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Florence from flossie teacakes brings us this excellent guide to some of the more common sewing machine feet. Be sure to click through to her introduction and explore her made by florence shop! Don’t forget to comment below for this week’s Sewing Machine Month prizes.

From Florence: You may be a complete novice in the market for a new machine and all the paraphernalia that comes with it, or an old-hand who could sew her way out of a… well, somewhere difficult to get out of. But either way, we all soon come to realise that some tasks just aren’t easily surmountable without the right feet.

Attaching your feet…
The first thing to think about with feet is how easy they are to attach to your machine. On my old machine I had to use a small screw to change feet – this was time consuming and eventually led to the screw threads being worn down and the feet becoming loose.

SMMFFF6092.jpg title=

My current machine allows the feet to be easily snapped on and off in less than a second (pictured above), which is fantastic if, like me, you rarely stick to one foot during a sewing session.

Standard Presser Foot
This holds your fabric nicely in place with an even pressure.

SMMFFF6093.jpg title=

It allows you to use a straight stitch or a zigzag and is universally useful. In theory you could sew almost exclusively with this foot…but you may find it easier to achieve the finish you want if you venture a little further into the vast array of the specialist feet that have been designed for use with particular sewing tasks in mind. Despite its fabulousness the Standard Presser Foot has one fundamental problem in that it doesn’t address the issue of differential feed.

SMMFFF6094.jpg title=

Many of the parts of this pincushion have been assembled using a Standard Presser Foot

Walking Foot
Differential feed means that the two layers of fabric you are sewing together are fed through the machine at very slightly different rates (the fabric nearer the feed dogs moves a fraction faster) and can mean that despite your finest efforts at pinning everything in place perfectly, when you come to the end of stitching a long line of fabric one piece of material appears to have mysteriously become a centimetre or two longer than the other! This can be traumatic in any number of projects, but is most especially irksome in installing zips and aligning patchwork squares.

SMMFFF6095.jpg title=

But fear not, the Walking Foot is the perfect remedy to this problem, and acts to feed both pieces of material through at exactly the same rate. A walking foot can be bought as an add-on accessory to be attached to your machine and will do the job perfectly. A Walking Foot is especially helpful when working with slipperier materials.
However, an add-on walking foot can be very noisy, clunky and eventually cause irreparable wear and tear to your machine, as it did to mine – this is my old walking foot pictured above.

SMMFFF6096.jpg title=

Attaching the silk to this kimono was made a little less stressful by the use of a Walking Foot.

Integrated Walking Foot
There are a few machines on the market that come with an integrated walking foot and having tried both I can now attest to the utter brilliance of having one welded to the frame of your machine, if not your person!

SMMFFF6097.jpg title=

This system is often referred to as integrated dual feed. When it’s inbuilt it isn’t just confined to usage when you want to stitch in a straight line, it can also be kicked into action with the flick of a finger and used in combination with your zipper foot, appliqué foot, quarter inch foot and any other number of feet where you want to gain from that particular foot’s specialist features whilst not losing the ability to feed both your pieces of fabric through the machine at the same rate. The picture above shows the integrated walking foot that I have on my current machine it’s the large black bit and it easily slots into a little hole at the back of whatever foot you happen to be using. An Integrated Walking Foot is so quiet that one is not wracked with sewing guilt when machining past midnight. Again, a Walking Foot produces fantastic results when working with slipperier fabrics.

SMMFFF6098.jpg title=

A Walking Foot can help you to keep your fabrics in alignment.

The Quarter Inch Foot
This is the foot that I probably make most use of. It means that you never have to carefully draw seam allowance lines onto fabric again and instead you may let this foot guide you into achieving a precise ¼” seam allowance.

SMMFFF6099.jpg title=

You simply butt your fabric up to the metal guide attached to the foot and then sew happily away. It even has red markers on it so that you know at which point you should stop sewing when it’s time to turn a corner. I find this so utterly pleasing and know that it will be the delight of fellow neat-freaks out there who aspire for the handmade to look like it’s been made by a precision robot rather than a real person. It is perfect for sewing together patchwork squares, bag making (which is what I predominantly use it for) and many other things. Previously when designing a bag pattern I would have to make one template with a seam allowance included and another one without, so that I knew exactly where to sew. This double process is now, happily, a thing of the past. The only limitation of this foot is that any attempt to zigzag or change your needle position from central will be rewarded with a broken needle.

SMMFFF60910.jpg title=

I create all my bags using a Quarter Inch Foot.

Adjustable Guide Foot
The Adjustable Guide Foot acts in the same way as the ¼ inch foot, but is highly adjustable and allows you to use a variety of needle positions, and yes, you can even zigzag if that’s what’s required!

SMMFFF60911.jpg title=

While I use mine as a seam allowance guide, it is especially designed to help you achieve perfect top stitching. On my version, pictured above, the guide doesn’t slip around without asking, due to the super little ratchetty notches. You can use it in exactly the same way as the ¼ inch foot by butting your fabric edge up against the side.
Its limitation is that it doesn’t allow for smaller seam allowances…which means that, despite its flexibility, I use it a lot less than my Quarter Inch Foot.

SMMFFF60912.jpg title=

These glasses cases are made using the Variable Seam Guide
as my seams tend to be a little more than ¼” for these.

Open Toe Appliqué Foot
My Quarter Inch Foot may be most frequently used, but my Open Toe Appliqué Foot is one of my dearest possessions. It may well be inanimate, but it’s utterly lovable.

SMMFFF60913.jpg title=

It allows the user to create pictures with fabric and generally play like a child let loose in a classroom full of art supplies, under the dignified guise of seamstressing. What’s special about this foot is that you can see exactly where you are going, which is essential when turning tight corners around appliqué pieces. It seems to place less pressure on the fabric than a Regular Presser Foot, while holding the fabric in place to either side of your appliqué edge. Using this foot you can appliqué using a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. It is useful for any task where you need greater visibility of your work than a Regular Presser Foot will provide.

SMMFFF60914.jpg title=

This is what my appliqué looks like after it’s had a meeting with the Open Toe Appliqué Foot.

Zipper Foot
The Zipper Foot allows you to sew closely alongside against anything that is too bulky to put under an actual foot, and so in effect, it is the sewing equivalent of riding a horse side-saddle.

SMMFFF60915.jpg title=

A zipper foot can be used not just to insert zips, but also to install cording or piping into cushions and bags. My zipper Foot can be mounted on either side so that you can sew on the left or the right. This is a foot that requires the careful use of your fingers. You must feel for the zipper teeth or cording that are sandwiched in between your outer fabric and your lining and then butt the side of the zipper foot up against the teeth or cord, hoping that you are the winner in this particular game of hide & seek. If your machine comes with a variety of needle positions then you have control over how close to the zipper teeth you wish for your stitches to be. When you reach the zip-pull you must raise the foot, pivot a little, and ease the pull back before resuming sewing again. At first the Zipper Foot can seem fiddly, but I found that an intensive week of immersing myself in projects involving zips had the eventual effect of making its use seem no more complex than reversing into a space at the supermarket.

SMMFFF60916.jpg title=

A zip happily installed with my Zipper Foot.

Concealed Zip Foot
A concealed zip (also: Invisible Zipper) is most often used in clothing, where to have the zip’s teeth visible would be an eyesore. Although using my standard zipper foot it would be possible to install a concealed zip, I find the Concealed Zipper Foot makes the job much easier.

SMMFFF60917.jpg title=

While the Standard Zipper Foot was compared to riding your horse side-saddle, this foot is more like using a lightweight steamroller (do the analogies ever end?!). It gently glides over the zip teeth catching them to one side or the other of the roller. Your stitches are formed incredibly closely to the zip’s teeth for a neat, precise finish.
It is very easy to use and tends to produce perfect results every time, due to the fact that it leaves little room for human error, the concealed zipper foot lets you see exactly where you are in relation to the zip and the foot intuitively follows the groove that it has found around the zip’s teeth.

SMMFFF60918.jpg title=

This dress has a concealed zip at the back…
But it’s so well concealed that I thought I’d show you the front instead!

Buttonhole Foot
The instructions for creating buttonholes on my machine are shown in the lid (shown below).

SMMFFF60919.jpg title=

Some of the more fancy-pants machines may have a quicker and easier one-step route to buttonhole loveliness which may be worth looking out for when buying a machine, but my machine is a workhorse and so requires me to go through five quick and easy steps. The Buttonhole Foot has an internal section that slides up and down across your fabric helping you to create your buttonhole. Proper preparation is essential to make good use of your buttonhole foot. You should always use a stabiliser beneath your fabric when creating a button hole– it will keep your buttonhole smooth and free from puckering. I tend to start by placing my button on the fabric and drawing a little line at each side to make sure my button hole is the perfect size. I then draw a vertical line between the two horizontal lines and this forms the line for the buttonhole, which can be followed with your machine. Once your machine has helped you to create your superduper button hole you will need to open it up with scissors or a seam ripper. A moment of overzealousness here, however, can result in you accidently barrelling through the end of your previously beautiful button hole. For this reason I slide a pin in horizontally just before the end stitches which acts like a safety buffer…and makes the ripping much more fun.  Buttonholes will have their own day in the sun during Sewing Machine Month in a week or two, so stay tuned for more information and tutorials.

SMMFFF60920.jpg title=

Buttonholing instructions.

Big Foot

 The Big Foot is used for free-motion embroidery. Using this foot, I’ve seen other people create the most amazing things that leave me feeling quite giddy… but to master it requires practice and a dedication that I, unfortunately, don’t seem to be in possession of.

SMMFFF60921.jpg title=

In order to do free motion embroidery or use the Big Foot it is imperative that you are able to lower the feed dogs on your machine. These are the things that usually do a super job of feeding your fabric through the machine. But for free-motion you take over in this job and without any feed dogs to boss you around, you have the freedom to twist and turn your fabric exactly as you please. The machine no longer regulates the stitch length for you and it becomes your responsibility to keep the fabric moving at an evenly-paced speed in order to maintain a consistent stitch length. You can appliqué fabric pieces with it, as well as creating beautiful quilts, where the sewer is able to produce loopy, undulating waves of stitches which can result in a look that is far cosier and more informal than the alternative of quilting in straight lines (which is what I tend to do). To use it you must either create a quilting sandwich (cotton & batting etc) or else place your fabric in a special machine embroidery hoop with a stabiliser beneath, never a single layer of material.

SMMFFF60922.jpg title=

This rather pitiful excuse for a bird was created on my most ‘successful’ attempt at free-motioning…

In Conclusion
I have included here the feet that I use most often, but have omitted the Overcast Foot, the Piping Foot, the Twin Welting Foot and many others that I have in my box of feet, because some seem to end up being more useful than others, depending on what type of sewing you tend to do most.

SMMFFF60923.jpg title=

Don’t be afraid to invent your own uses for your machine’s feet; trial and error tells you what is the easiest way for you to do something. During a particularly blurry moment I once snapped my Standard Zipper Foot onto my machine back to front and found that it awakened a whole new range of possibilities for use (at your own risk!) and have frequently used it that way ever since.

The feet discussed above are the feet that I use most regularly, but actually my machine’s manufacturer’s catalogue that I gaze upon on a regular basis tells me that my modest collection is really just the tip of a foot-filled iceberg. But, as with books or wooden toys, they never feel like a frivolous waste of money, for they have the ability to help to make anyone’s stitchery more perfect and do better justice to the beautiful stash of fabrics that passes fleetingly beneath a machine’s feet.

Join us for Sewing Machine Month! Enter to win this week’s prize package from our Sewing Machine Month sponsor: Husqvarna/Viking. Comment on any post this week for your chance to win the Embroidery Package (over $250 retail value), or you might win one of four $20 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew!.
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    After seeing this post I wish I’d kept the new one instead. All of those feet would have been so nice to use! I wish this had been around two years ago! Thanks for the incredible information, I am more determined now to find extra feet for my model, and I can’t wait to play with them. 😉

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  444. Florence says:

    Gosh, so many lovely comments – thank you. I’m absolutely delighted that it’s been useful.

    To answer a couple of questions:

    My machine is a Pfaff Classic Style Home 1529, it’s very basic and completely uncomputerised. However, it is my dream machine and I’d love to buy a second one in case this one ever gives up.

    I feel like I may have wrongly implied that you need to buy a machine that comes with all these feet – apart from the integrated walking foot, I’ve purchased nearly all of the feet mentioned here individually from my local sewing shop and did the same for my old Babylock machine…so I’m assuming that most manufacturers will have a vast array of add-on feet that can be purchased without the need for a new machine…but don’t let that stop you.

    To answer Jess’s question – I think there are various types of stabiliser, but the one I use is like a wafer thin piece of stiff papery fabric that can be torn away easily afterwards. The stabiliser helps to stop your fabric from pulling and distorting as it goes under the presser foot and generally makes it retain its shape better.

    To Jenny T – it’s actually a Pfaff, which is fantastic with thicker materials as it has a special feature which means that you can go from thin to thick materials without a problem – the feet flex up and down a little to accommodate changes in thickness. My old machine was a Babylock and didn’t have this feature, but I got around it by wedging something of the same thickness under the back of the foot for the first couple of stitches, so that the foot didn’t initially have to climb a mountain in order to get started. But other than that – I think you can probably tell that I think that a walking foot is the answer to most problems…

    To Amy – The foot that is good for velvety/minkee materials is actually on my wishlist of things – I think it’s commonly known as a non-stick foot and has an almost Teflon-like coating on the base of it – I’ve heard good things about it…but I’m trying to practice a little self-restraint and wait until Christmas to get it!

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    It was very interesting.

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    And ps. Your work is amazing. I love your bags and your eyeglass cases!

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    Like any job – using the right tools makes all the difference. Thanks so much for this info.

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  571. Nice articular – Very well done!…Well I have to tell you I have a Viking machine and have lots of different feet, all for different uses and what is so great about the viking that I have (designer se) it is computerized and it tells you what foot to use with each different application. It was very expensive but well worth the money. i just love my machine!

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  596. Chris Stalnaker says:

    Thank you for this review of presser feet! I love my walking foot. It has made a huge difference in the preciseness of my sewing especially for knits. On my machine, the “big foot” is called the darning foot and I have actually used it to darn holes in my husband’s pants and shorts. Very cool.

  597. Daljeet says:

    I love my collection of sewing machine feet! We just got my mom a brand new Brother and the first thing I did was to crack open the accessories case to examine all the feet. The second thing I did was to play, I mean try them out on the machine with some scrap fabric 🙂

  598. Ann Dilcher says:

    A walking foot saved me when I made my wedding gown.
    I would advise people to save their feet. I had a workhorse white machine for 20 years until the tension could no longer be repaired. I got a new one as similar to the old that I had loved and it is so much more cheaply constructed. Luckily the much higher quality feet from the old one fit the new one.

  599. Denise says:

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this post!!! As a novice sewer i feel like you have opened my eyes to a whole world os sewing that i was unaware of before! lol Silly me, i have just been using the standard presser foot for everything and I have really been missing out! lol

  600. Missy says:

    This post was just so helpful, for my novice self, and very enjoyable to read with the lovely fabric and project photos. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

  601. Thanks for all the great tips on the sewing machine feet. I absolutely love my walking foot, it’s great for so many things. I use it to sew all my bindings on my finished quilts. oohsaahsw@aol.com

  602. Jessica says:

    Wow thanks for sharing! I am new to sewing and felt a little intimidated by all of the feet options out there. Thanks for the article. It was informative and funny 🙂

  603. Jennifer says:

    thank you for the positively wonderful intro to all the feet out there. i’ve used a few of them, but have looked at some like they’re almost torture devices. one of these days, i’ll venture out more…like free-motion and applique!

  604. Wendy says:

    I bought a package of various quilting feet shortly after receiving my machine. I love having a walking foot, and the applique foot comes in handy, too. Mine don’t have the red marks – what a great idea! And my 1/4″ foot doesn’t really give me a 1/4″ which is kind of annoying, so I’d suggest that anyone test theirs before going to it.

  605. stephanie says:

    I love my 1/4 foot too. I may have to seek outthe open toe applique one though that looks nice.

  606. This may well be the most instructive thing I’ve ever read for my machine. I’m going to have to get out the “happy feet” 🙂 Thanks!

  607. michele m says:

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  610. Erin says:

    What a wonderful, informative post. I’m so inspired to go home and attempt my sewing projects with a greater variety of feet! Hopefully it produces items as professional as florence’s in the end. Thanks for sharing!

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  612. Monica Gee says:

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  613. MeganAnne says:

    This was so helpful and straight forward. It’s nice to see what you use the most. And to begin to think about what I want in a machine when I’m ready to upgrade.

  614. Marilyn says:

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  615. Hannah says:

    Holy Cow! I’m so excited for this month! I hope I win!

  616. Kim B. says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! I’m new to sewing and have my mom’s old machine. It came with a few feet and I had no idea what they were for! Thanks for the wonderful and thorough information!

  617. katie says:

    I love this!! I had no idea about some of those “feet” thanks!!

  618. Bethany says:

    This was such a helpful article! I love all of the detailed explanations, examples, and illustrative pictures. Very well done!

  619. Wendy says:

    Would you mind telling me what sewing machine you are using that has an integrated walking foot? I have an upholstery machine with it and absolutely love it. I would like to have the option when sewing less bulky items.

  620. susan says:

    Wow, the only feet I’ve been using are Regular and Zipper. I’ll definitely look into a Walking Foot — sounds like it would solve a lot of my sewing frustrations. Thanks for all the great info!

  621. Jess says:

    Thanks, really helpful! I’m just wondering what a ‘stabiliser’ is, which you suggest to use when making button holes. My manual says to do this too but I’ve never known what they meant.

  622. Leigh says:

    Thanks so much for this!!! I’ve been working on an ooold Singer with only one foot (straight stitch!) and this really confirmed for me that I need to get moving on getting more feet!

  623. triona says:

    Wow – that was really useful, as a novice sewer I had not heard of some of these – but now I’m very excited …. a quarter inch foot – mmm…dreamy, and I think I will have to have one! Loving this sewing machine month – learning loads already and it’s only a couple of days in. thanks so much !

  624. gina says:

    great tutorial! i didn’t know there were so many feet… will have to see what i can use on my machine!

  625. Raphiel says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’ll have to see if I can get a big foot for my pfaff 1209. I’ve been looking for a darning foot but looks like I could use the other… I’m new to all this.

  626. Christa says:

    I love this explanation of so many different “feet”. I really only use the basic foot that came with my machine, but this inspires me to try a few new ones out….. And that 1/4″ foot is amazing, I don’t understand why every machine doesn’t come with one of those. It would definitely make my quilting a heck of a lot easier!

  627. Ellen Ban says:

    Great information….I solved my foot changing problem by using my old machines…One has the walking foot on it and one has the darning foot for machine quilting. That way they are all ready to go, great for a quilter with A.D.D.!

  628. Erica Hager says:

    thanks for the fabulous post!

    I also have IDF (on my Pfaff) and love it 🙂

  629. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I have just started getting into sewing after having had a machine for years. I now have a better idea of how to use some of the feet I have. Thanks!

  630. Katie says:

    This is great! Feet I’ve never heard of! I’m glad my birthday is coming up. 😉

  631. Megan says:

    This is really helpful. Aside from one year of home economics in 9th grade, I’m predominately a self-taught seamstress. There’s a lot I can do, but I usually ignore all the extra feet with my machine (save the zipper foot and button-hole foot and blind hem foot – hmm, I guess I use more than I thought) – still, you’ve mentioned several here I’ve never tried before.


  632. molly says:

    great photos. very helpful post. thank you.

  633. dangermom says:

    Clearly I need an open-toe applique foot. Also I have never mastered my machine’s infuriating buttonhole foot and just make do with the ordinary foot. The 1/4″ is my favorite general-use foot, but I sure have snapped a lot of needles on it by switching to zig-zag without looking…

  634. Lori says:

    What a useful guide to all the different feet! I just bought an add-on walking foot for my new low-end machine and didn’t know it would be noisy. Thanks for this post!

  635. Michelle Vivar says:

    Thanks, I have made this post a bookmark. Great help for greens like me.

  636. JenniferM. says:

    This is so helpful! I’ve searched and searched for something just like this for months. Thank you!

  637. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for adding all the little details. A couple months ago I bought a couple new feet so I could make quilts for Christmas. They didn’t come with use instructions so I’ve been a bit lost. Thanks for all the helpful info.

  638. Vanna says:

    I love this info! I am always wondering what foot to use when…. so I usually just use the basic foot that came attached to my machine! I need to branch out more.

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