Free Fabric Friday

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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

So, are you having a marvelous time perusing the 400+ blogs participating in Giveaway Day?!  Wow, there are some amazing, generous, talented people out there!  If you’re having a giveaway on your own blog, we hope you’re enjoying some new visitors.  Please remember to keep your giveaways open until May 31–that way people have time to get through all the blogs and find yours.  And please ship your giveaway by June 3.

As we mentioned, we had comments off earlier this week to make sure the blog was responding as efficiently as possible. We want to make up for it though, so now we’ll give away a big envelope stuffed with lots and lots lovely remnants to 5 people.  Tell us about a Giveaway Day highlight–a special blog you’ve just discovered, a hilarious comment on yours, etc.  OR, head on over to the forum and participate in any thread there.  We’ll announce the winners on Monday.

We’re excited to reveal that June is Sewing Machine Month! We have a lot of great articles to share, as well as some terrific giveaways. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our feed!

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582 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Porn Tube says:

    Outstanding information, plenty of awesome material. I am about to show my friends and discuss this with them.

  2. Big kiss to you all for having us. xx

  3. Alysa Desue says:

    Good blog and good job I love it^ haha ^

  4. BlackLabMama says:

    I’ve been trying to find where the list of 400 blogs is. Is there a link to the list somewhere?

  5. Thank you so much for organising the giveaway day – it was so much fun reading everyone’s comments and blogs. Great way to “meet” new bloggers!

  6. ~Heather says:

    These were my fave three blogs I found – really pretty to look at and lovely prose. ~H

  7. Georgia says:

    Well, I should start by saying that my favorite thing about this giveaway is that it is my birthday!! It’s so exciting!

    So one of my favorite things is this blog that I found called U-Handblog – it’s all about sewing bags!! Another one of my favorite things!

    Here’s the link if you’re interested…

  8. Mama King says:

    Just found out I won the And She’s Off giveaway! Thank you for hosting such a fun event. I have so many tutorials an ideas to fill my summer now! Thanks! Mama King

  9. rachel says:

    my giveaway highlight would have to be the comments people left on my giveaway.
    i made mine a little different and asked people to tell me their fav movie and fav quote from that movie.
    it’s been entertaining.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Wow! So many talented people. I loved all the adorable bag giveaway’s. Plus those that had tutorials out there to share. What great talents to keep tabs on now.

  11. Susan M in Alaska says:

    Thank you for organizing such a great giveaway! I’ve spent so much time checking out all the blogs that my husband has threatened to take the computer away. Just kidding! But I have found a lot of new blogs to follow; there are so many creative people out there. Thanks again!

  12. Leonie Guld says:

    Big kiss to you all for having us. xx

  13. Christy says:

    Made it just under the wire – I’m always looking for great blogs so this was great! True Up has been on my list for a while so I’m glad to see them here. I enjoyed being tuned into 2Birdies – vintage plus fabric = awesome. Thank you!

  14. Carlee says:

    I have found way too many way too cool blogs to list! I am so inspired to craft and create with all the awesome stuff I have seen over the past few days! My bookmarks list is FULL! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  15. Bron says:

    I am very very new to sewing as in 1 week new!
    I can;t believe how many beautiful blogs are out there to inspire me further.
    I love this one:
    so many good ideas and inspiration. In my first week I have made 2 little skirts, 2 headbands and a baby blanket all for my precious daughter.

  16. Kim Evans says:

    I was awestruck by the generosity of the bloggers! Beautiful fabrics, notions, handmade items… wow!
    I’ve had a lot of fun reading new blogs and entering to win!

  17. susie says:

    Like so many of the others, I loved perusing so many new blogs! I loved reading everyone’s comments on my giveaway, too! So nice of you all to host the giveaway!

  18. Mary H says:

    It was just so nice to spend a day reading about other people who love fabric and other people who love to get crafty. It was like some kind of really fun micro-convention!

  19. Alana says:

    Oh my goodness, I have discovered so many new blogs and have added a lot to my follow list! But don’t even get me started on how many hours I have logged in front of my computer this weekend!

  20. Alice S says:

    I’ve added several new blogs to my subscriptions list. I just need some more time in the day to read them and then make all of the projects that I get ideas for. I’m hoping to win something tomorrow since I didn’t on the last giveaway day (and I could really use a pick-me-up about now)

  21. Julie says:

    I am taking part in the giveaway and have to say that I am truly touched by all of the lovely comments that everyone has posted! I love the new visitors and hope to have made a few new blogging friends! Can’t wait to find out who wins tomorrow!

  22. Cheryl says:

    I have to say that this has been very exciting! I have found so many blogs that deserve mention, I don’t think that I can pick out just a couple! So many are deserving! And I have met some of the most wonderful people coming by to say hi.

    Thanks for all of the hard work you have done hosting this, I’ll definitely be involved again next year!

  23. Kelli says:

    I had a lot of fun participating in Giveaway Day! I was thrilled to be able to have so many visitors to my blog! I think my absolute favorite giveaway is A la Mode’s Lush fabric. I’m dying for some of this!

  24. Suzy says:

    wow I’ve found so many new blogs! Thanks so much for doing this, it’s been fun!

  25. Michelle says:

    Love the giveaways as a chance to dicover new blogs full of inspiration. I could get lost in all the great stuff!!

  26. bec says:

    i met someone from my hometown who was hosting a giveaway. pretty cool!

  27. Jennifer says:

    I found and started to follow many new blogs hard to pick out just one that I liked best.

  28. Tricia L. says:

    I’ve come across so many inspiring blogs over the past few days, so I’d rather not just call out one person. I am sooo amazed at the crafting community I’ve discovered through blogging and hope that my blog will inspire someone to start sewing or quilting one day. Thanks for running the Giveaway Day and I can’t wait to participate in the future!

  29. Sara C says:

    The give aways have been great! I’ve been enjoy the week of give aways on Simple!

  30. Hilary says:

    This was the first giveaway I have participated since starting my blog earlier this year, and I am SO glad I did. My sister was due to spend a week with us ( I only see her a couple of times a year) and just before we set off to collect her from the sleeper train, my oldest son vomited from the top of the stairs, the whole way down! I managed to collect my sister but very soon I had two very unwell small boys throwing up and running to the loo every 5 minutes! Oh disaster, all our lovely plans had to be shelved as we mopped brows and held buckets. When they slept we kept checking the blog and it was so wonderful to see all the comments pouring in from all 4 corners of the world. It kept our spirits up, and gave us a lot of smiles. People say the kindest things. We even managed a bit of sewing! We also entered a few giveaways ourselves, and found some new and lovely blogs, so I’d have to say the Giveaway just about made our week, when it could have been just awful!! So thank you so very much for a great idea, and I will defintely do it again. It makes the world a smaller and warmer place.

  31. Stacy says:

    My goodness! The generousity of all of the readers here is overwhelming! My butt is feeling a but achy from sitting so long and replying to blogs. I try to do a bit at a time, but that still takes it’s toll. I do like to look at the blogs before commenting to win the free things they are giving away and have found a few more blogs to add to my favorites list. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  32. Leah says:

    For my giveaway, I have asked people to leave one “unusual fact” about themselves–and I have gotten such a great laugh out of the responses! I had no idea so many people have ridden elephants:-) One lady commented that she had given birth to a 9+ pound baby without medication, and the next commenter “topped her” by telling of her even bigger baby that was born naturally! One of favorite comments was from a lady who said that she has declared herself “left shouldered–because she carries her purse on her left shoulder, but writes with her right hand”. The comments have been so much fun!

  33. Allison says:

    I have found so many great new blogs during this giveaway! I’ve really enjoyed CraftyTammi, I Love Baby Quilts, and Quilt Dad. Great to have more sources of inspiration–of course, the more time I spend reading the less I will be able to craft!!

  34. julie says:

    I saw so many beautiful blogs and giveaway, it’s really been inspiring!

  35. nanann says:

    Really, the generousity of people is just amazing. I have trouble giving away some of my favorite fabric, much less one of my favorite quilts as one blog has done. I’m feeling guilty for entering so many giveaways — probably should participate in your next round!

  36. Angela_P says:

    I discovered The Toy Society ( Which I thought was a really neat concept, and would be fun to participate in!

  37. Marie S says:

    The best part was that the blogs were all listed for you to go to. No searching just reading and looking at the interesting giveaways.

  38. Hollye says:

    Such fun. So many good blogs! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work & creative outlets. Inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. MaryAnn says:

    You have so many wonderful blog giveaways here…

  40. I entered so many contests! People are so generous with their prizes. I hope my winner loves his/her prize. I can’t wait to pick my winner tonite. I also found some great sites for quilting inspiration and tutorials. I bookmarked about 12!

  41. Valerie says:

    I had an absolute blast looking through the blogs of so many amazing, talented and FUNNY ladies, what a hoot, I had a smile on my face the entire time I was blog surfing!

  42. mandy says:

    I love checking out craft blogs, and this is the best way – through giveaways!!! My bookmark list is getting long!!

  43. Linda T says:

    I found so many interesting blogs that I want to go back and read. But now I have a problem though; I’ve been spending so much time on the blogs in the last few days that my garden never got weeded, my laundry didn’t get folded, etc., etc. It was worth it though. Lots of fun on lots of blogs!

  44. jo says:

    I have loved hosting a giveaway – I finally feel like I have been able to give back something to the blogging community and all those wonderful people out there who inspire me daily with their own blogs! I have so many new blogs to follow it is untrue! Nothing has been done in my house for the last three days – oh well! Thanks so much for organising it!

  45. Gretchen says:

    I found so charming, and I love the way she repurposes found items that look like nothing special into charming and beautiful new things. Such an inspiration! This giveaway is so great, and I added so many new blogs to my blog reader!

  46. hayley l. says:

    Thanks so much for this great event! I asked what Summer sewing projects people have in the works and I got some amazing, inspiring answers. I appreciate the exposure for secret cake, and I am so excited to uncover some new crafty blogs to follow. (Like I need to spend any MORE time trolling the bloglands!) Thanks again!

  47. Christy says:

    As a fellow blogger and blog stalker I haven’t had to have an excuse to blog stalk, with so many blogs to review it has been great to find new inspiration and it has been awesome to be invited to some great fabric swaps. Can’t wait. I love this site:

    I also have been pleasantly surprised by the number of comments on my blog. I have done give a ways before but have never had more than about 12 comments. I have over 290+ comments and it has been neat to see who stopped by and what they had to say. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

  48. Katie says:

    I was quite disappointed to have missed the giveaway in December so I made sure I kept a good eye on this blog for the next one! Well, as a huge fabric lover and a fabric seller on Etsy I really wanted to share the love so I came up with three tiny FQ bundles to give away and I was reciprocated with over 500 comments! I don’t keep up with my blog a lot this giveaway time has been about the highest traffic it has EVER seen! Like, EVER! 😀 I’m so glad every single commenter replied to my three requests with such interest and so much fun. It’s been a really cool time!

  49. Aimee says:

    There are so many wonderful blogs that I have discovered. One of them is I am really enjoying it, and getting lots of great ideas! Thanks for making all this possible!!!

  50. bashtree says:

    This is the first giveaway frenzy that I’ve caught here, and I am so hooked! I’ve discovered a ton of great new blogs. One of my favorites is I am only beginning to learn to quilt and I think her quilts are so beautiful and inspiring!

  51. tracy says:

    I follow several blogs that I have found from here. Two that are active participants of yours who i ADORE are Film in the Fridge and Cluck Cluck Sew. Those girls have style!

  52. luciana r. says:

    It’s so awesome 🙂

  53. Aimee says:

    This giveaway was great – I found so much inspiration and so many new daily reads!

  54. Raheli says:

    I’ve spent a few evenings going through all these blogs that are new to me. I found over a dozen blogs that I now follow & signed up for my first craft swap! And I flagged hundreds of ideas for projects!

  55. Jennifer says:

    My new favorite blog is I laugh. I’m inspired. I relate. That’s what a blog is all about!

  56. Hello everyone…just discovered this blog via my own first blog giveaway. Isn’t this fun, I love meeting new bloggers and shop owners. You are all invited to enter to win my beautiful Warrenton Farmers Market Tote. Check out and you might get lucky. Just follow my blog and leave a comment. Good luck! Go..Go..Sew Mama Sew!

  57. Stephanie says:

    yay! I have absolutely loved seeing so many wonderful creative blogs from people who share the same interests as me. What an amazing thing to be able to do. It was not many years ago that we would have not had access to do this. 🙂

  58. danna osen says:

    Reading blogs is so addictive and I just love it. I look forward to all promotional and informational things you do.

  59. Amy says:

    Thanks for such a creative initiative. I haven’t been aware of the sewing blogging community for that long, only a month or so..So this has been a great way for me to find interesting new blogs, get inspired, find some very helpful tutorials and see what people are up to. It’s been nice to receive email responses from some of the blogs that I’ve commented on, and also to read other peoples comments or recommendations for good tutorials, etsy shops, music etc. Thanks for the work you put into organizing this activity. It’s been a lot of fun and very enlightening.

  60. Amy says:

    I’ve recently started sewing in order to make my children’s halloween costumes. My mother always made ours when we were little and I remember sitting by her side as her sewing machine hummed away. We were allowed to put our fingers on the wheel as it spun around and I always thought I was helping. I wanted my boys to have the same memories of watching their costumes or clothes come to life under my hands and I haven’t been disappointed. They love the clothes that I make for them even if they aren’t perfect. This blog has so many wonderful ideas and to discover over 400 more wonderfully written and creative blogs is just so exciting and overwhelming. It is wonderful to discover such talented people who are willing to share their resources and talent. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!

  61. Katrin says:

    I can not pick one special blog/giveaway – there are so many wonderful inspiring blogs I found via SMS Giveaway Day! Such a great idea!

  62. Deb says:

    I spent several hours browsing through new blogs I had discovered through the giveaway day. It was amazing to read blogs from all over the world (most of the ones I normally read are from Australia or the US).

  63. Lauranie says:

    I have had so much FUN reading all of the sweet comments on my blog! Thank you so much for organizing such a rewarding giveaway extravaganza!! Now that I have a minute from responding to all of my comments, I’m off to check out the list to see the blogs I may have missed!

  64. nadia says:

    thanks so much for organizing this mass giveaway! it’s been so lovely, and have discovered lovely new blogs too. i’ve been blown away by the amount of sweet comments at my giveaways, thanks! i’m already looking forward to next time!

  65. sew, mama, sew is THE JAM!!! i had so much fun visiting everyone and seeing all of the wonderful, generous giveaways! and i am super anxious to see who will win my own giveaway ~ just a few more hours…

  66. Terri H says:

    Wow all I can say is thank you !! I guess I did not realize the capacity of this special day. I was swarmed with lovely new readers, new followers, commenters, and crafters. Everyone has been so wonderful. I have recieved a lot of feedback on my etsy shop as well. I have been blushing for 3 days straight from all the love.

    I am heading out now to see if I can enter a few myself. Thanks a bunch Beth this was wonderful.

  67. Yetta says:

    I discovered a couple of blogs that share my taste in fabric. Very exciting! Thank you for organizing Give Away Day.

  68. Casey says:

    Oh, my! I have found so many wonderful blogs! I have also noticed that I have a particular fondness for Aussie blogs. Don’t know why, but they seem to be the ones I am bookmarking the most!

  69. KerryQ says:

    This has been great fun. I’ve added lots of blogs to my bookmarks, and been inspired a lot. It makes you feel like you have made beautiful things, even if you’ve only been buying lots and lots of fabric lately!

  70. PamJ says:

    I just found and she is in the same province as I! What a small world 🙂

  71. Christine says:

    All the giveaways are awesome! The thing I like about all of them is reading what everyone else is doing with sewing and other things in their lives. I also love seeing all the awesome crafty stuff that everyone made. 🙂

  72. Andrea Wilson says:

    What a lovely giveaway on your site and so many others. I spent some good time wandering around all the crafty blogs!

  73. Gretchen says:

    I have read too many blogs! I think my eyes are bleeding! No, but really, I wouldn’t take even one back. I love reading in all of these blogs and being inspired by literally hundreds of women. That is awesome!

  74. Michelle says:

    I found so many new blogs but my favorite, with great tutorials is the Pink Penguin. She is a very talented lady. Some blogs had too many rules to enter and that was a bummer. I did enjoy looking around the different blogs but not when I felt “forced” to in order to enter. It’s not like I have tons of time to peruse all the blogs!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  75. Jackie H says:

    It’s been so fun seeing the products of people’s creativity and leafing through the various blogs – it’s pure eye candy! But what really inspires me are the tutorials that people have put up on their blogs- many thanks from this beginner sewer! 🙂

  76. tirzahjoy says:

    Wow so many great blogs, I’m delighted to gain so much information and see so many creative and cute designs! i love and still so many more to see. thanks for such a great giveaway day!

  77. Lea says:

    It was pretty unbelievable to see how many people find time to create AND to blog. I have something to learn from all you people!

  78. brenda king says:

    I really love these giveaways. Thanks so much. It had to be a lot of work. I’ve enjoyed so many and added quite a few to my favorites. Thanks again.

  79. anissa ljanta says:

    ahh, i could spend many hours blissfully trawling all these yummy sites, and likely will, i have the house to myself (apart from a sleeping one) tonight! I love the request of tigerlily tinkering for a funny small person anecdote to lighten the load of juggling a newborn, a 2 year old and wonderful work and website. love that apron! anissa

  80. Jenni says:

    Oh, I love this idea – I’ve found so many new blogs to read, so many creative people to inspire. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to i heart linen, ikat bag and more!

  81. Stephanie says:

    I’ve really enjoyed perusing some of the blogs in the giveaway. I wish I had the time to check them all out. I also wish I had done this great giveaway myself on my own blog, maybe I’ll catch it next time. Fish sticks and fries blog had a great bag pattern and fabric and there was another blog (sorry don’t remember the name) that was actually giving away that awesome gnome fabric which is so hard to find… too cool!

  82. Jessica T says:

    I’ve really been enjoying seeing what everyone has made. I’ve added several blogs to my favourites.

  83. Dacia says:

    I have had so MUCH fun with giveaway day! I have found SOOO many wonderful blogs and new etsy stores… I am so excited! I am happy to have found so many inspiring and creative people. I wish I would have found out about it early enough to participate myself…. but now I have December to look forward to! yeah!!!

  84. JB says:

    I found some other vintage lovers!

  85. I wish I had known earlier about the giveaway. I’d have made something to give! I had SO much fun reading everyone’s blogs and dreaming about all the awesome things that could be mine. I am usually one who goes to bed at 10:00 and I found myself still up at 1:00 AM (3 nights in a row!) entering comments and reading blogs that I didn’t know about before.

    I haven’t hit them all, but I plan to finish going to the rest when even after the contests are over.
    It is hard to find new blogs that are all about your favorite topic and that is a whole listing of them!

    Thanks for the fun evenings and I’ll be sure to join in next time.

  86. Joanna says:

    I couldn’t believe that some were giving away whole quilts! I am not even hoping to win anything with the sheer number of commenters, but everything was really nice.

  87. Jennifer says:

    I found the blog of Lale Pop and I loved all her stuff that I had to go to her Etsy page and buy something right then. Thanks for sponsoring this so we could be exposed to new people!

  88. Nicole says:

    I’m a sucker for tutorials and I’ve found some great ones through the giveaway – Oh, Frannson and Pink Petunias come to mind right now. Thanks for organizing this – now I have to go organize all my new bookmarks!

  89. Nicole says:

    THis was the first giveaway day I have participated it. Let me tell you, I went through every single blog, read every single giveaway and entered almost every one. My fingers were going to fall off by the end and not to mention, my two year old was at her wits end… it took me a few hours. What fun and it was so organized!! I just loved it.

  90. Alissa says:

    The giveaway has been so much fun. It is such a great way to meet people, find new blogs to inspire! You guys are genius! Having a great time perusing all the sites.

  91. Ali says:

    I am so happy someone told me that sew mama sew was doing the giveaway day again. I am going to have to finally add it to my favorites, so I can keep up with it on a costant basis. And since I am finally trying to finish my quilts, I really need it 🙂

  92. Rie says:

    I love the competition – I found it by chance and then spent an exhausting 4 hours touring all the blog pages until my internet connection died! It was also great for me, as I am a new blogger myself – just by entering some competitions, I know have 2 additional followers and 2 new comments on my blogspot – I’m wrapped!
    Thanks, you made my May!
    Cheers, Rie.

  93. Pam Frederick says:

    This is my time to participate in a Giveaway. The number of blogs to visit is overwhelming. I have enjoyed visiting the various sites but still have not made it to all of them. It is a fun task to say the least.

  94. isabel f. says:

    WOW!!! This is really an awesome event!!! thanks for putting this all together!!
    I discovered so many great blogs and added so many to my following list :)))
    Hey!!! I’ve had over 700 visitors on the first day!! do you believe it??!!!
    260 comments so far???????
    and now I see in second comment here that I’m favorite!!!!
    T H A N K * * * * Y O U ! ! !

  95. Alison says:

    Fore sure there are so many to enjoy. I like Cicadastudio and Daisyjanie, among others.

  96. Baba says:

    I found so my fabulous new blogs to visit! The giveaway was a great success for reaching out to new people. I loved reading them all.

  97. Marie-Jolie says:

    What a great experience! This was my second time being part of Giveaway Day, and it was just as good as the first time. I enjoyed all the fun comments, and was especially grateful to those who took the time to say hello and share their thoughts or experiences. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this excellent opportunity for crafty bloggers, and I look forward to participating next time.

  98. emily says:

    I loved seeing all the blogs! i even added some new ones to my list! thanks for organizing this event! now to see if i win anything…

  99. Bailey says:

    Giveaway Day has just started for me – I finally have some time this afternoon (during simultaneous naps! WOOHOO!) to linger over some of these new-to-me blogs. Looking forward to discovering a new favorite. Thank you as always for the good work that you do at SMS.

  100. Brittney says:

    It has been so much fun looking at all of the blogs and etsy shops and so forth! They are all so inspiring! My favorite finds have been some lovely handmade quilts and some really fabulous camera straps. Thanks so much for hosting this!

  101. Kerry says:

    I LOVE this giveaways because I always find so many wonderful, new-to-me blogs to follow! Can’t pick a favourite yet cause I’m still surfing! I would love to take part in the next Giveaway!

  102. Nova437 says:

    You mean, other than having all these in one place? 🙂

  103. Andi says:

    Well, I wasn’t planning on trying to win anything this giveaway day (I still haven’t got my own blog up and running and would rather play fair and offer as well as receive) but I did want to peruse some of the blogs to see what eveyone was doing. My attention was caught by the blog of Margaret’s Hope Chest and their unique giveaway. I couldn’t help posting about a friend I have in need and was also excited to find a possible opportunity for using my sewing skills to help others. Thanks again, Sew, Mama, Sew for a great giveaway day!

  104. Christine says:

    This has been so cool, I’ve added a bizillion blogs to my favorites now, so I’m sure to be entertained forever looking through them all, finding new ideas, etc. Thanks for doing the Giveaway Day!

  105. Katie says:

    I’m just amazed at how many giveaways there are from Australia! Definitely neat. Feels like the whole world reads Sew Mama Sew.

  106. Patty Fairbairn says:

    I was up early today in anticipation of having a productive Saturday…until I started reading some of the blogs from your giveaway participants. It’s 2:50 p.m. and I still haven’t accomplished a thing other than to read not very many blogs so far. I can’t get off one in a timely matter to check out another one. So goes my productive Saturday! But we have to have fun once in a while!

  107. Sara Hemmeke says:

    I love – thanks so much for hosting giveaway day!

  108. Jenna says:

    This has been a wonderful giveaway – thank you so much for organizing it! I hope they become a twice-yearly event. I can’t even begin to describe all the great blogs I’ve stumbled upon through this… my bookmarks is in dire need of organizing now! I also met a couple of people who live near me, that I may never have gotten in touch with prior to this event… so thank you! My own blog and giveaway has had hundreds upon hundreds of hits, as well as my Etsy store… that alone is worth doing it for the exposure. But, my motivation is knowing that there are going to be two very happy people out there because of my giveaways… their smiles are more than worth it! Thank you again!

  109. Signe says:

    The best part of Giveaway Day… I don’t know where to start… Well, I was recently fortunate enough to be gifted a good sewing machine, and I soon started looking online for inspiration for crafting. What I discovered was an entire faboulous world of crafting blogs, tutorials, forums and wonderfully inspiring people.
    And now this Giveaway… I feel like I’m arriving at a party, and everybody have welcomed me with open arms and so much kindness and generosity.
    I never imagined that a sewing machine would bring so much fun and inspiration with it.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  110. Kolleen says:

    I love all the blogs and I love all the creativity! As the mom of teenagers, I especially like to read the blogs of young moms who work “making stuff” in around caring for their small children. I suspect it’s part of what keeps them sane amidst the unrelenting constancy of motherhood. Of course, my tall, gangly 15 year old is sometimes just as cute as a small, sweet 4 year old, but he wouldn’t be caught dead in overalls made of Amy Butler fabric! Thanks for bring all these blogs together!

  111. karen says:

    The talent out there is amazing! Now I have more Blogs added to my list for viewing! Thanks!

  112. edeenut says:

    I am just happy to be able to browse the many blogs out there. It’s nice to have all the crafty/sewing blogs right at my finger tips, There are sure some talented people out there. And Generous!

  113. Kathryn says:

    Goodness! I’m still making my way through the list of blogs. There’s so many wonderful ones, and it’s so nice to see so much craftieness!

  114. Rachelle says:

    So many wonderful blogs participated in this, I subscribed to over a couple dozen. One of my favorites is “Rather be crafting.” As a new sewer and crafter, I can relate to newbies but love getting ideas on new projects.

  115. Alisa says:

    I’ve run across quite a few very nice blogs. I especially enjoy reading the blogs of stay-at-home moms who, like me, sew, quilt and create in the time between caring for children and the home.

  116. kristine says:

    I’ve loved searching the blogs of so many creative people out there. It’s inspired me to sew a little more!

  117. aida says:

    i am half day discovering all the talented craft blogs!! my personal favourite has to be soo many japanese fabrics /craft that is sooo drool worthy!

  118. Joske says:

    THanks for organizing the giveaways! I’ve been browsing and getting inspiration from the blog for a few months now, and I’ve made some great items! Thanks for gathering all the inspiration!

  119. I love visiting new websites. It’s going to take me awhile to see all 400+. You all are so generous. It’s nice to find sites that aren’t mean and hateful. Thanks.

  120. Tracy says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway blog finding funness! I like the modern acorn and will be following her blog now!

  121. Corvus says:

    I didn’t manage to get any giveaways together in time (though I am giving away a McCalls pattern on my blog, with the caveat that whoever gets it has to be my sewing buddy and sew theirs the same time I sew mine), but I’ve been having tons of fun looking at everyone else’s! I must have added at least ten blogs to my RSS aggregator so far, and I found a cookie recipie on that I’m thawing the butter for right now.

  122. Liz says:

    I have really enjoyed having a giveaway on my blog:
    So many nice people have commented and I have had fun looking at their sites as well. It has been a very inspiring weekend. Thank You!

  123. Traci P White says:

    How can you pick??/ I did not know there were so many interesting blogs out there!! I have made a few purchases, too.

  124. I came a little late to giveaway day, but it has been fun discovering new blogs. (Not done yet!) Fun for me was to discover all the international blogs — mostly Canadian and Australian. I found one, though, that was from Rouen, France, and since I speak French, it was fun to check it out. It was la machine a coudre.

    Thanks for organizing all of this. It’s so fun!

  125. Annwen says:

    Well, it is possible I am entering this twice….I commented yesterday (in fact I clicked on that ‘be the first to comment link’ but when I checked back today to read some other comments I did not see mine there. How strange. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the thing I have really enjoyed about May Giveaway Day is being inspired by not only all the creativity out there but also by the outstanding generosity and thoughtfulness of people. It really has been a blessing to not only see what people are giving away but to also read all the motivating and thoughtful comments people have left. This giveaway gives more than just prizes to people an that’s why it’s so wonderful. Thank you.

  126. Johanna says:

    Thank you for organizing it. And for also giving those a chance that don’t live anywhere near the states 🙂
    I stumbled across the blog of a very nice and talented lady:
    She is giving away an entire and really gorgeous looking quilt. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it!
    Another one:
    She makes the most cute and adorable dolls. Not freaky and not too adictive so you can never give them away, just the right amount of a beautiful, cute, nice proportioned and cuddly doll. Perfect in every way, I would say 🙂
    Have a great day and again: thank you so much!

  127. I am enjoying my giveaway so much! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂 Thank you for orgainizing this wonderful event.

  128. Barb says:


    I am Rustic Raspberry and I am in the giveaway, and like most I was browsing through this list to see what others are doing, so fun! I came to a give away that is giving away a red flower scarf/shawl. I was so impressed that I decided to enter and I started reading a few posts back. I was amazed to find out what that scarf meant. Let me back up a little….. I have Peri partum Cardiiomyopathy ( a swollen heart) it happens after you have a baby and once you have it you can’t have anymore kids, you can’t live a normal life because the risk of a heart attack is so great. My Dr. says I will never meet anyone that has it because it’s rare. We’ll on that blog I met another person with PPCM. Wendy (the lady doing the give away) made that red scarf to raise money for her friend Trisha who has PPCM. MY JAW HIT THE FLOOR. And I will only admit this to you…. because you don’t know me…. I started crying. I gave her my number and we have talked and visited and plan to stay in touch! So thank you for doing this giveaway, I don’t feel so lonely anymore!


    P.S.. Sorry for the novel, I should of just kept it to “it’s been so fun, thanks!”

  129. Shelley C says:

    This is my first ‘blog roundup’ that I’ve tried and am amazed at what ‘is out there!’ So much more than we can fathom. I’ve read blogs that I could never find on my own; seen crafts that are new to me, and really enjoyed the interaction of the blog hosts. Thanks for making this happen. It opens up a whole new world to explore that never would have happened without all your efforts to put this forth. Is this a yearly event??? Hope I don’t miss the next one if there is one!

  130. Irene says:

    First of all, thank you for offering me the opportunity to visit blogs I had never seen before. Second, I would like to thank those participants who offer international participants like myself, the opportunity to join in the fun. I shall make sure I join in the next giveaway!
    To answer your question, Stitches and Scissors is beautiful, spoolsisters, I liked alot, and i loved Simply Stylish Designs; such a talented lady!
    Wishing you all the best.

  131. Jo Marcellino says:

    The Giveaway has been a grand adventure. I had so much fun visiting all of the site and viewing the talent and creativity of all hosts. Thank you for bringing the community together.

  132. Christina says:

    I’m loving the giveaway on Presserfoot!

  133. Dora Dis says:

    I love looking at quilting/sewing/blogs. And I think it is a good things we don´t all have the same taste ! I found some new blogs to add to my favorites list, my most favorite is

  134. Wendy says:

    I connected my giveaway with bringing awareness to a certain form of heart disease that affects women in pregnancy or soon after. One of the highlights was having someone who was recently diagnosed with PPCM comment, and being able to connect her with my friend who also suffers from it 2 years later. People connecting in ways they didn’t expect via the crafting community is pretty cool!

  135. I had never encountered a crafting blog with a built-in playlist until I started surfing around for this giveaway . . . although I’d love to hear the music bloggers have to share, it was kind of a throwback to the 1998 Redwall fan pages on Geocities era of my internet experience.

  136. Widfrau says:

    Thanks for organizing this!
    I found Daisy Janie’s blog really inspirational, as I have been really interested in textile+ surface design lately, and she shows a bit of her process. Lots of good stuff out there!

  137. Serena says:

    The Giveaway Day was a hoot! I especially liked this pillowcase:

    The fabrics are just lovely, and the lace detail just MAKES it!

  138. Silka says:

    I’ve just enjoyed browsing all the blogs and getting inspired by the beautiful work out there.

  139. hmm…i’ve found LOTS of new blogs, and lots of new ideas. i have been re-inspired to go looking at thrifts stores for old sheets and curtains to repurpose into bags, quilts, etc. i LOVE the blog “And she’s off…” which i just found. great, wonderful, awesome giveaways!!!

  140. Susette says:

    So many great blogs! I am definitely not done going through them and they’re all offering so many wonderful items! Thanks for putting this together.

  141. Char says:

    I’m sorry–not trying to cheat with two posts. I just realized in my sleepy stupor that I forgot to mention the web site :

  142. Char says:

    I just discovered someone who carries *cute * organic * cotton * fabric. It’s hard to find all three of those words together, at least in my experience. I think that it’s just a matter of time before most quilting cotton is organic–why not? It’s time…

  143. Jasmine says:

    I just love the amount or crafty blogs out there. New to sewing and all things craft myself, I love that there is such a mass of information is at my fingertips. I bought my first sewing machine this week. I’d be thrilled to have something to sew with. 😉


  144. I discovered Nature’s Way Learning blog, which I love!

  145. Kylla says:

    Loved finding the blogs that repurposed items! Especially Selina’s vintage chenile


  146. Page says:

    Hi. The funniest thing I read was a woman who was trying to show off her new sewing skills to her more experienced mom and aunt. She had sewn a pair of pants for her son. She was helping him put them on when she discovered she had sewn the top shut! (:

  147. Jessica Candice says:

    I have loved, and I mean loved finding these wonderful new talented ladies, and their blogs! I’m new to this blog world, and i can’t get enough! What a wonderful way to make blogging a great experience for a newbie. I found many great blogs, and saved them, but my favorite (so far) is rainytuesdaymornings. I never win anything, but even If i don’t get a package, i’ve won so many new friends!

  148. Page says:

    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway. It has been fun! The funniest thing I read was a woman who had sewn a pair of pants. She was trying to show off to her experienced sewing mom and aunt and put them on her toddler as they watched. She was having trouble getting the pant on him since she had sewed the top opening shut!

  149. Mindy says:

    The highlight of the giveaway so far is finding so many amazing blogs! I’ve bookmarked many to go back and check out once I get through leaving comments for the awesome goodies offered!

  150. Jody says:

    I’m so happy that I’ve been able to have my very first giveaway … over 475 people have visited my blog…which I’m still so amazed by! thank you for organizing this giveway…it’s been so much fun….i’d love to win some fabric so that I can get busy sewing with all of the new ideas I have!

  151. Jeni says:

    I have to say thank you for organizing the giveaway! Not just for the hundreds of opportunities to win something, but for connecting me to so many new blogs that I don’t think I would have found otherwise!!


  152. Jenny says:

    I’m just blown away by the kindness of the bloggers giving away amazing items, and selfishly, the comments at my own blog. I was soooo nervous to join in – what an ego-booster. So much fun! Thank you SMS!!

  153. Cheryl says:

    Finding people in my backyard is an unexpected treat to hosting a giveaway. I just hope people keep coming back for the quilts and tutorials.

  154. Laura says:

    I’ve just enjoyed seeing all the neat fabric out there that people are giving away or items they’ve made from them. It makes me want to go to a fabric store tomorrow to look for new fabric. I’m new to sewing, so I don’t have a stash of fabric like many…yet 🙂

  155. Deb says:

    Sew, Mama, Sew…you rock! This is my first involvement with a give away day and it is only encouraging me to get a hurry on with my own blog so I too can give back in return for the enrichment I feel I have had to be able to not only enter into the giveaways, but read and add to my daily reading list so, so, so many new blogs! Thank you! I love the crafting community!

  156. Beth says:

    I just want to say thank you for organizing this great Giveaway Day! My blog is very new, and I’ve had so many people visit, it’s really exciting. Because I’m so new to blogging, this became a good opportunity to learn how to add a button to my blog (linking to you!), write comments linking to my blog, respond to comments. I’ve also ‘met’ a lot of people who have similar interests besides sewing.

  157. amylouwho says:

    My brain hurts from all the creativity I see! I wish there were enough time in the day to read every blog I come across – and still get my other ‘chores’ done!

  158. Christy S. says:

    Because of the blogs that I’ve found, I’ve been able to make my first quilt from start to finish by following a quilt-along! I’ve found other blogs that are so inspiring too … I’m rekindling a love affair with my sewing machine. :o)

  159. Sara D. says:

    This is my first giveaway and I feel like I’m having a housewarming party – it’s so fun! Thanks so much for organizing it in an amazing and efficient way. I’m entering as many giveaways as I can get to and am adding tons of blogs to my google reader to follow. Yay!

  160. Andi says:

    Wow! All of the handcrafted items have been so inspiring! It is almost enough to make me want to start a blog just so I can have a giveaway! Thanks!

  161. jennydee says:

    I have enjoyed this so much. One thing that started cracking me up was…many of the blogs have a security made up word you have to type in and those got to be hilarious. I also loved seeing new blogs. Thanks again

  162. Liz says:

    it’s seriously mind blowing how many amazingly talented crafters are out there. I couldn’t possibly name one that stands out above the rest. They each offer their own gift to the crafting world. Thanks for organizing a great giveaway day!

  163. sheila says:

    You need to visit Cassie at and read her story about the squirrels… gave me my best chuckle for the day. 🙂

  164. Olivia says:

    I’m enjoying reading the 100+ comments I received on my blog! I’ve been browsing so many new blogs I feel my blogroll might just about explode from subscribing to so many new and wonderful finds!

    Thank you SewMamaSew for hosting this great Giveaway event!

  165. Angela Moore says:

    Oh I’m loving the May giveaway day and have been spending a lot of time blog-hopping and leaving comments and looking at all the blogs of these very talented and generous people. Thanks to Sew Mama Sew for arranging such a great day – and maybe next time I’ll get myself organised to participate myself!!

  166. Shelly says:

    I, too, have found lots of great blogs. My faves are the ones with free tutorials and I’ve found several. Now I want to make me a tote bag, apron, skirt, baby blanket, …

  167. JD says:

    I spend a good couple hours perusing blogs… there are so many crafty people out there!

  168. Georgi P. says:

    This has been great – supports my theory that it really is more fun to give than to receive! I love I heart linen!

  169. Ginny says:

    I found a great Polaroid blog & another paper blog that I just love!

  170. Andrea R says:

    Pink Sky is offering up embroidery threads and cutie pie inspiration! I am so excited to start embroidering! (And more sewing, if the fabric comes home with me!)

  171. Danielle says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading new blogs and finding new tutorials. I have soooo much to learn. All of these blogs are so inspiring!

  172. lesley says:

    wow, giveaway day has been fantastic for me! i am so excited about all the people who have come and visited my site, and all the lovely comments that i’ve received. it’s been fun to see what people like in my shop, and to ‘meet’ some new people from blogs i’ve never seen. thankyou thankyou for organizing this, it’s been great. i’m still not through all the lists in the giveaways, i am having such a fun time visiting all these new people!

  173. Ashlee says:

    So, I pretty much have not gotten anything done since May 27 due to Giveaway Day!!!! And now I’ve found so many awesome new blogs that I’ll spend the rest of my days reading blogs!

  174. Tanya Barrett says:

    one of my favourite giveaways is this apron on……

  175. I love all the comments I’ve been getting on my blog. So many with similar interests out there. I wish I could meet them all face to face.

  176. Betsy says:

    This giveaway is a blast! What a great way to meet new blogs. I’ve already added a handful to my google reader and am gearing up to discover more. Love it!! I’m definitely participating next time. Thanks!!

  177. Lisa says:

    Yay! I love giveaways! I found a blog about a Mom who is homesteading. I am thrilled to have found it!!!!

    Thanks for the chance!

  178. Addy says:

    Wow! I just found this site last week and added it to my google reader. It appears that I started following you at just the right time. Thanks for hosting the giveaway–now I’m hoping I’ll win something good! 🙂

  179. Donna says:

    I love sewing mommas! Angry Chicken is one of my favorites!

  180. whitney says:

    the giveaway has been so great… just in finding new blogs alone. i’ve probably doubled the amount of blogs in my reader, so each day after work i have tons of inspiration to settle down with! thank so much!!!

  181. Victoria says:

    Participating in the giveaway as a blogger has been such an amazingly affirming experience–people actually seem to really dig what I do! I’m so happy to give something back to this awesome community, and if I happen to win something from one of the many, many wonderful blogs I visited, well, that’ll be okay too!! More Giveaway days!!!

  182. Judea says:

    This has been so fun and a great way to find new blogs. I hope to participate in the next one.

  183. Taiya says:

    I love all of the Amy Butler fabric that everyone is giving away. Although really, perusing all of the blogs was just great fun! Even if they weren’t all having giveaways!

  184. Evangeline says:

    I LOVE the “I Heart Linen” blog, which I hadn’t seen before. So inspiring. I’m so glad to have found it.

  185. Kandra says:

    There have been many new visitors to my site as well as many new blogs that I’ve been able to visit. I love the generosity you find within the craft blog world – it just blows me away. Making lots of new friends this week 🙂

    Thanks for your giveaway too!

  186. Jill says:

    I discovered “Film in the Fridge” – a fantastic blog. I was drawn to the name of the blog, because I’m a photographer and have film in my fridge! She is a very talented quilter and has an awesome sense of color, her quilts are amazing. I’ve been inspired reading all the older posts. Plus she can sew clothes too! Wow, I’m in awe.

  187. amy says:

    Giveaway day was so awesome! So many great blogs to puruse! So far I’ve found PuddinPop and Things to Make Instead of Dinner, just to name 2. I got so lost reading them the kids were going, “Momma! When’s lunch??!!” Uh, lunch? Is it lunch time?

  188. Margie says:

    All these giveaways are amazing. There are so many that I didn’t have time to go & look at them all. This is just so generous that I’ll be spending Saturday here. Thanks for having such a fantstic giveaway.

  189. Wow! To many cool blogs. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by all the new ones I want to follow.

  190. suzi says:

    I am having trouble getting through all the blogs because I keep finding so many I want to read through. Getting distracted by all those neat ideas everyone has and the neat crafts they are doing. I doubt I will have a chance to look through them all.

  191. Bunny says:

    Hi! It is so wonderful to see such talent on these blogs. Sure is fun to meet so many wonderful fun people.

  192. Jenny says:

    Thank you so much for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway mania. I have really had my eyes open…so much greatness out there to explore and so much generosity. It is unbelievable…have you ever heard of fashionable panty liners????? Modern Acorn has them and they are beautiful…im forwarding the site to all my sisters and we are all just thunderstruck. Im seriously have so much fun…not getting anything done, but having fun!

  193. Helena says:

    Can’t wait for sewing machine month. Thanks.

  194. Oh my Goodness!! Such wonderful blogs and such cute stuff!!! Very inspiring. Thank you so much!!

  195. Tawnya Simpson says:

    With so many wonderful blogs giving away things how could anyone list just one. I have discovered tons of intersteing and exciting blogs that have been added to my favorites. Thanks for organizing this.

  196. christine says:

    best giveaway highlight so far…i have found a few local bloggers that i hope to keep up with. thank you for providing that contact!

  197. Ariane says:

    I’m new to sewing and this was a wonderful way of finding new project ideas and blogs. Thanks for organizing this!

  198. Leanne says:

    My highlight was learning about so many new blogs, and spending an entire morning collecting all kinds of ideas for projects, gifts, clothing, and more. Oh, and I did sign up for several (and I mean a LOT) of new blogs.

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  199. Rebecca says:

    It was great finding some inspiration and new blogs to follow. Thanks for hosting again!

  200. susanlr says:

    I cant believe that I spent three hours yesterday in front of my computer visiting blog after blog. I only got up to get something to eat. It was soooooo much fun and I saw so many beautiful things. I am so inspired. I need to get out from in front of my computer and get in front of my sewing machine but I cant seem to help myself-I want to visit more. Thank you for this giveaway-it might just inspire me to start my own blog (my kids would be so proud).

  201. Kate says:

    I’m really liking this site right now:
    There’s just tons of cute pictures everywhere!

  202. Heather H. says:

    I found a lot of great blogs to add to my favorites, but one stood out it was Heather’s at I loved all her projects and we share similar taste in fabric as well as namesakes. My name is also Heather. I appreciate you all at sewmamasew for organizing such a great event. I am new to sewing and crafting and have enjoyed your site for inspirtaion as well as others on the web and I am happy to be introduced to new ones too that will lend advice and creative ideas. Thank you again.

  203. liz says:

    It’s been so much fun looking through all the give away day blogs! I’m a total beginner at sewing and have found tons of inspiration! Maybe one of these days I’ll have something fun to give away myself. Thanks for organzing this!

  204. Pam says:

    I am currently in the market for a new sewing machine. I’m excited for June @ Sew Mama Sew. I have discoverd a quilters blog: Check out where her group went for a retreat. She has beautiful pictures of all the quilts they made. Simply splendid!

  205. CaLynn says:

    This is an incredibly awesome event! I blogged about it because it literally feels like im on vacation strolling through an exotic market!! I couldnt possibly tell you my highlights, there have been so many and Im not even halfway through searching. But i love that my RSS feeds have grown and therefore i have been introduced to so many new crafters. Please do this again! I would love to take part:)

  206. michele m says:

    every single blog and give away is fantastic–now to go through them all this weekend now that i am off work.

  207. bumbleebee-su says:

    I have added lots of new blogs to my Google Reader. Perhaps one that I have completely fallen in love with is “Sweet Tidings”. Christy blogs about things that are all my favorites (and I’m sure many other’s as well) – zakka, retro, adorable, cuteness. It is so delightfyl to find a blog which is “so me”. =)

  208. Joy says:

    Wow…I’m overwhelmed. Exploring all these new blogs is going to keep me busy for months. (Good thing my husband likes cereal for dinner…). I am really grateful for all the blogs that provide tutorials. Very, very helpful. Thanks for setting up the Giveaway extravaganza!

  209. alison says:

    I loved finding some of the sites where folks have designed their own fabrics. There are so many wonderfully creative folks out there and this giveaway day is a great way to meet some of them. Thanks!!

  210. Peggy B says:

    Wow! The fabric looks great! and the “Giveaway” has been a great opportunity to get rechanred for a great summer of sewing and a great way to meet so many talented artists.

  211. Melody says:

    This giveaway has been lots of fun so far! I am surprised at how many people are coming by! Everybody is so nice, and I’ve found tons of new blogs to browse 🙂

  212. cathy says:

    I’ve loved this opportunity to discover hundreds of new blogs.

  213. Mira Davis says:

    I love searching for new blogs about sewing and scrap booking all the time. I’m finding my self adding more and more blogs to my Google Reader all the time :-). Thank you so much for the chance to win…

  214. Cami Paul says:

    There’s so many to look at. Do I really have to pick one?

  215. Claire says:

    Aaah! So many fun blogs, almost too many to bookmark! I’ve been inspired by so many. I need to quit surfing and start sewing!

  216. ellen says:

    Love finding new blogs to follow. Jennadesigns has a little bit of everything. Lots of others that I liked too.

  217. I love the giveaways, its fun to enter and I love discovering new blogs to follow and inspire my creativity… I think my Google reader might have a melt down after adding so many new sites!

  218. Autumn says:

    My favorite stories are regarding the swaps that everyone participates in. I’d love to get involved in one.

  219. Ramona says:

    I haven’t been able to check out to many blogs yet but I plan on it tonight and tomorrow. I found lots of great blogs on your last give away. Now to get on with the surfing.

  220. LOL I guess I was not the first to comment after all!
    Anyway, I just loved this May Giveaway Day,and the name is gorgeous too!!!

  221. Andrea says:

    Oh boy, this giveaway has gotten me into big trouble. my blog reading list has quadrupled and my sewing time will suffer some more! I don’t have a particular favourite, but what I love is experiencing everyone’s style and favourite fabrics. Sometimes I feel rather lonely here in sewing land, as if I’m the only young(er) quilter around, and perhaps I should wait another 20 years to be part of the crowd. But NO! Checking out all of these amazing blogs makes me realize just how many of us are out there and that there are so many that I’ve found with similar interests and styles. So, thank you for this opportunity!!

  222. Pascale says:

    I just would like to thank the people at Sew, Mama, Sew! for organizing and coordinating this giveaway. I still can’t believe the traffic – and amount of comments – this has generated to my little blog!
    Many, many thanks!!

  223. Liz says:

    There is not enough time in my day to visit all these lovely crafty ladies!! It has been so much fun seeing such cool things. Thanks!!

  224. Tanya says:

    Well I’ve just discovered this blog thing, not too long ago. I find a lot of great blogs through Etsy buy just looking at shops. If I could choose one, I guess it would be Little Bit Funky or maybe V and Co, she is hilarious! Thanks for he giveaway!

  225. LittleA says:

    My fave giveaway was a lovely scarf knitted by a new knitter (I can find the link now!) It was a gorgeous scarf and gave me lots of hope in my ambition to learn to knit!

  226. Mona says:

    I am having so much fun reading the comments to my blog. I’m really new to the public blogging, although I’ve had a friends only blog on LJ for many years.

    I’ve learned that, even though I had been feeling like I was too old to have a crafty blog, I’m not the only grandmotherly one out there. It was beginning to feel like everyone but me was young with adorable babies. Restores my confidence in blogging!

    And everyone is wonderful. I haven’t had any time to tour, but i”m doing it tonight and looking forward to it.

  227. Judi Arthur says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of giveaways in such magnitude and can’t believe one person orgnized it! What a feat and feast of new blogs and bloggers for all of us! thank you! 🙂

  228. anjelle says:

    The best part for me was finding so many new blogs with great ideas and inspiration. The highlight of the give-away, though, would have to be the QUILT! Someone is giving away a full size, beautiful, bright and happy quilt. I’ll be excited to see who gets it. That will really make someone’s day — or month!

    The talent and generousity of the participants is awe-inspiring. Truely.

  229. Jessica says:

    I have totally loved looking at all the new blogs and the creative projects that everyone is making. For a laugh, I enjoy reading Cake Wrecks, a blog that highlights horribly decorated professional cakes. It’s a hoot! For sewing related things I love and totally admire Katie Did ( and Sugar City ( Such pretty things!

  230. Carrie says:

    I love free giveaways! I am excited about all the new traffic we are experiencing and it’s fun to comment on fellow crafty bloggers out there! I liked coming up with some song and movie quotes for people. They are so smart to do more than a random drawing 🙂 Thanks again!

  231. Vanessa says:

    wow…thanks for organizing giveaway day! totally awesome!!
    As a result of my perusing all the wonderful blogs, I learned about a fat quarter swap. I’ve never participated in a swap before so I decided to get involved in this one. It’s through Two Hippos: Hopefully this will be the first of many swaps I get to participate in.

    I’m excited!

  232. Erin says:

    I’ve only been to a handful of the blogs listed so far, but hope to have some time this weekend to see lots more. There are so many clever, talented and generous people out there!!! It really restores my faith in humanity. Thanks SMS!

  233. annie says:

    I just love knowing that we are a community of gifted, talented and generous people. Such a fun give away. Keeping fingers crossed!!!! XXX Annie

  234. caroline says:

    Giveaway Day is such a fantastic way to discover new blogs, see what everyone’s making, and inspire you to make more yourself. I was so impressed with how large the international community is for SMS.

    I have to say though, after frittering away the day looking at all the fabulous blogs and all the great giveaways, going back to knitting my brown woolen jumper just didn’t seem so exciting…

    Thanks for organizing such a great event!

  235. Melly Testa says:

    I am doing a give away on my author blog, I would love to see some of you there. And of course would love to be the one of 5!

  236. Darlene says:

    Wow! Everything is so fantastic that I can’t choose just one thing. I really like everything. Thanks so much for hosting this event and I hope to contribute the next one. What a fun way to get all the crafty gals together.

  237. Mama Lusco says:

    The giveaways are fabulous! I’ve found so many new blogs I plan to visit. Thanks for organizing this!

  238. Amy says:

    I have found alot of new blogs! (and lost alot of time (: ) One of them I found was p.s. I quilt, so fun!

  239. Jodie says:

    I can’t pick just one. I have found a TON of new blogs to bookmark and check back on. Thanks so much for this! Even if I don’t win any giveaways, it was totally worth it!

  240. Jill Wray says:

    I think this is a great idea! I love finding new blogs with fun, new ideas to share. We are so lucky to have so many talented people willing to share with others. Thanks!

  241. Nikki says:

    I found several blogs Id forgotten about, including Creative Reveries..which inspired my Simplicity 3777 dress that I just finished…and added to her Summer Dress Sewalong. I also found that 2 Hippos is doing a fat quarter swap so I’ll be winning regardless! Basically I just love to get mail 🙂

  242. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe how many people are involved in the giveaway!! As far as if I’ve discovered any new blogs…. I think I’ve added about 10 to my blog list!
    I didn’t realize there were that many crafty blogs with such cool stuff!
    I’m very inspired and have found a bunch of new ideas and designs that i want to try soon.

  243. alison says:

    Wowza!!! I can’t believe all the blogs participating! What a fun day just surfing and sifting…and hoping for a little win! Thanks to all who participated…kudos!

  244. Carin says:

    I am enjoying all of the new traffic to my blog and hearing about all of the people out there who know someone who is in need of hope. I especially enjoyed a comment left by a woman who is experiencing postpartum anxiety-something I have just dealt with as well-I hope to connect with her and we can support one another! Thanks for connecting us!

  245. Tracy E says:

    400 blogs! I only looked at a few!

  246. Wow! Once again the craftiness come through out there in blogland. Thanks for hosting such a great adventure. I can’t possibly come up with one special blog they are all wonderful!

  247. jm says:

    I have enjoyed hosting a giveaway. I’ve ask people to share with me a bit of kindness they have done for others recently. The answers are heartwarming!

  248. I have had to limit my “new blog perusal” to 5 per day so that my house doesn’t fall to bits and piece and my children don’t T.P. eachother to chairs…SO MANY wonderful new blogs to read and so many great ideas and inspiration- squee! Thank you for pulling this all together.

  249. kelli says:

    Wow! I’ve found so much inspiration. So many blogs, tutorial, fabric that I had never seen, crafty goodness, lots of new etsy shops to visit! It’s so nice to find so many like-minded people all over the world.

  250. Leaha says:

    This entire experience is absolutely fatastic! I just happened to stumble upon this and the 400+ blogs and am soooooo excited to read and learn and read and make new friends and read more and start sewing! Thank you so much for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

  251. SugarMama says:

    Thank you thank you for hosting Giveaway Day! More inspiring than the generosity of the stitchy community in their giveaways is just the amazing amount of talent in craft and life and the written word. I am in awe of these people and what they can do! Very humbling.

  252. I have had some really lovely comments about my pendants. One lady was silly enough to suggest that they are much more special than anything she makes so I had to write back and correct her that any creativeness counts.

  253. Alicia says:

    I am so excited about this Giveaway Day. It is great to have a list of incredible new blogs and sites to visit. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the great gift ideas. This past Christmas I decided to handmake every single gift we gave. This contest has inspired me to continue the handmade tradition again this year with things purchased from the amazing blogs listed for this contest.
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.

  254. Gill says:

    I’ve got a bit addicted to entering the giveaways, I got up at 5am thismorning to do so. Love finding so many new blogs. Favorite so far are some hand made rubber stamps.

  255. Java Jane says:

    I have decided that I need a Blog of My Own in order to participate fully in the Sew Mama Sew universe.

    If I had a Blog of My Own, I would show the slippers that I made from a tutorial published in Fat Quarter Month. My variation was making the soles from felted wool that I reclaimed from an old jacket.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  256. Deirdre says:

    I found so many awesome new blogs! I added them to my google reader and am so excited to look at them once I’m done entering in all the giveaways. The blogs that have tutorials are especially of interest to me. I think my google reader was doubled after this round of giveaways!

    dmacclelland at gmail dot com

  257. Jen says:

    The best part for me of the whole give away, IS finding new blogs. I’ve been so inspired and Happy to find people out there that like what I like and do what I like to do.

    So so FUN!


  258. Pam says:

    Had a great time visiting several of the blogs listed. 🙂 So many talented and generous people out there! My bookmark list is really, really long now! I foresee happy summer blog reading in my future. :oD

  259. Kelley says:

    It’s too much! I can’t handle it all! I’ve only made it through the a’s and I’m pooped!

  260. Alyson says:

    I love fabric and I am loving the blog giveaway is too much fun!

  261. katie m says:

    I definitely found more than 1 new blog to start following…there are so many amazing ones!! Here are just a couple :
    Owl People
    Little Birdie Secrets


  262. Gabrien says:

    I’m surprised and amazed at the number international blogs, especially the Aussies. It’s awesome to learn about different cultures through mutual interests and hobbies.

  263. Liesl says:

    My poor little blog has never seen so much traffic. And I’ve never seen so many awesome blogs in a 48 hour period. This giveaway day is a ton of fun. Thanks for hosting it, Sew Mama Sew!
    And I dare you not to fall in love with the little bunny over at Hazelnuts:

  264. Patti says:

    I adore the site, Whosies. She’s a fun girl, lots of humor and cute, cute, softies…

  265. Kim Davis says:

    I agree that I’ve more than doubled my blog watch list, and I’m only down to the Fs in the list! What a great idea, and I’ve gotten some great crafty inspiration as well.

  266. Deanna K says:

    thank you so much for the wonderful list of giveaways!
    I have been on the computer non-stop for the last 3 days!
    (shhhhh, don’t tell my husband!)

    I added so many of the blogs to my google reader –
    I was over 200 posts to read.

    I hope I win

  267. Jerree says:

    I haven’t came close to visiting all of the sites yet but I love the ones I have seen. I have added so many sites to my favorites. Thank you so much for sponsoring the give-away. I search the internet everyday for new craft and quilting ideas.

  268. Andrea Methvin says:

    Having a great time reading all the blogs-added several to my favorites list to check everyday-including olliekate, girlville, and spoolsisters, just to name a few! Thanks so much for all the fun and games!

  269. heather says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the comments I’ve recieved during the May Giveaway. I asked commenters to tell me what they will be sewing for the summer and from those comments, I’ve added a few projects to my own summer sewing list.

  270. valerie says:

    I am thrilled by the 200+ comments left on my giveaway post so far! I have found several new blogs to stalk and am genuinely touched by the generosity of my fellow bloggers. THANK YOU!

  271. I started my blog one week before the giveaway day, still have no idea what I am doing!! I have had over 300 comments posted! I can’t believe it! After I had over 100 I decided to giveaway the same prize for every 100 comments I recieve, I will be interested to see how many prizes I mail out!! love it!!

  272. Lori says:

    My head is still spinning from the sheer number of giveaways! I may never have time to look through them all!

  273. Sarah says:

    Hi There! I am so loving this giveaway day! It is giving me something to pass the time while at work, which I really needed this work week!!! My favorite blog I’ve discovered through this is Modern Acorn. Such beautiful stuff! But, I have over 200 unread posts waiting for me in my Google Reader! A product of all the lovely blogs I’ve discovered through this fun event. Thanks so much, SMS!!!

  274. Denean says:

    The best part of Giveaway Day is discovering new blogs!

  275. Heather says:

    I have had more fun than I ever had dreamed of hosting a giveaway on my blog. What a faboulous and fun way to share the love of fabric! It has been so fun to read all of the comments and check out everyone elses blogs- I hope that there is another Giveaway Day in the future because I certainly would participate again. 🙂

  276. Wendy P says:

    I’ve recently discovered the world of sewing blogs and forums. I’m having so much fun! Thank you so much for organizing the giveaway day – very cool! I cannot believe how many wonderful tutorials and patterns people offer freely on their blogs. I’m learning so much!

  277. Rebecca says:

    Oh, my favorite is definitely finding the perfect fabric for a quilt I’m making from trinasdoings.

    Thanks for organizing this!

  278. Robin says:

    How could I mention just ONE blog? They are all run by such talented people!!

  279. Linda J. says:

    Just a quick note to thank everyone involved for such a fun event! SMS is the break in my day and the inspiration for many of my “de-stressing” activities involving my sewing machine. Now I have a whole list of awesome bloggers to follow as well. No more need for quite so many DEEEEEP breathing exercises! Although DH may have something to say about my fabric allowance. ;-D

  280. Dawn-Marie says:

    So excited by this giveaway. It has been great to look at different sites and get some great quilting ideas. Thanks for organizing it!

  281. Chavaun says:

    Being a beginner, I have searched the web to learn how to sew. I stumbled on your blog, then Giveaway Day and now I have several new blogs to visit!! I am blown away at the creativity of others. I have already made items from a tutorial on Diary of a Quilter and Chickpea Sewing Studio for a baby shower this weekend. Quilt Dad just made my day with his creative quilting self. Really I am jsut hugely excited that I found a ton of new resources for fabric, creative inspiration and tutorials. Thanks for hosting the Giveaway day because it really is so much more.

  282. ephi says:

    I love reading new blogs and being exposed to so many creative crafters out there! Everyone is so generous with their giveaways! Thanks for organizing!

  283. Georgiann says:

    Wow! Bouncing around on the Giveaway blogs has been inspiring and great fun. I don’t think there is any way I will get through them all before Monday — I start reading and looking at all the other wonderful things the bloggers have done! Thanks for organizing this.

  284. Candice D. says:

    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event, and for this opportunity! I’ve had such a great time reading new blogs and jotting down new tutorials!

  285. jerri says:

    I am so excited to be finding so much new inspiration visiting so many new blogs! I will be busy for a year! I will definitely sign up my blog next time! What fun! You are amazing for organizing this!

  286. Y says:

    I think my highlight was just seeing other people’s fabric stash with designs I haven’t seen before!

  287. Holee says:

    My favorite blog this time around in the give away is:

    She did color for each day…I never looked at color that way and found it very interesting. Her Esty shop is filled with my favorite things, birds and mushrooms. Her give away is very generous and in my favorite color, RED!

  288. KZ says:

    Thank you so much for holding the giveaway day. I have never had so many comments on my blog. The comments are so nice and I really enjoy reading everyone one of them. I also had fun entering some giveaways and I found a ton of new blogs to follow. Thanks so much.

  289. Lorien says:

    It’s been so much fun looking at all of the great crafty people out there in InternetLand… but my laundry and housework has severely suffered. Now if there was a way to upload all of this creativity into my head *and* get my housework done. That would be genius!

  290. Brooke says:

    I so love your blog. How fun is giveaway day! I’ve only just gotten started but I LOVE seeing the things other people have made and the lovely fabrics and supplies!

  291. hilary says:

    I discovered “Film in the Fridge” and “I Heart Linen” – thanks!

  292. jessi mathew says:

    looking forward to sewing machine month! the giveaway’s are a lot of fun. i am discovering some great sites, thank you!!

  293. rae says:

    geez! it has been amazing perusing all these blogs! i am relatively new to the blogosphere (i don’t have one of my own…yet!) and i continue to be impressed by crafters incredible generosity. both in the fab giveaways and all the impressive tutorials out there! thanks so much sms for all you do to put this whole thing together! you are going to turn me into a blogger yet! 😉

  294. Jody says:

    Your blog has inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and start learning again. I have sewn in the past and I really enjoy working with my hands and making cute new things. Thanks for all of the tutorials and the really great giveaways. There are so many creative people out there.

  295. Melissa says:

    I love all of the websites giving away beautiful fabric!!

  296. amymarie says:

    this event has been amazing. i am so impressed with the online crafting community. i am so glad to have discovered firstly sewmamasew!! thank you so much for organizing this project. one really striking giveaway highlight was from mushyhed’s sweatshop – she is giving away one of her own favorite quilts she made! besides being lovely, i am so impressed with such a special gesture.

    kudos to you and your participants!!

  297. Mary says:

    I am enjoying reading all my comments on my blog. I think I have had almost 200 people stop by. I asked people to leave a comment about their summer plans and some are quite funny. Someone is “marrying off my older sister. That’s hard work!” And everyone is so nice and leaving wonderful compliments about my work.

  298. I’m super psyched to have found Quilt Dad. He makes terrific stuff and has a beautiful blog!

  299. Katie says:

    I’ve soooo enjoyed this Giveaway Day – I got to peruse so many blogs I would not otherwise have known about. So many funny ladies out there! In particular I enjoyed finding Jodi at “Simply This That and The Other” and (via Jodi) Vanessa of “V and Co.”

    Thanks so much for making this monstrosity happen!!

  300. Alana says:

    I love finding new craft blogs. It has been really fun to explore the new sites! Thanks for organizing this event!

  301. Nicole N. says:

    I have found and bookmarked so many blogs that I want to go back and read from beginning to end! This has been a great experience! I am off to try the basket tutorial from here:

  302. trashalou says:

    I have had loads of great comments and many new ‘faces’ swing past my blog but I think the comment that would come high in my top five would have to be this from ‘Ivywindow’ who said… “great prizes, and who wouldn’t be thrilled to have an excuse to break out the whip…”

  303. Lauren says:

    Went to Chimera Threads’ blog… because I’m always looking for other crafters in California. Thanks for organizing this!

  304. Liz B says:

    Looking forward to Sewing Machine month. Hoping to get some maintenance tips! I was thrilled at how many of the participating blogs had pictures from quilt market. It’s so great to see all that gorgeous stuff on display! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  305. Vanessa says:

    What a week to be away from the computer! I would have loved to participate from my blog. I’m not much of a sewer but I have lots of other great stuff to giveaway! BLERG!

  306. Karen H says:

    I discovered the blog Cluck, Cluck Sew.
    The front page has Amish fabric and food…a great combo in my opinion. I love the interesting photos and the crisp clean layout!

  307. Jessica says:

    I have found several new tote an bag tutorials that I want to make this summer! Yay for finding new blogs! Thank you for hosting this…

  308. Harley says:

    I love all of the new people I get to “meet” when I participate in Giveaway Day. So many people drop by my blog that ordinarily wouldn’t, and I’ve even met some that live close to me! 🙂

  309. carolyn says:

    I have been bookmarking all of the new interesting blogs to read once my daughter’s wedding is over next week. Whew, a year of planning went into this wedding, so now I hope to have a year of being inspired by new blogs by such talented quilters and crafters…thank you so much for organizing this.

  310. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for organizing such a great event, once again! I’ve enjoyed participating, as well as visiting new (and old) favorites! (although it does make the list of blogs on my reader even longer!)

  311. Sara says:

    yea, sewing maching month!!!! I cannot tell you how happy makes me…Am I a nerd?

  312. AS says:

    The giveaway was fantastic! So great to see so many blogs and great projects that people were working on 🙂

  313. Brenna says:

    Well, for starters, I found this blog and your amazing store. In fact, my Mom just ordered fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! this morning!! She is a new fan too 🙂 I really want to learn how to sew better and am planning my first quilt for my 2.5 year old son. Think outer space in retro fabrics… Super excited!

  314. Linda says:

    The highlight of giveaway day is exploring so many great, new blogs! It will take me forever to get through all the giveaways at the pace I am going!! I also enjoy seeing what great items all of these talented bloggers have come up with to share!! Thanks!

  315. Em says:

    I’m so impressed. This is an amazing undertaking…and to have so many participants! They are all so creative and thoughtful and generous & CREATIVE! I have been having a great time reading comments other people have left for the giveaways, and there have been some creative “to enter do…” things… leaving song lyrics, chances for multiple entries, links to other giveaways right from their blog… I don’t know how else to say it…so creative and generous.

    I’m glad I got to find so many inspiring new blogs (who doesn’t love finding new blogs?) like sew-fantastic and badskirt (both at And hearing back from ladies after I commented and almost getting to know them by poking around their blogs… crafty people are so nice 🙂

    It may be too much to ask to make this an annual feat but maybe bi-annual or at least semi-annual. I’m sure after this first one it will only get a larger following.
    Brilliant idea ladies (and men?) at Sew Mama Sew!!


  316. Marta says:

    This is the first time I have participated in a giveaway day! WOW! I now have lots of new blogs bookmarked to keep up with. A big thank you to all of you showcasing your creativity AND sharing so much with the giveaways. Lots of great inspiration. Keep up the great work SMS.

  317. Amy Hunter says:

    I have spent every spare moment the last couple of days going through all the great blogs. I finally got thorough the first list and I’m going to try hard to get through the other 2. There are a ton of very creative/talented people out there. I have a ton of ideas of things I want to try making now. And I’m really hoping I win something, so it will cut down my list. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it has been so much fun!

  318. Rebekah says:

    I am enjoying the giveaway. I started my own blog the other day. Not much there right now, but hopefully I’ll get going on it soon.

  319. amanda says:

    Everyone has been so generous with their giveaways! I wish I had participated! Hopefully the opportunity will come up again soon 🙂 Anyway, I am LOVING finding these blogs! Sometimes I feel like I already know of all the good crafty ones but there are always more to discover!

  320. Kaye says:

    This has been so much fun. I have been wanting to set up a blog of my own and had hoped to get it done by Giveaway Day. I decided I should wait and not have a rush job for everyone to visit. I can’t wait til next time though. I have bookmarked so many blogs and have found so many great ideas. They are some truly creative people out there that are so willing to share with others. It has been great!

  321. Jenny says:

    I’ve loved participating in this give-away. Its such a great way to find new blogs and see what others are doing! I don’t think I have just one favorite new blog, I’ve loved them all and will keep my reader very busy from now on! Thanks so much for your own give-away and for organizing this!

  322. Tiffany says:

    I’ve discoverd the cutest kids aprons with elastic and velcro. I was also stunned with the creativity and talent of the person (sory, don’t know name) who makes the cloth books with “British Words”. Brilliant!

  323. Amelia says:

    Oh, I found so many wonderful blogs and amazing things out there! The one that really caught my eye was the Handmade Experiment, what a fun idea! I’ve subscribed and I’m really looking forward to going back and seeing what all she’s made so far. But I need a little break, my eyes are bleeding after visiting all the giveaways and finding all the things I must have.

  324. aj says:

    I’m a little overwhelmed by all the blogs, but I’ve come across several already that I’ve added to my list of favorites.

  325. Elizabeth says:

    The giveaways themselves have been beautiful, generous, and wonderfully creative, but what I’ve enjoyed the most is being introduced to so many great blogs! Reading through them has been a great inspiration to get out there and be crafty! Thanks so much for organizing this 🙂

  326. qsogirl says:

    I am really enjoying the Oh Fransson blog. such pretty colors, and lovely (yet simple) quilts!

  327. marie beck says:

    this giveaway is so much fun! even if I don’t win anything I’ve found so many new awesome blogs and I love how creative some of the givers are being with their rules, like leaving a comment about the weirdest thing in your purse, your fave animal, best gift you’ve even been given or won. Good times! Plus, going through all of those blogs was such an awesome time killer at work yesterday evening when I was complete with my work but stuck here till 4:30.


  328. Louisa says:

    I’m very much enjoying browsing these great blogs. My favorite so far on a post not related to the giveaway is a stitchery of a baby in utero.

  329. alison says:

    Wow I really found a lot of new blogs that I’ve added to my bookmarks. who is in Kingston, ON – really close to where I’m from!
    That’s just 3 of the at least 50 new blogs I’ve discovered and have bookmarked. I love finding new blogs to explore!

  330. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for hosting this event! There are so many VERY generous people out there! I have found several new blogs that I will be following (and not just because some of them give you extra entries if you do so!) My very fav out of all of them is “the handmade experiment”
    She is focused on new sewer, which I am. Thanks again! And thanks for yet another giveaway!

  331. Bethany says:

    Wow, so many wonderful new blogs to explore! I think my favorite so far has been fishsticks and fries. I’m going to try the peanut butter fudge recipe that she had a post about. What a fantastic event! Thank you!

  332. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so great to see so many bloggers being so generous with their talents! And like everyone else I found a ton of new blogs and shops to read/shop regularly. (not to mention TONS of inspiration) You ladies truly put me to shame in terms of creativity, and I just adore that you are all so willing to spread that creativity around! I really enjoyed peeking around the featherglen blog, her family seems so creative and lovely! I’ll be sure to keep going back to see what she’s up to next!

  333. Katie says:

    First things first…thank you so much for hosting this giveaway-palooza! In such a short time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve gained so much from the crafting blogging community and was thrilled to find a way to do a giveaway that might reach some of the many people who have inspired me. I’ve been enjoying checking out the blogs of those wonderful people who have visited mine and took the time to leave a comment! My giveaway involves suggesting names for my sewing machine, so I know that I’ll remember this giveaway for as long as my machine lasts!

  334. Ann Dilcher says:

    Loved the fabric by Daisy Janie.
    Really enjoyed seeing all the projects people are working on.

  335. Andrea says:

    I have loved exploring all the blogs and still have some to get to. There are just so many and once I click over to look at one I just get lost in craft-land for too long. Well maybe not too long, but longer than planned. I knew there was lots of crafty people out there but this is just amazing!! Thanks.

  336. Lori Kay says:

    My giveaway day highlight has been visiting all the great blogs of your giveaway partners. So much inspiration!

  337. Sunny says:

    There are too many great blogs to just pick one!

  338. Amber says:

    Wow, there are so many great blogs to choose from! I have totally added way more to Google Reader than I had before…

  339. Celeste says:

    I discovered several fabulous blogs to add to my feed reader–like I needed any more crafty goodness to lust after! But it truly is a treat to make the rounds and discover some new-to-me creations and creators.

  340. Sandra says:

    Thanks to your tremendous work, I’m visiting a lot of new to me blogs and following some others. I especially enjoy the blogs that have visual tutorials as opposed to videos. Due to bandwidth problems, I can’t download videos, etc.
    I’ve learned about some new books, Material Obsession series comes to mind, and am enjoying reading about talented, crafted bloggers around the world.
    Again, thanks for all your work; I’ve signed up for your newsletter so i won’t miss anything else.

  341. Stephanie says:

    This is the second giveaway day that I have participated in. It’s really fun to see all of the new visitors to my blog. Thanks for hosting this!

  342. mon ami says:

    First of all thank you so much for organizing the Giveaway Day, I have had so much fun making my giveaway item, I am so touched to be receiving the most amazing and thoughtful comments and of course I am loving looking at all the other amazing giveaway prizes out there.

    I have found a number of blogs I plan on adding to my list. Here are a few of them:

    But really my favourite part about all of this is the reminder of what a strong and supportive community of crafters are out there and I’m so happy to be a part of it.


  343. Dianah says:

    Thanks for organizing this. I have seen so many wonderful things on the many blogs I have visited. Everyone has been very geneorus. I have so much inspiration and very little time to make anything. I hope to participate next time.

  344. Bettina Groh says:

    I am one of those little old ladies your first commenter mentioned. I don’t necessarily make quilts ( actually my passion is artist teddy bears). However in my blog jumping I’ve found loads to interest me and this giveaway has added to my group of “blog links”. I’ve had to divide my bookmarks into lots of different folders !
    I don’t know how interested anyone is… but I am amazed at the resurgence of interest in crafting! When I started it seemed like no one else “crafted” and even quilting, knitting and sewing were avoided. Some time, when I wasn’t looking, that all changed! Hooray! And I’m enjoying seeing what the “new crafter” is doing…. and trying some of the tutorials offered. My grand daughter has been the recipient of twirly skirts, pillowcase dresses, an Easter chicken, and hollow wet felted eggs!

  345. Jessica Fuester says:

    I have found some awesome new blogs to read and find inspiration from! There are so many talented people out there and I’m thrilled that they are sharing their creativity with us! My craft ‘to-do’ list just got REALLY long! 🙂

  346. Liz Casstro says:

    I love reading other people’s comments and checking out their blog-that’s the best way to find inspiration! That’s the best way to find great content! Thanks!

  347. Stephanie says:

    One blog had a picture of a cartoon cat and asked readers to name him. I had a lot of fun asking my four year old twin girls to come up with a good name!

    Thanks for organizing this–it has been so much fun!

  348. Megan says:

    I am having so much fun! I am loving a newfound blog: DaisyJanie…she has ALL the links I could ever want and her fabric is so great! The Bandana shirt dress is something I am adding to my list of things to make!

  349. mjb says:

    I loved the variety of blogs and giveaways! I subscribed to Quilt Dad this week, so I’ll mention him again here:

  350. Sara says:

    First off – you did a great job organizing all of us! That must have been wild!

    The best part of this has been seeing how talented people are and just gaining inpiration from them! It has been really a great thing for me…

  351. stacie says:

    Oh so many wonderful blogs with such great giveaway stuff!! If I only had the time… I’m only on H in the sewing category!! I told my husband I need some giveaway time!!

  352. lahuitrefrite says:

    I’ve discovered lots of new blogs that now will [pleasantly] distract me from what I should be doing [i.e, writing]. And I think I’ve finally learned how to make mitered quarters on my binding thanks to Amy at Diary of a Quilter.

  353. BethAnn says:

    I guess my favorite part if finding so many new ones to go check out. Two of them that i’ve found so far have been ‘you go girl’ and ‘ginabean handmade’

  354. Amy says:

    I’m having a great time checking out all of the new blogs! I really enjoyed the Handmade Experiment and may try that out next year (giving only handmade gifts for a year). Thanks for hosting this! Sew Mama Sew really is a fantastic site!!!!

  355. Stephanie says:

    Thanks, SMS and bloggers for your hard work. What a fun Giveaway Day(s). I have found many new blogs and haven’t touched the sewing machine days since I’ve been busy getting inspired!!

  356. Karen says:

    I love looking at all the things people sew! If I learn to sew half as well, I will be a happy camper!

  357. Anna says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs that I’ve discovered through this giveaway:
    I’m so glad you organized this! Thanks.

  358. __L__ says:

    It’s really great to discover new visitors! And particulary because they comme from all over the world !!
    I would like to send everybody something… how frustrating 😀 !
    I must say I love Giveaway day !

  359. pamela says:

    oh man, so many great blogs! i’m afraid to count how many i am now following… this giveaway day was great, and gave me so many ideas for crafting!

  360. Jeanine says:

    I’ve added so many new blogs to my reader. It’s just fun looking through all of the blogs

  361. Erika says:

    It was so much fun looking through all the blogs participating in the giveaway. I wish I’d had more time so I could read all of them. I’ve bookmarked a lot of them so I can go back and check them now. Thanks for getting them all in one place to begin with!

  362. Grace says:

    Well, I think if you have another blog day giveaway I’d love to participate!
    Thanks for doing this, Sew Mama Sew!

    I loved exploring new blogs and bookmarked several to come back to including:
    The Princess and the Monkey
    An Artistic bent
    Andrea Creates
    Shadows and Clouds
    Sewn by Sarah
    French Sleep Deprivation Study
    Becky et al
    Cicada Daydream

  363. amanda says:

    I have loved ALL of the giveaways on the sewing supplies list… I am amazed with peoples’ generosity and creativity!

  364. Heather says:

    It was great to find so many new sewing blogs that I had no idea existed. On top of that, I especially enjoyed the blogs whose writers’ personalities were just so cute.

  365. Em says:

    I am having so much fun checking out all of the blogs out there, and entering the giveaways! I didn’t realize there were so many crafty blogs out there! It’s really amazing! Em

  366. Jeannine says:

    I added a few new blogs to my blogreader and just browsed through lots and lots of crafty entries.

  367. Molly B. says:

    I’ve had a lot of fun with the giveaway. I don’t have a blog but have found lots of new ones. One blog led me to another blog that had a tut on fabric boxes and I’ve already made two! I just found another blog that is having a quilt a long project that I’m joining! Thanks for the fun and definitely need to win this fabric if I’m making all these boxes and quilts!!

  368. Katherine W says:

    I have really enjoyed visiting the blogs of so many talented artists! One cool find was Quilt Dad.

  369. Mrs. JP says:

    I must say I’ve started following 2 new blogs that came from this site and bookmarked countless tutorials….I’m still so grateful for the one that taught me how to spring clean my sewing machine.

  370. Cayce says:

    i’m heading over there now to check out the generous crafters and their great blogs!

  371. mary Magee says:

    I have added lots of new to me blogs into my google reader feed. I stayed up till way past midnight checking out all the great blogs. Some that i have subscribed to are; film in the fridge, damknit, and why not sew and I am looking forward to making my first quilt very soon.

  372. Martha says:

    I’ve found so many blogs through this. I love giveaways that ask for something in the comments, my favorite being: “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your purse?” The comments have made me laugh.

  373. Ruth says:

    I spent a ton of time looking through all the blogs, and I think it’s great to give a lot of people more exposure. The highlight of the giveaway for me was a blog that was giving away leather scraps! It gave me so many ideas that I’m going to have to buy some if I don’t win.

  374. Well, my highlight has definitely been the traffic! Thanks so much for hosting this!! I also LOVE reading all the comments. My prize is a beginner sewing package with a Keyka Lou pattern and Lizzy House fabric, so I asked people to talk about their first sewing projects. You can image! One thing I’m realizing is that a LOT of people start sewing when they are really young – seems there are a lot of handmade Barbie clothes out there. Maybe they should come out with a Homespun Barbie. 🙂 I’m thinking what a great art piece that would be. A documentation of people’s childhood doll clothes projects. Just a thought. I might also have to lift the “No hands on my machine” rule for my 3 year old.

    Again, thanks so much!
    The Handmade Experiment

  375. Natalie says:

    Thank you so much for organizing the giveaway! Although I hope to win a great giveaway I feel like I already won a prize, Inspiration! I have already made one project as a result of the giveaway, a notebook cover. I have seen some beautiful fabric that I am looking foward to buying as well. I became a follower of a few blogs and look forward to the inspiration to come! Thanks so much!


  376. Laurie says:

    I found 2 wonderful blogs that are new to me during my visits. The first is Mountain Home Quilts. She also has a pretty ETSY store. The second new blog to me is I (heart) Polaroid. Great photography!! This has been a wonderful way to find crafters that are unique and willing to share their talents. Thanks for the contest!

  377. Kristy says:

    Giveaway day has been so fun so far. This is my first time participating and I’m loving it! I asked my commenters to tell me a random fact and they’re all so amusing. I’d have to say the highlight of my giveaway experience has been recieving a reply for a comment I made on another persons giveaway. Her response was so warm and kind, I feel I’ve made a new internet friend.

  378. Carrie says:

    I allowed readers extra entries if they included a link to something they’ve made recently. It’s been so much fun to see so many different random projects. Thanks so much for doing giveaway day. I’ve loved every minute of it!

  379. Terisa says:

    I’ve been everywhere and I can not find the list of blogs for the fabric giveaways? Where are they?

  380. Ariane says:

    I just want to say thanks for organizing this giveaway. I’ve been overwhelmed by wonderful comments for my giveaway. It’s only Friday and I have over 300 comments for my giveaway. Before the giveaway, I only had 2 followers of my blog and now I have 49. I’ve discovered so many wonderful new blogs. This has been a great experience. I’m going to be doing this again. Thanks again for organizing the May Day Giveaway. It’s been amazing!!!!

  381. jen says:

    the giveaway day(s) was awesome! i visited every blog and found quite a few to subscribe to, including: And She’s Off, Bella-bellas, and Thimbleanna.

  382. Lois0607 says:

    Hi – I am fairly new to blogging and in total awe at the number of participants in this giveaway.
    My blog is set up to receive an email notification each time a comment is left. I have really enjoyed reading them all and replied to many of them. To illustrate how new I am to this process, I have been sending my replies to the ‘noreply’ email notification. What a dork !

    There are so many wonderful blogs and I am just so happy to find them all. I cannot wait to choose a winner…and I will most likely choose more than one winner.

  383. Tiffany says:

    I recently discovered Wardrobe Refashion and I’ve been toying with the idea of signing their pledge. Sites like this one bring me much closer to doing it. I love the spring ruffle top tutorial that you have posted & I’m going to try to make one tonight. So inspiring and gracious of people to share their beautiful projects!

  384. carolyn Weil says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about newer sewing machines. I love my old Bernina 830 but dream of something new….

  385. Jeanne says:

    I have learned how creative and generous the crafty community is. (not that I didn’t already know that) , Everyone is SOOO TALENTED AND GIVES FREELY OF THEIR TIME, EXPERIENCE AND PASSIONS. This is HONESTLY SEW>>>>>>>MUCH FUN. I have visited alot of new blogs, made some new friends, and mostly am encouraged by all the great comments people are making. ENJOYING MYSELF IMMENSELY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  386. JJ says:

    This has been so much fun! I have actually found a number of great sites, including The Messy Monkey and tons of others…I’m going to have to go back through my blog list and cut it down again so my entire day isn’t spent on the internet!

  387. Becky says:

    This has been soooo much fun! I’ve been going to the blogs of folks who commented on my GiveAway. I feel as if I have been around the world! amazing. Even had to use the translater on a couple cause I don’t speak anything but Southern English 😉

    The funniest thing on my blog was a string of 5 “Orange is my favorite color” and no other orange comments! Weird………………

  388. Julie says:

    There’s been a lot of Heather Ross fabric in the giveaways and I love it!

  389. Chris H says:

    Oh man! there were so many new blogs out there that i never knew about! My googlereader is going into overdrive with all the new feeds I’m following! Thanks so much!

  390. Jennifer says:

    Wow! I’m the fisrt one to comment? Is that lucky or not???” I’m not sure!

    I have been having so much fun the last couple of days spending hours on end browsing the hundreds of blogs out there and not spening time doing laundry…making dinner….cleaning house…..Ah well!

    I discovered this one gem of a blog WOW! Talk about inspiring! She is so creative and has a new book coming out that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

    Anyways, thanks so much all of you at SewMamaSew! You blog is always full of great things and you keep everything so organized and fun!

  391. Kelsie says:

    The best part of the swap was seeing other people’s blogs and pictures of their projects. I think that is the best inspiration. I look at other people’s color choices and pattern choices and it just gives me more ideas and more motivation for my projects.


    PS- My favorite giveaway was the semi-nude lumberjacks camping fabric. I REALLY hope I get it.

  392. Ellen says:

    I am having such a good time, and there are so many blogs that my computer crashed! Not fun in itself, but so much fun to have all these new reads and possible gifties!

  393. Charissa says:

    I had a great time looking through the blogs and seeing the wonderful items people were giving away! Such generosity!! My husband made fun of me because it took so long to go through them, though. He kept saying, “What did you sign up for now??” 🙂

  394. suesue says:

    i found a sewing blog being written by an 8 year old learning to sew. i think that’s awesome!!

  395. kelly t says:

    I won my first thing last month! I won a drawing of my newborn. So precious!

  396. Leigh says:

    I’ve found SO many wonderful blogs! This is my first time participating in Giveaway Day and it’s so much fun! I think the one that pops to mind first is Quilt Dad’s blog- He does great work and I can’t wait to show the blog to my husband because I think he’d actually really like sewing, but I think he thinks men don’t sew 😉

  397. mary ann says:

    I found Thea Samios from the wonderful blog, theaandsami.blogspot from Australia! You have to check out her fabulous fabric designs.

  398. Liliana says:

    My Giveaway Day highlight was to see how people can be so generous. It doesn’t seem real…

  399. A great blog that I recently discovered is U Create. I love it to bits. The girl who does it goes around finding really cute free tutorials and posts the links to them on her blog so it makes it easy to find several darling things all on one convenient site. Thanks for the chance to win!


  400. Casey says:

    I’m enjoying all the new people coming to my site and giving me really great quilt and sewing ideas! I’m getting way more comments than any other giveaway I’ve done before

  401. Kelley says:

    I am constantly surprised when going through the blogs, how many of them are posted by people in my area! The internet had a “worlds away” feel and to know that the bloggers could be my neighbors is really neat!

  402. Elizabeth says:

    You’ve been part of my daily Google Reader for months now, but somehow I missed this May Giveaway Day. I would have loved to given something away on my blog… I will definitely sign up next time! It amazes me how generous people are and how talented everyone is! All of the items and people’s blogs and Etsy sites have definitely provided me with endless inspiration. I am especially excited to have added some new blogs to my daily reader, such as: Creative Kismet, Little Birdie Secrets, Ikat Bag, p.s. i quilt, MarmeladeKiss, Max and Ellie and Pigeon Pair!
    Thank you everyone for keeping me smiling this week and a special thank you to Sew, Mama, Sew! for hosting this amazing event!

  403. So many wonderful blogs and giveaways out there, the amount of talent is outstanding!

  404. Lorajean says:

    I’m hosting a give-a-way and I asked everybody to tell me what their favorite charity is. People are pretty generous. It’s been great learning about all the different charities out there and a good reminder for me to donate time along with money and goods!

  405. Pink Sky says:

    I have been touched by the generosity of all the visitors to my site and of those giving their beautiful handmade items – one of the highlights so far was that one of the giveaways I visited was giving away a beautiful quilt, but not to the person participating, but to cheer up someone going through a difficult time of the participant’s choosing. It’s like a giveaway that makes you feel good not once, but twice!
    Thank you so much for hosting! It’s been so much fun discovering new blogs and seeing what everyone’s been working on.

  406. Julia says:

    I’m a huge new fan of this blog –

    great etsy finds, and a cute new shop!

  407. Kristi says:

    I would love another chance at a giveaway! Did you see the book that Wood Chips put together?

    I think those who survey more than just the prize posts get extra sew mama sew credit! Thank you for doing this!

  408. Tracey says:

    I just found this site through a friends blog. I had no idea anything like this even took place. I have butterflies thinking I might be lucky enough to win something, anything. Everything people are offering are just amazing.

  409. Erin says:

    I am on an overload!! This giveaway day is SO cool. I hope there will be another so I can have a giveaway on my blog as well!!! Thanks for hosting the SMS giveaway!! You give newbies like myself such great sources to find inspiration and knowledge!! Thank you!!

  410. craftytammie says:

    I’ve had a lot of fun looking through tons of blogs! And I love all the wonderful comments on my own giveaway. Thanks again for organizing this!

  411. I’ve loved visiting blogs that are new to me. There are some very creative, talented folks in blogland. I especially enjoyed discovering two bloggers who live in my hometown. We moved to Georgia over 20 years ago. I loved quilts at that time, but was not doing alot of sewing. It’s fun to communicate with these ladies and to discover more about the quilting community in a place dear to my heart. Thanks so much for sponsoring the give-away! I plan to participate in the next one.

    Take care! Happy sewing!

  412. Ms. Fine says:

    One blog I found that I didn’t know of before the giveaway was: It’s a fun blog with a few nicely done tutorials and lots of creativity.

  413. Grand dad says:

    I found knitted ice cream cones…just delightful..and only because of SMS giveaway days!

  414. Mandi says:

    Ok, this giveaway is really getting in my way. I’ve LOVED going from blog to blog and seeing all of the wonderful things out there! Now, I want to visit them all so I won’t miss a thing!

    Thank you SO MUCH for hosting this giveaway. I’ve found some wonderful resources out there, but my favorite is an adorable graphics design shop: — too cute!


  415. Beatrix says:

    It is unbelievable how many talented people signed up for the give aways. And I am amazed what awesome handmade items are being offered. People are so generous! What a great event.

  416. Annette W says:

    I had shared how our daughter has apraxia, a speech disorder…and though our blog is small, we are reaching out to others with similar speech problems. It’s amazing how many of us are affected by a child’s lack of speech progress!

  417. wendy says:

    I hope this is the right place to leave a comment for the fabric giveaway! I’m having an AMAZING time with the giveaway day! I’m so happy that so many people are coming to my blog (300 a day) and I feel so connected to the wider circle of quilters. It really connects the whole world in crafting! I would love to see a map at the end, a giant map with a dot for all the places in the world we came from for the giveaway.

  418. Annwen says:

    Wow, I am new to this world of blogging and for me the highlight has been to see not only so much creativity taking place but the generosity behind this giveaway. In this world where it seems there is so much focus on putting yourself first this has reminded me that there are many, many people around who are kind, generous, thoughtful, witty and giving. How wonderful. Thank you to Sew Mama Sew for inspiring and motivating people and to the people of have given of themselves for this ‘day’.

  419. Kirsten says:

    I discovered Cluck cluck sew…Iove her quilts and her giveaway.

  420. Emily says:

    I totally am still LOLing at the girl who wound her own hair in her bobbin. MADE MY DAY!

  421. Trina says:

    The highlight for me is all the visitors to my blog. Wow. 700+ hits. 350+ comments. Wow. Thanks!

  422. Kathleen G. says:

    It has been so fun to see all the new blogs that have popped up in recent months and are participating in the giveaway this week! Let’s see what blogs am I now following thanks to SMS? Tickled Pasiley, V and Co., Little Birdie Secrets, Simply This That and the Other. Not to mention being thoroughly inspired by many, many, many other amazingly talented crafters!

  423. ~Michelle~ says:

    It’s been so fun reading all of the comments on my giveaway post – I asked people for random, and they’re giving me random! Thanks for coordinating all of this!

  424. Stacey C. says:

    I was so surprised (and super pleased) to find that there were a couple of capes for kids on the blogs featured in Giveaway Day. How fun!! I’d never even thought of sewing a cape for my little guy.

  425. etja says:

    I love your Giveaway Day event and I am overwhelmed by over 100 comments on my giveaway post. The funniest blog post I found in one of my commenter’s blogs – and I read each and every one of them – is from Jen at not wanting to give birth to a “Bush administration baby” and trying to convince her doctor to wait another 17 minutes with the c-section …LOL…. Best wishes from Germany, etja

  426. Wow!! I can’t believe I’m the first to comment here on this post!
    I just wanted to thank you all of the Sew, Mama, Sew staff for all the great work you’ve done!!! Thanks to you I’ve discovered amazing blogs but one in particular caught my eye immediately, I can tell I’ll be visiting Geta’s Quilting Studio on a daily basis, I loved all the shadow trapunto quilts that she makes, its a marvellous work of art, she’s so talented!!!
    Thanks to you for organizing this May Giveaway Day (or week), I’m sure I’ll be participating in the next one! Unfortunatelly I couldn’t make anything for this one.

  427. Whistlepea says:

    I spent all Wednesday morning entering contests. It was just a highlight to have a tour of blogs I’ve never heard of before.

  428. Ariel says:

    I didn’t get my blog signed up in time for a giveaway, but I’ve visited EVERY one that is listed and have had so much fun!!! It’s tough to choose, but I’m excited about Ashley’s giveaway of some HR Volkswagon bus fabric at Film in the Fridge!

  429. Yvonne says:

    The highlight for me discovering all those new blogs and having so many new visitors too. I am still making my way through all the blogs and having so much fun!

  430. --ginger. says:

    I asked everybody to make sure they left contact info (homing pigeon’s name if necessary) and one nice person told me hers is named Edgar. And I found people who also love to work with old polyester. And, best of all, I felt like I was on SMALL WORLD watching all those clicks from (literally) all over the world. Super exciting. What a great community to be in on.

  431. Steph W says:

    I loved all the diversity of giveaway items. It just shows that creativity is limitless!

  432. molly says:

    I found a bunch of great new blogs–petits details is one i esp enjoy. thanks!

  433. abbie says:

    I love your giveaway day – not just for free stuff, but for finding new blogs and new crafters! I just moved to Japan and because of your Giveaway Day I found another crafter here in Japan – all thanks to Sew Mama Sew!

  434. Cinnamon says:

    Okay, so it took hours to go through all the blogs, but I consider it time well spent. There are so many lovely crafters out there, and the things they were giving away were incredible. I have to say my favorites were the quilts. How anyone can give away a quilt they’ve spent hours on just seems unbelievable to me. Thank you for the organization of giveaway day. I will most definitely participate in the next one.

  435. andrea says:

    I have found so many new blogs to love, I couldn’t choose just one !!
    At last count I have about 200 comments-more than I’ve ever had!! This giveaway is just great : )

  436. Kathy says:

    There are so many talented people out there! One of my new faves is quilt dad! He has gorgeous color combinations – so bold and fun. Thanks for hosting such a great time-consuming project!

  437. Robyn says:

    Giveaway day has been so fun for me… it actually took me two full days of all my baby-free time to get through all the blogs… and I have a big list of new blogs I need to look at when I have more time! There are so many creative, talented, and generous people out there in blog-land! And it has been very neat to meet all the new people visiting my blog! I wish I had way more to give away because each person seems so deserving! Thank goodness for random number generators!! And thank you for hosting this great event!! I am glad I got my act together in time to participate this time around!

  438. Emilie Ahern says:

    I recently stumbled onto Cake Wrecks. A hilarious blog showcasing poorly designed cakes made by professional bakeries. With biting wit by the author to accompany each cake, it’s a great and funny read.

  439. Sarah N says:

    I’m really impressed with all of the giveaways. There are way too many to even get through all of them but I saw a lovely quilt and lots of really great bags that would be so fun to get.

  440. BabkaGal says:

    Thanks for organizing such a great giveaway day! I entered most of the giveaways, and I bookmarked a bunch of new blogs. So many wonderful ideas and beautiful quilts to choose from now!

  441. Becky says:

    The giveaway is so much fun! There are so many participants that I don’t know if I will win anything, but its so much fun to take part in it. I discovered Leila and Ben patterns- They are so modern and cute. I am obsessed with the bolero pattern!

  442. Miya says:

    I just wanted to add how smitten (in general) I am with (our) online crafty community, I find myself more inspired and excited about my projects, and constantly learning new things. But one thing that has nothing to do with creating, is the beautiful and amazing power of sharing. (I guess it has plenty to do with creating, but it wasn’t what I was thinking). I find myself reading some amazing posts, and they drum up forgotten memories, scents, flavors, loves, hates, cloudless spring mornings and icy winter nights. So to me the community isn’t just about our daily creative adventures so much as our lives from beginning to end.

  443. xue says:

    I am having a headache as there is so many places/blogs that I want to go to all at once! I haven’t participated (yet!) in any giveaways, have never ever won any giveaways (no luck!) but I do find yr blog & forum so helpful since I am self-taught in everything. I live in Japan where I don’t speak Japanese & asking the friendly people at the craft & sewing shops is sadly, out of the question! So, thank goodness for yr blog & the forum topics when I can come back to, again & again!

  444. Lise says:

    I stayed up way too late last night perusing blogs, and added many to my google reader. Thanks for the chance to win so many great prizes!

  445. kelli says:

    Giveaway day has been awesome! I hit my all time high of visitors in one day on my blog thanks to the giveaway. Thank you so much for organizing this!

  446. Barb says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful give-away day! I’ve been spending way too much time entering give-aways. And I’ve entered quite a few to my reader too…I’ve had tons of response to my give-away too. The best part is that I’ve ‘met’ several new Canadian bloggers…

  447. Jules says:

    I am so enjoying this event. I am meeting some wonderful people from around the world. I asked people to leave a comment about memorable crafting/sewing moments & I am having so much fun reading their stories. What a great way to share & connect. Thank you for sponsoring it.

  448. Jennifer Davis says:

    This giveaway has been a marvelous idea – I had no idea it would have so many participants. What a great illustration of the generosity and creativity all around us!

  449. Alyssa says:

    I’ve just started sewing and this Giveaway Day has been an amazing way to find so many fantastic sewing blogs. I’ve really enjoyed reading and Great pictures and writing on both. It’s so fun to be inspired!

  450. Rachel says:

    I love the whole idea of give away day. I have found some wonderful new blogs that are sure to provide great inspiration and maybe a finished project or two if I can ever get the time to sew! I can’t list all the great new sites I’ve found, but the one that sent me off the deep-end inspiration-wise is French Sleep Deprivation Study at – one of her giveaways is a reusable sandwich bag that looks so cool and practical. I never win anything, thus I don’t expect to win hers…so I started researching how to make my own! I learned a lot and intend to make a few this summer if I can ever decide how stringent I want to be on the plastic-near-food issue. It’s a lengthy debate that will probably prompt me to make homemade oilcloth. woo! I will say, though, that although there are lots of tutorials out there, I haven’t found any I like as much as the one at French Sleep Deprivation Study…maybe Sew Mama Sew people can convince her to make a tutorial…? ….please….?

  451. Pam says:

    I am having a giveaway and have been excited to see the traffic it has generated on my blog and I have gotten several new followers from it also.

    Last night, as I visiting blogs, one asked for you to tell you favorite movie and a favorite quote from it. I started reading some of them and was giggling away. My 22 year old son was home and asked what I was doing. He found it quiet strange that I could occupy my time that way. LOL. Anyway, a good laugh is always nice.

    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. They are always terrific.

  452. Sabra says:

    I have seen too many wonderful sites to name one. Talk about spending time on the internet, whew, I haven’t been able to walk away because of all the wonderful stuff I’ve found here. Thank you!!

  453. Ashlea says:

    One special blog I’ve found? Are you kidding? I had no idea there were so many blogs out there with so much inspiration! I’ve added so many to my Google Reader that I could spend my entire day just going through all the posts! Thanks SO much for this giveaway!! I would LOVE to participate in your next one!

  454. amy says:

    Giveaway day was delightfully overwhelming. I finally came out of lurking with some of my favorites and found some new ones to follow.

  455. Jo says:

    I went to Kiki(verde)’s blog to check out her giveaway and was so distracted by her recipe for Peaches and Cream Muffins that I almost didn’t even check out her giveaway. Mmmmm… those muffins look soooo good! I think I’m just going to have to make them this weekend. 🙂

    Seriously… tell me you wouldn’t be distracted by these, too.

  456. Ellen says:

    I have to tell you, I’m just blown away by the amount of talent out there! I’m pretty new to the craft blog scene, but everyone around me keeps telling me that quilting is a dying art and that noone is crafty anymore. Evidently, my friends and family think that I’m a throw-back! But it’s SO NICE to see HUNDREDS of crafters, not only showcasing thier amazing talent, but being generous with it as well. I am so inspired and I see that I have a lot to live up to. Thanks to everyone who is participating!

  457. Nancy says:

    Silly me, I just fugured out how to find the list of participating blogs. When I saw the note about commens closed and return on Friday, I thought that the list of blogs would not be available until Friday. I lost two days of checking out all of the give-aways, but appreciate all of the fun.

  458. I am amazed by the number of blogs with give-aways and free gifts. People are all so generous and talented. It is awe-inspiring.

  459. kt says:

    Yeah!! I am having fun finding all these new-to-me blogs with the giveaway. I enjoyed Pink Petunias last night!!!!!

  460. Natalie says:

    400 blogs are having giveaways?
    I am so glad it’s going for a bit, because I need time to catch-up! And I am more than certain I am going to discover many new sites that are worth bookmarking… thank you so much for getting this together.

  461. Nishi says:

    WOW I am firstone to comment.I had SO much fun ( so little time) visiting so many bloags and checking out all the AWESOME creativeness spread accross. I came accross a lot of bloags that I am going to check out on reg basis– few are– Creative Kismet,Designing Happy , Fat-connection which is a neighbouring blog ( I am in malaysia & she is Singapore. There are many more which I am loving!
    thanks for this special event that you planned its AWESOME!!!!

  462. jesse says:

    The best thing about give-away days is that I get to check out blogs that I would have never found. I always found a ton more that I want to link to and start to check out more often so we can become bloggy friends…winning their give-away would just be the bonus!

  463. sandra says:

    WOW ! what a good time I’m having CHECKING out the blogs and true the giveaways are wonderful , but we are basically the same. Keep up the good things you do and I personally would like to see this become anual event. At least the i can TRY (LOL) to keep up with NEW things. THANKS, might as well enter me,too. JUNE should be a good month for Check machines THANKS again, always HELPFUL info HERE

  464. Dot says:

    Have loved this week, discovering many new sites. Could spend all day reading—then the sewing would suffer. Seriously thanks for all you give us in the way of ideas, eye candy and give-aways.

  465. Slack says:

    I can’t decide which prize excites me more…a finished item or fabrics/pre-cuts to make a finished item!

  466. Tracy says:

    The give-away is unbelievably awesome! It’s taking me forever to get through all the list because I keep reading the blogs. Loved–because she says she wants me to win. I know she didn’t say that to everyone. Wait. Maybe she did.

  467. carrie says:

    “Film in the Fridge” is giving away some rare Heather Ross prints–what a treat! Fingers are crossed, as always…

  468. Tina Mackey says:

    I have learned so many things just by entering people’s drawings! I learned about Moda and I found many new tutorials that bookmarked for later. There are some great blogs out there! if I didn’t already spend enough time on the internet!!!

  469. One of my favorite blogs is giving away a great looking bag using Wonderland fabrics. I think i would cover my house in Wonderland if my husband wouldnt think I totally lost my mind (of course he probably already has that suspicion!)

    go visit her blog to see the giveaway bag! yummy…I LOVE giveaways!! yay sew mama sew!

  470. Melissa Ann says:

    I was surprised to see a comment on my blog from Georgiann over at Sweet Song ( say that if I won her baby dress give away she would make me a second dress because I’m expecting twins! How generous!

  471. Shannon says:

    I really loved the inspiration this gives me to make more things that I need or want. I feel a new flame in my passion for crafting.

  472. ~Heather says:

    Pigeon-Pair at blogspot
    Rachel Lake at square space
    Both are really beautiful blogs!

  473. Deb V says:

    It has been so fun visiting so many blogs. I love looking at what people are working on. I like to look in their shops. There are so many cute items being given away. It is great. I think the best part is visiting international blogs. I am having a fun time.

  474. Kolleen says:

    So many great blogs out there–so much creativity. I have to admit, I love “peeping” in on people’s lives, even if they’re sharing just a small part. As a mom with older kids (teenagers, anyway), I especially like to read the blogs of young moms who work their need to make stuff in and around the oh-so-important lives of those children at home. I’m sure it’s part of what makes being a stay-at-home mom possible for some, keeping some of their own identity intact while still taking joy in those precious little ones. I miss those years, but believe or not, tall gangly 15 years olds are just as cute as tiny 2 year olds! 🙂 They just won’t wear cute overalls or diaper covers! To everyone, thanks so much for sharing part of your lives with the rest of us.

  475. Leisel says:

    Oh, this has been so fun! I spent all day Wednesday doing NOTHING, but looking at fabulous blogs! I have found several that I will be following for probably forever. . . THANK YOU so much for putting this together!

  476. aSprinkling says:

    Thanks for the Giveaway Day repeat. I have found a couple of new blogs that I would like to follow.

  477. Mooce Baby says:

    Hi, this is my first time in participating in Giveaway Day and I am having a great time. I had lots of lovely comments and helpful suggestions I can’t wait to select one lucky winner. Thank you and really looking forward to the next Giveaway Day.

  478. tricia says:

    Am I really first? Wow!!
    I loved everything, all these sites, all this talent. I didn’t get involved because I have been off line recently more than I wanted but I do have a small swap going on at my blog and got replies for some vintage patterns I found at an estate sale.. That was a huge help for me even if I don’t win anything. Still hoping!
    thanks again for everything, this is so much fun, I am getting in next year for sure!!

  479. Sandy Keeler says:

    WOW…400+ blogs participating in Giveaway Day! Sent here by Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure and it was not a typo 🙂 I can not imagine that I will get to all 400, but going to give my best try.

  480. Katie Bowlby says:

    I’ve had so much fun entering the contests! I’ve just started quilting, so I’ve found tons of inspirations on everyone’s blogs. Thanks for hosting!

  481. Desiree says:

    Oh man – Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I am new to the “Blogging World” and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who are sooooooo crafty and beyond generous. I think I entered almost every give away & I loved looking at all the blogs. My favorite find was this blog: because the girls name is Hilary Ann and she loves cupcakes. It just reminded me of my sister (Hillary Ann) who also adores cupcakes and crafty things. I told my sister she should take over the site (as a joke…kinda) because it is all her!

  482. Mishkat says:

    First, thank you for organizing this – it must have been a lot of work! I’m always looking for new quilting and sewing blogs, so I’ve really enjoyed clicking through and finding some great new blogs.(I’ve only clicked on a fraction of the links so far because I get caught up in reading!)

    I have found some great new blogs, so it’s hard to pick out just one, but I really enjoyed reading Use the Loot, because I love thrift store finds!

  483. lifeasamama says:

    I added so many blogs to my Google Reader…. but I just couldn’t resist all those beautiful pictures!

    I do have a favorite though – her quilts made my JAW DROP every single time. They are absolutely beautiful…

    Geta’s Quilting Studio –

  484. shannon says:

    This giveaway has been awesome! Thanks so much for organizing it! Even if I don’t win anything, I have stumbled across so many great blogs, with creative ideas, and awesome Etsy shops! One of my favorites is the strip quilt at

  485. maryanne says:

    I was excited to discover this blog:

    It has some great tutorials that I’m anxious to try out!

  486. Wendymoon says:

    I discovered so many great blogs/crafters by looking at the giveaways! Here’s one of my favorite items:

  487. Katie says:

    I have found quite a few more blogs to follow and admire the creativity of others. 🙂 I feel like I’ve found the motherload. 😀

  488. Michelle says:

    Oh, I’ve come across so many new blogs! It’s been incredible! I’ve got a giveaway on my blog, and some of the comments have been hilarious. I asked people to explain what else they would use a zip-up box pouch for. One commenter said “I’d put felt dots on it and use it as a giant 6-sided die”. I never thought I’d smile so much from people’s comments!

  489. Amy says:

    I had people guessing my baby’s birthdate and weight. One entrant had her daughter guess and she said 48 pounds!!! I hope sure hope that she is wrong! Fortunately, the guess has nothing to do with who wins. It will be random. If you haven’t entered yet, my blog is

  490. Joanna says:

    I am kicking myself for not participating by having my own giveaway! Next time for sure. I have had people come to my blog and direct me to theirs, a couple of them new to me, so that is wonderful! It’s just been fun to read the questions we need to answer in the comment section and reading what everyone has to say – so much more fun than the usual just leave a comment! I like having to work for the prize so to speak lol!! Thanks so much for doing this 🙂

  491. Annette says:

    I have added so many new blogs to my reader – I am not sure of the count. At first I thought I wasnt included (could not find my name on the list) so I posted about the giveaway and did not list anything specifically. Well, a reader had come to visit and posted that I was on the list – my little taste of goodness went up right away! I am excited about participating – it is my first giveaway!

    I love this site!

  492. Cara says:

    I”ve had a blast with Giveaway day! I used it as an excuse all day with my husband. “I can’t do that right now. It’s GIVEAWAY DAY.” This really should be a national holiday. I’ve discovered so many great blogs. Thanks!!

  493. Erin Compton says:

    The blog where the folks give quilts to people in hopeless situations was awesome to come across! I’m sorry I don’t remember the name right now but I really loved their twist on the giveaway.

  494. Kerry says:

    Wow! There are so many cute bags I’ve registered to win from the giveaway sites. One complaint – we have to wait so long to find out who wins!!! 🙂 Thanks for doing the Giveaway Day!

  495. I’m new to sewing and so I’ve really enjoyed visiting new blogs and getting tons of inspiration. I even hope to win one of the giveaways. Thanks!

  496. maggie says:

    I found so many amazing things by going to MANY blogs. One thing I loved to see was giveaways of Heather Ross’s lovely fabrics, especially the discontinued ones. That was very exciting. Maybe I will have my act together to participate in giving something away next year. I am buried under projects for my family and friends this year.

  497. Mary P says:

    I think my highlight has been seeing so many wonderful generous people! I am amazed at the beautiful items that people are giving away.

  498. Kristi says:

    I have loved going through all the blogs – and many have been added to my blogrolls! I must admit I loved finding Kiki(verde) because that is my nickname too! 🙂

  499. Kathy Marsh says:

    Good to know that June is Sewing Machine month. I think I’ll send mine to the spa, which I’ve been putting off for awhile.

  500. So far there are so many to choose from. Just saw this one blog where she is giving away three different fabrics and three different patterns. Awesome! 🙂 These are quilt patterns which are even cooler, I love quilt patterns.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Love fabric!

  501. Ali says:

    I have had a great time discovering new blogs and seeing all these wonderful talented people!

  502. Keri says:

    I love the blog I heart Linen ( I’m sure it will be one of my favorites for a long time!

  503. WoW – what a load of giveways! It has taken just over a couple of hours to look through all the fab new blog discoveries!! I have discovered some excellent blogs and talented generous people ! :o)

  504. Debbie Y says:

    I spent almost a whole day just perusing the Australian blogs listed in the giveaways and most of them were ones I had never seen before. It was like being a kid in a candy shop, so much to look at. I am yet to look at all the International blogs, I think I’lll do that tomorrow, and I know I am going to discover some more gems there as well. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, I would never have stumbled on so many treasures on my own! My bloglines notifier is now working overtime keeping me informed of all the crafty goodness …

  505. Melissa says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover bloggers also located in VT. It was fun to find or rediscover semi-local blogs… like Film in the Fridge

  506. Carrie P. says:

    I remember the first time started visiting blogs was last year. One of the very first ones I visited was also having a giveway and I won. Now Stephanie and I are friends and write to each other all the time. Her blog is http:/

  507. Holly says:

    This Give-A-Way is the best ever! I loved the elephants from Sasikirana Handmade, and who could help but drool over the (half-naked guy) fabric over at Ripping Out Seams. Crafters are the best sort of people, and their generosity here proves it.

  508. Julianne says:

    The best giveaway I’ve found this week was at:

    She’s giving away a gorgeous quilt that I think would just be perfect for my daughter!! (I guess I shouldn’t have told everyone, I probably just decreased my chances of winning!)

  509. Ellen Ban says:

    Well, first off I was late to work because I was checking out all the giveaways…and once I got to work, let’s say I wasn’t too productive! One of the highlights for me was @ Park City Girl, seeing that Wonderland bag and hoping I might win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Would love some scraps!!!

  510. Michaela says:

    I love your giveaway day! it is like blog reading marathon. Every time I find several new blogs that I never seen before, but also a fun ways to make it interesting even for us readers too. One of the participating blogs was asking about the best thrift find we ever found. I got stuck reading the comments because they were so much fun.
    Thanks again.

  511. Limor says:

    It’s so cool to discover so many new blogs out there, and to see such great prizes up for grabs. I’m really inspired by ex libris handmade’s cloth book.

    Whether I win it or not, I’m going to have to try and make some of these.

  512. Lisa says:

    I recently had some surgery and am recovering by hanging out on my couch. Not a bad place to be and thanks to a friend, she sent me SMS’s direction. The contests are fun, but I have been able to find a ton of wonderful new blogs to follow! I had no idea how many other creative souls surrounded me! Love it! 🙂

  513. elizabeth says:

    this has been so fun! i missed the deadline to get my giveaway listed here, but i am having one over at
    come visit me!

    wow, it takes a lot of time to check out all these blogs! so many of them are so very fun and inspiring! i’ve been bookmarking and reading and typing away! thanks for having people leave them open for a few days!

  514. Marissa says:

    One of the blogs I looked at asked you to tell about the grossest thing you had ever found at the bottom of your purse. It was kind of funny reading some of the other comments about what others had found.

  515. April says:

    Giveaway day is awesome..and I will be participating in the next one you hold…whenever it is. 🙂 Because of Maevy’s Corner( which is doing an awesome giveaway….I have discovered this tutorial from Creative Little Dasiy( Thanks!

  516. Melissa H. says:

    On one of the blogs (sorry, can’t remember the name!) the author makes her own feminine pads. I thought that was very different and resourceful. Oh, the things we can make when we sew! Kudos to her.

  517. Deb says:

    I have discovered MANY new blogs because of the Giveaway Day! I also posted about your giveaway and hope I drummed up some interest from folks who may not have known about it. I especially appreciate that you’re keeping it open longer so we get a chance to find more blogs and enjoy their goodies. Thank you so much. I’m headed over to the forum now!

  518. jennifer says:

    As for hilarious this week, my 3 yr old has insisted on wearing a bike helmet everyday. Add to that, snow boots to daycare on Wednesday in 80 degree weather and socks with is sandals on Thursday and Friday! Oh well, at least he hasn’t flushed his brother’s glasses down the toilet again!

  519. Linda says:

    I’ve had a great time perusing the giveaways. I’ve found so many new and interesting posts and blogs to follow! Thanks for the opportunity!

  520. Addie says:

    I’m enjoying all the new visitors to my blog, and finding new blogs through those visitors. Thanks again for hosting Giveaway Day!

  521. jennifer says:

    I am so happy to have found the SMS blog as it has led me to find so many other blogs resulting in a stash of summer ideas to keep my children busy while school is out. Like millions of other people in this country, the economy has hampered my employer (local government) so badly that I will be unemployed as of 1 July. Not so bad I say! I will finally get to spend time with my kids, sew, and craft and cook real meals! So, thank you for sharing your ideas and sahring so many links to other bloggers/crafters/artist so that I may be inspired to create again.
    Currently, I am finding inspiration through SMS, Sew Liberated, creativekismet and angrychicken and links to others along the way!

  522. Rebecca says:

    I was in love with so (sew?) many ideas! It was inspiring. I am just getting started and seeing all the beautiful things was empowering-it made me feel like, “I can do this! I can make these beautiful things!”

  523. Love the quilt along I found at Old Red Barn Co. through the giveaways!

  524. Kat says:

    Favorite giveaway day moment…hmmmm. Sorry to be lame and talk about my own blog, but I love reading all the comments. I asked people to recommend new bands/musicians to me, and I’m getting some great suggestions! I just wish I had more prizes to give.

  525. Alissa says:

    Well, so far I’ve discovered far more fabric than I can ever expect to sew…but mainly, the Daisy Janie fabrics – there’s a yellow/white/grey colourway that I have been looking for all my life!

  526. Cecile says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, that’s a great way to discover new blogs ! It’a amazing for me to see everything people are doing, there is so much talent here. And so much generosity, too.

  527. Amanda says:

    I just love the blogs I’ve been finding! I’m not even half way through the list and have found some amazing blogs! Some that I’m definetly going back to include The Sometimes Crafter, Hazelnuts, Geta’s Quilting Studio, Curlypops, Chimera Threads, blinking flights, Betula’ Loo, The Best Laid Plans, Koala Fuzz, Kitty Boo Boo, whatkatydid and Handmade Bits and Peices! Thankyou guys, not just for organizing the whole thing and not just for all the give aways, but for letting us all get to know each other a little better!

  528. The highlight of the giveaway for me was found while checking out Buttontree Lane’s blog ( … a video of the Sound of Music in Central Station Antwerp (Belgium). I was having a crappy morning, and I watched the video for the heck of it, and I cried…lol. It’s one of THOSE days. Thanks, Buttontree Lane and SMS, for making me smile this morning!

  529. Anya T. says:

    A highlight for me has been finding out where the blog readers are from — I’ve had visitors from all over the world as well as my own home town. Thanks so much for sponsoring this great giveaway day! It’s been lots of fun!

  530. Erin says:

    I am enjoying the Give Away so much. I can’t believe the response on my blog. I love to give stuff away and I thought it would be a great way to share my blog. Thanks!

  531. Samantha says:

    I like some of the questions we’ve been asked to answer for the drawings- best costume, worst mistake (she had just put in a sleeve upside down!), fav charity, etc. I liked seeing other’s answers as well as thinking up my own.

  532. Curry says:

    I’m the first to comment! Yay! I’ve been enjoying the process of discovering new blogs. I am continually amazed at how generous this community is, and I’m glad to be a crafter!

  533. Christina says:

    I have found new blogs that have just awed and inspired me! Funny blogs, crafty blogs, fabric blogs, quilting blogs. Thank you so much for the May give away, it’s a fantastic way to meet new blogs.

  534. Heather C says:

    I’ve enjoyed visiting so many blogs. It’s inspiring and I’m not done yet. Wonderful stuff ladies. Thanks SewMamaSew.

  535. Hannah says:

    Before I started all the giveaway madness, I thought I had a problem with spending too much time on sewing blogs. I had 18 of them bookmarked. Now, I have over 40 bookmarked and I am only 1/3 of the way through the giveaway blogs! I am in so much trouble. I said before that I would get so much more sewing done if I could stop reading about everyone else’ sewing, but it is just too addicting and I learn so much.

  536. Nicole says:

    Wow, certainly a fun and full list of great giveaways! Thanks so much – I have definitely discovered a few new wonderful blogs out there, especially Obsessed with Fabric (this is something I can relate to!)!

  537. Dena Wayne says:

    I think the best thing about Giveaway Day is finding people that you would not otherwise meet and seeing all the different things out there that are being created.

  538. Jean says:

    Thank you for organizing this! I discovered so many new blogs to admire… too many to list. I will definitely be participating in the next giveaway day!

  539. Jessie says:

    I was very excited to find the Ladybug Studio. They just had their grand opening and I can’t wait to see what else she puts in her etsy shop! Such cute baby things!

  540. Sarah says:

    I have 263 comments on my blog!!! I have never had that many. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! What a fun way to reach out to those that make the blogging community great. 🙂

  541. Louisa says:

    I enjoyed finding new blogs by following the links in the give away posts. I was particularly excited to find the Daisy Janie blog.

  542. Ms. Cleaver says:

    I love checking out the international blogs (thanks to the writers for translating) and seeing what going on in other parts of the world. Seeing the work on some of the blogs really made me want to take up some more embroidery.

  543. Marsel says:

    The highlight for me is being able to enter every single giveaway that interests me — I couldn’t participate in the December one, so this one has been especially fun! I’m feeling inspired to be a giveaway-er next time, too…! Thanks for coordinating this event.

  544. Southern Gal says:

    Love Simplicity and her give away this week. I could look at those fabrics all day long!

  545. Rebecca says:

    I love so many of the blogs I’ve found in the contests!! I am going to have a HUGE folder of “Blogs to check” in my favorites!!

  546. I have received so much positive feedback and thoughtful comments from every single visitor. Giveaway day is a gift to me – to have so many special emails in my inbox. And so many new blogs and new friends to go and visit. I cannot believe the generosity of every one out there, offering gifts and words.
    Can’t wait for next giveaway day!

  547. Renee E says:

    I found a lot of good blogs and added them to my reader. I thought there were a lot of GREAT prizes and lots of beautiful craftiness!

  548. Jodi says:

    I have just found “like a warm cup of coffee” and I love it. It has been challenging me.

  549. Laura says:

    I’m loving everything about Giveaway Day – the wonderful, kind comments on my blog as well as discovering so many amazing blogs (and giveaways) out there! Thanks so much for hosting it!

  550. Miriam says:

    All I can say is the giveaways are awesome and you are awesome for organising it, I will definately have to be involved next time round, there isn’t a blog I didnt like !!

  551. Sarah H says:

    I found a number of great blogs during giveaway day. Too many to mention but I thought it was neat how so many wanted us to post random facts about ourselves. You would be surprised how many people said their favourite colour was yellow! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  552. Fiona says:

    I found lots of blogs that I’d forgotten about!

  553. Lil says:

    i discovered so many fabulous blogs this week and one of my favourites was Ariane’s crafts where I got the perfect idea for a border on a RR

    thanks for that

  554. Zarah says:

    The best thing, was the etsy-shop I found while surfing – owned by a very sweet and helpful girl. I am now in th eprocess of explaining to DH WHY I need a new purse, shipped here from the States… Keep fingers crossed that I’ll be able to persuade him! 😉

  555. djaj says:

    The Giveaway Day is just a great an funny time for me.
    Never thought I would be visiting blogs from people living so far away from me, so gifted and talented…
    Never thought I would write a comment in english or spannish…
    Never thought I would have 52 comments on my shy tiny blog…
    I fell like I’m a bit more open-minded now, thnaks a lot for that !

    And now what, a Sewing Machine Month and terrific giveaways to come ???

    I’m so glad “Sew, mama, sew” is already registered in my reader !!!!

  556. triona says:

    OMG – the list of blogs is fab – I have added about 10 to my list in reader, and that’s only for starters – there are so many fab people and fab blogs !!! I am loving because it’s so fabric centred – fabric is my weakness. Also enjoyed finding as it has links to further sites of interest. I am hoping your giveaway posts stay up there for posterity so I can find all these fab sites again – I just can’t add them all to my reading list or I’d never get any work done !! Major plus os the fact that I have found so many intl sites – Oz, NZ, UK, Asia, Europe, UK, US – excellent – thanks so much for organising the giveaway!

  557. Jacqui says:

    It’s not just one special blog I’ve discovered, it’s heaps! I really think my Reader will pop at the seams with all the blogs I’ve added. And I’ve only just finished going through the ‘handmade’ section! And the comments on my own giveaway are just so lovely, it’s a huge ego boost reading them all and they keep arriving in my inbox regularly. Seriously, you couldn’t pay a therapist for this kind of warm fuzzy feeling!

  558. Ali says:

    Yes! I am having a marvelous time exploring everyone’s blogs! Thanks so much for having the Giveaway Day – it’s my first time participating and I think it’s such a lovely idea.
    I’m still browsing my way through all the participants, but one lovely blog I’ve found so far is Emily’s blog:, She is only 8 years old and I think she is doing such a good job! Made me smile 🙂

  559. Erin says:

    There are so many great blogs and stores, My bookmarked favourites ‘craft’ folder has doubled 🙂

    I love the Daisy Janie stuff
    and Fashioned by Meg

  560. Anna says:

    I found a bunch of new blogs to follow. I can’t pick out one before the other as they, so far, all seem very interesting.

  561. Emily Callan says:

    I am having fun. I am 8. I am learning to sew with the help of my mom . I also have my own blog I am having a giveaway on my blog. I’ve had a lot of visitors. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  562. Junglewife says:

    I have discovered so many lovely blogs through this giveaway. I completely forgot about the giveaway day until it was too late for me to participate, but I have SO enjoyed discovering others’ blogs. And next time… maybe it will be my turn!

  563. I have loved visiting the blogs during the giveaway. I’ve found a few new reads that I instantly subscribed too and found myself so enjoying them that I lost track of the giveaways! A La Mode Fabrics stands out!

  564. natasha says:

    oh the whole day was a highlight as that is how long I was on my computer looking at blogs!! It wasn’t even just looking for the giveaways, all the amazing craftiness was just so inviting to the eye that I kept wandering off stickybeaking! lol Thankyou so much for the amazing ideas and indpiration I have now got because of the May Day Giveaway!! My blog reader is chocablock full!!

  565. Paula says:

    I’ve had over 500 visitors in 2 days!!! Amazing, thank you SMS.
    Paula x

  566. Catherine says:

    Sorry forgot to put my URL in the details for above coment.

  567. Catherine says:

    I’m very new to blogland in fact about 2 weeks new so I asked visitors to make comments about my blog so I knew I was heading in the right direction. I have been overwhelmed with all this amazing feedback from people around the world. I am soo not a photographer but so many people loved my photos and I only have a point and shoot camera. Wasn’t expecting that!! Someone just asked for a tutorial for a project on my blog which I found very humbling. Thank you Sew,Mama,Sew for such a great opportunity to meet some wonderful fellow bloggers.

  568. Tam says:

    I have found SO many wonderful blogs and products…way to many to name, one that sticks in my head is its a lovely blog with cool cool crafty items.

  569. juliana says:

    did I mention I added like 10 new bogs to my google reader?!

  570. juliana says:

    so happy to have found quilting blogs I had discovered through flickr and forgot to bookmark! Plus I stumbled across like 3 amazing tutorials too! best idea ever ladies 🙂

  571. Erica-Jane says:

    I have been loving all the blogs but my favorite moment was when a blogger talked about the vintage sheet swap she was participating in. I am so going to organise one of those!

  572. Amber says:

    Oh good – sewing machine month sounds great. I’m taking mine to the shop tomorrow for some tension problems.
    I found this blog from the giveaways – which I love:

    Lots of new faces from the giveaway- always fun!

  573. damocamelia says:

    It’s hard to tell…
    So many wonderful giveaways!
    And such a pleasure to mix with overseas blogs!.. I bet some will stay in my blogline for a long while!

    Many thanks to SMS for such a great event!

  574. Eve says:

    I found a ton of new blogs to stalk, so that was the highlight from giveaway day. The highlight on May 31 will be when I win a giveaway. Positive thinking, you know.

  575. Sarah says:

    I am impressed by people who are giving away full quilts! I have only made quilts for my babies, super small quilts, and that took me forever. I am just in awe of the talent that is out there, and I hope I can be a giving participant next time you do this (I didn’t have time to whip something together this time).

  576. Rafael's mum says:

    Hi ! I am new to blogging and came upon yours via via, just in time for this wonderful initiative !! I have had a blast surfing and entering ! With hundreds of entries, I don’t expect for a minute to win anything but the real bonus I have allready had, which is finding lots of new blogs to read, all of which are so wonderful, lots of inspiration and seeing the lovely things people make ! I have also had some comments back – thank you blog owners who did for taking the time. Can’t single out one blog but thank you all who participated. The biggest thanks to you, sew mama sew, for organising, it’s been great !!

  577. Megan Lazzar says:

    Oooooo, I’m so excited to hear that June is Sewing Machine Month. I’ve been on the verge of thinking about getting a new machine and need to do a little research. This will be perfect! Can’t wait to see what will come.

  578. Karen says:

    Wow another giveaway! Thank you so much for sponsoring the May Give away day. It has been so much fun checking out all the blogs and seeing all of the talented people from all over the world. This is the first time I have ever seen a give away day and it is just amazing! A giveaway highlight for me is that all of these talented artists are willing to share their beautiful work and make someone’s day brighter. It just blows me away!

  579. Kathy says:

    The give aways are fantastic! I was so inspired by looking through all the sites! Thanks for organizing it!!!

  580. carmel says:

    well first of all thanks for orgenizing this big giveaway from so many blogs!
    im carmel and im from israel. i have just opend my own blog this may. so you are invited to come see it. its in hebrew, and maybe i’ll start writing there in english to… i’ll see 🙂
    so for me’ as a person who lives in israel but was born in the stats, its always nice to see what the women from the stats do with there creativety. and learn and read more in english and try to improove my own writing and readink skiils :-}
    i found this very cool looking blog:
    i think that the layout is very original!
    and yesterday when i was joining all kinds of difarent giveaway there was a blog that askt about what we think about there shop. i gave my honest apenion about needing to improove the fron page of the web site but having great and unbelivable fabric in the shop {you shold even jomp by there shop and see there very original printed fabric for sale}
    and the nice thing about it all that this morning i cheked my blog, that almost no one enters yet cues its to new and guess what? i found a comment there that say’s thanks for the feedback that i left in her site, plus what she is going to do with her store and so…. and that realy realy flaterd me!
    so thanks again for the great expirience!
    hear is a link to that blog: – recomended to!


  581. Lyndy says:

    There are so many lovely blogs but I did make a note of a few that I thought were especially lovely I’m sorry I can’t list them all!
    edward and lilly, I heart linen and roseechocolat
    Thanks for organising such an amazing giveaway day.

  582. Sarah K says:

    I’m constantly searching for sewing and crafty blogs. I never seem to find interesting to read ones – lots of little old ladies sewing quilts. The best part about giveaway day is having hundreds of new blogs to read. I’ve added over a dozen to my daily reading list!

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