This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

So, are you having a marvelous time perusing the 400+ blogs participating in Giveaway Day?!  Wow, there are some amazing, generous, talented people out there!  If you’re having a giveaway on your own blog, we hope you’re enjoying some new visitors.  Please remember to keep your giveaways open until May 31–that way people have time to get through all the blogs and find yours.  And please ship your giveaway by June 3.

As we mentioned, we had comments off earlier this week to make sure the blog was responding as efficiently as possible. We want to make up for it though, so now we’ll give away a big envelope stuffed with lots and lots lovely remnants to 5 people.  Tell us about a Giveaway Day highlight–a special blog you’ve just discovered, a hilarious comment on yours, etc.  OR, head on over to the forum and participate in any thread there.  We’ll announce the winners on Monday.

We’re excited to reveal that June is Sewing Machine Month! We have a lot of great articles to share, as well as some terrific giveaways. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our feed!