Kansas Dugout Quilt
By Martha Dellasega Gray, Q is for Quilter
Hand pieced & hand quilted in 2003, 70″ x 80″

Martha writes, “I fell in love with this quilt when I first saw it in McCall’s Vintage Quilts (Fall, 2002). It was made with feedsacks and I loved them. Also, since I grew up in Oklahoma and Kansas, the name appealed to me…”

“…My older sister gave me a few feedsack scraps, but I wanted more… Lots more. Fortunately, there are quite a few collectors who sell assortments of 6″ squares so I started purchasing these at quilt shows, web sites and eBay. The quilt required over 1,000 of the elongated hexagon pieces. I didn’t manage to collect quite that many, and since I am the impatient type, I substituted some other vintage fabrics that I thought suited the quilt. Because of all the set-in pieces, this quilt was hand pieced and then hand quilted inside each piece. I don’t usually copy quilts exactly the way I did here (although my blocks are quite a bit smaller), but I just had to use a purple. It may be my most garish quilt — I didn’t pay too much attention to matching colors or anything — but I like the look.”

Martha has more views of the quilt in her blog post about the piece on Q is for Quilter. She also has a truly outstanding collection of quilts in her Flickr stream. Martha writes, “I enjoy making quilts with vintage fabric (mostly from the 30’s and 40’s). Most of my quilts are hand pieced and hand quilted.” Hand pieced and hand quilted! We’ll revisit hand piecing later in Hand Sewing month with some hexagons, so visit Martha’s sites for inspiration.

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