. christine says:

    Beautiful fabrics. It is what I am anxiously awaiting for – spring! In Minnesota I am looking out at thankfully, a mostly sunny day where there are very tiny patches of green if you look close enough. The tulip bulbs are peeking out under my window, but there is snow in the forcast…
    Would love to put these fabrics to use until spring really arrives here!

  744. Margie says:

    FQ’s are beautiful. The view from my kitchen window is rain. Yesterday was sunny & beautiful! Thats spring on Ohio. I’m so hoping we are done with snow & cold. I can’t wait to plant the flower beds & the vegetable garden. My view from the kitchen is our backyard which you can see the buds on the trees & the bleeding hearts sprouting up.

  745. Audrey Law says:

    Spring has sprung here in Kentucky, but this is a variable time of year and 70 degrees and blue skys can alternate with freezing temperatures with amazing quickness. Today the weather is cool and the view is rainy and overcast, but pear, apple and cherry trees are in blossom and leaves are just starting to come out. The first asparagus are making their way out of the ground, and the rubarbs are well on their way.

  746. Sara says:

    Rainy, the snow is receding. The earth is damp and brown, the grass the matted and brown, the evergreens are beginning to take on the spring green and the stream is gushing.
    Love the fat quarters pack! It will be a little whitle until pink comes into my window, though…

  747. mary Green says:

    It’s a beautiful, sunny spring day and I’m looking forward to getting outside and playing before the rain comes back. All my indoor hobbies have to be balanced with my outdoor hobbies. happy friday!

  748. Jeni says:

    Indianapolis–The view at this time of year ranges from gray and rainy to bright and sunny. Sometimes the view is deceiving–I race out the door expecting warmth and healing–and am accosted by cold. This week in April, spring break for our school agers, also brings signs of summer-to-come; laughing children, basketballs bouncing, wheels of skateboards, bike, and skates making scratchy noises on the sidewalks. So, that’s more hearing than seeing–it’s all part of the view from my window.

  749. Ellen Wery says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I am writing from Southern California. The sky is a beautiful blue and the trees are being gently swayed by an ocean breeze.

  750. Christine says:

    The view from my window is usually gray with a light rain as is standard for the NW this time of year, but today there are some beautiful rays of sunshine lighting up the camelias blooming in my yard!

  751. Katie says:

    I love Alicia’s choices!
    Since I live in New England, the weather here changes often. However, at this moment it’s gray and rainy. But, if you look closely you can see some bright green grass and some pretty little flowers poking their way up and out into the world.

  752. CarlyW says:

    I wish my view was as beautiful as this collection of prints! Unfortunately right now in Boston it’s a little dreary. It’s set to rain for the next week straight! That only means more time to craft without feeling like I’m missing the beautiful weather outside! I’d love to win this pack!

  753. Mollye says:

    Just right for spring! Thanks for the opportunity.

  754. Jennifer says:

    I’d love to win! These would make a darling spring quilt.

  755. Jacqueline says:

    Today my view is totally obscured by all the rain we’re getting in NYC. Normally I have a gorgeous view of a park and the flowers and buds on the trees are just starting to come out. So I guess they need the rain!

  756. Kelli says:

    The view out my window is sunny (for the first time in days after rain, rain and more rain) down here in the Sunshine State. Of course, it’s still humid, but cool enough I can keep the windows open for a little longer before the AC comes on until Thanksgiving! Everything here is green, green, green as my seedlings are coming up, vegetables growing, my perennials are putting out new leaves and my yard is getting ready to need mowing! The pool is looking inviting although we’ve got a few more weeks before I brave it…the water temp was 74 yesterday before the last batch of rain! I need some of that fabric to keep my inspired of Spring because SUMMER in FL will be here in a few weeks!!

  757. Amy S says:

    I live in NY, and Spring comes oh so slow! I hear the birds singing and a slight green hint in the grass, but the flurries have not stopped showing up once a week 🙁 At least today it is rain and not snow! COME ON SPRING… until then I just keep sewing with brightly colored spring fabrics in anticipation!

  758. Tami B. says:

    Hmm, if we were naming a Fat Quarter Pack by looking out my window today, we’d call it Midwest Mud…or something like that 🙂 It’s rainy & windy today…but I know that sunshine can’t be far behind.

  759. Harley says:

    My view at home is beautiful. Theer is a large field behind out house where our neighbor keeps his three pretty horses. The grass has turned so green, and the horses just make it so peaceful.

  760. becky says:

    I hope to win the fat quarters…I love Portland in the spring, though I live in East Tennessee now, I am an Oregonian at heart. Looking out my window, the trees are budding with new leaves, the grass is green and getting thick. The mountain behind my house is turning a rosy brown color as the new leaves haven’t quite made it out yet, but they are coming! The narcissus and daffodils are blooming and my tulips have sent up their leaves…blooms to follow soon! Dogwoods will be blooming next week.

  761. Casey says:

    my view is my parking lot of the apartment building I live in, the snow is melting now, so we’ve got puddles, some mud, big mounds of dirty snow. not too pretty to look at right now

  762. Most of my window views are not very pretty. The one from my sewing room is nice though. It shows my neighbors yard, whick is very nice. There are some nice ground covers bushes and trees that makes me very envious when I compare it to my yard, but I feel bad for him because he looks out his window and sees my ugly lawn.

  763. Amber says:

    Seeing as how I live in Hawaii. my view is pretty much the same all year round (unless it’s a rainy day). Bright sunshine, green trees, blue skies….we have a mini forest (they are tiny fruit trees) out in our front yard that the previous owner planted and I love looking out the window at them.

  764. Jamie says:

    Looking out my window here in NC day to day is like looking through a Fisher-Price View-Master, each day (and sometimes hour) offers a different vista. Yesterday was a downpour, but today is an idyllic spring day. The azaleas just bloomed this week and the dogwoods are opening up all over town…it’s really quite lovely. I can also see my random and hopeful assortment of potted flowers that I can’t wait to get in the ground which are just sitting on my front porch. I can’t plant them just yet, you see–this is just what we locals call a “Sucker Spring” in which all the suckers mistake this weather for Spring and start planting while the rest of us patiently wait for the slide showing that final cold snap to hit us here.

  765. Rae says:

    With great relief, I see sun outside today. Tulips and daffodils are finally peeking up from the ground. I see my neighbor’s roof, the spot where more and more tiles are peeling off, and I’m a little worried for them. The dog is laying on the back porch, soaking up the sun while it lasts. I think we’ll walk to the post office today.

  766. Christy K. says:

    The view from my window was snowy on april 1st (real funny mother nature) and now it is bright and sunny today! (thanks mother nature)

  767. Diane says:

    The view from my computer is my sunroom with all the beautiful flowers beginning to come alive and ready to be moved to the outdoors.

  768. Kelly says:

    My view – cheerful, bright yellow daffodils in front of a freshly painted, red, vintage gas pump. A large slate blue barn and silos are in front of fields getting greener everyday. A group of chickdees eat at my bird feeder to complete this bucolic scene. I live in a really wonderful place for spring!

  769. edina says:

    It’s definitely spring in San Diego…outside our window, the birds are chirping and frolicking in the trees and the sun is shining (though that is not unusual here any time of year!)

  770. Jessica says:

    On our quiet, historic street within St. Louis City (MO), I can see tiny red buds beginning to emerge on bare tree limbs and bright green grass thriving between patches of dry, brown earth. I also notice the sky is a cloudless and nautical, French blue. The days are gradually warming up (mid 60s), with a few odd chilly days here and there (like today). A few days ago, we took a trip to the local botanical gardens where cherry and magnolia trees, tulips and daffodils are in full bloom. This will be our first spring in MO and we are already taken with the beauty of the city, the surrounding parks, and gardens. This city is highly underrated! Also, having G. Clooney here to share in the beauty this time of year isn’t too shabby either.

  771. Trina says:

    Unfortunately I work in a lab with no windows- so the view of the fat quarters would certainly brighten things up for me!

  772. Cindy Keery says:

    What a gorgeous combination of fabrics! I would love to be entered to win please. Thank you!

  773. Alicia S says:

    The view out my window today is a gorgeous sunny day! I really should be out there soaking it in.

  774. Jessica says:

    I live on the fourth floor, right next to a tree that stretches out about as high. As a student, I’m usually by this window reading and studying. Right now the tiniest buds are starting to form on the tree, which is really exciting to me because the branches here have been bare for months now! I really can’t wait for spring!

  775. gonzomama says:

    right now the view from my window is of our garden waiting to be planted (hopefully this afternoon), a mama and baby great horned owl perched in their nest watching over it, and my boy running around playing in the mud. it’s going to be a good, dirt-filled day!

    and i’m loving alicia’s fq pack choices. very lovely!

  776. Dawn-Marie says:

    My view is overcast and windy today, it was beautiful and sunny yesterday. And the trees have started to bud!

  777. Angela says:

    The view out of my window in Maryland today looks like I imagine most days to look like in Portland. Gray, rainy, the green grass almost ready for the first mowing of the season. Crocuses and hyacinths popping up. My favorite kind of day. Time to get the house clean and organized, and then, when the kids are napping…….a little bit of time for mommy to sew! I love rainy days because they are an excuse to stay home. I never get anything productive done on a sunny day!

  778. Mindi says:

    The view out of my favorite window, is the top of a tree. The reason it is my favorite, is because it is the window in the nursery. I am able to look out of it from my rocker, and though I spend less time there now than I used to, I love seeing the seasons change through the leaves on that tree and how my babies are growing and changing as well.

  779. Jennifer says:

    I love that these fabrics are tradtional, yet funky mod. they would go great in my mixed up quilt.

  780. Eva says:

    Outside my window here in Edmonton, Canada it is gray and foggy. The streets are wet and the roofs of buildings are still covered in snow… it is not so cold out now so with some luck I will see green outside my window within a few weeks!

  781. Annette says:

    Lovely picks by Alicia – love her blog too!!

    Spring is definitely blooming on the NC coast. Cherry tree is blooming, blue blue sky, gusty wind blowing the tarp on the pool which we will hopefully be opening soon!!! And, oh my – green grass in much need of a mowing 🙂

    have a fabulous weekend – my fingers will be crossed for win!

  782. The view from my window this morning is the swath of emerald-green lawn, with a small bare muddy patch that is sprinkled in yellowy-white corn feed next to an electric blue shallow bucket shining with water that is the same colour as the boulder-grey sky. Taking residence near these items are two ducks. A mallard male, a walking watercolour of grey, brown, emerald green and the pop of his orange feet and yellow bill, and his new wife, mottled brown and écru, with velvety black flipper-feet. A bit farther away, a soft grey squirrel with a rusty-toned tummy is eating sunflower seeds on the feeder, and a scrub jay in a blue-gray coat of feathers is waiting for the ducks to depart so he can have some corn.

  783. Stacy says:

    Right now, the sun is trying valiantly to poke through the rain clouds from the morning. My window is dotted with raindrops and people have closed up their umbrellas, taken off their rain coats and embraced the 60 degree April day. Beautiful if a bit wet!

  784. Leigh says:

    Oh, her fabrics are beautiful! The windows closest to me are facing my rainy backyard – lots of greens and browns right now.

  785. indywriter says:

    The view from my kitchen window is my favorite this time of year. I can look out as I work on dinner or dishes and see my two girls playing on the swingset or in their playhouse. They love to run up to my window and chat. I love to just watch them interact and enjoy the out of doors together.

  786. jenny says:

    There is no green here yet, the view out my window is grayscale today. The rain has stopped and the fog has rolled in. The saltwater pond is calm and slighter darker. The hills behind are darker still and the houses are gray and white almost disappearing at times in the fog. It is nice to look at. Not a bad day to be inside at work.

  787. Tina says:

    Oooh…love the fabrics that she chose! Well, it’s still early spring in Maine, and the view from my window is still brown/yellow and leafless. But, it’s wet and soggy and muddy, which is a promising change from 8 feet of snow. And I can see the red-winged blackbirds who returned home about 2 weeks ago hanging out on the telephone line across the street. Also an encouraging sign of spring!

  788. Kyla says:

    oh I just love these prints! they remind me of my favourite book!! the view from my window isn’t very entertaining…I can see the main road and mud piles but these prints give me hope that spring will come!!

  789. Mandy says:

    It was rainy this morning in Arlington, VA. Gray and more gray, interspersed with gray. But then the sun muscled her way through and cast her rays down on the gloriousness of the burgeoning spring. I spy green grass and crisp yellow daffodils from my window. Brownish little puddles dot the front lawn and add balance to the wealth of vibrant colors ‘spring’ing from the earth. Blue skies with fluffy marshmallow clouds reign supreme over all that is good and colorful.

  790. Cary says:

    I am a huge fan of Alicia’s, so I couldn’t take the chance of you selling out of this wonderful fabric, so I went ahead and ordered it! If you choose my name, pick someone else, I want to be fair!!!!!!

  791. Kathy says:

    I love posy gets cozy-read every post. The view from my Oregon window today shows the bright green (but very soggy) grass and gray sky. As soon as it gets warm, I’ll be planting color!

  792. Autumn says:

    It’s a great time of year in Southern California. There’s scattered clouds, a blue sky and touches of green. The window outside my kitchen looks out to my citrus trees (“the grove”, we call it, with 6 trees) and two grapevines (“the vineyard”). Every one is getting fresh buds and leaves. If I open the windows I will smell sweet flowers from the orange trees. The pool is still, water glassy, as we aren’t using it quite yet and don’t need to turn on the waterfall. The dog is sunning herself, looking up to the sky, eyes closed. The flower beds have expired bulbs that need to be either dug up or planted over with perennials or veggies.
    …….and the kids need to clean up the dog poop.

  793. kelly says:

    i love watching the trees come back to life… the flowers are bloomin’, the birds are singin’, the deer are trompin’, the squirrels are stealin’… love living in our little woods!

  794. Aileen says:

    I am looking out my window to see the butterfly/hummingbird garden I planted beneath our very small tree we planted last year. The garden is a palette of colors, although a little water logged from the huge amounts of rain we received this week. I can’t wait to see butterflies and hummingbirds.

  795. maryanne says:

    We live in a beautiful area, so the view from my window is trees, with the very very beginning of spring blossoms!

  796. Heather B says:

    Everyday has been a bit different. One day is gray & rainy and the next is bright & sunny. The balance has brought my crocuses in front up in pretty purples, whites & a bit of yellow!

  797. Jodie says:

    Great combinations! I always love to see what other people come up with – very often, it’s something I probably wouldn’t ever have come up with, but end up loving regardless. : )

    As for the view out my window? Right now… it’s the blooming tree in our front yard – a beautiful and vibrant fuchsia that happens to be my current favorite color. Perfect timing.

  798. Vicki says:

    It’s sunny and green today, beautiful blue skies. I’m so glad it’s spring.

  799. Harriett says:

    I work all day at my computer in the house so my big picture window lets me pretend I am outdoors. Usually this time of year it’s the azalea bushes getting ready to bloom, my kids playhouse and the clothes line. but today my view is of my husband constructing the new swing set right by my window.

  800. Jennifer says:

    Oh! How beautiful! I wish the view out my window was but it is cold and raining here.


  801. Jenny L says:

    The view right now – roses already starting to bloom, overgrown grass from a much-needed rainshower earlier this week, and trash cans waiting to be put away. Not too exciting… I’m a bit jealous of those with snow on the ground.

  802. Jennifer says:

    The view from my window includes our peach tree in the backyard, which a few weeks ago had beautiful pink flowers, which have mostly fallen off. Now it has bright green leaves springing from its branches, and I love the vibrancy of the color. It’s gorgeous!

  803. cherylc says:

    As I was driving my kids to daycare (a car window counts, right?) my daughter said, “Mom, why is there snow on those cars?” I said, “What!?” but she was right, there was a little bit of snow on each car roof and windshield wiper. It’s April in Seattle, and it’s not supposed to be snowing. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the daffodils, hyacinths, flowering cherries, which are all going strong. It’s very gray and wet here today, but pretty.

  804. Sarah says:

    loving the spring feel of that fat quarter collection!

  805. Stacey says:

    Even though I live in Southern California it’s cloudy and rainy outside my window today. Sometimes even we have “weather”! LOL

  806. Christen says:

    Well, today it’s raining here in the Northeast. But we’ve been having amazing sunshine and warm temperatures, unusual for early April in this area. The birds are singing and the flowers are just starting to open their buds. Spring is absolutely wonderful!

  807. sonya says:

    out my window the new greens are beautiful, even though there is not much blooming yet. I love looking out at my rich brown (dirt) garden waiting for the new season, me dreaming about what to plant. Also did I mention the birds? as soon as I can, I crack a window, because I love the tweeting & scurrying about of the birds.
    thanks for the fun contests.

  808. Katie says:

    OH…I’m so happy to see the Oregon colors in the fabric! We lived in Portland for ten years and just moved to Idaho this past August. I loved how green Oregon was year-round!

    I’ve seen snow, sun breaks, trees a-blowin’ and beautiful signs of spring out our window this morning.

  809. Kaye says:

    Right now I am in a windowless office so there is no view. I will pretend I am home and tell you of that view from the Ozarks of Missouri. I just put out some bird feeders earlier this week and we are starting to get some lovely diners. The one they say to put peanut butter in is getting no takers though. We have many Amish neighbors so I often see buggies going down the road. The trees are starting to bloom and the grass is turning green. Uh oh, there is a fat kitty in the window now blocking my view.

  810. Kourtney says:

    i LOVE aquas and grays together. These are gorgeous designs!! 🙂

  811. Victoria Schoell-Schafer says:

    It is a beautiful day in Kansas City. The high should be around 60 and spring has arrived!! We had snow last weekend! Out my window is a baby plum tree showing off her dainty white flowers with a mama peach tree showing off her big pink flowers. They look very happy together. Underneath this pair are a variety of daffodils showing off their sunny faces. Great website.

  812. Morgan says:

    My view is of a nice green empty lot next to my office, there are a few trees and usually two squirrels and a fat groundhog who come out to entertain. Today it is a beautiful blue sky and the beginning green of spring, hooray!!

  813. beccy says:

    The view from my window is of my three lovely hens (Vera, Chuck and Dave, if you’re interested) scratching around in the dirt without a care in the world 🙂 There is also a newly constructed raised bed waiting for May when I can plant the seedlings that are currently cluttering every window sill in the house!

  814. Kolleen says:

    My view in Iowa today is bright and sunny with a few crocus popping up, even though the grass is still brown and blah. This FQ pack makes me miss Idaho, which I ‘m sure has at least a LITTLE green somewhere, along with the beginnings of soft spring wildflowers. Even though today is lovely with robins and juncos everywhere, we are bracing for a huge snow blizzard Saturday night (9-14 inches!!). Ugh. So I guess I need to include a strip of white into the robin quilt I’m working on now, which is covered in forsythia yellow and dark spring greens! That will have to do while I wait for the weather to indeed become real spring.

  815. andrea says:

    Unfortunately I live in the city and if I look out my window right now it is of telephone and cable wires running across an alley… Last week though, my husband and I stayed in a hotel in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut on the 28th floor and all you could see for miles was trees! Being from the city, that is a very rare view for us! It was quite beautiful.

  816. naomig says:

    I actually moved to Wenatchee, WA, from Vancouver, WA last February. So, as I say to my family in the Portland area constantly these days… HAHA! I have sunshine, glorious, slightly warm with a hint of cool, sunny sunny sunshine out my window. The wildflowers, the wheatfields and blue sky, with puffy white clouds is my view. 🙂 I’m so pleased with it, I just can’t help but rub it in. 🙂

  817. Debbie says:

    Outside my window it is cloudy, chilly, and windy. The grass has greened up, and some trees and daffodils are blooming. I love the fabric selection!

  818. Wendy says:

    The view out my window this morning on the Oregon coast is a mix of bright spring sunshine, green grass, and dark gray clouds looming on the horizon. I can’t see them, but I know there are some bright daffodils bobbing their heads in the morning breeze. Just enough color and light to give me hope that spring is indeed almost sprung!

  819. Tina says:

    Here in beautiful Arizona, I see blue, blue sky, palo verde trees with their grayish green trunks and branches, and they’re now sporting yellow blossoms, and as a background there’s a shock of bouganvillia bushes with their super-bright fucshia/magenta colored blossons. How’s that for a great color pallet?

  820. Trina says:

    The view from my balcony window is pretty bleak. Right now you can see the “back yard” (we are in an apartment complex) which is still brown, though thanks to the snow last week (and the tremendous rain fall) it is starting to turn green.

    We did have one tree right in front of our apartment, but it came down in the ice storm the year before last so we have a clear shot into the back yards in the neighborhood next to us. The closest neighbor has started getting his back yard ready to set up a pool (I really don’t know why they would go through the trouble of setting it up and taking it down every year, but they do.

    Oh an there are some woods about a football field’s length away from our balcony. The trees there are starting to turn green.

    Anyway, as you can imagine there really isn’t much to look at, but in the evenings (since our apartment faces west) we do get some beautiful sunset!

    P.S. I’m in Oklahoma

  821. Natalie says:

    Visiting Alicia’s Spring walk post was a highlight of my day and the best view of Spring I can hope for… our view is of a neglected tropical themed garden that our landlord insists on over-watering. I think I should cheer myself with some new fabric!!

  822. HopiQ says:

    The bright sunshine is streaming in from a cold sky; leafless tress gently move to a breeze; little bits of green are peaking through the earth. A beautiful day to tidy up the house and hanging with two tiny boys. I’m visiting from Posie Gets Cozy. Love the fabrics!

  823. Angela says:

    I’m live in Vancouver, WA but am up in Victoria BC today for Spring Break (inspired by Alicia’s recent trip) and the view from outside our hotel window looks very much like that. One of my goals when I get back is to start my first little quilt and this would be perfect.

  824. Laura A. says:

    I’m in uptown Toronto at work and outside is a very busy interesection. But at least I have a window. It’s raining and the sky is a lovely gray with a tinge of blue. But in my mind’s eye, I’m at home looking into my just greening backyard and a darling little tricoloured Sheltie has frolicked into view.

  825. Mary says:

    Today my backyard is finally showing signs of life. There are buds on all the trees and lots of green shoots poking up through the dirt. Several brown rabbits have been wandering through to take advantage of the sprouting grass buffet. Lots of birds are stopping to rest on the branches as they collect sticks and dried grass to make their nests. But, this is Chicago and the furnace clicks on to remind me that Spring is running a little late!

  826. Liz says:

    I’d love to win Fat Quarters that would be so much fun!

  827. Grace says:

    One little clump of crocuses (croci?), and lots and lots of daffodil and tulip leaves, all pushing up through old crusty snow mounds. Go, flowers, go!

  828. Stacey says:

    i would love to win one! thanks!

  829. MzTallulah says:

    The view from my window right now is ugly – the back of an office building! Soon I’ll be heading home though, and will sit down in my living room and look at the greenery outside, flowering trees and calla lilies in the neighbours’ gardens (I live on the 3rd floor so I don’t have one of my own!)

  830. theAisforAmy says:

    I love reading Alicia’s blog for the inspiration, so I hopped on over! Currently, out of my window, I can see the tree that shades our small patio and the apt parking lot. Then, because we are at the top of a hill, I can see the park that we take the dog for walks in as well as the, um, well, the city dump beyond that. If you can ignore the dump, it’s a pretty great view. 😉

  831. kelly says:

    Our house is situated in a little woody patch, over a hole, so that if you walk out into our front porch, you’re standing in the trees. This means we have lots of little overhanging green bits and flowers — right now the North Carolina dogwoods are coming into bloom and we’re starting to get more feathered visitors. Out the window I can see little yellow finches and titmouses and occasionally a big red-headed woodpecker. I can also see my herb garden starting to spring back, and the echnacea is coming up. Today is really windy, and the first sunny day we’ve had this week, so it’s like nature is dancing for me and the cat.

  832. Lorene says:

    My view from my daylight basement at the moment is of a tree in my neighbor’s yard. It’s a beautiful full pine tree, and I can see the gorgeous sky above as well. This time of year the air outside is so crisp and clean when it is sunny. On overcast days, it makes me want to retreat upstairs to my sewing room to work on my various projects.

  833. Jennifer says:

    Outside my window, there is one songbird that has been singing away every morning this week.
    The dogwood trees are getting ready to boom, though not quite there yet. When they do, they’re a lovely colour, a sort of creamy white with a drop of apple green.

  834. Bethany says:

    I am positively drooling over the blooming plum trees and the lavender/gray/periwinkle/white print from Twiggy (been wanting that for awhile now)!!! Beautiful collection of prints!

  835. Chris says:

    What a great idea for a fat quarter pack. The view outside my NH window right now is gray and dirty snow. Not a very nice combination for a fat quarter pack! Soon the wonderful spring greens will hopefully show up. Would love to win Alicia’s pack.

  836. hayley says:

    Hmmm, the view from my window. Well, as Pittsburgh is pretty tight living quarters, the view from all of my windows is house after house. But, let’s look at the bright side – the houses are all different colors and can be quite inspiring if you really try hard! A tall green house, looking like a tall blade of grass. A red-orange house with a black door that reminds me of a poppy. A yellow house that imitates the sun – even when the sun isn’t shining. And a white house that is like clean sheets waving in the breeze. See? My view is great!

  837. Steph says:

    My view: brown turning to green, sun, rain, and the bulbs peeping out of the ground…and our first spring flower!

  838. My daytime view overlooks Historic Philadelphia – namely The Liberty Bell, Independence Center and a park along the sidelines. It’s really a great view and is so peaceful since the skyline in my part of the city is mostly unobstructed. Great plus – I can watch the tourists below and decide whether I should wear a jacket, shawl or head out sans coverup in this strange Spring weather we’ve been having.

  839. Nada says:

    rt now, i see redbud trees blooming!

  840. Carla says:

    A silvery bay on a cloudy day. Quiet and calm. Kind of like the fat quarter pack!

  841. Anna says:

    I am sad to report that my view is gray and snowy. Yes, that’s right. It’s still snowing in my part of the country. I would love some fresh fat quarters to keep my eyes away from the view!

  842. Theresa says:

    The view from my window this time of year: Sunny skies and rain at the same time. Budding trees, greener grass. The dark clouds of a budding thunderstorm. People dressed in shorts one hour and in winter coats the next. Lovely, fresh, unpredictable.

  843. Megan says:

    I love looking out the window this time of year and finding blossoms popping up. Our little cherry tree is gorgeous. We’re just starting to see buds on the apple tree. I’m still waiting for the tulips and the neighbor’s dogwood blooms. I love this time of year in Oregon!

  844. Amorette says:

    my view is similar to the portland view, as i am in springfield/eugene. our neighbor has a great yard with lots of flowering fruit trees and so much more. he is an older gentleman and all of his neighbors help him top keep his yard maintained and help with the harvest. plum, fig, apple, cherry and currant all make it very pretty from our kitchen window!

  845. Mary says:

    I am lucky enought to have a desk right by a window at work. I am in a downtown San Diego high rise so I have a beautiful view of Balboa Park, home of the world famous San Diego zoo. There are actually clouds in the sky this morning – unusual for here.

  846. Kate says:

    There are two windoes that I can see out of right now. One faces east, the other west. Out of the east window I see sun and springtime. Flowers are basking in the warmth. The east window tells a different story. There are still patches of snow on the ground, in the places that are hard for the sun to reach. I can see grey clouds gathering. There will be a thunderstorm later on this evening. I think I will stick to looking out my west window for now, and enjoy the little bits of spring while I can.

  847. Lesley says:

    The view from my window? Now? Well, I don’t have a window at work 🙁 At home, the view is not too much better – April is a time of melting snow, deep puddles, and all the piles of gravel lining the road, leftover from winter sanding. Spring in these northern parts doesn’t really get going until late May. I’d love to win this fat quarter pack to remind me what spring *can* be like!

  848. Stacey says:

    These fabrics are just beautiful! Living in Florida, we usually breeze right past spring and head straight into summer. This week we have had some blustery winds and today I am welcoming some much needed rain out my sewing room window. I am sure my children, who are about to start spring break, hope for sun all next week.

  849. Wendi says:

    Outside my window on Galveston Island, I see palm trees-with fronds still a bit shriveled from Hurricane Ike.
    The bay is striped today, with areas of beautiful deep blue, next to areas of dark grey; joining on the horizion with a sky that’s the closest I’ve seen to Carolina blue since I left the east coast.

  850. Wendy says:

    Well, I hope that this giveaway is a random drawing, and not judged by the best view or description thereof…..I’m sure a poet could render a verse eliciting the beauty or even pathos of the scene I behold, but alas I am not a poet. My view is cold and rainy and richer in its promise than in its actual rendering. We haven’t yet reached the time of year where the colors are saturated on an overcast day. Where the maple buds are scarlet and chartreuse, where the fresh grass looks good enough to eat, and a blue jay and a pair of cardinals at the feeder take your breath away and rivet your gaze. The buds on the shrubs and trees are still tight and contracted against the cruel cold. The glimmers of warmth from the sun have coaxed only the earliest of the bulbs to venture tender shoots forth, while old dirty snow stubbornly stays. No laughing daffodils yet, no sylvan forsythian brilliance. Even the silver and white bark of the birch looks dull, bland, not yet awakened. The flow of life will come with warmth, when the sun kisses awake the very ground on which we stumble in our thick and heavy boots, with our thick and heavy socks. Our time is coming, but it isn’t here. Yet.

  851. Amy Sp says:

    Yesterday’s view was rain, today is warm and sunny, tomorrow is cool and sunny. Thus is the pattern of Spring here in the south. I love the idea of having mixed FQ packs!

  852. Elizabeth says:

    I’m no where near a window, but if I lean back in my chair & look down the hall, I can see a tree truck, reflecting bright, post-thunderstorm sun. There are a few branch tips, all bare, but I know they will have leaves by next week.

  853. Bley Hack says:

    What a great fat quarter pack!

    Well, the view from my window is rainy and windy today, with hints of spring coming. Green buds on the trees and our daffodils blooming; it’s not going to last too long however, we expect snow next week!

  854. I have a fabulous view of Times Square in NYC these days – although the rain today is making the view pretty gray. Flashing lights, every color under the sun and people, people, people.

  855. Lindsay says:

    In Northern Indiana, the view out my window is gray, cloudy and wet but the grass is finally green and there are buds on the trees! Woo hoo!

  856. Liisa says:

    Well, it is not raining here in Vancouver, BC. It is cloudy, but that just makes the colours of the spring flowers pop even more. The cherry blossoms are finally beginning to come out, the daffodils are delightful, and the crocuses are charming. Looking out over the ocean, I can see signs that the rain will not hold off for very long though. Oh well. Welcome to spring!

  857. Laura says:

    I wish my view were as pretty as Alicia! We got three inches of snow night before last, so there are still patches of snow all over the ground and everything’s very drippy. Come on, crocuses! You can do it!

  858. Jessi says:

    We recently moved to a small lovely old town in Ohio. The view from my front door of my old house was of a beat up house full of thugs that shot my neighbors. Contrast to that the wonderful view I have now from my front porch: To the left – a cute little Cape Cod that houses our good friends and a perfect playmate for my 5 year old son. To the right – a lovely brick cottage that is home to a dear retired couple who spend hours every day tending to their gorgeous landscaping. And, across the street – the most fantastic park that I have ever seen. I LOVE MY VIEW!

  859. Rebecca says:

    Our windows overlook onto a community courtyard. We live in Graduate Student Family Housing at a large university, and all of the apartments center around these great courtyards. The courtyard right now is full of a mixture of grass (finally visible after the long winter) and glorious mud- to be used in the play of the many children living here. Nesting in and around the large rhododendrons, the daffodils are just about to bloom. The crocuses have all been lovingly picked and delivered to mamas all around. We have a beautiful mature maple tree that is just beginning to hint at budding leaves. And of course, there’s all the children’s playthings strewn about. I love the view!

  860. Susanna says:

    alas, i have no window in my office. I’ve turned my computer desktop into a window, with a lovely Marimekko wallpaper of a beech tree and distant blue hills. I think it even rivals having a real window onto chilly, flat South Bend, Indiana

  861. Anna Maschke says:

    From my window, on a clear day, you can see the outline of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s just beautiful. I love the windmills I see everyday as well.

  862. Sara says:

    I work in Salt Lake City. This morning it is snowing, but not sticking. As I walked from the bus stop, there were dozens of earthworms on the sidewalk, stretched out in lines straighter than worms should be. Where were they headed, straining their bodies out to cross the dangerous concrete? Don’t they know that the other side is all mushy lawn, and that worms from there are also refugees from sog, fleeing to the other side? I felt I ought to hand carry each one to the grassy patch on that appeared less wet, but I couldn’t tell head from tail and didn’t want to deposit them back in the sodden homeland they were escaping from. April is for worm exodus.

  863. Sidney says:

    the branches are cinnamon colored and filled with flitting little juncos. I think they are residents that hatched from a nest in our hanging basket of impatiens last summer. Grey trunks of the birch are layered behind that, and bright bits of green further on from the spring grass. A crow just flew through the pale milky wash of sky.

  864. Leah says:

    Saw her pack on Alicia’s blog. Love it and it does remind me of Oregon, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Especially since the view out my window is two feet of snow, with more on the way, this spring inspriation is really needed.

  865. melanie boyd says:

    I live on the southwest side of chicago so the view out my window is a row of tightly packed brick houses, but…. if I sit down at my dining room table, my view is restricted to the redbud tree just outside the window whose buds are beginning to swell. Gives me hope that spring color will soon be here!

  866. mandy says:

    my favorite thing to watch out my window is my kids playing in the backyard – it’s especially nice when they’re surrounded by the budding spring!

  867. Rose says:

    My view is of spring flowers trying to poke their little heads out–despite the fact that we continue to have cold winter weather, including snow!

  868. pam says:

    I love Alicia’s style, quite evident here in her pack. All the years I worked in a quilt shop, making packs was one of my favorite things, well after all the amazing people I have met. Out my window today is the blue California sky, the ruby red of my hummingbird feeder, the spring green oak leaves of my neighbors tree, the weathered wood fence and its all bathed in sunshine. I couldn’t be happier!

  869. Erin says:

    love Alicia’s blog – these bits of spring are so beautiful. i am looking outside at snow on the ground and more snow falling. waiting none-too-patiently for spring!

  870. Andi says:

    Today is very sunny and hot. First I see eight car lanes, then a green dry river (It’s green because of all the trees that grow there), then six more lanes, then a big green mountain leading up to light blue skies.

  871. Christina says:

    Right now I am looking at a huge brilliantly crimson double blossom hibiscus. The leaves are absolutely fluorescent from the rain we’ve been having this past week. Obvio;usly I live in a very warm place – south Florida but we still have a spring of sorts. The winter is very dry here and when the rains start in April, all the plants explode with new growth.

  872. Stephanie says:

    There are rainbow-colored splotches on my driveway from the soap bubbles my girls blew before lunch. The lawn–now finally free of snow–is covered in the dead leaves we didn’t have time to rake in fall, plus a few buttons and jingle bells from a melted snowman. The shrub beds are twiggy and in need of fresh mulch, but in the corner there is a glorious patch of orange and lavender crocuses. They were worth the long wait.

  873. Cecily says:

    The view from my windows is not that exciting. I live next to the parking lot. So I see a lot of cars, with green pollen on them, and on the far side, some dying grass and pine trees. (How I wish we had a yard.)

  874. Karissa says:

    It’s *supposed* to be spring in Massachusetts, but it’s rainy and foggy and feels like walking around in a cloud.

  875. Wendymoon says:

    OOh, what pretty fabrics!

    The view from my window right now shows trees and bushes just beginning to bud. After a long and snowy winter, I’m more than ready for spring!

  876. amy says:

    From my window today there’s a river that runs through my backyard….because we’ve had so much rain. But my favorite thing is the dogwoods that are in bloom. As I look into the “woods” that sourround my house I see little bits of white floating amongst the tree trunks. It excites me — spring is coming!!

  877. Sarah S says:

    In Southern Ohio, the pear trees are blooming on both sides of our street. Our azeleas erupted into fuschia blooms this week. Yesterday I looked out and saw a clear blue sky. Today I see grey with rain drops hanging from the bushes. It’s officially spring here.

  878. portland is my home town too – i wish that was what i was looking at outside my window. instead i’m looking at bright blue sky and a blooming tree… not too bad, but its not home!

  879. Erin says:

    I love this fabric pack! Alicia’s blog post yesterday made me miss the soggy springtime of the northwest. As I look out my window today in the midwest and it’s bright, clear and cold. Nothing on the trees yet, but the grass is getting greener!

  880. Em says:

    Rain and rain and a parking lot,
    Oh how much more cheerful than that would a quilt in these be!

  881. Karen says:

    The view from my window is yellow tulips and a dogwood tree. Also, there is phlox and one lone red tulip which makes for a colorful beginning to my day.

  882. ELizabeth says:

    Well I live in the horribly hot and disgusting Phoenix, AZ so when I look out my window all I see is rocks, pavement, and some sad little desert plants. How I long for the Rocky Mountains again!

  883. Cristy says:

    The view outside my window has been the subject of timeless music and poetry, praised for its clear, unchanging color and year-round good weather. If you’re thinking it’s the Carolina blue sky, you’re right! And I get the additional satisfaction of seeing it all over the UNC campus. There really is something idyllic about the ratio of red brick, green trees and grass, and that sky… Thanks for giving me an excuse to pause and reflect!

  884. By LuLu says:

    I love the fabrics!! and your Blog for that matter. I hope I win I could use some fabric… my stash has dwindled!


  885. Stina says:

    Ok.. I wish my view from my window …was a lot better than it is now…
    Snow , snow and some more snow… still 50 cm of snow…I wish for the soft greens to come..and all the spring flowers… then my view from my window ..would look much nicer… :o) I so long for SPRING!! :o)

  886. Bridgett says:

    The view from my window today is cloudy and wet but the Spring rain has really intensified the green grass. Trees are just starting to bud and my neighbor’s flowering trees are in full bloom. Just gorgeous! Daffodils are open and glorious. If I were to choose from swatches today and they were to match my view, there would have to be lots of grass green and bright yellow. Don’t you just love spring?
    I have been a loyal follower of Alicia’s blog for a long time. She is so talented. I love her mix of fabrics. She has a real flair for pairing more modern prints with traditional “calico” types.

  887. birute pilipaitis says:

    Today, southern Ontario is getting a soaking from the sky! It has not let up all day, but I know that in a couple of weeks time, greens and yellows will burst through the wet dreariness that I see out my window today. From my little corner at work, I see puddles and raindrops and grey skies…and several people running from their cars to their buildings!!

  888. Lori Krause says:

    The fabrics are beautiful! I would be overjoyed to win! So Pretty!

  889. Rachel says:

    From my cubicle, I can see a small sliver of a window. Right now there is sun, blue skies with puffy white clouds, and wind. Yes, lots of spring wind that is blowing the pine tree around. Isn’t it strange that you can’t actually “see” wind but only the effects of wind?

  890. ikh says:

    The view from my window is gray and rainy. The red brick paving of my road is splotched with mud and puddles, but across the street I see daffodils and the breeze flowing through my window smells like spring.

  891. Beth says:

    We’re still getting frost almost every night here in Minnesota, but the ducks have moved back into the pond outside the window, so we can watch them and speculate about when the ice will be completely gone.

  892. Emilee says:

    Ooh. . . I love those fabrics. My view today is grey and dreary, but the promise of spring is definitely there in the little bits of green I see peeking up in my flowerbeds.

  893. Leslie Newton says:

    I look out my kitchen window every morning to check the temperature on the themometer that I received for Christmas. Spring in Tennessee is beautiful but fickle. One day it is 70 degrees and the next 40 degrees. I see dogwood trees, green grass, daffodiles and lots of purple weed in our yard that need cut. Rain and more rain – we need it…Tornadoes – we don’t need them.

  894. Frieda Z says:

    Thhe view from my window right now is spring in Texas. All of the trees are leafed out and the azaleas are at the end of their blooming season. Everything is pretty and green and the sky is a wonderful blue today.

  895. Julie says:

    Oh, love it – everything she touches is gold! It’s grey, and damp, but the buds on the trees are just about ready to bust. I can’t wait!!

  896. Courtney says:

    Right now the sun is brilliant and the weather is nice before the afternoon heat arrives in my spot of Texas. If I walk down the block I get a view of Mexico which is not reassuring during these turbulent times on the border.

  897. Michelle says:

    The view from my window is sprucing up, that’s for sure. For five years we’ve looked at a dingy grey fence, about ten feet worth of brick and dirt, and now finally that’s all changing. The girls are getting older (6 and 3), so they (and I guess my husband helped a little) stained the back fence with a nice cedar color, we’re lining the dirt to put in some Southwest Cobble pebbles, and adding some large planters. My peonies are budding after three years, the hydrangea is coming back, and I have miniature roses starting to bloom. Yay, spring!

  898. Megan says:

    It’s very green outside.

  899. kangaroo says:

    Are you KIDDING? THE Alicia Paulson? Posie gets Cozy Alicia Paulson? Um, YES, please enter me. These are absolutely adorable, and since I already have a yard of that darling pink polka dot, this would be a great addition to my spring quilting projects! THANK YOU!

  900. Melissa says:

    Right now, the view from our window is spring! Our fruit trees have leafed out, and the cherry is in bloom. Now if only the wind would simmer down so we could spend time out there.

  901. The view from my window here in Williamsburg, Virginia, is really starting to be pretty. The green grass is back and the trees have little green buds. It’s a nice cloudy, windy day, and with the windows open, the breeze is helping air out our apartment, clearing out winter and making way for SPRING!
    By the way, I LOVE Alicia Paulson! What a great giveaway!

  902. Shawna says:

    Today the view from our window has been rain. Rain has been pouring down like crazy and it was so dark I could not read the paper in front of me! The trees haven’t begun to bud yet but hopefully soon:)

  903. Lisa Clarke says:

    Such a pretty collection!

    The view out my window is of a dreary gray and rainy day – one that is best appreciated from inside the house, under a handmade quilt, sipping a cup of tea 🙂

  904. Shannon says:

    My view from the window while at the computer is a fence covered with blooming yellow Carolina Jasmine, patches of green grass throughout the yard and a sweet gum tree with new budding leaves. There are little birds and squirrels on the ground and in the trees! Sure signs that spring is finally here!

  905. Cami says:

    The view from my window right now is gray and dreary! I wish winter would be over and spring would finally arrive. The thing I love about my view is the train that passes each day at 9:00 and at 3:30. Always a short train, but still lovely to look at and admire.

  906. Katie says:

    The selections are beautiful together. I especially like the polka dots with birds and the one beside it with the teal flowers. So refreshing!
    It just rained here in Maryland. The grass is sparkling with water droplets and the sky is the most amazing blue. The sun is shining extra hard to make up for such a dreary, gray morning.

  907. Marlana says:

    This week has been cold and gray and rainy but today the clouds have disappeared and the sky is a deep blue. The trees are just starting to show tiny baby leaves and my red tulips are budding. Too bad it’s supposed to rain again all weekend.

  908. Missy says:

    We have a cherry tree in its full blossoming glory in the backyard framed by the dark branches of many other trees waiting patiently for leaves to sprout…I cannot WAIT for spring to really get rolling here in MD.

  909. Hmmm, have to stand up and peer over my cubicle wall… rain. A spring thunderstorm, to be specific. I hope the cherry blossoms don’t fall off the trees! (I’m in Philadelphia)

  910. Chen says:

    The view from my window right now would be a cardinal eating at my birdfeeder.

  911. Cathy DeVinney says:

    Today in PA it is raining so hard that I can’t really see out my windows as the downspouts can’t handle all of it and they are overflowing! April showers bring May flowers!


  912. water works says:

    The view from my south eastern Virginia window is of wonderful fun snow. But not the cold kind! Yesterday’s wind/rain storm blew all the dogwood blooms in swirls around town. It looks like a snow fall. Beautiful. And, okay, so the pollen count is off the charts high and everybody’s sneezing. Let Spring Begin!

  913. April Marciszewski says:

    I like the view out my small kitchen window, past a celery-smelling plant, to a long sidewalk flanked by apartments and shrubs. Sometimes I see neighbors urging their dogs to walk or shifting their bundles as they try to unlock their front doors. The window is higher than head level, so I often see people and hear snatches of their conversations without them seeing me, though I sometimes smile their way.

  914. Jeannine says:

    Unfortunately, the view from my window (ohhhh so far away from my cubicle) is gray, gray, gray.

  915. Amy says:

    The view out my window is pretty crummy, actually. First of all, there is a nasty glare during the summer months so the facilities folks “helpfully” put up this filmy stuff that means I can’t see much of anything. Plus they left bubbles in it and the corner is peeling up. If I get really close and squint, I can see a building across the way with a green house on top. There is snow coming down today. Yep. Even in April. Still snow.

  916. Alyson says:

    The view out my window is usually bright and sunny, but today is overcast and we might get some rain (but I doubt it). I have a cute robellini palm tree outside of my window, and I can see some of the gardenias that line the front walk way.

  917. sara says:

    I live and work in the city (Chicago) so my view is of buildings are far as the eye can see.

  918. Tara says:

    What beautiful fabric!

    Southern California weather is unpredictible this time of year. The weather can be overcast and cool then turn to 85 degrees within a day or so. You never know what you’re gonna see when you look outside my window, but finally… Spring is upon us!

  919. Maria says:

    The view from my office window can be beautiful this time of year despite the boarded up building next door. It’s an old building and I love old buildings so the boarded up state is nice to me. The building beyond it has a gold dome so that’s what I see above it – quite beautiful. The contrast of the gold with a beautiful blue sky is wonderful. Today, unfortunately, it’s cloudy and dreary and the old stone of both buildings is blending in with the gray sky. We desperately need some sun.

  920. Ginger&Pickle says:

    I love springtime. Those grey, cloudy, rainy days that make the house feel so cozy. Outside my window I can see about a dozen robins flying about gathering bits and bobs for their nests.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter in this give away! Happy Spring from Canada!

  921. Anna says:

    I’m at work, procrastinating a bit … looking out the window of my office, I see a damp roof, purple and slate grey tiles, and in the distance, a patch of green lawn with undergrads walking to class, trying to balance cups of coffee and umbrellas.
    thanks! 🙂

  922. Katie says:

    I can see parking lots, parking garages, empty lots, warehouses, the freeway, and utility towers. I’d rather look at the fabric pack full of green and blue and pink!

  923. Whistlepea says:

    I love Alicia. If I were to design a fat quarter pack with the same inspiration it would be pretty dull. Out side my window I see a snowy field, bare birch trees and wooden garbage box. I want to move to Portland.

  924. Panamomma says:

    From my window right now, I stare out at a variety of palms, mangroves and the Caribbean Sea. The treat for today specifically is that there is an iguana perched in the mangroves. Treat for sure.

  925. Emily says:

    My view is of a rainy, foggy, misty Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and Boston Harbor. I know I’m outnumbered, but I really love the rain!

  926. woolcat says:

    Usually at this time of year, I can see cherry blossoms in the park across the street from us; this year it’s been weirdly cold (it snowed on April Fool’s Day – most unusual for this part of the West Coast) so it’s just green grass and mud and some trees just starting to bud. Oh and four lanes of traffic between us and the park, of course!

  927. Heidi says:

    I love these FQ’s!

    The view from my window today is rather rainy, but April showers bring May flowers!!
    At least I get to look out on to my beautiful (or at least it will be soon!) garden.

  928. Karen Ellis says:

    Those are so beautiful! I’d love to win a pack. 🙂 I really, REALLY like the print with the birds on it.

  929. Julie says:

    My view today is a very overcast one, but yesterday was gorgeous, lots of sunshine, the grass is starting to green again and there are the beginnings of new spring flowers and buds.

  930. Mieke says:

    The Hague, Netherlands: Looking outside through my windows, I see the trees still brown and empty, but with a slight wave of green, spring is coming. When I open my window, I can smell the scent of spring and hear the birds. I have to wait a little longer till the view will be total green from all the trees.

  931. MaryAnn says:

    Alicia’s fabrics are beautiful and I love her blog. Here in S.W. Ontario, we have lots of rain- but that’s a good thing! The grass is greening and the daffodils are up about 6″.

  932. halfdime says:

    it’s snowing buckets right now! covering up the daffodils that have been my view until this week…I’m so ready for spring and my day lily’s.

  933. Anjuli A. says:

    I love those fabrics (and Alicia’s blog)! I only wish my window view was so cheerful. I spend a lot of time in my office, which luckily has a really tall window – but the view is mostly filled by the tan brick building across the street which houses some big turbines and thermodynamics researchers. This time of year in Boston it’s very rainy and gray… so I’ve filled my windowsill with a bunch of potted plants to add a little color – money tree, orchid, bamboo, cacti, and an easter lily about to bloom!

  934. Southern California so the view from my window is bright and sunny. 🙂

    Camellia bushes are in bloom. Roses are all budding.

    Portland is my hometown, and though I miss the greenness of it, I find it hard to adjust to cloudy skies.

  935. Keri says:

    Out my window it looks pretty much exactly like Alicia’s fat quarter pack. Gray. But promising if you just keep looking. LOVE that FQ pack!!!

  936. maggie says:

    I am at work right now watching it sprinkle! I like the white noise it creates on the roof. This is good napping weather, if I could only crawl inder my desk…. oh well, the phone would wake me up anyway!

  937. Jane says:

    I live in Nova Scotia and the view this morning is much like any place on the coast. Some fog, a few rain drops and the occasional bit of green peeking out of the brown leaves on the ground.

    The brook is busy babbling over rocks, tree limbs and the remains of a plank bridge some children made years ago.
    Mr and Mrs Duck are busy bobbing up and down in the water, here a tail, there a tail, foraging for food. I hope they soon settle down and build their nest we can get ducklings to look at.

    Eventually it will warm up and all will be green.

    From my window

  938. Susanna says:

    I hope I can win! I love reading Alicia’s blog. I live in Florida so the view from my window right now is very bright and sunny. I live on the 6th floor in a downtown apt building so all I see are other buildings, cars, and palm trees mostly.

  939. Diane says:

    I’m sitting at my computer looking out on our side yard in NC. There are both white and yellow daffodils blooming, ivy growing down the wall, rhododendrums green and silent still, and off to the side the forsythia are bright yellow and blooming. There’s a bird bath nestled amid the trees and we’ve had cardinals returning home, a bright bluejay, some little chickadees, and a few robins. It’s a great place to browsing sewing blogs and planning that next project.

  940. Renee says:

    The green GREEN grass is freshly mowed and the rain really made everything really GREEN!
    Green is my favorite color and I love the fabrics!

  941. Tina says:

    The view from my room is of my neighbor’s brownstone, built in the mid 1800’s. In front of it is an old tree that is covered in pink flowers. Behind on ornate iron gate, is a large concrete urn with dozens of daffodils. Spring has sprung!

  942. jessica m says:

    You never know this time of year in Chicago. But the word that comes to mind is neutral. The skies are gray/yellow/white with a churning wind that pushes the clouds slowly across the sky. The sun tries to break through every once in a while. Tree trunks are shiny and dark like melted chocolate in a mold, but the branches are still naked, maybe a bud here or there to keep you optimistic. It’s good time of year to be inside, looking out the window frankly. But in a few weeks, it’ll be gorgeous 🙂

  943. Celeste says:

    Sunny and warm here–and a pair of mourning doves are making a nest on our backyard trellis.

  944. Laura S says:

    Overcast sky, green trees and birds chirping. Spring must be here!

  945. Courtney says:

    Right now my windows are wide open to let in the spectacular blue skies and cool breeze. I’m gazing at the wildflower meadow my husband created … and a patch of real Texas bluebonnets. Ah, spring!

  946. Little fluttering helicopter blades are falling from our big maple tree, seeking to claim a stake in my flower beds. The thick emerald blades of the day lily’s are beginning to unfurl more and more each day and the hydrangeas are just beginning to replace last year’s brown remnants with fresh bright green leaves. The bright violas and daffodils are the only break of color yet in a sea of spring green.

  947. helena says:

    The view is of newly planted garden in my backyard. A neglected pool, and a well used swing set. Plus the buzz of kids going in and out. The joy of homeschooling and living in the south allows the kids to do math or reading outside.

  948. Annika says:

    How about some show and tell? Our windows look out on some trees, and our front balcony shows off my favorite:

  949. Miss Posie, as always, has an unerring eye for combining fabrics! Beautiful job.

  950. Cami Paul says:

    The view from my window seems tenative this spring. I live in the Columbia River Gorge and winter has been relentless. I have the beautiful green of the trees and moss that are always present. There is the gorgeous gray of the bark of alder trees and the brown of the other trees that have yet to bloom/leaf out. Then there are the great pops of yellow and purple that are the daffodils and crocus. Maybe instead of tenative I should say hopeful!

  951. Steph W says: