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Socialite Dress Amy from amy a la mode can sew a cute Cabo, whip up a fantastic tutorial and today she shares a great review of the Socialite Dress pattern from Anna Maria Horner. Visit Amy’s introduction and blog, and enjoy the review!

Socialite Dress from Anna Maria Horner

A loose-fitting retro-style sleeveless summer dress with a modest V neck in the front and scoop in the back. The unbelted version allows a lot of freedom of movement (park with the kids?), while the belted version is a bit more sophisticated (drinks on the patio at the wine bar?).
2 3/4 yards of 44″ wide fabric, or 2 yards of 54″ wide fabric
Light to mid-weight cotton or cotton blend fabrics are suggested. Extra yardage is recommended for matching or centering fabric prints and if adding length to the dress.

Suggested Notions & Tools:
1 Spool of coordinating thread
Craft scissors and sewing scissors
Straight pins
Measuring device
Fabric marker or fabric chalk pencil
Iron and ironing board
Pressing cloth
Turning tool — fyi, I had no need for this
Hand sewing needle
Cutting mat and rotary cutter (optional — good for cutting belt piece)
50mm (2″) Bias tape maker (recommended by reviewer, see Modification #2 below)

SDPR5097.jpg title=

Front + back views.

Fabric Recommendations
I purchased 3 1/2 yards of Amy Butler Lacework in Brown from the Lotus collection (this included an extra 3/4 of a yard so that I had one more pattern repeat). I also purchased MoMo’s Metamorphosis in Jam from the Wonderland collection to use for the front and back yokes and facings. If you want to do contrasting yokes/facings like I did, get 1/2 yard (the package does not have yardage suggestions for this). You can cut the dress from 2 1/2 yards of 44″ wide fabric if you don’t make the belt, but you’ll need the full 2 3/4 yards if you want to make the belt (the length of the belt is your waist measure + 30″ and is 3″ wide). Or try a contrasting fabric for the belt!

This dress is perfect for light and breezy fabrics, but remember that this dress is unlined. Don’t pick anything too light or sheer; it would be a shame to have to wear a slip! The quilting weight cotton I used worked out really well. The package has information for 54″ fabrics, but since these tend toward heavier-weight home decorator types of fabrics, think carefully before buying these. The gathers and draping might turn out pretty stiff in a heavier fabric. Consider Hawaiian fabrics for this dress– I think they’d look smashing!

SDPR5094.jpg title=

Unbelted, front + back views.

Overall Design 5 stars
This dress is cute and modern, with a retro vibe. Though the only variation given in the pattern is to add the belt, this actually produces so different a look that it’s like getting two dresses in one. The first two things that caught my eye with this pattern were the pockets and the lack of fasteners. Definitely a win-win combination! Great coverage for bra straps and a nice fit under the arms make this summery without exposing more than you meant to.


Written Instructions 4 stars
Detailed instructions are included, as well as a glossary of basic sewing terms and a metric conversion chart. The pattern gives finished garment dimensions but does not provide any recommendations on how much ease to allow for the intended fit. The size I opted to make should have provided me with 3 1/4″ of ease in the bust, 8 3/4″ of ease in the waist, and 3 3/4″ of ease in the hips. In the end, this was not enough in the bust (see Modification #1 below). You can judge the final fit in the photos and add more or less ease as needed.

The pattern also recommends purchasing more fabric if you want to make the dress longer, but does not provide a finished length as a guide. I made the XS, and on the hanger from the top of the shoulder down to the bottom of the hem is 37″.

I was a bit confused by the cutting instructions for the front yoke and pocket that indicated, “Cut 4 of Front Yoke/Pocket (2 from right side and 2 from wrong side).” I have never seen it worded like this, but it simply meant to fold the fabric in half as you normally would, matching the selvages, lay the pattern pieces on top of the folded fabric, and cut through both layers at the same time (and then doing this twice to get a total of 4 pieces).

Diagrams / Images 3 stars
There were some tricky bits to the sewing, and I felt that a few more diagrams would have been nice. Look ahead in the pattern if you are confused, because a later diagram may show you what you need to know. More labeling on the diagrams would also be nice, as many have no labels at all.

Pattern Pieces 5 stars
There are a total of 6 pattern pieces– back, front, back yoke, front yoke, armhole facing, and pocket– printed on white tissue paper. Measurements are given for cutting the belt piece. There are 6 sizes included in this pattern, which means that occasionally the markings are so close together that it can get difficult to see the ones for your size.

Overall Level of Difficulty Intermediate or Patient Advanced Beginner
While there are no fasteners of any kind to deal with (which is great!), the curves make this dress more complicated than it looks. There is a fair amount of easing in and fussing in order to attach the back and front yokes, as well as the armhole facings. Also, the front and back facings have to be stitched down to the inside of the dress by hand, and it’s a bit fussy as well. Keep this in mind if you hate hand sewing!

SDPR5091.jpg title=

Hand Finishing: View of inside of front yoke after hand sewing the
turned-under edge of the yoke to the front/back piece seam allowance.

Tips + Modifications
Tip 1: Marking
Mark the centers of the front, back, front yoke, back yoke, front facing, and back facing pieces. The centers are not marked on the pattern pieces, but are very helpful later on when the instructions indicate for you to match the centers. Once the front and back are gathered, the centers are much more difficult to find without markings.

Tip 2: Gathering
When pinning the gathered front and back to the yoke pieces, start pinning from where you knotted the gathering thread and pin to the other end of the gathers. *Use lots of pins!* You’ll be happy you did. Also, don’t tie the threads off until you have finished pinning the front (or back) to the yoke. It is too difficult to tell if you have gathered it the right amount without pinning first. (The pattern has you gather to the right length, tie off, then pin.)

SDPR5092.jpg title=

Pinning Yoke

These three images show how the front and front yoke pieces look when pinned together for step 11 in the “Prepare Pockets, Front and Back Pieces” section. View A shows the yoke on top and view B shows the front piece on top. Notice that the yoke is pointing down with the center of the V at the top, while the front piece is bunched up inside the curve. The tails of fabric sticking out on the right and left are the tops of the shoulders. View C shows what this looks like from the wrong side if you flip the pieces up to where their final position will be (if you turn your pieces like this, be sure to flip them back to the way they are in view A/B to sew).

Tip 3: Sewing Curves
Be very careful as you sew on the back and front yokes. Go slowly around these curves and stop frequently to adjust the fabrics. I tried sewing one with the dress piece on top and the yoke piece on the bottom, and one with the yoke piece on top and the dress piece on the bottom. In both cases I ended up having to do a little bit of seam ripping and re-sewing. This is where that patience really pays off!

Tip 4: Trimming
When sewing the gathered front and back to the yokes, turn the pieces and check how they look from the front *before* you trim the seams. It’s much easier to make corrections *before* you’ve trimmed that seam allowance to 1/4″.

Tip 5: Try it on before doing the armhole facings
If you need to alter the bust a bit (like I did), it’s much easier to do it before you’ve turned the armhole facings under and finished them. This would be after step 8 of “Assembling the Dress.” This is also a good time to finish the side seams (overlock, zig-zag, or whatever).

Modification 1: Bust
I tried the dress on after step 8, as I suggested above, and realized it could use a bit more room through the bust. I let the seam out 1/8″ on each side (so, 1/2″ more of total ease was added) and it made for a much more comfortable fit.

Modification 2: Belt
I’m wicked lazy about folding and pressing long narrow pieces of fabric, so instead I used my trusty 50 mm (2″) bias tape maker to make the belt. It came out slightly wider than the 3/4″ belt in the pattern, but was much faster! I also skipped the belt loops.

SDPR5095.jpg title=

Small belt, front + back views.

I admit that this is not a pattern I would ever pick out to make; it’s just not my usual style. But in the end I think the final product is cute, comfortable, and stylish, which is a pretty amazing feat! I think the biggest surprise for me was the level of difficulty, despite not needing to do buttonholes or a zipper. A little patience is called for, but I managed to put this together on a Saturday with plenty of time to spare, and I think you could too. I love the versatility of the belted versus unbelted versions — from beach to a nice dinner by the beach in the time it takes to put on a belt!

SDPR5096.jpg title=

Wide belt, front + back views.

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425 Responses to Pattern Review ~ Socialite Dress

  1. I first saw this pattern when it came out and i thought..yes ! definitely something i will make and that time i was inexperience in sewing.I ended up making two of them and just fell in love with it ! the pattern is easy enough for the beginners.Absolutely adorable dress for summer since i live in Thailand so it is hot here all year long.I made shorter one to wear with leggings as well..cute cute dress.

  2. Ashley says:

    Hi there! I am working on a muslin version of this dress and am stumped on attaching the Front Yolk to the dress… thank you for the pictures, but i do have one more question. Do I need to make the shoulder straps of the dress “conform” or follow the shape of the yolk, or vice-versa? (Pardon the wording, I just turned the sewing machine on for the first time EVER two weeks ago) It’s difficult to tell what to do when all I see is it doesn’t want to meet uniformly. I hope that makes sense! Thanks for any help 🙂

  3. Nikki says:

    Great review… thanks for including your photos. I’m amazed at how Anna Maria just keeps coming up with such fabulous designs…

  4. Super cute dress!

  5. Alicia says:

    Cute dress! Even cuter font!

  6. Sara says:

    Looks like a great, fun dress for summer!

  7. trish says:

    what a cute dress! and a VERY thorough and helpful review. Thank you.

  8. Kymy K. says:

    I love the fabric you choose! I have been considering this pattern because it looked simple. You review is very helpful & points out many of the things that would likely having me give up mid project! I think after reading this I will probably pass because I have to do a FBA as it is & it sounds like just way to much fussing. Even though it may not be your usual style, your dress turned out awesome!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Great pattern review! I LOVE this dress! Its so cute and I love the idea of adding a belt! I think it would also look really cute as a tunic!! I’m going to have to try this one for a fun, flirty summer dress!

  10. Yetta says:

    Great fabric choice! Love it.

  11. jen w says:

    so cute! very thorough review and sounds like a winner of a pattern!

  12. jackie says:

    so very cute! i can’t wait to make one. thanks for the tips!

  13. Lorrie says:

    What a great review – really thorough. I would have never chosen the fabric for a dress, but it looks GREAT! I love the belted version.


  14. tirzah says:

    This is such a cute dress, thanks for such a great review!

  15. Kristin says:

    I feel as thought I’m ten times better of a sewer than I was before I started reading this review. Thank you!

  16. Meredith says:

    Cute dress! I’m always too intimidated to make clothes myself but I may give this a whirl. Thanks!

  17. Cass says:

    What a fantastic review! And such a cute dress! 🙂

  18. Jessica C says:

    Thank you for the reviews!!

  19. christina says:

    i’ve been curious about this dress and it helps so much to see the dress in other fabrics and to read an honest review. thanks for the great review!

  20. Katherine W says:

    Thank you for the review! I’m fairly new to sewing and reading this helps so much!

  21. Dacia says:

    such a great dress and thank you so much for the review! Something I definitely would like to try… and I love the great tips that you add to make it easier for the rest of us!

    Thank you!!!

  22. Valerie says:

    I really love how thorough you are in this review (and I really really love your sensible ‘pattern difficulty’ rating that even I can understand)!

  23. Kathryn says:

    Thanks so much for the review! I’ve been on the fence with this pattern, but think I might have to give it a go! I love it with the big belt!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I love the addition of the wide belt to the dress. It just gives it such a sharp look.

  25. Alexandra says:

    Thanks for all the tips. Your dress looks fantastic!

  26. Karen Cooper says:

    I love the fabric and your choice of the second belt is especially pretty

  27. Laura F says:

    Lovely dress and agreat review!Thank you for sharing.

  28. It looks really cute. I think it might be one of those dresses that you don’t know ’til you try it on whether it will look good on you or not, though.

  29. Isabel says:

    The last one with the belt is good 🙂

  30. nhmama says:

    I love the fabric of the original, and of the one Amy chose. That would be the hardest part for me, finding a fabric that I would be happy with. Wonderful, helpful review!

  31. Judith says:

    This dress looks stunning and that belt just makes it perfect for an evening out. It’s good to have a peek at the pattern to see what the instructions are like.

  32. just lovely says:

    So helpful! thanks!

  33. Jennifer says:

    This is an amazing review! I see this dress in a whole new light now. I love AMH’s patterns and fabrics, but the pattern for this dress just didn’t grab me at first. Thanks to this review, with all of the views and variations, I really would like to give this dress a shot.
    Thanks so much for all of the details, making this dress will go so much faster with this thorough review.

  34. AllieK says:

    Awesome dress.. love the fabric!

  35. Kortnie says:

    This is such a cute dress! How great is it to have someone go through the pattern first and have their notes. Thank you!

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    So nice to have an honest opinion and such detailed explanation of a pattern! Thanks!

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    Your review is very thorough. Thanks for that.

  38. Heather H. says:

    I love your blog and how it has helped me capture some creative ideas to bring to my sewing room. Other wise I wouldn’t know where to go. I have enjoyed sewing so much as a stress reliever and I am glad you all are apart of that. Happy Memorial day. I am blessed to have a husband who has served bravely and proudly and I honor him and all the other troops. I also hope i win the giveaway. Teehee. :o)

  39. This dress is beautiful–I don’t sew but want to, so, SO, SEW (ha ha!) badly! Maybe someday I can get a sewing machine. I sew very well by hand, but that’s about it!

    Rachel B.

  40. Jessie says:

    Very cute dress, and great review!

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    Excellent! I just bought this pattern – not with me yet though – so this is a great heads up – thanks so much – I love this honest kind of reveiw!!

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    Great review – thank you! Looks like a lovely pattern.

  43. Love the dress, especially with the belt.

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    I love the belted version. I’ve been a bit scared to try sewing anything but the ‘A line’ skirt, but I’m tempted by this one. Thanks for a fabulous review.

  45. Rachel says:

    Excellent review.. very detailed. Love that dress will be buying the pattern!

  46. This dress is so cute! I’ll definitely be making one of these this summer. 🙂

  47. Christen says:

    It’s nice to have the advantage of someone else reviewing a pattern before trying to make something new. The end product is quite cute, I especially like the look with the belt.

  48. Kelley says:

    I think I will have to try this one! I never make myself anything, but I love this…especially with the belt.

  49. I LOVE it !!! wonderful review …

  50. Etta says:

    I think it looks like it would make a beautiful dress, but would like to see how the proportions work across the sizes. The review is very informative and helpful though, especially the photos along with your review. If I decide to try this dress, I will definitely be double checking my progress against your photos.


  51. Jennifer says:

    I’m not usually a fan of big prints like that, but the dress looks really cute! Maybe I’ll have to rethink my stance…

  52. Heather says:

    That dress is so cute. I actually have several dresses like that, that I have bought lol. So I am wondering just how easy it is to do one??I am a new sewer and I am so excited to find your site!!!

  53. Emily says:

    Thanks so much Amy! This is a great review packed with Great tips! Can’t wait to try my hand at a dress!

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    Nice review. I like this section of SMS a lot. That said, I am going to make a dress like this using this review.

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    Your review is excellent; love the honesty about your own personal sewing habits! Please do more!

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    I did like this dress and it looks like something comfortable I would wear; It looked simple at first glance, but after reading your detailed review (which was a great one, by the way), I realized that there is more than first meets the eye when it comes down to actually sewing this. I have sewed for my daughter often, but I am reticent to do it for myself, although I really want to go ahead and just try it. I loved you choice of fabric. Thanks for reviewing this pattern.

  60. Anna says:

    I love this dress. I have seen other people’s versions with great fabric combinations and now I really want to make it! Love the review, it is really helpful.

  61. sarah says:

    I’ve been eying this pattern for some time and it looks so cute on slim frames, but I have a feeling that it would make my curvy body just look preggo. It would be really cool if you could find some really neat patterns for us curvier body types! It’s so hard to find stuff in my size when I look around on blogs.

  62. sherri s. says:

    Your fabric combos are great…I (personally) love it without the belt best. Thanks for the review! Lots of good tips.

  63. Valerie says:

    I actually saw this very dress in person (the one pictured on the pattern) when I was in Nashville visiting my sister-in-law. The model (AMH’s daughter) just so happened to be in the same shop I was. So, of course, I need to get on the ball now and make one of my own because it is so cute!

  64. Betty Ann says:

    I love this neckline. beautiful dress!

  65. this review makes me much more excited about trying this dress. thanks! (especially for your pictures, they rock!)

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    very cool. i think i could do this! I am a beginner and want to start sewing some clothing….by reading reviews like this it becomes more of a possibility.

  67. Sara H says:

    This dress looks like a breezy summer favorite. Thanks for the honest review and the encouragement to try one myself!

  68. Trina says:

    nice job, Amy – I like the contrasting fabric you chose – good eye

  69. Heather B says:

    Looks like a great dress. Thank you for the review – the photos & tips are a great help.

  70. jen says:

    Really cute dress! And thanks for the review and tips!

  71. By LuLu says:

    I love the dress neckline. It is a little shapeless for my body type, but the addition of a belt or something similar would be great for defining a waste line. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

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    Great review. I’m a beginner so the tips and pics on gathers and curves were really helpful. I might fight my fear and actually try this.

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    Great review, I love how thorough you are, as you mentioned some things I never would have thought of. It looks like a great pattern to try when I have both girls in school and some actual free time. Right now, I may find myself frustrated. Boo!

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    Great review! I’m a very-beginner sewing and I found it easy to conceptualize with what you wrote, and get excited about when I might be ready to try something like this. Thanks!

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    What a great and detailed review! I’m so inspired to buy fabric and start sewing!

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    I’m in love with all things ‘Anna Maria’ and have some ‘Good Folks’ yardage that I would love to dedicate to this dress!

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