From Beth: Huan-Hua has some amazing knitting and sewing skills. She just moved and is super-busy, but took time to review The Sabrina Tunic for us. Visit Feather and Fan and don’t miss her review, coming up next.

From Huan-Hua: I’m originally from California and have spent the past few years in the Midwest—first Indiana, now Wisconsin. I started knitting a few years ago, and from there fell into pattern design, spinning, and sewing, in an old-woman-who-swallowed-a-fly type of fiber arts chain reaction. (Let us not speak of the related hobbies of amassing large amounts of yarn, spinning fiber, fabric, and all related tools of the trade.) My grandmother is a master seamstress who would undoubtedly be completely horrified if she ever got a good look at the construction of one of my garments. My eventual goal is to sew a garment whose hems will not bring shame on the House of Chye.