Scrap Buster Contest Entry ~ Rolled Wool Pincushions Tutorial

on October 25 | in Sewing Inspiration | by | with 3 Comments

Can you keep up?! We have lots more entries to post… Check back often!

Becky shows you what to do with your wool scraps in her Rolled Wool Pincushions Tutorial tutorial at whosies– written whatnots.

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3 Responses to Scrap Buster Contest Entry ~ Rolled Wool Pincushions Tutorial

  1. Sarah says:

    I made this late last night after seeing this post – didn’t have wool felt so I used the eco-craft stuff – still turned out pretty good. I just coiled it all up tightly and then stuffed it into a plastic mug – sort of a mix between your idea and this one - I haven’t glued it yet but it seems to be staying pretty well. It looks pretty cool, I really like it, and I like that it is stiff yet easy to poke pins into without leaving holes, like I always worry about with fabric pincushions. The mug has a handle, which is handy, and yet I used a plastic one so I don’t have to worry about breaking it. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. Jessica says:

    Such a cute idea! The watermelon is my favorite.

  3. Great pincushions, and they’ll make great Christmas gifts, too. Thanks for sharing!

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