Cassi from Bella Dia and The Crafty Crow is always a delight. The Crafty Crow is one of the first places we look on rainy, kid-crazy days and Bella Dia is always a wonderful source for artistic inspiration. Cassi’s a hand sewing expert… Just look through this beautiful gallery of her work!

We asked Cassi to share some of her stitch expertise with us and she came up with this wonderful Pocket Stitch Book. Cassi writes, “I picked ones that are basic yet can be a little tricky to remember if you don’t stitch often; there are outlining stitches, decorative stitches and filling stitches.” She created the book with both beginner and experienced stitchers in mind, and she plans to add color to her book with some colored pencils.

Download your Pocket Stitch Book today!

We think the book will be a big help with some of our Hand Sewing Month projects like the Queen Anne’s Lace PillowcaseFavorite Things: a Nature-Inspired Easy Embroidery Sampler, the Sew-Along Sampler and our Free Embroidery Designs from Sarah Jane Studios.

Here are the directions for making the PDF into a booklet:
1. Print out on regular copy paper.

2. Trim the top and the bottom along the solid gray line.

3. Fold in half length-wise, with unprinted side together, along solid and dashed gray line; make a nice crease then open it up.

4. Fold in half width-wise, with unprinted side together, along solid gray line, make a nice crease then open it up.

5. Fold top quarter of the page with printed side together, along solid gray line. The edge should meet the middle of the page.

6. Repeat #5, above, for the bottom quarter of the page.

7. Fold in half width-wise one more time.

8. Cut along dashed gray line only.

9. Pinch the two center sections closed and with the top and bottom quarter out flat, fold the booklet in half length-wise with unprinted sides together.

10. The booklet should be standing upright with the four sections radiating out.

11. Make note of the cover and the back page (french knot) and fold pages together so they form a booklet.

Here is a link to a video which shows how to fold the book (he does it slightly different but it all ends up the same), and here is a link to a site with drawn pictures showing how to fold it.

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