Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus ~ Cloth Stacking Blocks

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Elizabeth Hartman from Oh, Fransson! joins us each month for Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus. Today’s Stack & Nest Quilted Block project is a free PDF download and features many of our favorite Lecien prints. Oh, Fransson! is full of information for sewists, whether you’re looking for a small project or a quilting how-to (plus much more). Be sure to browse and enjoy.

EFF62209line.jpg title=

From Elizabeth: This month we’re celebrating all the new Lecien prints in the shop with a fun patchwork project. The tiny animal and floral prints are just perfect for these stacking and nesting blocks.

EFF62209four.jpg title=

There were so many choices that I had a hard time narrowing things down! I used all of the following in my blocks:

For the 6” Block: Minny Muu Teal Mice (Lining), My Folklore Folk Floral Blue, Minny Muu Birdie Tweets Beige, and Lecien Pindot Floral Orange

For the 5” Block: Katie Jump Rope Small Floral Red (Lining), Minny Muu Mother Goose Grey, Minny Muu Tiny Flower Grid Grey, and Minny Muu Tiny Strawberries Blue

For the 4” Block: Minny Muu Bumble Bee Green (Lining), Lecien Strawberries and Friends Natural, Pretty Please Marie Butter, and Minny Muu Vintage Tossed Flowers Blue

For the 3” Block: Minny Muu Tiny Strawberries Pink (Lining), Minny Muu Sailors Natural, Pretty Please Amanda Fleur Royal, and Lecien Tiny Daisies on White

EFF62209stacked.jpg title=

Because of the small size of the blocks, I recommend using small prints. Besides Minny Muu and the other Lecien prints, Sunbonnet Sue and Windham Basics would also work well.

I also used pieces of Aiden Linen in natural in each block. The natural linen lends a zakka-inspired look to the blocks and offers a nice textural contrast to the various cotton prints.

EFF62209block.jpg title=

While I used square-in-square patchwork for the exterior of my blocks, any patchwork pattern (or even just plain panels) can be used, making this a great project for playing around with scraps and trying out new patchwork patterns.

EFF62209nested.jpg title=

In order to make the blocks sturdy enough to hold their shape and be stacked, several types of interfacing are used. Don’t let that scare you off though! The blocks are constructed in such a way that it isn’t necessary to sew through any thick layers.

Print your Stack & Nest Quilted Block project pattern today. This pattern is for home use only. As always, if you end up making this project, we’d love to see it in the Sew,Mama,Sew! Flickr pool.

Join us for Sewing Machine Month! Enter to win this week’s prize package from our Sewing Machine Month sponsor: Husqvarna/Viking. Comment on any post this week for your chance to win the General Sewing Package (over $150 retail value), or you might win one of four $20 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew!.
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342 Responses to Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus ~ Cloth Stacking Blocks

  1. Kara says:

    Fantastic! I’m feeling inspired, will be my next project.

  2. Kristie says:

    I might just try these with my new sewing machine!

  3. Ethel says:

    Awesome tutorial. If you don’t want to blind stitch the inside and outside together, you could turn the inner box inside out and put the outer box inside it, then machine stitch the openings together and leave a small opening to flip it back. I know it sounds kinda retarded, but it’s a lot less hand sewing. Cheers to all the lazy people out there. =)

  4. Kristen says:

    These will come in handy at our house — I know it! And now I can’t wait to get sewing…

  5. Jessica says:

    I just cleaned my daughter’s room and I need something like this for all of her toys. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, i love it your work!
    Kisses from Brasil

  7. Amy says:

    What a great idea! I’ve just started organizing my craft/sewing room & these would be a perfect addition!

  8. Kate says:

    I’ve been intimidated to tackle a quilt, so maybe I’ll start with these boxes.

  9. Jane says:

    I am inspired for my daughter’s bedroom shelving which is sadly lacking color. Thanks also for the tip about print size. It’s things like that that this beginner is still learning.

  10. Katie Jacob says:

    This is exactly the sort of pattern I’ve been looking for!! I haven’t been able to find any nesting boxes/fabric storage baskets I really liked for my son’s nursery, I can’t wait to go to the fabric store (and then find tmie to make them!)

  11. Anne says:

    This is just what I have been looking for. I have a wrought iron CD tower I want to use in my bathroom for storage and decided that some sort of custom-sized box was needed to help keep the items in need of storing out of site. These instructions will work well. Thanks.

  12. Marlene says:

    These are darling! I love the prints 🙂

  13. Deepali says:

    Very cute and nice prints……..loved it…….

  14. wikifin says:

    Ìíå âàø ðåñóðñ î÷åíü ïîíðàâèëñÿ, íàäî íà ðññ ïîäïèñàòñÿ

  15. victoria garcia says:

    wowow! this is soooo cute! I’d like to make a few myself

  16. Sokunn says:

    I really love these boxes, a friend and I are probably going to be making these soon!

  17. Danielle Senyk says:

    OKAY!!! So I just found your blog….. You are such an inspiration! I have been on your Oh Fransson website and I have not found one thing that i don’t like… Today I just began to pick out fabrics for my first quilt for my daughter… THANK YOU!

  18. Ann Marie says:

    Love this..such a cute pattern and LOVE the fabrics used 🙂

  19. Kat says:

    These blocks look like a ton of fun. This is a new blog for me, that a friend just turned me on to. Can’t wait to see more!

  20. Nicole says:

    WOw these r soooooo darn cute!!! I just went out to buy fabric to make these…super excited to get started!!!

  21. Stacy M says:

    These are so cute! I can’t wait to make a bunch to house all my crafty stuff in!

  22. amy s says:

    these are so great! I can’t wait to make my own!

  23. April says:

    I was a bit scared of these even when I saw the pattern/tutorial. Today I was digging through my scrap box, bored, and decided to give it a shot. I only made one box, but it was really pretty easy, and it came out so pretty!

    I can’t wait to take it to work tomorrow and move my things from my dirty old coffee mug (masquerading as a pencil holder) and put them in my new basket!

  24. ney ney says:

    I’ve been using this version of nesting cubes. http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2008/09/storage-cubes.html It works well with pre quilted fabric as the liner and I recycle the clear vynal from packaging that my sheets (and other purchases)come in.

  25. Christina says:

    Thanks for the pattern! I’ll have to make these for my daughter!

  26. Millan says:

    These are really cute, I love them!

  27. MaryAnn says:

    I am definetly making these cubes…. so cute!

  28. Taya says:

    These are the cutest things I have ever seen. Absolutely going to have to make some for my baby.

  29. This is my first visit here…I was on the Oh, Frasson! blog and thought I’d check you out. I’m glad I stopped by! Thanks for posting these nesting boxes…they’re great! And I think the fabric choices are perfect!

  30. Love these! So cute! 🙂

  31. Laura says:

    Wow. These are perfect for our living room. I have been looking for ages for something to go and now I can make my own. Fantastic, thank you!

  32. Kathy says:

    LOVE THESE!!!!! Plan to make lots.

  33. Lisa says:

    I love these little blocks…such a cute little strawberry. Thank you Elizabeth and SMS for continuing to bring creative and inspiring projects to the blog.

  34. susan says:

    These blocks are very cute. They would make a great baby gift filled with goodies.

  35. Andrea T. :) says:

    These are so fabulous!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pattern … can’t wait to make them for a special little someone :).

  36. Julie GM says:

    LOVE this! I think I’ll make these for a new little baby girl I know! xo

  37. Serita says:

    Your blocks are beautiful and I love that they are done as fabric boxes.

  38. angelune says:

    these are really nice. i think they would also be cute in a single print or a solid.

  39. Mariana says:

    Lot of thanks for this great tutorial, with so many details in it!
    Looking forward to make it and show it to you!

  40. Ali D says:

    I love the “Fabric Focus” feature, both for the projects and different ideas for how to use the fabrics beyond what I would normally think of.

  41. Mare says:

    Just love them! I couldn’t imagine how they were done, but after looking at the tutorial, I just can´t wait to have time to sit and do some!!!

  42. Missy says:

    Awesome! I can never have enough storage boxes!

  43. Niki Marusich says:

    What a lovely idea. All of the fabric is gorgeous – I can’t choose which one I like best!
    Thank you Elizabeth – Its my next project!

  44. Jennifer Holyoak says:

    OH man , I might have to make these – they are super duper cute!
    Smiles, jEN

  45. Shelley says:

    You have made this look really easy in your tutorial! A definite project to try! Thanks.

  46. Jessica says:

    These are lovely! Such a great way to use up scraps and/or showcase favorite prints. And useful, too! Thanks for this tutorial!

  47. Denean says:

    Be still, my heart! I love Lecien fabrics! And the boxes are most beautiful!

  48. Kristin says:

    So cute – I can imagine lots of uses for those!

  49. Georgia says:

    Oh how fun!! These are soooo cute!

  50. Katie says:

    Oh I am definitely going to make these! I love the look of them and how they seem to be designed with functionality in mind as well as looks (not all blocks or boxes are, unfortunately). Can’t wait to try!

  51. Jocelyn says:

    So cute!! I think I’m going to have to make a set of these for our new baby on the way!!

  52. KatieV says:

    I love these! All of my kids, even the 4-year-old, would enjoy playing with these… heck, I would too!–I wouldn’t be able to stop oohing over all those precious fabrics.

  53. LadySnow says:

    Oh my…these are adorable and an excellent idea. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  54. Evelyn says:

    I absolutely adore these cute fabrics! All I have to do now is decide which ones to buy (errm… all of them??) 😉

  55. Heather L says:

    Exquisite work. The fabrics and stitching make one want to touch these blocks…

  56. Julianne says:

    I can’t wait to start sewing!

  57. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. These boxes are so cute.

  58. Jessica T says:

    Beautiful and useful, looks like a winner!

  59. Robert Mahar says:

    Elizabeth, these blocks are wonderful – thank you so much for sharing!

  60. Courtney N. says:

    Oh how beautiful!! I can’t wait to try these!!

  61. Leah says:

    These are adorable– and would be perfect for a playroom! I love the fabrics too. thanks!

  62. Andi says:

    These are so neat! I’ve been looking for a way to store things in my cubicle shelf system and I think I found it! Thank you for showing us how to do this.

  63. batlady says:

    Adorable blocks!! Might make two sets, one for storage and one for play!

  64. Erin says:

    I love those florals! Would be great for little girl clothes for my niece…

  65. Ariane says:

    Very cool. I can see these being really useful around the house!

  66. Christina says:

    Elizabeth always comes up with the cutest patterns! I love her blog.

  67. These look really cute and useful 🙂

  68. angie says:

    so cute! these are a little intimidating, i must admit. i think they would make great gifts!

  69. shannon says:

    These nesting totes are adorable! I need more hours in my day

  70. Monica Montgomery says:

    Awesome post, those blocks are adorable. I can’t wait to try out the tutorial. Thank so much 😉

  71. kimmer says:

    Oooh… my youngest will LOVE these! I’m off to dig through the stash and see what will work! Thanks for the great idea!

  72. Mary says:

    I love the fabric choices.

  73. Kara says:

    Great little blocks/boxes. They would be incredibly handy to help stash stuff away in attractive little containers.

  74. Carrie Picott says:

    Darling! So cute, I think that I would enjoy playing with them more than my daughter!

  75. Suzanne says:

    I love the boxes and the fabrics…but then…when don’t I love the fabric 🙂

  76. Sherri says:

    How neat! These will make great gifts. Thanks for the tutorial.

  77. Kara says:

    Oh my goodness! I am in love with these boxes, and I will definitely be making them. It is just a question of when with all of the projects I have lined up right now!

  78. Jessica W says:

    Adorable boxes!

  79. CAK says:

    Just stummbled across your website and I love it. Thank you for the great pattern!

  80. Serena says:

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I’m going to make some for my nephew’s birthday! 😀

  81. Sarah says:

    oh the cuteness! fabric choices are stinkin adorable 🙂

  82. julia says:

    Gorgeous little blocks! It makes me wish my daughter were just a bit younger so I could make some for her. Thanks for the tutorial.

  83. Sandra says:

    I love these. I think in brightly colored fabrics they would be perfect for a baby gift.

  84. Deb V says:

    These are so cute. I am going to go through my stash and make a set. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  85. Melissa says:

    I love this. I’m a huge Oh Fransson! fan already. I’m going to make these as boxes to help me keep organized. Love it.

  86. Nicole says:

    I love the textural quality of the blocks! Thank for sharing.

  87. Kimberly says:

    These are precious! My daughter and I are going to make some for organizing their desks in our school room. Great tutorial as well!! Thanks so much!

  88. By LuLu says:

    I love those… They would be great for organizing my craft room as well as a baby’s room! Now if I can face my fears of quilting…. I’ll have to make these! As always I love all your stuff and enjoy reading Oh, Fransson! Thanks for sharing!!

  89. Jasmine says:

    some wonderful blocks there. Maybe I’ll try my hand at them.

  90. Penguin Treats says:

    Lovely as always. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  91. Nicole says:

    So cute! I know I’ll be making these for all the LOs in my life come holiday time – thanks so much for sharing!

  92. Anna says:

    Elizabeth always makes the best projects!!!

  93. I love Elizabeth’s site and these are so cute and very handy to have. They would be prefect in the kids room or the sewing room.

    Thanks SMS for another great project 🙂

  94. Sonja says:

    Oh wow !!! I really need to make these to organise the kids rooms…wonderful…thank you

  95. Liz D says:

    This is such a great idea not only is it super cute and would make good storage but it is also cute as a toy for kids. I can tell I’m going to be making a lot of these in my future and maybe making a final four sided block to fit in the smallest block.

  96. Lisa says:

    These are great, what a fun project!

  97. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful idea! But I’ll have to practise a little first, I think….

  98. Cute blocks. Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

  99. Kymy K. says:

    These are awesome!!! My kids had some card board ones (Melissa & Doug I think?) that they loved but the twins chewed on them when they were teething & that was the end of them. These will make great baby shower gifts!

  100. Meghan says:

    This is a great idea. I am definately going to give this a go..

  101. Gerwerken says:

    This will be cube pattern….., 5 or 6 maybe. They have all looked okay in the end, but have been a pain to sew. I am hoping this one will be the winner. Thank you for all of the wonderful tutorials!

  102. Christine B says:

    what beautiful blocks – I wil have to try them for my daughter

  103. Angela says:

    I love these! It makes me want to have a new baby!

  104. Sharon Griffith says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial….I think I will make a set to help me organize my stuff….I will post toyou when I get them done….


  105. Annwen says:

    Great idea! They look fantastic too!

  106. Lorajean says:

    I can’t wait to sew these up! Thanks again for the amazing tutorial.

  107. Alana says:

    Ohh, I just love her blog and these cute boxes are no exception to the great work she does! I can already think of a few places around the house where they would come in handy!

  108. Cheryl says:

    I’m always needing places and containers to put a variety of things in and these are so pretty and functional. Did I say that I love that they are so pretty?? Thanks for the great tutorial and really clear pictures.

    I just love your site because everything you present is so well done and thought out, together with being functional and attractive.

  109. Paul says:

    I love it! I can see one of my cats trying to curl up in it though. ;]

  110. Terriaw says:

    Wow, what a fantastic project! I love the nested boxes. I can see using these in a zillion ways, especially in my sewing room and in my bathroom. These would make great gifts too.

  111. Deborah S. says:

    I love these blocks! So cute and useful. I know what my new granddaughter is going to be getting from her Nana soon!

  112. Sarah says:

    Pretty fabric used in these nesting blocks and I can think of many things to use them for in addition to gifts for Babies. Thanks Sarahe4e

  113. Talia Carbis says:

    THis is GREAT! can’t wait to make my own!!

  114. Julie says:

    I follow your site daily and was wondering if i can enter competitions as i am in Australia
    Ta Julie

  115. FS says:

    I love love love the idea! So creative and the fabrics are super cute. Thank you for sharing.

  116. Ananda says:

    So cute. My 11 month old would love to play with those. Guess I’d better get sewing.

  117. Mary says:

    What great baby gifts these would make! As well as scrap and notion holders for me! Love love love the fabric and finished blocks!

  118. CJ says:

    Oh yeah, I NEED to make some of these boxes! For supplies and to decorate my sewing room! I LOVE THEM! Thanks for the tutorial.

  119. jenn says:

    I love the fabrics used in this project! I love the idea of nesting boxes I can think of so many objects that need storage! Another great project from Elizabeth, thanks!!!!

  120. Stacy says:

    Thanks for such a cute project. I’ll keep it in mind for the next little one who comes along!

  121. Andrea says:

    What a fun project!

  122. craftytammie says:

    Adorable project! I love the fabric combinations, they are all so charming!

  123. Christine says:

    Too cute!!

  124. Sarah says:

    This tutorial looks really simple – can’t wait to try it out!

  125. Heather says:

    Love these. i hope to try them soon.

  126. Deanna says:

    I have been thinking about a similar project with round baskets and this solved a few problems I had encountered. Thanks for the ideas to move me forward.

  127. Linda says:

    I love these blocks! Thanks for the information!

  128. Carol says:

    I looooove this project. Cute boxes!

  129. Maryam Y says:

    Wow, those blocks are really nice. I’ve used Lecien fabric two times so far, I’m a new sewer :), and they seem nice.

    Thanks for the download.

  130. Libby Dillard says:

    Those boxes are so cute!

  131. Bonnie says:

    So cute! My daughter would love these (she’s 16 months) and they would make great gifts too!

  132. Emily says:

    I so love these blocks! What a great idea– thanks!

  133. Tina Melczarek says:

    Love your projects so very much :: grins::

  134. Pam says:

    These are so adorable. What a practical & fun idea you can use for so many different things. Thank you!

  135. Katherine says:

    OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! They will look SO cute in my daughter’s room! Thanks for sharing.

  136. Mandi says:

    Just yesterday I was at the fabric store. My 2 year old kept herself busy by stacking a set of nesting baskets. These would be perfect for her! And, I’ll have to make several of the big ones to corral the small messes around my sewing station!

    Thanks for the tute!

  137. Lindsey S says:

    those would be perfect for organizing my sewing space! bobbins in one box, scissors/rotary cutters in another, buttons in one more, etc etc (one for the kittens toys too!) Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  138. Leslie Newton says:

    Beautiful, creative and useful. Who could ask for anything else?

  139. Jennifer says:

    Those blocks are so so cute! I especially like the 5″ one with the geese. And the 6″ with My Folklore which is probably my favorite line ever!

  140. Tricia L. says:

    Cute fabrics! These would look great in a nursery!

  141. Jan B says:

    These are so cute for a baby or organizing my sewing room!! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  142. Claudia says:

    This boxes are super cute!! I’ll try to make them for my new baby’s nursery

  143. kclever says:

    These are so cute! I hope to try them… soon, before my nephew is too old for blocks.

  144. Perfect! Now I know what to do with my new Spoonflower fabrics. Thanks for sharing this great project. Kelli

  145. Becky says:

    Thank you ! Thank you! With our first Grand Baby due in January I am really looking for nifty and original projects like this!!!!!

  146. Shannon says:

    Those are really just too cute! I’m thinking a set if those would look great in my daughter’s room!

  147. Jeni says:

    Very cute project and a great way to practice some quilting techniques.

  148. Teri says:

    Those fabrics are perfect for the boxes.

  149. SugarMama says:

    Darling! I think I may have to make these for my son!

  150. Emily says:

    Those are darling!! Gonna have to make these for my niece!

  151. Sara says:

    This is adorable! I was guessing you used plastic canvas, but then they wouldn’t be very soft at all!

  152. Celeste says:

    These are just lovely–and would make a great gift for my newborn this Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  153. super cute! i think i’ll have to try making those, too!

  154. alison says:

    These blocks are so cute! Little ones love to put in and take out. I can see a set of these in the future for a friend that’s going to have a baby later this year. Love the fabric choices!

  155. Judy Weibel says:

    Love, Love, Love the little boxes. I “WILL” make time to complete a set! Just too cute!!!!!!

  156. Vanessa M. says:

    These are great! Thanks for the free pattern download.

  157. Cheryl says:

    Love it! What a cute idea and easy to follow. Will have to try this out for baby on the way!

  158. Marissa says:

    These would be great for my kids to learn stacking and motor skills. Thanks

  159. Kelli says:

    oh WOW!!!! Thats all I can I even say!! already bookmarked!!!! These are now on my baby gift list for sure and I think I may make some to decorate my new craft room!

  160. Casey says:

    Fabric boxes at Target run at least $10, and aren’t nearly as cute. My small apartment could definitely use some more organizational items… these boxes are next on my list to make!

  161. Angela says:

    Thank you for the pattern. This looks like a lot of fun.

  162. Jennifer says:

    Love these! I have several friends expecting this year, and I was looking for something unique to make them, and these are perfect. Thanks!

  163. Dot says:

    These blocks are just what I was looking for as the final piece in a baby gift package I am working on. I have fabric left from the quilt I made that will work for the blocks. Elizabeth’s work continues to inspire me and I am just waiting for her to write a quilt book.

  164. Melissa H. says:

    These are adorable. Thanks for the tutorial!

  165. These are so cute! Thanks for another fun tute, Elizabeth!

  166. Kim says:

    how cute!

  167. christine says:

    these are so sweet.

  168. Colette says:

    Love these blocks! I am always looking for additional items to give to my friends’ babies along with their quilts. These would make a great accessory!

  169. Rose P in AZ says:

    Clever use of the prints. Gorgeous project for a child’s toy or an adult’s storage solution. Love it.

  170. Julia M. In MI says:

    These stacking boxes are great! I love the patterns on the fabric. Very cute!

  171. Paula in NH says:

    I can see these blocks made with some ABC fabric I bought recently. They would make great learning tools for my grandson. Thanks for the project.

  172. Rebecca says:

    I love them!! Thanks for sharing!!

  173. Amy says:

    these are fantastic!

  174. Stephanie Wehrman says:

    I always appreciate your easy to follow tutorials. I just recently inspired a friend to start sewing again after she saw my “April bag” and now she made one for a gift….. she will soon to as addicted to sew mama sew as I am.

  175. Molly B. says:

    Adorable! Making fabric boxes is so fun but I’ve never thought of quilting them. These look much sturdier than the ones I was making. Can’t wait to try these!

  176. Jo says:

    I just love these fabric boxes. We just decorated my 15 year old DD’s room in zebra print and I have been looking for some boxes to put on her computer desk to match. I have lots of fabric leftover and this is the project for me! Wait until my DD sees this!! Thank you for sharing!

  177. Fantastic! Great tutorial! I have always been a little scared of quilting but this may be the shove I needed! I must give it a go, they look so great and the fabric is lovely. Thanks. x

  178. Amy Godinez says:

    Those are so cute

  179. Serena says:

    Oh my! These are adorable!!!

  180. Tam says:

    Those are amazing! And have just added them to my sewing list! How clever!

  181. Karin says:

    Those are great toy storage – I even could use them for decorating my sewing room. Thanks for this torturial

  182. Liz says:

    that strawberry and yellow daisy fabric is to die for. good vintage. 🙂

  183. Lisa says:

    I love these! They’re such a great way to use up some of my scraps or maybe even some pieces of my daughter’s baby clothes as she outgrows them. She’d love playing with these 🙂

  184. Page says:

    Gosh, I wish I had seen this sooner. Those are LOVELY and the fabric choices were spot on! (:

  185. i am in love with every, single, print used in these blocks!!! so sweet!

  186. Kylla says:

    Awesome! Functional and Fun!

  187. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    What a great idea using this wonderful line of fabric. Thank you for supplying the how to!!

  188. angel says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome, very well instructed tutorial! I see Christmas presents being made soon. 🙂

  189. Angela Moore says:

    Oooh, I love those cute blocks and so many babys arriving soon – the perfect project!!

  190. Christine says:

    What a beautiful project…thank you so much for sharing!

  191. Carol says:

    Wow! What a great project for small prints. Thanks for the pattern!

  192. CarolE says:

    Love this tutorial — I’ll have to save it for one of my fall projects!

  193. Ramona says:

    How cute. These would make a great baby gift or great to use in your sewing room.

  194. lina says:

    Thanks a lot! what a great tutorial and inspiration!

  195. Tiffany says:

    Thank you Thank you!

  196. Christina says:

    wow these are so cute! what an adorable and unique idea!

  197. Regina says:

    These are so simply wonderful!!

  198. Cheryl says:

    Those nesting blocks are wonderful! Thanks so much for the pattern! And I love small prints, and can use some of those as well. I think it’s time to shop!

  199. pat says:

    My grandaughters birthday is arond the corner..What a great project…Thanks for the tutorial witht he use of exciting fabrics…

  200. Rochelle says:

    It’s like you read my mind. Some storage boxes were next on my list of projects!

  201. Tina says:

    These are so adorable! I need to find someone with a new baby to make them for!

  202. Katherine says:

    want them!

  203. L says:

    This pattern looks a lot nicer than a lot of those fabric boxes/baskets tutorials out there. I have trouble with linings fitting into things without being too much fabric or rippled so this looks like that might solve that problem. I can’t wait to try this because I haven’t found a fabric box tutorial yet that I was actually able to do. I love Oh, Fransson’s work so I’m especially excited to do this tutorial. I also love that the pattern/tutorial is ready to download in a pdf file.

  204. Katie Mitchell says:

    Love the KatieJumpRope fabric!

  205. LAuren says:

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  316. Melissa says:

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