October 4 Scrap Buster ~ Patchwork Straps

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Patchwork Camera Strap by Valerie, VMJESS

Valerie sells a great variety of camera straps in her VMJESS shop. Have you made patchwork straps for your camera? Have you used a patchwork strap for tote handles? For a belt?

Fill us in on your favorite related patchwork strap tutorials or pics in the comments. We’ll start: Here’s a Scrappy Belt Tutorial (second one down), a fun Patchwork Camera Strap Cover Tutorial and a Patchwork Belt Tutorial.

Win a Scrap Bag from Sew,Mama,Sew! Comment on any post this week for your chance to win one of two Scrap Bags from the shop.

Also: Enter the Scrap Buster Tutorial Contest today! 3 Winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

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57 Responses to October 4 Scrap Buster ~ Patchwork Straps

  1. jennsquared says:

    I really really love these! I’ll have to point my gf who is a huge photographer to this site!

  2. nikkapotamus says:

    I’m so in love! I’m going to make one of these for my sister who is a prof. photographer.

  3. Bonita says:

    very pretty camera strap

  4. Shannon F. says:

    What a GREAT idea!

  5. Meg says:

    Thinking these could be adapted into Christmas suspenders for my dad.

  6. Tanya says:

    I want to make one!

  7. Sara Hemmeke says:

    I add scraps to the hems of jeans to “cute” up my daughter’s jeans – it works great to add a little length so she can wear them another season or two.

  8. I have been thinking of making a camera strap, now I know how! thanks!

  9. Sarah says:

    This is so cute with so many cameras looking essentially the same these days it really personalizes it.

  10. Isabel says:

    This camera strap’d be the perfect gift for a friend 🙂

  11. Alice (BCQuilter) says:

    I bought my camera to learn photography, but particularly to photograph quilts. I think making a patchwork camera bag strap is a great idea, and I’m digging through my stash to come up with something.

    Thanks for the great idea!


  12. suzi says:

    I’ve been wanting to make me a belt. This one looks great.

  13. Erica K says:

    Very eye catching! I keep meaning to make myself one of those…

  14. Aimee says:

    ooh – great idea, thanks! I need to make a gift for my photographer friend – this is perfect!

  15. SaraEllen says:

    I am loving all these Scrapbuster ideas. This camera strap tutorial is such a cute idea! Thanks.

  16. Tong says:

    My mom is a photographer, I think I will have to make her one of these camera straps! And thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Krystina says:

    I love this idea and really like the idea of using scraps for all kids of handles and straps. Thanks!

  18. Holly says:

    I’ve been meaning to make a more comfortable strap for my camera, but have obviously been over-thinking it. Great ideas!

  19. morepjs says:

    i love this tutorial!!

  20. Colette says:

    i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win!

  21. Verity says:

    I love using fabric scraps – it makes me feel so thrifty! I use scraps to cover buttons to make rings (http://www.flickr.com/photos/veritywarne/3487529785/in/set-72157611164241624/) and for applique details on bags and purses.

    I’ll definitely be trying a patchwork belt!

  22. Jo James says:

    Life is like a bag of scraps–
    the possibilities are infinite with a big enough bag and some imagination.

  23. craftytammie says:

    I love the mama chic wrist cuffs over at jchandmade


    I made mine out of a vintage quilt top, and made a smaller one for my daughter too.

  24. Serena says:

    What a beautiful camera strap cover! I like the idea of using fusible fleece!

  25. Carol says:

    Oh I can’t wait to try making a camera strap!


  26. Melonie says:

    I don’t have a strap for my camera yet! 🙁 I’m looking for great ideas on where to get one handmade or recycled though. Any ideas?

  27. Paula says:

    Oh I would SO love to win!! What a GREAT idea for these scrap posts!!! 😀 LOVE SMS!!

  28. Lynne in NC says:

    Now I know what I’m making for my photographer friend. Thanks for the tutorial.

  29. Grace Wong says:

    thanks for the tutorials!

  30. Christy says:

    If I win a scrap bag, I hope “Village Tea” would be in there! I always drink tea. Most of my projects are either cat or tea related. 😉 Thanks for the chance!

  31. dj says:

    great tut on the camera strap. love it


  32. Liz B says:

    These camera straps are great! I love the belts also, I plan on making some of those for Christmas presents this year. I also made myself a patchwork lanyard (the same idea as these other straps, just narrower) for my ID badge. Keep the wonderful tutorials coming!

  33. Patricia Casey says:

    I would like to win some scrap material I am making patch bags. Patricia

  34. Julie says:

    Those camera straps are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  35. Amy says:

    Great idea. I just got a new camera that needs it’s factory-boring strap dressed up a bit… great afternoon project.

  36. Now there’s no excuse to go around with a dull camera strap! Very cute.

  37. jmbmommy says:

    Great strap! Another way to wear your quilting flair!

  38. Melissa says:

    love the blog, I make custom dog collars and leashes, patchwork style, so scraps come in handy!

  39. cindi says:

    WOW! What a great giveaway. I can’t wait to win. Tee Hee

  40. Chrissy says:

    I’m loving the scrap busters! My daugther is going to be surprised with a new scrap belt tonight for 70s day at school next week!

  41. Brina says:

    I see christmas present for my sister written all over this project! thanks so much.

  42. Marilyn says:

    What a great way to use small pieces of fabric. Love it!

  43. Suzette says:

    This looks like a fun quick project. I think that I will definitely make one of these.

  44. Sarah E. says:

    Oh I love this! great idea!!!

  45. Kaye Prince says:

    I’m definitely going to be making myself a camera strap!

  46. Melissa says:

    Wow! How cool! I would love to win your scraps!

  47. andrea says:

    Can’t wait to try the camera strap cover-I’ve been meaning to make one for awhile now 🙂

  48. Christina says:

    I just bought a new camera and this is going to be perfect! I can’t wait!

  49. April says:

    I’ve seen these around, but never made one. It would really spice up such a utilitarian-looking camera.

  50. Alicia says:

    I made one a few months ago and I love it. My favorite feature is I added a little pocket for my lens cap to slip into. It is so nice! No more wondering which pocket I put the lens cap in or where I left it. These scrappy ones are cute. I may just have to make another.

  51. sarah says:

    Oh, I have been wanting to make a new camera strap cover and just waiting for a tutorial to show up. Thank you!

  52. Beautiful! I love the combination of bright colors and bold patterns.

  53. Sheryl says:

    I haven’t made a camera strap cover yet, but plan to soon! I plan to follow the tutorial at Make It And Love It, here: http://makeitandloveit.blogspot.com/2009/05/scrappy-camera-strap.html

  54. Jenna A. says:

    I love the fabric used on this camera strap! How cute!

  55. Mrs Moen says:

    How cool! What a great way to show the world you are a quilter!

  56. Alice S says:

    I’m getting a new camera for my birthday this month and plan to make one of these soon.

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