November 7 ~ Exercise

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Help encourage a healthy start to 2010 with these gift ideas… Enjoy Gifts for Exercise today!

Make It

spacer Wet Bag
This Wet Bag Tutorial from Mandy, Stacy, & Jessica at Little Birdie Secrets is your answer to wet swimming suits. (Parent of young children tip: These are also great for diapers, etc.)
spacer Om Shanti Yoga Mat Bag
Most of our Handmade Holidays tutorials focus on sewing but we had to slip a few other great projects in there. This crochet Om Shanti Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial from Pickles is “really just a never ending granny circle.”
spacer Shirt Sleeves to Yoga Capris
Luv in the Mommyhood shows you how to refashion Shirt Sleeves to Yoga Capris in their tutorial, part of their Newbie Sewing & remake. repurpose. refashion series.
spacer Water Bottle Holder
Pascale has an easy & pretty Water Bottle Holder Tutorial at Between the Lines. We love the optional stitching on the linen!
spacer Yoga Mat Bag
Laurie Wisbrun | Scarlet Fig shares this Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial so you can dash off to exercise in style. Laurie even made this bag with fabric she designed!

Don’t miss this great Vanilla House Sewing Pattern: Gym Junk! You might also enjoy these related tutorials from the SMS archives: Fit Friends, Tech Gifts (to hold onto those iPods while running, etc.), Season Pass Holder (also good for running)

Buy It

spacer Neon Shock Adult Hoola Hoop / Dance Hoop from The Hip Revolution
Lola from The Hip Revolution has a huge selection of handcrafted hoops like this Neon Shock Adult Hoola Hoop / Dance Hoop. We think they’d make really fun gifts! Lola writes, “…Hooping has recently become a passion of mine. I find it spirals you into a meditative state & also works wonder for your self confidence in gaining acceptance of who and where you are. Hooping’s meditative qualities are only outshined by it’s health benefits as it is a great low impact core work out which can be moved to any limb for extra strength and toning! Finally- no one is ever too old or too out of shape to start. Look for a bigger hoop (40″-45″) for extra ease! Happy Hooping Holidays!” Visit The Hip Revolution to see youth hoops, hoop totes, mini mights & more.

Mix It

spacer DIY Granola
Diane at CraftyPod shares her “toss it all in” approach to DIY Granola with a result that’s high in protein and low in sweeteners. As Diane writes, “…You can pretty much make it up as you go along,” but she gives you tips to help you refine your own favorite family recipe. Make up a jar for your favorite fit friends this holiday season.

Print It

spacer Canning Lid Labels Download
Label those jars of granola (and any other tasty treats you plan to give) with these cheery Canning Lid Labels from Kendra at A Sonoma Garden!

Win It

Tweet #handmadeholidays anytime this week for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

Comment in today’s post for a chance to win both of these great prizes. The winner will be announced on Friday. Visit our prize list to see some of the other great giveaways this month.

By Cal Patch

(Potter Craft, $24.99, ISBN: 978-0-307-45139-2 (0-307-45139-9))

From the Publisher:

If you’ve ever watched Project Runway and wished you were a contestant, or you’re simply ready to take your sewing to a new level, Design-It-Yourself Clothes teaches you the fundamentals of modern patternmaking so that you, too, can create your own inspired clothing.

Until now, the aspiring DIY fashionista has been hard-pressed to find self-teaching tools other than dry textbooks or books with outdated looks. Finally, in Design-It-Yourself Clothes, former Urban Outfitters designer Cal Patch brings her youthful aesthetic to a how-to book. If you want to wear something you can’t find on store racks and make clothes that express your individual style, or if you’ve reached a sewing plateau and want to add pattern drafting to your repertoire, Design-It-Yourself Clothes is the book you have been waiting for.

In five key projects (each with four variations)–a perfect-fitting dress, T-shirt, button-down shirt, A-line skirt, and pants–Patch shares the art of patternmaking. At its core, it’s much simpler than you think. Patch covers everything an intermediate sewer needs to know in order to become a fabulous fashion designer, from designing the patterns, taking your own measurements, and choosing fabrics to actually sewing the clothing. You will also learn how to stylize patterns by using darts, waistbands, patch pockets, and ruffles. Patch offers tips, explanations, options, and exercises throughout that will make the design process that much easier.

But besides showing you how to create clothing from scratch, she also teaches you how to rub off patterns from existing clothing–so if you have a pair of pants that you love but are worn out, or you have your eye on a piece in the store with a prohibitive price tag, you can figure out how to get the looks you want by using your own two hands.

More Handmade Holiday Ideas (& don’t miss our Handmade Holidays photo pool!)
6 ~ Sit Back & Relax
5 ~ Read
4 ~ Go Green
3 ~ Sleep
2 ~ Adorn
1 ~ Wear

We respect the copyright of all crafters. All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

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458 Responses to November 7 ~ Exercise

  1. Joyce says:

    Need the book – wish I could sew – need to start to try!

  2. Diane says:

    Those yoga mat carriers are great!

  3. Wehaf says:

    Man, I haven’t used a hula hoop in years; I wonder if I still have the knack!

  4. Courtney says:

    Those canning labels are so cute. I’m giving jars of homemade apple butter to our guests on Thanksgiving – the labels will add the perfect finishing touch!

  5. Tina says:

    Last year I made many gifts from your Handmade Holidays selections. Thank you all for keeping me creating. I have this book in my Amazon shopping cart but would love to win a copy. Your prize list is amazing now I need to go sew!

  6. Suzy says:

    Thanks for the canning labels, fantastic!

  7. Lovely canning lid labels! I’d like to try making jam, they’d be perfect for that.
    I read about this book on a blog some days ago, it seems very interesting. I’d love to get a copy, thank you for this chance to win one.

  8. Christina says:

    i love it when you include refashioned ideas, thanks!

  9. Julie says:

    Love this site! Just found it today!

  10. Laura says:

    Have had such fun this past year designing some of my kids’ clothing and even a blouse for myself–would love to win this prize! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. mara says:

    Yoga bags are great gifts (great for yourself too!) and I love the yoga pants idea! The book looks AMAZING!

  12. Rochelle says:

    Neat Wet Bag tutorial! I could use one of those myself.

  13. whitney says:

    What a great book giveaway!

  14. sy says:

    time to take up yoga

  15. Ellen says:

    The book today looks incredible. I’m excited to look into the DIY granola too. Granola is my favorite cereal and I’d love to try making some!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve had that wet bag tutorial bookmarked for what seems like forever. One of the many baby items that didn’t get finished since my new bundle came two weeks early! Maybe I’ll get it done in time to give one to my girlfriend expecting in December!

  17. Morgan says:

    Pick me! I have been wanting that book πŸ™‚ Great Ideas!!

  18. Jamie says:

    I want to make these for myself! There is always after the holidays, I guess πŸ™‚

  19. megelin says:

    i love the yoga bags!

  20. Kelli says:

    another day, another list of great ideas that I want to make for myself, but I could probably share a few with others, too…

  21. Liz says:

    so many great tutorials! i’m especially excited about the yoga bag. πŸ™‚

  22. Nichole says:

    Great ideas !

  23. alli b says:

    very awesome book. have added it to my xmas list πŸ™‚

  24. Angela says:

    The hula hoops! I’m so tempted to ask Santa for one of those. LOVE LOVE LOVE those!

  25. Gwen says:

    I love the little wet bag. It looks easy but useful for so many things.

  26. ChristineBolin says:

    Cool book. I hate having a different size top and bottom. Makes it hard to shop. I would love to learn to learn patternmaking.

  27. Liz says:

    COOL! I have a few exercisers on my list. πŸ™‚

  28. Heidi says:

    what a great giveaway. The tutorials are great too.

  29. Laila says:

    Wow how cool would it be to make myself some original clothes! I have just made my 3 month old a pair of trousers from an off-cut of grey linen from our ikea curtains, I think my partner is worried I am about to do a family Von Trapp on us all. Would love that book!

  30. Bess bauer says:

    Going to have to give the wet-bag a whirl. I use cloth diapers and I would love to make myself one.

  31. shannon says:

    Those canning lid labels are so cute! And I love the creativity behind yoga capris out of shirt sleeves!

  32. Dacia says:

    Wet bags… the greatest invention ever!

  33. corinne says:

    love the book! and the yoga bag is on my list.

  34. Tabitha says:

    I love the wet bag tute and the canning labels. Thanks!

  35. Madeline says:

    I too am in love with the crochet yoga mat bag – my little sister is taking a yoga class in school this year and is really getting into it! I will have to give that a try!

  36. Jenni says:

    That book looks amazing, my sewing project list is getting longer Γ’β‚¬β€œ but that’s a good thing. Also, loving the yoga bag pattern!

  37. Laura M. says:

    Love the repurposed shirt sleeves to capris, and the swim bag is something I never would have thought of, but could totally use! That book sounds cool too. Looks like another Great Handmade Holidays so far! Thanks!

  38. Chrissy Brooker says:

    I love the wet bag tutorial. I will be making these for my girls. I’m also going to make a couple for my daughter to throw in the diaper bag for wet babie clothes, bibs, burpers, etc. Great idea. Thanks.

  39. Krystina says:

    oh boy do i need that wet bag for christmas!

  40. Rachel says:

    Great projects. I really want to try that granola recipe!

  41. Stine says:

    Best one of the Handmade Holidays so far. Thanx!

    And yes, I have been very curious about this book…

  42. Steph W says:

    I love these ideas – thank you!

  43. Jada says:

    Love the crochet yoga mat bag! What an interesting vintage-y look!

  44. Jessica C says:

    I have this book on my Amazon wish list! And I’m now craving some granola.

  45. Aparna M. says:

    Love all the great ideas, especially the water bottle holder.

  46. How Fun!

  47. erin says:

    Love the hula hoop! I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore, though. It has been years! πŸ™‚

  48. Sarah says:

    I would love this book!

  49. Erin says:

    Oh how I would love that book! As for projects, I think I’m liking the wet bag the best.

  50. Kate says:

    I don’t comment much but these are some great ideas, I love the yoga capris!

  51. Josefine says:

    Just loving it. Great projects!

  52. Silvia says:

    Beautiful projects! The labels are very nice! great idea!

  53. Celeste says:

    That granola looks delicious!

  54. Lisa Eichholtz says:

    What great yoga mat ideas….I’m looking for gift ideas but keep finding things I want to make for myself…

  55. Ingrid says:

    a wet bag and a pool pass will make a perfect gift!

  56. Kristen says:

    The wet bag is great. I plan to make one for my daughter who just joined the swim team! Also, I love the canning labels – can’t wait to print some and slap them on my jars!

  57. Sarah says:

    fun! can’t wait to make the water bottle holder!

  58. Jessica says:

    Oh, what a cool book!

  59. Toby says:

    Those labels will be fabulous to give to my husband’s grandmother. She has a HUGE garden every year and cans sooooo much stuff and I think those would be a perfect thing for her to enjoy it a little more!

  60. Jody says:

    Wonderful ideas!!! The wet bag is really a clever idea. I have been wanting and wanting this book!

  61. Ammie says:


  62. Ammie says:

    Oh, I always love Pascale’s stitching. Thanks for these gerat tutes!

  63. Karen says:

    Always glad for granola recipes and tips. We love it!

  64. ahk says:

    These yoga mat bags are terrific. Would love this book!

  65. Monica says:

    Please include me in the draw: I’m drooling over this book.

  66. Erika says:

    I would love to be able to make more of my own clothing and this looks like a GREAT tool for it!

  67. Katie says:

    I’ve been wanting that book!!!

  68. Karen says:

    I’ve had my eye on this book, would love to own it!

  69. anna says:

    oh, I love all these ideas in the exercise category! what fun!

  70. Carrie says:

    Love the wet bag idea… I know many people who would love one.

  71. brittany says:

    have been wanting to try a wet bag for some time now!

  72. Erin says:

    Can’t wait to make the wetbag – great for cloth diapers too!!

  73. Thessa says:

    Oh, the wet bag will be perfect for our new membership at the community pool!

  74. dorothy says:

    I’m loving these days full of great ideas…

  75. Serena says:

    The yoga capris are SUCH a great idea!!!

  76. Stacy says:

    Another day of wonderful ideas!

  77. katherine says:

    great projects! granola looks YUM!

  78. Britt says:

    What great prizes! I love this blog, such creative ideas.

  79. Magda says:

    What an elegant water bottle holder!

  80. Hilary says:

    love the yoga pants now just got to convince my husband that he no longer needs one of his pullovers.

  81. Kym says:

    The water bottle holder may be just what I’m after for taking on dog walks now that summer has decided to hit us early this year.

  82. LisaAlso says:

    Love the capris from shirt sleeves!! Got to get a bigger man so his sleeves fit around my middle!

  83. Giulia says:

    I L-O-V-E the water bottle container!!!
    I did one myself crochet! wonderful!

    and I do myself clothes…

    great inspirations, as usual!

  84. Jacqui says:

    I feel all sporty just looking at those tutorials. That’s all it takes to lose weight and get fit right? πŸ˜‰

  85. Jo says:

    wet bag idea is awesome!!

    I’d love to win the book hehe:)

  86. Alicia says:

    I always wanted to learn how to draft my own patterns! That book is on my wishlist πŸ™‚

  87. Oh, I’d love to win that book on pattern making! Fabulous!

  88. Lauranie says:

    oooh love the yoga mat bag!! But would definitely need XL shirt sleeves to make yoga pants….HA!!

  89. Margaret says:

    I love granola, my husband really needs a new bag for his yoga mat … and I have a friend who is an incredible canner who will love the lid labels! Terrific!

  90. Amanda says:

    I would love, love, love this book! I just started making clothes for myself, but I’m completely in the dark regarding how to make them fit better.

  91. georgia says:

    Dude, I’ve tried to hulahoop and I can’t do it anymore! It is quite tragic. I guess I’ll have to stick to the hula game in Wii Fit. Those are awesome hoops, though. Seriously cool merchandise.

  92. lorena says:

    Oh I’d love to win Cal Patch’s book! Thanks for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  93. Andi says:

    Wow! So many fun ideas!

  94. K says:

    Mmm, homemade granola. Love the idea of less sweetener too.

  95. Kat White says:

    Love the canning labels, the wet bag and the granola. They really help put me in the mood for some holiday crafting.

  96. Angie says:

    I love looking at the blogs, even if this tutorial isn’t something I want to make—they may have something else on their blog I NEED to make.

  97. ikkinlala says:

    I love that wet bag!

  98. rebecca says:

    another day of great projects!

  99. Patricia says:

    I would really love to learn pattern drafting.

  100. Linda J. says:

    Love the yoga mat bags. The wet bag would be great for the DKS in Summer as well. May have to make one to keep in the car next summer….

  101. Liz says:

    Love all the ideas – but that book has me almost drooling! It is on my wish list now! It looks fabulous!

  102. Lea says:

    Could I really make my own clothes? I’d love to try but I need some hand holding…

  103. Amy says:

    Cool ideas. Like the idea of a wet bag. Maybe for next summer. Also like the idea of making granola – YUM!! THat book is so cool, must put it on my wish list {unless I win it} πŸ™‚

  104. Ticia says:

    OH OH! Pick me! Loving the links to all these cool ideas.

  105. Lisa says:

    Cool! I’m going to make several combinations of these for holiday gifts. The water-bottle holder is going to be a big hit. Thanks!

  106. Erin says:

    nice water bottle bag, that hanging tab is cool!

  107. Salihan says:

    I need water bottle carrier. Might give this one a go! Thanks for the link!

  108. christy says:

    I will be making that water bottle holder! Awesome!

  109. Annie says:

    That wet bag is just what I need! I’m off to find some vinyl…

  110. Heather Capener says:

    so enjoying handmade holidays!!!

  111. hollie says:

    love the canning jar labels!! So cute…I’ve been wanting this book too!

  112. Joy says:

    I love the Handmade Holiday tradition…thanks for all the great projects!

  113. Leigh says:

    Love the yoga mat bags!!!

  114. Jodieth says:

    I love the wet bag! This is a wonderful idea for gifts for Young Moms I know. The book looks great I would love to add it to my collection.

  115. Angel says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!

  116. Anna Maschke says:

    The wet bag would be great to include in a baby gift. What wonderful ideas!

  117. LiEr says:

    I wish I could crochet. I love that Om Shanti mat bag. I’ve heard about that book from so many sources and have put it on my Christmas list but it would be a treat to win it and get it even before that. Thank you for compiling all these great ideas!

  118. Sarah says:

    love all the projects!!

  119. Count me in. I’m a do it yourself designer.

  120. rhilborn says:

    I am loving this month’s theme! I would make great use out of the pattern-making book:).

  121. Laurel says:


  122. Elizabeth says:

    Great theme! Never thought of an exercise themed sewing project. THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION!

  123. Joann T. says:

    I am enjoying the different ideas posted each day. I may try making the wet bag.

  124. scenelady says:

    I going to print those canning labels right away for my father! (he just made tons of applesauce) Those are just too cute.

  125. momawake says:

    The book Design-It-Yourself looks interesting. Thanks for posting.

  126. Casey says:

    that crochet yoga mat bag is cute!

  127. Bethany says:


  128. JoAnn says:

    The book is right up my 14yos alley! Love the wet bag tut! I hadn’t thought of using a shower curtain for the lining.

  129. Mrs. Rachel says:

    I like the yoga pants, that’s great idea!

  130. Alyssa says:

    wetbag wins! great idea!

  131. Jennifer says:

    Love the ‘wet bag’ tutorial. I’ll be making these for the kids this summer! And for my brother’s little one, too! I look forward to the holidays so much more since Handmade Holidays came along. Thanks for sharing!

  132. Tricia says:

    That book looks fantastic!

  133. Grace Wong says:

    I WANT that book

  134. Rachel L says:

    I love the look of this book! What a great prize. Loving handmade holidays – I’ve enjoyed it every year!

  135. Bethany says:

    I love the wet bag tutorial. Thank you.

  136. Becky says:

    The Om yoga bag makes me want to learn to crochet

  137. Meghan says:

    The wet bag tutorial is genius! I have a ton of baby showers coming up and think it’d be a great gift for my friends who are planning to go the cloth diaper route.

  138. Kathy says:

    Love love that book. Can’t wait to start!

  139. MelodyJ says:

    I like the yoga bags. One is crochet and the other is sewn. Which one to make first?

  140. Limor says:

    I love the water bottle holder. Another project that a ton of people on my gift list would love.

  141. Super cool! I really like the water bottle holder!

  142. ~Helena~ says:

    What great projects, also good for jump starting everyone to get exercising.

  143. kristine says:

    Oh I’d love that book. The yoga pants look like a fun project.

  144. Clara says:

    I love the wet bag. This is so multi-functional

  145. Ellen says:

    Oooh! I love waterproof bags, thanks for the link!

  146. Megan J. says:

    I love these tutorials. And I have been wanting that book for a while! πŸ™‚

  147. Great ideas like always!

  148. Lara says:

    The water bottle holder is a great idea, thanks!

  149. Anna says:

    I definitely have my eye on the wet bag tutorial! And the water bottle holder. And the granola…

  150. Andrea says:

    Great ideas!

  151. Susana says:

    Love the canning labels. Just in time for the cold weather, too.

  152. Isabel Coelho says:

    I love granola! Thank you!

  153. mary says:

    As usual these are great ideas! I will have to try the wet bag, it could be put to great use.

  154. mjb says:

    The wet bag is such a good idea.

  155. Rebecca says:

    Oooh… need that book!

  156. Stephanie G. says:

    Been looking for a yoga bag tutorial–thanks!

  157. Lola says:

    I have to make the Om Shanti Yoga Mat Bag. It is so cute!

  158. Kaye Prince says:

    Great stuff – I’m definitely going to have to try the granola recipe!

  159. all8garden says:

    I would love this book! Who wouldn’t love to be able to design their own clothes??? Homemade granola rocks the boat baby! I love it. (FYI, beware of too much flax seed though.) πŸ™‚

  160. Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man – that book is totally on my wish list right now! Pick me pick me pick me!

  161. Chrissy says:

    I can’t wait to make those yoga pants!

  162. amy says:

    Love, love the wet bag pattern! Thanks for another great set of tutorials.

  163. susan mzf says:

    Oooooh I have been wanting to make myself a yoga bag for months now, and here’s the perfect tutorial. Thank you so much! Though crafting for myself may have to wait until after all the holiday gifts are complete….

  164. Nicole says:

    What an amazing website! I get inspired every time I check back. Love all the projects; I am definitely going to make a few of them. Keep them coming! I have been waiting for that book for a while now, I would absolutely love to win it. Thank you for the chance.

  165. Lorrie says:

    A wet bag would be perfect for a traveler.


  166. Christy says:

    I so want/need that book! Iam going to print those labels tright now. Thanks!!!!

  167. Denise says:

    My teen age daughter has started to refashion a lot of her clothes, this would be wonderful for her!!

  168. jenn says:

    So many great ideas! I need to start making a list.

  169. Liesl says:

    The canning lids labels are just darling!
    Count me in for the book too. πŸ™‚

  170. Somer says:

    I have to try that wet bag. We have little people swimming lessons and too many soaked towels from wet swimsuits.

  171. Ginny says:

    I would LOVE to have that book! Good stuff!

  172. Louby Lou says:

    Even more great ideas, thanks!

  173. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the wet bag tutorial! It is perfect timing for a project such as this, what with a little-one-to-be in cloth in less than two months. And WHO doesn’t need a water bottle sling these days?? It would make a great, practical stocking stuffer.

  174. Rachel says:

    Another great set of tutorials. Thanks for posting all of these.

  175. Leah says:

    More and more great ideas. Can I just have 6 more months till Christmas to sew all these great things?

  176. Rachel says:

    Great ideas again. Would love to look through that book.

  177. Allison says:

    That book looks amazing! I’d love to make some clothes for myself.

  178. Hilda says:

    soooo badly want that book!! thanks for such great giveaways and tutorials!

  179. Julie says:

    All fantastic ideas!!

  180. Hannah K. says:

    Wow these are some great patterns. I just stopped by and am impressed by the ideas here for Christmas.

  181. kelly O! says:

    Another wonderful list of tutes. Thanks so much for putting it all together. Adding in a giveaway every day is a really special treat! Thanks!

  182. Kimberly B says:

    What great ideas. I love the recipes added in as an extra holiday treat!

  183. I love all of these idea and the book. Even if I don’t win any of the prizes I now have a great book list to give family for presents I actually WANT to find under the tree.

  184. Sarah G says:

    Yum that granola looks great, and so does the pattern making book!

  185. Heather says:

    Oooo this book would be really handy. I hope I win it.

  186. Michelle says:

    mmmmm granola!!

  187. Crystal says:

    I love all of the items!! I like the pants too but I will have to see if I can make a plus size.

  188. Jen C. says:

    great tutorials

  189. Charmaine says:

    This book looks incredible!

  190. Amy says:

    These are great ideas. Thanks for putting this list together!

  191. Natacha says:

    I’d never thought of offering jars of granola as a gift, but it definitely is going to happen here.
    And that book sounds real nice!

  192. Tammy Miller says:

    Love today’s yoga theme! The crochet yoga mat bag is too cute!

  193. Ingrid says:

    With potty training in full force, I’m definitely going to try my hand at the wet bag. Also, I’m in love with the idea of the book.

  194. I love the repurposed clothing idea. I’ll be looking more into it.

  195. Mama Lusco says:

    Like the wetbag! I want this book πŸ™‚

  196. Carlee says:

    My parents are taking my kids to Hawaii for Christmas…and that wet bag will be perfect! And that book looks fab…sounds like it has alot of great projects!!

  197. Gaby says:

    I like the yoga mat covers, pity I already have too many presents for the ideal recipient.
    Also thanks to the link of previous tech gifts as I need to make myself an Ipod cover.

  198. Jennifer says:

    I love the wet bag tutorial. Where was this when I had 3 in cloth diapers at once?!?

  199. I soooo want that book!!!! Love the yoga pants. Definitely going to try those.

  200. Marisa says:

    Mmmmm – I love granola. And the book looks wonderful!! Thanks again for sharing!

  201. Mindy says:

    With 6 grand babies I’m thinking I just may need to start making those wet bags! What an awesome idea.

  202. Jenne says:

    Oh, a wet bag! So excited about that one!

  203. KT says:

    To do: make granola; design my own clothing.

  204. jd says:

    I like making things out of clothes, but haven’t made any of my own clothes yet… maybe this book would help!

  205. Stacy says:

    Love those pants and the fact that they used recyled materials. I will be trying those granola recipes out soon!

  206. Hannah says:

    very excited about the canning lid labels downloads. Thanks!

  207. keren says:

    I should really try the wet bag. It is much needed.
    great giveaway!

  208. Sorahart says:

    I just checked this book out from the library and am loving it! It would be great to own it for myself. I appreciate the yoga mat bag pattern too. Thanks for sharing!

  209. Jill says:

    I like the water bottle holder. I might add a strip of velcro to the strap for my friend who likes to take leisurely bike rides, so she can strap it to her bike.

  210. Beth says:

    I love the yoga mat bag. I think I’ll need one myself after all the yummy holiday goodies!

  211. jean says:

    always happy to see a new granola recipe!

  212. gaileee says:

    Did you write this post for me? I’m a yoga instructor, and I’m going to have to try the refashioning the shirt sleeves into yoga capri’s! Plus, the wet bag would be great, as I’m always taking my plastic bags. Try to go green with the wet bag would be super!


    Yoga with Gaileee

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    i’ve got those yoga pants starred in my reader!

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  228. I plan for my first attempt at clothing will be a jumper . . .I just need to find the right material. I want a rounded yoke collar, pockets on side or front and buttons also want to put a zipper on the side. Seems daunting to me but I hope to be able to wear my first attempt LOL

  229. crissy says:

    Granola! That looks so yumm. I have been trying to get my hand on that pattern making book, I would love to win!

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    More great projects and ideas and a great prize! Thanks!

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    If I don’t win the book, I think it is going on my Christmas list! πŸ™‚

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  277. Fawn says:

    As a fan of exercise these projects totally appeal to me. I love the water bottle bag, and the wet bag is such a fantastic idea. I’m totally keeping that in mind once I have kiddos in tow! Thanks for this blog, it’s my new favorite site! Hubby has chainsaw site, I have this πŸ™‚

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  286. Caroline says:

    Yes, I would love that book too. And I think I’ll have to try the yoga capris from one of my husbands shirts!

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  292. Gigil says:

    Love granola…will definitely try this one. Made a couple bottle holders, great as gifts. I made my strap longer so I can wear it across my body. I take it on the airplane. It’s empty when I go thru security, then I refill it either at the airport, or on the plane. Better than waiting to get served. Thanks for all your ideas

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  308. --ginger. says:

    Okay: sewing clothes is like a personal goal. This book looks like a good one. And I’m dying to see how those yoga pants work. Thanks for all you’re pulling together here, Sew Mamas.

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    Thanks for all the other great ideas too!

  325. Tina Mackey says:

    Wet bag is on my list of to-dos. I’m hopefully get one done before swimming season begins next year!

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  357. Lucie says:

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    Dear Santa, I really want a hula-hoop. I’ve been pretty good this year. Honest!

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    I cannot wait to sew one up.
    Since dirty diapers and wet swimsuits are a specialty of ours in my house!

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  373. Julia says:

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  377. Julie says:

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    That book looks so interesting, and since I became a stay at home mom, I’ve been sewing more and I find myself saying all the time “I can just make that!” But then by the time I try, I never seem to get it right!

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    Every morning I come here first – I am so (sew) excited about all the new and fresh gift ideas!

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    I love these! My yoga-loving, non-baking sister is going to get a jar of granola along with the pies in a jar! Then, since Christmas is already planned she’ll get yoga stuff for her birthday in January.

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    LOVE today’s “Handmade Holiday’s” ideas!! I am still searching for a good sewing machine, so I’m all over the crochet yoga mat! LOVE IT! November is my favorite! Keep them coming!

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  389. SewLindaAnn says:

    I was just looking for that book in B&N yesterday (didn’t have it) because of a previous post. Maybe I should wait to see if I might win it before ordering online!! Thanks for the great and always useful handmade information. I love your blog!!

  390. Kate M. says:

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  391. Adrienne says:

    Yea! Throw my name in the hat!

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    This sounds like an awesome book, I haven’t heard of it before. But I’m a big Project Runway fan and am always watching intently when they sew, so I can pick up on some techniques. They don’t show much!!!

  393. Debbie says:

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  405. Mamatini says:

    Today’s prize looks wonderful! I would love to share that with my daughter who has been designing dresses since she was 4! She’s still only 7 but has begun sewing small projects. She could do the designing/pattern-making, and together we could make the dress.

  406. Rene' says:

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  420. Janie says:

    I love making my own granola. Not only does it taste better, you save so much money.

  421. Lynn Hynes says:

    The Shirt Sleeves to Yoga Capris tutorial is ingenious!I can’t wait to go into my husband’s closet and find a suitable shirt for some capris! Clever idea!

  422. cynthia says:

    Are you trying to tell me to get off my butt and do more yoga? Actually this makes it a little bit easier and fashionable.
    Thanks Cynthia

  423. Andi says:

    Checking this blog is one of my favourite parts of the day! So many great ideas already – I am going to make one of those wet bags today and I did a lot of canning this year and love the cute labels for gift-giving. Thanks so much!

  424. Beth says:

    I can’t tweet, I don’t know how. Don’t you have to have a cell phone? I am so intrigued in the book about designing your own clothes…

  425. Shawna says:

    I just saw this book for the first time the other day and would love to have it!

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    Oh, a perfect gift for my yoga-cousin :o)

    I was reading about this book yesterday and it sounds interesting. This would be a great gift for me, haha

  427. Elizabeth says:

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  428. Katie says:

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  432. Eloise says:

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  434. Shimra says:

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    Shame I’m not one of those people.

  435. Jaki says:

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  437. beccy says:

    I love those canning labels! Sadly the only excercise I have time for is the miles and miles I walk while I’m at work! Luckily, not everyone I know is like me πŸ™‚

  438. Gretel says:

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  439. Novita says:

    The water bottle holder is just adorable with the colourful stitchings! I also love the Canning Lid Labels. Thank you!

  440. bex says:

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  441. Valerie says:

    This book sounds really helpful! Would love to own it!

  442. Sade says:

    So many things! You can use a wet bag for the gym too (containing sweaty stuff), and I have to make a yoga mat bag, my mat is sad without one!

  443. carmel says:

    i love the yoga mat bag- but i realy love the book you are giving away this time!!
    pretty please!!!

  444. Jodie says:

    so inspired!! will be having granola for breakfast as a start to my healthy day!!

  445. Devon says:

    I am loving the wet bag tutorial and I have had my eye on this pattern making book for a while now so I hope I win!!!

  446. Cara says:

    ooooo, that book is on my wish list ;D

  447. PeachRainbow says:

    i love this!
    please enter me!

  448. Sylvie says:

    You almost made me want to try yoga!
    Thank you for the ideas!

  449. Pauline says:

    Ooooh some great ideas for gifts here!

  450. Erica says:

    Oh my gosh, the wetbag is a brilliant tutorial! I haveee to make these and gift some to people I know that love to swim! Also, that book is gorgeous, and I would seriously love to win it as I am starting my bachelor of design in fashion design in March and I think it would be super helpful for learning patternmaking… But either way, good luck to everyone who comments and wants the book! If I do not win it, I seriously have to go buy it!

    As always, great pickings for handmade holidays! You guys are awesome!

  451. Tammy says:

    The wet bag is bookmarked! Thanks … keep em coming!

  452. Amy says:

    I need that wet bag. My swimsuit always gets everything so funky

  453. Estee says:

    Im going to print off those lid labels. What a great idea. Thank you. DIY clothes, love it, want it!!

  454. Sarah S says:

    Great finds! Now, if only I liked to exercise…!! I really, really want this book! I’ve heard such good things!

  455. Trish says:

    Great projects! I might have to make a wet bag for swimming and one of those water bottle holders. My sewing list is growing by the minute! Such great ideas, thanks.

    The hoola hoop takes me back to childhood πŸ˜€

    Cal’s book looks like one that you would refer to over and over again, it’s so new there aren’t any reviews out there yet. It’s not in our town bookshop yet either. I already checked!

  456. Joan says:

    They are GREAT projects, I especially like the wet bag and the bottle holder!

  457. Jo says:

    Now that is what I call a cool book! I would love to learn to design my own clothes!

  458. Valerie says:

    Yum! Homemade Granola! I Love the Wet Bag too! That will come in so handy in summer πŸ™‚

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