August 21 ~ Hand Sewing Photo of the Day

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Minipop Sampler
By Kris, rubykhan

Kris took cross stitch to a new level with this Minipop Sampler. She writes it’s composed of, “45 groups; 99 individual people and one happy little tree. It’s one 15 x 18 piece of Aida canvas, I think 22 count, all DMC floss.” Click into the picture on Flickr for notes.

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68 Responses to August 21 ~ Hand Sewing Photo of the Day

  1. Wow, that is utterly incredible, I love it….. I think my favourites are the little village people in it and The Supremes!!…. how original, it’s great!

  2. tamara says:

    oh wow…i really,really like this. inspirational!

  3. Betsy says:


  4. Helena says:

    WOW! That is so awesome.

  5. qsogirl says:

    oh wow!!!

  6. Frost says:

    This made me smile! This is truly inspirational. I think I want to pick up my needle & floss to construct my own Minipop! I loved guessing who the person was before I checked with the note. Absolutely adorable!

  7. Rebecca says:

    That’s some talent.

  8. Sara says:

    I love how modern this is. It reminds of the pictures made out of other pictures, what is that artists name?

  9. Calee Himes says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve seen this before but it was before I was really into crafting again. I’m so into crafting right now that I keep trying new crafts… going to make a mini-pop MJ sampler with the progression from J5 to wearing PJs in court. (sad)

  10. Mary says:

    wow, that’s amazing.

  11. Alana says:

    That’s awesome. I want to make one!

  12. Deb says:

    Awesome! There really is nothing more I can add to that! I’m blown away by your cross stitch!

  13. Krista says:

    Unreal!!! Love “Jeff & Me”.

  14. What a creative and amazing work of art!


  15. JenO says:

    oh my gosh, wonderful!!!!!!

  16. Katherine says:

    Wow, just wow. I love how this reminds me of the tiny little pixel people in SimTower.

  17. rosa souza says:

    Awesome! It made me think seriously about start cross stitching…

  18. Julia M. in MI says:

    What a great sampler!?! I love it!

  19. Candice says:

    Great work…so very talented!

  20. Nicole N. says:

    This makes me smile! Thanks!

  21. That’s amazing!

  22. Katie Mitchell says:

    Very creative!

  23. This is incredible! I just ordered the book from amazon.

  24. Incredible!!!

  25. Georgiann says:


  26. Diane says:

    That is amazing!

  27. Laurel says:

    Wow. That’s terrific.

  28. Trish James says:

    Wow, im utterly speechless. This is a tremendous piece of work, you should be really proud. Well done! x

  29. BeckyS says:

    WOW! Just Wow!

  30. Kristin says:

    That is awesome! A not-so little record of your world!

  31. Lisa says:


  32. Lisa says:

    Amazing if you really view this picture you will see all the different people who are featured there.
    ZZ top, Lincoln, Pointer sisters, Play boy bunnies just to name a few.. Course there are a few I’m not sure of.
    It’s has me thinking that maybe I could do a family tree like it…

  33. Stacy says:

    That is incredible! Great job!

  34. Kris says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! All of the people were adapted from Minipop pixel art that Craig Robinson posts on his site There are hundreds more pop culture icons that’s he’s done.

  35. duni says:

    this is so amazing- what an assortment! and i’m also stoked to see she is a fellow roller derby girl. keep on stitchin!

  36. AmyP says:

    *that’s, not thanks! Meant to say: That’s incredible – thanks for sharing it! It’s been a long day! 😀

  37. AmyP says:

    Thanks incredible – love it!

  38. Mary McCain says:

    This is fantastic! What attention to detail, not to mention perseverance!

  39. Ramona says:

    Wow, Cool! I love it.

  40. Amy says:

    Good gracious! Incredible. I downloaded the JPG for my desktop (see link on her blog) so this can make me happy every day.

  41. wintu nancy says:

    I would love to see this in person. WOW!

  42. Margaret says:

    That is amazing and hilarious and awesome. The scale of the figures reminds me of the graphics of old LucasArts adventure games like Monkey Island — you wouldn’t think so few pixels of color could so effectively evoke particular people and actions and emotions, but it certainly happened in those games and Kris certainly captures it here. Inspiring!

  43. Krystina says:

    holy moly this is awesome!

  44. Misha says:

    Simple AMAZING! I love it. I wish I was so talented!

  45. Amy Hodge says:

    I can’t tell you how much this totally rocks!

  46. janet says:

    haha, it took me awhile to find the happy little tree. what a cute way to showcase some of your favorite things!

  47. Grace Wong says:

    wow, they’re so cute!!

  48. Ellen says:

    Wow . . . there are no words.

  49. Kathleen C. says:

    kris’s cross stitch is incredible.
    thanks for entering me into this generous giveaway.
    Kathleen C.

  50. jennsquared says:

    That is really neat!

  51. Margie says:

    OMG!!! Its so detailed & so wonderful! I really enjoyed looking at all the different people & groups. You even put ZZ Top along with Abe Lincoln. So very unique & fantastic!!

  52. Melissa H. says:

    Very cool design!

  53. Grace says:

    WOW! That is impressive.

  54. Beth says:

    This has been one of my faves since she posted on Flickr! Love it!

  55. Wow, this is amazing! This handsewing stuff is just making my list of projects in my head longer and longer! Now to decide where to start! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful treasures of handiwork and inspiration! Ash

  56. Michelle says:

    What a sweet picture! Great job.

  57. Shawna says:

    That is amazing! I’m not sure I would have the patience for that.

  58. Kerneknop says:

    How great is this…

  59. Beth says:

    My grandmother and my mom used to do cross-stitch. I haven’t seen much I liked since then, but this is lovely and fun!

  60. alison c says:

    Ha ha! love it!

  61. alisha says:

    Wow, very impressive!

  62. morepjs says:

    Wow, that is utterly incredible, I love it….. I think my favourites are the little village people in it and The Supremes!!…. how original, it’s great!

  63. Gina says:

    That. Is. AWESOME!

  64. Bonnie says:

    I am utterly blown away by this. Amazing. Royal Tenenbaums, Wonder Woman, Boba Fett AND Diff’rent Strokes? Brilliant.

  65. Krista says:

    Would love my junior high sewing club/community outreach club to be able to do a cross stitch mural reflecting the school culture. This is great inspiration.

  66. Janet Watt says:

    An amazing cross stitch piece… I’m interested in the chart.

  67. amber says:

    LOVE the royal tennebaums! couldn’t find the happy tree though. Awesome piece of work!

  68. Isa says:

    This is just so great!!

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