Free Fabric and Book Friday

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We hope you enjoyed Christmas in July!  Be sure to check out our Holiday Fabric section in the shop for festive new prints.

To top off Christmas in July week, we have a great gift to give away!

 Quilts, Baby!
20 Cuddly Designs to Piece, Patch & Embroider

Linda Kopp
Publisher: Lark
ISBN: 1-60059-330-5

We have one copy of the beautiful book, Quilts, Baby!, from Lark Books.  This book of 20 baby quilts just about killed us with cuteness (but not cutesiness.)  These are hip, modern designs that we absolutely adore.  The quilts from various artists incorporate sewing, quilting, applique, embroidery and felt work, so there is a little something for everyone.  It is very easy to find inspiration within these pages.

Above:  Over the Orchard by Kajsa Wikman.  A lovely, whimsical quilt that could be easily modified to  reflect your own dream-like view of the world.

Above:  Woodland Creatures by Aimee Ray.  An adorable scene for a baby crib bumper.

Above:  Monkey Business by Laurraine Yuyama.  A template for these cute monkeys, as well as all the other graphic elements in these quilts, is included in the back of the book.

Join our Goodreads group, Favorite Sewing Books, to discuss this and other great sewing books! And just for the fun of it, tell us what you’re reading this summer (sewing book or not) in the comments here.  You’ll be entered to win the book or 1 of 4 yards of free fabric.  Have a great weekend.  Winners randomly selected on Monday (which also happens to be the kickoff of Hand Sewing Month!)

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950 Responses to Free Fabric and Book Friday

  1. Emilio Zelek says:

    Thanks for writing such an fascinating post. I seem to read the same and it gets a bit old. Many thanks.

  2. Cool review, Just bought the book!

  3. Sue in Montana says:

    I would love a new quilting book. My favorite is American Country Scrap Quilts by Liz Porter and Marianne Fons. I like your blog. Happy to see all the Twilight and Harry Potter fans. I am currently reading the latest edition of Asimov’s.

  4. Emma says:

    I’m reading lots and lots of magazines! My boyfriend and I are moving cross-country and I’m in the passenger seat reading Self, Cooks Illustrated, Bon Appetit, Dance Magazine, and People (you gotta get a good dose of smut every once in awhile)!

  5. Dawn says:

    Count me in!

  6. Annie says:

    That looks like the coolest quilt book I’ve ever seen! There are lots of babies being born around here so I sure could use it!

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  8. Virginia says:

    Such a cute book. Would love to read it to make quilts for my niece and nephew. As for what I’m reading, tons and tons of sewing magazines that I’ve collected through the years. The piles are getting too big so I’m having to read and only keep what I absolutely can’t live without.

  9. Laura says:

    I saw this book at a local bookstore and it made it on to my wish list quickly! It has fun inspiring ideas!

  10. Stacy says:

    I have been reading the Charlie Bone series with my oldest daughter, inbetween all the sewing books I have discovered my library has. This quilting book would be great to have!

  11. Brandy says:

    Adorable!! would love this book!

  12. Taiya says:

    I am reading very little this summer. Which makes me sad. I reread the Twilight Series, and I am anxiously waiting to get Finger Lickin’ Fifteen from Janet Evanovich.

  13. Cheryl says:

    You’re absolutely right, that book is so adorable! What a great prize! I have read Twilight, and I am now almost done with New Moon! I am also reading Rolling Along by Nancy Martin (making quilts from precut fabrics).

  14. Julianne says:

    I’ve been reading a ton this summer since I’ve been nursing a little one. I just finished harry potter book 6 (Not that I’m gonna be able to get out the house long enough to see the movie!) and I just started sTORI telling. I love tori spelling’s reality show and want to read her book mommywood so I thought I might as well read the first one too. Total guilty pleasure!

  15. beth says:

    oops in my excitement I forgot to mention my books! I’ve been looking at Amy Carol’s book Bend the Rules Sewing and recently began reading Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner.

  16. beth says:

    Wow, what an amazing book! I enjoy sewing for little ones so I’d love a copy. Thanks for your great blog and all the free ideas, patterns, books and fabric your give away! Beth

  17. Megan S. says:

    Reading Little Women is so inspiring! Love those little ladies.

  18. Heidi says:

    Wow what a beautifull book, I love your blog so much. I get so much insiration every time. Thank you verry much.

    XO Heidi

  19. min says:

    I’m looking forward to hand sewing month. Yay!

  20. Sharmila says:

    I would love to participate in your contest. I have recently got the applique bug, and hope to do something good with it!!

    Many Thanks

  21. Krista says:

    Would SO love a copy of this book! Thanks for the opportunity – K

  22. jen w says:

    in my excitement i forgot to tell you what i am reading i just finished Mr. Benedict’s mysterious society! great book

  23. jen w says:

    what a cute book! i would love to try some of those quilts!

  24. gabrien says:

    I’ve just finished “The Quilter’s Apprentice,” and “Eiger Dreams” a book of short true-stories about mountain climbing.

  25. What a cute book!! I’m working on a software project, so I’m reading books on Flash and ActionScript. One that has been particularly helpful is ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns.

  26. Joanna says:

    I’m taking a sewing sabbatical in anticipation of my mountain of Christmas sewing, so I just finished reading “The Lovely Bones” and “Eat, Pray, Love” and am now into “Mansfield Park”. I sure could use some fabric!

  27. Rachael Burns says:

    I am a nursing student and all I have been reading are my textbooks, soooo this would be a great break from my normal studying!!

  28. Somer says:

    I just finished a great book called “The Help” and I’m reading my kids Nancy Drew mysteries.

  29. Bridgette S. says:

    I’m reading Same Kind of Different As Me…Amazing so far!

  30. jamie says:

    oh! that’s just what i need is a quilts for baby book. i have SO many friends & family expecting right now… hope i win 🙂

  31. Raheli says:

    I’m reading House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live, by Winifred Gallagher. It’s about how we living in our homes, and how we can organize or alter them to best suit our lifestyles [instead of resale value]. It’s a bargain book on Amazon right now, only $6!

  32. Janie says:

    My daughter just get her own sewing machine for her 7th Birthday so we’re reading “Sewing Fun for Kids” together. Those baby quilts look awesome!

  33. Judy says:

    Just finished reading “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers. So-so. Now teter-tottering between an A. McCall Smith mystery & an Anne Perry mystery.
    The public library where I volunteer has an adult reading program this summer, so I need to keep up with the kiddies.

  34. Angie says:

    Wow…Love your website…the fabric choices are so beautiful!

  35. Amanda says:

    I would love to win this book and the fabric!

  36. Patty Hall says:

    Hello!! What a cute book.
    I’m currently reading “Back on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber.

  37. Kelly says:

    Cool contest! Reading Why the Caged Bird Sings…starting it tonight!

  38. Andrea says:

    I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and just started Eat, Pray, Love. I’m on a food lit kick!

  39. Deidra says:

    I have been reading about Marie Antointte this summer. I love her style.

  40. Marce says:

    Right now I’m reading two books to help improve my eating habits – “Eat Right for Your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Adamo and “Make the Connection” by Oprah and Bob Greene. I recently picked up a BUNCH of beginner sewing books from the library to compliment my new Singer Simple machine (Squeee!)

  41. Amanda P. says:

    Enter me! I read The Shack last week and loved it, very thought provoking.

  42. Gabrielle says:

    Ridiculous as it feels to write, I am actually giving war & peace a try this summer. It’s an anecdote to endless rounds of richard scarry, curious george, and books about trucks during the day.

  43. Carmyn says:

    The book looks great! I’ve been reading mountains of young adult books this summer–as a teacher, I always like to be aware of great books I can hand kids… of course I like them too!

  44. Tara says:

    Oh my gosh! That book is amazing! There’s been a baby boom with our friends, and we’re trying for a third; I would *love* to make some of these quilts to pass to all the new little ones. 🙂

  45. Kristin says:

    I just started Creative Family – lots of great ideas!

  46. Arsento says:

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

  47. kelly says:

    I just got a copy of Weekend Sewing and have been eyeing some new projects. Otherwise, I’m not reading much lately, except sewing blogs of course 🙂

  48. JJ says:

    Love this book! And, free fabric is always nice…I just got done reading Bitter Is the New Black. (good beach reading)

  49. Kate says:

    I’m reading Omnivore’s Dilemma.

  50. Cindy says:

    The only non-kids book I’ve read this month is Spin Control by Amy King and it is a great book for spinners. An incredible wealth of information and helpful pictures.

  51. Sarah Jean says:

    This book looks great. I am hoping to do some quilting soon.

  52. katrina says:

    I’ve started reading Lotta Jansdotter’s Lotta Prints, and I’m VERY excited to give fabric printing a try!

  53. I’ve been reading “Kids Are Worth It” “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day” and lots of gardening books like “Grow Vegetables”. We (the kids and I) have been enjoying the local library this summer.

  54. This summer I have `The Elegance of the Hedgehog` on loan from a friend and I am nearly done. After that I am hoping to borrow `Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies`. lol. I think I read books as much for the interesting titles as for the content.

  55. Diane says:

    What a cute book! I’m starting a baby quilt for my soon-to-be-born baby and I may just have to check out some of the ideas in this book before I officially get started! 🙂 It’s been a busy summer but I’ve managed to fit in a little time to read The Broken Heart, along with Sew What! Skirts – I’m excited to have some cute skirts to help sport this big belly. 😉

  56. kim lunsford says:

    I’ve bought baby quilts from pottery barn…but I would like to make one.

  57. Amy says:

    I’ve been reading just about every children’s library book my two youngsters can get their hands on! Such a great way to beat the heat.

  58. Courtney says:

    This summer I’ve been reading and completing projects from “Stiched in Time” by Alicia Paulson. I was just thumbing through “Quilts, Baby” at B&N. It’s filled to the brim with wonderful projects – it would be so wonderful to win a copy!

  59. Julie says:

    I just finished reading “Remember Me?” Loved it!

  60. angie says:

    I am reading Everything for Baby and Pintucks and Lace. Looking forward to more Christmas items to make from Sew Mama Sew. Angie

  61. tammy says:

    i am reading the year of fog…this week. also love to read sewing and knitting blogs.

  62. Sara D. says:

    That baby quilt book looks amazing! I am reading and making projects from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross this summer. Loving it!

  63. Tonya says:

    I just bought weekend sewing and Amy Butler’s Little Stitches. Love them both!

  64. Johanna says:

    I am reading the catalogue from Ikea. Well, not really reading, more chosing which goes into the new apartement. So far it is fun 🙂

  65. Traci P White says:

    I am reading a book about every 3 days , but my favorite this week- ” Thanks for the Memories “by Ceclia Ahern. Loved it!!

  66. Nicole N. says:

    What a lovely book! I have been reading the Alabama Stitches book this summer and I am eager to tackle some of the projects in it! How fabulous that it will coincide with hand sewing month!

  67. Kathy says:

    Quilts, BABY! looks inspiring & I’m thinking that some of the designs could be adapted to use around the house. I’m reading through Jennifer Chiaverini’s series and am about to begin The Master Quilter this week.

  68. Loren Walpole says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful book. I’ve been re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy this summer.

  69. angie says:

    I have been project by project devouring Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I have renewed and renewed and renewed it from the library! Now I think I need to just buy the book!

  70. Tally says:

    I just returned from Sweden and of course there I read a lot of non-fiction but easy-to-read stuff on Scandinavia. And a love novel by Inga Lindström. And crime novels. There are so many now by Swedish authors.

    I’ve had many peeks into your book to win and really liked them, so I hope it will make its way to Germany 🙂

  71. Deb says:

    I have been reading all my books to do with Stretch Sewing! And my favourite Sew What Skirts book, drooling over which skirt to make next! Would love this Baby Quilting Book, it certainly looks modern!

  72. Trinity says:

    What a cute little book!

    Right now on the sewing forefront, I’m reading “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross. As for non-sewing, I’m reading “How to Raise a Healthy Child the Montessori Way” by Tim Seldin. It’s a must-read for anyone with a baby/young toddler!!!

  73. Christi says:

    What a fun book. I’m sure it is full of great ideas!

  74. Becky Aguiar says:

    I’ve gotten sucked into Twilight…. how it happened I don’t know, but it did!

  75. Amy says:

    I’m reading as many books as I can on homeschooling. I’ve decided to homeschool my 8 year old son this year! I’m currently reading up on curriculum choices – which there are so many of!

  76. Page says:

    I’m reading Embroidery Basics and looking forward to adding hand embroidery to machine sewn projects. -Page

  77. Megan says:

    This book looks looks lovely. I love the modern patterns.

  78. Mindy says:

    I’ve been picking up vintage sewing books here and there with really nice ideas, some of the styles are back in vogue again. Bend the Rules Sewing is great too! I love the bias tutorial in there. In the fiction category I’m reading Ted Dekker’s Obsession.

  79. Mel says:

    i’m trying to work my way through the corporate ahlete. The baby crib bumper is lovely!

  80. lace says:

    I started reading about making my own cloth dolls but haven’t attempted to make one yet

  81. Jessica says:

    I’m also reading the Percy Jackson series. My 11 year old son read them all and insisted that I read them too. Very light summer reading.

  82. Celeste says:

    I’ve just finished reading the Twilight saga. Now onto The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  83. Lisa says:

    I’m finally reading Memoirs of A Geisha … and really loving it.

  84. Kay says:

    This book is ADORABLE! I am always looking for new ideas especially for little baby gifts! I will keep my fingers crossed!

  85. Beth says:

    The Baby Quilts book is adorable. Right now I’m reading Photographing Children and Exposure – both are photog books; trying to improve my photography so I can catch my 4 year old on the move and my 4 month olds gummy smiles! I just finished the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series – a great series if you are at all interested in Greek Mythology with a modern twist.

  86. Amy says:

    I’m reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer) and it’s extremely good and incredibly sad.

  87. aida says:

    what a wonderful book but sadly i am not reading anything at the moment…

  88. Melissa says:

    I’m reading “Whimsyland” by LizzieB (Liz and Beth Hawkins). I met them at the Long Beach quilt festival, and was TOTALLY inspired by their bright, vibrant, fun designs. :o) I don’t have time to quilt something yet, but I’m going to paint one of their quilt designs and put it in my dining room for inspiration. :o)

  89. Rebecca says:

    In preparation of our interfaith wedding on Labor Day weekend, I’m reading Common Prayers by Harvey Cox.

  90. Jennifer says:

    I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society–really good! My next crafty book is one of those Japanese pattern books. My mother-in-law can kind of read Japanese, so I’m hoping she can help me decipher it… the little dresses are just irresistible!

  91. Two Snoots Mama says:

    Does my Sudoku book count? Maybe not. Like another commenter posted, I’ve been reading various blogs and was just recently introduced to Sew Mama Sew. I’m really happy to know about it!

  92. Debra says:

    I’m reading Biblical Womanhood for the Home. Good stuff! :o)

  93. Tania says:

    Right now I am enjoying Raising Your Spirited Child. I have finally found a book that understands my son. It’s the first non-crafting book I have taken the time to read in about 3 years!

  94. Oh dear…I think I’m a nerd. I’m reading “The short life and long times of Mrs. Beeton.” But it’s good! If I don’t win this book I think I may need to buy it, because I love the quilts!

  95. jm says:

    I just finished Right of Thirst.

  96. Denise says:

    I have been reading a lot of blogs and am going through the Zion covenent series for the second time

  97. Aimee says:

    Cute book! I just got Denyse Schmidt’s book from the library, and can’t bring myself to bring it back. That and some Jane Green chick lit. : )

    Incidentally, Hand Sewing month makes me shudder. But I’m sure the posts will change my mind!

  98. Nancy says:

    I’ve just finished reading “The Year of Fog” by Michelle Richmond. I’ve been spending more time trying to organize tiny sewing space than reading this summer. Thanks for entering my name in this great give-a-way!

  99. Gail says:

    Looks like a great book! I am completely enjoying Kaleidoscope!!! I am currently whipping up 3 projects out of the book. I must finish the toadstool backpack in time for kindergarten to start though, darn timelines 😉

  100. jill says:

    I am reading a book from Japan on sashiko quilting.

  101. Liz says:

    fabric! yay fabric!

  102. Jessica M. says:

    Currently switching my time between Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince, and a baby sign language book for my 3 month old.

  103. Annette says:

    I came across that super cute quilt book at the bookstore today and am totally inspirred – so my fingers are crossed. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what people are reading – my “to-be-read” list is considerably longer than it was 1/2 hour ago!!!
    My sewing books are Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki – lovely projects and Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Fiction: The Vanishing Act of Esmee Lennox, just finished Loving Frank by Nancy Horan and the 3rd book in the Twilight series (one book at a time just doesn’t work for me!).

  104. Penny says:

    Love the look of the quilt book. I’m going to become an aunt for the first time in March and am chomping at the bit to start a quilt for the new baby, I’ve been looking for something a bit different and not so cutesy, it would be pretty sweet to win this book and make one of the quilts found within it’s pages.
    I’ve just finished “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb and have just started “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon (A bit slow starting though)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win

  105. kelli Scott says:

    I’ve been reading “Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris. Absolutely hilarious!!!

  106. ellen says:

    That book is too cute. I love baby quilts! I just finished “eat, pray, love”which I really enjoyed.

  107. Connie says:

    Reading lots of books with my kids. They are like candy for the brain, we’re enjoying Percy and the Olympian series.

  108. Desi says:

    OOO I was wondering where that monkey quilt pattern was out there. It is so cute!!! I am reading several books, and I use the web site to track etc. It is awesome if you have never checked it out, do so. The books currently on the shelf are The Sword of Shannara, The Widows od Eastwick and Emotional Awareness. 🙂

  109. Carolyn says:

    I’ve tucked in with Agatha Christie. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries!

  110. Tracy says:

    I’m mostly reading school materials. I’m teaching 2 summer classes that have left little time for reading or crafting. I found this book called Make Cute Stuff with Felt or something like that and it’s been taking most of my time. 🙂

  111. Patty says:

    I have been reading old quilting magazines looking for patterns. Sounds like a great giveaway

  112. I’ll read A japonaise a paris, a cook book. Valeria

  113. juliecache says:

    I’m reading A country so full of Game, by James Dinsmore.

  114. Jody says:

    My most recent book I’ve purchased is Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross….the little girl’s smocked sundress drew me to it! Now, if I could just my smocking to work-I’ve been having a bit of trouble. Thanks for such a great giveaway! It would be a hard choice between a book and fabric:)

  115. Laura Morgan says:

    WE are swimming, swimming, and swimming. Pregnant mom + 2 year old = swimming.

  116. Chainey says:

    I’m obsessed with baby quilts at the moment…how fitting!

  117. Shalet says:

    Holy cow 800+ responses! I’ll put my name in the hat anyway. Happy weekend!

  118. Rebekka says:

    I am mainly spending time paging through a reissue of a retro Danish sewing books with patterns for babies, toddlers, and children.

  119. I am excited to enter this drawing and I’m always looking for a great quilting book or nice fabric. Recently, I have been making aprons; the patterns are from the “A is for Apron” by Nathalie Mornu. I get so many nice comments when I show people at work. There’s no higher reward than that!!

  120. Caroline says:

    I’ve been reading and trying projects from Weekend Sewing all summer.

  121. I’m currently reading Lotta Jansdotter’s newest book Simple Sewing for Baby and Christopher Moore’s book A Dirty Job. I’d love to get my hands on this book, too! Thanks for the opportunity.

  122. Kirsten says:

    I’m currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s “Secrets of Investing”. Strangely enough, I’m really enjoying it. But…I am planning a quilt for child #2 due in October and I could use a book to help me out. (Although I’ve been really inspired by Film in the Fridge among other bloggers.) Fabric would be nice too! 🙂

  123. Lisa E. says:

    I’m skipping reading for a few days, since I just sat for the NC bar exam and have been reading law for the last 10 weeks to prepare, but my must read list for the future includes a rereading of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a book on the history of the CIA, and “Learn to Machine Quilt.” I’m still learning free-motion quilting, so I hope this book will give me some good tips and help me control my speed.

  124. genny says:

    some new fabric is just what the doctor ordered!

  125. lisapeaceandlove says:

    Anything and everything by Nancy Zieman has improved my sewing so much for something like 25 years now! She has save me time and money in quilting, garment creating and craft sewing. I love her!

  126. Regina says:

    Have not been doing much reading this summer – except reading the Complete Collection of Winnie the Pooh to my four year old son – chapter by chapter. Other than that – mostly patterns, websites, and tutorials.

  127. Susan says:

    I am always inspired when I get a new quilt book and this one seems to be full of great projects.

  128. Mystica says:

    I havent read any of the books which the other viewers speak about simply because they are not available in this part of the world. I would however love to get my hands at least on one book and see what everyone else is talking about.


    (from Sri Lanka)

  129. Colleen says:

    I just finished reading Knit Two and next up is My Sister’s Keeper. My teenage daughter just finished it and said that I had to read it. I have gotten many sewing/knitting books out of the library this summer –Weekend Sewing, Complete Photo Guide to Sewing and I recently bought Sew What? Bags.

  130. Emily says:

    I’m reading “Eat Pray Love.” Perfect summer reading!

  131. Alli Forsyth says:

    I’m such a reader…Summer or not. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. I’m currently jumping on the Harry Potter Bandwagon, a few years to late. I love it. It has been so much fun. Thanks for the great giveaway!! This is such a great book.


  132. Amy says:

    I’m reading Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster for fun and working my way through MArtha Holiday craft book looking for inspiration!

  133. Casey says:

    I’m reading a lot this summer, right now I’m finishing off the Twilight saga 🙂

  134. Crystal says:

    I am reading a ton of sewing books and also A Diary of a Wimpy Kid series to my kids.

  135. stacey says:

    I have been reading – or looking at the latest Fig Tree Quilts book and have been coveting this Quilts, Baby book at Barnes and Noble – my sister is expecting at last!:) I have been really reading Sonata for Miriam by Linda Olssen and I am starting Sleepingwaling in Daylight by Elizabeth Flock today.

  136. The book looks fabulous! Im currently working my way through Anna M Horners Seams to me!

  137. Alicia says:

    I recently picked up Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. I love Amy’s products and this book has a lot of cute projects. I’ve already made the little booties and I plan on starting a few of the other projects soon. I’ve also picked up Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. I just finished the sun hat and also the all day tote which I modified to make larger so my laptop fits in it too. Just love these books with the patterns included! I went to my local quilt shop, Poppy Quilt n Sew to get the Amy Butler Weekender bag pattern which looks pretty complicated, but I’m willing to give it a go. While Amy’s patterns are usually somewhat challenging, the end result is satisfying to be sure!!!

  138. I have been reading a lot of children’s literature this summer but I’m hoping to start reading HandMade Home by Amanda Soule next week when it comes out.

  139. Marie-France says:

    This summer, I’ve been working on Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. I’m just finishing up ‘The Amber Spyglass’, the last book.

  140. Meghan B. says:

    Finally finished the Twilight series and looking forward to starting Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

  141. nadia says:

    right now im reading ’emotional lives of toddlers’… very interesting 🙂

  142. Nancy says:

    I’m rereading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Loved it the first time. Loving it again.

  143. Mickey says:

    What a darling book! I am currently working on two pieced baby quilts for new nieces & nephews.
    I’ve been reading ‘The Quilting Bible: The Complete PhotobGuide to Machine Quilting”
    I love it, very easy to follow!

  144. lahuitrefrite says:

    Oh yes, please to the book. It seems like all I make these days are baby quilts.

    Right now, my bedside stack includes old copies of The New Yorker, AL Kennedy’s Day, and Anne Enright’s The Gathering.

    Can’t wait for hand stitch month!


  145. Krystina says:

    I’m loving simple sewing for baby, which i first heard about on your blog. its an awesome book!

  146. Holly says:

    I just received The Creative Family and am loving reading it! Thanks for the chance to enter such a great book! =)

  147. Erin Phelps says:

    I’m a fantasy/sci fi lover so my current read is Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy. I would love to win either the book or the fabric!

  148. whitney says:

    ive been reading books from the elm creek quilts series, as well as my good ol’ standby jodi picoult 🙂

  149. annie says:

    Catching up with the Blossom Street series….and would LOVE to win that book of baby quilts. Just adorable!!! XXX Annie

  150. Brookiej says:

    Ha…I’m reading 15 Animals (Sandra Boynton!) & Brown Bear. Ah, to read a grown up book! I value my sleep too much!

  151. kat says:

    I’m just getting ready to start reading “Love walked in” my sister recommended it.

  152. Shannon says:

    There’s no place like home- Cecilia Ahern. so far so good!

  153. beverly says:

    I just finished a Larry McMurtry book, Boone’s Lick. It’s a quick read w/ some great characters. Right now, I’m reading my book club selection, Bill Bryson’s In A Sunburned Country. He’s such an amusing writer! I highly recommend his book A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail. It’s really fascinating!

  154. mandy says:

    I just got the book, The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. The book I intended to read this summer and still haven’t, Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.

  155. Melisa says:

    picking through the Maker’s Diet, but i’m ready for something light and fun. such lovely designs in the book!

  156. Juliet says:

    I just finished the uglies trilogy… I love a bit of YA fiction cause you don’t need to think about it.

  157. Jen says:

    I am still making my way through SEW WHAT Skirts! It seemed like a great idea in teh beginning, but going patternless is harder than it sounds.

  158. Sherry says:

    What a cute book! Right now I’m reading some field guides about the beach. Vacation in just 2 days!

  159. uta says:

    Mostly I read on the playground while look after my DD, so I love to have some thrilling paperbacks with me, like Dan Browns Digital Fortress.

  160. alison says:

    I’m reading “scream for me” by Karen Rose. I’m a thriller junkie!

  161. Kathy says:

    I recently picked up a copy of “Sew What Bags” by Lexie Barnes and am really enjoying it. So many projects, so little time!

  162. Amy says:

    The best book I’ve read this summer is A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. I highly recommend it!

  163. Judith says:

    This summer I bought the baby sewing book from amy butler. I love what she does. I also read my mothers old readers digest sewing book. That thing is like an encyclopedia for sewing.

  164. carrie says:

    I have been reading a series of murder mysteries by JD Rob this summer. Fun light reading!

  165. elizabeth says:

    There are really some cute ideas in that book! I’ve been busy making mushrooms and acorns based on some of the tutorials you put up this week. In between that, I’ve been rereading the Harry Potter series. It’s great for summer reading!

  166. Jennifer Probasco says:

    Rereading the Twilight series, preparing for the release of the second film in November!

  167. Laurie McIntosh says:

    I read the twilight series with my son it was a great series.

  168. Laure says:

    Right now, I am reading Son of a Witch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. Viv says:

    Oh, I’d love that book. I haven’t been able to find it locally yet.

  170. jackie says:

    I got the quilt book out of the library, It is fantastic, if you don’t win it it is worth buying a copy!!!

  171. Leah says:

    My latest sewing book I have been reading is “Sew What! Bags” by Lexie Barnes. So far I have done one project in the book and will will hopefully try another. The other book I am reading is “Lonely Werewolf Girl” by Martin Millar. So far so good!

  172. Serena says:

    I’m reading Amanda Soule’s The Creative Family–for the first time…I’m a little slow to the game; and Sharing Nature With Children, a find of a friend’s. Good stuff.

  173. Please enter me in the drawing…winning is always fun and I just became the Aunt of twins so a baby book would be great 🙂

  174. Lavina Dee says:

    The books looks like a ton of fun. I have been reading a bunch of Alaskan themed books. We just moved North and I am trying to immerse myself in all things Alaskan.

  175. Fer says:

    Ooo yes, that book would be lovely!

    The latest sewing book I’ve bought is Anna Maria Horners “Seams to Me”, which has been wonderful. 🙂

  176. Jay says:


  177. Anna says:

    I recently bought Heather Ross’s weekend sewing and have so far managed to conquer a drawstring bag – very impressive for my meagre sewing skills! Hopefully I’ll get some more things made before too long!

  178. Curry says:

    I just finished ready Sea of Poppies. It was a good read, but it’s not a sewing book! I don’t have a single sewing book here with me, but I’m glad for your website – it is a wonderful resource.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  179. Erica says:

    I’ve been looking at this book for a while now. I love the monkey quilt in it!!

  180. Gillian says:

    I’m really starting to get tired of wearing and shopping for the same thing from shop to shop….so I’m my Mom and I have dusted off the old sewing machine and put a few plans into action.

    It’s actually quite fine and now we’re getting addicted. I LOVE IT!!!!

    We’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from “Sew Darn Cute” by Jenny Ryan and “Free-Style Handmade Bags and skirts” by The Editors at Woonjin Publishing.

  181. Gillian says:

    I’ve been reading “Sew Darn Cute” by Jenny Ryan and “Free-Style Handmade Bags and skirts” by The Editors at Woonjin Publishing. I’m really starting to get tired of wearing and shopping for the same thing from shop to shop….so I’m my Mom and I have dusted off the old sewing machine and put a few plans into action.

    It’s actually quite fine and now we’re getting addicted. I LOVE IT!!!!

  182. Lacy J. says:

    Wow, so many comments on this blog! I guess a free giveaway is never a bad thing 🙂 I really like your stuff, I’ve been blog searching lately and love crafts and sewing, especially baby/toddler things since my little girl is now 9 months old! I enjoy romances and have been reading light stuff that’s easy to get through like Nicholas Sparks, my favorite of his is “The Notebook” and I love the movie too! Hope I get chosen, wish me luck!

  183. Gillian says:

    I’ve been reading “Sew Darn Cute” by Jenny Ryan and “Free-Style Handmade Bags and skirts” by The Editors at Woonjin Publishing. I’m really starting to get tired of wearing and shopping for the same thing from shop to shop. Pretty excited about my future projects and my mom’s got her sewing machine out and we’re ready to roll!

  184. Faye says:

    I covet that book! Please pick me!

    I’m reading —

    Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, by John Taylor Gatto.

    Fascinating book.

  185. Anna says:

    I am coveting that book now!
    I just made the All Day Tote from Lotta Jansdotter’s ‘Simple Sewing’ in Kokka robot fabric for my son’s daycare bag, and now I want one too! I am in Australia, so perhaps ineligible for the comp. My story, when I give in to temptation and buy this book, will be that Sew, Mama Sew! made me do it.

  186. Margaret says:

    I love the Woodland Creatures design — it would be so perfect in the nursery we’re putting together. My summer reading is decidedly light on the sewing topics: a bunch of scientific articles and books for my new job, and an unreasonably large number of lace shawl patterns for the two wedding shawls I’m making for Labor Day Weekend!

  187. Hannah says:

    I have an awful habit of starting but not finishing books. I am of course planning on finishing them, but one of my latest is The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

  188. Joy says:

    I wish I was reading this summer. I’ve got a baby and the closest I’ve come was listening to Fireproof on cd during a drive. Love the quilt book though!

  189. Bonnie says:

    So stinkin’ cute! I have some ideas like that floating around in my head but am not very good at getting them out onto fabric 🙂 I would have so much fun with that book to give me a nudge!

  190. Heather Freund says:

    I am LOVING the book “The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society” book. My husband looks and the title and thinks that I have gone MAD! But it is just sooooo good! Highly recommend it.

  191. Deborah C. says:

    Reading a lot of Beverly Cleary books aloud to my kids!

  192. Brittany says:

    I’ve been doing lots of reading this summer: The Goose Girl books by Shannon Hale, The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, A Thousand Days in Venice (sorry, the author is slipping my mind), and Last Child in the Woods (author also escaping me). I’m currently reading You Are Your Child’s First Teacher. I’m definitely joining your GoodReads group. I need more sewing books under my belt.

  193. Mollie says:

    That looks like a wonderful book! I just bought myself a new book today called The Power of a Positive Mom…been a little stressed lately with my four little munchkins.

  194. MB says:

    I’ve been reading The Poisionwood Bible

  195. Casey says:

    I would totally make those quilts for my kids, even though they aren’t babies (okay, maybe for me, too!) I’m reading Doodle Stitching, Nest Home Design, and a half dozen Celiac cookbooks at the moment.

  196. Katie says:

    My reading has been quite eclectic this summer – always knitting books, sewing, cookbooks, gardening books, mysteries, vampire stories, and the occassional romance!

  197. Anna says:

    love the book, looks adorable! I am just starting pillars of the earth by ken follett.

  198. Jen Lair says:

    So is it wrong to want a quilt for me? love the book!

  199. what an awesome giveaway! 🙂 I’m loving this site!

    I’ve been reading a ton of new releases for a review site I write for. Bitten By Books and a new romance site. I just read With a Twist by Deirdre Martin. Excellent book

  200. I’m currently reading InDesign CS2. It’s only 800+ pages. I don’t think I’ll be reading the whole book. I hope to learn how to use this program to publish my own patterns.

  201. Mollye says:

    I’ve been reading the books that have “inspired” movies such as Atonement and The Namesake, next on the list is The Kite Runner.

  202. Marnie says:

    Just finished reading The Glass Castle. Fascinating.

  203. Jeni says:

    I’m not reading anything this summer, but I am getting more crafting done!! 🙂

  204. Kate says:

    I needed some light summer reading so I’m reading a book called Azure Like It. It’s just a fun relaxing ready, which is great in the summertime!

  205. Tammy says:

    What a cute book. I am currently reading The Red Tent and have Julie and Julia up next.

  206. leilaandben says:

    Quilting for Dummies 🙂

  207. Bridget says:

    Also enjoying Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing, in a non sewing capacity Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager.

  208. Donna says:

    Fun book. I swear I learned to quilt so I could make baby quilt upon baby quilt. Ah, the 30s . . reproduction avenue.

    – Donna

  209. Cindy Young Waldron says:

    wow how scary 760 responses already – I don’t think I will have much of a chance but hey who knows. The book looks amazing I think I will buy it.

  210. Gretchen says:

    My most recent favorite crafting book is the Jelly Roll Quilts out of England. My summer reading is “Three Cups of Tea.” What a neat quilt book you’re giving away! I’m surrounded by pregnant ladies lately, so this would be perfect!

  211. I just bought The Poisonwood Bible, and my son is reading the first book in the Rick Riordan series….when he’s done, I’m reading it next. This book looks soo cute! Our next baby is due in January…I’d love to check this book out 🙂

  212. Bree says:

    I’m so excited to read Amanda Blake Soule’s new book Handmade Home. It should be coming in a week or so!

  213. Holly says:

    I have no babies to sew for, but that book looks wonderful! I just finished “Sammy’s House” by Kristin Gore, fun summer reading!

  214. Susan says:

    What a fantastic prize! With our second baby only a couple of weeks away it would be a wonderful surprise. I’m really into pouring over ‘baby’ creations and have a wonderful baby knitting beanie book which I drool over every day. Susan

  215. Stephanie says:

    I’m reading Julia Child’s book My Life in France and eagerly awaiting the release of One Yard Wonders this fall.

  216. alicia campbell says:

    “Stitched in Time” by Alicia Paulson. I never knew how sentimental I was until I had a baby; this book is perfect for preserving all the sweet, baby memories!

  217. What a great book, looks like some wonderful ideas for children’s quilts.


  218. Sabrina says:

    i’ve been reading lots of bread baking books. homemade bread is the best 🙂

  219. meredith wood says:

    I am reading my way through several books about Italy this summer. Just finished “A Thousand Days in Venice” and am reading the sequel, “A Thousand Days in Tuscany.” Have the 3rd book in the series, “The Lady in the Palazzo” lined up and ready to go next!

  220. Nancy Mc says:

    I am reading “Wicked”. I haven’t seen the play or read the book but love the cast album. so I am sort of going about it backwards! The baby quilt book would be lots of fun. Thank you.

  221. Kathy says:

    This summer I’m reading a lot of gardening books for me and a lot of truck books for my 3-yr-old son.

  222. Beth says:

    I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this afternoon. I began rereading the series for the movie, and finished the series for good measure. I suspect I’ll find a magazine or some crafty book to capture my attention soon.

  223. Kate Dotson says:

    ah, this book looks so cute!! my best friend is pregnant and these look like quilts she would love!

  224. I’m working through The Second Mayflower by Kevin Swanson. Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. Pia says:

    Moving cross country, 2 small children, jamming berries, and beating the heat. I haven’t read a thing all summer but I have my eyes on Cold Mountain and a new vintage baby knits book by Kristen Rengren. I saw this at the fabric store a few weeks ago and put it back on the shelf, quite reluctantly. How much fun would it be to actually have it in hand?!?!?! One can be so hopeful.

  226. kristine says:

    I’m reading Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.

  227. karissa says:

    I am reading Love and Respect

  228. Carly M says:

    I have a stack of books sitting beside my night stand just begging to be read. It’s so sad and more than a little intimidating so I’m procrastinating with “Last-minute Patchwork Gifts” by Joelle Hoverson (sp?) and getting a jump on my Christmas gifts (not-so last minute after all….)

  229. Cindy says:

    I’m trying to read Plum Spooky, but sewing project are interfering with my sewing time. It would be nice to win this book to put the two together, especially since I’m trying to make baby shower gifts!

  230. Linda says:

    I just finished “The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane” and loved it, despite the bouncy airplane rides and unintended long layover waiting for a plane. Great book!

  231. Megan Kinyon says:

    Cute book! I usually read a lot and quickly. I think the book I finished most recently was The Gypsy Morph by Terry Brooks. I also have been reading a lot of sewing magazines and books as well as cook books.

  232. Alissa says:

    Currently reading Julie and Julia!

  233. Denise says:

    Reading “Seams to Me” by Anna Maria Horner. I LOVE all her fabrics (so much color) and I want to cover everything with them. 🙂

    Love all the other reading suggestions. I gotta get to the library ASAP!

  234. PenguitoSmile says:

    I am reading A Far Sweet Thing, and of course Contemporary Business text book…which reminds me I have some school work to do but how could I not visit the site on Friday?

  235. Hilary says:

    I loved seeing a mem fox book on here she was my favorite children’s book author when I was down in OZ. I am currently reading THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pautch. My current read for crafting is THE NEW CREWEL and for sewing I’m currently reading SIMPLE STITCHING WITH A FRENCH TWIST

  236. Maria McGill says:

    I’m rereading book 4 from the Twilight series, while I wait for my library book request for The Time Traveller’s Wife – saw the commercials on TV and want to read it first before watching it.

  237. Jessica Brown says:

    “Reading” SO many mysteries on my iPod…so much fun! This book looks darling!

  238. Collette says:

    I’ve been reading (and re-reading) Felt Furnishings. Amazing stuff done with felt and most of it looks fairly easy.

  239. Sariah says:

    That quilt book looks like so much fun! I am reading a couple sewing books right now, that I picked up from my library- Amy Butler’s Little Stitches and Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase. I’ve been sewing like mad this month because I’m expecting in October and I’ve been sewing fun bibs, diaper pad, blankets, etc. Also made time to sew a crochet hook cozy, summer dress for my little girl, and a fun apron. It’s been a great sewing month!! I’d love to win a beautiful sewing book to inspire me even more. 🙂

  240. Kristen says:

    That quilting book looks absolutely lovely. I’m currently rereading the perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

  241. Joanna says:

    Ooh, I have been wanting this book so bad! Choose me! The book I am reading right now is “Bitter is the New Black” by Jen Lancaster. It’s a cute book, so far. =)

  242. Heather W. says:

    What a cute book! I am currently working on a project out of Amigurumi Two so that it is taking up my time but I also have a new quilt pattern book, Scrap-Basket Surprises awaiting my next quilting project.

  243. Kristin says:

    I’m reading Sewing in no time, and sew what bags, also stitch magazine. I have so many books I want to read! I just found 5 different books on sewing from the library as well. I also love shape magazine. I am excited to read on and hear what everyone’s favorite books are!

  244. Elizabeth says:

    I just finished reading a great book called Etta by Gerald Kolpan. I am working on a bed spread for my baby”s first “bed of her own.” Would love to win this book!

  245. Denean says:

    I just received “A Life Shaping Prayer” in the mail today. This little “Quilts, Baby!” book looks adorable!

  246. Betsy M says:

    I’m in the middle of reading “John Paul the Great”. I love this book! Would LOVE to have that quilt book to read next. 🙂

  247. I am reading and using Easy Stitching with Beads, Buttons and Braids by C&T Publishing.

  248. Lindsey says:

    What a sweet little book – I have been wanting to get into a little quilting… I am currently reading Life of Pi and enjoying the last few weeks of summer before going back to teach school.

  249. Erinn says:

    I’m reading “Year of the Fires – The Story of the Great Fires of 1910” (Stephen J. Pyne), I wish I could buy more sewing books to read but I have too many! That book sure looks great – and will be useful – all my girlfriends are having babies!

  250. Dawn says:

    I’ve been catching up on some biographies that I’ve been meaning to read (I’m a history teacher and just naturally nerdy!). For fun I also reread the Harry Potter series in preparation for the latest movie!

  251. Debbie says:

    I just finished reading “The Help” and it is about the lives of women during the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the 1960s. I really enjoyed it. Next up is a PD James mystery, “The Private Patient”.

  252. su says:

    I’m reading one of Nora Robert’s novels.
    Mystery + crime 😀
    I’m also reading Crafting Christmas Gifts. As you can probably tell, I can’t wait for December 🙂

  253. Tiffany says:

    I’m reading Typhoid Mary by Anthony Bourdain.

  254. Amanda says:

    Currently reading Jelly Roll Quilts, 9780715328637. mouthwatering goodness in there! highly recommend

  255. Love that Woodland Creatures bumper! I can see it as a border to a quilted forest…
    My latest read was Sewing Green by Betz White. I just have to decide what project will be first.

  256. carlyk says:

    That book is just what this girl needs!! I love that woodland creatures idea!!

    I have spent the summer reading a lot of Nicholas Sparks books, but have now graduated on to Lee Child’s ‘Gone Tomorrow’…it’s very suspensful and I love it so far!

  257. Susan says:

    Actually books arrived in the mail today and it so unusual for their not to be a craft book among them, and there was not. I did sit down and read a book we bought for our three-year old grandson Fred and Ted, A Bedtime Story. It is a wonderful book of opposites. I loved reading it to my children when they were small and now I have a new copy for one of the grandsons (there are five months between my two children’s sons). There will be a copy for the other if he does not already have it. Now DH is reading Cloris.

    Last wek I did receive Thoroughly Modern Dresden. I’ve enjoyed reading it and am anticipting the arrival of my template.

    Now maybe as of Monday, I will be able to anticipate the arrival of another book – lol.

  258. auschick says:

    I’m not really reading – more like “drooling” over the latest Burda magazine – plan to sew some great jackets and blouses for the fall!

  259. upstatelisa says:

    I am reading the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society… in between other books that I scan through.. read a chapter here or there!

  260. em says:

    I just bought Knit One Kill Two by Maggie Sefton (a local writer). I actually plan to start reading it tonight (in those few minutes before sleep slaps me upside the head). 🙂

  261. Kim says:

    That book looks adorable…right now I am perusing Stiched In Time by A. Paulson and Last Minute Patchwork by J. Hoverson…again and again and again…

  262. Susan says:

    Hey, thanks for the opportunity to win a great book! This summer I finished reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini (author of The Kite Runner). Really great read. Have the tissue box handy! Now I’m into murder mysteries by author Mary Higgins Clark (specifically “Where are the Children?”), when I’m not pouring through “Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies” (Kenneth Bock MD), “Is This Your Child?” (Dorris Rapp, MD), “Children with Starving Brains: A Medical Treatment Guide of Autism Spectrum Disorder” (Jaquelyn McCandless MD), and “Healing and Preventing Autism” (Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel MD), all related to my six-year-old daughter’s recent diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome (on the autism spectrum) and Anxiety Disorder. The first books mentioned give me a break from all that other heavy stuff occupying my head and heart these days – as does my sewing room.

  263. Alyssa says:

    I just finished “The Book Thief” which was AMAZING. My sweet boy and I have been working through all of the Little House on the Prairie Books this summer. We’re on the Plum Creek one now (“mama, can we live in a dugout?”)

  264. ashley says:

    I’m re-reading a great book called, Love Walked Among Us. I could peruse it every day every year and still get something new out of it.

  265. oh goody, just the book i needed, lots of friends having babies, want to learn how to make gifties. i’m currently reading book 6 of the harry potter series. happy weekend!

  266. Mel says:

    Oooh that book looks adorable. I am reading and loving Weekend sewing.
    I am excited about handsewing month too!

  267. Lyn says:

    Oh, that book would come in handy, we have 3 babies die in the next few months!
    I’m now re-reading “The Quilt that Walked to Golden” by Sandra Dallas,,,loving it even better than the first time!

  268. Laura says:

    I’ve just started quilting so I’d love that book! I’m reading Entertaining Disasters by Nancy Spiller.

  269. Gwendie says:

    That looks like a wonderful book, not at all the oh-too-cutesy things we usually find.

  270. Janet says:

    I just visited the library my arms loaded with two quilting books, one crochet book and one ,ahem, murder and mayhem novel. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  271. Francis C. Moore says:

    I am reading books by Pearl Buck this summer. It’s so interesting to read about the Chinese culture from the past. I would love to win the baby pattern book because I make baby quilts for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. I have completed and given about 20 baby quilts this year. Francis C. Moore

  272. Martha says:

    I’m re-reading the Harry Potter books, and doing lots of crafts this summer.

  273. Katie says:

    Great giveaway! No craft/sewing books for me this summer; I’m reading all parenting books for now: The Mother at Home (John S.C. Abbott), Preparation For Parenting (Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo), Super Baby Food (Ruth Yaron). They’re all quite good too!

  274. Amy Grant says:

    Hmm I read “show mummy the money” a book on being a work at home mum and being successful. I havent done any sewing reading lately, but I have been knitting so does a knitting pattern count as reading?? hehe… 😀

  275. Christina says:

    I’ve been reading anything baby related. My husband and I are expecting a little boy in October. Though this is our second child, it always seems like there is more to learn. 🙂

  276. Michelle F says:

    I am currently not reading any books. I am preparing myself for my first year as a special ed teacher. I really want to read the Twilight books but with so much going on it probably will happen during fall break. I would love to make the monkey quilt to hang in my classroom!!

  277. Deborah S. says:

    I picked up some Readers Digest condensed books at the thrift store recently. It gives me the opportunity to read a story in the small amount of time I have. It also lets me read so many differnet authors so I can learn different styles. Kind of like trying differnt pattern designers in sewing! I love the Quilts, Baby book. Looks like my cup of tea!

  278. Natalie T. says:

    I’m reading lots of scientific journal publications to prepare for my written exams in a few months that determine whether I get to advance to Ph.D. candidacy or get kicked out of grad school.

  279. Elaine says:

    I’m reading a book on FDR at the moment called “Defining Moments.” Quite a few interesting bits I didn’t know about the president.

  280. Rina says:

    Oooh! I like the book. I am currently reading “I Was Told There’d Be Cake” by Sloane Crosley – essays that I highly recommend.

  281. Kim says:

    What a gorgeous book! Right now I am reading The Complete Serger Handbook because I’ve just bought an overlocker and I wanted to try some rolled hemming. So far it’s great.

  282. Kymy K. says:

    Most of my reading now adays consitists of ready sewing blogs like this one 🙂 But I did just get some Mary Higgins Clark books from the thrift store & plan on starting ‘Decked’ tonight!

    That monkey quilt is simply to die for!!!

  283. Holly says:

    Just finished Fixing Hell. Enlightening. That book looks great, I may have to find a copy if I don’t win.

  284. robyn says:

    I’ve been reading lots of my old young adult favorites like the Allana series, and of course, re-reading the Harry Potters!

  285. Angela Pickart says:

    Does “Real Simple” count as a book? No time for reading, just sewing!

  286. Renee says:

    I love, love, love to read! My current read is “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young. So far it’s very good! I have also dug out all my quilting magazines and I’m re-browsing them for some inspiration! Thanks for a great give-away.

  287. Sara says:

    I’m reading “Hello Goodbye” by Emily Chenoweth. It’s now over a week overdue from the library. Oops.

  288. Kristin says:

    I’ve been reading sewing patterns the past week, along with some Douglas Coupland, author of jpod and Generation X. My plans include reading more of Claudia Schaeffer’s book on fabrics. I’ll see what else peaks my interest. I keep thinking about the Jelly Roll Quilts book. I am totally suckered by the pretty cover…

  289. Evie Nic says:

    Inspired by Christmas in July, when I’m not sewing I have been re-reading by my personalised copy of the Night before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore. I got this book when I was 7 and was absolutely blown away that it had my name and address printed in the story – 20 somethin years on and I still get ridiculously excited about reading it and planning Christmas!

  290. Southern Gal says:

    I’ve read ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’, ‘Band of Brothers – Big Brother’, and I hate to admit it, but I finally succumbed and read the Twilight series.

  291. Laura says:

    That books looks really neat. I’ve been wanting to sew a small quilt. My favorite book that I’ve read so far this summer is Host by Stephenie Myer.

  292. Stacy says:

    What a great giveaway! I recently win Alicia Paulson’s Stitched in time book & have been reading it. I also have been reading Redeeming Love & it is wonderful! I hope I win! Thanks!

  293. Amy Godinez says:

    I’m reading Your Best Birth, I realy likeit so far.

  294. alison says:

    Right now I am reading Malice by Lisa Jackson. I just finished The Neighbour by Lisa Gardner. I the past week I’ve read 3 books – a record for me – can you tell I’m on vacation? I have a few sewing books on my to read list, however my local library doesn’t have many sewing books, so I have to save up to buy them.

  295. Helen Conrad says:

    I have been reading Martha’s new craft book and there are too many things in it I want to try!

  296. robyn Piotrowski says:

    this book looks simply precious! right now i am reading “sewing green” (love it!!) & eclipse by stephenie meyer.

  297. robyn Piotrowski says:

    simply wonderful… this book looks fun!

  298. Erica T says:

    I’d love to win!

  299. Tess says:

    my favorite summer book that I am attempting to read during naptime for my kids is “The Power of Prayer” by Joyce Meyer.An excellent read if I could ever finish it!

  300. Ariane says:

    I’ve been flipping through Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. Lost of inspiration to be found in there for a beginner like me!

    On the non-crafty front, I’ve just started The Kindly Ones, by Jonathan Littell, in the original French version.

  301. Liz says:

    I am reading kids books. Lots and lots of kids books. Over and over again. Can you tell I have a toddler in the house? She’d love one of the quilts in this book!

  302. megan says:

    That book look fabulous! Current summer reading for me includes the new issue of Knitscene and the T.S Spivet book!

  303. KatieV says:

    I’m reading _My Sister’s Keeper_ with a small book club. Hope I win! 🙂

  304. Alicia K Nielsen says:

    so amazing. I need this book.
    feeling the quilting urge about to strike me.
    maybe i’ll get lucky?


  305. carrie says:

    I’m not getting to read too much lately, with 3 young’ns and a newborn! The book really looks like it’d be so helpful to me, I’m a beginner.

  306. ara jane says:

    I am currently in the middle of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley and am loving it!

  307. Whitney says:

    I have been working though Weekend Sewing and The God of Small Things. I highly recomend both.

  308. I’ve been drooling over Material Obsession 2 and reading lots of fiction. My newest grandbaby arrives in Oct. so this looks like a book I would enjoy. Anna

  309. Renee G says:

    Oops — I forgot to add I’m reading Any Minute.

  310. rebecca says:

    That book looks adorable. Currently I’m reading a bunch of window treatment books from the library and trying to make some decorating decisions. I’m also reading a gorgeous book on Gee’s Bend quilts and The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve.

  311. Yetta says:

    There are three brand new baby girls in my life right now that I’d love to make quilts for. This book will be great.

    I am still reading Seams To Me. So many projects to go through, so little time!

  312. Leslie Riker says:

    I just got the Alabama Stitch Book this week and am loving it! Would love to win the baby quilt book — my sister just had her first baby (a girl!) and I am looking forward to spoiling her.

  313. Leah says:

    That book looks great. I haven’t been reading much this summer… I’ve been sewing!

  314. rebe says:

    I’ve been reading lots of books. Most recently I have been reading the books from the William Allen White nominations list. This is an award that is given out in Kansas based on kids voting for their favorite. As a teacher I try and read the upcoming years list during the summer. As far a sewing books, I’m waiting to read Bend the Rules Fabric. It looks interesting.

  315. Jean says:

    This book looks adorable! This summer I have been reading a few books that have been in the “To Read” pile for awhile… The Poisonwood Bible and The Time Traveler’s Wife!

  316. Renee G says:

    This book looks like so much fun. Pick me, pick me.


  317. Amanda says:

    I am reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. A friend and I are forming a book club and this is the first book on the list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  318. bess says:

    this summer, i’ve discovered the “sisters grimm” series – hilarious! can’t wait for #8!

  319. Sandra says:

    Wow that looks like a really cool book. I’ve been doing a lot of reading out loud to my 2 and 4 year old this summer. We have several libraries close to our home but tend to go to the smallest one. I has a lot of charm and reminds me of being in a school library. So lots of Virgina Lee Burton mixed in with 70’s Marvel books. I received a copy of Ultimate Sewing Bible by Marie Clayton for my birthday last year but I’ve really been referencing it this summer. I hope to get some Christmas sewing done before September rolls around. Fingers crossed 🙂

  320. Barb Coleman says:

    Cute! Lot’s of reading this summer. Just finished “Water for Elephants” and am now on “It’s Superman”. Go summer reading!

  321. Tara says:

    super love to Christmas. i still need summer sewing though 🙂

  322. Kat Gore says:

    That book looks like an awesome quilter’s book; definitely one for the personal library anyways. This summer I am reading bunches of historical fiction books about Henry VIII and the Boleyn girls. Such a great era of time, when women were appreciated for their needlework. 😉
    I am really enjoying your blog, by the way, and I can’t wait to see more.

  323. Priya Pillutla says:

    I looked through this book at Barnes and Noble the other day and loved it! There are so many adorable (and easy) quilts in here. Right now I’m catching up on old New Yorkers and reading Last Minute Patchwork Gifts.

  324. Renee says:

    Ooh! I’m taking a quilt class right now so this would be a fantastic book to have! By the time I’m finished with this class, I should be ready to take on the book! 🙂

  325. Nicki K says:

    Ha Ha, I’m actually reading the Twilight Saga (like many other women around the world!) However, I just purchased Amy Butler’s ‘Little Stitches’ sewing book and it looks super fun. I haven’t had the chance to make anything from it yet but I plan to do that this weekend. I would LOVE to have the Quilts, Baby! Book!!!! One of my many pregnant girlfriends is having a boy and her theme is monkeys, so you can guess what I’d make from that book immediately! Of course, a yard of fabric is always nice too. Thanks for the chance to win such a great give-a-way!

  326. shannon says:

    this summer i’m reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Love Dare.

  327. I’m reading my serger manual…haven’t quite mastered it yet!!!

  328. D'Ann says:

    What am I reading? The sew mama sew blog of course! I would love a new quilt book as well.

  329. Julia M. in MI says:

    Wow! What a great book! I have been reading Karen Kingsbury books this summer. Her Redemption Series co-authored with Gary Smalley and then the nest two series that follow. I would highly recommend them.

  330. Mrs. Pear says:

    We just finished reading Polar Bears on the Path as part of our chapter read aloud time, and I have to say that it definitely helped us to feel cool reading about Churchill in October/November!

  331. Jen O says:

    In honor of summer, I’m reading “Are We There Yet?: The Golden Age of American Family Vacations.”

  332. Jen V says:

    Looks like a very inspired book! I’ve been reading Wendy Mullins as I gear up to make myself some clothes. Why should my boy get it all, right?! I just finished “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson. Very good read! My sewing time suffered as a result of getting so sucked in.

  333. Jenny says:

    Yay! How beautiful! 🙂
    I am currently into James Fennimore Cooper. The Deerslayer is the prequel to Last of the Mohicans. I’m really into the classics lately! 🙂


  334. Shannon says:

    My sister just brought me her Twilight book to read since she’s moving on to the second one. I’ve also ordered the Sew What Skirts book and can’t wait to read all the goodies in it! For the most though, the books I’ve read most this summer are children’s books for my 5 yr old and 3 yr old twins 🙂

  335. Jackie H says:

    I’m trying to finish Kevin Lehman’s “Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours”….a book on getting your kids to behave…and yep, I’m a mom of 3! Haha! 🙂 Kids, gotta love them! 🙂

  336. GTM says:

    I’m reading Machine Quilting Made Easy by Maurine Noble. That is such a great book you’re giving away. =) Thank you!

  337. alison says:

    Awesome little book! I’m reading the Twilight novels this summer!

  338. Elizabeth says:

    What a lovely book! I’m reading lots of Agatha Christie these days as well as back issues of Threads.

  339. Jennifer Matthews says:

    I’ve been catching up on old issues of National Geographic. It’s just as fascinating as when I was in elementary school.

  340. Darcy says:

    Pick me pick me pick! I wanna make that mokey quilt so bad.

  341. sandyandcosmo says:

    What a cute book! I could use these designs on lots of things besides just baby quilts.
    This summer I have been reading all the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. Only two more to go!

  342. Marissa says:

    I am having a baby with in the next week so I have been reading several books about pregnancy lately; “The Birth book” by Dr. Sears and “Hypnobirthing” by Maria Mongan. I saw this book in Barnes and Noble and I have been eying it since.

  343. Kristi says:

    I picked up Sew Darn Cute at my local quilt store last night, so that is my most current obsession! I can’t wait to make some cute projects.

  344. Gwen says:

    I drool over crafting/sewing books all of the time, but right now I am reading The Octopus by Frank Norris. Thanks!

  345. cathie r. says:

    I just finished Sew Darn Cute, Zaaka Sewing, and currently reading Sloane Crosley’s “I Was Told There’d Be Cake”

  346. Katherine says:

    What a fantastic book! My friends are all having babies at the moment and it looks like there are some good ideas in there. I just finished reading a book called Birds in Fall which was very enjoyable, but I can’t remember who wrote it – it was from the library.

  347. lina says:

    I’m re reading the whole Anne of Green Gables series – just for fun!!

  348. Kati says:

    I am always reading a book from the Outlander series…I just cycle through them over and over again. Right now I’m on A Breath of Snow and Ashes and am anxiously awaiting the release of the 7th book in the series in September. I just finished Anna Karenina for the 2nd time (the first time was in high school and oddly, I found it much harder to read this time). And now I MUST finish Clan of the Cave Bear, which I have had on my nightstand for almost an entire year now! I’m about half way through it, so it’s time to push through and get it done!

  349. Right now I’m interested in magazines. I can check them out from the library for free. They have all kinds of home decorating mags and also ones for varrious hobbies like quilting, crocheting and knitting.

  350. Jolene says:

    I am reading a bunch of organizing books so I can be ready for when the kids go back to school and have my house in order for the Fall!

  351. Erica says:

    I would love to win! We are hoping to have another child soon and I would love to make one of these for the new baby! I am reading Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.

  352. Joy says:

    I’m reading Karen Kingsbury’s new Above the Line Series. Good stuff!

  353. Rebecca Carey says:

    I’ve been getting my hands on anything sewing or quilting related, and I’m making my first attempt at a quilt – lines of Moda Soiree fabric – wish me luck !

  354. carrie says:

    Oh, much “Weekend Sewing” reading is going on here, as well as “The Happy Bottom Riding Club”, a biography of Victoria Woodhull, and many others–plus assorted board and picture books for my little one. What can I say? She comes by her reading passion rightly!

  355. Autumn says:

    I just finished Around the World in Eighty Days. It was my first time reading it and I loved it! Such a fun little read.

  356. Oh, my two favorite things in one place, sewing and books. I love quilts! Thanks for sharing. This Looks simply gorgeous.

  357. carolyn says:

    I am reading books about sewing for babies. My youngest daughter is expecting my first Grand baby due on Valentine’s Day….I am so excited. I’ve made quilts for a few years, but now I’m trying to remember how to make clothes and items that are not quilts. It’s been a long time since junior hight sewing classes. I’m even getting into embroidery….special things made for a special new member of our family

  358. Emily says:

    I just finished a great young adult historical fiction novel, “Chains” by Laurie Halse Anderson. The sewing book I’ve been turning to this summer is Amy Butler’s “little stitches for little ones”. A new nephew helped make that an easy choice.

  359. Katie W says:

    I just leafed through the “Quilts, Baby” book at the bookstore, and thought it was adorable! I’m currently re-reading Weekend Sewing, apparently along with everyone else who commented! I’m about to have a baby, so the baby quilts book would be especially appreciated!

  360. nicole says:

    I will be starting to read the twilight series as soon as we are back home andtehy are unpacked, but also I also will dig through all my crafts and sewing books and magazines. Right now I am still reading through 3 years worth of BURDA MODEN.

  361. Tam says:

    I have half a dozen baby quilts to make between now and December and would love some new ideas! The book looks great.


  362. Amy says:

    I am rereading A Wrinkle in Time – I remember loving it as a kid, but can’t remember what it’s about. My soon to be Jr. High son (I think I’m too young to have a child in Jr. High) is reading it, so I’m picking it up after he’s in bed.

  363. Steph W says:

    A Homemade Life – I am LOVING this book!

  364. Lana Dunkerley says:

    Ever since I found this blog and the Sew Mama Sew site…I have been sewing myself CRAZY!
    Lots of great inspiration…so of course I would love to win the book! 🙂

  365. Linda says:

    I received a (free) box of old quilt books – Most are not really of interest, but there are a couple gems in there. I’ve given away quite a few to beginner quilters. And I’m reading “Midnight Star” by Catherine Coulter. I like her, she’s a good author. I’m not much into romances – but I sure do like this one. Linda

  366. Jeni says:

    agh! love that book. may actually have to purchase it (if i don’t win.) i am reading A Day Late and a Dollar Short by Terry McMillan. Not a sewing book, but good for a few laughs. 🙂

  367. emily says:

    this book looks so adorable! thanks for the giveaway!

  368. Kim says:

    Man I would love that book!

  369. Laurie Grant says:

    That books looks awesome. I’m making baby quilts right now for the Ronald McDonald House in Maine for children who leave there and go back home. Right now I’m reading, A Sister’s Test by Wanda Brunstetter. It’s a book with an Amish background.

    Happy Sewing Everyone!

  370. sheriece says:

    Yay! What a fun book! Count me in!

  371. Kristen says:

    I’m trying to read The Time Traveler’s Wife, but my 10-month old is making it difficult and I’m anxiously awaiting my library to receive their copy of Weekend Sewing so I can enjoy it also.

  372. michelle says:

    I’m reading lots of non-fiction this summer. But I did recently get a bunch of books from the library which will hopefully help me cook in my dutch ovens. 🙂

    THanks for a chance to win!

  373. gina says:

    What a great book, this sure would be nice…EVERYONE I know seems to be pregnant right now!

    This summer I am reading any craft book I can get at the library 🙂

  374. wendy says:

    I’ve been re-reading Frank McCourts books since his death . . . he had such a wonderful literary “voice”.

  375. Andrea Dieterman says:

    Great giveaway! I am currently reading “The Book of Lost Things” by John Connolly. I have a brand new baby girl so time to read is very limited!

  376. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be reading “Pride and Prejudice” again 🙂

  377. Melissa Ann says:

    Oooh, I’m excited about Hand Sewing Month! I love the joy of doing smaller or historical projects by hand! I just finished hand-quilting the border of one of my babies’ quilts with little birdies. I enjoyed it so much 😀
    My husband brought home Brisingr by Christopher Paolini for himself and I stole it from him to read (I’m on twin pregnancy induced house arrest). I immediately requested the other two in the series :D. They are fun reads that last awhile.

  378. Shannon says:

    I am currently reading The Healthiest Kid on the Block. Very informative with good suggestions. Thank you!

  379. Jingle says:

    I am working my way through the Newbury award winners. I collect children’s literature and this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

  380. Bryttnee says:

    That book is absolutely precious!!! I love that the ideas are so fresh and new!!
    I would love to add that to my collection of resources as a beginning quilter!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!! Such a Fun Friday idea!!!

  381. Margie says:

    Very cute book! I’m reading a book called Tiny Titan -Story of courage & hope by Ann Yurcek.Its about the journey her family took dealing with a child with Noonan’s syndrome. My son was diagnosed with Noonan’s about 2 years ago.It will certainly bring anyone to tears reading this book.

  382. Desiree says:

    what a great book! Currently I have my eyes hooked on Eclipse – third book in the Twilight Series. 🙂

  383. Lisa says:

    I’m stuffing myself with YA books this summer, currently Sarah Dessen. I’ve been oogling this quilt book on Amazon for a while, it looks so sweet.

  384. Jo Anna says:

    I just picked up a copy of Martha Stewart’s crafting encyclopedia. Sorry forgot the exact title.
    Jo Anna

  385. brittany says:

    love the book!! i am in the middle of several knnitting and crafting books right now, with amanda soule’s newest book “handmade home” at the top of my wish list for a new read.

  386. Kadybug says:

    My end of summer read is “This little Mommy Stayed Home”.

  387. regina says:

    oooh i really really really want that book!

  388. Leah says:

    I am currently reading “somebody Is Going to Die if Lilly Beth Doesn’t Catch the Bouquet” by Metcalfe and Hays. It is a hilarious take on weddings in the Mississippi Delta–I find something laugh out loud funny on almost every few pages. I even read sections outloud to my husband at night. I love the giveaway!

  389. Melissa says:

    I’m reading Little Women for the first time and devouring it. I just purchased this book and can attest to its cuteness. It’s a great book and wonderful giveaway for someone who doesn’t have it. In sewing books, I’m reading “Seams to Me” by Anna Maria Horner and “SImple Sewing” by Lotta Jansdotter. Both staples to any sewers book diet. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  390. Kelley says:

    I just finished reading about 6 reader’s digest books…gotta love big print…makes the reading seem to go super fast! I would love an opportunity to win the fabric. Thanks, Kelley Estes

  391. kelly jo says:

    What a cute book! I can already see the inspiration flowing from the pages! I’ve been drooling over lots of sewing books lately, trying to find the time to start some new projects!

  392. Jessica says:

    I have just started my first ever quilt which will be given to my youngest when finished. I would love to win this book or the fabric. Both would be used!

  393. Amy says:

    I’ve been reading bunches and bunches of children’s books to my beautiful two-year-old daughter.

  394. Amy C. says:

    I’m re-reading some fun scifi, mostly Anne McCaffrey in July. Next month, I’m going to tackle some Tolkien.

  395. Lindsey says:

    Between reading and sewing, nothing else gets done around here! I’m just about to start Shelter Me.

  396. Beth G. says:

    I just began reading, “Standing for Something”, by Gordon B. Hinckley. I just love Fridays.

  397. Isa says:

    Oh, I’ve been lurking at this book. I would love to win it
    Thank you

  398. Cami says:

    That book looks awesome! I’ve been reading Sew What! Skirts. I’m loving it and am about to start my first project from it. My non-crafty reading has been Memoirs of a Geisha, Supreme Conflict and Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. Good stuff!

  399. Anna Hurla says:

    What a fun contest! I have lots of summer reading, which I do in between my sewing, knitting, and other crafty things. I just finished The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters, now I’m reading Anegla’s Ashes by Frank McCourt and next on my list is A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes. Of course I do have plenty of sewing and crafty books that I read and randomly flip through for inspiration.

  400. ~julee~ says:

    Ah, I love summer reading! I’m finishing up The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver right now.

  401. Pat says:

    The Pillars of the Earth is monopolizing my reading this summer, but I am finding time for some sewing projects, too ~ a bay window seat cover, curtains, and a new quilt for our bed. 😀

  402. Sherri I says:

    This would be a great book for anyone’s collection. Thanks!

  403. Lisa says:

    Reading a book for work that isn’t too exciting, but it’s about time for my annual re-read of Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskiell. Although seeing that baby quilt book makes me feel guilty for not having finished grandbaby quilts.

  404. Barbara Dahl says:

    What a wonderful little book! I am an avid reader of many genre, right now a mystery series by Catherine Coulter. I am in the second of her “two volumes in one” series. Great idea to put these books together! Thanks for this opportunity – I hope I win!!

  405. Nichole says:

    Cute book! Thanks for sharing it!

  406. Erin says:

    OOoooOOOoh! What a nice looking book! I’m reading through the Steven King Dark Tower series right now.

  407. Loullabelle says:

    When I’m not sewing I’m getting stuck into the Kitty series of books by Carrie Vaughn – just about keeping me occupied until the new Kelley Armstrong novel hits the shelves in September 🙂

  408. Jen says:

    i have five sewing books just waiting for my husband to get me for my birthday that he needed to reschedule. yes, summer is almost over and i have yet to read one. so, off to the library we go.

    how great would it be if this totally cute one could be the first in my collection. especially since I have three baby quilts in the next month to do!

  409. nikkapotamus says:

    what a cute book! I’m expecting a little one in November and have been agonizing over which quilt pattern to make! I’m sure having another book won’t help one bit! I love all the ideas you have here! Thanks!

  410. Jodie says:

    My current reads are “Your Pregnancy Week by Week” and “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” I have a baby coming in about 7 weeks, so I would LOVE to win this book and whip up some new projects before he arrives.

    On the sewing front, my current pile includes the infamous “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross and “Patchwork and Quilted Gifts” as I try to decide what project I am going to attempt next. Ah… decisions decisions!

  411. dodi says:

    Currently re-reading Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series. Can’t remember the title, but I know it is the eighteenth book in the series. It is the series Spenser for Hire was based on. The first one was published in 1973 and Parker is still writing them, in fact a YA Spenser book was just published this summer. Hooray!

  412. emtlb says:

    I am re-reading sew what! skirts to see how to make the wrap around skirts. Otherwise I am reading a few good christian fiction books and I’m No Hero by Charles Plumb. Really good stuff to make you think. The quilt book looks like so much fun. I love the new ideas and techniques they show. Thanks for the chance!!!!!

  413. Gumbo Lily says:

    I’m reading a book about life during the Great Depression. It’s called: Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish. I have a grandbaby so the quilts book would be very nice to have.


  414. Rachel says:

    currently reading: Peony in Love by Lisa See, and also various name books–we have 2 months left to come up with baby name!

  415. Amy T. says:

    I just finished A Tree Goes In Brooklyn – a read for my book club. I’d never read it before, and it was a beautiful story.

  416. Robin M says:

    I’ve been reading a book on old fashioned quilts…. you know the two-toned ones. They’re so pretty. 🙂

  417. Heather says:

    Right now, I’m reading/referencing a few books. “Last Child in The Woods” by Richard Louv, “Sunshine” by Robin McKinley & referencing “Natural Knits for infants & toddlers” by Tina Barrett. And others. Because I seem to be incapable of reading one book at a time.

  418. Lea says:

    So many nice sewing books are coming out! My summer fiction (Zadie Smith, Michael Chabon) is still waiting for the right moment – it’s coming soon; the boys are off to camp next week. In the meantime, magazines are perfect for the short reading times I get…

  419. patty says:

    I would love this book for inspiration for making baby quilts. There is always another baby quilt that needs made!

  420. Jill says:

    This summer I have been reading several things, most of them not sewing related. I just finished two books that I loved…”The Hunger Games” and “the Hourglass Door”. Both were amazing! I can’t wait for the next one in the “Hunger Games” series on September 1st!

  421. Charissa says:

    A little bit of everything. Cookbooks, young adult fiction (reminiscent of my teaching days), random magazines that have accumulated, baby books (expecting #2 in Dec.). I guess I just like to keep it interesting. 🙂

  422. Kristen says:

    I’ve been reading crochet magazines mostly. As well as cookbooks and the entire HP series. I would love to have this book. Thanks!

  423. Laurie says:

    Love this book! I’m expecting baby #5 in September and am imagining all kinds of cute things I could make. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice, among lots of other things. Sew Beautiful is always lying open when I have a spare minute.

  424. Carla Timberlake says:

    I am just finishing up an “eye-candy” quilt book called “Easy Bias-Covered Curves” by Wendy Hill. It looks like a fun way to make a an awesome quilt.

  425. Jayme says:

    I’m reading Great Expectations, which I’m liking! Also, the Percy Jackson series because my son wanted me to. It’s a fun series. I want to sew more, but am in the process of moving so I can’t!

  426. Stephanie says:

    At the moment I’m reading Amélie Nothomb, ‘Journal d’Hirondelle’ – but I’d like to be distracted by some sewing ideas…!

  427. Katie C says:

    I’m just about to start The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. Looks like a good one! Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze some reading in along with all the knitting and sewing that’s on the docket.

  428. javajane says:

    Sew What Skirts was a treasure to find. There is lots of info on pattern drafting. I need to draw this out.

    Happy Sewing,

  429. Erin says:

    I’m reading the Twilight series! And I’m starting a book called Sacred Marriage. Oh, and the sixth Harry Potter book again since the movie came out. 🙂

  430. Emily Cook says:

    This book looks absolutely delightful! I just finished reading “Left to tell”, I don’t know that I’ve ever cried more while reading a book. Very sobering, but leaves you with a feeling of hope.

  431. Mary F. says:

    I am reading “My Life in France” by Julia Child, part of the basis for the movie Julie&Julia. I am enjoying it very much!

  432. Mary F. says:

    I am reading “My Life in France” by Julia Child. It is very enjoyable!

  433. MamaBee says:

    That book looks lovely! I’m currently reading Omnivore’s Dilemma – not a sewing book, but good nonetheless.

  434. Kristine says:

    What a perfect prize! I’d love the chance to win. Thank you so much!

  435. erin says:

    I am reading tons of book this summer! Whatever looks good at the library is what I pick!

  436. Kerri says:

    Is there a link on SewMamaSew to a 12-step program for sewing book addicts? There should be! And I’m so excited about the hand-sewing month. Sometimes it’s just too hot use the sewing machine!

  437. Jocelyn says:

    Oh the book looks so wonderful! I have been trying to plan some quilts for our new baby (due in Feb.) but this book would give me a good jump-start since I’m so new to quilting… I’m having a hard time figuring out where to begin!

  438. Megan says:

    I read while I’m at the gym. Right now I’m going through some sci fi/fantasy books…Anne McCaffrey, Isaac Asimov, etc.

    I’d love to win the book or the fabric. I’ve only sewn quilts before, but I’m starting to learn applique.

  439. Rebecca says:

    i haven’t really been doing a lot of reading, unless you count quilting magazines 🙂 This book looks great, maybe it would motivate me!

  440. Janine says:

    Amigurumi Two! By Ana Paula Rimoli…I’m trying to decide which toys to crochet my kids first…They are all so cute!

  441. renee says:

    I started reading a book called “In the Woods.” It is a very suspenseful who-done-it type of book that keeps you on the edge of your seat!!

    I have also been reading through some of my sewing magazines to get as many tips and tricks as I can during this random block of free time that I have. Soon, I will only have time to sew but at least I will have that!

  442. Coleen says:

    This summer I am working getting through the patterns in “Weekend Sewing”, amazing book with somewhat simple patterns.

    I also reread Jane Eyre every summer.

  443. Cecily says:

    I’m reading quilting magazines, trying to get inspired for a baby quilt, but I really should be writing something. I’m on a dissertation deadline.

  444. Ruth says:

    I love Aimee Ray… maybe I’ll have to buy the book. 🙂

  445. mary anne says:

    i am expecting our 3rd and last baby in december and this contest is sooo perfect as i would love to make quilts! i actually would love to make quilts for all 3 of them. by december, i will have 3 kids 4 and under!!!

  446. Carrie L says:

    I haven’t read much besides children’s books this summer. 🙁 I did check out a crochet book for me a couple weeks ago and am looking forward to trying a couple projects from it.

  447. Trisha says:

    Oh, what a fun book. I’ve been getting back to reading a lot this summer – most recently I’m re-reading some old Dick Francis mystery novels.

  448. Heidi says:

    What a great book! My favorite quilting reference book is The Quilter’s Ultimate Visual Guide.

  449. Lauren says:

    I’ve just picked up a sewing book from the library – sew what bags. It’s great!

  450. Terri Peters says:

    I’m reading “Circle of Friends.” Girlfriends of mine and I decided to start a book club where we read a book that’s been made into a movie and then watch the film at our club meeting! We picked “Circle of Friends” for our first meeting!

  451. Suzanne says:

    Jane Eyre on my blackberry and Mists of Avalon at home. Plus quilting books.

  452. Stephanie says:

    I’m reading Amanda Soule’s book too! She is such an inspiration.

  453. amy says:

    I just finished reading Sailing Through the Stars and as soon as The Knight comes in , I’ll be starting that!

  454. Jennifer says:

    I’m currently reading a book called Pregnancy Sucks. I’ve been feeling so awful due to the morning sickness that lasts all day and this book is so funny.
    Would love to have this book to get ideas for my baby’s bedding.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  455. Michele says:

    I’m re-reading all of the harry potter books this summer – but #3 has disappeared. Aarrgh. My favorite quilting book is a Jinny Beyer book on pattern drafting. Because, you know, I just. can’t. follow. anyone else’s pattern.

  456. Erica says:

    I just finished reading Julie & Julia. I lovely light summer read.

  457. Stephanie says:

    I have been reading Harry Potter with my 9 year old son this summer. OUr deal was, if he read all 7 Harry Potter books he could get a super cool Lego set he has been dreaming of, if I read all 7 I get money towards a new sewing machine!

  458. SugarMama says:

    Darling book! Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’m currently reading Core Curriculum for Lactation Consultant Practice and working through Simple Sewing for Baby!

  459. Lisa says:

    I am reading “Inspired to Quilt” by Melanie Testa and “Pendragon” by D.J. McHale. I’m so glad to hear you are on Goodreads! I LOVE Goodreads and will definately join your discussion group.

  460. Lee says:

    I re-read Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery and found out why I consumed every book by her when I was a young teenager. Such a lovely, uplifting and entertaining book – great experience to share with a young relative.

  461. buebau says:

    This book looks great!
    Know I’m reading Affa’s book My kids and my crafts, where I was happilly featured. However only now I have the opportunitty to read about all the other crafters 🙂
    Have a nice weekend

  462. Jennifer Dubicki says:

    Oh, so cute!! I want to start quilting immediately! Mostly reading parenting books right now, because my 7 year-old is giving me fits (:

  463. what a wonderful giveaway!! i haven’t been reading a whole lot… i have been geeking out over patchwork style though! LoVe the projects in that book!

  464. Polly says:

    I love that book! What I am reading right now? The Zookeeper’s Wife

  465. Jenny says:

    I’m reading through the Ender’s Game series, currently on the 4th book, Children of the Mind. I love these!

  466. Joy says:

    What a great book! Very fun!

  467. Nancy Koeppen says:

    Well, I am reading the first book in the Nancy Drew set, to my oldest daughter. I had forgotten how much fun Nancy Drew can be!

  468. Erin says:

    I just bough Sew U Home Stretch and I’m also reading The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet. Both are awesome!

  469. Just bought Amy Butler’s In Stitches!

  470. melissa p. says:

    i need some light reading…too much on the heavy side
    evangelical feminism and biblical truth for one…

    a quilt book would be the answer.

  471. Rose says:

    I just picked up sew what skirts from my local library – cannot wait to try and make my first skirt. Pick me!!! – i would love free fabric for my skirt!

  472. Cathy DeVinney says:

    I am reading car brochures! We have been debating about making a purchase!

  473. Kristi says:

    I am currently reading “Childhood Unbound” – which discusses the generational differences of raising kids currently and how to stay connected. It is really good!

  474. Amanda says:

    I LOVE the monkey business quilt! Tooooo cute.

    As far as reading, I have a 2 year old, so I have been reading Dr. Suess, and the like. lol

  475. Twila says:

    Hmmmmm, maybe this might get me to actually make and finish a quilt for my kids.

  476. Bethany says:

    Looks like a cool book. I’m currently reading The Well Trained Mind. I know, I know, fun fun summer reading. 🙂

  477. Sandy Barnes says:

    I have been looking for a pattern to make for my granddaughter that is due in November. This would be perfect for me! At the moment I am reading a Christmas craft book,Christmas 2009 by Southern Living. Trying to get started on some Christmas projects.

  478. Sarah says:

    I just got Heather Ross’s weekend sewing, and I’m having so much fun discovering elastic thread.

  479. I am currently reading “The Worst Hard Time”. It’s a book about the people that lived through the dust bowl era of the 1920’s-1930’s. I love books that share part of our history. My daughter is pregnant with her first baby and I would LOVE to win this book!

  480. Sabra says:

    Haven’t had time for much reading this summer, but this baby quilt book looks adorable.

  481. Emily says:

    What am I not reading? I work in a bookstore….
    Currently finishing up Harry Potter book 7 (again), and reading various text books on audiology and children with hearing loss (as my daughter has). And, as always, I’m reading many many crafty blogs!

  482. Susan V says:

    I just finished Sire Unseen by Dana Cameron. Still not sure if I like it or not.

  483. Julie says:

    I just got a copy of Sew What! Skirts that I’ve been looking through. A skirt for me is next on the list.

  484. Lindsey says:

    I’ve never seen that book, very cool.

  485. allison says:

    I received a TON of new books for my 7th grade English classrroom, so I brought home a bunch to read over the summer. I read several concentration camp survivor stories, a biography of Hitler, and since that genre gave me nightmares, I lightened my reading up with David Sedaris’s new book, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames”.
    I also read “In Cold Blood” by Capote for the first time in my 36 years and now know what all the fuss was about. Currently, I am halfway through “Dance of Days”, a book about the rise of the punk and hardcore scene in Washington D.C.

    When I finish that one, I plan to read the Little House series for the zillionth time, starting from the second book. I love the stories about playing in the creek and the grasshopper invasion. It really makes me appreciate screened windows and air conditioning.

  486. Katy Yo says:

    I’m reading many books on quilting and applique, a cookbook about a “clean diet,” and a really amazing book on plant propagation called “Making More Plants.” Delightful!

  487. Karmela says:

    I am spending a lot of time with Amy Butler’s Little Stitches as I prepare my new baby’s nursery and some clothes to dress her up in.

  488. Brooklynn says:

    My son Hunter and I are reading the complete stories of Curious George.
    It’s great fun!

  489. Rachel says:

    I’ve been reading the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, looking forward to the next book.

  490. Kim K. says:

    Right now I’m reading Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series. I would have already finished, but with a 4 month old, free time is at a premium! Thanks for the giveaway!

  491. Ann Dilcher says:

    Busy reading Naria Chronicles to my boys and enjoying them myself. Also checking out some sewing books (Amy Karol, Amy Butler, Jansdotter?) and a LEED study guide for an exam. Finding time to enjoy quilting right now rather than reading…

  492. Liz B says:

    The book looks adorable! I don’t get much reading done lately, but in my car I am listening to Angels and Demons, which I am enjoying. When I do have a few minutes to sit down and read, I am working my through Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I am reserving judgment on! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  493. mel says:

    Currently reading “Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim” by David Sedaris. A nice comedic change of pace after finishing “The Female Brain”.

    I’d love to win this giveaway book! I’ve just talking with my grandmother about making quilts for my new daughter to use over the years!!

  494. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve just begun reading Amanda Blake Soul’s “The Creative Family”. And wondering if it will lead to reading pregnancy books next, so I can put some of her ideas into action!

  495. Aparna says:

    Reading ‘Last-minute patchwork & quilted gifts’ and ‘Piecing the piece O’ cake way’ and still experimenting with sewing. This blog has helped me learn so much.

  496. Morgan says:

    I’m actually not reading anything right now. Need to get some books for my beach trip in a couple weeks though!

  497. Darci says:

    I have so many books that I am reading this summer. On is how to Potty Train your kid in one day….it betterwork.

  498. Carissa says:

    Despite the movie coming out in a few weeks, I’m reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” because I’ve heard it’s the most amazing book ever! And then I’ll see the movie, because the books are always better than the movie!

  499. janet says:

    Right now I’m reading “your movie sucks” by roger ebert. its great for commuting because the reviews aren’t that long so its easy to stop and start. and its hilarious.

  500. Laurel says:

    My sis-in-law just sent us a set of Jean Craighead George books. They’re nature books for the kids, but I get to read them first!

  501. Jennifer Nagel says:

    That one looks great. I’ve been reading “Real Food: What to Eat and Why” by Nina PLanck.

    This would make a nice break!

  502. Em says:

    Wow… what a gorgeous book! I am not reading ANYTHING right now, but will be reading a lot soon, as I have registered for 17 hours of classes this fall – going back to school! I would love to have a beautiful book to look at instead of textbooks!

  503. Courtney says:

    I am currently reading The Shack by William Young for our book club.

  504. Tiffany says:

    Ironic-because I’ve been eying this book for some time now! It is inspiring-I’ve thumbed through it at bookstores many many times. I’d love to win it, so thanks for the chance to! (or free fabric, who can turn down that?)

    A book I’m reading this summer is Crime & Punishment.. the wonderful Russian novel. 🙂

  505. Leslie Newton says:

    I read at least a book a week. I just finished “Home to Big Stone Mountain” by Adrianna Trigiani. That finishes the 3 book series. I have also read all of the Sister Chick books by Robin Jones Gunn. Anna Maria Horner is one of my favorite fabric designers and as a neighbor (I don’t know her, but she lives in Nashville), I have enjoyed her new book, “Seams to Me”. Loved it!

  506. I’m reading The Quilter’s Block Bible and The Quilter’s Ultimate Visual Guide… Such a subjcet variation…;)

  507. Ahna Fryhover Emmert says:

    I’ve been looking at a lot of random quilting books from the local library, especially ones with pictures of quilts from the 1800’s. Very inspiring.

  508. I just finished reading Angela’s Ashes…for the third time. I was very sad to learn that author Frank McCourt passed away and decided to start the book once again. The book is great and is the author’s account of his impoverished childhood. It makes you smile and it breaks your hear at the same time.

  509. Diane says:

    I would love to have more inspiration for all the baby quilts I am making these days.

  510. Erika says:

    I scored a sewing encyclopedia set at a garage sale for US$2.00. It has some outdated material but a lot of great tips for tailoring and altering patterns to suit your body type. The hand-drawn pictures of flat vs. rounded tushies are cracking me up.

  511. Jenn says:

    I’ve been bedridden for a full month now (herniated disc), and have been devouring novels given to me by my best friend: The Count of Monte Cristo, I Know this Much is True… the only crafting I can do right now is knitting, which is tough to do in +30 degree heat!

  512. Christina says:

    That book looks great! I’ve been keeping my reading list light this summer with fun thrillers. Right now is Lifeguard by James Patterson.

  513. cat says:

    I am reading Daniel X: Watch the Skies. But I have been drooling over this book a little. I am working on my first quilt and wanted to make sure I could do it before I bought a whole book of them.

  514. Karen says:

    This book looks fantastic! We are planning on adopting child #2 and this would be a great asset for baby projects. Reading now? Just finished “Still Alice” a great book that everyone should read. Happy Weekend.

  515. Silka says:

    I’ve been reading Last Child in the Woods.

  516. carmel says:

    o that looks like a great book! iwould love it!
    currently i am not realy reading any thing.
    i hardly have the time since im almost in my due date and its summer vecation for the kids and i try to sew more or less before the new baby will arrive

  517. jennifer says:

    reading my way through sarah waters’ works . . . i love her clean prose, her real characters, her ability to make history real and tangible. thanks!

  518. Karen H says:

    I finished reading a book by Billie Letts this morning. Now I’m waiting for kids to finish lunch so I can pick up “Sew What Bags” from the library.
    The baby quilt book looks precious!

  519. Asa says:

    Oh, that looks adorable – for sewing, I know I’m the last person on the planet to get to it, but I’m waiting on my Heather Ross Weekend Sewing hold to pop up on my library account… and for me, just for fun, right now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – hilarious!

  520. Elisabeth says:

    I recently purchased Material Obsession. (I’m a little late on the bandwagon, I know…) And I can’t get enough of it. I love to just dream that someday I’ll be able to make a quilt as beautiful as theirs.

  521. Susan says:

    Just finished Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! 🙂

  522. heather says:

    I just finished read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The next book comes out this coming up month. I can’t wait!

  523. Deanna K says:

    I have been reading many gardening books. Right now I’m reading some travel books for an upcoming vacation.

  524. sherri s. says:

    I’m actually rereading Middlemarch by George Eliot! And Weekend Sewing is on my agenda, too.

  525. Erin says:

    I’m really getting into Alice Steinbach this summer!

  526. mon ami says:

    I just received ‘Linen, Wool and Cotton’ by Akiko Mano in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to dip into it this weekend. I am also reading ‘Animal, Vegetable Miracle’ by Barbara Kingsolver.

    I would love to add this book to my summer reading list!

    thanks for sharing

  527. Jessica says:

    I read the Twilight Saga this summer, it was good, but I’m glad it’s behind me!

  528. Casey H. says:

    I just started ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson, and recently discovered (again) Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts!

  529. giselle says:

    I’m struggling to read a book that was gifted to me by a student – Chrysalis by Kim Todd. It’s about a woman who was a scientist and an artist at the turn of the 18th century. She observed insects that underwent metamorphosis. It’s a hard book to get into, so I keep stopping to work on my quilting instead 🙂

  530. Leah says:

    Just finished Mudbound, about to start The Canopy

  531. Camela says:

    I’ve been reading weekend sewing, and when I want to fantasize, looking through Sew What Skirts. I’m getting larger every day with baby number 2, so skirts with waistlines have to wait for next summer!

  532. Helena says:

    I’m reading a devotional, In His Pattern and a few homeschooling books right now.

  533. Shelly says:

    What a great book – I love the designs, especially on that crib bumper! With a new LO, I can’t claim to read much, but I hsave been slowly working my way through a mystery novel this summer.

  534. Elena says:

    Hi All!
    Nowadays I’m readind two books. “Something to tell you” by Kureishi and “The far pavilions” by Mary Margaret Kaye(It is the story of a relationship between an Englishman and a young Indian girl against a backdrop of 19th century India.) I love it!
    On the other hand I’m sewing to quilts (baby quilt) and a queen size quilt. But with this terrible hot weather I’m working sooooo slowly. You can see the quilts on my flickr site.
    Thanks for another great giveaway! 😀

  535. Sarah says:

    I’m reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan and I just started “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith.

    That book looks adorable. I have some baby quilts in my future and those are some sweet ideas.

  536. Leah says:

    I just read Mudbound, great book, especially if you have Southern Roots. The Canopy is next.

  537. Karen says:

    I’m reading “Little Heathens,” a memoir about the Great Depression. I’ve heard it’s actually charming, and not depressing like it sounds!! And I’m always revisiting Joelle Hoversen’s Last Minute Patchwork and Fabric Gifts book. It’s soooo beautiful and inspiring and so far just about everything I’ve made from it is great. I’m working on the color wheel quilt, slowly but surely.

  538. Peggy says:

    I really enjoyed the Christmas week! Thanks so much for hosting it! I have lots of projects in mind because of it! I don’t have any babies at the moment but I am sure that grandchildren and nieces and nephews will abound in no time!


  539. Elizabeth says:

    I recently finished reading “Angle of Repose” by Wallace Stegner, which I really enjoyed, and now I’m reading “Shanghai Girls” by Lisa See, passed along by my mother 🙂

  540. Carrie Trapp says:

    My newest sewing book is “Material Obsession Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots” I’m currently enjoying taking in the ideas and looking forward to starting a new quilt. My non sewing book , “The Time Traveler’s Wife” is great.

  541. Mariane C says:

    I am currently reading “the coroner’s Lunch” interesting! Love, love, love the quilt for babies book. Can I have it?

  542. Liz Odle says:

    I’d love to win this book or the fabric. Thanks so much.

  543. Michelle says:

    I read “Same Kind of Different as Me”. Super good book, I’d highly recommend it. I also checked out a couple sewing books at the library, which gave me some new ideas. 🙂

  544. Shelley C says:

    I just finished reading a library book my daughter brought home called; “A Room of My Own”. Yuh, it’s young adult, but sometimes a light read is needed to bring calm. Interesting how it takes place during the depression…out of work people staging a protest on city hall protesting the government. Insisting the government feed them etc….sort of the start of the mess we’re in today….There should be a balance in everything…but that balance is sorely lacking today….better get off the soap box before I get flamed huh? No offense to anyone…I’m just bummed lately….I’ll snap out of it when I can balance my feelings with reality…..

  545. kelli says:

    On my bedside table you’ll find Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and Alterknits Felt by Leigh Radford.

  546. Ananda says:

    This summer I’ve been reading repurposed crafting books. Trying to get ideas of how to make great things from trash. I’ve also reread the entire Twilight series in anticipation of the next movie.

  547. Nicole says:

    I am between books right bow, but I am about to start the new Jennifer Weiner book Best Friends Forever, and I have the first of the Sookie Stackhouse series ready to be read too……to bad you can’t read and sew at the same time! 🙂

  548. sarah says:

    We don’t have TV, so this summer, I’m reading A LOT! Right now, I’m reading “Many Waters” by Madeline L’Engle. I just finished 5 House of Night books. They are terrible and trite and cheesy and so addictive that I read a 5 book series in 4 days. If you like bad soap operas or romance novels, I recommend them!

  549. Sarah says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway! I saw this book at Barnes and Noble and lusted after it. Just finished reading “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer. Loved it!

  550. Sarah says:

    This would be perfect for my soon-to-be-here new baby! I’m currently devouring a knitting book called Vintage Baby Knits, which has so many cute patterns in it! I just can’t decide which one I want to start first…

  551. Oh my goodness that book is amazing!!! I love it. That is what I want to be reading. But I am trying to force myself to read Harry Potter because I promissed my husband that if he read the Twilight series I would read all of the Harry Potter’s. Well, he has now read all the Twilight books twice and I have yet to read any of Harry Potter’s. So that is what I am working on now.

  552. Jodieth says:

    This book looks wonderful! I just found out I am having another grand-baby and this could not come at a more perfect time. The last two grand-babies I knitted blankets (both different children). This grand-baby is second and I am going to quilt a blanket. Excitement!

  553. Sara says:

    I am reading & sewing from Heather Ross’ latest Weekend sewing. Also from Parker J Palmer, Let Your Life Speak, lots of inspiration on how to live a life and a vocation that honors your own unique nature.

  554. Alyssa says:

    Love the site. I just finished a quilt for one of my 4 year old twin boys. It was a pirate quilt. I am starting on my other sons quilt, a pirate quilt. I am reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

  555. kim says:

    I’m reading Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and The New Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen. Can’t wait to sew and eat my way through these books.

  556. sora says:

    i just got some japanese sewing books and am so looking forward to make some of the bags.

  557. Linnea says:

    oooh that book does look super cute! I’m re-reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer right now. It’s full of so many fun summer adventures…but I’m going to need something new soon 😉

  558. Wendy says:

    Looks like fun!

  559. Laura Scow says:

    I’m in the process of reading my NEW SEWING MACHINE’S (yahoo!) manual. Front to back…i’m going to get this thing figured out so I can make some baby quilts when I win this book (please!). 🙂


  560. Jenny says:

    That is such a cute book! I have a niece that is due to be born in a couple of months, would love to make a quilt for her! Thank you for the giveaway.

  561. Aditi says:

    What a great little book!

  562. Lindsey says:

    I have no plans for grown-up books this summer – although I’ll change my plans if I get my hads on this one – so cool! The kiddos plan to work out their library cards (well, my library card) and since both of them are old enough to pick out their own books this year, I’ll be doing twice the reading time. Honestly, I enjoy them just as much as the kids do! I’ll keep up with my sewing blogs, though.

  563. janet says:

    all the sudden I’ve been doing a lot of summer reading. Besides my monthly Burdas, I’m reading Sherman Alexie’s Indian Killer and Philip K Dick’s Valis. They might not be for everyone but they’re both riveting reads!

  564. Alex says:

    Right now I’m reading Shogun – about Japan samurai. I would LOVE this baby quilt book!!

  565. kriswithmany says:

    I’ve been reading “A walk in the woods” Not sure what my next book will be. I have a list a mile long!

  566. Megan says:

    I don’t read nearly as much as I used to before the arrival of my 5-month-old baby girl, but I’ve been looking through “Weekend Sewing”, though I haven’t tried any of the projects yet. For fiction, the next book I want to read is “The Girl who Played with Fire”.

  567. Addy says:

    This summer I read “The Glass Castle,” a memoir by Jeannette Walls, as well as several motherhood-types of books.

  568. Cinnamon says:

    I just received “Handmade Home” by Soulemama, aka Amanda B. Soule, in the mail and I’ve been drooling over its pages for a few days now. It’s fantastic!

  569. I am not a big “reader”, but I am in love with Amy Butler’s Little Stiches for Little People book right now. I just adore all the fun projects. Now to getting around to doing some of them 🙂

  570. Carrie says:

    I just finished re-reading the entire Harry Potter series and am back to my stack of parenting books. Currently on Last Child in the Woods. I have a baby on the way and I love the over the orchard quilt pictured above!!

  571. Betsy says:

    I JUST saw this book at my local fabric shop and thought, “I have to have this!” I love the images and ideas – what fun!

    Currently reading, and can’t put down, Brene Brown’s book, I Thought it was Just Me. Incredible book about women and shame.

  572. Annalee says:

    I just finished Pygmalion for a book club I’m in. I read it before ever seeing My Fair Lady, and I understand Eliza ends up with Henry Higgins in the musical. Boo! I like that she ends up with Freddy in Pygmalion!

  573. Jessica Fuester says:

    I’m reading bits and pieces of so many books right now! A few of them are: ‘Weekend Sewing’ by Heather Ross (so great!) and ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon (such a wonderful cookbook FULL of great information and advice)!

  574. Owlmania says:

    I’m reading “Domino Kniting”… I’m trying that king of kniting… 🙂

  575. Becca says:

    Okay all signed up with Good Reads. You always have such great giveaways. Currently I am reading Shadow of the Wind, and I would highly recommend. It is set in Spain after the revolution and chronicles a boys growing fascination with an author, and his attempts to discover what has happened to him (the author) and his work. A bit of mystery, suspense, revenge, love…

  576. marisa m. says:

    Love this site! I’m very new to sewing and am braving it! Right now courtesy of my children I am brushing up on Harry Potter books again!

  577. Scottye says:

    What a cute book. I’ve been listening to lots of books on tape so I can sew and do other things and still enjoy a good book. So far my 2 favorites have been The Secret Life of Bees and My Sister’s Keeper.

  578. em mil says:

    I’m working on a crib set for my daughter now, so my reading consists of perusing sewing blogs for inspiration! And I’m in the middle of “The Peacegiver,” but just finished up the whole “Twilight” series since I’d been kind of a book snob and not gotten around to reading it sooner! It was fun summer reading. Next up, “The Count of Monte Cristo” if I can ever get my hands on the library copy!

  579. Dorte says:

    I am reading the Leonard Cohen bio – not authorized, but approved! And alternatingly, I am browing Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing – I love her drawings, she makes even a basting description look appetizing….

  580. kimmer says:

    Reading the “In Death” series by JD Robb for quick summer reading. Have been enjoying some of the projects in the book Seams to Me… but I can’t decide what to make first!

    No problem deciding what to make from the Quilts, baby! book, it HAS to be the monkey quilt!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  581. Sarah R. says:

    My latest read is “Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout. I have also read “Peachtree Road” by Ann River Siddons and several pregnancy books (i’m expecting in September)!

  582. Chris Stalnaker says:

    This has been a great summer for reading. Actually, I’ve done more reading than sewing, but I plan on changing that up soon. A couple of my favorites this summer include Olive Kitteridge (newly published) and Never Let Me Go (an older book, but was so, so good).

    Those baby quilts are lovely and I would love to make one for my daughter!

  583. Veronica says:

    I’m reading Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

  584. Lauren says:

    I’m not so much of a reader (school has taken that joy from me and turned it into work). BUT, I do love quilting/sewing books! I’m currently working my way through Amy Butler’s “Little Stitches for Little Ones.” It’s got some great patterns in it!

  585. Christy says:

    I just finished reading Firelfy Lane. Great book, but requires lots of Kleenex to finish it. Also reading Heather Ross Weekend Sewing for inspriration.
    Haven’t tried quilting, but this book looks interesting.

  586. Alicia Spencer says:

    I just finished Sarah’s Key by Tatiana DeRosnay and I highly recomend it. Very moving!

  587. Lorrie says:

    Cute quilt book. I just finished reading Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and now I’m going to start the Twilight Books – my daughter-in-law is lending them to me and I’m looking forward to reading something light and fluffy.


  588. Mandy says:

    I finished the Twilight Saga – which seems to be a common book to read this summer according to other posts.

    I would love to get my hands on the book being offered. I am pregnant with baby #2 and would like to make a quilt for this one.

  589. Megan says:

    What a creative book! I’m still working on my Farm Uniform using Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I had a great visit with my grown daughter who asked me to show her how to sew – my heart leapt! We spent her visit sewing side-by-side a Amy Butler dress. Now my sister is visiting and we are planning a sewing day. It’s been a fun summer of sewing with family.

  590. Nichole says:

    i just finished reading the book “Shopaholic & Sister” by Sophie Kinsella. A nice easy read. 🙂

  591. Kristin says:

    I’ve been reading a mystery series by Elizabeth Peters. Very good reading! I just finished up, “Becoming the Women of HIs Dreams” I recommend that, also!

  592. Amy says:

    I’m doing more sewing than books, but I’m squeezing in Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, and the Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down by Neta Jackson when I want light reading. Sewing books that are sitting open in my studio because I’m doing projects out of them are Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens by Lena Corwin and Thayer Allyson Gowdy (summer is a great time to try something different!) and Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials by Betz White. Now it’s off to garage sales looking for fabric bargains for “green” projects!

  593. Sherpa says:

    Right now I’m reading Relic by Lincoln and Childs. Love it!

  594. Heather says:

    I’ve been a bit of a slacker, so the only thing I’m reading is scriptures.

  595. Christy says:

    Ooo, I love to hear what everyone is reading…made a new library list for me! I just started My Antonia by Willa Cather. The quilting book looks lovely! Thanks for the chance to win!

  596. Lydia says:

    I am just finishing the Twilight book. I know, I know….better late than never. I’m probably too old to be getting into this YA novel, but it’s fun, mindless reading!
    I’ve never heard of the book that you’re giving away, but it sure does look like fun!!

  597. Rebecca says:

    I’m been reading a couple summer fiction’s and re-reading my quilt magazines. Having a lazy hot summer!

  598. dorothy says:

    I’m on a big “Weekend Sewing” kick right now. Thank you, Heather Ross. I’m also listening to an audio version of “Last Child in the Woods” while I’m working on my knitting, and my hubs has been reading “Twilight” aloud in the evenings while I work on, yes, more knitting.

    That quilting book is just amazing. I’d love to have a copy!

  599. Jennifer says:

    I’m reading a ton this summer. I just finished The Host, and now I’m finishing A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. My reading list is pretty big – you can see it on Goodreads!

  600. Donna K says:

    Fabric is such a wonderful thing!
    It is fun to use it to create wonderful things products

  601. Donna C says:

    I love fabric! All the designs and beauty in them. The colors, that evoke different emotions and feelings. Such a wonderful thing to have such variety!

  602. megan says:

    I’ve been enjoying English mysteries this summer – so much fun! I’ve also been going back through all the craft and sewing books I already have for some (re)fresh inspiration on Christmas gift ideas.

  603. Jill says:

    Right now I am reading Anna Karenina. My bookclub just read Reviving Ophelia and we are now reading The Scarlet Pimpernel. My favorite sewing book these days is Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

  604. Valerie says:

    Oh are those quilts adorable, perfect for all my baby cousins (and perhaps one for me, how could I resist?). Thanks for sharing!

  605. Emily S says:

    I have been drooling over this book for a long time! My crafty book reading has gone by the wayside this summer in exchange for baby books – my first is due in 2 days!

  606. Anya T. says:

    I read Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult this summer. Thanks for the chance.

  607. Stacy says:

    I’m working my way through the City of Ember books. I just picked up “Seams to Me” at the library and I’m looking forward to going through it!

  608. Annie says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book!

    I’ve been reading a few things this summer, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for some lighthearted reading, it’s very entertaining!

  609. Megan says:

    I’ve just finished The Devil in the Junior League. It’s very funny!

  610. Samantha says:

    Sewing-wise, I’m reading/working with Doodle Stitching. But for fun, I’m trying out he Alex Rider/Stormbreaker series.

  611. Bettina Groh says:

    My daughter is just starting to quilt and this book sounds like a great resource! If I win.. she gets it!

  612. Holly Walsh says:

    Crafty-wise, I’m reading Ricky Tim’s Convergence Quilts and … (LOL) Nicky Epstein’s Crochet for Barbie. I’m getting started on Christmas presents for my 4 year old step-daughter (and her naked Barbie hordes). Non-crafty, I’m reading Argentina At A Gallop, about a female traveller that learns to ride horseback and explores across Argentina doing so.

  613. lesley says:

    such a fun book! and i always love the chance for free fabric 🙂

  614. missy says:

    what an adorable book! right now i’m trying to trudge my way through seabiscuit… definitly NOT my kind of book.. but, alas, i have nothing better to read at the moment.

  615. Bonnie says:

    Looks like an awesome book! I have been reading a bunch this summer–quilting books (Material Obsession), knitting (Sock Innovation and Socks from the Top Down) and have the full Twilight series sitting on the counter waiting for me to start it.

  616. Ammie says:

    This week I’ve been perusing The Vogue Book of Sewing, Linen Crafts by Florence Le Maux, and Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter. And I’ve reading non-sewing books like The No-Cry Sleep Method by Elizabeth Bentley, A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers, The Risen Lord by Margaret Barker, and The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl. Obviously I don’t actually finish any of these in one week!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  617. pat says:

    Wonderful book…We have three new babies arriving in the fall, this would be a wonderful guide to present each new little one with a unique gift of their own…. You have a good eye for new stuff!!!!
    Thanks bunch for doing the search…

  618. Kathy says:

    Wow, not only do I get sewing inspiration when I check out the blog, but now I get reading ideas, too!! Since last year I’ve been re-reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. I’ve read them all but the last two, so I thought I’d read the series through to the end. Quite a task — there are 11 books and most are about 1000 pages. But such a great story! The quilting book looks great — I’ve got my eye on that monkey quilt!!

  619. michelle says:

    great giveaway!!! love this website!

  620. laurel groh says:

    What a great contest – right now I’m re-reading to kill a mockingbird. i love this book and i try to read it at least once a year. i love that it never gets old and each time i find it as fascinating as the last!

  621. wendy says:

    I would love to win this book. My kids are 7 and 9, but I have five nieces and nephews under 20 months old!

    I haven’t been reading lately, since I have been sewing every night. I did check out Sew What! Skirts from the library recently. Great book with lots of easy to follow instructions.

  622. Megan H. says:

    This book looks so cute – what an awesome prize to win! I am currently reading my medical terminology summer school book, and I’m also adoring all of the projects in Bend the Rules Sewing (although I haven’t decided which one I want to tackle yet!) I also just picked up 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, and I’m drooling over those, too!

  623. Fiona says:

    This looks like a beautiful book.

  624. Katie says:

    This book looks soo cute!! Im reading Full Speed by Janet Ecanovich…..Great read !!

  625. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous book-thanks so much for Christmas ideas. I’m so inspired.

  626. amanda says:

    I just finished reading “Confessions of a French Baker” and am also working on Sense & Sensibility. Ah, chick lit!

  627. Lorene says:

    That book might be just the right thing to get me going with quilting!

  628. Tricia says:

    I am starting The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie tonight. Came in the mail today! I have been “reading” Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts and Material Obsession . They are the perfect books for inspiration. I can’t look through them enough.

  629. Stacey says:

    I’m reading “The Canon” by Natalie Angier it’s an overview of science for non-science types and her writing is delicious.

  630. Erica says:

    Cute. cute. cute!

  631. JoAnne says:

    I recently bought a serger, and have checked out a bunch of books on creative uses of the serger from the library. Most of them are from the mid 90’s (and look it!) but still contain some very useful tips. I think I’ll try to use the serger for quilting, as soon as I can get more than just the basic 4-thread overlock stitch figured out. 🙂

  632. Mette says:

    I’m reading lots of cooking books this summer. At the moment I’m reading books by Gordon Ramsey and Nigella Lawson. What a generous giveaway.

  633. Lael says:

    I’ve been blocking using “Material Obsession”. Usually I’m just a quick square personality quilter, but I have given piecing a quilt using this book as inspiration. I love how different my quilt is turning out. And now the book above looks interesting….

  634. Celeste says:

    Right now I’m reading Catherine Levison’s Charlotte Mason Handbook and Antonia Fraser’s Mary Queen of Scots. I just finished Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair and Shannon Hale’s The Actor and the Housewife. Not much crafting going on right now, but lots of reading!

  635. Yuan says:

    I love that summer = summer reading. I just finished Julia Gregson’s East of the Sun and forced myself to go very slowly during the last 50 pages so that I could savor the end. A perfect read any time of the year.

  636. Amy says:

    Next to my bed you will find a stack of books that I have been perusing and bookmarking, including “Weekend Sewing”, “Simple Country Wisdom”, the “Domino Decorating Book” and “The Complete Guide to Home Canning and Preserving”. I really need to pull out a novel to balance out all of this “work”. I am now going to my library catalog to look for the quilt book….

  637. Noelle says:

    I am reading Don Quixote (or maybe I should say, “attempting to read”). But I would love to read Quilts, Baby! I have an almost 2 year old boy (Andy) and a 3 month old girl (Daisy). Pick me! 🙂

  638. Jeannine says:

    I’m re-reading The Time Traveller’s Wife, hopefully I’ll be finished with it by the time the movie comes out in two weeks!

  639. Keri says:

    I have been struggling through Brothers Karamazov all summer! I am working my way through Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and am expecting an Amazon copy of Stitched Toys any day now!

  640. Kaylee says:

    All I’ve been reading this summer is cloth diapering reviews. Ugh. This is going to be a long pregnancy! 🙂 Although, flipping through a new baby quilt book could make things go a lot quicker!

  641. Annika says:

    My summer sewing book is Weekend Sewing, and when I am not working on sewing projects I am reading middle grade fiction from the library.

  642. Whistlepea says:

    Right now I’m reading The Golden Compass.

  643. Ellen says:

    That looks like such a great book!
    I’ve been slowing reading Little Dorrit (Dickens) this summer, but got sidetracked by reading the Harry Potter series again so I’m may be reading Little Dorrit far into autumn.

  644. Stacey C. says:

    I’m having fun this summer reading light reads–short stories, kids books, etc. I like to read books I can put down and be interrupted in the middle of the during the summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  645. Tiffany says:

    Toddler books seem to be about the only thing that I read!! Some of my son’s favorites right now are “Big Words for Little People”, and “How Does a Dinosaur go to School”.

  646. Rachel says:

    Awesome, would love to win. Just got started quilting and would love my first book!

  647. Rochelle says:

    What an adorablel book! Looking forward to hand-sewing month!!!

  648. Jennifer says:

    What a great book! The monkey quilt is neat! This summer I have read the “Persian Pickle Club”!

  649. Kathleen says:

    “A Homemade Life” by Molly Wizenberg…and loving it!

  650. Stephanie says:

    I have some quilting books that I recently acquired, so I’ll be reading those.

  651. Monica says:

    The last book I read this summer was “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I’ve been too busy lately to start another pleasure read! The quilting book looks so sweet aninspirational. Thanks for the chance to win!

  652. rachel says:

    fun looking book!

  653. Stacey says:

    I have am currently reading “Sarah’s Quilt” and just finished “The Geurnsey Literary and Potato Pie Society”. Sewing books I have really enjoyed this summer are Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol. I am working on a few projects from that book.

  654. andrea says:

    Looks like a fun book : )

  655. Amanda C. says:

    I am reading Emma by Jane Austen and I am also working my way through Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing by Anna Maria Horner.

  656. Ramona says:

    Currently I am not reading any sewing books but I love to browse through them when I get to the book store or library. I recently received one about re purposing pillow cases which is very cool. The baby quilt book looks very interesting.

  657. I just finished Olive Kitteridge, which was amazing, and now I’m reading Dear Husband, by Joyce Carol Oates. No sewing books right now! (But that would change if, say, I happen to win a gorgeous quilting book!)

  658. Triana says:

    My hubby’s aunt just gave me a book called ” The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolff. I’ve been around sewing and embroidery all my life but am just starting to do it myself for my little family! I’ve become adicted and I can’t wait to use some of the techniques in this book to add some interest to my little pieces.

  659. jody wenner says:

    just finished my second small quilt. would love to have this book so i can learn more and make several more quilts! purchased weekend sewing by heather ross and have made 3 things from it, so far this summer. i also scored a 1969 Singer Sewing book “complete guide to sewing” from a garage sale for $1.

  660. Lea Blakney says:

    I’m currently reading Mother at Home and Kitchen Linens ~ both are wonderful. Love this little book ~ that monkey business quilt is too cute! :0)

  661. Jenni says:

    That book looks too cute! I’m new to quilting, so read a lot of different books. For fun, just finished a good mystery, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, by Alan Bradley.

  662. sarah says:

    Currently reading Water for Elephants by Sara Greun… For sewing pleasure I keep going back to Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross… I love, love, love that book!

  663. meg says:

    this summer i am re-reading the diary of anne frank and reading “as you like it” by shakespeare! 🙂

  664. Fun giveaway! I am reading the complete book of small batch preserving and well-preserved this summer.

  665. Valerie says:

    I just finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society — amazing book. I wasn’t expecting to like it so much!

  666. Steph says:

    I just read Ayelet Waldman’s Bad Mother and it was GREAT.

  667. Katie Mitchell says:

    I am currently reading Until we Reach Home by Lynn Austin, Future Grace by John Piper, and a mirriad of sewing and craft books from the library. My favorite of those so far is Weekend Sewing.

  668. MzTallulah says:

    I finally got Denise Schmidt Quilts just the other day, but I’m mainly reading my daughter’s baby books…

  669. Jacki says:

    I’m working my way through a gore vidal novel, which is REALLY good, but I’m reading it at bedtime and may finish it in a couple of year.
    I’ve been obsessed w/ sewing books lately and just picked up a The Busy Woman’s Sewing Book by Nancy Zieman …this book is GREAT!!! I highly recommend it!!! The tips for planning and organizing are so useful, and the techniques section is worth it’s weight in gold!! I got mine for $4 at Half Price Books.

  670. Lindsey P. says:

    Hope I win!!

  671. Shelley says:

    I would SO love that book! I’m all about baby quilts right now! (Sister AND my sister-in-law are both pregnant too!) I need to get busy making some more quilts before November!!!

  672. Melissa says:

    What an awesome book! I have been reading the Twilight Saga this summer.

  673. Marie says:

    I’m reading a few Jane Austin books this summer – Pride and Prejudice right now.

  674. Amy says:

    I have mostly been reading Martha Stewart magazines this summer, haven’t had much time to read a book, but I’ve been wanting to read the twilight books again.
    This book looks like so much fun, thanks for the chance!

  675. Mary P says:

    I just finished “A Midwife’s Tale” which is a true story of a midwife in New England in the late 1700’s. Really interesting!

  676. Kendall Manwill says:

    At the moment, I’m re-reading Harry Potter 6 before I see the movie (I’m a total nerd that way!), but I’ll be picking up some fun summer reads before heading to the lake next week.

  677. Barb says:

    What a beautiful book! Thanks for sharing such amazing artists and patterns.

  678. Becky says:

    What a lovely book! With a new niece and a grandbaby on the way I would love to win it!

    I am reading “A Cast of Killers” by Sidney Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick recounts Golden Age of Hollywood director King Vidor’s attempts to solve the 1922 murder of fellow director William Desmond Taylor.

    I love true crime books!

  679. Debbi M. says:

    I don’t get to read many book, I’m usually busy making clothes or making quilts with my husband.

  680. Melissa says:

    I am new to sewing, but I just got a used copy of Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I am signed up for a beginning sewing class too. I purchased Weekend Sewing at the beginning of the summer, and can’t wait to tackle some of the projects!! My favorite summer reads this summer have been Julie & Julia and The Time Traveler’s Wife. I have had these books for quite some time and wanted to get them both read before seeing the movies in August. I absolutely loved them both, and only hope the movies do them justice!! (How, I ask, can Meryl Streep not do anything justice?) I also read and thoroughly enjoyed “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.” Lovely book–the cast of characters terrific!

  681. Janet McG says:

    Lots and lots of board books! My 20 month old can not get enough of reading books…it is all we do right now.

  682. Shiloah says:

    The baby quilt book looks lovely! I need to whip up 2 baby quilts soon, and I could use the inspiration. This summer I have read a couple of business/technology books that are excellent: “The Big Switch” and “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”. I have also been reading a “western” mystery series by Craig Johnson. The main character is a county sheriff in Wyoming. I usually go for the british-style Scotland Yard-ish mysterys, so these westerns are a fun departure for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  683. Jeanelle says:

    I am probably the last person on earth to read the Twilight books! They are quick reads and highly entertaining! Also, am loving Betz’s new book Sewing Green.

  684. sarah says:

    reading? I wish I had more time to read. I have been spending a little time with Denyse Schmidts quilting book but my 4 little ones have been keeping me hopping this summer most of the time

  685. I had never seen this book, it looks like a must have! I just finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, great book, can’t wait for the movie.

  686. OOOo I’ve been meaning to learn how to properly quilt. I sewed a bunch of squares together and called it a quilt for a retirement present. It was not a quilt. 🙁

  687. I’ve been enjoying and completing projects from Bend-The-Rules Sewing.

  688. Kara says:

    I had just finished one of the baby quilts in Amy Butler’s “Little Stitches” book, which left me loving the idea of baby quilts, so this book sounds perfect! I’ve also recently hooked/addicted myself to the Twilight Saga…making me feel like I’m 14 again!

  689. bec says:

    oh what a cute book! hope i win!

  690. Tricia says:

    I read the Slippery Year by Melanie Gideon. Not sewing-related, but a very relatable memoir by a talented essayist!

  691. Jenni says:

    I just finished “The shadow of the wind” and it was AMAZING! SOOOO GOOD! Next up is “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

  692. Sasha says:

    I’m reading “When You Are Engulfed in Flames,” by David Sedaris. And next is “My Life in France” – want to read it before I see the movie “Julie & Julia.”

  693. Elizabeth says:

    I have a big stack of Ian Rankin mysteries that have been waiting for the days of summer. But the book that seems to be open most lately is my copy of Wendy Mullins’ ‘Sew U’.

  694. KarenV says:

    I am reading Farm City The Education of an Urban Farmer and making creatures out of Softies Only a Mother Could Love. Great summer reading/sewing as far as I am concerned.

  695. Heather says:

    We’re preparing for baby #4 right now! I would love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  696. Kelly G. says:

    I finally got to read Weekend Sewing and it lived up to its hype. Also reading The House Always Wins and feeling validated in my decorating choices. Needing a good fiction read…

  697. Amber says:

    I listen to a lot of audio books on my commute to work. Currently I’m listening to the House of Sand and Fog. It’s very well written and the character development is great.

    Quilting is a new passion for me (as is sewing in general). This looks like a super qute book.

  698. Katie W says:

    I just read about 5 of Charlaine Harris’ True Blood books, My Sister’s Keeper, “E” by Matt Beumont (again) and Catcher in the Rye. I am also reading What To Expect When Your Expecting and other baby books since I am pregant with my first child due on Christmas Day!

  699. Molly says:

    What a cool book! I would loooove to win this and put it to good use! I just finished Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett and am staring the sequel in the eye. Might start that in a while but working on my first zig zag quilt so that is taking up all my reading time!

  700. Candice says:

    Pick me! :o) I would LOVE to own a copy of this book as I’ve been making the same baby quilt and am looking for a new pattern!!! I just finishe reading My Sister’s Keeper, and would definitely recommend it to others! Thank you for this opportunity!

  701. Jennifer says:

    Great looking book! I just finished Material Obession. Trying to learn as much about quilting as possible!


  702. Autumn says:

    I just read Almost Moon, but Alice Se…? What a dark book. I finished, but felt like I should’ve spent the time sewing…….I don’t recommend.

    Now, I’m reading Inkheart, a suggestion from my 13 year old. She has great taste.

  703. Janelle says:

    I’m not actually reading any books this summer thus far! I’m still trying to plan for baby #2 and take care of toddler #1 while trying to fit sewing in somewhere. The story of my life.

  704. Misha says:

    I’m going to be reading Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley. If I ever get around to it! Really I’m waiting for nice porch weather to be able to read outside.

  705. Taya says:

    I am reading The House of Night Series. But definitely have been browsing aroung and making a list of some sewing and quilting books I want to get.

  706. Christa says:

    I love this book! Lately I’ve been reading a lot of House and Home mags, and Canadian Living mags. It’s summer and time for short and sweet reads between chasing after all my kids. I can’t wait for cooler weather and more time for sewing, but right now with no A/C the sewing machine is in the sauna of a house and I’m outside with my feet in the kiddie pool.

  707. Chelsea Heights says:

    The quilting book looks so fun. My sewing read is Seams to Me and my beach read is The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, which I can’t seem to get lost in.

  708. DebbieKL says:

    I’m reading an old Dean Koontz book these days. They always keep me interested!

  709. Meghan says:

    I’m reading Weekend Sewing (and getting ready to start my first few projects from the book – I’m trying to jumpstart my holiday crafting, inspired by Christmas in July!) and also re-reading some of my favorite novels in the evenings before bed.

  710. Camie says:

    It seems like everyone I know is having babies (including me!) I make so many baby quilts, I would love some new inspiration!

  711. anja says:

    good reads this summer–two of Michael Perry’s books, Population 485 and Truck. I hope to get to Coop before the summer’s over, too. Also The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

  712. Adrianne Foreman says:

    Actually, I’ve finally been reading the Harry Potter books. My kids are too young for them yet, so they’re all mine!

  713. Mary Anna says:

    What a wonderful book! I love the monkeys and the birds on the cover are intriguing!

    This summer, I’ve started reading again (two boys under age 4 leave little time for anything I want to do!). I’ve read “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” and “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” in the past month. Neither were light but both were fantastic and moving.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful giveaways, ideas and inspiration!

  714. Erin says:

    cute quilt book! I’m reading/looking up things in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” again, along with reading “It’s All Too Much” by Peter Walsh, about decluttering. It’s a great book.

  715. Beth says:

    I’m just finishing up the last of Ayelet Waldman’s “Mommy Track Mystery” books. They’re fun, easy summer reads.

  716. Kathryn says:

    I just finished the second book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series-the last book in my summer reading pile. I ordered a bunch of books online, but they’re taking forever to ship!

  717. sondra says:

    I’ve been reading, “Chicken Soup for the Grandparents Soul”. As a new grandmother, I would love the quilt book!

  718. Shannah says:

    Love the book! It’d be perfect to look through for the crop of babies coming up among my friends.

    This week I’m reading Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

    Love the giveaways! I’m also new to your site, and am really enjoying all the inspiration I find here. Thanks!

  719. Mary H says:

    Oh, and right now I’m reading, “Raising Your Spirited Child.”

  720. Sally says:

    Looks like a great book! I just finished The Life of Edward Sawtell, and I’m waiting for some new books to come in the mail!

  721. Judy D. says:

    this book looks wonderful! i’m currently reading Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas…

  722. Melissa says:

    I’m reading all manner of books that my kids (aged 1-9) want to hear read! School will start soon and then I’ll read “grown up” stuff again!


  723. La Yen says:

    So cute! I am starting Winters Tale by Mark Helprin. It is great so far!

  724. Jessica says:

    looks like an awesome book. I’ll have to find a copy to look through sometime soon.

  725. Leigh says:

    Right now I’m reading “The Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte.” I am going to use these comments for book ideas when I head to the beach at the end of the month!

  726. Mary H says:

    Lovely book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  727. sandy says:

    Oh I so need this. My cousins DD is finally going to have a baby …. I’m thrilled for them …. they are still jumping up/down with JOY. Please throw me into the pot. THANKS

  728. damocamelia says:

    Oh waow… that would be a great giveaway to win!!!

    Readings ??? Non-sewing is a book by Pearl Buck… Concerning sewing, I have been more in the “pick what you find on the web” mood : no purchase yet (and also I won a bags-book by a french friend)

  729. Tina says:

    Hand sewing month?? Awesome! That quilt book has been on my wish list for quite awhile. It just looks so adorable. I just bought a new serger, so I’ve been reading Sew U Knits. I’ve also really been enjoying Betz White’s Sewing Green, although I may like Warm Fuzzies better. And as soon as it comes, I hope to be enjoying Amanda Soule’s new Handmade Home…it’s already pre-ordered!

  730. Carrie Picott says:

    I’m too busy reading crafting blogs to be reading a book right now. But I would like to read the Time Traveler’s Wife before the movie comes out.

  731. qsogirl says:

    I’m currently re-reading Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott for the gazillionth time until I can get to the library to pick up some more books to read! I’m also enjoying looking through Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing.

  732. So far this summer I have read.. The latest Charline Harris book (the author of the true blood series) Sex and the City, Harry Potter (the first one) Angels and Demons and I am now currently reading A Lion of a Man (its the most recent of the wicked series.) And of coarse I read and reread my Quilting Arts Magazine!

  733. Andrea Methvin says:

    I am reading “The Summer Kitchen”, a quick read, and a feel good book as well. I also plan on starting “The Help” and “Snow in August” for my Goodreads group. My favorite sewing book this summer has been Alicia Paulson’s “Stitched in Time”. I have made 3 dolls, several birthday and celebrate banners, and I plan on making the mobile as well. So much fun! I love summer sewing and reading!

  734. Julie says:

    Cute looking book! I’ve been reading A Homemade Life. Great book, tasty recipes and just a wonderful read. Of course this is along with reading the many blogs, sewing and knitting books too.

  735. Jill says:

    I love that monkey quilt! I think I need to make that for my son, George.

    This summer I’m reading “Carry On, Jeeves” by P.G. Wodehouse. It’s hilarious and so fun to read.

  736. Sara Hemmeke says:

    Aww! Adorable! Summer reading includes many knitting books and patterns, preparing for the Christmas gift giving.

  737. Stephanie says:

    I am reading anything I can get my hands on. I am a bookworm not just in the summer but year round! I think my next book selection will be the 1st book in the sookie stackhouse series. I hear its good!

  738. Fun book! Currently I’m browsing through Betz White’s Sewing Green and day dreaming about fabulous thrift store fabric finds.

  739. Kaye says:

    Wow! I am on vacation and kinda forgot it was Friday. I was very excited to see the great giveaway for this week. I love to quilt, I love babies and I love books about em. I would love to add this book to my collection. Thanks SMS.

  740. julie says:

    OH I just love this book. I have checked it from the library several times. But it sure would be fun to have my own copy.
    thans to SMS for all the fun ideas. I really love the Christmas ones. Even though it is 90 degrees it still gets me thinking about Christmas.
    Thanks for all you do here.

  741. corinne says:

    love the book! i’m reading Harry Potter’s book 7 again, having just seen 6 in the theaters. i’d be reading my quilting book but alas, it’s in a moving box somewhere!

  742. Anita says:

    I just finished reading the Twilight series in about 2 weeks. Those books just hook you so that you can’t stop reading them until you are done!

  743. Ida Nielsen says:

    What a cute book!! I just started sewing so for now I’m reading The new Sewing Guide Essential 😉

  744. Joelle says:

    I have been reading some crafting books (Itty Bitty Knits, Weekend Sewing, Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts) and trying to start The Book Thief. This quilt book looks absolutely adorable. I love the modern take on quilts – especially for children/babies. Wonderful!

  745. Kari Bodell says:

    I’ve been wanting to pick up this book for the past month or so. It’s beautifuL!

  746. Fabric and a quilt book – what could be better? Perhaps a win? Either one would be just lovely.

  747. angie harris says:

    I’m just starting to read Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant.

  748. Dani says:

    That baby quilt book is adorable! Along with that, I’m just reading dissertation-related stuff; no time for for fun reading! 🙁 But once I get some free time, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is next on the list!

  749. Katy says:

    I know I may be the first person to comment, but hopefully that will be some good luck for me! Oh, and I’m currently reading 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, amazing!


  750. Michelle says:

    That book looks so cute!!! I am currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, which is a cheat, because I’ve already read it 🙂 But it is amazing, if you get a chance, give it a peek.

  751. Angela says:

    what am i reading this summer? blogs! oh and lots of mystery & suspense novels too. but mostly blogs… 🙂

  752. Nadia says:

    this book looks particularly awesome. I’ve been making my way through some Neil Gaiman books this summer.

  753. Trina says:

    Most of my quilts are made as baby gifts… I have probably made 50 baby quilts and am running out of ideas! I would love to get that book for a fresh look to my quilts.

  754. Sarah says:

    That book is darling! This summer has been slow reading time – too busy having fun in the sun! Although, right now I’m reading About a Boy, The Gift of Dyslexia and for crafty goodness I’m attempting to use my first Japanese sewing book (although reading in Japanese has me baffled LOL).

  755. Amber Dooley says:

    I’m reading the Julie/Julia project…which is fantastic. I love your blog and I wold love even more to be a winner!!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

  756. jacquie says:

    oh i love this book! kajsa’s work is stunning! so great of you to feature it! i’m sure there are lots of other great work to discover inside.

  757. christy says:

    What a cute book! I’d love to win.

  758. Vonda says:

    Wow, Not really a quilter but think I might have to start. What great ideas. I’m working my way through Weekend sewing right now. Always fun to have new things to sew when it’s too hot to do house work.:)

  759. AllieK says:

    I am usually so busy sewing, cleaning, & raising 2 kids that I rarely have free time to just read… I did pickup Bending the Rules Sewing byAmy Karol and have had fun looking thru it in my spare time.
    I am aslo a big fan of 500 Vessels .. I recieved this book for Christmas 2 years ago and still have fun going thru it and looking at the different vessels..

  760. Rebecca says:

    Aww, these are so cute! I’d love to see all the designs. Lately, I’m reading a quilting book called Little Lone Star Quilts. The little tiny lone stars are so cute and I don’t have the frustrations of working on a huge piece or dealing with tons of bias edges.

  761. vanessa says:

    Cute book! I would love to win a copy. I’m reading Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. It’s a great book. I would highly recommend it.

  762. Toby says:

    I have been reading a wide selection. Fiction on my long list, non fiction such as the Tori Spelling books and Dewey the library cat, old childrens fiction books I read as a child, and new ones too my girls have shown me they love. And of course some cooking and sewing books too. And been adding to my own sewing collection with the Amy Butler books.

  763. gardenymph says:

    I love this book and have tried to win it once before. Maybe this will be my lucky chance? I sure hope so! I am currently reading The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

  764. Mari Monroe says:

    That book is so cute! I’m addicted to making baby quilts. I would LOVE this book!

  765. Missy says:

    Just from the above peek, I’m in love with this book! How adorable, and useful! Even if I don’t win, and even though I have no reason to make a bumper, I may have to get this book.

  766. Erika says:

    this is a book I have been looking for they say is a great book for fun baby projects. I am nor really reading a book now. with two little ones I had harly time to sit an read but I do have audiobooks and I am enjoying Emma right now.

  767. Maggie says:

    That book is adorable. I am reading “Raising your spirited child”, I hope it is helpful because 3 year olds are tough and this one of mine is the toughest I’ve seen. It’s a good thing I adore her!

  768. Danielle says:

    Reading several books this summer, but primarily Lois Bujold-McMaster Sharing Knife Series. I’m in the middle of Volume 2 “Legacy”.

  769. Nanna says:

    I would love to win this book.

  770. Greeblygreebly says:

    I’m reading lots of memoirs this summer and also gazing through a lot of sewing books (like Sew Darn Cute and Weekend Sewing) .

  771. Jena says:

    I am a SAHM of 4 boys (2 of which are pre-schoolers) so I feel very often that my mind is going to mush. So last year, I made it a personal goal of mine to average reading 1 book a month (1/2 of which I wanted to be non-fiction and non-children). I read 13 books last year. I wanted to have the same goal for myself this year, but to beat it by at least 1 book (that would be 14). So far I have read 9 books. I am reading ‘Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson currently and I just completed ‘Love Comes Softly’ by Janette Oke.

  772. Pamela says:

    I just finished Rule of Four. It was a fun and exciting read!

  773. Jessica R. says:

    Summer reading: The Twilight series. I’m on book three, “Eclipse,” by Stephanie Meyers. Two girls I work with got me to read them and it’s easy light reading. I’m looking forward to finishing the fourth Twilight book so I can start on the Sookie Stackhouse vampire book series next!!!

  774. Jennifer says:

    I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon at this point in t he summer. 🙂

  775. Madge says:

    pick me pick me pick me!!!!

  776. Natalie says:

    Oh this looks wonderful!
    Thank you for always being so generous!

  777. Megan says:

    Lovin’ those monkeys. Reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. So good.

  778. MegVS says:

    I have been reading a lot of Lori Wick novels. I am addicted! I looovvve sewing books. I am usually browsing through at least one. Looking forward to Hand Sewing Month! Sounds fun!

  779. Jessica says:

    I’m working on trucking through my copies of “Seams to Me” and “In Stitches,” in terms of sewing books. For myself, I’m re-reading “!776” and Mary Chestnut’s Civil War diary like a good little history teacher.

  780. Ellen says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I actually just finished reading Marie Webster’s “Quilts: Their Story and How to Make Them”. It was great, being written in 1915, some things never change! (And some things really do!!!) I’m now on to George MacDonald Fraser’s “Flashman”, which is not for the faint of heart!

  781. May says:

    Been reading quite a few novels and most recent one was the Lover’s Knot Mystery. A quilt themed cozy. It was a fun summer read.

  782. I am reading “Loving Frank” and I am loving that baby quilt book!

  783. Laura says:

    What a great looking book! My plan is to hopefully get preggo this year and make at least one baby quilt for the little tyke. BTW – I love your blog!

  784. Jody says:

    Would love to make that monkey quilt for grand monkey #4!
    I am currently reading Einstein His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson. Not my usual light summer read but very interesting.

  785. Tabitha O. says:

    This summer has found me reading less fiction and more inspirational creative books…just finished Alexandria by Lindsey Davis and Sew Teen by Sheila Zent at the request of & with one of my daughters.

  786. Shannon Reed says:

    Adorable book!

  787. Leandre says:

    What a sweet-looking book. I would love to explore it and make a quilt for my daughter from it.

  788. Megan says:

    No sewing books, but right now I’m reading the Poisonwood Bible.

  789. Kolleen says:

    What a darling book–it’s always nice to make something a little EXTRA special, even though a quilt is always special. I have been reading Laurie King–several books about Sherlock Holmes’ very young, very intelligent wife and the crimes they solve together. Great historical details!

  790. Sarah Kubinski says:

    I am reading some fun stash busting books, too many Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, and a lot of great children’s books (Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore is a current fav).

  791. abbie says:

    I’m reading Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows this summer! Saw the HP movie and now I needed to remind myself how the series finishes!

  792. Jennifer says:

    my summer reading is quite varied (and yes, i’m reading them at the same time): “burning bright” by tracy chevalier, “the mackade brothers” by nora roberts, “easy baby knits: clothes and accessories for 0-3 yr olds” by claire richardson (this one has FANTASTIC patterns in it and i’m knitting a sweater right now) and a variety of quilting magazines.

  793. Malea says:

    This book looks fantastic! I keep finding out about new babies, this would be perfect inspiration for all the showers I have to look forward to! Not to mention this would be so much more fun reading than the books I’m reading to finish my masters thesis. Currently, Wiley’s Remediation Technologies Handbook. . .

  794. Jackie says:

    Cute book!

  795. brenda king says:

    I just bought “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross and love it. Great giveaway.

  796. Ellyn says:

    I’m currently reading Get Happy, the biography of Judy Garland. Great book but looooong! Of course in between I am reading quilt & sewing magazines (all of them, LOL)

  797. cynthia says:

    It’s winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere, so I’m going through my Austen, Dickens, Henry James shelf with a warm cup of tea in hand and my feet near the heater between sewing sessions. Right now, I’m over Little Dorrit and about to pounce on The Portrait of a Lady.

    Have a gorgeous Friday!


  798. Renee E says:

    I am reading homeschool teacher books!
    I am gearing up for back to school.
    Love to win some fabric!

  799. molly says:

    Looks like a great source of inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.

  800. corina says:

    A few days ago I got “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins from the local library. Although not your typical summer book, it is fascinating.

  801. Suzanne says:

    I would LOVE to take a peek at the rest of the designs in the book! What I saw already inspired me! I love making different baby quilts for each new little one that comes into my life!
    As for summer reading, I have not yet read a book for fun even though I have checked out a few library books! My summer reading so far has been books for work: Engaging Autism and The Functional Emotional Assessment Scale for Infancy & Early Childhood.

  802. Katie Bowlby says:

    I just picked up a copy of Learn To Machine Quilt from my local library. (Really, I should’ve read this BEFORE I made my first quilt…)

  803. Hannah says:

    Right now, I’m reading The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister.

  804. Hedgehog says:

    I love so many of the artists featured in this book!

    I just finished reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. Fitting. One of the most beautiful books I’ve read in years.

    Other books I’ve recently finished include Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini and Donna Leon’s About Face.

  805. Ellen Ban says:

    I am catching up on Harry Potter and pulling out my quilting books for inspiration most evenings after work. I’ve looked at the quilts in Quilts, Baby! and would love to win a copy! Looking for ward to hand sewing!

  806. Fanny Priest says:

    I`m the first to comment? Really? This summer (my first as a seamstress!) I am reading Little, Big by John Crowley, and flipping through Amy Butler`s Midwest Modern.

  807. kt says:

    Yay! I am done having babies, but the fabric sounds wonderful!!!!!

  808. Charity says:

    As a new quilter/sewer, I have been learning so much from the blog. I am looking forward to hand sewing month.
    Currently I have been reading my literature book. Not the most fun. But one more college course done in just a few weeks. Hooray!

  809. Deb G says:

    I’m reading Haute Handbags magazines this summer. Have purchased several back issues from Etsy and eBay sellers and am having a super great time reading these wonderful magazines!

  810. Amanda says:

    Hello! It is amazing I’m reading anything that’s not printed on heavy, thick cardboard – thanks kids – but I’m reading “Loving Frank” by Nancy Horan. It is a book about Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress. I haven’t gotten very far yet due to sewing projects, but I can’t wait to find some time and read more. A great change from the standard Curious George and Dora the Explorer books!

  811. Erica says:

    I just got the book “Cute Stuff” by Aranzi Aronzo. It is full of cute little projects that can be hand sewn or sewn on the machine. I’m taking it on vacation with me in case I find some extra time and feel like I just have to sew. 🙂
    I am also reading the Left Behind series. It’s a christian book series about the earths last days, and it’s wonderful and addicting.

  812. Sarah Allen says:

    I’m reading Harry Potter to my 5 year old son.

  813. Kathleen C. says:

    I love to read and I love to applique, hand quilt and make other things too. The book looks wonderful and so much more modern than my standard patterns. Winning fabric is especially great, to help my fabric collection.
    I volunteer at a small library so I am always trying new books. I’m reading the Phillippa Gregory books about the wives of Henry; Anita Shreve’s Testimony, Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir, and numerous mysteries by John Lescroat, Dick Francis and others.
    I am always rereading my quilt books such as Dutch Treat by Judy Garden, In the Quilted Garden by Jane Sassaman and Quilting Outside the Block by Sandi Cummings and books about Baltimore Album quilts. I’ve recently gotten books from interlibrary loan: 2 books by Gwen Marston were my favorites.
    Thank you for this generous giveaway,
    Kathleen C.

  814. Amanda says:

    What a sweet book! Right now I am reading my Weekend Sewing book to get a head start on making Christmas presents, and Chic&Simple Sewing to make a new wardrobe for myself.

  815. Mayya says:

    Oh wow this book is wonderful. I have acutally joined your goodreads book 🙂
    I am a bookworm which means i am ready more than one book so i am currently reading Sew U by Wendy Holden and Harvesting the heart by Jodi Picoult
    I hope i win 🙂

  816. Tori says:

    This book looks so cute! This summer I am reading Tale of Two Cities for book club.

  817. Carolyn says:

    I’m reading Sew U – Home Stretch, and attempting to sew knits sans serger

  818. Brooke says:

    Rereading the entire harry potter series in preparation for seeing the newest movie!

  819. Marie says:

    I’ve got my first baby on the way, this would be perfect! 🙂

  820. Kim Warhurst says:

    I am just learning to quilt, thanks to author Marie Bostwick. I have read two of her books this summer titled “A Single Thread” and “A Thread of Truth”. They are fiction books about a quilt store owner and women she meets through a quilting class she gives. It really inspired me to learn to quilt so that I could one day hopefully participate in “Quilt Pink”. Really great summer reads!

  821. This book is super adorable! The illustrations are beautiful and creative.

  822. Tricia L. says:

    That looks like an awesome book! I just finished reading The Graveyard Book for book club. It’s a children’s book and was excellent. I will be starting Jennifer Weiner’s new book Best Friends Forever this weekend. Not looking forward to it with what I’ve heard about it. it’s also for book club.

  823. Rita says:

    This book looks perfect!

    I just finished reading “Cutting for Stone”. It was so wonderful! I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good read.

  824. Nana of NC says:

    As is usually the case in the summer, I’m reading romance novels and currently The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy. I like reading in the hot summer months here in NC, but when it cools down, it’s back to sewing.

    Love to hear that there’s an interest in hand sewing too. Seems like a lost art at times with some of us. Love your blog!

  825. Lea says:

    The latest book for me is ‘ the $64tomato’ by w Alexander . Great for allthose veggie gardeners! I love the look of that quilt book though

  826. Linda Grant says:

    I love your site! Fabric is an obsession. Would like to know how to enter your contest for the day. Thanks!!

  827. Tracey says:

    I’m reading The Time Traveler’s Wife, and whatever board book my little man hands me to read about 1/2 a page of before he toddles off for more trouble!

  828. Debra says:

    Cute book, it would be great to win that or the fabric! Oh, I’ve been reading, “Sew What, Skirts” but have too many projects right now to start one but hope to soon. Also reading “Patchwork Gifts” and hope to make the Little Bits quilt as a Christmas gift.

  829. E says:

    I’ve managed to read two books this summer. “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Dumbing Us Down, The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling.” I know they have been around awhile, but with two toddlers I’ll take what I can get!

  830. Missy Ann says:

    Monkey quilt! How cute. 😀

  831. Breanna Laquay says:

    I have just recently started sewing and was not thrilled about quilting, until I made a patchwork bag. Now I am starting to love it, that book looks so creative!

  832. Norma says:

    That woodland creatures bumper look so adorable.

    I’m reading “East of Eden” right now

  833. Debra says:

    Cute book! It would be great to win that or the fabric!

  834. nicolette says:

    That book is on my wish-list! Thanks for hosting this wonderful give-way!

  835. Mari says:

    I am currently reading books on Attachment Parenting.

  836. Sarah G says:

    I’m reading a lot this summer… currently I’m in between Oliver Sachs’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and other short stories and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and the Damned. I’d love to win either of these prizes!

  837. Michaelanne Neal says:

    I would LOVE to win this book! I was just blessed with my 3rd grandchild, a boy, June 25th! I have 3 alltogether, and they all have quilts from Gramma, but I am always looking for something cute to stitch up for them!! Sincerely, Michaelanne

  838. craftytammie says:

    That book looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  839. Calee Himes says:

    What a great book with lots of cute patterns!

    This summer I’m plowing through my boyfriend’s suggested reading list (ie. the ones HE suggests for me). He was an english major and is applying to grad school for creative writing and/or library science, so you know he’s got good taste.

    I recently completed Interpreter of Maladies (a collection of short stories) and Heft on Wheels (non-fiction about an overweight unhealthy guy who turned into a cyclist). I’m waiting for the next suggestion, but love reading short stories and books about health. 🙂

  840. Pam says:

    I’ve never quilted before, maybe this would inspire me to start. Thank you for another chance at a giveaway.

  841. Crisanne says:

    I’m reading Joshilyn Jackson books this summer.

  842. Corinne says:

    That quilt book looks absolutely delicious!
    I’ve been terrible at reading this Summer, unfortunately. But I have read a great deal of Magic Treehouse and Junie B. Jones to my son – does that count? 🙂

  843. Kris says:

    This book is so cute!

  844. Dot says:

    Have been reading many novels but also re-reading issues of Quilting Arts magazine as my skills have improved since the first issue and I am spending the summer trying totally new techniques in sewing and creating fabric to work with.

  845. wintu nancy says:

    I am mostly reading what I call ‘fluff’, not much effort to read as I am worn out from yard work and the heat. Mostly mysteries…

  846. Lori says:

    I read North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell recently, I liked it…very Jane Austen-esque.

  847. Jessica H says:

    Among my favorite reads this summer were Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, Chris Bohjilian’s Midwives, and the Floor of the Sky by Pamela Carter Joern.

  848. Sarah says:

    Such a cute book! Enter me please! 🙂

  849. Mare says:

    So beautiful, and eventhough I don´t have babies at home anymore, I just LOVE doing baby quilts!

  850. Sandy says:

    I have a 45-60 minute commute each way to work, so I read a lot, about a book a week. The best books I’ve read this summer have been the Kate Atkinson books with detective Brodie Jackson, the first is Case Histories. She’s a great author.

  851. Samantha says:

    This looks like a fun book! This summer I’m doing a lot of reading on birth and babies in preparation for the birth of our first child this fall!

  852. Rita Wendt says:

    I love to make baby things. Normally they are small and I have just enough time to make them. And the colors and patterns are wonderful. Thank you for the chance to win!

  853. Katie says:

    What an awesome looking book. I’m definitely going to have to buy it (unless I happen to win it which would be awesome). My two year old daughter has been seriously attached to a stuffed monkey since the day she was born. She now loves any kind of monkeys, so I just HAVE to make the monkey quilt.

    Thanks for this great blog. I just started reading it last week. I just love it. I’m making the advent calendar quilt now and loving it. (Not that I really know what I’m doing, but the tutorials are great.)

  854. JenniferM. says:

    Oh my goodness, that books looks like my style exactly. How beautiful! I’m reading my way through all of Jane Austen this summer.

  855. Christine says:

    oh my… between the knitting books, I’m mostly reading Organic Chemistry, as I’m prepping/teaching my son the subject so he can get a head start on his fall class at college.

    Christine, Organic Chemist Knitter!

  856. April says:

    For sewing: I finally caved an bought a copy of Weekend Sewing. I won’t be trying the Yard Sale skirt, as I’ve heard nothing but horrors – but I cannot WAIT to try the house shoes, and I know my niece and nephew will love that tent.

    I picked up a slew of nonsewing beach reads last time I was at Costco. I probably won’t have a chance to get near a beach, but I’ll read like I’m there!

  857. Grace says:

    Would love to win!
    Just started reading The Giver. (Not a craft book!)

  858. Elizabeth says:

    Just finished eat, pray, love, the wabi sabi house, and working on prodigal summer by barbara kingsolver.

  859. April says:

    I have been reading a bunch of free downloads from the Harlequin Romance Site in honor of their 60th birthday. 🙂

  860. Rachel says:

    I’ve been reading for the adult summer reading program at my local library. I read a great biography on Mother Teresa and I also enjoyed “The Reader”.

  861. Robin D says:

    What a cute book!. Right now I am reading The Birth House.

  862. One of the books I am reading this summer is Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson. I love this book. Not only does it have some really cute projects in it, it is a wonderful read.

  863. Radha says:

    Nice book!

    I am currently reading “Pretty little potholders” – I just bought it recently and am inspired to make many of them and give them away as gifts, especially with some nice 50’s style fabrics!!


  864. Carolyn says:

    Who says those are baby quilts? The designs are adorable! I would make those for my friends and me!

  865. Emma says:

    I am currently reading Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously by Julie Powell. So far I am really enjoying! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize.


  866. Bethany says:

    I just started reading Pride and Prejudice for the second (or third) time. Also reading a Woman After God’s Own Heart and The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment. So many good books way too little time!

  867. Andi says:

    What a cute book! I especially like the woodland creatures. Although I always have several books on the go (and usually at least one of them relates to sewing) this has been a bit of a cookbook summer for me (Jamie Oliver is a current favourite). I also re-read the entire Harry Potter series in order (love those books!) and have a stack of books I need to get through before school starts (I’m teaching a new grade level this year.) There’s never enough time to read (or sew!)

  868. Shawna says:

    I just ordered Chic and Simple Sewing and Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase and am looking forward to reading those. Non-sewing reading: Jesus For President, What’s So Amazing About Grace, and lots of mysteries.

  869. Linda says:

    I am reading mainly chick lit during the summer…I am currently reading Marian Keyes Anybody Out There! Thanks!

  870. anna says:

    ooooh! pick me.

  871. Angela N says:

    I’m reading the Lightning Theif series, per my 10 yr olds recommendation. It is quite enjoyable.

  872. Dru says:

    Would love to win! Not reading anything at the moment except a bunch of sewing blogs 🙂

  873. taramarissa says:

    What a cute book! I’m a beginning quilter and I will definitely be adding this book to my wish list! Unfortunately, the only “summer reading” I’m doing is studying for professional registration exams!

  874. jessica says:

    I’ve been reading short novels along with craft books at night while tabbing ideas for holiday gifts. I’ve been eying that quilt book for some time now.

  875. Michelle says:

    On the crafting front, I’ve been consumed by Heather Ross’s “Weekend Sewing” for a while now. I’m sure to embark on one of her projects once I have the time.

    On the fiction front, I’m reading Edith Wharton’s “Summer,” a novella. Instead of meeting at one of the member’s homes to discuss it, we’re heading to western Mass, where the story is set, and visiting Wharton’s home, The Mount (because we’re book geeks like that!).

  876. becky says:

    I am just now hand quilting my second baby quilt. I’d love some new inspiration, whether it is in the form of new patterns or new fabric. Have a great weekend!!

  877. molly says:

    Reading a thrifted book called Growing up Green by Alice Skelsey and Gloria Huckaby, just finished Me Talk Pretty One Day, and LOTS of kids books.

  878. Laura says:

    I’m reading lots of different books about “green, organic” housecleaning – my favorite is Easy Green Living. I’m also reading some fun fiction too! I also just sewed the toiletries bag from Weekend Sewing and was really quite frustrated with it. The pattern was flawed, she told us to buy too little fabric, the directions were confusing, etc. In the end, my friend and I did figure it out – I’m glad we were sewing it together!

  879. HPENNIE says:

    This summer I am reading the Palmer Fit for Real People…..not exactly light, easy reading. But lots of Dr. Suess and picture books with the kids every day much up the lighthearted portion of my reading right now anyway 🙂 This quilt book looks neat….for all my quilting buddies!

  880. Jennifer says:

    Funny thing, as I was just thinking about making a bumper for my daughter’s crib to entertain her some and here’s this book with another wonderful idea. Currently working my way through several books which I posted on me blog, but more inspiration in always welcome. New fabric would be good too!

  881. truly says:

    i recently bought Make your Own Contemporary Quilts by Paola Pieroni. i have yet to make my first quilt, but hope that this book gets me going in the right direction. i have been so inspired by the beautiful quilt designs in it.

  882. Sarah says:

    That quilting book looks adorable. This summer I’m reading “Wickett’s Remedy” by Myla Goldberg, but I’m slowing down at the end because I don’t know what’s next!

  883. Tiffany Bird says:

    I’m reading National Geographic’s Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography. Great book to improve photography and take advantage of your digital camera.

  884. evie s. says:

    Great giveaway! I’m reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamante. I just started it a few days ago, but so far a great read!

  885. Amanda says:

    This summer has been spent reading “Cars and Trucks and Things that Go” over and over and over again with my daughter. She has yet to grow old of looking at the big detailed pages.

  886. Kaye Prince says:

    I read tons of books all the time. Right now I’m reading volume 2 of the Selected Journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I also just picked up a sewing book called the Impatient Patchworker which I’m flipping through.

  887. Charlene says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous book! I would love to win. My family spends time at Pawley’s Island every summer and I have been reading local author’s novels. I especially have enjoyed The Color of Light. It is a book with romance, mystery and self-discovery. It is fun because you know exactly the places in the book that the author is talking about.

  888. Aunt Spicy says:

    Does the new Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook count as summer reading?

    The Quilts Baby book looks fabulous, love ideas for clean modern baby quilts!

  889. Nicole says:

    What a fun read! Of course, with little ones running about all day it can be hard enough to get a bit of sewing in, never mind reading! But, I have been able to read Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and Sew What! Skirts…now if only I could tackle a few of the inspired projects!
    Thanks so much and have a lovely weekend!

  890. Alexis says:

    Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing is my sewing read, and my very high brow none sewing read is a biography of the Duchess of Devonshire!

  891. Roxanne says:

    Right now I am reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and “Finding the Angel Withn.”

  892. Amy says:

    What an adorable book! And thanks for getting me geared up for Christmas. It was great fun to go back through the archives and make some plans. I picked up a copy of “Funky Chunky Crocheted Accessories” this week and I’ve been obsessed with the cute projects. I’ve almost finished a ruffled scarf.

  893. Cecile says:

    Hello ! I’m the first here !
    I’m reading the Elm Creek Quilts series by Jennifer Chiaverini, and all the quilting and sewing book I can check out at my library. The last one I loved is “Layer cakes, Jelly rolls and charms quilts”.

  894. looks like a great book!

  895. Stacey says:

    cool!! i am currently not reading a book, gotta buy a new one!!

  896. Michelle says:

    I think this is a great little book. It’s nice they included a few templats as well. Thanks for all the giveaways!

  897. Dempsey Rice says:

    This book is truly beautiful in content and design! I read SHOGUN this summer — 1000 pages and completely mesmerizing. I can’t wait to get on to TAI PAN, the next in the Asian Saga.

    I also just read a lovely YA book called TIGER MOON that a friend edited and published. Another wonderfully designed book for your YA reader!

  898. Sara says:

    I love sewing books and have just starting exploring sewing books in english, not so difficult when yuo are familiar with the vocabulary in your native language. I like many danish sewing books to, they are leading the subject in Scandinavia I think. Right now I`m reading in enlish Sew U, and I´m thinking about making a shirt for me, and I´ve just read Sew what! skirts and made two for myself already. Sewing books are so good for inspiration!

  899. Genevieve says:

    that looks like a great book! i would love the book or fabric!!

  900. Marsel says:

    I finished reading The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope — just over 800 pages, so it was a long read, but worth it!

    I can always use more fabric for my stash!

  901. Shannon says:

    This summer I’ve been reading the Twilight series after many rave reviews from friends. My new favorite sewing book is Sewing for Baby, that you featured here a few months back.

  902. Sabrina says:

    This book is adorable! I just made my first baby quilt this year and I loved how fun it was. This summer I’m reading textbooks and articles for grad school. Boo.

  903. Teri says:

    This book looks adorable! Especially that little raccoon. I’m currently reading The Better Homes And Gardens Sewing Book (1961 edition). And Weekend Sewing (Heather Ross).

  904. Kent S says:

    I am reading Outliers.

  905. Patty says:

    My summer reading is light and entertaining, and my two favorites so far have been Water for Elephants, and Olive Kitteridge. Love to hear what others recommend….and I love GoodReads!

  906. Jenny Hughley says:

    I saw this book recently at my quilt store. It looks fabulous. I am reading The Hemings of Monticello… definitely not a sewing book.

  907. Eliane T. says:

    This book looks really great! There are a lot of great ideas.

    I am reading New Moon. It is not a great book but it is fun ^^
    thanks a lot!

  908. tracylee says:

    Great contest idea! I have two books I am currently alternating between before going to sleep at night – Repair: The Impulse to Restore in a Fragile World by Elizabeth V. Spelman and Geography of Home by Akiko Busch. Both books connect to the sewing world in a number of ways – how we mend, darn, and make new from used and make wonderful things to make where ever we live a home.

  909. Beth says:

    Oh, I love a whimsical quilt.

    I have a stack of books with me on vacation, and the only craft book is “Doodle Stitching.” For pleasure I am reading “Sorcery & Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot.” Just what I was looking for — it’s like Jane Austen with magic!

  910. Kat says:

    At the moment my favourite craft book is Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I am also reading my Planet Cake book a lot lately.

  911. Elizabeth says:

    I’m reading ‘The Historian’ right now but I will hopefully be getting to some of my other books that I have stacking up too!

  912. Julie says:

    I’m reading _Gregor the Overlander_by Suzanne Collins with my 6 year old son and never expected to enjoy a story about an underland world of rats (gnawers), roaches (crawlers), spiders (spinners), and bats (fliers).

  913. Agunia says:

    Oh yes, it looks so cute! And I’m reading Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and my polish book about patchwork. Summer is the best time to reading!

  914. Karin says:

    I found a couple of (Dutch) crafting books from the seventies in a thrift shop here. I think I will do a lot of reading from those! This book looks great too. I think one can never have, or read, too many books on subjects like these.

  915. Diane says:

    I woke up early this morning and my first thoughts went to fretting about the baby quilt I need to get started on for a friend… and then I see this! Oh, I hope you pick me!!

    I just started reading Rick Bass’s new book “The Great Marsh” which details a year in his life in Montana. Starts in January and it is so far a very coooooooling read…

  916. miriam says:

    Hi, I am reading/browsing Meet me at Mikes, by Australian Pip Lincolne. It’s a gorgeous craft book with great patterns.
    Thanks for entering me in the draw !

  917. stefanie says:

    even when my heart says: summer! my garden says: but nearly autumn!
    the year is fading away so fast, i think it’s good to have “christmas in july”!
    thank you for all the good ideas, stefanie.

  918. Angela Moore says:

    What am I reading this summer (which is actually winter in Australia)? The last book I read was “Where’s the Green Sheep?” by Mem Fox – to my 9 month old son! And the latest craft-read was Material Obsession 2 – very inspiring!

  919. jennsquared says:

    I’m reading Baby Bargain and lots of other baby books! I also plan on re-reading all the Harry Potter series!

  920. The book is looking very cute with all those lovely quilt designs. I am a beginner in the sewing community and I would like to explore more and improve my skills. Besides a sewing lover I am a science fiction geek so I read a lot of SF novels. This summer I’m reading the ‘Dreaming void’ of Peter F.Hamilton of his void series that has three parts. A fanatstique futuristique book! Happy week-end to everyone.

  921. Rebecca says:

    Nothing to do with sewing, but I’m reading David Baldacci’s ‘First Family’ – another great one of his!!

  922. beccy says:

    This summer, I have be re-reading Jane Austen. It’s amazing how the concepts of propriety aren’t alien – you acually start to think like them (No Marianne, don’t go in the carriage ALONE with Willoughby!) For sewing books, I’m eagerly waiting for ‘One-yard Wonders: 101 fabulous fabric projects’ but that’s not out until the end of October 🙁

  923. danielle says:

    what a beautiful looking book! please enter me, and please pick me!! i have another bub on the way, all my friends are expecting, this will be more than perfect, and trust me…it’ll have a hard life ; )

  924. jen c says:

    summer reading: The Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston. A beautiful novel about one of Newfoundland’s most colorful historical figures.

  925. trashalou says:

    reading between ‘two eternities’ by Rosemary Kay. Beautifully written, poignant, thought-provoking issues and stunning prose.

  926. Alice S says:

    I’ve been trying to read “The Far Pavilions” but haven’t made a lot of progress. I also read the Bible every day.

  927. Bernadette says:

    I’m trying to finish the 3rd book in the twilight saga. Been trying for about 6mths now.My aim to is get it finished before new moon movie is out

  928. Jane says:

    Love sewing and craft books! Right now I’m reading lots about setting up a sewing/quilting/craft space as I’m settling into a new house and trying to get things arranged. Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

  929. Anna says:

    Hi, this looks like a great book to have 🙂 Currently i’m reading the Haruki Murakami novel South of the border, west of the sun – a beautifully written book.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  930. Carol Croce says:

    In the realm of sewing books, I’m reading/using Killer Tea Cosies by Annette Wallis, making a teapot cover in the shape of the Sydney Opera House. There are two companion books to this one, Killer Slippers and Oven Mitts To Die For, all published by Watermark Press in Australia. Very whimsical and clever. You can check them out here:

    On other book fronts, I’m reading Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About The Bike, his story of his battle with cancer. Like many Aussies, I get sucked into the Tour de France every year and wanted to find out more about this guy who is just a freak on a bike (and I mean that in a good way). Reading his account you have to wonder how he is alive, let alone winning bike races. Very inspirational.

  931. Sade says:

    That books looks like a nice introduction to quilting, with very modern designs.

    Right now I’m reading “The Silent and the Damned”, by Robert Wilson. It’s a thriller, I’ve just started it, so I can’t say how good it is.

  932. Lucy Johnson says:

    what a beautiful book.
    at the moment i’m reading a compilation of sherlock holmes stories, and the ‘no cry sleep solution’ by elizabeth pantley.

  933. I just read Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern. The first chapter already had me in tears at the beauty shop.

  934. Jo says:

    Oops, and this winter (in Australia!) I’m reading ‘the art of fabric manipulation’ by colette wolff. Amazing, inspiring….well worth a look.

  935. Amanda says:

    That book is gorgeous. If I win it – I will obviously be reading that this summer but if not I will be dipping into my new book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

  936. Jo says:

    What a super sweet looking book! I love modern quilts, so this looks like a great reference!

  937. michal says:

    This seems so cute! I jope I win this!

  938. Anna says:

    I just finished a crime novel by Swedish Mons Kallentoft. It’s not translated into English (yet) but the Swedish title is Sommardöden (=The Summer Death).

  939. Tamara Bell says:

    What am I reading? Ha! I don’t get time to read! Last thing I read (and haven’t finished) was Toddler Taming (to help me deal with my toddler!) LOL

  940. Vireya says:

    I don’t read a lot of sewing books, mainly novels, but I’ve joined your Goodreads group anyway. It should be interesting!

  941. taraboos says:

    My summer reading (even though it’s winter here) is the book “Sew It Up” by Ruth Singer. This book is a great refresher on some basic techniques. As well new techniques inspiring new projects. This book has super photos and some projects after each section.

  942. Caroline says:

    Oh, is this perfect timing or what?? I’m just about to begin my newest grandchild’s quilt. I’ve changed the design several times and this may be just the things to point me in the right direction!!

  943. taraboos says:

    I love the quilt ideas in this book, really wonderful! I love that it is non traditional in piecing and placement.

  944. Sue says:

    In wintery Sydney NSW Australia I am reading and using Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I am currently making Blue Lagoon but using multi coloured fabric rather than just blues.
    The novel I am reading is Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.
    I would love to win this book as my first grandchild Lily is a beautiful 13month old now needs a quilt.

  945. Mirthful says:

    Reading Infinite Jest and Consumer Kids at the moment (I hardly ever have less than two books on the go at once). That book is going straight onto the wishlist if I’m not lucky enough to win…

  946. Korbi says:

    I just finished reading the Twilight series again, may move on to Harry Potter if I can stand to ignore my motherly duties for another week…… amazingly beautfil quilt projects in the book, hope to be the winner!

  947. alisha says:

    The book looks lovely. I’m working on finishing my first baby quilt and I can’t wait to make more. I’ve been reading “What is the What” by Dave Eggers. It’s the story of the Sundanese Lost Boys from the perspective of one of these boys. It’s a difficult read (emotionally) at times, but so well written and full of humor as well.

  948. Zarina says:

    At the moment when I am not sewing or working (that is waiting at traffic lights or drinking a cup of chocolate), is Jane Stevenson’s ASTRAEA

  949. Susan M in Alaska says:

    I have a summer job at the community library in our village, so I’ve been reading lots (and unfortunately sewing very little). I recently finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Excellent book.

  950. Ashley says:

    I just bought the complete photo guide to sewing. Its very useful as a reference book on things I need to learn or forgot how to do.

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