From Beth: Somehow it’s always easy for me to spot Wendy’s (“Sunshine”) wonderful creations. Wendy’s work is full of color, intricacy, and the beauty of patience, tradition and skill. She freely shares her wealth of knowledge in fiber arts with tutorials, and blogs all along the way at Sunshine’s Creations. Wendy has a chicken scratch child’s Hold-it-all Apron tutorial, coming up next!

From Wendy: Hi, I am Wendy “Sunshine” Harbaugh. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in California. I earned two associates degrees in fine art and liberal art at COS in California and a bachelors in fine art and a minor in art history while at BYU in Utah. I am the wife of almost 16 years to a wonderful kind man, Thayne, who makes his living as a cool computer nerd (he rock climbs, mountain bikes, ice climbs, skateboards… thus he is cool and smart). I have lived in Utah for the last eighteen years. I am a mom of three girls, two tweens and one little one. That is fun in and of itself; what makes it more fun is they all have a love of fiber art and are very happy to learn more about it. I use to just make things and give them away and never documented it. A few years ago I decided I better start keeping track of all those items so there would be knowledge of where things came from for my kids. Mine and my families adventures in fiber arts and life are posted on my blog. I just have an enjoyment of making things with my hands at times. Sometimes I just make projects just so I can make them and when that happens they usually end up in my etsy shop. Please stop by my blog and say hi, I’m always happy to have new friends to visit with there. One of my dreams is that in time I can become an author of craft books, be able to help more people than my blog currently reaches and travel the world teaching fiber art skills.

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