Sewing Machine Month Giveaways

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This giveaway is now closed. Thank you!

We already told you about the great lineup of informative articles we have planned this month.  We also have some fabulous prizes. First, you have the chance to win one of 16 $20 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew!  In addition, we’re very excited to announce that Husqvarna/Viking is our sponsor this month!  Husqvarna/Viking is known for having superior sewing machines with advanced embroidery and quilting capabilities.  They are generously donating many wonderful prizes including…DRUMROLL, PLEASE….an amazing sewing machine!

So, here’s the deal.  Comment in any post each week for your chance to win a Husqvarna accessories package or a Sew,Mama,Sew! gift certificate.  At the end of the month, we’ll post a short survey for you to complete, which will enter you in the drawing for a Husqvarna Emerald 183–a $899 value!  Check out this post for details about all the Husqvarna/Viking prizes, including the sewing machine and the accessories packages.

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1,486 Responses to Sewing Machine Month Giveaways

  1. Suzy Girl says:

    Wow, what a beautiful machine! drool!

  2. Kelly D. says:

    Love it! I so need a new sewing machine!!

  3. Bri says:

    Love the machine!

  4. sudha keshavan says:

    I would love to win this one!!!!!!!!.wow

  5. Katie Nell says:

    Crossing my fingers and toes! 🙂

  6. wendy says:

    PLEASE LET ME WINNN!!!!! ahhhh A SEWING MACHINE !!!!! I WOULD LOVE ONE but if i cant its okay D= best luck to the person who wins

  7. Claudia says:

    A giveaway of quilting goodies is fun. Thanks.

  8. Claudia says:

    I purchased the machine I use now in 1990. A new machine would be wonderful.

  9. Vivian says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how amazingly generous you are! I’ve only just discovered you and I’m overwhelmed.

  10. ines says:

    WOW!!!!!!!Christmas in July….enjoy your site & thanks for thinking of us with such great gifts

  11. Timi says:

    Tomorrow is the Big Day. I can’t wait for the result…

  12. Misty says:

    I just found your blog tonight, through a friend who did the baby quilt sew-along and hers turned out AWESOME!! Does this enter me into the contest? 🙂

  13. Laurie McIntosh says:

    I have never used a viking sewing machine but I here they are fantastic I would love to win a new machine. Thank you for the chance.

  14. Helga Kupper says:

    What a beauty! I am just learning to machine quilt and I sure could use an upgrade from my 25 year old machine. This one would be great!!

  15. stella g says:

    um, sign me up! i have a bunch of sewing buddies but my home-ec style machine looks so sad next to their fancy ones.

  16. hayley says:

    i would LOVE a sewing machine!!

  17. Christie says:

    WOW! even though I own a sewing machine….I bet the Husqvarna/Viking sews like a dream…what an extraordinary giveaway!

  18. Timi says:

    I wish I could win this!

  19. Claudia says:

    This machine is beautiful.

  20. Barb says:

    Yummy looking machine! I can see lots of really cool projects coming from this. (I NEED THIS MACHINE!!!)

  21. Jerusha says:

    Wishing and wanting!

  22. Jane says:

    Wow! What a fantabulous giveaway! Thanks for hosting and count me in please.

  23. iris dodd says:

    just found this website and would LOVE a new sewing machine! please enter me into the drawing!

  24. Anne says:

    What a great sewing machine. I would love to win it so that I can make lots of things for a charity for babies I belong to.

  25. Winning this machine would be a dream come true for me. There’s nothing wrong with my $99 Singer from Walmart, but I’m a bit limited. For example, I’ve not yet even attempted machine quilting. So, fingers crossed!

  26. Timi says:

    Please pick me, pick me, pick me…..! I really want this machine 🙂

  27. rhoob says:

    Wow! I would love to have that baby!!! My machine is 35 years old!

  28. stacey says:

    Yay for sewing machine giveaways!

  29. keren says:

    ohhhhhhhh it looks gorgeous!
    I wish I could have it 🙂

  30. lydia rod says:

    I keep looking at this machine every time I go into the store for supplies. I really want this/I really need this wonderfull machine. It’s perfect for my needs. I am hoping…

  31. ohhhhh, this is the brand of sewing machine I learned to sew on so many years ago. Would dearly love to have one, again.!!!

  32. Lynne Smith says:

    Sewing is my passion, my ‘old’ Kenmore has been misbehaving lately, I would L-O-V-E to be able to win a new machine, it looks like a dream machine. Oh, what fun I’d have sewing for the grandchildren.

  33. Claudia says:

    My machine is soooooooooooo old. I’d love a new one.

  34. Jerusha says:

    Getting excited at the prospect of winning as the weeks go by! What a beauty!!

  35. Loretta says:

    This looks like a great machine. It would be nice to have a newer machine, even if I have four others but none newer than 1966. LOL

  36. Timi says:

    The prize is still awesome! I’d like to win and learn to sew on this machine 🙂

  37. What a great giveaway. I have a Husqvarna machine that I bought 15 years ago. I love it. My 9 year old daughter has been asking for one of her own. This would be perfect!

  38. Corinne says:

    I will just DIE if i win!!! I love VIKING! I have a have a basic little viking I learned to sew on but now that I am learning more techniques from your awesome web-site I would love a new machine to grow with me! Please, pick me , pick meeeee!!!!

  39. darlene says:

    i have two older husqvarnas and would love a new one, especially one that embroiders … i want this prize (or any other … LOL) … love sewmamasew

  40. Tracy says:

    A lovely sewing machine, I’d love to win it!

  41. Cynthia says:

    My current machine is 30 years old. I’d love to be able to upgrade to this machine.

  42. Abiana says:

    wow, what a beautiful machine!!!

  43. Katherina says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful things you do for all of us fans! I teach sewing and would love to be able to use this machine.

  44. Caroline says:

    Amazing sewing machine – how I would love to sew on something so smooth….

  45. Jennifer says:

    Would love a chance to win this machine. It looks fabulous! : )

  46. chrisitna mcgrath says:

    Took this machine out on a test drive TOTALLY GREAT!

  47. Debbie Y says:

    it’s my dream machine!

  48. Melissa S. says:

    I have a very inexpensive sewing machine and a top of the line Viking serger that I love. It would be great to have a high quality sewing machine as well!

  49. Jacqueline Clare says:

    Puts mine to shame.

  50. i would love to be entered into this contest! What a great give away.

  51. How can I resist the *gulp* free sewing machine or great gift certs.
    You should know that my sister and I share a machine and could both do some serious sewing with this one!

  52. buebau says:

    Wow! This is the most spectacular giveaway ever!!!
    Thank you for the chance of winning all these prizes!!!

  53. Saskia says:

    please, please let me win this fabulous sewing machine.
    I’m writing my master thesis at the moment, which doesn’t allow much space for creativity.
    probably that’s why I have so many ideas in my head at the moment.
    looking forward to start with all my new projetcs once the thesis is finished.
    the sewing machine would just be so perfect! 🙂

  54. Whitney Sims says:

    hmmm. It always worth a try…
    What a wonderful prize!

  55. Kim K. says:

    what a fantastic give away!! 🙂

  56. Wendy B says:

    Wow! I am new to the blog scene. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to read all of these great ideas and lives. I’m hooked. Crossing my finger for the win! My birthday is tomorrow. My sewing machine is ancient.
    Thank you!!!

  57. Darlene King says:

    This looks like a fabulous sewing machine. Hope I have some good luck for once.

  58. What a grand prize literally… Thank you so much for the chance!

  59. Kathy says:

    wow! I tell you you what WOW! My machine is DYING.

  60. Jessica M says:

    Ugh! So (or sew? hee hee) much to love about Sew Mama Sew already!! Now this!? Amazing. I’m hoping for a little luck to come my way…

  61. Mary Q says:

    Sounds like fun to me!

  62. Would love to have a new machine, mine is about 15 years old!! Thanks for the offer!!

  63. Sweet Em says:

    Gasp, Gasp Gasp, I would LOVE that sewing machine. {Fingers crossed big time!}

  64. OOhhlala! How fun, and what a wonderful machine!! Please enter me, as my little (cheap) brother machine and I clomp along trying to learn to quilt!! LOL

  65. Ashley Brown says:

    Ohh I could really use a new sewing machine!

  66. Julie Andrea says:

    Is this for REAL?? Wow, the best give away yet. Keeping my fingers crossed .. well, except when I am typing or sewing. LOL

  67. Stephanie says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway~! Thanks Sewmamasew and Husqvarna:)

  68. Christine says:

    What a dream!

  69. Pamela Orra says:

    I would love to win this beautiful machine. My 25 year old Singer is great, but….

  70. Pamela Orra says:

    I would love to win this beautiful machine. My 25 year old Singer needs is great, but….

  71. Katherine says:


  72. Sara says:

    What an amazing prize! Very exciting. I have horrible luck on giveaways, so keeping my fingers crossed!

  73. Norma Bourgeois says:

    This looks like a fabulous machine. My first embroidery machine was a Viking Rose and I loved it. I sold it to trade up and have regretted selling it ever since. It sewed like a dream.
    Norma in BR

  74. Karen says:

    The best giveaway I’ve ever seen!

  75. I feel like a traitor to my old machine trying to win a new one, but I bet my daughter would adopt the old girl!

  76. Jessica says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway!!!!

  77. Margreta says:

    I could really use a new sewing machine and one that has more then 6 stitches. I live on my own now and have no access to my mother’s craft room which had everything i needed to sew and make stuff. I’d love to buy one of the Husqvarna/Viking sewing machines they look fabulous, but alas, budgeting….

  78. Heather says:

    I am so excited that I have stumbled upon your blog! I have been dreaming of a sewing machine like this for a long time. It would be awesome to be able to do embroidery work or anything more compared to what my current one can/can’t do.

    Thanks for the contest!

  79. Paula Garwood says:

    A new sewing machine is always a good thing.

  80. Caroline says:

    What awesome prizes!! I’ll take one!!

  81. minnie says:

    this machine looks great!

  82. Johanna says:

    Beautiful machine!

  83. Jolynn says:

    I never win anything, but a girl can dream, right?

  84. Claudia says:

    Oh happy dat\y. My sewing machine is over 25 years old.

  85. Jerusha says:

    Still hoping I’ll be the lucky one!

  86. Julie says:

    WOW! What I would do with a new sewing machine! Just the thought of it makes me really excited! I am using the machine that my mom use to use when she lived in New Zealand over 35 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, the little machine is wonderful!!!

  87. Catherine says:

    Wow, this is the exact one I’ve been ogling at the store!! Count me in!

  88. Amber says:

    Oh, what a great contest with great prizes!!

  89. edeenut says:

    so wonderful, love the machine.

  90. Elizabeth says:

    So amazing! I’m getting dizzy just looking at it!

  91. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for these wonderful & generous giveaways and great posts! I’m learning so much this month. I would love, love to win this sewing machine!!!

  92. Terri says:

    I want to win. I love to sew buy my little machine needs replaced.

  93. Jessa says:

    oh! I love this machine! I want one so badly! How awesome of them to donate something so wonderful!

  94. Autumn Angel says:

    Donkey: Pick me! Pick me! Me! Me!

  95. Patricia Fries says:

    Oh I love this machine. I sure could use a new one. I am doing more quilting now that I am at home full time and my machine is not new and modern like this one.

  96. heather says:

    Awesome! I need a new one.

  97. fert says:

    ooh… i’ve so been wanting a sewing machine that does more than go backwards and forwards….

  98. Helen Nash says:

    Yes I have to say I am really praying to win this new H/Vsewing machine…..But I must say Good Luck to all .Thanks for the contest

  99. Geri says:

    Would LOVE a new Viking, I’ve had 2 that I’ve worked to death. The oldest is over 20 years old. Am teaching my DILs and Granddaughters how to sew now, and would love a new one for myself.

  100. Susan says:

    I can’t believe how generous this is of your wonderful sponsor! And, you, of course. I love your site and enjoy following you on facebook.

  101. wendy says:

    Oh MAN would I ever love to win this! I’ve been using my mom’s old machine since I got married (21 years ago!)… it would be sweet to have a new one!

  102. Teresa Keisling says:

    I’d love a new sewing machine! Mine is a Sears Kennmore that’s 25 years old.

  103. How am I supposed to be happy with my sewing machine, when you show me something like that?

  104. brenbren says:

    I can’t remember if I already left a comment. So, I thought I better be safe than sorry!

  105. Azul says:

    What a great contest!

  106. Angela says:

    I’m drooling over that machine! It looks fabulous!!

  107. Jennifer says:

    I would die for this machine. My husband and children would never see me! My 2 and 3 year old would be forced to raise themselves! I kid I kid!

  108. Kirsten says:

    Looks amazing – would love to take my sewing up a few notches!

  109. Jane Reed says:

    I am so excited about the contest. I would love to win the sewing machine! Thanks Viking!!!

  110. Jennifer says:

    What a great prize!

  111. lydia rod says:

    Great give-away. I was just looking at this beautiful machine on Tuesday.

  112. Bonnielpooh says:

    This blog is the best I have ever gotten the chance to look into and see all the woderful items being made and shared with all the people from every corner of the world. What a joy to read and do all the things. Keep it up for the next generation of sewing families, kids especially. what a wonderful gift that would make. Nice!!!!!

  113. Denice says:

    I’m looking for a new machine. . . wouldn’t it be great not to have to buy one, but to win one?

    I’m looking forward to Sewing Machine Month. I know there’s so much more to discover about machines before I buy a new one.


  114. Sue says:

    Be still my heart!!! What a fabulous prize from a fabulous site!

  115. Jenn says:

    How exciting!!!

  116. Ashley says:

    It looks like a great machine!!!

  117. Sarah says:

    What a great month of giveaways! So love the inspiration from your site.

  118. Janine Cofield says:

    What a great giveaway! Hope the blessings will come my way! Have a great day!

  119. Timi says:

    The 2nd week, the 2nd comment:)
    And I still would like to win!

  120. diyod says:

    I’ve got a basic Huskystar that I love, but I know eventually I will need a more advanced machine to do some of the things I won’t be able to do with my current one. This is actually one of the ones I’ve been eyeing!

    Oh, I would love to win this machine! Then I would be able to give my Huskystar to my boyfriend’s little sister who has been very interested in making her own things.

  121. Janelle says:

    It doesn’t hurt to add my name!

  122. crystalsews says:

    That is an amazing machine. I never win anything…it sure would be awesome!

  123. annie says:

    Wow…..I LOVE this blog!!! So many wonderful tips and the chance to win prizes. All to much and all very much appreciated!!!

  124. Rachel says:

    What a great site to check in with every day before I start my day of sewing. I own a Viking Sapphire 836, and I love, love, love it! I also own a Viking Huskylock (though I haven’t sewn on it yet – I will). My Viking is so user-friendly, that my 8 year old granddaughter needed just a 1/2 hour lesson, and off she went! Has already made one quilt and 2 skirts. If I win, I would take the gift certificate (don’t want to be greedy)!

  125. Pat says:

    Oh the joys!!! What a beautiful machine.

  126. Deb says:

    What a great giveaway! Sew Mama Sew just keeps on coming up with such interesting things each month to celebrate! Pls enter me!

  127. Aik says:

    Wow…This sure sounds GREAT!

  128. Love these sewing machines, very quiet and a dream to sew with

  129. Sara says:

    That is so awesome!!

  130. Michal says:

    i’ve just found your blog and its just on time… I’m back on sewing after a looooooong time.
    Thanks for the amazing prices (hope to win the sewing machine).

  131. marine_bio says:

    Wow, now that’s a give away. I love the idea of a whole month devoted to the sewing machine. I know I love mine.

  132. Emilylyte says:

    I would love a new machine!!!

  133. Ellie LaVeer says:

    OOHhh I’m SEW excited. I hope I win!

  134. What an amazing prize – I am lucky to have fairly new sewing machines just not lucky enough to have the time to use them to their capabilities – would love to win a gift voucher!

  135. Michelle C says:

    What an awesome prize! Winning one would be the only way I could ever own a Viking. How exciting!

  136. Kristie says:

    Wowee! How awesome!!!

  137. alli forsyth says:

    Wow….what a great giveaway!! Maybe the best ever……I love your blog….


  138. Brier Minor says:

    Do I post each week and get an entry for each weekly post? In any case, I SO WANT THIS MACHINE so here I am, posting again!

  139. Amy says:

    OH! Winning that new sewing machine would be a dream come true!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


  140. Jem says:

    WOW, thats a great sewing machine.

  141. Mary M says:

    HI, I just found this blog and I love it! So many good tips. It would be great if I won a prize too. LOL. Mary in Va

  142. *sigh* – i ♥ this sewing machine. as i am new to sewing and have been borrowing a machine, this would be a great goody to win. thanks for being so generous. creative cheers!

  143. Jeni says:

    Wow, that’s so awesome!

  144. Anie says:

    Wow, a dream come true to have this machine.

  145. audra says:

    What a generous give-away! I am your supplicant

  146. Adie says:

    Wow! What an amazing and generous prize. Thank you for this wonderful blog!

  147. Donna Letton says:

    My daughter wants to go into fashion design and we bought her a Viking last year. She has
    loved it and has had no problems with it at all…even though she is a new sewer and has no one around her to help her use the machine correctly.

  148. Holly says:

    Oh wow a sewing machine. What a dream. I hope I win. LOL.

  149. Cara says:

    wow. just wow.

    Here’s crossing all my fingers and toes. My machine just broke on me again this morning.

  150. Danielle says:

    Awesome! What an amazing giveaway!!! 🙂

  151. Mary Lynn says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Need to replace my multi-decade Singer soon. This would be awesome.

  152. Kat says:

    I’m really looking forward to this set of posts! Great idea!

  153. Kristine says:

    Holy Moly! I’d love to win! Someone has to, don’t they?:) Thanks for the offer!

  154. Georgiann says:

    Sewing Mchine Month could not have come at a better time for me, as my machine is on it’s last legs and I am shopping for a new one. As usual, SMS is there for me in my time of need!!

  155. Diana Summers says:

    WOW! Just found your site while looking for wing chair slipcover instructions. I want to play with y’all – this is a fabulous site!!!

  156. Jessica says:

    Wow! I am new to sewing and just found this site! I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to browse your site more!

  157. Deb says:

    How I would love a machine that would monogram!!! Great give-a-way!!

  158. Andrea says:

    Wow! What an amazing prize!

  159. Frankie Kins says:

    What an exciting giveaway! I’m picturing myself sewing my granddaughter a quit on it. Do you think positive thinking works in this kind of matter? 😀

  160. Yvonne says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic! Awesome giveaways.

  161. Nada says:

    dream machine for sure!

  162. *swoon*

    I have wanted a Viking for-ever! What a superior machine! I want it!

  163. Joan says:

    Holy Cow!!! These are simply AWESOME give-aways…..I’m so excited!! You certainly know how to catch our attention!! Thank you for hosting this give-away.

  164. Sarah M says:

    Amazing!! What a giveaway!!!
    Sarah M

  165. Sandy Jolly says:

    Very nice! Would LOVE to win it!

  166. Jena says:

    Thanks so much for all the fabulous prizes you offer and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks again for the quality blog.

  167. lynnea says:


  168. Terri says:

    Wow – this is the mother of all giveaways! Thank you for hosting it!

  169. Jeanie says:

    Oooooh, it’s lovely! My sewing machine is quite “mature” and may be on it’s last legs. This would be a super-fantastic-amazing machine to win!

  170. Angie Oswald says:

    That is awesome! I would live to win a machine!! I have a 30+ year old viking and I have loved it. Viking makes great machines!

  171. Thiry says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! I need a machine badly. I love all the info on your blog too!

  172. Shannon Reed says:

    WOW! So cool!

  173. Jody says:

    What an amazing prize…that would be so awesome..I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  174. Illsa says:

    Very exciting! What a great giveaway prize.

  175. Laurie McIntosh says:

    I would love to win a new machine I have been wanting one for quite a while.

  176. Nancy says:

    Fabulous prizes! Please count me in.

  177. WOW! I have only dreamed of owning a fancy sewing machine like that. I love your blog. I am still making the charm square projects among other things. It’s always such a pleasure to sit with a cup of coffee and cruise all the posts. Thanks for all your time and hard work.

  178. Leah says:

    Wow, what a generous give away! thanks! This month came at a great time for me– can’t wait to learn.

  179. cathy gillette says:

    love your blog, and your website. I have a little grandson, and a young niece I love to sew for, so I am drooling over t he patterns and fabrics!

  180. Valerie B says:

    Ooooh MY! Just taught my 3 girls how to quilt. NOW they need a machine ;} Thanks H/V for the opportunity!

  181. Dorian says:

    WOW….how generous! Hope I win!

  182. Eileen Maelzer says:

    Bonus-I am brand new at your site and find a contest to enter. Thanks.

  183. Shirley says:

    This machine looks great!

  184. sue Rasmussen says:

    how cool would that be – I’ve been using for 30 years a machine that is older than I am. I am starting to look for a replacement. Newer machines can do so much.

  185. Crissy says:

    Why couldn’t use another sewing machine?? Great giveaway!

  186. Josephine says:

    I love this sewing machine. My sis has it and it sews like a dream…unfortunately it was beyond my budget so here’s hoping I can win it 🙂

  187. Rose P in AZ says:

    How cool is that! Love all the info and truly great prizes.

  188. Jennifer B says:

    oh new sewing machine- I’m drooling- great giveaway!

  189. arlene says:

    I’ll be dreaming about this machine!

  190. Michelle Irvine says:

    I am so pumped!!

  191. Mollie says:

    WOW! What an amazing prize. I am just learning to sew and cannot get enough of it:o)

  192. Jenni says:

    Put my name in the hat please!!! Would love to give it a whirl!

  193. Wendi Simmons says:

    How I love sewing machines! How I love giveaways! It’s my lucky month!

  194. Jerusha says:

    Enter me please to win the machine of my dreams!

  195. Stephanie D says:

    Oooo, awwww, what a sweet giveaway, thanks!

  196. Danielle says:

    wow. I could really use a sewing machine.

  197. Rachel says:

    Wow. I’ll be checking back for the tips and to enter for the prizes!

  198. Hannah says:

    Dare I hope….yup I do!!!! What an amazing prize.

  199. Marie says:

    I love crafty stuff and sewing! This sounds really cool.

  200. Sarah D says:

    Very cool! I”m in the market for a sewing machine of my own, so my mom can have hers to herself!

  201. Whoa. This is muchly cool.

  202. Sara Aoyama says:

    Oh my…. how great would it be to sew with this!! Actually, anything is great here. Thank you!

  203. Mrs. Fisher says:

    How exciting! Please enter me!

  204. Tina says:

    What an AWESOME contest and an AWESOME machine! Thanks Husqvarna/Viking! I have an older H/V (1986) that out-sews any others I’ve tried. Great machines, someone is going to be a super lucky winner!!!

  205. felicia palmer says:

    I’ve just started looking for a new sewing machine! Oh how i would love to win!!

  206. Krista says:

    Thanks for another amazing, informative month ahead! I always have people asking me what machine to buy and I’m sending them to Sew, Mama, Sew this month!

  207. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness, I have been needing a new machine for quite a few months now. I literally threw my old one out because it just stopped moving. I have been wanting to upgrade, but I’ve been a bit scared to take the plunge. I really hope I am the one blessed to win!

  208. julia r says:

    Would love to win that sewing machine! Who wouldn’t?

  209. Heather S says:

    Oh goodness if I won this I wouldn’t leave the studio….yay!

  210. Y says:

    Wow, cool!

  211. Carlene says:

    Wow! Great giveaway!

  212. Carol says:

    I would love to have a sewing machine for my own since I’ve been really getting into quilting. I’ve heard good things about this brand.

  213. Ingrid says:

    Yay for giveaways! I’d love to replace my sadly-kaputt Husky portable, maybe this is my chance!

  214. stacey says:

    Wow, this machine is pretty fabulous! What a generous treat!

  215. Dana says:

    Oh my, what a dream machine!!

  216. Mandy says:

    Holy cow! I am behind on my blogs, but this is super exciting news!!! What a wonderful prize!!

  217. jenn says:

    What an unbelievable giveaway! What a great month it will be!

  218. Jennifer Landry says:

    Wow!!! What an awesome sewing machine!! Can’t wait to learn more about it!! 🙂

  219. Brenda says:

    What a nice prize!!

  220. Haritha says:

    A new sewing machine. I could surely use one!

  221. Marie Perkins says:

    oh, so lovely!

  222. Liz says:

    What an amazing prize!

  223. Jody says:

    WOW Now who would not want that beautiful piece of art!!!

  224. jacquie says:

    oh, it’s beautiful. it sure would be welcome here!

  225. Jenny says:

    This would be a terrific giveaway to win…totally make up for not winning anything during the may giveaway!!

  226. SugarMama says:

    Super exciting giveaways this month! How cool that you have the ability to offer this! Thanks so much for everything you all do here.

  227. Lindy says:

    I have the perfect spot for this!!! And the perfect fabric!!

  228. Katie says:

    What an incredibly generous giveaway. What a great theme this month. I’m looking forward to it.

  229. Linda head says:

    Nice- I love to sew!

  230. Jean says:

    I bought a Bernina a few years ago for my first machine. It’s a beauty in countless ways but what sold me was that there is a great small shop here that sells and services Bernina machines. I want a serger sometime soon, probably not a Bernina, however.

  231. Paul says:

    This looks like a fantastic machine. I need a new one. My garage sale find has seen better days!

  232. pghrugbyangel says:

    Wow. I’d never leave my apartment if I had a sewing machine like that!! Mine is sooo simple in comparison!

  233. Kim D. says:

    I’ve always wanted a Husqavarna sewing machine, it would be so awesome to win.

  234. Mary says:

    Ooooh! I want it, i want it, i want it!

  235. Elizabeth says:

    Cool giveaways!

  236. Come on karma!!

  237. Jennifer O. says:

    Wow, that’s a pretty impressive looking machine!

  238. diana says:

    wowie kazowie!!! I just love this site!!! you guys have the coolest things!!

  239. amelie says:

    Oh my god!
    I’m doing the interview tonight on my blog and hop eto win some giveaway prize too!
    Amélie (France)

  240. Samantha says:

    I love all the machine talk! This is going to be a great month.

  241. Timi says:

    Wow!This is an amazing prize! Thank you for the chance to win this.

  242. christine says:

    this Mama could use a new machine. I do love my Husqvarna prelude but I could really use a new machine! thank you for another awesome contest!

  243. kristine says:

    That is the ultimate gift to win!

  244. Robin says:

    Wow! I’d love to win this! Thanks!

  245. Phuong says:

    My goal this year is to learn to sew and make some cute tops and summer dresses from myself. I have use of grandmother’s old sewing machine but a new one would be awesome!

  246. Kelli says:

    oh, how awesome! this is like the cadillac of sewing machines! come on…no whammies, no whammies!

  247. Kim says:

    Awesome give away! I love it.

  248. Deborah S. says:

    I would love to win this machine. Such a generous give-away!

  249. Addie says:

    Great theme– I’m looking forward to learning lots. =)

  250. SuperM says:

    I dream of my mother’s wonderful Bernina. Somehow, my sister ended up with that machine even though she doesn’t sew. My machine is fine, but my mother’s has a lot of history behind it… it must be over 30 years old now and still going strong.

  251. She is beautiful and must sew as the gods, luck Vero

  252. Analia says:

    This is such a great gift. I would love it! I’m not one to win but it doesn’t hurt to dream a little!

  253. Carolyn cdn says:

    Am I dreaming? Pinch me and please add me to the fun! Thank you for the chance to win.

  254. Erin says:

    Awesome giveaway! I would loooooove to win!

  255. Robin says:

    Wow! This is great!

  256. Mare says:

    I´ve just had a great beggining of my Friday by reading all the funny posts, it seems we are all just dying for the machine. Best of lucks for everyone from Chile!

  257. Emma says:

    What an amazing prize! I would love to win a new machine. I’ve been limping along with my cheapon model for a few years now….

  258. Alana says:

    Holy Cannoli! How awesome would it be to win a sewing machine? My goodness!

  259. jesse says:

    This looks like a great machine! I’ve been looking at them because I want to get another one…this could be the one!

  260. Darlene says:

    Very Nice. Would love a new machine.

  261. Concha says:


    This is too good a prize! 🙂

  262. Michelle Cress says:

    Wow! what a generous give away! I would Love to win that machine!

  263. Gabi says:

    Wow, what a great prize!
    I would like to win it but so many comments, I wouldn’t have a chance….
    Regards Gabi

  264. Heidi says:

    wow what a month!!

  265. leah weiland says:

    wowow! what a fun giveaway!! how fun it would be to win this one!!

  266. Rachael says:

    Looks like fun!

  267. Crystal says:

    Oh, my goodness!!! What a sweet gift to share! My daughter is desperate for a machine and this would be a wonderful gift to send her way. Thank you for finding such awesome sponsors.

  268. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEW MAMA SEW…thank you for all of this wonderful information and the chance to always win stuff that will further our creativity.

  269. Abby says:

    love your site! i am a new sewer and i’ve found it helpful and inspiring. keep up the good work! oh yeah, and I’d love that sewing machine too! 🙂

  270. Christine says:

    What an awesome prize! I can’t wait. 🙂

  271. Kristi Ryder says:

    “SEW” exciting!!!

  272. Ivy says:

    I would love to win this for one of my friends whose machine died two years ago. They haven’t had the funds to replace it yet, and I know she would so appreciate this.

  273. Kim Beladi says:

    I sew with a Elna but my mother has always sewn with a viking. I guess I am partial to the viking as my mother is a fantastic seamstriss and I strive to sew with her perfection and patients. Excited about this months line up.

  274. Sivje Parish says:

    Oh Wow! What an incredible prize! This is really cool! I hope I win that machine! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  275. Laura says:

    This would be a great gift for my DD. She is just learning to sew plus I would be able to use it!

  276. Beth says:

    What an amazing sewing machine! I”m thinking of all the things I could make using it! I’ve recently started sewing and have been looking at machines but have yet to make a purchase. Oh I hope I win!!

  277. Ann Hudson says:

    Incredible give a way! THANKS! But then Sew Mama Sew is an incredible resource and shoppe! 😀 Would love to own a Viking!


  278. sarahjane says:

    What? A sewing machine? How exciting!

  279. Cyndi says:

    Holy cow what an amazing gift for someone. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to win it.

  280. Heidi Foltz says:

    I love this machine!!!

  281. Kristin says:

    I would love a new sewing machine. Thanks for a chance!

  282. Bethany says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for all the great information you provide!

  283. kima says:

    This is great, I would love to win!

  284. Truly says:

    yay for sewing machine month… apparently my machine didn’t get the memo. it had a mid-life crisis this afternoon…

  285. Heather says:

    What a great prize! I hope I win, I hope I can remember to enter every week too!

  286. Andy says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway. Comparing this machine to my 36 year old kenmore, I know how my grandmother felt when she compared her electric machine to her treadle.

  287. Mary P says:

    Wow. What a great giveaway.

  288. Malisha says:

    oh myy god!!! this is the most exciting month i’ve seen!!! Good luck to everyone!

  289. Ann S says:

    I would love to win a new Viking to replace the one I have been using since college: 25 years ago!

  290. tara boos says:

    holy moly, i would loooove to sew with that sweet machine! delux.

  291. Christine says:

    Very Nice sewing machine. I’d love to get my fingers on it! 🙂

  292. My grandma was just telling me how I’ll need a new machine if I’m serious about sewing!

  293. Sarah Lee says:

    I need a new one “sew” bad!!! 🙂 This is so exciting!

  294. Leslie says:

    That would definitley be a step up from my trusty Singer! What a great idea for a giveaway!

  295. Kendra says:

    I once won a Playstation in a twister competition (I don’t play). I do sew! And I would twist to the ends of the earth for this machine. Please, please, please pretty please! My costume-shop reject machine is really on its last last legs now. I can see the two of us together, blissfully sewing into the setting sun. Ahhhh.

  296. Stephanie says:

    The 183 is the best machine ever!

  297. suzi says:

    It will be interesting to read all about the sewing machines this month. The giveaways sound great!!

  298. Kate Johnston Tucker says:

    How wonderful! Oh, the summer projects I could cross off my list…

  299. Lori says:

    Please enter me into your contest. Thank you.

  300. Lori says:

    Please enter me into your contest. Thankyou.

  301. Liz says:

    Some one of the thousand + comments has to win…will it be me?!?!
    HOPE SO!!!!

  302. What a lovely machine, whoever wins it is a lucky, lucky dawg!

  303. Tracy E says:

    how exciting!

  304. Bonnie says:

    This is amazing ya can do this great giveaway. Would love to be entered.
    Keep Stitchen’

  305. Arrica says:

    I enjoy your blog and the wonderful ideas you share.
    How wonderful it would be to have a new sewing machine! 6 kids make it necessary to be thrifty and a machine that works well and is reliable would be such a blessing!

  306. Lindsey says:

    What an exciting give away! And what a great theme for the month! I am looking forward to learning more!

  307. maggie says:

    holy crow! (totally my mom’s saying)
    i almost fell out of my chair at work!!!

  308. Courtney says:

    ooh! What a fun looking sewing machine. Much nicer than the one I’m currently sewing on!

  309. Amber says:

    What a treat this would be 😉 Thank you for the opportunity!

  310. Samantha says:


  311. amy says:

    wow do i need a new sewing machine. the one i have now is so terrible i’m about to give up sewing altogether!!!

  312. Suzanne says:

    My sewing machine is 25 years old (how can that possible be?), and was very basic when I bought it. It would be wonderful to have something I don’t have to yell at.

  313. Sian says:

    That is amazing!

  314. Gloria says:

    I currently own a Husqvarna and love it. I’m so excited for a chance to upgrade!

  315. Elizabeth says:

    Holy Buckets! What a giveaway.

  316. elise says:

    how exciting! super fabulous prizes. i would loooove to win one! and who wouldn’t?

  317. Lissy says:

    Great month deserves a great prize!

  318. Cassie says:

    I am drooling on my keyboard right this minute…dreaming of the things I could make with that lovely machine.

  319. Anna Travis says:

    Woo hoo! Fingers crossed!

  320. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow ! I love it I just got into sewing and I really love all the ideas and projects here. I am a total newbie that is running a singer the basic of basic Martha version but it is cool and maybe some day I will be able to do some serious sewing .

  321. Suzanne says:

    Wow – that is quite a prize! One I can only dream about, to be sure.

  322. sara says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!

  323. Amber S says:

    Oh, I would loooove to win this machine or the gift certificate!
    I am a beginner in machine sewing, and this would just be awesome! I am learning on a small “craft” machine and my mother’s machine.

  324. Jodieth says:

    I would LOVE to win a Viking. I would give anything to have bought a Viking.

  325. Patti says:

    I just found your blog and was surprised to see such a huge giveaway! Wow! I also can’t wait to read all the posts to catch up. 🙂

  326. Rachel says:

    Wow. That’s amazing. Those are some delicious prizes.

  327. Emily says:

    Wow! great prizes!

  328. Amanda Johnson says:

    What a great surprise this would be! Thank you Husqvarna Viking for your generosity to some lucky person!

  329. Ali says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s amazing!

  330. Eleanore says:

    What a beautiful machine!

  331. Julie GM says:

    AMAZING giveaway!!!

  332. Zoe says:

    I don’t think that I would ever come out of the craft room with a sewing machine like that!! 🙂

  333. Johanna says:

    Oh, oh, that is sooooo cool. But I am from Germany, so this would be way too expensive to get here. So my comment is just a friendly “hi”. Wishing everyone luck 🙂

  334. Jennifer Whitmore says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway – count me in…

  335. Morgan says:

    Ooooh! Exciting! I wanna win!

  336. Kaaren says:

    Count me in! I’d love to be the new owner of this awesome machine.

  337. Jennie says:

    What a beautiful machine! How very generous!!

  338. Erin says:

    I’m going to have to make a bold effort to post, as I really need a new sewing machine! LOL And if it’s a nice one, and if it’s a free one, that makes it so worth it!

  339. Meghan says:

    What a nice giveaway. Good luck, everyone!

  340. erinmalia says:

    i just know 1118 is my lucky number!

  341. Jessica Fuester says:

    Oh what a fun give away!! Enter me, please!!

  342. Crystal says:

    How awesome! If that’s not motivation to make something great with it, I don’t know what is!

  343. Ananda says:

    Wow, what a great machine someone will be winning

  344. Sharon says:

    Awesome machine. You know the way to a crafters heart!

  345. Amber says:

    I’ve been sewing for awhile now and would love the upgrade. Awesome giveaway!

  346. Sarah says:

    I hope I win – I could really use a new machine.

  347. leslie says:

    like everyone else, the things i could do with that. my husband even feels bad for me with all my repair jobs i dojust to keep my machine up with my ideas.

  348. Samantha says:

    Wow! What a wonderful thing to be giving away!

  349. Cristina says:

    I would LOVE to own this fabulous machine! Please enter me 🙂

  350. Karen says:

    I tried this machine in the sewing store and it was wonderful!

  351. Misha says:

    That is an awesome sewing machine. I used to sew on an old Viking and I loved it! It was one of the best machines I’ve ever used! I would love a chance to win one!

  352. Natalie says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love a machine to do embroidery on. My machine does quilting well but want to move on to doing embroidery. A gift certificate is also great!

  353. Star Mo says:

    Sweet machine!

  354. wow, what a giveaway! could this really be mine someday? thanks for the chance!

  355. Tricia L. says:

    More giveaways! Wow!

  356. Elyse Mullis says:

    What a great giveaway! I have the most basic machine possible so I’m in great need for an upgrade! Thanks so much for this opportunity and love your blog! -Elyse

  357. Leanna says:

    Wow! A sewing machine that’s awesome. I would love to learn how to work the one I have, but this one has buttons! What does one do with buttons on a sewing machine? Thanks for all the great ideas and explanations on your site!

  358. La Yen says:

    Me please!

  359. kerri says:

    what a wonderful little workhorse! how great that they’re sponsoring the giveaway. yay for sewmamasew!

  360. Kerry says:

    What an amazing prize!! Count me in please!

  361. Ingrid says:

    wow! these are really great giveaways…….all of them.
    but the sewing machine….oh my!

  362. Amy Johnson says:

    It would be so awesome to when the sewing machine or one of the packages! I’m a beginning sewer and need all the help I can get! Thanks for all the wonderful resources you provide!

  363. Fran says:

    What a beautiful machine!

  364. Nancy says:

    Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been eyeing a new machine (mine is 50 years old).

  365. Sharon Gollman says:

    Sew Mama is such a delightful place to shop and visit. You are a constant source of inspiration and help when I need it! I look forward to many sewing projects thanks to your wonderful fabrics and ideas.

  366. Kara says:

    Oooh – I love it! I am in need of a new sewing machine myself!

  367. Beth Parker says:

    Wow, the sewing machine would be great. Mine is kind of pathetic.

  368. Kim says:

    I don’t think I won a giveaway, but that is probably because I was meant to win the sewing machine! 😉

  369. Mandy says:

    Holy Moly!! Could really use a giveaway… I love sew, mama sew!!

  370. Ilona says:

    I’m a beginner, and my crappy machine isn’t really motivating to sew more… I’d love to win it, so I don’t have to ask every little thing at my mother-in-law… and with a couple of boys there are quite some repairs all the time! I’d love to sew some things for myself too, love all the bags I see around.

  371. Shelley C says:

    Ha, hubby would be so happy for me to own one of these to match HIS HUSQVARNA chainsaw…a sort of his and hers….I would like to win it for it’s emboidery capabilities. THat’s something I’d like to branch out into. Thanks

  372. Kris says:


  373. Jacqui says:

    What a wonderful prize. I so enjoy your blog and all the inspiring ideas.

  374. Christine W says:

    Wow! What a great giveaways!

  375. Theresa says:

    Are you kidding me? I’d comment a million times if it meant a million chances to win a Viking. The sewing machine kind, not the hairy male kind!

  376. JoAnn says:

    Wow! What a fantastic giveaway!

  377. Patricia says:

    Thank you for this outstanding give away, Great prizes. Please sign me up.

  378. Nancy says:

    Wow, I hope I win! Thanks for sewing machine month and the giveaway!

  379. Joey says:

    I love the Husqvarna Viking machines. They sew like “butta”. So smooth and silent. What a fabulous give-a-way

  380. Amy says:

    Oh my! Who wouldn’t love a new sewing machine! How fun!

  381. Kristine says:

    No way! A sewing machine…that is so awesome! I will be reading faithfully everyday like I usually do!

  382. Mare says:

    Me, me, me, pick me! Just wonderful, the blog, tutorials, everything!

  383. Ahhh!!!!!! I sew need a sewing maching!!! haha…pun intented. Mine is on it’s last legs. Love love it!!!

  384. Abra says:

    I am in desperate need of a new sewing machine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  385. Heather B says:

    WOW!! A great machine! A great giveaway! Count me in!

  386. Rachael says:

    That’s a gorgeous machine! Your site rocks!

  387. redheadharper says:

    What an awesome idea–a whole month of blog posts on sewing machines! Good things the kids take naps!!

  388. Julie says:

    I would absolutely DIE if I ever won a Husqvarna sewing machine! Thanks Husqvarna for the amazing opportunity!!!

  389. kelly says:

    what a great prize!

  390. Donna says:

    I am already jealous! I would love to have this machine 🙂

  391. Pam says:

    This is totally awesome! My machine is 25 years old & starting to give me a wee bit of trouble. I could really use a new one. Oooooohhh!!

  392. suesue says:

    what a wonderful prize! my bernina is really giving me problems now and i can’t even afford to have it repaired. i’d be soooo lucky to win a new machine!! thanks for the chance.

  393. gayle says:

    Thanks for yet another fabulous contest!

  394. Lorie says:

    I love to sew and would have so much fun with a new machine! Sew away…

  395. Deb says:

    Oh wow!!! What a fantastic giveaway! I would love an upgrade to my basic model Brother machine (the kids can learn on this one if I win). Thanks so much.

  396. Really? That’s very nifty of them to give away a sewing machine that cool! I’m still using the sad Brother I got for my b-day that sometimes spits out great big balls of icky greasy black thread at me.

  397. Audi Shake says:

    OooooOOOOooooo such a pretty machine, and I love they way these guys sound. 🙂

  398. It is the golden dream, my made fantasy reality there is touched by God the person who gains(earns) this beautiful machine and those persons who give her also are touched for, luck, Vero, of Argentina

  399. Amy Koester says:

    wow! What a great giveaway!

  400. Inge says:

    A lot of people reacted. Never new sewing was so popular! Of course I want to win this machine. I like sewing! I love it!

  401. Ohhhhhhh wouldn’t that look great in my sewing room :-)))

  402. Jenea Harmon says:

    Oh how I would love to win that machine, thank you for the chance!

  403. roberta sanderson says:

    wouldn’t I love to win that gorgeous machine! – I’d give my old one to my daughter and keep it all to myself. Thanks for the opportunity.

  404. tien nee says:

    wow, how generous. I hope to win this to get started on the amazing journey of sewing!

  405. Cheryl says:

    How great is this???? Would I love to have a beautiful new Husqvarna/Viking Sewing Machine????……………let me count the ways!!! I’ve been using my daughter’s since mine gave up the ghost. In addition to quilting, I have started sewing for my little granddaughter and this would afford me the opportunity to do some really “Fun” things for her. I love the fact that you always are giving away your gift certificates too. No matter what, I so appreciate your Blog, your patterns and all that you so freely give to all of us on a regular basis. What a blessing you are!!!

  406. alisha rottger says:

    w…o…w..! That machine is a beauty! Can’t wait to see who wins this-they’ll be speechless, I’m sure!
    Love the blog-

  407. Page says:

    Husqavarna Viking is a great company. Here you can sign up for their emails and they will let you know about quite a few free classes throughout the year.

  408. Danielle says:

    OOOOOOH! Pick me please!

  409. Chase says:

    What I wouldn’t give for a new sewing machine!

  410. Isabella says:

    Of all the giveaways I’ve seen, this is one of the best. 🙂

  411. Lauren says:

    I would be happy with any prize. lauren sobaje at yahoo dot com

  412. Leslie says:

    wow…that is a amazing prize. It is a beautiful sewing machine

  413. Yes, this is a great giveaway. Count me in. I have a basic White sewing machine I got at a yard sale. Wouldn’t mind an upgrade. Also am hankering for a serger.

  414. Lizzy says:

    sign me up!

  415. Sarah says:

    Wow a new sewing machine is what I need. What a great prize. I would also be thrilled to win a gift certificate. I am excited about sewing machine month, and ready to learn lots.

  416. Mama Lusco says:

    I would love this! Thanks for another great giveaway.

  417. Kelley says:

    I recently found your blog – it’s become one of my faves.
    And, that’s not just for the prize give aways.

  418. Jane says:

    Wow! So glad you are hosting this theme. I have been interested in learning more about sewing machines in general. And, the give aways… that just sweetens the deal.

  419. Stacy says:

    thanks for the wonderful chance to win a beautiful new sewing machine. Love your site and your blogs! Have a wonderful day reading all these posts! Great response. Cheers, Stacy

  420. Tiffany says:

    Love it. Need it. Hope I win it.

  421. Jessica says:

    Perfect timing! I am looking at getting my first, very own machine.

  422. Wow, that would be fun! Thanks!

  423. Rachael says:

    What a great contest. I’m in.

  424. Shelley says:

    wow! what a wonderful opportunity! thank you, sms – and thank you, husqvarna/viking!

  425. Michele says:

    Great prize!

  426. Sue Yarbrough says:

    I SEW LOVE this blog….really cool contest, awesome tutorials!! Thank You!!

  427. Kaye says:

    I have been dying to get a new sewing machine, but cannot afford it right now. This would be an excellent solution. I want more features than my current one has. I have all my fingers crossed. Maybe a few toes too.

  428. Ann Kantola says:


  429. Robin says:

    This could get interesting–thanks for all the great ideas for me to sew. Now I have something to hope for!

  430. Christina says:

    I read this. Then I read it again. You are giving away a sewing machine! Oh, you guys… i’m in.

  431. Christi Scheffel says:

    Oh how times have changed from the old treddlle sewing machines to all the bells and whistles. What a great prize for someone.

  432. Em says:


  433. Amber says:


  434. Mercy says:

    Wow I want to win. My daughter wants to learn to sew to make her own clothing and I could use it to alter clothing and designing. Great givaway and site!

  435. Joy says:

    WOW, I am thrilled at the thought of being a winner. Thank you for the opportunity!

  436. Libby Dillard says:

    Awesome Machine!! How nice!

  437. Jackie says:

    This sounds like a great contest!

  438. Jenny says:

    oh, wow. LOVE your blog. I have really found some wonderful things here and it has been a great push to start sewing again. thank you!!!

  439. Katie F. says:

    Oh my, dream machine!!

  440. Erica says:

    Oh my word — gorgeous (drool, drool)!

  441. Christina says:

    Wow! I could really use a new sewing machine. Mine isn’t very good. The more I sew, the more I think I could really use a new machine, it just isn’t in the budget right now. I’d love to win this machine.

  442. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to reading all the great sewing machine tips this month – Thanks!

  443. Joyce Mullis says:

    This is so fun! Now, where will I put that new sewing machine?!

  444. Pam says:

    What a thrill it would be to win a sewing machine!

  445. Holly says:

    That sewing machine is beautiful! What a fantastic giveaway!!!

  446. Pam says:

    Husqvarna is so generous. Thank you SMS for putting together this month about sewing machines.

  447. Denise Dickson says:

    Love it. I have this sewing maching – it’s great! My daughter would be delighted if I won – she likes my sewing machine and wants one too. Also like the other prizes!

  448. Andrea says:

    Wow. What an exciting month. Thank you!

  449. Renee says:

    Holy cow! That is QUITE a prize! I have a Viking sewing machine and I love it so much!! This one would be so much fancier!!! 🙂

  450. sarah says:

    yea! A sewing machine!

  451. liz says:


  452. caroline says:

    Wow! What a tremendous giveaway!
    Can’t wait to hear who the lucky winner is!

  453. Megan Craine says:

    Nice! That’s great that they donated it. I have an old Viking (about 20 years old!) and I love it. It still works well. Of course, a new one would be nice too.

  454. Celia says:

    Fantastic giveaway! My machine just died and I have not yet been able to replace it. Now, this would be a wonderful way to do that.

  455. michelle says:

    I’m drooling over the machine. Bring on the survey. 🙂

  456. Meredith says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!!! THanks!

  457. Jan says:

    This is a most amazing give-away! Wow. I’m so pleased at the generosity of Viking but I’m also tickled pink about the number of people who love to sew! Yippeee!

  458. Sarah says:

    Oh, pick me! Pick me!

  459. Melissa B. says:

    I know my chances of winning anything are slim, but after totally cleaning up on May Give-Away Day, I’m feeling lucky!!

    maxandellie at gmail dot com

  460. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Sewing machine month will be so helpful. There are still some aspects of my sewing machine that are a mystery, it will be helpful to learn some new tricks. I plan on checking out the machine feet article next…

  461. Kate says:

    I REALLY need a new sewing machine!

  462. pregul says:

    I’ve been enjoying this site for quite sometime and have never commented but this is a good reason to post for the first time. 🙂 What a great prize!

  463. Gabrien says:

    Beautiful machine! I need another machine right about now!

  464. Christine says:

    What an incredible gift. I just made one of your wonderful shirt this week and it turned out! I wore it to work and got tons of compliments!

  465. allison says:

    Wow!! This is so exciting–thanks!

  466. Kay says:

    I would love to win the machine! Squee!!!

  467. Eileen says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for all your great articles and tutorials!

  468. Alicia says:

    What great giveaways…all would be lovely to win but a second machine would be awesome…
    I can’t believe I am already telling my 10 yr. old daughter that she can’t use the sewing machine because I am using it!

    I just recently found your website and have really enjoyed it!

  469. Nora says:

    How exciting! What a nice sewing machine!

  470. Paige says:

    Oh man, dare to dream!!!

  471. Sophie says:

    OOh OOh OOh I need that sewing machine!! What a great month this is going to be!!

  472. Scubagoose says:

    Yay! I love giveaways! I would love any of these awesome prizes! Good luck to all!

  473. Emma O. says:

    How fun!! Thanks for this opportunity for a fabulous machine!

  474. Sarah says:

    Oh…all the wonderful things I could sew. This machine looks amazing!

  475. Heather says:

    Ohhh how fun! That is awesome!! woohoo

  476. Maryellen says:

    Wow. I am currently using a Singer machine from 1946, one of the first ones made without the foot pedal. It is beautiful, but it only sews straight stitches forward and backward. I can only dream about the Husqvarna machine. Amazing!

  477. Ali says:

    That’s VERY exciting!

  478. LadySnow says:

    Oh my! What a great thing to be able to give away!

  479. Jody says:

    I just found your site, and I must say what a wonderful site it is. Wow, I couldn’t have better timing. What fabulous prizes! I really, really hope I win. I need a new sewing machince so badly as mine bit the dust a few weeks ago, and I have so many projects to finish up. Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway. How fun! Please sign me up. I’m not sure what week you are in, but I do hope I’m not to late.



  480. Melissa says:

    I sewed some as a kid and was hoping to start again. This would be an excellent beginning!

  481. amy lee says:

    wow, this is a FANTASTIC giveaway!!!!

  482. Emily says:

    Oh my, my heart’s aflutter! Enter me, too!

  483. Mari says:

    What a great month!

  484. Lisa says:

    Holy Cannoli! Is there anything more to say?

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    Wow! Too cool!! I would be thrilled to win!


  486. Catarina says:

    A sewing machine.

    I would be the happiest woman if I won it….

  487. Michelle says:

    I just saw a demo of this machine at the local Joann’s! It’s very nice & I would love, love, love to win it. Count me in, please !

  488. Mary Smith says:

    Oh I would love a new sewing machine. Teaching my daughter to sew and it wouod be great to have another machine. I hope I win

  489. Sarah says:

    oh my goodness I love sewing machines and your blog. Such clever ideas all the time!

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    What a wonderful giveaway! I love your tips, reviews and goodies! Thanks for doing what you do to make sewing so much fun!

  491. Jenadina says:

    I’m in the market for a new machine…it would be *so* nice to win one!

  492. Sue Cahill says:

    Wow, your giveaways get more spectacular every time!
    I would love to be entered.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  493. Mare says:

    WOOT WOOT!! I need a new machine. This would be awesome!

  494. Alice says:

    Wow! I’d be tickled to win any of these prizes, and would love a chance for the sewing machine – it looks fabulous. Thanks so much, Sew, Mama, Sew!

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    This is going to be exciting. The prizes are great. I’m waiting in anticipation.

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    Wonder of you to give away a sewing machine! Sure would love to have a Husqvarna/Viking machine! Thanks

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    I love this site. Please enter me in the drawing!!

  498. Gretchen says:

    Fabulous!! Can’t wait for this one…

  499. Elizabeth C says:

    An Emerald 183! Wow! I’m sure my old Featherweight would be more than happy to have a new friend.

  500. Cathi Harry says:

    Wow what a great contest. Please enter me!

  501. Jennifer H. says:

    What a fabulous prize ! I would be beyond thrilled to win this. Pick me!!

  502. Robin in New Jersey says:

    I have a Viking that just does the basics. I would love one that does a little more!

  503. Kana says:

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    sweet machine!!! thanks for all the info!

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    how fun I love that it’s sewing machine month! And what great sponsors and giveaways!

  507. Natalie Jost says:

    I could really use a new sewing machine too, anything is better than my old “Oh Bother” Brother. 🙂

  508. Jackie H says:

    This is a great month for sewing newbies like me – can’t wait to read more posts! 🙂

  509. Miya says:

    Am I the 1000th post? If so does that mean it’s my lucky post? Hmmmm? Hope so!

    You have the greatest give aways. Thanks!


  510. Amy Hunter says:

    This would be so great to win. You better bet that I will be reading all the posts, I hope I win!

  511. Diz says:

    Well, wouldn’t this be excellent since my sewing machine broke.

  512. ran says:

    Wow! What a great offer! I would LOVE to have a really great machine. Then I could give my ok machine to my dil who is learning to sew on my machine.

  513. That is a nice grand prize – someone is going to be very lucky – Hopes it’s me!

  514. Amber says:

    Oh my goodness! This is so cool!

  515. Wow, this is amazing. You just keep getting better and better. Thanks for the topic this month, and of course, for the giveaway!

  516. Fawnda says:

    WoW! that is great stuff you are giving away! I hope I win!

  517. Leigha says:

    You know, I’m eyeballing a new sewing machine, and this is a great motivator to check out what they have available!

  518. Tracey says:

    I can’t believe your giving away a sewing machine! That’s way way too exciting! I have seen these machines up close, and the things you could do with it – oh wow. My mind just goes racing with ideas just thinking of it!

    I can’t tell you how happy I am I stubbled across this site months ago, it has been my main source of knowledge and sewing inspiration the last few months and it was much needed! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it and all the amazing things you give away!

  519. JeLowe says:

    I dream of owning a Husqvarna/Viking sewing machine!

  520. Rachel T says:

    Woo Hoo! Gotta love a company that makes sewing machines and motorcycles!

  521. Debbie says:

    ooooaaaah! wow

  522. Shelly says:

    Wow, my grandma sewed on a Husqvarna for years and I’d love one myself! (Too bad I didn’t inherit he’s either.)

  523. MelodyJ says:

    This is going to be a great win for somebody. It looks like a great machine. I would like to know more about the features.

  524. Traci P White says:

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    I sure could use a new machine and Vikings are top of the line. I look forward to enjoying Sewing Machine Month.

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    Super cool, I’m excited to get some low down on the machine itself, you can always find tutorials and pattern info but machine stuff is a little harder to find, should be good.

  528. Wendy says:

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  529. missy martin says:

    That looks like a fabulous machine – and it would look even better in my workshop.

  530. Laura Scow says:

    Oh I neeeeeeeeeeed (want, need, want….no, I NEED) this!!! p.s. Thanks for having a fantastic site to learn from. 🙂

  531. Kate says:

    Oh wow, how awesome would it be to win that? Our local sewing machine store had a half off sale going and I still couldn’t afford anything, so I stick with my Wal-Mart cheapy for now! 😆

  532. sara says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway. I am in need (um, well, want of a 2nd machine) and have been eyeying this brand. Would love to win (as would everyone else).

  533. Chase says:

    wow.. I would LOVE to have it! It is a FANCY machine! wow..

  534. susan says:

    Wow, what a wonderful sponsor — now I’m REALLY looking forward to sewing machine month!

  535. Carolyn says:

    Oh exciting! My first sewing machine was a Viking… Maybe it’s time for a new one? (fingers crossed).

  536. Tiffany says:

    Terrific machine upgrade !

  537. Allison Scripa says:

    Wow! I’m starting to outgrow my starter machine, winning this would be fantastic!

  538. Donna says:

    This is an incredible giveaway!
    Thank you!!

  539. Caitlin says:

    Oh my! A new sewing machine! That is the best prize ever! I would love to have that machine! I am just imagining all the quilting I could get done on it!

  540. Anne in SC says:

    I would love to win! Great idea!

  541. Tonya says:

    Sign me up! I’m using my mother-in-law’s sewing machine from 1962. It’s a great machine for what it is, but it’s like using an early model electric typewriter instead of an iMac.

  542. Carrie DiVall says:

    This is a great idea!!! Good luck to all of you.

  543. Patti says:

    Just found this site, I can’t wait to check it all out. Then to top it off there is a contest this month!

  544. Lauranie says:

    WOW, the more popular this site gets, the greater the odds of winning these FABULOUS giveaways get!! Bring on the popularity…your generosity continues to astound me! Thanks for all you do!

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  548. tasha roe says:

    what a fabulous give-away!! You guys are pretty rad!

  549. Jerilyn says:

    I learned to sew on my mother’s Viking Husqvarna! Then, when I got my first job at age 15, the first thing I bought was my very own Husqvarna. Even more people have learned to sew on my old machine…. what a great brand and an excellent sponsor for Sewing Machine Month!

  550. Tina Mackey says:

    Just wanted you to know that I had so much fun entering all the blog giveaways! I learned so much and found some really great blogs to follow. I even won something…yay!
    That was such a great idea!

  551. Andrea Wheeler says:

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    I love this sewing machine! It would be awesome to win … I could finally donate my old machine 🙂

  554. Elizabeth says:

    Holy cow, what an amazing opportunity!!! Huge thank you’s to Sew, Mama, Sew! and Husqvarna/Viking. I have a really old student model Singer… it gets me where I need to be, but I do often feel held back!

  555. Angela says:

    What a great machine. I just love this blog!!

  556. Wow… what amazing giveaways!!!

  557. Andi says:

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  559. Linda Stubbs says:

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  560. Felicia says:

    We have a Husqvarna dealer in our town. I love to look around in their shop.

  561. Deborah says:

    Great machine and what a great hope to win it and enjoying all the fabous sewing that can be done!!

  562. Julie says:

    WOW!!! What a wonderful prize. I would love it 🙂

  563. Kim says:

    Awesome prizes, you have no idea how much I want that machine! sew mama sew rocks!!

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  565. Slack says:

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  566. Jerree says:

    Wow! What a way to start summer! What a great machine!

  567. Cinnamon says:

    i just looked at one of these at my local sewing machine repair shop and I am in love! I hope, I hope, I hope….

  568. Vanessa M. says:

    I would love a sewing machine. I ‘ve been wanting to get back into sewing for several months now and this would be just the thing to get back into the swing of it.

  569. habetrot says:

    This is so exciting! With a new baby around the corner, I’ve been sewing and dreaming of sewing so much more than ever!

  570. Sandy H. says:

    Oh my stars!!!! What a great prize. I am hoping my old machine holds out for the month so I can finish two baby quilts and I am going to be on the hunt for a new machine. I would love to be so lucky to win a beauty like this!

  571. jade says:

    me, me, me! pick me!

  572. Sabra says:

    What a beautiful machine. Probably 3x smarter than me. Hahaha.

  573. Annette says:

    Oh my, what an amazing machine!! I would LOVE to win this machine! *drooling*

  574. mamaloves says:

    Wow!! I get giddy just thinking about all the learning I will have to do when I win this sewing machine…Can’t wait to get started;)

  575. Kim Hanshaw says:

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  576. emily says:


  577. Amy says:


  578. Heather says:

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    wow, in my dreams!! What an incredible set of prizes!

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    Ohhh…I could really use a new sewing machine! Hooray! My projects are taking longer to complete because of all the mishaps I am currently experiencing with my current machine! 🙁 What a great contest!

  581. Rebecca says:

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  582. Mary Anna says:

    What a generous prize! You ladies at SMS always amaze me!!!

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  587. Mary Ann says:

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  588. Tiffany says:

    Wow- I could embroider EVERYTHING! That would be so awesome…

  589. Amy Fisher says:

    A girl has to dream, right???? Crossing fingers and sending Pick ME vibes!!! Ha, ha!!!

  590. Christina says:

    Seriously awesome prize!

  591. jenny says:

    Get OUT! I can’t believe that a giveaway includes a sewing machine. How wonderful; and how very generous of you gals at Sew, Mama, Sew! Thanks so much!

  592. Jessica says:

    Ooooohhhhhh…. Fingers (and toes!) crossed!

  593. Nicole S says:

    amazing! This site is amazing though…look forward to the month of fun! The machine would be awesome too!

    Nicole S

  594. Monica says:

    I have been shopping for a sewing machine for months. I need one!!!! I want to win one!!!!

  595. Melody says:

    I love this website!!!! I haven’t sewed in years, then I came upon your website and got totally inspired. In the past month I’ve been motivated to sew 4 shirts and two sets of placemats. I check your site daily for new inspiration. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!


  596. Patricia (Pat) Treib says:

    Oh!! What a dream!!
    I am looking forward to reading the posts this month!
    My mother sewed, a LOT, and she *loved* her Husqvarna/Viking!
    (My sister took that machine, just because it did mean so much to Mom… )
    I have sewed all my life, everything!… but my machines have always been from thrift stores. My present machine is an estate sale bargain that is great (1953 Singer 301) but can only do a straight stitch, forward and reverse. (I’ve figured out how to free motion quilt on it!!! What fun!!!)
    I have just finished three sets of birthday gifts (matching tote purse, covered notebook, wallet, cosmetic bag), and am now working on a baby quilt and diaper bag. Next up, a grandson’s going to be 2 soon… Lot’s of ideas, but have not yet decided what to make!
    I would SO love to have a *wonderful* machine like the Husqvarna Emerald 183!!
    Thank you… Love reading your blog!!

  597. mjb says:

    My husband sells a different Husqvarna product, so this would make the family collection complete!

  598. Lisa says:

    Just starting out. Looking to buy my own machine. This would be wonderful for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  599. Anne says:

    What nice give aways.

  600. AllieK says:

    I would LOVE to win a Husqvarna/Viking .. my sister has a vintage one and boy is her machine a workhorse. I would love to own one too.

  601. PrutsPrinses says:

    Oh my so many comments! I wonder if people think they have to comment here to win the machine 😀 And I wonder what the survey will be about! I would love to win a sewing machine, I use my mum’s but I’m saving up for one when I move out, which will probably be in one of the years to come! Aaaah 🙂 Your other prizes look lovely too! I’m looking forward to the content you will come up with 🙂

  602. Lauren says:

    Wow – what great prizes! I hope I win!

  603. MamaBee says:

    Ooh, exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  604. Jessica says:

    This is so exciting!! What a great idea!

  605. ksmama says:

    well, I’d feel pretty unworthy with such a fancy machine–I’m still a beginning sewer! I’d love to win that or the certificates, though.

  606. LittleA says:

    Wow! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate prize! Thanks for all the great info this month!

  607. Catherine says:

    Love your site and all the inspiring ideas. Winning the sewing machine would be a dream come true! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  608. Sandy says:

    I’d love more fabric from SMS!!

  609. Jenny says:

    I think I’m going to win!

  610. Intaly says:

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  611. Elizabeth says:

    Great give away! I could make good use of that!

  612. Georgia says:

    This machine looks and sounds like a dream! Have you read all the details of what it can do!!??!?

  613. Mary Anne says:

    Wow!! I hope I win this machine. The machine that I use is still my beginner machine that I got 10 years ago. No computer technology on it, for sure.

  614. Linda clark says:

    This is great! And what a way to go to inter. I would love to have a new machine right now.

  615. Holly says:

    How fun! What a great contest!!

    ~Holly in FL

  616. Jill Muha says:

    WOW!!!! I just found your site and it is now on my favorites list!!!!! Would love a new machine!

  617. Christy S. says:

    WOW! I’m amazed by the generosity of this site … hope I win!! :o) I’ve never won anything. Ever.

  618. Heather says:

    ooohhhhh….dreamy! 😉

  619. Kit-Kat says:

    Wow! What a great contest!

  620. Elise says:

    I love your blog and all you contests!! Maybe this will be my lucky post.


  621. smgosky says:

    What a wonderful opportunity you have given us! All the ideas, how tos and now a machine! Keep up the GREAT work

  622. Mrs McPherson says:

    How exciting, does being in the UK exclude me?? Anywho, I completed my first ever sewing project last Thursday, it’s a bag made with one of your patterns. It was easy but really pretty and I’m so proud of myself, this is the start of something big for me. Many thanks xx

  623. Megs says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great blog and the great give-a-ways!

  624. Audrey says:

    What an amazing (and generous) resource this place is! You’ve helped advance my sewing and I really appreciate what you all do.

  625. Misty says:

    OOOOOOOH! Wonderful prizes! I want to win!

  626. Nikki says:

    Fantastic giveaway… what a great sponsor to get on board this month.

  627. Jo Marcellino says:

    WOW. You guys are not only inspirational you are generous. Thank you.

  628. What both generous giveaways, the sewing machine or the gift certificates! Wow! I would love to win either!

  629. Gaby says:

    Looks like a great machine and I look forward to seeing what interesting posts get posted this month.

  630. Chris Worthy says:

    Wow! It sure would be nice to move up from my starter machine — a poor, overworked, abused Kenmore. 🙂

  631. Lynne in NC says:

    You ladies rock! what a fabuloso prize!

  632. Melanie says:

    Sewing machine month is about a month too late for my research – I finally settled on and purchased a new machine in May, but never mind, it will be interesting anyway. Is the Husqvarna comp for US residents only, or open to those of us O/S?

  633. Tiffany says:

    Wow, sweet giveaway!!! Best of luck to everyone!

  634. Tara H. says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I am looking forward to all the info about sewing machines. I could really use it!

  635. damocamelia says:

    Incredible giveaway…
    No one will dare to let it go!

  636. Jennifer Probasco says:

    I so need a new sewing machine or fabric or both!!!

  637. Yaneth says:

    Holy Guacamole!! I would LOVE to win the sewing machine….the GC wouldn’t be bad either!!!

  638. Lottie says:

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  639. sonja says:

    Wow what a great giveaway !!! Would love to win this prize

  640. L.C.A says:

    I’m still a beginner and I’ve been sewing everything by hand! I wish I could have a sewing machine someday…. crossing my fingers!!

  641. Natalie says:

    Oh I would be in a dream world if I won that machine!!! It would be so much better than the cheapo I have now. Thanks for the opportunity and all the great offerings and ways to learn more about sewing on your site!

  642. Ane says:

    I am thinking about changing sewing machine, but I see that there are many hoping to win this one, so I guess I’ll have to buy one after all : )

  643. Patricia says:

    ¡¡madre de dios!! as my 2 y.o. son would say. this is just fantastic. I’d love to win this prize. I just started sewing after christmas and I just can’t stop!!!!!!!!!!

  644. Muriel says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to win such a wonderful machine! But I love the machine that I have too (I just had to make sure that I said that, like knocking on wood, you know)

  645. Mamis says:

    I want to play!
    Fabulous prizes!

  646. That machine is calling my name!

  647. drea says:

    Wow! Someone is going to be extra lucky. Hope it’s me. lol. I love my machine, but the bobbin winder is broken and I’m holding parts of it together with scotch tape. lol.

  648. Sandra Haimes says:

    I am new to all this blog stuff but boy what have I been missing so I would just leave to win this great sewing machine or even a voucher would be could to get me started on that first quilt.
    Thanks for your site. Sandra

  649. Pat Block says:

    Pat at Walpole575@yahoo.comresponds:
    I still remember the wonderful purr of the first Viking sewing machine I ever owned. My mom gave me $500.00 for Christmas one year to buy a new machine. I went on up to Auburn, Maine and found the most wonderful used Viking… Unfortunately after many hours of providing me with the opportunity to create it passed away. We tried everything, but alas there was no hope….. As I put my machine to rest I promised it that one day I would be creating with its daughter, maybe I will be lucky enough to have this day come soon… Thansk for the opportunity to enter and as always learn new things from reading and sharing on your blog.

  650. Sarah C. says:

    I’d love to win anything relating to sewing. Especially a new machine. That would be Heaven. (My machine is broken and I am borrowing my neighbors until she moves and needs it back). Thanks for the opportunity

  651. Deb says:

    amazing opportunity! here from soulemama LOVE

  652. Mar says:

    Awesome giveaway! Certainly a beautiful machine, the things I would do with it!

  653. Robin says:

    Wow! What a fabulous giveaway. Count me in, please.

  654. márta says:

    Thanks! I love this blog.
    The shewing machine is very nice.

  655. tawnya simpson says:

    This is awesome!!! I sure would LOVE to win!!

  656. Christa says:

    I’m officially drooling…. 😛 What an amazing giveaway!

  657. Ariane says:

    wow! A sewing machine! That would be great! Nice giveaway!

  658. Max says:

    Wow! Absolutely incredible. Thanks for the fantastic give-away!

  659. Allie says:

    oh my. what a beautiful machine.

  660. sassysarah says:

    My best friend is going to be bummed when she finds out i have a new best friend….sigh…

  661. I would love that sewing machine.

  662. Angie Estlund says:

    What a cool giveaway! I love this blog.

  663. Carrie Grassmyer says:

    Wow! I would love this machine! What a great gift!

  664. Karen says:

    Looks like a great sewing machine! Would love to win it!

  665. susan says:

    I am pretty sure I will dream about this machine tonight!

  666. Michelle says:

    Wow! Now that sewing machine would be a most wonderful prize!!! But I’d also LOVE to get to shop with a gift certificate!! Fun….thank you!

  667. shannon says:

    I would love to have that machine, what an amazing giveaway!

  668. Jenn says:

    What a fantastic prize! My mother has a Viking it’s her most prized posession!

  669. mary anne says:

    i would love to win these prizes!

  670. Jules says:

    this is exactly what i need. I would love this machine!

  671. Hannah says:

    Wow! That would be awesome to win!

  672. Susan M in Alaska says:

    Even though I have two machines, another one would be great! I have two daughters and I could teach them both to sew and still be able to work on things myself. 🙂

  673. Brooke says:

    That’s very generous!

  674. rebecca says:

    OOO I would just love to win something. I know Chances are slim considering I am like # 805

  675. Jen Lair says:

    Wow, you guys have the best deals – i love checking back and seeing what each month will bring!

  676. erin a. says:

    feeling lucky!

  677. JJ says:

    Wow, that’s an amazing giveaway!

  678. Jaime says:

    This is beyond AMAZING! how generous! I have my fingers crossed…and my toes!!

  679. Celeste says:

    So excited about this month–thanks for hosting this!

  680. Lucia says:

    I can’t believe there’s a sewing machine up for give-away!!! I could so use a new one to replace mine – a 30+ year old Singer on permanent loan from my mother-in-law.

  681. TJ says:

    oh, it’s so beautiful! Like a big, plastic gem. 🙂

  682. Amy Menges says:

    I love contests! Thanks!

  683. Emma Niesl says:

    wow, how generous! 🙂 i love your giveaways!

  684. catherine says:

    I don’t even know what to say! How do you expect any of us to get any sleep until the contest is done? Wowsers – what a great giveaway! THANK YOU!

    Keeping my fingers crossed – and toes – and everything else!

    Catherine S.

  685. Mary says:

    What a fabulous prize, could I be the lucky one???

  686. Andrea says:

    My heart is palpitating over here… What an AWESOME giveaway!!

  687. Mallory says:

    Wow! I recently placed my first order at Sew Mama Sew and would LOVE a new sewing machine to go with those awesome fabrics!

  688. Michelle says:

    Wow. I would love a new sewing machine…as opposed to a “new to me” one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  689. Chrystal says:

    Still using my mom’s old machine and she wants it back… Oh how nice!

  690. Sonya says:

    I’m totally in love with your site and would probably love it even more if I won this… 😀

  691. Ashley says:

    Oooh, fancy! What an awesome prize! Would love to win.

  692. Rebekah E. says:

    How generous! Thanks so much!

  693. Judy says:

    Looking forward to “sewing machine month”…

  694. Angela says:

    Wow! I’m so excited. What a great bunch of prizes.

  695. jessie says:

    I just started reading quilting/fabric blogs and I swear y’all give away the best prizes! Thank you!

  696. Debbie says:

    I so need a grown-up sewing machine.

  697. Jeni says:

    What an awesome machine! And an awesome chance to win one!! Thanks

  698. Julie P says:

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    that machine!
    -♥ krista

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    holly cow! that’s one heck of a prize! i just got the emerald 183 and it’s a dream machine. i swear it doesn’t even need me, it sews all by itself. i named her Helga. love!
    now let’s see if i can win an accessory kit for her, or a gift card. : )

  705. Amy Rochelle says:

    I have a Lilly – and already have the quilting kit. The General kit looks wonderful. Sure glad H/V is sponsoring this month!

  706. Kitten says:

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  717. Katie says:


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    I love your shop and your blog!

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    Thanks for your wonderful projects on your blog. My daughter & I love to creat with inspirations we get here! ….and what a sweet give away! I had the wonderful opportunity to sew on a Viking last year for a week… spoiled me rotten!

    Keep up the good work! You are appreciated!

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    Awesome & so incredibly generous!! 🙂

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  752. Ah…what does it say about me that I’m equally excited about the gift certificate _and_ the machine? 🙂

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    Thanks for doing the site and for
    doing the contest!

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  784. wow! What an amazing prize! Thanks for always bringing the best information to us all!

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    It’s like that “list” gals have with their husbands or boyfriends. The I Love You, But If Brad Pitt/Denzel/Whoever is Sexy At The Moment wants to take me home, then it’s a-OK.

    I’ll tell my Brother machine that I love it dearly, but if that Viking wants to take me out to dinner? I’m throwing on a dress and heading out the door.

  794. wendy says:

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  808. Heidi says:

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  809. i’ve been wanting a sewing machine for a long while, but don’t currently have the funds. thanks for the opportunity to win such a fab machine! 🙂

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  819. Lale says:

    Wow, this site is just amazing. I found your site about 6 months ago and come back just about daily to peruse the forums and look through past blog entries. I am in awe at the enormous amount of inspiration that you provide daily and without cost. I refer all my friends to your site and am truly grateful that you exist. Thanks!

  820. Tina says:

    *sigh* a dream come true, it would be, so please enter my name! Thanks, Tina

  821. Heidi says:

    wow that is a DREAM machine!
    I cant wait to read all of the articles this month.

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  823. melissa p. says:

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  828. Sadie says:

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  830. Leigh says:

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  831. Sherrille Mackeigan says:

    Would love to win one of the great prizes. i love the husqvarna machine I have a machine that is about 15 yrs old works like a charm

  832. Cindy says:

    This seems to good to be true! BUT SMS continues to amaze and spread joy! Thanks a bunch!

  833. nhmama says:

    Yea!! I didn’t win any of the May Giveaway things, but getting introduced to so many great blogs was well worth it. Thanks for this fab offering!

  834. ReginaInCA says:

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  835. Martha says:

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  836. Elizabeth says:

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  837. Brenda says:

    goodness, what a wonderful prize! DD is returning from Sicily this summer after a 3 year (spousal) Navy stint and a sewing machine is first on her must haves for little people sewing. Here’s hoping!

  838. Anne Marquiss says:

    Why not?

  839. Debbie Y says:

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway and well done on securing such a fab sponsor! Someone is going to have the biggest smile on their face when that gorgeous machine arrives on their doorstep! I would love it to be me 🙂

  840. Lara says:

    I’d LOVE to win it!!! I am sewing on a basic, basic, basic Brother and it would be pretty much fantabulous to have something that can do all that this one can!!!!! Thanks!

  841. Sarah says:

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    Thank you!
    Sarah, Israel.

  842. Betty says:

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  844. Charlene T says:

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  846. Suzanne says:

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  847. Kristie says:

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  848. Katy says:

    Well you just made my month a whole lot more interesting!!

  849. Julia in MI says:

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  850. Crisanne says:

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  851. JoyceBuckley says:

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  853. Aimee says:

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  854. Jennifer says:

    I have a 20+ year-old “Husky” that I wouldn’t exchange for any other sewing machine. You might twist my arm to find a place in my craft room for a new Husky to keep it company. After all, my daughter will need her own sewing machine soon. (She’s 2 1/2 but already helps me sew!)

  855. Ihrtpnk says:

    What an exciting month! I love this site – dreaming about making all the fun things on this site is much better than my reality of being a nurse 🙂 Only 33 more years till retirement!!

  856. Lee says:

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  857. Cayce says:

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  861. kiko says:

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  862. Deirdre says:

    Oh wow! I’m still working on a 12 year old Kenmore that does 2 stitches. I seriously need a new machine to do all the fancy things I envision!

  863. Stephanie says:

    Wow. That’s pretty much it. WOW.

  864. I really need a new sewing machine. This one looks awesome. (Mine is VERY OLD, in a cabinet–NOT portable, manual everything!) :^(

  865. Christine says:

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  866. Lauren says:

    Wow! Your blog is going to make a few lucky readers very very happy at the end of this month! So exciting!

  867. Melinda Bowman says:

    Wow what a nice prize! =-)

  868. hayley says:

    so I just started sewing a few months ago after receiving a cheap sewing machine from my mother a year and a half ago. Now, I’m soooo addicted to sewing. I could totally use a new sewing machine. Mine only does like three stitches. I so hope I win!!

  869. Christy says:

    I’ve checked this machine out before, I really really like it!!!

  870. Jennifer Hewett-Apperson says:

    oohhhh…..pick me!!!!!!!! Then I could throw my bare bones, bobbin always jamming, tension always off Kenmore out the window like I’ve always dreamed of!!!!!

  871. LOVE Husq/Viking! Great for them sponsoring the site! I have gotten so much out of this Sew Mama Sew site that I am thrilled you’re getting such great support from the industry. What a great giveaway on the tails of the big giveaway week last week!

  872. mary ann says:

    It would be heaven to win any of these prizes. The economy is down and my business could use some extra supplies not too mention a sewing machine that works all the time!

  873. teal says:

    ooooh…. i’m excited to see what is posted this month! yay sewing machines!

  874. Lynn says:

    Wow that is very generous. How exciting!

  875. Kobi says:

    What a fabulous looking machine. Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring, fun-to-read blog!

  876. wendy says:

    I was just looking at new machines today, I would love an upgrade.

  877. Kayte says:

    My friend has that machine. It’s so wonderful. I love to hear her sew.

  878. Angela says:

    Wow! How generous of them and exciting for us! 😀

  879. Viki says:

    I’m dreaming about an own sewing machine! I hope I win it! 🙂

  880. Erin says:

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  881. Betsy says:

    NO WAY!!!!! I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it….pppppplllllllleeeeeeaaaasssseeee!!

  882. Cristalle says:

    I love sewing machine month so much already!!!!

  883. Kellie says:

    yay Husqvarna – what awesome sponsors!! Off to read more about this machine!

  884. Angela from Sunny San Diego says:

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  885. This is awsome!!! It makes me dream…I am dreaming of making a quilt with that beautiful machine. How fun and exciting!!!!

  886. Laura says:

    What an amazing prize. And it’s really easy on the eyes too.

  887. Hayes says:

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  892. Jessica says:

    That is wonderful! I have been saving up for months to get a nice sewing machine!! I can’t imagine just being given one.

  893. Jennifer G says:

    Wow, what a fabulous boast for your site!

  894. Bethany says:

    That is very exciting. I have a very simple machine, which works, so I am grateful. But to have a machine like that…WOW..Thanks for the chance!!

  895. karen says:


  896. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win any of these prizes!!!!

  897. anjelle says:

    Oooh… I squealed when I read this. How very exciting!

  898. Karen says:

    Oh MY! That would be amazing to win!!

  899. Stacey says:

    Wow I could really use a new sewing machine. Mine sounds like a tractor but it still gets the job done.

  900. Wowie, wow, wow! That’s some giveaway! I’m drooling at the thought.

  901. Angel S. says:

    How exciting! Looking forward to all the goodies and giveaways!

  902. Malorie says:

    What a great givaway! I have to take my machine to the shop, so a new one would be great!

  903. Sylvie says:

    Wow! I can’t believe you are giving away a sewing machine… incredible!
    This month’s theme sound very interesting too!

  904. Heather says:

    I’m raising my hand…no, wait. I’m raising both hands for this awesome giveaway!

  905. Leah says:

    Woo Hoo a sewing machine! Somebody is going to be VERY happy! Hope it’s me!

  906. Renee B says:

    Wow! I turn 30 this month, that would make a great birthday present!

  907. Dot says:

    I love my Singer of 20 plus years but long for a machine with all the “bells & whistles” to make my sewing easier and more creative. Am going to see how many questions I can answer on the posted questionaire.

  908. phyllis says:

    I would love to win this . I have an older model would love a upgrade. Would have to keep my old on though. thanks

  909. Barbara Godfrey says:

    Whoo-hoo! Fabulous!

  910. Molly B. says:

    I’m hyperventilating at the thought! I need one sooooooooo bad! I’m working on my first “real” quilt and mine just isn’t handling it well.

  911. steph says:

    that is one awesome looking machine. i like.

  912. Melissa says:

    Wow! What a give away!

  913. Debbie says:

    Looking forward to the give away.

  914. Martha B says:

    I love the blue color on the front. I would put the machine to good use quilting!

  915. Laura says:

    Who wouldn’t love a gift certificate to Sew Mama Sew!

  916. Clara says:

    What a great prize package. Thanks

  917. Leah says:

    Crikey! Now that’s a giveaway!

  918. Alice (BCQuilter) says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. The gears are processing, what could be made.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  919. ariel says:

    Love it! What a good theme, as I am ready for a new sewing machine 😉

  920. Leaha says:

    What an AwEsOmE machine! Thank you!!!!

  921. Lauren says:

    How wonderbar! Love that sewing machine!

  922. Sarah Lemmon says:

    What a great prize!

  923. Kim says:

    Umm, wow! You all are the best. I’m happy with my machine, but I bet after learning more about what’s out there, I won’t be! But it’s all OK in the name of education.

  924. Sara says:

    I have a V/H. It’s pretty tough, my daughter knocked it off the table and it survived? I sure would love a quilting accessories package though!

  925. katie says:

    Count me in!
    Excited to be learning more about machines this month… it’s still a mystery to me!

  926. Leslie Newton says:


  927. danna osen says:

    your blog always provides great information and the prizes just get better and better.

  928. Emily says:

    Oh my, what a giveaway! Here’s to hoping!

  929. Becca says:

    What a beautiful machine.. not to mention very generous weekly giveaways. I can’t wait for the tutorials!

  930. Hi,

    I love your site and these machines. Please enter me in your competition.

    Thanks, Viv

  931. jenna says:

    wow! what great prizes! fingers crossed!!

  932. Leisel says:

    Awesome giveaway! Excited to learn more about sewing machines. . .

  933. Kim says:

    So cool! Me! Me!

  934. Andrea Methvin says:

    I have a great sewing machine which I love, however, my 10 year old daughter has my old machine-I would so love to win this and give her a new one! What a dream come true for her! Thanks for the chance to win, and for all of the great ideas you give us in the sewing community.

  935. Kelli says:

    What a fantastic prize! It looks like a beautiful sewing machine. I ‘m really looking forward to another great month at SewMamaSew!

  936. Sew-Ann says:

    Ok I’m glad I subbed to this blog yesterday. I’ll be paying attention to this giveway since there is no way I could afford a machine in this price range.

  937. bethgun says:

    Having a Husqvarna machine would be live driving a Ferrari after riding a tricycle for years. Pick me! Pick me!

  938. knofje says:

    Wow, such great prizes! Thanks for this chance to win!

  939. Grace says:

    A sewing machine!!!! Wow. This makes my very ancient JC Penney model bought at a pawn shop look very sad indeed. I would love to win this. A Sew Mama Sew gift certificate would be nice too.


  940. Jingle says:

    Oh, now this is exciting! Wow!

  941. Hazel says:

    She’s a real beauty. I’m a total newbie at sewing and just can’t believe that they’re giving this wonderful machine away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  942. eileensideways says:

    ph wow! what a wonderful surprise. i love sewmamasew.

  943. sarah says:

    Wow! What a super awesome lot of prizes!

  944. Bean says:

    How exciting!! *crossing fingers*

  945. brittany says:

    wow!! You guys rock!

  946. Paula Prass says:

    Oh, this is another unbelievable giveaway? I gotta try!

  947. Chrisandra Davis says:

    Sweet machine! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

  948. LisaC says:

    I “meme”ed about this machine yesterday. I love mine!

  949. stacey says:

    Ooohhh! Pretty, I would love to win. I might have to come out of lurkdom more often to increase my chances, LOL!

  950. stephanie says:

    Rediscovering your site…how fun!

  951. rochelle says:

    very cool, what a fabulous prize!

  952. Paula Prass says:

    Incredible. Sewmamasew is one rockin site! A new machine? I’m jumping in!

  953. Jacqui says:

    Wow, those are great prizes! I don’t even own a Husqvarna AND I live in New Zealand (shipping, voltage issues) and I’m really keen! I’m contemplating the deliciously naughty idea that I could have two sewing machines and just use an adapter for the Husqvarna. Ohhh such a lovely dream, and despite the freezing cold day here I can feel my toes warming up just at the thought 😉

  954. theresa says:

    ahhhh! So exciting, that is such a nice prize.

  955. Beautiful machine!

  956. kelly t says:

    Wow!! Go Husqvarna! What a fun week!

  957. WOW I have always wanted one! RIght now I’m sewing on a Brother He 120 which is great but a Husqvarna would be awesome!

  958. Charlotte Knox says:

    Oh, my what a wonderful site. I would love to enjoy a new machine for sewing for my new granddaughter.
    How special !

  959. Heather H. says:

    How awesome,…..that would be a nice replacement for my little Janome Jem. What great prizes. This blog is amazing and I love your store for my fabirc needs. Thank you for putting together such festivites for the month of June, sewing machine month.

  960. WOW! This is totally an awesome giveaway. You know you can never have too many giveaways so, I’m in please. Thanks

  961. Diana says:

    That is the coolest thing you have ever given away. Wow. I don’t know what else to say.

  962. shannon says:

    Sweeeeeeeet! What an awesome prize! Count me in!

  963. jackie says:

    seriously you guys are the best! this is so fabulous!

  964. Jan Pope says:

    A new sewing machine! And a Viking to boot! My Viking is 30 years old and going strong. Still sews through 16 layers of denim. But I’d love to have some of the newer features. I only have about 20 stitches in all and there are times, when my stitch cam gets stuck and I’m afraid one of these days it’s going to be permanently stuck . But you sure can’t complain about a 30 years machine that still sews through just about anytime. Go Viking!

  965. Natalie H. says:

    wow! i would love a new sewing machine!! i have my grandma’s old one & it’s a beast!!

  966. Peggy V says:

    This would be wonderful, thank you for all you do!

  967. alisha says:

    Wow! This is going to be an exciting month. Especially for the lucky person who wins the sewing machine!

  968. Gena Webb says:

    Looks like an awesome machine!

  969. Betsy James says:

    What a great prize!

  970. Jenni says:

    Oh my gosh! I have been dreaming of a machine like this for YEARS! My husband gave me my very simple (it does do button holes, though!) machine almost 15 years ago and it has seen a lot of quilting and sewing. Definitely got our money’s worth and I will have my fingers crossed every day for a chance to win this beauty! Thank you so much!

  971. Kristin says:

    Wow, what an amazing month!

  972. Hilary says:

    Beautiful machine! If I should be so lucky!!! Thanks sew mama, this is great : )

  973. Melanie says:

    Awesome giveaway! Can’t wait for the rest of this months posts!

  974. Frogdancer says:

    Are International entrants eligible?

  975. ivy says:

    WOW! I *loove* Husqvarna/Viking! This brand seems to be the most user friendly I’ve ever used. This is so exciting! Great giveaway!

  976. Ann Furnier says:

    What a fabulous machine. Who wouldn’t want it?

  977. jen w says:

    wow, that sewing machine is awesome…but a gift cert would help my fabric fix a lot as well:)

  978. Amy. P says:

    So Amazing… The wonderful prize is outstanding…. Crossing my fingers for some possible good luck!

  979. michele m says:

    OMG, i so hope i win something (the sewing machine hopefully, but anything will do) lol

  980. Kathie says:

    Want please? 🙂

  981. Stephanie says:

    Such a wonderful blog. I am getting back into sewing after being discouraged for a while. I already have tons of projects brewing! So happy this is all about machines right now, I am looking for a new one!

  982. Marie-Jolie says:

    Well my goodness, what a treat! This is a thread that I will be keeping my eye on!

  983. Clever Karen says:

    What an awesome prize! I am drooling over that sewing machine as I type!

  984. Beagoodmom says:

    I want to win!

  985. just lovely says:

    Oh my that would be so wonderful!

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    Yay! That is so exciting!

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  990. Anna says:

    I’m excited to learn more about sewing machines!

  991. kriscake says:

    Holy cow! That machine puts my old singer to shame! I am droooling thinking of all the cool projects that could be done! I fear for my free time.

  992. Jennifer says:

    YAY!! this is great.

  993. oh wow! how wonderful! thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  994. Heidi says:

    How timely! A friend was just asking me for sewing machine recommendations. Now I can point her to this series. Thank you!

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    Wow, what a great give-away! This site/blog rocks.

  996. Steph W says:

    How fabulous and generous!

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    Please enter me in the giveaway. What fun.

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    This is a great site! Love what you all have planned for this month!

  999. Julie says:

    THe sewing machine would be amazing. Even a gift certificate would be great.

  1000. leslie says:

    I would LOVE to learn how to sew on a sewing machine!!

  1001. Melody says:

    I have a mid-level Husqvarna and I love it! It’s been super dependable and easy to maintain. I can’t say I would hate to upgrade to that one, though!

  1002. Shannon Burchard says:

    Well, I know our house could put this puppy to work.

  1003. Lisa M says:

    Would love to win this machine…that way I could still sew while my HV embroidery machine is stitching away. What a great way to multi task!!

  1004. e mil says:

    I don’t have a clever, funny, or witty comment, and I probably won’t throughout the duration of the month, but I LOVE your blog. It inspires me in so many ways and I have found a rekindled love of sewing since coming across it months ago. Now I’m just working on getting my ability level to match my enthusiasm level! Thanks for providing such a great site!

  1005. Suzy says:

    What an exciting giveaway! How generous!

  1006. Crystal says:

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    I would love to win this machine. Francis Moore

  1010. Great Sponsor! You guys are really amazing!

  1011. katie m says:

    Amazing giveaway!! How fun would that be…enter me please!!

  1012. Nancy Mc says:

    I have a 50 yr-old Elna–great machine, “old workhorse”, but a brand new shiny pretty Husqvarna would certainly find a good home in my sewing room!

  1013. jenny kim says:

    what a fantastic giveaway!

  1014. SusanC says:

    I am so excited about the giveaway. I would be in heaven if I won this machine. Shoot, I’d be pleased as punch to win anything here. Thanks so much!

  1015. Lindsey says:

    wow! thats a GREAT giveaway, yay!

  1016. Lynn Osborne says:

    Very cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  1017. My back up machine is a Viking and it is a WORKHORSE! My daughter has a Viking also. They make a great machine!

  1018. angela says:

    How exciting! That machine looks awesome.

  1019. heathergw says:


  1020. Fay says:

    would love the sewing machine – viking is a great brand

  1021. Jen says:

    Wow and amazing and wow again… my little $99 Kenmore is jealous… crossing my fingers!

  1022. these gift packs are simply amazing!

  1023. Linda says:

    Wow!!! What a great month you have lined up! Thanks so much!

  1024. Jessica J. says:

    Oh boy, I’m loving that prize!!

  1025. Its_Lily says:

    Now THIS would be a fabulous addition to my sewing room. I’ve had mine since forever it seems.

  1026. Kristina says:

    Wow! I would be one happy woman if I won that machine!!!

  1027. Danielle says:

    I am trying to catch my breath! The local sewing store just closed in our area. No more Viking super store 🙁 I can tell that the sound my old machine-btw-NOT a Viking/Husqvarna- it is not long for this world. I have been dropping hints to my great husband, but winning a new machine would be like giving him a gift too! The gift of not having to go with me to hunt down a new machine!

  1028. Angel says:

    This would be a dream come true! My starter machine has served me well, but I get giddy thinking of all the fun I would have with a cool machine like this. As a SAHM, not a chance of purchasing one anytime soon! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Even at the extremely slim chance of winning it, very exciting!!!!

  1029. Hilda says:

    oh wow. I would love a machine like this one!

  1030. Tracy says:

    I to think I was contemplating purchasing the old Singer “machine used for sewing” at the Goodwill store earlier this week.

  1031. Meredith says:

    Pick me, Pick me! 🙂

  1032. Gretchen says:

    I AM DROOLING OVER THIS MACHINE! WOW! I really really really want it. Please! Please! Please!

  1033. shannon says:

    How generous!

  1034. Ashley says:

    The sewing machine is certainly drool worthy. LOL I could see whomever wins it going on a sewing spree. 🙂

  1035. Chancy says:

    Sweet prizes! Thanks!

  1036. Yolanda says:

    Good afternoon. I love Vikings, thank you for this opportunity.

  1037. Karen says:

    Sweet snickers pie. My bernette would be green with envy (she’s already green), but I think the two could develop a cooperative and cordial relationship over time. Maybe with enough time they’d even become the yin to each other’s yang. I’m willing to take the risk.

  1038. Katie says:

    Wow what an amazing giveaway!!!!!

  1039. Carmell says:

    oh this would be so cool cuz my Singer just went out!!

  1040. melissa says:

    that is a really nice machine…

  1041. Helena says:

    Wow! Now that’s cool. I never be able to buy one until all the kids leave home, I’d love to win it.

  1042. Meaghen N. says:

    I would love to have this sewing machine! I have been dreaming up ideas to machine embroider on my daughter and sons’ clothes and some baby gifts. I would love, love, love to have this! You guys are awesome!

  1043. By LuLu says:

    What an amazing giveaway! – Heck some days I’d be happy winning a Walmart sewing machine, but a Huskqvarna!!! WOW!!

  1044. Sue says:

    Wonderful that you can sponsor this giveaway… I could definitely use a new machine as mine is on it’s last leg! Thanks for your great blog!

  1045. Kim says:

    AWESOME! Would definitely love to win.

  1046. Oh my word. I would love to win a new sewing machine! What a great giveaway.

  1047. silver says:

    Oh my! Hurray for corporate sponsors that give fabulous prizes!

  1048. Julianne says:

    Fingers crossed, 10 times over!!

  1049. Amy S. says:

    such a fantastic prize!!!!!!

  1050. BethieB says:

    Holy cheese sticks!! I will post faithfully for the chance at this baby! She’d look so much better than my 80’s model Singer with no accessories, lol…

  1051. Lola Jo says:

    Wow! This month is going to be exciting…

  1052. Cairen Ballstaedt says:

    That is so awesome, hoping to win!

  1053. Margaret says:

    I use a 40 year old Singer for all my sewing right now. You cannot imagine how exciting it would be to upgrade to something new. I hope I’m lucky.

  1054. Oooh, this all sounds so exciting! So, does this comment count as an entry for this week’s drawing?

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright

  1055. holly says:

    sew nice!

  1056. emily e. says:

    So exciting! I love my simple little sewing machine, but would love the new possibilities brought on by this one!

  1057. Firefly says:

    So cool! I’m a total newbie in the world of sewing (as in no machine yet, just drooling over books and fabric) and this would be an amazing prize to win!

  1058. Tera says:

    Wow, what a fabulous prize!

  1059. Sarah Cosper says:

    Beautiful machine!

  1060. Valerie says:

    Wow that would sure beat the heck out of my 40 year old Kenmore!

  1061. Nichole says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway prize. Drooling here…..

  1062. Jeannette says:

    consider me posted!

  1063. Danielle says:

    Would love to have that machine! Crossing my fingers!

  1064. Katherine says:

    I’m a Bernina girl but a sewing machine is a sewing machine…

  1065. Rhyah says:

    I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed! I certainly could use a new machine! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  1066. Jill says:

    Wow what an exciting prize!

  1067. jsh says:


  1068. all8garden says:

    Wow, how wonderful. I really like my oldie but goodie machine, do you think she’d mind if I added another friend?

  1069. Melanie Sullivan says:

    What a fabulous contest. Keeping fingers crossed!

  1070. JK says:

    I would be in heaven with a new sewing machine. I too have been using my mother’s 25 year old machine. And I would love to finally upgrade!

  1071. Alyssa says:

    Great giveaways! I know I could spend a gift certificate in about 5 seconds. 🙂

  1072. Elaine says:

    I have been whining for the past couple of months about needing a new sewing machine. When the amount it costs to service your machine becomes more than than what it originally cost .. well, you get the idea. Thank you for this chance to replace mine.

  1073. Tricia says:

    Wow, that is super impressive.

  1074. Jen V says:

    Just when I think that you are generous enough, you take it up another ten notches! Holy smokes!

  1075. monica says:

    I’ve been wanting a new machine even though my mom’s 1970’s Singer works just fine. The newer machines just have more features. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  1076. stephanie says:

    Wowsa! What a great giveaway!!

  1077. Chi Anne says:

    Wow! The things I could make with this baby!

  1078. Bonnie says:

    I know it will be slim chances of winning since there are so many dedicated readers of the SMS blog, but you can’t will if you don’t play right?

  1079. Tara Gruwell says:

    yes please!

  1080. Gail says:

    Please excuse me while I drool all over the sewing machine. You all won’t want it after that, right? right? 🙂

  1081. Kelsey D says:

    Ooooo, I would love this machine! Mine is not the best quality and I fear will not last me much longer.

  1082. angel says:

    Wowza. I can’t believe this…how fantastic would that be…Oh my, I can’t even imagine….

  1083. jerri says:

    Awesome machine! Of course fabric is always great, but that’s a nice machine!

  1084. Camelama says:

    Oh wow, this would be an incredible prize. 🙂 I might even be able to sew a straight line with this machine! hee.

  1085. lesley says:

    oh fanTAStic. i’d love that. need to upgrade, this would be great…thanks for all the great articles to come, i know they’ll be super helpful

  1086. jozen says:

    i NEVER win anything! i really really hope i win this sewing machine!

  1087. Kay says:

    Pick me! Pick Me! ( me all excited) I need a new machine!

  1088. Sunny says:

    Somebody pinch me!

  1089. Aimee says:

    Wow – that is one amazing giveaway. I would be stoked just to win the $20 GC – your store & customer service are fantastic!

  1090. Nicole says:

    Very nice!!

  1091. Kellie says:

    I love love love your blog….. so enjoying it, thank you!!!

  1092. trashalou says:

    Looking forward to learning more about what to expect form my machine!

  1093. robyn says:

    what a great contest! thanks for the opportunity to win.

  1094. Devon K says:

    This would make all my current dreams come true!

  1095. sherri s. says:

    Oh, my! Wow! Etc. etc. Very generous, thanks to everyone!

  1096. Maria says:

    A free sewing machine seems too good to be true!

  1097. Jenny says:

    Wow! Such great opportunities for building your sewing arsenal going on here this month! Don’t want to miss out! Thanks SMS!

  1098. diana says:

    oh this machine is my dream! yeah i want it so much! ;0)

  1099. Sarah N says:

    Ooh- Great sewing machine!

  1100. Amy A says:

    Oh I just love this giveaway! What a great brand of sewing machines!

  1101. Kathryn says:

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    Yowza….great giveaway! Count me in!

  1103. kriswithmany says:

    How fun! Awesome prize for the month!

  1104. Becca B says:

    GET OUT!!! Are you kidding me?? 16(!) gift certificates and a freaking sewing machine?!?!?! Wow. Best. blog. ever.

  1105. Loralynn says:

    Amazing! I would love to win!

  1106. Celainea says:

    What a beautiful machine!

  1107. Cassandra says:

    What a lovely little machine that is!

  1108. Patty says:

    I have a Husqvarna Lily 550 which is now about 11 years old and my daughter would love to have her own machine. My Lily has been great and I’ve never had one single problem with it so a new Husqvarna would be very welcome in our house.

  1109. SQUEEEELLLL!!!! what exciting prizes up for grabs!!

  1110. Melanie says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have a new machine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  1111. katie says:

    i want to win so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1112. Cecile says:

    Wow ! Every time, you have something even better than the last. You’re amazing !

  1113. JenniMac says:

    Wow! That looks like one fancy machine. It may be out of my league, but that doens’t mean I wouldn’t love to win it! Totally awesome!

  1114. Siew says:

    Wow – that’s some give away. I’ve been dreaming of a new sewing machine but the choices are endless. To win one would solve all that wouldn’t it?

  1115. Jessica Brown says:

    This is so cool! Love your site!

  1116. Stacy says:

    I am so excited to get started! I have to admit that my machine has been gathering a bit of dust lately… Thanks for the giveaways, too!

  1117. Kelli says:

    Could y’all be any more awesome? I don’t think so. And that’s why I always check your blog first when I go down the blogroll! I knew I loved you for a reason! 🙂

  1118. Linnea says:

    Looks like an exciting month ahead! Looking forward to a chance to win some great prizes 🙂 Thanks SMS!

  1119. Beth Ferenc says:

    Fabulous prizes. I hope I’m lucky! Can’t wait to read all the articles either.

  1120. Amy says:

    Whoa! A gorgeous prize…

  1121. aida says:

    that is amazing!! i hv their lower end line and it will be awesome to be able to upgrade

  1122. Mindy says:

    I’ve had my machine for 20 plus years and keep thinking of buying another one, but there are too many to choose from! Maybe I’ll just win this one instead. It looks great!

  1123. Kim says:

    Oh goodness! Pretty please! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this giveaway month!

  1124. Elizabeth says:

    I so need a sewing machine!

  1125. Marcie says:

    Yes! The giveaway prizes are great and a new sewing machine would be the ultimate!

  1126. Melissa says:

    WOW…I need a new sewing machine…this would be wonderful to win!

  1127. Amanda says:

    Wow, that is some giveaway!!

  1128. Emily says:

    oh i wanna win. I need one really bad!!!!

  1129. Lindsay says:

    Ohhh. Nice Machine! Mouth watering!

  1130. Isa says:

    What a great prize!!

  1131. Jennifer3 says:

    Wow. I have never even dreamed of being able to own that. What a great great giveaway.

  1132. bec says:

    ooh, a sewing machine that works! that would be wonderful!

  1133. Peggy says:

    I’m most looking forward to a buttonhole article. Ahh, to be able to use the buttonhole thing-a-ma-gigies on my machine…without cursing…bliss….

  1134. Susan says:

    WOOO! Gift certificates to Sew Mama Sew – what a fabulous giveaway indeed! I’ll keep all fingers and toes crossed 🙂

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  1135. Anniina says:

    Looooks gooood!

  1136. Amy C. says:

    I’m loving the quilt blogs lately – all about giving to the readers. What a great way to spread the quilting hobby. Thanks for all the great opportunities!

  1137. Kristi says:

    Wow! I just discovered your blog and it has such amazing information AND giveaways!

  1138. wow great prize!! Can’t believe it! 🙂

  1139. nanann says:

    Wow! what a great prize! Drooling over here!

  1140. Jen Eskridge says:

    Oh man- that’s excellent! What a great give-away!!!

  1141. Wendy says:

    Enter me! I have a 30+ year old Viking that I would love to replace

  1142. Jennifer says:

    That sewing machine is just BEAUTIFUL! I will cross my fingers that I will win! 🙂

  1143. Deanna says:

    Wow! I could really learn to sew on that baby.

  1144. Jenie says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!

  1145. Aparna says:

    lovely – would be a dream come true ….

  1146. Theresa says:

    Wow! What a great give away. I could really use a new machine!

  1147. Christina says:

    Wow! How awesome!

  1148. gina says:

    fun! i too am “borrowing” my mom’s machine and would love a fancy one of my own! 🙂

  1149. Alyssa says:

    I would love a new machine. I love my current machine but who wouldn’t love a newer machine.

  1150. tracy_a says:

    Hooray! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway.

  1151. Ronni says:

    This is such an exciting opportunity! And a new sewing machine would be so nice!

  1152. dangermom says:

    Ooh, what a fun month you have coming up! Count me in.

  1153. Erica says:

    I need a new sewing maching so bad!

  1154. Christy says:

    She’s a beauty! What great gifts SMS!!!

  1155. Erin says:

    Nice!!! I need a new machine!

  1156. Trina says:

    Have we mentioned lately that YOU GUYS ROCK? This is fabulous.

  1157. Sherry M says:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway month! I would absolutely love to use that sewing machine. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  1158. Leigh-Ann says:

    Sign me up! Crapola! This would be fabulous. I’d actually give it to my momma who is the superior sewer in the fam! She’s yet to teach me effectively. I am in awe!

  1159. Stacy says:

    Exciting, Thanks!

  1160. ephi says:

    wow exciting! Count me in! thank you as always…

  1161. naomig says:

    I love my $300 kenmore. But, I would GLADLY set it aside for that baby. Way cool giveaway.

  1162. Sally says:

    I have heard AWESOME things about this machine. A friend has it and absolutely loves it! 🙂

  1163. Crystal says:

    What a great giveaway!

  1164. Carolyn says:

    Ooh, I am in the market for a new sewing machine and this is one of the ones I’m looking at. It would be karma! Thanks for all the great giveaways, lately!

  1165. This is a great looking machine. My aunt (who is 83) just got a machine very similar, and might be this one. She tells me about all the different stitches and has even sent me a swatch of fabric with a bunch of different stitching on it. I would love to win this one.

  1166. Tiffany says:

    Holy Smokes!16 gift certificates?! A free sewing machine?! I already knew your site was awesome…. but wow!

  1167. Feather says:

    Wow and I am in the market for a new machine! Awesome!

  1168. Margie says:

    Wow thats a super cool machine. I didn’t expect a machine to be a prize! Thats very exciting. Such a great way to kick off summer sewing. I have a large list of summer sewing projects. I’m hoping to tackle them once school is over at the end of the week!

  1169. Barbara says:

    Wow! What a fabulous prize. I would so love to own that sewing machine.

  1170. lori says:

    wow! this is awesome!! thank you!

  1171. Vicki says:

    Now that’s a giveaway!!!! Thanks for offering it!

  1172. susie mac says:

    Wow! I would so like to win the sewing machine. I’ve decided to get back into sewing and the only machine in the house is my mom’s old pedal Singer, which I absolutely love. But definitely wouldn’t mind upgrading. 🙂 Thanks for the oppty.

  1173. What a wonderful give-away! i wanted to throw my name in the group and hoping (fingers crossed) that my name gets picked!

  1174. Judith says:

    Wow! Just like Heather, I am also using my mom’s old sewing machine from the 70’s. I would love to have a modern one. Thanks for the great blog.

  1175. Marilyn says:

    I love this machine! I would love to win it…

  1176. Amy says:

    Wow! You guys are hitting the big time with these fabulous prizes!

  1177. sarah says:

    wow! yes please!

  1178. jennym says:

    oh i need a new sewing machine.. i would love to win this!

  1179. alisa says:

    Very exciting. I’m new to your blog but am really enjoying it!

  1180. Melissa says:

    Very exciting! A new sewing machine has been on my wish list for a long time!

  1181. Annette W says:

    I would love a new, not incredibly basic, machine to create with for the rest of my life!

  1182. Aubrey Leong says:

    Thanks for being so inspiring…I am loving this blog! And I would love a new sewing machine too..hehe!

  1183. Kate O. says:

    this is so great! thanks for such a great giveaway.

  1184. Tina says:

    Wow! what great giveaways…I’m super excited!!

  1185. Serena says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! 😀

  1186. Amanda says:

    Count me in!!!!!

  1187. amelia says:

    nice prizes.

  1188. sandra says:

    YES, my last machine is getting old NEED NEW! WANT NEW!