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Kathie Sever is a slow runner, a quick sewist, an awkward yogini, an earnest parent, a rock n roll wife, a night swimmer, a hungry reader, a to-do list ignorer, a mess maker, a check bouncer, a persistent maker, a sierra nevada swiller, and just generally glad to be here.

You can find her, her peeps, and the product of her busy fingers here:

Kathie’s up next with a Modkid Frida review, and she knows clothes. Don’t miss it!

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8 Responses to Introduction ~ Kathie

  1. fabulous intro ! love the sierra nevada swillin part! mmm mmmm good!

  2. Adena says:

    I loooove this introduction- very well written and engaging!
    She sounds like my kind of girl!

  3. Splomo says:

    Howdy, Kathie. I _love_ your intro. Girl, we got a lot in common.

  4. KZ says:

    I love your introduction, so fun!

  5. Helena says:

    Great tunic, nice blog.

  6. Miya says:

    I love that ‘she’ is a check bouncer. Ah god, what a beautiful thing.

  7. Mrs. JP says:

    thanks for the new blogs

  8. Bethany says:

    Cute tunic, great blogs…can’t wait for the pattern review!

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