Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

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Jessie Keating of Tiny House created this easy patchwork sewing machine cover tutorial. If you read Jessie’s introduction you know she has a background in art and a full life; stop by her Tiny House shop and take time to look through Jessie’s blog. She creates beautiful aprons, spring tops, brooches and even jam, plus much more!

SMMPSMC1.jpg title=

What you need:

  • Fabric for the patchwork front: seven different coordinating prints, each cut into 4.5” squares.
  • Fabric for the inside, cut into a rectangle measuring 16” x 28”.
  • Grosgrain ribbon (or other ribbon suitable for ties, such as twill tape.) cut into eight lengths of 12”.

Notes: Seam allowance is about 1/4-1/2” (I used the 3/8” mark, which happens to be the side of my regular foot.) It’s not so crucial to follow the seam allowance perfectly, so somewhere in there is fine!

What you do:
1. Measure your sewing machine. Mine is approximately 15” wide, 7 inches from front to back, and 11” tall. This pattern reflects the size of my machine (pretty standard) but you can change the size of the cover with a bit of simple math. I multiplied the height of my machine by 2, then added the depth to get the measurements for my cover. (11” x 2 + 7” = 29”)

2. Lay out your fabric squares in a patchwork pattern of four rows of seven. I chose to place them randomly, with no touching patterns. You could easily make a more structured layout if that’s more your thing.

3. Sew your squares together into four strips of seven squares. I found it easiest to start in the bottom left corner, and work my way up the row, setting that strip aside, then starting with the bottom square of the next row, and so on.

4. When you have completed all four rows, you need to press the seams open. I like to start by first pressing each seam to one side to lock the stitches, then opening the seam and pressing it:

SMMPSMC3.jpg title=

Press seam to one side.

SMMPSMC4.jpg title=

Open seam and press.

SMMPSMC5.jpg title=

Press top.

5. Sew the four rows together. Start with the first two rows, then sew the next two rows together. Finally, sew both halves together. In order to have perfectly matching squares, it’s a good idea to pin the rows together first. My favorite method is to first place a pin on either side of each seam, then a pin in the middle of each square. It keeps the fabric from sliding too much as you work down the row. But sometimes it’s fun to fly by the seat of your pants, so if that’s the way you roll, don’t worry about pinning!

SMMPSMC6.jpg title=

Place pin on either side of each seam…

SMMPSMC7.jpg title=

… Then pin the middle of each square.

6. Press all seams open (just like step 3,) then iron the front of the patchwork rectangle.

7. You should have a piece that measures approximately 16” by 28.” Make sure your patchwork piece and inside piece are the same.

8. At this point, you need to add your ties. In order to find the right placement for the ribbons, I laid the patchwork piece over the machine and arranged it how it would be when it was finished, then simply eyeballed where I thought the ribbons should go. Each ribbon should be perpendicular to the edge of the cover, with each piece extending about 1/4” over the edge.
I used scotch tape to hold the ribbons in place—since they are so narrow—then sewed very close to the edges. You should end up with four ties on each long edge of the patchwork piece, with eight ties total.
9. Next, place the patchwork piece right side up on a flat surface. Make sure all your ties are arranged towards the center of the piece, then lay the inside piece—right side down—on top of the patchwork piece, sandwiching the ribbons inside. Pin in place.

10. Sew around the entire piece, about 1/4” from the edge, leaving a 2”-3” gap on one of the shorter sides.

11. Trim all four corners on a diagonal, just short of the corner where the seams meet.
12. Turn the entire piece right side out, using the gap you left on one of the sides. You can use the blunt end of a chopstick or pen, or just your fingers, to push the corners out so they lay nicely.
13. Iron the entire piece, making sure your edges are nice and straight. Pay special attention to gap you left—arranging the fabric so that it lies flat and even with the rest of the edges.
14. Topstitch around the entire piece, as close to the edge as possible.
15. Place on top of your machine and tie into place. Voila!

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330 Responses to Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

  1. Jillian says:

    Super easy and adorable! This is exactly what I need since I store my sewing machine in the laundry room and it’s constantly getting dusty.

  2. Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know I love your tutorial and posted it on my blog:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I just made mine and i love it thanks for great tutorial

  4. Kort&Søm says:

    love the idea and the colours on the fabric!
    Fredrikke :o)

  5. Shelly says:

    I love it, it was so easy, I loved it so much I’m going to make a second one for my serger machine. It adds lots of color to my dull sewing table.

  6. Anne C says:

    Just the incentive I need to actually do this instead of just thinking about it.

  7. Misty says:

    I think I will try this for my stand up mixer. Good idea!

  8. scrappy says:

    what a great idea! super cute!

  9. Samanta says:

    I’ve just bought my first sewing machine, and this project is just perfect for me to practice! I’ve already made a very practical bag (I just HAD to have it!) but I’m sure my patchwork projects will be finished in no time now that I got the machine. Only one question remains: which fabrics to choose? There are so many gorgeous combinations… 🙂

  10. Lari says:

    Cute idea! I was thinking the other day I needed a cover for mine…now I just need to decide what fabrics to use.

  11. Shannon says:

    What a great way to use scraps of the fabric I want to look at every day! Huzzah, I can’t wait to get started on this!


  12. Helz says:

    I can see lots of uses for this great idea… Thank You Jessie !

  13. Elena says:

    Great tutorial. I can’t wait to make my own machine cover. Thanks!

  14. Cute cover! I’d make it with sides, though, to keep the dust from coming in there.

  15. Emily says:

    This is great! Sure beats the plastic one that came with my machine!

  16. chrisitna mcgrath says:


  17. Hannah says:

    What fun! Sure beats the plastic thing I’ve been rolling with! Thanks!

  18. Rebecca says:

    What a cute project!

  19. kern says:

    Very pretty fabric. It would be fun to do with charm packs-would it be over the top to make one for different seasons?

  20. Ananda says:

    Cute machine cover. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  21. jenn hill says:

    This is adorable! I use my machine so often, I would hardly get a chance to use this but it looks like so much fun to make!

  22. charlotte says:

    cannot wait to make my own!!! the only question is what fabrics to choose…

  23. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial! It’s beautiful!! : )

  24. Tammi says:

    This is so cute. Hope to make one this summer.

  25. Carla Melton says:

    Ahh, now this is what I need!!! Thankyou…looks so lovely too.

  26. Julie GM says:

    LOVE this! SUPER-CUTE!!! THX for sharing the detailed instructions!!

  27. Ana Edith says:

    I dont espeak inglish, I love this prety desing, congratulation

  28. Page says:

    This is great! I missed a free Viking class for a machine cover so I really need to make one of these (:

  29. Jessica T says:

    I’ve been wanting to do a small patchwork project and that fits the bill perfectly! So cute!

  30. Leah says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial!

  31. Ann S says:

    Thanks for the pattern! That’ll be one less thing to dust at my place.

  32. Mary E. Hubbard (retirednana2008) says:

    What a great idea!! Keeps the dust from getting into the ‘vital’ parts….. Gotta make one of these.
    Thanks for the tutorial….

  33. Astreia says:

    That is very cute!! I’m going to make one very soon!!

  34. Susan says:

    Great tutorial and super easy instructions. Love your fabric choices. This would make a great cover for the computer monitor.

  35. sherri s. says:

    Too pretty! I have mine covered with, um, a dish towel {hides head in shame}. Nice weekend project, thanks!

  36. hannita says:

    Cute! My machine definitely needs something. I might try this on the weekend.

  37. buebau says:

    Love it!!!

  38. Jean says:

    I almost never cover my machine, but this might inspire me. Fun, easy project.

  39. Stephanie says:

    Oh, I love it! I am going to make one of these for my machine thanks!

  40. Tonya says:

    That is such a great idea. Since I leave my sewing machine out on my dining room table most of the time, it would be nice to have a little cover for it. Thank you for the tutorial.

  41. Jodie says:

    wow! so easy! Thanks.

  42. Jenni says:

    Fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much, Jessie! I can’t wait to get started making one of these! Funny, I’m excited to make something that I hope to use very little. Thanks again! 🙂

  43. Emilie says:

    way cuter than the plastic cover that came with my machine! i’m going to have to make this!

  44. Lisa says:

    The ties are really cute – and what a great use for smaller pieces of fabrics. Love this idea, thank you for sharing. Now, just to find a little spare time please…

  45. Mary says:

    This is so incredibly cute and will be absolutely perfect for making covers for my coverstitcher and embroidery machine!

  46. Jamie Z says:

    Love this project!

  47. Christen says:

    How cute! And how easy to make!

  48. funderbug says:

    Haven’t sewn since high school and I will be getting my first machine in a few weeks. This would make a great first project!

  49. Marlene says:

    Such a cute project ! Can’t wait to make one for myself and one for my mom !

  50. Julie says:

    That is such a sweet little cover I think I might have to try something similar for my printer.

  51. Cecily says:

    This is really pretty. I almost wish that my ancient sewing machine didn’t already have a cover. Maybe I can think of something else that I could use this idea for–the toaster?, bread mixer?, computer?

  52. Kristy Z says:

    I love this post. Thank you, sure beats putting on my hard cover which never fits right with a spool of thread stil on the machine.

  53. Mary P says:

    Very cute!

  54. Erica says:


  55. Courtney says:

    This is really cute and easy looking! I think I’m going to make my mom one for her birthday – right after I make one for myself 😀

  56. Amie Maberry says:

    Awesome I love this blog!

  57. Kristina says:

    so stinkin’ cute! Might have to make a few of these!

  58. Pam says:

    That is so pretty. I love the fabrics she chose.

  59. Liz B says:

    Very nice tutorial, and your fabric choices are beautiful.

  60. KathyB says:

    Beautiful! Great to use for and with my new machine.

  61. Muriel says:

    Very cute, but I never cover my machine. I use it too much!!

  62. Claudia S. says:

    That is the cutest machine cover! I absolutely love the ribbons and the fabric combo- lovely!!

  63. Joan says:

    Oh My Gosh is that ever cute!! Great Job…thanks for the wonderful tut.

  64. Bobbie says:

    Oh! So cute… much nicer than the flannel sheet I am now using..
    Thank-you for the easy to follow directions

  65. Leigha says:

    I happen to have a new sewing machine that could use a sweet little cover like this!

  66. Ariane says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! It is a goodie!

  67. Emma O. says:

    Very cute! I love the colors you used!

  68. Annwen says:

    I have been thinking about making a cover for my machine and this would work wonderfully! Thanks for sharing.

  69. Misty says:

    I love this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!

  70. Rebecca says:

    I like the cover idea, dressing up my sewing table. I do want to find out where you found the pins you used. I really like them because they are so nice and long.

  71. Julie Andrea says:

    I love it, it’s so simple and looks pretty. I think I can do this one! LOL Thanks!

  72. Loralyn Cecil says:

    I love it beause the machine does not look like a toaster when covered – like the one I am currently using does! Very cute!

  73. Megan says:

    very nice! it would be cute to make a coordinating pin cushion that ties on your machine.

  74. Keilah says:

    Super cute, I know a few gals that would love this, thanks for the tutorial.

  75. Helena says:

    What a great tutorial. I can’t wait to make one for my machine!

  76. Linda T says:

    Such a good idea. I should make one of these. It would probably help to keep my sons’ curious fingers away from my machine as well!

  77. Leigh says:

    What a pretty & functional way to use up some scraps! I love it!

  78. Stacy says:

    So cute and so easy! Thanks for the tutorial!

  79. Pamela Orra says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, it’s a pretty cover. Love the colors you chose.

  80. Jennifer N. says:

    This is really cute! It doesn’t look like it would be too hard for a non-sewer like myself to attempt to make. Definitely saving this tutorial!

  81. Ariane says:

    I just made a (rudimentary) sewing machine cover out of an old striped bedsheet… now I wish I had made a prettier one like this!

  82. Kim D. says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I like the way the cover is open on the ends making it easy to slip off when needed. Adorable cover..

  83. Limor says:

    Really cute cover. I love the corals and green together.

  84. Sue says:

    THis is great, really funky. I will hgave to find some of those charm squares that didn’t make that last project and make my machine look pretty. She gets cold and lonely in a plastic ugly case.
    Thanks for the great tutorial

  85. Deborah S. says:

    Wonderful tutorial. I am planning on getting right on this for my old singer that I still use. A great way to keep dust off if it and still look great!

  86. Dawn says:

    what a great idea, thanks for sharing!


  87. Aparna Mulgund says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I cannot wait to make one.

  88. Bettina Groh says:

    I’m in the midst of a quilt…. but there are always scraps and what a great way to use them!

  89. Cassie says:

    What a great idea! My cover is in sad shape of replacement…I love the ribbon idea, think I will try this tonight!

  90. Kelley says:

    I love it! Great tutorial — I can’t wait to try it out!

  91. Kristi R says:

    Too cute! I must cover my new machine with one of these little gems.

  92. Holee says:

    This pattern would be so easy to use up a few of my larger crazy quilt blocks. Very simple solution for coving up a machine!

  93. anjelle says:

    The ribbon ties are such a great idea! Every other cover I’ve seen has four sides, and you have to do all the measuring before-hand… Which is fine, except I haven’t the patience for it. This is much better!

  94. Sara says:

    Super cute and easy! I might have to dig through my scraps and make this cover for my Brother. (hehehe, I meant for that to happen!) Thanks for the great tutorial!

  95. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  96. Jen says:

    thanks so much for the instructions! I love it!

  97. Brooke says:

    What a great idea! Thanks!

  98. Linda says:

    Thanks for giving me inspiration to organize my craft room.

  99. min says:

    Cute! I think stretchy elastic instead of ribbons to tie would also be fun and easy. I’m a bad ribbon tie-er.

  100. Sally says:

    Super cute! I just got a new machine and my old cover doesn’t fit! You’ve inspired me to go make a new one!

  101. Sally says:

    Wicked cute!

  102. Malisha says:


  103. Malisha says:

    Ohh! what a great idea!!! I love scrapbooking! but I dont always have the time or skills to do it! My sewing machine could use a cover which, by the way lives in a very dusty room!

  104. Maureen says:

    Love the patchwork cover. What a great way to show off a lot of favorite fabrics and brighten up a sewing room.

  105. alli forsyth says:

    What a great tutorial….It seems easy enough too. THANKS!!


  106. Sara says:

    I love your cover! So much easier and faster to sew than the ones in patterns!

  107. Deb V says:

    What a cute project. You did a nice job with the tutorial. I definitely am going to make one for my sewing machine.

  108. Martha Bie says:

    I Love it! A quilt for my sewing machine.

  109. Allison says:

    What a cute project! i think my machine needs a new cozy!

  110. Rebecca says:

    This is so clever! I just love the ribbons, what a great idea, need to make myself one now for sure!!

  111. andrea says:

    What a nice tutorial : )

  112. Stacy says:

    what a great project to use up all those scraps I have laying around. Thank you for the idea!

  113. Missy Ann says:

    As soon as my shop comes home from the shop I’m making this cover!

  114. Cristin says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a cover for my machine for months now! Thanks for this wonderful Tutorial! Now… I have to find the PERFECT fabric 🙂

  115. Grace says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m giving up my sewing room as i move to a smaller home, so I’m on the lookout for ideas that will make my new sewing “corner” look pretty and still blend in with the surroundings.

  116. sarah says:

    very cute project. I must make one!

  117. Missie says:

    This is great-I just have a towel over mine right now…….this is way “purtier”!!!!

  118. Vicki Terpstra says:

    Very cute cover and great tutorial. Thank you.

  119. claudia says:

    Cute and simple! I like that this project is practical an also gives you some “quilting” practice!

  120. Kara says:

    What a beautiful way to cover your machine!

  121. Florence Grehlinger says:

    I can definitely use one of these, looks like a fun project. Thanks

  122. susan says:

    This is a fun simple cover. I think I will try to make one for my “naked” machine.

  123. Debbie O says:

    That is sooo cute!!! Something I can do with my fat quarters!!! My sis is a new sewer and she needs one of these to give some color to her machine lol

  124. Cute cover! I know my sewing machine is begging me for one! And this just might be it, it’s really easy and quick to make! Thank you!

  125. molly says:

    I really like those fabrics. Just my colors. 🙂

  126. Laura says:

    Very cute cover. It also looks a lot easier to make than a lot of other ones I have seen!

  127. Lorajean says:

    this is perfect! just what I need to make. The instructions are so clear and easy too

  128. Julianne says:

    Too cute! I’ve been thinking of making a cover since I moved my machine to right in front of a window that we leave open a lot. It’s getting covered in pollen!

  129. Emily says:

    I love the patchwork cover! I’ve been needing to make one of these for a long time!

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    This is an adorable cover! Love the fabrics and ribbon ties!

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    I love anything with ties. Adorable! Thanks!

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    This is cute! I need to add this to my “to-make” list 🙂

  133. Vanessa M. says:

    Gosh – you make it look so easy! Thanks for the tutorial.

  134. Sherrille Mackeigan says:

    Great cover up for the machine. It sure beat the hard plastic ones

  135. Wagonwife says:

    Really cute!

  136. I like the patchwork cover. I seen a pattern with the whole machine covered but, I really like the ties better. Great tutorial!

  137. Kristin says:

    So cute, I’m going to make one now.

  138. Jessica Fuester says:

    Looks so much better than the plain ole cover that comes with a sewing machine! Thanks for sharing!

  139. Jacqui says:

    Thanks for the idea. It looks great!

  140. michelle says:

    sew cute!!!

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    I love that how this cover is open at the ends. Very creative!

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    That is an adorable cover, and the colors are beautiful. I also love that among the “Sewing Machine Month” posts a “how-to make a cover” is one of them.

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    I love this machine cover! The directions are great as well. I’m going to have to get busy and make one of these.

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    What a great way to use up extra fabric!
    My mama would be so proud of me if I made this. I can still hear her saying, “cover up that sewing machine”. Now that I’m a mom, I’ll admit that mom’s are always right.

  159. Valerie says:

    Pretty fabrics, love the pink and spring green!

  160. shelli says:

    As cute as it is, it doesn’t cover the sides, where dust can still get in – I’ve been searching and searching for a good sewing machine cover tutorial, and this is by far the cutest i’ve seen – but I so wish it was all 4 sides!

  161. Tiffany says:

    One of the best tutorials I’ve seen. Easy to understand and great pictures. I’m going to make this for my Janome Sew Mini!

  162. Nicole says:

    That’s so cute!! Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  163. Kimberly Grommes says:

    I was just thinking the other day to find a tutorial on doing patchwork and this is perfectly adorable, useful and it looks easy enough! Thanks so much! 🙂

  164. janet says:

    so cute! i love your choice of prints for the patchwork quilt. I’m totally going to make one of these for my machine. Since it’s simple is design, if I ever get a new machine, i’m sure it will fit that one too! thanks!

  165. CaLynn says:

    This is a great idea! I recently inherited my first machine and its actually cute by itself with fun retro colors. But ive caught my cats playing with the thread so i guess a cover is in order! Thanks for posting it:)

  166. Serena says:

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  167. girlsmama says:

    Very cute! The simplicity is wonderful.

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    What a great project – too cute! I’m definitely making one of these.

  169. Nicole says:

    I LOVE this!!!! Thank you for this simple to follow tut! I’ve needed to make one of these for a while now! I have the perfect charm pack for this project! Great stuff Jessie!!!

  170. Shelley C says:

    I haven’t seen a ‘half cover’ like this before…it’s usually been the full cover cover….This is pretty cute and I wouldn’t have to worry over gussets!

  171. Jennifer says:

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  172. Georgia says:

    I’ve been looking for an easy way to get back into my sewing and I think this is going to be the perfect project. Simple and a great way to use leftover material from other projects. Thank you!!

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  177. Ellen Ban says:

    Thanks for the tutorial….I need to replace my plastic cover that got a little too close to the iron which melted a hole in it!

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  179. MARIA ISABEL says:

    Very easy. I lovely the tutorial. Thanks you

  180. Lisa says:

    Thank you for such a great idea! I’d love to do this for my machine – and my new ‘hobby room’!

  181. shannon says:

    Adorable, and a great first-patchwork project!

  182. Analia says:

    That is such a cute idea….instead of the ugly plastic cover that covers most machines!

  183. Amanda says:

    How cute! It’s like a little quilt to keep your machine warm while you are away! thanks for the tute!

  184. Great tutorial. I’ve been meaning to make a sewing machine cozy for awhile. This might get me motivated to do it. Thanks.

  185. Sharon Griffith says:

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us. i am home from work today and think I will put this tutorial to good use…If I get to finish it I will post a pic…Thanks again

  186. Mandy says:

    I tried once to make a cover that fit snugly on my machine, and it didn’t work too well, lol. But this is cute and because of the ties could go on both my machines! Woohoo!

  187. Heather McG says:

    Beautiful!! Now all I need is a sewing table to show off my sewing machine cozy

  188. Stephanie says:

    Really cute project, I love your tutorials!

  189. Curry says:

    Cute! The ribbon ties are a nice touch!

  190. Sara G says:

    What a great, simple idea! This is something I can give my 10yo to do as her own sewing project — thanks!

  191. Julia M. In MI says:

    Cute cover. I Iike the ribbon ties mixed with patchwork. It gives it a charming look.

  192. shannon says:

    How cute! I’m a sucker for patchwork anything!

  193. Joyce in NC says:

    This is a great idea. I like the ribbon ties on the side! I think I see a new machine cover in the near future.

  194. Erin says:

    Very Cute. On my “to make” list. Thanks for the tutorial!

  195. Cheryl says:

    Very cute Jessie! And a good tutorial!

  196. Christina says:

    I’ve been covering my machine with a towel. I’m going to have to try this for sure!

  197. Dot says:

    Cute cover. I made a similar one years ago from scraps but inserted a side panel so machine is completely covered. Looking at this patchwork one makes me think I need to do a new one.

  198. Rachel says:

    Too cute! I like that much better than the boring old plastic one that came with my machine. The bright cute colors look great!!!

  199. kelly says:

    what a cute project!

  200. Jennifer says:

    Hate to say, but this is too darn cute! Looks like you could get a better individual fit for ypur machine with a cover like this. My machine, poor thing, just sits out in the open because the plastic cover that came with it is soooooo ugly and tacky. This is going to further push my effort to hit Joann’s at lunch for soem fabric. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  201. Rose P in AZ says:

    Very cute idea. Love the use of ribbons for ties. Thanks for posting the tutorial. Love to see all the creative ideas here.

  202. Ingrid says:

    What a cute cover! It would look a lot prettier than my canvas one. Great tutorial too!

  203. Tara Re says:

    Seems easy to follow and what a great result!

  204. Tiina says:

    That’s much better than a basic plastic cover.

  205. Thanks for the tutorial – might mean I get to leave my sewing machine out just so I can see the lovely cover!

  206. This is really cute and loved the patchwork so original thanks for the tutorial. Although i have a plastic case that came with the sewing machine but its kind of borring this would be perfect 🙂

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  234. Elizabeth says:


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  264. wendy says:


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  270. Crafty Dawn says:


    I pop on now and again love what you make. I will be popping bk again soon.

    I wanted you to know I love your blog and I have an award for you on my blog please come and collect it

    Love Dawn xx

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    Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial.

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    I can see this being a cute cover for my vintage viking machine… hmmm, now which fabrics?

  290. ariel says:

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  294. kimmieal28 says:

    super cute! beats my random piece of fabric I use for a covering by a mile! I also really like the colors and prints used above. Very fun and thanks for sharing details on how to make one of our own!
    thanks again!

  295. Courtney N. says:

    So beautiful!
    I’m tired of finding my cat curled up on mine and then worrying about the hair getting on everything and I think this is a good solution! Thanks!

  296. That is great I love those colors.
    I really need to work on quilting more. I have been saving up for a quilting foot. Right now i just sew the squares together and get the things ready for finishing. Once when I made a gift for a sister in-laws new baby I had to have the quilting done in a shop. the wait is so long though it’s not really worth doing that every time.

  297. alisha says:

    I love the simplicity of it. It looks great.

  298. Krista says:

    That is awesome! I have 9-patches left over from an exchange that didn’t fit into the quilt I made…I think I’ll use them to make a cover for my Pfaff and it’ll have a vintagey feel. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  299. jenn says:

    What an adorable project! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I love it!

  300. bittersweet says:

    Boy, I needed this tutorial, My sewing machine sits out and I do not like using the cover. Thank you. :))

  301. bittersweet says:

    Boy, I needed this tutorial, My sewing sits out and I do not like using the cover. Thank you. :))

  302. Jenie says:

    What a beautiful and easy way to protect your machine! I am definitely going to make one to protect mine from all the little fingers in my house. Thank-you!

  303. Jingle says:

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  305. MegVS says:

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  306. Annette W says:

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  307. Mrs. JP says:

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    Very pretty! I would love to make one of these, but seeing as I use my machine daily, it would never get used! 😉

  309. triona says:

    super – a general lesson on patchwork for me who doesn’t really know how to do it – thanks !

  310. Aimee says:

    Cute as usual Jessie!! Your beautiful fabric choices make it all the more appealing. Great job!

  311. Kristi says:

    Gorgeous – and so much better than something made of plastic!

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    Love that machine cover – Great tutorial.

  313. molly says:

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  316. Stacey says:

    that is super cute!!!

  317. Susie Mac says:

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  318. Susan says:

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  319. Kim B. says:

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  320. Becky says:

    Pretty! I was thinking last week I need to make one of these, but it will have to wait until after I purchase a new sewing machine. Thanks for the tutorial! =)

  321. Tifa says:

    That’s a great tut! I’d like to try that out. If you need a crazy easy one, I’ve made quickie sewing machine covers in the past by cutting open one long side of a cute pillowcase and hemming it. That works in a pinch.

  322. Jena says:

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to try it.

  323. Ali says:

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  324. michelle says:

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  325. Michele says:

    Simple and lovely…this would be a lot prettier to look at than my plastic cover.

  326. Carol says:

    Very nice! And so easy. I’ve often thought about making one for my mom’s machines and my felting machine, but haven’t yet. Maybe I’ll come up with one using a charm pack.

  327. Heather says:

    This is way too cute! I love the ribbon.

  328. alison says:

    Super dooper cute! Love it!

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