August 27 ~ Hand Sewing Photo of the Day

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Dresden Plate Quilting
By Rita, Free Falling

Rita writes, “I really enjoy stitching by hand and this is a great example of how hand stitching adds charm and texture to quilting.” She has a big collection of embroidery in her Flickr sets for you to browse through. You can also learn more about Rita’s Dresden Plate Doll Quilt on her blog.

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125 Responses to August 27 ~ Hand Sewing Photo of the Day

  1. Terri says:

    breathtaking, this is so beautiful

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh, imagine my surprise to click over to SMS and see this FANTASTIC quilt made by my very dear friend Rita! Especially since … this very quilt hangs in my room. This quilt is even more amazing in person. Her attention to detail is truly stunning and Rita is one of the most generous crafters I know. Thanks for showcasing her!!!

  3. Anna says:

    Gorgeous dresden plate quilt- I love your beautiful pink stitches- the quilting is terrific on it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Warmest regards,

  4. Jessica says:

    Breathtaking! This little picture is quite inspiring.

  5. Dacia says:

    very beautiful!

  6. Peter Lynn says:

    The colors are so much fun! Nice!

  7. Rebecca B. says:

    Need to get off my computer and get to sewing! Such lovely quilt work!

  8. Kristin says:

    Colored thread for the stitches is such a wonderful touch. I’m surprised we don’t see it more often. Then again, your precise little stitches are worth showing off!

  9. Margaret says:

    Wow, this really hit me strongly. When my sister and I were little, we had matching quilts on our beds that were Dresden plate designs — I don’t even know if they were handmade quilts, but I spent so much time looking at all the interesting fabrics around the wheels. The hand stitching on this doll quilt just emphasizes the wonderful handmade quality to me. It makes me almost sorry I’m expecting a boy, and that I’m already working on a knitted blanket for him!

  10. Betsy says:

    The color palette is wonderful.

  11. Leslie Riker says:

    Just gorgeous!

  12. rebe says:

    I love the character the stitching added.

  13. jamie says:

    thanks a bunch for this month’s wonderful collection of hand-sewing goodness! i will be returning here over and over again! 🙂

  14. Leslie Newton says:

    I love this. It reminds me of the “old days”. This is my favorite thing from August.

  15. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the idea of handquilting in multiple colors. I just may try that on my next handquilting project. It looks great!

  16. Kelli says:

    Wow! I love this!! Y’all just might get me hooked on hand quilting. Of course admiring someone else’s and finishing my own are two very different things, but you might…

  17. Grace Wong says:

    how beautiful!

  18. Carrie Picott says:

    I wishi was the doll sleeping under that quilt!

  19. Erica K says:

    Beautiful colors! Every time I see hand quilting I think, “I should really do more of that…” More meaning any at all really! 😉

  20. Katie Mitchell says:

    Very beautiful. I hope I can be that good someday.

  21. She has such beautiful creations on her blog!!

  22. Katie says:

    I love hand-quilting. I especially love doing it with company!

  23. Julia M. in MI says:

    This is very pretty. I’m going to go on over to her blog to find out more on this quilt.

  24. Liz says:

    i really and truly love hand-quilting, and wish i had enough to time to do this on all of my quilts!

  25. Sara S. says:

    Wow! That is amazing! The colors and stitching give the pattern such an interesting, beautiful touch. That inspires me to do better.

  26. becky says:

    That is so beautiful … and I could handle it in doll sized 🙂

  27. lea-ann says:

    This is gorgeous!

  28. Amber W says:

    Love the vintage look of the quilt and the definite charm added by the hand quilting. Love it!

  29. Carissa says:

    What a great way do do some hand stitching without committing to a huge project! Great colors too!

  30. Kathy says:

    I love this color pallette!!

  31. Ariane says:

    I love the changes in thread color. This is beautiful.

  32. Helena says:

    How darling.

  33. Rochelle says:

    That picture is inspiring! I can’t wait till the kids go back to school so I can leisurely fabric shop and work on my projects!

  34. Cami says:

    The blanket stitching really adds a subtle touch! I love the look of this.

  35. alison says:

    Wow that is so beautiful. I just wish I had the patience for hand sewing.

  36. Tracy C says:

    That is so pretty. Beautiful work!

  37. K says:

    Pretty! I really like how the variegated thread works here.

  38. Donna says:

    I am currently repairing a quilt for a friend. The thread her Grandmother used is deteriorating and the quilt top is falling apart. I never thought about using a blanket stitch to secure the patches. That is a beautiful idea! Thanks!!

  39. Sarah says:

    That is really cute. I love quilts that are quilted in ripple lines like that.

  40. Julianne says:

    I love the buttonhole stitch around the pieces! I think buttonhole stitch adds a fantastic touch to most projects!

  41. Valerie says:

    Wonderful inspiration! And wonderful stitching!

  42. I love the quilts and all the embroidery. I spent a wonderful half hour looking at everything on your website. You are a very accomplished sewer. Beautiful stitching.

  43. Lisa says:

    Very lovely work! I really love the colors used 🙂

  44. Emily says:

    Very nice! I love the different colors of quilting thread!

  45. Lisa says:

    Such beautifully even stitches!

  46. Ellen says:

    This is fantastic!

  47. Krystina says:

    Oh I love it!

  48. Candice says:

    The hand stitiches really do add charm, as it makes the fabric ‘pop’!

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Very pretty, and nice cheerful colors! 🙂

  50. Kerri says:

    love the fabrics

  51. Martha Whitney says:

    I’m so glad I found this beautiful site recently. I was looking for something entirely different, but “Queen Anne”s Lace” brought you up. And what serendipity, because I was wondering what little bit of embroidery I was going to put on the little pillow I just made for the bed in the guest room! And I love the fabrics. I think I am already considering myself a customer and I haven’t even had time to order anything yet!

  52. Brooke says:

    What adorable doll quilits – I especially loved the bird with zigzag – my girls would adore one for their “babies”.

  53. Deb V says:

    This is very pretty. I love the hand quilting in different colors.

  54. Emily says:

    that quilt is beautiful! it gives me some ideas for some extra fabric i have . . . thanks!

  55. annalea says:

    what a beautiful example of hand stitching. keeping me inspired to make that doll quilt for my little one’s birthday!

  56. Jane says:

    So now I have to do a Dresden Plate pillow!

  57. Margie says:

    So very beautiful & my fingers are aching just looking at all that gorgeous stitching!!

  58. Norma says:

    very pretty dresden quilt

  59. Alana says:

    I’ve avoided hand stitching because it seems too tedious, but the photo proves that it works really well for small projects like the doll quilt. I think it’s given me motivation to go ahead and try it!

  60. Tina Mackey says:

    I LOVE this example of hand stitching. It’s so well done and adds such charm…lovely!

  61. Andi says:

    Beautiful! I love the quilting of different colours on this quilt, and all of Rita’s other amazing quilts and embroidery!

  62. Baukje says:

    So simply and yet so cute!!!!!

  63. Kerneknop says:

    Oh so lovely.

  64. alisha says:

    Lovely! The hand stitching really does add texture to the piece.

  65. love this block- i love the colour against the white.
    Maybe I should have a go at hand quilting!

  66. Kate says:

    Perfect. Just beautiful.

  67. Kristy says:

    What a beautiful doll quilt! This hand sewing month is really inspiring. Thank you =)

  68. Molly Wilson says:

    I too love the colors of your stitching but I think I like the echo stitching instead of something else. Very Nice!!

  69. Lacy Province says:

    Precious and pretty

  70. Julie says:

    Beautiful, I love the Dresden plate pattern and the fabrics chosen.

  71. Jenny says:

    Oh! How beautiful! The colored quilting is brilliant!!!


  72. Kris says:

    this makes me want to learn how to hand quilt!

  73. Catherine says:

    I love the look of hand quilting. Beautiful.

  74. Kim K. says:

    That doll quilt is adorable! Love the radiating colors!

  75. Sharmila says:

    Very colorful and eye catching. Hope i get to my first applique soon

  76. Laurel says:

    This is a beautiful piece!

  77. Cindy says:

    This is the cutest doll quilt ever. I am so lovin all the hand stitching. I love to hand stitch as many of my projects as I can. Great Job!!!

  78. jennsquared says:

    This is really beautiful!

  79. Georgia says:

    It’s lovely – so simple and so effective.

  80. Missy says:

    Unbelievably cute! I gasped when I saw it. Truly, I did!

  81. craftytammie says:

    That’s so pretty!

  82. Misha says:

    Just gorgeous!

  83. Oh yum. I want to be a little girl again and have that quilt for my doll! GORGEOUS!

  84. Beth says:

    This is so lovely — I love the colors!

  85. Alisa says:

    What lovely hand stitching. It really enhances the project. I love the colors used
    in the piece as well.

  86. Dena says:

    Beautiful effect of the gradation of colors in the hand quilting. Nice job!

  87. Ramona says:

    I really like the different colors and the details. Very pretty.

  88. Debbie O says:

    I love it!!! I so enjoyed this month of hand sewing. These are very talented people !!!! Thank you all off you for sharing your talents

  89. Celeste says:

    This one is really lovely!

  90. Anusha Subrahmanyam says:

    Simply love it! Must check out Rita’s blog.

  91. brandy says:


  92. wintu nancy says:

    Such a pretty choice of colors.

  93. Lisa says:

    Last year grandaughters received doll quilts they were a very big hit with them…

  94. Linda says:

    Just beautiful…love the colored thread and the work around the ‘petals’.

  95. Karin says:

    That is sooooo pretty!

  96. Sarah says:

    Oh I love this! I could totally do it!

  97. Leslie says:

    This is a great example of why I’m fascinated with quilting. The colors and textures in this piece meld so beautifully!

  98. myriam says:

    I just love this- I’ve gearing up for some hand quilting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  99. Ashley B says:

    This is beautiful and inspiring!

  100. Tam Bell says:

    All these wonderful talneted hand sewers! that is lovley.

  101. Rebecca says:

    I love this! Great inspiration!

  102. Shawna says:

    This is amazing! My stitching is no where near this even!

  103. amy says:

    The hand quilting is beautiful! The different colors really add to the quilt.

  104. WOW! That’s gorgeous! Definitly need to add that to my to-do list! 😀

  105. Greeblygreebly says:

    What a great idea to quilt with embriodry thread! (Someday maybe my stitches will be neat enough that I want them to show like that, lol!) I love the doll quilts and the bunnies at the top of your blog are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, are those finger puppets?

  106. PenguitoSmile says:

    I really like the colors that she chose, along with the star design. The hand stitching is so delicate yet it adds so very much to the appeal of the quilt!

  107. Stacy says:

    I love that quilt design! My great grandmother used to make quilts similar to that design.

  108. Martha Wankel says:

    I love seeing the neat, uniform stitches all in a row. Lovely work.

  109. Debbie says:

    What lovely tiny blanket stitches.

  110. emily says:

    i love this stitching!

  111. susie says:

    LOVE the palette!

  112. Michelle says:

    I often get so caught up in the piecing that I forget the skill of *quilting.* Straight lines are so soothing and meditative to me, but I need to practice curves…

  113. Diane says:

    I would love to win – love to add hand stitching to quilts.

  114. Ronni says:

    I love this! It’s beautiful.

  115. Shogun says:

    I love this one. I am a fan of the dresden plate and this one seems so cheery.

  116. Dj says:

    This is adorable!

  117. Stacy says:

    Beautiful colors, and the stitches are exquisite! Nicely done.

  118. Brina says:

    Love the Dresden plate…especially with the Freshcut!

  119. Katie B says:

    I love the fabric! The hand stitching just makes it look so finished.

  120. anja says:

    the handstitched accent is beautiful

  121. Elaine C. says:

    I am impressed with her neat, tidy stitches. What a lovely doll quilt!

  122. Stephanie says:

    Those little stitches really do add a lot of charm. Beautiful!

  123. Annalee says:

    That is beautiful!

  124. megan says:

    Love the hand quilting in different colors!

  125. Marilyn says:

    Pretty colors! Neat work!

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