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This giveaway is now closed. Thanks!

We at SMS have been enjoying the summer.  We’ve been cycling through vacations, but we’re all back now and it is time to add new fabric!  We’ve recently updated the site with some beautiful new groups…

Summer Soiree by Paula Prass

Porcelina by Michele D’Amore

Full Bloom by Bari J Ackerman

 More Basics from Windham

Little House by Annette Tatum

We have 2 “giveaways” for you this weekend.  First, we’ll randomly select 4 people to win one yard of the fabric of their choice from the shop.  Tell us about your favorite summer vacation location in the comments for your chance to win.  Winners will be announced Monday morning.

The second giveaway is for customers of the shop.  For every $25 you spend, receive one free fat quarter (our choice, but all lovely.)  Spend $25, get 1; spend $50, get 2, etc.  You must use the code FQJULY09 when you checkout.  Offer good through Sunday, July 26.  (The code will deduct .01, but we’ll see the code and know to include your FQs.)

Have a great weekend!

(PS–If you ‘re looking for a great summer dress pattern, check out the Colette Macaron review by Kathie!)

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748 Responses to Free Fabric Friday (Contest + Free FQs in the Shop!)

  1. Very good post. I think it sums up how many of us feel about this.

  2. Shelley says:

    My favortie vacation was when i was around 13-14yrs old…My dad took my sis, my 2yr old nephew and I to sea world (cant remember why my mom didnt go). We had so much fun, just hanging out and being silly. It was cool to see my nephew “wookit fishy peepaw!”. The funniest part of the day was when we were eating and a bird poo’d on my dads arm. My sis and I giggled like idiots and my dad said “that *hit aint funny” and i said “it’s the funniest i ever saw!” ahhhhh good times

  3. Gina Best says:

    I would like to say that any summer vocation I have taken is only hte best because of who is with me(family and friends). The best place we have gone would have to be Split Rock Resorts in Poconos, PA. They had an indoor water party with slides and toddler area, wave ppol and snack stand with adult beverages too. It was on the lake but they had a area that was maked like a beach from with paddle boats and sailing. It was great. Everything you needed was on the property.

  4. nadia says:

    ah my favorite would have to be italy!!! or thailand (phuket) 🙂

  5. shari says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot would be a fully stocked design studio with a beautiful view and no chores to attend to. The beauty of dreams.

  6. Andrea says:

    The muted colours of “porcelina” are wonderful. My favourite vacation spot is Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada…camping with my family and friends. Hiking in the morning, swimming and playing on the beach in the afternoon, and then finishing off the day with ‘smores around the campfire. Perfect.

  7. Kim says:

    The best fabric is winning fabric. Love the butterflies.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Right now my favourite vacation location would be anywhere but here! Mama needs a break.

  9. Erin says:

    My favorite summer vacation place is Door County in Wisconsin. Small, beautiful, and great cherry-picking!

  10. Valerie says:

    We took a walking tour of Quebec City some years ago, it was amazing, a perfect combination of adventure, history and SHOPPING!

  11. Shannon says:

    I don’t get the chance to go on vacation, but when I do I love the opportunity to go some place I’ve never been before. I’d love to see the west coast one day. Very cute fabric by the way1

  12. Kathy says:

    My favorite summer vacation location varies quite a bit. This year, it was in Bath, Ohio. I met up with a dozen old friends and had a grown up sleepover complete with staying up late and sleeping on couches. So much fun!

  13. corinne says:

    eeks – am i too late to join in the giveaway? hope not!

  14. Jen says:

    It’s become a tradition that my kids and I go to my grandfather’s for a week every summer. He lived in the middle of nowhere in SC and it’s wonderful to just relax and take it easy for a week!

  15. Mystica says:

    I am from Sri Lanka. Its summer all the year around and we do not customarily
    have a practice of having vacations! strange though that may sound. School holidays
    are in April one month, mid July to mid August one month and December one
    month. Parents in the main continue normal work whilst children are on holidays!

  16. Lynda Taylor says:

    My Best holiday was to Darwin and the Northern Territory, Australia.
    Loved seeing the aboriginal paintings and jumping crocodiles.

  17. lina says:

    Love Bali, Indonesia. Or Lombok Island.

  18. Jennifer says:

    My favorite summer vacation destination is going to Disneyland because I get to celebrate my birthday on the same day the park opened. I just love hanging out with my friends and seeing the special parade they put on that day for their birthday.

  19. megan says:

    The best place around here would be Itasca National Park. They have tons of great biking trails and cabins you can rent if you aren’t excited about staying in a tent with four kids between the ages of 7 and 8 months (that would be me). Best part my whole family goes(mom, dad, sister(hubby and daughter) for the weekend and it is a great time of reconnection for all.

  20. Kortnie says:

    My favorite vaation spot is Bryce Canyon, Utah. The red rock is beautiful and it makes for some amazing sunsets. It doesn’t hurt that I have great friends there too!

  21. Viquena says:

    My best summer vacation spot is Austin. The last time I was out there, we went swimming at Barton Springs 2 of the 4 days we were there and just kicked around window shopping and eating at fun restaurants the rest of the time! (I was with my sister, our interests are well-aligned)

  22. su says:

    my best vacation was in singapore. my sisters and i were kids at that time, and we got to see all types of marine life – which interested us so much! we had such a blast, and that childhood memory had stuck with me for a very long time.

  23. Amy says:

    Best is so hard to come up with, vacations are practically always great. My most recent vacation was a road trip through Iowa and Minnesota and although this might not sound awe inspiring it was tons of fun. The food, people, and even the scenery was great.

  24. gabrien chaney says:

    Right now the beach sounds awesome since it’s soooo hot. Cool breeze and taffy!

  25. Amanda says:

    My favorite vacation places are Nice, France and Bude, Cornwall! Both are so amazingly beautiful.

  26. Susana says:

    It’s great to read through all of these. I just wish I was getting a vacation this summer. Anyway, I live surrounded by beaches and blue sky, so my favorite summer vacations were driving/riding trains/walking around the British Isles, soaking up gardens and green, cool and gray.
    Although the one I think would be my favorite if I could afford it is hot, beachy and has skies ever so blue: Taormina, Sicily. Sigh.

  27. LindaW says:

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach. This year we tried a new one-Kiawah Island, SC–beautiful. Just give me a beach and a good book and I am happy!

  28. Miss C says:

    I love that teapot fabric!

    My favorite summer vacation spot is probably a cabin in the mountains…

  29. Linda P says:

    At the time I did not know it was going to be my favorite vaction but several years ago my husband and I met my cousin and her family in Clearwater Florida. She has two children Nick and Brianne. I am guessing they were probably 3 and 6 at that time. We walked the beach for hours looking for crabs and sea shells, the sun was actually going down when we left the beach. We had a great time around the pool with Mike ( My husband) leading the kids around the pool with his special Pee Wee herman dance to the music that the band was playing. Everyone around the pool clapped when it was over, and we laughed so hard. We had such a great time just enjoying the simple things. Mike passed away almost four years ago and I think of that trip often. Brianne is now getting married in October and her Future SIL asked every one for a piece of fabric to make them a wedding quilt. She also wants to know the story behind the fabric, you can bet mine will have sea shells on it.
    Thanks for letting me share………….Linda

  30. Anne says:

    Last year, when I went to France, I longed for Maine… and this year, with a Maine trip planned, I long for France! But the rocky beaches, smell of balsam, great accents, and afternoons in the hammock tip the balance toward Maine.

  31. Elena says:

    Hi all!
    I live in Barcelona. And one of my favourite places for summer holidays is a litlle village called Rupit, is about 2 hours from Barcelona by car. Rupit is a medieval village that offers the visitor a unique blend of rustic beauty, with steep streets and old wooden-balconied houses, the hanging bridge and other nooks and crannies full of old world charm.
    Here you have a link to Rupit Images:

  32. Jenn M says:

    Currently, my best summer vacation is going home to Hawaii. My husband and I are away going to school so it’s always nice to go home.

  33. Jenny says:

    My family enjoys relaxing at Lake Powell. The kids can swim and play outside as much as they want, there’s always time for a nap, and the boating is fantastic!

  34. Lorna says:

    It has to be anywhere in Turkey. Just got back from another week there and it’s a wonderful country. A lot hotter than here!!

  35. Megan Kinyon says:

    My current favorite spot would be Outer Banks, NC specifically the Cape hatteras National Seashore. There are so many beaches to go to that have little or no people and they don’t cost anything. We camped at the national park campgrounds and had a great time with our two little kids. Even my husband enjoyed himself. We will definitely be going back again.

  36. liliAime says:

    My favourite summer vacation is Corsica without any hesitation !! More precisely, Galeria, a little village between Calvi and Porto in the Corsica National Parc (Scandola)!!

  37. Lindsey says:

    This year the best part of my holiday was the visit to Sister, Oregon, for the Quilt Show. Wonderful weather, quilts, people. What more could we want? It was really marvellous.

  38. Cute fabric! My favorite summer vacation was taking a 2 week road trip through the North East; pointing in Maine, chilling out in Boston, looking at the cute shops in NYC, camping in Rhode Island, swimming in Cape Cod and maple syrup tasting in Vermont! So much fun! Beautiful!

  39. jill says:

    My fav vacation is the one I just got home from. My fiance and I went to Mackinaw Island last week. My first time whilst he spent his externship there a few years ago.
    We arrived into a port of bustling bicyclists and hard working horse and carriages. I saw so many vintage fabrics and quilts in the Fort Mac. I will remember this vacation forever as the first he and I spent together.

  40. Madrona Tree says:

    Favorite Summer Vacation Spot: The San Juan Islands in Washington State! 😀

  41. Jenny says:

    I think my fav vacation spot would have to be….my own house! We have a lovely log house and a really big pond in front so that we can go swimming when it gets too hot. We also have a gorgeous garden where we grow peas, carrots, lettuce, sunflowers and more!

  42. Heather says:

    I am at my favorite vacation spot now…my parents house in California. I miss home and the summer time is the best time to come and visit. The pool the beach and the sun! 🙂

  43. jm says:


  44. Kristin says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot…Northern New Mexico. Beautiful and not to hot!

  45. megan says:

    my favorite summer spot is anywhere that has my fiance good rock climbing

  46. Nancy says:

    Best summer holiday–Oregon. We went to the Shakespeare Festival, went waterrafting, and drove to Roseburg to visit my brother, his wife, and three daughters. We swam and picked blackberries. Oregon was beautiful and relaxing–and seeing family was awesome!

  47. Signe says:

    My best summer vacation went to Santorini, Greece. The island looks just like postcards from Greece with the white houses, blue window sills and clear blue skies. We did nothing all day except lounging around, reading books and swimming in the salty sea, and at night we eent out for delicious Greek food. Perfect!

  48. K says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot would be Jacksonville, Florida, lying in a hammock under the big, Spanish moss draped oaks. Nice.

  49. Katie T says:

    he best summer vacation I ever took was also my honeymoon!!!! My husband and I got married in Aug 2006, packed up my 2000 VW Beetle with a few personal items and my 3 cats (yes, 3 cats) and left CA for NC. We stopped at the Meteor Crater in AZ as well as the Petrified Forset and Painted Desert.We enjoyed Mexican food in NM, and the best steak in Amarillo, TX. We also enjoyed seeing the Cadillac and Beetle Ranches in TX. We stopped to visit a friend in OK and visited the OKC Memorial which was so moving and beautiful. Day 3 of our trip brought us through AK into TN and on day 4 we spent time in Memphis and Nashville before driving 8 hours straight into NC and home to our first apartment as a married couple. We were sad to miss the Grand Canyon, but have vowed that once our oldest daughter and our twins are old enough to appreciate it, we’ll make the trip again seeing the GC for sure.

  50. Kaye says:

    When I was a kid, the few weeks we got to spend at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm was my favorite vacation. I still have many great memories of those visits. As an adult, we took a family vacation to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee that was alot of fun. I even went skydiving!

  51. Rafael's mum says:

    My favourite location is not any one location… as long as it involves a sailboat and sailing between harbours, exploring new ports and occasionally bobbing at anchor in the sun, having fabulous lunches, I am happy ! This summer it is going to be the Solent. This is a water north of the Isle of Wight on the South Coast of the UK. fabulous! (taking my quilt… of course…)

  52. Trina says:

    With the kids- Disney.
    Without the kids- anywhere quiet!

  53. Jen M says:

    Best vacation ever? Jamaica totally! I don’t think I’ll ever get a second chance, and we are glad we splurged!

  54. Deb says:

    Best Summer Vacation was when I was 15 and went on a Survival Camp with my Venturer Unit for two weeks to Orpheous Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia! Magical – we swam with Dugongs; snorkeled the coral reef; ate our own freshly caught fish cooked over an open fire; made jam with local berries; killed, gutted, skinned and ate a goat; swam, worked and played in the open air; and best of all slept on the beach under the stars! It was two weeks of hard work (catching our own food) but two weeks of bliss that I’ll never forget!

  55. johanna says:

    Living in Australia, my favorite vacation spot is Airlie Beach in north Queensland. It is just beautiful, with beaches, islands to visit, great places to stay that are child friendly and the weather is amazing.

  56. I love going to Gatlinburg, TN every summer… and every fall, Christmas, spring – LOL! It is my most favorite place in the world. I’ve been there a thousand times and I still discover new things every time.
    My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. My best friend was married there. We’ve even spent some memorable Christmases there. It holds more memories for me than any other place on Earth. Gatlinburg even inspired me to become a quilter!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I have two. I loved visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, but I also love a lesser known place called Fort Robinson, Neb. It is one of Nebraska’s many wonderful state parks. It’s casual, clean and affordable–not to mention great for all ages–especially any history buffs. It’s a former army post where families can now vacation in former officer’s quarters or stay in the barracks.

  58. Rachelle Goude says:

    Favorite vacation spot…Duck, NC with the whole family! Mom, dad, sisters, brothers and all the grandkids! Priceless time together as a family. 🙂

  59. Kathleen says:

    My favourite vaction location is Mackinac Island. We went there for our honeymoon, and it was just gorgeous. It’s like taking a step back in time; especially wonderful if you stay away from the touristy areas and take the trails.

  60. Sheila says:

    I haven’t gone anywhere on vacation in years, but I just like hanging out and relaxing at home. Just ignore the normal daily life and veg out for a week.

  61. Willie says:

    My favorite place to vacation is our home. We live in the pacific north west and during summer it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This year is extremely exceptional so we’ve had no issues staying home. We are nestled in the trees of the cascades, have lots of flowers and lavender on our deck. A sand box and a little pool for our daughter to play with and comfy chairs for mom and dad to just watch and enjoy her. Chickens and dog in the yard, what could be better?

  62. Dee Dee says:

    As I kid, I spent summers with my grandparents and cousins in South Georgia. They lived outside of a small town-only one grocery store and people who actually said things like “I remember you when you were knee high to a grasshopper.” But now that my grandparents are gone and everyone has their own families, I have sweet memories of living the simple life and learning to make biscuits at my grandmothers skirt.

  63. Lindsay says:

    We just returned from Estes Park, CO. An 8 hr car ride with 4 kids (ages 6,3,20mo twins) was actually rather pleasant! Lots of outdoor activities and GORGEOUS weather! 🙂

  64. Bridgette S. says:

    My favorite summer vacation was actually a few weeks ago! I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to a rural part of Argentina! It was amazing!

  65. Serena says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is near Truckee, California. The elevation is so high poison oak doesn’t grow there, so I can go traipsing through the woods without worrying about it. And the scent of the air there is divine–balsamy and fresh and wild. It’s wonderful.

  66. BJ says:

    There is no better place then your own backyard- if you live in Alaska that is! The best place to enjoy the senic wonder of this beautiful state has to be Eklutna Lake. My husband and i have been camping in Eklutna for many summers and just can’t get enough!

  67. Erica K says:

    I love that Summer Soiree line! My favorite summer vacation is to Banff, AB! Just beautiful, and not too hot! In fact, it was snowing one July…now that’s my kind of place!!!

  68. Christi says:

    I always love to go to the beach at Ocean City,MD. There is something magical about walking down the Boardwalk at sunrise and sunset and eating rich creamy fudge, along with great fries. Oh to dream!

  69. Betty Rollins says:

    Mexico, Mexico, and Mexico!!!!

  70. Angela says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot has to be the Florida Keys. Just about every summer as a kid we would drive there and stay for almost a month. Oh the memories…beautiful sunsets, swimming in the ocean, deep-sea fishing (including one trip where a barracude jumped into our boat and took out a large section of the captain’s back…yowzers!)…I could go on and on! Many of my memories are of things my parents let my older brother, younger sister and I do by ourselves, like take an inflatable boat out into the ocean with only a pair os flippers on my feet and oars to get us around! Now that I have kids of my own, I really can’t believe some of the things we did there! When I got married, my husband had never been to the ocean and I insisted we go to the Keys. When we went deep-sea fishing, one retiree on the boat had heard the barracuda story! I’m ready to go back!

  71. Kat says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is Bayside, ME. We stayed in a charming little cottage right on the water.We just returned from there and I have been blogging about it all week.

  72. Beth Bullington says:

    Something involving history. Our Beijing and Xi’an is probably one of our favorite trips or maybe Istanbul.

  73. marisa m. says:

    Mine is and always will be our trips to Santa Cruz. We have a house on the beach and I wnet every summer until I got married, had kids and now it’s OUR tradition.

  74. Karen says:

    My favorite summer vacation was to Imperial Beach, California, where we stayed at the Seacoast Inn. It was right on the Pacific Ocean. It was the first vacation I took with my husband back in 1994, and I will never forget it.

  75. Jennifer Nagel says:

    Hawaii! At least, in my dreams…

    Anyway, your fabric is beautiful.
    An hour at the sewing machine really can *seem* like a vacation.

  76. Sherry says:

    My family just LOVED Mt. Rushmore and the drive from there to Custer State Park. What a beautiful road!

  77. becky says:

    funnest was last year—-utah to mt. rushmore in a moterhome!! fun stuff!!

  78. Laura says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere quiet and less than an hour’s drive. I like to use the time to read, sleep, take a long walk, and maybe catch up on a portable project. This year we vacationed in a lodge at my husband’s workplace. Looking over a lake with geese, it was perfect. He just didn’t look to the west where he we could’ve easily seen his office!

  79. Pati :) says:

    My parent’s summer house in the North of Spain. I love taking my kids there and watching them enjoy themselves as much as I did when I was their age!

  80. well, it is winter here in nz, but it is very much like a summer holiday here where we live at Piha Beach on NZ’s west coast. In between the rain it has been glorious with sun. the kids have been swimming on occasion and the sewing machine has been set up on the outside table on the deck. All my secondhand finds from charity shops have been perfect summer holiday clothes so i am milking the ‘summer holiday in winter’ theme as much as i can. Last week my son and i stoked up the fire, put wetsuits/togs on and pretended to ‘paddle out’ for a summer surf in the living room. Winter? What winter? A yard of summer fabric would help too! anissa

  81. Jenna says:

    Hmmm… that’s hard, there’s been so many good ones! I’m going to have to go with Atlantis in the Bahamas and getting to take our four-year-old son there. He was mesmerized by the aquariums and the ocean (and the plane ride, etc.!). Truly a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime trip!

  82. Liz says:

    my grandparents’ house in delaware was always a favorite–lots of cousins, a big quarry pool to swim in, books to read, games to play, etc.

  83. Ellen Ban says:

    I love going to the beach…Amelia Island was one of my favorite vacations!

  84. Roberta says:

    Going back to visit beloved family and friends in Oregon was our favorite vacation destination this summer. It had been nearly 2 years and we dearly missed them.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Harley says:

    I love anywhere tropical! This will be the second year we have vacationed on the beaches of Mexico and I love it!

  86. Christina says:

    Camping in Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon has been a yearly treat for us!

  87. shiela says:

    Best summer vacation spot? I live in Minnesota-so anywhere is a great summer spot! The winters? Not so nice!

  88. kelly says:

    Every summer my husband’s family heads down to Pawley’s Island, SC, for a week of lazy, happy sun bathing, crabbing and biking to the general store. I love the time at the beach, whether I’m floating in the ocean, kayaking in the creek, or just curled up on the couch with the fourth paperback of the week, slightly gritty with sand. Oo, and hammocks. Everywhere is better with a hammock. I’m ready to be there now.

  89. Francis C. Moore says:

    I would love to back to Ireland. I have been there twice and would love to go a third time..

  90. Rebe says:

    The lake!

  91. Mollie says:

    I love going to Oceanside, CA. My hubby and I went on our honeymoon there and tried to go back every year. However, we added three little ones to our family rather quickly and haven’t been back in a few years. Hopefully sometime soon we can take our little ones to the beach, Disneyland, Sea World, etc.

  92. J. Harmon says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere along the CA coast. Thank you for the chance to win!

  93. Kate says:

    My favorite holiday spot is any pool! I’m alright with the beach, but it’s just so dang sandy. So any pool makes for the perfect day for me!

  94. Darla says:

    Favorite spot…Hilton Head Island, SC. Easy summer, family vacation.

  95. Mary Anna says:

    We’ve just returned from our second family vacation to Amelia Island, FL. We stay at the Amelia Island Plantation and have a wonderful time. We go with my husband’s parents and brother and enjoy a week of relaxing, eating and laughing. My husband grew up visiting AIP as a child, and it’s special to share it now with our children.

  96. Kelli says:

    We just got back from a week at Fernandina Beach, FL. It’s on Amelia Island, north of Jacksonville, FL and we had a great time. But one of my best vacations ever was a week in Tybee Island, GA. Savannah is right there for a day trip and great food/shopping and you can’t beat the relaxed attitude on Tybee. If you’re looking to unwind and have a great time–Tybee is a great place to go!!!

  97. Anna says:

    I spend my summers on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It’s a small island at the northern tip of Lake Huron. We travel by bike or horse and buggy; the scenery is magical, and the people are great!

  98. Kerrie says:

    My favorite summer vacation was a 2-week drive from Colorado to California, up the coast and back through Idaho and Montana with my Mom and Brother.

  99. Stacy says:

    I’m in Kansas and it gets some HOT here in the summer so we like to take a long weekend and go the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to cool off.

  100. Bree says:

    I just returned from a beach vacation on Lake Michigan this afternoon to find this lovely giveaway. I love the beach, but I’m definitely ready to get back to may sewing machine!

  101. Monica says:

    The best summer vacation is camping by the lake. Watching DH and kids fishing while relaxing in the hammock.

  102. aSprinkling says:

    I don’t have a favorite location, but I have a favorite state…Virginia. I’m from the south, so I enjoy the cooler weather in VA…but they still have sweet tea!

  103. Sara says:

    My favorite vacation is always when I go home to Pennsylvania. I have lived in North Carolina for 20 years now, but it will never be home. I am the youngest of 16 brothers and sisters. I never realized until a few years ago how much they all mean to me. My brother passed away a year ago and that was a heartbreaker for us all. So spending time with my family is my most important vacation, because you never know how long you will be here.

  104. Favorite summer vacation destination is easy! The beach! 🙂

  105. Alisa says:

    We live in British Columbia, Canada. A good summer vacation spot would be camping at a BC Park. Any one of them, really. We love camping and we love BC Parks campgrounds. So beautiful. We are leaving on Monday for our annual camping trip. 10 days of relaxing (not so much with 5 children, but no housework!) So, if by the slim chance I win this giveaway, I won’t actually be here 🙂

  106. Jan says:

    I loved my vacations in France, especially Provence.

  107. Angie H. says:

    We love to go to Yosemite. We usually go in late winter, but we have had the opportunity to go in July a few year back. It was so lovely…hot, but lovely.

    Thanks for letting me enter!

  108. Amy W says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere but here! LOL

  109. sfer says:

    I don’t know yet if it’s my favorite, but I’m dying to go to Berlin in September. I hope it’s as exciting as I expect it to be! I’m a big fan of huge urban cities… London, New York… I hope Berlin is up to what I’m looking for 🙂

    Thanks for a chance to win some fabric. Never enough fabric!!

  110. amy says:

    I just got back from what appears to be our summer vacation–the hospital! My 9 year old had his appendix removed. That would have to be my least favorite vacation spot! We would have preferred somewhere that had a swimming hole!

  111. Mama Lusco says:

    We love to vacation in North Idaho along the chain lakes…beautiful! We’re headed that way Monday!

  112. Helena says:

    I love going with the family to the coast here in Texas. We always have a blast if it’s to corpus we always stop at whataburger on the bay. If it’s south padre we go all the way down to the most southern point it’s nice to get away from the city.

  113. Naomi says:

    My favorite vacation spot is definatly on the beach. We don’t live near the ocean so when we have a chance to visit it’s wonderful. The ocean gives me a realization that we are little in this big world, and that it’s ok to slow down and enjoy life.

  114. Bethany says:

    I love going to the mountains for my summer vacation. I don’t really love the heat, so a nice cool mountain cabin, layed-back and slow. That is my ideal.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  115. E says:

    Favorite summer vacation is always at our house. My mother “mooma” visits for the whole summer. She’s done this since my 1st was born 5 years ago. This year though she is not here and we miss her. Her sister, my aunt, was diagnosed with cancer and while she was recovering from surgery her husband died. So my mom has been caring for her full time for the last 6 months. MOMS ARE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE!!!! I sure hope my kids don’t take as long as I did to realize how wonderful parents are to have around. Have a safe and happy rest of the summer.

  116. Shannon says:

    What a wonderful give away!
    My favorite vacation spot is a cabin on a small quiet lake. Someplace to get away from our hectic everyday lives.

  117. Gabrielle says:

    Camping in western Montana!

  118. Erin Phelps says:

    My favorite vacation was actually last year when we went to Yellowstone. I went with my parents and my kids and hadn’t seen the mountains for years. It was beautiful! And I’d love to win the fabric btw!


  119. Fiona says:

    The North-West of Ireland is beautiful.

  120. Dorrie r says:

    Butte Meadows, CA! My family has a had a cabin there since 1958~set up similar to old lumber mill camps. A cook house and three sleeping cabins~and since 1973, modern facilities! There’s a huge bonfire pit and a clearing my greatgrandfather made for my greatgrandma where we put a salt lick and left over fruits and veges to draw the deer in at night. The skies are clear and the stars are so bright. Butte Creek runs right past and it’s just wonderful. No phones, no TV~my uncles and cousins still listen to Sunday afternoon football on the radio. My husband and kids love it, too. Aaahh.

  121. Michelle says:

    Beautiful new fabrics in the shop! My fav vacation was a beach house on the ocean with my extended family. Such a great relaxing time to be together.

  122. Sarah says:

    I love to visit little towns on vacation. You know, the kind of places where you can go to a tiny historical museum, eat at a restaurant where you’re the only out of town family, and feel like a local for a week or so.

  123. Shevon says:

    I live in FL, and the heat is killer. I’d like to summer vacay in Australia or somewhere else in the Southern hemisphere to escape the heat!

  124. Kathy says:

    We love to drive the coast of Maine. The fresh lobster is the best. Of course I always research where all the local quilt shops are no matter where we go and my husband does not mind stopping as long as I let him sit, people watch and talk with the locals which makes all are trips great!

  125. Karen says:

    In the backyard in the shade with my boys and a picnic!

  126. ksmama says:

    Two summers ago, just before moving away from the Twin Cities, we headed up to the North Shore (lake Superior). It was a bit more cold than we were used to (had to buy sweatshirts!), and a little rainy, but lovely. Waterfalls, cold lake, glacial rock. Incredible.

  127. Dawn says:

    Best summer vacation-White Mountains in New Hampshire-so much to do and see. The kids love it.

  128. Kim Evans says:

    My favorite summer vacations are when we have the time and money to go back to WA and have a long visit with my family. My hubby gets to play with boats, I get to see my parents, and the boys get spoiled! 🙂

  129. carrie says:

    So far my favorite has been North Captiva Island in Florida. It is secluded… not cars, no shops… just the beach and some fishing. It was so relaxing!

  130. Jessica says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is somewhere I’ve never been before, I love to travel and explore new places!

  131. Very nice blog and shop! I would buy all the lovely fabric!!!!:-)
    my best holiday….????well… Maldives island and also Paris !!!

  132. Cari says:

    Best vacation ever is our yearly trip to the beach at Pawley’s Island SC. I can smell the pluff mud just thinking about it! Relax on the beautiful white sand beach, float the creek, go crabbin from your dock or just sit and watch the tides . Heaven on earth!

  133. Judith says:

    my favourite holiday place would be Hunter valley in Australia with the family.

  134. Johanna says:

    South of France, definitely! I have lived there for a year and I love the evenings there. When it slowly turns dark and you just sit around with your friends, drinking lemonade and whine and watching other people slowly walking by. The cicades are chirping nearby and it is so peaceful. I love it!

  135. Susan says:

    My favourite place is Denmark. I love the change in seasons, lovely beaches, good variaty in foods.
    The wonderfully lucious landscapes, green foliage, golden fields with wheat and last but not least, no deadly insects/bugs.
    There is many options to have an historical trip, or go to an entertainment park, or even modern culture. I Love it!

  136. BeckyS says:

    OMGosh! I love the Porcelina collection! Simply beautiful.
    My favorite summer vacation isn’t a real vacation. I love to day-trip with my family. Or maybe a short camping trip. But I really love just grabbing the hubby and kids and taking off for the day to somewhere close but scenic. If we remember to pack a picnic first so much the better!

  137. We just escaped the cold, rainy weather in Germany and vacationed in Sardinia for a week. We stayed at an agriturismo that offered four course vegetarian dinners and visited uncrowded beaches with turquoise water.

  138. Dacia says:

    my favorite summer vacation location is camping on the banks of the columbia river in washington. water skiing, swimming and cliff jumping all day and sleeping under the stars at night.

  139. Sarah says:

    Hi! My favorite summer spot is Pismo Beach, California (where I am for vacation RIGHT NOW!!!).

  140. carrie says:

    I’m so fortunate that we don’t have to go far for a great vacation. We have two lakes and two rivers within an hour from our home, in northern Arkansas! What more do we need?

  141. Sonya says:

    We’re taking our dream vacation next year — 3 weeks in upstate New York in a quaint cottage on a lake. My littles will love it, and we can’t wait to share it with our best friends.

  142. Autumn says:

    we went to Kauai the first week of Summer 2009. We have family, so it served two wonderful purposes. We saw a beautiful island and visited my niece and her great parents. I look forward to going back……maybe next year???

  143. Abbie says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is home. You can’t beat the Olympic Peninsula in the summer. Now he winter is a different story!

  144. Tina Mackey says:

    My fave place to vacation is in Colorado where I grew up. I love the mountains and the wonderful air, the sound of the creek and the cold grass between my toes. Ah, maybe we’ll live there some day. For now, it’s definitely a wonderful place to visit.

  145. Amy says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is a good book at the side of a pool.

  146. shannon says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Lake Shasta, CA, we go every year and love fishing, swimming and hanging out on the lake.

  147. Limor says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot has to be Portland, ME. It’s a gorgeous little city right on the ocean. You can’t go wrong.

  148. emtlb says:

    We haven’t been on many vacations, but the best was South Dakota. There is so much to see, so many different landscapes and scenery styles. We didn’t see it all and would love to go back sometime.

  149. Rachel says:

    Best summer vacation: Black Hills SD. Beautiful mountain air, wonderful hikes, not too far away.

  150. Beth Prince says:

    I live in the Low Country of South Carolina, between Savannah and Charleston and have the beach at my fingertips yearround. So when it is time for vacation, I am off to VEGAS BABY!

  151. JenO says:

    Saugatuck, Mi

  152. MB says:

    The best summer vacation spot I’ve been has always been my family’s lakehouse. I have such amazing memories from it and have joyously taken my daughter every summer!

  153. Bettina Groh says:

    At my in-law’s cottage on Seneca Lake… one of New York State’s Finger Lakes. Lots of family… safe enough to let the kids wander all over and clean cold water for swimming!

  154. Laurie says:

    I love going to British Columbia in the summer and Hawaii in the winter!

  155. Anna says:

    My favourite summer holiday spot is Nambucca Heads on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. My Nanna lived there so growing up we spent many weekends and summer holidays there. Going back there now as an adult still brings a great sense of calm and peace and of returning home, even if only for a short time 🙂

  156. Katie says:

    There are a lot of places I love to vacation, but one of my favourites is Burlington, Vermont. Driving there (from New Jersey) is a joy in itself, winding through little towns, passing through miles and miles of rolling green hills and then getting to Burlingon, a little gem of a city with it’s offbeat college culture, pretty little outdoor walking mall, quaint independently-owned shops and breathtaking view of Lake Champlain…it’s wonderful 🙂

  157. I would have to say, Acadia Maine. It has everything that is beautiful on this earth, on one island.
    My favorite was riding our bikes on the trails to the top of small mountains and seeing the surrounding waters and islands.


  158. Monica says:

    Anytime we can get a week away together as a family is wonderful! Our most recent trip was to Charleston, SC. Very historic and beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win some great fabric!

  159. Jodi says:

    One summer we went to Killington, VT and stayed at this perfect BB on a lake. I will never forget how much fun we had. Biking, hiking, and kayaking!! VT is one of the best and most beautiful places to spend the summer!

  160. Cathy says:

    My best vacation was to Peaks Island Maine . I was able to take my son ,who was 3 at the time, and drove 10 hours , put our car on the ferry and went to the island. We stayed with a good friend and had the best time it was very liberating .

  161. Emma N says:

    Best summer vacation was last summer–8 weeks in Europe! Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Poland, Prague, and Normandy. My first trip to Europe and I couldn’t have imagined it any better. I learned so so so much and have so many great memories that will last a lifetime.

  162. Monica Gee says:

    The beach – anywhere! I grew up by the ocean and still can’t enough of the beach. Anytime I can find some warm sand and a large body of water I’m a happy camper!

  163. Janet McNamara Houck says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is anywhere our RV takes us. Always different, always fun and relaxing.

  164. Rebecca says:

    Anywhere quiet with a lake, a dock, a hammock and time to read.

  165. Allison S says:

    I think my favorite summer vacations (and one I definitely want to do again!) were when my family rented a beach house at Virginia Beach. There is so much to do in that area besides the beach–Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, etc. Someday we’ll get back there!

  166. Yvonne says:

    My favourite place to go for summer is Kuala Lumpur. I love the food there, it’s always lovely and warm and the best part is the shopping!

  167. Mary says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is currently Yellowstone National Park because that is where I want to go!

  168. Jacki says:

    My best summer vacation is one I took with my three daughters, who were then 5, 9 and 11. We drove from Texas to the Grand Canyon, camping in beautiful parks along the way! We took the south way home, through Phoenix to El Paso and then back up near Dallas to home. It took two weeks!! We had so much fun, so many adventures and saw so many absolutely astonishingly beautiful places. My girls are all grown but I have two little boys I hope to have as many adventures with.

  169. Alissa says:

    I love the Pacific Ocean. The kids just play in the sand, we just relax and play in the waves, and never have to worry about Disneyland.

  170. PenguitoSmile says:

    Best summer vacation ever was my honeymoon. We spent a week in a historical shore side town. Some days we just walked around the downtown area and went into the beautiful small shops. The best part by far was being able to interact with my fav animal PENGUINS! It was absolutely amazing to see their personalities and feel their super soft feathers, we also got to touch sting rays, and small tropical birds!
    It was an experience to remember with my best friend and soul mate!
    (Mushy I know 😉 )

  171. Monica says:

    Backpacking on the Lost Coast in California. The beautiful Pacific Ocean on one side (complete with whales [!] and seals playing in the surf) and rolling hills of lupines on the other side. Plus being with a group of wonderful people.

  172. Maria Bong says:

    I have to say that my favorite vacation getaway is Depoe Bay, OR. The view of the ocean and the salty breeze always gets me. My hubby and I have been lucky enough to go there two years now.

  173. Jana says:

    What cute new fabrics, so inspirational!

  174. Siwaporn says:

    best summer vacation, Bangkok Thailand. I found fabric market there and it’s huge!

  175. Kathy says:

    No question, my favorite vacation spot is the coast of Maine. Bar Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, any or all of them would do!

  176. Carrie P. says:

    My favorite vacation place is to go camping in our mountains of North Carolina.

  177. Elisa says:

    I spent my favorite vacation on the Greek Island of Anafi. I had my own cottage close to the sea and my friend had the cottage next door. I had the most wonderful time!

  178. Cecily Davis says:

    My mom drove 6 kids (ages 2-18) all over Mexico for just over a month when I was 12. We arrived in Acapulco after a tropical storm and had a blast.

  179. Veronica says:

    I love my early tradition of camping at Mammoth Pool with friends

  180. Natalie T. says:

    Hands down, Ocrakoke Island, NC. Amazing family reunion/vacation when I was a child right before both my Uncle and Grandfather passed unexpectedly. A week of fishing, swimming, kayaking, catching fireflys with my cousins, eating hush puppies and oysters, bonding with my aunts. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

  181. Pat says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Assateague Island, MD. We love camping on the beach with the wild ponies. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

  182. Jennifer says:

    Key Largo! It’s where my husband and I went on our honeymoon. We can’t wait to go back.

  183. Suzi says:

    I would have to say that Gold Lake is my favorite right now. It is in one of the many California National Forest and hardly anyone is around. Camping at it’s best.

  184. Kimberly says:

    My dream summer vacation is still just a dream – someday Maine for me and the fam.

  185. Lori says:

    Taos Ski Valley, during the hot, hot, hot weather here in the high desert having a cool and quiet retreat place is wonderful.

  186. Marissa says:

    I love hiking up into the mountains around Park City Utah, in the Unintas. It is so beautiful up there and its a great place to relax and get away from it all.

  187. Mare says:

    My favorite summer spot would have to be the lakes at the south of Chile or maybe the beach at the very north, like Iquique!

  188. Lisa Martin says:

    My favorite vacation place is St Petersburg Florida… the beaches on the gulf coast are beautiful and not full of the snotty tourist….


  189. Meagan says:

    my favorite place is my in laws house at the end of summer. My in laws grow a big giant garden every year and when we go to visit it is producing fruits and vegitables. My kiddos get to help pick the produce, and it thrilleds my in laws.

  190. Pam says:

    One of my most memorable vacations was the week we spent cruising the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Wa. in a rented 40-foot cruiser. The sea life, sunsets, and views of the islands were pretty spectacular. Our vacations in rented homes overlooking Trinidad Harbor on the north coast of California always bring back fond memories, too.

  191. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, what lovely fabrics! My favorite vacation spot is a small spot in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. It’s a favorite because of the fond memories I have of horseback riding there and watching the sun set behind the Rockies… breathtaking. Thanks!

  192. susan says:

    We bought our first house a couple of months ago, so my favorite vacation spot has been our very own back yard! Sprinklers, popsicles, and sunshine…what could be better?!


  193. Renee G says:

    Our favorite getaway is the Coronado Resort in California. It makes a fantastic day at the beach.

  194. We go up into the mountains camping and fishing, it is much cooler than down at home and we can swim and have the best time with no-one else around.

  195. April says:

    Holy jeez, that Porcelina is gorgeous.

    I wish I HAD a favorite vacation spot. I’ve heard California is beautiful and I’m headed there in a few weeks, so let’s hope I’ve got a new favorite soon!

  196. Diane says:

    I just returned from my first trip to the New England area and fell in love with Mystic, CT and the beaches along the southern coast of Maine. They reminded me of my summer vacations in Ocean City, MD, way before high-rise condos and McDonald’s moved into the town.

  197. Misty.Creek says:

    My favorite place to vacation? The beach–so different and far away from home that I can’t possibly worry about what I need to clean or fix or sew or get done.

  198. Christina says:

    The best summer vacation spot is right here at home in Western Washington. The beach is within walking distance from our home.


  199. Ruth says:

    The mountains of Colorado! I lived in Colorado for 35 years and didn’t appreciate it then. Now I like to go back and vacation in Colorado. : )

  200. Anya T. says:

    I loved my trip to the Sisters, Oregon outdoor quilt show in July 2007! Thanks for the chance.

  201. Twila says:

    My family cabin in June Lake, CA. I don’t get there enough.

  202. Sarah says:

    Favorite vacation spot, or where I wish I COULD go? Hmmmm…I’d really like to go to Hawaii. I’ve been only once and I was 12. I love it there though.

  203. My favorite vacation was to the Cape *Cape Cod, MA* Its local to me, but just far enough away to feel like a retreat. It brings back great memories of childhood. I love it there.

  204. emily says:

    my fav summer get away is New York City, busy bustling, many museums, and the theatre oh the theatre!!!

  205. Kylla says:

    My favorite summer vacation is a tie between spending time in the mid-west with family I don’t get to see often enough and a simple road trip up the west coast just taking in beautiful scenery, camping, and maybe a winery or two 😉

  206. Jamie says:

    Favorite summer vacation would have to be our honeymoon to Nova Scotia…Absolutely beautiful and some of the nicest locals we’ve ever met!

  207. Amy D. says:

    Best summer vacation hasn’t happened yet! Next week I’m headed on a trip to Seattle and Vancouver. Once we get to Vancouver we’re cruising to Alaska and I’m ridiculously excited.

  208. Kristin says:

    A great summer vacation spot is in the North Carolina mountains, near Asheville. There is always plenty of camping spots or rentable cabins, most of which have electricity for portable machines. It is great to sit and stare at the far off mountains and never return to the daily job, although I do so I can buy more fabric!!!

  209. Jenna Z says:

    We love to go south, to Kentucky, and southern Illinois! Such beautiful country, rocks (which we don’t have here in central IL) wonderful friendly people and great places to camp and antique shop. But also….there are ticks. Ew!

  210. alison c says:

    This year we went back to my childhood vacation favourite. It was Scarborough in Yorkshire in the UK. We had a very traditional british seaside holiday and it was wonderful to watch my own children scramble about in the rock pools, watch the big waves break over the sea wall screaming in excitement in case one of the waves got them and eat fish’n’chips at the harbour just like my bother and I did when we were young!
    I also love the hubub of New Orleans, the mediteranean beauty of Mallorca and the peacefullnes of the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia but good old Scarborough beat them all hands down!

  211. Brittney says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Colorado mountains camping. I have grown up in the planes of Colorado all my life and it wasn’t until recently that my husband had brought out the nature lover in me. This summer I have only been able to go on one camping trip due to the fact that I am pregnant with our first child (a little boy) but next summer our son will learn the love for the mountains like we have.

  212. Tina says:

    We live in Maine, so our favorite summer vacation is always a “stay-cation”. Who wants to leave Maine in the summer? Well, maybe except for this summer. The weather has been less than idyllic. We love the ocean, lakes and mountains….all close to home. In second place would be Lake Winnipausaukee, NH. Really the perfect summer “Lake” experience.

  213. Casey says:

    My favorite summer get away…hmmm…I love Colorado!! I love the mountains!

  214. I’ve only been on one summer vacation, we went to Upper Michigan one year. It was cold. I live in Florida and we mostly stay inside because it’s in the 90s with 85% humidity outside. I love air conditioning.

  215. Lindsey says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is New Orleans. Every summer since I was little I go there to stay with my aunt in her old old house. I like to go in August when it’s super hot and humid and most of the tourists can’t hang. I love the street performers and vendorsand how people that you don’t even know can treat you like lifelong friends. You can stay busy trying to see everything, but it’s perfectly acceptable to find a good sittin’ spot and laze the day away.

  216. Jennifer Rose says:

    My husband and I traveled up to Maine a few years ago to bike ride along the coast and every day was filled with a new adventure and of course, lobster! After the coast we drove to Sugarloaf Mountain for some extreme mountain biking. It was a very exciting and fun summer vacation. I can’t wait to experience it with my kids when they’re older.

  217. Callie Baldwin says:

    San Diego, CA – love it there!

  218. katie says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Harbor Springs, MI. Lovely little summer cottage town- almost as lovely as winning fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Kristie O. says:

    My favorite summer vacation is Cape Cod, MA. Before kids, my husband and I would visit every year because it was so relaxing and beautiful. Now, we hope to get there every couple of years. Can’t beat the East Coast for beauty, that’s for sure!

  220. brittany says:

    we live in florida, so the beach in our own backyard works just fine as a vacation spot (not to mention its kindness to our budget).

  221. Rose says:

    Montauk on the east end of Long Island…

  222. My favorite summer vacation spot is the coast of Maine. I love the juxtaposition of cool nights and warm days.

  223. Amy says:

    Honestly, I have never travelled far from home for summer vacation. But since I live near the ocean in New England, who needs to? I guess I like the coast of Maine best.

  224. Jessica Fuester says:

    Favorite vacation spot- Mendocino, California! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon in the winter and there was hardly a soul there! It was beautiful and quite, and the food and shopping were terrific!

  225. Kim Jacobs says:

    Diamond D ranch in central Idaho. We went there so many summers when I was a kid, and I can’t wait to take my family there (someday).

  226. jennifer says:

    Since I have become an adult, I think the best Vacation spot would be home, because there really is no place like it and i can’t wait to get there everyday, also all my favorite people are there.

  227. jen W says:

    best summer vacation spot…harstene island off WA state. my husband’s family had a very lovely little cabin/house there until recently and it was blissful…wonderful green scenery and lushness everywhere you looked. nice weather…ahhhhh…..

  228. My favorite summer vacation was a three week trip out west with my family when I was a teenager. It was a LONG time to be with the family, as much as I love them, but all the places we saw made it a a trip full of memories!! My dream vacation (and my husbands) is to take a trip to Austailia….hopefully someday!!

  229. Corrie says:

    The greatest summer vacation ever for me, was the trip through Andalusië in Spain, seeing the awesome cities and Alhambra and the Alcazar!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  230. lisapeaceandlove says:

    Enjoyable to me is stress-free and for that there’s no place like my mother’s home. She’s a master gardener so her backyard is a private park. We can enjoy all the comfort food from our childhood and if it rains, there’s reading on the breezy sunporch! Sigh.

  231. Aimee says:

    Favorite vacation spot is the beach. Any beach…sand castles, and laughing kids…it doesn’t get any better~!

  232. mary says:

    My favorite summer vacation is going to visit my mother in Charleston, SC. We get to be at the beach and still spend quality time with my mom. The kids have a blast.

  233. Tam Bell says:

    It would have to be holidays back to New Zealand with the kids to visit family.

  234. Ashley says:

    My favorite is the Outer Banks of NC. I’ve been vacationing there since I was little and even got married there!

  235. Nancy Mc says:

    My favorite summer-winter-spring-fall…anytime of the year vacation spot is Big Bear, California. 2 hours from home and a world away from LA. Oh, I need to go NOW!!! And the Summer Soiree fabric line is beautiful. I love it.

  236. Vicki says:

    My best summer vacation spot would be… at the beach without much to do besides relax and play with my family.

  237. katkeo says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is a little place in upstate New York called Brantingham Lake. A relaxing week of reading, kayaking, games and good conversation can be a wonderful thing.

  238. Alej says:

    the best vacation I ever took was backpacking through Costa Rica… or maybe when we spent the summer at a farm “helping out”… or maybe when we were at the beach… I think any time I get to see and experience something new and meet new people is a perfect vacation for me!

  239. The Galapagos islands – the diving there just blew my mind!

  240. kristine says:

    My favorite summer vacations are in Southern California enjoying the ocean breeze!

  241. Tina says:

    any beach really. me, my knitting, a book, sand between toes – always works! This year it’s going to be cape cod for the first time. I love the Porcelina series. Beautiful colors!

  242. floribunda says:

    The first place that comes to mind is Arnold, California — up in the Sierra foothils between Tahoe and Yosemite. It’s a small town with fun places to poke around, a lake with cat-tails and redwing blackbirds; some wineries nearby and Big Trees park with giant sequoia. The stores sell shirts and caps that say “where the hell is Arnold?” — love it!

  243. Stephanie says:

    My favorite vacation was going to Mexico with all of our family. The beach, a fruity drink and total relaxation!

  244. eileensideways says:

    best summer vacation is that spent in ogunquit, maine. takes just 40 minutes to get there. white sand, big surf, beautiful views and precious family time with no electronic gadgets.

  245. It is a local spot for me, but I love to go to Bainbridge Island (just next to Seattle) in the summer. It is right on the sound and there are some amazing & lovely parks right on the water… It is just beautiful & the best part is that it is only a ferry ride away so it can be a day trip. 🙂

  246. Kathy says:

    I love to drive up to Ashland, Oregon (from California) during the summer to attend the Shakespeare festival. Beautiful town, great food, and two fabric shops right in town (at least there was the last time I was there).

  247. Krystina says:

    I love the beach in the summer… any beach is fine with me! Luckily I live in South Florida, so its not too hard to find a great spot!

    Sidenote– that Porcelina fabric is so adorable! I can already picture a little girl’s dress in my mind! So cute!

  248. Mari says:

    I love going to Spain, which for me means an escape from the rainy weather of Holland. If I could spend my holidays anywhere in Spain it would be Cadaques, which is just about the most idyllic little cove on the Med.

  249. Crissy Hartl says:

    We haven’t done this in a long time, but when I was younger, my sister and I would spend a week with 4 of our cousins in south Texas and usually took a trip to S. Padre Island. We 6 girls were a handful, but it was so much fun! We looked forward to our vacations with our cousins every year!

  250. Monterey California! It’s beautiful, there is a lot to do yet it’s a quiet coastal town!

  251. Deb V says:

    My favorite place for summer vacation would have to be at the Outerbanks, NC. We stayed in Nags Head, NC and had a great time.

  252. Dawn says:

    My husband and I love, love, love the Outer Banks in North Carolina!!! It’s so low key and pretty and we try to go every summer!!!

  253. corina says:

    I am loving the Porcelina by Michele D’Amore. Favorite vacation spot: Los Roques, Venezuela. My husband and I spent the day on a catamaran going from island to island, drinking rum, and soaking in the sun. The water was absolutely gorgeous (think the movie “The Beach”), the people friendly, the land unspoiled…absolutely stunning! I look forward to going back.

  254. Ghi says:

    Love the Porcelina line! And my favorite vacation spot is in Del Mar California, specifically hanging out in Powerhouse Park! You can surf, there is a great playground for the kids, and the view and weather are spectacular.

  255. Carol says:

    We only take “working” vacations that includes my husbands work, unless I get away to a quilting retreat with friends!

  256. Sara R. says:

    Best summer vacation spot ever is the North Shore area of Lake Tahoe. I’ve been going every year since I was a little girl, and it’s more special now that I can take my daughter.

  257. Jen V says:

    Camping in the Oregon Cascade Lakes region is so beautiful! You can choose from so many lakes for swimming, boating, fishing, bird-watching . . . whatever your heart desires. My favorite is Hosmer Lake. A must see if you ask me.

  258. sherri s. says:

    Hmm… lazy vacation would be Tucson in the summer, hiking at dawn, in the pool by 9, napping by 2. Urban vacation: Tokyo. Road trip: World’s Longest Yard Sale up Rte. 127. Thanks for the giveaway!

  259. Susan V says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Disney. We are usually there with several generations and we can find something for everyone to enjoy.

  260. Maria McGill says:

    In 2007 we began our summer vacation by taking our kids (3 – aged 4, 3 and almost 2 – at the time and me preggo with #4) to Ireland where my husband still has family and in his youth used to go visit during his summer vacations. We were there for 3 weeks visiting family, meeting family for the first time, and just enjoying ourselves. Hopefully, when #4 is 2 years old, we can take another summer vacation getaway there in 2010!

  261. Bethany says:

    My dream summer vacation is to go to Florence with my husband. I went with a group when I was in college and I SO want to to go back with him! I fell in love with that town very quickly.

  262. Gwen says:

    We live at the beach, so for vacation we like to go to the mountains. Lake Tahoe never fails to take my breath away. The smell of pine, fresh trout and the crystal clear water refresh me like nothing else.

  263. Gwendie says:

    I think my favorite summer vacation ‘location’ must have been the year my kids and I did Friday field trips to all the local places tourists see but we hadn’t. The location was anywhere we could get to, enjoy, and get back home in a day. The kids all had summer activities Mon – Thurs but Fridays were free. We all had so much fun!

  264. The beach is always a favorite!


  265. catherine s says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot was anywhere with my parents – they were both teachers and we would take ‘educational’ summer vacations…with perhaps a twist of fun…perhaps. Mostly educational, but it was nice because we got to see places we had never seen before.

    I remember crying for almost three days straight when I learned that the rest of the world didn’t have their summers off – only teachers. I was shocked! I still think to this day, we should have L-O-N-G vacations or holidays as other countries do – think of how productive we would be with the time we had to work then!

  266. kathleen says:

    My favorite vacation is camping — just about anywhere will do! Especially areas without bears.

  267. Amy says:

    My favorite vacation spot is my family’s camp in Vermont. It’s high up on a mountain on a dirt road, so there’s no cell reception, no TV, etc, just peace and quiet. I love hiking in the woods and swimming in the cold streams. It’s so relaxing!

  268. Sherri I says:

    My favorite summer vacation will be the next one I take.

  269. Sandy says:

    I absolutely love the mountains–preferably in a cabin with a deck overlooking the trees and a creek tumbling nearby.

  270. Linda says:

    This summer we camped at Yellowstone National Park. Oh my, it was so peaceful, beautiful and totally awesome!! Yellowstone’s natural beauty conbined with the animals is truely a wonderful experience.

    I came to your site to see about ordering some fabric. I hope I win – so I can order even more.


  271. Ariane says:

    Montreal, Canada – Beautiful summer weather, good food, tons of festivals (free concerts, fireworks, comedy shows)… it’s the place to be! 🙂

  272. Barb says:

    Love the chance for free fabric! We’re staying pretty close to home this summer (darn economy) but I love to visit local tourist attractions with my kids – they love them and sometimes it is nice to appreciate things in my own backyard.

  273. Tina C. says:

    Beach, please. any beach will do. but like to be in waves where i can swim and the water’s not too hot or too cold. How bout Dewey Beach, Delaware???

  274. My favorite place to vacation is Gulf Shores, Alabama. Love the Alabama beaches.

  275. Carla says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is New Orleans. Yes it’s hot, but it’s a lzy heat that gives you permission to move slowly. Streetcar rides at night and good music until the wee hours of the morning. Gotta love it.

  276. Stacy Gibbs says:

    Best vacation spot so far was to Perdido Key, FL. The beaches are beautiful & it was so nice! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m loving that Summer Soiree lately! 🙂 Hope I win! Thanks!

  277. Anita says:

    One of my favorite summer vacation spots in the north shore of Lake Tahoe. It is so beautiful and woodsy. I’m hoping that my family will be able to make there this year before fall.

  278. sonya says:

    loved loved loved Hilton Head this past spring break.
    sun. sand. hikes. alligators (!). okay I could have done without the last one.

  279. Madelyn says:

    My favorite summer vacation is Lake Powell in Utah and Arizona. One of my favorite things to do is sit at the bow of the boat and go for a long ride soaking up the sun in total relaxation mode.

  280. Joy S. says:

    We live in rural north Florida, not close to the beach, but since we live in a warm climate
    our best vacations are in the mountains! There’s a tie: This year we visited family in the small
    West Virginia town of Moundsville. It was cool and beautiful! I hope to go back there!
    A few years back we visited the Shenandoah Nat’l Park in Virginia and stayed at one of the
    lodges built back in the 1930’s. It was an amazing stay with cool nights and lots of wildlife right
    outside our doors. The dining room served fresh, homemade blackberry ice cream. I don’t think
    I’ve ever tasted anything so sweet and good.

  281. Andrea Methvin says:

    Hands down the best place is the coast of Lake Michigan, Michigan side! Sleeping Bear Dunes, picturesque little towns, sun and surf-but no salt water or sharks! Those are the vacations of my youth, and of my dreams! Thanks for the chance to win fabric… (

  282. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot was Italy where my husband and I went on our honeymoon. It was hot in July, but it was so beautiful, and the food was so good that we didn’t care.

  283. Unity says:

    My favorit vacation would have to be the times that I would go to norther MI to visit my grandparents. I loved to go to Mackinac Island and see the fort with all the folks wandering around in period clothing from the revolutionary war. *sigh* 🙂

  284. Sara says:

    My best vacation was going to Arizona to see my daughter…it was almost 8 years ago that I went for the first time…she had been living there a couple of years at that point – and it was wonderful to see that she had become a grown-up in that time…

  285. Shannon says:

    Mackinac Island! Lots of places to explore by biking or hiking through the trails. I love going there when the lilacs are in bloom.

  286. Katrina says:

    Maine – whether the coast or the mountains, it’s all beautiful and relaxing.

  287. Angela Pickart says:

    I adore Door Co, WI. It is a beautiful drive there and it is so relaxing. Good food, shopping, hiking, and relaxing.

  288. Brookiej says:

    Yellowstone…or anywhere by the Rocky Mountains. LOVE the mountains! 🙂

  289. Chen says:

    I osually stay home in the summer because I live in a resort community but I also like to go to the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

  290. Joy says:

    My favourite place for a summer break is Charmouth in Dorset, UK. Dorset has such a lovely slow pace of life, it’s like going back in time thirty years. Nothing much to do except plan the next meal and go for a leisurely walk.

  291. Suzanne says:

    My Favorite Summer Vacation spot is Blue Mountian Beach, Florida. It has THE WHITEST sand you will ever see anywhere!!!! and …it is close:)

  292. Stacey S. says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Mendocino, CA. It’s tiny but so charming and beautiful.

  293. Jackie says:

    Gorgeous fabrics!

    My favorite summer vacation is the one we take every year to my parents cabin in the mountains. I call it our “Get Away From It All Vacation”. No internet, no phone, no cable and the digital converter picks up one fuzzy tv channel. When my kids were young and came with us (and when they come with us today) all electronics are left at home. I pack books, knitting, games and this year I took my sewing machine. We’ll stay up late and sleep in. No schedule. Hiking in the mountains. We all come home fully recharged, relaxed, and in a wonderful state of mind!

  294. Lorrie says:

    Choosing a favourite vacation spot is HARD! But thinking back to the most memorable vacation times, they usually involve sunshine and water. Lakes or oceans are fine, but getting outside and enjoying the fabulous weather that is here all too short a time (on Vancouver Island) is what makes a vacation wonderful!

  295. Tiffany says:

    My favorite is anywhere we happen to be going! We aren’t going on one this year, sadly.

  296. marie beck says:

    my favorite vacation was when we (parents, little sister & me) went to Montana for 2 weeks. We traveled all over going to the Grand Tetons, Glacier National, a little bit of Yellowstone and even shot up to Banff Canada for a couple days on a whim. It was an amazing trip full of firsts for us all. The last day of the vacation fell on my 17th birthday too, and as it turned out my parents had been toting around a cell phone for me to open in the hotel on the night of my birthday (this was in 1999, so cells were less common for teens, lol).

    Anyway, now I can’t wait to take my husband back to all those places. We were dating back then and it was SO HARD being apart for 2 weeks. Little did I know he’d enter the USMC a year later and be shipped over to Iraq shortly after our marriage, lol.

  297. Lucy Johnson says:

    Well, we live in Sudan, and summer is often 110F with lots of power cuts, water cuts, dust storms, no air conditioning and the very odd bit of rain thrown in which floods everywhere since it only rains a few times a year!
    SO, anywhere under 90F, with electricity all day, where i can wear capri pants in public and get to enjoy lettuce, peas and all the other stuff you can’t get here very easily right now!
    We are about to go back to the UK / US for a holiday so my dream holiday comes true!

  298. Shelly says:

    Well, the best vacation I ever took was in fall, but that counts, right? Last October, hubby and I went on a cruise to the Greek Isles and Croatia (after starting in Venice), then flew to Paris upon completion of the cruise. We saw great beaches and villages, and walked the Seine, then spent an evening looking at the city from the Eiffel Tower. Very romantic and fun, and I’d love to do it every year!

  299. Chrissy Brooker says:

    The best summer vacations ALWAYS involve spending time with my family. One of the best I’ve ever had, though, involved only me and my middle daughter Elizabeth. I’ve made it a tradition to take a trip with each of my daughters when they turn 16. They pay their way and I pay mine. Teaches them the value of a dollar and we get to ahve fun, too. For her trip, we spent a week canoeing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. For a couple of Southern Belles who left Gulf Shores two days before driving to Ely, MN, this was quite an experience. No phones, no electricity, no TV, no radio. It was awesome! We had a chance to reconnect and get to know each other better while enjoying the beauty of God’s world. I wouldn’t trade the hug she gave me the third night there for anything. It’s so important to try to keep lines of communication open with our teens.

  300. Dawn-Marie says:

    So many wonderful vacation spots to choose from…I guess my favorite “summer” vacation was in Jackson Hole, WY!

  301. Shannon says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake Gaston, NC. It’s great for skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding. Beautiful sunsets as well!

  302. Crystal says:

    We go to Sunset Beach, NC every summer with my husband’s family. We look forward to the peaceful sand dunes and family-friendly atmosphere.

  303. sandyandcosmo says:

    My favorite summer vacation is a beach house anywhere on the Carolina coast!

  304. Susie Mac says:

    Hawaii! It is summer vacation for me anytime I’m in Hawaii. Every where in Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot. I like being able to swim in the ocean at anytime of the day. I like eating the yummy delish food there. I like that my knees feel fluid, rather than stiff, the moment I get off the plane there. Yep. Hawaii! sigh, wish I was there now.

  305. Kristin says:

    One of my favorite spots ever and one I want to take my husband is the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. We just drove through, but they are breathtakingly beautiful! This is coming from someone who lives near and sees gorgeous mountains everyday.

  306. Charissa says:

    I love going to any nice, unpolluted, uncrowded beach with my family. My daughter loves chasing the birds and splashing in the water. It’s so relaxing to watch the waves and just do nothing for a day!

  307. Bethany says:

    We went to Savannah earlier in the summer and it was wonderful! We also went to Tybee Island, very close there. Loads of fun!

  308. Rebecca says:

    Our family used to rent a small cabin at a popular lake every summer. We loved having the beach to ourselves, a big deck to play cards at night, and a boat for lots of water activities. I hope to find a similar spot for my kids to remember, and spend lots of summers revisiting.

  309. Malorie says:

    New York to see friends get married!

  310. Lauren says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Big Island HI. It is beachy, beautiful and has a nice breeze!

  311. Debbie says:

    These fabrics are beautiful! My favorite summer vacation is to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. This year, its my backyard…I am travelling to Colorado for my nephew’s wedding in Oct. and will be travelling to Israel with a group from my church next June.

  312. Kristin says:

    Ohh I love the new fabric! There are so many favorites in there but I think my all time favorite is – Centerpiece Aqua ~ Summer Soiree

    My favorite vacation place would be Kodiak Alaska. They have such lush and beautiful green foliage that covers the island. I have had fun, when I am able to visit, camping, hiking, berry picking, fishing, and bear watching. It almost seems magical there with numerous eagles sitting in the trees by the dock, deers and foxes that occasionally cross the road, and the amazing mountains.

  313. Alyssa says:

    Best summer vacatin was a Stayvacation I did one summer with my toddler twins. We did something each day but always returned to sleep in our own beds. It was relaxing and fun.

  314. Carla says:

    Such pretty fabric! I love the butterfly’s in Porcelina by Michele D’Amore. One time we went to Sabastian, FL. Great beaches.

  315. Lorajean says:

    This summer I would have to say Powers Oregon. Too much fun

  316. Michele says:

    Favorite vacation spot is anywhere on the “Redneck Riviera” – that stretch of the upper Gulf coast stretching from Gulf Shores, AL to Destin, FL. My goal is to retire to Orange Beach!

  317. Amy says:

    My favorite vacation was to Costa Rica. We stayed in this little bungalow a block from the beach but right in the heart of the jungle! I have never seen sooooo much wildlife. I still have dreams about fresh corn tortillas and the hammock on our porch.

  318. Heather says:

    My favorite was after college, going to Outer Banks NC and driving into Manteo an dfinding a sweet little bookshop with the greatest little corner alcoves!

  319. kt says:

    Gulf Shores Alabama!!!!! We rent a condo, swim, relax, and swim some more!!!!!!!!

  320. Sabra says:

    I love Lake Powell in Utah. Beautiful. I would love to win some fabric. It might get me inspired again. Thank you!!

  321. Darlene says:

    My favorite summer location is Buxton, NC on the outer banks. We are going there the end of the summer. Yippee..

  322. Melissa says:

    I’d have to say my favorite, and one I’d go back to in a heartbeat, is our trip 2 years ago when we went to Rhodes and Kos Island, Greece. My mom had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, and a week of peace and tranquility and sun and sand and surf and countless streets to wander and ancient ruins cropping up randomly…ahh…was just what I needed. :o)

  323. heather says:

    My favorite summer spot is Bermuda. The beaches there are so awesome! Hope I get picked!!!

  324. Susan says:

    We love going up to Eagle River, WI to our friends’ cabin or going camping. Getting out in the woods after spending too much time near the city is the perfect escape! Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  325. Amy says:

    Favorite vacation site- Oregon coast!

  326. min says:

    My favorite summer vacation is just a couple of hours in the car away from me. It’s Whistler, B.C. Even though we love it in the winter because it has mammoth amounts of snow, it’s also a blast in the summer. Everybody is active and healthy – lots of biking and hiking. The village has great food for everyone in the family. No need to hit a fast food spot once during your stay, which is a huge deal for a family. The mountain has activities that are a blast and they also have a super duper community pool to keep you busy when you’re tired of being on your bike. We love it!

  327. Mayya says:

    Best Summer vacation was visiting my grandparents in the South of France. Every year my mum would take us to spend the summer vacation with them, although i used to moan about having to spend EVERY summer with them but now that they are no longer alive i relive each moment i had spent with them and i wonder if they knew how much i loved them.

    My grandmother used to sit and knit or cross stitch and she would teach me. How i wish i had paid more attention and learnt how to sew then. My grandfather used to love listening to me play the violin, i was his favorite!

    Sorry didnt mean to go in so deep but i wanted to make a point as to why my summers were the best.

  328. brite says:

    We had a lovely week in FL with my 10 brothers and sisters and my parents. Now that some of us are grown being together is a lot more special! (And all the babies are pretty sweet, too!)

  329. Susan says:

    My favorite summer vacation is the beach! Florida, Mexico… whatever, just BEACH!

  330. Stephanie says:

    Vacation… ahh, yes. That thing we used to do when we had $$! 🙂 OBX is a dear favorite, but this year we’re finding more gems within a day’s drive. Local treasures.

  331. Wendy says:

    Anywhere. We haven’t taken a vacation in years.

  332. shannon says:

    my favorite vacation spot? anywhere! the mountains, the lake, the beach, some place historical… they’re all great! my favorite vacation ever was my honeymoon in riviera maya mexico!

  333. wendy says:

    My favorite vacation spot is San Francisco for sure 🙂

  334. A group of us own 12 very rustic cottages in Huntington Lake, California. It is absolutely gorgeous, peceful and relaxing. We take turns managing the cottages for our guests. I’m here right now and it is definitely my all-time favorite place to be.

  335. Angela says:

    Lazy days at a cabin on the lake. Long evenings around a campfire. Friends, games, watersports, homemade goodies and lots of laughs. I’ve done it in California, Wisconsin & Minnesota, but you can get that “lazy day” feel just about anywhere!


  336. Tania says:

    By far it would have to be spending time on the Outer Banks with family. There is nothing like it.

  337. Carrie Picott says:

    My favorite Summer vacation spot is anywhere with a beach!

  338. chilijen says:

    For me, the perfect summer vacation is _anywhere_ with a cool breeze in the evening…here in TX it’s hot and humid ’round the clock.

  339. Emily says:

    Just about any lake in Minnesota is a fantastic summer desitnation. We spend our summer visiting many – but my favorite is the ” big one” – Lake Superior. I love both Goosberry Falls and Duluth, MN.

  340. Sarah says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot? Right at home on the Maine coast.

  341. Eprsy says:

    My favorite summer vacation was when I was living in Germany. It was just nice to get in the car a take a drive through the countryside and seeing the beautiful fields of flowers and vineyards along the river.

  342. Veronica says:

    My favorite vacation was in Seattle. I loved how there was so much to do and see there. Plenty of shopping, touristy stuff, outdoorsy stuff, beaches, waterfalls, I loved it all.

  343. Emily V says:

    To me anywhere relaxing is great! I’d probably say Florida is my all time favorite, though.

    The fabrics look lovely!

  344. Missy says:

    This summer, we went to Bethany Beach, Delaware, and it was perfect. A quiant boardwalk and lovely beach. Unfortunately, too many people know about it….

  345. Jennifer says:

    Anywhere there is shade, iced tea and a good book!

  346. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite vacation is anywhere that I can be with my husband and children without outside distractions. Just being and enjoying the present moment.

  347. Ana says:

    Tuscany in Italy. Just lovely! Florence, Siena, San Gimignano…all so beautiful!

  348. Wendy says:

    We mostly visit family for vacations. Someday when the kids are big enough, I would love to take them somewhere tropical. Don’t know where yet!

  349. Christy K. says:

    My favourite vacation spot is the local provincial campground on the lake. It is great with beautiful trails and a great lake!

  350. AmBurg says:

    We go to Kiawah Island every year – love it!

  351. Amber Whites says:

    Our favorite family vacation is just a short weekend trip that we try to do every year. We are from Texas, so we just head down to New Braunfels Tx where we have fun at Schlitterbahn and tube down the Comal River. It’s fun for the whole family and we always try to bring as many extended family members as we can.

  352. upstatelisa says:

    all time fave…. camping in Cavendish Park on Prince Edward Island!!!!!!!!!!! love those windham basics and of course, all the other fab fabs!

  353. Ruth says:

    I like to vacation at Lake Chelan in Washington. Takes 3 hours by ferry to get in to the last lake in the chain (where our cabin is) and another half hour to boat across from the ferry dock to the cabin. That all means that there is no civilization around to butt in on your relaxation!
    We have a special game there where we find a big log that is floating by the shore, work it free, and then sit on it all in a line and use long sticks to push ourselves along. It’s something I will never forget.

  354. alison says:

    It’s tough to pick my favourite summer vacation location. I think Wasaga Beach in Ontario, Canada was great – beach, water slides, huge swinging bridge and caves near-by.
    The kids and I have been hanging out at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton, Ontario this year and they all love it (kids are 12, 5 and 3). During the week it’s easy to keep track of everyone, but it gets really busy on the weekends!

  355. Kathryn says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is my mom’s condo in the desert. In the summer, the highs are usually well into the 100’s, so there aren’t many people there…Lots of peace and quiet. It’s the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. The best part is the condo’s pool. It’s right outside the door, and since no one is there, it’s just like having my own private pool.

  356. Megan says:

    Anywhere with a beach!

  357. Splomo says:

    Great new collections.

    I love to camp out in a remote area of Florida’s emerald coast, where our family owns some property. The stars are dizzying and the beaches are unbeatable, and we enjoy fresh seafood and/or fresh-picked bluebrries at every meal.

  358. Lake Michigan in SW Mich. It is cool and relaxing.

  359. Suzanne says:

    Lake Tahoe–my grandfather had a motel on the north shore right near the beach. It just does not feel like summer if I can’t go there.

  360. Becky Aguiar says:

    I look forward to our annual trip to San Diego with my little family. In the Fall we head on down and stay in a hotel in downtown, on the higher floors so the kids have a beautiful view at night. We hit al the main spots, which include Sea World, Lego Land, and the Zoo, and then return home with tired little ones and lots of fun memories and anticipation for the next years vacation to come again quickly!

  361. Valerie says:

    Best vacation ever was the year my husband surprised me with a weekend away at a bed and breakfast in Galena, IL. We spent the whole weekend in little antique shops, eating leisurely meals together, enjoying the beautiful hills and scenery. But the best part was the fact that my dh is not a b&b type person-he did it all just to please me! And we had a wonderful time together.

  362. Rachel says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is the Smoky Mountains National Park. I love the combination of mountains and waterfalls. We went at least once a year growing up. My husband and I even honeymooned there last year.

  363. Alicia says:

    My favorite spot is the outer banks of north carolina. We just got back from a short weekend and I wish I could live there forever. It’s heaven!

  364. Malinda says:

    I’ve never have had a real vacation before – just a day off here or there. My husband and I are taking our first vacation(no – we didn’t have a honeymoon) to TOKYO!! It’s my favorite place on earth outside of Los Angeles! I’ve been there on business before and it’s gorgeous and fun!

  365. Liane says:

    I have many, but an Oregon favorite is Bandon!

  366. Sarah Lee says:

    Being a college student who lives 10 hours away from home – my favorite summer vacation spot has been my hometown of Starke, Florida! I love having the opportunity to go home to see my family and friends which usually does not happen very often during the school year!

  367. Sharon says:

    I love vacations … anyplace! Our tradition is a cottage on the coast of Maine … families returning year after year, kids learning to sail and growing up together … it’s like a big summer camp for both kids and adults. And … packing is easy (my laundry basket cause anything i’d want to wear is probably in there, my bike, and my current sewing project(s) for when it rains)

  368. Carla says:

    My fav summer vacation spot is Tasmania , Australia. Super mild weather, clean and beautiful. Thanks for the givaway- have a great weekend 😉

  369. We go camping in Pinecrest, CA for a week every summer. It’s a trip we look forward to all year!

  370. Jenni says:

    Our best summer vacation spot to date has been the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Gorgeous views, trails and beaches without the crowds. I like to take the kids very late in the summer for the best weather.

  371. Zegi says:

    My favorite summer vacations weren’t in a specific place; they were in a specific time. Oh to be free of schedules and bedtimes and homework, to spend the whole day in a bathing suit or high in a tree reading a book! To be overjoyed at the thought of koolaid to drink and popsicles to lick. To be slightly sunburnt and mosquito bitten. What a wonderful time!

  372. Kathi D says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is in my back yard. Second favorite is Sun Valley, Idaho every August for the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. Four days of reading, listening, and rubbing shoulders with favorite writers and new favorite writers.

  373. becky price says:

    Christmas in Johannesburg, South Africa, with side trips to the Cape! Was there last year, and would do it again in a heartbeat!

  374. leilaandben says:

    The French Alps! Awesome place:)
    We used to go there every year when I lived in Holland. It would be a little expensive now, seeing as I live in AB Canada , though I would love to go there again sometime!

  375. Karen Ellis says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot has got to be Hawaii. I lived there for a year in a valley where there was a rainbow every morning. If I could afford it I’d be back there right now. It’s beautiful, and I don’t think my heart ever left there. 🙂

  376. meg says:

    Best summer vacation is, of course, Charleston, SC. Tons of shopping, tons of restaurants, tons of historic things to explore, and of course, tons of sun and beach!

  377. Amanda says:

    I LOVE Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The water is clear, the people are friendly, and it’s not too “touristy”, which makes it a GREAT location for families with young children.

  378. Elizabeth says:

    Salt Spring Island in B.C. It’s full of quiet places, artists residences and yummy places to eat.

  379. Donna says:

    Best vacation spot . . definitely our backyard deck. We’re sticking around this year as we enter scary two daycare spot payment in the fall, and we’ve got lots of crafts, and fun, planned!

  380. Mikaela says:

    My favorite is camping. Anywhere. I just love the campfire, sitting outside reading with no schedule, nature walks and swimming. Oh, now I want to go camp this weekend. LOL.

  381. Toby says:

    I have so many wonderful summer vacations to recall from growing up. Some of our favorites are the mountains and caves of New Mexico and Colorado. But they are even more special now because I am getting to take my husband and daughters to them and seeing them new all over again through their eyes.

  382. Sara says:

    We run a camp so we don’t ever get to vacation during the summer. However, we live in the Berkshires, MA surrounding by a state forest which is a wonderful summer vacation spot in itself. Often (though not so much this summer) hot during the day but cool at night ( we have never once needed an air conditioner) with lots of theater and art opportunties within a 1/2 hour and 3 hours from the beach.

  383. Amy C. says:

    Lake Tahoe, CA – the lake keeps things nice and cool even in the summer, making it easy to go crazy hiking and biking.

  384. Mary Margaret says:

    A white sand beach is always my first thought when we discuss getting away.

    I’d be hard pressed to pick one favorite destination, though. Love Rome ( I know, no beach, but the architecture! And gelato!!), St. Tropez, Aruba, Maui,… *sigh*

  385. Amy says:

    Lakeside, hammoc, gentle breeze-I can just hear the water slapping against the boathouse and dock. Have a great weekend!

  386. Natalie says:

    It is always so hard to pick a favorite vacation spot for me becuase there are so many good ones out there!!! Ok I know I do have to choose one, so I have to say I am alwasy content on any beach. One of my personal favorite beaches is in the southern Jersey shore, Stone Harbor. Nothing beats being lazy in the sand as the you soak up sun reading a good book.

  387. Julie says:

    I love going to San Luis Obispo. It’s been far too long since I’ve been and I keep trying to think of a way to get there, even with two kids.

  388. Sara says:

    There is no place more beautiful in the summer and early fall than Yosemite. I’ve been going there every couple years since before I can remember.

  389. Raphiel says:

    Summer vacations… one of my favorite things to do is driving to Kelowna to visit family. Long hot days, picnics at the lake, bbq’s, waterparks, late adult dinners after the kids are in bed. Look forward to it every year.

  390. rachel says:

    My favourite vacation spot is Ingonish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It is a very special place because of the great family freinds that we have there and the beautiful surroundings. To go hiking and walking along the beaches brings back many fond memories from different visits. I hope to make it back there soon.

  391. Katie says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot: my grandparents house in Punta Gorda, Florida. My little brother and I spent summers there growing up, as my grandparents (and we) have aged, we don’t take month long vacations anymore. And, I cherish the time we spent with them while they were able to run after two tweens. I’ll never forget studying for the SATs while sitting next to their pool.

  392. Leslie says:

    Just got back from Ocean Isle Beach, NC and had a fabulous time! We stayed on the beach at Ocean Isle Inn [] The place is wonderful, especially for families or anyone looking to get away from the big beach crowds. It was the most relaxing vacation ever! I’ve been posting on my blog this week about it – feel free to pop over and check it out:

    I also had some great inspiration for a beach quilt so I’m hoping to get started on that soon! Thanks for your awesome blog & SMS shop!

  393. julia says:

    I love driving down the coast to my parent’s cottage in Floence, OR. hikes, sand dunes, ocean, great fish-n-chips or jus hang out at the cottage and enjoy the lake. It’s as near perfect as you could get!

  394. Lauren says:

    I just got back from a trip to California………I love wine country! So beautiful!

  395. Rochelle says:

    Call me crazy….but our family loves Disneyland! Not in a wacky tourist wearing all Mickey garb sort-of-way but we love to go play. We find it to be a relaxing vacation if we take it with the mindset to have fun and not try to do everything they offer. I know my husband has had a stressful day if I catch him looking up airfares to Cali!

  396. Heather says:

    My favorite summer vacation was a couple years ago when I went to Vietnam and Hong Kong. I loved Vietnam – the people, the scenery, the entire experience.

  397. Anita says:

    My favorite summer vacation was my honeymoon – a cruise from Boston up through New England. It was gorgeous and romantic and a wonderful way to celebrate our new life together!

  398. carmel says:

    the best thing we have done is going to the museum of scince in haifa- israel.
    it was my husband, me and the 2 kids.
    it was great famely time!

  399. MeganAnne says:

    Can I pick Europe? If I have to narrow it down I’ll go with the Rhine in Germany. Love that lush, green countryside and the fact that all the tourist are on the boats leaving to towns quite and restful.

  400. Sarah H says:

    My favorite summer vacation was to Maine. Such a beautiful part of our country. Visited Bath, Rockland, Camden, and Bar Harbor. Did tons of walking, boat tours… it was fantastic. Can’t wait to go back.

  401. Ann Dilcher says:

    Favorite summer spot is Dewey Beach, Delaware. Not so much because of the location but because I go with a group of moms that I have know for about 8 years since we all took baby-mom yoga together. I think this year we had 12 moms (one dad) and 33 kids. It is just too fun and now that we moved far away it is nice to see how all the kids have grown over the year and catch up with dear old friends.

  402. Emiko says:

    My fave summer vacation location is only a few hours drive from where I live. On the Olympic Peninsula in WA there’s a little town called Sequim. They hold the lavender festival every 3rd week of July, which I love going to every year. A few years ago, we rented a little cottage up there for the weekend and snuck in some kayaking trips – I love being by the water, the lavender fields and kayaking with sea lion heads popping up from the water only feet away, curiously looking our way – so relaxing!

  403. Alison says:

    My favorite vacation is an island in New Hampshire — Star Island. The meals are family style, the kids have activities, and the beds get made. A great family vacation, and a real break for mom (and dad) too.

  404. Jodieth says:

    I always like having my children at our lake condo. We can boat, sea-doo, hang around dock, swim in pool, fish, play games, watch movies. We try to go as much as we can in the summer. We are planning on making two bedrooms larger to accommodate our growing family. We have two very young grand-children and another coming.

  405. ann says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Outer Banks, NC. So tranquil and lovely.

  406. Miranda says:

    My favorite summer vacation was the summer i turned 17. My family did a two-week tour of parts of the US. That summer I saw the Mormon Tabernacle (amazing!) and spent my birthday at Mt. Rushmore. I also got to see the world’s largest reptile exhibit (loved the shirt I got there!), two tornadoes in North Dakota and Old Faithful in Yellowstone. I can’t wait to take my kids on the same route.

  407. Julie says:

    My favorite vacation was my honeymoon in Jamaica six years ago. It rained every afternoon for an hour and the rest of the day was beautiful and warm and sunny. Loved being in the ocean and being with my husband. Ahhh the memories 🙂

  408. jennsquared says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is 1000 Islands Region, NY. It’s about two hours north of Syracuse, NY, right on the St. Lawrence River. We camp on Wellesley Island State Park it’s relaxing and fun. I guess I’m biased because that’s where my husband and I’s first vacation spot as a couple, where we got engaged and married. 🙂

  409. Linda says:

    Ontario cottage country. Beautiful lakes, pines, and peace. From Muskoka to the Kawarthas and even much further North in Ontario. I love the scenery and it is so Canadian.

  410. Shannon says:

    All these exotic locations! I’m afraid we’re kinda boring in comparison. We have four little ones who are just barely getting old enough to a.) know what a vacation is, b.) enjoy some time spent away from home and c.) allow others to enjoy said vacation. We had a lot of fun exploring Mt. St. Helens this year. Relatively close to us, but exotic nonetheless.

    Beautiful fabric! Thanks for always keeping us up on the newest arrivals…..

  411. The beach is always great, cheap and oh so relaxing. We rented a beach house a few years back in the outer banks in N. Carolina. It was habds down the greatest vaccation we ever had. California is usually where we go for family and the beach too. Some of these fabrics look like the colors of the beach to me…so lovely!

  412. Christa says:

    In the backyard on my knees, weeding and smelling the fresh earth. Watching the watermelons grow and waiting in anticipation for the tomatoes to ripen.

  413. Abby says:

    I loved the cruise I went on, my favorite stop was Belize! It was beautiful.

  414. Mindy says:

    I really enjoyed a trip to Lancaster, Penn. Beautiful countryside, the Amish culture was very interesting, and we found a great flea market/farmer’s market, and some neat thrift shops to plunder through. The entire trip was very restful.

  415. Kristi says:

    My favourite summer vacation location is camping in central NY around the Finger Lakes!

  416. Beth says:

    Best vacation spot: Lake Huron, my parent’s 3 room cottage. Private beach, lots of ice cream and campfires, tons of reading. Sand everywhere

  417. Heather says:

    Just vacationed in the OBX for the first time and it was amazing. However, I gotta say that where I live is a vacation destination and we get a million tourists through our little tiny town each summer…travellers all the way from Europe! Estes Park, Colorado is breathtaking and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Absolutely stunning even for those who live here year round 🙂

  418. Tess says:

    Best Summer Vacation spot was in Jekyl Island, Ga. Small,quiet place with bungalows right on the water,great for relaxing which is what I really need with two young and very energetic boys!

  419. Jenny says:

    My favorite place to go in the summer is Custer State Park in South Dakota. Beautiful, but so far away from me that I hardly ever get there.

  420. stefanie says:

    I like to stay home for summer vacation. Four years before we came to switzerland and there are so much places to see, that three weeks are nothing… stefanie.

  421. Rita says:

    As a Florida girl, any quiet beach is good for me!! I love the keys and Fort Walton Beach in the panhandle is also great. This September we are going to Atlantic City for a week with my in-laws, I can’t wait. I have never been! They rented a gorgeous house on the boardwalk, my girls are so excited. 🙂

  422. Elaine C. says:

    My favorite summer vacation location would be St. Petersburg & Clearwater Florida beaches… I have so many wonderful memories of visiting my brother and his fiancee down there! Collecting shells, walking up and down the beaches, going to the drum circle and dancing while the sun set in a spectacular beach sunset. They recently moved to North Carolina, so I may soon have a new favorite east coast beach area!

  423. Grace says:

    My favorite vacation spot isnt Italy or Hawaii but Alleghany state park. Every year since we got our pop-up camper we go. For me theres a lot of memories like climbing thunder rocks or looking for beavers. Its a great vacation spot for everyone though. There are a lot of activities to do and have fun with. Alleghany, to me, is the best vacation spot.

  424. Anik says:

    My favorite vacation place is Cape Cod. More precisly I love Truro, Provincetown and Welfleet. Great beaches, great piers, great eat outs. Lovely.

  425. Karen H says:

    Generally we don’t vacation in the summer, but our most recent favorite spot was Charleston, SC. LOVELY place, can’t wait to go back.

  426. Betsy James says:

    Southern Germany/Bavaria. So beautiful it looks like a movie set! Its hard to believe its real!

  427. Isabella says:

    We haven’t taken a full-on vacation in quite a while, but we have a couple. If we have time to take a road trip, we like (in late spring/early summer) Bryson City, NC. The Smoky Mountains are beautiful.
    If we don’t have a long time to travel, we head to Galena, IL. This is a great any-season location.

  428. Erin says:

    I loooove driving into southern and eastern Kentucky because the view is gorgeous and the weather is mild enough for me to handle.

  429. Whistlepea says:

    Hooray for FFF!

    We always went to visit my family in Cape Breton when I was a kid and I still get cravings to go there in the summer.

  430. Cinnamon says:

    My favorite summer vacation in Manzanita beach where my husband’s family has a little beach house. It’s so wonderful to get out of the valley and see the ocean, feel sand between your toes, and get scoured by those coastal “breezes”.

  431. Vicki says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Kauai, Hawaii. I’ve been twice, once in late spring and once at the begining of summer and what a wonderful place to be. It’s a great place to relax, and we’ve made some wonderful friends who also love to quilt. The weather is beautiful, warm, sunny and they have wonderful trade winds to keep things pleasant. Her at home we normally have hot, muggy summers, but this year it’s been a very cold and wet one.

  432. Because we are farmers and make all of our income during the summer we hardly ever have a “summer vacation.” However, when there is a chance to get away we love to take the ATV’s up into the mountains by our house and ride all over exploring, geocaching, and visiting abandoned mines.

  433. jenny kim says:

    my favorite summer vacation destination, costa rica! i’m an avid surfer and cr is one of the best places to visit when learning to surf, the weather is beautiful, the landscape is even more beautiful, and the people are so friendly.

  434. qsogirl says:

    Basically any beach is my favorite vacation destination! I will always have a place in my heart for Myrtle Beach, SC, though. I grew up going there every year with my extended famil– and it was a tradition even before I was born… my dad grew up going there with his family every year.

  435. Allison Chan says:

    The best summer vacation spot is Jamaica. They have the best weather and the water is beautiful. I love the culture and the music is awesome as well. If you haven’t been, cruise on and check out every garden you can find!
    Love your Fabric!

  436. Emily says:

    Summer Soiree is one of my new faves–love the black with those bright colors! I have great memories of camping in the high Uintahs with my family while growing up. You have to make your own toilet, but the solitude is wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  437. gillian says:

    My favorite vacation spot is in Northern Minnesota on Gull Lake. We spend a week each summer in a little cabin on a sandy beach soaking up the sun and playing in the water.

  438. Carmen says:

    Holy generosity!

    It’s hardly tropical or summery even, but I love being in Chicago! It has the big-city iconic-ity to it, the smaller boutique neighbourhoods, and a pretty pretty lakefront. WIshing I was there now!

  439. jill says:

    my favorite spot is Wells Beach, Maine and I’m leaving hot Texas in 5 days to be there!

  440. Denise says:

    My favorite vacation destination is New Orleans. Not only is it a great city but I also get to visit my sweet granddaughter!

  441. Celeste says:

    If money were no object, Rome would be my fave locale for sure. I loved my trips there in my pre-baby days. Nowadays, we enjoy just driving to the coast (usually Monterey, CA) and spending a long day enjoying the breeze.

  442. mjb says:

    I love going to a lake in Northern Minnesota more than anything else.

  443. Catia says:

    Greece always comes to my mind when talking about best vacation. My husband came from Iraq for his R&R and we spend the whole time in Greece, it’s magical place, we enjoyed every minute of it.

  444. Leigh says:

    Can I have two favorites? My husband’s grandfather’s cabin in Northern WIsconsin is wonderful- Swimming, fishing, campfires, S’mores… But I also love Topsail Island in NC where my family has vacationed every year since I was ten!

  445. lifeasamama says:

    Honestly? My favorite place in the summer is my parents’ home. It’s not where I grew up, but now they have a lovely retreat with a pond, acres of lawn, acres of prairie, a strip of woods all backing up to a quiet wide river.

  446. wendy says:

    My favorite summer vacation was the trip we all took to Disneyland when our older kids were little. You can’t beat Disneyland!!!

  447. pamela says:

    my favorite summer vacation spot is the grand canyon – north rim! you can get away from most of the crazy busy tourist feeling, sleep in a cabin or tent, and still have the amazing canyon views and hikes. so wonderful.

  448. Leah says:

    Gabriola Island… at the beach.

  449. Susan says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Idaho…to visit my family! It’s so relaxing and fun and we eat TONS of good food!

  450. Laura M. says:

    I like it that you are doing a give-away in the comments, so people can win but if people just want something free they can buy lovely fabric and get some free. So many ways to win! 😉 My best summer vacation spot was Tuscany. Nothin like watching the sunset over those rolling hills with a glass of Italian wine in your hand!

  451. Laura says:

    If I could go any where, I would probably pick some where in Italy. That’s not in my budget, though so a realistic favorite place for now would be the mountains or the beach. I’m not hard to please in the area of vacations.

  452. Chelsye Garrett says:

    Hmmm…favorite summer spot? Rocky Mountains! I live in the south so the summers get hot, hot, hot. I love to go to camping in the mountains where the heat and the bugs are bearable.

    Thank you!!

  453. Alexis says:

    Oh those are too beautiful! My favorite summer vacation is Alisal in Solvang California. I love it because we go with all my family every year and it’s such a gift to be able to relax with family and take time out of the year to just be with eachother.

  454. Michelle says:

    My current place to vacation is in Boulder, Colorado where my family and some good friends live. But another great place to visit was the San Juan Islands up by Victoria, BC. Very pretty up there. 🙂

  455. Sailing around the Greek Isles. My friend’s family took me when I was younger. Beautiful weather, sailing on a calm clear ocean, stopping at small traditional harbours and fishing villages, sleeping on deck under the stars every night…

  456. Leslie Newton says:

    Best Summer Vacation: Gulf Coast of Alabama! Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Perdido Key, etc. Calm and restoring! The sand is white and the water is blue…They was much devistation from hurricanes, but the rebuilding has been incredible. Love the dunes and the sea oats blowing in the Gulf winds. Reading a book with music of the ocean waves and children laughing – almost Heaven!

  457. Elizabeth says:

    Perfect summer vacation? The beach with good book and drink in hand! Doesn’t matter which beach!

  458. Mary says:

    My best summer vacation was also the simplest: a lazy week in a tiny cottage on a lake just outside Algonquin Park. Heavenly! Made friends with lots of chipmunks!

  459. Jessica says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Point Pleasant, NJ. I live only 20 minutes away, but I always have a great daycation on the Jersey Shore!

  460. Misha says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Cape Cod and the general Boston area. It’s so beautiful there in the summertime. Cool and calm with the sea salted air. There is an ice cream shop in Plymouth, MA that has the best sherbet!

  461. Juliet says:

    NEW ZEALAND! is the best vacation spot ever! it has something for everyone and ice cream to die for.

  462. Ashley says:

    Anywhere that we can pitch a tent! We live in Idaho and it’s so cold at night sometimes that when we go camping he becomes an amazing cuddler… I love those moments.

  463. Sarah E. says:

    My fav. vacation is anywhere with family. We’ve recently started having family reunions and it has been fun no matter where we are. I would love to go to Hawaii sometime though!

  464. We spent our vacation this year in Banff Nat’l Park, Alberta Canada. Everywhere you looked was like a postcard! My kids loved it and had so much fun hiking, watching the wildlife, and enjoying the cool mtn air.

  465. Becky says:

    My Great Grandparents home in the north west mountains of North Carolina. It sits on 17 acres of woods and farmland. Quiet and serene and somewhat primitive. Sleep is so deep there.

  466. Rebecca says:

    Lake Tahoe! It’s just 45 minutes from home and sooo lovely!

  467. Michele says:

    My favorite vacation spot is a small island in Penobscot Bay (Maine) called “Bear.” I stay in a lovely cottage overlooking the harbor, with no running water and just solar powered lights. Water is drawn from a nearby well. Evening reading and knitting is done by candles or headlamps. Days are filled with wonderful walks along the rocky shore, chilly dips in the ocean, and soaking in the dazzling landscapes (I’m a painter, and I do most of my year’s work when I’m out there).

  468. Lindsey says:

    My favorite is probably just going to the beach with all the kids. They love it! I love to watch them explore around and run in the water. Endless fun.

  469. Shelly says:

    My latest fav. is Busch Gardens, Williamsburg VA. It was a blast for the kids and lovley shade and flowers for me!!

  470. Heather says:

    Best summer vacation has to be our yearly family vacations “up north” to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada – we love it there. The fabric is gorgeous – just love it all.

  471. Tricia L. says:

    Fav summer spot: The Jersey shore, any town south of Alantic City. I’ve been going ever since I was a kid. It’s about an hour drive from where I live, but people come from all over the east coast. We used to rent a house but now we own and it’s amazing to be able to come here every summer!

  472. Erin says:

    My favourite summer vacation is to stay at home but have my husband off work. Playing at beaches, hiking, berry picking. There are a million fun things for our kids and ourselves to do right around here!

  473. Lynn Osborne says:

    My favorite vacation is the beach just an hour from home!

  474. kara says:

    We rented a house on the isle of palms. It was a wonderful relaxing week spent with the family between the beach and the pool. perfection.

  475. Jill says:

    I love the Oregon Coast in the summer. The ocean breeze is nice and cool and the water is wild and lovely. There is so much wildlife and rugged beauty. I love the glass blowing shops and the pottery places. We went a lot of summers while I was young, so there is a high nostalgia factor at play.

  476. Fay says:

    Went to Flathead Lake in Montana this summer – it was beautiful and we had a great time!

  477. Robyn says:

    I love camping in Telluride in the summer. It gets so hot here in the front range that it’s nice to get up a bit higher to take advantage of the cool mountain air! I just wish it was a bit closer.

  478. Cara says:

    Spending time on the Outer Banks. Especially the Nags Head area.

  479. JJ says:

    My favorite summer vacation location?..hmmm, I’m going to have to say the beach (although I’m sure many others have as well)! Even though we live at the beach we rarely go any other time of year. That makes it a vacation, right? I love visiting my hometown in Oregon as well…so lush and green and none of that icky rain!

  480. D'Ann says:

    Vacations have always been spent going to my parents or my in-laws house. Naturally I love visiting my parents the best. My favorite was 2 years ago when all of us kids were home for my fathers 90 birthday. It turns out that it was the last with my mommy. I wish I could go back in time and live it again.

  481. Katie Mitchell says:

    My favorite vacation ever was when we went to Sedona Arizona and climbed Bell Rock. It was so exilirating. I can’t wait to take my children there and climb it again!

  482. Cynthia says:

    Cape May, NJ is a wondeful Victorian shore town. We love to ride bicyles all over town while enjoying the colorful architecture.

  483. Steph W says:

    My favorite summer vacation is anywhere, when I’m viewing the world from the seat of my bicycle!

  484. Stacey says:

    Anywhere where’s there’s the ocean! Love the smell of the salt water and the sound of the waves. Finding shells is even better!

  485. Wendymoon says:

    Anywhere with a beach is great for summertime relaxing.

  486. Rachel says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is my own backyard! Fill it with family and friends and a good barbecue…it’s perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  487. Melissa says:

    We’re headed to gorgeous Lake George in the Adirondacks of NYS this weekend for a relaxing time with old friends. It’s the best place to kick back and recharge!

  488. BethieB says:

    This past Sunday we all loaded up and drove three hours over to the coast to Fort Bragg, Ca. It was just a day trip but it was so worth it – my three little sisters, their kids and husbands, and me and mine were all able to make it, which is such a miracle in and of itself! The kids had a blast running up and down the sand and we had authentic clam chowder in a little hole in the wall. Even though we needed sweatshirts and jeans it was the best summer vacation, just because we were all together and able to escape this California heat for a whole day!

    BTW – I really, really NEED that Porcelina line. It is breathtaking!

  489. Jamie says:

    My favorite summer vacation destination is a visit to family. Good company is hard to beat.

  490. Janet says:

    ooo, nice deal in the shop.

    Our favorite summer vacation is Mammoth Lakes, CA, in the SUMMER not the Winter.

  491. Jean says:

    Strong Island!

  492. Betsy says:

    Loved my summers at Mt. Hermon, in the Santa Cruz mountains. Great times with the cousins!

  493. Megan says:

    My favorite vacation spot moves around New England over the course of the summer. Any place with family and good friends, water to swim in (freshwater or salt — all bodies are good) and fresh corn and tomatoes is golden in my book.

  494. Melissa says:

    Avalon, NJ does it for me. The sand is lovely, the pace is slow, and you can walk forever. And it’s full of happy memories for me.

  495. KZ says:

    My favorite spot is anywhere that involves time with my family, whether its Vegas, West Yellowstone, CA it is all fun!

  496. Heather B says:

    Favorite is Stone Harbor, NJ. The kids start talking about the beach house in Jan. Nothing like the sand & surf.

  497. Becca says:

    I don’t have a “usual” spot for summer vacations, but I just returned from a wonderful vacation with my husband…we went on a cruise in the Caribbean and it was amazing! Best port was Grand Cayman—Stingray City!

  498. Laura says:

    Last summer, we spent almost a month in Greece, traveling and visiting my husband’s family. Definitely the best summer vacation spot ever!

  499. Tracey says:

    I think my favorite summer vacation spot is still my grandpa’s trailer – in canada, summer isn’t long, and this summer hasn’t even been that warm. And even though there is no lake or ocean (there is a pool) its so relaxing and calm and it always smells like fresh cut grass and watermelon and the instant I get there i feel like summer has arrived and i get sit back and not think about work and just “get away”.

  500. Linda says:

    A great summer vacation for me would be me at my sewing machine with no interuptions! The machine can be anywhere…home would be just fine!

  501. Robin says:

    Bar Harbor, ME
    Ocean, beaches, camping, mountains, boating, and an adorable downtown area. It’s perfect.

  502. Maya says:

    My favorite vacation was a trip down to Florida. We stayed near St. Augustine. The beaches were clean and protected. The amount of nature we experienced was amazing. The most mind blowing experience there was swimming with dolphins at Marineland. It is indescribable the feeling of being in the water with them. They feel like nothing else I have ever touched. Truly the most wonderful vacation I have ever had!

  503. Elizabeth says:

    At the moment just some quiet time at home sounds like a great vacation, but I also have fond memories of my aunt and uncle’s cabin in Tennessee 🙂

  504. ~Michelle~ says:

    Summer vacation destination? Anywhere in the good ‘ol USA – road trips are the best! And the best destination during the cold months of winter – Puerto Rico (bonus: you don’t need a passport to get to the Caribbean!).

  505. Wendy says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is a little inlet on Etolin Island….. can’t tell you exactly where of course, its a secret spot!

  506. RobinE says:

    When I was a kid, my family used to spend a week or two each summer in Lincoln City on the Oregon coast. I have the best memories from those trips. The ocean, bikes, salt water taffy and shells from the gift shops, visits to the Tillamook Cheese Factory… good times!!!

  507. Leisel says:

    Summer fun– went to Jackson Hole for a week. Did some hiking, played in a lake, went to the theatre, ate lots of junk food– so fun!

  508. Annalee says:

    The best summer vacation I’ve ever taken was to a delightful little Scottish-themed bed and breakfast in the California foothills. Of course that may be because it was the one and only vacation my husband have ever taken away from our kiddos…

  509. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite vacation spot would have to be Cape May, NJ. I met my husband there and it holds a special place in my heart!

  510. Intaly Karlheim says:

    My favorite summer vacation was at Door County, WI. What a lovely and romantic area!

  511. Sara G says:

    Anyplace with my family… but if I had to pick a location, probably Yellowstone Park in Montana or the Oregon Coast!

  512. Jacey says:

    My favourite vacation spot is fluid, but it involves a lake, a dock, the smell of trees and a sunny day. Maybe a canoe ride too.

  513. Carrie says:

    The best summer vacation spot for me is Leigh Lake in the Grand Teton Mountains. It’s a bit of hike (but flat) to get out there, but hiding in the forest is the most beautiful and soft white sand beach you’ve ever seen. My husband and I went there two years ago when we were in Jackson Hole, and it’s still all we ever talk about. Sheer bliss!

  514. Sarah says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is anywhere with plenty of warm sun and water. Swimming, then drying off in the sun while reading, then eating some ice cream, then swimming, then drying off in the sun while reading, etc., makes for a perfect vacation.

  515. Linda says:

    Our best summer vacation ever was to Bermuda about a year back–not only was the weather and water perfect, it was then when we found out we were pregnant!

  516. Shannon says:

    We are heading to my favorite place today, actually! We are going backpacking for a few nights in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Lovely!

  517. Sally says:

    My favorite vacation spot was in California with my family. We stayed at this wonderful hotel and had such a fun time.

  518. annie says:

    Lucky me….my favorite destination is just down the road. Carlsbad beach where my Mom (86) my daughter (28) and I (56) watch the waves, share lots of good talks and point out the dolphins as they swim past. I cherish this precious time we have together…no packing, no fuss. Just three generations of women who love to spend time together. XXX Annie

  519. Jeni says:

    My favorite summer vacation is a week at my mom’s house with my family. We get a chance to go from 65 degree weather to 100+ by the last couple days we have acclimated and got some color just in time to return to the redwoods at home!

  520. Wiek says:

    My favorite summerlocation:

    anywhere my Love is.
    prefarably on our (motor-)bikes riding somewhere where we can enjoy the surroundings, prefarably somewhere with hills/mountains and woods. Woods to give us shade, keep us cool and provide the best smelling air ever. Hills or mountains to give a kick to our ride.
    At the end of each summery day we would go to a cabin our any summery house, and there we would cook (or more likely grill) and enjoy. Mostly we’d enjoy being together, falling asleep together outside near a campfire, or inside near a fireplace.


  521. Dawn W. says:

    We love going to Durango, CO as a family. There’s a little melodrama there, great waterslides, a river to float on, and bike paths galore. Highly recommend it!

  522. Kirsten says:

    My favourite summer spot is our family cabin on Thetis Island in British Columbia. There’s nothing better than reunion with family, beach and forest, and lots of communal cooking and eating.

  523. Grateful Grama says:

    I rented a cabin for a week at a state park in a neighboring state. Beautiful fully-equipped cabin; huge great room, bedroom, kitchen, bath downstairs, loft upstairs, front porch with swing. Took several day trips to nearby locations and enjoyed the peacefulness. It was inexpensive and wonderful!!

  524. Gretchen says:

    Without question: Yosemite. Breathtakingly beautiful…

  525. Leah says:

    I love summer vacations that involve the beach, but really anywhere with my family is the perfect summer spot.

  526. Kendall says:

    Bear Lake, Idaho. My husband’s family has a cabin there and spend every summer there while he was younger. Now, we look forward every year to our trip to Bear Lake with his family. Aside from the watersports, beach time, and 4-wheeler rides, we just love being with family and enjoying one another’s company.

  527. Megan says:

    Sheesh, I haven’t been on summer vacation in about 20 years…and I’m only 30! So, I guess I would say my favorite summer vacation place is ANYWHERE! But if you’re a midwesterner, a great place to vacation is Duluth, MN.

  528. Erin says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot — Yosemite. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  529. Suzanne says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is a campsite in the trees near a lake. Swimming, beaching, campfires…ahhh! We go on Monday – I can’t wait!

  530. Marie-France says:

    My favourite summer vacation location is Muskoka, in Northern Ontario. Gorgeous lakes, hiking, camping, sunsets. Perfect!

  531. Jenna says:

    Summer vacations in Cancun are hard to beat!

  532. Christine says:

    My favorite place is our cabin in the mountains in Idaho!!! we moved from Eastern Oregon 15 years ago, but still travel every summer to our heaven in the mountains. The air is clear and smells of pine, the sun always shines, the weather is warm in the day and cool at night. The sitting on the porch is easy, listening to the wildlife.

  533. Leanna says:

    Rocky Mountain National Park is pretty cool, or a beach. This year we are going to Bald Head Island!

  534. Jean says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is my friend’s lake cottage on Clear Lake in Freemont, Indiana. Peaceful, relaxing, beautiful. Days spent swimming, grilling out, and swinging in the hammock! 🙂

  535. kelli says:

    I love to visit my parents (in the beautiful Columbia Gorge of Oregon). Especially because my mom has the sewing machine and serger set up all the time (so I can finish my little projects — like fixing my son’s shorts or hemming that dress). Also she has such a stash that I can always find a bit of fabric or yarn that follows me home!

  536. Laurie Grant says:

    Favorite place..camping with the family in Maine. No phone, no computer! We go to the beach, have some nice dinners cooked by corn hole and have a fire with either s’mores or dough boys! Nothing like hanging with family!

  537. sarah says:

    Our family loves to return to Santa Barbara, CA whenever we get the chance…

  538. My best summer vacation was camping in Pennsylvania, Our 3 children were small and my huby drove through a storm to arrive at a beautiful spot on top of a large hill. We visited Hershey Park, Lancaster, and Valley Forge. It was memorable for all of us.

  539. Penny says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is on the a river. Anywhere. We have done a couple of 5-7 day kayaking trips, one on the Salt outside of Pheonix and one on the Yampa river where it converges with the Green. I loved them both. The sound of water, and peace and beauty all around for days.

  540. Abby says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Bayview, Michigan. Its a small, mostly summer community of cottages on the Lake. Beautiful settings, beautiful weather.

  541. Shannah says:

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere on the beach. Sand everywhere, saltwater drying off in the sun…that’s the life!

    Hooray for a giveaway! Thanks.

  542. Beatrix says:

    Favorite summer vacation location would have to be the Lake Huron shore line on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Beautiful sandy shallow beaches and tranquility. Perfect.

  543. Angela says:

    Las Vegas, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  544. Jenny T. says:

    One summer my whole family went up to a lake in Vermont and stayed in a cabin. The whole week we spent canoeing and playing games and eating chocolate cream pie from the local bakery. It was August, but the mornings were so cold we’d drink some hot chocolate and put together a puzzle before we were brave enough to put on our bathing suits.

  545. Stephanie G. says:

    Lucky for me, my favorite summer destination is right where I live–Maine.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  546. dorothy says:

    My husband was lucky enough to be sent to New Orleans on business this summer. Our 14 month old and I tagged along and we made a family vacation out of it. We had a fantastic time walking the French Quarter, riding the streetcar, and walking through the swamps, even though it was hot hot hot.
    I had a lot of fun gearing up for the trip with lots of sewing travel projects (including the Everything Tote and All-Weekend Sundress from “Weekend Sewing” by Heather Ross).

    New Orleans was, surprisingly, a great family vacation spot, although we would like to go back someday sans the little one 🙂

    You can see mre about our trip here:

  547. Danielle says:

    My favorite summer vacation was my honeymoon to Scotland and England. In particular, the few days we spent on the Isle of Skye. It was a perfect mixture of things to do and relaxation, all with a gorgeous backdrop. We keep talking about going back, both to visit and maybe eventually to live/retire.

  548. Amy Hunter says:

    Our favorite vacation spot the last few years is Zion national park in Utah. It is so beautiful!

  549. Lisa says:

    Our fave spot is Topsail (pronounced “top-sul”) on the North Carolina shore. Beautiful, low-key, and friendly.

  550. Debra Lloyd says:

    We have a house on Lake Mitchell in Michigan. I love to sit outside and watch the ducks on the lake.

  551. Jodie says:

    Favorite summer vacation? Anywhere with my little family. Love spending time at Lake Sonoma and love camping in Felton, CA (near Santa Cruz). It’s wonderful to escape the heat and have some downtime.

  552. Sara Hemmeke says:

    The best summer vacation spot I’ve found is along the shores of Lake Michigan in Holland, MI. Sandy beaches, perfect temps, low humidity… and peace & quiet!

  553. Mary Anne says:

    I loved the Disney vacation that we took just as my kids got out of school for the summer this year. They had no idea that we were going…I had packed their bags and hid them in my closet. Packed the car while they were in school then picked them up from school and left straight for Disney. We had a wonderful time as a family and got to see the magic through the eyes of my 3, 6 and 9 yr olds.

  554. Leah says:

    Just returned from a great trip to the NC mountains (where I grew up). It was such a nice change from Hotlanta in the summer. I hope to go again next summer with the whole family.

  555. Heather says:

    For me summer now means Germany and different Weinfeste in the Pfalz region. We lived there for a time and loved it. Now, we just go to visit and enjoy the nice, relaxing atmosphere of a glass of Schorle and a lazy Sat. afternoon. This summer, my first sewing, I might even look for some fabric.

  556. Charmaine says:

    I don’t really have a favorite spot but I can say a favorite activity is camping near a lake. I live in Canada and we are blessed with so many wonderful spots to set out a tent. There is something magical about the sound of the loons on a misty lake first thing in the morning!

  557. I’m a little biased about my best summer vacation … it was the one where we spent the summer in Vietnam while we adopted our daughter! It was life-changing (for obvious reasons!). And Vietnam will forever hold the most special place in our heart!

  558. AllieK says:

    Grand Haven, MI would be my favorite family vacation place .. even though I live just 20 minutes from here and visit almost every weekend I would still choose to spend a week vacationing here every summer. With the beautiful family friendly sandy beaches on Lake MIchigan, a georgeous Pier to walk on, watch boats pass by or fish off from, there is no geater place to relax with the family. Plus the little city is so cute with little shops and that small town feel. everything is within walking distance you can walk the bord walk to Temptations for ice cream and then play a round of mini golf or take a tour of the city on the Vintage trolly car bus .. Saturday mornings they have a farmers market & in the evening you can go sit in the grand stands and watch the musical fountain play across the river.. it’s such a beautiful place and I feel very fortunate to live so close to enjoy it on a regular basis. I think the state of Michigan as a whole has a lot of cute towns on the west coast from New Buffalo to Traverse City.

  559. Katrina says:

    The best summer vacation was this year. I was able to take my children to the beach for the first time. I’ll never forget the looks on his face when they stepped on the sand and saw the amount of water that was there. The looks on their faces were priceless. On that vacation they also got to jump off a pier into the water. The proud shouting was all that could be heard across the beach. “mama I did it!” I’ll never forget this summer.

  560. Jaye says:

    My favorite trip is visiting my son in California where he’s stationed, maybe in a couple of years it’ll be somewhere else? Otherwise it’s at home with his brothers or nearby.

  561. Lisa says:

    I enjoyed Sylt and Heidelburg, Germany on summer vacation years ago…and those are my favorite places. –Lisa

  562. Lorene says:

    Our family went to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri this year. My husband’s Grandparents had their 50th Wedding Anniversary and invited the whole family to come and celebrate with them. It was a blast, so relaxing and beautiful.

  563. Lauren V says:

    I think my favorite vacation was 4 months in Italy, going to school, traveling, and enjoying living in Rome. that was the best! No vacations yet this summer, but I spent the spring in Mexico and the Bahamas!

  564. Jill B says:

    Best Summer Vacation Spot: Nantucket Island. it’s not too hot, sunny, and the hostel there is not expensive and across the [tiny] road from the beach. A good getaway.
    Massachusetts in general is a nice week or so – interesting things to see and do. Pleasant weather.

  565. MamaBee says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is my husband’s dad’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains (California). It’s beautiful, peaceful and tranquil. We go on hikes through beautiful country and I get to hear stories of fun adventures that have been had in that area. It’s great.

  566. Southern Gal says:

    We live in SC so naturally our favorite vacation spot is the Grand Strand! The beach is a place where we kick back, relax and have fun family time. Love it. Of course, if we get tired of it (not likely) or want a change we can visit the mountains. I love this state!

  567. Jessica says:

    Colorado…or somewhere cooler! Oklahoma sure get hot in the summer!

  568. joy newman says:

    South Lake Tahoe with friends. Friends, food, relaxation, swimming, and books–perfect.

  569. Candice says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! My favorite summer vacation location is NYC! 🙂

  570. molly says:

    new york city. seems a little odd, but its a bit less hectic in the summer months.

  571. anja says:

    my favorite summer vacation spot is bayfield, wisconsin. lovely northwoods, yummy restaurants, and beautiful lake superior for sporting in.

  572. Laura says:

    Great Harbor Cay in the Bahamas–while you may think it’s too hot in summer, actually the water is just perfect!

  573. Amy Hodge says:

    Summer vacation spot? As a child, the only place we ever went on vacation was to visit the grandparents 6 hours away. I have to admit that I loved going out to their farm and wandering around, playing in the ponds. As an adult most of our trips are more “travel” than “vacation”, and almost never in the summer! But I did really love Hawaii and think it would be a lovely summer spot!

  574. MaryAnn says:

    Love the new fabrics, especially the Porcelina stripe and butterfly! My favourite summer spot is on the deck of our cottage on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. The flat, limestone bottom of the bay turns the water a Caribbean blue/green – it’s so beautiful and clean.

  575. Alex says:

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach in North Carolina. Any beach will do! 🙂 I just love the dunes, the sun and the winds. Makes me sad, as I now live in the midwest, which is lovely, but no beach!
    I love, love, love the alphabet print in the Little House collection.

  576. amy says:

    It’s been a long time, and it’s not likely due to my living on the West coast now, but I still long for the Thousand Islands in New York State.

  577. Our favorite vacation spot is Cancun, Mexico. The hotels are mostly all-inclusive. The pool-side cafes and the beaches are awesome. The nightly family-friendly entertainment is so much fun, too! Each night at our hotel, a group of actors/dancers performed an interactive musical with a different theme. Also, each night had a buffet of different foods: mexican, italian, etc. We can’t wait to go back!!

  578. Kathleen C. says:

    Another generous giveaway! and beautiful fabrics that would stretch my creativity. Winning a yard of fabric would be like a mini summer vacation for me. I never take a summer vacation, but my favorite thing is to take drives through our county in the country, to see the flowers in the yards, maybe stop at a town craft fair or at some tag (garage) sales. I can do this by myself or with a friend, and I always have a good time. Thanks so much.
    Kathleen C.

  579. Kolleen says:

    My favorite summer vacation was in northern Idaho. Granted, I was “back home” visiting family, but we stayed at a small cabin on a clear, cold lake with a little beach. It was very relaxing even with 2 toddlers. Swimming and canoeing and making smores. Not quite camping. A beautiful family memory.

  580. Joanna says:

    That’s a tough one – there are so many wonderful places! I would have to go by where I’d most like to vacation right now. It would be back in my home of NZ. My brother in law has built a little holiday cabin (bach) on some family land on a private beach. There is no power, no running water, no toilet, just a long drop, but there IS a pristine unspoiled beach 10 feet from the cabin, and no neighbors, just the family. Bliss!

  581. My favorite summer vacation spot is from my childhood – we would camp at Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod. It’s a lovely forest campground surrounding a few lakes/ponds with beaches, bike and hiking trails. Entering the park was like being transformed – the woods, water, smells of campfires… heaven. There used to be a truck that came around with blocks of ice for your coolers, all the kids would just run off & play for the day & find new friends, and there was endless exploring. The evenings were so peaceful, and the sky was so full of stars it could barely hold more. I’m looking forward to taking our boys there someday.

    Thanks for bringing back the pleasant memories! I needed that this morning! And of course, thanks for the giveaway, too.

  582. Melissa says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot, huh? Hands down, it is a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Wilderness. It’s a day of trekking and canoeing to get to a campsite. Moose traipse by the tent and loons follow you when you go out canoeing. It’s incredible and so peaceful.

  583. Jen says:

    This may sound lame, but my favorite summer vacation spot is my parents’ house. First off, it’s very low-cost! Secondly, we live far enough away that we don’t get to see my parents very often. We all enjoy being able to spend some time together. They live in a very small town that I find rather quaint, with little shops on the square to explore. There may not be amusement park rides or national park hiking, but we get enough of a thrill out of it to look forward to going to Grammy & Papa’s house!

  584. Melissa says:

    Favorite summer vacation spot, huh? Hands down, it is a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Wilderness. It’s a day of trekking and canoeing to get to a campsite, you might see noone for days. Moose traipse by the tent and loons follow you when you go out canoeing. It’s incredible and so peaceful.

  585. my favorite summer vacation spot is the neighborhood pool!

  586. Marcijo says:

    Sicamous, BC, Canada. Close enough to drive, great lake, warm & a free place to stay at a family condo.

  587. Julia Smith says:

    My favorite vacation spot is a little condo in Maui. Though I won’t be going there until after this newly expected baby is ready to swim, I look at old photos and dream in this July heat…

  588. Debra says:

    We live in a small town, so my favorite “vacations” in the summer are our bi-monthly trips to the city (Minneapolis/St. Paul). We get to see family, shop and enjoy things like the State Fair, Rennisance Festival, Art festivals, the Zoo, and Grand Ave. Little mini vacations!

  589. Pam says:

    Gosh! Pretty new fabric and a giveaway?! 🙂 Favorite summer vacation spot? Hmmm. That would have to be San Diego. The zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town, Legoland…The list of fun stuff goes on and on.

  590. Tammy says:

    Summer vacation…I love to go to the ocean! The breezes are cool, the water is cool, everything is cool, cool, cool! 🙂

  591. Jo Anna says:

    My favorite place to vacation by far is Newport, Oregon. It’s not only a beautiful area, but so many wonderful family memories there.

  592. Jen says:

    My favorite summer vacation is anywhere warm and sunny with shiny blue water! Pick a tropical island and I am there!

  593. Debra says:

    Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands would be a favorite. The water is so c lear you can see everything.
    I love how the sunlight sparkles from the surface of the water and filter down.
    PS Love the new fabric!

  594. love the Windham basics….

  595. Ellen says:

    Every year we have a family reunion at my grandmother’s . . . that may not sound like much of a vacation, but it wouldn’t be summer without it! It was at one of those reunions that my grandmother taught me to sew. Every year I bring my current project and we compare what we’re doing and what we’ve learned. I love that weekend more than any other!

  596. Heather says:

    My favorite summer spot is close to home! We head up into the mountains and camp buy the fork of a beautiful river. The kids love it and it’s nice to have a getaway that only takes a half hour to get to! 🙂

  597. Karen says:

    My favorite vacation spot is my family’s cabin in northern Minnesota. I don’t get there very often, but it is so relaxing. One of the neatest things about it are the handmade quilts that my mom made for all the beds.

  598. Tiffany says:

    My favorite summer vacation place… hmm, anywhere with my family!! 🙂 But I guess New York. 🙂

  599. Sarah says:

    The beach, without a doubt, is my favorite vacation place. The sun, sand and water are all so relaxing and they bring back fond memories of going to the beach when I was in college.

  600. Maggie says:

    We spent a week in Seagrove Beach Florida in a beautiful townhome right on the beach and had a fabulous time.

  601. Jeannine says:

    We go to Ocean City, New Jersey every summer. It’s quite a change from my younger, single, childless days in Wildwood or Sea Isle City! But, with a 4 year old it is a nice, relaxing vacation.
    And… there’s some great boutique shopping, too!

  602. Megan says:

    Maine! Love the cool weather up there during the summer. And of course all the lobster!

  603. Isobel says:

    I love the Swedish archipelago for going on holiday – sailing, saunas, long sunsets that just merge into sunrise, little tiny islands with no-one else there. Beautiful.

  604. Mary P says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is probably going up to a lakehouse in Wisconsin. Just relaxing and spending time with family–it’s great!

  605. Erica says:

    Mackinaw Island, Michigan is beautiful. I am so excited to say I’m going there next week!

  606. DebbieKL says:

    I like peaceful vacations on a lake where I can relax with a drink and a good book!

  607. MegVS says:

    I love Summer Soiree and all those lovely dots from Windham. Big dot fan.

  608. Christy S. says:

    I really enjoy visiting family in other states for summer vacation. We’ve been on cruises, stayed in fancy hotels, and went on some really fun road trips, but nothing compares to seeing a dear aunt that you haven’t seen in forever and cuddling up in quilts to talk about old family stories. :o)

    So, that’s my favorite summer vacation destination … hope to win some fabric!

  609. karen says:

    our fav. vacation spot is camping, seeing our children gain new friendships with other kids, having fun, lots of fresh air, LOVE camping!

  610. Sheryl R says:

    Oh, I LOVE those fabrics! They are gorgeous!

    My favorite summer vacation spot is no longer available to me, I am afraid. But growing up, my grandparents owned a cabin in the Hocking Hills of Southern Ohio. It was on a lake and just amazingly gorgeous and simple. I learned to swim there, fished from the dock, and spent hours in the row boat. I miss it terribly, but it holds many fond summer memories for me.

  611. Peggy B says:

    Am I really the first to post. My favorite vacation place is the Outer Banks of North Carolina, nowhere else is as close to heaven. Morning walks on the beach is just about perfect for me. Peggy in SC

  612. Kari Bodell says:

    My favorite vacation spot is camping by the lake… in a camper of course… with running water. This is my first summer as a new mom, I’ve learned that sometimes a stay-cation is just as good though!

  613. Annika says:

    Last summer we went to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland for a week. We fished off the dock, my son played with his cousin, and we made s’mores at night. It’s definitely top five, possibly #1.

  614. becky says:

    Bar Harbor, Maine. Beautiful! Especially the top of Cadilac Mountain, Jordon’s Pond House for a lunch of fish chowder and popovers with creamy fresh butter. The town square for ice cream cones. The shore for the best sunrises, the first in the country every day.

  615. Jessica R. says:

    This summer I spent a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I fell in love. The mountains, the people, the mountains, the culture, the mountains, the perfect temperature, and the mountains made it a place I can’t wait to visit repeatedly for longer periods of time.

    But then there is Pictured Rocks, MI (in the upper peninsula) which I still remember visiting with my parents as a child – probably about 20 years ago, now. We also visited Tahquamenon Falls and Makcinac Island. There are many great places in Michigan where we vacationed (Sleeping Bear dunes and Grandma’s house just to name a few), but that was one area I really remember.

  616. I always love to visit Disneyland! Having a fat ice cream cone while strolling Main Street just makes me happy. Oh and don’t forget about the fireworks.

  617. My favorite summer vacation is to Mackinac Island, MI. It is like stepping back into the past. There are no cars allowed on the island, only horses and bikes! It has charm beyond anything I have ever experiences. Located on the straits of Mackinac with the beautiful bridge in view. If you live anywhere near it, it is definitely worth a trip!!

  618. KathyG says:

    This summer: Hawaii!

  619. Ellen says:

    Hm, my favorite summer vacation spot is definitely the cabin that my family and I used to spend vacations at. Lots of quiet days spent sitting by the lake reading or crafting. So nice.

  620. Liz says:

    What a lovely giveaway, and such great new fabrics in the shop!

    I’m headed to my favorite summer getaway in a week and a half, and I’m so excited. My mom and her siblings own a house on a lake in far northern Wisconsin. It’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and it’s packed to the gills with family. Crazy, but fun! And now that my twins are turning two, I think it will be even more fun.

  621. May says:

    My favorite summer vacation is the staycation I’m having now. Crafting at home with sewing machine and fabric. Do not like hot and humid and much prefer to travel for holidays in the fall over any other time of the year.

  622. Rebecca says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is anywhere I can be with my family! We haven’t taken too many vacations, in fact the only halfway recent one was to some of the National Parks, and we loved that! But, in all honesty, right at home, with my family, when there is nothing to do (which happens exactly never) would be the best vacation in the world!

  623. Julie says:

    The North Shore of Oahu is my favorite spot.

  624. Jordan Durbin says:

    my favorite summer (or any other time) vacation would have to be Paris . . . even though I’ve never been! Someday . . . .

  625. Hannah says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is Okracoke Island, NC. We love it because it is not very developed, and you can walk everywhere, which somehow seems to make crazy, always in high gear people like me slow down.

  626. I love the beach as long as it is warm-Cabo and Maui are faves!

  627. Leslie says:

    My favorite vacation ever was to Cabo San Lucas for our honeymoon. I can’t wait to go back one day!!

  628. Patty says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is the Michigan State Park in Harrisville, MI…camping on the shores of Lake Huron in my pop-up camper!

  629. Courtney N. says:

    My favorite summer vacation is Amicalola Falls in GA. It’s amazingly beautiful! My family has visited several times since I was about 12 years old. Check out that link to see more!
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  630. Jenny says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is in the middle of the woods with my family and our tent. Love to cherish the quiet, nature, and children doing what children do best.

  631. Holly says:

    I love taking my 2 yr old to the beach this year, she gets SO excited each time we go, like it’s the first time! =)

  632. Jennifer says:

    My favorite vacation spot…growing up we went to a family house on Lake Michigan – you walked out the back door and down a hundred steps to the beeach. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  633. Emily S says:

    Right now my favorite summer vacation spot would be right here at home – but NOT be pregnant! Only 9 more days till my due date!

  634. Amanda says:

    Love your site! My neighbor told me about it. 🙂
    My favorite summer vacation spot is Isla Mujeres. It is a little island off of Cancun, usually a day-trip destination for Cancun-ers. But we stay our entire trip on this sweet little island and just chill out. We used to go a lot before kids. This year will be our first trip with our children – 5 and almost 2. We can’t wait!

  635. Amanda P. says:

    Favorite vacation spot…..when I was a kid (and prob now too, just haven’t been for awhile) I loved going to Canaan Valley in WV. We would rent a house with some friends and swim and fish in our own lake and just explore outside….not too hot and no crowds!

  636. Laura W. says:

    I must say my favourite summer vacation was going camping with my family when I was a little girl. We were only an hour or so away from home, but being surrounded by all of those beautiful trees & being lakeside was such an escape. We would sleep in a tent, woken by the crows & other birds in the morning & linger in our sleeping bags in fear of the cold morning air. We’d make spaghetti in a huge pot by the campfire & roast marshmallows until they were black and charred (yum!). We’d play at the beach all day and come back to the campfire at night to talk and relax. It was such a great experience, I hope the share the same with my two little girls one day.

  637. Jennifer says:

    my favorite vacation location (that’s semi-close to home) is the texas hill country. i live in houston, so going up a few hours to the rolling hills, lots of trees, good BBQ and all the cold rivers/springs is a big break. i try to go every year at least for a short weekend if i can. the best part, as long as we haven’t had a drought like this year, is toobin’ down the comal river with your head thrown back and basking in the sun while your legs are cold from the water.

  638. my favorite summer vacation spots are anywhere with beaches or mountains…and even better if they have both…a little relaxing on the beach followed by some hiking in the mountains! however, i once took a nice vacation to a hotel room with my sewing machine for a weekend alone!!

  639. Sherpa says:

    My favorite summer vacation? Going home to Utah to soak up some of those desert rays as i gaze at the red-rocks.

  640. Stefanie says:

    My best summer place to vacation is at my parents house. Out in the middle of no where, corn that goes to the horizon, no internet and limited cell phone connection. It forces you to slow down and relax.

  641. Camilla Moss says:

    Our favorite summer vacation location was my parents house! Who can beat hanging out with family, delicious home cooked meals, and free babysitting! Thanks Mom and Dad!

  642. Tracy Rizzo says:

    Such beautiful patterns!

  643. Cheryl says:

    One of my favorite vacations spots is in Grants Pass Oregon. If you’re an outdoor person, there are miles of trails that you can hike that will take to to places with breathtaking views. There is also fishing, camping and river rafting. Or you can reasonably rent a condo to stay in (great if you have children!) You can just take a picnic lunch and enjoy a quiet time in the country. If you like antiques and historic places, they have preserved their downtown. You are just a few miles from Jacksonville, a town from the late 1800’s that has been preserved. There are farmer’s markets to enjoy locally grown foods, and wineries that you can visit. Many things for everyone to enjoy!

  644. Regina says:

    OOh -my favorite summer vacation spot has got to be camping on Cranberry Lake in the Adirondack mountains in NY – good memories!!

  645. Kat says:

    There’s nothing better than DC in the summer. Yes its hot, but there are tons of fountains to dip your feet in or free museums to cool off at. The people watching is out of this world too!

  646. Christie says:

    Hi, living here in south Louisiana, our favorite annual summer vacation is to the Alabama/Florida border beaches. We love the beaches and family time and if you are into retro beaches, check out Pensacola, FL. There’s still a retro vibe there.

  647. May S says:

    I think my favorite summer vacation location isn’t that much different from my favorite winter vacation location – it’s Hawaii. My husband and I spent some time there and loved it. We may move there at a later point in our life 🙂

  648. Cindy says:

    The west coast of Sth Australia…pristine beaches, turquoise waters and if you’re lucky, the space all to yourself.

  649. Margie says:

    My favorite summer vacation is a trip the the Grand Canyon. Its actually my dream vacaction that I haven’t gotten to take yet! I’ve told my dh for the last 21 years thats where I want to go but circumstamces have not let us go. I have a son that got to go there last year & he really loved it so I got to go in pictures!
    I did however get to take a mini vacation to San Antonio Texas last year & loved every minute of it! The Alamo was really something that I had always wanted to see & I am so happy that I got to go there.
    I really love browsing all the beautiful fabrics in the shop.

  650. christine says:

    Favorite vacation spot – the north shore of Lake Superior. My home for awhile, and always lovely to go back.

  651. Marion Ovaska says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Prince Edward Island. It is beautiful, clean, the residents are incredibly friendly and courteous. We like it there so much that my son and his new bride honeymooned there.

  652. LucienneS says:

    Horseneck Beach, MA. White sand dunes– big waves– the smell of of the sea.

  653. Kris says:

    I love camping on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. It’s just beautiful!

  654. Jessica T says:

    We’ve only every vacationed where we have family. Having moved across country this last winter our new favourite vacation spot is our old home town! After being gone for nearly 9 monthes we’ll be going back as tourists next month and seeing all the stuff we never went to as locals.

  655. leah says:

    my favorite summer vacation destination is long beach island on the jersey shore. sounds strange, i know, but my family has been spending one week there every summer since i was in middle school (i am now 29) and the house we have always rented is like my 2nd home…except without a mortgage.

  656. Sarah says:

    Yah! Enter me! My favorite vacation spot is Jamaica, but it’s been so long since I’ve had a vacation I’d settle for any place with a beach.

  657. Cheryl says:

    London Ontario – a short drive across the border and LOADS of great things to do with the kids. The best part is the US$ goes further too!

  658. nancy says:

    My favorite place would be the northern California coast or the southern Oregon coast.

  659. Gina says:

    My favorite vacation spot? Camping in my back yard with my family! When we can actually get away, we love to go to Glennie, MI where our cabin is.

  660. Alissa says:

    My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod. It is so lovely there. I love the ocean. Surounded by the colors of nature it is a great spot to draw inspiration.

  661. Karen Bradley says:

    We spent many summers on a lake a Minnesota. Even though the mosquitos were horrible everything else was idyllic!

  662. Dru says:

    I would love to win some fabric. My favorite vacation location is anywhere other than home! I like camping vacations, shore vacations, trips to Disney World and other theme parks, and visiting family.

  663. Marissa says:

    Great giveaway! We’ll be spending our summer out west- Utah, Seattle, Oregon, then Colorado. I love the mountains!

  664. rachel says:

    Ohhh..first to comment, that never happens! My favorite place to vacation remains Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. I have such great memories of growing up on the lake in the summer and being with family and friends!

  665. Erica says:

    I’m looking forward to this summer’s vacation. One spot my family is especially excited about is Medora, ND. My past favorite has to be the Yellowstone National Park.

  666. Carolyn says:

    It may be hot and non-beachy, but I love NYC in the summer, or any time of year

  667. Kaye Prince says:

    My favourite summer spot has always been my Grandparents house. Since we could never afford to take vacations when I was growing up, my Grandparents was the place I spent my entire summers. My Grandmother and I would have tea parties, and read together, and it was during one of these summers that she taught me how to sew on her machine. My Grandfather and I would always be building things; one summer we built a playhouse with real glass windows and a real door. Those summers were the best and will always be fondly remembered in my heart.

  668. janet says:

    My favorite summer vacation is going to visit friends that have scattered across the country!

  669. Jessica H says:

    Hmmm… well this may very well change as we are headed to NYC in a week, but I really do think Maine, where I live, truly is Vacationland. It’s beautiful! The mountains, the forests, the fields, the OCEAN! Although, my heart is also partial to NH as I used to go there growing up to visit my family. I would love going to Weir’s Beach and visiting all the shops.

  670. Melissa H. says:

    My favorite would be our honeymoon and wedding location: on the beach in St. Lucia. Wish I was there now!

  671. Samantha says:

    It’s hard to decide on a favorite vacation spot. We love camping in Acadia National Park, but it’s also nice to go somewhere warmer, like Myrtle Beach.

  672. Marilyn says:

    My favorite summer vacation is when all of my family gets to come down to the beach with us. We relax and enjoy coming and going to the beach and pool and feeding the fish in the lake.

  673. Grace says:

    Favorite Vacation Location – Georgia Mountains

  674. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    My favorite summer vacation destination is right here in the state of Minnesota – the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is so beautiful, has many parks with great hiking trails and lots of quaint shops and restaurants. If you’ve never visited, you should plan to see it soon.

  675. Deanna K says:

    we still haven’t gone on our summer vacation yet – which I think might be a new favorite…..
    but our past favorite vacation was just outside of Boston – in Glouster, MA – we rented a house for a week and played on the beach! It was a little cold – but a wonderful vacation!

  676. Sandy says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is my parents house on Lake Huron. Every fourth of July weekend a large group of us meets up there and spends the whole weekend laying around reading books, playing dominos, catching up, drinking cocktails, grilling out, and mostly just relaxing…it’s ALWAYS a great weekend!

  677. jodie says:

    Excellent! My favorite vacation location is anywhere I get to spend time with family I haven’t seen in a while. 🙂

  678. Michelle Z says:

    This year my summer Vacation was in New Zealand. Visiting my parents and having my girls meet their relatives. Brrrr – it’s winter there!

  679. Bethany says:

    What nice giveaways. My favorite vacation location is Hilton Head island. It is quiet, has a beautiful beach, and bike riding trails. We have had great family vacations there. We have also ventured away from there to other beach locations and have not enjoyed it as much as Hilton Head.

  680. Katie B says:

    Great giveaway! My family loves to vacation in Savannah, even though it is HOT there in the summer!

  681. Kellie says:

    my fave summer holiday location is my dad’s house at the top of the South Island in NZ. In the hills, surrounded by native bush and bird song, the sound of a near by river soothing the soul, I love it!

  682. Marisol says:

    I think my favorite summer vacation would be India, I love all the colors, spices and things I would see there! Travel to Kerala!

  683. April says:

    Wonderful fabric as always. 🙂 I especially love the Porcelina from the collections above. My favorite summer vacation place is anywhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  684. Vanessa G. says:

    My favorite summer vacation is always in Brazil. We always leave for xmas holidays and while is so cold in the US it is very hot in Brazil. Spending time with my family is priceless specially when I wait 12 months to visit them each time. Thanks for offering this giveaway! Blessings, Vanessa

  685. Renee E says:

    My favorite vacation places are the beach and the mountains. I live in NC and both are beautiful places to go. I really would be happy anywhere as long as I am with my family!

  686. molly says:

    Favorite summer vacation ever? Lake Superior. Favorite vacation this summer? San Francisco and Napa Valley. We had GREAT weather out there!

  687. Leigh says:

    Fun! I love the North Georgia mountains for summer vacations – tons of places to explore, beautiful scenery….

  688. Jennie says:

    We don’t get many family vacations, but right now our favorite time together is spent visiting family in Charlotte 🙂

  689. Shannon says:

    hmmmm, favorite summer vacation spot…
    When I was a kid my family and I vacationed at my aunts cabin that was on it’s own little island in a lake near Toronto, Canada. I was the first time I had ever been to Canada and we had so much fun. The only way to get to this itty bitty island was by boat. Very secluded and oh so much fun!

  690. craftytammie says:

    The only vacation we take in the summer is for the fourth of July – we go to a family reunion at Lake Okoboji Iowa. My dad grew up around there. We’ve been going since I was a child, and now I’m taking my family too. My dad has 7 sisters and 6 brothers, most of whom have kids and now grandkids. We rent cabins at the lake and all week long we just hang out, fish, eat and laugh. It’s a really good time.

  691. Amanda says:

    My absolute favorite spot was a campsite along the coast of Maine. It ended up being a last minute stop, but it couldn’t have been better. We could see the ocean from our site. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it was called!

  692. Melissa Ann says:

    I have really fond memories of vacationing in and around Gatlinburg, TN both as a child and now as a grown-up. My parents would sneak us away to this magic wonderland by convincing us we were going for a drive looking for a certain church to drop of donated clothing. We’d look forever for the mentioned church and finally when the sun went down, we’d be told we were going to TN. Yippee! I learned to crow like a Rooster, share the Gameboy with my sister, saw my first waterfall, and rode some of my first roller coasters in TN. This year I discovered that I’m pretty lucky at putt-putt… as long as I’m pregnant 😉

  693. Michele says:

    Since I live in the super humid south, I love getting away to the mountains. Warm days, cool
    nights……ahhhhh, almost heaven!

  694. Christi says:

    Ooh, in the summer, I love to get away to Walden Pond early in the morning before it’s too crowded. Sitting at he water’s edge with all of the history and beautiful nature is so inspiring and relaxing all at one.

  695. Lise says:

    As a child, my favorite vacation spot was my great-aunt’s cottage on Lake Michigan, where our whole extended family gathered every summer. Now that that era’s ended (sadly), I love to vacation in Bar Harbor, ME.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  696. Silvia says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks! My favourite location for the summer is a small coastal village in the Catalan Costa Brava (in Spain). It’s so relaxing!

  697. Meredith says:

    my favorite summer vacation is definitely camping with the family!

  698. roberta sanderson says:

    Our family have been going to Bunbury in Western Australia for three weeks in January for the past 12 years or so. Bunbury has everything we need in a holiday – the ocean for skiing and swimming, the estuary for crabbing, nice restaurants within walking distance of our accommodation, a wonderful climate, and a great holiday park with chalets to rent large enough for our family of five and their friends. We are extremely lucky to experience this every year with our family.

  699. Michele says:

    I like to vacation in the Florida Keys.

  700. Colleen says:

    Cape Cod!

  701. Deana says:

    oooh new fabrics! off to go shop!

  702. katie says:

    Easy! My favorite summer location is Key West. It’s a drive away from me, full of fun shell shops and beautiful bridges. Just entering the island of Key West relaxes me. I never have plans when I go there, I just do whatever comes up! It’s GREAT!

  703. JoAnn says:

    Good morning from rainy Ottawa!
    My most favorite vacation location is Bon Echo Provincial Park. It is a wonderful national park with great things to see and do!! The hiking trails are fun and the spots for camping are great….. brings back good family memories.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  704. My fav summer holiday spot is a National Park in Tasmania, Australia – the name shall remain secret as I don’t want to spoil the place with lots of visitors. Needless to say, I love to wake up early in the morning, stick my head out of the tent and watch the wallaby’s, kangaroos and wombats munching on the grass – it’s bliss!

  705. Sandy H. says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot is right on my back deck where we have a lovely screen house complete with ceiling fan, electrical power, table that seats eight, and comfy furniture to lounge on while knitting, reading or just plain dreaming the day and evening away. Usually we would be at the beach but my husband is undergoing radiation treatments so we are home and actually loving it!

  706. Michelle says:

    My favorite summer vacation location is Georges Pond, near Bar Harbor, Maine. I’ve spent part of nearly every summer of my life at our cottage on this beautiful pond and have loved every minute of it. Kayaking, swimming, blueberry picking, loon listening, reading, playing Scrabble – a very idyllic time. I can’t think of summer without thinking of Georges Pond.

  707. Sinje says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    My favourite location for summer vacation is Paris. It’s a stunning, vibrant city and I really love the “vibe” of it!

  708. Brooke says:

    My favorite vacation is when my husband and I took a week off and stayed in town and did all the touristy things locally in D. C. that we usually don’t have time for.

  709. HPENNIE says:

    The best summer vacation spot ….is the northern part of Lake Huron – Georgian Bay (Canada). It is unsullied wilderness, sparkling, clean water, windswept trees on smooth rock islands, the sound of the loons to waken you in the morning, and the swishing of the waves to lull you to sleep at night. Aaaah, bliss……….

  710. Betsie says:

    Those are beautiful! I really wish I had more time and fabric to spend in my sewing room!

  711. erinmalia says:

    favorite summer vacation spot? the grand tetons. no question.

  712. Julie says:

    As a child, my favorite place to go in the summer was Aunt Lawrene and Uncle Pop’s farmhouse in Arkansas near Mount Vernon and Romance. They grew and raised almost all of their own food, had chickens, fresh eggs, cows, a horse, farm dogs, and a black walnut tree. They ate “local ” long before it was a trend. They canned and preserved their foods and put them in a root cellar that doubled as the tornado shelter.

    It was a magical place. And, most importantly, she had an antique sewing machine with a treadle food and quilts on all of the beds made from sewing scraps. I liked to spend the night in the “sewing room.”

  713. Nicole says:

    Beautiful new arrivals as always!

    After spending years away from the ocean and now the mama of two wee ones, I would have to say that a visit to the ocean would be a blast – fun in the water, shores to explore and new experiences to be had…who could ask for more?! Have a wonderful weekend!

  714. Catherine says:

    The beach! Yes, it’s really that simple…put me near sand and any big body of water and I am in my favorite vacation spot.

  715. Valerie says:

    Multnomah Falls +Cannon Beach + Portland, Oregon = a favorite vacation spot for this Okie…:)

  716. Tonja says:

    What an awesome giveaway…
    Our vacation this year was probably the best we had family with us and we went to CA.,Vegas,Utah, and AZ….seen lots of really
    interesting sites….
    Thanks and have a great day….

  717. Andi says:

    My favourite summer vacation spot is Prince Edward Island. It doesn’t seem to matter where on the island we stay, it’s always beautiful! I have fond memories of walking on a deserted red-sand beach early in the morning, just me and my hubby and the ocean….

  718. miriam says:

    I love the new fabrics shown on this post, Summer holidays are all great but I love being at the beach and just totally relaxing !

  719. Stacey says:

    my favorite summer getaway is where i just moved too!! we live in the country woods here in Maine and it’s so pretty. A great place to raise 4 kids. We are hoping to purchase 6 wooded acres to start the rest of our life on. thanks!!

  720. beccy says:

    For me it has to be St Ives. Despite being in the UK, it’s tropical in Cornwall in the Summer. The sea is turquoise, the sand is golden, there are palm trees and triffid-like agapanthus everywhere. There is a wealth of inspiration at your fingertips just by looking around. They really support their local craftspeople, and there is always an exhibition somewhere! Since I live in the North, it’s about as far away as I can get while still being in the country, but it’s well worth the 9-hour trip to get there 🙂

  721. Jennife says:

    I have to say my favorite vacation spot is still my own backyard. A few days of every body being off work, lazing in the yard with the kids playing and glass of ice tea with no particular place to go, just listening to the birds and breezes…

  722. Shawna says:

    My favorite vacation spot is in Canada way out in the boonies. We went to a fishing camp called Tooley’s Lodge, and it was so much fun. It was so relaxing…of course it took 45 minutes to go 11 miles back the dirt road

  723. Molly says:

    My favorite summer vacation spot it Cape Cod. When I was a girl our family went there every summer and I have so many wonderful memories. I love the wild, freezing cold cold ocean, the sand dunes, the lobster shack, walking about Provincetown. Gosh . . . I would love to go there this week!

  724. Becca says:

    My favorite place to summer vacation is Black Mountain, NC. I went there every summer as a teenager. It was beautiful in the mountains.

  725. Anna says:

    We usually head up to my parents’ house in Maine, but my favorite place(s) are New Hampshire’s beaches where I spent the summers as a child. Oh, the carefree lazy days–even the rainy days were fun! (We painted our nails and played cards.)

  726. Oh, such great new fabrics….

    The favourite spot? It has to be a beach, a landscape of dunes, a seaside of sorts – in Scandinavia, where the light never really disappears. As Sondheims says – “Perpetual Sunset is rather an unsett’ling thing”…. but ii is one of the most beautiful things to witness.

  727. jane says:

    I like to stay home for summer vacation. I live in Nova Scotia and we have lots to see and do.

  728. amanda says:

    Lake Tahoe with my family — one of the greatest places on earth!

  729. Muriel says:

    My favorite vacation destination must be the city of Venice in Italy. And I am extremely lucky because I am going there on Monday. I am so excited!

  730. Alice S says:

    My favorite vacation spot was our trip 6 years ago to Kauai. It truly is paradise. I would go back anytime.

  731. Isabel says:

    Summer means beach for me! I love to go to some coast of Spain (I m based on Europe)

    I fell in love with your “Planets on Black ~ Rocket Scientist” fabric Really cool!!

  732. Wendy D says:

    My favourite summer vacation is Bull point lighthouse on the north Devon coast in the UK, The keepers cottages are beautiful and snug and the remote location has uninterupted views of the welsh coast, lundy island and gorgeous sunsets. Night brings the blinking light of 4 lighthouses and clear star filled skies. Walking the coast to secret coves and swimming seals is magical and boat journeys to mystical Lundy brings glimpses of dolphins. Not bad during an engish summer.

  733. Junglewife says:

    Anything that’s close by to where I’m currently living at the time – in the past has been places like Gatlinburg, Chicago, Seattle, Huntington Beach, etc. Right now it’s BALI!!! 🙂

  734. Anna says:

    I love to just stay at my house and do nothing, garden a little bit, sew and spend time with friends and family. So, my home in the south of Sweden is my favourite vacation location.

  735. My favorite vacation spot happens to be my home. I sit out on the veranda in the summer evenings enjoying the lovely view from my veranda and enjoy watching my grandchildren playing in the cool evening. I also enjoy a nice family barbeque in the evening and always have friends and children around. During the early morning I enjoy my garden and during the heat of the day I enjoy doing all my craft. My home is the nicest place to be in summer (I think). I know this is not a holiday destination as such, but it is my favourite place to spend a lazy summer.

  736. Cheryl Ewers says:

    My favorite fabric in the shop now is definitely Ugly Duckling Feather ~ Red Letter Day 🙂 Already thinking of some pretty items to make for my daughter and little friends.

    Favorite summer location is anywhere beachy and relaxing like a couple summers ago when we were in North Carolina.

  737. Rebecca says:

    My favourite summer destination is Tuscany. It’s beautiful and so relaxing. Wish I were there now!

    I’ve just found your site and am very impressed. You offer a fantastic selection and I anticipate an order in the very near future! 🙂

  738. alisha says:

    I don’t know that I have a favorite summer vacation spot. Anywhere that’s relatively quiet/calm where I can relax near the water will do. A quick afternoon shower to cool everything off would be welcomed as well.

  739. Djaj says:

    A giveaway ? Great !
    My favourite vacation location is probably Lugano, in Switzerland (by the italian border).
    I love the landscape, it’s beautiful in every season… I won’t mention the food and the Italian Gelati you can have there… And in Italy, just 15 or 20 km away, you have the Mascioni fabric printing site.

  740. Uta says:

    Wow, what nice fabrics and a nice chance to win.
    I love summer on the beach, so for Germany is Rostock-Warnemunde a nice place and here in Australia I love to be in Sydney. Nice beaches and Cafes to relaxing.

  741. gill watson says:

    wow am i the first?
    anyway we’re off to ireland next week – to a lovely island off the west coast. we’ve been going for years and still love love love it!!!!!!!!

  742. Vera says:

    My favorite vacation location? A deckchair in my backyard, phone turned of, a good book and a glass of really cold iced tea near me 🙂
    How easy live could be … Vera

  743. Zarina says:

    Well, since its always summer here we don’t have a ‘summer’ vacation house but we do have a weekend house- well its a condo actually smack in the middle of the city (we live about 30plus miles from there in the suburb).

    Since my brother got married last year and they are waiting for their new condo to be furnished, they are bunking there for a while. Then for the school holiday, or any other weekend will just swing there for a swim, bunking around and maybe go around the shopping complex near by.

    Just the opposite of your summer vacation gateaway but its our weekend home.

  744. Giulia says:

    My favourite summer vacation is the one awaiting for me in September.
    I’m from Italy and for us usually summer means sea, but that’s not my case.
    The Dolomites are there just for me: one week of trecking, woods, beautiful surroundings, incredible nights full of stars and… good food! I can’t wait!
    I really wish a beautiful summer to everybody!

  745. chuckieamc says:

    My favourite summer holiday has to be a lazy week that I spend back at my parents house. I grew up in a beautiful medieval village beside the sea in Ireland, with a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. I’ll spend time with my grandparents and listen to all the great old stories they tell. Can’t wait 🙂

  746. Anna says:

    My favourite summer vacation location must be Österlen in the south of Sweden. Beautiful landscape and incredible sights. And my parents’ summer house. 🙂

  747. vanessa says:

    Favorite vacation spot… West Yellowstone, Montana!

  748. Tiffany Liu says:

    Best summer vacation ever was to Cancun. Went there and enjoyed the amazingly beautiful white sandy beaches and awesome nightlife! Then I went to old Mayan ruins and went repelling and cave diving!

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