Yo-Yo Garland
By Donna, YoYo Cottage Quilt

Donna makes yo-yos and sells them in her YoYo Cottage Quilt shop and her Etsy shop. She writes, “The yoyo originated in the 1930’s. It was also called puff, pom pom, rosette, pinwheel…”

“…Back then, even the smallest piece of fabric was precious. Scraps from sewing projects were used to create coverlets and table covers. Even worn out clothing was checked for a usable piece! This is a perfect way to save pieces of a loved one’s clothing and make into a ‘memory quilt’! I can remember looking at my grandmom’s (we called her Babci) yo yo quilt she kept on her porch swing and pick out which pieces came from my clothing! All of my yo yo’s are created the same meticulous way they were back then. With each little stitch, I’m reminded of my Babci and her beautifully handcrafted quilts.”

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