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Lots going on…

Future Themes

Thank you for voting for our October themeScrap Busters it is!  We’re brainstorming some fun projects and ways to get involved, so stay tuned.  We won’t throw out those other theme ideas though–we look forward to covering some of those topics in the future.  And thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in charitable sewing.  It has been something that we’ve been talking about for awhile, so we’re super excited to hear that it interests you too.  You’ll definitely be hearing more about that.

Pajama Party

In case you missed it, here is the post about our pajama sew-along.  It’s not too late to join in the fun.

Pattern Reviews

Next time you’re looking at patterns in the shop, look for a link to a corresponding pattern review.  We’ve finally linked them all.  Not all patterns have been reviewed, of course, but there are a lot.

Clearance Sale

There are tons of new collections coming soon, so we’re making some room in the shop.  Check out this huge list of reductions!  Go to the individual collections, or see All Sale and All Clearance (50% off.)

20% off
Crazy Eight by Sandy Gervais
Darla by Tanya Whelan
Del Hi by Valori Wells
Far, Far Away by Heather Ross
Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey
My Folklore from Lecien
French Hatbox by Tanya Whelan
Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner
Little House by Annette Tatum
London Calling from Robert Kaufman
Metro Market by Monaluna
Mingle by Monaluna
Rainbow Garden by Prints Charming
Red Letter Day by Elizabeth House
Snippets by Sandy Klop/American Jane
Summer Soiree by Paula Prass
Wildwood by Erin McMorris

25% off
Daisy Chain by Amy Butler
Midwest Modern I & II by Amy Butler
Monaco by Dena Designs
Moondance by Jenean Morrison
Night and Day 2 from Robert Kaufman

30% off
Deer Valley by Joel Dewberry
For Your Home by Vicki Payne
House by Annette Tatum
Pop Garden and Bijoux by Heather Bailey
Sweet by Urban Chiks

35% off
Sunbonnet Sue from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

50% off
Charisma by Chez Moi
County Fair by Denyse Schmidt
Darcey by Anna Griffin
Fiona by Anna Griffin
Ginseng by Joel Dewberry
Nigella by Amy Butler
Riley by Anna Griffin
Wonderland by Momo
Wondland Wonderland by Jay McCarroll

New Products

Natura from Alexander Henry
When you look closely at this fabric, it gives the illusion that it has been painted on canvas.  Gorgeous!

Hushabye by Tula Pink
Perfect for babies, but not limited to the nursery.  Includes our favorite print, Droplets, in 6 colors!

Free Fabric

Time for us to get in a scrap-busting mind set.  So tell us–what do you do with your fabric scraps?   Do they pile up in boxes or bags?  Do you fold them and file them?  Do you toss them out or donate them?   Do you use them in quilts or on cards?  We want to know.  On Monday we’ll randomly select 5 people to win one yard of free fabric.  Have a great weekend!

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655 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Cheryl Carpenter says:

    As a beginning quilter I’m looking for scraps to use in my first project. If anyone would like to get rid of any I’m happy to pay shipping. You can email me at . Thanks so much.

  2. Barbara says:

    I make a lot of things with scraps. Mostly, I make patchwork quilts. If the scrap is big enough, I use it to make dresses for my daughter. I give the very small scraps to my 10 year old son and 9 year old daughter because they are both learning to sew…..and loving it!!!!!

  3. Donna says:

    I tend to use fabrics from collections for both clothes and quilts, so I put the leftovers into a ziplock bag. If the scraps are super small I separate them…but otherwise I keep collections together.

  4. Emily says:

    I have been using the scraps to make skirts for my daughters and their friends. I love getting scrape bundles – I discover new fabric and can make new patchwork skirts.

  5. Elaine says:

    I forgot to add, I use them for all kinds
    of projects. Mainly they get used to make
    gift bags. I love being able to wrap a gift
    in a bag that is part of the gift.

    I keep all the scraps that are too little to
    sew with and use them to stuff pillows!

  6. Madrona Tree says:

    Mine are in a shoe box, sorted by color. I keep them in case I’m looking to do an applique of some sort.

  7. mary allison cates says:

    i’m afraid i keep every tiny little scrap! i use them in patchwork quilts, patchwork cards, patchwork pillows, patchwork pants for my boys, patchwork dishtowels, patchwork tea wallets, etc. it’s an obsession.

  8. Reina says:

    Well right now I am currently turning the useable scraps into hats for cancer patients. I am starting a new project and I hope to get enough to start distributing them nation wide. I could use all the fabric I can get. If you know any cancer patients who would like a hat or know any places I can get fabric donations, or anything I could use to decorate them please let me know.

  9. Hannah says:

    My fabric scraps tend to sit in a box and not get used, but I recently did something pretty exciting with my mum’s collection of ‘scraps’ (although not all of the material could really be called that, some of it was in fairly substantial pieces, but there was certainly a lot of it!). I made about 50 metres of bunting to decorate the reception hall at my sister’s wedding. It was really easy to do (if somewhat tedious) and ended up looking very pretty. Because the fabrics were all from my mum’s attic, a lot of the prints were ones that had been worn by my sister in the past; pieces of old dresses and skirts, childhood curtains. My dad even mentioned it in his speech. I was so glad I went to the trouble!

  10. mara says:

    I try to avoid obsessively saving every small piece, but do keep scraps in a drawer and use them mostly for applique. Quite some time ago, I took all of my scraps and made a bunch of scrappy squares following Patti’s tutorial: . Ever since, instead of a bunch of scraps sitting in a drawer, I’ve had a bunch of scrappy squares, lol! I plan to turn these into baby-sized quilts very soon and donate them somewhere (or sell them at a holiday craft sale and donate the proceeds). Next time I try this method, I will sort the colors so the quilts are a little less “chaotic” and have a color story to them.

  11. Heather says:

    I used to throw the small scraps away, but since I’ve learned improvisational piecing, I hoard ever scrap that’s at least one inch wide. They are all folded and grouped by color.

  12. Lonna says:

    Unfortunately, I just pile up my scraps in bags, which go into boxes, which don’t get any attention even though I have the best of intentions! Could never throw them out!!
    I would love to make something wonderful from them, like my Grannies did with thiers.

  13. Aparna says:

    I save all the scraps. They come handy to make doll quilts and also piece them together to make small bags and baskets .

  14. cleo says:

    I LOVE scraps!!! I think that they are the best!! I love using them in my embroidery and for appliques!! I keep them in little clear storge tubs in the 5 major colours .. reds, blues, greens, black, white. Any thing that is smaller or narrower than 1″ gets recycled as bedding for our family hampster – Mittens…. she has awesome taste in fabric!!! Also in nesting season they get tied together and hung from a tree – the birds love them for their nests-my garden has the best dressed nests in town!!

  15. Susana says:

    Mostly they pile up in baskets, bags and odd corners, rolled up and waiting, not so patiently, for time to quilt. Which has been scarce, so I can feel them glowering. Or maybe that’s me.
    When there is time, they go into scrap quilts and get appliqued on baby clothes and blankies. If baby lets me have some more time soon, some will get made into blocks and dolls. If she doesn’t, well, maybe she can design some clothes when she’s five.

  16. Small lavender bags for clothes drawers.

  17. Samantha says:

    My scraps are stored haphazardly in bins and bags!! I do hope to sort them soon- I bought some large clear plastic bins and will attempt to organize all my fabrics soon.

  18. nadia says:

    I keep my scraps in a packet near my fabric so if i decide to do something small i can see which fabric scraps I have that would fit the project.. Like applique ..headband..

  19. Dawn-Marie says:

    All of my scraps are piled up in bags…I do plan on using them eventually in scrap quilts. Love the idea for October’s theme.

  20. well until now I keep them in a drawer with the expectancy to file them up one day. The problem is that I keep procrestinating this work… 🙂

  21. Leylia Espiritu says:

    If you have any fabric scraps that you don’t need I’ll gladly take them away send me an e-mail at

  22. Ingrid says:

    I sort and file them, and use them for projects with my daughter – mostly doll clothes. Would love to do some patchwork!

  23. Lo says:

    i have been using them for cards, i always let them pile up in my sewing box, since i bought a bottle of modge podge i have been using them a lot more!

  24. Jon says:

    I keep my scraps in bags loosely sorted by color.
    I used them mostly when making toys and softies.
    I dream of making a quilt with them some day.

  25. Liz says:

    honestly? i hold on to every scrap of my favorite fabrics, knowing that it will get lost in my bins of fabric…but then i will have a Christmas moment when i find them again. the very first quilt i ever made was a scrap quilt and i just love it. i’ve been eyeing white-background scrap quilts lately, and thinking i might have to make one.

  26. Deb Praus says:

    Scrap quilting is my favorite so I am very excited for this theme!
    I sort by size, strips and squares. If I don’t think I will use it, it goes into a bag for my granddaughters to practice on.

  27. Kimberly says:

    I make scrunchies out of my scraps and attach them to the top of girl’s birthday presents. I’ve usually made the present as well so its a small hint as to what’s in the package… as well as a matching accessory. I have my kid (whichever one got invited to the party) help make it so they can say they’ve made part of the present. They are always an instant hit!

  28. Errr….Oldest system: fabric scraps pile up in boxes, drawers, etc., causing much chaos and clutter
    Old system: fabric scraps get “scrapped”
    New system: immediately find a use for scraps – usually in the form of baby items (shoes, appliques, yoyos, etc.
    I’m really hoping I can keep up with the new system. 😉

  29. Emily S says:

    I have an over the door shoe organizer that i stuff all of my scraps in. A different color for each pocket.

  30. Sherrie Wolfe says:

    I use my scraps for practice sewing (such as free motion practice), and sometimes I’m able to incorporate a scrap or two into projects of my own design.

  31. Stacy says:

    My bigger pieces end up in a box on my closet shelf and the little ones end up in a basket beneath my cutting table. I am so glad you are doing scrap busters in Oct. I can’t wait!!!!

  32. mel says:

    I have scraps in boxes and bags and it drives the husband a little batty! All my pieces are folded neatly though and probably I know where I can find any piece that I might search for…if I remember that I have it!! 🙂

  33. Betsy M says:

    I always save them with the hope that I will take the time to make a quilt or such. Lately however, my 5 yr old has been raiding the stash, using pieces to design doll clothes. I think that is a pretty good use for them. 🙂 Betsy

  34. Susan says:

    Depending on the size of my scraps…some of them are tossed, but if they are big enough for say a tissue holder or some other little project, I hang on to them! 🙂

  35. ellen says:

    My scraps are in plastic ziploc bags so that I can see the sizes and colors. The usually get used in quilts.

  36. Katie Proctor says:

    I keep a grocery bag close at hand whenever I cut my fabric for projects. I keep hoping that I’ll eventually make a quilt with them. 🙂

  37. I have a few boxes full. Don’t throw anything out!! 🙂

  38. Kelli says:

    I keep them in the large sized popcorn containers you find everywhere at Christmas time. I don’t sort by color, although, I plan to do this in the future.

  39. Adrienne says:

    Yea for scraps! I keep my scraps in boxes by color as long as they are about 1″ square. The too small pieces get used with stuffing and the other pieces usally get into quilts, other patchwork stuff such as placemats or handbags or used for applique. Can’t wait to find new uses for scraps! =]

  40. Kim says:

    I have my scraps packed in clear plastic lunchbox containers. I like to use them when I do my appliqueing.

  41. sally says:

    For all scraps smaller than a fat quarter, I sort them in gallon zip lock bags by color combos and they usually get turned into doll quilts for b-day presents. Anything larger gets folded and stacked.

  42. Rachel Chadwick says:

    I use my scraps to make inside pockets on bags. They’re usually just the right size.

  43. Whistlepea says:

    If they’re teeny tiny I toss them but if they’re at least six inches in any direction (give er take) I fold them and shelve them.

  44. Amanda says:

    my scraps end up in a messy pile…someday i will find the perfect project for them (i hope!)

  45. Diane says:

    I toss my scraps into a plastic bin, and eventually put them into quilts. I have LOTS!

  46. Shannon Finer says:

    I have a box designated for scraps that gets neatly folded about four times a year (all other times they simply get tossed in); there’s a grocery sack that transports fabrics from my table to the box. It’s an embarrassment!

  47. Kristi says:

    I fold them and file them and then when trying out a new project I grab scraps as test fabric.

  48. Dacia says:

    unfortunately I have several places they seem to migrate to. One, a cabinet in my craft area, the second in bags by my sewing machine (that’s not currently residing in my craft area, why? I’m not sure) and then, my closet too. I love fabric and hate getting rid of any little piece that I think could possibly become a masterpiece some day. I have made a doll quilt out of the scraps… my first pieced quilt attempt. My daughter loves it. Maybe a full size scrap quilt next? or those cute quilted cards! oh the possibilities!

  49. Rebe says:

    For me it depends on the size of the scrap. If they are big enough I fold them and put them with my fabric stash. If it is less than a five inch square, I usually don’t keep them. I don’t have a lot of room so everything has to fit in one big tub.

  50. Jeanne Jones says:

    I save all of my scraps and scrap quilts (Bonnie Hunter’s patterns), string quilts, scrappy blocks and anything elce I can think of. I love scraps. I am going to quilt camp this week and wil be checking all the trash cans for scraps!

  51. maryanne says:

    I turn them into doll clothes and toddler clothes. The smallest ones go in a bin for my kids to play with, and they do all sorts of things with them.

  52. Allison Lu says:

    I use some of my fabric scraps for appliqueing adornments onto shirts, cardigans, etc. The rest gets folded and stored in my fabric dresser. Also, I just can’t throw any of it away, so the tiny scraps get thrown in my fabric bag for eventual use on something.

  53. Elaine C. says:

    I make patch quilts and save them to add into future scrappy quilts or for embroidered quilt tops. If the pieces are large enough I use them to make pockets and liners for any purses I make or book covers. I try to shift my focus so I don’t get bored and to keep my crafty ideas fun and fresh!

  54. stacie says:

    I have just started to separate my scraps into groups: either by color or designer. I put them into the gallon size ziplock bags (because you can squeeze out the air and make them kind of flat). I keep them in an old tote bag. I don’t have much room for my sewing and supplies. I have to set up my little work station and then take it down and put everything away after I’m done. Oh some day maybe my little machine will have a permanent home:)

  55. Breanne Milley says:

    I horde all my fabric scraps. I can’t stand the thought of throwing them out or letting them go to waste, so I have a drawer full of little pieces (some probably too small to be much good). I use them for small projects, or as stuffing, etc.

  56. Katie says:

    At the moment, they are saved in a box until I find a future use for them. The tiniest scraps are usually thrown out, though I will sometimes use them for stuffing material.

  57. Jen Follstad says:

    I use my remnants for other smaller projects. I’m a total pack-rat and sort them by color.

  58. karineyh says:

    I have box dedicated to my scraps always hoping I can find some use for them. I usually make headbands for friends and family. BUT, recently I have been putting my scraps toward a helpful and useful purpose by donating them to the organization I volunteer for down here in the Dominican Republic to make rag rugs. I work with some ladies in a poor village helping them to sew goods to sell. We are showing them how to crochet rag rugs and teaching them that they can use their scraps, too.

  59. Stephanie says:

    Right now I have my scraps in a box in my sewing room. I pull them out occasionally to look at them hoping to get some fresh inspiration so they can be used. I haven’t used them yet so I’m looking forward to October.

  60. Tina Mackey says:

    My scraps are a mess! They are here there and everywhere, sitting there, yearning to be put to good use.

  61. Retta says:

    I usually save my scraps for patches, the larger pieces are used for quilts, toys and accessories.

  62. Joanna says:

    I keep my scraps in a big plastic bin. They were all jumbled up until last month, when a friend helped me sort them out by color. I’m hoping to use them for a log cabin quilt before Christmas…

  63. Kelly says:

    I save almost all of them. I have an art journal in which I paint, sew things on the pages, and draw a lot, and so I sometimes use them in there. I also have made things like slippers and such out of scraps. When I was a kid, my Mom used to make me doll clothes from her scraps…and I think someday I will do something like that if I’m lucky enough to get a little girl! I have made clothing for my niece out of scraps. You can make booties and such really easily with very little fabric.

  64. It depends. If it’s smaller than a couple square inches, it gets tossed.

    If it’s small but not tiny, it’s kept around to patch and mend things – gloves, pants, shirts, etc. Or sometimes for applique designs, depending on the fabric.

    Otherwise – heck. It’s huge! It’ll get used in a future project!

    All of it gets stored in giant zip lock bags under beds throughout the house. They smash down to fit into small spaces, you can drag them out and see what’s in them easily, and they’re cheap.

  65. Kerneknop says:

    I pile them up in a special drawer, look at them once in a while and try to recall why I’m spending room for them – and then I get a grip and start sewing together tiny pieces to hexagons by hand to make pillow fronts, purses, pockets for clothes and bags, to glue onto cards or use in other ways… So I gladly keep gathering and love it when I get a few scraps from a friend to put into it all…

  66. Alyssa says:

    I save all my large scraps in groups by color. Tiny scraps I store in a bag and use as stuffing or padding.

  67. Susan W says:

    Since baby, my scraps have become tiny animals or skirt edging or patches in the shapes of animals. I use a lot of those to cover stains on her clothes. I save everything over 3 inches. I feed the rest to my goat. J/K. I toss them in my compost.

  68. Miss C says:

    What more could *I* ask for? Money to buy all the clearance fabrics, of course!!!

  69. Renee says:

    I save nearly all my scraps. They are folded and shoved (I hate to admit) into a cupbaord which is bursting with stuff. The ones I don’t save go into a bag which my girls raid for an enormous variety of craft projects. I save mine for card making and for quilts. One of these days I will sort them by colour; I want to make the fabric cubes in Anna Maria Horner’s book to hold them (made in a variety of appropriate shades, of course).

  70. Amy says:

    I stuff my fabric scraps into a teddy bear with an opening in the back to store the scraps! 🙂 As seen here:

    I also use the scraps to make fabric covered buttons, pushpins, magnets and more 🙂
    As seen here:

    I LOOOVE scraps! Cant bear to throw them away!

  71. Sherry says:

    I am still a beginning sewer and I have a basket on my sewing surface filled with rolled pieces (uncut but less than a half yard) and I stick the scraps in the back and underneath. I’m thinking as time goes along I’ll need a bigger basket!

  72. Cathy says:

    I use most scraps in scrap quilts. I just recently started using Quiltville’s system of scrap saving. And if they are too, too small – all cottons get used as mulch in the garden.

  73. Deb says:

    Applique and fixing holes in my boys clothing, they are only one and two so don’t mind if I applique a duck on the knees of their jeans…yet. I could never throw scraps from my beautiful fabrics I plan to use them all.

  74. Deb says:

    Yes, i save them all! And they have piled up in a basket. I really need to sort..but by color? by size? i have no clue. Maybe i’ll go back and read all the comments above and possibly another commenter might give me a perfect way of storing them.

  75. Tara Boos says:

    I keep my scraps in the big deep filing cabinet drawer of my sewing desk (they are chucked and squished in). I am in a postcard swap group so scraps are perfect for those. I also use scraps for decorating tops of journals. My favorite scrap idea, is to use them for tying up presents, they look all colorful together around my wrapped up goodies!

  76. JennE says:

    I have them in a milk crate in my bedroom closet… least until I use them on quilts or scrapping projects.

  77. Janis says:

    A friend and i sew together often and we love incorporating every last scrap. Lately I have been sewing all the scraps together and using them on the front of the purses I make. By the time we are done there isn’t anything left. And that includes small scraps.

  78. Lynn says:

    I have a really hard time throwing any reasonably sized (bigger than my palm??) scraps away. I am not neat about it, though…they usually get stuffed in my (overflowing) fabric dresser.

  79. Carrie S says:

    i keep mine in bins, separated by size. lately i have been making a lot of tissue holders-a very good use for scraps that I found on this blog:)

  80. I put my scraps in baskets, then I can grab pieces when I need something small to add onto my applique or scrap quilts.


  81. Jennifer says:

    Mine are unfortunately all stuffed in a drawer… makes it very hard to find something that I KNOW should be there…

  82. Edith Penzi says:

    I save them all and put them in ziploc bags or plastic bins with the hope that one day I will use them for something beutiful. I have used up some of them making yo-yo’s and hexagons.

  83. I have mine folded up in collapsible cubes in my closet. And in under the bed bins. I have a rule that I don’t buy more fabric until I’ve used some of my stash. But there is no rule about being given fabric!

  84. Gabrien says:

    My scraps accumulate in bins under my cutting table and when they are full I sort through them and separate the like-fabrics into under-bed-bins (when the stars are in alignment the system works well). Since I save everything over 1 inch square (nuts, I know) it builds up quickly so I really need the pointers! I made a scrappy quilt last Christmas and it barely dented the stash!

  85. Ligia says:

    i store my scraps in an oragami box, if they are big enough I cut them into hexagons. I hope to piece them all to make a hexagon quilt.

  86. donnag says:

    My scraps are in bags. I am seeing now that I should be folding them or laying them flat. I just ran across a bunch of scraps that my mother gave me about 20 years ago. At the time I had no idea what to do with them. Now I am misty eyed looking through them because of the memories. I am using as many as I can in my hexagon quilt.

  87. Lea says:

    I’m relatively a newcomer to sewing, so I don’t have that many scraps. I tend to keep even the tiniest of scraps – I’m not even sure what I can use them for but, just in case… My boys like to look through them every so often and pull out a scrap or two for furnishing ‘ant houses’.

  88. Caren says:

    I have been saving my little scraps in a little basket, hoping to get enough to make a coiled fabric bowl soon! Bigger scraps I fold up and store in an old Longenberger picnic basket my mom gave me several years ago. It is such a treat to open that basket when I’m looking for a little extra to finish a project!

  89. liliana says:

    Well, my scraps are all folded in a box waiting for some big project… Maybe my first quilt, who knows!

  90. kristi says:

    I keep mine in a big bag, except for the really special fabrics, which end up in their own basket. They are fun to use as applique fabrics, or for little bags or other things that use small pieces. It is fun to go through the bag and find things I had totally forgotten about!

  91. Grateful Grama says:

    My five-year-old granddaughter is learning to sew. I put my scraps in a basket for her and she pulls them out to use for her creations.

  92. Joanna Brock says:

    I put mine in a box for future use. It’s always fun to rummage through them and find fabrics you forgot about!

  93. Missie says:

    My scraps get thrown in a bin and I go through them occasionally to make headbands or pockets for purses. I really should go through them to see what is truly useable and what should be tossed.

  94. Grace Wong says:

    I love using fabric scraps to make cute little hair accessories!

  95. Christina says:

    I love fabric scraps:) I hoard them, keep and treasure them… I often make fabric scrap wreaths from a metal coat hanger that I bend into the shape of a heart and then I tie/knot on my fabric scraps on (and on)around until the wreath is completed. I’ve also made a couple of doll quilts and fabric scarves from tiny scraps. If the scraps are too blend or small for any “real” use, I use them as stuffing in ragdolls/stuffed fabric angel wings etc…

    All the best

  96. Jen says:

    I collect scraps that are larger then a deck of cards, Anything smaller I toss. I have been thinking of making some homemade paper, and using the small scraps in the paper pulp mixture.

  97. Blaize says:

    I have an elevated bed, with storage underneath on roll-out trolleys. These fit plastic boxes that I put Kraft Krappe in. Where it percolates and reproduces, evidently, because there always seems to be MORE when I look again.

    Eventually, they get cleaned out, sorted, and used for everything from patches to appliqué pieces.

  98. Scraps go into the drawers of my sewing table, or in boxes, or strewn about on top of my sewing table… it’s time to clean up! They do get used up, however. I’m on a mission to use only what I have, notions included, for whatever I make. I’ve been sewing for my boys, and doing things for our home. But a giveaway of something new is nice too. Thanks for the chance!

  99. Tanya says:

    I try to keep mine organized by color. I use them for hair clips, I’ve made a baby qulit, bags and yesterday I made a bunting. I love buying scrap packs, it’s a great way to get a big variety and perfect for what I do.

  100. Katie Mitchell says:

    Most of my scraps get put in bins. Sometimes they end up as detail on clothes or bags. They are also useful for making potholders and coasters.

  101. Addy says:

    I do have quite a stash! I’ve used leftovers mostly in quilts. I once made a “scrappy quilt” with the seams exposed and fraying. That seemed like a good use for both leftover fabric and leftover (my mind is drawing blank–that white stuff you put on the inside of blankets that makes them fluffy….sheesh….)

  102. Dani says:

    My scraps are in old boxes just sitting there. I need to find something to do with them… I just can’t throw them all away but I have yet to find a project to use them.

  103. Carol says:

    I’d like to say I make lots of scrapy quilts, but in reality I throw my scraps in a basket and paw through them every once in awhile.

  104. robyn Piotrowski says:

    Ooh, scraps- love them. I have clear shoe box bins and fold and sort scraps by color. I then can use them for everything! Just finished a wonky log cabin quilt entirely from scraps- also love to use the scraps for applique work: like putting a LARGE letter on a towel or t-shirt. I also use the selvages to make pillows, eyeglass cases and an ENTIRE quilt. So I cut off and store my selvages separately.

  105. Hayley says:

    I let them pile up. One day, I WILL do something with them. I promise! Like make that cute house thingy in a hoop.

  106. Laurie says:

    I save them to make quilts I did one recently where I sewed a bunch together and cut them into 3 1/2 inch squares (each square could have been made of from 1 to 7 or 8 pieces of fabric) and I put sashing around them and let me tell you I have got lots of complements on that quilt. So I save almost everything. I love scraps.

  107. Jackie Davis says:

    Ahhh Scraps! Gotta love ’em! All I have are bags to keep them in. They are filed by color or possible project groupings. I have been giving some away to fellow sewing friends. I do keep some larger ones for my daughter (who will be 5 in a week and a half) to practice her sewing. You never know when a piece can become your inspirational fabric!

  108. I have used them for things like small pouches, but a girl possibly can’t use that many pouches … that’s why I voted for scrap busters.

  109. Nancy says:

    I have see-through boxes of 1 1/2″ strips,2 1/2″ squares, 3 7/8″ squares, and bits and pieces for applique all sorted by era (30’s, civil war, ugly, bright, plaids all labeled on the outside with a 3×5 card of its type. Nothing else in my house is this organized.

  110. Lynn Osborne says:

    I stack them in a bin and always find a use for them someday!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. kima says:

    I use my smaller scraps to make clothes for my Blythe dolls. I store the larger pieces in clear plastic shoe bins by color. I plan to make a quilt from them (someday).

  112. Mary Anna says:

    Small scraps go in a basket and get used for little things here and there. Medium scraps go into another basket and get used for practice, appliqué or pockets. Large ones are folded and stored with my yardage by color in a hanging sweater organizer. Selvage strips get tied together in my on-going collection. Other strips also get tied together. I think I’ll knit something out of them … eventually!

  113. Carlee says:

    I keep most of my scraps…I have a scrap tote that I periodically go through and develop into other things. Most recent scrap project was a scrappy I-Spy quilt that had a rainbow effect…it whipped together in less than a day because I used foundation squares and crazy quilting! SO MUCH FUN! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  114. Aimee says:

    My scraps are all in a clear box. I sometimes use them for doll quilts. I’d like to try making cards, and I would really like to make bigger quilt out of all these scraps. Mostly my kids play with them. They sew all kinds of odd little things, but they enjoy it and they are learning to sew at the same time. Even my son!

  115. Lisa N says:

    They pile up. I am working on a string quilt right now though to try to make a dent. I figure I’ll have to make about 10 king sized quilts to see any progress in my scrap bins;-)

  116. Hillary says:

    I save them but really haven’t found a way to use them yet 🙂

  117. Andrea says:

    I have lots of scraps stored in drawers. I usually use them for appliques but I have lots of new ideas thanks to my library buying all of the crafty books I requested. I love my library

  118. Jenny says:

    Mine pile up in bags until I get frustrated and do something with them!

  119. Andi says:

    I put my scraps in bins. My kids use the scraps to dress up in. I use them for appliques in cloth books or I piece them together for scrappy bibs. I find I’m always needing bits of fabric in the creations that I make. The scraps are piling up which to me just means more resources! 🙂

  120. Kate says:

    I can’t throw them away, so they go to my toddler. She makes her own creations and has “quilt shows,” even though she has never been to one.

  121. Lynne says:

    I save large scraps with the fabric or its family and smaller scraps go in a separate plastic shoe box. I used to discard the selvages, but now I save them. Whenever the art teacher asks, I bring in a bunch of scraps for them to use. Currently I am hoping to use them to make a string quilt, but am hoping to find other uses also.

  122. Bethany says:

    Well I put them all in a drawer in the fabric holder!!! I use them for some projects!! I don’t want to get rid of them, but man they are taking up my whole drawer and now spilling over. I did do a scrappy belt ( that I found on that website that turned out SUPER CUTE!! So that is my only scrappy project. I’ve thought about making a shirt for my daughter that is just sewn together scraps…we will see!!

  123. Amanda says:

    its not the best system, but I usually stack up all my strips into long piles and put them on top of my other folded fabrics. I need a new system 🙂

  124. Maria says:

    I’m saving them for future projects 🙂 Useless scrap of 100% cotton go to recycling.

  125. Andrea says:

    I keep the bigger scraps for my own use, trying to occasionally cut out squares and sort by color… The snips and smaller scraps I save in a big bag for the kids in my child care center – our preschoolers love to sew up little projects from their own imaginings.

  126. Kaye says:

    My son has outgrown the use of a toy box, so I confiscated it for scrap storage. I can tell you that this pretty big Little Tykes toy box is full of fabric scraps. I have dreams of making a scrap quilt, but usually I just dig through it when I need fabric for small projects or pockets for purses, etc.

  127. Kristen says:

    I follow the time-honored tradition of keep scraps stuffed into drawers. Although I have been re-using tiny scraps as stuffing for little toys, or if all natural fibers, cutting them up really small with a rotary cutter and tossing them in the compost. It’ll take awhile for them to degrade, but I’m not in a hurry. Also have collected scraps in the past to send to a clothing recycling company.

  128. Beatriz Feio says:

    I keep a lot of scraps. Them, somehow, sometimes, they just find there way into projects I’m making. Bibs, quilts, presents for kids…Just fitting perfectly!

  129. Marie B says:

    I have a system in an *attempt* to keeping my scraps organized. if the scrap is still around 10 inches squared (or somewhere around that) or more, it gets folded and back into the fabric cabinet. If it’s an odd shape or inbetween a scrappy-scrap and a useful piece, it get’s thrown into bottom right drawer of my sewing desk, and if it’s just plain scrappy it gets tossed into the bottom left drawer of the sewing desk. I only throw away selvages and pieces that look like they’d be more trouble to work with than they’re worth.

    I heart my scraps, and use them regularly. Sometimes I feel like I’m running low on cute scraps, lol. I am one of those people who find it hard to cut into a nice big beautiful piece of fabric for something small or if it’s only for myself. I’d rather save those for something grand. But I’m getting better at just jumping in 🙂

  130. Rebecca says:

    I make my scraps into charity quilts for my local Project Linus chapter!

  131. Jennifer Calvaresi says:

    I keep my large scraps…with any luck, they will get used someday. My small bits recently were used as filling for a dog bed. Made sense, because everytime the scraps come out, the dog lays on them…

  132. Claudia says:

    I store them (sorted by color) in Sterilite stacking drawers. My kids are allowed to take anything they want from the scrap drawers (unlike the rest of my fabric collection) for their creations. So the scraps start out folded, but don’t stay that way long…

  133. Regina says:

    Mine get tossed in a tub and when I am in a cutting mood I cut them down into squares and rectangles for scrappy “go to” projects like fabric baskets, little four patches, and more.

  134. This sounds a little strange, but I have two piles of scraps. One to cut 3″ out of, and another for anything smaller than that. Before she passed away, an aunt was teaching me to quilt and she only quilted with 3″ squares.

  135. Molly says:

    I have a small cardboard box that a was from case of ramen noodles. I put all my scraps in there and I rummage through when I need something small. I wish they were more organized but I can’t figure out what else to do with them.

  136. suesue says:

    I have mine sorted into color plastic baskets. When I need a small piece for applique or a small project or even a quilt, I can sort through them easily and quickly. Thanks for the inspiration and fun!!

  137. Leslie says:

    Fabric scraps are often used by my daughter to piece together outfits for her dolls or other small animal toys. She makes scarves, dresses, capes, blankets, all sorts of things with them. The others I keep stacked together with my other fabric waiting for their great purpose to be revealed. 😉

  138. Samantha says:

    I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for October now! Scraps seem to be all I have 🙂 I pick up the vast majority of my fabric at thrift stores or from Craigslisters so, with very litte exception, all the sewing projects I make are from scraps. I’m quite passionate about recycling and reusing things – even great fabric from old clothes go into my projects! Because nothing is ever a uniform size, scraps get thrown into bags and totes in my house!

  139. Lauren Clark says:

    I absolutely adore working with scraps! I always overbuy on fabric just so that I can have the opportunity to find projects to fit the yummy leftovers. I use them as colorful highlights for canvas bags, to make straps, sleeves or ruffles for clothing, to make quilts or to wrap gifts. The possibilities are endless! Colorful scraps can add the perfect does of personality to any basic piece!

  140. Sometimes I give them to my kids to play with but mostly they sit in a bag or box waiting for a project.

  141. Susette says:

    I’m working on mine, cutting them into strips…it’s taking me forever!

  142. Marissa says:

    I used to (gasp!) throw them away. But that was just a couple of months ago (gasp again!) I stopped doing that. So far they are piling up trying to figure out what to do with them next. Still new to sewing!

  143. Michelle says:

    I ask my kids “What animal do you want” and then i sew them a tiny simple stuffed animal from the bigger patches. The small scraplings are used to stuff. 🙂

  144. Wendy says:

    My scraps are sorted by color into bins and used for applique or miniature quilts. I also have a drawer that I throw strips into like excess binding or other strip lengths.

  145. Christy says:

    I have 2 buckets that they go in. One for scraps under 4×4 and one for scraps over 4×4. I am working on a wonky square quilt and find that I am able to use lots of the scraps on that or a friend will go thru them and see something they want or my son will need something for a craft at school. Thanks for the op to enter.

  146. wendy says:

    I have a number of gallon bags full – and I only started sewing 9 months ago!

    I’ve swapped some of them for other items on Swap-Bot – but the rest remain and I’d hate to throw them away!

  147. Sonja H says:

    Stash my smaller scraps into bins, and larger scraps go back into my fabric stash with dimensions labelled on them for later use. With the small scraps, I love making covered buttons for various projects, applique, and sometimes I just start sewing them together with no rhyme or reason!

  148. Virginia says:

    Sadly I throw my scraps out an.d I cringe everytime I do so because I know there is so much that can be done with them. I just don’t know what. Thank goodness for the October theme!

  149. Carla Timberlake says:

    Bigger scraps are folded and organized by color in stacked plastic bins. Smaller scraps are cut into strips and stored in plastic bins by strip widlth: 3.5 inch; 2.5 inch, 2 inch and 1.5 inch to be used in scrap quilts.

  150. Katrina says:

    Scraps are piled up on my sewing table and stashed away in a box. Once I have collected enough, I’ll make a scrappy quilt in honor of my grandmother, who never wasted a bit of fabric.

  151. Angela O says:

    I am still assembling my stash, so I haven’t yet figured out what to do with the scraps. I’d like to make some strip quilts with the scraps, but I’m also on the lookout for good patterns to use scraps with, things like purses, bags, hats, pillows, etc. I’m really looking forward to October’s theme to get some more ideas!

  152. su says:

    I use scraps as toy filling 🙂 and the occasional card

  153. Cassandra says:

    I just started sewing recently, and so far I have used my scraps to make a coin purse, a bracelet and the insides of a stuffie!! 🙂 I got the idea from a swap on!!!

  154. Erin D. says:

    I have a large basket under my sewing table as a convenient “dumping point.” When it’s filling or when I get the urge, I sort by color into small drawers. Being new to sewing, I’m still building my collection, but I suspect a scrap quilt is in my near future.

  155. Cara says:

    The scrap fabric I am in love with I keep. You never know when you have just enough to make a patchwork clutch or fabric earrings. But most scraps get made into quilts for charity. The eclectic mix of fabrics and lack of pattern often creates a very original piece of work that someone, somewhere, will treasure,

  156. Dena says:

    I organize mine by size. For instance, all of my 1.5″ are in one container and labeled. This could be a 1.5″ square piece of fabric or a 1.5″ strip that is left over from a project. I have several different dimensions of scraps and they work great in future projects where I don’t need a lot of yardage in the same print.

  157. Kristy says:

    Most of my scraps turn into quilt squares or patchwork projects!

  158. amanda says:

    I put them in a big tub and let my toddler play with them from time to time. Really creative, I know. 🙂

  159. wendy says:

    my scraps get shoved into a box… sometimes I pull them out and cut up little squares for quilting… so far I haven’t done much with them. I’m looking forward to scrap month, to get some new ideas!

  160. sandyandcosmo says:

    My scraps end up in a bin along with my good intentions.

  161. Leila Gardunia says:

    I haven’t been quilting long enough to have tons of scraps – most of mine I just place with like colors of fabric and use in different projects. I often let my girls play with my scraps while I work on a project. They stay busy and I am happy. I am also going to send some of my scraps to a friend who is making a quiet book for her child. She needs a lot of different colored small pieces for the details. A perfect use for scraps.

  162. Jenny says:

    I use big, clear plastic bins with lids. One side has my “big” pieces (usually more than a yard and then I have several gallon Ziplocks for the smaller stuff and those are sorted by color. I make ornaments, quilts and gifts with my scraps. I’m using my smallest scraps to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s going to take me forever because I’m paper piecing it!! 🙂

  163. Jacklyn H says:

    Welp, I first fold them up nicely and put them in a clear plastic bag. Then I sort through them and stare at them for a few months. Eventually, some of them make it into a project (ie wipes for the kids, baby quilts, wall art, etc)….though some are still living in the now jammed pack plastic bag! LOL! 🙂

  164. Victoria Miner says:

    I put all the little scraps from an individual project in a zipper top plastic bag, then keep all the bags in a basket. My hope is to use these little pieces for paper piecing. If there are big pieces, I just fold them up and store with my fat quarters by type (homespuns, batiks, novelty, etc.) and color.

    Thanks for your giveaway.

  165. Colleen says:

    I like to keep my scraps in a large bin, and then when I’m in need of inspiration, I start pulling things out. I also like how this process brings memories of what the fabric was used for originally!

  166. Bonnie says:

    My knit scraps get tossed into a bin until I can’t close it anymore. Then I force myself to sort through and decide what to keep and what to donate. My woven scraps tend to get used up for little things like quilt squares or little zipper bags or wallets or I Spy bags . . .

  167. Carrie says:

    I love making flowers with my scraps. They make things pretty :0)

  168. Mary Beth says:

    I’m saving mine for something special! Not sure what that is yet, maybe scrap busters will help me find out!!!

  169. Evie says:

    I like to use my scraps for making fun and exciting fabric covered buttons to replace ones on my coats and for use in other crafty things!

  170. Alice says:

    Heh, I just finished a rag quilt with a lot of my scraps, but I still have so many! The really tiny ones I use to stuff things, if I don’t care if they are perfectly formed.

  171. Gabriel says:

    Right now most of mine are filling XXL Ziplock bags mushed in any old way.

  172. jill says:

    As I cannot throw a single piece of fabric out, each is so delicious, I keep them in a little storage box. You can find all kinds at stores, just look for photo storage bins. So pretty in a bookcase.

  173. amy says:

    I make cards, applique and notebook covers with my scraps, but there are always too many.

  174. MamaBee says:

    I use my scraps for fabric food for my kiddo, or doll clothes mostly. I’m hoping to start doing more patchwork-style decor, but haven’t gotten there yet.

  175. Lauren says:

    I make charm quilts with my scraps – inevitably we make a mistake and there are a few duplicate fabrics found in the top of each, but that’s part of the fun!

  176. Nicole N. says:

    I horde mine in boxes, but I am pretty much out of space! I have used some tiny scraps as filler for soft blocks for a baby though!

  177. Elizabeth says:

    Scraps…they used to be my enemy, but no more! I sew them onto card stock to make unique cards or gift tags that match the fabric in the gift. I’ve also started making patchwork coasters (using a tute I found here under “Gifts for the Home.” My most recent method of organization (not too sophisticated!) is Ziploc bags lol. At least I can see what’s in them…

  178. Amy says:

    I’m pretty new to the sewing thing, so I’m saving mine. Can’t wait to see the ideas for the scrapbuster theme.

  179. Pam says:

    I have my scraps folded, but not very well organized. I like finding small projects to make with them.

  180. L says:

    I’m a beginner sewer! So I don’t have much scraps but my grandma stores all her scraps in millions of boxes in her sewing room and I always scour for pieces to make into hair accessories or covering buttons to turn into magnets, thumbtacks, rings, everything…i love buttons and i love making suffolk puffs (yo-yos) 🙂

  181. Trisha says:

    I keep mine in storage bags filed roughly by width (there’s that OCD kicking in). They get used up in quilts later on!

  182. Snowbird says:

    I’ve always worked with scraps. I taught myself to sew when I was about 8 yrs. old. and made everyone in my family a pillow – my dad still has his over 25 yrs later!
    My first quilt is made of scraps that were only big enough to make 5″ squares into 9-patches. I always thought it was almost a waste to buy fabric for quilts when there is so much scrap fabric!
    I’ve even learned that you can use old sheets to make things-I hadn’t thought of that and love to see what others have “repurposed”!!

    Love this blog, love the ideas-even all of them in the comments!!

  183. patrick Killpack says:

    There is a major need for premie and still born baby blankets at hospitals. I like to use my scraps for making small blankets and donating them to my local hospital.

  184. Carla says:

    My scraps end up in a 30 gallon plastic trash can labeled “Fabric Only”. I have donated a couple of trash bags full to my daughter’s school for art projects and such. I like to make yo-yo’s with some. My daughter likes to go through it and sew pieces together and creates headbands for her hair.

  185. Laura says:

    Right now, I do have many scraps because I haven’t been sewing for that long but I’m piling them up in a couple drawers, waiting some cool project. I’m trying to keep all my flannel scraps together in the hopes of making something fun with them.

  186. carlyk says:

    I am a keeper. I have just a small stash because I try to use them up. Recently I started making bean bags for children’s gifts. I use my scraps for appliques, fabric flowers, wrist pincushions and anything else I can think of:)

  187. Shannon says:

    Scraps ~ love them! I love scrappy quilts:)

  188. Bec Clarke says:

    I love saving my scraps to use in mini quilts and scrap quilts. Lateley I have been making lots of little projects with my scraps.

  189. kimberlee says:

    I store them in a shoebox, use them to test my stitches, and sew mini blocks and apply to cards.

  190. Faye says:

    I give my scraps to my 12 yr-old daughter, who uses them to sew clothes for her American Girl doll.

  191. Sara R. says:

    I admit it…they pile up! I try my hardest to get the most of out of my yardage…even if that means hoarding that last square inch!

  192. Jayme says:

    Sometimes I cut them into 4-6″ squares to use for quilts, but usually I just put them in a plastic tub. I don’t keep teeny tiny ones, but I have too many still. I want to make quilts.

  193. megan says:

    I can’t stand to through away any of my scraps(or anything that may be useful to anyone else), Grandma Doris (a friends grandma) makes the cutest baby quilts, placemats, potholders, ect. with all of her scraps and I have been the recipient of all three. They are some of the best gifts that I have been given and I am hoping to be able to use my scraps for some of those projects, you know, in the future, when life is calmer or at least as calm as it can get with four kids.

  194. Angela Pak says:

    Lately, I’ve been making skirts for my daughter.
    When I have a good stash of zippers, I make little zippered bags too. They make great gifts.
    I also make napkins – we haven’t had to use paper napkins for quite a while.

  195. lynnette says:

    i have been using mine to make bibs for my drooley 4 month old twin boys!

  196. Brina says:

    My daughter and I cut up the small scraps and glue them to greeting cards so they look like confetti…only without the mess!
    Thank for the giveaway.
    blrohloff at aol dot com

  197. Debbie says:

    Large scraps are folded and stacked according to color in one of those fishing-boat-bookshelves; medium, small, and odd-shapes live in a couple of baskets; “strips” (i.e., anything rectangular) are rolled and stay in an old tin can. What do I do with them? Potholders, gift wrap decorations, appliques, fancy-cuts for special quilt blocks, pockets in bags–but mainly inspiration.

  198. kristine says:

    Mine pile up until I think of something I can use them for, like patchwork items or appliques.

  199. Aunt Spicy says:

    Bags. Plain old ziploc bags. When I start a new project I start a new bag. Most of the scraps that are larger than 3 inches are made into stuffed hearts!

  200. DebbieKL says:

    I throw my scraps in a bin. They’re usually pretty small, so I’ve used them for for appliques. I’m excited to read what others do with them to give me some ideas!

  201. Kimmie says:

    Scraps go into their designated container out in the sewing room in the barn, awaiting us to beckon to them to come out and LIVE!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  202. Suzanne says:

    right now they get thrown into clear buckets. Bright/kid fabrics in one, flannel in another and all other cottons in another. I think I need to start sorting them by colour/tone. I’ve used them for applique but one day I’d like to do a strip (I really don’t know what the really name is) quilt. I think “Film in the Fridge” has something that inspired me 🙂

  203. Leah says:

    Fabric Scraps… depends on the fabrics… Quilting cottons are kept for other projects, Knit pieces are kept for applique or other embellishments… Denim kept for patching. And others are tossed.

  204. I keep my scraps in a basket beside my machine. Then when I sit down, without any idea of what I want to create, I use them for bookmarks, cards, or crazy quilt blocks.

  205. Beth says:

    I have overflowing bins of scraps!

  206. Cami Paul says:

    I keep them stored until I can’t stand it and then I purge either by the trash or by making something.

  207. Angela says:

    Depends on how big they are. If they are small I toss them. If they are larger, I save them haphazardly behind a cabinet door. Someday I will need to get organized, but guilt makes me save scraps.

  208. Julie says:

    My scraps are in a bin waiting for me to use them. I need ideas. I am really excited about OCtoer’s ideas..

  209. Katy says:

    I either give them to my baby to play with (they usually just end up on the floor, though) or toss them so I don’t mistakenly think they are part of my project. Not very efficient but I’m not organized enough to save them and I never think I’ll do anything with them. I know I’ll kick myself with October being scraps month!

  210. brittany says:

    my scraps are currently taking up space in a drawer, awaiting the day when i will use them all to make the most obnoxious quilt that anyone has ever seen!!

  211. Evangeline says:

    I sort scraps that I like and I think I will use into two drawers, one for small scraps, one for large. The rest I bring into my classroom for children to use.

  212. Alana says:

    Most of my scraps i do try to use for cards, or even as ribbon- this works especially well for extra quilt binding that I have. Looks pretty cute, too!

  213. Kindy Lynn says:

    They end up in a box or i give them to my SIL to use on her projects

  214. WendyLou says:

    Mine pile up in storage boxes on shelves in the craft room 😉 Soooo looking forward to your stashbusting ideas!!

  215. First I pile my scraps in a box. When the box is full I sort it into….piles…may need this later for repairs or trim on a garment..which go into a small basket in my closet, why did I ever keep this? and toss it, and thirdly a bag for pieces that are large enough to use but not something I think I will need and offer it to either my local design school or on freecycle.

  216. Stacey says:

    My smallest scraps are quickly snatched up by my young son. He has a 1-gallon size ziploc bag that he puts them in. They reside in his art cart. Scraps bigger than say 5 inches or so get folded and stacked by color in a large closet in our downstairs bathroom. I enjoy admiring my fabric stash while I brush my teeth.

  217. Jacqui says:

    I use my scraps to make gift bags. They get reused many times over. I keep the scraps in piles in my sewing closet.

  218. Mona says:

    If they are between a quarter yard and a yard, I try to fold and organize by color. Important word–try. If they are smaller, they go in a cute green bucket to be rummaged through as needed.

  219. Elizabeth says:

    I keep all my scraps in a large box and let my 2 and 4 year olds rummage through it to find fabrics to make doll pillows, blankets, dresses. Those dolls have quite a wardrobe!

  220. Sherry says:

    I keep all my scraps, some i cut into 2″ and 3″ squares for nine patches, some i make into crazy quilt blocks, and the tiniest scraps go with me to school for art collages for my preschoolers. i love scraps!

  221. Louby Lou says:

    I cut my scraps up into useable sizes, usually 5×5 squares, 3.5×3.5 squares and 2.5 strips – all ready to be made into lovely scrap quilts… when I get around to it anyway!

  222. Kate Glahn says:

    Bits from projects, little snippets of clothes, scraps bought at yard sales…all topsy turvey in bins! Dig, dig, dig til you find just the thing. That way fate gets to weigh in on every decision.

  223. Tara says:

    my scraps go into the drawer next to my sewing table. i rarely go through them 🙁 i have big dreams of a x-string quilt someday, though.

  224. Kari says:

    Too cool!!!! Love it!

  225. Beth says:

    I save almost all of them in bags (lots of bags) to use in other projects. if it is big (fat quarter-ish) it goes back with the “new” stuff.

  226. Kate says:

    I have all my scraps in plastic bags, separated by color. I can see all the fabrics from the outside and pick what scraps I want each time! It totally works for me!

  227. Shari says:

    I started collecting my scraps in a basket which I soon outgrew. I changed to a larger basket…and then a larger basket…and then to a large Rubbermaid bin. When I started on the second Rubbermaid bin I realized that I wasn’t using the scraps due to poor organization. So I denoted an evening to sorting by shape (strip, small square or rectange, medium square of rectange and large square of rectange. I had so many that I decided to send some to a good home after admiring Christine’s work on a flickr group. She was so kind to gift me with a mini-quilt in return.
    Little did I know at the time her blog would be so inspiration to follow….

  228. Emily says:

    I try to keep them neatly folded and organized by size……

  229. Tammy says:

    I have two large Rubbermaid tubs for my fabric. One holds yardage, and the other holds all my scraps. I keep all my scraps, all the tiny scraps included. You never know when you’ll need scraps! 🙂

  230. Joanna says:

    I categorize my scraps. If they are very small, they are used for filling/stuffing toys or whatever. If they are small, but not useable for a big profect, they go into a box I have just for them. I troll through that box when I want accents or am making a Barbie doll top or something like that. Then the last category is usable (like for placemats, clothing for people, quilting), and these I separate by light colors, mediums, and dark colors. they are in separate boxes. It sounds organized, and it is, escept I have fabric everywhere because of projects I plan to do, those I’m doing, and those I walked away from but will finish “some day.” I’m hopeless, but so what. It’s my sewing room.

  231. Terri Moran says:

    I love finding uses for my leftover bits of fabric. I save even the smallest pieces in fabric bins.

  232. Rosa in Antipodes says:

    My scraps are pilled up in my baby`s nursery-to-be closet. What a mess! The boy is moving from my bedroom in a few days so I think I’ll finally have to do something about it pretty soon. Oh, boy!

  233. Mandi says:

    I keep saying that I won’t buy any new fabric until I use up my stash. Well, except for anything I need to finish a project. And except for that adorable damask. And except for the flannel print that was 50% off. And except for that amazing new cotton print that would be perfect for some project some time. And except for that one item from my favorite designer that I really need. And except for….

    Yeah. Today I gave up and bought two new dressers to store my ever-growing stash. Sigh. It’s an addiction. For sure.

    Thanks for the chance to enter! My palms are sweaty and my heart is palpitating at the thought of more fabric. Because I don’t have enough.

  234. Kim says:

    I try to only keep the ones I think I’ll use for projects…small applique or card making mostly…but every year or so I realize I’ve outgrown my fabric space again and have to part with some more.

  235. April Z says:

    I haven’t been sewing long so I don’t have a lot of scraps, but I put the ones I do have in a basket and so far I haven’t done anything with them. I’m excited to see the projects you showcase next month.

  236. My scraps pile up in boxes and/or bags according to color — the really tiny ones. The moderately sized ones get folded up and put with other pieces of fabric of the same color in my cabinet. I LOVE scrappy quilts, so I really cannot give them away. I’m usually the recipient of other people’s generosity. However, it is starting to get serious around here, so I’m glad that October is going to be a scrapbusting month!

  237. Julia M. in MI says:

    All my scraps are mostly folded and in clear plastic boxes. I have made doll clothes and wallets with left over fabric scraps, but I can’t wait to see your ideas in October.

  238. 2hippos says:

    I store them in ziplocks by color and try to use them. Occasionally, I’ll “assign” myself a quilt made entirely from scraps. I’d love some new ideas though. I’d also love to do a scrap exchange (maybe a set weight/volume/ziplock size) to vary what I have.

  239. Unity says:

    I have a huge Rubbermaid bin that I keep my scraps in. I need to go through and weed out what can’t actually be used again. They have been stacking up for a while. I am making cuddle monsters for my kids and will be making one for my niece come Christmas. Maybe I need to take up quilting. lol

  240. Barrie petersen says:

    I have a plastic tub, filled with scraps big and small.
    They lately have been used for teaching the brownie troop hand sewing by using the scraps on already made tees as heart shaped patches. Also we used them to make handmade ornaments to raise money for our troop outings.
    LOVE your blog, also inspiring.

  241. Sarah Griffin says:

    I save scraps for applique work. My favorite is to applique my children’s drawings onto reusable shopping bags. It’s a great gift for a teacher, grandma or aunt. I’ve also used my scaps for little soft dolls for my daughter and nieces.

  242. Mama Lusco says:

    I have shoe boxes full of scraps. I use them for applique projects and quilting or crafts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  243. maren says:

    I keep mine in a big bin and sometimes I can find projects that use them. I have used some of my smallest scraps for flower hair clips for my little girl.

  244. Dana says:

    I sort mine by color for later use. Sometimes my scraps get left in the original bag I purchased the fabric in. They never make it to my sorted colors bags.

  245. Michelle says:

    My scraps go into my scrap box which is getting fuller by the minute. Every few weeks dd grabs a few out for a craft project. Looking forward to Oct to use some of them up!!

  246. jody wenner says:

    I put mine in a scrap bag. I have used them for making banners, appliques, softies, scrap belts, scrappy scarfs, and most recently baby booties. I have just been starting getting into quilting and eventually would love to try a quilt with them.

  247. Sandy H. says:

    Decent sized scraps go into an old bureau to be sorted and fondled and then used “”sometime” in the future – which has not yet arrived.

    Smaller scraps go into the sewing basket next to my TV recliner to be made into yo-yo’s for some as yet undefined use – Maybe a yo-yo chain that could reach to the moon and back!

    Perhaps this month will finally give me a project for my lovely scraps.

  248. urbanhen says:

    Oh scraps! I have been collecting mine in a picnic basket for years. But here recently, I’ve decided to sort them by color- green basket, red basket,…
    I make use of them big-time in my appliques.

  249. robin says:

    I like to make embellishments and appliques with my fabric scraps. I can’t bring myself to throw anything away!!

  250. Maryellen says:

    My scraps are repurposed by my young daughters, who tie them around their dollies with odd bits of ribbon. They actually look pretty fancy!

  251. Ellen Ban says:

    Mine get cut into various size squares and rectangles and put into drawers marked with the size ready for future projects…

  252. Kristin Beckwith says:

    My scraps get stored in a box. Sometimes they get used for projects, like the Garden Tote featured here, or most of the time they sit in the box. I am looking for inspiration for uses for these scraps.

  253. Martha says:

    I am one who has so many scraps and material stashes because I have sooooo many projects backed up! Somehow, my family comes first and my projects just pile up! Oh well, at least I have things to do!

  254. Cayce says:

    most of my sewing doesn’t produce usable scraps but i do keep a box of little scraps for some future project. i think i’m going to cut most of them into little squares and put them in a handmade sewing basket for dd for christmas.

  255. cindy dodd says:

    They are everywhere! In plastic containers, garbage bags, clear totes, and storage bins, and finally in an old armoire. I’ve recently begun to go through everything by kits, coordinating colors, and by colors. I am all set with fabric for projects with fabric and patterns in the largest baggies. Quilt kits are in bags, too, with the patterns.

  256. Good question! I’m hoping to learn some tips from your scrapbusters posts! Right now, I have all my scraps folded on an old bookshelf, but I”m preparing to move them to some storage totes.

  257. Andrea says:

    Scraps are stored laying in box. I try to use them as much as possible for my projects and the leftovers go to my kids’ school. The teachers there are very creative and make nice handcrafted toys out of them.

  258. Betsie says:

    I’ve been doing lots of applique with my scraps. I also made a whole slew of re-usable gift bags from a bunch of scraps that I had. I also have some scraps slated for doll clothes for my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday! I’m getting inspired just reading all of these comments!

  259. Kirsten says:

    I just helped my 3 year old make some mini bunting for her room with scraps. A good practice hand sewing project.

  260. marymary says:

    Applique, covered buttons, small details on larger projects, like contrasting pockets or plackets.
    Art projects with kids, too — my daughter loves to cut little “clothes” out of fabric to glue onto her drawn people.

  261. anna says:

    I have no good solution for scraps. I think they just sit around and usually get stashed in this big bin with lots of other fabric and crap. I think I’m just too lazy to organize them in any logical manner 🙂

  262. Renee says:

    My post didn’t go through! I bag them and make bibs when I get enough a the color combination that I want. I recently started makeing sarabobo too because they are cute and I’m Japanese!

    I use 1/4 of a bath towel to make special needs meal bibs and take them to Skillquest Day support.

  263. Allison says:

    I fold the big scraps up and keep them with fat quarters; anything smaller goes into a scrap drawer. Ideas on how to use them would be great!

  264. I save all my scraps (unless they are super tiny) and keep them in bins and bags. I can’t bring myself to throw them away because there might always be a project around the corner I could use them for!

  265. Liz says:

    After reading several of the comments I feel so wasteful. Anything under 2″ I toss. Anything over gets folded up and put into a plastic bin in my closet. I hope to find a use for them with next month’s topic.

  266. Rebecca says:

    I have a big bag of scraps. Sometimes they make it into quilts, the rare applique I do, or things like covers for those little kleenex packages. I made matching pom-poms out of the scraps from one quilt. That was a great way to get rid of the long skinny pieces I always end up with, and they looked great.

  267. Anna says:

    Love this blog— just stumbled upon it… 🙂

  268. Julianne says:

    My scraps sit in boxes if they are big enough, otherwise I toss them. I have yet to make a scrap quilt, but I will one day!!

  269. Bonnie says:

    Most of my scraps right now are largish but odd sized from cutting out clothes for my daughters. So I am hoping to use them to make clothes for their dolls.

  270. Amanda W says:

    I hate clutter, so my scraps are trashed. Plus, it leaves more room for new fabric!

  271. Stephanie G. says:

    Mine are stashed in a big plastic bin awaiting the day when I have enough nerve to try sewing a quilt.

  272. beccy says:

    I keep every scrap – even the tiny pieces because they are great for covering buttons and the like 🙂 The bigger pieces all go in a bag just waiting for the right project. It takes ages to collect enough scraps that go together (colour-wise) to actually make something out of, but it feels really good to use them in the end!

  273. Julia says:

    I keep them in boxes by color so that I can use them again for another project. I have yet to start on those other projects but nothing gets thrown away.

  274. Katie says:

    I’m so excited about the new theme! My scraps pile up in a bin, and then I use them in little patchwork projects.

  275. Lisa says:

    I make tiny doll clothes 😀 So what you might call scraps, I call a new adventure in my doll’s closets lol. But when using bigger projects, I sew my scraps together and make little quilt-patchwork blankets for my daughter. She loves throwing them around and playing peek-a-boo with me and she likes collecting them, putting them in buckets, and dumping them out.

  276. dragonsecrets says:

    I have clear plastic shoeboxes to hold the sorted colors. Helps me see how much I have in the different color families if I’m thinking of a scrappy project. Also makes it easy to find small amounts of a color for a project. They are not cut to any particular size as I never know when I’ll need some odd shapes for paper piecing or applique.
    Lately, I’ve been making yo-yos from scraps. I bought a couple of the Clover plastic yo-yo makers and just make them up if I’m watching television at night – keeps my hands busy and eventually I will use them for something – or give them to someone who will.

  277. Anna says:

    I use them to make cat toys!

  278. Christine says:

    My scraps are tossed in a bag in my closet- I’m excited to use them up!

  279. kathy h. says:

    1. larger COTTON scraps go to my neghborhood quilt group that makes and donates quilts for at-risk kids (ABC Quilts).
    2. larger pieces of polyester/brocade/etc. go to the local Kiwanis Thrift store.
    3. small pieces go to the local elementary school for particular teachers who still have an ‘invention’ box for kidsters to create with.

    A little complicated. But since I am often given loads of fabric or buy loads at garage/estate sales, I needed to have a CLEAR relief system so my house does not become my great-aunt Ruby’s with shoulder-high stacks of anything piled all over.

    Schools are a great place to donate scaps of fabric/trims/batting/etc.

  280. Huan-Hua says:

    wow, fantastic sale going on…
    I collect my scraps in another box with the thought that maybe one day I’ll make a quilt, but the scraps seem to take up so much room–more room than the original pieces of fabric!–so I might just take them all to Goodwill one day.

  281. Paige says:

    Right now I just toss my scraps in a big plastic bin – it’s a mess!

  282. Tracy C says:

    I love getting ideas from the other comments. Little tiny scrapes are tossed, ones 6″ sq or so go in a large wicker basket and ones large enough to fold go with the fat quarters. I used them for bits of art quilts, bookmarks, yo-yos. My girls have been known to grab the smaller ones to decorate with.

  283. Pam says:

    Scraps are for quilts, headbands and pieced placemats here. I just can’t seem to throw away fabric. Not even the bits. 🙂

  284. Sarah says:

    Bigger chunks fold up into piles, but I have a hard time throwing out even smaller pieces…I can always see that it _could_ be a pocket, or a strap or something…so it goes into a basket. (and sits.) Can’t wait to see your stashbusters!

  285. christine says:

    i cut my smaller scraps into 3 1/2 ” squares so when i have enough, i can make a scrappy quilt.

  286. erin says:

    i think a better question would be “what DON’T i do with my fabric scraps?” 🙂
    my answer would be a 1-item list: throw them away!

    if anything, i have a terrible habit of hoarding scraps until forced to get rid of them somehow. i keep them stored (sometimes neatly) in an extra laundry basket beneath my sewing table. then i make them into cheerful little projects, like jewelry, pocket lining, buttons, birdie nest-building bundles… the possibilities are endless!

    most recently, so many have piled up that i’m considering using them to stuff pillows, pincushions and other happy, stuffable items.

  287. jm says:

    Right now I’m using scraps to sew hexagons. Fun!

  288. sarah says:

    My scrap bins are my daughter’s treasure chests… she loves knowing that she has free rein to dig into them for whatever project she’s dreamed up.

  289. JJ says:

    Love free fabric! With my scraps I try to keep them organized but neatly folding them and keeping them in color scraps. Plus I’m always looking for crafts to use them…

  290. jenn says:

    I have see-through bins (empty candy plastic containers from Costco) that I stack. They are (somewhat) sorted by colour. Perhaps it’s a blessing but I have just started quilting so my scrap stash is not large.

    Ones that are large enough (>3 inches are sewed in half and filled with catnip for my cat and friend/family’s cats). I don’t know what I would do with the rest of them just yet, but my mother and grandmother are always happy to take them!

  291. Heather says:

    I save my scraps on some shelves beside my sewing desk and my 10 year old daughter likes to raid them for her own projects. I also use them for pitholders, eyemasks, birthday bunting, gift bags, and scrappy quilts.

  292. Ellen says:

    I usually just save my scraps in zip top bags. I do like to do small patchwork projects with them when I get the chance. It can be very time-consuming to sew multiple scraps together!

  293. Sara R. says:

    My scraps are strewn all over my craft room! There is no rhyme or reason, unfortunately.

  294. Erin says:

    I mostly just throw them in a bag, assuming I will want to use them at some point, though I rarely ever do!

  295. Sherri I says:

    I am a saver. Sometime, some project will arrive that will want these leftovers!

  296. Beth says:

    I love making patchwork items with my scraps. Usually pouches- for little bags, camera cases, glasses cases, soemthing like that!

    I am having a BIG giveaway on my blog too!

  297. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been saving the itty-bitties for stuffing plushies and sock monkeys.

  298. Diane says:

    all my scraps get thrown into my ‘scrap bin’. I know one day I’ll come up with a good use for them! I’m sure eventually they’ll get sorted by color so it will be easier to find something I can use, but since I just barely sorted my fabric last week, I’m sure my scrap sorting won’t happen for a while. 😉

  299. Leigh says:

    I’ve got a big plastic footlocker FULL of scraps- I let my daughters play with them, use them for appliques, and I’m just getting into quilting!

  300. ~Helena~ says:

    Yea, scrapbusting! I can’t wait guess I need to remove my scraps for sale on CL. Love the natura butterfly fabric.

  301. Margaret Arygelan says:

    I keep them in the dresser drawer of the guest bedroom and then am always aghast at the crumpled stash of fabric that is in just a bunch of different shapes and sizes. I always think I will find some use for that odd piece of fabric. sigh

  302. Holly says:

    I have a big basket under my “sewing table” and just toss the small scraps in there. My daughters know they can pull anything out of the basket to use any way they want, and they do! Also, I have been using the book, Little Quilts, to use up some of the scraps. The quilts use up the fabric pieces plus I get the satisfaction of finishing a quilt more frequently. Finally, when the scrap pile gets too high, I offer it to the parent volunteer art coordinator at school and she gladly takes a bag.

  303. Katherine says:

    I’m embarrassed to say, I usually toss mine. I usually try to buy fabric on a project by project basis, so I don’t have many scraps, but when I do, I don’t know what to do with it. If I was a quilter, that would help, but I’m not.

  304. Greeblygreebly says:

    I use my scraps to decorate things and for small projects. Currently I’m working on a grandmother’s flower patch quilt which is one of the best scrap busters in the world. Even many of my smallest scraps I can at least get a flower’s middle out of. It’s very satisfying. But I would love some more ideas for the scraps that won’t be going into this quilt!

  305. Kadybug says:

    This is so exciting! I have a collection of leftovers from quilts and fat quarters I just had to get because they were so pretty, but then never used.

  306. Jordan Durbin says:

    hmm . . . after a long time, I’ve learned to toss anything smaller than about 12″x12″. I just don’t use anything smaller than that, and it creates a living, growing creature if I let them accumulate. Larger pieces, I save and piece together for baby quilts or scrappy quilts.

  307. Sarah Jean says:

    I am excited about the scrap buster month, lots of scraps laying around ready to be used. The new fabrics are beautiful.

  308. Katie says:

    Yeah – scrap busters month sounds great. I try to throw away pieces that are smaller than an inch or two square (but then again you could always use thinner ones for strips – I’m sure all you scrap stashers go through the same thought process). Otherwise, I try to use them up in appliques or pieces strips for tote bags or whatever – and I have no organization of them whatsoever. I want to make some pretty fabric boxes to store them, but there are just too many other projects ahead in the queue. I can’t wait to hear what other people are doing with their scraps!

  309. I find it really hard to throw away scraps, and so I have a completely disorganized bag full of scraps that in my mind will someday be a string quilt. The problem is deciding what is just too small to keep, so I keep it all!

  310. wintor says:

    Mine get stuffed unceremoniously into “the bag” where either the kid or i come to later to find little pieces of pretty to use in other crafty projects! I’m sure there’s a better way, but it’s fun to say “looking for a piece of pink velveteen? check “the bag”!”

  311. Jody says:

    The very smallest scraps I toss out and the rest I save to make small projects. They do end up multiplying don’t they??? I recently donated quite a lot of fabric to our local thrift store. I wish I wasn’t so intimidated by quilt making, because a lot of scraps would be perfect for that.

  312. Rochelle says:

    Scraps are thrown in a plastic tub, just waiting for a snowy cold day this winter when I start my next applique project.

  313. Taryn says:

    I throw them into a wicker basket in my sewing room. In the past they’ve just piled up but I recently signed up with the Toy Society and I’m using them to make toys that get left in various places to be found and taken home by strangers. I’ve got my first toy ready to drop but it’s raining. I’ll wait it out without complaining because we so need the rain. :0)

  314. erin says:

    they live in baskets most of the time 🙂

  315. Becky says:

    I am a pack-rat so i save way too much. Just recently started saving selvege edges and I need a better system as these are just in a pile at the end of my sewing table. Thanks goodness my table is huge!

  316. Suzanne says:

    I save them…for what I don’t know yet!!!:) Hoping this blog with give me some IDEAS!!!

  317. Danielle says:

    all of my scraps are piled in a container — waiting for ??

  318. Lea-Ann says:

    They go “in the blue tub!” You can hear me telling the kids, “Hey, take these upstairs and put them in the blue tub!” I just finally got around to doing something with all the pants legs I’ve cut off for the past few years and made a nice jean quilt for the winter! I cannot wait to use some of the scrap busters to be posted! I can work on the cheap this month!!!

  319. Sally says:

    I save my scraps in a box. I don’t fold them but that probably would be more useful for the space.

  320. Erica K says:

    I have a lovely drawer full of scraps. I want so badly to organize them, and I will. As soon as my craft room isn’t in a state of construction! Can we say piles and sawdust? 🙂

    I was drawn to that Natura collection, and your mention of the canvas look has sealed the deal. I MUST have it! 🙂

  321. emily says:

    I’ve finally learned to just “let them go.” I used to save scraps in hopes of using them for something else, but a new project always means new fabric and I never think to check my scraps. Lately, though, I’ve been tossing the scraps and checking my stash before going shopping. Gotta love living on a budget!

  322. mjb says:

    They’re all in bags randomly for the time being, but they’re getting to the point where they need to be sorted soon. Sometimes I make an extra block with the smaller scraps and put it in a box in a pile of blocks for future projects. They’ll either make little pouches or a really scrappy quilt.

  323. Kate says:

    Toss ’em in a box and save ’em for random little projects. I try to use up every little bit somewhere!

  324. Marie-France says:

    I keep them all! Scraps are great for tiny projects such as baby slippers, coin purses, patches, etc!

  325. christina says:

    I have an empty drawer in the dresser in the guest room that it all gets dumped in. Then the drawer gets shut and I always forget what’s in there – doh!

  326. Julie says:

    Hi there! My scraps are put into a large drawer and then I every so often go through them, organize them by size and colour and put them to use if at all possible. I recently started making fabric belts, so many of the scraps are going towards those…..I’ve also used them to make fabric magnets and hair elastics.

  327. Debbie says:

    I keep ALL of my scraps and I wish I had time to organize it all by color…I have them in a three tiered bin. My oldest scrap is about 1/4yd. of pink satin that my Grandmother used to make my Aunt her first formal; it is from around 1940. I use my scraps for various projects and I love going through my fabric before starting a project.

  328. To store them, I take the biggest scrap and lay it flat, then place all the others on top of it. I roll it up and secure it with a straight pin.
    To use up said scraps I like to make greeting cards – I glue and/or sew fabric to old office folders, cereal box cardboard, or anything else I have lying around, and make a little collage or design on the front. I heart recycling, and this is a great way to use up stuff I already have, plus, saves money on cards too!

  329. Lori Kay says:

    Only recently have I begun to throw away my smaller scraps. Anything that’s bigger than 2″ x 4″ gets saved, so I’m talking small scraps. I have a basket where I throw all these extra bits, and then once a year or so, I take all those extra bits, iron them and cut them into ready-to-use sizes. I’ve made a few roman-coin quilts and nickel (5″ squares) quilts with the proceeds of these efforts.

  330. Winsome says:

    I have scraps in bags boxes and suitcases upstairs and downstairs, It got so bad at one time
    i gave some away to a local school. Looking forward to some ideas in october, definatly to
    start using them up, well i’ve got to make room to buy more.

  331. Kathy says:

    This entire year has been dedicated to scrap/stash busting. I’ve been following the lead of some fellow bloggers and recording my purchases and uses in a weekly report. I’ve stayed about even, but hopefully the net result will be more “out” than “in”. I’ve been making mostly scrappy quilts, but I’ve also donated some fabric to a local charity group. The scraps have overtaken the large bin they were in, and have spilled over into a series of bags.

  332. Natasha A. says:

    I like the idea of making a quilt with my scraps.
    But really, they either get thrown out, or shoved into a plastic bag.
    I am seriously space hindered!

  333. nikko says:

    I sort them by size and save them for quilts and little tiny projects.

  334. Tabitha O. says:

    Mine are all in buckets and bags and are being used more often every day as we come up with projects to use them…..actually the buckets regularly end up in my daughters rooms to be used in various ways while they are playing and imagining…

  335. Hillary Maxwell says:

    I love making collages (fabric glued onto paper) with my kids if the scraps are small enough…otherwise they pile up in a drawer and I use them for quilted baby shoes and appliques.

  336. Trina Dart says:

    Aaaah scraps!

    Well, sometimes I shove them into bags…

    and sometimes we make fabulous kid crafts with them!
    Gluing, ripping, braiding, hand sewing…

    or use for rags… and then you feel lovely while scrubbing something not so lovely! 🙂

  337. Serena says:

    I have a plastic bucket that I do not allow to grow. I had to cut down my sewing space and donate to the kids’ desks area, so I have to be extremely careful with my space.

    I make scrappy quilts, purses, totes, etc. If I have larger pieces, I create dog beds and donate them to the local animal shelter. I’ve been using a lot of my knit stash to create a lot of dogs beds for donation (the average dog bed is about 18×18- for larger breeds, I use larger scraps or sheeting that can no longer be used in the house). 🙂

  338. Liz Casstro says:

    I put all mine in a basket and make cute appliqued shirts for my 2 year old. So Great!! Oh, sometimes I make fabric flowers too! Thanks.

  339. Betsy says:

    My scraps pile up – but not for too long! I use them to make clutches, fabric boxes and mini-banners. Lots of fun.

  340. Katie says:

    I’m saving my long scraps to make into a rug when I have enough. I save scraps from the things I make for my daughter so I can one day make a quilt for her. Right now I’m working on a string spiderweb quilt, but I cheated and ordered a couple of honeybuns.

  341. SugarMama says:

    I keep my scraps in a variety of containers. Teensy pieces in glass jars, for covering buttons and small appliques. Big pieces in a bin. Some of the pieces in my scrap bin are larger, and I find the only difference between those and what is on my shelf is that I give myself permission not to fold what I put in the scrap bin.

  342. Mary says:

    I have a plastic storage container I put small scraps in. If I need a scrap to sew on when I have machine troubles, I’ll use them. Or for a new project when I don’t want to waste “good” fabric. But most often I actually end up using the small scraps for a real project.

  343. Mary P says:

    Mine are sorted by color into boxes. Have I done anything with them? Not really. I also have a box of “blocks” and semi-pieced strips. This is just because sometimes you have extra blocks, or a few strips sewn together that didn’t get used. I can’t bear to get rid of them!

  344. Valerie says:

    They pile up in boxes. 🙁 I need to fix this pronto!

  345. Sonja says:

    I have my scraps in baskets, boxes, shelves and drawers. I try and divide them by size. I have made a star quilt with scraps. Love the look. Looking forward to more ideas.

  346. Sue Cahill says:

    I am a compulsive scrap saver, I have bins with squares and various width strips I cut from large enough scraps. I do a lot of applique so I keep even smaller pieces in a plastic tote. The only trouble is I have to dig through the whole bunch to find what I want.

    I make quilts for Project Linus and I like to make quick, easily peiced quilts so the squares and strips are always being used.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  347. Jen V says:

    My scraps are stuffed into a sack. I used some for some hex hand sewing this summer. I’m looking forward to some more inspiration!

  348. Sarah S says:

    I stuff my scraps (sometimes folded) into a bag. Every once in a while, I want to do an applique or something and use them. I can’t wait to see what ideas October brings! Maybe some ideas for Christmas gifts?

  349. Bobbie says:

    I use them to create more quilts. I also make toys for the chillins

  350. Sarah says:

    I have just been stuffing most of my scraps in an extra drawer. But now that I’m sewing more, I’ve also go a few little piles hanging around with nowhere to go.

  351. Kerri says:

    My scraps get piled up in a bag or bin. Then when my kiddos are wanting fabric for a project I pull that out first 🙂

  352. Kristen says:

    I never even knew about the problem of scraps until last week. I started quilting and made my daughters first quilt. She is 21 months. It was so much fun. After I finished I saw I had scraps…… What was I to do? I couldn’t throw them away. The colors were too precious and used for my precious daughter. So they are in a bag! I never realized this could be quite a problem!

  353. Doreen B says:

    I box my scraps. It is a mumble jumble mess. Anyway, I use them for making scrap quilts or for applique. At present, I’m working on a spider web scrap quilt and an applique pumpkin patch quilt. I NEVER get rid of scraps.

  354. alison says:

    I keep my scraps in dresser drawers in the basement with the boxes and bags of fabric I have on top. There are also some scraps in various bags close to my sewing stuff. I’ve used scraps for doll clothes, Barbie clothes, stuffies and I’ve just started quilting so I think there’s a possibility I could eventually use them all up!

  355. Lise says:

    My bigger scraps go into plastic zipper bags by color, though lately I find myself saving smaller and smaller pieces as I get inspired by bloggers’ string quilts and other great uses (I recently made some of Denyse Schmidt’s “Dis-Cards,” and loved that use! See my blog for photos.) Tiny scraps get put into a basket in the studio used by the children in my early childhood program, to be made into collages, tiny clothes for clothespin people, etc.

  356. Bean says:

    I save every little bit of scrap, and I have them all organized by color family (reds, blues, greens, etc…) in giant gallon sized ziploc bags (which are then all inside of another see-through container) so that I can use them easily for piece quilting and in my cathedral window quilt.

  357. Christine B says:

    Once I cleared ALL my scraps and set them to a lady who was making charity quilts – now this was about 10 years ago, when I was single. Now, they go in a basket and my little girl plays with them and we make clothes for her babies, trucks and the cat:)

  358. Lorrie says:

    Most of my scraps are folded and stacked on shelves. But smaller ones are kept in boxes – I’m trying to keep those to a minimum. And I’m learning that it’s okay (although hard) to throw bits and pieces away. Otherwise, they might threaten to take over the house!


  359. Ali D says:

    My scraps are in a few clear plastic zipper bags – the kind that comforters come in. Of course, I have those hanging around from before I was sewing quilts, so I have a limited # of bags and a growing stash of scraps, so scrap busters month couldn’t come soon enough!

  360. Malorie says:

    I put my little scraps in a big ziplock bag and use them for small projects like wallets. I am planning to use them to make a string quilt soon!

  361. Stephanie says:

    Mine are sorted by colors in a bin – I’ve recently seen some strip quilt blocks that scraps are perfect for and am hoping to use some of mine up for that cute project.

  362. Ellen says:

    Mine started out nice and folded . . . but that didn’t last! Now the big ones are crammed in drawers and boxes, and the small scraps are in baskets. I love scrap quilts, though, so I keep thinking they’ll get used . . . BUT THEY NEVER DO! They’re like gremlins, they just keep multiplying!

  363. Laura says:

    My scraps are in a bag, but I’ve only been sewing a little under a year so maybe that’ll change as I get more scraps.

  364. just lovely says:

    Small ones get stored in a plastic tub and the larger ones get folded and stacked. I don’t have a huge supply of the larger ones because I’m always tapping into it for some project or another.

  365. Mandy says:

    I collect every kind of fabric scrap. Sometimes I just sit and make yo-yo’s. Sometimes, I find great projects like Anna Maria Horner’s soft soccer ball for babies to spend some scraps on. Sometimes, I use them to decorate presents. I love scraps!

  366. Marie says:

    They are waiting to be made onto a quilt. Someday:)

  367. Sara says:

    Large scraps go back into my stash…the rest gets cut into 2-1/2″ squares or 2″ squares…I don’t keep much under 2″x2″…that goes into a bag and I use it to make a tree ball for the birds to make nests with.

  368. Johanna says:

    Mine are sorted by colour and stored in some sort of round container (like a bucket) that is made from the scraps in the particular colour. Lined with canvas and well, lining. When I first made the containers I didn’t have any scraps left but now they pile up 🙂
    I think you can make all kind of small gifts from it, littel postcards, small purses or bags, more buckets which are perfect for putting your gift into or which are just gifts to give to a kid to put her toys into. Finally you can do all sorts of stuffed toys from it.
    The possibilties are endless and so I sometimes sit in front of all my scraps and just cannot decide on what to do 🙂

  369. Ruth says:

    I stuff my scraps into boxes. Everything larger than 1″ by 1″ is kept. In my mind I am going to use them for scrap quilts, but I don’t really ~like~ scrappy quilts, so they are just accumulating in the boxes.

  370. Rebecca says:

    They usually pile up in bags. I think today I am going to go through it all and fold it. Its driving me crazy!

  371. kate says:

    Great question! I toss mine in a clear-plastic bin. Then they are fair game for craft projects (we mod-podge fabric scraps onto journals, cardboard alphabet letters for class-mate birthday presents, little wooden boxes, etc.) applique, patchwork… If the scrap is too precious, I hide it away for a special project.

  372. Megan says:

    My scraps just tend to pile up in my crafting hutch and then finally when I can’t take it any more I purge and organize. But I really like that idea of using them on cards. I’ve already started thinking of some ideas for the holidays! Yay, for inspiration.

  373. Vanessa says:

    I try to keep them as organized (by color) as possible on shelves, but it never lasts very long. I’ll try to incorporate them into projects when I can!

  374. Grace Cooper says:

    Like most quilters/sewers I have a large stash of fabric in box, bags, whatever…..some I can’t bear to cut into……thanks for a great blog site. I visit just about every day!

  375. Amy says:

    Oh, the boxes of scraps! I did finally piece together a baby quilt with leftovers from a previous quilt I’d made, I also have plans to make more dolly quilts for my 2 girls – 18″x18″ – they go together quickly and eat through scrap piles… I think I’m going to work on that today! 😀

  376. Elizabeth says:

    If they are tiny I throw them in a plastic bin. Otherwise, I fold them back in with the yardage that they came from. I’m looking forward to seeing some scrap busting projects to use some of them up!

  377. Sheryl says:

    Oh, I love the Natura collection! Gorgeous! As for my scraps, I am currently collecting scraps in a fabric basket I made from scraps! Anything too small to be used for more than patchwork is folded and put in the basket. Of course, the basket is filling up quickly!

  378. Becky says:

    My scraps pile up in old hat boxes. No organization just a lot of scraps!

  379. Julie says:

    Scraps end up in a bin in the garage waiting to be used for applique on t-shirts, mostly.

  380. Kristen says:

    Wow. After reading all these comments, I’m a little ashamed to admit all my scraps are languishing in a plastic shopping bag.

  381. Stacy says:

    I usually pile up my scraps and donate them to Project Linus. I do not quilt, so I have no idea what to do with them! I know that they put them to good use.

  382. danna osen says:

    Scraps end up in plastic bin, but one day I will sort them , iron them , fold them and organize into colorful stacks! Someday when the fabric fairy comes to my house:)

  383. Aimee says:

    I organize them by color, but the basket is open to my kids for any project they wish. Lately they’ve been making banners, but they are dying to get to “really sew”!

  384. jacqui says:

    I have two scrap drawers; one for scrapbook paper and the other for fabric. Right now both get used for cards and other small projects, but I’m excited to empty out that fabric drawer this month!

  385. Nicole says:

    I tossed them out after I kept every piece of fabric every tiny strip when we moved again and again. Now I keep them again in two boxes and use them for small projects or my daughters are sneaking them from me for their fabric piles.

  386. Joey Snow says:

    Well, I have multiple places for scraps 1) a large wire basket for the kids to have 2) a large wicker basket of mine to rummage through when I need just a small piece 3) some scraps I have begun cutting into 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 squares to eventually make a couple of scrappy quilts 4) a small basket that I just started collected selvages. I rarely throw any scraps away

  387. kriswithmany says:

    They’re piled up in boxes. 🙁

  388. Kerry says:

    I keep my scraps wadded up in plastic boxes under my bed. 🙂 I made a pair of pj pants for my nephew from scraps from a pair of pj pants I made for myself. 🙂 I also made a 9-patch front totebag from scraps from costumes I wore in plays in high school. Probably one of the coolest things I’ve made from my scraps is a pirate costume for my nephew for Halloween. Super cute! (If I do say so myself. . . ) 🙂

  389. Jeni says:

    I am guilty of holding on to it all lol. My pieces have collected at the bottom of my fabric bag and box 🙂

  390. Sarah says:

    I tend to keep my scraps in see thru containers, out in plain sight. I am actually doing a nine-patch quilt with scraps right now, and am looking forward to more scrap-busting ideas 🙂

  391. Lisa says:

    My scraps get piled into a bag on my sewing table. Once they overflow the bag they go into a box and once the box is filled it’s time to do something with them!!! I do dig through and pull out stuff now and again, but I am excited to see what you all come up with.

  392. Christine Treter says:

    My scraps are organized by color in dresser drawers reserved for fabric. Sometimes I use them for small projects. I have a box that is just for Christmas colors and designs; these are used for ornaments such as cotton applique on wool felt.

  393. Sally says:

    Mmm, scraps. How I love to hate thee… I toss all my scraps that are smaller than a fat quarter. It makes me crazy to reach for the *perfect* fabric, just to see that it is too small. Since I mostly do garment sewing, I need big pieces. I save the scraps to give to a friend and her 8 year old daughter to make little tiny things!

  394. Karen Peterson says:

    In piles, like everyone else! Give us some great ideas for xmas!

  395. Rachel says:

    My small amount of scraps have been piling up in the bottom of a ridiculously large sewing box and on the corner of my kitchen table. I have yet to doing anything with them.

  396. Donna Samuelson says:

    I have bin after bin of scraps. I am in the process of making a list with photos on my computer so I can keep track of which bin my different favorites are stored. I have a small craft desk and closet…so I have to make the best of my small space!

  397. Autumn says:

    Mine are separated by color and put into boxes. I always go to my boxes when I’m brainstorming for new projects. I like to use them as much as possible.

  398. The smallest scarps get thrown away. The bigger scraps are folded and stored by color with my other fabric. I used to cut all scarps down to the same sized strip but now I just leave them as they are. We (my daughters and I) love to use the scraps to make wall-hangings and doll clothes.

  399. Jill says:

    I have several bags of scraps all mixed up. The kids are not allowed anywhere near my stash, but the scrap bags are free to all comers. They are great for small crafts, scrappy quilts (my favorite kind) and patching the kids’ clothes. If the garment is homemade, you can even use the same fabric and the patch will be all but invisible!

  400. Chrissy Brooker says:

    I tried to post this earlier but there seemed to be a problem. Please forgive me if this is a double post. Lately, my scraps have been going to charity. My youngest daughter’s girl scout troop used piles of them to make fabric books for our hospital’s geriatric behavioral health program. The more diverse the fabrics, the better. We used different textures, prints and colors to make the books interesting. Using the Montisorri method, these books can help to stimulate the patients who may be somewhat unresponsive to other things. My middle daughter’s sorority needed an idea for their Wizard of Oz themed rush event. They always do something for the patients at Children’s Hospital and encourage each of the girls attending rush to participate in the craft room as a community service. I ended up making scottie dogs that the girls could stuff and finish in their “build a toto workshop” room. It was a big hit. I even sent left over ribbon for them to tie around the dogs necks. My oldest daughter tends to sweep through my scrap boxes when she’s in need of supplies for her classroom’s art projects. She teaches and enjoys using them for the students. I really like the fact that things that might otherwise be seen as useless bits of fabric can be used to help bring a smile to someone’s face. Have a great weekend!

  401. Sam E. says:

    My scraps live in a plastic bag under my cutting table. One day I’ll get around to sorting and using them…maybe this month will be the impetus for some fun scrap crafting!

  402. Heather says:

    I’ve only recently begun sewing, so only recently have acquired scraps, and so far they just sit in a bag in my closet. I’d like to think I’ll use them for something clever, but we’ll see if that day ever comes. 🙂

  403. jen says:

    great comments so far! I love the idea about cutting them into specific sizes so they’re quilt ready! I might start doing that!

    I store mine in a large clear plastic bins, designer cotton prints in one, solids in another. I makes it easy to see what they could become. I hoard everything, down to the last tiny piece. You never know what it might come in handy for.

    I love making small patchwork items with mine and find inspiration in the patchwork flickr groups I belong to. I can’t wait for October and Scrap Month for even more great ideas! Thank you!

  404. Alyssa says:

    I’m just starting to sew, but the plans I have for my scraps include box bags for my sock knitting and little Japanese knot bags for my toddler and her buddies.

  405. Stacy says:

    I’ve just recently organized my scraps. I keep them in freezer bags organized by color groups. It has worked well so far! I use my scraps for all kinds of things – most recently reusable snack bags.

  406. Sara says:

    Scraps are my favorite – I’m always afraid to use my larger cuts of fabric, afraid I’ll waste them on something that doesn’t work out right, so scraps are ideal…That said, I havea few favorite scraps I’ll probably hold onto forever. My current scrap obsession is quilts made with tiny pieces – a double wedding ring and a cathedral window, both of which I may not finish until 2020. 🙂 I also like to show them off to my family, like little treasures.

  407. pam says:

    Right now they are sorted by color in a clear plastic shoe organizer hanging on the backof the sewing room door. when I am sewing scrappy blocks, I try to pull out the colors I am working with to use them up. Unfortunately, I always seem to end up with more at the end of the project. I want to try the tiny house blocks with them next.

  408. Alyssa says:

    I have the hardest time getting rid of scraps – in a bin – to make something, someday. Many scraps have become pillows and sleeping bags for my son’s playmobil guys… once he needed many for a “campout” the pirates we having and we used one cotton ball per pillow for stuffing 🙂

  409. Leigh Bucklad says:

    they end up in a box until i need them to be glued or sewn to a card, any project with applique, cover a button, or even to test sewing stitches on them before returning to a project.

  410. I have a few scrap jars, bins and boxes…can’t wait for October’s theme!!!

  411. Helen says:

    I am always saving every piece of fabric that I can. The really small pieces get stowed away in a big ziplock bag. The larger ones get folded. You never know when you’ll need that little piece!

  412. Amanda says:

    Right now my scraps are waiting in a pile for the perfect project to come along…or until my husband finishes school or my girls get bigger. 🙂

  413. Amanda says:

    I like to use my scraps to do appliques or to cover buttons. Or maybe make some cute fabric flowers for my daughter’s hair.

  414. Debbie White says:

    I have them washed and folded in a pink suitcase in my sewing room. I have a large one that holds my fabric and a smaller one, that sits stacked on top of it, that contains my paper supplies.

  415. Jennifer P says:

    They accumulate in woven baskets in my bookshelf. I sometimes use them in wallets or other small projects and I envision making a scrap quilt someday…

  416. Jessica says:

    I trim mine up and keep sort them by type. Then they go in a couple boxes for the small scraps or back in my fabric cabinet if they are larger.

    Your site seems to be down right now. I’m glad I ordered early this morning!

  417. Bethany says:

    I use my scraps as a supplement to poly-fil when I make a stuffed creature. Or if they are big enough they stuffed into the scrap bin and used on a project that uses scraps.

  418. Penny says:

    My scraps are in a big bag sorted into little bags, waiting to be used for when I make my pillows or get around to one day making a quilt.

  419. sarah says:

    I let them collect in a plastic bin until I need something to do, then I pick out some favorites and try to work a project around them.

  420. My small scraps I save for my three young daughters to play with, especially the baby who wants to play with everything that’s new and not hers. I’m saving larger scraps for appliqué pieces once I learn how to make my own, and I’m going to use them for other crafty projects w/the girls, since they like to do whatever mama’s doing.

  421. Cinnamon says:

    I sort all my scraps by size and store them away for future projects. I’ve been trying to keep all the skinny strips together to make some pom-poms with them, and the larger scraps are used for all kinds of things, including testing out new stitches on my sewing machine.

  422. Shorty says:

    I have recently organized all of my fabric scraps. They are neatly folded in drawers so that I can remind myself of the many projects that I have yet to figure out when I can begin. That is a bit frustrating, but at least the scraps look nice and neat!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win more fabric!

  423. Rachael says:

    I fold my scraps and put them in a box. I will use them when I get enough to make quilts for all of my children to use now and forever 🙂

  424. Alison says:

    I FINALLY decided to turn my scraps (and old baby bedding) into a braided rag rug for my daughter. Work in progress……….


  425. Shannah says:

    I’m only beginning a scrap pile myself (I’m a new convert), so I’ve got coordinated scraps that match a quilt I’m working on. I’ve been stacking them up, hoping to sew them together in some crazy way and make a matching pillow. 🙂

  426. Jill says:

    I do all of the above, I have some really organized and folded, some are crumpled in bags. Some I send to my sister in law, some I donate to the local school. I use a lot in quilts and I use them in scrapbooking and other such things. Some I just have because they are all I have left of my favorite fabrics. I should probably put those in a little book of favorites or make flower pins or something.

  427. Erica says:

    Mine are sitting in bins from ikea, the ones with th hinged lids, so I can look through them without unstacking. They are waiting to be used in the perfect scrap busting project. 🙂

  428. Heather says:

    I can’t seem to open any of the links in the store! I can get to the home page but no further. HELP I WANT TO SHOP!!!

  429. Elizabeth says:

    I am new to sewing, so I don’t have a lot of scraps.
    But I used mine to make a border on my quilt.

  430. georgia says:

    I fold the “larger” pieces (bigger than a few inches on each side, I guess) and put them on a shelf. I like to look at them, kind of like a collection:) I use them occasionally on small projects or for an applique here and there. I’ve also been compiling scraps from clothing and other projects I’ve made for immediate family to make a quilt someday. Although at this point it is going to be a flipping huge quilt . . .

  431. yvonne says:

    i tend to keep my scraps in a box, and occasionally make doll clothes for my daughter with them.

  432. JennL says:

    Well, I save them. At the moment, they are in a bin all mixed up. I used to try ans sort them by size and/or colour, but got lost in it all. I’ve also started to throw away pieces of scraps, little bits of them by keeping a throw out bag…I tell myself that once the bag is full, I could use the contents as stuff so really I’m not throwing anything out. But, in truth, I need to de-stash or clear out before my craft room is a total chaos. Of course, free fabric always has a special place….

  433. Shalet says:

    Lately my scraps have become appliques for t-shirts and jackets. They also pile up waiting for inspiration to hit.

    Thanks for the chance for free fabric!

  434. Lauren V says:

    they pile up and up and up and ….

  435. Java Jane says:

    I have been trying to color coordinate scraps, but even that is overwhelming. Seems that the best bet is to make periodic “scrap” projects: coasters, luggage tags, wristlets. My mother never to seem to have a scrap problem when her daughter would run off with her scraps to make doll clothes. Maybe I need a daughter?


  436. Christine says:

    I usually make half-square triangles. Or sew a small square on a larger square to make a triangle corner on a I don’t feel I’m wasting too much fabric when the corner is cut off.

  437. I have a bag full of scraps. I keep telling myself that one day they will come into good use! Actually, one day I want to turn them into a super awesome rag doll.

  438. Shelbi Smith says:

    Right now, since we’re expecting a new baby (and I have friends who are too) I’ve been happy that I can use my scrap fabric for “baby things”. They’re so little that they’re the ideal candidates for scrap fabric projects. I’ve made lots of drool bibs, newborn mits (so they don’t scratch their faces) and I even made a fabric airplane mobile for our soon-to-arrive newborn son. 🙂 People are always so excited to receive handmade baby items too, so I’ve loved making things for my pregnant friends!!

  439. momawake says:

    I have fabric scraps neatly folded in plastic tubs. Those tubs are in the craft room closet and in my basement. I also have scraps neatly rolled up and put in colorful metal pails. They’re sitting on the craft room shelves. There are also strips and squares of fabric in a canvas hanging shoe holder. Basically, I’ve got fabric everywhere. 😉

  440. Celeste says:

    I make cards with them. And I always seem to have need of some bit or scrap for testing something out, adding a small applique, or whatnot. Really excited to read your ideas here next month, though!

  441. emily says:

    I keep my scraps in a bin and seperate them into warm and cool colors and then i use them to make small quilts or scrappy projects i can’t wait to see the ideas in october!

  442. Nanna says:

    My scraps pile up in those cute little plastic bins that you can see through. I want to see them so I can say “oh I will make…..out of those scraps” and I never get around to them 🙁

  443. myriam says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have much of a system. I keep them all together in a big basket, and my girls and I rifle through them when we are looking for some inspiration. It is a very pretty basket, though!

  444. Annika says:

    Ugh, my scraps are just shoved wherever. It’s no good at all.

  445. Mary H says:

    I have a scrap tub that I go to for small sewing projects. I make little toys, little quilts, and I’m going to whip through a stash of scraps to make some kitty cat blankets for the Snuggles Project.

  446. marta says:

    they get shoved in between neatly folded piles of fabric… waiting for the opportunity to be used.

  447. JenMeister says:

    I save most of my scraps and they all get bundled together into one big bag.

    I’ve thought about cutting them into squares and things, but I never know what I’ll be using them for. Sometimes I just use them to test thread length & tension if I have scraps of the fabric I’m using, but I really want to try Ayumills’ fabric basket made from nice scraps of material over at Pink Penguin:

  448. Leah says:

    The little ones get stuffed into a box. The bigs occasionally get used for random projects. Hopefully this month will inspire me to use up some of the little ones!

  449. Somer says:

    I usually throw them in a bag. But I have a tendency to save every little piece.

  450. Sarah says:

    I can’t bear to throw away fabric scraps, even when they are small. I usually save them in a bin to make coasters, pin cushions, or borders and trim on other projects.

  451. qsogirl says:

    I actually collect fabric scraps — discontinued upholstery swatches from a local furniture store — on purpose! I have a Sterilite 7-drawer storage “dresser” and I keep them organized by pattern and color 🙂

  452. Jess says:

    I save, save, save them… and sometimes use them to applique or make covered buttons.

  453. Lisa says:

    Mine pile of in a cabinet. I hope to one day go through them and do a nice patchwork quilt.

  454. My scraps are folded and put into rubbermaid containers. I’d like to pretend it’s more organized than that but it’s really not. I’d also like to say that I use them for things but mostly they serve only as test pieces for new threads and tension settings, etc.

  455. Rita says:

    my smallest fabric scaps (anything larger than a thread) go into a box…it’s overflowing. I’m sure I will use them someday 🙂

  456. Meg says:

    I am a scrappy quilter at heart, so my scraps always find homes in my quilts. I keep everything that is an inch square or bigger, so that’s a lot of scraps! I have a bag of strippy scraps, and a bag of scraps which are, well, everything else. 🙂 Because 90% of my quilts are scrappy, I will often sift through my scraps as I begin each project to see if there’s anything I can use, in terms of color or theme. It also helps keep my scrap bags from overflowing!

  457. Deborah says:

    I use scraps for applique and putting together for small projects – totes & bibs, for example. Anxiously awaiting October and all the other ideas out there.

  458. Jenna says:

    I save every little scrap. Then I just think about all the things I am going to use them for… and then never use them.

  459. Cynthia I says:

    I recently sorted all of my scraps. Mostly sorted by color unless they are small for something like a snippet quilt. I keep them in the plastic shoe boxes (or bigger for the colors I have more of). I also sorted my cut squares and triangles out so I can quickly make a doll quilt. I am very excited for the new theme. I have declared 2010 a scrap quilt year!

  460. I used to just store the little pieces right in with the big ones. That got a little too crazy for me, so I bought a big, pretty box a few months ago and now I toss all the scraps in there … perfect for digging throgh whenever I want to do a patchwork or an applique.

  461. Tracy says:

    I have them in a hope chest. I save even the smallest of scraps with the hope that one day I will make a patchwork something or other.

  462. Lesley says:

    My scraps are in two small plastic crates. One for scraps leftover from applique projects. already bondawebbed and kept just in case I need a piece of microscopic bondawebbed yellow/blue etc. The other is just general scraps.
    Then there are the two small bags of scraps that I bought from another crafter and the six rolls of 1 inch wide strips of scrap fabric from the patchwork shop!!
    Just realised I may have a problem……buying other people’s scraps!!!


  463. Katie says:

    I’ve currently got all my scraps in bags, but we just moved, and now I have a guest/sewing room with empty dressers. OS I will be organizing it all soon, which I am excited about!

  464. Beatrix says:

    I am a pack rat when it comes to scraps. I keep the tiniest pieces. They are all stowed away in ziplock bags sorted by color. I do use them quite often though, too: appliques, ornaments or garlands, covered buttons, fabric memory games, quilted fabric letters and numbers games, just to name a few.

  465. Cecile says:

    I just sorted them by color and then put them in boxes, all with the help of my 3-years-old, who loves to sort and cut fabric. I use scraps for dolls’clothes, dolls’ bedding (we just made a mattress and I used scraps and bits of fabric to stuff it. She loved to cut them really small !), in quilts….
    I cannot wait for your ideas in October !

  466. Jennifer says:

    My scraps are saved up in canvas boxes for a future quilt. I’m looking forward to other ideas to use them with!

  467. Emilee says:

    I usually use them as contrast pieces for the clothes I make my little girls. The lining in a pocket, the binding around a neck, that kind of thing.

  468. Kara says:

    I toss my little scraps, and save my bigger scraps for a bigger projects that has not yet taken shape… My daughter sometimes raids the stash to make clothes and blankets for her stuffed animals.

  469. corinne says:

    they go in bags until i decide that i want to make either a strip or postage quilt. they also hang out in my sewing desk drawers till they fossilize… eeks.

  470. Krystina says:

    I usually stash away my scraps but I have to admit I haven’t done anything with them yet. I still can’t bear to throw away even the smallest piece. The other day, though, I realized my husband threw out a huge bag of scraps I was collecting– and it was good stuff too!!! He said he thought it was garbage. Who puts garbage in a zip lock bag?! I still get mad thinking about it!

  471. Sarah says:

    I cram them into a bag when someone is coming to stay in our spare room–then get them out and iron them when the guest has gone. Usually they don’t get used before the next guest comes to town! It’s a vicious cycle.

  472. Amber says:

    I throw all my scraps into a giant glass jar. They look pretty sitting on my sewing desk, and it’s easy to find particular fabric when I’m looking. I later use the scraps for my toddlers crafts, or for the onesies that my Mom and I make!

  473. katie says:

    My favorite scraps are folded and cheerfully displayed in Orla Kiely bins, though admittedly I have a bunch of other scraps shoved in a drawer :). I’ve had a lot of friends having babies recently and love making things for kids. So I’ve used much of my scraps making baby toys and gifts.

  474. Barbara says:

    I have a box where I put all my scraps and then use them as projects allow. My dad just asked for a bunch of bean bags, and I was able ot make some cute scrappy ones for him. I will also pull them out for quilt projects and any other time I can use some little pieces.
    I am looking forward to the ideas next month.

  475. Lisa says:

    Right now, I just save them in a bag. Then I can use them for fun holiday projects from this site or inspired crafts with my kids. I don’t have so many that I need to organize them. I will eventually, I’m sure 🙂

    I’m thinking I’m going to use some of them very soon to make a patchwork fall-themed apron for my daughter 😉

  476. Ann Dilcher says:

    Mostly store them in a box thinking I will use them in a quilt. But then they do get pulled out for Halloween or other costume pieces or odd little things that my kids want me to make for them/with them (kite tails, recorder cases….)

  477. Mama Veg says:

    I put them in a bowl for my daughter to use for projects. She love picking through them to find a pattern she likes. We make collages with the small pieces.

  478. Annette says:

    What I do with my scraps and what I’d like to do are two different things. Right now they are living, all thrown together, in a clear plastic bag. My plans include quilts, rag rugs, and cards. It’s on the list. Canning, atm, is at the very top of the list so quilting, rugs will have to wait til it is colder outside and the garden is finished. =)
    Love the new fabric though. Gets those creative ideas going!

  479. Terri says:

    My scraps are piled into a box. I usually fold them so they don’t get too wrinkled. I have been trying to figure out what to do with them, and I think I’m going to cut them all into 5″ squares to make some mini quilts.

  480. Vickie Best says:

    As I’m really, really new to sewing, I’ve been collecting, making and swiping from friends the scraps that I’m collecting. I’m in the research mode, so I’m storing my scraps in plastic bins by color. I’m making a habit of putting the same types of fabrics in the same bin. When I’m done, I’m going to make my very first quilt. I’m getting my very first sewing machine for Christmas. I can’t wait!

  481. Rachel says:

    My scraps live haphazardly in plastic bags until I find a use for them in a fabric collage, quilt, scarf or whatever I’m working on at the moment. Sometimes I just get them out to look at them!

  482. Stella says:

    I keep them in a bin for anything from patchwork belts, to small pockets for the kids clothes to patches for miscellany holes! I also use the fabric scrap box to keep the kids entertained while doing sewing. They love to go through the bin to find cool scrappy treasure to cut up or toss into the air!

  483. cyberprincess says:

    what i do with my scraps?
    not enough space here!!

    what i have been doing is teaching
    my neighbor’s daughter how to sew —
    she’s an amazing 11 year old . . .
    who i realize now has ‘friends!’
    so now i am teaching 4 young girls how to sew –

    our projects are simple patchwork –
    using ‘my scraps’!!!
    would love to expand our palette!

    these girls are amazing –
    for me, i couldn’t realize they
    never had a needle in their hand,
    let alone use a sewing machine –
    it’s been great fun –
    for me, truly rewarding…

    we’d ‘all’ love to win!

  484. Libby H says:

    Since I just reorganized my sewing stash last weekend, I can say that I fold them neatly by fabric type and store them away for future use in plastic drawers. Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts… 🙂

  485. Elizabeth says:

    I use my scraps to make log cabin quilt blocks, fabric flowers for my daughter’s hair and cards!

  486. Deanna says:

    Great Theme! I am excited to see charitable ideas coming, too, so I will share some ideas that sometimes combine both. 1. I have started cutting my scrap into standard size pieces 2-1/2 ” strips and 5 ” squares as I finish larger projects. After a while I have a pre-cut quilt all ready to go. I can go simple with rows or a rail fence look, or by adding white squares or making a strip quilt I get an almost free quilt top to give (or occasionally keep 🙂 ) 2. If it is fabric I don’t feel I am likely to use I freecycle it (see Someone can use what I would otherwise hoard. 3. I am making doll quilts and other small items for local charities for christmas (I don’t have tutorials or a blog or anything, but maybe someday). These are small projects I can finish in 1-2 hours when I feel the need for a boost. What could lift the spirits more than combining a clean out with service?

  487. Jeannine says:

    My scraps pile up in a rubbermaid bin until I get either in an organization mode or a “use them NOW” mode and make a scrap quilt.

    They also come in handy when I have a fabric swap. I throw a few scraps in when I send off my fabric, that way, I don’t feel guilty about letting it linger in my bin, that someone’s else’s worry now!

  488. Hannah says:

    I toss all of mine in a drawer and am constantly looking for projects to get at them. I hate throwing fabric away, even the smallest bit. Currently I am going through them to find pieces big enough to make fabric coasters. Smaller bits, I have started sewing onto tags for presents.

  489. wintu nancy says:

    I very carefully store them. Once in a while I will pull out a piece to go with something, so it is definitely worth it to save things. I am a pack rat/saver of things by my heritage. My Dad is one of the best!

  490. Erin says:

    I throw all my scraps in a bag. Eventually I wind up making cat blankets or cat toys out of them.

  491. Pipany says:

    I keep mine in clear plastic boxes with lids to keep them clean and use them for applique work. Gorgeosu posts lately x

  492. Heather B says:

    Currently, I just save my scraps as I have too long of a to-do list. At the end of the to-do list is to attempt a string quilt that will make use of some of those scraps. Maybe 2010 will be the year!

  493. Shelly says:

    I am looking to try to make a crazy quilt. I am searching for those velvets and brocades..Got a LONG way to go though. My youngest makes clothes for her stuffed animals. I have done coasters, placemats, pillows…Scraps are fun, aren’t they?!

  494. Darla says:

    I’m a fold and file kinda of gal.

  495. Tiffany Bird says:

    I save them in a box for a while then try to make things with them… Like my camera strap cover with pockets on my site… It’s great to reuse things.

  496. Pennysue says:

    Looking forward with delight to October. I keep my scraps stored by size; small scraps for squares, larger scraps for fat quarters, etc. That way when I see a great scrap idea I know where to find the size scraps I need. It works for me. Thanks for keeping me excited about sewing.

  497. Maggie says:

    Oh my scraps definitely pile up in a big box. I am so not organized! I like to make patchwork potholders and placemats with my scraps. Can’t wait to see some more ideas!

  498. jennsquared says:

    I save them to be used for appliques! I’m having lots of friends having young ones and I put them on bibs, onesies… etc.

  499. Kolleen says:

    Tiny scraps I keep in an old kleenex box; when it’s full I make a round of fabric postcards, fusing it all down to a foundation and then quilting, embellishing, whatever. Other scraps I just keep with my stash, unless it’s a really good combo, then I keep them together in a plastic bag, later making potholders or mini runners. I think I might start cutting leftovers into 2.5 or 1.5 inch strips and use for log cabin variations. Scraps are always a challenge, but I hate throwing them out!

  500. Christine says:

    My scraps are sorted by color into plastic bins for later use in postcard quilts, applique or as stitch testers. I am still learning so the scraps come in handy when I try new techniques!

  501. Sarah says:

    What a post! FFF and sale lists and all the rest, how fun! Scraps usually end up seperated according to colors and put in a dresser I have purposed for that. Fabrics that I absolutely loved gets better treatment and folded into bags then put in dresser. I tend to forget about them until a patchwork project hits me or Im making gifts. I can’t wait to see what others do!

  502. Jodi says:

    I throw caution to the wind and toss scraps that are smaller than a 4″ square! Larger ones I fold and put in a bin.

  503. Sarah says:

    I usually make bookmarks out of them or save them for paper projects like cards and notes

  504. Karen Utley says:

    If a scrap is less than 2″, I toss it. Otherwise, I save my scraps in a bag. What I’ll ever do with them, I don’t know.

  505. Chrisandra Davis says:

    My scraps are in boxes – I need to sort them I’ve been meaning to – really, I have!

  506. Jessica Fuester says:

    I have a brown paper bag sitting next to my cutting table and the small scraps go directly into that. BIgger scraps get folded and put in the closet. I use the small ones for cards, bows, or ‘test’ pieces for new stitches, new techniques, etc. The big sraps get used in quilts, or get added to dresses that I make my baby!

  507. aSprinkling says:

    I don’t have a ton of scraps, but right now they’re all thrown in a box. They were organized by color, but my kiddos have decided that they’re fun to play with.

  508. Cheryl says:

    I divide my scraps up by type of scrap! I have a basket that has strips in it, which I am quickly outgrowing! I have another basket that has small pieces, too small to put back into the stash, and I keep a large bag by my sewing machine which I am placing very small, almost string like pieces that I am going to experiment with this fall (trying some new Christmas ornament ideas!).

    Now I need to rush off to your sale!

  509. becky says:

    I collect my fabric scraps. As you can see …. I need the scrap buster month BADLY! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  510. Kelly O. says:

    I save my unusable due to size scraps and cuttings to stuff my stuffable projects…otherwise I throw them all in a bucket but it’s starting to get full so I need to start filing them 🙂

  511. Jo Garrett says:

    I stash mine away in a plastic box. That way, whenever I am in need of a scrap, I can just rummage through and find all sorts of ‘treasures’. 🙂

  512. sarah says:

    I don’t know what to do with my scraps so, I am excited about October! I’ve been donating them to my sister who is a teacher and she shares them with the other teachers at her school for art projects.

  513. Betsy says:

    I am in the middle of making my first string quilt. This is the best scrap buster–I’ve even ended up using pieces that are just a few square inches!

  514. Shannon says:

    I use a hatbox to store my scraps in. I’m working on making a fabric basket with some of them and I most recently used them to make beds for my daughters dolls. We’ll see what else I can use them for after october!

  515. ChristineB says:

    I usually keep them until I move, and then toss them if they haven’t been used as a purse lining, or as bean bags, or some other small project.

  516. Leigh says:

    Great idea for October!!! I pile my scraps up in a basket, and when the basket gets too full, I move it into the attic in a storage box. I am embarrassed by the amount of scraps I have, so I’m looking forward to what you have in mind for October!

  517. Christina says:

    I can’t wait for the scrap buster projects!

  518. Rebecca says:

    I’m a scrap junkie! My grandmother started my scrap collection when she gave me a 18 gallon plastic bin of scraps from the 60’s. Now I have 4 plastic bins in the closet with everything from 2″ quilt squares to folded yards. I organize them by fabric type and theme: baby flannel, fleece, cottons, kitchen/decor cottons…..
    Occasionally I’ll sort through the bins and weed out a shopping bag or two to send off to a yard sale or freecycle. Always need to make room for more! I can’t wait until October for some ideas for my scraps. I mainly use my scraps for appliques, but would love some additional ideas!

  519. Sarah Wickett says:

    They’re in boxes! In the craft room. If only I could find the time/energy to file them 🙂

  520. Jenny says:

    My scraps are currently piling up in a large tin bowel on my cutting table…I do have some larger size scraps that I put aside in hopes to be made into a scrappy quilt or to swap with other quilting friends. Thanks for the chance at a yard of fabric!

  521. Katie Bowlby says:

    I’m fairly new to sewing, so I’m just in scrap accumulation mode right now. I have a little bag that I’m throwing them in for now. No scrap is too small to save!

  522. breen says:

    all my scraps are in a big bag. i usually use them for covered buttons, test stitches, appliques, etc.

  523. Mary says:

    I’m in a saving mode for a spiderweb quilt.

  524. Ana says:

    My scraps always pile up in a box…I really should find a better way to organise them.

  525. Amber W says:

    I keep even the tiniest of scraps to make mini hexes. I keep my scraps in storage bins that I have to dig through if I’m looking for something…probably not the best storage solution.

  526. craftytammie says:

    Love the new fabrics! I use scraps in string blocks, and for small patchwork projects like notebooks. Can’t wait to see what you gals come up with!

  527. Margie says:

    I have at many different bags of scraps. I know that I will use them so I keep saving.I see visions of quilted wallets & appliques. I keep thinking maybe a quilt with small pieces.I’m looking forward to using them all up!!

  528. Heather says:

    I have done so many things with my scrap fabric. From creating doll clothes, to using them to make pincushions. I have stored them in bags, boxes and tried folding them neatly. I always feel horrible when I think about throwing it away. I figure you never know when you might need a little extra sumpin-sumpin somewhere.

  529. Jan says:

    I use scraps to make fabric key fobs, wallets, and flowers.

  530. Susanna says:

    I have them piled in a basket. Not ideal, but as they accumulate I’m beginning to think of where I can store them and (even better) what I can do with them.

  531. Need to Sew says:

    My scraps have a box of their own. I try to keep them pressed and ready to use, but …. it’s not always that easy at the end of a project to stay organized!

  532. Jill B says:

    I make plans for my scraps.
    My plans lie around in baskets, piles, bags, staring at me.

  533. Amy Johnson says:

    I’ve just started making my daughter a rag rug–inspired by the tutorial in Amanda Soule’s book Handmade Home. It’s a lot of work but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  534. Maggie Myers says:

    I keep even the smallest of scraps, if they’re too small to be made use of in a project- they get turned into home-made kitty toys.

  535. Jodi B says:

    I just have a huge box that I throw my small scraps in and I keep the larger ones neatly folded in my general fabric box.

  536. E says:

    WE use scraps for craft projects!

  537. Pam says:

    My daughters & I make catnip mice for our cats. We also make stitch & flip blocks from our scraps. When we have enough we make quilts from them. Both my daughters learned to sew while making these blocks from my oodles of scraps.

  538. Morgan says:

    Well, mostly I keep them folded and get them out to look at them fondly every once in a while. I have many grand plans, mentally, to make ornaments but haven’t gotten too far. I think I will continue to admire them and hope for inspiration. 🙂

  539. grace says:

    New fabrics look nice!

    My scraps are piled up in my daughters old cradle. Sometimes my scraps are taken by two little girls for their play. Sometimes I find a use for them. But I never throw away a usable size scrap.

  540. Ashley Capel says:

    Right now I fold my scraps and save them. I’m convinced that there is something fabulous to make with them in the future…….but I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  541. Donna says:

    I usually keep my scraps to use in piece work. I’ve used them in quilts, pot holders, towel decoration, bags and more. I try to keep the small scraps organized in ziploc sandwich bags and fold the larger ones – then they all are stacked on the shelf in my craft room. I can’t wait to see October’s scrap busting suggestions!

  542. Jane Weston says:

    I try and be really organized with my scraps and cut them down into usable sizes and store them in clear boxes. I’m now just waiting for the inspiration to know what to do with them! ;o)
    Of course, no matter how many scrap you use the box never seems any less empty!

  543. Gail K. says:

    This week I used some of my fabric scraps to make an iTouch cover for a friend. I also started working on some applique water bottle covers.

  544. Karen says:

    I keep my scraps in large zipper bags by color. I use them to make scrap style quilts.

  545. ~Heather says:

    I finally have a designated scrap bag, so I can collect enough to start filling up stuffies (or to find big enough pieces for a scrapwork bathmat! ~H

  546. Barb says:

    I save all of my scraps in a bin. Then I piece them together into colorful patchwork appliques for the front of tote bags. Or they end up getting sewn onto blank greeting cards. Nothing gets wasted!

  547. Sarah M says:

    I have them sort of sorted by size and color, and plan to use them in a quilt someday. Hasn’t quite happened yet!

  548. megelin says:

    my fabric scraps end up in a mess all over the place, a mess which i sometimes get brave and sort….and it ends up back in a mess pretty quickly anyway. mostly i use them for cards or for mod podging onto smaller items.

  549. andrea says:

    i usually try and incoroporate my scraps into my projects -like my scrappy notepads or coffee/tea cozies : )
    So glad to see scrapbusters won!

  550. Heather says:

    I do a little bit of both. Sometimes, if I’ve made a large project, I’m really tired of the fabrics. I’ve put bags of scraps on Freecycle in that case. However, most of the time, I LOVE the fabrics and I can’t bear to part with them. I’ve found a few paper piecing patterns that have small pieces and I’ve used scraps for them. That’s one of my favorite things!!!

    Thanks, Heather

  551. Stacy says:

    I’ve been saving my scraps up for some quilts – I have some easy 6″ square block baby quilts and a nice 9-patch in mind. Who know what will pattern I’ll actually settle on, though. RIght now I’m comfortably in scrap collection mode.

  552. Leandre says:

    Being fairly new to sewing, I am still “collecting” my scraps, but the visions I have for them include applique, quilts for dolls, coasters, and on and on. Since the collection is small (but growing!), I keep the foldable ones stacked in a craft drawer, and the itty bitty ones go in a clear jar to be used for kid crafting.

  553. Shawna says:

    Right now all my scraps are mixed into my much too unorganized fabric box. I am probably going to give them to somebody who wants them for a quilt. I have never made a quilt with scraps so I am not sure where to begin!

  554. Adrianne says:

    I Save my scraps to make scrappy doll quilts, place mats etc.. I love scraps and am looking forward to October!

  555. Tricia L. says:

    Before I started quilting I would toss them….now I keep everything and hope I can squeeze it into a nine patch block! As I’m buying more expensive fabric now too I don’t like to be wasteful and throw out the scraps. I don’t keep my selvages though.

  556. Melissa says:

    I have lots of scraps. They’re all folded and placed lovingly in a small chest. I have the best intentions to actually use them. And I know deep down that there is a PERFECT project for them. I just can’t seem to find those projects. So they stay in the chest, waiting for me to find inspiration.

  557. beth says:

    I like to make tote bags out of my fabric scraps, piecing them together and then sewing nice roomy bags with fun coordinating fabrics. I like looking through the stash and seeing what I can use together in new ways.

  558. Southern Gal says:

    My scraps are in boxes and bags. Sad, but true. I know exactly where they are (in the hall closet), but I don’t have a clue what’s in each container. 🙁

  559. emtdlb says:

    I have a plastic tub that holds a lot of my scraps, plus the overflow goes into a storage container with many drawers full. Usually they are pretty neat. I really need to figure out something to do with them. I have grand ideas, but nothing ever comes from them. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  560. Sonya says:

    I am relatively new to sewing so I do not have many fabric scraps, but when I do have some I usually save them for some scrap projects or give them to my daughter to play with. She spends some very creative time of her own arranging them in different patterns, wrapping her little toys with them and using them in a way only a child can think of – from a pretend salad and pancakes to wipes for dollies and gift wrapping 🙂

  561. Itty bitty scraps are tossed but the majority are tossed in a drawer in hopes of them finding a place in a magnificent quilt someday. Last week I put scraps together and made a large box bag as a gift – nice to not have to run and spend money!

  562. JD says:

    I must admit I stuff my scraps into bags and totes. Someday, I’ll have my very own craft room with beautifully color coded shelves. Maybe…

  563. Lindsay says:

    I let them pile up in a basket and try to use them for random little projects, covered buttons, applique, practicing stitches. . . whatever.

  564. amber says:

    My short-attention-span sewing is perfect for scraps. I like to make little things like coasters, coffeecup coozies, gift tags, wall hangings and such. Quick projects that help me feel accomplished while I stare at the pile of big stuff that just seems to sit there! 🙂

  565. June says:

    With scraps, I sew small handkerchiefs, hair accessories (hair clips, elastics,etc. ), and baby items such as bibs. I also stock small square pieces for future quilting projects (which I have never tried yet but would like to do sometime, e.g. blanket and/or sewing machine cover)!

  566. I bag them up by color if they are less than 2″ (mini quilts and art scraps) and larger but an irregular size. The rest of my not big (meaning less than 1 yard) scraps get folded and tucked into dresser drawers according to color. My poor little girl uses 3 drawers out of her nine drawer dresser because the rest is for fabric!

  567. I sort my scraps into several piles based on what project they will be used for. Most of my fleece scraps I use to make hand puppets. Long cotton strips are used to make rag rugs. Fun random shapes get put in the applique pile. And so on. I try to not let any scrap go to waste!

  568. Sarah says:

    My scraps migrate to all corners of the house by way of a relocation engineer (aka my calico cat). Mostly I try to keep them in a bag that hangs off the end of my sewing table, and when that is full then end up in plastic bins.

  569. Cindy says:

    I save my scraps in a drawer and in bags. I used to offer them up on freecycle when I had a full bag but am now saving them for appliques. I’d love to hear some creative uses for scraps!

  570. Jen says:

    I save them, and then never use them 🙁

  571. Dru says:

    Since I’m fairly new to quilting, my scraps are still accumulating. Some are in a basket and some have been cut into different-sized squares for future use.

  572. Kaye Prince says:

    I keep my scraps in a clear plastic container for use with cards, quilts, and t-shirt applique.

  573. Hilary says:

    I stuff my cotton scraps into a desk drawer, and when I feel crafty I cut them into pieces for patchwork coasters. Fleece scraps become stuffing.

  574. I store my fabric scraps in 8 wire drawers (2 four-drawer units from Ikea). I have them sorted by color, with one drawer for multi-colored fabrics. The multi-colored fabrics are grouped by type (batiks, 30s repro, kids’ prints, etc.) in Ziplock baggies.

    I use the scraps to make scrap quilts, wall hangings, table runners, coasters, doll quilts, and cards. I’m making my mother-in-law a mosaic quilt based on Italian tile work for Christmas using all scraps.

  575. carmel says:

    i always save my scraps and use them later on.
    i made scrapy quilted make up bags. or mobiles… and so much more..


  576. Kelli says:

    I’ve used my fabric scraps to make coffee, compact tissue holders and fabric bookmarks.

  577. uta says:

    I nearly never do a scrap in the bin, because sometimes I will need they, sure 😉
    They are in a box and I use it for embroidery appliques.

  578. Luba Kale says:

    I collect my scraps in a Rubbermaid box about 6″x10″‘ and keep it by my sewing machine. When i start up my machine or when I have come to a different stage in my sewing, I will get out a few scraps and trim them to 1 &1/2″ square and sew several together to save for a sweet sixteen tabletopper pattern. Or if they are bigger scraps, I make 2″ squares and put 2 together to make (2) 1 & 3/4 ” half square triangles for pinwheel squares. I’ve made several doll quilts and my sewing machine cover from these.
    I’m afraid I do keep them somewhat jumbled but I try to lay them in the box flat or folded at first. Larger scraps, like from left-
    over binding, I have cut into 2″x 3 &1/2″(long) pieces that i have in a take-out plastic container for a scrappy light and dark
    8 pieces block. 2 dark strips joined lengthwise across the top and bottom. 1 dark, 2 light. 1 dark joined vertically in the
    middle row. And then vice versa color-wise for the next block.

  579. Caroline says:

    My scraps usually pile up in boxes and bags but some do get made into purses!

  580. Kim says:

    don’t have a lot of scraps (oh, the horror) because I haven’t had time to sew much in the past few yrs. I have a lot of yardage that I stuff in a bok under my craft table upstairs. I also throw stuff I might use for projects in there… old shirts, curtains, etc. My last project was my first quilt… I made it out of my babies’ old receiving blankets. I have pictures on my bloggy! Most frequently, I like to make burp cloths for preggers girlfriends.

  581. silvia says:

    The last time I had some scraps left I used them to make banners with the names of my little boy’s cousins. It was very much appreciated gift, especially from parents…
    My next project will be a patchwork art-on-the-go-bag.
    Happy weekend everybody!

  582. NuJoi says:

    I throw all scraps into a sewing tote I’m no longer using. Thank goodness it zips so that I don’t have to look at how unorganized everything is!

  583. Andi says:

    I started a forum post on this topic last year because I was over-run by scraps! Since that post I have used a large amount of scraps to stuff the centers of my gum-drop pillows, I have used flannel scraps to make heat and cold-therapy bags, and used cotton scraps to make quilts and baby toys. My remaining scraps are either cut into squares ready for quilting and organized by size, sorted by colour in drawers, and the smallest pieces are just thrown into a big bin on their own (this makes it a bit like a treasure hunt when I am looking for a certain colour for foundation piecing.) Can’t wait to hear all the great scrap-busting ideas!

  584. Meredith says:

    tiny scraps go in ziplock bags for that particular color.
    Except for the truly funky scraps like flames, skulls, fairies that sort of thing, they go in the funky bag LOL!
    Big scraps get folded and put in a paper bag.
    I used to roll them up and display them in small boxes, jars and tins. This way I could see the colors and they could inspire me, but sadly, my sewing room is now in my bedroom, my living room, and my hallway closet…
    The funky scraps are going into a quilt for my 15 yo daughter. She’s got a quilt from when she was 2 (my first quilt ever!) for when she first started her woman time *heh* and this next one is going to be for when she graduates high school.
    The small color coordinated scraps are going to eventually go into various quilts of various sizes. Bigger scraps usually end up getting used for toddler clothes, pj shorts and tanks for the older kids, and appliques for clothing. Oh and sewing projects for the kids to try out. Usually rag dolls, pillows, and blankets for Barbies LOL

  585. April says:

    I patchwork as much as I can. Sometimes smaller eye pillows or earring bags, and sometimes bigger pillow covers, purses, etc. I wish I could think of something other than patchwork, though. I know there are great uses out there! Maybe I’ll learn some next month!

  586. Bev C says:

    I keep my scraps in a super big calico bag. I am always searching through this you never know what you might find. It is great when it comes to do applique and you only need a small piece of material. The scraps that are a odd shape etc are put into a bag for the Good Sammys and donated to them to make rags. Nothing is wasted here.

  587. April says:

    Yay! I need some more ideas on what to do with my scraps! For the most part I have just been collecting them, though I have made some small projects with scraps…think tea wallet size. I am saving scraps from clothing I have made my daughter, I would like to make a quilt of those scraps when she gets bigger…. maybe for her 16th birthday. So I have 10 years to learn to quilt. 😉

  588. JoAnn says:

    Good morning,
    Just like my “paper scraps” I hang on to my fabric scraps, one never knows where a wee bit of fabric might be useful!
    Have a great weekend, it’s FRIDAY!!!

  589. Joanna says:

    I like to use fabric scraps to make patchwork pouches as well as clothes for my dolls^0^

  590. meg says:

    *Such* a great theme! My bin overfloweth with scraps. That would be the main bin, which I use for the majority of scraps, which go into quilts, bags, coasters–you name it. Then, there’s the tiny box, for tiny scraps, which I intend (key word, there) to sew onto cards. I’m always in need of new inspiration; the scrap situation is getting out of control . . . again.

  591. Marsel says:

    After my big summer organization project of sorting through my entire fabric collection and moving it into a new closet, it’s actually quite organized! Currently my scraps are folded and stored in a container marked “quilt scraps etc”. It’s so great to have all of my fabrics grouped according to fabric type and, within each type, by color…I’m trying really hard to keep it organized!!! I don’t have any specific plan for my scraps right now…but hopefully you’ll help with that once you start the new theme! 🙂

  592. Salinda says:

    My scraps are recycled into gifts for my favorite 4-legged friends. As I cut and sew, I toss scraps into a near-by plastic bag. Then, when I’ve accumulated enough, I use them to stuff a new doggie pillow.

  593. Kandra Young says:

    Scraps – If they are larger than 12 by 12ish, then I fold them and they go in my stash. If the are smaller, but bigger than an inch or two, then they go into this basket that I have. Currently it’s about to overflow… anything tiny typically gets thrown away.

  594. Beth says:

    I’m just starting to collect scraps, since I’ve just returned to sewing. I keep everything at this point, knowing I can probably use it or have one of my kids use it for an art project of some kind. I saw a post recently about using fabric in drawings or paintings, which I think would be fun for my kids. I save everything in a basket, folding larger pieces and letting the smaller ones get crinkled!

  595. chuckieamc says:

    I’ve just moved into a new home with my boyfriend so my plan is to make a fabulous scrap-piece quilt throw for our new bed 🙂

  596. erinmalia says:

    Sadly, all my scraps sit folded in my fabric closet just waiting until all my other projects are complete. Poor them.

  597. Kim says:

    I can’t wait for scrap buster month. All my little scraps are waiting in a huge bag. I can’t get rid of them but dont really want to make 100 magnets either!

  598. Jessica R. says:

    You guessed it – my scraps get stuffed into bags and I save them. They are the remnants of fabric that I loved and used and I always have the highest of hopes of using every single thread of that fabric if I can. Maybe I get too attached?

  599. Kathy says:

    I throw all my tiny scraps in a fabric bucket I made until it overflows, then I move them to a large plastic container so I can wallow in it when the mood strikes. I use scraps for appliques, cards, and piecing projects. I think I love scraps as much as neatly folded yardage!

  600. I make crazy/random patchwork with my scraps and use larger scraps to line smaller projects. It all started when I was given a bag of tartan scraps from this girl who worked for a kiltmaker. I organised the scraps according to their size and made patchwork quilts, bags, and other projects using smaller and smaller scraps (as I worked my way through the piles). Scraps are also really great for small appliqué.

  601. Alice S says:

    I somehow seem to keep my scraps under control. I have them in a smallish container and when it starts getting full, I look for a way to use them up. Sometimes its a quilt (I’m hoping to do a spiderweb quilt someday), sometimes I donate them, and sometimes its another fun project. I just completed the Scrappy Owl bag from Its a scrappy and cute fall project.

  602. Terri says:

    As a new quilter I haven’t yet established a method of dealing with my fabric scraps, but unfortunately my mother has instilled in me need to keep EVERYTHING (she even keeps her selvage edges!). Right now I fold the left over pieces up and put them in a drawer of a buffet in my dining room. Those drawers are now full! When I get around to it, I’m thinking organizing by colour is the way to go!

  603. Catherine says:

    I store my scraps in cane baskets and use them to make pillows to match my quilts. My youngest daughter likes to use them to make dolls clothes or anything else that takes her fancy.

  604. April says:

    My daughters usually take them and make “clothes” for their stuffed animals and dolls, but some day I would like to make a quilt with them.

  605. Natalija says:

    For now I throw out the tiny pieces, pack away what I think could be still used for a project and cut the small pieces that don’t fit either category in squares/rectangles into the kid’s scrapbox for them to used for various projects. But I would like to use some for projects, because they keep piling up.

  606. Deanna says:

    Large scraps go back into my pile of fabric –
    small scraps get trashed.

  607. alison c says:

    I keep them in bags all over the place (much to the annoyance of my husband) waiting for inspiration to strike! Maybe this coming month will help me destash!

  608. juliecache says:

    I’ve been making crazy quilt blocks. for a quilt, pot holders, just about anything. although i have started tossing scraps under 4 x 4 inches. Just made a baby bib (as opposed to adult bibs LOL) in a 2 x 2 inch checkerboard of scraps. very cute. looking forward to the scrappy theme.

  609. Jane says:

    I try to keep them together by project, in plastic bags. Not always too successful. The intent is to use in a scrap quilt possibly combining with fabric from old clothes.

  610. Elizabeth says:

    Depends on the size of my scraps. I use the tiny ones in button covers that I use to make cool bulletin board tacks.

  611. gretchen says:

    I use them for making flower pins, combined with vintage buttons.

  612. Bridget says:

    I made colour coordinated fabric baskets and my scraps get stuffed into them. I’d like to make them into quilts, but when I’ve tried it always ends up looking like something ate all my fabric and then threw it all up again! Can’t wait for scrap busting october!

  613. Tam Bell says:

    I collect them in a bag…and atm am using them to test sew/overlock on…I’m sure there’s a better use for them

  614. trashalou says:

    I stockpile with the intention of making quilts. Only one anywhere near completion so far.

  615. SparklePetal says:

    My little itty-bitty scraps and my large-but-funny-shaped pieces get hoarded up. I try to fold them neatly, but so often they just don’t go. But it’s impossible to throw out the last vestiges of a special fabric purchase, so it waits for the perfect scrap-busting project…

  616. Hi,
    I don’t have a lot of fabric scrap since I’m almost new on this, but I trie to use them on litlle things like dolls quilts.

  617. Elizabeth says:

    My scraps either go to a more organized friend or end up in a box to be turned into a quilt!

  618. Alena says:

    I love fabric!! When I have fabric scraps (I keep everything, especially if it’s nice, designer fabric) I keep them in bags until I find just the right project to use them in. I have made the fabric scrap necklaces I saw on cakies blog. I make quilts, or cards (like the ones Dana from Made, taught). I love fabric and just hate to throw any little scrap away!

  619. Stéphanie says:


    I have a bag full of fabric scrap… Usually my two year-old son plays to cut small pieces of it. He just loves it. Or I use it as stuffing for my pincushions.

    I can’t wait to see what ideas will come from you !!!

    Thanks for your great website !!

    A bientôt (see you) from France !!!


  620. I keep all of my small scraps in a bag and just delve in when I want to do something. For me not having something hyper organised is a deliberate choice as I want to try to encourage me to be spontaneous. However this may change over time as I have only been sewing for about a year!


  621. Junglewife says:

    I don’t have too many scraps yet but they are slowly accumulating! I’d love to have enough to make into a quilt!

  622. Liz Fenwick says:

    I cut my scraps into strips and then tie them together and crochet them in to rag rugs! They are great for bath mats and smaller versions make great trivets and potholders.

  623. Juliette R. says:

    They’re currently folded up in a box by my desk – they’re about to become fodder for my learning of new techniques – this way I don’t have to worry about wrecking ‘the good stuff’. =)

  624. jenw says:

    my fabric scraps get used in lots of ways…in patchwork, on burp cloths, played with by the kids…love all the uses and can’t wait to find out more ways!!!

  625. Serena says:

    My scraps pile up in boxes AND bags. I have more than I know what to do with. I’ve been trying to make smaller projects so that I can use up some of them, but it seems to only create smaller scraps. 😉

  626. alisha says:

    My small scraps go in a box to be used for appliques or for crafts with kids. Larger scraps get folded and stored with the rest of the fabric. I try to only buy fabric when I have a project in mind, so I don’t have a lot of yardage sitting around.

  627. Sinje says:

    Since I mostly sew clothes at the moment, I like to give my scraps away to people who have just taken up sewing so I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful not using up all my fabric and they get to save some money and can practice without worrying about wasting fabric.

  628. Valerie says:

    I like to make little things for my kids with my scraps–stuffies, games, etc.

  629. min says:

    Bottom drawer they go. Kids are free to use on projects. Right now we’re obsessed with the little designer toy HIROMIKA that you stuff a scrap in and it looks like you really made the design. A great (non permanent) use for scraps! Serious fun for moms and daughters who love dolls. Google it. 🙂

  630. Bec says:

    I’ve been using my fabric scraps to make self covered button hair ties, also been sewing them onto gift cards.

  631. katie d says:

    oooh I love scraps. The scraps that I can’t bare to part with get hidden in my secret stash and those I’m prepared to sacrifice go to my budding 5 year old sewer daughter whose dolls and barbies are the funkiest fashionistas in toy land.

  632. Mary Carole says:

    All of my scraps and all of my friends scraps are used in my quilts. I mentally call my finished qulits “With a Little Help from my Friends” #1, #2. etc. etc.

  633. Diana Moody says:

    My kids like crafting. Even my son gets into it. So I give them left over fabric to use to their hearts desire. But sometimes I like to keep them for little itty bitty projects like making hair accessories, quilts, and anything else I see online.

  634. Terri says:

    Well I send my scraps out to Etsy customers and blog readers. I use so much fabric that they pile up fast. I also save my selvages for anyone who asks I have seen some really great things made with them.

    I am heading to the shop now I love your fabrics.

  635. Nima says:

    I use it for small projects, Include it for quilting, use it to finish my cross stitched ornaments, or scissor fob, or pincushion….

  636. bruinbr says:

    Right now, my scraps are in a bag waiting for some love!

  637. Anna says:

    My scraps pile up in a drawer… I wish I had some kind of system to ’em…

  638. lindsey says:

    Well, I wish I knew what to do with all the scraps. I can’t bear to throw them away so they just get put away in plastic bags. One colour/theme to each bag. I am really looking forward to October when we can read your ideas with what to do with them!

  639. Hedgehog says:

    I’m looking forward to the October theme! I save all my scraps in two plastic bins under the bed in my guest room/sewing room. I save some pretty small pieces! I’m amazing at how large some people’s scraps are! I could never cut 2.5″ strips or 6″ squares from my scraps! I just dug out all my red, white, and pink scraps and am hoping to do something with them soon! Bring on the ideas!!

  640. Priscilla says:

    I use mine for applique – you always need little bits for applique :o)

  641. Lauren says:

    I fold them up and put them in a bin. No rhyme or reason!

  642. sally says:

    This year I am using my scraps to make lavender stocking fillers for relatives and little bean bags for my 2 year old to help her count and play games 🙂

  643. Viv says:

    I have my scraps sorted in bags by colour, I’m planning on using them for a scrap quilt very soon.

  644. I’d like to say that I sew a lot and have tons of scraps that I always find projects for, but I cannot. My sewing skills are minimal, though I desire to change that. I’ve only made a couple of quilts by hand, a small bag here and there, and a few hot pods.

    My scraps get folded neatly and put into a basket eagerly awaiting to be made into something beautiful and useful.

  645. Tiina says:

    I use small scraps to fill toys and larger one I’ll save for later use.

  646. Kristine says:

    I sort my scraps by color and put them in a file box. I also have a couple bags of scraps that I haven’t sorted…they just sit around in my apartment. 🙂

  647. Kimberly says:

    As scraps pile up from projects I store them with similar fabrics. I generally store them by type of fabric in plastic zipper bags (the ones that new sheets come in). I usually fold them so that all of the smaller pieces are tucked within themselves, mainly so I do not lose a piece along the way! When I need a pocket or an accent applique, or even an elbow patch I can go to my scraps and find the perfect size and print for the occasion.

  648. Rie Biswell says:

    Scraps get sorted into size – reusable size scraps and scrappy scraps.
    Reusable size scraps are cut into small squares/rectangles or circles. Circles are preferred cos then I can make a fabric yo-yo.
    Scrappy scraps are stuffed into a plastic bag and used as stuffing for any dolls or teddy’s that I make. Some scrappy scraps are actually great if they fray well – make good hair on dolls & teddy’s.

  649. I keep them in Xerox paper boxes. My house looks like a Staples store…

  650. Stephanie says:

    Right now I am using my scraps and making tiny yo-yos and then some pom poms to go with. My scrap is too small!

  651. Sarah says:

    I recently found a great project for scraps – coiled fabric baskets – coil strips of fabric around clothesline and sew together in a spiral using a zig-zag stitch to make a bowl/basket, depending on the length of your line. Looks great with all one fabric or a nice color mix.

  652. K says:

    I keep my fabric scraps and they do pile up in boxes and bags, I’m afraid. But from time to time I find just the right purpose for them. Just a couple of nights ago I found a scrap that provided the right backing for my first try at reverse applique.

  653. Amy says:

    I save my scraps in a bin with hopes of doing something fun with them. I still have tons in my stash, so I’m really excited for next month’s theme…maybe I’ll get my pile cleared out! hehehe

  654. Ilona says:

    They indeed pile up in bags ànd boxes, but I rummage through them regularly to make dotees (swap them on Swap-bot) or softies for The Toy Society.

  655. Heidi says:

    They usually pile up in a drawer and drive me crazy. I’d love to hear how others deal with theres. I’m sure there is a better way than mine.

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